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Dear Valued Customers: My name is Brian and I work for the Sears Cares Executive Escalations team. We want you know we are here for assistance. If you have any questions, concerns, or current problems you are experiencing with Sears please contact my office. We can be reached via email at In your email please include your name, phone number and an outline of your current issue and we will contact you directly. We appreciate your business and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Washer and Dryer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HUFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- Regarding Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Automatic Washer model # 110.28062800 and Dryer model # 11078062801.

This is how my complaint went about this no good set that we paid $ 2074.03 for. BUYER BIG TIME BEWARE.

Dear Mr. [snip],( President and CEO ) April 9, 2012.

On December 26, 2008 we purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer and dryer mentioned above. We paid $2074.03 out the door for the set. We were told they were the top of the line best set out there for our needs ie doing a lot of laundry for a family of 4. The dryer began giving us problems by February of 2009 with different codes coming on the panel. Sears sent service out to check it and the dryer was replaced. In April of 2009 had to call Sears again on the brand new dryer the codes started coming on the panel service comes out and their comments were " CK operation and connections to control unable to verify problem. Service came back in July of 2009 and the Technician comments this time were " Unable to diagnose : was unable to duplicate complaint at this time. Checked air and temp. OK." The request for service both times were because a load of laundry had to be dried three times in order for it to be completely dry, again with codes coming on the panel. Finally in February of 2010 the clothes while drying a short period of time were too hot to touch, I am thinking this cannot be safe. I call Sears and am informed that it is no longer under warranty. The warranty ended with the first dryer in this house which meant the two years was up in December. Not February when the dryer was replaced with a new one. I figure I am not going to pay a high service call along with parts to fix it. I just watched it close so the clothes would not catch on fire and basically lived with it.

Now my washing machine is junk too. It became so loud while in any cycle and the spin cycle was louder yet. Under the machine I find this oil ring made when the tub was in the spin cycle, photo's enclosed. Thank god that was on tile and with a little rubbing it came off. And right after that the machine started to leak warping my floor molding next to it, it was a mess to say the least. I called Sears about my washing machine making loud noises back in October of 2011 and I was told no longer under warranty. The beginning of January of this year I call Sears again to see if maybe the cost would not be so much to fix the washing machine and they then told me the warranty had just expired and had no record of me ever calling in back in October of 2011.

I started looking online in November of 2011 to see what people were saying about the washer and the set, just to see if maybe this was just my bad luck, I was shocked to say the least there are thousands of complaints about the washer and dryer. Complaints dating back to 2005. Many unhappy customers who had pretty much the same issues when it came to codes on these panels etc. I start getting warranty stuff from Sears on the washer as I said so I look again in January what kinds of issues and problems the public has had. And today some more research. OMG it is crazy, many more consumers complaining. Enclosed you will find copies of some of what I found. Scary. I cannot believe we paid $ 2074.03 for a brand new top of the line washer and dryer, with the dryer being replaced within two months, and they have both failed all within 3 years. We have now purchased a brand new washer and dryer from Best Buy. The Sears set is sitting in our garage when asked if we wanted it hauled off our answer was NO. I need this set as proof of the hell we have gone through owning an expensive washer and dryer from Sears.

To resolve this problem, I would appreciate my money back and for Sears to come and pick up these machines and study them, figure out what is going so wrong with this brand. Copies enclosed as stared above, along with receipts. Also you will find an extra letter on more of Sears products that have failed for us. I do not know what this company has become but I am not going to settle for a washer and dryer set failing so badly in such a short period of time. IT IS NOT RIGHT. I have to add, my mother had a Sears washing machine for 35 years. It started rusting in places but worked perfect NEVER SERVICED. Do you know what did it in??? Water in her basement after a bad spring snow melt. And I have to mention this also... She still has the same Sears Garage Door opener installed in 1973. Same controls that are now held together with black tape. Has never had it serviced. My point Sears used to be good. It was a household name that meant something. You could depend on Sears for everything and trust it to last. Maybe not for 30+ years in today's world but a little better than 3 years.

Today's Date April 27, 2012 I got a call from a representative from Sears two days ago on behalf of Mr. [snip] as he will not respond himself, I was told. So very sorry about all of this but unless Sears comes out to repair and repair and there are service calls and service calls there is nothing they will do about this. Whereas if there were techs out at our home constantly the machines would have been replaced. I ask how come there is no record of my calls on the washer?????? She could give me no answer other than sorry.

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User Replies:
AtYerService on 04/27/2012:
Please post some of these photos so we can have a look at your problems.
KevinTX on 04/27/2012:
As I tell everyone on this forum, Sears is very good at responding to THIS forum, so kudos for posting this very well written review. We too had issues with our Sears products (incl. washer, tractor, 19.2V batteries etc..) and in EACH case, Sears has come through and helped us. They DID repair our washer even though it was NOT under warranty. A $1000+ repair cost me under $200.

Kudos to you for keeping the units.. smart move, Maybe Sears will take you up on the offer since their many techs were unable to fix it... shoot, maybe Consumer Reports would appreciate the units :)

Good for you, and hang in there. I wouldn't hold your breath for the $, as Sears needs every dollar they can count to stay out of the black.. all of these complaints certainly can't help. I learned that Sears appliances, are actually Whirlpool and a few other brands... I think THAT is where Sears went wrong. Re-branding other manuf' brands that apparently were NOT up to Sears' standards and now Sears is paying for it.
SearsCare on 04/30/2012:
Dear waoufcons,

My name is Stephanie L. and I am with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We regret to hear about the frustrations you have been through surrounding the multiple repairs on your Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer. Your concern is understandable when it comes to the life span, our appliances do come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. To better understand your situation and to go over whether you had additional coverage or not we would like to contact you. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the washer and dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name waoufcons you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
MrsSears on 06/22/2013:
Same piece of junk dryer! Had numerous service calls, no fix.
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Sears Bad Warranty, Customer Service and Products
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOFFEMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- My name is Shanika Case# 6012378. I am appalled by the lack of customer service at Sears from the local store to the representatives over the phone and managers from the executive office. I spoke to a case manager by the name of Ikhlvs [snip] who for starters barely speaks English. He is the rudest person I've spoken to in the last month from Sears. This case manager not only falsified his remarks in regards to my dealings with the 3 technicians that came out to my house and left me with broken appliances still and tried to persuade me to pay for services that weren't rendered.

He also bluntly told me that my service wasn't important and that he has better things to do. I spoke to a Supervisor by the name Alicia who promised she would call me back and now she is unavailable at all times. Now they are giving me more of a run around. Voice mails..."she's not available right now"..." Just the worst EVER! I bought a full high end (SUPPOSEDLY) laundry appliances less than a year ago and is still under the manufacture warranty as well as the extended service plan. The appliances were over $2,000 was all Kenmore. It has taken Sears so far over 4 weeks and I still do not have a repaired washer and dryer. I’ve spent hours on the phone with them trying to get a simple repair. I was promised numerous times that someone would call me back within a certain amount of time and not once did they ever do so. They are the most incompetent people ever. First they sent a repair guy out and he couldn't even figure out how to turn the washer and dryer on to see if it worked. After I showed him how to do that, he said 'yes, washer and dryer doesn't work". He said he had to order parts and that I would have to pay for them and the travel expense. I declined not to order the parts because washer/dryer is covered under warranty, the technician became angry and demanding I had ask the gentlemen to leave. After many more hours, (I'm serious about that, hours!!) of phone calls and unfulfilled promises later to the national headquarters and I’m still without working appliances. I feel that I’ve made a legitimate complaint to Sears about the conduct of a Sears employees via phone and that was dispatched to my home to perform maintenance on my washer and dryer and they still display lack of responsiveness and lack of accountability.

Today is October 12, 2012 and here I m still fighting with Sears for justice. After months of leaving messages waiting for the supervisor Alicia [snip] to call me back I finally was able to speak to her on today which she acted like to have no memory of our original conversation. Ms [snip] was supposed to be researching and attempting to collect the receipt for my purchase. When I asked Ms [snip] if she could tell me what resource she done and what location she attempted to contact(even though the warehouse/Outlet) is closed, she provided me with a number and said she do not know what store that number is for. Bottom line she has not attempted to verify any information or assist me. When I cough her in her lie she begin to get angry and started to repeat things about the technician coming out. Sears is a freaking joke and I am not stopping.
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User Replies:
SearsCare on 10/15/2012:
Hello s_mcgrone--

We apologize for any frustration you have experience about your Kenmore washer and dryer. We have forward you questions and concerns to your case manager for further assistance. Thank you for being our Sears customer.

Thank you,
Robert B.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Jeff Smith on 02/25/2013:
My wife and I have also been loyal Sears customers. Given our last Kenmore washer/dryer lasted 19 years and a garage/shred full of Craftsman tools, its been a family tradition. Seven months ago, purchased new washer and dryer and watched a dysfunctional company at work: sales doesn't communicate with the warehouse which refuses to communicate with those who deliver product. In short, heartburn and missed delivery appointments. Surprisingly, the washer broke and witnessed the same travesty again. Repairman shows up a week later without the diagnosed part. Orders part, but it never arrives at our home. A week later, find part won't ship for a month. To their credit, Sears offers to replace washer machine, but just like seven months ago, they make delivery appointments they fail to follow up on. We call "Customer Service" and they can't seem to communicate with the warehouse or the delivery entity. In the end, we spent $2,400, contacted Sears customer serice and still have to visit the Laundromat. My Kenmore Complaint Record is 6376280.
Don on 08/15/2013:
Approximately a year ago we purchased what we considered an expensive bed from Sears home store in Kelowna BC. When you delivery people delivered our new bed and took our 10 year old bed away, we told them that bed was a great bed for 10 years and they said “These new beds will never last 10 years!”

It didn’t, the first bed we purchase from Sears for $1551.00 lasted 3 months and it started sagging in the middle even though we are not huge people. Sears sent out a furniture medic and he agreed it was crap and Sears replaced it with one for $2237.00 which we had to pay the difference on. This one lasted LESS THAN ONE MONTH and the sides on both sides started to collapse. Sears replaced that one for $1411.00 which we got money back from the other one. The bed lasted less than 6 months and the sides were already collapsing and the middle and both sides were starting to sag and for this kind of money there is no way we were putting up with that.

On June 9 of this year Sears delivered what they call their Eleoquence bed for $1583.00 , which we had to pay more for and it is a TOTAL PIECE OF CRAP as it feels like you are sleeping on a bed that is 20 years old instead of an expensive bed 4 months old. It has gone really soft and it just feels cheap, cheap, cheap and is worse than our 10 year old bed that started all of this.

The new manager that they have at the Home Store in Kelowna is as useless as these beds are as even though after talking to customer service and listening to all of their lies they told us, this manager won’t do anything as he is afraid for his new job he just got and doesn’t want to rock the boat. So we are just being totally ignored.

We now want all of our money back and Sears can come and get this crappy bed out of here and we will purchase one from Sleep Country, which we should have done to start with. Any one that purchases a bed off of Sears is nuts!

We are sending this to the BBB and all the complaint boards on the Internet and if that doesn’t get Sears to honour their commitment to us, we will definitely see them on TV and in Court!
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Solid As Sears... No Longer Holds True!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
March 12, 2012

Mr. Louis J. D’Ambrosio
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Dear Mr. D’Ambrosio,

We are writing to you to express our extreme disappointment in our shopping experience with Sears. Growing up, the popular slogan in both our households was “Solid As Sears”. Unfortunately, we do not feel this way any longer. On December 17, 2011 we purchased four new appliances totaling $4700.00. The merchandise was delivered on 1/6/2012. On 2/22, the dryer stopped working on our Kenmore stacked washer/dryer unit. We contacted Sears immediately and they agreed to exchange for a new unit. The delivery was scheduled for 3/3 but on the morning of the 3rd, Sears delivery called and said the unit was defective and the delivery would have to be on Monday, the 5th. On the 5th, the new unit was delivered but unfortunately, the washing machine did not work properly. We immediately contacted Sears and the third unit was scheduled for 3/10. On 3/7, we received a call that the unit would not be available until 3/13. Okay, not so bad a few days later! On 3/10, we received four phone calls saying our replacement unit would be delivered on 3/13. Great.....imagine my surprise when five minutes later, Sears called back to say there was a problem with 3/13 delivery and now it would be 3/20. 6 WEEK OLD UNITS BREAKS ON FEBRUARY 22ND AND WE HOPEFULLY WILL RECEIVE A NEW, WORKING UNIT ON MARCH 20TH. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS PICTURE! When we phoned Sears delivery to clear up the confusion, we were told this unit was being held up by the manafucter and it wasn’t Sears fault! The unit is a Kenmore and Kenmore is the Sears brand so this remains a confusing point why Sears is not responsible for making a defective product! We then called our salesperson at the Edison Mall in Ft Myers, David Shapol, who has been extremely consciencous and professional through this entire fiasco. Obviously, he understands the mantra “keep the customer happy”! He suggested we contact Sears Solutions in hopes to resolve this issue. After several calls and many hours on the telephone to Sears Solutions and Sears Delivery, we were told by all there was nothing anyone could do to speed up the delivery or to guarantee 100% that the product we are scheduled to receive on the 3/ 20 would in fact be delivered without another delay! On 3/10, we contacted the Edison Mall store manager, Jonathan Cannon, in hopes that he could assist us but to date I have not heard back from him.

Through all of this confusion, both my husband and I were treated in a totally unacceptable and unprofessional manner by your Sears team of service representatives. We were hung up on more than once when questions couldn’t be answered by them as well as they refused to give their ID numbers or last names. Each time, we requested to speak to a supervisor, we were told there wasn’t one available or “I am the best you are going to get”. Each time we asked if we could be compensated with a discount for being asked to wait ONE MONTH for a unit that works, we were told we would be receiving a $50.00 gift card in the mail. It has cost more than $50.00 to drive back and forth to do our laundry over the past weeks! We have kept a log of all the dates and the representatives we have spoken to should you want this list. We did make the mistake of paying for this merchandise in full immediately on a Sears charge card or we are positive this problem would have been resolved immediately. We can appreciate appliances having manufacuring issues but will not tolerate unprofessional and rude behavior on the part of customer service representatives. We understand you are the CEO of a very large corporation and we are only two customers who spent $4700.00 in your store. We also understand that we have not been singled out to be treated with such unprofessional customer service and if this has been done to us, it is being done to others. We understand as the CEO, one of your roles is to develop new distribution as well as maintain existing distribution and not to deal with the day-to-day at the customer level, however; in the end if the customer doesn’t walk through the door and make a purchase, sales are lost and stores’ end up closing. Even with the challenges Sears has been faced with of late, my husband and I held to our belief that Sears was a reputable retailer. Today, we don’t feel that way and you have just lost two customers! What a shame “SOLID AS SEARS” is no longer a valued slogan!

Sincerely yours,

Cynthia Calabretta
Demetrious Gardelis
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/12/2012:
"I am the best you are going to get". - Unfortunately that is probably the most accurate statement you will get from any Sears representative.

If I were you I would send it all back. Get a refund and go to a local appliance store that would really appreciate your $4,700.

Obviously Sears couldn't care less about you now that they have your money.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Venice09 on 03/12/2012:
Sears does not manufacture Kenmore appliances, but they are ultimately responsible for the finished products.

You tried your best to remain loyal to a business that served you well in the past. The problem now is that Sears is simply incapable of living up to its previous reputation. I believe there is very little the employees (including managers) can due to resolve customer issues. They are just following orders and hoping they still have a job tomorrow.

Of course, that doesn't help you, other than to consider it a learning experience. I would suggest requesting a refund, but I have no confidence you will ever see it. I'm sorry this was such an expensive lesson, and I hope something good comes out of it.
2cent-er on 03/13/2012:
UGH! lot of stress. Sears is 'big daddy' with these appl manf'. weird they couldn't pry out a repl unit for you...see if [since you've had so much agita with this]if they'll send a tech out when new unit is delivered. you may have other prob that caused the original dryer to fail. ie; vent, electrical, etc. he'll be able to tell-you don't want to repeat this nightmare. this is a perfect example of why-all these manf'-need to have someone who'll stay on top of a complaint that reaches this level, and followup as it progress' through their bureaucracy. Sears has the Care thingie but unless they're willing to stay totally involved, what's the sense. yeah! it's $$ but the alternative is lost sales. ain't that why they're all in biz-move today's AND tomorrow's products?
SearsCare on 03/13/2012:
Hi cinzia,

After coming across your posts here, I wanted to reach out. My name is Scott and I'm part of the Sears Cares social media support team. Please accept our sincere apologies for all the delay, inconvenience and aggravation your delivery has caused. Without any doubt, multiple setbacks and delays like this would indeed be most frustrating after such a major purchase. Our team would like to look into what's causing this delay and oversee the process for you to ensure you receive your items. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the appliances were purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (cinzia) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,
Scott J.
Sears Cares Social Media Support Team
Gav M. on 06/02/2012:
We have an extended warranty for our Sears Kenmore Oasis washer. We paid 250.00 for the extended warranty when we bought it in 2007 and another 151.00 when we extended it last Jan. The washer started leaking and we called for service. Sears sent All Valley Appliance heating and Air conditioning. To start with the guy (Igor) was rude. He lifted the washer propped it up with a gallon jug I had on the floor and put his head under the washer (very unsafe), he then told me HE needed something to lay on expecting me to give him something I guess, I just looked at him he was angry and he went to his truck and got a small rug, looked underneath and determined that the bearing seal kit was bad and he would have to order parts. He went on to describe the Kenmore Oasis as the worst washer and they always break. The force in which they spin is too hard on the intricate parts over time. Not to mention it sounds like a helicopter landing in out garage during the spin cycle. I agreed as the internet is peppered with complaints re: Kenmore Oasis. Five days later after hearing nothing we called All Valley and were told that Sears should have called us by now. We called the warranty dept. and were told everything from we would be getting a replacement washer, to "the broken bearing seal kit is due to over loading" as described by THE TECH!! They are not going to honor the warranty because HE is the expert... WOW! Somebody is lying. We are a family of two the washer has never been overloaded.I have never loaded near the equivalent of 28 LX tee shirts in to this washer (as touted by the selling points of this washer) The tub barely fills half way with water without clothes in it and does not get clothes clean anyway. The force at which the washer spins is responsible for the damage and that is what he said to me! All Valley Appliance and Sears are a rip off to the consumer! Somebody needs to start a class action suit against Sears and or Kenmore. There are thousand of complaints on the internet. I appreciate YELP and I wish I had this same information in 2007 when I bought this piece of junk. After 5 hours on the phone, 10 calls and numerous disconnects with Sears we are being offered 200.00 off on a new washer. We consider that an insult. We are ready to walk away from our 40 plus year relationship with Sears and cut up our credit card, no more auto service as well. Somebody needs to do something for us. Is Sears interested in keeping us as a customer
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What a Nightmare!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONLINE, OHIO -- I will never, ever, ever order any major appliances from ever again. I ordered a washer and dryer because the price was right. Unfortunately once I placed the order, the nightmare began. First of all, they never had my phone number correct in their system. It may have been a typo on my part since I ordered it online, however after I called them 20 times and they couldn't look up my information by my phone number because it was incorrect, you think they would have corrected the issue, but no, every single time I called customer service they had to ask me for further information because they could not locate me in the system. I asked them multiple times to correct it, but they never did. They were supposed to have the delivery center contact me the night before delivery to schedule a time...however, that never happened due to my incorrect phone number on file. The first day they were scheduled to deliver, no one even showed up. I was livid. Trying to get help over the phone was a whole nother story; Very heavy, thick accents, extremely difficult to understand what they were saying.

After the delivery was a no show the first day, I had to contact customer service to try to reschedule it for the next day. I asked them to correct my phone number, as again they reassured me someone would be contacting me that evening to schedule a delivery time frame for the next day. Never got a call. I waited all day long for the delivery to show. I kept calling to check and see what was going on as my estimated delivery time was bumped back hour after hour. They would say the delivery truck was on stop 8 and I was stop 9. However after a few hours I knew this not to be true. I called again and was informed that the driver was running behind schedule and was on his way. I hung up and then was contacted by phone saying the driver would be arriving in a half hour. He never showed up! I called customer service again and the representative told me he was on stop number 8! After they told me they were already on their way to my house. For some reason I was also disconnected multiple times after being put on hold and this didn't happen just once, this happened multiple times that I called.

Come to find out the delivery truck "broke down". No one bothered to call me at all. At 9:00pm at night, a representative informed me that the truck broke down and that I had to reschedule my delivery AGAIN! I set it up for 2 days and yet again they informed me that someone would be contacting me to set up a delivery time frame. I asked them to please please please change my phone number on file because I hadn't been receiving any calls. What do you know? No one called. I had to end up calling them again to make sure I was scheduled for a delivery and to find out the time frame. The delivery person FINALLY showed 10 minutes early. He was very abrupt and not very friendly. He informed me that I would have to be connecting the washer and dryer myself as he was not scheduled to do so.

All in all terrible, worthless service. I did manage to get (2) $50.00 Sears gift cards out of them for all my troubles which I will be using IN STORE. I will NEVER order from them again.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/01/2012:
This is exactly why Sears is losing customers. Who in their right mind would put themselves through that again? Their repeat business must be nonexistent at this point.
tnchuck100 on 02/01/2012:
Good review. You are just one of many who have been treated this way.

It is almost inconceivable the number of complaints Sears has accumulated on this site alone. And this is just one complaint site of many. The complaints here represent only the tip of the iceberg. For every complaint posted online there are probably 100 more dissatisfied customers that never said a word.

Sears has got to have the absolute worst delivery, repair and customer service on the planet.
trmn8r on 02/01/2012:
Outstanding review, horrendous customer service.
At Your Service on 02/01/2012:
I agree that dealing with them directly would have saved a lot of problems, including a good dialog as to the setup and requirements of wiring and connecting water lines. Many delivery drivers are not able to connect such unless certain criteria are met.
Dynamo011 on 02/01/2012:
Sounds like a rough time. I can understand that sometimes a delivery route can fall a bit behind schedule or other things (like a breakdown) can happen, but the total lack of communication on their part is unacceptable.
clutzycook on 02/01/2012:
Par for the course for Sears it seems.
Churro on 02/01/2012:
I agree Clutzy but you'd think out of sheer desperation somebody at corporate would fly up the idea hey guys let's quit pissing off the customers and see how that works.
Anonymous on 02/01/2012:
You'd think that Churro, but sadly Sears doesn't see it the same way. It is disappointing and sad.
SearsCare on 02/07/2012:
Dear hellomellowyellow19867:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the problems you encountered getting your washer and dryer delivered. This is not the type of service that you deserve nor the type of service that Sears has been long known for. My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We certainly understand your frustration with trying to get your phone number changed numerous times and would like to speak with you regarding the treatment you received with this delivery.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the washer and dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (hellomellowyellow19867) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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The Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
COQUITLAM, B.C CANADA -- Let me start by saying I have never dealt with a more difficult company in my life.

On June 25th, 2009 I went into Sears and purchased a Kenmore stacking washer & dryer (apartment size). While in the store the sales person Ken seemed to know what he was talking about, he explained about the type of soap to buy, and he sold me the required Bits and Pieces. I picked up hoses and he told me I didn't need them as the hoses come with the washer.

I gave Ken all of the delivery information and two contact numbers my cell phone number and my mothers home number as I was moving into a newly constructed building and the door buzzer had not been installed.

The delivery date was scheduled for July 3rd, between 8:00am and noon. I waited for their arrival until about 2:00pm then called Sears to inquire why they hadn't been delivered my washer & dryer and was informed that they had been to to my address at 8:00am and no one was home. I stated that I hadn't received a call on my cell nor had my mother. Sears informed me that they had attempted to phone me on my cell phone and they had also tried to contact my mother by phone and did not get answer so they left and message with reception. (What receiption I live in a condo). I checked again with my mother and she was home and had not received a phone call from Sears. I found out that the sales person had written down the wrong cell phone number.

Hear we go. I asked that they return to my address and deliver the washer & dryer as promised, as this was not my fault! I found out very quickly they were not prepared to return and make the delivery as promised on July 3rd they were however willing to set-up another delivery date (isn't that nice of them). I explained to her that I work and that I had taken the day off in order to be available for the delivery. Even though I explained my position to this woman several times, that I worked and the only time that I would be available to except the delivery would be on the following weekend. She said that they could not deliver my washer & dryer until the end of JULY. Feeling totally unheard and realizing that this was not about customer satisfaction but what was best for Sears, I started to get angery that's when she hung up on me.

I phoned the store and found out that without my consent a delivery date was set up for JULY 8th between 5:00pm & 6:00pm (I work until 5:00pm and don't get home until 6:00pm).

The store was equally unhelpful and tried to convince me that I was wrong about the delivery dated because their records showed that the actual delivery dated was July 8th.

I finally got a commitment from them that they would deliver my washer & driver the following day Saturday July 4th the first delivery of the day. They showed up at 9:00am on July 4th brought the units up to my suite and promptly told me they couldn't install them because the hoses were to short and by the way these hoses are not recommend for condo's. They said I would have to go to a hardware store and buy hoses (the same hoses I had in my hand in the store) and set-up another installation date. They dumped the washer and dryer in my living room and left.

Again I phoned trying to get serves and express my frustration and was getting nowhere very quickly. I finally get hold of someone named Dave in there CUSTOMER I DON'T CARE DEPARTMENT and he was a bit more helpful and offered to credit me my delivery cost and give me some gift certificates, (Big Deal)I told him I would think about it, because I was considering returning the washer & dryer. He told me to call back when when I made a decision. A little while later I attempted to contact Dave only to find out that Sears has 3 call centers, and they have no way of talking to one another. I was informed that I would have to continue to phone the Customer Care line until I got the Brampton, Ontario call center. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!! (Oh don't raise your voice or you'll be told that they don't care for your tone of voice).

Stupid me; I bought the hoses and set-up another installation date and now have wasted 3 days, 2 of which were vacation days that I'll never get back.

When they return to install the units they informed me that the plug on the dryer was to short to reach the wall plug and that they would not be able to install the units until I have the wiring moved (in a brand new building) "I don't think so". The building manager came up and said that the wiring couldn't be and won't be moved and that they needed to figure out away to hook them up. THEY FIGURED IT OUT, THEY LEFT THE WASHER & DRYER IN THE MIDDLE OF MY HALLWAY IN FRONT OF MY FRONT DOOR SO THAT I COULD ONLY OPEN MY FRONT DOOR WIDE ENOUGH TO SLIDE THROW AND THEY WALKED AWAY. Here's the kicker I have yet to hear from Sears and I writing this July 23rd, 2009 a full 3 weeks later. FOR ALL THEY KNOW THE WASHER & DRYER COULD STILL BE SITTING IN MY FRONT HALL WAY.

In the end my building manager hooked-up the washer & dryer and moved then into there place. Without moving the electrical.

If you like stress, inconvenienced, and being treated with disrespect Sears is the store for you. I will never shop at Sears again and will continue to tell my story to anyone who may be considering buying anything from Sears.

I have a question for Sears and their investors how long do you think you can continue to provide this type of service and stay in business?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/24/2009:
Wow you are a time traveler. Today is the 24th and you went there on the 25th!
HermanHearsHeartache on 07/27/2009:
Sears does not deliver on national holidays. You seem to be a liar
HermanHearsHeartache on 07/27/2009:
Wait, you're Canadian? You should have specified you were complaining about Sears Canada, since it is a different group than Sears Holdings in the US. You need to always specify you're Canadian so we can understand why you write things in such a strange manner
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Dishonest, Unprofessional, Mean, Despicable This Is An Understatement Of Adjectives What You Can Describe Sears
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a dryer on July 12th, it was supposed to be delivered on the 13th . I rescheduled to be delivered on the 14th the because the tenant was not home nobody called or showed up. Since I had a bad experience with them since last year, I went to the store to cancel the order, and the sales representative said it is not our responsibility anymore, after the 13th you have to call customer solution.Then I realized why he was insisting on scheduling the delivery on the 13th, they are professional crooks. He put me on the phone for 25 minutes, it was the hottest day, when I dragged my 2 kids who wanted to go to the pool that day. So, I waited and waited to cancel my order and from one person to another we ended up the call based upon the warehouse specialist will call me but she never did.

I called the next day and was told don't worry, my order is cancelled and the refund will be shown within 6 business days. Here we are after 10 days, I just hung up the phone with them, I have been told that my item was successfully delivered, we are so sorry but we need to open an investigation. I said well can you send me a proof that you delivered the dryer, she said sorry, I can't.
At his point I am so angry, tired and frustrate. What if they don't give me my $778.00 back? The funniest thing is that the lady I spoke too at last, was asking to do a survey, and I said are you serious you have audacity to ask me that please put zeros on everything. I will never deal them again or step my foot at any location.
Company Response :
I saw your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We apologize for the troubles you have encountered with your recent dryer purchase and the level of customer service you have received. We can truly understand your frustrations for not being refunded in a timely manner after the delivery was canceled. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and ensure your needs are met to your satisfaction. At your convenience please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (coljon) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
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Sears Service Agreement- DO NOT BUY
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My dryer stopped working so I immediately called SEARS to come out via the Sears Service Agreement. I paid 209.99 for the protection and it states it covers up to $500 dollars if they can't fix the appliance. The technician showed up on June 27, 2013 and stated I needed a new part and the part was $50 dollars more than they covered and I would have to pay that up front for them to order it.

So with the assurance the part would be at my home before the July 8 and I needed to call immediately to set the appointment up so they could come repair the dryer. July 8 came and I received an automated call saying that the part was on back order and I would receive a call on the 15th with an update. So needless to say being without an appliance for one week is horrible and now we are looking at 2 weeks with a maybe we will have the part. I called Sears and asked for the $500 dollars towards a new purchase as they pitched on the sell. I was told they have 21 days to fulfill the deal.

The 15th came and no call, so I called today and was told that part shows not to be available until mid August. So once again I asked for the $500 towards a new purchase since there is no way they fix my dryer before the 21 day time period (which they never mention up front). Apparently, nobody can make a common sense decision and honor the agreement and actually take care of the customer when SEARS now knows it cannot fulfill its contract. So I was told I would be transferred to the area that makes the decisions but the phone hung up on me. So now I am out $260 dollars and 3 weeks without a dryer and SEARS couldn't care less

I bought the best Washing Machine and Dryer set that SEARS sells and you would think they would have parts to service their number one selling items. They have a serious management problem and their public relations rhetoric is ridiculous. The people on the other end of the line can't even make decisions based on the facts so why do they even answer the calls. Consumers beware of SEARS and all the hype commercials they put out because I am telling you they couldn't care less about the CONSUMER! They are a business and the almighty dollar is all that they care about!!
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User Replies:
John Nicholson on 07/16/2013:
No one should buy anything from Sears with the expectation of receiving good service if something goes wrong either under warranty or a service contract. Sears is no longer a dependable company nor is it the Sears, Roebuck we once knew and loved.

Now you know why you should never buy an extended warranty, service contract, etc. They are usually a huge waste of money. Instead, buy a cheap, no frills washer/dryer and when it breaks down, replace with another cheap one. What in the world do you need all those bells and whistles on a machine for??
Weedwhacked on 07/16/2013:
"SEARS couldn't care less"

I think you meant to say that they COULDN'T care less. You're absolutely right that the most important thing to them is their profit margin.
SearsCare on 07/16/2013:
Dear robramos2061,

My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations Team. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in receiving the needed part for your dryer repair. We also are truly sorry that you are having difficulty reaching the team that can assist you with using your Service Smart Agreement, $500, toward a new appliance. This is not the type of service that Sears has long been known for nor the type of service that we want our customer's to receive. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and see what can be done to turn things around. We value your business very much and want to make sure that everything that can be done to help you is being done. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (robramos2061), phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
SearsCare on 07/16/2013:
Dear John,

We're sorry if we've let you down in the past. We'd like to speak with you and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager if you have an active issue. If you don't have an active issue, we'd still like to speak with you and see how we can make this right. My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We value your business and want to help in any way possible. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (John Nicholson), phone # used at time of purchase to We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
robramos2061 on 07/17/2013:
Well it gets better! I called back and was told that in order to get the $500 dollars towards a new purchase another technician has to come over (on the 22nd, another week away). The technician has to come over and call it in that the estimate is over $500 dollars to fix the dryer and I will be eligible for the coverage. I asked why someone else has to come over to do this since we already know the facts and apparently if you are not a technician you cannot speak with the Sears personnel that actually approve the service contract. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there were no managers and nobody there could approve my contract and that had to be done by ONLY sending over another technician and having him call it in. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
gregory a warren on 07/24/2013:
Sears Craftsman lawn mower has/had for one year with good maintain work had it serviced and never worked right the service sent it back and was told I caused the problem and will not repair it unless I pay for it I told them no way will I pay to fix a lawn mower that has a two year warranty on it and they fix it any way and sent it back to the store .
SearsCare on 07/25/2013:
Dear Gregory A Warren,

My name is Dee M. with Sears Cares and we want to offer our assistance regarding the problems you are wrote about regarding your lawn mower. We would be happy to discuss the details involved with the repairs and answer any other questions or concerns you may have. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Gregory A Warren), phone # used at time of purchase to . We value your Sears loyalty and look forward to speaking with you in the very near future.

Thank you,

Dee M
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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No Delivery - Terrible Call Center
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WATCHUNG, NEW JERSEY -- 3/9 - Bought a gas dryer at my local Sears in Watchung NJ. Salesman said they would deliver Monday and call Sunday night between 6 and 9 with the delivery time window.

3/11 - I never got a call from Sears regarding the delivery so I called myself at 9:30 pm. The woman said it would be there between 8 and noon. I said that was no good since no one would be home. She said no problem, she would reschedule for Tuesday 3/13. I would get a call on Monday night between 6 and 9 with the time window.

3/12 - No call on Monday night so I called myself at 9:30 pm. The woman said it was on the truck but she had no time when it would be delivered. I should call back in the morning.

3/13 - Called today at 7:15 am. At first, the woman said it was on the truck but she had no idea what time it would be delivered. When I explained that I could not stay home all day waiting she put me on hold
and then got back on the line to say it wasn't on the truck and would not be delivired today. Its a good thing I asked her when or I would have stayed home all day for nothing. As it is I was late for work. We have scheduled again for tomorrow morning and I really want to believe it will come.

The call center is obviously in India and I simply cannot understand what they are saying. Between the accent and phone noise, its hard to hear them. Plus, there is so much backround talking that I had to
tell the woman to ask the others in the room to be quiet since I could not hear her.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/13/2012:
Your best move is to cancel this entire disaster. Sears cannot get their act together. You are not the first to experience this shoddy, inept customer service. Just research this site alone.

Get your money back and find a local appliance store. Someone that REALLY cares about their customer service. Sears ain't it.

Good luck.
SearsCare on 03/13/2012:

Please accept our apologies for any miscommunication surrounding your delivery day and time frame. I know it is not easy to reschedule appointments or miss work to make yourself available for our delivery team. My name is Zenaida and I form part of the Sears Social Media Escalation Team. We do all the foot work to get this resolved and handle it from beginning to end. I would like to get you in contact with one of our dedicated case managers.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so we can get figure this out with you. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number your dryer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Timber284) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We truly value your business and look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Zenaida M.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
Bill on 03/13/2012:
Cancel the order, get your money back and find a local appliance store. You will probably pay the same or a few dollars more but you will have piece-of-mind.
I have given up on the big box stores for appliances. I have bought numerous appliances from local vendors and the prices have been competitive and the products have been better.
Since smaller stores cannot handle the larger selections they usually carry only the better products in a competitive price range.

In fact I just bought a new dishwasher yesterday from a local vendor and I have no doubt they will deliver on the day they say and install it properly.
trmn8r on 03/13/2012:
When you placed the order, and they scheduled delivery for sometime Monday, to be solidified via telephone on 3/11, did you tell them that nobody would be at home from 8am to noon?

I think you will eventually receive this order, if you have a lot of patience. I had the same problem with Verizon customer service recently - people were in the same room speaking incredibly loudly. The VZ rep said "Oh, yes, it is a very small room!" Huh?
Venice09 on 03/13/2012:
I was wondering about the delivery time, too, trmn. The date and time frame of every delivery I've had from Sears was set up at the time of purchase. But it's possible that now the time is determined during that confirmation call from the delivery service.

Either way, this is a disaster, and I would also recommend canceling the order and going to a local appliance store.
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Poor Installation/Good Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PENSACOLA, FL, NEW YORK -- I was supposed to have a Kenmore washer and dryer delivered and installed. I PAID to have them delivered and installed, it wasn't part of a sale or anything else. The delivery went fine and on time. I was at work and my boyfriend oversaw the installation. The washer went completely fine the dryer on the other hand couldn't be fully installed because we were missing a piece of the exterior vent. They decided not to even connect the dryer vent to the back of the dryer and leave it not connected at all. The only thing they really did was screw in the power supply to the back of the dryer. They didn't test the power supply or the outlet. They didn't even bother plugging it in to test if it worked. We bought the part and attached it. Of course it doesn't work. The problem has nothing to do with this part, it is an electrical issue of some sort. I received no receipt for delivery and installation, nor a phone number to call for anything.

I proceeded to call the Customer Service line. Customer Service was very polite and were almost shocked that they hadn't even bothered to test it. They are sending someone out Thursday(Today being Tuesday) to service it at no charge. They scheduled it as early as they could. They also provided me with a phone number to call in case I needed more help.

I will re-post an update after servicing, but as it stands this has been the worst installation service I've ever had, but I do commend the customer service for trying to get the issue fixed. Regardless it is going to be 2 days without a dryer, and I have no idea what the issue is to try to begin to fix it. If it was a faulty power supply I could buy a new one and have it fixed in about 5 minutes, but they didn't bother to test anything and I have nothing to go on.

I would strongly suggest not paying for delivery and just renting a truck for an hour. It is cheaper and you will be installing it yourself either way.

**This is in FL, no idea why it added New York to the end of the location

After being told that I had an appointment for a servicing today(Thursday) between 1 and 5 PM, they did not show. They did not call to reschedule, to say they were running late or a "Hey, sorry we missed you", which would be a blatant lie as there was someone home all day. I will be calling tomorrow. I do have a job and a group project due tomorrow and can't wait on hold for their 1-800 number tonight. I'll give another update after speaking to them.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/14/2012:
It might make you feel better to read some other complaints about delivery. Yours actually went pretty well by way of comparison.

Please update your review on Thursday so we know how it turned out.
SearsCare on 03/05/2012:
Dear sdurso1,

Please accept our deepest apologies for the way the installation of your dryer was handled. We understand your frustrations, you expected to start using your appliance right away and with the poor installation you were unable to. We are also very sorry for the repair as well. We understand your time is valuable and a no call no show is never acceptable. My name is Stephanie L. and I am with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. I would like one of our dedicated case managers to contact you and look further into this. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the number your dryer was purchased under and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name “sdurso1” you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Stephanie L.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
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Dryer Installation Nightmare
Posted by on
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- This is a cautionary tale of dryer service and installation delivered through Sears. I bought an expensive dryer from Sears in September 2008. It was a nice dryer and quite large for the space so I arranged to have the dryer side ventilated so that it could be placed closer to the wall in my laundry room. The technicians who arrived spoke Spanish most of the job and seemed to be arguing often.
They eventually wrapped up the job and said it was all set. I have used the dryer for three years and it seemed to be working OK until it began turning itself off and an error code kept popping up.
I thought perhaps it was time to clean the dryer vent and hired a service company to complete the job. Upon arrival they discovered that the dryer was set up to look like it was ventilated but that Sears had never made the connections on the inside of the dryer to connect to the exterior tubing in the first place. Sears sent out their own reapair/service guy and he confirmed that the install was never done correctly. Three years of lint and moisture blowing into the guts of the dryer. The only reason why it limpled along for as long as it did was due to the usage being relatively low comparative to the size of appliance purchased. Mostly families that use their dryer daily buy such an appliance and since I live alone and do laundry once weekely it took some time for the problem to get to the critical point. Now I have a dryer that is completely useless ans Sears giving me the run around about whether they will replace the machine with a comparable product or not. Considering they made the original mistake of incorrect installation you would think they would do the right thing in this instance but this is the "new" Sears not the old one. I am extremely fortunate that I did not have a house fire due to this appliance. Sears has yet to make this right and I now understand why people get fed up and sue companies. It is an absolute outrage that they left this appliance sitting in my home as an unknown hazard. Shame on Sears for not immediately making this right and passing the buck the way they have in every single call I have made to them. At this point I have no other recourse but to buy a new dryer (NOT from Sears!) and sue them over this shoddy and unprofessional service.
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User Replies:
habelle on 11/07/2011:
Wow, what a nightmare! I'm glad the improper setup didn't start a fire! What have your calls with Sears been like? Are they denying responsibility? What is their stance, and why are they not helping you? Is it the local store or corporate you've contacted? I would love to hear the rest of the details.
Slimjim on 11/07/2011:
Wow, how do you start a side vent conversion, and then button it up half done. This is a new one and I don't blame you for wanting this remedied 100%. I'm surprised you didn't feel the hot wet exhaust in the room. The air probably still made it out the venting, but the lint obviously couldn't.
swimjim on 11/07/2011:
I voted this review helpful, hopefully it will serve as notice to Sears and a warning to others.
At Your Service on 11/07/2011:
With all respect to the O.P., there is absolutely no way that an incorrect venting system, such as is being described within this complaint, could go unnoticed for even several months, let alone three years.

The lint becomes only one aspect of the venting. More dramatically is the moist air being vented off. This would cause such a humid environment that it would shut down the appliance nearly immediately as well as be very noticeable in the ever humid environment it was producing every time something was dried.

What is more plausible is that the internal venting system became detached at some point and, fairly soon thereafter, displayed the problems described. This, then, begs the question of responsibility of the installation so many years after the service was performed.

Let me ask this: If a delivery team delivers a dryer, installing the vent using the recommended clamps, would this same team be responsible should the clamps become detached three years later?
Venice09 on 11/08/2011:
"At this point I have no other recourse but to buy a new dryer (NOT from Sears!) and sue them over this shoddy and unprofessional service."

Welcome to the revolution, Sandy!

Please stick around. Your input is valued. You might also find the reviews and comments very interesting.
Slimjim on 11/08/2011:
I think AYS probably has it right on what happened
Venice09 on 11/08/2011:
"Sears sent out their own reapair/service guy and he confirmed that the install was never done correctly."
SearsCare on 11/09/2011:
To sandy_elwood46,

I do apologize for the mistake made by the Sears contractor who installed your dryer. I certainly understand your frustration with this issue and the concern that the mistake could have possibly caused a fire. We are very glad that it did not. I realize that you have not received an acceptable resolution to this issue. We do value you as a customer and would like to see how we can help with this unfortunate situation. My name is James and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team and we value you as a customer. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the dryer is listed under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (sandy_elwood46) for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
James H.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
At Your Service on 11/09/2011:
Thanks Slimjim. With a little understanding, it's really pretty straightforward. Hopefully James will be able to help her out anyway though.
Venice09 on 11/09/2011:
If the internal venting system did become detached, it was due to the installation being done incorrectly. C'mon, guys. Even Sears own representative confirmed this.
At Your Service on 11/09/2011:
Not at all. That's the same fallacy as believing the manufacturer is always responsible when something breaks. The vent was installed and was working properly for several years.

Hopefully Sandy will get the problem rectified, even if it means purchasing a new unit herself.
Venice09 on 11/10/2011:
Then how do you explain this statement:

"Sears sent out their own reapair/service guy and he confirmed that the install was never done correctly."

Certainly if the Sears repair/service guy saw any out whatsoever, he would have jumped on it. No?

"The vent was installed and was working properly for several years."

You have no way of knowing that. It's just an assumption that diminishes the importance of this review.
Tuco on 11/10/2011:
At your service's comment is correct.
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