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Service Call
Posted by Chuckw39 on 06/15/2005
MEDFORD, NEW JERSEY -- Would you believe that I just had the worst experience ever with Sears ? I called for a service appointment on my central air on 6/6 and the soonest that Sears could do it was today the 15. That is bad enough but needless to say Sears called me back at 1:15 this afternoon to cancel the appointment...something about a tech calling out...who's problem is that? After talking to 7 people the soonest that Sears could "Fit" me in was Tuesday the 21st...ummm not to customer friendly...and the "service manager" could not even promise that Sears could make that. Now I am asking myself why in hell did I go to Sears
to install my central air and why in hell did I pay $500.00 for a Master Protection Plan what are they protecting. My house has been over 90 degrees with very high humidity , my wife and 2 year old daughter suffer from allergies so it has been a fun time in South Jersey. My next letter will go to the CEO Alan Lacy. Not that I think I have a snow balls chance in hell,( Ah a snow ball would feel good right now)in getting any satisfaction other than Sears will NEVER get any of my business again.

I understand that Sears needs to adhere to their business model and this is an unfortunate situation. From what the service manager told me if they "moved up" my appointment then they would have to bump someone else and they as a company made a business decision not to do that.All fine and well but what about MY BROKEN APPOINTMENT, what about doing something to satisfy me after all I have spent thousands of dollars with that company. As I told the "service manager" I work for a very large corp located here in South Jersey and it will be my obligation to let all of my fellow co-workers know how this situation turned out all 6000 of them. Thank goodness for company electronic message boards.

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Posted by tander on 2005-06-16:
In some places you can get a service repair plan thru your gas company, the monthly price is relatively small, and they come out every year to clean your central air out.
Posted by chuckw39 on 2005-06-16:
Thanks ! I will check with PSE&G ...if so I would much rather deal with them then Sears.
Posted by saved on 2005-06-16:
Anyone who has taken a Repair Protection Agreement (RPA) or Master Protection Agreement (MPA) can get a full refund if they don't get proper response time or satisfaction which is a great way of making them wake up to what they're doing to people. The reason they don't have enough crews to service customers properly is that they "CUT" down on them as cost savings. So who suffers. The customer. Let them feel the pain too. Terminate the RPA's and MPA's as soon as possible. When shopping for appliances, go to a small reputable competitor. They try harder to please. Purchase your Lawn and Garden equipment from a local Club store. You'll save money and can't be worse off than with a Sears purchase. They are on there way out of business. I'm in total shock that their stock continues to rise under Kmart. Someone knows something the public doesn't. But eventually, they are doomed, by their own policies, which have little regard for the customer except it be with lip service. Sears has become a Terrible company to deal with in many many areas. The clock is ticking.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-06-16:
Saved has a point. I would argue for a refund of that extended warranty due to failure to provide service. It depends how it was written if you'll have success, but it still may get the work done quicker. Of course, don't make the refund arguement if you think the unit will be over the $500 to fix it. The warranty locks you into using them for repairs them and 2 weeks can be considered unacceptable contract performance. I've had a couple problems with my home units recently and my comnpany was out the very next day each time.
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SORRY SERVICE for air condition
Posted by Handiman on 08/07/2005
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a new a/c unit last june of 2004 a central unit complete with all new duct work in my house.$5000.00 with a 10 year parts and labor included ha ha...... On August 2, 2005 it went dead sometime during the night. I called Sears on August 3rd 7:300 am and they told me it could be over a week before they could get here. I informed them that my wife suffered from breathing problems and they stated that they would have someone here on maybe on August 4th. They did,,,, but then no parts and the guy told me they get it overnight to me, well overnight to me would be August 5th well to them it is August 6th.. But guess what no parts or anyone showed up. I have called and talked to everyone but President Bush. What a joke. Never the same person twice or they don't exist, even when you tell them the person's name. Well it is Sunday night August 7th and still hot as ever. I went to store and purchased a unit to go in bedroom for wife on Thursday. It was 97 in my house. HOT!!! But my complaint is service sorry no good service. Sorry no good management. Sorry no good products. I will never ever purchase anything from Sears and I would like to start a national association against the purchase of items from Sears. Why purchase anything when something like this happens, with a don't care attitude. Just wait we will get there sometime.

Not ever again for me...
Myrtle Beach,, Conway, SC
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Posted by you r stupid on 2005-08-08:
Well I don't think you have a good complaint. It's a shame your air conditioning is broke but they are going to fix it, it may not be as soon as you would like but like you said it's hot out. You need to wait your turn just like everyone else to get there air fixed, because I'm sure you aren't the only one with broken units. You sound to me that you are the type of person who goes to a store and sees all these other people shopping but beleive they should be waited on first.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-08-09:
Sears rarely can respond with next day type service. Too large a network, too many customers. The fact they even got there in 1 day is surprising, and shows they at least tried to help by bumping your call. You have to go with a local independent servicing company if you want that real one-on-one service. You may spend more, but that’s the tradeoff.
Posted by avgconsumer on 2005-08-14:
I feel your pain. Nearly the same thing happened to me. On 6/30/04 I purchased a central air unit for my 87-year old mother who suffers from a lung condition and needs her AC unit. On 8/13/05 my mother called me and said her AC didn't work. I called Sears service. What a joke! I explained my situation with my mother's health problems. They told me they would be out the same day. Nobody showed, and I called them numerous times to check. All they could tell me was that the service charge would be $85 plus labor. No apologies. Nothing. I am still waiting for someone to show up. I bought from Sears because I thought they had a good reputation. Never again. They have no compassion for the customer, and just want to make a buck when it is convenient for them. Their customer service is the sorriest--nobody takes responsibility. I will not give one more dime to Sears. I only hope that one of the customer service reps that I have had the displeasure of talking to one day ends up in this situation--only then will they see what complete losers they have been. Sears is the worst. If my mother dies because of this event, you can bet I'm taking further action.
Posted by boop on 2006-07-29:
i feel your pain big time, my unit is 2 year old and we just got it repaired, 13 days with no air and 96 degree. we learn our lessons the hard way sometimes but as long as we learn i guess thats the main thing.good luck to you.
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Unacceptable Service From Sears Home Central
Posted by Bsousa on 07/07/2008
PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND -- I had a part fail on my central ac unit that was installed by Sears. It released all the freon refrigerant gas into our duct work and house. On June 14 2008 I had a Sears technician come out to fix the problem, however they could not do anything. The technician stated he would have to order the parts then they would be back to fix the unit. Today is July 7th 2008 and on three separate occasions the technicians have come to fix the unit but still do not have the right parts. I have been mailed 3 different shipments of parts in the last 3 weeks an each time I get the same exact parts. Not to mention some of them have nothing to do with the original problem. I have called their customer relations departments on several occasions and only get transferred around to departments that have nothing to do with the service. When I finally speak to someone they tell me they are still waiting for the part to come in. Being a HVAC service company wouldn't you think they would have the part in the truck. Or at least know what they need to order. I originally paid 9700.00 to have this system installed, so I decided to get a second opinion from an outside company at my own expense.

What I found out was that the original company that installed the system went out of business a while ago and that they installed the wrong parts to start with. Even the airhandler isn't sized correctly for the condenser unit. As of today I am still getting the run around and I even contacted their national customer relations dept., but still get the same answers.

My advise is do not ever purchase any type of service from Sears.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-07:
"My advise is do not ever purchase any type of service from Sears"

I couldn't agree more!

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heating and cooling system installation by Sears!!!
Posted by Ilyak on 12/09/2005
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- on November 8, 2005 the new heating and cooling system from Carrier was installed by Sears in my house.

After that I experienced many different problems. I Contacted Sears.

Once the guy came over and installed the missing humidifier. The humidifier was of a wrong model - not compatible with Carrier Infinity control. I had a suspicion it's not working. Tom Hague - the project coordinator for central New Jersey - tried to convince me that 20% humidity I have in my house is a proper humidity for human breathing and that the unit is operating properly. Carrier's website informs that Death Valley's humidity is 23%, Sahara desert has 25%, recommended home - 40%-50%. I insisted, the tech guy came over - admitted humidifier is not working - did nothing.
Tom Hague never called or responded on my messages.

Since that I called many different Sears departments begging, asking, complaining - complete ignorance. Nothing is done.

This is a list of other Sears failures with that installation.
1) the salespeople: Terrence McKinney simply fooled me. Talked a lot, praising how beautiful system functionalities are, then used my incompetence and made me signed up for the order that includes no options(Should I be a heating system pro to deal with Sears?).

2) installation: The furnace is installed so that the boiler's room's door can not be closed. The AC unit is not fixed to the ground. The Furnace unit is taped all over around like a 10 year old system. The most expensive Carrier Infinity control is not programmed, the guy was not sure how.

The bottom line is after 10 thousand $$ spent I am left alone with my problems!!!

Yeah and another cute thing:

Sears never even bothered to get a permit from township. Now I have to deal with it on my own too.

It's December 12, contacted Jimmy Stewart 5 times by now during last month. No responds on my messages. Jimmy Stewart is the supervisor over East Coast Sears Home improvement Centers.

To keep the list of officials:

1) Terrence McKinney - the salesperson who fooled me. his phone 609-389-8657 is always answered by fax machine :-)

2) Dr Cooling the Sears subcontractor who did a poor installation, lock of professionalism. You have to tell them what to do and how, tel: 732-970-0404

3) Tom Hague - the project coordinator for Central NJ - never picks up the phone, never responds on messages. Try it yourself: 800-495-2748

4) Doug Sandeloaffer - District Sales Manager - never picks up the phone, never responds on messages. Try it yourself: 800-495-2748

5) Jimmy Stewart - supervisor over East Coast Sears Home improvement Centers. The phone is always answered by his secretary, Jimmy never calls back ...

to continue:

1) May 2006 - AC is not cooling the house, 95F outside. Called Sears, no emergency service, the guy came over a few days later saying, sorry we never filled the cooler at the first place. Filles the system, leaves.

2) The whole summer if the temperature outside is more than 90F the temperature inside doesn't get below 80F. My wife with a 6 months baby go crazy as well as I go crazy. Calls to Sears ignored completely!!!

3) Winter comes. The first floor requires extra electric heaters. The guy from Sears comes over - nothing he can do.

4) Inspection fails, Sears promises to escalate the problem and respond, nothing happened till now - end of November - 1 month after the failed inspection, more than a year after the installation.

Here is an update:
All summer 2007 the temperature in my house gets to 90F. Called Sears they came 2 times charged freon which gets out of the system in a few days.
The funniest thing is I am notified that there is no warranty on my system after it never worked properly.

Want more info? Email me at kolbasa08817@yahoo.com

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Posted by miketech on 2005-12-09:
Wow if you spent $10,000 I think you have a case. I would take plenty of pictures with a camera that shows the date and time on the picture and haul myself off to a lawyer. With my pictures, reciepts and sales contracts.
If they didn't pull a permit that might be bad for them. I dunno how your state works, they may have it in the contract that the permit is upto you. Id talk to a good attorney. Then I would look around for a reputable HVAC company to install my unit. Sounds like you had a very nice system in mind you're going to need a "very" good HVAC guy. Most people just want to spend enough to get by so I think not any Joe with an HVAC license can do it. But if running properly I think your system would be worth it. What's more important than air?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-10:
Yeah, taking photos is a good thing to document the situation. I managed a small appliance company until I decided to "change life for the better" and we rarely had problems with this unit. Try turning it off and on a few times, it may jog the presets enough to get it to function. The important thing is to make sure you cook your poultry/wings to a temperature of 160 F to avoid food poisoning. Also, watch your wife at the feedstore, she may get mugged.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-12-10:
Also try vaccuming out the coils in the back.
Posted by LJMick on 2005-12-19:
I believe every word you are saying....I too am a victim of Sears horrible service. My saga has gone on for months and I don't know which way to turn. Here is my story.... http://ragepromos.com/Sears.html
Posted by kentalknow on 2006-01-18:
I am sorry to say that your experience has been my experience for the last four months. Good luck to both of us.
Posted by imp3400 on 2014-02-15:
I also believe you. I have been a victim of sears poor installation. My problem is sears installed new furnace and chimney liner. Vented furnace into liner but forgot to vent gas water heater. So heat on inside of liner and heat on outside of liner caused liner to deteriorate to powder and moisture to seep into mortar chimney and damage walls and ceiling upstairs hall and my computer/tv room remodel ruined. Sears does nothing. I got local heating/cooling guy got him to install new liner for $610 and had to redo walls and ceilings. I just hope we can save others from sears crappy work,.
Posted by SearsCare on 2014-02-16:
Dear imp3400, Please accept our apologies for troubles surrounding your furnace installation. My name is Mina with the Social Media Support team. We can understand the importance of having a furnace properly installed
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Incorrect Installation and Repairs
Posted by 18yrswithSears on 09/11/2012
I purchased Carrier central air units from Sears Home Improvement, and they were installed by Sears on Aug. 19, 2006. Along with that I was sold a 5 yr master protection plan and 5 yr repair protection plan. I paid $9000.00, including $715.00 for the protection plan only. In May of 2010, I went to turn my units on and found that the outside unit fan kept stopping every 3-4 seconds, so the a/c unit was not putting out cold air.

I called Sears, and one technician came. He said that the thermostat was no good - he said that it was a "cheap one", and replaced it. But even after he switched out the thermostat, there was no difference. He then replaced the PCB assembly. Again, there was NO difference. The outside fan still stopped every 3-4 seconds, and there still was no cold air. Eventually he gave up and he called his office for help and two other technicians came. Clearly, the first technician did not know what he was doing, and just kept making useless changes that added more charges to my final bill.

The other two technicians checked the units and quickly determined that the unit was leaking, so it was low on Freon. They were upset at what the first technician did, who had already disappeared without a word while the other technicians were working. After they filled it with more Freon, the units and fans started to work and cold air came out.

They gave me a service description receipt, including $84.68 for thermostat, which had nothing to do with low Freon problem. I was also charged $149.78 for the PCB assembly, which did NOT aid in fixing the leak. While handing me the receipt, they added "You're lucky that you don't need to pay this $572.35, because you have a 5 yr protection plan." On the receipt, which I still have, it showed they performed repairing leak problem, but they did not tell me what they did to specifically repair the leak. All they did was refill the Freon. THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION ABOUT HOW TO FIND, MONITOR OR REPAIR THE LEAK. If there was a leak, it means that the whole unit was not installed correctly from the beginning. Why else would brand new central air units leak after only a couple of years?

On July 09, 2012, the first day I went to use the unit since the summer of 2011, the exact same symptom happened. The outside unit kept stopping every 3-4 seconds, and there was no cold air. I called Sears, and the technician that came out said Freon level is low, and that there was a leak. I told him Sears technicians "repaired" it two years ago, but since the same issue occurred, it meant it was not repaired correctly. He said I have to fill the Freon and use a dye in the Freon to find the leak, and that they would be able to find the leak the NEXT YEAR, and because my protection plan was expired, the cost would be $700. I told him this problem started in 2010 when my units were covered by the protection plan, and if those technicians had fixed it correctly in 2010, this problem wouldn't have happened again this year.

I talked to his office personnel, explaining the same thing I told the technician. I couldn't believe what she said to me. "Didn't you use the unit for the last two years? Were there no problems for last two years?" Even if the units had been working, it doesn't mean that there WASN'T a leak present. The symptoms of the leak only appear AFTER the Freon levels are sufficiently low, so how would I have known that there was still a leak after the technicians had supposedly "repaired" it? Also, if the only way to determine the location of the leak is to use a dye in the Freon gas, why is it that all THREE DIFFERENT TECHNICIANS that came out to fix the units in 2010 did not do this? Why was I billed for $572.35 for the thermostat, PCB assembly and leak repair in 2010 when the SAME leaking problem occurs again just 1.5 years later? Do you expect me to call a technician every couple years to refill a Freon tank for $247.00?

If the dye had been used in 2010, the leak would have been found the next year in 2011, and the repairs for the leak could have been made while the units were still under the 5 year protection plan. Why do I have to pay $700 for a repair that SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE IN 2011? IN FACT, WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR A LEAKING PROBLEM THAT CAME FROM INCORRECT INSTALLATION? If the installation had been done correctly in 2006, then there would not have been a leaking issue in 2010, and there wouldn't been ANOTHER leaking problem in 2012, and I wouldn't have had to waste my time with all the unqualified technicians and customer representatives during these past 6 years. At the very least, if the repairs had just been done correctly in 2010, then I wouldn't be dealing with the SAME PROBLEM AGAIN TODAY.

This is not the only issue I've had with the services that Sears provided. I had a water heater tank replaced in 1999 and I bought the new tank from Sears. The technicians from a construction company Sears had hired to install the unit did a horrendous job of the installation, causing the water tank to fail the inspection, and I received a notice from the city with a long list of issues they found with the water heater tank. I took the notice to Sears, and showed them the list and explained how inconvenient this whole process had been. Only then did Sears send competent technicians to come and fix the problems with the tank.

Why is it that Sears continues to hire inept companies and technicians for installations and repairs, which only create more problems and inconveniences to their customers? If the technicians had done the job correctly from the beginning, with the water heater and the air condition units, I wouldn't have had to waste my time and energy trying to solve all these problems.

For 18 years, I have been a loyal customer to Sears, and despite all the problems and issues that have come up during those years, I stayed with Sears hoping that their services would improve. However, because of the horrible service I dealt with over the past several years for the a/c units, I AM COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED AND UNSATISFIED WITH SEARS.

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Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-13:
You were also given incorrect information. A qualified repairman would have located and repaired the leak under warranty the first time. The idea that dye needs to be put in the unit to discover the leak next year is bogus.
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Beware of Sears
Posted by Hoggle on 05/11/2009
HARRINGTON, DELAWARE -- Purchased 2 HVAC systems (one for 2nd floor and one for 1st floor) in Dec 2004 for $18975. June 2005 2nd floor system quit working. Sears would not service and claims they have no record of system being installed even though it's clearly written on the sales contract. 1st floor system would not produce sufficient heat or hot water from day one. Filed a complaint with Delaware Attorney Generals Office. Rep from Sears stood in our dining room and told the Investigator from the AG's office that he would have no problem returning our money per the contract's "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back" statement.

This was in Oct of 2005. No heat/ac for 5 yrs for 2 disabled people.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-11:
Now this is terrible.

Have you been maintaining contact with the Attorney General?
Posted by avocado on 2009-05-25:
I was curious about your comment: "1st floor system would not produce sufficient heat or hot water from day one." Did you purchase a heating/cooling system or a water heater or both? Your comment does not make much sense without further explanation. And: "This was in Oct of 2005. No heat/ac for 5 yrs for 2 disabled people." It hasn't been 5 years, so I'm not sure if your math or your memory is at fault.
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Pushy Sears Salesman - Central Air
Posted by Bidorgirl on 07/10/2008
HOPEWELL, NEW JERSEY -- I am planning on getting central air installed and contacted Sears for an estimate. I was given a price of $13K for a Kenmore 13 Seer. The salesman was very pushy and insisted that I sign a contract that very evening otherwise the $1000 discount he gave me would gone if I don't sign the contract immediately. He kept touting what a big company Sears is and if that is the case, Sears should be able to stick by the same estimate either today, tomorrow or next week. I found the salesman tactic dubious and told him I am not planning on signing the contract until I have had a chance to do more research on the product he is trying to sell.

I am glad to find all these reviews about other members' experiences with central air installation by Sears. His sales tactic really turned me off and reading your feedback confirmed that I should stay away from Sears.
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Posted by Mario The Great on 2008-07-10:
You should buy your HVAC from a local HVAC dealer as Sears charges much less then them but the "mentality" of keeping your money with your local businessman and getting better service will supercede anything expected by my3cents members. I believe my grandmother had her HVAC installed by Sears but it only lasted 24 years. Think of all the money wasted buying from Sears. OMG
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-07-11:
Posted by lobo65 on 2008-07-11:
Any time a business uses a pressure sales tactic like that I walk out the door, and don't come back. I fell for that years ago, and resolved to never let it happen again. Kudos to you for not falling for it.
Posted by BobJohn on 2008-07-11:
I'm with lobo65, a pushy salesman loses my business. Glad you turned down the 'this offer is only good until (whatever)' type statements.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-11:
shop around,you will be glad you did.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-14:
You don't say when your grandmother , purchased and got 24 years of use out of her air conditioning system . Maybe it was back when sears took pride in its products. Would she or anyone get 24 years , with what sears sells today ?
Posted by pomato on 2008-08-15:
I just threw a Sears rep out of my house. He spent about 15 minutes making up an estimate for a new furnace and the rest of the hour insisting that I sign the contract NOW. I asked for time to do some research. He continued to push. I told him I didn't like his atitude. He tried to make me feel like I was being overly sensitive. I told him I was getting mad at being pressured. He told me he was only doing his job. I told him to get out. He asked if he had held a gun to my head and carried on like I was at fault.
How you spend your money should be something you have the right to consider. You need to get estimates and make an informed decision. When somebody tries to get you to do something you are not comfortable with you can be sure they are not operating with your interests in mind. Don't be afraid to tell these bums to get lost. It may seem impolite at the moment but it will save you a lot of cussing in the future.
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Central Air Installation
Posted by Home owner on 01/22/2008
In May 2007 my husband and I accepted a bid from Sears for a new install of a central air system in our home. We had done our research and asked a lot of questions. We asked if it would be Sears employees doing the actual work in our home, because it was important to us that we were dealing with Sears and not a sub-contractor. His answer was yes. We asked when they would be working and he said the great thing about Sears employees was that they worked Monday thru Saturday 9:00 to 5:00. We had a lot of questions about where our thermostat would go, what size of vents we would use and where they would be placed. We thought it was working out great everything we wanted he said would be attainable. It was not our first estimate and it was not our lowest estimate, but he was giving us all the right answers and really talked us into it because we would be dealing with Sears and that was a name we could stand behind. Our salesman John left us and said they would be contacting us in 24-48 hours to schedule a start date probably the next week.

Unfortunately we later realized that our sales person John was more interested in giving us a quick appealing answer than a honest answer he had checked out. Subcontractors for Sears, not Sears employees showed up much more than a week later as promised. They worked Monday thru Friday from about 10:00 to 3:00, which doubled the amount of days it should have taken. They told us there was no way we could have the size of ducts or vents we were quoted. We also could not have the thermostat where we had agreed and that the vents would not be able to be placed where we were promised. The subcontractors fell through our bed-room ceiling and placed a whole in our kitchen wall. They tried to talk us into accepting that they would have the wholes plastered and we would take $50.00 and the paint to do it ourselves. The repairs were eventually done after dealing with three more subcontractors of their choice in and out of our home over the course of the next week.

Calls into John weren’t returned and we eventually had to work with a separate department at Sears that handles dissatisfied customers. When I finally did receive a call from John and asked him why when we asked if would be Sears employees in our home he said yes, when after talking to the other Sears representative he was very clear that they never have Sears employees do installs, but always sub-contractors. I was expecting an apology or some remorse instead I got an defense and argument that technically they receive a 1099 tax form and Sears does pay them so that makes them employees. The more questions I asked the more arguments I got. It felt to me that John knew the difference between a lie and a very calculated manipulation of the truth that he could argue. We started dealing with Jay from Sears to help us correct some of our obvious dissatisfaction. At first it was promising and he seamed genuinely surprised and apologetic about our situation. We came to an agreement of two separate credit amounts that we would receive for compensation. My husband and I signed both agreements and were told to look for the credits on our bill that may take two cycles to show up. It has now been seven billing cycles and we are still due our second credit. Each month when we receive our statement with out the credit we have e-mailed Jay. If he responds, we are told he’ll take care of it and it will be on the next statement. The last two months after our statement have arrived with no credit we have asked for contact information for a supervisor but our requests have been ignored.

We went into this situation thinking that we would be dealing with a company that would take care of us, after all that is why our salesman John had convinced us to pay a little more. After all we had bought appliances, riding mowers and a countless tools from Sears and never had a problem. We left the situation feeling like they maybe too big to deal with things like customer service and satisfaction and when it came time for us to purchase a new refrigerator last month we skipped Sears when we shopped around. At the very minimum I would like to see the second refund we were guaranteed in writing from Sears.

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Sears = Lousy Service
Posted by Phil1943 on 12/17/2007
BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- In October of this year I bought a new heating/air conditioning system from Sears. Two days after it was installed we had an unusually hot day so I turned the air conditioner on. It didn't work properly so my wife called Sears to see if they could come to check it out. She was told that we would be contacted by someone else "shortly". Two WEEKS later I received a letter telling me that because of the time of the year they would not be able to test it properly & that I should contact them in the Spring. I have COPD, so not having air conditioning is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Needless to say I will never again buy anything
from Sears, K-Mart, or any of their affiliates.

If there is any doubt as to why Sears is doing so poorly in comparison to other big stores maybe they ought to remember what customer service is all about. They surely don't have any!

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-12-17:
The reasoning behind what they told you is the system will usually freeze up if you try and run an A/C this time of year. That unusual warm spell is probably gone for good till spring. Hopefully you should be OK until the weather is warm enough to effectively test the unit.
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Sears and the Hedge Fund
Posted by Vincentsostre on 07/07/2013
I think Sears is now owned by a hedge fund. Hedge funds often buy brand names and milk it into bankruptcy. This means an army of ripped off consumers and a few happy investors.

Praying is recommended.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-07-07:
And where did you get your information from?
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