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Sears May Be The Worst Place To Get Appliances?
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- SEARS MAY BE THE WORST APPLIANCE SOURCE? 2 appliance purchases within last 15 months (dishwasher, refrigerator). Multiple failures on each. 3x same problem with Dishwasher, still not repaired. Long wait time for service tech (1-2 weeks each repair), total wait time 5 weeks in past 3 months. Without use of Dishwasher for 5 weeks in past 3 months. Repairs failed first time on both Refrig (Samsung) and dishwasher (Kenmore).

Repairs failed second time on dishwasher, third time tech came and did not have replacement part (fuse), even though the it was the same part as past two repairs! Phone reps are a brick wall, and have no capacity to deviate from script when providing customer service. If it ain't in the warranty contract, sorry **! No response from email to corporate headquarters (this was the ONLY way to escalate beyond standard customer service rep).

Sears processes, procedures, and personnel associated with Customer Service may very well be the worst you will ever experience. Sears refrigerator and dishwasher are borderline Lemons, and Sears doesn't seem to care. NET: APPLIANCES DON'T WORK AND SERVICE IS SLOW AND INEFFECTIVE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRODUCT QUALITY/RELIABILITY AND GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, LOOK ELSEWHERE.

Dishwasher Installation
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VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS -- We purchased a dishwasher from Sears about ten years ago and had trouble with dishes not being clean (dried food on them after washing) and soap not dispensing on many occasions. We would phone them about the issue, a service representative would come out and tell us that we were packing it incorrectly or not running the sink water to get it hot enough before turning on the dishwasher and finally that our troubles are due to the fact that we are on a well/septic system which he felt wouldn't produce enough force or power inside to clean the dishes properly.

Time after time we would have the same 2 or 3 reps out with the same responses to the same issues. We quit calling and we began rinsing nearly everything off and running the load even when not completely full. We finally decided that enough was enough and went shopping for a new dishwasher. My husband feels very loyal to Sears and we returned to the store where the salesperson wanted to sell us a dishwasher he claimed we would be very happy with that cost nearly $1,000! I told my husband I would look elsewhere.

We purchased from H.H. Gregg after a good sales experience, only to find out that due to our electrical hook-up we needed a dishwasher with an "open bottom". H.H. Gregg was unable to help me since I needed a "white" finish (which apparently now costs more and/or not an option). I went to Best Buy and they had a dishwasher that was installed and after 3 weeks we had smelly dishes because the inside was not dry on the stainless steel interior. It turns out that they dry with heat coils and no fan. We ended up back at Sears to purchase a dishwasher with a plastic tub, heat and fan dry in white (which I had to pay more for).

Installation was set up, a voice message was received on a home line which I told them specifically NOT to use and to only use my cell phone number. I was asked to phone back to verify the installation. I phoned back, only to be able to leave a voice message - I left a message explaining that the time was a little late as we had to leave for a meeting in the evening and that I needed them to phone me on my cell phone, which I repeated several times. I said I would prefer an earlier time but it was fine if installed in time to leave at 5:30.

I tried phoning the installation service a couple of times during the day and no one answered, only the ability to leave a message. We were at the house the until 5:30 and no one phoned or showed up! I phoned the store around 5pm (our installation window was 2-5pm) and no one answered in the large appliance department and we left a voice message for a manager.

We still have not heard from anyone (8:30 am the next day). My husband got through to someone in the department around 5:15 and he told us he would check into the installation issue and phone us back -- again, still not a word. We have an opening in our kitchen where a dishwasher should be and are very unhappy. Meanwhile, I have taken much time off of work for each service call, install, uninstall and no install. ABT - here we come; hope you are ready to accept our business!

Dishwasher under warranty and I have had 5 repair visit and still can't use the dishwasher!
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TEXAS -- I purchased my dishwasher and paid for the unit, tax, installation, and extended warranty... all for about $1000. I could have purchased a regular dishwasher for around $300 but thought that this time I would buy what I considered to be "quality Sears product." Prior to this, I had a builder grade unit which lasted for 12 years with no problems.

My problems with this unit started early on when the Sears delivery deposited the unit in the middle of my kitchen and told me I would have to schedule it to be installed. After nearly a week of having to squeeze around this huge box in the middle of my kitchen, they finally came and installed the unit. Not too long thereafter, I had a problem with the water not draining... never had this problem with the cheaper unit. A technician came out and made me buy a dishwasher cleaner and now that is what I have to do every few months if I want my dishwasher to drain. But, that is not the problem about which I am wanting to write today.

Since July 26 the door of the dishwasher does not stay closed. It pops open throughout the wash cycle, which immediately stops the wash. I would turn the wash on at night so that I could unload the dishwasher in the morning before work. In the morning, the dishwasher would show that it had stopped the washing cycle and the light on the front door would just blink. (One technician told me that he had gotten a memo regarding this problem, which affects all of these particular units.) I tried holding the door closed but there is only so much time in the day to hold dishwasher doors closed so that the dishes could be washed and then one has to move on with life!

After waiting some time on the first visit, a technician came and simply moved the inside latch up and down and then said that it would work. It did for a day. Then, it didn't. I called again, and again had to wait hours for another tech. to come. The same one returned and this time said that he would have to order a new latch. He returned but since the washer was working at that time, the decision was made that the latch was not needed and he took it with him.

A week later I called again because the unit was now not even closing without popping open. The next tech. came and began using a drill! He reset the dishwasher so that it was pushing up against the granite counter top. We couldn't close the door at all! Finally, after shoving the dishwasher back, we were able to push the door closed. But, then it simply popped open when the dishwasher was turned on.

Finally, the last technician came on the 16th of September, now nearly 2 months without a dishwasher, and he did nothing. Yes, that is correct. He did nothing. He did not open the dishwasher, did not look inside, nothing. I was to have expected him to arrive between 1 and 5 PM and he did not arrive until 7 PM. He took one look at the outside of the dishwasher and told me that he needed to make a call, at which point he went to his truck and returning after some time, simply told me that someone had ordered a new latch and that he would have to come back another time, and that I would have to contact customer service to arrange the next repair visit, once I received the new latch!

At that point I told the technician, "Enough was enough!" and that this was the 5th visit regarding this problem! Hearing my frustration, he assured me that he would advise a replacement unit to be installed, considering the trouble that I have had with this unit. To his credit, he did call me the next day to tell me that he would call management about the issue. He suggested that I call customer service the next day and that he would let them know that I needed a replacement.

On Friday, September 17, (the next day) I was on hold with customer service for 55 minutes and was told that the unit could not be replaced since the tech who came the night before was not working and they could not verify that he had told me that he would arrange to recommend a replacement unit and that apparently, the tech had not made a recommendation to replace the unit. Instead, I would have to accept that I would have to simply wait for a new latch to be ordered and to call the company when it arrived to schedule another tech. to come out to attempt to repair the unit again.

I was then told that they would call me back; that was Friday and today is Sunday afternoon. Still, no Customer Service Management has called me back as they had told me. I was told that my warranty apparently does not allow the replacement. So, what is it for which I paid? Not being able to use a dishwasher for months while the warranty slowly expires? How convenient is that?

It appears that I had bought a lemon. Apparently, Sears was aware of the problem, according to the memo described by the last tech. Does Sears not stand behind their products? Do they not respect their customers? Is it right, that they require a good customer to endure so many attempts to repair the same problem without resolution? Is it right to make customers repeatedly put their lives and businesses on hold while having to wait for someone to keep coming out but not fixing the problem?

With the next visit, it will be 6 times in nearly 2 months that I will have had to await - for hours - a repair technician to come to my home to fix a dishwasher that does not run because it shuts down every time the door pops open, which is every time the dishwasher is turned on! I must say that I hesitate to ever use Sears products or their repair service and certainly would not recommend them as a repair service, in general.

So, what will ultimately be done? Do I have to continue waiting to be able to use a dishwasher that cost so much money? I am so tired of paying so much money for something that does not work and which obviously could not be repaired by different repair people. I have hardly been able to use this dishwasher for nearly 2 months and it is under warranty! What would you do?

Sears stole from me
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Rating: 1/51

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- On July 6th of 2012 I purchased a brand new Maytag dishwasher at the Sears in Santa Rosa California. It was to be delivered by Sears and installed by the Sears required installer in my home in Temecula, California... I paid for both the delivery and installation at the time of purchase ( including an installation kit ). The dishwasher was delivered and installed July 16th. Within 2 weeks of delivery the dishwasher stopped working. An appointment was scheduled and after numerous attempts the dishwasher was still not working after 2 weeks.

I then went into the Temecula Sears and asked that arrangements be made to pick up the dishwasher and refund my purchase price so that I would be able to purchase a working dishwasher from another retailer which I did. Sears representative Kathy Bradley at the Temecula Sears store made the arrangements and then phoned me to say Sears would pick up the dishwasher on the August 14th. The Action Appliance dishwasher was scheduled to be installed on Thursday August 16th. Sears arrived on August 14th and stated they were unable to take the dishwasher until the installer came to uninstall the dishwasher.

I communicated to Sears again that the new dishwasher was to be installed on the 16th. Sears said they would definitely pick up the dishwasher prior to that date. When August the 16th arrived Sears had still not come for the dishwasher and I phoned them to say the Acton Appliance installer had agreed to uninstall the dishwasher and Sears confirmed that was fine with them. The Sears installer came right after the Action Appliance dishwasher was installed on August the 16th and took the dishwasher. He was the same installer that had done the original installation for Sears in July.

On Friday August 17th I called the Sears warehouse and asked when I could expect my refund. I was told that they did not have the dishwasher back yet. I told them that the installer had picked up the dishwasher the previous day. Sears warehouse said it could take 3 to 5 days for the dishwasher to be returned to the warehouse and I would be refunded 5 to 7 days after that time. After a week I phoned the Sears warehouse again and was told they knew nothing of my dishwasher. I understand that Sears records their phone calls so there should be ample evidence of all that I am saying.

My cell phone records show a log of the numerous phone calls I made to Sears during this time period. I have been promised by the manager of the Sears store in Santa Rosa that my money would be refunded and still no refund. Sears seems to be claiming that their own installer has stolen their dishwasher. Sears appears to have become a disreputable company and I am warning every person I come in contact with to NEVER shop at Sears

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Rating: 1/51

BYRON, GEORGIA -- Sears was vague about what the $119. dishwasher installation fee entailed. I paid the fee anyway. I asked if the installer would have the parts on his truck, they said yes. The installer did not have the correct common parts on his truck and refused to used the parts I found at my house. He said he had to charge me for the 50 minutes it took him to go get those parts. (Now Sears knew what kind of dishwasher I had so how is it that the installer didn't bring the right parts?) This is a scam so beware public. When he finished he billed me another $125 for a fairly simple install.

By the way, Sears charges extra for drilling a small hole in your cabinets to run the drain hose through. So apparently that isn't a part of the basic install. The parts at Lowe's would have cost less than $20. I ended up paying a total of $234 for an install even though the dishwasher was already in the cabinets. I made my complaint to Sears and wanted a refund for the travel time he charge me, but Sears blew me off even though they outright lied to me about the installer coming with the right parts on his truck.

Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the last 2 times Sears was dishonest, but I have now learned my lesson and will never darken their door again. Our Mall Sears closed down and now I can see why. To the persons running Sears, your management skills suck big time and this is coming from a person with a masters in logistics management. You can turn this company around if you simply force your employees to have ethics or fire them. But if management has no ethics their employees won't either.

Very Poor Installation/Delivery Complaint Department
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We ordered the complete stainless steel package from Sears (range, microwave, fridge, dishwasher)and were very excited to finally update our kitchen. The horror started on 5/9/12 when the dishwasher was being installed. The guy installing it broke the water line under the sink (and below the shutoff valve) which caused water to rush out onto my hardwood floors all throughout the kitchen and onto both ends of the rug that border each end of the kitchen. He had to run outside to turn my water off at the street. As my wife explained to me on the phone "it's like someone just dumped buckets of water out onto our floors". This was at 9 o'clock in the morning.

When I got home from work at 5, they were still wet after my wife had spent the day laying towels and putting fans onto the affected areas. I immediately called Sears delivery to let someone know what had happened. After being on the phone for 1 hour, getting passed around to 4 different people, the lady finally said that I would be contacted in 4 days by someone and then offered me a $20 Sears gift card. As you can imagine, I was furious as I paid $139.99 for installation and this is what I end up with.

As of today, 5/11/12, there are still spots on my carpet that are still soaked and I'm sure there is standing water under my whole cabinet area that the water leaked into because the carpet on the other side of the area is now getting wet. I hesitate to wait 4 days for a "claims guy" to call me with what I assume is standing water under my cabinet area but not sure what else to do.

Luckily, my other appliances aren't scheduled to deliver until later this month so those will be cancelled if this is not resolved by then. Just frustrated at this point with the whole situation. I've always shopped at Sears and used to think they were a good company... but this has definitely change my perception on the company.

Kenmore Dishwasher Function Panel Defect
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Rating: 1/51

KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- In June 2010 we purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher model # 66513102k902 serial # f02117032. Within the 1 yr. warranty period some of the function labels on the control panel fell off and others were loose. Sears replaced the panel free of charge. The technician told me he had serviced similar complaints. Then in January 2012, 1 of the function labels fell off and others were loose. I called Sears repair and was told by 2 different people that since the warranty period had expired we would have to pay for labor and parts.

One of the service agents told us to call another Sears department to find out if the dishwasher was recalled. We did, and were told there was no recall. We feel that the function control panel is defective because it does not have a protective plastic covering over the labels. Therefore the labels will continue to fall off. We are very dissatisfied with Sears and the way they have handled our problem.

Repair service
By -

QUEENS, NEW YORK -- Today I had a scheduled repair appointment between 8am-12noon. Normally I get an automated message the day before to confirm, but I did not get one. It's now 11am and called the service number the man apologized and said his computer was slow and then he said down and for me to call back in two hours. I explained to him that there was only an hour left of my scheduled appt. He told me to try again in an hour. I called back at 12 this time the representative told me she reached out to the service tech and apologized that I did not get a delayed message she then said he would arrive if it was OK with me at 2pm.

I said I took the day off for this appt and was willing to wait she then corrected herself and said more like 250pm. I said OK I will wait. At 345 I again called the service # and spoke to a representative who again reached out to the tech who informed her that the appt would have to be rescheduled. I told her this was unacceptable and wanted a supervisor. She told me that the supervisor was on another line and there were two calls ahead of me. I waited on hold for almost 15 minutes before the line disconnected and started all over again with a new operator named ** and gave her the short version and again asked for a supervisor at which point the line went dead.

Called back immediately this time with a woman named **. She calls the tech to see if he can come and he tells her that he was at the home and no one answered and I told her that he never came to my door. And at the time he said he is at my door and I am on the phone with Sears trying to rectify this nightmare of a day. If he arrived at my home and no one answered and me here in the house on the phone with Sears and having three small dogs who bark at anyone and anything did not here the man at the door and me on the couch looking at the half glass front door and never seeing him or hearing him ring or knock at the door which is 10 feet from the couch that I have been on when he is a big liar.

Now I wait for the customer service supervisor for another 15 minute before the line goes dead again. I again call back this time I get someone from resolutions named ** from Texas who will try and correct the problem as now I have no date or time when the tech will return to fix the problem.

Sidebar I hope that you do record these phone calls as my day today should be used by Sears to train the employees on what and how they should do there jobs I have been a loyal customer as was my parents more than 50 years. ** informs me that a new machine will be delivered and installed on Saturday. This was totally unexpected but gratefully appreciated. renewing my faith in Sears, their products and what the company stands for. hopefully all will be fixed in two days or it will be the next chapter on this saga.

Can't Repair Dishwasher, Terrible Customer Service
By -

Never have I spent so much time and been so frustrated in trying to get an appliance under warranty serviced. Here's the condensed version (our notes could fill several volumes): We bought a new Kenmore Elite dishwasher in Feb 2010. Features we wanted were: front controls, SS tub, and TurboZone wash. Got it at a fair price as the new models were just coming out.

After 9 months, dishwasher couldn't complete a full cycle. We researched the web and found out there was a high failure rate with the circuit/control board. Called repair on Nov 30th and told them unit needed a new board. Appointment set for Dec 3. Repairman came and agreed. Had to order the part as they do not stock item on truck. Part to be shipped to our house in a few days and appointment was set for Dec 10th for installation.

Got a call from Sears on Dec 8th to state that part will be backordered with a shipping date of Dec 19th. Delivery could take up to a week. We went to the store to see if we could speed up repair. With the holidays approaching, that was too long in our opinion to repair a Kenmore. We were referred to 'Sears Solutions'. Since the 9 month old dishwasher couldn't be repaired in a reasonable time, we asked for our money back as we would go elsewhere.

Sears refused. They did offer to exchange for a model of equal value (not equal features) as they do not carry our model any longer. We refused as the model they offered did not have the features we had with the original. We would have to pay the difference ($200) if we wanted a model with the feature we had currently. Also, had we accepted the lesser model, the warranty with that unit would end when the original one did. We refused and elected to wait for the repair.

On Dec 19th, we received a call and was informed that the part was again backordered until Jan 15th. At that point, we are very upset and were referred to a 'Blue Ribbon' case manager (CP). Since it would be 6 weeks for a repair of a Sears Kenmore (they don't stock parts for their own line?) we again asked for our money back or a model with similar features. Again, we were offered a cheaper model. We asked to speak to CP's supervisor but was told by CP that he was the final arbitrator of our case. At that point we ended the discussion as we were getting nowhere.

On Jan 3rd we received a letter from Sears Blue Ribbon that they have been trying to contact us. We called Sears and was told by a different representative that CP placed in the case notes that he tried on 3 separate dates to call us. We checked our phone records (ours keeps a list of in- and outbound calls, including calls attempted when the line is busy). There were no record of any calls attempted by Sears. We told the representative that unless CP had anything new to offer, we were not interested in speaking with him.

CP left a message on our voice mail on Monday, Jan 10th stating that he was informed that we wanted the replacement dishwasher. We called back to inform him that was not the case and to question him about his 'calls'. We got his voice mail that stated he would return the call by the end of the next day's business. We did speak to a different representative and found out the part is again backordered... now to Feb 15th.

Needless to say, we did not receive a return call by the end of Tuesday. By this time we started placing our story on the MySears Community webpages. No one could help us since a case number had already been assigned with a Blue Ribbon representative

On Wednesday, I left another message with CP requesting that he call my cell. He finally did call on Thursday but to my home instead of my cell. My guess is that he would rather leave another message than to speak to us directly. My wife answered the call and asked him about the phone calls that he reported making in his notes. His answer was that he must have 'mis-dialed'. Three times on three separate days? I don't think so. Again his only offer was an exchange for a lesser model. He did manage to say that any letters on the matter written to the president of Sears would end up on his desk. Talk about accountability.

So after 6 weeks we still do not have a functioning dishwasher and will not for at least another 4 weeks (at best). There's no guarantee that the part will arrive by then either. We had had the delivery date for the part canceled 3 times and am on the 4th. Sears apparently cannot stock replacement part for their own Kenmore Elite line.

They can't repair their own line in a reasonable amount of time and they refuse to refund our money so we can go elsewhere. Their only offer is a 'take it or leave it'... accept their offer of a cheaper model or wait endlessly. If I wanted fewer features, I would have purchased a cheaper model. Needless to say, we will never step foot in another Sears store and have begun to seek a remedy through other avenues.

Delivery and Installation: Timing & Communication
By -

LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Working with courteous, helpful sales personnel last Friday and Sunday, I bought a Kenmore Dishwasher. A hefty amount of the total price involved installation, and we arranged for delivery (which I thought included installation) for Thursday. I was told they would call the day before with specific time of delivery, and that happened.

I received, in fact, two recorded messages from Sears this week--both, I would guess, from India since both began by verifying a curious version of my name reversed, sounding like an Indian surname. The first gave me instructions to prepare: simple--make sure passage is clear for deliverers, etc. Done. No problem. The second call gave me the hour for delivery. Accurate, In fact, the delivery was about half an hour early. And the deliveryman in charge (I assume) who spoke to me, was courteous and kind.

However--here is where this all goes wrong! He asked if the water was off and disconnected. No. He asked, shocked, "had I not called a plumber to do that?" No. I thought the installers dealt with that. "What about the electricity?" he asked. Same answer. "Had no one told me?" he asked pityingly. They were only deliverymen. They were forbidden to touch plumbing or electricity. They, therefore, could not take out the old dishwasher from my small kitchen; they hauled in the new one and dumped it in my dining room.

Someone should have told you! he said. Get a plumber to install this; then call Sears and they will arrange for us to come back and pick up the old machine. Another charge? I asked. He agreed--a second trip naturally involves another charge. I reread all the handouts I had received. No mention of calling plumbers before delivery; no promise either that deliverers will be plumbers. All strangely vague. So, unhappily, I called a plumber, leaving a message on his answering machine. He must be on vacation, probably fortunately.

Last night at about nine, I received a call from a man who gave me his first name and said he was my dishwasher installer, and could he come tomorrow (that's now today) sometime between one and four? I was confused. Was Sears sending him? Was he a plumber? Would he be actually installing the dishwasher? Yes.

I suppose I should have waited to write this review after he shows up this afternoon. But my point now is that Sears fails to explain anywhere that delivery and installation are two separate events. I knew I had paid a hefty fee that I believed included both, but I assumed they would take place on the Thursday I had set aside for this.

Now it appears to involve three days set aside: a day for delivery, a day for installation, and a day for removal of the old dishwasher. It involves both kitchen and dining room, upsetting much more than I had expected. Next time I buy an appliance, I will buy from a local independent company which prides itself on full, convenient customer service. They don't, of course, carry Kenmores, but...

Resolution Update 08/30/2010:

Plumber/installer came the next day, quietly and efficiently replaced the old dishwasher with the new, and took the old one away.

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