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Bravo Washing Machine problem
By -

Bravo MTW6 700 series. The machine controller failed me after only 7 months. This shouldn't happen on a $1000 machine. With this failure the machine can't take cold water and gives you an error message after about 10 minutes. It may or may not work on hot water only cycle, but generally if you try about 10 different settings it will kick in and work for one load. Then I have to start all over again. Must be a controller software problem. They should issue a recall.

Not one Bravo for the Bravos
By -

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- Although the item seems to have unending variations, most cycles will beat your clothes to rags. Evidently, the unit weighs the clothes and determines how much water to use. Unless you're operating in the Bulky cycle, there is not enough water in the tub and the small domed agitator relentlessly beats the hell out of everything. I relocated my treadmill beside it to watch every cycle and situation. In addition to the water issue, the final spin sometimes does not happen.

Place ten 20" linen napkins in it and it will not produce a final spin -- just drain -- it cannot determine that there is anything in it, I guess. In short, purchasing this product is a mistake.

Maytag Bravo Washer Has Short Life
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- We owned a Maytag Bravo Washer for 14 months. The motor just stopped working and would not spin the tub. I had my last washer from Whirlpool and it lasted 16 years with NO repairs. I always wanted a Maytag because I was told they were quality appliances... but this proves otherwise. Either this is a lemon or Maytag doesn't make them like they "claim" with the lonely repair man. I was on hold for over 39 minutes and they could not give me a repair time for a week!

Maytag Bravos - Expensive And Fancy But Doesn't Wash Clothes
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- We've bought Maytag Bravos three months ago. Since then I'm continuously aggravated by it. First, it doesn't clean clothes. It churns water and blinks fancy lights, but the clothes don't move. The cycle is extremely long - you can't do several washes in one evening. I'm ready to leave it in the driveway for someone to take it. It's just the most aggravating piece of junk I've owned, ever.

Bravo washer & dryer
By -

WISCONSIN -- I just came back from Home Depot after purchasing a new Maytag Bravo washer & dryer. After reading some of the reviews, I certainly hope I made a wise choice. Any comments?

Maytag Bravo dryer is very loud
By -

Just purchased the Maytag Bravos. We love the washer, but the dryer motor is extremely loud. The unit is in the kitchen, next to the family room and it is difficult to hear the TV. The sound is piercing. Service man said nothing is wrong with the dryer. The unit is one week old today. We are going to ask for an exchange. I will keep you informed. So in short, washer is fabulous, dryer belongs in the basement and nowhere near the living space.

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