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Lousy service
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I decided to use Sears because I thought their name, longevity, and guarantees would make up for the price they were asking. I needed my roof repaired and replaced so I call for a consultation. I received a date, time, and confirmation number for this consultation. I took off from work to meet with the consultant only to have a no-show. Three hours later, I've talked to several different people asking for an explanation but received nothing but changing and conflicting stories.

Finally, they give me an online consultation and pass my project off to financing. Financing takes forever because the online services don't work so we have to send everything through regular mail. Eventually this gets done and I'm in possession of a contract with stated cost and services. The roofers come out on Jan. 15th, the day before a predicted winter storm. I'm concerned by this but I'm assured they get them done in a day.

Throughout the day, my concern grows because these roofers don't seem to know what the heck they're doing. They're not removing all rotten wood, they're putting replacement wood in backwards, and the roofer has just told me he ran out of nails and would it be alright to use bigger ones (yes, they're bigger, and yes they will poke through the wood).

By the time early evening arrives, I'm greatly concerned because the roofers have torn apart my roof and there are now massive holes and it doesn't look like they'll plug them anytime soon (remember the predicted winter storm). I'm assured this will be done and sure enough they are still working when it's pitch dark. Unfortunately, they lied. They didn't replace the wood and fill the holes, and they left without telling us.

For some reason they didn't think fixing holes they made was a greater priority than putting tiles down on the porch. No, on the eve of a winter storm, we get old, thin, and torn tarp. We wake up the next morning to find they can't even get a tarp right because it's blown off and we now have snow and sleet pouring in on the second floor.

Then there's the mess they left in the yard... power tools everywhere, wires hanging off the house and snaking all over the yard (some still plugged in), wood and trash strewn all over the place, and a pile of old tile, wood, and nails heaped in front of the back door (Having to take care of my dogs, I had to step on that mess. I had two nails go through my shoes and stab my foot).

I get the job isn't done so tools and material are left behind, but for God's sake, set it aside and out of the way! The second floor rooms, where they tore apart the roof, are covered in debris (dirt, nails, tile, and wood) because they made no effort to protect the interior of the house. Considering it's freezing outside, I have snow and sleet pouring in, and I have two elderly parents with me, I call the project manager to get some help. I leave messages because he doesn't answer.

Hours go by so I call headquarters in FL. and a representative there finally gets this guy (he later claimed I called the wrong number and when I pointed out it was his voice and name on the line, he then said his phone died and he didn't get my messages). Eventually the folks in Houston sent out a window installer (not the roofers) and this poor guy had to get up on the icy roof to nail down tarp.

Of course, tarp won't do squat when it comes to the freezing cold air now entering my house through the holes they left so my heater runs non-stop for two days and two nights (I noticed Sears isn't at all interested in paying my electric bill) just to maintain a temp of 60 degrees. Wary of the quality of the roofers, I would like the project manager to take a look at the work but Sears advertised "we'll be with you every step of the way and a Sears Home Service person will walk your grounds and inspect the installment with you" is crap (at least I think it is because I've received conflicting statements about that as well).

My project manager told me he'd be out at the end of the week for sure but never showed. In fact, despite my concerns and request, no one from Sears has any intention of inspecting this job. They do, however, pressure their customers into signing a release document that states you, the customer, agree that the job is correct and complete. I was handed this document by the roofer the night he finished the roof. Imagine, I'm supposed to legally release him when it's pitch black out and I can't even see the roof, never mind I'm not a roofer and expected a Sears representative to inspect the finished project first.

Then I get an e-mail from my consultant telling me they had to replace wood so there's an additional charge, and because Sears only finances for a certain amount, I'll not be getting gutters on my house because, according to them, the additional wood cost more (about $3000). So, I ask my project manager to provide a receipt for the new wood so I can make sure I was charged the contracted $4.20 per square ft. and he balks but finally agrees. Surprise, surprise, I still don't have the receipt.

I called Sears headquarters again and asked why and a clueless woman tells me customers don't get receipts because they aren't purchasing the material. Geez Sears, if that's the case why am I paying $20,000 for a new roof and why did you just tack on an additional $3000? And so I'm still in limbo... I refuse to sign and send the new financial contract without the receipts.

When I made this plain to them, I got a call and someone told me a Sears representative would be out on Monday to answer my questions and deal with my concerns. Nope. The only person that showed up yesterday was the same roofer I have concerns about (and he told me he can't answer and Sears related questions at all). All he was there to do was remove the old satellite dish his guys left hanging off the side of my house (hanging by a wire right in front of a window).

You can e-mail, call, and explain to anyone and everyone and you get the same thing... no answer or conflicting information. I have no idea if this roof was done correctly and I have no idea what policy Sears follows. Apparently, it isn't the policy they describe on their site or via the consultation.

Sears Leaky Roof problem
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Rating: 1/51

LONGWOOD, FLORIDA -- In March 2012, we noticed water stains and a crack in our ceiling due to a leaky roof. We consulted Sears and they set up a presentation which told us that they offer extensive training to their roofers and that any plywood damage would be replaced. The roofers were shown the water damage and crack inside. In April 2012, the roofers installed new roof shingles, but arrived with no plywood. They told only a few small pieces needed to be replaced.

About a month later, we noticed wetness on the ceiling and wet line during a rainy day while sitting in the living room, at the site of the original leaky spot. Also, the wet spot would dry within a day or two. Immediately, we called the Sears representative and he directed us to call the regional office. They came out on a dry day and said we see only the old stain. They took pictures each time they came out. They did not check the roof. Sears service logs document this service call and state that we needed to call back during a rainstorm so they could detect the source of the leak.

We called Sears during a rainstorm as instructed. Sears sent out a man to check where the leak was coming from. He did not walk the length of the roof space and I was present during his examination. He did not see a leak but noted the floor board was damp. Sears service logs have omitted this service call and we received no paperwork from the serviceman.

We called Sears a third time to complain about the same problem. Sears sent a contractor who caulked the crest of the roof and around a pipe coming from the ceiling, after which he announced that the roof was fixed. Sears service logs have omitted this service call and the contractor refused to give us any paperwork.

We recently noticed the water damage had spread about in diameter about three feet further on the ceiling sheetrock and additional cracks in the ceiling. We hired a professional leak detection company who documented that the water damage was from the roof leakage and identified a large leak in the roof right above the cracks in the ceiling. He also provided us with photographs of the roof leak and water meter readings that were off the charts.

On May 10 2014, an independent roofing contractor inspected our roof in order to provide us an estimate on repairs. He "saw daylight" in our attic, indicating gaps in the coverage of the roofing. While walking on the roof with him, he showed us that the roofing bounced up and down under our steps, demonstrating the gaps between the shingles and the rotten plywood. His repair estimate totaled $9500, and included replacing all the plywood.

Sears products are expensive and the district managers and roofers they use are rude and unprofessional. Sears is clearly in breach of our contract which specified they would "Replace any rotten wood found in the deck area at a rate of $2.90 per square foot". The roof inspector lacked the proper training and did not do a through evaluation.

The roofers did not replace the rotted plywood as was agreed to before we signed our contract with Sears. This resulted in them putting new roofing, poorly done, on rotten plywood. The water damage has grown about three feet in diameter and we have additional cracks in our ceiling. We are very displeased with Sears and will not be using them in the future.

Replace Shack Roof With Shingles.
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I am replacing our Shack roof with Shingles. We received so far about eight quotes. Two were $7,000 but had bad reviews two stars and the other five were from 4.5 to 5 star companies for around $11,000. Sears estimate was $34,500, the salesman was dishonest. Tried to sell us things we didn't even need. DO NOT EVER HAVE SEARS REPLACE YOUR ROOF.

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Rating: 3/51

ILLINOIS -- In 2013 my father paid for a roof for my house with a Sears credit account. It was understood by the salesman that this would be my home and I would get a thirty year warranty. This was another reason we choose Sears, because of the longevity of the company. With my age, you get the point, I wouldn't be a sixty year old woman on top of a house trying to fix a roof. I am forty now.

Let's just say that my experience was not very pleasant. The company that put on the roof has over 33 complaints with the BBB. I found this out this year and was very shocked that sears would use this company. During the process of my roof being installed, my copper wiring to my AC was punctured, meaning my AC was not working, in Florida, in September, where there are no longer seasons. It was hot. I am not an AC person, but something happened and after the wiring was fixed and the freon was replaced an adaptor all of the sudden stopped working. I had to buy a new AC. Yippie.

Well, since the AC man had to cut in my eaves there was a big hole. The contractor came out upset cause yet again he was at my house. He replaced the eaves. I have a Florida room that I had noticed had visible wood rot. I brought him in and showed him, he advised me since it was under the roof it was a problem. He was already being rude so I just let it go.

In 2017 I decided to get all the eaves replaced on my home. When this was being done there was a significant spot of wood rot damage to a main beam of the roof. It is horrible. When you go out to my Florida room you can use a broom to push up the wood, that was never replaced. In my contract it all should have been replaced but this was never done.

At this point because of the "warranty" I called Sears. They set up an appointment for someone to come out and take a look. I was waiting for the person to show up. When he did I walked outside to greet him, I have two large dogs. He walked up to my privacy fence and told me it wasn't his problem. I pointed to the exact other end of the house where the wood rot was and asked if that was not my roof? He told me yes, then I asked him to come inside to show him the wood rot in my Florida room and my laundry room.

Then he began to tell me that my contract only covered a certain amount of wood to be replaced. When I asked him how much was to be replaced (since none was) he began to backpedal. I am not sure if it was his demeanor or that he never even looked at the problem before making a judgment, but I was done. I asked him to leave. At this point I was sent a letter telling me that I didn't in fact have any warranty and that they would not fix my roof.

My father is retired army, he keeps everything. I had my warranty information, my contract, who came to my home to sell the roof, the works. I have a thirty year warranty with a five year warranty on the work. At this point I have been lied to twice. At this point I called the person who set up the appointment. She advised me, "Oh well don't know what to tell you."

I filed a complaint with the BBB. Now, I am talking to some lady who handles these complaints. I am very upset and really just not trusting this situation, something felt off. We started talking the beginning of March of 2017. I explained to her that after finding out about the 33 complaints the other company had I wasn't really wanting them to send someone to my home after their own employee treated me as he did. They then sent out another contractor person with Sears, he was an hour late.

When we (I had a male friend over this time) walked him to the Florida room and showed the wood rot and how you could poke through with broomsticks, he was in shock. He then told me they would get on repairing when I asked about time he wouldn't give any. Finally this lady called me back and told me that I could use the person who put in the eaves. She needed photos and an estimate. When I picked out the shingles for my roof I got the blue ones. I knew he would not be able to match this and "thought" Sears would buy the materials. This was not the case.

When the first estimate was sent it was just for labor. Then she wanted one for the materials because it would not be provided. There were two estimates sent out, which means this guy came to my house twice and got paid nothing. This lady from sears then sends me an email telling me her boss has never seen two estimates and that the charges are ambiguous at best. This sent me over the edge. I paid over 16 thousand for a roof on a 1200 sq ft home. Shut the front door!!!

At this point I was at a loss. I then made a complaint with the Illinois something or another this is so much, after this I was called and offered an agreement. I wanted to know what had changed from the week prior? Never was told. I call this lady for two weeks, she never picks up the phone. I have actually called her from my cell, no answer, went to another phone and she picked up. I let her know at that point I knew she was avoiding my calls. She then told me I would be receiving a letter in the mail on the offer. This was April 20th.

Again I called, she sent me an email letting me know that she already told me on April 20th at 4:05 pm she told me this. I get the letter. It's dated April 26th, it says I have ten days to sign and send back. Something felt weird. The letter stated it was cc'd to my email and was sent 1st class mail. These neither were true. I felt I was being pushed around and forced into something.

Tonight I get my information from the BBB. This lady is telling me that since I felt bullied she was taking the offer off the table for me. Like she was punishing me. She also stated that she doesn't have the ability nor the time to screen her calls. She darn sure knew the date and time she told me when she would send a letter to me. So this is like lie number four I think. After looking at the letter and agreement they have two different dates on them. This means by the time that I would have signed and sent it back to them it would have been void.

Also, it states that once I have the work done they will no longer hold any warranty for this section of my roof. That to me was the biggest lie of them all. They did try to trick me into signing this paper. If I would have signed it they would have said it was past the deadline and me signing it would make the warranty void. I have roofing company coming to home next Monday, I am very curious to see what they say about what needs to be repaired and what their estimate of a full roof would be. Don't use these people. They don't stand by their work or their word.

Sears Roofing Estimate - Way Too High And Way Too High Pressure
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Rating: 1/51

SYKESVILLE, MARYLAND -- Getting estimates for doing my roof. Went to, Sears answered. I accepted for Sears to come and give me an estimate on my roof. They were very nice on the phone and came right out. The fellows who came out were very pleasant.

Then the sales pitch began. They talked to me for 2 hours - way too long. There was a long and drawn out discussion and pictures of terrible roofing jobs done by other people - I wouldn't want that to happen to me, right? So at least 45 minutes of this kind of thing, which I interpret as to make me feel fearful that I can trust no one but Sears. I asked them to move along. Then we discussed my roof, and with more and excessive frightening information about other contractors using poor materials.

So it was very long and they went on and on about how they only use the very best subcontractors, how their materials are so much better, and how a third party company will do a thorough inspection at the completion of the job. In my mind, they have already lost me when they say they use subcontractors. Also, all the special and nonstandard extras I wanted for my roof were initially met with an attitude of "no you don't need that, we don't do that". This definitely put them out of the running, even after they relented and allowed that yes, their company could do it if I really wanted that.

By this time almost 2 hours have gone by and I am sure this is definitely not a company I want to employ. To me, all these sales tactics imply a poor company that wants a high price. Finally they tell me their estimate, and it is 27K!! This is about 2 1/2 times the estimate from other reputable roofing companies. I show my surprise and tell them, no, I am not going with them. Immediately they start with the "special pricing", if I sign right now I will get a huge discount. I say no and escort them out.

In my opinion, all these tactics and their answers to my specific questions about the roofing job itself imply I would get a poor job from them. It was an upsetting waste of my evening, and I am angry these guys have nerve to propose this ridiculous price, when we have been talking like friends. I recommend that if you need a roof, don't waste your time talking to Sears for an estimate.

Sears Home Improvement/Roofing
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I contacted Sears Home Improvement to have a roof replaced on my apartment building, because of their name recognition and my past experience with product purchased at Sears. The salesman at Sears Home Improvement employee made the promise of replacing the roof using their own professional personnel and completing the assignment and meeting state, county and city construction codes, method and materials.

I specifically asked if they were going to sub contract the work, and I was assured that Sears Home Improvement were not going to be use sub- contractors, all work was going to be completed by Sears staff and/or Sears Home Improvement trained, qualified and approved contractors.

I signed a contract with Sears home improvement on November 28, 2016 to replace the roof on the building. They promised to start the work in a 3-4 week and complete it in 1-2 days period. We agreed, in good faith, to pay the sum of $21,852 over a 2 year period. The work was to begin in December of 2016. As the month of December 2016 rolled thru, my inquiries, concerns and pleading were answered with excuses and empty promises of the work to begin tomorrow or shortly thereafter. The long delay should been the first element of a bad faith promise on the part of Sears Home Improvement, a signatory to this contract.

The contractor, agent for Sears Home Improvement, showed up on middle of January of 2017 along with a sub- contractor. The contractor and subcontractors began the work on the roof in mid-January of 2017 and proceeded to remove the old roof, leaving its surface exposed and susceptible to potential windstorm and water damage in midst of a very rainy season. Due to a family emergency, the subcontractor left the job site and did not return. We contacted Sears Home Improvement on numerous occasions expressing concern for the abandonment of the work site by the Sears Home Improvement.

As result of this abandonment, the roof and interior of the building suffered major windstorm damage and damage from water intrusion. I have made numerous attempts to contact Sears Home Improvement to seek relief from this suffering, only to receive excuses, empty promises and long undue delay. Now, Sears left us with big mess and damages in our building that exceeded $100,000. We had to evacuate the units and send all tenants to a hotel until we finish fixing all the damages in addition to the lost of property rental income and tenants complaints. Any advice?

New Roof
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- If you can, run from these people. I was a commercial contractor for over thirty years and have dealt with hundreds of roofers. I would have fired any one of them if they performed like these people. When the job started they couldn't get past the security gate in our gated community because out of a truck load of workers not one person had a driver's license. The work was marginal, they finished two weeks later than they said.

I paid before they started but they got their paperwork mixed up and wouldn't leave when they finished without a check. Out of seven workers not one person spoke English. By eight at night I had to call the police because they blocked my driveway and refused to leave without money. Sears called and apologized saying they credited my check wrong.

High Pressure Roofing Salesman From Haiti
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Rating: 1/51

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- Sears salesman from Haiti wasted 3 hrs of our time talking B.S. and putting other roofing companies down, calling them Billie-Bobs. Our house is 1,919 square feet and the sales representative lied and said it is over 4,000 square ft. He said we had organic shingles made from cardboard & paper when in fact we have asphalt shingle made by Owens-Corning, we still have a bundle. We got no written estimate but he said the cost would be $27,000 - almost triple what other real roofers wanted. He would have gotten one hell of a commission and they would have chosen their own "Billie-Bob" subcontractor.

Poor Execution and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had a roof installed in December of 2013. It was over-priced, but, I figured I had product security since Sears is a reputable company. At completion of the job, there was nails left all around my house and on the roof. They were supposed to sweep the area with magnets to make sure everything was picked up. They also left off 4 roof vents. They installed 6 of the 10. I pointed out the quote given to me and they had to go back and install the other 4.

Then the leaks started. Over the next few years 6 leaks started. Every time they would come out and fix them, but, it was a chore to get a response. 2 weeks ago another leak started. It took a week and a half to get a call back to get it fixed. I had to call numerous times to get a response. Never again will I use Sears for anything.

Botched Roofing by Sears Home Services
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See what Sears did to me, **. In 2002, I had 25-year roof shingles and ventilation installed by Sears Home Central in Ottawa. The day following the installation, I contacted Sears expressing my concerns about the location of the Maxi Vent they had installed. The salesman came to see and insisted the ventilation was fine. This summer I noticed the shingles are cooked, curling, breaking and leaking. I get huge ice dams in the winter, causing water to back up and drip inside.

Cause: Their own representative finally came to inspect it in July 09 and told me that the ventilation they installed is done incorrectly, causing excessive heat build up in the attic, and it is Sears' responsibility. He also said that they would fix the ventilation and reshingle the roof at no cost to me. Since then, all I get is runaround, excuses, gobbledegook and outright lies from the local Sears Installation Manager in Ottawa and from Sears Customer Service. Be warned. If you need any work done, find another contractor than Sears.

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