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I Would Never Purchase an Appliance Here Again!!
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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to the Sears store on Monday to take a look at the gas ranges. I was looking around and that's when I saw a floor model. I asked for a total price with the installation and haul away of my old stove. I was told that the installation will be included if I purchased a gas hose and they would haul away my old stove for $15.00. We ended up purchasing the gas range and not the installation since I figured I could do it myself; but I asked the salesperson that if I changed my mind I would be able to come back the very next day before the installation and pay $37.99 for the hose and the installation would be included.

I did change my mind so the next day, I went in looking for the same employee that had helped me the day before. All of a sudden he appeared reluctant to help me. I figured it was because he thought I was there to return the item. I asked if I could pay the $37.99 for the part and get the installation. Now his story had changed; he told me that it would be $20.00 for the installation plus the $29.99. I asked him about the 37.99 he had quoted. He now claimed he had never heard of such a thing; I am disgusted by the way the situation was handled. I understand the associates are there to make sales but this should not be done by fake promises to customers.

How am I supposed to trust a company if I am being lied to even before the product is delivered? Well a nearby associate tried to help and instead of being courteous and professional, she decided that she was going to tell us that if she had the money to pay for the extra price we were quoted, she would provide it herself so we would get out of her hair without making a fuss. Believe me, I have never in my life asked for a service I am not willing to pay. I was rightfully furious at this point. It has nothing to do with the money, it's about making an honest sale and standing behind your so-called policies.

Next the manager came over to assist because the associate did not know what to key in to fix the issue. The manager stated the issue was resolved and we would be getting what was stated the date we came in for the purchase. You would think the issue would end there. The day of the installation (Thursday) comes around - "we will be there anywhere from 8 to 11" - so we wait; come noon no one has showed up so we call to see what happened.

When we finally are able to speak to a person we are informed that the installation will be held up until Sunday. We figure we've already gone through this hassle, we can just wait. Come Sunday, the gas range comes in and the delivery man is about to leave without installing the item, so we let him know the installation had been paid for, show him the receipt; and he states that in the system it is not coming up. He was only scheduled to pick up and drop off, that he was not given a hose and he did not bring the tools for the installations.

So now here I am with a new stove that cannot be installed in my living room. I paid for the item, I paid for the installation. I received horrible customer service; they have wasted my time and treated me as if this is my entire fault. I go to the store and inform them of this and yes they return the part fee and they give me a half-forced apology about how they do not know why this happened. As a customer I no longer have faith in Sears. How can you have such clear disregard for my time, misinformed associates, mixed up policies, and little knowledge about how to set up orders?

Aside from the manager, everyone was incapable of maintaining a professional attitude and pretending to care about resolving my issue. I was treated like I was there begging for a service instead of like a customer who had just paid for a service. Who is going to compensate me for the hassle and headache and time I spent having to resolve each issue that came up? As a company, the customer should not be expected to have to constantly call and show up to the store to make sure the service is done correctly.

Customer Service Fail
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SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We purchased a gas range from Sears over the phone and set up a date for delivery based on when we could get the gas company to connect it. The associate who took the order was supposed to email a receipt - never got it. The stove was delivered the day before it was to be connected - the connection kit was missing even though the delivery team insisted it was there - I finally proved that it was missing. They left without fully unpacking or inspecting the stove. Then I noticed that the stove plug was smashed so it couldn't be plugged in. I made several calls, but after being disconnected twice, I finally got a manager's name to call the next day.

The next morning a new delivery person came to bring the missing part. He looked at the stove and called the installation dept. and ordered a replacement to be delivered the next morning so I could have it hooked up. No email or call about the delivery time happened, so I again went through several people to find that they didn't have the stove in stock and couldn't have one until a week later. At that point I ordered it from Home Depot and got a refund after talking with 8 people and having to tell each one the same story even though each time I was transferred, the person assured me that the next person would already know what we had discussed!!!

The story doesn't end there. I also ordered a hood recirculating fan - but it wasn't delivered even though I had confirmed delivery on it the week prior. After being forwarded a number of times, I got an "appliance advocate" who "would solve my problem". His solution was to give me the name and number of a company Sears sub-contracted to install the hood. After several calls to them, I got the hood. After talking with 25 Sears people during this process, I will never buy from Sears again.

Company Response :

Hello debmccus,

Thank you for bringing what you have experienced with your gas range and hood purchase and installation to our attention, we understand how what you encounter has caused you to be agitated and dissatisfied with the product and services provided. For many years Sears has endeavored to provide high quality products and services, we see that in your situation we have let you down. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. Upon reading your post, I am reaching out to offer further assistance. Please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name to reference your post (debmccus), to and a case manager will contact you directly. Again, thank you for taking time to post and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian L.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Gas Range
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ONLINE, IDAHO -- We purchased a new stainless 30" freestanding gas range from Sears online, along with five other appliances. We needed the range converted to propane and were told by Sears that their installer could not do that and that we would need to hire a local technician. Our gas company provided the names of several techs and we had him convert the range, with the provided parts, to propane and install it. From the beginning we smelled gas and the tech returned to check his work which was fine.

So we called the gas company who came in and found a gas leaking into the oven because of a defective control mechanism. In addition, we found that the anti-tip part was missing. Since the range is only a few days old and hadn't been used, the warranty was still effective so we called Sears to send out a repair technician. They said it would take a week because their repair tech only comes to our community once per week. They indicated they could repair or exchange it.

The exchange would take three weeks and then would need to be converted so we opted for repair. Interestingly, we had a dishwasher and range hood installed by Sears and the installer said he is capable of converting and installing gas ranges. There is likely a better than 50/50 chance that the tech will come in a week but have to order parts. In the meantime, we are without a method of cooking food. It took us four (4) phone calls and a chat to get this far.

What really gripes me is Sear's callous attitude about making this right. Perhaps we should have gone elsewhere. Four years ago we purchased four appliances from Sears and the refrigerator was defective and needed to be replaced. That is 2 of 9 appliances defective, or 22%. What kind of quality control is that. And then we are informed we won't get the anti-tip part for another two weeks even after the installation instructions warn about the dangers of tipping. I guess it doesn't matter if the range doesn't work anyway... We will never do business with Sears again.

Sears Does Not Stand Behind Customer Service
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I went to Sears to purchase a stove, above the stove microwave, twin mattress, and an air conditioner. We were moving into a new house and I did like to buy these items at Sears, because I have never had any trouble at Sears. We asked to have these things delivered except for the mattress and they told us the date when the items would be delivered. We asked for no installation for the microwave because we had a Contractor who was supposed to come on the same day to do other things in the house.

We scheduled him to come on the date that Sears gave us in order to have him install all of the things we bought. On the day that Sears gave us, the items were delivered and Sears left. When the contractor opened the microwave box, one side of it was caved in. It looked like someone had dropped it. We called Sears and they said that they would bring another one the next day. We asked them if they were going to pay for the installation, because if we had the contractor to come back out, it would cost us additional money to install the microwave. They kept saying that we did not pay for installation. This is when the problem started.

Sears kept transferring us from one employee to another after we couldn't get to someone with knowledge to understand and correct the problem that Sears created. Finally after spending all day going from one to another, my husband went back to store and they told him that we could let our contractor install it and we were to send Sears an invoice and they would have a refund within two days.

After getting the microwave installed, my husband called Sears to make sure that we had the correct address to send the Invoice to 333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Mail stop RR Estate, IL. 60179; they gave us a claim # **. This is when my next nightmare began. After days of calling, we ended at a person that said Sears cannot refund us the 165.00 that we spent to correct a problem, they could only give us a 50.00 gift card. After being lied to for days and days, this person stated that our claim number was not from Sears. I hope that Sears is proud of what your employees did to us for $165.00. You have lost a good customer.

I talked to my attorney and he told me that he would handle this, but my cost would be 500.00. In the past I have paid him to deal with matters as this for the principle only. I will never shop at Sears again, my children, my grandchildren, friends, employees, and anyone else.

Resolution Update 07/04/2012:

I would like to thank Sears for resolving my problem with the micro wave. They responed quickly and they were very concerned about my problem with the micowave. Sears is a big corporation and they can only train their staff to a point. As a business Owner we try to make sure that our staff have the knowledge to handle every situation quickly. I will continue to shop at Sears. Thank You

Warranty not worth it
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HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA -- Sunday we noticed part of oven has actually melted inside door and knobs while on self-clean, not to mention scorched the faceplate where knobs are. Today Sears repairman under our so-called Master Protect warranty comes out and says he'll order parts to repair the melted items. OK, but what caused it? His response "I don't know, not really sure, but do not use it as more plastic will melt and will cause poisonous fumes that could kill you and family".

So Sears is going to have this idiot order parts for oven that he's not sure what's wrong with? So guess Sears will be back out by end of month because of not fixing what went wrong. The next time I use self clean, guess what, more melted parts? Who knows maybe Sears will be buying me a new home when it burns down from faulty oven - just hope we're not home when that happens - or my family dies from poisonous burning plastic fumes.

Sears will be liable for all costs (and more than!) and wish they just replaced a less than 3-yr old oven that now has shown it doesn't work properly, causing a serious if not fatal health safety issue for my family. Not to mention for next 10-12 days my family will be w/o an oven. I called and spoke to lady with warranty dept. She said we can get a rental, only problem the rental places in our area takes 4-6 weeks to get a gas range (what we currently have), so now I guess we go without until repairs can be made?

Screw Sears, worst warranty ever bought. I have purchased all my home appliances always via Sears as my parents had. Well that ended today, never again. You could be giving it away and I will never step foot into a Sears store again. I will slam Sears every chance I get.

Sears Appliance Repair- Price Gouging, Unresolved Complaint

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- Price Gouging, Sears has not resolved complaint! My stove went kaput. I called Sears Appliance Service because I thought they were trustworthy and would do fair work. When the appointment was made (December 17, 2010) they asked for the make and model number of my stove. We just purchased our home and the stove appeared new. But apparently it had been beautifully maintained (or not used hardly) and it was 11 years old. OK, that's not too old is it?? Well apparently in this day and age, KitchenAid considers that ancient. But that's another review....

Although Sears had the make/model/serial number on the stove, they failed to inform me or look up whether the stove still had parts available. Apparently once KitchenAid stoves turn 10, they don't make parts for it. The Sears serviceman arrives, and declares that my stove is inoperable and charges me $139! Then he tells me he is so sorry and to call Sears and straighten it out; that he must charge me. I will never fall for that again.

Since I didn't keep my money captive until I spoke to a manager, now I am still waiting for a refund. I feel the charge to diagnose that my stove was obsolete was too high, double what it should have been. And that's me being nice, most folks would have paid nothing.

I filed a complaint the following Monday (the service was on a Saturday and I was forced to confirm that KitchenAid no longer made the part myself, which is a whole another story and is just as irresponsible on Sears' part) and I am told by the operator (1800-4MY-HOME) I will get a call back in 24 Hours. No call. I call again. "We're sorry. Our computers crashed. Did we say 24 hours? It's 48." I call again a week later. Now it's after New Year's. "Oh, looks like the form that was filed on your complaint was incomplete. Lets start over again......" Yeah, right!

STILL WAITING FOR A REFUND. I will amend this review if I get my money back, if not I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You've been warned! If you must use Sears, DO NOT pay the serviceman if you are not satisfied. Insist on speaking to a manager and resolve on the spot. You may never see your money again!

Appliance Purchase
By -

My husband and I went to our local Sears Outlet store to buy appliances for our new home. We selected a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and a gas range. We requested delivery of all the appliances on October 7, 2011 and paid for an installation for the dishwasher since we had never hooked one up before. Several days later, my father told me that he would come down and install the dishwasher for us as well as do some other work on the home--he would be here one week before the original delivery date.

I went into the Sears Outlet and told an employee that I needed to change my delivery date and cancel an install on something I had purchased. She immediately told me to call a 1-800 number and sent me on my way without helping me in any way. I called the number and was told that the installation had been successfully cancelled but that the delivery date needed to be changed by talking to someone at the actual store where I bought the machine. I called the store and spoke to the person who had helped us make the purchase. He kept me on the line while he made the adjustment. Everything seemed fine enough.

On October 1 (the new delivery date for the dishwasher) we did not receive our delivery. My husband got an automated call from Sears stating that there was a delay with our order. After speaking to 2 different reps at the 1-800 number and getting excuses and no information, he called the store. An employee said she would "look into it" and call us in 30 minutes. Hours later, we called the store and found out that she had gone home for the day!! Someone else confirmed that our dishwasher was not showing up that day, so we rescheduled it for October 7 with our refrigerator and range. (Luckily we had since figured out how to install it ourselves!)

My husband got ANOTHER automated call on October 6 stating that there was a delay with our order--again!! The store confirmed that the dishwasher would not be arriving on the 7th with our other machines. We were angry, but were assured that it would be coming on October 8 instead. Today is October 7, and after waiting until 3 PM for our fridge and range, my husband called the store. Guess what? Those aren't coming today either!!!!! Nobody thought to call us and let us know. My husband was told that "the warehouse decided to send everything together on October 8."

So the Sears warehouse gets to decide when I need to receive my appliances, despite our instructions?!? Our movers are coming tomorrow with our furniture, and we will now have appliances underfoot as well. We are furious and will not be buying from Sears again. We will actually be shocked if we receive anything tomorrow as promised. If we do not, we will cancel the entire order and demand our money back. And to top it off, I still haven't been refunded the installation charge on the dishwasher!

Letter to Sears - Do Not Buy Their Products!
By -

MINNESOTA -- "Community Relations - Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities. For most homeowners, especially those struggling to make ends meet, maintaining a home and a family may be a difficult challenge. That is why Sears Holdings is partnering with Rebuilding Together, an organization dedicated to preserving and revitalizing homes and communities. Our mutual goal is to help low-income homeowners, ranging from the elderly and disabled to families with children, live in warmth, safety, and independence. This is just one of the many ways in which Sears Holdings is improving lives and strengthening communities."

I read this piece when looking up information regarding Sears Headquarters. I wanted to comment on this. We have a family of six and struggle to make ends meet. We were fortunate enough a couple of years ago to have saved enough money before my son's surgeries and other medical issues to purchase a brand new gas-burning stove (Kenmore brand) from our local Sears store along with a brand new water heater. I did not purchase the extended warranty, because I was brought up on Sears products and they have lasted for years.

One year and four months after we made our purchases, our stove stopped working. While the burners on top work, the rest of it does not. We were told it was not covered under warranty and we would have to pay a technician to come and look at it. When I was quoted a price, I told the person it would cost almost as much to buy another brand new stove as to have someone come out and look at our stove and fix a small part, let alone find a bigger problem. She agreed. I received no further help.

We researched online and put in the problem codes given by the computer in our stove. We purchased both items listed as potential problems. This has cost us about 150.00 alone. It still does not work. Two months ago, our brand new water heater stopped working. Sears would not help. The Austin Utilities Company, however, came out and serviced it for free. I have been so incredibly disappointed in the product, lack of backing or support or even direction. We CANNOT possibly afford to buy another stove. You have no idea what it is like to be in this position.

I read about how your company does so much for the communities etc., and I find that we do not experience any of what you lead people to believe. The third time we called Sears here in town was the last, as the person hung up on me. I will not recommend your product to anyone. I have since learned there are others with the exact same stove, exact same problems occurring within nearly the same amount of time and nothing has been looked into or recalled. I found your site difficult, at best, to navigate in identifying where to send my comments to.

Sadly, I believe I will probably not hear anything and this letter will simply be tossed aside. I have, however, begun taking steps to gather my documented information that will eventually be provided to the Better Business Bureau. I regret to say that Sears is no longer a brand name that I trust or would ever recommend to anyone.

Appliance defect and repair service
By -

Seventeen months ago my husband and I purchased a new Kenmore Range. I had purchased Kenmore products previously and was always impressed with the quality of the appliances and durability. Two months ago, while my son was trying to remove an item from the hot stove, the handle on the door fell off, the door separated into two parts and the glass in between these parts shattered on the floor. While his injuries fortunately were minor, the response and resolution and even repair to this product has been nothing less than frustrating.

I first attempted to contact Sears to inquire about the door to see if the part was faulty, had been recalled or to see if I could get support. After several days and many many phone calls to one number after another, and promises to have someone return my calls, I decided that I would have the oven door repaired as it is unusable and then re-attempt to contact someone within the organization regarding this part. (At one point I even had had a service representative tell me that this was "normal wear and tear" of this product.

When I scheduled the service technician to come to the house, he admitted that the part was faulty, that the only thing holding the entire oven door together was the door handle, and that the screws for the door handle were housed in plastic. This design has now been changed to a metal housing. I was charged $258 for service and new parts, the parts were ordered and another call was rescheduled to install these parts.

When the technician arrived a few weeks later to install the parts, he found that he didn't order the correct parts, so parts were again ordered and now another service call was scheduled. That call was to have occurred today.
Yesterday evening however, a representative called the house - spoke to my son (a child) and relayed a message. Since children do not relay messages correctly, he was unsure of what they told him, so I called Sears to see what time they were going to arrive for the service call. When I called the automated number, I was given the information that my service call was now scheduled for a day next week, and not today.

I called to speak to someone, was again given several people to speak to, was never told why a service rep would relay information to a child and was just told that my call was rescheduled for next week. Next week's service call will be the fourth time that I or my husband will have to make arrangements with work to be available for this call - all for the wonderful price of $258 for a repair of a design flaw which potentially could have caused great injury. My level of frustration with Sears and its representatives is so high, not only would I never purchase another Kenmore product, I would also highly advise anyone reading this to also do the same.

Quality of Appliances
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Rating: 3/51

NEW JERSEY -- In December 2014, we purchased a Kenmore Gas Range #790. We replaced a Kenmore which served us well for twenty years. But this model is not well made. We have had to have it serviced twice and from what we can see, the problem with the ignition is perpetual and we will need service periodically. One design flaw is that you cannot access the ignition.

In the previous model, if the pilot light went out, you could get access to it and re-light. Not with this model. There is no access so you have to have the repairman. I can't see how this design is a profit maker for Sears as it means they have to send technicians to make house calls. Next: when the oven self-cleans, it leaves marks on the oven door. I don't know if there are gas ranges in the $700 price range that perform better but I would say that based on this model, Sears' quality has deteriorated.

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