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Dishwasher Jet Stream Plus
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Rating: 1/51

BARNEGAT NJ -- I bought this dishwasher because it had decal on front. 10-year warranty. It only covers plastic racks? What BS. Called Maytag - They won't do anything. I bought American - don't buy Maytag - all appliances are garbage. Buy Samsung - better than American made crap with bogus warranties.

Motherboard Blew 1 Year and 2 1/2 Months After Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased our dishwasher Labor Day weekend September 1st and as per the repairman, the motherboard on the machine is dead. We spent $69 for the repairman to come out and he wants to charge another $350 to fix it. I won't be fixing it, the fact that they only warranty their machines for only a year tells me they don't believe in their own product. The fact that their products have such terrible reviews means I won't be fixing it because what if the new motherboard goes out in a year and a month, then I could have bought a high end brand that will guarantee their product. I'm very disappointed with Maytag.

Sad Saga of Maytag Dishwasher MDB7600AWW
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Saga of the Maytag dishwasher, model MDB7600AWW started July 27th when we discovered a puddle of water under it and our countertop warped. Inspecting it, we discovered the bottom was cracked in the right rear. We called the dealer we'd purchased all our Maytag appliances from, he directed us to our warranty, which states the unit will be replaced if the tub fails within 20 years. It was almost 9 years to the day since it was installed.

We called Maytag, which is now Whirlpool, and were told we needed to have a service person confirm the crack. July 30th the service person confirmed it was cracked and told us it was a known problem. He had already replaced a few for his customers. He said he would call Maytag, confirming the problem and we should call. That cost us $75 for 3 minutes. (Talk about adding insult to injury!) July 30th, called Maytag and was referred to Jennifer, who said she would get back to us with replacement options.

July 31st, we did our own searching in local stores for available options for replacement and called Jennifer, giving her the unit we'd prefer. She said she'd check and get back to us. Aug 6th, call Jennifer, got voicemail, left message. (No return call.) Aug 7th, went online to the chat and finally got the answer that we'd have our replacement within 10-12 days. No mention of what model.

Aug 17th, called Jennifer, got voicemail, left message. (No return call.) Then we called the dealer again. He couldn't believe we still didn't have a replacement. He didn't understand why he couldn't make the replacement with the unit we preferred, which he had in stock. He called Maytag and was able to get a job number and the name and phone for the company handling the replacement. He was being cut out completely!! He was told we'd be getting the model we'd requested and it was tentatively scheduled to be installed Aug 23rd.

Aug 17th, we called the company now handling the replacement. It seems the unit was shipped to the wrong address and returned. No info on when to expect replacement. August 22nd (today) called Jennifer, got voicemail, left message. (No return call – yet. Anyone see a pattern here?) Called Maytag. Now we're told the unit is in transit, should be delivered today and is scheduled for installation Aug 31st! Asking to speak with a supervisor, we were told it wouldn't do any good.

At this point, I am so fed up with the whole process, I will post my disgust with Whirlpool everywhere I possibly can. I have, and will continue, to tell everyone who will listen not to purchase anything from Maytag or Whirlpool. Check Whirlpool's site and find out how many other things you should avoid purchasing. I was not happy to find they are involved with DirecTV. That probably explains why I wasn't happy the last time I had to contact them!!! Whirlpool took the good name of Maytag and drug it through the mud. When the rest of my Maytag appliances need replacement, I will avoid anything to do with a Whirlpool product!

And I'm not holding my breath about that Aug 31st promised installation. And none of this addresses my warped countertop, and any other damage we may find when the unit is finally removed for replacement. Meanwhile, I'm washing dishes by hand, which is not pleasant. I suffer from psoriasis and my hands are like raw meat. Washing dishes is torture. I can't wear gloves because my hands sweat in them and makes them even worse. And husbands can only be expected to help out once in a while, not every day.

Dishwasher is Possessed
By -

Purchased a Maytag Legacy Quiet series 300 a little over a year ago. When attempting to was on the normal cycle, it switches to the rinse cycle and then you can get it to switch back until you run it over and over and over on rinse. My husband calls it "possessed". I did contact Maytag who at the time said "I'm sorry" but we won't help you since it didn't show the problem within the 1st year. Then I filed a complain on the internet Complaints Board and someone from Maytag did contact me to try to help. They said they would pay to have one of their authorized repair services come out and gave the list of authorized companies.

I made an appointment with one of them and they DID NOT SHOW UP on the scheduled day on which I had off from work. Maytag claimed they couldn't do anything. I cannot take another day off from work in the hopes that another repair company will show up and Maytag said they couldn't ask their authorized repair companies to reschedule around my schedule so that I didn't have to take off again. I would NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON MAYTAG and I feel it my duty to let as many people as possible know that buying a Maytag product is nothing but a headache and has tripled my water bill every month.

Besides wanting to take a baseball bat and smashing it from frustration, I have been late for work many times because I had to hand wash baby bottles because the dishwasher switched to the rinse cycle and never released the soap and have had to run the dishwasher sometimes as much a 5 times before I could finally get it to stay on the normal wash cycle. I have a video of this if anyone would like to see my proof.

Maytag is Junk!!! Do Not Buy Maytag!!
By -

ONEONTA, NEW YORK -- I STRONGLY ADVISE: DO NOT PURCHASE MAYTAG!! I hate Maytag!! Maytag is a complete scam and I would advise not purchasing a Maytag product ever!! We've had nothing but bad experiences. In 2005, we purchased a Maytag Washer and Dryer (heavy duty, commercial grade, etc), not because our existing machines didn't work, but because we thought it would be wise to upgrade (after doing a whole house remodel project). A year and half after the purchase, the dryer wouldn't start. Maytag charges $70 just to come to the house to diagnose... then you have to add parts & labor. So, almost $200 later, the dryer is fixed.

Then, the washer acts up. During the spin cycle, it can't balance, makes crazy noise, etc. So... another repair charge!! And this is only a year and 6 months. So stupidly in May 2007, we purchase a $700 Quiet Series 400 dishwasher from Maytag. A year and 2 months later, I go to start a load and it doesn't start. So I call the store. He tells me to shut the circuit breaker off for at least 2 1/2 hours. How convenient... when I turn it back on and the machine still doesn't start, the store had just closed.

So the next morning, I call... asking for an answer as to how I am at any advantage by spending more money on what was thought to be a higher quality product... no answer of course. Just, "Ma'am... appliances break." After a year and 2 months??!!??! So, of course I'm very upset and still looking for an answer. Then he infers that it was my fault for the appliance breaking. Please note: it is just me and my husband, no kids, only 2 people's dishes being washed!!! So, here I sit on Sunday and the service man cannot get here until Thursday. (If possible, I'll try to update this with the cost of repairs.)

By the way, with this model came a bunch of "bells & whistles". In less than a year most of these plastic extras actually snapped/broke. My husband actually had to zip-tie the prongs to stay up. UNBELIEVABLE!! I STRONGLY ADVISE: DO NOT PURCHASE MAYTAG!!

Corroded Racks
By -

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased my Maytag QuietSeries 300 dishwasher from Lowe's in August 2003 for $776.00 (including installation and a 5-year extended warranty). This was the top-of-the-line model with 3 racks, sections of the top & middle racks that could be folded down to better fit large items, and dual silverware baskets that could be separated and placed elsewhere in the machine for more convenience. I LOVED this dishwasher as soon as I saw it at the store. The delivery and installation went fine and I have never had a dishwasher clean dirty dishes so well. The convenience of the adjustable racks is outstanding.

However, it is the racks that have become the problem and are at the point where they will soon cause my dishwasher to be unusable. It started with a couple of the little plastic/rubber caps coming off the tips of the upright prongs. Once the caps were gone, I could see that the metal prongs had corroded. Then, I noticed a "lump" in the plastic/rubber coating of the top rack. The lump was located at a "joint" where one of the vertical prongs is attached to the rack. I just thought it was an excess amount of the coating. But the lump got larger and started to spread.

The coating eventually split open and I could see the completely rusted, corroded metal underneath. It is completely rusted through. I called the "800" number for warranty repairs since I am still within my warranty period. However, they told me that the warranty does not cover the racks. So, now I have a 4-year-old top-of-the-line dishwasher for which I paid $776.00 that will be virtually useless when the racks fall apart in a rusty heap. I am LIVID that my warranty will not cover something that is CLEARLY a manufacturing defect. This problem was not caused by "operator error" or negligence or abuse.

Since I already owned a Maytag washer and have been very satisfied, I was confident in purchasing another Maytag product. How foolish of me to assume that "brand loyalty" would actually mean something.

Dishwasher Recall 2010
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I received a recall letter dated 30 Aug 2010 from Maytag stating "An electrical failure in the dishwasher's heating element can pose a serious fire hazard." I immediately went to the website given and tried 2 or 3 times that day and kept getting kicked out, but gave a number to call, which I called but got a recording. I tried the website and phone number again over the next 2 days - same result. Since I could not reach anyone I assumed that my dishwasher was indeed one of the ones recalled because the serial number of my dishwasher ended in with the letters as identified in their recall letter.

I went out on 8 Sep 2010 and purchased a new Maytag dishwasher. Mine old one was only 4 years old and I really liked it, it was quiet and I was completely satisfied with it. We (my husband and I) are retired and living on a fixed income. Spending money for a new dishwasher was something we had not counted on doing. When I got home from purchasing the new dishwasher, I tried the website again and still no information except for the phone number, which I called. I gave the customer service representative the information of my old one and new one and he stated that a rebate would be in the mail within 10-14 days. I was looking for a $150 rebate.

After 3 weeks waiting for my rebate, I checked the website and it stated that my original dishwasher wasn't to be recalled and it was safe to use. I emailed Maytag immediately and did receive an immediate response which was to call a 1-800 number and talk to the recall team direct. I immediately called the 1-800 number and after 20 minutes on hold, the customer service representative said that mine indeed was not eligible for a rebate because my old dishwasher was not affected.

After talking with this representative for several minutes, he stated that possibly the next higher representative would do something for me. He then transferred me to a higher representative or supervisor. That person stated he could not do anything for me and to have a nice day. The salesman where I bought my new dishwasher said that this one was one of the quietest ones on the market. My husband is ready to yank it out and give it away and buy another brand which would be quieter.

I will not recommend to any of my family, friends or acquaintances to buy a Maytag or one of its affiliated products. I feel I was totally scammed by Maytag. I should never have received the recall letter.

Maytag Dishwasher
By -

I read a lot of reviews so I appreciate when something actually goes somewhat well and someone reports it. My husband and I purchased a complete kitchen set including refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher in December of 2008. The dishwasher wasn't installed for almost a year because we were slowly remodeling our kitchen. So, approximately one year after installation (and two after purchase) our dishwasher stopped mid-cycle. No lights would turn on and the water would not drain.

We called the store where we purchased the appliances and for a $78 fee the repair guy came out to tell me that the control panel had shorted out and it would cost more than $300 to fix. He said that there was nothing that he could do but suggested that I call Maytag and demand that they replace the part for free. So I called Maytag and after spending forever in their automated phone tree, was finally able to speak with a real person. I explained the situation but when she asked for the model and serial number and I gave them to her, she insisted that they did not match. She repeatedly asked me if the W was actually a Y.

It was very frustrating as the label was printed and in perfect condition and there was NO way the W could have been mistaken. Finally she said that she would have to look into it further and call me back. I called the store where I purchased the dishwasher and asked if they had ever heard of such a thing and asked if they had any suggestions. The store suggested that I take a picture and email it to them. So I called back and after wading through the phone tree for another 15 minutes, spoke with another woman.

I explained the issue and she said that this was common since Whirlpool and purchased Maytag somewhat recently and they were still backloading all the new model and serial numbers in. This woman said that sending the picture was not necessary and she issued me a concession number for the parts and told me to call the store and have the part ordered free of charge. So, even though it took me all morning and I had to pay $78 for the repair call and $40 for the install, I am getting the part for free and the second customer service agent was very helpful.

I still think a Maytag appliance breaking and costing me almost $120 after a year of use is annoying, but it could have been a lot worse.

Never Ever Buy a Maytag!
By -

Just to let everyone know that when I typed a complaint on the Maytag website it would lock my computer up and not able to send. I wonder why? They probably don't want to hear the complaints people have. Like everyone else I thought Maytag was high quality. We used to inform renters on our rental properties that we have Maytag appliances. So when my husband and I built our house 6 years ago we decided to buy all Maytag appliances for our kitchen. BIG MISTAKE!!

First of all when we picked up our appliances from the Maytag store and brought them home we noticed the microwave/hood was burnt up inside (like someone returned it and they put it back on there shelf). The dishwasher front was cracked (also like it was damaged previously and brought back). Needless to say we were not happy especially since the store is not "down the street" from our house. OK so we get a new microwave and someone comes out to fix the dishwasher. Here are the problems we have encountered since the day we moved into our house.

Refrigerator - light on ice/water dispenser won't go off. They tell me to take the bulb out. Motor went bad in refrigerator 4 months ago. Replaced due to recall however the same thing has happened and we are out a fridge working. Dishwasher - spent extra for the "quiet series". What a joke, it is so loud and annoying. Doesn't get dishes clean even if you rinse them well. The door that dispenses the soap sometimes doesn't open so it is a wasteful wash. Since getting a new microwave to replace the burnt up one, it has worked OK.

The electric stove/oven - is always super hot when on and having a one year old, he can't even get near the stove. Seems like a seal is bad on the oven. Please do not put yourself through this. My husband and I have learned our lesson. We have called to complain to corporate and all they say is sorry. After our fridge going bad the other day we just want to gather all our junk appliances and give them back to Maytag. I laugh when I see the "bored" Maytag repairman on TV. What ever happened to the quality appliances our parents had? Appliances that work for 20+ years. Heck I am just asking for some that work over 10.

And like everyone else I do let people know how bad Maytag appliances are. It is proven in the numbers of complaints on this site compared to others.

Dishwasher Broke After 2 Months
By -

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- Ten years ago we bought a new house that came with a basic GE dishwasher. We never liked it (too loud, had to pre-rinse) but it kept on working. Finally it broke and we looked forward to our new quiet dishwasher, choosing a Maytag high-end dishwasher. For two months we enjoyed it, then one day, while fully loaded, it just didn't turn on.

Call Maytag, they send out a repairman from A&E, who assures us on the phone that most likely they will have the repair part with them. Ha! A week later, the new part arrives. Doesn't work. 2nd repairman orders another part. We get Maytag to overnight the part. Still doesn't work. He orders the first part again, a circuit board, although who can expect that there are two faulty circuit boards? Another week goes by, another day home from work to wait for the repairman. Guess what? Surprise, surprise it doesn't work.

We will not allow the repairman to order any more parts, and get Maytag on the phone again. Previously, a customer service rep had told us that if this last time didn't work they would replace the machine. But now, the supervisor says she will review the case, and then forward to a "review committee". A review committee? Give me a break. My husband explains to them the California Lemon Law -- after 3 times trying to repair the same problem, it's a lemon.

Now we go back to the store (Airport Appliance in Hayward, CA), who understands customer service. They will replace our dishwasher, and of course we don't get a Maytag. We're still waiting for it to arrive -- it's been about 5 weeks with hand-washing and paper plates/cups. We are so shocked by Maytag's unwillingness to replace this lemon of a dishwasher. Although after reading the other reviews on this site, I'm much happier to get another brand.

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