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Dear Valued Customers: My name is Brian and I work for the Sears Cares Executive Escalations team. We want you know we are here for assistance. If you have any questions, concerns, or current problems you are experiencing with Sears please contact my office. We can be reached via email at In your email please include your name, phone number and an outline of your current issue and we will contact you directly. We appreciate your business and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Failed to order installation I requested repeatedly
Posted by on
Earlier this year, we purchased a dishwasher from Sears for two reasons:

● Many of their appliances are Consumer Reports Best Buys.
● Their RAD (responsible appliance disposal) commercials generated trust that the old appliance would be recycled.

I especially enjoyed the ad where two teenage boys accuse the Sears delivery person of dumping the old refrigerator he’s replacing. When the man explains the RAD program, the expression of the boy on the left, with one raised eyebrow, is priceless. Unfortunately, we learned first-hand that the truth is far different from the promotion.

When I called to order the dishwasher, I explained to the agent several times that the RAD program was a big reason we chose a Sears appliance. Since I always take time to make sure of all the details, I assumed everything was set the way I wanted it. But when two men delivered the dishwasher a week later, they informed me no arrangement had been made--or even requested--for installation of the appliance.

Minutes later, I was on the phone chewing out everyone, from the first agent who answered all the way up to the supervisor I demanded to talk to. I finally learned Sears no longer installs dishwashers--I don’t know about other appliances, but I’m not about to test them again--so their RAD program doesn’t apply in such cases.

Instead, they depend on another company to do the job, but they don’t volunteer that detail when they sell the appliance. I had to call the other company and set up a date three weeks later to get my new dishwasher installed. You can be certain I made sure they recycle the old dishwasher. Otherwise, I’d have looked elsewhere for the service.

Because I was so adamant and had all the names, dates, and call details carefully recorded, the supervisor did refund our delivery charge, but it barely makes up for the fact that we had to wait a full month until we were actually able to use our new machine. When I shared my experience with my sister, she regaled me with an equally vexing problem she had when ordering a trash compactor from Sears. Our negative experiences apparently aren’t isolated events. Suffice to say, the company has lost a couple of customers from way, wa-a-ay back.

Meanwhile, I have not seen another Sears ad touting their RAD program. I wonder if complaints like mine are the reason the campaign ended. I’m happy they’re no longer claiming something that isn’t true, but do miss that kid with the raised eyebrow.

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At Your Service on 08/29/2011:
Sears should have communicated with you better. Most retailers contract the installation out. Waiting for several weeks for the installation, however, is unacceptable. Sears should have had another installer in the area to pick up the slack if they were so busy.
SearsCare on 08/30/2011:
Dear allwork4peace,

I found your post and wanted to apologize for the confusion and delay you experienced with your dishwasher installation. We do work very hard to ensure that our customers have the correct information and correct expectations regarding their appliances and installations. From what I have read here it appears that we have failed to live up to those standards for you and that is something we are very sorry for. You, as a Sears Customer, deserve better.

My name is Greg and I am with Sears Cares, a team dedicated to handling escalated issues such as yours. We would very much like to speak with you regarding you dishwasher installation to see how we can improve to ensure this does not happen in the future. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a personal case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number, the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number), and also please include your user name (allwork4peace) for reference to your issue. Again, we are very sorry that this situation has occurred and look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,
Greg G.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
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I Cannot Believe It
Posted by on
MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN -- Purchased a dishwasher today.($506.00) Had to also purchase a kit ($11.00)to be able to install the new and improved tubing for the water to run through and the new and improved adaptor for the back of the dishwasher.

The dishwasher from 5 years and 2 weeks ago doesn't use the same copper tubing, or the same size of connectors on the dishwasher. When we got the dishwasher home and started to install the tubing also discovered the connectors that we has to purchase did not fit the water outlets in our(6 year old) house either. Had to go to Lowes to purchase the adaptor (another 17 dollars to include copper tubing cutter).

Do not quit reading yet because it gets even better; When we got everything together came to the conclusion that there was not electrical cord!!! Never was it mentioned that we needed to purchase an electrical cord for the dishwasher. Next time you purchase a television, blender, refrigerator etc. make sure you ask if the electrical cord comes with it. If it was not for the fact that I keep remembering this will be funny in about a year, I cannot believe it!

Hopefully tomorrow I will not get a phone call to bail my spouse out of jail for causing a disturbance at Sears. What is going on here?? Will keep everyone posted.....
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Mrs.Cole on 03/15/2011:
I didn't know that dishwashers didn't come with power cords... and if a salesperson didn't mention it... I'd be a little upset too.

At least tell me so I can be ready... that salesperson could have made another sale on the power cord... and the poster would of had one less thing to think about.
Venice09 on 03/16/2011:
I never heard of appliances not coming with a power cord. All of mine did.
Venice09 on 03/16/2011:
Local, I think you need a star to rate the comments. Hopefully, you're next in line to get one.
Alain on 03/16/2011:
Definitely star time for Local and some others, too, I hope.
saj80 on 03/16/2011:
Remove the cord from your old dishwasher and use it; there are three connections (hot, neutral, ground). I have replaced a couple of appliances within the last year, neither came with a power cord, and I simply used the cord off of the old appliance.
SearsCare on 03/16/2011:
Dear Bright Wing,

My name is Scott and I'm reaching out to you on behalf of the Sears Social Media Support Team. I'm terribly sorry for the trouble & inconvenience you've endured with your new dishwasher purchase & installation. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Bright Wing) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.
Social Media Support Team
trmn8r on 03/16/2011:
If this is a built in dishwasher, it very well may not have a power cord. Installation may call for a flexible conduit, so that when servicing the unit a "regular" power cord is not damaged. This isn't a countertop appliance. Such a conduit would not be supplied, and I don't fault the salesperson for not mentioning it. This is something you need to be prepared for if you are doing it yourself, as is adapting the water connections.

My first step with a major appliance (stove, dishwasher, water heater, etc) is the installation manual to determine needed supplies.
trmn8r on 03/16/2011:
Yt - this is what is going on these days on consumer websites. I was browsing a site one day, and a whole bunch of comments about Amerigas popped up - 44 to be exact, replies of an Amerigas rep to complaints.

Many of the complaints were over 2 years old, and several were of the nature "It's 10 degrees here, and we have no gas thanks to Amerigas' inability to XXXXX". The Amerigas rep said something like "Sorry to hear about this trouble - call me and I'll see if I can help."

At least this Sears rep is within a few days!
Ytropious on 03/16/2011:
True, Sears is on the ball with these complaints. I just don't think it's going to do any good except to prove "we're listening". I like companies who stand up for themselves. Imagine if in this complaint the sales person DID tell the OP about the supplies needed, but the OP still chose to rant about needing extra supplies. I bet Sears would be apologizing even though they didn't do anything wrong. Oh well, what ifs..
Venice09 on 03/17/2011:
I'm confused. Is it being said here that major appliances do not come with power cords? I have never purchased a major appliance that did not have a power cord. We're talking about the cord that plugs into the wall, right? Installation kits are one thing, but no power cord? Really?
fire4511 on 03/27/2011:
Dryers, dishwashers and stoves do not come with power cords. Many installed dishwashers are hard wired, meaning that they are wired directly into the home's electrical circuit. Stoves and dryers have the cords sold separately, because there are different style outlets that can be installed in the home for 220v service.

Some updated electrical codes require that dishwashers and garbage disposals have a plug in connection, but most homes are hard wired for both.
Venice09 on 03/28/2011:
All of my clothes dryers, washing machines, stoves and refrigerators came with power cords. They did not have to be purchased separately. I never heard of this before.
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Poor Customer Service at Blue Ribbon
Posted by on
I purchased a stainless steel Kitchen Aid dishwasher from Sears a couple of years ago. Within the first year, the door started to rust. Knowing that stainless steel doesn't rust, I had Sear's repairman come out for a service call. He gladly replaced the door panel. But, knowing this may happen again, I had the door panel he left here tested by a metal company and was told it was not stainless steel. Sears sent another repair man and he told me that Sear's has their so-called stainless steel door panels made in China and that I had a knock-off. He put it in writing and in a day, Sears authorized me to get a new dishwasher. The test to see if you have a true stainless steel item is the magnet test. Magnets do NOT stick to stainless steel. Sears is selling items stating they are stainless steel when they are knock offs.
We then purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher as it passed the magnet test. All was fine until the bottom rack started giving me a difficult time going in. As I don't cook often, this was not noticed right away. But, since last November, Sears has made repair appointments and have cancelled the day of the appointment at the very last minute. I have been dealing with their Blue Ribbon Dept and was told by one representative that I should be compensated for my time as I paid my employee to work for me so that I could be home waiting for Sear's repairman. Last week, the new tub arrived and another appt was made. The repair man took the tub out of the box and told me it was dented. Another call to Blue Ribbon and the case manager still has not returned my call.
I don't put too much emphasis on Blue Ribbon except thay will insure that the appointments are kept. I am still waiting for a return call and it's been 4 months ongoing with a dishwasher problem under warranty. I have the maintenance protection agreement and that's great if there's communication, but nobody calls back.
Remember the stainless steel test......magnets do not stick to stainless steel!
Company Response 3/31/2011:
Dear 145971:

My name is Susan and I'm part of the Sears Cares Team. I found your post here and wanted to reach out to you and offer assistance. I am very sorry about the problems you were having getting your dishwasher repaired and a call back from your Blue Ribbon Case Manager. I can definitely understand the frustration you must be feeling over this situation. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please send us an email to our office at In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (145971) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon. If you will please give us the name of your Case Manager in Blue Ribbon I will also get this information over to that group.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Sears Cares Team
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User Replies:
saj80 on 02/25/2011:
Very good post. This is another reason I refuse to purchase anything from Sears, regardless of the fact that they usually have the best prices. Service and reputation should mean something, and they don't to this company any more.
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Worst appliance purchase EVER!
Posted by on
NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- This was the MOST frustrating appliance purchase EVER! The dishwasher seems adequate, but the experience at Sears was the WORST! I responded to an email from Sears to make the purchase, but went into my local store to look at the product. Apparently the man the two employees were talking to was more important than an actual customer. I walked around them and looked at dishwashers for close to 5 minutes before the man they were talking/flirting with said "I think that lady needs help". Thank you to him! The woman told me she couldn't order it online for the price I had gotten in the email, so I went home to order it. That was yet another exercise in futility! It took 40 minutes including having to call to actually get the order placed.

Well, the next morning I got a call from my local store telling me the order was cancelled since they didn't have any in stock, but she could order it for me. Are you kidding???? Since she was very kind, I placed the order. Sounds okay - right?

The day of installation arrived and I was told I'd get a call when they headed my way - 4 hour window. This was being installed in a property we own, not our home and I told the intallation people that I HAD to be there for the intall. So, did they call me? NO! I called twice to see if I could get an idea of when they might come, and was told they couldn't tell me. Finally when it was 10 minutes till the end of my 4 hour window and I had heard nothing, they found out the installation had already been done! I was not called and they had a child supervise the installation!

I am DONE! The manager of the appliance dept. was somewhat apologetic and did make a partial refund of the intallation, but I have NEVER had such a fiasco for something I paid to have happen! Never again!!!
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Delivery and Installation: Timing & Communication
Posted by on
LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Working with courteous, helpful sales personnel last Friday and Sunday, I bought a Kenmore Dishwasher. A hefty amount of the total price involved installation, and we arranged for delivery (which I thought included installation) for Thursday. I was told they would call the day before with specific time of delivery, and that happened.

I received, in fact, two recorded messages from Sears this week--both, I would guess, from India since both began by verifying a curious version of my name reversed, sounding like an Indian surname. The first gave me instructions to prepare: simple--make sure passage is clear for deliverers, etc. Done. No problem. The second call gave me the hour for delivery. Accurate, In fact, the delivery was about half an hour early. And the deliveryman in charge (I assume) who spoke to me, was courteous and kind.

However--here is where this all goes wrong!

He asked if the water was off and disconnected. No. He asked, shocked, had I not called a plumber to do that? No. I thought the installers dealt with that. What about the electricity? he asked. Same answer. Had no one told me? he asked pityingly. They were only deliverymen. They were forbidden to touch plumbing or electricity. They, therefore, could not take out the old dishwasher from my small kitchen; they hauled in the new one and dumped it in my dining room.
Someone should have told you! he said. Get a plumber to install this; then call Sears and they will arrange for us to come back and pick up the old machine. Another charge? I asked. He agreed--a second trip naturally involves another charge.

I reread all the handouts I had received. No mention of calling plumbers before delivery; no promise either that deliverers will be plumbers. All strangely vague. So, unhappily, I called a plumber, leaving a message on his answering machine. He must be on vacation, probably fortunately.

Last night at about nine, I received a call from a man who gave me his first name and said he was my dishwasher installer, and could he come tomorrow (that's now today) sometime between one and four? I was confused. Was Sears sending him? Was he a plumber? Would he be actually installing the dishwasher? Yes.

I suppose I should have waited to write this review after he shows up this afternoon. But my point now is that Sears fails to explain anywhere that delivery and installation are two separate events. I knew I had paid a hefty fee that I believed included both, but I assumed they would take place on the Thursday I had set aside for this. Now it appears to involve three days set aside: a day for delivery, a day for installation, and a day for removal of the old dishwasher. It involves both kitchen and dining room, upsetting much more than I had expected.

Next time I buy an appliance, I will buy from a local independent company which prides itself on full, convenient customer service. They don't, of course, carry Kenmores, but --
Resolution Update 08/30/2010:
Plumber/installer came the next day, quietly and efficiently replaced the old dishwasher with the new, and took the old one away.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 08/20/2010:
I would agree, Stilla, that this whole matter could have been resolved with better communication.
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Sears Has Lousy Customer Service And Needs Their Own Installers!
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Well, where should I start? I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher that is only 4.5 years old that failed on me. It wouldn't start. I thought dishwashers were supposed to last 20m years but I guess noy anymore. I called Sears and A&E Factory Service came out to look at it. They said that the front control panel was out and that it would be $450.00 to replace it. The tech said that I would be better off with a new dishwasher. I went to Sears because I have had good luck with them in the past. Wow, what a WRONG decision!

I bought a dishwasher there and paid over $800.00 for it. But, here's where the problems begin with Sears' DISMAL service and lack of caring. The installation tech (H&M Service - don't use them) that came out was not uniformed, was driving an old truck, and was dirty. I almost didn't let him in the door! He stayed about 5 minutes and said that he couldn't get the old dishwasher out because of my tile floor. He wanted to charge me for the call but I refused, telling him that this was all part of the purchase price; I had paid for installation already! So, I called Sears and told 'em to forget the deal and to credit my account.

They begged me to not do that and to let them get another tech. Well, Deon Cope of Quality Pros called and said that the dishwasher was not at the warehouse, so he couldn't install it. He wanted ME (the customer) to find out where it is and to call him when I found it! I called thr Sears store manager, Senta, and was finally connected to her. A few days later, she called me back and said that the dishwasher was in the warehouse.

She helped in that respect but has never followed up and just seemed to treat me like another complaining customer. I called Deon Cope of Quality Pros over SIX times and he NEVER returned my call! To this day, he has not called me back. I then called Sears again to get a new tech, maybe someone competent this time. They said that they would have someone contact me within 48 hours. But they probably won't.

This is their last chance. Sears needs to have their own installers and a specific customer service number that you can call if you need help! I have endured the phone tree and numerous employees that could care a less about helping me. No wonder Sears is in trouble!!! I have been without a dishwasher for over three weeks and I have a family of 5. While it's not the end of the world, it is inconvenient to hand wash dishes, when this could have been resolved a while ago if Sears cared about their customers! I am going to give them this last chance (3 strikes) - if I don't get someone to call me back within the allotted time frame, I will go to the store and cancel my order. Sears can lose the $800+ in revenue.

I will get someone else besides Sears to fix it too. Don't use A&E Factory Service either, because they're owned by Sears. The way I have been treated is ridiculous. I will NEVER use Sears again and I recommend that you don't either. Support your month and pop appliance stores. Even though their prices may be a bit higher, you would probably come out WAY ahead in the end because most of them care about their customers and would never treat them like I've been treated. Sears deserves the bad press it gets. Never again will I be treated like this when I am paying them and they're in business because of ME and others like me. Sears needs to realize that customers come first, not the bottom line. If you treat customers like gold, the bottom line will follow. Obviously, Sears doesn't know this.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/20/2008:
$450.00 to replace a control panel? That is a high estimate.

A&E service is the worst,do yourself a favor,in the future should you need service,look for a local servicer in your area.You will get better service by people that know how to take care of their customers
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Several Sears Appliances
Posted by on
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer of Sears for over 38 years. Before moving houses I had problems with my previous appliances which I had had for less than two years. First the heating element went on my dryer and the Sears repair replaced the heating element on my dryer. After that it made a terrible noise when drying. Apparently another repair service person later found they had forgotten to replace the screws to re-attach the part they had taken off to repair the element. Then the knob for my washer's setting went a few weeks later, it was made out of plastic. They replaced with a metal one after that. Why it didn't have a metal one to begin with, I have no idea!

And a short while after that I had flooding in 2 rooms, the hallway, plus the washroom from the washer overflowing. And to top it off it was also leaking oil. When the service people came they said it was normal for it to leak oil. The repair people said they could not find anything wrong with my washer. It so happened the knob to regulate the water level they had changed would get stuck, causing it to overflow and the water hose also had a cut something my husband found. When they had reattached the hoses in the back they had accidentally cut the hose and only under pressure it would overflow or leak big time. The problems, some caused by the repair people, were not found because was they were always in a hurry due to their heavy schedule. All together I had problems with the washer at least 6 times within less than a year. I should have had it replaced according to the contract, but they didn't honor that.

Sears repair service people were impatient, rude until I put my foot down and complained with their Customer relations department. The heavy oil leak which was not normal was finally repaired and the hoses changed, also the noise from the dryer. I should not have gone through that.

So I moved about a year ago and ended up with Sears appliances again, because the home builder was using Sears elite appliances for the home. My new appliances have had problems as well. My new microwave was not heating properly. When they came to fix it was tested and they found out it was leaking chemicals according to them. They were going to give me a new one but ended up fixing it.

Also the convection oven fan was loose and very noisy and they had to fix that. I also scheduled an appointment to get the latch fixed or replaced more recently to my dishwasher. I mentioned exactly what the problem was when scheduling. The day of the appointment came and they called me to reschedule because they did not have the part, even knowing days ahead they would have to replace it. They waited until the day of the appointment to order it. I had wait more than another week and reschedule.

I am so disappointed with Sears appliances, as well as their repair service. Not once or twice but for several years now. What has happened to Sears and the people that run it? The sign of the times. I wonder if there is anyone out there with any decent appliances or service anymore.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/15/2008:
Want to know how bad Sears has gotten , just
scroll down and read some of the complaints
posted before you.
Anonymous on 07/15/2008:
Geez,Id call them again for service.Let me guess A&E service?
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Sears ServiceSmart protection agreement
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my Bosch dishwasher about five years ago from Sears. It broke down within a few months and was immediately repaired by Bosch under Bosch warranty. The machine worked fine until August 20, 2007. I called Bosch and they said my warranty had run out. I called Sears repair department. They told me my best bet would to be to purchase their ServiceSmart repair agreement for $194.99. They said this would cover up to $300.00 in labor and parts. If they could not fix the problem, it would give me a $500.00 credit toward a new machine.

Sears made an appointment with me about a week later for a repair technician to come to my house to fix my Bosch dishwasher. I had to be home from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm.

Their "technician" showed up around 3:30pm. He did not bring any parts with him, even though I had told them what was wrong with the machine based on what Bosch had told me. Their "technician" had a total of two weeks on the job. He had never worked on a Bosch dishwasher. I asked him how much training Sears had given him before sending him to peoples homes. He mumbled something about a twenty minute training film then being sent out for a couple of days with another Sears Service specialist, before being sent out on his own. He spent from 3:30 to 6:30 pm at my home. All this time was spent on the phone getting instruction on how to work his field computer and how to trouble shoot my machine. The results were exactly as Bosch said they would be.

He had to order the parts, and he had them sent to my business. After I received them I called and made another repair appointment. The appointment was for today, September 4, 2007 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

At 4:45pm I called Sears. They said my repair technician was at appointment number five, I was number seven. At 6:00pm I called back and was told he was at appointment number 6. I asked to have him call me and give me an idea when he would be here, they said he would call in a few minutes. He never called.

I called back and went through the whole dance again, calling is no simple task. I explained my plight and asked to speak to a manager, she asked me to hold, then hung up on me.

At 7:30pm, I called again. I was told that my Sears repair man would not be coming today and to reschedule a new appointment tomorrow. At that point I let the person know just how upset I was. She transferred me to a customer complaint expert who gave me a lecture on my being sarcastic. At that point I hung up.

My recommendation: Before you purchase any appliance, find out about the company's repair service. Ask how many people they employ to service your area. Ask what training these people have. How much of a work load do they expect from each service person. Myself, I think from now on, I will go to smaller, locally owned companies for these things.

Expecting large Mega Company's like Sears to be able to provide reasonable service is not actually a realistic expectation. They have layer, upon layer, of bureaucracy and regulations, all designed by their legal experts, to protect themselves from their customers. They also employ a massive staff, who's sole job is to work on cost cutting and purchasing at the lowest possible price.

You may pay more at a smaller, locally owned appliance company, after this experience with Sears, I am convinced in the long run, it would be a lot cheaper. At Sears, your repairs are going to made with the cheapest parts they can find, which may include used parts. That is clearly explained in the fine print on the back of the Sears ServiceSmart warranty agreement.

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 09/05/2007:
Last week I purchased a new dishwasher. I already knew it would not be from Sears or a mega-store. But, not have purchased any appliances since moving here I looked for a mom-and-pop store.

Found one. First question I asked went the salesman asked if he could help was "Is this place owned by someone here?". It was, 36 years. They do their own service.

18 hours later the new dishwasher was installed.

That's the way it is supposed to happen. Not 3 weeks and 4 missed appointments from Sears.
hello dolly on 09/05/2007:
While you're researching that local more expensive company make sure you get something in writing (haha) that they'll have that same number of service people in 5 years and that they won't send them to your home without the required years of training on the newest products or take on any more customers or make any modifications to how they conduct their business so as not to inconvenience you. Possibly you can out in writing to that company that if they have to tell you NO for any reason you will be willing to pay the salary of all the people who have to listen to your "sarcasm". One bright side once you get NO from that "small" local business you go to you won't have to waste so much time going up the ladder - you'll be there in 1 call. Just a thought if the tech has to call every customer on his list and keep them all informed all day how much time can actually be spent repairing your product???
tnchuck100 on 09/05/2007:
hello dolly, 1) I saved $130. Same model, compared to Lowe's. 2) The tech John got had 2 weeks training, none from Bosch. Tell me how that's better. 3) Don't confuse facts and sarcasm. 4) Apparently you work for Sears.
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
Good point tnchuck!

John, when buying a washer, dryer or any other standard appliance remember this, Standard is the key word, what I mean is keep it as simple as possible. I don’t care what any one tells you, a washing machine is a washing machine and so on. The more “gadgets” it has on it, the more problems you will have. The ones that have one dial (mechanical) are the best and will last you the longest.

Never buy a service agreement it is just the latest way to rip people off because people are stupid and fall for them. If the store that sells the product doesn’t back what it sells, then the he11 with them. ~~JMO~~
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
I'll back the mom and pop's any day, especially when they have been in business more than a few years. If they have survived, they must be doing something right! And no one ever said Lowes, HD, or Sears have lower prices. Everyone thinks they do because they are so big--another way consumers are tricked into shopping there.
John Baker on 09/05/2007:
Hello dolly, My point about going to a smaller, locally owned company is more about having the ability to talk to someone who could actually take care of your problem, like the owner.

When you shop at a huge company like Sears, no matter how you slice the cake, your dealing with a giant bureaucracy consisting of people who genuinely don't really give a darn if your purchase works or not.

Back in the old days, when Sears was run and staffed with the world war two generation, it was a darn good company. The company cared about its employees, the employees cared about the company and it's customers. It was almost un-American to disparage Sears Roebuck. Sadly, that is no longer the case. The company is run by multi millionaires who have little or no interest in anything other than the price of the stock.

A smaller company will still consider one unhappy customer important, and in most cases, do every thing they can to solve the customers problems.

As far a sarcasm is concerned, I am 64 years old, wasting an entire day of what is left of my life, IS important to me. Somehow, I feel I have the right to extend a little sarcasm on a few buffoons who claim to be customer care professionals.

This one fellow in particular launched into his lecture as soon as I started talking to him. My sarcasm consisted of saying "It's a little late for that." in response to his, how can I help you?

Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
Liked your explanation, John. Thanks.
Slimjim on 09/05/2007:
John's right. No way is Sears going to rival the kind of customer service you get from a "reputable" local SERVICING dealer. Servicing being the key word. If they don't fix what they sell, don't bother with them.
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
I agree with Slim,and John
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
You tell them John I'm with you!
hello dolly on 09/05/2007:
Maybe my problem is that I am not old enough to remember the "good ole Sears days". Or maybe it's just that I expect to get what I pay for and not freebies. I have Sears contracts and when my tractor breaks I call and they come-not always when I would prefer but it's fixed when they leave. I also have a central vac that I use a mom and pop for parts for but then again if I want something at night or on the weekends I have to wait and ALWAYS have to take time off from work to get fixed because they too remember the good ole days when weekends were for family so I cannot get service at night or on the weekend like I can from Sears when my washer broke. as for customer service yes that what I do and again tonite instead of coming home to MY FAMILY again I stayed until I had finished taking care of every commitment I made even to those nasty people who felt they had a right to be nasty or sarcastic because they had been inconvenienced by someone else. I do what I do because I can and every once in a while I can and do make a difference for a customer who appreciates that I went well out of the way for them not because they cussed, were sarcastic, threatened me or were going to call their attorney but because I do care. I remember the "good ole days" when you caught more bee with honey than vinegar.
John Baker on 09/06/2007:
Hello Dolly, I appreciate all the overtime you are earning working for Sears, staying late, not being with your family. You are on the phones, dealing with the problems caused by other people, in another "unit" of the Sears mega monolith of a company. I agree, your job must get tiring listening to all those unhappy people who, for one reason or another, chose to make a purchase from Sears.

I wish I could be one of those fictional people, you allude to, who never gets upset with your company, no matter how they have been wronged. However, I am not one of them, I have learned to face that.

I wish I could be happy and cheerful after my entire day has been wasted waiting on an appointment made weeks in advance, and then just blown off by Sears.

I wish I could be absolutely the happy gentleman when I am trying to find out when my repair man would arrive, only to discover I am talking to a completely uninterested rule governed employee of the customer inquiry "unit" of Sears.

Nothing puts me in a better mood when I call and have to work my way through a labyrinth of a condescending computer generated female voice, saying things like: "OK, what would you like to do?" "Say, I would like to talk to repair service." "OK, I didn't get that last response, let's try again, shall we?" etc. etc. etc.

Personally I don't think the Pope could work his way through that and be in a good mood by the time he finally reaches a human being.

I honestly do admire you in the way you are trying to defend the company that employs you, that is highly unusual in today's business environment. You have to remember though, that these attacks on your company are not aimed at you personally, they are aimed at a huge system that is way beyond anyones ability to control or even understand why it works the way it does.

I am left now holding a worthless Sears "ServiceSmart Agreement", that I paid $194.99. I can't make another appointment that could very well, and in all probability would, have me wasting another day. Even if your Sears repair specialist did actually show up at my house, the chances are very good he will not have a clue on how to fix my dishwasher.

I am trying to figure out what to do next. The entire back of that legal size agreement is filled with "legalese" that completely absolves Sears of anything that may happen as a result of their inexperienced repair experts actions. I had a friend who's dishwasher caught her house on fire due to faulty wiring. According to the Sears "ServiceSmart Agreement", I would be completely on my own if it happens to me.

Kipp on 07/30/2011:
The internet makes it very easy today to go online and check reviews before scheduling a service call with any company. Based on what I've read here today, I am canceling my appt with Sears and calling a local family owned business with good reviews online. Also, glad I didn't buy the so called "Smart'" Service Agreement. Was made to feel stupid for not buying it when making my appt. It was half the cost of a new!! In Summary, the internet generation is here and will go first online and check reviews. Better have taken care of customers or the phone will stop ringing. Those not in "the know" will get what they deserve and be ripped off and disappointed. Taking NO CHANCES with Sears.
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If only I had some of these reviews first.
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NORTH CAROLINA -- I grew up with Sears. Living in a small town where choices were limited, Sears was on a pedestal in our house. And they deserved it. So after finishing a new house this year and reading some Consumer Reports, we decided that Kenmore would be the make of our new appliances. Can we say MISTAKE! If only I had done more research and definitely looked here first...

The biggest issue we have had is with the dishwasher. It is one of the upper end Kenmores. From the beginning there were problems. You can't go talk to one salesman, each has his/her department and that is that! So once you talk to the clothes washer people, then you have to go 'get in line' again to talk to the range people, to go 'get in line' again to talk to the fridge people...*sigh*. It was a very long and tiring process.

We were very upfront with all the salesman that the house was nearing completion but not ready for appliance delivery yet. It was no problem...or so they said...that we didn't need to wait that it would be better if we just went ahead and purchased right then and they would happily hold all the appliances, and they would all be delivered at once. It turned out to be a huge hassle to then coordinate all these different deliveries. The house took longer than expected and it was counting against our warranty time even though we had not taken delivery!

The dishwasher in particular has been a nightmare. It has been in the house for four months now and still doesn't work! Between appointment cancellations and ordering parts (all major components have been completely replaced by now) we have yet to see if this thing will even perform to the level it was advertised to meet. If I was a business that cancelled and/or just didn't show up for service calls, I would bump those poor people a little higher on my priorties list of scheduling. But no, they cancel an appointment and we get to wait another two or three weeks till they can 'get around to us' with not even a hint of remorse or apology.

We were told that on call three they would just go ahead and replace the unit. We are waiting on call six now, which was RESCHEDULED! The center says it is the repairman's call on whether the unit should be replaced or not, the repairman says it has to come through the repair center!

I despair that I shall ever have a working dishwasher...nevermind that we paid almost $700 for the stupid thing. We have had only minor problems with the washing machine, but I am scared now. This has been a hideously expensive lesson.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Sears. Even their Craftsman tools, that for so long was a standard other tools hoped to match, has disintergrated to something lower than that $6 set of 32 different tools my poor misguided and very elderly great-aunt used to give people at Christmas. We splurged and bought a 'nice' set of Craftsman tools the same day as the appliances and have just taken to throwing them away when they break. After the first one, we learned it wasn't worth dealing with Sears for a replacement.

Oh and then there is that ridiculous 15% restocking fee they have adopted now! Where they were resonably priced before, now they are higher end for price and tack on a restocking fee. To me this looks like a serious formula for business disaster.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 12/21/2005:
I don’t understand that BS about the warranty period starting on purchase. Any orders for new construction should be, and are, done well in advance. Industry manufacturers know this and start warranty periods on delivery date as standard practice. So they still do that crazy salesmen are limited to their departments gig too?
Anonymous on 12/22/2005:
The appliance industry really hasn't been the same since largely being outsourced to Mexico. That's one of the reasons I got out of the business. Unreliable products, and product delivery. Too much linting in certain washers, etc. The average consumer may be better off buying from an appliance discounter and doing as much of the install as he can himself!
Anonymous on 12/22/2005:
Mr. Pirate, exactly what did you do in the appliance industry? Sales, installations, repairs, deliveries?
Anonymous on 12/22/2005:
Lint basket inspector?
Anonymous on 12/22/2005:
Owner/Manager of a couple of independents on the east coast. Why do you ask, looking for a delivery job? I suggest forwarding your resume to manpower.
Slimjim on 12/22/2005:
I think zz is asking pirate because nothing you say makes sense. A couple manufactures have moved some operations to Mexico, but the majority of white goods out there are still US built and assembled. Even those assembled elsewhere, including micros which are all Japan or Korean built, are stocked and shipped to retailers from the brands’ US headquarters as timely as if they were made right there. You “owned” two stores and got out of the “biz” because of that- and a linting washer?
Anonymous on 12/22/2005:
"Too much linting?" Everything that you touch has too much of someting! Sorry your 'biz' went under. Poor, inept owner/management that couldn't get along with the customers I bet?
Anonymous on 12/23/2005:
Google again, oh GoogleMeister. More than "just a couple" of manufacturers have moved south of the border, particularly if you include all of the foreign made components. Stick to what you know, kitchen-electrics and small wattage light bulbs.
Slimjim on 12/23/2005:
There is a diferrence between a manufacturer and a brand. Ge and Whirlpool did not move, but opened additional plants in Mexico. Brands of the makers (Hotpoint, Kitchen Aid etc) of course are included. Why are YOU on google pirate trying to understand this? You said you were in the biz for 30 years. Now you claim things that didn't happen, (plus an overlinting washer), put you out. Your bio says you're a retired sailor. Well- whatsup??
Anonymous on 12/23/2005:
You're very curious about me for some reason. Believe me, I'm not interested in you, as I am heterosexual. Is it not possible to own businesses while being away at sea? That's why you hire competent managers, not wannabes who get forced out for wasting time sweeping coils.
Slimjim on 12/23/2005:
No it's not possible. People who own businesses run their business. Besides, you just said earlier you managed them too, remember? Maybe you should stop telling "fish" stories.
Anonymous on 12/23/2005:
Did a little of both actually. Didn't say that I was in the service, merely a sailor. Figure it out.
Slimjim on 12/23/2005:
30 years is a little? You in the service? Never thought to imply that. Do help me figure, what does a sailor do? Fisherman, boat captain, explore new worlds, please explain.
Mad Eye Moody on 12/23/2005:
And Lo in the Pirate's conflicting stories start to turn on one another.
Anonymous on 12/24/2005:
Glad my life intrigues you mental midgets so much. Guess that's why you're an appliance salesman has-been and an ambulance chaser.
Slimjim on 12/24/2005:
Clearly your life, or more specifically lack of, intrigues no one here, including yourself. That's why you keep making up a new one. Sad little troll.
Anonymous on 12/26/2005:
Looking in the mirror again, "Amana-man?" LOL!
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TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- Bought Kenmore elite dishwasher in 2010 after a short time wheels on upper rack started breaking, wanted to bring in rack to get repair parts but was told parts would be free but we had to have a service man out thus service call charge. My husband is a licensed maintenance engineer and was willing to repair it but couldn't get the parts that where under warranty without service call. We just decided to Mickey Mouse it together until it dies which does not seem to long as I am already having trouble with the board and having to unplug it and then plug it back in to reset it. Pretty poor service for a dishwasher that costs us almost a thousand dollars. Never going to buy at Sears again will take my husbands advice and buy a Bosch or [Asko] dishwasher next time. Built in Europe better quality sadly said.
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