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Sears Installation/Delivery
By -

We just bought our first home last year and had to buy most all appliances. Our first experience with Sears delivery was very good. Our 2ND avoided disaster because luckily our contractor was there when they delivered and attempted to install the washer/dryer. The delivery guys were saying that we were not hooked up to a water source or something to that effect.

Our contractor figured out the problem immediately fixed what ever very minor issue there was and the delivery guys then installed the washer/dryer with no problem. Had my contractor not been on-site though, their knowledge was extremely limited and it could have been a problem as ugly as the one I'm about to describe in this post. However, our Dishwasher was installed by I think a subcontractor of Sears who was excellent. So overall my experiences with Sears was just okay at that point.

Now here's where my Sears Delivery/installation experience gets as hairy as the experiences others have written about on this site. I ordered the Kenmore Pro 36" duel fuel freestanding stove. I have been eyeing this stove for a long time and finally took the plunge and purchased it when it went on sale... I ordered it online with next day delivery. The delivery guys, number one, did not have the 60" gas connector I had also ordered.

Okay I let go of the frustration of just having lost $14.98 because of their inadequacy, and also because at that point my main concern was to get the stove installed and running and I apparently already had a gas connector that was fine. Then they installed the 30 amp cord onto the stove and told us that we would need an electrician to get us the 220 volt line installed (we had a standard 110 outlet... my command of electrical speak is limited).

Fine, we called a wonderful electrician who did a great job. He told us that the cord Sears installed on the stove (they install it upon delivery)was no longer used for stoves and was not up to current code. The electrician installed the correct 30 amp up-to-code cord on the stove. We were thrilled. I decide I'm going to roast a chicken in my new electric oven that evening. I do everything the instructions say and after waiting ten minutes no heat. I try several times, still no heat. Sears customer service was great... they offered to deliver a new stove.

Here's where the real delivery/installation nightmare starts... The delivery comes as scheduled. They hall away the defective stove and I ask them to use the cord my electrician had installed. They said no they can't do that. They install instead a 50 amp cord and tell me that the electrician got it all wrong and that they can not hook it up and to get the electrician back to correct his mistake and then to call Sears back to have them come back and install the stove. I call my electrician in a panic as I really know nothing of any of this technical stuff at that point (this experience of course gave me a crash course!)

My electrician says he followed the instructions provided with the stove to a T. I go and find the instructions and sure enough he is right... the instructions specifically calls for a 30 amp cord NOT a 50 amp cord. My electrician explains that 50 amp is used for all-electric stoves and since this is only partially electric (oven) then only 30 amp is required. I call Sears up and explain all of this to them and they say I'll receive a call as to whether someone can get back to my home in the same day or not.

I get a call from the same delivery guy that delivered the stove that morning, insisting he cannot come back and that no one can come back and to call Sears to schedule for the next day. I call Sears very frustrated explaining the whole situation yet again. In the meantime, I get my electrician over who installs the 50 amp outlet box so that the big 50 amp cord the delivery guy incorrectly installed can be plugged in... my electrician said it would not hurt the stove because he did the wiring for that outlet to accommodate 30 amps... We do the 50 amp outlet box since Sears installed the big 50 amp cord.

Finally Sears Delivery manager calls and says the guy that delivered my stove will be over in 10 minutes. The delivery guy arrives and seems very frustrated that he had to come back and he completely discards the fact that he installed the incorrect cord and has me test the stove so that he will not be liable if anything goes wrong with the stove. Fine, I do it.

But then he has the nerve to BEG me to give him a good review when Sears calls the next day for a rating of the delivery/installation experience. His only saving grace in this story is that he did give me the 60" gas connector I had ordered that the first delivery crew did not have with them... at least I will be able to go to a Sears store and return it.

I was in shock at his overall very disrespectful attitude and more so for his not willing to correct the situation let alone admit to the fact that he did not know his product. He was very obsessed with not wanting to take responsibility for his mistake by not answering my questions regarding putting the wrong cord on my stove and he was also very obsessed with not wanting to test the stove so that he would not be deemed liable if the stove did not work or if anything broke as a result of testing it. But he very blatantly had the nerve to literally BEG me for a good customer service review.

So as far as I can tell, the oven and stove appear to work fine now but I am completely disgusted with Sears delivery/installation team. I had to miss a whole day of work because of the delivery guys incompetence and lack of caring to know what he is doing. I lost a days pay because I had to stay home and call my electrician while going back and forth with Sears. SHAME on SEARS for allowing this kind of service!!! I read countless other stories that sounded even more brutal than mine on this site. It is so sad and shameful to see such rampant incompetence.

I hope I made a good purchase and I hope I do not have to deal with any defects on this stove. With this kind of service it is hard to feel confident of anything Sears installs or sells for that matter. I hope Sears does something to make sure their staff are trained at reading the products instructions so as to avoid others having to deal with as much incompetence as I dealt with yesterday. Had they installed the correct cord on my stove,

I could have gone to work yesterday but instead I lost a whole days pay calling Sears and my electrician who also had to deal with Sears incompetence! My electrician was kind enough to not charge me for the extra visit but it wasted his day as well as mine. This is not an inexpensive stove and to have to deal with such vast incompetence is absolutely unacceptable!

Sears Washing Machine
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- On March 7, 2005 I purchased a brand new "energy efficient" washer and dryer set from Sears and paid $1,909.79 for the set. Three short years later my washing machine quit working last Wednesday evening July 2, 2008. I spent all day Thursday on the phone with Sears repair centers trying to figure out what the F11 code meant that was being displayed on my washing machine.

I was told that it was some type of electrical / computer problem and that it would take a technician coming out for a $70 service call to diagnose this problem as the warranty on this machine was only 2 years. I scheduled for the repairman to come to my home which they told me would be on Monday as Friday was the 4th of July holiday.

On Monday, July 7, 2008, a technician came to my home around 3:30 pm. - After hooking up his computer to my washing machine he told me that the part that needed replaced was something on the back- some type of main control board. He told me that he could either order a rebuilt one which would be $100.00 less than the new one but that a rebuilt one would take approximately five days to get here. However, he informed me that the new part was on his truck in stock and it was $279.43. He then told me that it would be a total of $402.33 to fix everything.

I told him to go ahead with the new part as I couldn't wait another five days to have my washer fixed and needed it taken care of. He proceeded to put the new part on and a while later informed me that this did not correct the problem. He said that to fix the washer he was going to need to order another part as he didn't have it in stock and it would be approximately five days to get THAT one.

I told him that had I known that was the case, I wouldn't have paid an extra $100.00 for the NEW part that he just installed. He again repeated himself that it would take approximately FIVE days to get the part that was needed. I asked him why he couldn't have it overnighted and he explained that the "emergency ship" had closed at 2PM from taking orders so he wouldn't be able to order it to be expedited but would still order it today. He said "You can call the 1-800-4-MYHOME number tomorrow and they will give you a tracking number so that you will know exactly what date it will arrive".

I said "I have paid A LOT of money for a washer and dryer that are only THREE YEARS OLD only to have this $400 problem and now your telling me that you can't fix it for another five days. When is Sears going to do something to help ME as their customer" and he replied "They're not".

He then informed me that I would need to put at least $375.20 down that day to get the part ordered. I asked him "What if you get this other part and that's not the problem either, then how much more is it going to cost me" and he said "Nothing. It will either be fixed or we will refund your money". I said "Can I get that in writing" and he told me "No".

I called on Tuesday July 8,2008 to the number I was given and asked for a tracking number and was told there wasn't one to call back later. I called Tuesday evening again and was told the part hadn't even been ordered as they were trying to find one. I called on Wednesday July 9th and was told there was still no tracking number and the part hadn't been ordered yet. I called later in the day on Wednesday July 9th and spoke with a customer service rep at the same number and was again told the same thing. I asked her to speak to a Supervisor who could help me get to the bottom of this and she told me there wasn't one.

I again told her I needed to speak to a Supervisor and she, in a very mocking sarcastic tone told me "they aren't taking calls today". I said "Then I would like whoever is above them" and she said "There isn't anyone" and I said "I would like to speak to someone there clear to the top that can help me with these problems" and she said "you are" and I said "Oh you run Sears" and she said "Yup". I then asked for her name and her employee number or last name for identification, both of which she refused, however, she told me that this phone call was being recorded. I hung up.

I then called the Sears Customer Relations number at 1-800-549-4505 and spoke with a rep. He was extremely professional and took all of the above mentioned information. He assured me that he would forward this to someone who WOULD get to the bottom of this and be contacting me within 24 hours.

Today is Thursday July 10th and I still have not received a phone call. Therefore, this afternoon I called the same customer relations number where I spoke to the first gentleman and then spoke with a female rep today. She asked me for my phone number, name and address, pulled up my file and then asked me what she could do for me. I said I had spoken to a gentlemen yesterday who assured me that someone would call me within 24 hours and nobody had. She then said "Well what's going on" So she made me go through the ENTIRE details AGAIN! After doing so she said "Well I'm really sorry this has happened to you but there is nothing I can do for you.

You will just have to wait for someone to call you back". She also told me that the part "looks like" it had been ordered however could not provide me with any type of tracking/shipping information. Today is now Friday July 11, 2008 and I just called the parts department again and was told that the part had been ordered from Whirlpool on July 9, 2008, and was being sent to Sears and then they would send it to me and it would be here in another 10 days. In the meantime, I have now been without a washer for 9 days and it appears that since nobody at Sears will take responsibility or be accountable for their products that it will be another few weeks.

Had I known about the customer service that Sears provided I would not have bought this appliance 3 years ago. I sold a standard GE washer and dryer that I had bought in 1992 when I bought this new set and it was still running perfectly and had never had any issues. I also was not aware that these new front load style machines with the computers in them bring MAJOR repairs charges. It's not something that you can buy a part and fix at home. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a piece of GUM from Sears!!!!

Manufacturers defect and unacceptable service solution
By -

BEDFORD, TEXAS -- In August of 2006, we were in the market for a new refrigerator. Our Amana was over 20 years old and we wanted to place it in the garage as a 2nd refrigerator and purchase a larger, stainless steel look for the kitchen. As we keep our appliances for a long time and wanted to make the right decision, we took our time shopping and referred to Consumer Reports magazine.

We finally decided on a Kenmore Model 56666, as it was rated # 1 in side-by-side refrigerators and the #1 Best Buy in the August 2006' issue of Consumer Reports. We had so much luck with our Amana refrigerator; we decided the extended warranty would not be necessary. Our total price was $1585.73. The refrigerator was delivered on August 29, 2006 and initially we were very pleased with our purchase.

Then, on February 12, 2007, I noticed a number of cracks on the interior backside of the wall had appeared. These cracks are puffed and obviously cracking from the backside of the panel into the inside. As I investigated further, I found a few other cracks beginning to appear. Realizing this was a manufacture's defect and the refrigerator was still under warranty, I called the Sear's Service Center and an appointment was scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2007.

During the service call, I learned that ours is not the first of this model of refrigerator that has had this same problem. The service man said he didn't know what was causing it, but he suspected it was from too much insulation in the lining. He said the only think they've come up with was to cut out a panel and glue it in. I was shocked and he seemed to expect my reaction. I can only assume that everyone whom has had this problem has found this to be a poor solution. He was apologetic and told me he knew how I felt because these refrigerators are really expensive and I'd only had it a few months.

He seemed genuinely sorry that this was the only solution they had come up with. I asked who else I could talk with and he suggested I call the manager of the store where the refrigerator was purchased, as well as Customer Service in Sears' corporate offices. He added that he was going to go ahead and order the part; however I could cancel the repair, depending on any other solution I came up with. He indicated that he knew it wasn't much of a solution and suggested that I could leave it as is. He felt it wouldn't hurt anything other than the appearance.

After discussing this with my husband, we decided this is an unacceptable solution. Besides the fact that we are now unhappy with our own purchase, we had recommended Kenmore to two other people who both purchased Kenmore refrigerators. Now, we wonder if they will face the same problem and partially blame us. Thus, I contacted Sears at Northeast Mall in Hurst, Texas, where we purchased the refrigerator and asked for a store manager.

The manager I was referred to was named ** and he told me he would check on it and call back. At the store manager's request, a woman named ** contacted us later in the day concerning our complaint. She told us nothing would be cut out of or removed from our refrigerator; instead a 3' X 5' panel would be glued into the inside back panel to cover the cracks. We expressed our discontent in this inferior solution and the only concession ** would offer is extending the warranty on the back end. The inside of the refrigerator appears to be one solid molded piece.

The panel would not be flush and would not solve the problem, only temporarily cover it up. Since areas would have to be cut out for the light bulb and possibly hoses, there would be a number of edges that would not be flush; rather, they would harbor soil and bacteria. As the plastic repair panel would be made of a different material would it yellow or discolor like so many plastics. In addition, we would not be able to tell if there are any leaks or other problems. The Kenmore solution is not much better than using duct tape.

Because this is not an acceptable solution for a manufacturers defect in an expensive refrigerator that is still under warranty, we asked ** who was higher in the chain of command that we might further discuss this matter with. ** rather abruptly informed us that “she was it!” She said we could not go any higher because she is the “National Level One Source Customer Relations Manager.”

We then informed ** that she left us with no recourse other than to contact the President of Sears, Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, and any complaint websites we might find. ** simply gave us our case number: ** for any references to our problem and offered no other solutions to our complaint.

Interestingly, the replacement part was shipped to us and we received it on February 26, 2007. As the box, itself, only measures 25” X 35,” I knew it could not hold a 3' by 5' panel as described by **, so I decided to look inside. I found a flimsy plastic panel measuring 22” by 35.” As this would not come close to covering the back panel, I wondered if they planned to glue it on the back in pieces.

We are so very disappointed in Sears. Our home is filled with Kenmore appliances and we are planning to completely remodel our kitchen and utility room in the near future. Kenmore would have been at the top of our list; however, unless this is resolved in an acceptable manner, we will never recommend Kenmore appliances to anyone, nor will we ever purchase one again. Please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding finding a solution to this problem.

Kenmore Ergo Elite 3 embroidery machine
By -

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- In October 2004, I went to my local Sears store (Las Cruces, NM) to look at sewing machines. I've grown up with stories, as many other consumers have, praising the quality (not to mention the longevity) of the products sold by Sears. My mother remembers with fondness an old treadle style sewing machine owned by her grandmother - purchased at Sears (which one of Mom's cousins took when her grandmother passed on to her reward). That sewing machine still works to this day! Sears had just introduced the "Kenmore" Ergo Elite 3 embroidery machine and, as is status quo in Las Cruces, at least - they only had the floor model in stock.

The Sales Associate was polite and made a point of drawing my attention to the "sale" price of $1,499.99 (normally $1,999.99), with the added "bonus" of completing a rebate form and receiving (49) additional presser feet. She also made a point of telling me that all of their higher end "Kenmore" machines were manufactured for them by Janome - a name I trusted. (Lower end "Kenmore machines are manufactured by Brother).

Well, I bought the speech - and the machine (it was, after all, more affordable getting a Janome machine from a national retailer with buying power than it was to go to my local Janome dealer and pay three times as much for an identical product). The sales person tried selling me the infamous "extended warranty" as I've bought so many times in the past (and I learned my lesson... I thought) for the nominal price of $339.00 a year.

Although the machine had a one (1) year warranty, I was told that testing complaints with the Unit stemmed from the touch screen failing after hours of constant hard use - something I would not be doing to the machine. I was confident in the Janome name behind the machine and I honestly did not expect the machine to fail.

Although I paid for the machine at the time of purchase, it took over a week for it to arrive - not in keeping with the promised delivery time. I had to go to the Sears store to pick it up (UPS would have brought it to my home for an additional $50.00 charge), but all in all, now that I had the machine I was happy with it.

Within three (3) months that "honeymoon" was over. Although I was using the machine infrequently, I had to service it at least once per use. It has also developed a very loud clicking sound that persisted after stitching (simple straight stitches any machine should be able to perform) for just two or three minutes. I was constantly referring to the Owner's manual looking for information / assistance - and for the dozens of pages that made up the manual, there was no real guidance for servicing the machine aside from cleaning lint out of the bobbin relay.

Confident my machine was under warranty, I began to read that section in detail only to learn that I had been LIED to. The Ergo Elite only has a NINETY day warranty - not the full one (1) year warranty I was promised at the time of purchase! I called the trouble line listed in the Owner's manual (JAMAC, Inc. - subsidiary of Sears) incessantly leaving detailed messages and seeking guidance. Was my issue under warranty or wasn't it? No one ever answered their phones and they were proving to be incapable of returning telephone calls.

Cleaning the machine incessantly allowed me to sew with it and minimize the clicking noise, but it was disappointingly. The first machine I had owned that required more time to maintain it than you were able to sew with it. Needless to say, I didn't get much sewing done.

By August of 2005, although I may have had all of fifty hours of sewing time on the machine, it experienced a complete power failure and was now useful only as a VERY pricey, oversized paperweight. Calls to JAMAC, Inc. for troubleshooting assistance (was it a warranty issue or wasn't it?!?) were still being ignored. By now I had received only one call back with a canned message of "returning your call". I was livid! I had been leaving detailed messages explaining my issue - the least they could have done is left the answer to my question on my machine.

When I tried to return the call I was further dismayed - now their answering machine was so full of messages that I couldn't even leave my return message. It took the better part of a week for me to be able to leave a message again! By now I was really starting to wonder how many other unsuspecting consumers had experienced the same problems I was without resolution.

Why else is no one ever available to answer the phone during promised business hours?!? Why is their answering machine so full that it can't receive any more messages?!? Frustrated and tired of being able to use my sewing machine, I took it to my local Janome store for servicing. Three weeks later it came back - UNREPAIRED - IRREPARABLE.

Although the machine is manufactured by Janome for Sears, it is made to Sears' specifications - not Janome's. Two thirds of the parts in the machine are non Janome parts - they are, in fact, brandless "junk" parts that can not be replaced by anyone other than Sears. The few Janome parts of my machine were functional, but the junky electronics and other parts had stopped communicating with the Janome parts.

My thread tensioner was already in need of replacement and no longer functioned. The repairman was stunned by the lack of quality in this machine. He called Sears as I had done, seeking assistance. He wanted to know where he could find the components necessary to make my machine functional. Instead he was told to close the machine up and send it to a Sears repair center in Dallas, TX accompanied by a check for $600.00!

The machine, instead, came back to me. My repairman was kind enough to eat the bill for looking at my machine and urged me to get my money back. I've been trying ever since... I called my store, first. They were of no assistance and refused to answer me when I asked about the failure / return rate of the machine. I then filed a complaint against Sears with the Attorney General's Office (State of New Mexico) Consumer Protection Division. In New Mexico, as long as you have not taken formal legal action against the Company you are fighting with, you can ask the Office of the Attorney General - Consumer Protection Division to intercede.

The first week of October 2005, I received a letter from the CPD. They had contacted my local Sears store and received a sugary response from its' Manager, a **. She sent them a printed page off of their computer system stating that the Ergo Elite 3 did, in fact, have a one year warranty - in direct opposition to the statements made in my Owner's manual.

The letter encouraged me to contact ** for a seemingly quick, amicable, and painless resolution. I packed up my machine and headed straight for my Sears store. I went to the sewing machine area and showed the Associate the letters from the AG and **. As it was after 7pm, I didn't expect ** to still be in the store - I just wanted to find out how we were going to come to an amicable resolution (I wanted them to take their machine and put it somewhere impolite, and refund the purchase).

Instead ** appeared after making me wait five (5) minutes and began dressing me down, yelling at me in front of her employees and other customers. She was furious that I had reported her store to the Attorney General's office and seemed bent upon making an example of me.

According to ** I invalidated the warranty when I allowed my Janome repairman to touch my machine. I was attacked for not calling the (800) MY number (** just kept moving closer and closer, hands on hips, towering over me with her attitude) to which I responded I had called the number referenced in my Owner's Manual. She berated me for not calling the correct number - but if the number in the Owner's manual is incorrect, WHY is it there?!?

If my machine were truly under a one (1) year warranty as alleged by **, why was I never provided with written confirmation of such at the time of purchase?!? **'s conduct was so egregious a person of lesser patience might have struck her in response to her bullish, immature, and unprofessional attack. I was hatefully escorted (by several employees) to the Service Department and told they would look at my machine - only because it was still warrantied - but that I would be liable for the charges (so how is that "warranty"???).

With that ** turned on her heels and stormed off. A week later Sears repair called and said the machine only needed to be "cleaned" and it was perfectly functional. It remains at the Sears store to this day. I refuse to condescend to set foot on Sears property after how their "Manager" behaved.

The Attorney General's Office is as upset as I am by **'s conduct - she lied to them - and they are still fighting with Sears for me. At least they respond when the Attorney General calls - although that's about all they've done so far. Still no refund. I am boycotting all Sears and K-Mart locations as is my family - and I actively encourage others to do likewise. I can easily take their sales ads to other retailers who will be only too happy to price match. I am also INCREDIBLY disappointed in Janome.

Realizing this is a Company of Japanese origin, it amazes me that they would sully their reputation in such a terrible fashion. Does the revenue generated for them by Sears keep their company afloat? Are they in that poor a financial condition (which I find quite hard to believe)? Why else allow Sears to compromise their own reputation? Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - isn't going to happen. I won't spend $6,000.00 on another Janome "machine"... I'm boycotting Janome, too.

Sears Warranty Complaint
By -

RANCHO CUCAMONGA -- I purchased a Kenmore Mini Fridge in December of 2008 and got the Sears 2 Year Warranty. It worked great until 4/15/10 when it just wouldn't keep anything COOL anymore. So I sent it to the local Sears Repair Center 4/17/10 and get a call a few days later 4/19/10 saying it will cost me $172.19 for repair parts. When in the first place I originally paid $100 for the unit. Not 1 time while I was on the phone getting the run around & (hung up on, mind you) did the reps tell me what parts exactly I would be paying for and how they even came up with the price of $172.19 is beyond me.

They were basically trying to put the blame on me saying I destroyed the unit. Before I had taken the unit in I noticed a hole at the backside top of the fridge and it looked like it exploded. They said due to frost that it damaged the cooling freeze or whatever. There was very little frost when the fridge wasn't producing cold air.

The compressor tank on the bottom of the fridge was super hot when I had it unplugged. I mean what if it was left plugged in. It could have blown up or started a fire I should sue their ass. It's just unacceptable. So I told them to keep the piece of crap and dispose of it because there was no way I was paying the ridiculous fee. Warranty's = Free money for Sears DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Agitating Agitator
By -

The agitator on this washer is poorly designed. It has 3 fins at the bottom. There is about 1cm of space between the distal portion of each fin and the base of the agitator. The space is lessened gradually as it runs alongside the bottom of each fin and towards the middle of the agitator. At the "end" of the groove, there is a little extra rounded space. One might think from looking at this design that it was purposely invented to ruin clothing. I have had many, many tank tops straps, long-sleeve shirts sleeves, and ties/loops of my clothing, caught on these fins.

As if being caught and violently swished around, isn't bad enough, anything caught is subjected to being wound tightly around the agitator during the spin cycle. I have had to free many, many items from this trap and some did not "make it". I have removed shirts who's sleeve cuff got wedged under the fin resulting in a torturous stretching of the one sleeve. Often times it causes ripping, but in some cases the only result is severe stretching (ie a shirt with one orangutan-length arm and one human-length arm).

In any case, the design is just plain stupid. If water resistance needed to be reduced, they could have made holes in attached fins. If the fins are designed to sway in the water (they don't appear to do this but who can tell at that speed), then that is just plain dumb as there is no realistic way to do this without causing some issue of entanglement. Sears, please tell me there is another agitator I can use in this machine and please, send me one.

Kenmore Model 795.5137 refrigerator
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Purchased a Kenmore elite refrigerator freezer side by side model number 795.5137. Took delivery on a Wednesday. The doors were taken off for entrance into the house. Plugged it in about 3pm after putting the water line on and taking off the tons of tape used in shipping. Four hours later still as warm in the fridge as outside. Called tech service after being transferred three times to an expert on this fridge I was told I must wait 24-36 hours. I explained I had food sitting in ice chests and on my counter, he said do not put food in. I waited 24 hours and did not open the doors at all.

When I checked the fridge was still warm, the fan was blowing warm air. I called the tech service transferred three times to the EXPERT this guy had me press a few buttons and asked that I hold my phone up to a small speaker on the door. The speaker let out what sounded like a fax machine. The expert said from that sound he could tell the fridge was in fact cooling down and that the inside temperature was 74. I explained that in my house and outside the temperature was 70 so I would be better off leaving my food outside. I than was told wait a few more hours which I did.

At somewhere after 11:30 pm I had had it I called again and was told to call delivery service and have the fridge exchanged. I had to wait until the morning. I called delivery service and was told I could not get a new fridge delivered for three days. I raised hell and got a next day delivery. Next day new fridge arrived at 3pm delivery guys took off doors brought it in and took the old one. I asked delivery guy if taking the doors off may have had something to do with the problem he said no way. So I hooked up the water line peeled off the tape and plugged it in.

Four hours later nothing fan blowing warm air. Called tech same transfer three times finally got tech said I must wait 24 hours do not open doors. I tied a string on the handles so nobody would open this thing up. 24 hours later untied the doors expected to find a fridge waiting to cool my food and guess what yep warmer than outside, called tech service again told I should check outlet voltage which I did and it was perfect, I even ran a heavy duty extension cord to an air condition outlet in the living room and no difference.

Tech said I need to schedule a repair man, was told 10/24 first available I explained to tech on phone that that is over a week away she said nothing she could do. She than said if you have medication in the fridge it will be considered an emergency. I said I do have medication in the fridge and she made the appointment for three days out. As I right this my wife is on the phone getting no where with Sears. I will not be waiting for a tech I will be getting this back to Sears and purchasing a reliable fridge from somewhere else. I'm done with Sears if I could I would drive this fridge to the CEO doorstep and leave it there. I have been a liflong Sears customer no more

To the County DUMP!! Worthless wine cooler & Master Protection Agreement
By -

You be the judge. I want your feedback before I file a claim in County court next Monday. I stupidly made the ASSumption the Master Protection Agreement was for the customer. In reality it is the, "€œSEARS Master Protection Agreement"€, NOT the "Customer Master Protection Agreement."€ The MPA is pure profit for Sears and they throw enough hurdles in the way it is worthless insurance. 28 years as a customer purchasing appliances for rental houses, 14 refrigerators, 6 washer/dryers, and 3 vacuums, big screen TV:

And beginning in March 2008, I finally began 2 1/2 years of buying high end appliances and squirreling them away into storage for my own kitchen remodel. The remodel took us forever doing it ourselves for cash. 1st appliance we installed on a hot August day in 2009- since it was a simple plug-in was the wine cooler. 16 months old by the receipt date, but never used by us- it won't work. On 8/15/09 out comes the service technician under the $190 Master Protection Agreement who puts a big ugly fluorescent green sticker on the $515 wine cooler as "Scrap product, not repairable."

The techie says the cooler still has a "test piece"€ on the end of a missing copper pipe and never should have been sold to us. He also tells us he knows we didn't do it because we can't buy the "test piece" he's looking at. The tech told us to take it to the Thurston County dump. (Sears owes me $10 for that too.) A few days later, I received a phone call suspiciously chastising me for waiting more than a year to use the product, then grudgingly telling me I have a $500 credit toward another cooler.

I kept buying other appliances as they became available and when I was paying, I was told by Sears' staff I could ONLY use my postcard to buy another wine cooler. Knowing we still have at least another year on the remodel and not wanting to get chastised twice, I waited patiently until the kitchen was done (hallelujah) in August 2010 to go buy another cooler with the $500 credit (and prayed during those long remodel months the new appliances in storage would work when the time came.)

Guess what? When I went to buy in July 2010 a much more expensive GE Profile wine cooler and presented the postcard for the $500 credit, the Lacey Sears store wouldn't honor it. Sales staff told me I needed a "œPA #". The staff called a phone number, 800-479-6351 handed the phone to me, whereupon ** gave me PA # **, but told me it was useless because I had had only 90 days to use it. First I'd heard of that, especially after getting chastised for buying too early the last time and getting rejected multiple times to use it on other appliances!

** offered to send a 2nd techie out to verify the wine cooler was indeed broken. (Now what good would that do? The 1st tech sent to me was incompetent? I found this was a "€œred herring" to side track me as Sears corporate and I, both had the 1st tech'™s laptop print out that said the unit was defective.) I explained the cooler had gone to The Dump under the 1st tech'™s instructions. I tried explaining that denying me the credit toward purchase was a stupid decision since the $500 credit was against a $1055.99 item and I would be paying them an additional $600 for the GE Profile cooler.

So Sears has my money for the very last kitchen I will ever buy from them. Over 2 1/2 years I bought a Kitchen Aid frig, Jenn Air double ovens, a Kenmore range, a Kenmore Elite gas cook top, a Kitchen Aid warming drawer, 2 Maytag & Kenmore Elite dishwashers, 2 Kenmore Elite washers & 2 dryers.

I have just gathered all of the receipts, notes, 1st tech computer print out, green Replacement Audit Tag, and post card for proof of every word of this and next Monday I am going to file in small claims court for the wine cooler, dump fee, and Master Protection Agreement fee. We'll see what a judge thinks is equitable. At the very least, I want refunded the $515.93 wine cooler, 8.8% sales tax, $10 dump fee, and the $190.43 MPA fee. P.S. In August 2010 we bought a Danby 2-door combination wine cooler and beverage center from Walmart for $990 and are very pleased with it!

P. S.S. 10/24/2010 I received a response from Sears Cares- another mockery of a phrase. Their offer is re-issue the authorization code to shop Sears for a new wine cooler: "While I would encourage you to keep your Sears wine cooler and perhaps return the purchase made elsewhere, you would not be required to keep the wine cooler obtained with the re-issued authorization code. You would be welcome to give it as a gift, or perhaps sell it for profit."

No thanks Sears Cares, I have a set of values & morals. In this poor economy, I would sooner gift $500 worth of food. Furthermore, Walmart earned their sale with a good Danby product that worked. Why would I stick it to their profit margin with a return of a perfectly good product 4 months later?

I am fleeing the Corporate relentless pursuit to the bottom by thrashing and abusing an excellent, long term customer- me. I have found a reason Sears/Kmart went bankrupt. My mission and sport now will be to use every avenue available to me to tell future customers the ailing Goliath has suicidal depression and will abuse them too without regard or regret.

Dissatisfied with product and service
By -

On October 6, 2009, we purchased a Kenmore Elite stove/oven. In the 8 months that we have owned the appliance it has broken twice. With both instances a part needed to be ordered and we were without the full use of the appliance. All together, in the 8 months we have owned the appliance, we were without full use of the appliance for approximately 30 days. When we purchased the oven, we also purchased a refrigerator and a dishwasher. We purchased all 3 appliances and had faith in the brand and the products. Since the oven has now needed repair twice we have since lost faith in the product.

When we contacted Sears Customer Solutions they were no help. My husband spent 2 hours on the phone with customer solutions, talked to at least 5 different people and still received no resolution. All he wanted was to speak to someone that had authority to either give us a replacement unit or a free 5 year warranty. 2 people flat out refused to give him their supervisor's name and contact information. My husband was asking for reasonable information.

Once he found out the initial person could not help him, he wanted to talk to their manager. After being transferred to that person and it became apparent that they could not help him, he asked to speak to their manager. At this point ** refused to give us the name of his supervisor, corporate address or phone number.

Initially we were asking for a new stove to replace our appliance; no upgrades, no compensation for the 30 days we did not have full use of it. After spending $1600.00 on an appliance, you do not expect to have it break 2 times in 8 months. Our reasoning is that if we continue with this track record, in 4 months when the oven breaks again, it will be out of warranty and we will need to pay out of pocket. Both repairs involved electrical parts and we feel that there is something wrong with this unit's electrical system. It's like replacing your tires because of uneven wear.

The tires may be new but the alignment is still out causing the same tire wear. During our conversation, ** our case worker, put my husband on hold to write down some notes. He asked ** to have a copy of his notes to make sure he was writing down the correct information. He flat out refused to fax or email us a copy. Then my husband politely asked ** to read his notes to him and again his request was denied. At this point my husband's frustration level was on the rise. He had been on the phone for 2 plus hours and been placed on hold several times.

He couldn't figure out why ** would spend so much time on the phone so he asked him if he was allowed to hang up on him, again he refused to answer my husband's question. He tried to explain to ** that if they had pride in their work and believed they were selling a good product that there shouldn't be any problems with giving us an extended warranty.

He also explained to ** that we would be without an oven for a week and how would we cook. He suggested for us to rent an oven and he could send us a $25.00 voucher. My husband asked ** for our case number so we would have a reference number; again ** refused to give it to him and then hung up on my husband as he was in mid sentence.

This has been a very frustrating and eye opening experience for us as consumers. Our old GE oven was over 15 years old and we had never needed service on it. We are truly regretful that we did not buy a new GE oven instead of the Kenmore brand. Furthermore, it is absolutely ridiculous to spend 2 hours on the phone with customer solutions and not receive a SOLUTION! In closing, you have lost us as Sears consumers and we will be telling our family, friends, neighbors, business associates and internet contacts about the unpleasant customer service we received from Sears.

Defective Washers totally unfair, demand a recall or free repair!
By -

There are thousands of peoplehaving the issue of accelerated corrosion on these machines. The corrosion seems to be the result of sabotage. These washers have aluminum bearings which are attached to the steel drums. This is a no-no that is well known to anyone who makes machinery. The galvanized action between the aluminum and steel will lead to severe and rapid corrosion. The replacement of the bearing is too costly to make it worthwhile. Sears will not sell the bearing alone so once you pay for parts and labor, you will probably spend more than the cost of a new washer.

The corrosion of this bearing is guaranteed and Sears has deliberately sold these faulty washers. The corrosion will probably begin to occur within a few months, but will progress at varying rates depending on other factors. It seems that the average life of these bearings is 5 years from what I've read so far. One person replaced his bearing near the 6 month mark and it corroded severely again approximately 6 months later. I am sure there are many more cases like his that are not heard about.

The reason I am here is to ask for a fair resolution to this matter. Instead of pushing for recall, I propose a less expensive solution for Sears. I think Sears should start a program to cover the repairs of bearing corrosion for 15 years from the purchase date of each machine OR offer each affected person a fair, partial refund on their washing machine (a pro-rated amount based on the expected appliance life of 15 years plus a fair amount toward installation fees, etc).

I also think a website and phone hotline needs to be set up for the owners of these machines so that everyone has access to this program and the refund amounts or promise to repair are written in plain English (or whatever language is suitable) on the webpage. I'm tired of this company pushing little people around and I want to see that everyone is treated fairly. If you are with me, please leave a comment. Sears, your Kenmore/Frigidaire washer is a piece of junk.

Not only did it fall apart after less than 4 years of use, but it badly damaged my tenant's clothing and bedding causing hundreds of dollars in losses for me. Are you prepared to reimburse me for my damages? Don't contact me until you are. I will be adding up my losses and contemplating what I think is a fair compensation before I file a case with the local small claims court. I have alerted a class action lawsuit specialist to this issue and they are eager to take the case as we already have over a dozen people on board.

I only began research on this 3 days ago and can imagine how many thousands of people would come forward if I did a little advertising to find victims. I'm ready to settle this. If you have something to offer me, put your terms in plain writing on this site. If you do not post your intentions, I will assume you plan to manipulate me, and I'm not interested.

Exposing your company for the selfish entity that it is, is somewhat rewarding, so make your offer a good one, if you want me to be happy. Keep in mind that I paid $649 for the washer plus $199 to "setup" which included connecting two hoses and plugging it it. In addition I paid for delivery and purchased the top mount dryer which I have no use for without the washer. I hope you have a reasonable and fair offer to put on the table.

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