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Maytag 9000 Series Washer and Dryer - GARBAGE
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- Save yourself a huge headache and a ton of money - stay away from Maytag's washers and dryers. I have had nothing but issues with my 9000 series units almost from the very start. When they were under the extended warranty it was more of a nuisance than anything but once we that expired and it didn't seem to make sense to renew on machines over 5 years old we dropped the contract and assumed that since all the issues had been already repaired what else could possibly go wrong?? Plenty.

We were able to replace the washer's pump on our own, driving 1 hour each way to pick up the part and spending over $100. Now the dryer's hinge snapped which makes it next to impossible to get the dryer to run, so we spent another $65 on the hinge, only to find out that the dryer still won't run and now we have an F01 code! We do some research and come to find that it's the control board. Sears can have it shipped to us! Great... for $250. Oh, wait, they'll drop the price to $200!

Well, unless they want to drop it another $200 I'm not wasting another dime. What a shame that I spent over $700 on each machine and another couple of hundred for extended warranty and now I'm out nearly another $200 for parts. (Thank goodness I didn't have to pay for labor!!) HUGE pieces of junk, never again will I buy a Maytag and at this point I'm a bit PO'd at Sears for selling me this junk, and even angrier at myself for getting rid of my plain old no bells no whistles Kenmore. P.S. - wish I could give this a "0" star rating instead of a "1" which is the lowest.

Washer Bearings Parts Not Available Until 2/2/2016 (Over 4 Years From Now!)
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Rating: 1/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- The bearing is broken in my front load washer model MHWE300VW00. Initial estimate is $900 to repair BUT the bearing part is not available until 2/2/2016 (in another 4 plus years!) per the Marcone Parts Company which is the official Maytag partner. So my machine is only 6 years old, cost over $900, and a main component is not available to repair. I spoke to customer service representative and supervisor. Even though the expected life is supposedly 14-16 years (ha!) and my machine only lasted 6 and there is no part available to repair, the best they can do is give me discount to buy another machine.

Pretty sure I don't want to spend any more dollars with Maytag, which it seems is a popular result. I would like to see their advertising "bored" repairman challenged and be forced to remove. It seems the repairman is bored because either the repairs are cost prohibitive or in my case, not even available. No one wants to continually repair their equipment at additional costs! Too bad customers are forced to purchase a new machine, but it does not seem they are looking to use Maytag again. Eventually the bad reputation will catch up and the "commercial" image will not be possible to fool the customers.

Buyer Beware - Product is Junk, Terrible Warranty
By -

I purchased a commercial grade washer/dryer set from Tom's Maytag that was delivered on 5/12/09. I specifically asked for a commercial grade because I wanted to make sure it would last and was told these ones were the best. Not even 3 months later, the washer started to act up, not properly laundering the clothes, and on 7/31/09 stopped supplying water to the cycle. Called the repairman and he came on 8/5/09 but wasn't able to fix it because the part needed was not available for another 10 days. I complained to Tom's Maytag and got them to rush the part.

Repairman returned a week later on 8/13/09, it was the wrong part, and the machine still wasn't working. He was supposed to call Maytag's techline support from the site but didn't have the number on him and instead of waiting for the shop to get him the number, he left. He told us w/o the tech support to guide him, his hands were tied - nothing he could do, don't know when he was to return. I went back to TM and complained again and was given a bunch of excuses for the repairman uselessness so I asked for my money back or a replacement. I was told the 2 yr warranty on the product was for repair only not replacement.

In order for TM to take the machine back, we had to go through Maytag's different channels and the tech support before the repairman could label it unrepairable and even so, who knows when I would get it. In the meantime the pile of laundry is growing exponentially and I have to deal with it w/o a machine, not their problem - nothing they can do until they contact tech support. The repairman came back on 8/17/09. Called tech support and was told another part was needed, he didn't have it but he'll come back tomorrow by 11:00 am. Today 8/18/09, he was a no show so we called and were told the part is on backorder - another 48 hrs or more until they get it.

I called Maytag this time and sure enough, was given a bunch of excuses and reasons for delay. I argued that we'd already wasted 8 days the first time waiting on a part that wasn't broke, nothing guarantees me that this new part we are waiting on will fix it, yet Maytag still refused to replace it. Instead they are offering an extra year warranty, now I asked: "What good does this do when the product is crap, the repairman is inept, and their customer service sucks?" The way I see it, their solution is just an extra year of timeless aggravation having to deal with them and the lemon washer, no thanks!

All I want is a machine that WORKS!! Had I known Maytag's warranties and policies were not worth a darn, I could've gone to Menards, bought a cheap korean made washer with a 1 yr mfg. warranty that had probably lasted longer than this commercial piece of crap Maytag washer and being ahead of the game.

Tom's Maytag and Maytag Corporation are inconsiderate and unprofessional. I don't understand why they can't take the washer back, replace it, and take their sweet time waiting for the parts to repair it and resale it used later or take the part out one of the floor models to fix mine. Instead they rather me, the consumer, go without it for as long as it takes - THEY DON'T CARE!

I had it with them, I don't even want a replacement anymore, I want my money back. After this, I don't want to deal with them EVER. They have lost my business, my family, friends, and all those I would come across warning them about doing business with them.

Poor quality
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Rating: 2/51

Nothing but issues since first purchased brand new. Once an F21 error code kept coming up, we googled the fix since our warranty had run out and was too costly to renew. Purchased a new pump for $100+ and it seems to have fixed the problem since all other quick fixes didn't help (cleaning filter, flushing hose, making sure the end wasn't too far into waste pipe etc), and found out pump has been updated by Maytag many times. I believe it should have been a recall.

Loud Washer Signals
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Rating: 4/51

LOUISIANA -- If you hate the obnoxious chimes and beeps on your Maytag Maxima front loader washer just take the front cover off and disconnect the speaker. Boom!

Centennial Laundry washer
By -

I bought this machine in July of 2009 and live alone. I do two loads of laundry a week every week. The machine timer just broke and will not drain water out of the washer. I am out of warranty a few months and I bought this unit because of the long history of quality. This is not a quality machine and I can't imagine the trouble I would have if I had a large family. I tried to look the machine up for parts on the Maytag site by the model number and they have removed it from the data base.

I need to know if there is a lawsuit pending for this machine. I will never shop Home Depot again for representing such a piece of poor quality merchandise. Buyer beware of Maytag and Home Depot and avoid buying from either of them because at the end of the day you are on your own waiting for bulk trash day to get rid of this. Total waste of money.

Maytag High Efficiency Top Load Washer
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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE -- In March 2012 I purchased a brand new Maytag High Efficiency Top Load Washer. I have been complaining about this piece of junk since I received. The machine has no fabric softener dispenser so I was told to use the Downy Ball. This is a joke. The Downy Ball does not work with High Efficiency washers. Too bad Maytag doesn't admit to this, it is on the Downy website. I have been complaining via phone calls and letters for over two months now. I hate doing laundry as the Downy Ball does not dilute with water just spill on the clothing causing damage to many fabrics. No one at Maytag seems to care that this is happening.

I was told to not put as many clothes in washer and use more water which defeats the purpose of a high efficiency washer. This washer had been used only a few times since March. I would rather go to a laundromat than use this machine. I have done everything Maytag has suggested, such as making smaller load, again defeating the purpose of the machine and nothing helps. I am becoming so tired of no cooperation whatsoever from Maytag. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from Maytag or be prepared to deal with people who don't care one bit if you are having a problem with their products.

How they ever got a good reputation is beyond me because their washer is a big chunk of garbage. I will never purchase a Maytag item again and I will tell everyone what I am going through. I have never been treated so poorly. One would think that a large corporation like Maytag would solve a small, inexpensive item problem than to have someone like me destroy or at least to my best to, ruin their reputation. I am fed up with Maytag and their product. I own an expensive chunk of junk.

Stay Away, Far Away From Anything Maytag
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Maytag washer, the 9000 Series, model MHWE950WW, in October of 2010. The washing machine seemed to work fine until about 1 month ago, when the washer became loud in the spin cycle. Finally, last week the noise and vibration became intolerable. We called Maytag service, (we have a service contract) and they sent a service man a couple of days ago. He was in the house five minutes, when he spun the tub by hand and stated that the bearings were shot. He said that it would take about ten days before the new parts would be installed. The bearings in a 16 month old machine were SHOT? How can that be?

According to the service man, "it happens." Oh Really? It happens if the product is DEFECTIVE AND POORLY MADE. Wait! It gets better. Two days later I received a call from Maytag's service people, and was told that the machine would cost $689.00 to repair with new bearings, and that the prorated value of the machine was $629.00, therefore they were not going to replace the bearings, but would instead reimburse me $629.00 instead, since the value of the machine was now less than the cost to repair it with new bearings.

The cost for the washer was $899.00; the cost for the washer's service contract was $186.31, for three years. Maytag is sending me $629.00 for all my troubles, on a machine that is 16 months old. Get this!!! They will not reimburse me for the remaining 3 years on my service contract. They claim that it is part of the claim total. So here is how it breaks down: $899.00 (excluding taxes and delivery) for the washer, $186.31 for the service contract until 2014. That brings my out of pocket total to $1085.31. I am getting back only $629.00. You do the math!

I lost $456.32 in the whole process in less than 16 months and do not have a working washing machine to boot. WAY TO GO MAYTAG! You will not see one cent of my money ever again, and I make will it my life's work to bad mouth you and your products, every time I pass by a sellers appliance section. I will tell everyone in my development, in my city, in my state, and anyone who will listen, to avoid your products like the plague that you and they are.

Your products, business model and your customer service, are the world's worst. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Well, you will never get that chance again. Personally, I will work toward making your company and its products extinct. It is what you deserve for shoddy products and bad business practices. I wish you nothing, because that is what you deserve. NOTHING!!!

Maytag Front Load Washer Premature Bearing Failure
By -

Three years ago I purchased a Maytag MFW9600SQ1 Front load washer, along with a Maytag refrigerator and gas dryer. In Canada this washer cost $1243 including taxes. I was told by the dealer that this machine was one of Maytag's better products. This washer does approx 3 loads per week (for two people) and the tub bearing is prematurely failing. On checking the internet and with a used appliance dealer, I have found that premature bearing failure is a fairly common problem for Maytag front load washing machines. It appears that they do not use sealed bearings.

The bearing is an integral part of of the rear tub assembly and costs $550 in Canada, $350 in the US. With labor the cost of repairs is basically the cost of a new machine. A $20 bearing replacement is not an option. Though the machine is past its 1 year warranty I contacted Maytag to see if they could help in anyway! A goodwill gesture on their part could go a long way towards customer loyalty and positive word of mouth advertising. I was basically told to pound salt.

Maytag's own website states that "We know that you depend on your appliances to get the job done day in and day out. That's why we use durable and long-lasting parts in our machines... All to give you confidence that your Maytag appliance will last year after year".

What a load of crap. These front load washing machines have a lot of plastic and light duty parts in them. They are heavy only because of the concrete counterweights in them. Our previous washer was a Kenmore top loader (made by the old Inglis manufacturing) and gave us 22 years of trouble-free service. It was built like a tank. 3 years out of a Maytag?? Come on!!

I will never again purchase any Maytag or Whirlpool products and would recommend that potential customers buy from another manufacturer. Stay away from Maytag/Whirlpool products. They do not last. Please share this with anyone you know that is shopping for appliances.

Never buy a Maytag Washing Machine
By -

I bought a Maytag Centennial Commercial washing machine. It was delivered to my house on 9-4-10 and on 10-4-10 it stopped working. Cannot get any water from it. Problem I was told by the tech is that the timer switch is broken and he had to order one, as he did not have one with him. There are 2 adults living in my house, so I do not do an extremely large amount of laundry and this machine couldn't handle the amount of laundry generated by 2 people for a month! I thought Maytag was a good brand. I will never buy any product made by Maytag again. I bought it at Home Depot and I won't deal with them again either.

I called them to see if I could return this machine and get another. The first person I spoke to in their Phillipsburg, NJ store hung up on me. I spoke to a person in another Home Depot and was told that their new policy on appliances is that once you sign off on the delivery, it's not Home Depot's problem, it's Maytag's. Called Maytag, very unqualified person answered the phone. I told her numerous times I wanted a new machine and that I wanted to talk to the manager. Before transferring me to the manager, she asked me exactly what I was asking for. I only told her at least 5 times. Not exactly a good listener. The manager, who had quite an attitude, wasn't much help.

I told him what I wanted. He told me that's what my warranty was for. The machine is a piece of garbage. Now I have to take another day off from work to wait for the repairman and I have to pay the cost of going to a laundromat. He told me they were not allowed to reimburse anyone's expenses. Maytag's compassion is as bad as their products! I can't believe he told me that's what the warranty was for. As far as I'm concerned, a machine that lasts exactly ONE month (not even being used every day) and literally dies, is a piece of GARBAGE and should be replaced. DON'T EVER BUY A MAYTAG APPLIANCE! THEY ARE PURE GARBAGE!

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