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Samsung Refrigerators and Sears Maintenance Agreements
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Our new Samsung Refrigerator died after 4 months of service with an error code and will not cool. We had gone on a three day weekend trip so all food inside had to be thrown out. I must state that the refrigerator sat for over six months due to delays with the contractors because of rain, parts, etc.

Unfortunately this Samsung refrigerator appears to have major and recurring problems as evidenced by numerous issues (hundreds) that other people are having with cooling or with water/ice build up etc etc. These reports are coming in daily and we should have researched better, but when you are in the store looking at a brand you think you trust.. Think again (just look at online reviews for Samsung refrigerators).

I have Two Samsung TV's that were purchased at Sears and have been great. This is the reason we looked at and purchased this refrigerator from them. I can assure you and Samsung that we will never buy another refrigerator from them. It is highly likely that we will never purchase anything from them again. Their (Samsung) customer service was a joke at best and the lack of real assistance totally surprised us. In other words, a frustrating waste of time!

We immediately called Sears where we had purchased a multi-year service agreement (great?). After a bit of time and long discussion we were told 3 weeks is the earliest someone can look at the unit. Has anyone else been without their fridge for 3 weeks lately?? We are sure from all the articles online that parts will have to be ordered and that will take more time. I tried to talk with the customer service representative and others again to get it looked at sooner but no luck. (gee, thanks Sears.. I ran to the store to purchase a large ice chest and small refrigerator.) I have maintenance agreements on my washer/dryer through Sears that were serviced within a week when we lived in a major city. Interesting how things can change.

We will see how this story plays out but I am completely dismayed at how little the manufacturers care once they have your money.

I understand Samsung is the main problem since they have known issues with this larger new refrigerator. Unfortunately Sears is becoming a major issue with the amount of time they are taking to get someone out for the initial service call and their inability to offer any other options or concern. We will see if we renew any of our maintenance agreements after all of this plays out. More updates as this progresses.
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Samsung Refrigerator -- Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- After 1.5 years of use, we noticed that our Samsung side-by-side refrigerator (Model RS267L, $1698) was not cooling properly. I went to the Samsung website to identify the nearest repairman (Day 1). The first repairman only came (Day 7) when I said my refrigerator was not under warranty (and paid the diagnostic fee myself) because Samsung owed him $11,000 for warranty repair work. His diagnosis was that the heater/evaporator was not working and needed to be replaced under the 5-year sealed system warranty – he said that if I would get the part from Samsung he would replace it for $350. Meanwhile he de-iced the unit and told me that it would cool properly for a while. I called Samsung (Day 8) and they said that they only ship parts to authorized repairmen and the Regional Service Center needed to work out the payment problem with the repairman and would call me. They never called back. Day 27: called Samsung Executive Customer Relations (ECR) and they assigned another repairman. Day 36: Repairman #2 came after I called him myself. Immediately he said that the unit was not repairable and called Samsung – they originally promised an exchange but then said they would have to refund my purchase price.

Day 37: faxed and uploaded my sales receipt to Samsung; called Samsung ECR and representative told me that they had my receipt and that it would take 7-14 business days to issue my refund. Day 43: received a call from Samsung Refund Department – she told me that my refund would only be for sales price, not tax or delivery fee and that it would take 14-21 business days for the refund to be issued once I sent in the serial number plate (which I sent certified mail the next day). She also said that immediately before the check was to be issued I would need to send them the cut-off power cord.

Day 72: called Samsung to ask about my refund – was told that the check was issued that day. Day 75: received the refund check. I have never had a problem like this with any appliance that I have ever owned! I feel truly victimized and will never buy another Samsung product!
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User Replies:
Desperate customer on 06/29/2011:
I have shared your EXACT experiece and am now at day 40. I can't believe it is possible that the whole summer could pass.I guess everything that has appeared to be errors has all been intentional. What did you do with the cordless refrigerator?
TSW on 08/21/2012:
I too am in a Samsung nightmare. I have been told to wait 2-3 days for email then sent pic of cut cord and serial number. What do I do while waiting? I have been without ice and water for going on 120 days. Horrible experience so far with samsung and Sears. I hope they follow through. Never again will I buy samsung
POC on 06/19/2013:
I almost took the bait of the refund until she mentioned peeling off labels and, to my horror, cutting the cord! Samsung is HORRIBLE. My refrigerator is less than 2 yrs old and they have made no effort to repair it, stating there is no authorized reps in this area. This situation sickens me, I am searching for a resolution.
amanda on 07/20/2013:
good luck! I too am experiencing the same customer service issues. I loved my fridge until this happened and based on there policy and customer service alone I will never buy a Samsung product again and I will relay this to everyone I know. My product was just over a year old and my warranty just expired. I had to pay for the service calls myself and it was deemed un reparable by both companies. I feel that if the product is still partially working the least that can do is have you write do not re sell in black marker somewhere on the fridge if that's what they are so worried about rather than have us cut the cord. at the very least I would like my refund and be able to use the fridge in my garage as a back-up for extra fridge/ freezer space. they can at least offer this solution for the inconvenience of this 3 month process I have been going through, the 2 service call fees I have had to pay for, the hours of my time spent on the phone listening to their horrible service reps who all have something different from say the food I will loose when I cut the cord and not to mention the haul away fee I will have to pay someone to come pick up the unit. For such a large successful company they sure do not value their customers.
Brian on 09/25/2013:
Same here Samsung brand new fridge ($1380) never able to adjust freezer temperature to above -25 degrees F. Fridge adjusted to 36 F but real temperature 42 F. Technican from TV service came 4 weeks later and determined new main board and new sensors are needed. After not hearing for another 4 weeks Samsung called and offered refund - taxes. My taxes are $130 for a apliance that never worked properly. To get email for a refund it took another 2 weeks. They ask for the same thing cut power cord picture it and peel off the serial decal. Now it will take them another 2 weeks to issue refund. What am I supposed to do without fridge for 2 weeks? My good opinion of Samsung is now "never another Samsung product". Very sad how poorly they treat people that believed in their product.
Genna on 02/19/2014:
I am having the same problem with my dishwasher. Started flaking out on me within 2 months of use. After 2 service men were here telling me they cannot fix it or the part is not available I am finally waiting for my refund. This has been ongoing for several months - I hate Samsungs customer service, I have to tell me story to 3 people before they connect me to the right person. I will never buy a samsung appliance. Every time Samsung said they will call me back within 1-2 days, they don't. It takes 5-7 days or they don't even call. I will blast Samsung at any chance I can get. All the time I spent and frustration just to get a refund? They need to send me on a vacation for the stress I've been dealing with.
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Poor customer service and lies
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- We purchased a Samsung RS2577BB refrigerator on 1/18/04 from Best Buy. We did not have it delivered until approx. August 2004 because our house was being built and we did not close on it until the end of August.

The fridge worked until approximately 3/23/07 when refrigerator side stopped cooling correctly. We contacted Samsung which told us it was out of warranty, but they provided us with the contact info for a "preferred" authorized repair company that was local. The repair company came out on 3/28/07. Once they arrived they said that they were not sure what the problem was & called Samsung to see how to proceed. They were told to replace the sensor and did so. This only helped for about 4 hours so we had to call them back again. For weeks the tech at the repair shop talked to Samsung via phone and email to try to find the problem and finally they were told that it may be the thermal fuse in mid-April. We went over 2 weeks without a working refrigerator. Finally on 4/16/07 the repair company came back out and replaced the thermal fuse. Within an hour of the tech leaving we had the same problem and in addition the freezer also stopped working properly. I called the repair shop again and they expressed their concerns with Samsung because they said they were not getting return calls or emails. They said that Samsung was being very vague when they did get someone and they were being told that they (Samsung) really had no idea why the refrigerator was not working properly. They suggested that I call Samsung directly. Samsung confirmed that the repair shop had called several times and their technical support and customer service stated that they could only think of those 2 things as potential problems with the refrigerator and that they were at a loss. They suggested using another repair company even though they admitted the other repair shop would also call them with questions so it made no sense to do this. It would also mean an additional service fee on top of the $236.88 we had paid the repair shop we were currently using. I said I would just replace the refrigerator and they said it was fixable and they would work with the repair company so I waited. Over the next month things continued to get worse and when we called Samsung they said they would replace the refrigerator. They worked with the repair shop to issue us a SAW number which was supposed to be what was needed for a replacement since nothing was now working properly. By this time, I had bought a small little refrigerator from Home Depot just to have some refrigerator space for milk and other essentials. Melissa in customer service said that they issue was being sent to Executive Customer Service and we would not have to do anything else because we would get a replacement. When we didn't hear anything else after a week or so, we called back only to be told that they had decided not to replace the refrigerator and they would continue to work with the repair company to try to fix it. Finally we did get some support from Samsung and the repair shop came out again on 6/26/07 AND 7/9/07 based on info provided by Samsung to do more "repairs". They replaced the main board and then the freezer sensor and something else, yet they still could not get the refrigerator to work correctly. Finally a new Central Regional Service Manager stepped in and we were told that we would get a replacement. After sending over our receipt as requested, we were told by a CSR that they no longer did exchanges through Best Buy so we would have to get a refund. We were not totally happy about that, but we just wanted to get a new refrigerator. However, they later told us that they would only give us a little over $400 even though we paid $1441.11. This just covered the costs we had already paid in repairs and didn't even cover the $320 we lost in food. Now no one is responding. Buyers beware. We have been treated so poorly that it sickens me. I understand that the fridge may not be under warranty any longer, but do not make promises then back out. Also, they badmouth even their "preferred" authorized repair shops. Lastly, it has taken 4 months to even get this far. We are disgusted with the service and the lies. We will never buy from Samsung again and we are techies that buy a lot of electronic items. They need to stand behind their products and what they say. To drag this on for months has really left a bad taste in my mouth.
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User Replies:
ZooVet726 on 07/23/2007:
Samsung's a lousy brand name. What I'm wondering is, why did you get a new refrigerator if your house wasn't finished being built? I would have waited until after the house was done. By the time you got it in your house, the warranty had expired.
themays on 07/23/2007:
Good question. We bought it because it was a special at our local Best Buy and we saved $700. Our house was supposed to be done by April so we thought they would just keep it for 3 months, but it turned out to be 6 months. The warranty expired after 1 year I believe.
maryjoh on 09/09/2007:
I have the same problem with my samsung refrigerator.2 months after I bought it it started forming ice and frost in the freezer compartment.they have replaced the back cover on the inside freezer and the control board. still no fix. I have been fighting with these people for over a year now and still no relief. they sent it up to executive relations also but the lady who wa sassigned to this is dragging her feet also. she told me they have no one in my area to come out and fix it and that they can't send anyone who doesn't have a contract with them.what do they do with the people who bought these things that live in my area?this thing is a piece of junk.I'll never buy naother one or recommend it.I also turned them in to the consumer affairs in New Jersey and the Better Business Bureau.gona turn it over to my attorney tomorrow.anyone have any other comments or solutions that might help?
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Samsung Refrigerator Door Bins
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCKY POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have had to replace the door bins in our Samsung French door refrigerator numerous times. The bins are fragile and just seem to fall apart. We've tried limiting the weight of items placed in the bins but it does not help. Even with the smallest items they continue to fall apart. They are poorly designed and made from very thin plastic. Each replacement bin costs about $20.00 and we are now on our 4th one. We don't have children who are slamming the door and we are very careful in using the doors. I would never recommend this refrigerator to anyone!!
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User Replies:
Karnamay on 09/02/2013:
I know exactly what you mean! The top that lifts up on the "cake bin" never works. It was always falling off on the floor. The "adjustable" shelves never stay in the position we put them in. Our Samsung is less than a year old and it is a piece of junk!
trmn8r on 09/03/2013:
This isn't surprising, for one and only one reason. Complaints about most all appliance companies show that appliance quality and reliability have become so low that buying used appliances has become attractive. It is a very sad state of affairs.

When problems such as this arise, one would think the manufacturer would redesign the part. But they won't.
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Samsung Stinks
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RICHFIELD PARK, OHIO -- We purchased a Samsung fridge back in 2007 and the first couple years there were no problems. Since then the coils in the top of the refrigerator freeze every 3-5 weeks and we have to take it apart and with a blow dryer defrost it, which takes over an hour each time. We have lost hundreds of dollars worth of food due to the temp of fridge recording up to 70-80 degrees each time.We have made multiple calls to get some help with no response!!

I wrote a letter and sent it certified mail to the corporate office in which they were to sign for and they refused it!!! Is there anything at all you can do to help us?
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User Replies:
bcd on 07/22/2013:
You may want to submit a service request at

Or you may want to call Samsung service at 800-726-7864
John Nicholson on 07/22/2013:
I did a quick search and here is a link with some reasons for your problem:

Hope this helps. I wouldn't put too much money into a 6 year old fridge, however your problem might be relatively simple.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MT. ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- This is to register a complaint with your company about the problem we continue to have with the Samsung refrigerator we purchased June, 2010 from H. H. Gregg here in Augusta, GA. Three months ago we experienced the beeping/ringing that would indicate the door is ajar or the seal is not secure. The door is not ajar and the seal appears secure; however, the temp registers the refrigerator at 60 degrees; the freezer seems to be working properly and registers at 12 degrees. We contacted Samsung previously about this problem and were told that a service technician would come from Columbia, South Carolina (which is one hour from our residence) and the service fee would be $175 just to come look at it, parts and labor would be additional. This service fee of $175 is outrageous and I told them not to come. It stopped the noise and now, here we are three months later, and are having the same problem with the same beeping/ringing sound...which I might add is quite annoying and such an inconvenience, as we continue to buy ice and keep items in a cooler.

We have contacted an appliance company here and they have ordered a part that should fix this problem, hopefully. And, that part was ordered 2 weeks ago - I am curious why it should take 2 weeks for a part to sent to repair an appliance.

I don't mind telling you we are thoroughly disappointed with your product and have no intention of any further purchase in the future.
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Worst company complaint resolution ANYWHERE
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I had the fridge fail in the first two weeks after purchase. They have a company call sometime within 3 days to just schedule a service appointment. When the repair company they use came out they replaced a board and said it was working. It wasn't working and when I called again for service they again said they would call within 3 days to schedule the appointment, not be there within 3 days but call to schedule. They came back again and thought they fixed it but yet again they were wrong. I called to talk to customer service and asked to talk to a manager. They have a special complaint department (they obviously have a lot of special complaints). They offered to refund the purchase price. I explained I got it discounted and the refund would not pay for the same fridge. They did not care and would only offer the purchase price. They would NOT offer the same model as a replacement. I got in touch with Lowe's and they would offer a replacement even though I didn't buy it from them (the company I bought from went out of business). They even delivered the new and picked up the old at no charge. Lowe's was FANTASTIC. Samsung offered food replacement. I jumped through a ton of hoops to provide itemized list and individual cost yet they never issue a check. Just continue to get the run around. By the way they were rude on every conversation not even a hint of compassion that my $3,000+ fridge didn't work for two weeks and it took me over two weeks battling them and still got nothing.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/27/2012:
It makes sense that Lowes would replace it since it got into trouble within 2 weeks - the system worked as it should have IMO. Too bad Samsung didn't think to recommend this to you so that you didn't have to argue with them.

I hope Samsung follows through and you are reimbursed for the food.
Pauline on 05/11/2013:
I am having pretty much the same issue. Because I argues with them over several weeks they are now saying the warranty has run out and they will have to pro-rate the refund. Still arguing with them...
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Poor plastic quality
Posted by on
Plastic cracking all over inside the fridge. Fridge 3 years old. Started to crack from first year, now it is falling apart.
Paid extra warranty of $340 on top of $3400 I paid initially. They stated this is aesthetic and physical damage...I never had or see in my life any fridge with so much breaking plastic inside...I do not even own big pots and my ketchup must move inside the fridge soon...the inside door attachments where for decoration and I did not know....really?!!!!
I will never ever buy anything Samsung and I will never stop writing about their great products and special the service....
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 09/20/2011:
So, you paid $3,400 for a refrigerator, plus $340 for an extended warranty, and you are stuck with a refrigerator that is falling apart?

There goes the argument that extended warranties are a good investment. You are victim to one of the many loopholes that make extended warranties worthless.

How much do you have to pay for an appliance for it not to be made with cheap plastic?
Anonymous on 09/20/2011:
Great review. I would call their corporate office and put up a fight. Goodluck and let us know what happens. You don't have to be a victim.
At Your Service on 09/21/2011:
I absolutely appreciate your review.

You're absolutely right that the higher cost of the unit doesn't guarantee that the product won't break. This is a great example. Because the unit is three years old, the service would fall under the additional warranty program. This is where it's important to understand who the warranty is through and where you purchase the merchandise.

Is the warranty through the retailer or manufacturer, or is it a third party? I personally don't recommend the third party programs. You're not holding the individuals accountable that you would want to and don't have direct contact of the same.

Were you given or can you get a copy of the warranty coverage in writing? Is physical damage something that is outlined within the program? If you don't have a copy of said warranty, I would obtain one. This is always something good to read through BEFORE making a purchase; but in this case, just as applicable now that you have an issue.

I would have liked to have seen photos of the damage you're speaking of. I mention it because this site has a wonderful option of posting photos with a complaint.

Please, get us the additional information.
Venice09 on 09/21/2011:
The OP already stated that the $340 extended warranty is not being honored. I suppose they could fight it, but they better be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy, not to mention the aggravation.
madconsumer on 09/21/2011:
+1000 AYS!!!!
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Product Misrepresentation and Poor Customer Service Relations
Posted by on
NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My refrig was delivered on 2/12/2009. Wow it looks great. Looks can be deceiving. As we were going through the setup, I specifically started to look for a feature of this refrig that was advertised on the SAMSUNG website which was the determining factor for our purchase of this expensive Model. The feature I am referring to is being able to "check your schedule". This model advertises the larger LCD screen and that you can "check your schedule" amongst other features adding a photo album, calendar feature, nutrition info and measure conversions. One would think in order to check your schedule, you would need a way to enter it somehow. No mention of this feature in the user manual, so I do what any other consumer would Customer Service Department. After calling several times, being placed on eternal hold for greater than 20 minutes and conveniently disconnected...I finally get through for that person to basically say "they mean you can look at the calendar" a separate feature listed on the Website. So they elevate my problem to Executive Services...again eternal holding and no they setup a Case Management File and said someone would contact me with 24-48 hours.

So I wait at home...because I cannot go anywhere as I am recuperating from surgery. Four days later I call to follow up because I have heard back from nobody. They say they will send an email to Case Management and I should hear back definitely within 24-48 hours. Again I go back to the Website and send a complaint via their no avail I have heard nothing. Now I am in contact with the place of purchase and an attorney. At this point I will be happy to return this product.

I will never purchase another SAMSUNG product again. Any opportunity that I get...I will share my experience. As far as the product itself...It arrived missing parts (which still have not arrived), the ice maker is extremely noisy and slow, the refrigerator temp had to be adjusted lower to keep things at the proper temp and most of all it does not provide the advertised feature we were looking for.
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Refrigerator - What A Piece Of Junk!
Posted by on
This appliance was originally purchased in Sept 2005. 13 months later is when the problems started. Since the 12 month warranty expired, Samsung suggested I contact a technician. The problem with the piece of junk is the temperature in both the freezer and fridge compartment fluctuate and never are "normal". At a cost of $300 CDN sensors were replaced. Six months later, the same problem reappeared. The technicians warranty expired, I had to spend another $175 CDN to be told it would need another piece for it to work properly. In a matter of 10 months since the repairs, the appliance has konked out on me five times. The same problem; over/under freezing, too warm in the fridge compartment, milk freezing, meat thawing. I'm at a complete loss except to perhaps throw this "appliance" to The Dump.

A complete waist of time and money
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