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Lazy Delivery Drivers Followed by Disinterested Corporate Employees
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Had a great experience in the store, but the entire delivery process was a nightmare. Ultimately, the drivers left our brand new washer and dryer outside in the rain for us to deal with. It was clearly explained to us at the time of purchase that the drivers would move our old units, put the new units in the laundry room, and haul away all of the cardboard/Styrofoam that the new units were packaged in. None of this happened.

When we spoke with the delivery manager, his solution was to offer that the guys come out six days later to finish their job. He wanted our new Kenmore Elites to sit outside in the pouring rain for SIX days! We were fearful that the units would get damaged so we had to have friends over to help us move all the necessary units.

The delivery guys finally called to come set up the units. I explained that I didn't need help setting them up, but they needed to come pick up the packing material so I didn't have to pay to go to the dump. They gave me their two hour window that they would arrive by, but they flat out never showed up.

Speaking with Sears corporate has been the worst process of it all. They don't seem to care about our experience and each time I speak with them, they seem more disinterested. In fact, their solution was to offer me 10% off my next purchase (Imagine my disgust when their only resolution was for me to order MORE merchandise for them to dump at my house. Thanks, but no thanks).

I am horrified at the lack of customer service. I'm only asking them to do the job that was clearly outlined to me, but apparently that is too much to ask. BUYER BEWARE! They may not follow through and have no interest in correcting any issues.

Dishonest, Unprofessional, Mean, Despicable This Is An Understatement Of Adjectives What You Can Describe Sears
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Rating: 1/51

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a dryer on July 12th, it was supposed to be delivered on the 13th. I rescheduled to be delivered on the 14th the because the tenant was not home nobody called or showed up. Since I had a bad experience with them since last year, I went to the store to cancel the order, and the sales representative said it is not our responsibility anymore, after the 13th you have to call customer solution.

Then I realized why he was insisting on scheduling the delivery on the 13th, they are professional crooks. He put me on the phone for 25 minutes. It was the hottest day, when I dragged my 2 kids who wanted to go to the pool that day. So, I waited and waited to cancel my order and from one person to another we ended up the call based upon the warehouse specialist will call me but she never did.

I called the next day and was told don't worry. My order is cancelled and the refund will be shown within 6 business days. Here we are after 10 days. I just hung up the phone with them. I have been told that my item was successfully delivered. We are so sorry but we need to open an investigation. I said well can you send me a proof that you delivered the dryer, she said "sorry, I can't."

At this point I am so angry, tired and frustrate. What if they don't give me my $778.00 back? The funniest thing is that the lady I spoke too at last, was asking to do a survey, and I said are you serious you have audacity to ask me that please put zeros on everything. I will never deal them again or step my foot at any location.

Company Response :

I saw your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We apologize for the troubles you have encountered with your recent dryer purchase and the level of customer service you have received. We can truly understand your frustrations for not being refunded in a timely manner after the delivery was canceled. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and ensure your needs are met to your satisfaction. At your convenience please contact our office via email at so you don't have to be upset by this any longer. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (coljon) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we're sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Sears Service Agreement - DO NOT BUY
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My dryer stopped working so I immediately called SEARS to come out via the Sears Service Agreement. I paid 209.99 for the protection and it states it covers up to $500 dollars if they can't fix the appliance. The technician showed up on June 27, 2013 and stated I needed a new part and the part was $50 dollars more than they covered and I would have to pay that up front for them to order it.

So with the assurance the part would be at my home before the July 8 and I needed to call immediately to set the appointment up so they could come repair the dryer. July 8 came and I received an automated call saying that the part was on back order and I would receive a call on the 15th with an update. So needless to say being without an appliance for one week is horrible and now we are looking at 2 weeks with a "maybe we will have the part." I called Sears and asked for the $500 dollars towards a new purchase as they pitched on the sell. I was told they have 21 days to fulfill the deal.

The 15th came and no call, so I called today and was told that part shows not to be available until mid August. So once again I asked for the $500 towards a new purchase since there is no way they fix my dryer before the 21 day time period (which they never mention up front). Apparently, nobody can make a common sense decision and honor the agreement and actually take care of the customer when SEARS now knows it cannot fulfill its contract. So I was told I would be transferred to the area that makes the decisions but the phone hung up on me. So now I am out $260 dollars and 3 weeks without a dryer and SEARS couldn't care less

I bought the best Washing Machine and Dryer set that SEARS sells and you would think they would have parts to service their number one selling items. They have a serious management problem and their public relations rhetoric is ridiculous. The people on the other end of the line can't even make decisions based on the facts so why do they even answer the calls. Consumers beware of SEARS and all the hype commercials they put out because I am telling you they couldn't care less about the CONSUMER! They are a business and the almighty dollar is all that they care about!!

Fast to Take Your Money but Slow to Refund It
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a gas dryer online. When it was brought to me not all the extra parts I also bought came with it. The delivery man said the parts was not on his list and for me to call customer service. The first time I called and told them what happened they said they will ship it right out. Well a week went by and nothing came. I called again and they said "give it a few more days," well another week went by and still nothing. I had to go to my local hardware and get the parts myself.

I called Sears and said I need a refund. They said it will take 7 to 10 days. It has now been 2 weeks still waiting on a refund. I will call back and let them know right off how unhappy and mad I am. Save yourself a lot of stress and never order anything from them online. All this has been going on for a month now.

No More Kenmore Products For Me!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- We bought both a dryer and hot water heater from Sears in the last six years. We have had the hot water heater repaired four times since then. Now the dryer needs repairing again for the third time, we had it fixed last December. Last week, it started to make funny loud banging noises, so we called Sears Repair. The dryer heats just fine, but it makes these really loud noises. The repairman was in my home for only 5-10 minutes before he announced that the dryer motor was gone, and the repair would cost $486. We politely declined, since that is the cost of a new one. I am going to try another brand this time. I am done with Kenmore.

Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Washer and Dryer
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Rating: 1/51

HUFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- Regarding Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Automatic Washer model # 110.28062800 and Dryer model # 11078062801. This is how my complaint went about this no good set that we paid $ 2074.03 for. BUYER BIG TIME BEWARE. On December 26, 2008 we purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer and dryer mentioned above. We paid $2074.03 out the door for the set. We were told they were the top of the line best set out there for our needs ie doing a lot of laundry for a family of 4. The dryer began giving us problems by February of 2009 with different codes coming on the panel. Sears sent service out to check it and the dryer was replaced.

In April of 2009 had to call Sears again on the brand new dryer the codes started coming on the panel service comes out and their comments were "CK operation and connections to control unable to verify problem". Service came back in July of 2009 and the Technician comments this time were "Unable to diagnose: was unable to duplicate complaint at this time. Checked air and temp. OK". The request for service both times were because a load of laundry had to be dried three times in order for it to be completely dry, again with codes coming on the panel.

Finally in February of 2010 the clothes while drying a short period of time were too hot to touch, I am thinking this cannot be safe. I call Sears and am informed that it is no longer under warranty. The warranty ended with the first dryer in this house which meant the two years was up in December. Not February when the dryer was replaced with a new one. I figure I am not going to pay a high service call along with parts to fix it. I just watched it close so the clothes would not catch on fire and basically lived with it.

Now my washing machine is junk too. It became so loud while in any cycle and the spin cycle was louder yet. Under the machine I find this oil ring made when the tub was in the spin cycle, photo's enclosed. Thank god that was on tile and with a little rubbing it came off. And right after that the machine started to leak warping my floor molding next to it, it was a mess to say the least.

I called Sears about my washing machine making loud noises back in October of 2011 and I was told no longer under warranty. The beginning of January of this year I call Sears again to see if maybe the cost would not be so much to fix the washing machine and they then told me the warranty had just expired and had no record of me ever calling in back in October of 2011.

I started looking online in November of 2011 to see what people were saying about the washer and the set, just to see if maybe this was just my bad luck, I was shocked to say the least there are thousands of complaints about the washer and dryer. Complaints dating back to 2005. Many unhappy customers who had pretty much the same issues when it came to codes on these panels etc. I start getting warranty stuff from Sears on the washer as I said so I look again in January what kinds of issues and problems the public has had.

And today some more research. OMG it is crazy, many more consumers complaining. Enclosed you will find copies of some of what I found. Scary. I cannot believe we paid $ 2074.03 for a brand new top of the line washer and dryer, with the dryer being replaced within two months, and they have both failed all within 3 years. We have now purchased a brand new washer and dryer from Best Buy. The Sears set is sitting in our garage when asked if we wanted it hauled off our answer was NO. I need this set as proof of the hell we have gone through owning an expensive washer and dryer from Sears.

To resolve this problem, I would appreciate my money back and for Sears to come and pick up these machines and study them, figure out what is going so wrong with this brand. Copies enclosed as stated above, along with receipts. Also you will find an extra letter on more of Sears products that have failed for us. I do not know what this company has become but I am not going to settle for a washer and dryer set failing so badly in such a short period of time. IT IS NOT RIGHT.

I have to add, my mother had a Sears washing machine for 35 years. It started rusting in places but worked perfect NEVER SERVICED. Do you know what did it in??? Water in her basement after a bad spring snow melt. And I have to mention this also... She still has the same Sears Garage Door opener installed in 1973. Same controls that are now held together with black tape. Has never had it serviced. My point Sears used to be good. It was a household name that meant something. You could depend on Sears for everything and trust it to last. Maybe not for 30+ years in today's world but a little better than 3 years.

Today's Date April 27, 2012 I got a call from a representative from Sears two days ago on behalf of ** as he will not respond himself, I was told. So very sorry about all of this but unless Sears comes out to repair and repair and there are service calls and service calls there is nothing they will do about this. Whereas if there were techs out at our home constantly the machines would have been replaced. I ask how come there is no record of my calls on the washer??? She could give me no answer other than sorry. WE WILL NEVER USE SEARS AGAIN. ALL DONE. VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON LEARNED.

Irresponsible Service Department
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I bought a Kenmore Dryer, 3/31/07 on sale for $399.00 because after 30 years of doing business with Sears I trusted their product and their service department. After the added charges of delivery, installation, taxes and $10.00 fee to haul my old dryer away my bill came to $526.00 for a dryer I could have purchased somewhere else cheaper. When I purchased the dryer the salesperson ask me 2 times what kind of plug-in the dryer would require. 2 times I told him a grey wire 3 prong. It took 10 days for delivery. When they delivered the dryer they had the wrong plug-in on the dryer, they brought a dryer with an L plug.

Instead of taking the dryer back and bringing me the correct one, they told me they couldn'€™t replace the plug-in because they weren't electricians. I can understand that. That'€™s why I order the dryer with the 3 prong, so I wouldn'™t have to deal with this. They sat the dryer down, and left, with me to have the correct wire replaced and for me to then install it. My son did replace the plug-in, no problem.

However, they did not set the dryer and in the space provided for the dryer. There was NO way I could attach the vent hose and get it in the space. It stuck out into the hall and the doors wouldn'€™t close, so I called Sears delivery. After talking to the third person, being told they couldn't come back out for yet another 5 days I said, the dryer is sitting in my hall way. So I ask them to just come pick it up and I'd return it, that too would have transferred me to another department for scheduling a return pick up.

At that point my phone died, yeah good day, so I called back only to get someone new, in another state, and the process started all over again. After 1 hour of being transferred from person to person, department to department I just hung up and called Sears where I purchased the dryer. I told the girl my story again. She said I needed to speak with the manager of Appliance department but he wasn't in but she would have him call me we he arrived.

She called me back later to tell me he wouldn't be in but she had spoken with the Store Manager. His suggestion was that I call and get someone else to fix the problem and they would give me a gift card. Excuse me, they wanted me to call someone else, pay again for someone else to fix their problem and they offered me a gift card.

The bottom line is: Sears doesn't care, they no longer care about the consumer, or the job of their services people. The service department only does what is just expected of them. Managers no longer take the responsibility of the standards of their people or their job. Sears no longer takes the responsibility for it'€™s product or for the people they hire.

Very frustrating experience with Sears Delivery
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I just moved to a brand new condo. On April 28, I went to Sears to place an order for a Frigidaire stackable washer dryer combo. I paid cash and asked for a delivery at our condo schedule for Saturday May 6. I remember asking specifically if I need to purchase any other part to complete the installation and the seller told me that I didn't need anything.

On May 6 at 1pm, two Sears delivery guys come to deliver and install the unit. The unit was to be installed on the second floor in a closet. One of the guy take a look at the closet and told us we need to buy a flexible vent pipe in order to install the unit. First of all, I was surprised that they didn't carry this part in their truck. After all, they install units like these ones all day long. I was also surprised that Sears didn't tell me about that when I purchased the washer/dryer combo two weeks ago. The guy was kind of rough with us and trashed our nice place (We had to clean the carpet after he left).

He told us to go to Home Depot, get the missing part, and then call Sears Customer Service number to let them know that we have the part and then he would come back the same day to complete the installation.
The guy has guaranteed us that, as long as we get the part and call Sears before 5PM, he will come back before 6PM since he was working in the area all day. So we immediately went to Home Depot, came back home 20 minutes later, called Sears and guess what? The guy never came back.

Talking with the Sears representative, I actually learned that, as soon as the guy went back to his truck, he notified Sears that the appliance had been delivered and that, because we were missing a part, he was not able to install it and someone would have to come back next week! So the washer / dryer combo is sitting in the middle of our living room since Saturday. We can't move it because it's 400 lbs and my wife is pregnant.

I was really frustrated and called Sears again on Saturday to ask what was going on. The lady told me that the delivery guys are not employed by Sears but they are contracted. She said she would fill a complain against this driver and she would make it up to us and someone else would come on Monday to complete the installation. She said we would get a phone call Sunday after 6pm with our delivery time.

I never received this phone call. I called Sears again first thing Monday morning. The lady tells me that her computer is showing that the item has been delivered and so she asks me why I am calling! There is not a single note about how the driver screws the installation, left the unit in our living room and trashed the place. This is totally unacceptable! With no doubt, this is the worst delivery and customer service experience I have ever seen.

I had 2 others deliveries this weekend (1 furniture store and 1 mattress store) and everything went smoothly. Nice and polite people who both made an inspection before they left to make sure they didn't do any damage. I am very frustrated and for sure, I will never buy from Sears again.

Sears Home Service repair is a NIGHTMARE!
By -

PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- Don't be mislead by a low price quote on parts - Prices charged by service tech are higher than prices quoted by customer service. When I complained about this, customer service stated that the tech can order parts from different vendors. The tech said the computer puts in the prices and they have not control.

You will be billed for parts and service on the first service call. If the tech does not have the parts, they will still bill you for the parts and service on the first call. They will then ship the parts to you. You will then be stuck with the parts, and the service tech may never come back to install the parts. They will refund the price paid for the parts, if you send them back. The service fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, whether or not the repair is completed.

They never arrive on time and often don't show up for appointments. Techs are overbooked and will call you to try to cancel/reschedule. If you don't reschedule, they just won't show up or if you're lucky they'll show up late. I had 3 appointments scheduled. The first one was for 1-5 PM. At 4:45, the tech called and tried to reschedule saying that most condos don't allow repairman in after 5. I told him that was not the case and he arrived at 5:30, WITHOUT the required parts. A second appointment was scheduled for a date 2 weeks later, between 1-5 PM.

At 4 PM, I started calling customer service to check the tech's status and they assured me he was on the way. For the next 2 hours, I called every 30 minutes and was repeatedly assured he was on the way. At 6:20 PM, customer service called me to reschedule. No appointments available, until the following week. The third appointment was scheduled for 10-2 window.

At 1:45 the tech called to tell me he was running a little late, would I like to reschedule. I told him NO and he said he was on his way, but never showed up. I repeatedly called customer service who reassured me he would be there. At 4:45, they told me that he had been there, but security wouldn't let him in the gated community. I don't live in a gated community. It is a high traffic condo/hotel and security does not monitor entry to the building.

Customer Service is unable to contact techs, they can only send them messages asking them to contact the customer. Techs and routers (dispatchers) ignore the messages and the customer is left waiting. Customer service will give you the runaround, transferring you to Customer Solutions who will just tell you that the tech will call you or is on the way.

Customer Service will tell you that the tech will call 30 minutes before arrival. Don't believe this. I was later told by Customer Solutions that this is not correct and they may or may not call you. You need to be home waiting for the tech. Be prepared to take a few days off of work. If you complain enough, they will offer to send you a $25 Sears gift card, but I never received it. Even if I did get it, $25 is not near enough for all the time and energy wasted!!!!

Dear Sears...
By -

I will do my very best to be brief. I will not be purchasing anything at your store or online any more. My wife and I purchased a great GE washer/dryer set last August (delivered Aug 21 as a matter of fact). And until this past Sunday, Nov. 15, they both worked great. I am happy to say the dryer is functioning well, still. However, the washer would not spin the clothes.

I called the repair center and set up a time for a tech to come to the house. I was informed on the phone, and with two courtesy calls, the tech would arrive at my house on Thursday (today), Nov 19, between 8am and 12pm. I usually love being able to take a half day off from work, but my wife and I are traveling and will be out of the country starting Thanksgiving day, and I do have a lot to do. So, I worked from home this morning.

The tech arrived at 1:45pm. I called three times and was told a message would be relayed. After 20 minutes, the tech informed me that a part was needed, and it would arrive in 2-3 business days (at the latest, next Tuesday). I would then need to call and schedule another appointment, which could take 6-7 business days (Thursday and Friday being holiday next week). This solution does not help me to wash my clothes.

I let him know that was a bad plan for me. I purchased the washer/dryer to do a job, and it has broken WITHIN THE 90 DAYS RETURN POLICY I have been given. I want another washer. We can simply replace the washer. The tech informed me that I would have to call and set that up, he didn't have the authority to okay that move.

So I called. I spoke with two different ladies. The first one quickly transferred me to an "Escalated Representative." I vocalized my issue. She informed me that I had no choice but to wait for the part, and if I am unhappy, I can write a letter to the corporate office. Again, these solutions do not help me wash my clothes. I then went to the Sears store I purchased the washer/dryer from. I talked with ** (MOD). He talked on the phone with someone (his direct report, I believe). He did his best to get clearance to have another washer delivered so I could wash clothes. After all, I called in the problem before my 90 days return was over. Denied.

** then called and made the part shipment a priority with the warehouse, and told me he will try to next day this to my house and get the repair completed as quickly as possible. He apologized for Sears' policies and procedures, and basically did not defend his company when I said: "It seems Sears has my money and that they are more concerned about serving their processes and policies rather than me. No one has really cared that I have clothes to wash and I trusted Sears' products and services with my money to do that."

** then did what he could do and gave me some money to wash my clothes before my wife and I leave the country next week. ** heard me and did what he could do. ** was awesome. Sears, as a whole, has disappointed me. On Sears' corporate site, this statement is buried two clicks away from the home page: "Sears Holdings is committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships. In our associates we value teamwork, integrity and positive energy. Our culture is defined by a clear vision, mission, pace and values."

I officially call bullcrap. **, the manager on duty at the Marley Station Mall store in Glen Burnie lives up to that. But no one else at your organization, that I have interacted with, cares about that statement. I will no longer walk into your store or come to your website. I was not heard by your "escalation department" (really? you really call it that? the mere fact that you have to have one of these says a lot), I was not valued by your policies or processes, and I was undermined and tricked into believing you were someone you cannot live up to becoming.

I sent this email in on the website as well. I also sent a copy to GE. I do not care for a reply that let's me know I have been heard, for unless there is a genuine response that inquires and cares about the failing processes within your company then your communication with me is moot. Maybe someone in middle management or someone that actually cares about the mission and vision of your corporation will read this. That is my hope. I will also blog, face book, twitter, and paste this response with all my social networking sites (that's close to 1000 people in all who follow). Viral information is so cool.

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