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Sears Home Repair Service Is Much Worse Than You Can Even Imagine
By -

CANAL WINCHESTER, OHIO -- I purchased a Craftsman Lawn Tractor at Sears about 4 years ago. I only bought it at Sears because it's difficult to find someone to come to your home to provide the service. It has been a nightmare since the beginning. In general, each and every time, they schedule you weeks out, provide you with a 4 hour time slot, and sometimes an 8-5 period when they may show. I schedule maintenance each year at the start of mowing season.

1st year: Showed up for maintenance, but informed me they don't carry the mower blades for my zero-turn tractor yet. So after I took a 1/2 day off of work to be there, they refused to do any maintenance, ordered the parts to be delivered to my home and scheduled me for 2 weeks later, at which time they did the maintenance.

2nd year: When scheduling my maintenance appointment, I specifically asked that they be sure the blades, which are included in their 'so-called' special maintenance package, would be on the truck or to order them, so that they would be here for the appointment scheduled 3 weeks out. They showed up with no blades, and I had to go through the same thing again, ordering the blades and being here yet another 4 hour time slot for the 2nd appointment.

3rd year: OK, I think I've gotten smart by this time, when actually I should have found another service company. I ordered the 3 blades online to be here for the maintenance appointment that I also scheduled online 4 weeks in advance. The package arrived within a few days. The day of my appointment I called because I never received the recorded call the night before reminding me of my appointment. I was told they had no techs working that day and I would have to reschedule for their first opening 2 weeks away. I demanded they bump someone else back and show up the following week, and finally they agreed.

The service tech arrived and told me he would have to reschedule since he didn't carry the blades on his truck... still. At that point I pulled out the box of my blades and he told me they are included in the cost of the service and I would still have the pay the full price, in addition to the cost of the blades I ordered online. When I told him I didn't care, because I was so frustrated at this point, he opened the box to find that they had shorted me one blade anyway, so again I had to reschedule my appointment for 1 week later.

1 day later my mower breaks down, so I wait nearly a week for the maintenance appointment on a Saturday, in which he does the maintenance and then determines that I need 2 parts which he would have to order to be delivered to my home. He also scheduled the repair visit for the following Saturday between 1-5.

Thursday evening I get a call from Sears, prior to my arriving home, to see if I had received the parts yet. 'I don't know, I haven't been home, but shouldn't you know if they've been delivered... don't you track your packages?' I arrive home and no package, so I call the parts service who tells me that the information isn't in the computer. They have to email someone to ask them to call me.

Friday morning I get a call from Parts telling me they haven't shipped yet and it would be another 1 1/2 weeks before they could be sure they would arrive and would have to reschedule my appointment for 2 weeks later... mind you my grass is growing much taller each day. 2 hours later UPS delivers my parts, the ones they told me hadn't shipped. I immediately call the service number telling them they screwed up. I have the parts and I expect to see the service man between 1-5 on Saturday afternoon for the appointment I had scheduled.

Oh, but they don't have an appointment scheduled for me and I'll have to wait another week. Wait, I had an appointment, but they cancelled it telling me my parts had not shipped, so it was their error right? After I blew a gasket they told me they would get someone out between 8-5 on Saturday, but I referred back to the reason I scheduled between 1-5 is because I have someplace I have to be between 8-10 that day.

I was assured that I would receive a call that evening, the night before the appointment to discuss where I am on the order list, but I only received a recorded call to remind me of my 8-5 scheduled appointment, and that if a tech arrives and I'm not there, they would call me cell number. Well I left the house, with my cell number and a note posted on the door, also with the receipt from the previous week noting that my appointment was scheduled for between 1-5pm and to call me. They showed up at 8:05am. I was not there and they did not call. Screwed again.

Now I get multiple recorded calls each and every day for 3 days asking me to call to reschedule my service appointment. Finally, after I don't return the calls, because I've finally gotten smart and gone elsewhere, a live person calls me. I tell her I am not interested in ever doing business with Sears again. She says "OK" and she hangs up. I receive another recorded message each of the next two days asking me to call to reschedule my service appointment.

Again, I don't call and again on the third day a live person calls me to reschedule my appointment. I tell her the same thing. I am not interested in ever doing business with Sears again, as I told the other person who called me. I'm thinking it's a manager calling to follow-up to see why I'm dissatisfied, but it wasn't. She, too, said OK, and hung up.

I've had it with this place. They do not believe in customer service. I have spent more hours arguing with their customer service people, waiting and stressing over trying to get my mower repaired... it's just not worth it. Don't make the same mistake I did, and please, take all of your business elsewhere. If Sears allows their customers to complain over and over again and never takes any steps to try to correct the problem, they don't need our business. They need put out of business.

Cannot re-contact person who can guide me on repair
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Today is February 3, 2007 and I just received the Craftsman Gasoline Powered Blower/Vac Instruction Manual that I was requested to buy so that the person who I called, but I do not have his name since I assumed that any person at that telephone number on the equipment and is also stated on the front cover of the Instruction Manual, said that he is going to transfer me to the Orders Department to order the Instruction Manual, with that he could assist me with my fixing the blower vacuum as happened just before my warranty expired.

I called perhaps a week before to reach this person. I called him at 800 235 5878 which is the telephone number on a label on the machine as I just said. Before my warranty expired another guy who I will refer to as a technician, since nobody whom I have talked to today, and I talked to at least 10 people. Perhaps half of them said that this would be the last time I would be transferred because the who I was talking to said that he knows that that department can help me over the telephone, at my fixing my equipment.

This time, the first person who I talked to, when I told him that I need help fixing my blower vacuum, just like the last time somebody, step by step, told me how to fix the blow vacuum. The guy of about a week ago asked me if I have checked the spark plug. So I said that I should explain my situation. There is a pull cord naturally, to start the engine. It told him that when I pull it out, it comes out easier than normal. He stopped me to ask me, if I let the pull cord go, does it go back in by itself?

I told him that it does so he asked me if I have an Instruction Manual. Perhaps I did not have an Instruction Manual because I bought it somewhat discounted because the box had been opened. Whoever bought it previously and returned it, must not have put the Instruction Manual back in the box before returning it.

Just for reference, I paid by credit card, and I could go on-line to find out exactly how much I paid for it but I don't think that is necessary. I was charged a bit under $10 to have it mailed to me. The only other person who I talked to who I wrote down but I do not know if that helps any from my earlier information, is ** at 800 4690 4663, who told me that he would transfer me to the department that has people who are able to talk me through the fix.

I asked ** for the name of the department and he said Craftsman Parts and Tools at 800 377 7414. I said to ** that it does not sound right to me that a parts and tools department would have a person with the knowledge to instruct me, even with having my Instruction Manual on how to fix it. ** said that the name of a department does not necessarily indicate all that it does.

When ** transferred me, he actually transferred me to ** who is in the Parts Department. So I said that I was supposed to be transferred to Parts and Tools. ** said that since he is Parts, he knows that there is a Part Department and a Tool Department but they are not the same department but since he cannot help me, clearly ** does not know what he is talking about.

** said that this conversation has been a waste of time. It bothers me a lot that when I call a company, people who are getting paid to talk to me, and naturally I get nothing for my time talking with them. However people saying that happens all the time and a small fraction of those times, the person who I have been talking to hangs up the telephone but ** did not.

** was good enough to ask me if he could help me in any other way. So I asked him if he could give me the corporate address, which he did. However, he did suggest that I call instead. However to me, to spend so much to perhaps get the run around again, I would not like at all. ** did say that if I lived in a city that has over 100,000 people, would I know all the people that I could get in touch with?

I told him that I live in a city that easily has over 100,000 people and I am not familiar with the actual jobs of any of my neighbors but I do have an idea of what they do. ** said that that is like calling Sears. There are so many people that it is possible that somebody could help me fix my machine over the telephone but he has no idea how he could find out where or who that person is.

As the CEO of Sears, surely your Executive Assistance has the means to go down the hierarchy of your corporation to get me the name and preferably the full name, but perhaps Sears does not allow that. With so many employees, you must know that the name of any given person has a reasonable probability of there being another person at Sears who has the same name.

I worked for Intel Corporation for 8 years and the closest name that came to mine was a person with the same last name. However, I have no idea if any given person at Sears is going by their last name, middle name, or even a nickname. Since I have twice, from the 800 235 5878 number reached a person who, the first time actually helped me fix it, but the second time I was told that after he asked me a specific question, that informed him that he could easily instruct me and get it running again. I essentially have said this previously but I am trying to make it absolutely clear that I know a person can be reached.

However, looking at the Instruction Manual, only on page 24, which is in Spanish but I speak very little Spanish, do I see a picture of a man who has pulled on the cord. So I do not know how much help the Instruction Manual would be even with somebody talking me through it.

From having talked personally with one person who has told me that he could easily talk me through the task and perhaps a year ago, another person who did talk me through that fix. I am extremely confident that somehow, you can get me to a person who can help me over the telephone and if I do not have the correct Instruction Manual as it is not like a car, as they have shop manuals, perhaps the Orders person sent me the wrong manual.

As the conversations alone took me almost an hour, your Executive Assistant, as has happened many times when I write to the office of Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, which is my bank. I have always received a telephone call from a person who has been able to help me. If Bank of American can help me every time, I am extremely confident that soon after this letter has been read, I will get the help that I need and not be told that I have to either go to a service center or have a service person come to my home as both have been suggested to me. However, the second suggestion makes no sense to me since my machine is easily portable.

I know that Sears does not make Craftsman, so it might be necessary for somebody of your staff to get me in touch with a person at the company that makes this particular product. Once, somebody who I called told me that Craftsman is made by two companies and due to the machine that I am talking about, he told me which company manufactures it. However, ** said that so many different companies make the various Craftsman power tools that he would have no idea which company makes my blow vacuum.

Sears service
By -

I purchased a Sears 42" Garden tractor 10/23/09, along with this we purchased the repair agreement for $300+. When the tractor was delivered it took the person approx. 45 minutes to get it going. When I went back to use it a few days later the battery was dead. I went to the Sears store and got a new battery. That worked. At this point it was pretty much the end of the season for mowing, etc. The tractor was stored in a warm garage. This spring I went out to start it. Surprise!!!! It was dead again. I called and had Sears repair come out. The tech said the battery I had would not hold a charge, but that the alternator etc. was good.

So again a new battery was installed, the tech said to let the tractor run for an hour to ensure that the battery was charged. This was done. I went out a couple of days later and guess what! Battery was dead again. Again called Sears and scheduled a repair appointment. They were to come to my home today between 8 am and noon. I got a call about 11am; he has 15 service calls and can't come until at least 8PM. Unfortunately I have to work, my job has this thing about when you are scheduled at a certain time you are expected to be there. Again try to reschedule.

I spoke to a Sears representative she said they couldn't be out here until next week, again between 8am and noon. When I asked to speak to a manager I was put on hold for 15 minutes, finally I hung up when it was obvious no one was coming to the phone. I tried to call the store manager where I bought the tractor, after 4 calls and time on hold I finally spoke to the manager. He stated that at this time of year they are "experiencing an unusually high call volume." What an overused excuse that is. I mentioned that if this couldn't be resolved I would be trying to return this tractor.

He then stated that I could do this but that a restocking fee would be charged. He gave me a number for customer service complaints. I spoke to them, and was told that service was a completely separate group and they have no control over them. She did check and make another appointment between 8 and noon appointment next week. No guarantee on time.

As I told them there was a time when the name Sears and Craftsmen meant something. I t used to be that if you bought a Sears or Craftsmen product it would be good and dependable for many years, Unfortunately I feel that this is no longer the case, I will not buy anything else made by Sears or Craftsman and will make my dissatisfaction known, whenever and where ever possible. I am sure that Sears doesn't really care what I think or feel and what's one more dissatisfied individual. Somehow this seems to be a sad commentary on most of what we call service today.

Sears Lawn Mowers - Two Big Thumbs Down!!!!
By -

LONG BEACH -- I have a Sears Lawnmower, which is new and still under warranty. I had to purchase it to replace my original Sears mower which wouldn't start and had also been in the shop several times for the same problem. I am really irritated and hope no one else should have to go through this same problem. Its a serious waste of my time and its irritating as heck.

I will say that the Sears operator was helpful about it but if anyone is considering buying a Sears should take this into account if you read this, hopefully someone will see it and avoid the same problem I have. If you have already purchased a Sears Lawnmower or other motorized product, the operator advised me to do these three things.

Call Sears (800) 469-4663 National Number and talk to someone who can escalate this to Sears One Source which is also at the national level and they can help by either replacing the unit or giving you a replacement or rental to use while yours is away from home. After calling Sears they tell me they only work with people who have purchased the Additional Warranty plan. So if you are like me and you only extended your warranty for 2 yrs then Sears does not care how many times you have to be inconvenienced and according to them it does not come under the Lemon Law.

Message the service center near you and escalate this issue with your service order and have someone call you within 24 hrs. PS Escalation does not get you any faster service. I am going to complain that there is a design flaw in the carburetors of all Sears motorized product eg lawnmowers, edgers, blowers, weed whackers etc. Get a hold of the service center near you and have them call you. After calling the repair shop in Fontana they informed me that NO SEARS PRODUCT WITH A MOTOR IS COVERED FOR REPLACEMENT EVEN WITH THE EXTENDED WARRANTY - BUYER BEWARE THEY ARE NOT SYMPATHETIC.

My Sears Lawn Edger which was also purchased has the same issue with the carburetor. Design issues call 800 659 7057. So all in all think twice before you buy from Sears unless you enjoy the atmosphere of the Sears repair center nearest you.

Lawn Mower and Blower Parts
By -

MICHIGAN -- Let me start by saying I was always a true believer in Craftsman products. I have recently a change of heart. I purchased 3 years ago what I thought was a great lawnmower model 917-378950 from the first couple of weeks I have had problems. It started with the design of the rear skirt to the main housing leaving trails of grass clipping in trails across my lawn which I had to cut the plastic on the right side to stop it. After that there was so much grass accumulated in the drive cover it was affecting the pulley and the belt. I now have it off to eliminate build up and ease of cleaning.

This spring (Only the third season) the right hand side drive wheel is frozen an will not turn or engage the wheel. Instead of taking the mower in for service I looked up online the schematic and parts needed. I was also in contact with Sears parts direct. I could not get anyone that could help me with my simple repair and was diverted to which is no help. Not to mention the standard answer was "Bring it in" being an Engineer I was able to finally disassemble the good side to then repeat it and attempt to remove the seized parts on the left.

I gave up after multiple negative and useless emails back from Sears parts direct. I now know what parts I need and ask for a simple instruction to assemble, still no help. I see all the single parts I need and attempt to order but can't as stated from a representative. He tells me I need to order an assembly (Pinion Assy) which is 3 times the cost of single parts and includes a part I do not need.

Upon ordering I was asked if I would like the assemble instruction sheet with the order, I stated yes. Come to find out they sent me an entire manual and charged me $18.95 for it. I was told it was a sheet and no cost was mentioned. Now I have to return it because she could not stop the order. What happen to customer service? Same mower, same week. I go to Sears to purchase a front wheel because the steel gear stripped the plastic teeth on the inside of the wheel.

Think about it, Steel and plastic don't go together. I ask for a wheel and they do not have it in stock in the parts section. I ask if they can order one, Now all of sudden I have to pay for shipping of a part Sears should stock. It cost more for the shipping than the wheel. What is Sears trying to do? I bought a blower the same time I got the mower.

Two months later it won't start. Could not figure it out so I was forced to take it in. $50 bench fee plus parts cost me $62 dollars. I only paid like $100 for the whole unit new. I would like to know how many emails or letters others have sent and what is being done about it if anything? I am not looking for any freebies but this is a huge disappointment. There are many other products out there but I thought Sears was the place for tools. Growing up that is all we had and it lasted forever. In fact I still have and old edger that was my fathers some 25 years old and runs great. Go figure.

Poor customer service
By -

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Gt5000 Lawn Tractor From the Sears store in Madera, Cailfornia March 2005. Last Fall the Tractor became harder and harder to start. I put it away for the season. Three weeks ago I pulled oil fouled plugs. The tractor has less than 50 hour of use. I called the Madera Sears store only to get their voice mail. I left a message that I needed warranty repair on my tractor. They never returned my call. I called and left another message a few days later.

A week later I called and got a message that their voice mail box was full. Guess they were not picking up their messages. I went by the store ,It was closed with a note on the door stating that the building had been damaged by fire and for warranty service please call the Fresno service center. I tried calling the Fresno service several times over a two day period. No one answered the phone, and no voice mail. I called the Fresno Sears store only to be told that I had to call the Service Center for warranty repair. Seemed as If Sears burned a store and was checking their caller ID just so the wouldn't have to fix my tractor under warranty. (LOL)

I got up two hours before work and called customer service. After 10 minutes of fighting with their automated phone system I was able to talk to a person that explained that a thunderstorm had affected the computers and I would have to call back later. I called back half an hour later only to be put on hold then disconnected. After a third phone call it was explained to me that my tractor was now three day's out of warranty and that I would have to call another number for further assistance. I called the other number. I was then told that they would have to have proof that I actually tried to contact Sears before my warranty expired.

I suggested that most retailers would take care of a warranty claim that was a day or a week out of warranty. He said “Warranties are like car insurance, nothing ever seems to happen until your coverage expires. and once the coverage expires you can't expect the insurance to cover you if you have an accident.” By the time the conversation was over I got the feeling that the customer service rep. was suggesting that I was trying to scam them and that letting my Sears warranty expire was somehow as irresponsible as driving without car insurance. Sears has a very strict warranty policy. Once the warranty expires ,you got nothing coming as far as Sears is concerned.

From what I have googled, Sears has extremely poor customer satisfaction. I have heard of a few privately owned stores that provide good service, but at the corporate level it's a disaster. I was shocked to read all the horror stories of problems with customer service, incompetent sub-contractors and poor service work.. Even if I could get Sears to agree to repair the tractor, I might be relying on a poorly trained technician, resulting in even more engine damage. I have wasted many hours with phone calls and dealing with poorly trained customer service people .It took me less time than I spent on the phone to pull the heads and replace the rings and the defective intake gasket.

The 25 hp Kohler V-Twin is a poorly designed engine. Kohler took manufacturing shortcuts that resulted in an intake manifold that will not seal properly to the cylinder heads. The intake flange surfaces are cast, not machined and the plastic intake manifold o-ringed flanges are a poor match to ports in the heads. The intake leak that this caused allowed dirt into the cylinders and wore the rings out in a very short time.

Another problem is the carburetor; the fuel shutoff solenoid is located in the bottom of the carburetor. Any small debris in the carburetor will settle in the solenoid causing the pintle it to stick. Depending on what position it sticks in the tractor will either not run or it will backfire when shut off.

I really believe Sears is surviving on name recognition and that they will soon destroy a once fine company that I was loyal to from many years. Quality and service have degraded to the point that Sears = Kmart and Craftsmen = Ronco? I don't need anything Sears sells and I can certainly by better products with better warranties and service most anywhere else.

Do Not Buy a Riding Lawn Mower
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MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA -- First, it's Sears period. Second part first. The normal things you need to replace as oil filter is not stocked in stores nor can it be shipped to stores. Add shipping costs. I knew after checking and upset to find they did not ship to any small outlets. Traveling 100 mi. where their only LG. store is located so placed order for 2 only to find they neither stock nor ship to stores period. These should be in every store as they need to be replaced.

Second, when I ordered mower with great hesitation showed shipping charges $84.99 delivery and $63.90 tax and no place for coupon code. Reentered, still none but ordered. The girl @ store, approx. 20 mi. away called expressing to my concerns of delivery charge and said they complained to online orders. I noticed I was charged $80.00 delivery after she called.

I went and ordered as if buying and sure enough a place for code and $80.00 del. ch.. not as first shown when my order was placed. This time said est. tax was $64.80 and no percentage turns out to that figure. Upset, beyond upset and can see why they are going under. Everyone I talk to have switched, long time customers. One of my first charge accounts over 40's yrs. ago which I no longer have per me.

Company Response :

My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalation Team. I came across your post and wanted to express our apologies for the difficulties you have experienced with your lawn mower purchase. We would like the opportunity to speak with you to ensure your situation is resolved quickly and to your complete satisfaction. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that I have assigned to reference your post (prochoiceforme), to Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you and look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Cannot Fix a Flat Lawn Tractor
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VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I called Sears to ask if they could repair a flat tier on my lawn tractor I bought from them, yes sir we can. OK, I sent the tier with my wife, she called and said they said they can not fix flat tiers from lawn tractors, my wife made a 10 mile drive for nothing she said if we had known it was off a lawn tractor we could have informed you on the phone. I called and asked why the person I spoke with seemed to speak English and did not understand me. All said and done spend your money on a lawn tractor from John Deer or in the least buy from a company that can repair a flat tier on equipment they sell, this was not my first issue on repairs and parts from Sears, it will be my last.

Didn't Deliver Item and Would Not Reverse Delivery Charges - Poorest Customer Service EVER!
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ONLINE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Sears was scheduled to deliver a riding lawnmower between 2 and 4 PM on Friday July 6th. Since they ONLY deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays, we asked my father-in-law to drive an hour to meet the delivery truck. At 4:15PM, when no mower had arrived, we called to find they would not be able to deliver it until the evening. My father-in-law could no longer wait, so we rescheduled for the following Tuesday.

In light of this situation, and the tremendous inconvenience (we now have to send someone else to wait for Tuesday's delivery), I asked Sears to reverse the $69 delivery charge. We have spent more that this on gas and time - but they WOULD NOT BUDGE. I was a loyal Sears customer for decades, but will NEVER buy another item from them.

Warranty Misconception
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BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Where do I begin? Waiting to spend money and no customer service buy the electronics and Outdoor equipment. I went into Sears expecting to save money and get some guy stuff. I wanted a grill, drill and drill bits. No interaction with the customer. No help. Lied To. Mislead. No knowledge of product. Ignorant.

Here's the back end 3 years later... I purchased over $1000.00 of stuff the same day in Dec. 2008. I called the dreaded customer service number and got passed of 25 times. They couldn't find the products underneath my number, Credit card or model #. I purchased the extended warranty for 5 years for the drill. I've had one battery in the drill go dead and needed to be replaced.

The lady on the phone, that I finally got a hold of was very depressed, pissed off at me for being honest and having proof. Wouldn't believe my misconception. Sears Sucks! No wonder they're fading away. Save yourself the hassle and shop anywhere else. Buying drugs in Harlem is more business professional than Sears. Worst company ever!

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