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Treadmill Run Around
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Rating: 1/51

MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I found a treadmill in a Sears store but they didn't have it in stock. The associates suggested ordering it online and having it shipped to the store nearest me. It took two weeks for the treadmill to arrive and I picked it up from the Morehead City, NC store. After half a dozen uses, the belt began to fray and I was still within the 30-day return policy so I contacted and asked what to do. Patricia (online chat) said it had to be returned to the store it was picked up from so I loaded it into a borrowed vehicle to return it to the store.

I arrived at Morehead City, NC store to return it. The woman, Jenna, was helpful but couldn't "find" the transaction in their system. It shouldn't have mattered since I had the online receipt and the store pick-up receipt. Her manager then told her that they didn't accept returns at the store because they are an outlet store. I called for them to verify that this was true since I was specifically told to return it to this store. After an hour on the phone, they said it had to be returned to a full-line store, which is 50 miles from me. This in itself is completely unacceptable.

Since they refused to take it at the store and the woman, Adds, from "couldn't do anything more", I was forced to take it to Jacksonville, NC. The gentleman at merchandise pick-up, Jason, was extremely helpful but, again, for whatever reason they couldn't find it in their system even after entering everything from the receipts. He called to see what the problem was and the woman on the phone told him it had to be returned to Morehead City, NC store.

At this point, I was steaming mad and he told the woman I was told to return it to Jacksonville, NC. She said she can see where it was noted on the file that it was to be returned to Jacksonville, but policy said it had to go to the store it was picked up from. Finally, I got on the phone with her and said I don't care what she has to say because they can't seem to get their information straight. I refused to leave the store with the treadmill and got on the phone with my credit card company to file a fraudulent charge.

The woman on the phone then said because the order was placed over 30 days ago, I couldn't return it even though the order never arrived in store for two weeks after the date of purchase. It clearly showed the date that I paid in full and received the item at the store.

She argued that it was from the date of purchase so I said if an item was out of stock and ordered online, I paid for it and it took 6 weeks to arrive, I couldn't return it. She said, "well no that's different." No, it's not different. Sears is simply trying to step around their return policy! She then said I should call a technician to come fix the problem. Are you serious?! After sending me on a wild goose chase with incorrect information, I was furious.

The manager at the Jacksonville, NC store was helpful. She finally told me to just hang up with and she would refund the money. She couldn't believe the run around that I was given. I will never shop with Sears again. Ever. Side note: Several workers at the Jacksonville, NC store said the manager at the Morehead City, NC store is a liar. They are not an outlet store, they are a home store and they absolutely MUST do returns there.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- Item ordered originally 28 May 2015 was delivered 2 Jun 2015, damaged. Called Sears customer service. advised could return and reorder at store. Returned to store (Fairview Heights IL) and reordered. I was told I would receive email order update. Received email with hyperlink that took me to site that listed orders only not the item I ordered but the one I had received, and it was listed as delivered. Contacted store, was told to contact Contacted was told item would be delivered 10 Jun 2015 it was being processed.

04/06/2015 Received email that order was being shipped and tracking information would be sent, never received tracking information. 10 Jun 2015 checked status online status shows item delivered. Called customer service was told item was released by warehouse to UPS, asked for warehouse location agent placed my call on hold and then hung up after 25 min. Called customer service back connected with "ELLIE" (undisclosed location), asked to talk to an American representative was told she could only connect me with a case representative.

Connected with “Vince” at undisclosed location. Vince was extremely apologetic and assured me would do everything possible to help me. Ask to talk to American representative could not do that could provide me with CORPORATE EMAIL ADDRESS after much ranting and frustration results were: No Product, No Shipping Information, No Status other than that Item had been shipped and delivered, No Americans Talked To, and not enough room on their feedback page to complain & more aggravation because there was no customer service just lip service with NO RESULTS.

06-11-2015, 20:43- Used Talk Hyperlink. Took me to web page requesting open phone line. Was contacted by CSD explained that item still not received and that tracking number given indicates item that is supposedly 44 lbs. is listed at only 5.00 lbs. Call placed on hold. After 15 min 51 sec. call was disconnected. Called back connected to “Stacy” could hardly understand so not really sure. After explaining AGAIN approx. 24 min at this call center was placed on hold while “Stacy” contacted UPS for conference call. Was assured she would not hang up on me.

Connected with Ms. ** at UPS call center located in Southeast Asia. “Stacy” did not stay for conference call so had to explain my complaint AGAIN. Informed by Ms. ** that the label for the item was created on 08/06/2015 and item was picked up in Bartlett, TN on 09/06/2015 and delivered to their sort facilities.

It was incorrectly sorted at their facility and may be delayed, but would be delivered by the end of the day 11/06/2015, this information was still current as of 16:32 Eastern Time on the UPS tracking site. After I complained it was listed on their tracking site on another update as having departed Bartlett, TN at 20:47 11/06/2015. It left the sort facility approximately 4 hrs and 15 min after the updated delivery scheduled time.

13/06/2015, 13:50- Asked for incident # or control # to refer to was told all information was in case notes. Asked who was listed was the last representative I spoke with, NOT “Stacy” but, Suhaiv was supposedly the agent I talked to on my last call at 12:44 pm my time. “CHRIS” informed me that the item had been shipped 12/06/2015 ask to be connected to an American agent was informed they cannot connect me to an American representative they accept random calls and could only connect me with a supervisor.

Connected to “Nathan” case # ** informed that their system had several layers and customer service representative have limited access to case/problem information. When I ask to be connected to an American, was told by “Nathan” that they cannot connect me to an American Supervisor they accept random calls and are not able to connect customers even if it is specifically requested. 13/06/2015, 18:54- No return call. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE.

13/06/2015, 19:12- “LUCY” called after I posted on Sears Holdings Company's Facebook Page. Told I would be refunded in the form of a Sears gift card and that it would be processed once UPS has finished its investigation possibly in 10–14 business days. Asked if there was a maintenance fee on the gift card “Lucy“ stated she was unaware of any. Told me that she felt no resolution can be reached and that I should NOT CALL BACK. Told me I could contact their corporate office at 1-800-549-4505.

13/06/2015, 19:47- Called Sears solutions talked to “Shakira” supposedly an American in Hoffman Estates, IL. Told her about the problems I was having and that if she needed more information she could find up to the minute logs on The Sears Holding Company Facebook page. She informed me she would call me back, I however forgot to mention I posted it more than once and that it was also on my Facebook page.

20:10 awaiting her return call. 23:06 No Return Call. 14/06/2015- No Return Call. 15/06/2015- No Return Call. 22/06/ 2015- Still no product. 30/06/2015, 13:16- Called connected w/ Kris told item would arrive 10 Jun 2015. 13:20 put on hold. 13:22 told needed to contact store in Cordoba. Unable to find out which country/state that is in, put on hold again. Barely able to understand agent must have most comments restated.
13:27 Agent came back online told to continue holding. Returned to hold Music.

13:29 told would provide me with store telephone # 901 937-7400 located in TN. 13:33 put on hold again while agent tries to contact store. 13:38 Agent came back online told to continue holding. Returned to hold Music
13:44 No delivery date at this time. Informed this would be posted.

Update 07/03/2015:

Received Email from Sears. 2 Jun 2015
Dear Victor,

We have reviewed the feedback you provided on your recent concern. I sincerely apologize for the experience you have had.

Our records indicate we have issued a credit in the amount of $111.87 on 07/02/15 and this credit will be issued in the method of payment you had used. If you have any questions pleae let us know.

Pam M
Sears Member Services

see order details below:
Garden Oasis Lighted Rock with Wheel Fountain
Placed on Jun 3 Order #822899264
Qty: 1

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Sears is willing to refund me approx. $18.00 less than I Was charged. I Guess that is to help offset the language lessons for customer service agents.

Frustrated and dissapointed
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- On Friday December 18th I called the Sears appliance repair phone number provided in my owner's manual. I explained the problem I was having with my washing machine. The Sears representative could not help me fix my washer and so told me (after looking up repair availability) that a repair person would be coming to my home that afternoon.

I then got a e-mail stating the Sears will not send a repair person until Jan. 14th, 2016. I called the customer service dept. back and let them know that this will not work for me as I do not have a laundry within an hour away. She then said she would get me on an earlier schedule and that someone will be calling me to let me know when the new date will be. It is Tuesday the 22nd of Dec. today and I still not received a call. This morning I called several numbers provided in my owner's manual and online. I was put on hold and then the line went dead.

I started a chat with someone online from Sears. I explained my issues with him and gave him my phone number which he asked for. I never received a call from him. Finally I found another number to call and was greeted by a lady who spoke broken English. After asking her to repeat what she just said a couple of times I came to the understanding that I was not going to get service until Jan. 14th, 2016. If it takes that long to provide service to your customers why don't you hire more service technicians???

I generally do not buy extended warranties from Sears or anyone but was convinced by the salesman that it would be worth it. I have been a Sears card holder since 1980 and have shopped with my family at Sears since I was a little boy. I have spent thousands of dollars at Sears and would be spending thousands more. Not any more!!! This is my official notice to Sears that my life long relationship with their company is done.

Awful Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- We had an estimate done a few weeks ago for a leaky refrigerator, and paid the $89 fee for the repair person to come out. The $250 quote seemed excessive so we tried to find a decent priced refrigerator from Sears, but could not find one in our budget. I tried several times to call and speak with someone about an appointment but stayed on hold for over 30 minutes each time. I finally made another online appointment and added in the additional comments section that we have paid the diagnostic fee and would like to have the repair done. I received several automated calls reminding me about the appointment but nothing acknowledging my comments.

I received a call at a few minutes before 2 (the appointment was between 10-2) from a Richard, who refused to give me his last name. He asked me if I was aware of the service charge, which he informed me was now $105. I explained to him about my notation and he told me "That's not how it works. You have to pay again. Why didn't have the repair done when we were out the first time?" This man was extremely rude and talked to me like I was a 5-year-old. I couldn't believe it. I told him I didn't want him at my home and that I would call customer service.

I called and talked to someone that clearly didn't have a great grasp on the English language, although she was the least rude of all the Americans from Sears I talked to. She offered us $50 off of the visit. I explained to her, as I had explained to Richard with no last name, that the issue was the same and we had paid a diagnostic fee already, and we would not be using Sears for the repair. I called the Sears Holding customer service number, and the "lady" (I use that term loosely) I spoke with told me to ask for someone who spoke English and immediately sent me back to the main customer service number while I was still talking!

I did some research and called the number for Mr. ** office. I asked to speak to Mr. ** and was asked who I was. When I said a customer who has been dealing with awful customer service, she rudely informed me she had no access to Mr. ** office. Strange, she had to find out who I was before she realized she had no access.

When I brought this up, she YELLED at me, said she knew what she was talking about and told me not to call her a liar (which I didn't)... I was then transferred to a random voicemail. I am going right on social media and review websites to share my experience, in hopes that Sears will take notice, perhaps by a drop in business, and mandate better treatment of their customers.

Their Dispatchers Will Hang Up the Phone While You Are Talking
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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a mattress and paid for an $80 delivery as well as $15 to haul the old mattress away. They weren't able to deliver in the next couple of days so I had to wait 2.5 weeks for delivery. The day finally arrived and they gave me a window of 2 hours, between 12:45 and 2:45pm. Well, 2:50 comes and Bianca from dispatch called me to let me know the crew was running 45 minutes behind. I said "Ok. I'll keep waiting." 5:30 came and still no mattress. I called dispatch and they said that the delivery was there at 2pm but they allegedly called me and I didn't pick up.

All I was doing around the house was WAIT for them to come over. Plus, why would they call me at 2:50pm to let me know that they were running behind and not tell me they were there already. I demanded for them to fulfill their commitment to deliver my mattress today. She said the drivers weren't picking up the phone so she wouldn't be able to know if they could come back today to make the delivery. I explained to her that her story wasn't making sense and she said "There's nothing I can do if you don't pick up the phone."

I then pointed out to her that she was making assumptions and not believing their customer's word. She said that she couldn't tell me if the delivery was going to be rescheduled as she couldn't speak with the driver. I asked for a supervisor she said they leave at 1:30pm. I asked her to put me on hold. She did and then hang up on me after 5 minutes. I called again and she put me on hold for another 15 minutes. I called again and asked for her name, she put me on hold without saying a word.

I called again and Mary picked up the phone with an attitude. I asked her why they kept putting me on hold and explained myself. Her response was "She's been trying to tell you for the last half hour that you are not getting your delivery today". I asked her to please not speak to me in that manner and guess what she did. SHE HANG UP ON ME!!! I of course called again and no one picked up. I tried one more time and Bianca picked up. She said "I can reschedule you for Tuesday." I asked the name of her supervisor, she said Erica. This is the worst customer service experience of my life!!!

Unavailable to closed my Sears credit card
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Rating: 1/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have a problem with my Sears Credit card. I'm try to closed my account. I don't own anything on my card but the Sears fraud department refused to closed my account because they are unavailable to verify my phone number. I forgot to update my phone number before calling Sears customer's services. They keep asking to write a letter with my new information and a copy of my Sears credit card statement. Unfortunately I enrolled in paperless so I'm unable to send this information.

Now they are telling me they already send me a letter to my address and they want me to send this letter back to them but I haven't receive any letter from them I keep. This is the 3rd time they said they had send me a letter but nothing. Please anyone can help me.

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Rating: 1/51

HOFFMAN, ILLINOIS -- I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher from Sears 8 months ago. Since then it has had 8 service calls, 5 repairs and 3 where they came out with the wrong parts. My dishwasher has now been broken since December 5th. At this time they have agreed to replace the dishwasher which seemed like a good thing... not. So I chose the new dishwasher on December 23rd. They finally called me on January 6th and cannot install the new dishwasher until January 27th.

At this point I would have rather they fixed the old one. At least I would have a dishwasher. I have spoken with installation, delivery, customer service, the local store and the compensation department. Spending hours on hold, being hung up and getting the wrong answers. It appears to me Sears is no longer a reputable company. Buyer Beware!!!

Sears Carpet Cleaning Is Not Honest
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Rating: 1/51

BALLWIN, MISSOURI -- My husband called Sears carpet cleaning for carpet cleaning service. My husband told them my basement has about 800 to 1000 square feet, they give a quote of 117.00 dollars. This is an agreed upon price, so my husband said go ahead to clean for us. When they actually came, my husband was at work. The technician has an invoice type of paper that he asked me to sign. On the sheet, it is pre-printed the price of 117.00 dollars price. The technician told me to sign the sheet before they started to do the service saying the signature is to confirm that I was informed the carpet would be wet after cleaning. I signed the paper. They did the cleaning.

By the time I need pay, I need to pay 147.00 dollars. My basement after measuring has only about 650 square feet carpet area. The price of 147.00 was pen written and was added after I signed the invoice. I was forced to pay $30.00 more. I finally made payment but I am disappointed with their practice. Don't trust their quotes. They trick you into the business with lower quotes and later find excuses to increase the price. I am not going to use their service in the future. By the way the cleaning is not good either. I still have several stains after the cleaning. The whole process I can feel they don't care, just want your check. Bad experience.

Purchased a gas range and hood
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Rating: 2/51

DULUTH, MINNESOTA -- At time of purchase, arranged for delivery and install. Three days later, the delivery date was changed to Saturday from Thursday. The truck broke down and I called to ask what was going on. That is when I found out from the store, they do not install gas ranges, but do install hoods.

An appointment was set up for Thursday, the following week. I called customer service 800 number, they told me it would be delivered and installed on the following Tuesday but, I needed to call the store to tell them the installers would pick up range and hood. I called the store again, they said ok, then two hours later they called me back. The local store said "we don't install rangers but do install hoods." This whole matter took over a week after purchased.

As I write this, I still don't have a person to install range, it looks like I will have to install it myself. I find it hard to believe they can't call a plumbing and heating place and have it installed. The worst part of all of this is that Sears install service national isn't aware that at this Sears store they don't install. They told me it would be installed so, in all it has been 10 days and still no new range or hood in my house. I feel I have been lied to by Sears about the range install, so in 4 more days the hood and range will be delivered, that is 15 days since purchase. Now, I need to decide how to install the range. Thanks Sears.

Very Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

This to warn everybody who is thinking of any home improvements such as windows, furnace or central A/C, gutters or roofing. My advice to you is to avoid Sears on everything. Please go with local contractors which are cheaper or Home Depot or Lowes (but be careful because they sub contract too, just like Sears.) My parents and I have always used Sears for everything from appliances to home improvement. (Carpet, furnace, washer, dryer, freezer, refrigerator, microwave etc.) I have purchased tools, snow blower, lawn mowers, lawn edger, etc.

But here is the problem from being way more expensive then local contractors, Sears customer service sucks. I fought with Sears for 20 yrs. to get them to replace 3 windows under warranty. I fought with Sears customer service and blue ribbon social media team (they said they would get back to me and never did) on damage to my house from improper installations of appliances and crappy workmanship. We had gutters installed - they leak.

I really used to like Sears but as of now I have given up on Sears. In fact most Sears appliances have been replaced with new ones from other stores. Home depot and Lowes isn't the best but I have been treated pretty good by the Home depot team on certain complaints they have taken care of me above and beyond anything Sears ever did. Sears once they get your money, they ignore you. It's a shame Sears at one time was a good store but now they are one of the worst.

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