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Regret Purchase of Maytag French Door Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Absolutely unacceptable product experience. Bought new in July & already had 2 service calls for same problem in first 4 months of ownership. In-door ice dispenser sprays ice all over the room when you try to fill a glass, & then the door-flap to the ice-dispenser does not close automatically, as it should, so the ice melts & drips through the unit & onto the floor. 1st service repairman said he fixed it, but didn't. 2nd repairman replaced the motor to the flap, but the ice still does not stay solid, & the bottom freezer unit does not even keep ice cream frozen solid Repairman says (quote): "Freezers cannot keep ice cream frozen solid because of the high sugar content". Really? Our 12 year old unit keep it solid as a rock, so perhaps Jenn-Air should share their product knowledge with Maytag. We have also received a notice from the repair company, that Whirlpool, which handles warranty work for Maytag, has refused to pay for the first repair call, claiming the ice make door-flap was not covered under the warranty. Will never buy another appliance with the name Maytag on it, even though we "thought" it was supposed to be a quality company.
Do no purchase a Maytag French Door Refrigerator
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CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag French door refrigerator in July 2005. I did purchase the extended warranty. In Sept. 2009, the unit just quit working. The refrigerator has a normal temp of 33 degrees, and the alarm went off, and when the door was opened, the internal temp. was 60 degrees. The freezer was already defrosting, and I lost about $500.00 worth of food, which they do not replace. It took 4 days for a Maytag repair person to arrive. Then, it took another few days to order the part. The compressor blew out! It was covered under the extended warranty. On January 1, 2011, the alarm was ringing when I got up in the morning, and the temp in the refrigerator was 69 degrees. It is now 73 degrees in the refrigerator. And now, no warranty. Again, it will be a "FEW DAYS" before anyone can take a look at it. YIKES. But, this time the freezer is working. So it is not the compressor. After spending nearly $2,000.00 for this item, I am very dis-satisfied with the product and service. Hopefully, the freezer will continue to work until someone comes out to check the refrigerator. And as for the Maytag repair man, YOU NEVER SEE THOSE COMMERCIALS ANY MORE.
Don't waste your money
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Don't waste your money. Just 2 years old and the controller circuit board went out and it stopped cooling. $350 replacement and now the ice maker is inoperable. Very expensive lesson. Think someone bought the brand and is exploiting it while selling junk. If this goes on, maybe we'll bring a small claims action.
Junk refrigerator
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Upon delivery, the unit would not cool when plugged in. A snarky idiot at customer service decided that I was too stupid to know when a refrigerator is not cooling and said I had to wait 36 to 72 hours for the unit to cool down. After three days of a hot refrigerator I called back and scheduled a repair. The repairman showed up three weeks later and determined that the factory had forgot to load the coolant. So he charged the unit and sealed it. It worked for one year and now the top part will only cool enough to barely prevent spoilage at the highest setting. The unit has been noisy from the beginning, making ugly growling noises. Since the unit is now out of warranty, I will have to buy a new one when this piece of crap dies, which should be soon. I guess this is what happens when a junky appliance manufacturer buys out a good one. If I had known that Whirlpool owns Maytag I would have never bought this one.
Jenn Air French Door Refrigerator - Worst & Most Expensive I've Ever Owned
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MARYLAND -- You think you've got it bad? Tomorrow is the beginning of our 5th, that's right 5th, week without a refrigerator! Ours just died, too, a 3 year old machine. Went for ice & put my hand in a pool of cold water. Cleaned up the mess & tried to restart the machine. When nothing worked after much consultation of the manual, I called Jenn Air to get the name of a repair company. Nearest was either in VA, we live in MD, or near Baltimore, 60+ miles away. They come here 2 days a week. Call, set up an appointment.

Time line:
Fridge dies: 2 Dec. 2008 Tues.
Call repair service: 3 Dec. Wed.
Service call: 5 Dec. Fri.
Service calls on Mon with price of part, do I want to order it? LIKE DUH! NO, I want to live without a refrigerator for the rest of my life! The part that has malfunctioned is the Control panel (computer). Which, needless to say, is out of warranty.
They call to install it on the 12th of Dec., I will not be here due to a long standing engagement.
The next date they can give me is: 15 Dec. Wed. between 3 & 6. Repairman arrives at 5:58. Installs part & leaves. Part fails soon after.
Call service, fridge is dead again: 15 Dec. Wed.
Reply call: 16 Dec. next available date is 17 Dec. Next day. That is good!
Bad news, compressor is dead, was the dead compressor that killed the control panel. Good news, compressor is still on warranty. Bad news. compressor has to be ordered via different method because it is on warranty.
Bad news, holidays intervene.

Tomorrow is 30 Dec. WE STILL DO NOT HAVE A REFRIGERATOR! I have called twice to try to find out what is happening, but have not received a return call.
Thank goodness we have an apartment with a full kitchen, but it is getting old running back & forth & up & down stairs to the apartment. If I didn't have the apartment or if I had children at home I'd be ready to slash my wrists.

WARNING to anyone who is thinking about "up-grading" to fancy-schamcy appliances. GO TO SEARS, buy Kenmore, they are a hell of lot better than any of this high-priced junk. My GE Profile Pro-style dual fuel range is a piece of junk compared to the relatively inexpensive Kenmore gas range in the apartment. The GE oven takes forever to reach temperature & then it is off by at least 25 degrees. The Kenmore gets to temp. in mins. & the temp. is spot on. Have you ever tried to call GE? Try it. Their phone service is designed to make you tear your hair out. You can't even change the light bulb in the GE! That's dead, too. I hate my GE under-counter beverage fridge, I hate my GE combination microwave/convection oven. Whoever designed the controls of that piece of garbage should be consigned to a special ring of purgatory.

My review falls under so many categories that I don't know which to choose. I have been married for 50 years, this is the nicest, newest kitchen I've ever had & the appliances are the VERY WORST & most expensive I've ever owned. Do yourself a favor: SAVE $$$ LISTEN TO CONSUMER REPORTS.

Poor Quality, Worse Service
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NEW YORK -- Purchased this mess in August 06, circuit board craps out after one year, product still under warranty. So the company sends A&E to repair, fine, think problems are over. August'08, COMPRESSOR craps out.

Company tells me "out of warranty", so after finessing them. They agree to send a replacement at their expense, and repair unit. Once tech comes, he sees the EVAPORATOR has been installed UPSIDE DOWN, now need to wait for that part, it comes, not blowing cold after 24 hours. So techs called AGAIN, new compressor shipped AGAIN, no cold air, turns out system is "CONTAMINATED" with some kind of black oily gunk.

So tech tells Maytag we need a new one, Maytag offers us a "BUYOUT", ie; pay $500.00 for a new replacement fridge, well I'm certainly not paying for another one, after paying 2500.00 2 years ago, I STILL have NO fridge, it's now September 19th, NEVER AGAIN...
Maytag French Door Refrigerator
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EVANSTON, WYOMING -- I am so disappointed in this high priced refrigerator. I too, have had the fan motor go out. I paid so much money for this appliance, and feel that I have been let down! Maytag is not standing behind their product.

There is an obvious flaw, that they are refusing to fix. What can be done? Is there nothing that we all could do? Maytag should be held accountable!
Fans & compressor
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ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- First the evaporator fan goes. Chinese origin to meet energy qualifications. Replaced with old technology now the compressor goes. All this within 4 months.

Piece of garbage as far as I'm concerned.

Good luck to those who buy Maytag.
Maytag Refrigerators/ Lemon - BEWARE
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WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a houseful of new appliances (7)in September of 2005 for our new vacation home, one being the 25 cu. ft. French Door Model ( 17 months later I walked into a huge mess as the electonic evaporator fan motor had failed and everything was ruined as we had been gone for two weeks. Long story short, Maytag customer service advised me I was outside the warranty, so I called a local repairman that came out and identified the problem as the fan motor.....of which he said he replaces lots of them as they were poorly engineered by Panasonic. Upon further investigation I found on Google, this was not an isolated was a well documented problem on several of their models with hundreds of consumer complaints...(NOTE: You see several on this page and you scroll down below.)

So I called again and pleaded my case regarding the information that I found on the Web and also expressed my situation by a weekend full of guests (10) without any refrigeration etc. Eventually they offered me $34 for the part.....(the total bill was $166) and a 6 month extended warranty. This was almost an insult as I had lost $100's of dollars worth of product in the refer/freezer, not to mention the mess and inconvenience of having to drive back 3 hours to let the repairman back into the home the following week. They eventually said to send in the bill (which I did in June) and they'd take care of it and also give me the warranty.....I'm still trying to obtain what they had promised. After two more go-arounds with them this month, they are now saying we only said $34 OR the 6 month warranty.....I can't believe it.

So.....I will never purchase Maytag again and I strongly would urge you to think twice about a Maytag purchase. This because of the quality of their products and I would rate the customer service and care poor at best.

Buyers BEWARE!!!!! THIS product WILL FAIL.
Poor Circuit Board
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NARVON, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased a Ice2O refrigerator April of 06 and it just broke I contacted the service people and they gave me a had time I contacted Whirlpool told them they are responsible to pay for it and they sent us a circuit board and it is not the right one I called and got terrible service they insisted it was the right board I told them they are wrong they made me fell stupid we had our Maytag stove for 3 months when the circuit board went out "Never will I buy a Maytag product again.

I will go further with this I will be contacting the attorney general office any body else out there has any problems let me know "
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