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Incompetence Combined With Indifference
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Rating: 1/51

This is not about a specific Staples store, but about their online service. I purchased a bookcase from them to be delivered Thursday, 5/24/13. Staples at one time had daily delivery, but now apparently that's limited only to businesses while us peasants must make do with weekly deliveries. Even so, had they delivered it as promised and as I instructed them to do there would have been no problem. However, I had asked them to ring my neighbor's bell since I would not be home at the time of delivery. Instead, they rang my bell, said "oh well, see you next Thursday" and left.

I am 74 and unable to put together a bookcase. My son-in-law was visiting that week and he likes putting things together. Had they delivered as promised there would have been no problem. When I called Staples that night I was told it would be delivered the next day, but when I called on Friday, was told, "oh no, you need to wait until next Thursday". I explained the situation and was met with indifference so requested they cancel the order. It had been their screw-up in the first place, they could have corrected it in the second place, but the same indifference I saw in the incompetent delivery I also experienced on the phone.

So instead of at least paying attention when I requested cancellation, they delivered it - to my neighbor - the following Thursday. At this point, I would have to pay someone to put it together for me. I had to wait on the phone 20 minutes to speak to another indifferent voice so that I could, for a 2nd time, cancel this order. Now I have to ask my neighbor to let them in to pick up their stupid bookcase. I will purchase one the next time my son-in-law is in town, but it won't be from Staples.

Bad Business
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Rating: 1/51

MATAMORAS, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK 1st off a couple weeks ago they had a office chair on sale for 89.99 online ad. It was Saturday night and almost closing time so I called the store they had 1 left in stock and I asked they hold it till the morning for me. They took my name and held it. Everything good so far. I go to the store at opening time go to pay for the chair and it comes up as 160+, I said wait this is 89.99 and was informed the sale was over and it is full price now. I said I reserved it last night but they said I should have reserved it online to get sale price. When I told them that it said it was a clearance and low stock and would not let me do it online.

I called the 1 800 number when I got home from store and the person I spoke with said they should honor the sale price because I called them while the sale was on. I went back to store explained what the person said and they stated they would call corporate and get back to me. Never heard a word from them. I stopped into the store a week later and spoke with the manager and was told we called you which I showed her my phone log and there was nothing on it. Oh well I leave.

They have the chair on sale again for 99.00 so I said heck with it I'll go get it. When I arrive they have no more in stock but the floor display one. OK then they tell me it will be another 10 bucks because of assembly charge. I looked at the girl like she was nuts, I said "um every other store I have ever bought from sells the display model less than the currant price, not more." She said it's a assembly charge. I said "well I have to take it apart to get it in my car so I don't need it assembled." She says "sorry if you want the last one the display, it's an extra 10 buck." So I said "you know what. I will never buy from Staples again." And walked out, this is just sad.

Staples Does Not Stand Behind Their Own Products
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased two Staples Nexia mesh office chairs on August 18th 2012 for our home office. On October 12th the mesh on the back of chair started coming out of track. The chairs are very seldom used. Staples refuses to take back chairs so we may purchase better chairs from them, because it's been longer than 14 days. I don't understand a company that won't stand behind its own product. Don't ever buy office furniture at Staples, because after 14 days it's your problem. I could understand it if it was another manufacturer but this is a product with Staples name on it. I guess they don't think much of their own products.

I have since seen reviews of this same chair online, and it was about this same problem with mesh coming loose on back. Most reviews said this chair was a piece of junk and they received no help or understanding from Staples. I'll never buy anything else at Staples; there's too many other places selling the same stuff with a much better return policy and much better attitudes.

DON'T BUY Staples Warranty Unless You Read the Fine Print and Understand All of It
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Rating: 1/51

SIREN, WI, MINNESOTA -- We bought an HP laptop with the warranty from Staples. The salesman (assistant manager) recommended the warranty we purchased and thinking he was selling us the warranty we needed for this specific computer. Key print on laptop started wearing off within 6 months, took back to Staples, said warranty does not cover "key print missing"; that is a cosmetic problem and you can still use computer without printed letters on keyboard. Honestly, who can, for memory, recite each row of keys? OK, accepted that, kind of, but then screen cracked just sitting on a table; had shut laptop down and unplugged for pending severe thunderstorm that never happened.

Next morn plug in laptop and started up and "ink blotch" on screen. I can honestly say it had not been hit, no animals or kids around, just husband and myself. When we bought warranty we were told it covered screen breakage. Took to Woodbury Staples and were told the warranty we purchased does not cover screen breakage only phone support. Our salesman had recommended this warranty and we weren't aware Staples warranty would be different from doing an extended HP warranty. Did not read the fine print. We should have been advised to buy the "accidental warranty" or HP 3 year extended warranty.

Why does Staples sell warranties if they don't honor them other than for extra $$$. Folks at Woodbury Staples have always been great when shopping in the store. BUT Staples warranties are the worst for any kind of coverage. One of the tech staff told me Staples needs to do some work on their warranties but nothing has been done each time warranty is reviewed.

Frustrating when you buy an $869 laptop and another $300 for the warranty to have this happen and no coverage with warranty. Staples did say they will prorate our warranty and they will help me select a new computer and apply the prorated $$ to my new warranty. This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and we will let others know how Staples does not cover the warranties they sell.

Nightmare Shopping Experience at Staples, Eastbrunswick, NJ Store
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Rating: 1/51

EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing this in regards to an unpleasant shopping experience I had at the East brunswick, New Jersey Store. On March 14 I was at the store to buy some items and saw an advertisement for a sale on a 64gb Sandisk USB drive. I was told by the sales guy to take the label to the register and someone would get the item. The USB drive was priced 129.99 and with instant rebates came up to 59.99. I went home, opened the package and gave the USB drive to my son and told him it was big enough to hold 10 movies. My son looked at the capacity and said it's only 16gb and not 64gb. I immediately looked at the wrapper and it clearly stated 64gb.

Next day evening I went to the store and explained them that I was sold a misrepresented item. The sales guy contacted his supervisor who at that time wasn't at the store. To my dismay I was told that there is nothing Staples could do and I have to raise this issue with the manufacturer. He wasn't even willing to take the item back. The manager's name is **. He was arrogant, disrespectful during his conversation, had no interest in listening to my complaint and spoke without any responsibility.

What is shocking and unacceptable is the store manager telling me that once the item is opened nothing can be done. Does he expect customers to open their items inside the store and verify, validate then and there itself. Or maybe I wasn't a white to be served better. Is this how Staples treat their customers? Does Staples leave all the dirty work of following up with the manufacturers on faulty issues to the customers? Customers like me shop with some trust and faith at Staples hoping that they are sold items that are genuine.

It would have taken 5 minutes for me to call Sandisk and hopefully have the issue resolved. But this is not my problem and not my business. I wanted Staples to address this problem. And also have the store manager apologize for his nonsensical talk. I complained about the incident to the Staples customer relation dept. They seem to be worse than the store manager. They came back with a standard answer, "It's Staples policy and they cannot make an exception". Obviously suckers cannot fix a policy that is flawed and that's why they still have a job at Staples. Shame...

Best Reward Program in Retail
Rating: 5/51

CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is by far the best reward program of any store out there. I've been a reward member for about 2 years now and gotten at least $500 dollars in rewards and rebates in that time. Everything is easy about it. Just in the last 2 months I have redeemed about $60 in rewards. And make no mistake...I'm not a business... I'm not buying that much. This is simply for home office supplies and some computer needs...mouse, laptop case, no hardware...and mostly...a lot of ink for our printer. I also get credit for the ink cartridges I recycle there.

For all you dissatisfied reward users...take a look at your settings for the account or check your spam settings... There has to be a problem... Aren't you getting the emails to notify when you have reward checks? Yesterday I just got email notifying me that I have 2 reward checks ready. I clicked open the email and printed the checks and I'm off to spend $38 at Staples. The Easy Rebates are awesome too... EASY! Enter 2 numbers on your receipt and you're done. Once, my husband threw away a receipt we needed and the store was able to look it up and give me full credit for the product I returned even though it was currently on sale.

I belong to so many other retail reward programs. Michaels Craft Store for example...even though my status has been upgraded to a gold member, I've yet to see a single benefit in the last 6 months of membership. Most of the others give you a week to use your rewards. With Staples I usually have 3 months...and if you let them expire in that don't need ANY reward program. I LOVE STAPLES REWARDS PROGRAM!!!

Never Again!
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Rating: 2/51

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I went to the Staples in Cedar Rapids to get some toner for my printer. They are a bunch of crooks! I had to wait 20 minutes just to get someone to pay any attention to me. By the time the manager comes out, he's screaming at me like I did something wrong. He was literally screaming at me for 45 minutes while customers and employees watched. Nobody helped me. It was humiliating. The manager's name is Arthur. Do not buy from him. When they finally brought the toner out I said, "No thanks." I will NEVER go into that store again.

Very Bad Customer Service At Store. Good Service At Presidents Office
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NORTH BABYLON, NEW YORK -- Today is 8/6/10 This is regarding the store on DPA North Babylon, NY
In June I went to Staples to buy a stapler. When I was looking at them on the wall a sales clerk asked if he could help. I said yea, I want a stapler that I won't through away in a month. He was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. I told him forget it. I picked out a Staples brand one touch stapler and bought two. For a month it worked great, I loved it. Then it started to get jammed up and the Staples were coming out wrong (short sides going out instead of going in) I brought it back to the store and some chick was trying to tell me that it was supposed to do that. I started to argue with her and decided, without proof I have no legs to stand on. I went to my office to bring both the good and bad staplers to them to show them the difference.
I went back and got a different girl at the register. I explained that the stapler didn't work anymore and I wanted to exchange it for another. She called someone over (it was the same girl) she said Oh I had one of these this morning, I said no it is the same one. She said well that's the way its supposed to be. I said: really? then why is this one bending in (referring to the not broken one) then I stapled both and showed them the difference. They still were arguing with me saying its the way it supposed to be. I said what is wrong with you people, can't you see the difference. they said its the way its supposed to be (I think they were from the Stepford wives). What do they think that I am blind and an idiot?? I was furious with them. Then the store manager came over and said they would exchange it today but in the future I would need the packaging. I said its a stapler, not a TV, I would not have kept the plastic "cage" that you need a razor to open. She repeated herself. I figured what the hell, I am getting a new stapler, I'll not argue any more.
The cashier started the return but because I used a Staples reward coupon to pay for it and the coupon expired on 6/30/2010(even though I used it back on 6/1/10) their system would not return the item for the amount I paid for it, I was only going to get $3 for it. I said I don't want a refund, I only want the stapler. They said they can't do anything about it, I would just have to buy a new one. I said to her you know you are right there is nothing you are capable of doing, I will take it up with corporate.
I get back to the office and immediately call the "Presidents office" where first I appologize for being rude then explained my extreme frustration. The man on the phone didn't really sound too interested but sent me via email coupons to purchase a new stapler. OK so I got what I wanted except there was no justice done. I explained to the guy that I really didn't want this to just sit. I wanted someone to call the store and tell them it was wrong to treat a customer like that (like I was stupid) because this was not the first instance of trouble at this store. two years ago I purchased something, brought it back two days later unopened and they refused to take it back (because some company they get approvals for returns from was closed due to wild fires in CA). He said he understood and would forward the message on. I really doubt anyone will do anything about it so I figured I would vent here........
In the future, I will either go somewhere else or shop at Staples on line. I really don't want to ever go back into that store. They are morons there. I mean really, they had to argue about what a used staple to supposed to look like. And if indeed it was supposed to look like that, then why did it not look like that for the first month and 1/2? OMG

Store Manager customer relations
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RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- At approximately 9:30AM, on June 24, 2010,I stopped in Staples in Riverside, Ca. The Staples store is located on Magnolia Ave. I was completing a color copy of my birth certificate and an error in copying was brought to the store manager attention. He "stated he would take care of it and the lady in printing would take care of it" When I went to the back area, she became rude in front of the store customers. I was unable to talk to her, due to her stating"printing color copies are forbidden by law of official documents. I had made copies of my own and had no problem. The store associate was embarrassed and did not make the copy as was directed by the store manager. I said"that is OK, I will copy at another store". The manager became unprofessional and immediately gave me $1.00 out of his wallet and said"here is the money and I had only spent 53 cent for the color copy. He was rude and I was very embarrasssed by him and the customers in the store. I said" you don't want to go there" and he played it off. If the in store camera captured the incident you would see him giving me a dollar out of his wallet as to say,"get the hell out of my store" I am a retired Probation Juvenile Supervisor. Both the sales associate were surprised of his behavior to me as a customer. He appeared to show no concern for any customer concern and was rude. I wanted to go back in the store and really give him a piece of my mind, because I felt humilated in front of the store associates and customers in the store. I doubt that anything will be done about this complaint with Staples, in Riverside, Ca. Most stores and companies, just overlook any complaint by any customer. All we do as customers, are to just decide not to go to that particular store of where the poor treatment by sales associates and store manager. Most complaints are usually ignored by the corporation. I drove down the street to CVS Pharmacy store to price vitamins and briefly vented to the sales associate, who appeared to be the store manager, dressed in a white shirt and tie. I would be shocked of any response, about the store manager, who was rude and to gave me a dollar out of his billfold. He
made me feel, "like some dog, to kick and for me to get the hell out of his face".I did tell him'" Everyone should be treated the same and don't go there ", which meant,"the race issue" He did not say a word and just looked off. I never thought that this behavior really exists. I have been to this store many times and I truly beleve, that I will not return. I am still upset of this behavior and how the two young associated, witness this behavor, by the store manager. Of course, he may deny his actions and have a different recall of what happened. Justcheck the in store camera and speak to the two young sale associates. Everyone is not stupid of color and ignore mistreatment, when you spend your money and ask questions to staff in this particular store. By the way, my stomach has been upset all day, because of this incident.

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ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- Just want to tell you they are typical sales people working in there. When they are trying to sell you something, everything is no problem. But when problem exisits, nobody takes care of it.
I experience two problems with them within one day.
1st, I purchase a PC through their call in purchase phone number, I asked about the return policy, I was told I would have 14 days upon receipt. 9 days after I received the item, I wanted to return it. Since its quite hassle to wait for pick up, I called the customer service line and ask them if I can return this item in store. The representative answered the phone reviewed my order and said yes. After I hanged up, I wanted to make sure what is the last day I can return because I couldn't make it that day, I called again and asked the representative to count which is my last day to return. I was told the coming Saturday. That was on Tuesday night. On Thursday, I drove to their store with the PC, the PC tech called Steven checked my shipping list, checked the PC top to bottom and bottom to up, and told me to wait. After 10 minutes, he came back from their behind the scene room and told me their GM said I cann't return it to them. Simply because it has passed 14 days - based on the shipping date. So I had to call the call center in their store and this time, the representative told me they were making an exception for me they the other reps told me I would be able to return it by Saturday! Come on! I have never asked for exception! I asked the same question since I placed the original order! The representative told me she can email me the return policy which is 14 days from the time of shipping. I didn't have Internet access when I was in the store. What can I do?! Had to drive all the way back home with the heavy box again. When I got online, guess what, their return policy on technology on website is 14 days from receipt!

2nd, I dropped off the old pc I have for their tune up service since it slows down lately. The technician called after a week and told me my computer got virus. I told him I have McAFee, but he told me some times some virus is hidding from this kind of software. It made sense to me. So I paid the $129.99 and have the virus removal service. But after that, the computer doesn't run any faster. When I called them again, another technician answered the phone, and asked me to take it back again. Don't know what they are trying to sell me this time. Luckly I was able to get hold of their contracted PC engineer who performed the removal for me. He told me this is an old computer, the virus removal doesn't necessayly help to fix the problem. I should just get a new computer or buy more RAM! So they sold me something useless to my case.

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