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Bad Business
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MATAMORAS, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK 1st off a couple weeks ago they had a office chair on sale for 89.99 online ad. It was Saturday night and almost closing time so I called the store they had 1 left in stock and I asked they hold it till the morning for me. They took my name and held it. Everything good so far. I go to the store at opening time go to pay for the chair and it comes up as 160+ I said wait this is 89.99 and was informed the sale was over and it is full price now I said I reserved it last night but they said I should have reserved it online to get sale price. when I told them that it said it was a clearance and low stock and would not let me do it online. I called the 1 800 number when I got home from store and the person I spoke with said they should honor the sale price because I called them while the sale was on. I went back to store explained what the person said and they stated they would call corporate and get back to me. Never heard a word from them. I stopped into the store a week later and spoke with the manager and was told we called you which I showed her my phone log and there was nothing on it. Oh well I leave.

They have the chair on sale again for 99.00 so I said heck with it I'll go get it. when I arrive they have no more in stock but the floor display one. OK then they tell me it will be another 10 bucks because of assembly charge I looked at the girl like she was nuts I said um every other store I have ever bought from sells the display model less than the currant price not more she said its a assembly charge. I said well I have to take it apart to get it in my car so I don't need it assembled she says sorry if you want the last one the display it's an extra 10 buck. So I said you know what I will never buy from Staples again and walked out this is just sad.
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User Replies:
Jeff on 05/24/2013:
Ridiculous. And staples and other office places wonder why they are not getting business. they should have given you the sales price the first time.....Did you speak to a manager?
FoDaddy on 05/24/2013:
I can see where this would be frustrating. They did reserve the chair for you. But obviously they can't keep the same price if the sale ends, as that's not how sales work.

As for the assembly charge, I can see it both ways, yes they had to pay someone to put it together for display and since they aren't normally sold assembled, it's plausible charge. But it's the floor model, it's not brand new, so I think a discount was in order for that chair being the floor model, which should IMHO negate the assembly charge.
trmn8r on 05/24/2013:
I can understand why you didn't get the sale price - you didn't buy it while it was on sale. Most stores will not sell a display model, because it costs money to pay the CSR to assemble it. If they were not closing out the model, they will have to assemble another when they come in again.
mike on 07/18/2013:
I work for staples and thy should have gave u the sale price and for the assembly charge.thy should have waive it plus 10% off.tht what I would have done.and for that paying someone to build them it a lied
To me who ever builds a chair for a customer should get a percent of the $10 fee but we don't
Staples keep the $10 fee to there selfs.
Taylor on 08/01/2013:
Did you ask them about the sale when you called?

From my experience when someone calls me and they ask if we have a chair I go into the back and look for the box. I never see a price tag on it usually and if I find it I set it aside in an area we have designated for stuff like that. That's the whole process when it's done in store.

When you arrive at the store someone gets the chair, scans it at a register and the current price comes up.

Had you asked them if you could get it on sale when the sale was over they might have worked with you. Might have, but at the very least they would have given you an answer so you didn't get surprised at the store.
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Staples Does Not Stand Behind Their Own Products.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased two Staples Nexia mesh office chairs on August 18th 2012 for our home office. On October 12th the mesh on the back of chair started coming out of track. The chairs are very seldom used. Staples refuses to take back chairs so we may purchase better chairs from them, because its been longer than 14 days. I don't understand a company that won't stand behind its own product. Don't ever buy office furniture at Staples, because after 14 day's it's your problem. I could understand it if it was another manufacturer but this is a product with Staples name on it. I guess they don't think much of their own products.

I have since seen reviews of this same chair online, and it was about this same problem with mesh coming loose on back. Most reviews said this chair was a piece of junk and they received no help or understanding from Staples. I'll never buy anything else at Staples; there's too many other places selling the same stuff with a much better return policy and much better attitudes.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/14/2012:
I view the situation this way - when I purchase something I am agreeing to accept its design and materials used. Therefore I (try to) research furniture, appliances, cars, home electronics, etc as much as possible prior to purchase. I also occasionally try to remember to check the returns policy, because it is only certain purchases I anticipate returning for various reasons (eg may find it cheaper at a store I plan to visit).

In this case, it is the quality of the materials used and/or the design that you don't like. After the return period, a company "stands behind" its products with a warranty, but in the vast majority of cases not a return policy.

IMO, the falure of Staples to take back this used item after the end of the return period is not an indication of falure to stand behind its products. If the mesh is covered by the warranty, they should fix it. Just my .02
FoDaddy19 on 10/14/2012:
Per their website. The chairs in question have a one year warranty. It's also only rated for 3 hour usage at a time for a person who weighs 225 pounds or less, which seems curious to me. But anyway, if you contact the number on the owner's manual you can probably make a warranty claim.

I think Staples will stand behind their product, you just have to go through the proper channels. You're outside of the return window. But the product is still under warranty.
Kahula35 on 10/18/2012:
All furniture at Staples has 14 day return period. The return period has nothing to do with manufacturer or anything. It's a matter of reason. Once a chair is assembled it cannot be resold therefore it has to be destroyed or sold deeply discounted. In other words a return on a chair at Staples which has been opened represents a loss for the customer.

However you have a warranty which has nothing to do with the store. If you contact the warranty department they will help you. It's out of the stores hands at this point.
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DON'T BUY Staples warranty unless you read the fine print and understand all of it.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SIREN, WI, MINNESOTA -- We bought an HP laptop with the warranty from Staples. The salesman (assistant manager) recommended the warranty we purchased and thinking he was selling us the warranty we needed for this specific computer. Key print on laptop started wearing off within 6 months, took back to Staples, said warranty does not cover "key print missing"; that is a cosmetic problem and you can still use computer without printed letters on keyboard. Honestly, who can, for memory, recite each row of keys? OK, accepted that, kind of, but then screen cracked just sitting on a table; had shut laptop down and unplugged for pending severe thunderstorm that never happened. Next morn plug in laptop and started up and "ink blotch" on screen. I can honestly say it had not been hit, no animals or kids around, just husband and myself. When we bought warranty we were told it covered screen breakage. Took to Woodbury Staples and were told the warranty we purchased does not cover screen breakage only phone support. Our salesman had recommended this warranty and we weren't aware Staples warranty would be different from doing an extended HP warranty. Did not read the fine print. We should have been advised to buy the "accidental warranty" or HP 3 year extended warranty. Why does Staples sell warranties if they don't honor them other than for extra $$$.

Folks at Woodbury Staples have always been great when shopping in the store. BUT Staples warranties are the worst for any kind of coverage. One of the tech staff told me Staples needs to do some work on their warranties but nothing has been done each time warranty is reviewed.

Frustrating when you buy an $869 laptop and another $300 for the warranty to have this happen and no coverage with warranty. Staples did say they will prorate our warranty and they will help me select a new computer and apply the prorated $$ to my new warranty. This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and we will let others know how Staples does not cover the warranties they sell.

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User Replies:
Kahula35 on 06/13/2012:
Did you call the 1-800 number on the brochure for the protection plan? Key print wear would be considered wear and tear and would be covered by your plan. The store can't help though unless you call the number. However you have to call HP first anyway in the first year because they have to sign off on their manufacturer's defect warranty before Staples can touch it. If Staples does touch it they will void your manufacturer's warranty.

As to screen crack well you have a problem there. Screens rarely just magically crack. Instead you are going to have to go through HP again (seeing as that it's within the 1 year period.) HP will have to evaluate the screen and deem it defective. If so they should repair it however they will probably charge you for some things. Staples protection plan should reimburse those charges though. If HP walks away from you (which they very well may), then Staples should honor the 1 screen replacement, again, only if it is deemed defective.

The accidental damage plan covers just about everything and its unfortunate that most Staples techs are scared to even offer it because it costs more money and most customers scoff.

However, no matter what you do you have to call the 1-800 number. The store really can't help outside of 14 days and it sounds like you are getting some bad info from your Staples. If the screen cracked for no reason then HP should cover that as defective or Staples if HP washes their hands of it. The keyboard should be covered by Staples as I doubt HP will cover that.
John on 08/02/2012:
I bought a HP notebook computer with 2 year protection plan. I specific asked if the battery is covered and I was told that it is. One and a half year later the battery went bad and I went back to the store for the replacement of the battery and was told that the battery was not covered. Staples lied to me and I paid $150.00 for the plan. I should have saved this $150.00 and bought a new battery myself. The battery did not cost $150.00. I was just stupid to spend money on such scam. Never again.
Eli M on 01/14/2014:
I feel scammed. I bought a chair with an extended protection plan. Soon the plastic part that holds the chair together on the right side broke off from me reclining in it!! I tried to open a claim, and they said the plan explicitly doesn't cover plastic!!! The chair is made of plastic and two cushions. I got scammed by Staples.
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Nightmare shopping experience at Staples, Eastbrunswick , NJ store
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing this in regards to an unpleasant shopping experience I had at the East brunswick, New Jersey Store. On March 14 I was at the store to buy some items and saw an advertisement for a sale on a 64gb Sandisk USB drive. I was told by the sales guy to take the label to the register and someone would get the item. The USB drive was priced 129.99 and with instant rebates came up to 59.99. I went home, opened the package and gave the USB drive to my son and told him it was big enough to hold 10 movies. My son looked at the capacity and said it's only 16gb and not 64gb. I immediately looked at the wrapper and it clearly stated 64gb. Next day evening I went to the store and explained them that I was sold a misrepresented item. The sales guy contacted his supervisor who at that time wasn't at the store. To my dismay I was told that there is nothing Staples could do and I have to raise this issue with the manufacturer. He wasn't even willing to take the item back. The manager's name is Sameer. He was arrogant, disrespectful during his conversation, had no interest in listening to my complaint and spoke without any responsibility. What is shocking and unacceptable is the store manager telling me that once the item is opened nothing can be done. Does he expect customers to open their items inside the store and verify, validate then and there itself. Or maybe I wasn't a white to be served better.

Is this how Staples treat their customers ? Does Staples leave all the dirty work of following up with the manufacturers on faulty issues to the customers ? Customers like me shop with some trust and faith at Staples hoping that they are sold items that are genuine.

It would have taken 5 minutes for me to call Sandisk and hopefully have the issue resolved. But this is not my problem and not my business. I wanted Staples to address this problem. And also have the store manager apologize for his nonsensical talk .

I complained about the incident to the Staples customer relation dept. They seem to be worse than the store manager. They came back with a standard answer."Its Staples policy and they cannot make an exception " .Obviously suckers cannot fix a policy that is flawed and that's why they still have a job at Staples. Shame...
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User Replies:
steven & linda on 03/22/2012:
try this number - 800 - 338 - 0252. its an elevated level help desk. perhaps they can help.
Kris10 on 03/22/2012:
Technically, the store clerk was correct. The packaging was incorrect. That is a manufacturer issue. It would have been nice for him to exchange or refund the item, but not required of him. If he says that Policy deems he cannot do anything, then you should call Sandisk and follow up with them.
tnchuck100 on 03/22/2012:
A business should use "technically correct" with care. Many times it will cost them a customer.

The fact is no business ever wins an argument with a customer. The business may think they won however they no longer have that customer.

Sometimes that may be best for both parties.
Amy on 03/22/2012:
Being white does not mean you will be treated better. I see nothing that indicates this was a race issue. The manager handled this wrong, but I don't think race had anything to do with it. Plenty of white people get treated badly too.
John B on 03/27/2012:
Apparently staples must have slipped in a 16GB drive in a 64GB packaging so its definitely their problem. You may want to contact the MFG because I'm pretty sure staples just the resells the product and not in charge of product packaging.
Kahula35 on 04/05/2012:
Staples did not manufacture or package the item so yes calling SanDisk is the correct response. Staples is a retailer. However the store could have returned the item and replaced it if it was within their 14 day return window. Then it would fall on Staples to return the item to SanDisk and seek retribution.

Seems odd that the manager chose not to do this here. I worked at Staples and saw this happen from time to time. The only risk for Staples is that SanDisk refuses the return and the store has to eat the entire cost of the item themselves. It's possible this manager has gotten burned by this before or perhaps has been burned by customers buying multiple items and swapping them so they can return the more expensive one. I caught a few customers doing this when they bought one cheap item and one expensive item and tried to swap the packaging for a return.

In the end I am surprised they didn't do a return but I seriously doubt it has to do with your race. Furthermore you can call SanDisk and I am sure they will swap out the drive no problem.
Taylor on 08/01/2013:
They probably didn't believe your story because it sounds pretty unbelievable. I mean you're walking into a store saying that you want to exchange your 16gb Flash Drive for a 64gb Flash Drive and not pay anything for it. The item you were bringing back cost about $10 and the one you wanted cost $60.

I'm not saying you did anything wrong (making a post here indicates that you probably didn't) but everyone at that store thought you were trying to scam them. That's why they didn't exchange it for you.

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Best Reward Program in Retail
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is by far the best reward program of any store out there. I've been a reward member for about 2 years now and gotten at least $500 dollars in rewards and rebates in that time. Everything is easy about it. Just in the last 2 months I have redeemed about $60 in rewards. And make no mistake... I'm not a business... I'm not buying that much. This is simply for home office supplies and some computer needs... mouse, laptop case, no hardware... and mostly... a lot of ink for our printer.

I also get credit for the ink cartridges I recycle there. For all you dissatisfied reward users... take a look at your settings for the account or check your spam settings... there has to be a problem... aren't you getting the emails to notify when you have reward checks. Yesterday I just got email notifying me that I have 2 reward checks ready. I clicked open the email and printed the checks and I'm off to spend $38 at Staples. The Easy Rebates are awesome too.... EASY! Enter 2 numbers on your receipt and your done. Once, my husband threw away a receipt we needed and the store was able to look it up and give me full credit for the product I returned even though it was currently on sale.

I belong to so many other retail reward programs. Michaels Craft Store for example... even though my status has been upgraded to a gold member, I've yet to see a single benefit in the last 6 months of membership. Most of the others give you a week to use your rewards. With Staples I usually have 3 months... and if you let them expire in that time... you don't need ANY reward program. I LOVE STAPLES REWARDS PROGRAM!!!
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User Replies:
Terminator's ghost on 02/18/2012:
I'm glad you found this experience rewarding. Personally, I just threw my rewards card in the trash because I used it only once under the hope of saving $3-4 on an ink cartridge. Any little bit I was thankful for at the time, because the cartridge was around $bazillion.

Unfortunately, I didn't have reason to return to Staples to make more purchases and take advantage of the program and get that $4 discount. I can imagine that for frequent visitors it would be a benefit.
Cwazychicken on 02/19/2012:
To me, unless you have money to spend, these reward programs are useless. You have to spend so much to earn so much. A person who wants to save, and doesn't have a lot to spend, is the one that won't profit off this. If you spend hundreds or even thousands, you probably will see something.
Kahula35 on 02/23/2012:
Staples rewards has less to do with what you spend and benefits the conscious consumer. I really take advantage of Staples rewards because I can get plenty of items I need and then some without spending a lot. Staples regularly has 100% back programs as well as discounts etc. Betteries, Earbuds, flashdrives, etc all end up being free when you get your rewards check. I basically keep a wishlist of items I need and monitor the rewards program. I am fully stocked on AA and AAA batteries, got 100% of the price back to my rewards a month later, and purchased a UPS and a flash drive which I needed with the credit and spent maybe a dollar over. So all in all I got batteries which I always need and the items I needed for one price.

Just like coupons and rebates it's a good program if you pay attention. It rewards those who are conscious of it.
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Never Again!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I went to the Staples in Cedar Rapids to get some toner for my printer. There are a bunch of crooks! I had to wait 20 minutes just to get someone to pay any attention to me. By the time the manager comes out, he's screaming at me like I did something wrong. He was literally screaming at me for 45 minutes while customers and employees watched.

Nobody helped me, it was humiliating. The manager's name is Arthur. Do not buy from him. When they finally brought the toner out I said, "No thanks." I will NEVER go into that store again.
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 02/07/2012:
Why was the manager screaming at you for 45 minutes? I would have left after waiting 20 minutes with no help.
tnchuck100 on 02/07/2012:
The part of this review I fail to understand is being screamed at for 45 minutes. I cannot imagine me putting up with that from a boss...much less as a customer.
Mytical on 02/08/2012:
Did you ask anybody for help, or did you just assume? A lot of customers hate 'pushy sales people', so going up and asking is a good they know you won't just blow them off if they approach. As for being yelled at for 45 min...why? The minute a manager starts yelling at me, and I am a customer..I am walking out and finding the info of the owner/corporate and calling and letting them know.
oldisgood on 02/08/2012:
I get the feeling a whole lot was left out of this post!!! No one comes up to someone and just starts screaming for no reason.
Venice09 on 02/08/2012:
Are you sure you weren't in JCPenney's?
missing my brain on 02/10/2012:
I think you're right oldisgood - I think there's something missing.

why would any customer just stand there with an employee yelling at him for 40 minutes?

People don't just pick strangers to yell at for over 30 minutes. I'm wondering if this was perhaps an argument between the customer and the employee.
paddyohooligan on 02/11/2012:
too 'missing my brain' - I'm not liking the cynic expressed here. What is missing is common courtesy. See how you like it while someone screams at you for 45 (not 40 ) minutes. Its' is people like you who stood around watching assuming I was getting sweet with the ladies or whatever it is he was screaming about. Side with me and maybe suggest some comebacks for next time. Peace.
jktshff1 on 02/11/2012:
Why was he hollering at you? What excuse was given?
paddyohooligan on 02/11/2012:
I'm just trying to set thing straight (Rom. 6:4)
jktshff1 on 02/11/2012:
The rest of the story would help
madconsumer on 02/11/2012:
OMG!! what a horrible ordeal. there was no reason for you to be yelled at. make sure to contact staples corp and file a report, this is very un-acceptable.
trmn8r on 02/11/2012:
"He was literally screaming at me for 45 minutes while customers and employees watched."

Why? Why on earth did the manager scream at you? I can't imagine he would have enough material to yell at you for one or two minutes.

What did he believe you did wrong? You asked for someone to "side with you," but I can't lean towards a side until I know what the issue was.
jktshff1 on 02/11/2012:
X1000 trm
Venice09 on 02/11/2012:
Sweet with the ladies?.. Was the manager protecting or defending his female employees?

If you were just there to buy toner, why did the manager come out?
paddyohooligan on 02/12/2012:
whatever happened between me and the female employees is a private matter and has no place on this forum
paddyohooligan on 02/12/2012:
When I go to Staples I am a man first and a customer second. If I have to wait 20 minutes my eyes wander, I might trip, my hand slips... whatever. The point is I followed my heart. Maybe you should follow yours (Rom. 6:4)
Venice09 on 02/12/2012:
Mystery solved.
DebtorBasher on 02/12/2012:
Yup...and there's the rest of the story!
Anonymous on 02/12/2012:
I see the OP has cited Romans 6:4 twice. The NIV translation: We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.
Starlord on 02/12/2012:
I have always heard that religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel (Scientology comes to mind). the OP says what occurred between him and the ladies has no bearing on the post, but implies that the manager was dressing him down for taking liberties with his female employees. In any event, how can he expect someone to 'take his side' when he will not or cannot state why he is innocent. His placing religious statements does not impress me in the least.
tnchuck100 on 02/12/2012:
I agree, Starlord. I have observed his responses accomplish nothing more than to erode his position further and further.
trp2hevn on 02/12/2012:
"whatever happened between me and the female employees is a private matter and has no place on this forum"
Sounds like it was a private matter and had no place in the store either (especially if the female was on the clock). I say good for the manager for sticking up for his employees.
Nohandle on 02/12/2012:
I wasn't there, nor was any other member responding. All I can state is if an employee at my business is being dressed down by a customer I will personally walk out, request the employee excuse himself and ask the individual if I can be of assistance. No one and I mean no one treats an employee at my office as if they are fair game for their frustrations. By the same token an employee knows what to say and what not to say to an individual. Good employees are difficult to find. I enjoy keeping mine around.
Anonymous on 02/12/2012:
20+45=65 minutes, toner cartridges aren't wagyu beef you can get them anywhere, I would have walked out after 5 minutes.
jktshff1 on 02/12/2012:
"whatever happened between me and the female employees is a private matter" it seems as if the manager did not think so.

Nohandle on 02/12/2012:
JKT I had forgotten that once a customer was making a pass, if you will, at a female employee. She was almost on the verge of tears before I was told about it. When I walked out he told me he thought she was beautiful. I simply told him we thought so, as well as her husband and what could I assist him with.
Very angry disabled grandmother on 02/12/2012:
Well if the female employees complained to him and you created a hostile work environment he has every right to kick you out.
my brain is eating yours on 02/13/2012:
"whatever happened between me and the female employees is a private matter "

ahhhh. So there is more to the story.

Leaving out stuff just to make yourself look innocent does not actually make people believe you. not here.
Starlord on 02/14/2012:
There is an old saying, "When you realize you are in a hole, stop digging."
my brain is laughing now on 02/14/2012:
so this whole complaint was because you were hitting on the employees and got dressed down for harassing them?

and the manager is giving "bad service" because he dared interrupt your attempts?


there's your problem. nautica isn't a hook-up bar. and the employees have a right to be left alone from that kind of attention when they're trying to work.
oldisgood on 02/16/2012:
see ---the "rest of the story" and now the poster looks guilty as h=ll. He was making a pass at a female - either and employee or customer -- and thought it was OK because he was just waiting around. He is lucky she didn't slug him. I would have.
paddyohooligan on 03/12/2012:
I'm still fuming about the way I was treated. next time it could be YOU having some bad experiences
trmn8r on 03/12/2012:
Looking back over the comments, you've never mentioned why the manager came out and was screaming at you/what he believed you did wrong.

You have also mentioned some hijinx with female employees, but that the details aren't appropriate here.

You may still be fuming, but a month later I still don't know what the issue was.
TruckerDad on 03/31/2012:
They put the eye on you, Paddy! We're all backing you up here, don't worry
paddyohooligan on 04/01/2012:
You know, this IS a free society and some of us don't go to bars so where are you SUPPOSED to meet women? in the woods?
trmn8r on 04/01/2012:
These new details are making the reason for filing the complaint more clear. Thanks for stopping back.
TruckerDad on 03/18/2013:
Real glad things worked out for you Paddy! We're all in your corner here. Don't worry ever
TruckerDad on 05/03/2013:
I understand the manager apologized to Paddy and he received a sizable Staples Reward card. Glad it worked out, thanks to my3cents
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Computer viruses
Posted by on
PLANT CITY, FLORIDA -- I'm hoping my experience will get out to a few people and will get passed on about this store at 1866 Jim Redman Pkwy. I have just moved here from out of state about 6 months ago due to the economy and I don't know where a lot of places are so I took my desk top computer to Staples on a Sunday to have it cleaned up of viruses, malware and Trojans. Now I'm not the smartest person on the computer but I do have a fair amount of knowledge to know how to troubleshoot and find some problems. With that being said, at first I was not impressed with the I T guy that was there, I explained to him what was going on with my unit, he seemed to talk in circles without saying anything when explaining what was happening and what he could do and told me that he would have it taken care of in a few days. reluctantly I left it with him. My wife called a few days later and asked how things are going, she was told that they are just getting started with it and had a few more things to do. A week went by and I called, I was told that they found the problem and should be ready by that afternoon. When I went to pick up my computer that Tec recommended a different anti virus so we bought it a a price of $60-70 (total price of this experience was about $200) when I got my computer back my background photo was wiped out, my d-fragmenter, calculator and a few other programs and icons were missing. Needless to say I was not taking it back. I dealt with it until a week ago 12/9/11 when I had another issue with a Trojan. when I explained to the Tec what was happening with my computer he knew exactly what had happened and I dropped it off. to make this long story short, that Tec found OVER 1600 Trojans, malware, worms and other viruses. when I approached the manager of Staples he basically told me that the warranty had run out and that's to bad

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/17/2011:
With all that nasty stuff, my guess is that you have a rootkit. Those can't be completely eliminated by any procedure or antivirus software. You have to wipe the disk clean and reinstall the operating system and software. In my opinion, selling you the antivirus software was a ripoff.

My guess is the procedure that they did has very little in the way of a warranty, since a rootkit can't be completely eradicated, and new viruses can slip past an antivirus program. I wouldn't warranty such work for more than a day or two.
MRM on 12/17/2011:
Trmn8r is right on point that formatting harddrive and re-installing Windows is a sure way to remove all the viruses
DebtorBasher on 12/17/2011:
I never take my computer in for a virus clean up. I just restore it back to factory settings. Heck, if I took it in every time it had a virus, they would have my computer more than I do!
Oh yeah...I also get through it with 'A little help from my friends' above.
MRM on 12/17/2011:
DB, we're always on standby for you when trouble calls!
DebtorBasher on 12/17/2011:
And I appreciate that...I will remember you when I hit that big Powerball or Mega Millions! But, instead of a brand new 2011 Jeep that I promised you, we might have to settle on a 2012 Jeep. Is that OK with you?
MRM on 12/17/2011:
I'm tracking the MegaMillion jackpot as it is now $135 mil. The latest year of a Jeep is always good!
clutzycook on 12/17/2011:
Given the number of Trojans the PC had the second time, trmn8r is probably right. I'm also wondering how long it was between the OP's first time taking his PC to Staples and the second time and if he updated the antivirus software in the interim.

That being said, I just use the free Norton antivirus software Comcast provides for me free of charge. Haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood). And if I get a problem that is too big for me to figure out, I call hubby or, failing that, I just reinstall the OS :).
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Superlatives for Ft Lauderdale General Manager Robin
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- If every Staples Manager was similar to Robin, there would be no reason to shop at any other retailer, except Apple.... Here's the copy of the mention of this Staples manager who always goes above and beyond to please her customers including me.


"Purchased this "business" printer at Staples on Commercial Street in Fort Lauderdale. Great news first. The General Manager, Robin, at this Staples is A+++. Without her, I would not be using my purchase now. Now the bad news.....Hewlett Packard.

I called three separate times, as I was disconnected twice and hung up on the third time when I requested being transferred to the USA or a Supervisor. I was connected to a total of six persons in Costa Rica and one in India. All of the ones in Costa Rica basically said I had a "communication issue". The issue, I tired quickly of repeating my phone number and name over and over. They could not understand my primary language spoken---English. They kept deferring me to answers.

Next called the President's Office in Palo Alto and spoke with a woman (I will withhold her name here) there who told me my question was a tech question and considered "business". All business tech questions are "outsourced" to Costa Rica. Interesting, I lost 1 hour and 42 minutes getting no help from HP. I called Staples and let them know I would be returning this HP purchase. Stellar Manager Robin said she would help me. She doesn't even use MAC, but "Googled" the answers for me while I stayed on the phone with her. Within 5 minutes, my very simple "tech" issue was resolved. I won't buy HP again. They can have the best products in the world (which they don't), but without competent, efficient, professional customer service/tech, I will pay for American, Enghlish speaking, talented tech folks at Apple and the like. I would hate to bother Robin or her staff again----hoorah, Staples."
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Staples: Tech Service or Sabotage?
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MCMINNVILLE, OREGON -- I took my computer in to McMinnville, OR Staples for a $9.99 "speed up". When I picked it up, they told me every thing was fine. I got it home and didn't have access to any files or programs. Like they had all disappeared. Took it back in. After a week, they called and said that the computer had a virus. The files and programs were there, just hidden by a virus. Hmmm, no virus sited when they did the initial "speed up." Suddenly they want $150 to clean up the virus. I don't think so. Could this be deliberate sabotage? I certainly hope not. But at any rate DON'T TAKE YOUR COMPUTER TO STAPLES for any kind of work.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/27/2011:
I hope not, too. But it does sound suspicious.
trmn8r on 10/27/2011:
Stop back and let us know what the "fix" is.

A $9.99 "speed-up" does sound like a lure to get you to pay for other services.
griffin21 on 10/28/2011:
From the Staples site: "We'll boost the speed and performance of your PC by removing trial ware, adjusting key settings that may be slowing it down, and disk defragmentation and cleanup."

You should be able to perform those tasks yourself, minus the mysterious "key settings adjustment".

To remove unwanted program, go to Control Panel -> Program and Features, right click on the (unwanted) program you wish to uninstall, then select Uninstall.

From (My) Computer, right click on a hard drive, then select Properties. From the General tab, there is the option for Disk Clean up. From the Tools tab, there is the Defragment now option.

The question is, having done that, do most consumers know what exactly they have sped up?

As for "adjusting key settings", unless they overclocked the hardware, I can't really think of what they could due to even negligibly increase system performance.
griffin21 on 10/28/2011:
As for viruses, you should not be hearing that from someone else. Protect your own machine.

I am currently using Malwarebyte Anti-Malware (got the 3-license pack) and Avast Anti-virus (using the free version right now - my 3-year family pack license expired not too long ago). My uncle's machine was infected (web browser was basically hi-jacked) shortly after the anti-virus license expired, but I re-installed this combo and cleaned the machine. Easy, no problem.

Sometime though, viruses can devastate your machine (the data), so do your best to keep them off in the first place. Do your research, read the reviews ... find a reputable, effective (free) software that makes a good impression on you.
Kahula35 on 03/03/2012:
The marketing on the Staples Tune Up is kind of misleading and a pain to Techs. In reality the Tune Up will "speed up" boot times and may make a machine run faster but it doesn't actually increase the actual speed of a computer. However it's just easier for Staples to be more generic about what it does do.

The Tune Up or "speed up" as this customer calls it, doesn't actually fix much on the computer. After all its a 10 dollar service that takes as long as an hour or more to run. Pretty good bargain for the price if you don't know beans about computers. Sometimes the Tuneup is even free during certain promo periods.

It doesn't take a masters in marketing though to see that the Tune Up is a promotional tool to get customers into the store to recommend other services. As I said the Tune Up doesn't really fix a whole heck of a lot in a computer. It's basically a registry sweep, defrag, and some other tweaks to speed up boot time and cut down on startup programs that eat up system resources.

The Tune up does NOT remove viruses or fix major driver or other errors on the system but it will report on them.

Having done hundreds of Tuneups I can tell you many machines came to me in pretty messed up shape. Sometimes I could release a machine after a tune up with the customer happy at the speedier machine but most often the Tune Up didn't do a whole heck of a lot because other major problems were there or there was a virus/malware at work.

Does Staples purposely infect machines in order to drive business? Absolutely not at least from what I saw but I can't comment on all Staples across the globe of course. However sometimes the Tune Up can exacerbate problems on a machine for a couple reasons.

1. The Tune Up will run updates to the OS. Some people turn these updates off and if done there can be a lot of them. If there is a virus on the system the updates can cause issues in some cases.

2. Some rootkit viruses or other forms can resit cleaning attempts and therefore the Tune up itself may be seen as hostile to the virus.

3. Or maybe the Tech just botched something which caused an error on the computer and never checked their work. It's a sad reality of cheap services.

The Tuneup generates very little profit for Staples but it's not a scam. I would wager probably about 40-50% of the Tune Ups I ran generated extra legitimate work whether it be virus removals, memory installs, configuration jobs, etc.
Huey on 05/17/2012:
I took my laptop in because my speakers stopped working, they installed this tuneup crap without informing me. It was clear when I dropped off my comp. they were only going to check to see if the speakers had a virus, and now, I cannot save word dox r axcess them. They want 150.00 to remove the tune-up crap!! yes it sounds like I was lured and now have to pay to get their junk off.
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Warranty is a Joke/ Management Lied to Customer
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MCALESTER, OKLAHOMA -- I bought a Hp 3n1 photosmart printer on 2/2010. I am having trouble with the wireless connection and the printing quaility. I purchased the extended 2 year warranty on the original sale date of 2/2010. I was told as purchasing the warranty from "T" if any issues arise," Staples will fix it at Lawton, OK, at our repair center, if they can not fix the issue, they would send me a NEW HP printer or give me an instore Staples credit for the purchase of a new one." IS what the assistant manager said to my face and smiled.
HE LIED!!!! LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I contacted the Lawton, OK, repair center to file a claim. The lady ran two trouble shooting tests, and had no luck. She said I would be receiving a replacement/REFURBISHED printer. I asked is it new? She said no. She had known idea what brand, the condition, or any information on it. It would come from a company call Encompass. Gave me a number to call. It would come with a 90 warranty. I asked, why not send me a new one? She said we don't do that. The warranty is known fulfilled. Then, I asked, where is my in store credit so I can get a printer of my choice? Sorry, she said you were told wrong information.
So, it boils down to this, I am getting some type of printer that was someone else's problem and a short warranty that they don't honor....No instore credit, or new printer, or nothing. I am out money for something I have no idea on what I will be replaced with and I have know idea if it will be compatible with my network. This the second time I have had issues with Staples. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM.

I tried call the customer service toll free number to report this, they never did pick up after 10 minutes....
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 04/29/2011:
I know of no warranty that will send you a new printer in place of a used printer. You have been using the printer since you bought it, therefore, it is used. Did you receive any paperwork when you bought it that has the written warranty and what it does and does't not cover. Never believe the salesman, always go with what is in writing.
trmn8r on 04/29/2011:
Do you have the extended warranty on paper? What does it say?

With computers, you get a refurbished one if the original needs to be replaced. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same with printers. When the CSR told you that you get a "new one" he may have meant you get a different one that works, and you get a store credit only if they can't give you a new (different) printer.
Ytropious on 04/29/2011:
USUALLY people get new items, but in the contract there is fine print about sometimes being given a refurb model. If the refurb is just as good then their contract is complete.
CrazyRedHead on 04/30/2011:
When they tell you its new it usually a new refurbed device, which means that it was sent back to them not because of a defect but because someone didn't like the color or the looks of it. What I mean by that is that it wasn't used by anyone before it was due to buyers remorse. I used to work for several manufactures and 95 out of 100 you get a refurbed.
CaseLotBuys on 02/26/2012:
I bought a HP 1102W printer 4 months ago at Staples and also purchased the 2 year extended warranty. The paper feed has now malfunctioned and the printer is useless. After 4-5 hours on the phone over the last couple of days with both HP and Staples I have been lied to, transferred dozens of time, put on hold for long periods of time, and hung-up on and still have no resolutions to my problem.

The HP rep in India did tell me he could send me a refurbished printer but I would have to pay for it first with my credit card, and he would reverse charges after I returned the defective printer. (1) That's a crappy way to handle a customer's warranty situation after just 4 months, (2) I'm not about to give someone half way around the world who can barely speak English my credit card number. GET REAL.

Both HP factory warranty, AND Staples Extended warranty are both huge jokes. They beat around the bush and after you read all the fine print you will find out you really have no worthwhile warranty at all.

Kay on 10/09/2013:
I would not purchase a printer or computer, or like item, from Staples. They are not interested in you after the 14 day period. And the product I purchased (Epson) has never worked well, and Epson does not have a technician who has been able to resolve the problem. Sometimes, the printer works and sometimes it doesn't
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