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Never Purchase an Appliance From Sears
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Rating: 1/51

MATTAWA, WASHINGTON -- We purchased a Sears freezer. The ice maker has not worked since purchase. We have had four service calls. Also, they installed the water line incorrectly and it leaked and ruined my wood floors. We made a claim on 12-3-12 and no one at Sears will call us back. Every time we talk with Sears it is a different story. Tried requesting a manager and was sent to voice mail. Do not know what to do to get Sears to respond, let alone fix the damage they caused.

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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Purchased an appliance from Sears but unfortunately had to cancel... cancelled within two hours but had to make several different phone calls to cancel. Had used my bank debit card and $910 was immediately withdrawn from my checking account... but learned it would take 10 days to refund my money into my checking account. Easy to take out, but hard to refund. Moral of story is do not pay cash... Or buy elsewhere.

Product failure & service delay
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WEST JEFFERSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a Kenmore freezer in July 2007 with a 1-year warranty. My last Kenmore freezer lasted 30 years without needing a repair, so we followed the advice of financial advisers and did not purchase additional warranty protection. On returning from a day out of the house on 9/27/07 I heard a loud sound coming from the freezer, and the temperature read 40 degrees! The door was securely closed, I hadn't opened it in a few days, and until now there was no indication of any problem.

I unplugged it, waited a minute, and re-plugged it. The noise stopped and there was just a hum -the compressor didn't appear to be running. On opening the freezer I found many foods were already thawing. It contained the entire summer's garden harvest, as well as a month's supply of meat. I moved the meat to the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, but had no space for all the vegetables and baked goods. I loaded it with Ice and cold-packs from my other freezer, but I had to wait until morning to phone for service.

The temperature in the morning was still 40 deg., refrigerator temperature. Everything had thawed, but at least it was still cool so the food could be salvaged with quick service. At 7:30 AM I phoned Sears' repair service, where perky ** informed me that my repair appointment would be 5 days from now! When I objected she said they could put me on a 'wait list' in case there's a cancellation. I inquired whether, on their 10/4 visit, the repair technician would haul away the then-spoiled harvest of my summer's labor, she sweetly replied that she didn't know, and wished me a nice day!

I had expected that a major supplier of home appliances would have emergency service available for such critical items as refrigerators and freezers. I'm really angry with this situation.

Poor service and refusal to repair or replace under warranty
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NEW HOPE, PHILADELPHIA AREA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have had service contracts from Sears on all our appliances in the home (mostly Sears products) for around 10 years and spend around $2000. Per year. I have never had a claim except for an occasional refrigerator plastic drawer broken. Sometime in August this year our Sears chest freezer failed and I didn't realize it until I went to get some food out of it and found all the rotten food in the freezer. I called Sears and after several changed appointments and no shows the repair person arrived and replaced a small part and the freezer was running.

Prior to him coming I cleaned out the rotten food. When I made a claim for the spoiled food claim I was refused and had to spend lots of time complaining and offering proof of spoiled food and complaining to the executive offices and calling their press relations (I am a writer in the consumer electronics field) before they would authorize the claim. Furthermore a terrible smell was present in the freezer and again after several no shows and cancelled appointments a serviceman arrived and told me it would be impossible to eliminate the smell as the rotten food had penetrated the insulation and the freezer would have to be replaced.

I was told by the repair office that the serviceman was wrong and scheduled another appointment with the same delays and cancelled appointments that I had previously experienced. This serviceman had the same diagnosis. I have made many calls to different Sears service people and they refuse to replace the freezer or send anyone to try to correct the problem. They claim "We don't replace for smell". The freezer is useless as the smell is terrible. I tried to call Sears executive offices but they have a phone screening in place and when I give the machine my name and phone number no one calls back.

I have stopped paying on my Sears credit card which I now find out was bought by Citibank Visa and they care less about my Sears problem and are now dunning me by calling every 3 or 4 days demanding payment. Sears has been bought by Kmart and the employees I talk to blame Kmart for the recent terrible service. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS OR KMART.

I now plan to sue Sears for the cost of a new freezer and for damages due to my loss of time and use of the freezer and for the unused portion of my service contract. I will at a great expense have the freezer delivered to the court to smell and have news coverage of the event from local newspapers. I will videotape the event and put it up on Youtube. Perhaps Sears would like to comment on that. Let's hear from others who have had a similar experience with Sears. You can comment on this site or email me at **.

Freezer Delivery
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STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a freezer on 1/26/08 and was told that my delivery would be 1/28/08 9:30-11:30 I had to leave my house for a short while when I returned, I got a phone message saying that there was a computer err, but when I called Sears 800 number to find out what was the real problem I was told that it was a carrier err. But my freezer was not rescheduled for the next delivery on 1/29/08 when I called back I was told by a woman who answered the phone that she would put enter the information into the computer for delivery of my freezer on 1/29/08.

I believed that she was telling me the truth but when I did not received my delivery on 1/29/08 I called the delivery service and was told that I had to talk to a delivery tech, then I was told that my freezer was not rescheduled for delivery for 1/29/08 and this person would not even reschedule the delivery for 1/30/08 I had to make several phone calls to Sears to speak with the manager. I was told that I will get my freezer on 1/30/08 because the truck already went out.

I usually buy my appliance from Lowes, but after this experience with Sears I will say " Good luck to get me to buy anymore appliance for my home". It has been a very frustrating experience dealing with the Sears home delivery service people.

Failure of Sears to repair freezer door
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MT JULIET, TENNESSEE -- After some 5 visits by various Sears repairmen to fix the gasket on my freezer door, the problem has not been resolved. It is supposed to be a frost-free appliance, but frost continues to build up in the freezer. Sears national office says that this does not come under their "No Lemon Policy" In other words, Sears sold me a "Frost Free" refrigerator. It is not frost free. They have had ample opportunities to repair this appliance and have not done so and they say it does fall within their "criteria" to be considered a "Lemon" (Their terminology).

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