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Sears Leaky Roof problem
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Rating: 1/51

LONGWOOD, FLORIDA -- In March 2012, we noticed water stains and a crack in our ceiling due to a leaky roof. We consulted Sears and they set up a presentation which told us that they offer extensive training to their roofers and that any plywood damage would be replaced. The roofers were shown the water damage and crack inside. In April 2012, the roofers installed new roof shingles, but arrived with no plywood. They told only a few small pieces needed to be replaced.

About a month later, we noticed wetness on the ceiling and wet line during a rainy day while sitting in the living room, at the site of the original leaky spot. Also, the wet spot would dry within a day or two. Immediately, we called the Sears representative and he directed us to call the regional office. They came out on a dry day and said we see only the old stain. They took pictures each time they came out. They did not check the roof. Sears service logs document this service call and state that we needed to call back during a rainstorm so they could detect the source of the leak.

We called Sears during a rainstorm as instructed. Sears sent out a man to check where the leak was coming from. He did not walk the length of the roof space and I was present during his examination. He did not see a leak but noted the floor board was damp. Sears service logs have omitted this service call and we received no paperwork from the serviceman.

We called Sears a third time to complain about the same problem. Sears sent a contractor who caulked the crest of the roof and around a pipe coming from the ceiling, after which he announced that the roof was fixed. Sears service logs have omitted this service call and the contractor refused to give us any paperwork.

We recently noticed the water damage had spread about in diameter about three feet further on the ceiling sheetrock and additional cracks in the ceiling. We hired a professional leak detection company who documented that the water damage was from the roof leakage and identified a large leak in the roof right above the cracks in the ceiling. He also provided us with photographs of the roof leak and water meter readings that were off the charts.

On May 10 2014, an independent roofing contractor inspected our roof in order to provide us an estimate on repairs. He "saw daylight" in our attic, indicating gaps in the coverage of the roofing. While walking on the roof with him, he showed us that the roofing bounced up and down under our steps, demonstrating the gaps between the shingles and the rotten plywood. His repair estimate totaled $9500, and included replacing all the plywood.

Sears products are expensive and the district managers and roofers they use are rude and unprofessional. Sears is clearly in breach of our contract which specified they would "Replace any rotten wood found in the deck area at a rate of $2.90 per square foot". The roof inspector lacked the proper training and did not do a through evaluation.

The roofers did not replace the rotted plywood as was agreed to before we signed our contract with Sears. This resulted in them putting new roofing, poorly done, on rotten plywood. The water damage has grown about three feet in diameter and we have additional cracks in our ceiling. We are very displeased with Sears and will not be using them in the future.

Delivery Team Destroyed Chandelier, Sears Refused to Reimburse
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COLD SPRING, KENTUCKY -- The Sears delivery team, while in the process of delivering a refrigerator, smashed it into my dining room chandelier, virtually destroying the fixture, along with the door blinds on my entrance door. Such carelessness and recklessness I have never before experienced from a retail organization, which is exceeded only by their lack of accountability.

After two months and countless communications with multiple claim departments, I have yet to receive a penny in reimbursement. Not only will Sears not stand behind the product they sell, but apparently, they refuse to accept accountability for property damage caused by them or their representatives/agents. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM SEARS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!

What Happened to Sears ? Part 2 Legal Issues (Useful for Everyone)
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- If someone hasn't had a chance to read my previous complaint regarding my purchase of a defective refrigerator from Sears Outlet, it's not a big deal. Here is the bigger issue: I wanted to return it immediately, but I was told that appliances bought from Sears Outlet are subject to repair only, unless a Sears Product Repair Technician determines that the appliance is not repairable!

Oops! I wish I knew it before I bought it. Let's go ahead and take a look at some legal issues. It might be very useful for everyone: “California law requires that retailers who have a policy of not providing a cash refund, credit or exchange when an item is returned with proof of purchase within 7 days of purchase must inform consumers about their refund policies by conspicuously placing a written notice about their policies, in language that consumers can understand, so that it can be easily seen and read.

The policy must be displayed either at each entrance to the store, at each cash register and sales counter, on tags attached to each item, or on the company's order forms, if any. A return policy printed only on a receipt, for example, is not sufficient. If a store violates this law (California Civil Code section 1723), the purchaser can return an item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.” (Copied from California Attorney General's Return Policies webpage)

Unfortunately, at Sears Outlet, I did not see any sign regarding their Return Policy - neither on the item, nor at the cash register or entrance. None of the employees ever mentioned the terms of the Return Policy to me. I believe that Sears Outlet Return Policy sign must be written something like: “Sears Outlet has a policy of not providing any refunds or exchanges unless a Sears Product Repair Technician determines that the appliance is not repairable" or "The sales are final." Is it understandable? Yes, it is, but it was not there.

The part of my receipt which called the Customer Solution Commitment states: “Return Policy-Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. We will be happy to accept your ‘In Warranty' returned product after a product Repair Technician has determined the product is not repairable… Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return your purchase in its original packaging.”

First of all, it is not clear what is going to happen if product is repairable. What if I don't want it to be repaired? I am assuming that as soon as their goal for me to be completely satisfied I have a right to simply return the product according to their own Policy, even if “Sears will not be happy” to accept my returned product after a product Repair Technician has determined the product is repairable.

Sears Outlet sells the previously returned items. Of course, it's in their best interest to get rid of this items under any circumstances. That's the point of the Return Policy they have. Besides the fact that I've never seen Sears Outlet Return Policy anywhere but on my receipt, I was not even able to understand the “language” they used. Sears Outlet Return Policy written on my receipt is vague in order to keep their customers in the dark.

If I would have known the real terms of Sears Outlet's Return Policy, I would never even entered the store! In cases like mine, most people will give up and keep the item they bought. That's what Sears is counting on. I am not going to. I believe that my rights as a consumer have been violated as well as California Civil Code.

They Cut Granite In My Home While I Was Out With No Wet Saw Or Tenting. Totally Ruined My Home!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA -- It has been a living ** with granite dust throughout my entire home. They ruined all of my new appliances with scrapes and dents. My hardwood flooring, granite counters, furnishing also have been ruined. Imagine 911 on a smaller scale dust wise! Sears said the subs were at fault. FSA said go to **. Hired a lawyer and it's been over 2 yrs and I have over $100,000 in damage. Not to mention my health issues from breathing the stuff.

DieHard Men's 6 inch Nubuck Work Boot - Tan - Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

GOLF MILL NILES, ILLINOIS -- If you're thinking about purchasing DieHard Work Boots. Check out the reviews on their website you'll be shocked. I cannot believe they would put their name on such a inferior work boot. DieHard Boots were in my opinion the best work boot's in the industry, comfortable, priced right and they went the distance and were Made in the America. I was disappointed to see they were being made in Korea. Still purchased them and they were a quality product, the leather uppers would wear out before the soles. I was very disappointed to see they were being Made in China. Still purchased them and that's when everything changed.

Bought 2 pairs at the same time. Wore one pair for over a year and retired them, took the other new pair out of the box. The soles of these were a little sticky. Wore them for a short period of time less than 3 months. The soft composite material that the sole was glued to literally crumble apart. I work for a home improvement company and I'm in customers homes, I had to pick up the pieces of my boots threw out this house because they started to fall apart. (Thank goodness for duck tape.) I was embarrassed to say the least.

And to add insult to injury, I took the defective product and I sent it registered mail to Sears Holdings Corporation in Hoffman Estates, IL to the former CEO Mr Louis D'€™Ambrosio. They received it and I never got a response. Sears 90 day warranty for shoes and boots is worthless. I've stopped purchasing footwear Made in China because it's the poorest of quality. High profit margins for them, poor quality boots and shoes for their customers.

I will not purchase new boots 2, 3 or 4 times a year that would be nuts. It will be far less expensive to purchase American Made boots. I purchased a pair of boots from Farm & Fleet back in 2009, though I didn't the way they looked. Dark brown with a black sole. I prefer the buck skin color and the lighter sole. They are Made in the U.S.A. and have lasted.

Broken Hood Latch!! Horrible Customer Service
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YUMA, ARIZONA -- December 28, 2009 - 6:00 pm: Myself and a friend, arrived at Sears, in our town to purchase 4 new tires for my 1999 Volkswagen Beetle. About an hour or so, prior to that, we had an oil change done. Earlier during that day, my friend had spoken to ** (the Manager of the Auto Shop area) on the phone, regarding prices of tires, etc. ** quoted her a price on tires, and assured her they had 4 in stock.

When we arrived at the store, we were assisted by one of the Associates, **. ** had gone home for the day. ** advised us that they did not have the tires in stock that ** had talked to my friend about. He helped us by looking for some other tires, and we decided on another set that was on sale, and in stock. We also agreed to have an alignment, tires balanced, and a free inspection on our bug to see if it needed anything else.

We were in the waiting area, and after an hour or so, ** came back and advised us that they had looked at our bug. He then proceeded to give us an estimate of things/work that my bug supposedly needed. That amount totaled to about $700.00. The first thing he mentioned to us was that we needed an oil change. We were surprised because we had just gotten an oil change prior to arriving at the store. Needless to say, it bothered us that they told us that. It made us wonder how many other times they have done this to other customers!!

8:00 pm: ** called us back to the shop because there was an issue. My friend walked back with **. I was very tired of waiting, and I didn't feel like going back there, so I stayed behind in the waiting area. As they were walking to the back, I overheard ** telling my friend, “€œWhat'€™s wrong with your latch? It'€™s broken.” She then told him “What do you mean? No, it'€™s not.” While in the shop, she SAW the techs poking at the latch area with screwdrivers. They advised her that the hood would not close. My friend also tried to close the hood as well, and it wouldn't shut.

** then called another manager to see what could be done, as it had been confirmed that the latch was indeed broken on my bug, and my hood would not close. Since it was closing time, they asked us to come back the next morning and talk to ** the Auto Shop Manager to see what could be done. We were extremely upset because of what the techs had done to my car. We drove home with my hood that would not shut properly, and my latch dangling. It was very obvious that they had broken it. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the hood to my bug was working properly prior to this incident!

December 29, 2009 - 1:00 pm: My friend and I returned to the shop to talk to **. He asked us to pull the vehicle up to one of the stalls. His techs started working/looking at our hood. After about an hour or so, he called us back and advised us in a very sarcastic manner, that “His guys did not break it, and that they were not going to fix it. He said I will fix this (pointing to the top part of the hood), but we will not fix the latch part, because we did not break it€.”

He also tried to tell us that my friend had broken it when she tried closing the hood the evening before!! He gave us some more excuses as to why it wasn'€™t their fault. He also tried to say that the latch had not been installed correctly to begin with. I'€™ve had it for a year now, with no problems at all!

We were extremely upset at the way that he was talking to us, and also because he tried to tell us that it was my friend's fault. That she had broken it. It was very obvious that our hood was closing perfectly fine before arriving at the shop the prior evening. So in other words, we drove in with a perfectly working hood, and came out with a broken latch, and a hood that did not close.

** then proceeded to give us a number to call (1-800-549-4505). The last question he made to us was, “So you'€™re sure that your hood was working correctly before bringing it here?”€ We told him “€œYes of course!”,€ then he told us “Okay, I'€™ll talk to my techs!”€ That was the end of our conversation.

1:46 pm: I called the Sears 800 number and spoke to **. I explained what had taken place. I also told ** that I was afraid of driving on the freeway because I had to take it to get to work, and I was concerned about the hood flying open or something. She apologized, took my information down, and advised me that she was going to submit my complaint, and that someone would be contacting me in 24-48 hours.

3:13 pm: I called the Sears, and I was transferred to the Store General Manager. As I was speaking to her, she advised me that she was aware of the complaint, and that she had it noted that according to the Auto Shop department, it was our fault and that we had broken the latch on the hood. I advised her that the statement was incorrect. She was very unprofessional and quite rude and used a tone that tried to belittle me, and I did not appreciate that at all.

December 31, 2009 - 1:02 pm: Once again, I called the Sears 800 number to find out what the status of my complaint was. This time I spoke to **, who advised me that District Managers would not be available until the following week, due to the holidays, and that someone should be contacting me then. She reiterated to me what my complaint was, and what the store had corresponded, which was of course, that they did not break my latch and that it was our fault. She then advised that I should contact the Operations Manager at Sears.

2:02 pm: I called the store, to see if she was available for me to speak with. I was advised that she was out until the following week, due to the holidays. January 04, 2010 - 3:52 pm: After waiting all day for a call from the District Office, I called the Sears 800 number. I was connected to ** who was extremely '€”nasty”€ to me, and very unprofessional.

She also reiterated to me what she had noted as my complaint, and the response from the Auto Shop (which was by the way, totally incorrect). The store stated, “That they had talked to ME, and that I had said the latch was broken previously, and that I had broken the latch when closing the hood.” I corrected ** on the fact that I was not the one they had dealt with, but rather my friend. I did advise her that the statement was totally incorrect. She then told me that my complaint had not YET been submitted to the District Office.

I was very upset at the fact that they had treated my case as if it did not matter. She then advised that she would submit it to District Office and that a District Manager would be contacting me in 2 business days. I asked her who the District Manager was, and she said, “€œShe didn't know€,” and refused to give me a name. ** also advised me that she recommended calling their insurance. She gave me their name and phone number (1-800-352-1521). Her demeanor and customer service relations were absolutely horrible and rude.

5:30 pm - Once again, the both of us went in to try to talk to a Store Manager in hopes of getting something resolved. We were able to talk to the Operations Manager. She was extremely helpful, and we appreciated her attention and concern. We explained everything to her once again. She advised we fill out insurance paperwork, get estimates, and take pictures, and gave us **'€™s name so that we can submit our paperwork to her.

January 6, 2010 - No call received from District Manager. I was advised by ** that I would be receiving a call from someone today. January 7, 2010 - I did not receive a call from the District Office/Manager today either. I am at work all day, and I don'€™t have time to call that office everyday. I really don'€™t think I should have to, especially after I was assured my complaint would be submitted and that someone would be contacting me. It'€™s been a couple of days already. This is extremely disappointing.

January 08, 2010 - Went in to the store to submit our insurance paperwork. Of course, ** was unavailable. We submitted our paperwork along with pictures as advised earlier during the week. ** advised he had to take pictures himself. As he was doing that he said they had mentioned to him, "something about a wire."

We had no idea what he was referring to, and wondered what that had to do with anything. He showed us a little wire on the latch (shown in the pic). The point was that they broke the latch to my hood, and now my hood won't shut properly!! It was fine before taking it in there, and they are only trying to make any excuse they could, to say that it was our fault!

January 11, 2010 - I have yet to hear from anyone at the Sears Auto Shop Department here in town, or their District Office. Since December 28, 2009, I have been driving my vehicle with the hood not shutting down all the way. I am concerned it could pop open and that something could happen.

Just about everyone from this company that we have come in to contact with (aside from the Ops Manager), has treated my friend and I with such disregard and unprofessionalism, that it really makes me wonder if these employees don'€™t realize that ethical behavior is demonstrated not only in how they act toward others, but also in how they treat property that is brought to them. This has been a horrible experience!

Will Never Buy Appliances or Extended Warranties From Sears Again
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- It all began with a purchase of an Electrolux induction range in July 2011. Induction ranges were new on the market in the United States, so they were expensive and did not have a lot of history or reviews. I loved this particular range because of the induction feature as well as the dehydrator, convection, slow cooker, perfect turkey, and bread proofing options in the oven. It was all electronic and top of the line of non-professional ranges at the cost of $3200.00.

I never buy extended warranties, but we decided to do so on this appliance because it was so new on the market, and it was all electronic. I was also told by either the person who sold me the range or one of the customer service representatives on the phone along the way that a person who specialized in repairing Electrolux ranges (instead of a standard Sears repairman) would need to be the one to work on the range in the case of any problems.

The range functioned beautifully until July 2013. An error code of "E 15" would flash on the control panel that ran the burners, and it would spontaneously and erratically beep this error code with no real rhyme or reason. You couldn't turn off the error code, and the range would function fine sometimes when it would beep, and other times, the burners would freeze up; you couldn't turn them on at all.

I called the customer repair service line to get help. I was told to go out in my garage and switch the breaker on and off, and that seemed to correct the problem and render the burners functional again. They would be fine for no determined length of time, and then it would start beeping again and the burners may or may not work again. There was no pattern. We would go and switch the breaker on and off whenever needed for a few weeks, and then, all of sudden, the error code just stopped.

We then didn't have any problem with it for a couple more months until late September. I finally called Sears back, and I told them that I was having this same error code recur with the same types of problems as outlined above. I told them that I had already been told to turn the breaker on and off, and that I just wanted someone to come out to the house to look at the range itself.

They told me it would take 5 days to have someone to come out and look at my range. Mind you, I did pay for an Extended Service Warranty. I'm not just some Joe Shmoe who didn't pay for an extended service warranty who is calling in to get repairs done on an appliance. I would think when someone dishes out hundreds of dollars for an extended service warranty, that the company would address those customers' services needs with urgency, and with the #1 rule of quality customer service, "The customer is always right."

Then, when they sent someone out, the repair person plugged the diagnostic computer into the range, and announced, "With this error code, it's suggested that we turn the breaker on and off." I announced we already knew that and did that. The repairman and the people on the other end of the phone line seemed fairly clueless about what to do when this E 15 error code showed up.

They decided to order a board which they thought would fix the problem. I waited another 5 days for the part to be ordered and delivered. Finally, the repairman, **, came to replace the electronic board, and he did it within the 15 minutes while I was away from the house picking up a child. When I returned, he was out in front of my house, and he asked me to sign off on the repair and to rate his service. I gave him a good rating and signed off on the repair. He left.

I went inside to find that he had left screws and his screwdriver on the counter. When we went to turn the range on, we noticed that some of the segments of the numbers on the electronic display board were not lighting up. Within a few days, the error code started to beep again. We tried turning the breaker on and off for a few days. It was the same problem--sporadic beeping, sometimes the burners worked, sometimes they didn't.

After a couple of weeks, I finally called customer service again, and I sat on the phone for an hour trying to get someone to come out the next day. I didn't want to wait another 5 days. After talking to a very inexperienced representative and being transferred a couple of times and being told that I would have to wait another 3 or 4 days for someone to come out, I finally was able to get a phone number for Customer Relations whom I called.

The person on the other end of the line seemed so much more competent. I said that I wanted someone with a lot of experience, that I was told that someone who specialized in servicing Electrolux ranges should repair it (although I was told by other customer service representatives that they had never heard that before), and I wanted someone to come out the next day.

I said it wasn't acceptable for a person who buys an extended warranty to have to wait several days for service. I suggested that it would make sense that they need to hire more people, so they can get to their customers more quickly. Finally, this person got a repairman out the next day. I was very pleased with this and had renewed hope that we could have a quick resolution to this problem.

** showed up the next day. He brought his diagnostic computer and plugged it into my range. He looked up the code in his portable computer system. He called someone from Sears to determine what they should do about this error code. Again, they didn't seem to know exactly what the problem was. He cycled the power by turning the breaker on and off. He then said that we would need to wait a few days to order a second identical board as what was put in the first time by **. He also ordered a board that would help to correct the display of all of the segments of the numbers.

The parts were shipped to my house, and he came to replace them. When he arrived to put the parts in, he realized that the second identical board had been ordered incorrectly, and he had the wrong part. While there that day, he and a second repair person had pulled the range apart, and they thought that some wiring needed to be replaced as well. I wasn't there to receive this information on this day. I was told we were waiting for one part by my husband after ** and his repair partner had left. One box of parts arrived at my house on Friday.

Over the weekend, I received a phone call from Sears saying that we would need to reschedule the repair appointment on Monday to another day because not all of the parts had arrived. I called and demanded that I wanted someone to still come out on Monday because I was told only one part needed to come, and they had left another part on my counter when they left. It was unclear to me and the customer service representative if we had all of the parts needed. English was a bit of barrier for this customer service representative. I didn't want to waste any more time.

They came out on Monday, and they didn't have one of the 2 parts that they needed. They replaced one of the parts since they were there. This still didn't repair the problem. We waited for a few more days for the correct parts to arrive. They pulled the range apart again and put in these parts that they thought would fix the problem. Again, no luck. While ** had it pulled apart this time, he noticed that the entire top board that controls the burners and one of the burners itself were burned out, and they needed to replace these parts.

They ordered those 2 major parts and a couple of smaller parts that may be needed "just in case" as explained by **. He wanted to make sure that we weren't going to have any more delay in repairing it, so he ordered extra parts that might be necessary. ** gave me a receipt and circled all the parts that were needed. We waited a few more days, and he came another time to install these parts, and after he was done, it still didn't fix the problem. He finally said that the range was not repairable, and he felt like Sears should give me a new range.

At this point, we had been without a functioning stove top for almost 2 months. The burners just eventually stopped working, possibly because of it being pulled apart completely 3 times. Turning the breaker on and off didn't even work anymore. Until the last visit with **, the oven (not the stove top, the oven) would at least work when the range was turned on, but I would have to listen to the incessant beeping the entire time something was cooking because we couldn't turn the error code off. After **'s last visit though, the oven didn't work anymore either. I don't know why. I don't know if it was because something was left unplugged.

He started the process for us to receive a new range. We got a phone call from Sears 4 days later telling us that we would be receiving another phone call in a few days to explain to us what Sears would be giving us. They allowed us $3300.00 to pick out a new range. We went to the local Sears store to look into a new range. The only induction range with the dehydrator and slow cooker options was the Electrolux.

Reviews online about this range were great for people who had only owned it for a few months, but there were other people who had the similar problem as we did. I asked to talk to the manager, and I explained what I had gone through to that point. I said I really wanted the Electrolux again because of its features, but I wanted Sears to give me a 5 year extended warranty for free because of all of the hassle that I had been put through. The manager, **, at the Washington Square store was great about typing up an e-mail with all of the details of my experience and sending it to the customer service escalation department.

I decided to go ahead and get the Electrolux, hoping that Sears would honor my request for the 5 year extended warranty. I had asked ** how often they had seen something like this happen; he said one in a thousand experiences. I thought it would be worth getting this range one more time that I liked so much and that had functioned well for 2 years if Sears would give me another extended warranty after the hassle I had been put through over the last 2 months.

I ordered the new range; it was going to take 2 weeks for it to be ordered and installed. I couldn't believe that I had to wait another 2 weeks. I received a phone call 9 days later responding to my escalation e-mail sent by **. It was a message saying that they had noticed that I had a range scheduled for installation, and that it appeared I had worked everything out and to call them at a particular 1-800 # if I needed further assistance.

I called the 1-800 #, and I was told that there was nothing that they could do to help me with my request for an extended service warranty. Mind you, this was supposed to be the customer service escalation department that should be willing and able to help dissatisfied customers. You would think at this point, that Sears would bend over backwards to help people who have taken their complaints to the escalation level through a store manager. He said that I needed to talk to the extended warranty department, and he connected me with them. That young man was actually quite pleasant.

When I spoke to the new person in the extended warranty department, I was told that all they could do for me was to give me 3 months. I already have 6 months left on my extended warranty on the old range that they said they would honor. She said there was nothing else she could do for me, and the only way I would get any further was to e-mail the corporate office.

All I want for Christmas is a working range with a 5 year extended warranty. Really, Sears could do at least that for a customer who bought an extended warranty with the thought that I would be well taken care of as a customer if I spent hundreds of dollars on their product. I expect better from any company who wants to maintain customers. Have enough people working for you, so you can get someone out the very next day to a home of an extended warranty customer. If a diagnostic computer indicates a problem the first time, and it is not fixed by the part needed to fix it, take the range apart the next time you send someone out to fix it.

Sears wasted their technician's time going through the same diagnostic process twice because ** said, "Our hands are tied by the procedures that we have to go through. It costs too much money and time to pull the entire range apart." I beg to differ. Sears spent way much more money ordering multiple parts to try to fix the problem because they didn't give the technician the freedom (according to what was explained to me by ** and **) to investigate further.

I would say that about $750.00 to $1000.00 were spent on parts (We're not counting labor costs.) before ** said that it just needed to be replaced. Between ** and ** and other support repairmen, they were probably at my house on 7 to 8 different occasions for at least a total of 12 man hours. Finally, it appeared to me that there was a lack of competence in knowing how to repair this Electrolux range. Was a specialist needed? This is still unclear to me to this day.

Most of Sears representatives didn't seem to think so, but I was told this by one along the way. Unfortunately, when ** came to fix it the first time, segments of the displayed numbers were missing after he left, and he left a tool and loose screws on the counter. It concerned me that the screws were even there. Shouldn't have they been put back into place on the range since we didn't have loose screws sitting on the counter before he came?

I'm concerned about the competence of repairmen being sent to my house. ** was very nice and professional. He had been doing this for 20 years. It concerns me though that problems can't be resolved more quickly and accurately. Sears needs to give their customer service representatives and repairmen more freedom to make the "customer feel like they are always right." This is how Nordstrom and Costco have always done business, and I think their success indicates that. According to an online business article, 85% of Sears customers are dissatisfied with how they are treated as customers.

Sears was always the place to go and buy appliances because of how they treated their customers in my parents' generation. Sears needs to wake up and follow their customer service policies of the past. I was asked to rate my experience with Sears. I felt like giving them 1 star, but I decided to give them 2 stars for those employees who were pleasant and for a couple of the employees who seemed competent and because Sears should be given some credit for finally getting me a new range.

However, I'm still at the point where I'm telling everyone I know to not buy appliances and extended service warranties at Sears. At this point, I will never buy from them again. Sears, if you're reading this, show me I'm wrong; show me that the individual customer matters more to you than your bureaucracy.

Replies Marketplace a Step Back in Time
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Rating: 1/51

I had seen a complaint on a popular consumer feedback website (My3cents) only a month ago about someone who had ordered an item from a Sears "Marketplace" vendor. On, they partner with third parties - this is obvious when you are browsing an item, as it says "Marketplace Item" and the button says "Go to website". One of the pluses of Marketplace vendors is they tend to have slightly lower prices than elsewhere.

The problem the person complained about was they didn't realize they were not buying from Sears, and it turned out the item was delayed because the third party didn't have it in stock. In my case, I knew I was buying from a third party (Next Step Shoes or NextStep Shoes), but foolish me thought I would get at least Twentieth Century tracking to know when my product was shipped and when I could expect it.

What I got was an email confirming my order, and then a day later, an email that cryptically informed me that my item was being obtained, which usually take 5-7 business days. In other words, they didn't have it, and I was left to assume it would be shipped by them once it was. Thus, I checked the order status page inconveniently provided by Next Step each day. I did this for 8 days, and it said "Tracking number not available" and the shipping status was "Ordered".

Today, the UPS man strolled down my driveway, and I knew why he was here but didn't expect him. I went online 30 minutes after he left, and the inconveniently provided status read "Shipped" and "Tracking Number not available". Actually, the status was "Delivered". In this day and age, not making a tracking number available for a UPS shipment is unacceptable. I didn't mind the delay anywhere near as much as not being able to plan delivery. I will never use a Sears Marketplace vendor again, nor Next Step Shoes. I'll be leaving Next Step a complaint as my Last Step, individually. It isn't worth saving $5 or $10 to be left in the dark!

Poor Customer Service
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HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- Item ordered originally 28 May 2015 was delivered 2 Jun 2015, damaged. Called Sears customer service. advised could return and reorder at store. Returned to store (Fairview Heights IL) and reordered. I was told I would receive email order update. Received email with hyperlink that took me to site that listed orders only not the item I ordered but the one I had received, and it was listed as delivered. Contacted store, was told to contact Contacted was told item would be delivered 10 Jun 2015 it was being processed.

04/06/2015 Received email that order was being shipped and tracking information would be sent, never received tracking information. 10 Jun 2015 checked status online status shows item delivered. Called customer service was told item was released by warehouse to UPS, asked for warehouse location agent placed my call on hold and then hung up after 25 min. Called customer service back connected with "ELLIE" (undisclosed location), asked to talk to an American representative was told she could only connect me with a case representative.

Connected with “Vince” at undisclosed location. Vince was extremely apologetic and assured me would do everything possible to help me. Ask to talk to American representative could not do that could provide me with CORPORATE EMAIL ADDRESS after much ranting and frustration results were: No Product, No Shipping Information, No Status other than that Item had been shipped and delivered, No Americans Talked To, and not enough room on their feedback page to complain & more aggravation because there was no customer service just lip service with NO RESULTS.

06-11-2015, 20:43- Used Talk Hyperlink. Took me to web page requesting open phone line. Was contacted by CSD explained that item still not received and that tracking number given indicates item that is supposedly 44 lbs. is listed at only 5.00 lbs. Call placed on hold. After 15 min 51 sec. call was disconnected. Called back connected to “Stacy” could hardly understand so not really sure. After explaining AGAIN approx. 24 min at this call center was placed on hold while “Stacy” contacted UPS for conference call. Was assured she would not hang up on me.

Connected with Ms. ** at UPS call center located in Southeast Asia. “Stacy” did not stay for conference call so had to explain my complaint AGAIN. Informed by Ms. ** that the label for the item was created on 08/06/2015 and item was picked up in Bartlett, TN on 09/06/2015 and delivered to their sort facilities.

It was incorrectly sorted at their facility and may be delayed, but would be delivered by the end of the day 11/06/2015, this information was still current as of 16:32 Eastern Time on the UPS tracking site. After I complained it was listed on their tracking site on another update as having departed Bartlett, TN at 20:47 11/06/2015. It left the sort facility approximately 4 hrs and 15 min after the updated delivery scheduled time.

13/06/2015, 13:50- Asked for incident # or control # to refer to was told all information was in case notes. Asked who was listed was the last representative I spoke with, NOT “Stacy” but, Suhaiv was supposedly the agent I talked to on my last call at 12:44 pm my time. “CHRIS” informed me that the item had been shipped 12/06/2015 ask to be connected to an American agent was informed they cannot connect me to an American representative they accept random calls and could only connect me with a supervisor.

Connected to “Nathan” case # ** informed that their system had several layers and customer service representative have limited access to case/problem information. When I ask to be connected to an American, was told by “Nathan” that they cannot connect me to an American Supervisor they accept random calls and are not able to connect customers even if it is specifically requested. 13/06/2015, 18:54- No return call. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE.

13/06/2015, 19:12- “LUCY” called after I posted on Sears Holdings Company's Facebook Page. Told I would be refunded in the form of a Sears gift card and that it would be processed once UPS has finished its investigation possibly in 10–14 business days. Asked if there was a maintenance fee on the gift card “Lucy“ stated she was unaware of any. Told me that she felt no resolution can be reached and that I should NOT CALL BACK. Told me I could contact their corporate office at 1-800-549-4505.

13/06/2015, 19:47- Called Sears solutions talked to “Shakira” supposedly an American in Hoffman Estates, IL. Told her about the problems I was having and that if she needed more information she could find up to the minute logs on The Sears Holding Company Facebook page. She informed me she would call me back, I however forgot to mention I posted it more than once and that it was also on my Facebook page.

20:10 awaiting her return call. 23:06 No Return Call. 14/06/2015- No Return Call. 15/06/2015- No Return Call. 22/06/ 2015- Still no product. 30/06/2015, 13:16- Called connected w/ Kris told item would arrive 10 Jun 2015. 13:20 put on hold. 13:22 told needed to contact store in Cordoba. Unable to find out which country/state that is in, put on hold again. Barely able to understand agent must have most comments restated.
13:27 Agent came back online told to continue holding. Returned to hold Music.

13:29 told would provide me with store telephone # 901 937-7400 located in TN. 13:33 put on hold again while agent tries to contact store. 13:38 Agent came back online told to continue holding. Returned to hold Music
13:44 No delivery date at this time. Informed this would be posted.

Update 07/03/2015:

Received Email from Sears. 2 Jun 2015
Dear Victor,

We have reviewed the feedback you provided on your recent concern. I sincerely apologize for the experience you have had.

Our records indicate we have issued a credit in the amount of $111.87 on 07/02/15 and this credit will be issued in the method of payment you had used. If you have any questions pleae let us know.

Pam M
Sears Member Services

see order details below:
Garden Oasis Lighted Rock with Wheel Fountain
Placed on Jun 3 Order #822899264
Qty: 1

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Sears is willing to refund me approx. $18.00 less than I Was charged. I Guess that is to help offset the language lessons for customer service agents.

Loyal Customer Turned Sour.
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WISCONSIN -- The following is a story about a valued customer who was very loyal to Sears parts; until Sears did not value them as a customer anymore. So right after Thanksgiving, our Kenmore stove stopped working, not bad considering our stove is 9 years old. I figure the stove quality did pretty well for 9 years. So quick background on myself; I'm an electronics technician, so I troubleshoot the stove to the circuit board, bad component on board. So being a loyal customer I have always ordered parts through Sears not even doing a comparison shopping for cheaper prices. The last three years of getting parts for my Sears snow blower have always been good.

The circuit board would not be shipped to me without a technician coming out. Makes sense to me since it is a stove and high voltage, perhaps concern with house fires. So I scheduled an appointment for Dec 20, 2013 since my wife will be home. I put a detailed note about the circuit board be needed. This would be my first red flag. The technician comes out and does not have the circuit board and read my notes that day at the house.

My wife requests a new circuit board and not a refurbished circuit board (never know what other issues may arise). Technician states he needs to order board and will have shipped to house and come back to reinstall the circuit board. So labor was $125 that day and for the return visit. The stove part was $354. Total bill $436 (red flag could probable buy a new stove).

Part is supposed to arrive before January 4, 2014 and the technician will be out that day. The day before the circuit board comes, we get a phone message of the part being on back order. So we call Sears and they are not sure of when the part is coming, so we reschedule the appointment not sure when. Sears states will call back next week Monday. Monday comes and goes no phone message or email message. So we talk to a person at Sears who states after 28 days, if we don't have the part, they will replace the stove (another red flag). Still not sure when part is coming in.

So on January 10, we are like why not replace the stove, why wait 28 days? Talked to another Sears person, Sears is now backpedaling on the replacement of the stove. My guess, they figured out the stove is not a new stove, but 9 years old. She states a 20% of a new stove for us. Which I laughed at considering in the Sears store at the time they were offering some stoves at a 30% discount. (Red flag again). We still don't have working stove yet and Sears still cannot confirm when the part is coming in. Sears states they will escalate the issue to a manager who never seems to be around.

On January 14, talked to another Sears person still no reply from the parts department on when the part is coming in. I noticed on the original sales receipt a part number for the circuit board. So I Google the part number, what a surprise a part number comes up. So the internal parts are not Sears parts, but Whirlpool parts. So I go to Whirlpool's website, which gets me to Marconne Company, which states has 6 new circuit boards. I'm a little hesitant since Sears's states the part is on back order, so I call the Whirlpool/Marconne and they verify over the phone that part is new and they have six on hand. The price is $230 (over a $100 cheaper). This one is a huge red flag.

January 20, we give Sears one last chance, no luck. So we cancel the order, because I need a working stove. My wife talked to two Sears people, because we also want the labor refunded, partially since the technician never came back to install the circuit board. Sears will not refund $75 of the $125. That is fine, we just want to be done.

As my wife is talking to them on canceling the order on her cell phone, I receive a call from Sears parts about the canceling of the technician coming out to the house. I have to laugh because all this time ,Sears does not seem they can contact us on the back order of the part, but they are very fast about if a reschedule of technician work needs to be done. I think that Sears needs an update on their way they order parts. The system should notify the technician about a back order on parts.

Sears states 10-15 business days before our refund to our credit card. Have to laugh in the sense companies are more than happy to charge your card in less time, but refunds take longer. Do you sense another red flag and continuation of the story? You are correct.

So on January 20, I ordered the part from Marconne, to be shipped to the house in 3 business days. Marconne notifies me a delay in shipping and will be a day late. They don't charge me shipping so my cost dropped down to $200. I get the part and stove works fine. Just unplug stove, take a picture of all the connections. Unbend a few metal clips (straighten them out) and then a little lever on the bottom of the circuit board you just need to push down to get the board out.

So after 15 business days, no refund and on February 11, I call Sears and get disconnected. So I call again and get a Sears person who is helpful, who was very nice; calmed me down and kept me on the phone line as she talked me through what she was doing. She stated 3-4 business days and gave me a case number. Well 4 days later, Sears did not call. On February 17, talked to another Sears person who gave me another phone number, but that phone number does not work. Major red flags everywhere.

Finally, at the end of February, we get a refund and a $30 dollar gift card to Sears - I think I will use on Lands Ends clothes. Love the clothes and always get great service with Lands End. As for Sears, while this stove board was happening, I decided not to buy a Sears drill. Instead, I went with a rigid drill and I needed a new pull start for my Sears snow blower, part at Sears was $80, found it online for $30. So part of me would like to thank Sears for a wonderful customer service and showing me to shop online for cheaper parts. Lesson learned.

Company Response :

Hi jleegab,

Thank you for taking time to write your account of all that transpired surrounding your stove repair we can certainly see how this experience was disappointing for you. We definitely know how important it is to have a stove repaired in a timely manner and having to wait a long period of time because a part(s) are on backorder certainly makes the for an unpleasant repair experience. My name is Brian and I am a member of Sears Social Media Support team. After reading your post I would like to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We would like the opportunity to speak with you for further assistance and to provide feedback to the appropriate management team. Please send your contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name (jleegab), to reference your post to and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. Again, thank you for taking time to bring your stove repair concerns to our attention. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Brian R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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