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Defective Washers totally unfair, demand a recall or free repair!
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There are thousands of peoplehaving the issue of accelerated corrosion on these machines. The corrosion seems to be the result of sabotage. These washers have aluminum bearings which are attached to the steel drums. This is a no-no that is well known to anyone who makes machinery. The galvanized action between the aluminum and steel will lead to severe and rapid corrosion. The replacement of the bearing is too costly to make it worthwhile. Sears will not sell the bearing alone so once you pay for parts and labor, you will probably spend more than the cost of a new washer.

The corrosion of this bearing is guaranteed and Sears has deliberately sold these faulty washers. The corrosion will probably begin to occur within a few months, but will progress at varying rates depending on other factors. It seems that the average life of these bearings is 5 years from what I've read so far. One person replaced his bearing near the 6 month mark and it corroded severely again approximately 6 months later. I am sure there are many more cases like his that are not heard about.

The reason I am here is to ask for a fair resolution to this matter. Instead of pushing for recall, I propose a less expensive solution for Sears. I think Sears should start a program to cover the repairs of bearing corrosion for 15 years from the purchase date of each machine OR offer each affected person a fair, partial refund on their washing machine (a pro-rated amount based on the expected appliance life of 15 years plus a fair amount toward installation fees, etc).

I also think a website and phone hotline needs to be set up for the owners of these machines so that everyone has access to this program and the refund amounts or promise to repair are written in plain English (or whatever language is suitable) on the webpage. I'm tired of this company pushing little people around and I want to see that everyone is treated fairly. If you are with me, please leave a comment. Sears, your Kenmore/Frigidaire washer is a piece of junk.

Not only did it fall apart after less than 4 years of use, but it badly damaged my tenant's clothing and bedding causing hundreds of dollars in losses for me. Are you prepared to reimburse me for my damages? Don't contact me until you are. I will be adding up my losses and contemplating what I think is a fair compensation before I file a case with the local small claims court. I have alerted a class action lawsuit specialist to this issue and they are eager to take the case as we already have over a dozen people on board.

I only began research on this 3 days ago and can imagine how many thousands of people would come forward if I did a little advertising to find victims. I'm ready to settle this. If you have something to offer me, put your terms in plain writing on this site. If you do not post your intentions, I will assume you plan to manipulate me, and I'm not interested.

Exposing your company for the selfish entity that it is, is somewhat rewarding, so make your offer a good one, if you want me to be happy. Keep in mind that I paid $649 for the washer plus $199 to "setup" which included connecting two hoses and plugging it it. In addition I paid for delivery and purchased the top mount dryer which I have no use for without the washer. I hope you have a reasonable and fair offer to put on the table.

Confidentiality Notice: You should not retain, copy or use this posting or for any purpose, nor disclose all or any part of the contents to any other person. The information contained in this posting is legally privileged and confidential. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this posting without consent from the author is strictly prohibited.

Central Heat and Air
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ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- Please reconsider before you choose Sears to install any new central heat and air system if you are in the Tampa Bay area. My experience should make you run the other way. We decided to go with Sears because we wanted a company that had been around for a long time when we were making such a large purchase. We signed on the dotted line wrote them a check and the fun begins. We agreed on an installation date and the vans pulled up only to find out they weren't from Sears at all they were contracted from Sears to install my new ac unit might I add only 1 of them spoke English.

OK I was just excited that we would have a nice cold house that evening. The unit was installed both air handler and outside compressor. Things seemed fine until June when it really warmed up and I started noticing all these little bugs and water dripping in my hallway. Then boom a huge chunk of my ceiling came crashing down.

Called Sears they finally had the original installers come out and check the unit to see what was wrong. I had water everywhere. They didn't hook up the drain line and they also didn't install the safety for the drip pan so the unit continued to run and overflowed into my attic creating a huge mold problem along with the now huge hole in my ceiling.

1 month later they sent this man out not with any company to patch the hole in my ceiling. I hope by this point you are running in the other direction away from Sears. OK so we get through that part in an untimely manner and the next summer comes, the air conditioner will just not keep up with the heat. I call Sears they said these new energy efficient units run this way and not to worry so we sweat through that summer with the unit running constantly.

The thermostat was set at 76 and it would always read 78 to 80 and finally catch up around 11 at night. Next summer season 3 comes and the unit starts to freeze up am fed up with Sears and call another company it's out of freon. They refill the unit and have to come back out again before the end of the season to refill and insist that I will not have a working unit next summer. They were right we are now into the 4th dreadful year with this unit a few days away from it's install date and sure enough it completely quits. Shuts the breaker off and everything.

Sears gets to deal with this once again because it's under warranty. So they come out after being without air for 4 days and tell me that my compressor has froze up and needs replaced but good thing it's under warranty. It will take 2 days to get the new parts but the labor will cost you 500.00 plus 80.00 for my trip today. So this big piece of junk I bought from them has cost me a grand total of 6280.00 and that's not including the charges from the other service trips from the other company! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM SEARS I REALLY HOPE YOU WILL CONSIDER AN ALTERNATIVE THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE AND WILL ROB YOU BLIND!

Sears Washing Machine
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- On March 7, 2005 I purchased a brand new "energy efficient" washer and dryer set from Sears and paid $1,909.79 for the set. Three short years later my washing machine quit working last Wednesday evening July 2, 2008. I spent all day Thursday on the phone with Sears repair centers trying to figure out what the F11 code meant that was being displayed on my washing machine.

I was told that it was some type of electrical / computer problem and that it would take a technician coming out for a $70 service call to diagnose this problem as the warranty on this machine was only 2 years. I scheduled for the repairman to come to my home which they told me would be on Monday as Friday was the 4th of July holiday.

On Monday, July 7, 2008, a technician came to my home around 3:30 pm. - After hooking up his computer to my washing machine he told me that the part that needed replaced was something on the back- some type of main control board. He told me that he could either order a rebuilt one which would be $100.00 less than the new one but that a rebuilt one would take approximately five days to get here. However, he informed me that the new part was on his truck in stock and it was $279.43. He then told me that it would be a total of $402.33 to fix everything.

I told him to go ahead with the new part as I couldn't wait another five days to have my washer fixed and needed it taken care of. He proceeded to put the new part on and a while later informed me that this did not correct the problem. He said that to fix the washer he was going to need to order another part as he didn't have it in stock and it would be approximately five days to get THAT one.

I told him that had I known that was the case, I wouldn't have paid an extra $100.00 for the NEW part that he just installed. He again repeated himself that it would take approximately FIVE days to get the part that was needed. I asked him why he couldn't have it overnighted and he explained that the "emergency ship" had closed at 2PM from taking orders so he wouldn't be able to order it to be expedited but would still order it today. He said "You can call the 1-800-4-MYHOME number tomorrow and they will give you a tracking number so that you will know exactly what date it will arrive".

I said "I have paid A LOT of money for a washer and dryer that are only THREE YEARS OLD only to have this $400 problem and now your telling me that you can't fix it for another five days. When is Sears going to do something to help ME as their customer" and he replied "They're not".

He then informed me that I would need to put at least $375.20 down that day to get the part ordered. I asked him "What if you get this other part and that's not the problem either, then how much more is it going to cost me" and he said "Nothing. It will either be fixed or we will refund your money". I said "Can I get that in writing" and he told me "No".

I called on Tuesday July 8,2008 to the number I was given and asked for a tracking number and was told there wasn't one to call back later. I called Tuesday evening again and was told the part hadn't even been ordered as they were trying to find one. I called on Wednesday July 9th and was told there was still no tracking number and the part hadn't been ordered yet. I called later in the day on Wednesday July 9th and spoke with a customer service rep at the same number and was again told the same thing. I asked her to speak to a Supervisor who could help me get to the bottom of this and she told me there wasn't one.

I again told her I needed to speak to a Supervisor and she, in a very mocking sarcastic tone told me "they aren't taking calls today". I said "Then I would like whoever is above them" and she said "There isn't anyone" and I said "I would like to speak to someone there clear to the top that can help me with these problems" and she said "you are" and I said "Oh you run Sears" and she said "Yup". I then asked for her name and her employee number or last name for identification, both of which she refused, however, she told me that this phone call was being recorded. I hung up.

I then called the Sears Customer Relations number at 1-800-549-4505 and spoke with a rep. He was extremely professional and took all of the above mentioned information. He assured me that he would forward this to someone who WOULD get to the bottom of this and be contacting me within 24 hours.

Today is Thursday July 10th and I still have not received a phone call. Therefore, this afternoon I called the same customer relations number where I spoke to the first gentleman and then spoke with a female rep today. She asked me for my phone number, name and address, pulled up my file and then asked me what she could do for me. I said I had spoken to a gentlemen yesterday who assured me that someone would call me within 24 hours and nobody had. She then said "Well what's going on" So she made me go through the ENTIRE details AGAIN! After doing so she said "Well I'm really sorry this has happened to you but there is nothing I can do for you.

You will just have to wait for someone to call you back". She also told me that the part "looks like" it had been ordered however could not provide me with any type of tracking/shipping information. Today is now Friday July 11, 2008 and I just called the parts department again and was told that the part had been ordered from Whirlpool on July 9, 2008, and was being sent to Sears and then they would send it to me and it would be here in another 10 days. In the meantime, I have now been without a washer for 9 days and it appears that since nobody at Sears will take responsibility or be accountable for their products that it will be another few weeks.

Had I known about the customer service that Sears provided I would not have bought this appliance 3 years ago. I sold a standard GE washer and dryer that I had bought in 1992 when I bought this new set and it was still running perfectly and had never had any issues. I also was not aware that these new front load style machines with the computers in them bring MAJOR repairs charges. It's not something that you can buy a part and fix at home. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a piece of GUM from Sears!!!!

Shoddy Technical Service, Warranty Malfeasance
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SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Sears refused to honor warranty obligations for a microwave purchased on 20 December 2003 (Kenmore Elite Ultra Wave Microwave Hood Combination, model 721.63663). The Sears technician improperly diagnosed our problem and Sears refused to acknowledge their responsibility under the warranty. The microwave malfunctioned on 23 November 2007. We contacted Sears to arrange service. We knew that an “F-9” error likely referred to magnetron malfunction which was covered under the 5-year manufacturer's warranty. After a two week wait (7 Dec), the technician arrived to diagnose the unit.

We told him that we suspected the magnetron which would be covered under the warranty. Although we were not aware of this at the time, the Sears technician misdiagnosed the problem. Instead fingering the inverter board which was NOT covered by the warranty. Since the warranty seemed to be void and the technician estimated an additional wait of 2+ weeks for repair service, we declined their estimate and paid $65. The following day (8 Dec), we contacted another service representative who could respond more quickly to fix the inverter board.

This representative corrected the misdiagnosis and installed a new, operational magnetron within one hour for $305.25. He assured us that he was accredited and therefore Sears should process a refund for the warranty-protected magnetron. After gathering documentation for the purchase and the warranty, we contacted Sears on 23 December 2007 and received assurances that progress would be made the same day. The representative (Jessica) agreed our case was strong because the Sears technician misdiagnosed the problem and sent us down the wrong path. We never received the promised return phone call from Jessica or any other representative.

All further contact (through BBB) was met with furious corporate resistance. Sears insisted up and down they would not pay us a shiny dime to account for their 1) incompetent technical service, sending us down a misleading and frustrating path, and 2) the cost of the replacement part and labor which was warranty-guaranteed. Sears needs to fulfill their legal and ethical duty and reimburse us for 1) flawed technical service ($65), whereby the problem was misdiagnosed. In medicine, this is called MALPRACTICE, and for 2) the effective repair by third party technician who replaced the component covered under the 5-year warranty ($305).

The microwave now works again. No thanks at all to Sears and their tawdry warranty promises. Regardless of your eventual decision, my family and I will never again shop at Sears. I now know what I can expect from Sears' Jurassic customer service stance in the future. This has been a terrible affair with your 'customer service' and 'escalation' staff. Minimizing the problem, failing to follow up with phone calls and failing to be accountable for Sears mistakes that caused all these problems.

It would have been incredibly inexpensive for your Corporation to satisfy this straightforward claim. But instead Sears chose to chase away ALL of my future purchases for home appliances, car repairs and any other 'service' Sears provides. Rest assured, I will share this with everyone I can. And I will never spend another cent at Sears or their affiliates.

Kenmore Elite Washer/Dryer Bad Investment
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- We purchased a Kenmore elite washer and dryer, top-of-the-line series that retail for almost $3000. It was purchased in December 2012 and in doing so we asked the salesperson if it was acceptable to hold off on delivery of that until our new home was completed approximately June or July and she indicated that it was acceptable and that I should call two weeks in advance and they will order both the washer and dryer and have it available for delivery. She indicated that should there be a model change we will receive the newest model that would be available.

As it turned out there was in fact a new model of washer and dryer and we contacted them in July to have the items delivered and the salesperson who sold them to us no longer worked for Sears. Imagine that! Upon speaking with the manager and upon speaking with the department we were told that we would get the one we ordered and that they did not know why that salesperson told us that but they would not honor her commitment.

We accepted that and they delivered the washer and dryer. As soon as was delivered, they delivered the wrong dryer that had the wrong plug and was unable to set it up. They did not have the door to the dryer reversed as was ask for and the driver told us we would have to call service to have that done

The washer that was delivered that day had a failure immediately on set up and would not pump any water into the washer tub. They replaced the washer which I commend them for doing and this time we Receiving an unbalanced error and could never wash anything without the load being unbalanced and the computer system shutting down. Sears replaced the washer again at their choosing rather than to send out a technician which they should be applauded. That unit has the exact same problem.

It took one other call to get the door adjusted on the dryer. The dryer cuts off unattended. We will put a load of close in the dryer, walk away and come back and find out that the display is blank, the power is off, and the closer sitting in their wet. The new replacement washer continues to have the same problematic issues with unbalanced load and we have a service technician scheduled to come out to look at both of them.

Prior to this we had contacted Sears and indicated that we wanted to return the Kenmore elite product and purchase either a Maytag or a Whirlpool product or at least something different if not simply give us back our money because it appears that there were problems with these units. They seem to have no problem with replacing the units because I suspect the busted once went back to the factories.

They however, would not give us our money back as they said 60 days had passed since we purchased it on I said no, we had it installed in July and it was far less than 60 days but we were told by their customer service people which I suspect with their accents were not in the United States that we purchased it in December and I indicated yes, we did purchase it in December but it was not installed until July and that we wanted to return the items and I was again told no.

We escalated it to the corporate offices in Hoffman Estates and talk to what was to have been the office of the president escalating customer service issues we were treated rudely, we were talked down to, and we were told simply sit down, shut up you have purchased the unit and were not going to replace it, were not going to return it, call service if you have a problem.

I am a long time user of Sears as my mother worked for Sears and Roebuck in the 60s when Sears is owned coincidentally with Allstate insurance. So I go back a long way both with Allstate insurance as well as with purchasing my three pairs of jeans and my five shirts that all matched from Sears so that I can head off to grade school. Sears has always stood behind their products at least until now and the last time that we purchased a product at least before this purchase was in 2000 with a washer dryer in refrigerator. Those worked flawlessly.

We now have invested a substantial amount of money and my wife has to regularly babysit the washer because we will get an unbalanced error and it will continue to fill the washer with water trying to rebounds the load and we have had some instances where the washer has run for three hours and we simply had to stop and take the wet clothes out and start over again.

We continue to have the problem with the dryer where it simply turns off on its own and unless we babysit it we will end up having three hours gone by and wet close sitting in a dryer that has no power no display and is not working. My judgment is that Sears does not care and since they were purchased by Kmart, their attitude is that every consumer is dumb, ignorant, and they are doing them a favor to give them something from their stores.

I must say, this is the worst experience I've ever had with a product or a service in my life and the people that I dealt within the Hoffman Estates escalation department should be fired and they should rehire people and train them on at least how to be respectful. I am open to have my mind to change but those are the facts and that is where it stands right now.

Company Response :

We truly apologize for the frustrating experience you have encountered with your appliances and the lack of customer service you have received. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. We can truly understand how important it is to have a working washer/dryer and we would like to provide you with some available options that may assist in correcting the problems you are experiencing. We have received your contact information and one of our case managers will be contacting you to address your concerns. . Again, we're sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- In 2006 we did an $85,000 renovation of our kitchen and chose to use all Kenmore Pro appliances. Our kitchen won NARI remodeling awards in northeast Ohio after its completion. Unfortunately, choosing Kenmore appliances has turned out to be a nightmare and that is an understatement. Shortly after installation the problems began.

We have had our dishwasher fixed approximately six times for leaking. If my memory serves me right we had it fixed three times in one year. As I write this today the dishwasher is leaking all over the kitchen. The Sears technicians have replaced the door seal multiple times and it obviously still leaks. We have paid repeatedly for subsequent repairs because Sears will only stand behind their repair 90 days, if at all. Even if it has been fixed five times for the same problem if the sixth event happens on day 91 Sears employs the “gotcha” and we have to pay again.

I contacted a chat agent at Sears today. They told me to fix it myself by going to! They would be happy to send another technician and charge me again but other than that I have been told to fix it myself. The agent then went on to say that Sears appreciates my business. That is not true. In addition to the dishwasher problems we just had our Kenmore Pro refrigerator “serviced” because the inside rusted. Yes, you read that right, a Pro refrigerator rusted on the inside. The technician said it was defective workmanship but since it is no longer covered by warranty I have to pay for it.

Now we have our freezer scheduled for repair on Friday 8/9/13. We think the technician did something to the freezer when he repaired the refrigerator but do not anticipate Sears owning up to that. Additionally, the numbers for the heat settings on our cooktop knobs all wore off. My wife used a Sharpie to write the numbers back on because Sears said it is normal wear and tear and that replacement knobs will cost us $50 each. That is a nice addition to an $85,000 kitchen. A dream kitchen that in reality is a nightmare kitchen. Buyer beware. Sears will not stand behind their products. It is not the same company it once was.

Update: Sears sent me an email in regard to this post. They offered to "assist" with another repair of the dishwasher. "Assist" means they will offer me a discount on parts. Unreal. Insulting. Why would I pay any amount of money to have the dishwasher "fixed" again? Their technicians have not been able to fix it and they are now suggesting I should buy parts. If I don't laugh I will cry.

Alternatively they offered a discount on a new Kenmore dishwasher. Again, this makes no sense. Given their track record why would I purchase another Kenmore dishwasher? That is nuts. They have proven repeatedly that they don't stand behind their products. However, they repeatedly say they value my business. They value an unending stream of revenue for repairs that are the result of poor quality. They don't care that their substandard appliances are an Amityville horror for the homeowner. Message to Sears: Divest of Kmart and not loyal customers.

Company Response :

My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalation Team. I came across your post and wanted to express our apologies for the difficulties you have experienced with your dishwasher repair. At Sears, we pride ourselves on making sure our valued customers are satisfied with our products and services and it appears we have not met that goal here. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and see what can be done to restore your faith in Sears. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that I have assigned to reference your post (ejraudins), to Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you and look forward to speaking with you.

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Microwave/Oven Combo Elite Junk
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBURN, OREGON -- We purchased a microwave/wall oven combo from Sears last June (2012). From the start it didn't work as it said it should in the booklet of instructions. Called for tech to come. He didn't seem to know what he was doing with this appliance. While he told me the story about how awful customer service was when he had to order a part for one of his appliances he ordered a part for my brand new oven without hearing me tell him that we would be gone for the next week so not to send parts to house no one here. Oops, sorry already did.

Asked neighbors to watch for item which they did. We got home on a Friday they were to come the next morning and neighbors were not home to find out if parts had come. Had to cancel. Took two weeks to get anyone else out there. Second guy came, said it might need two other parts. Ordered them, first one came (they use UPS) in horrible shape so called them to say that I was afraid that the part may not be good. They ordered second one.

It came the day before appointment. Got the reminder call someone would be here between 12:00 noon and 5:00. At 6:30 I finally called to be told that it had been cancelled because their records didn't show that the part had been delivered here. No call to cancel but one to confirm appointment. It was two weeks out from Christmas at this point and I was getting ready to do yearly baking of cookies and goodies with grandchildren. Couldn't use oven since it wasn't working properly not to mention that I was having all my kids and their kids for Christmas dinner so needed the oven to work.

They scheduled the repair for Christmas Eve. I shared information about my health and the fact that I may not be here by next Christmas and had already lost the opportunity to do cookies and goodies with grandkids at which point they fit me in on Dec. 20th (2012). The first tech I had, had come again with help since they were going to have to remove the oven from wall to work on it. After all the having to wait for different parts it turned out the first part ordered was the problem. It was the heating element which is hidden under the bottom of the oven instead of exposed. Still acted up so called again. Made new appointment only to have oven stop acting up.

Cancelled that appointment only to have another problem pop up. My husband was making pizza when a small bit of cheese hit the bottom and caught fire. Smoke filled the oven and wouldn't dissipate. Set off our fire alarms over and over again. This problem continued to happen if anything hit the bottom of the oven regardless of how hot it supposedly was ruining food with smoke smell. I am sixty years old married forty years and have worked with at least 20 different ovens in my years. Never had this problem. Spillage caused smoke but it dissipated after short time. This isn't happening with this very expensive unit.

By the time the tech. (same one who came on the very first call with the other problem ) left all he had done was say that I needed to keep my oven cleaned (I had left some stuff on the bottom so he could see what happens with the smoke issue) and if something hit the bottom I would need to stop the oven, wait for it to cool down, wipe it off reheat the oven and continue cooking the meal.

I asked him if he was serious since it is ridiculous to suggest that if I am preparing say a family holiday meal and something hits the bottom that I would have to take the turkey (or whatever out) cool the oven then reheat and continue cooking. He said he was only the repairman and not the designer of the machine and left. No fix, nothing.

Apparently he told my husband that he would check around to see if there was anything he could find out but have worked with this guy before. He is a person who didn't want to be here, was supposed to show up between 8:00 and 12:00 but called at 7:15 to ask if he could come right away. I wasn't even out of bed yet.

My husband had to rush to get dressed to be able to deal with this idiot. If I don't get satisfaction with this issue I will sue. Have had enough of this type of customer disservice and am going to fight back. Sears is the worst when it comes to customer satisfaction and may go out of business as a result according to online business story I read the day before this latest problem and tech visit. I hope everyone who reads this will join me in writing to the board of directors for Sears, all the top officers and demand that they stand behind their products or close the doors.

New Kenmore Frig lasted only 10 months and they say it is only worth $150 back.
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Rating: 1/51

PARKER, AZ, ARIZONA -- I am going to list a timeline on our problem: 10/23/10 - We bought, from Sears, a Kenmore Refrigerator Model # 106.60932900 at Parker, AZ. for the amount of $608.04. 5/1/11 - Turned off electrical service to Bouse, Az address. We are snowbirds and leave during the summer. 10/08/11 - Turned electrical service on at Bouse, AZ. Refrigerator not running for a 6 month period. I have paperwork to prove this. 1/25/12 - Discovered the freezer had completely defrosted, losing about $250 worth of food. Refrigerator fan and light on but not cooling.

1/27/12 - Called Sears 1-800 number. I explained the problem and they stated that since it had been purchased more than a year ago they could not help. They transferred me to another customer service person. After I explained it had only been working for a 10 month period they agreed to pay for the service call but stated that we would have to pay for any repairs. So they scheduled a repairman to come in a week.

2/2/12 - Repairman arrived 2 hours late and wrote up a quote that the compressor was not working and the cost to repair would be $905.32. ($626.02 for compressor((which I can order online for $447))and the rest to install). Since this would have cost us more than a new refrigerator we opted not to have that done. 2/3/12 - We went out and purchased another refrigerator from Lowe's, since we had been without a refrigerator for 10 days and we had company coming for a week. 2/7/12 - I found a email address for Sears on another web site and emailed to Social Media Support Team at Sears Corp. and stated my problem.

2/13/12 - **, case manager of Social Media Case Manager, called and offered to replace the refrigerator. I said I already had purchased another one, since this was 20 days since the refrigerator stopped and I wanted my $600 refunded because it had only ran for 10 months. Then she offered us a $150 Sears gift certificate. I asked if she would email this offer to me as I was going to complain to everyone I could. She said she would.

2/21/12 ** called back and offered the $150 again and said again she would email the quote, but all I got was a statement that the case was closed. I understand that it was under warranty for 12 months. But we only used the refrigerator for a total of 10 months. This product was not of satisfactory quality, fit for one year of use, as laid down by the law.

To resolve the problem I request Sears to refund the $600 for the refrigerator. I also lost $250 worth of freezer food and went without a frig for 3 weeks. It would have been longer before being contacted by Sears. Refrigerators usually last longer than 10 months. If Sears would have let me know that it might be possible to have it replaced from the beginning, we won't have bought a new refrigerator. We couldn't wait forever.

Company Response 09/03/2013:

Dear Ms.J

We're sorry that you're facing the same problems with your refrigerator. My name is Edwin and I'm with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We would like to talk to you and assist you in resolving this problem with your refrigerator. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Ms.J) and the phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we apologize and we hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you,
Edwin C.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Bad Service and Bad Warranty
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HOFFAMAN, ILLINOIS -- I am appalled by the lack of customer service at Sears from the local store to the representatives over the phone and managers from the executive office. I spoke to a case manager by the name of ** who for starters barely speaks English. He is the rudest person I've spoken to in the last month from Sears.

This case manager not only falsified his remarks in regards to my dealings with the 3 technicians that came out to my house and left me with broken appliances still and tried to persuade me to pay for services that weren't rendered. He also bluntly told me that my service wasn't important and that he has better things to do. I spoke to a Supervisor by the name ** who promised she would call me back and now she is unavailable at all times.

Now they are giving me more of a runaround. Voice mails... "she's not available right now"... Just the worst EVER! I bought a full high end (SUPPOSEDLY) laundry appliances less than a year ago and is still under the manufacture warranty as well as the extended service plan. The appliances were over $2,000 was all Kenmore. It has taken Sears so far over 4 weeks and I still do not have a repaired washer and dryer. I'€™ve spent hours on the phone with them trying to get a simple repair. I was promised numerous times that someone would call me back within a certain amount of time and not once did they ever do so.

They are the most incompetent people ever. First they sent a repair guy out and he couldn't even figure out how to turn the washer and dryer on to see if it worked. After I showed him how to do that, he said "yes, washer and dryer doesn't work". He said he had to order parts and that I would have to pay for them and the travel expense. I declined not to order the parts because washer/dryer is covered under warranty, the technician became angry and demanding I had ask the gentlemen to leave.

After many more hours, (I'm serious about that, hours!!) of phone calls and unfulfilled promises later to the national headquarters and I'™m still without working appliances. I feel that I'€™ve made a legitimate complaint to Sears about the conduct of a Sears employees via phone and that was dispatched to my home to perform maintenance on my washer and dryer and they still display lack of responsiveness and lack of accountability.

Today is August 30, 2012 and here I am still fighting with Sears for justice. After months of leaving messages waiting for the supervisor ** to call me back I finally was able to speak to her on today which she acted like to have no memory of our original conversation. ** was supposed to be researching and attempting to collect the receipt for my purchase.

When I asked ** if she could tell me what resource she done and what location she attempted to contact (even though the warehouse/Outlet) is closed, she provided me with a number and said she do not know what store that number is for. Bottom line she has not attempted to verify any information or assist me. When I cough her in her lie she begin to get angry and started to repeat things about the technician coming out. Sears is a freaking joke and I am not stopping.

Lack of Customer Service
By -

SUBJECT: We, the consumers, have a right to educate ourselves about misleading claims that companies make. This is one reason our experience is being told to warn other consumers that work hard for their money. It's our opinion that SEARS made claims to us that were untrue and will not be honored. Following is our experience with SEARS.

My husband and I are very disappointed in SEARS LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. SEARS sold us a Kenmore “last year's model” at a discounted price, untouched or removed from the carton. We were told it was guaranteed to work just as well as the newest versions of refrigerators.

We complained that our frozen food was being thawed out and then refrozen. We were very upset that we had to keep throwing food away because of this. We didn't want to take the chance of becoming sick. We were told on the first 2 repair visits that they could not find anything wrong with our refrigerator. We were just told to keep food away from the proximity of the mechanisms on the top and bottom of the refrigerator and the repairmen turned up the cooling level setting on the refrigerator. IT DIDN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

The 3rd visit from a repairmen found out (via a phone call he made), that our refrigerator model had a history of a faulty freezer mechanism. It would get “stuck” in the defrost mode too long and then the mechanism would freeze everything again afterwards. With this history of a freezer problem, they should have taken it off their sales floor when they found out about it. By this time, it was now 7 months into our warranty, which meant we had 7 MONTHS OF WASTED FOOD WE HAD TO TOSS OUT. VERY INCONVENIENT AND BAD TO THE WALLET, TO SAY THE LEAST.

We wrote a letter to: CEO: W. Bruce Johnson, of SEARS, Roebuck & Co., 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179. We thought it would be fair that SEARS honored our monetary loss, by reimbursing us for all the food we threw away to avoid food poisoning or getting sick from it. We also thought it was unfair that we had to wait hours (one time we had to wait 6 ½ hours past the repairman's estimated time of arrival.) Again, VERY INCONVENIENT and A LOT OF WASTED TIME, TAKING TIME FROM OTHER THINGS, LIKE OUR JOBS.

SEARS hadn't even offered to lend us a “working compact freezer” to use while we waited for the new part. SEARS knew our complaint each time was that we had to throw the frozen, then defrosted, then frozen food away. As I previously said, they knew that model had a history of a bad freezer mechanism and they still had it on the sales floor.

A representative that worked under SEARS CEO W. Bruce Johnson's response was to offer us a “one time offer, take it or leave it” of a $150.00 gift card to SEARS to cover the wasted food. We spent a lot more money than that on food that we had to throw away, but it was better than nothing at all.

A week or two later, a repairman came with a new part to replace the “malfunctioning one.” But after using the refrigerator and adjusting the mechanism to different levels of cooling settings, the REFRIGERATOR STILL CONTINUED TO GIVE US PROBLEMS. The ice cream, frozen waffles etc., in the freezer would be “deformed” in the freezer area from not being frozen enough and at the same time; the bottles of water in the lower refrigerator area would be frozen, along with rice, strawberries, and various other food items in the lower fridge. We would have to take the bottled water and let it sit for hours in order to drink it.

So we once again called for service. On Sept. 10th, the repairmen came out again and said nothing was wrong with our refrigerator (déjà vu) and told us to keep the food away from the mechanisms, to leave space around them. This is what we were told to do before they discovered the faulty history of the refrigerator (déjà vu).

In the meantime, SEARS Warranty Service kept calling us to give us the opportunity to extend our warranty. I told them I was not happy with the service warranty we had now and that we would probably never buy a large appliance again from SEARS. They then said that after 4 service calls within a year, we could opt for a different refrigerator from SEARS if we were not satisfied. SEARS Warranty Unit didn't even know why we were unhappy and threw in this claim to make the warranty sound so good. One of the repairmen also told us this, too.

On the last day of our one year warranty SEARS Warranty Service called a 6th time, and reiterated the same claims of satisfaction to customers. This was upsetting, since it didn't seem to be true, so, I put in a call to the SEARS Blue Crew Home Repair spoke to a “real person,” and also left a message that we wanted a new refrigerator because ours was still not working properly. I also called SEARS in Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA and left a message with an “apparel manager” that was filling in for the large appliance manager.

The next day my husband and I went to talk to the large appliance manager, **. He had not read the e-mail from the apparel manager yet. I told him that I had requested a new refrigerator on the last day of our warranty with both his department at Southcenter, Tukwila and with Customer Service repair people.

** seemed sincerely interested in helping us with our problem and said he understood. He was very polite and professional and we felt like we were finally talking to someone that believed our problems with the refrigerator. He said he had also had trouble with a refrigerator he purchased from Home Depot, and that it wasn't just SEARS appliances. It did, however, make me wonder why he had purchased a refrigerator at Home Depot when he was the manager of large appliances at SEARS!

NOTE: There is a guy that works here that had bought a refrigerator at HOME DEPOT with the same exact problem we had, and they actually replaced his refrigerator with THREE DIFFERENT ones in 4 months until he was satisfied. I do not know what the outcome for ** when he had the dysfunctional refrigerator from Home Depot. ** sent an e-mail to his supervisor and said we should be contacted by him within a couple of days. He said there probably wouldn't be a problem in replacing our refrigerator. But **'s supervisor never called (no one did, including the SEARS Blue Crew Home Repair.

On Sept 18th, 2011, my husband, (2nd time), went back to see ** in person at SEARS. His response was that his supervisor had not responded to his e-mail, but that he had been informed that we had to have 4 service calls plus 4 parts replaced before a refrigerator would be replaced. ** said that this policy was new to him and he had not been made aware of this new change. He told my husband to send in the original receipt of the refrigerator.

As of today, Sept. 22nd, 2011, we still haven't heard from the SEARS Blue Crew or **'s supervisor. IS IT SEARS NEW POLICY TO PROLONG OR IGNORE THE CUSTOMERS UNTIL THEY GIVE UP HOPE? My opinion is that it seems to be their policy to be VERY persistent when your warranty is coming to an end so they can get more money from you, but not to be persistent when you need something.

Although I had already told SEARS that I wasn't going to buy the extended warranty, they kept calling us, after I had told them, “no thanks.” The very next day after my husband spoke to ** the 2nd time, SEARS called us again to extend our warranty and although I had no intention of extending our warranty, I asked them about customer satisfaction and getting a replacement for your refrigerator if not satisfied. They said the policy was 4 service calls and that you DID NOT HAVE TO HAVE 4 PARTS REPLACED to get another refrigerator that was satisfactory to the customer. They, of course, was NOT aware of our situation. Uhm… different responses for different circumstances.

SUMMARY: We, the consumers, have a right to educate ourselves about misleading claims that companies make, either in writing or verbally. If it's a verbal promise, a good company would honor it. This is our experience and we wanted to share it with those who might have the same problem with SEARS.

I'm sure there are a lot of satisfied customers buying large appliances from SEARS, but our experience has left us very disappointed. We were told for 7 months that nothing was wrong with our refrigerator until the “history of the bad freezer model” was revealed before we were taken seriously. Now it's happening again and we feel like they don't believe or care. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH SEARS!!!!!

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