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Rating: 1/51

KAUFMAN, TEXAS -- Sears promised me that these very expensive windows that I purchased came with a lifetime warranty, but they wouldn't let me see the warranty until after the purchase. That should have told me something, but I trusted Sears, and remember a time when you could. NO MORE. My windows do not have a lifetime warranty, and if anyone out there has been lied to by Sears, I think we should get together and file a nice class-action lawsuit.

Now one of my windows is broken: it will not close, and I can't even get them to tell me when they can come fix it. So if a burglar decides to break in, or if it starts raining and comes into my house, I guess that's just too bad for me. I will never buy anything from Sears again. "Satisfaction guaranteed" is long gone.

Company Response 11/11/2015:

Have you contacted you Project Consultant or your Project Superintendent? If you have and have not had any luck please follow this address and they should take care of you on your warranty issues.

Sears Is Not Standing by Their Advertised Lifetime Warranty on Their Replacement Windows.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Every ad about Sears windows tells of a Lifetime warranty on them. But when there is a problem with their product they won't honor the warranty. I replaced 7 custom-sized windows and a huge sliding door. The cost was $8,000. The sliding door shattered this weekend in a storm and now they won't cover it. So the lesson here is don't do business with Sears. They aren't what they used to be. They don't honor their warranties.

Sears Does Not Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

RHODE ISLAND -- Windows have warped, pieces have broken, etc. Just get the runaround, send faxes with information requested and still have no satisfaction?

Extremely Disappointed
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Rating: 2/51

MT. SHASTA, CALIFORNIA -- In 2012 I had all of the windows in my house replaced. I was told that all of the window dressings would be taken down and put back up after they were done. Did not happen! I was told all of the trash from the project would be picked up and disposed of. Did not happen, I had to go around and pick up all of their metal clippings. I was told I would be contacted to make sure that the job was completed and I was happy. Again, this did not happen.

When they put in the Windows. I told him I wasn't real happy with the metal stripping around the Windows and the sharp edges would come up and catch on things, so they gave me a couple of tubes of their caulking and said if it happened I could just put some caulking on it. A few months later I was looking at the neighbor's house and all of their corners had been cut on a 45° angle making very nice, clean, secure corners. I told Sears home Pro salesperson that I was not happy and he just ignored me. I tried a number of times to contact the phone numbers and email address that I received, which ignored most of the time.

I was not told that I only had one year to complain about the installation and after that I would have to pay to have them come up and repair anything that they did not do correctly. Extremely disappointed with this so-called lifetime guarantee. Throughout the winter. I had trouble with closing the window, but after it was closed and locked. I had forgotten about the problem. The next summer when I opened the windows. I did not notice that the Windows were Installed Crooked and it wasn't until the next winter, when my son was closing the windows that I noticed the window was crooked, and that was why it did not lock closed easily like the rest of the Windows.

When I contacted your company. I was told that it was too bad I would have to pay to have them come up and repair the window that they did not install correctly. This winter I am noticing the plastic strips around the Windows no longer seal tightly against the window and cold air is rushing through. When I press the stripping back to the window I can notice the whole window moving because it is not secured in place.

My last complaint is I have lost a great deal of my window view approximately 3 inches on each side, and now that I have taken down my curtains, it is extremely obvious how much of my window space I have lost. I purchased the window from Sears because I thought Sears had such a great reputation for quality and warranty.
I am not impressed with the service that I have received.

Quality of Product, Contractor, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Purchased 6 replacement windows approximately 3 months ago. Two days after installation the window screens fell out of 2 windows. Further examination found screens on all windows were too small for the frames. Quality work by the Sears contractor was poor, e.g., stucco cracked, suspect windows were never shimmed properly causing window frames to bow, outside window frames spray painted to cover scratches, paint over-spray on stucco and never corrected.

Complained to local Sears office that handled the sale and to date, no satisfaction. The Sears sales pitch promised a quality product, the best contractors, the best warranty, and the best customer service. Once you pay for the product, it's like pulling teeth to get satisfaction from Sears. The contractor used by Sears in my case was terminated by Sears for lousy work.

Ever feel like you're locked in a room with no way out - unless you break the window?

BLOOMINGDALE, ILLINOIS -- Well, it appears that treadmills are not just for hampsters! I filed bankrupt in 2004 because of a really bad employment situation. In 2006 I was forced into early retirement to care for my ailing mom after a spotty work record between 2004-2006 [please know all that the Big 5-0 does have a tragic effect on one's otherwise gainful employment possibilities].

I never lost sight of my goal to turn my credit around because prior to my employment misfortune, I had excellent credit. Well, I started turning my credit around immediately and I won. The downside is I have no clothes and no pocket money and a car in need of many repairs. I needed things for mom's and my new apartment in November 2007 and while shopping in a Kmart store was lured into a long line to open a credit card account. Gee, I was approved for a Sears Kmart Solutions Mastercard! Trouble is now 4 years into this credit card relationship, I am more than tired of paying an APR of 29.99%.

This is a credit card account on which I have never been late paying. The average interest paid at year end is approximately $720 and the highest balance I have had is just under $2,500. The balance comes down so slow that you cannot see it move, literally. I make minimum payments due of $80 and only $20 of that amount applies to the balance.

I have written HSBC about this whom I believe is a victim of entirely too much of Sears' interference/influence (everybody knows you have to do it the "Sears" way if you want their business). I was told by HSBC that there was nothing they could do about my APR right now. So when?! It's been 4 years of on-time payments. HSBC is not bad at all; I have an HSBC Best Buy Reward Zone Mastercard and our relationship is superior... so it has to be Sears.

Trouble here is I have a PepBoys credit card issued by GE Money, and they must have gotten wind of my Sears 29.99% APR and are APR shadowing. Three years ago, they decided to charge the same APR up from 23%. So, I unhappily closed the account in December 2010 after a 4-year relationship.

Just recently, I happened to notice that GE has reopened the account without advice to me! They are showing credit available. I have to wonder if that is because GE sees something coming and does not want to drop the 29.99% APR! In any event, this is bad faith and underminding. I closed the Sears account also in 2010 because they would not support me in a merchant dispute, but the 29.99% APR remains!

Every month, I pray to become a rambo. All I need is "enough" to stop paying both these giants, apply grease paint beneath my eyes, and let them take me to court on judgments. I think I would be better off letting a "judge" decide if enough has been snatched out of my pocketbook. If I cannot achieve rambo status, this otherwise will be too intimidating of an attempt for me... and the giants already know it and are waiting for my next move.

Sears vinyl replacement windows
By -

I would like to tell everyone about Sears windows. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. We purchased windows for our house after a tornado in 1985 from Sears and had a LIFETIME WARRANTY. THESE windows are thermo pane type with dual panes of glass. After only a year the windows developed an air leak which resulted in condensation and dirt getting in window. We called Sears and a representative came out took a look and order the new panes and had them installed.

No problem, then a few years afterwards at least 5-6 windows had the same problem. By then Sears had turned over the windows to great lakes construction, they referred us to them and were told that the windows didn't have a lifetime warranty. That the most they would do was supply glass and we would have to have someone install the glass.

Mom for the last 4 yrs. have been on the phone at least every week until she passed away. And Sears told us to get a hold of great lakes because windows did have lifetime warranty. We showed the paper work that says "LIFETIME WARRANTY" sO me and Dad have decided to just go get windows from Home Depot or Lowes or somewhere else, anywhere but Sears. They don't stand behind anything anymore. They treat their customers like dirt and wonder why they are going bankrupt.

Replacement of Broken Window
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Over 2 weeks ago I had one of my slider doors shatter. I was working in the garden, my husband was in the shower and the kids were watching a movie. I didn't hear anything until my husband came outside and asked me what happened. The outside pane of the door completely shattered. So we find the paperwork, call the 800 numbers for repair. I'm told I need to pay the $100 just to have someone come out and look at the window. So I ended up getting a call the next day from the guy who was going to come out and look at it and he told me he didn't need to come and look at it and that he ordered the replacement glass and figured 7-10 days, maybe 2 weeks.

So I called him yesterday and he was really nice and called me back, said it was due in that day but the window truck comes in on Tuesdays so someone will call me to schedule the replacement. Meanwhile I have never received any calls back looking for updates with ** at Sears who I was told I needed to work through. So I called and got someone new this time and she was very rude. You'd think she could at least say "I'll check on the glass and see if it's there" but NOPE she told me the computer says it isn't there so they won't schedule it until after its in.

She couldn't tell me how long it would be to get in the schedule once it was in either. So here I am over 2 weeks later I have a door that isn't usable. I have glass all over the place, I'm finding bits of glass everywhere now, we taped it up as best as possible. I'm super frustrated I bought windows with Sears. They were over priced for similar or better quality from other suppliers. I wish this door was with the other company we bought the rest of the windows for our house with because at least they were LOCAL and could really answer questions when you needed a real answer not another push off. I have to say that ** has been helpful and I appreciate it because when I first called in they were more concerned I was OK paying $100 to have someone LOOK at the window then they were about trying to get me a replacement.

Replacement Window Estimates
By -

I have been receiving estimates from replacement companies and am attempting to compare products. I have received one quote from Home Depot, one from THV that sells Thermal Line triple pane windows and two quotes from Sears. Home Depot and THV have both supplied me with written information about their windows, i.e. warranties. Both Home Depot and THV showed me models of windows that they are selling. In the past I have purchased windows from Sears without comparing price or quality under high pressure sales tactics and was not an informed consumer.

The current estimates I am getting are based on 4 double hung windows 35w x 43L and 1 window 35w x 35L and 1 slider window of 70w x 43L. The first price estimate from Sears came in a little over $5,000 for Low E^2/Argon Southern Climate WeatherBeater Max windows. Later, a Sears representative followed up to find why I did not purchase the windows. After a reading off a list a four questions, the representative determined that was price was the factor. He said Sears would send out another representative with substantially lower price. Though price was a factor, it was not the only factor.

My concern is the salesman did not seem willing to provide any guarantees in writing. I never receive an warranty on the first set of windows I purchased just a 3 year warranty on the installation on the contract I signed which I explained to the salesman. This salesman claimed that window seal failure was warranted for a lifetime and told me if I could find a warranty from a company the guarantees the window seal failure it that would be good window because it is rare for window seal failure to be warranted. I asked him to send a copy of the warranty from Sears that states that window seals are guaranteed. I never received it.

A second salesman came with a lower quote of about $4,000 but with line of windows called Sears limited with Low e^2/Argon with only difference of the windows being space 7/8" on the Weatherbeater Max verses 3/4" on the Sears Limited. No model window was shown. I was told the warranty on Sears Limited for glass breakage for twenty years, however he could not provide me anything in writing what the warranty covered during his visit.

In summary, it appears that Sears puts as little information as possible in writing to make in next to impossible to compare their products with their competition. It appears they expect a consumer to have blind faith to believe whatever their salesman promises is true. Noteworthy, on their contacts they note that any verbal agreements made by the salesman is non binding.

Intimidating sales tactics a copy of my complaint letter
By -

I am writing with regard to the bullying and intimidating sales tactics that I experienced on Thursday November 30th 2006 at our no-obligation free in-home estimate for Sears replacement windows. My experience with two of your employees has left me upset and concerned for others more vulnerable than myself.

I was not informed that the appointment would take so long. It took nearly three hours, (between 6 pm and 8.45 pm), a maximum of thirty minutes of which was spent actually measuring up. By the time I managed to get them to leave my home it was late, dark and I was beginning to feel threatened by their insistence on staying in my house with me until I made a purchase.

The salespeople kindly offered to deduct a total of twenty-percent from the cost of replacement if I signed immediately. I explained firmly that I would not be making a purchase that night as I wanted to get a number of quotes from other companies. I was asked why I needed to get more quotations having seen their product. This question was not only intrusive but ridiculous. Getting multiple estimates is what any responsible homeowner does. I had alerted them to our restricted budget from the outset, but when I reiterated this point the rude response was "So are you telling me that quality isn't important to you?"

The two gentlemen continued to attempt to bully me, repeatedly insisting that their twenty-percent deduction was only available that evening. They repeated this offer at least eight times after I had initially refused it. I attempted to remind them that their estimates carry no-obligation to buy and indicated that I felt I was being forced to sign.
In response to this I was told that we obviously weren't serious about making a purchase. I found this comment highly offensive and began to feel distressed by their intimidating, coercive tactics and the unfriendly tone they had begun to adopt.

I have since discovered from online complaints forums (,, that this pattern of questioning and intimidation is not an isolated event. This leads me to believe that Sears is actively training its salespeople in the unethical practices outlined above.

We still have many projects to complete and many items to purchase as part of our remodel and were hoping to be able to use Sears for many, if not all of these. However, after this experience we are loath to do business with a company that appears to train its employees in this way. I also feel that others particularly the elderly and the about the sales tactics that your company appears to endorse. A letter of apology and reassurance would go some way to encouraging us to shop with Sears again; as would an agreement to raise this issue with the relevant sales staff. Many thanks for your kind attention.

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