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Washer Shakes Violently And Walks Across The Room
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- We thought we did the right thing when we spent the extra money on a "high quality" washing machine in July of 2005. What a mistake! This machine is a piece of junk. It shakes so violently during the spin cycle that it literally walks 2 to 3 feet across the room. We can't start a load of laundry and leave the house for fear the hose will come loose and we will end up with water all over the floor. The fun part is when I get to push this huge machine back into place after each load. We too have been told that the problem is our floor. (Ceramic tile on a plywood sub floor) I even did the silly "test" the repair people wanted me to do. Place a bowl of water on the floor in front of the washer or on top of the dryer. If the water shakes, your floor is the problem.

In my "test" the water did not shake. My floor is NOT the problem! They replaced the control board with a new one that has a motion sensor. This did not fix the problem. When I called back to tell them the new control board did not fix the problem the repair guy told me they get these complaints "every day" about the Maytag Neptune. He said the only thing they can tell people is that their floor is the problem because that's what Maytag tells them when they call for help. The customer service person I talked to at Maytag told me the machines were designed to be placed on a solid concrete floor. Funny!

No one told me that when I bought it and the installation guide only says it has to be a "solid floor". How much more solid does it have to be? How many other people bought these machines for a first floor laundry only to be told "sorry the problem is your floor"? How can Maytag possibly think that telling people to reinforce their floor is an answer to fix their DEFECTIVE MACHINES. There are simply too many complaints about the vibration problem for them to deny they have a huge problem. Do NOT buy a Maytag front load machine!
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Anonymous on 04/22/2009:
These machines were a problem from the get go.the factory wanted the techs to screw plywood down on the floor under the machines...yeah that went over well....Then they came out with the pedestal enhancement kits and new sensor boards for the washers....LOL the old 'bowl of water' test...These machines IMO should have never seen the sales floors
dotc on 04/22/2009:
I'm waiting for the NEW class action suit about the vibration problem. Sign me up!!!
qualityappliance on 04/24/2009:
I think Samsung used this machine as a test before marketing them with their own name. I've heard that there is another rework kit with revised dampers but haven't seen it yet.
DLR on 05/23/2012:
Our washer danced like a Pentecostal on Revival night until I discovered that the guys who "installed" it left the shipping paraphernalia in the washer... They are big orange plastic rod things that have to be taken out in order for the washer to work. Ours shakes sometimes but not as bad as when the shipping bolts were still in there.
RMN on 03/09/2013:
We are stuck with this washer as well - I love the picture you posted of your washer exiting the laundry room! Our washer made several trips as well BUT, has not walked since I "wedged" it firmly in place about 3 years ago. I placed a 2x4 along each side of the washer. Then I wedged 2x8 cedar planks (cut to just the right length), between the wall and the 2x4 adjacent to each side of the washer. I used a hammer to get the last cedar plank firmly in place (destroyed the floorboard in the process) but figured that was a small price to pay if it worked). Since it is wedged so tightly, it can no longer go for walks! It makes me angry that I had to give up precious floor space for the purpose of keeping a very expensive appliance in place. It still shakes like crazy and when it finally dies, it will NOT be replaced by another Maytag. Hope this helps someone!
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Terrible Experience With Maytag Washer, Warranty, Repairman, and Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GALLIPOLIS, OHIO -- I purchased my first and last Maytag appliance in June 2006- a washer. After 2 years I started noticing brownish gray spots on some of my clothes just every once in a while. Over the course of the next year I tried different detergents, quit using HE detergents, would mix detergent with water prior to putting in the machine, quit using fabric softener, etc....many of these recommendations by Maytag. Nothing seemed to help and the spots began to appear more frequently and crazy as it may sound they were always on our good clothes, never on my husbands work clothes or the kids play clothes.

I called Maytag explained the situation, they sent an A&E repairman ($60). He told me that my washer had build up down under the LG. drum looking things and gave me an est. for $141 to clean it. Can you believe that crap? It's a washing machine, you don't put clean clothes in it- its going to have dirty crap in it! After speaking with Maytag and expressing my views on it being a major design flaw, they backed the repairman I declined the offer, took the whole washer apart to clean it- did find some crud (of which I took pics because at the time I was furious at such a horrible design flaw in a washer that has to be taken apart and cleaned <3yrs.)....cleaned it all. Few loads of laundry later more spots.

Just so happens that I'm ranting about the situation at a family gathering and my aunt speaks up and says its leaking oil. She then explains that my good clothes get washed in cold water so the oil isn't dissolving, but that the work/ play clothes get thrown in hot water and the oil is dissolved so it doesn't leave spots- made perfect since. Called Maytag- A&E repairman returned ($60), I explained that it was cleaned and asked about oil leaking and was told no, that it had a "sealed" transmission that didn't have oil. He still felt there was built up that was missed. Again I took the washer apart, but this time I took everything out- and guess what I found? A transmission with a bunch of oil that wasn't "sealed" enough to keep it from leaving oil on my counter every time I moved it.

I called Maytag (asked for different repairman), same repairman returned. I showed him, he was all nicey nice- gave me an est for $717.90 to repair. After throwing an ever loving fit over the phone with Maytag (and highlighting the warranty page showing the sealed transmission was under warranty for 10 years), Maytag finally decided it wouldn't cost me anything (good thing since I'd already lost a small fortune in good clothes over the last year, not to mention my time taking apart and reassembling their washer-with three small children to tend too my time is very valuable). Finally..."the part will be in within 2 days, but we can't get back here to put it in for 2 weeks"....a family of five, do you know how much laundry we go through in 2 weeks? Hardly acceptable- I had them mail me the part, I installed it and fixed the spots problem.

That has been the worst part so far- we still have the washer, but there's always something screwing up with it...locks won't engage so washer won't run, often it gets stuck on spin cycle and when I go to get my laundry out they're still sopping wet, and today I started a load and it started operating as usual, but kept beeping---it beeped through the whole cycle (called Maytag, as usual they don't know why, but offered to SEND REPAIRMAN -$60 lol)- good thing my washer is in the basement. Stay away from Maytag! Every time I call customer service I hear "CHA CHING$$$" in my head. Last but not least, the saddest part of this story is that when this washer is working properly is cleans clothes amazingly and I love it that small part of the time; However, I will never never own another Maytag, and I will tell anyone who asks about this experience. By the way this is the only time I've ever put a complaint online, I'm usually very easy to satisfy/work with.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 05/09/2012:
What a pain!
I'm surprised they didn't tell you, 'the warranty is void because you took it apart yourself.'
You may have saved other consumers the same problems you've gone though. Thanks!
WP2008 on 05/11/2012:
Hello hafdzegz. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of Maytag. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your washer. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents), your user ID name (hafdzegz), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.
Not Happy! on 08/11/2013:
I have the same thing going on with my washer and its been doing since I bought it and now it just seems to be getting worse! The store I bought my washer from has I had the seal replaced last year and the guy told me everything was great. Lies! Who wants to spend big dollars on a product that is defective and you can't get anyone to recognize the fact that its not the customers fault. Its a company defect! I bought the washer 1. it was made in USA and 2. with intention of having forever but now I may have to replace because of the amount of clothes it keeps ruining. Not a happy camper.
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Maytag Neptune Dryer
Posted by on
In May of 2006, we purchased a Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer & Dryer. We purchased a 5 year warranty and then of course 4 months after the warranty was up, the dryer started making this terrible squeeking nose and a big banging nose. My husband took the back off and found that there was a bad part, so he took it to a Maytag service store and they told us that in 7-10 days we would have the part. Well it has now been 5 weeks and they have not gotten the part and have no idea when it will be in as it is on a nationwide back order. We emailed the Maytag Company and they responded and asked for model number, the serial number, Dealers name, Maytag service store name and phone number. We emailed all this to the Maytag Company and they responded by phone and left a message that they had no way to get the part that we needed and they had no idea when it would be in because it was on a nationwide backorder. Now that 5 weeks has gone by and we have spent extra money to go the laundramat to dry our clothes every week for 5 weeks we really would like the part or to be compensated for not being to use our Maytag Neptune Dryer. What good is it to have a product if you can not get a part for and the Company has no idea when the part will be available. What kind of Company sells a product and has no part available or stands behind their products. We should not have to spend the extra money to have to dry our clothes when we were told what a good and dependable washer and dryer we were buying. We believe that a washer and dryer should last a lot more than 5 years. We are very disgusted and are tired of washing our clothes at home and having to run to the laundramat to dry our clothes when we should be able to get the part and do our washing and drying in the convenience of our home and not have to spend the extra money every week at the laundramat.

David & Karen
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/22/2011:
"What good is it to have a product if you can not get a part for and the Company has no idea when the part will be available. What kind of Company sells a product and has no part available"

Excellent questions.

If you add up the original price of the dryer, the cost of the extended warranty, and all the laundromat expenses, that's an awful lot of money considering you still do not have a working dryer.

Very helpful review.
At Your Service on 10/22/2011:
The Neptune line of products has an interesting life-cycle for both Maytag and Whirlpool. It's important to understand just because it has a great deal to do with the question of parts availability.

The Neptune was being produced ten to fifteen years ago. It was the first front loading wash system to be reintroduced to the U.S. market since the laws for energy efficiency was passed. The problem was that the product, even by Maytag's own admittance, was released prematurely. What had happened was that Maytag took their design from the European countries and released it in the U.S. only with bigger tub sizes. They failed to find that the front boot was catching water and enclosing it to expose the unit to mold growth. Once realized, the problem was easily elevated with an engineering change in the way the boot was being constructed. Maytag was fantastic about backing the product and issued a notice to all Maytag service centers that if they were to come by a washer with this kind of issue, Maytag would cover all parts and labor indefinitely. Unfortunately for the consumers, a law firm filed a class action lawsuit, the results were a settlement that OFFICIALLY set aside a specific amount of funds and a very specific date for having the units serviced by. AFTER THAT DATE, THERE WAS NO OBLIGATION FOR THE PRODUCTS TO BE COVERED UNDER ANY FORM OF WARRANTY. After the date was surpassed, Whirlpool stepped in and purchased Maytag, dropping the line because of a tarnished reputation. It was unfortunate too, because much of the Neptune line was great and run without issues.

Ultimately, this is why parts are not as easy to come by now. Unfortunately, it's too bad it didn't happen within the warranty period. One thing for a consumer to study up on when making such a purchase is what does happen if this scenario plays out. Many extended warranty programs protect against unavailable parts and will replace the entire item. This is something that's important to understand through.

It's also important to understand this happens with every kind of product under the sun. I have a family member that waited over a year for a car part.

In your case, I'd call around to multiple service centers, even those outside your area, to see if they have the part on hand. It's very possible you could find it and have it sent.
Venice09 on 10/22/2011:
Consumers couldn't care less about all the reasons and excuses. They just want the parts!
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Rather have 2 stones to rub together
Posted by on
NEWTON, IOWA -- We purchased a Neptune Washer in 2005. While it was still under warranty we had to have the water pump replaced twice. Service man came out today because it wouldn't spin the clothes out. We paid 60.00 bucks to find out that the clutch, bearing and a belt all need to be replaced, of course there is no longer a warranty on it. This appliance cost us 1000.00 bucks so of course like others we figured it would at least last 10 years.

I will never recommend a Maytag product again to anyone. Your told that your purchasing a very top quality machine and in reality you get a lemon.
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/07/2011:
Maytag and Whirlpool are rapidly becoming two of the poorest brand names in appliances.
Mike on 08/07/2011:
Yep, couldn't agree more. We purchase the washer/dryer pair in 2004. So far I've replaced the gas valve in the dryer and now need to replace the touchscreen on the washer. I'm doing these myself because I'm not about to double my cost having some idiot come out and do it. The problem is, it's very difficult trying to find the parts. Probably because they WANT you call out their lousy overpriced service personnel. I'll NEVER, repeat NEVER buy another Maytag appliance again.
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Neptune sucks and Maytag doesn't care
Posted by on
I purchased a Neptune Washing Machine in 2006. Paid a huge amount, near $1000. It recently failed, 2 months after the warranty. Called customer service. The representative was unhelpful and seemed indifferent to my problem. I have rarely spoken to a customer service representative as uncaring to others.

They want $500 for a new motor and control board. I'm a retired accountant on a limited income. I don't have $500. I expected this product to last 20+ years as did the Kenmore it replaced. What a very long fall for a once great American Corporation.

I hope the CEO enjoys his huge salary and bonus.

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User Replies:
Venice09 on 04/02/2011:
Sorry you had a rude awakening. There's not an appliance out there anymore that will last 20+ years, regardless of how much you spend. At least it hasn't cost you anything for five years. I wouldn't even bother to fix it. I would take the $500 and buy a basic model with no fancy features. It will probably last longer and cost less to repair if it does break.

Good luck.
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Neptune washer and quality problems
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I should have suspected that I might have made a mistake when I called the local Maytag dealer to complain about a fungus growing in my washer, and was promptly told that if I didn't purchase it at his store, "go somewhere else!" After a long drawn out process, I finally did get Maytag to admit that they had a replacement gasket which "would solve the problem". Well it didn't.
Now I have a spin bearing which is making a loud noise, and we are now expecting to have a large repair on our hands. The Maytag company has built a lemon, and won't stand behind their product, nor fix it.
I spent $1000 for a washer, thinking "dependable quality". My old Kenmore washer had lasted about 15 years. So......I was thinking maybe this Maytag would last a long time, and do a better job of cleaning. Wrong on both accounts!
Stay as far away from Maytag appliances as you can. High prices do not equal high quality and dependability.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/23/2003:
Front loading washers are more repair prone. I wouldn't call it a lemon cause it needs a service call, although, it is frustrating to have an expensive machine needing more than average attention. BTW, There is nothing wrong with a retailer telling you to move on if you didn't buy the product from him. Your not his customer, remember? No matter who makes it, front loaders are complex machines. I have been lucky so far with my 3 year old Neptune (although I do have the mold).
Anonymous on 10/27/2003:
I agree. My Neptune lasted about 4 years. My problem is that the the hot water would turn on when the machine was not running. After catching this problem before the tub ran over and having it serviced three times, the repairman told me that the problem was fixed and everything was fine. Well, one day I'm laying on my couch and here comes a flood of water through my ceiling. The hot water turned on during a wash in Cold cycle and wouldn't turn off. It overflowed and since my washer is on the second floor it ran through my ceiling. Now Maytag and Sears is giving me a hard time about resolving this issue. I will never again buy a Maytag product nor will I ever buy from Sears again.
Anonymous on 10/29/2003:
I bought a Maytag Neptune in Jan 2000 thinking I was getting a dependable machine. In June 2003 the company replaced the front door and "boot" because of a problem with trapped water. In September the machine quit all together. Now I am told that the control board and new door latch will cost $250+ and since the part is not available, I will be without a machine for a minimum of 6 weeks. Maytag has offered to pay for 1/2 the cost of parts but I think that this is their fault and they should replace my washer or at least pay for the whole thing. I have an $800 washer sitting at home and I am making several trips a week to a laundromat!
rich230 on 11/05/2004:
Had the mold problem, the overflow and now a burnt up circuit board.This machine is a lemon. The web is loaded with complaints about this machine and Maytags lack of customer service. They have been sued and settled on all of these problems. As for me, I will file a claim under the class action suit, but have cut my losses and bought a Whirlpool. I will chalk it up to an expensive lesson, and will never give another dime to Maytag.
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The Most Expensive Washer I Have Ever Bought!!
Posted by on
07860, NEW JERSEY -- We made the decision to purchase a Maytag Neptune Front Loader Washer and Dryer 3 years ago. The price of the washer alone was $1100. It was a lot, but we THOUGHT we were purchasing a quality appliance that would last for a very long time.

What fools were we!! After about 1 year our washer starting clanging and spinning extremely loud every time we used it. It was so loud that you cannot be in the same room when it is running. Also there was such a strong "septic" odor in the laundry room every time I used the machine that it made me want to literally throw-up.

Last year it got even worse. At this point we were used to the loudness, smell and moving of the machine, but it started smoking while it was washing. Fortunately we purchased the extended warranty and contacted Maytag Dependability Plus and scheduled a repair. To make a long story very short everything had to be replaced in my machine...motor, drum, gasket, pump, spindle and the tune of $900. Thank god we purchased the extended coverage because it was covered. However I told Maytag that I did not want it repaired because this machine was a nightmare..I wanted a replacement or refund of sort. They stated it HAD to be repaired. 3 weeks and countless trips to the laundromat later it was repaired. One month later we had to have them come back out because it was literally loud and moving across the floor again. We were concerned that this was the beginning of the end again. Ironically I again stated to the repairman that when it ran there was a horrid smell. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

They now sell tablets that you have to put in an empty cycle weekly to help with the odor. It was common with this machine!! He also stated there was nothing that can be done with the machine since this is how this machine is. He had been on numerous calls for the same thing and nothing can be done. One month later he had to come back again because the machine stopped in cycle, with wet clothes in it and the door LOCKED. Nothing would open it..on/off, etc. At this point the repairman could not come out for 3 days..and I was livid because my clothes would have been molded. After many calls the repairman agreed to walk my husband through dismantling the machine to unlock the door. Okay...we did it!! But when we turned the machine on..nothing happened.

3 days later the repairman again came out and was able to get the machine working for now. It turned out a quarter got into the pump (another problem he said he has seen with this machine)I have made numerous calls to Maytag and they just don't care!! I am covered for another 3 years and will call them each and every time there is a problem, but at this point they will NOT replace the machine for me. They are now stating that because I CHOSE to have the machine repaired if at all I would only get the difference between the total repair costs and purchase price. They have spent more $ to repair this machine then we paid for it already. Even the repairman stated he knew I did not CHOSE to have the machine repaired. They did not care. Now I will call them each and every time ANYTHING goes wrong and hope to get it classified as a lemon. Whatever that will mean. It is obvious though that they DO NOT stand behind their product and couldn't care less about the consumer. Most likely we will have to buy a new washer soon because I cannot depend on this one and it kills me because it is only 3years old.

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User Replies:
L Lake on 02/03/2009:
I understand how you feel. I bought a Neptune washer about the same time that you did, and it went bad and the smell was horrible. I just had to junk it. Maytag couldn't have cared less and didn't do anything about it. I will never buy another Maytag product again.
qualityappliance on 02/04/2009:
The smell starts out from using too much soap. Because the machine uses so little water if there is too much soap a dirty soap film will be left in the washer after the final rinse. The odor should have gone away when they replaced the tub and bearing assembly if they replaced the door boot also.
If the bearing noise is starting again, they probably did not install the newer style seal spacer because it is harder to install than the older style but will not work for long.

PS. Maytag Dependability Plus no longer has anything to do with Maytag per se, they simply administer the extended warranty. You may be able to have them send a different servicer, one that can fix it right.
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Maytag corrupt, repair man incompetent
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- I purchased this item in Feb 01 to replace a 15 year old Maytag top loader which had performed well. The new Neptune was only 2-3 years old before it started exhibiting control panel malfunctions. I received the lawsuit info and joined the claim in 2004 about the same time I was contemplating calling a repair man since the washer was still under warranty. The lawsuit claim resulted in Maytag sending a repairman to my home in Nov. of 04 only to tell me the things that were wrong with the machine,(moldy door gasket, door latch would not open unless machine was unplugged and every button on control panel was repeatedly pressed until it responded and I could get wet wash out) was not covered by the lawsuit and fixed nothing even though they were on the claim. He then left. I moved the washer to the back shed for a once a month use for animal blankets and rugs. I then purchased a Whirlpool Duet which has been fine and does not lock wet wash in it. In June of 05 I was called by Maytag (because the lawsuit then forced them to)and they sent a new gasket and motor to my home and the same repair man came and installed them. I told him how the machine was still behaving and he said it was not the control panel but the door latch which was not under warranty and told me where I could get one. He also put on the recite for that day (which I did not check)a door latch and door gasket. But it was the gasket and motor that came in the box from Maytag. Of course Maytag won't tell me how to get a hold of the repair man to ask for his records and ask him why he kept saying it was the door latch and not the control panel that was broken and why his recite was wrong even though there was no charge on it. The control panel continued to get worse and ceased to function at all, it just goes beep beep beep. Well with a new door latch installed a week ago the control panel still goes beep beep beep. The repair man was wrong and the control panel was under warranty until a few weeks ago after all. He was either very incompetent or a liar. I was a fool for taking his word and not researching every thing. We were dealing with the damage from Hurricane Charley at the time and I was too busy to doubt the repair man and now Maytag said that since the warranty is up it is my tough luck even though the repair man was here twice and was not competent enough to give the washer a good exam and fix the parts that were covered under warranty. So we have a 1100.00 piece of junk in the shed. I called the lawyer representing Neptune owners today and they are looking into it. So if you love misery and throwing away $1100.00 plus and a lot of precious time on the phone on hold, buy a Maytag.
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User Replies:
CobraCat77 on 03/02/2006:
That sounds like a very frustrating problem, and I would rightfully be as angry as you are.

But for the love of god, were you trying to write "receipt"????
tander on 03/03/2006:
What does God have to do with a receipt?
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Excessive Vibrations
Posted by on
CHILLICOTHE, ILLINOIS -- We purchased our first Maytag in 1965 and happily wore out three sets until we purchased the Neptune MAH8700 Front Load Washer and MDE9700 Dryer in August 2005 . Now, we wish we had never heard of Maytag! We purchased the FL units from the local Chillicothe, Illinois dealer because we expected “hometown” service.

After 6 months of trying to get the washer balanced, having the drum and struts replaced, having a riser upgrade kit installed, having a “second opinion” on why the vibration occurs, and countless phone calls to Maytag Customer Disservice, our “hometown” dealer has abandoned us and we are now dealing directly with Maytag. We are being told that since the unit performs satisfactorily on the dealers concrete floor and not on our wooden floor, the problem is ours and not Maytag’s. Maytag’s Carol Young (telephone: 866-550-5136, ext. 3757), who stated that she works directly for Maytag’s CEO Ralph Hake, stated that she has never heard of a similar customer complaint and would not comment about the washer/dryer being sold and installed for use in our laundry room.

During the “second opinion” visit, the serviceman pointed out that Maytag’s Installation Instructions state (page 4) “For best performance the washer must be installed on a solidly constructed floor. Wood floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibration and/or unbalanced load situations.” He also stated that, in his opinion, there was nothing wrong with our laundry room floor and that nothing could be done with the floor to correct the problem. He stated that Neptunes should never be installed on anything except a solid concrete floor because they spin at 1100rpm.

We are still contacting Maytag Corporate for either replacement units or a refund. We are also considering legal action with a possible class action suit since most of these high ticket washer/dryer systems will probably end up in an upstairs laundry room and not the basement. In the meantime, our three daughters are now making appliance selections and excluding Maytag because of the poor quality and lousy customer service we have encountered.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 02/06/2006:
Any washer has always been susceptible to vibration during the spin cycle on wooden floors Wood floors have natural give that can be exploited by a hard spinning washer, even if it is level, and especially a front loader. It doesn’t always happen though. I have a Neptune that’s on the second floor, which is wood, and it is fine. It’s unique to each installation. We had a similar complaint here last month, but not the Neptune. Whatever you do, if some wacky self-proclaimed expert comes along again and suggests putting a RUBBER mat under it, remember why Maytag suggests a concrete floor.
Anonymous on 02/07/2006:
Disregard Slim's post. Check out this

Might just be the fix-it you need.
Anonymous on 02/07/2006:
harrg on 03/24/2006:
Follow-up to this review.... After finding a direct link to Ralph Hake's office, Maytag has decided to refund 100% on the washer + pedestal; however, they would NOT buy back the dryer.... Now, what does one do with a monstrosity like the Neptune dryer if you don't ever plan to own another Maytag? I'm peddling it for $350 and buying a Fisher & Paykel.
santorinigirl on 12/01/2006:
I could really use that direct link to Ralph Hakes office. You are describing my same issue and the same models of Neptune washer and dryer.
fly4kix on 02/18/2008:
I've had numerous problems with my Maytag Neptune eating nickels. They get stuck in the pump and will either stop it cold or rattle around in there until they've destroyed the impeller. $150 later you have a new pump. That's if you install it yourself. Vibration is a big problem too. Machine is a first generation dog! There is a recall on the machine that involves a band aid fix. Seems the washer leaks and drips down on a circuit board. FIRE HAZARD!!! So instead of fixing the problem, they give you a GFCI (circuit breaker) to attach to the plug. That's not a fix, that just keeps the house from burning down. I just wonder what happens if a nickel gets stuck in the pump and it catches fire. I'll never buy Maytag of Whirlpool again. My parents have GE uprights and they're great!
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Don't buy from Maytag
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Neptune frontloading washer and dryer from Maytag because of their old time commercials about the loneliest repairman in town because of their reliability. Well, he died and you can forget that claim.

Last November my washer stopped doing the spin cycle. I called up and they told me it was $130 for a house call. When the technician arrived he immediately told me that there was a class action lawsuit against Maytag which they had settled.

Unfortunately, I had missed the cut off by a couple of months so it would cost me $400 for a new circuit board and wax seal for the front door. I had never even been notified that there was a problem even though I had registered the unit. I told him to leave and refused to pay for the house call. He told me he would never return again to fix it if I didn't pay him for his 5 minute visit in which he admitted he didn't even have the parts to fix it.

I went ballistic when I called Maytag. Their customer service was awful. I was about to buy a new washer when I received in the mail an extended warranty for one year for $120. I purchased it as a compromise.

I waited the obligatory 30 days before I called for repair service. They schedule the repair and guess who shows up? Yes, that very same technician who said he was never coming back.

Well, he arrives and instead of fixing it, he starts to give me some lip service that they shouldn't have sold me the contract. I asked him if he was in charge of customer service or was he a technician that was going to do his job and fix it. He immediately backed down and fixed the unit. That's what a customer wants to hear - a technician with attitude.

The moral of the story is that Maytag is a shell of the great company it once was. Do not do business with Maytag.
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Anonymous on 01/31/2006:
Yeah, that sounds par for the course. They've had a "linting" problem for years too. At least you got your unit fixed. I've been in appliances for years, and the quality of all brands has only gotten worse.
Slimjim on 01/31/2006:
The class-action settlement was for those who had certain service problems during the class period, so don't feel bad, since yours came afterword and woudn't have been included. You did, however, stiff the guy for his time to come to the house and determine the problem. It's not a wonder why he had an attitude. He could have easily gone back and reported you bought the warranty with a pre-existing condition, which would not be covered.
Anonymous on 01/31/2006:
Not so sure about the latter part of your post, Slim. If the company sold the guy the warranty, then they would have to assume all liability of the claim, as THEY initiated the call.
Slimjim on 01/31/2006:
Warranty renewals usually ask about working condition. Maybe this one didn't, but if you were nthebiz, you should know they usually do.
Anonymous on 01/31/2006:
I suppose that's as close as you're going to come to admitting you're WRONG!
Slimjim on 01/31/2006:
I’m sorry if that's what you got from my last post. My intention was solely to point out, in a thinly disguised manner, the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about again. Are we on the same page now?
Anonymous on 01/31/2006:
apology accepted.
Anonymous on 01/31/2006:
Slim, your googles are entertaining, if not uninformative.
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