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Archer Farms Barbacoa
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Rating: 2/51

I bought this product thinking it would be easy to shred like it appears on the back of the box. The meat comes in very large chunks. I microwaved it per the directions. I couldn't get this beef jerky to shred with a chain saw, so I tried steaming it for a bit. That made it worse. I gave up and cut it into chunks. It was dry as a popcorn fat. If you like dry beef, go for it. If you expect it to look like it does on the back of the sleeve and taste good, keep looking. It won't stop me from buying Archer Farms stuff, because it's usually pretty good. This... not so much..

TV Power Cord
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Rating: 1/51

TURLOCK, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Vizio LCD 42" TV in February 2013 and specifically asked the clerk (whose name was **) if the cord and everything was in the plastic bag where the manual and remote was. He told me "yes". Well we got it home (in Merced) where I live and put it in the bedroom and left it in the plastic they had wrapped it in until March 29th. DirecTV came out this day to hook it up for us. Well I naturally thought the power cord was in the bag because the clerk had said it was so I didn't think to look when we got the TV home in Merced. Well DirecTV proceeded to tell us when they were hooking it up that there was no power cord, but they could hook everything else up.

So I drove back to Turlock Target with the receipt and spoke to the same clerk that had sold us the TV and explained to him that there was no cord in the bag, well he looked at the receipt and said "well this was way back in Feb." I proceeded to tell him that the TV had not been hooked up till now because we were waiting for a tech to come hook up for us. Well he said he didn't think he had a cord for our TV, so I pointed to another Vizio 42 inch TV I seen in the box and asked him why couldn't he take the one out of that box, he said he couldn't do that because all the cords were different.

So he walked over to the computer area to look at the universal laptop cords and so I asked him if I was going to have to pay for it and he told me yes. I was livid I told him that I wasn't purchasing something I had already paid for. Well they didn't have any cords naturally so he said that he thought maybe Radio Shack had the cord I needed, and I again told him that I wasn't rebuying a cord I had already paid for, that he didn't know what to tell me.

That if I could go home and take a picture of the opening of the cord that was plugged into the TV that he might be able to find one that there was about six different cords and I told him how could that be for the same brand TV, and why couldn't he look it up on the computer then. He said he couldn't. I said, "you mean to tell me that I have to drive back all the way to Merced and then drive back?!" He said he didn't know what else to tell me. I was not happy.

I was very upset and told him thanks for nothing. He even called the dept. manager and he was not a help either. They pretty much made me feel like 'well you bought it already so we're done with you.' They didn't take responsibility for their actions and didn't seem to care. So I had to keep my fingers crossed when they came across a cord they thought might fit from a picture I took. The customer service was very aggravating and I will never buy another electronic anything in that store again. The clerk even asked me if the tech for DirecTV had an extra cord and I flipped, and told him maybe if the tech sold TVs.

Read Before Shopping At Target Ever Again
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I bought a bike from Target on the very east side of Cincinnati, OH late night on a Friday since I was going on a bike ride the next day. I was told by the sales person that "the bike is returnable if there is anything wrong with it". I took the bike directly home (in my car), tags still on it, never ridden. Once home, I tried to adjust the seat and make sure the bike was good to go for the next morning to go on my ride. The seat would not stay up or remain still at all. The latch or something was definitely defective.

I called the store first thing Saturday morning and was told no refunds, no exchanges, and that they could have a bike technician look at it next week to see if they could fix it. Their bike was defective and I was stuck with it, a bike that still had the tags on it. It turned out to be an all-day battle back and forth with two unprofessional Managers who could have cared less about taking care of a customer. They both refused to even give me their Corporate phone number.

They had another bike in the store and STILL refused to exchange their defective brand new bike out that I JUST bought that had not even touched the ground yet. I found the Corporate number, talked to a Supervisor and she told me as long as the bike had not been ridden I could get a refund, exchange or repair. SO, these 2 managers put me through heck for an entire day, I missed my bike trip, and they lied hence losing a long time customer (me). All they had to do was trade the bike out for me and they refused.

After this horrible incident, I have done some research about Target and it is not good. It turns out, they do not support our military, they are very shady on returns and so many customers have been treated horribly. I will NEVER shop at Target again and I will be sure to tell the bike story to everyone that I can. Shame on you Target.

Target / NEW Corp Extended Warranty Complaint
By -

In 2008, purchased a floor model 37" LCD HDTV for a great price at Target. Since it was a floor model, I bought the 2 year extended warranty (serviced by NEW Corp, Inc.). After 18 months, started a nagging problem: the power button would flash for 3-4 minutes, then the TV would eventually power on. I reported the issue and filed a claim.

Soon after, I received packing materials to mail the TV to a service center. They consisted of a box, clear plastic bag, and 4 foam pieces - one for each corner of the LCD panel. Seemed flimsy to me, but figured they handle a lot of these claims. So I packed it up and took pictures of the TV, serial numbers, packing materials, etc just in case I never saw the TV again. Sent via Fedex to Lifetime Service Center in Williamsville, NY.

App. 10 days later, got the TV back via UPS on 1/18. The invoice said that the power supply was repaired, but there was a DENT in the screen - RETURN UNREPAIRED. I powered the TV up, and it is completely ruined, will not display a picture. I immediately reported it the night of 1/18 to NEW Corp. The young lady told me to contact the service center.

Morning of 1/19 I contacted the service center - they told me that they did not find any physical damage on the packaging, so they could not claim with Fedex. The assumption is that I sent the TV in with a dented screen, which I absolutely had not done.

Why did they fix the power supply if there was an obvious dent in the screen?? Did they inspect the item when it arrived? Where was the packaging? How do I know it was in good shape - I'm just supposed to take their word? Did they damage my TV in their shop? The service center stonewalled me - was told to contact NEW Corp again.

I have talked to no fewer than 6 people at NEW Corp, each one assuring me that they would make it right, telling me that I would get a call back from a supervisor within 48 hours. NOT ONCE have I received a call back within the promised time frame.

Finally I did speak to a supervisor who told me the same thing the service center did - since they can't claim with Fedex, then I'm out of luck. I escalated to a manager, who asked me to email the pictures (I did). He promised to call me back by Tuesday, 1/26. It is now 1/28 and guess what? No call back. I just left him another voice mail. I have escalated this with Target Guest Services. They acted like they would do something but that was 1 week ago, and I have not received a call back.

I am FED UP. Not only am I out the price of the extended warranty, but my TV is completely ruined. I am a reasonable and conscientious person. I would never send a piece of electronics that I had physically damaged and file a claim on it. My next steps are to continue hectoring Target and NEW Corp, file with the BBB, and contact a local TV station consumer advocate to try to force their hand. In the meantime, I am warning everyone not to purchase an extended warranty, and I no longer shop at Target.

I know someone calling themselves "supersue" defends NEW Corp on this site frequently, saying that they are a great company. Maybe she will help make this right, because right now they are really low in my book. No one cares about my problem at Target or NEW, or that I am out several hundred dollars due to the negligence of their service center.

NOTE: I know that Target and NEW do not service the electronics. However they took my money, so they are responsible. There are way too many parties and counter-parties pointing fingers at each other, and I just want it resolved.

Resolution Update 01/29/2010:

Well, what do you know? Keith from NEW Corp just called me back. Because I supplied pictures, they are going to refund the original purchase price of the TV on a Target gift card. I consider this more than fair - really all I was asking for is to send the TV back in for repair.

I am now satisfied that NEW Corp and Target have done the right thing and corrected the situation.

Misrepresentation of PS4 availability on website
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I ordered a PS4 from via my zooLert so I got in on the ground floor of them posting their stock. The website stated it was 'in stock' so I ordered a PS4 with two controllers ($498) with a delivery date of 12/16. I used Paypal and was told that I could get a cash refund for an in-store return but could only get a Target card for a cancellation. That was fine, because I felt Target was reputable and did not worry that I would get damaged stock. I had no idea what would come next. A few days after my order I received an email from Target stating that the product I ordered and was already charged for would not arrive until January 21st, 2014!!

I called customer service and had to escalate my issue. The person I talked to stated they may split the order into several boxes... at that point (since the PS4 is obviously in one box) I felt they were just not paying attention. I spoke to the supervisor and was told the product was 'popular' and that I could get a $498 Target gift card if I wanted to cancel. They stated the delivery date was an 'estimate'. Fine, however, NOWHERE did it stated that product availability was an estimate or best guess. This 'popularity' of the product appears to be the main reason that my family's Christmas gift is a month on back order, not shipping issues.

I think this is something consumers should know as they are placing orders online with Target. This is a time sensitive buying season and if a product is 'in stock' but could have a potential to not really be 'in stock' then a big and loud disclaimer should appear. If I had known this I would not have used PayPal or purchased from Sadly, I have received 3 zooLerts of PS4s available elsewhere but cannot act because Target is holding my PS4 money hostage at this time.

Target & Their Deceptive Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Two days ago I had bought "SimCity" from Target. I know this game has a bad reputation for screwing your computer up (as it did). The game was more trouble than it was worth so I decided to return it. Now I know Target was going to give me somewhat of a hard time upon returning it. I was not allowed to get my money back or a store credit, since the shrink wrap was off and it had been open (okay fine I understand completely). If it wasn't open I could have just gotten my money back. But I had to exchange it for the same exact game. Fine no problem even though I didn't really want it.

I bring the game that I am exchanging with up to the desk, the girl takes it out of the protective case and takes the shrink wrap off! Now this is something I have never heard of. Because that I am returning an open game the "policy" (which is not written anywhere mind you) is to take the shrink wrap off and open the game right in front of you so you leave with an open game. I believe this is not fair and shouldn't be done. This hasn't been done anywhere that I have been to and I also work in retail and we do not do that. It's not fair because what if I want to return the new game I bought a day after? I don't want to be stuck with an item that I do not wish to have.

It's the same thing as a customer trying to return a damaged item and saying "okay I'll let you exchange it for another one but I have to damage it because this is the way you gave it to me." It was a big ordeal and the manager was a real jerk. They did let me leave with the game with its shrink wrap still on after I complained and demanded a new one.

Not only was it a hard time for me, it is also going to be a hard time for them because they lost profit on another game that wasn't even played. Target really needs to be more clear with their policy because I looked it up online and it leaves out the part where they will take the shrink wrap off right in front of you so you can't return it even if it wasn't used. Not shopping there again. They don't deserve my money and the store is a wreck with bad customer service.

Customer Service for Online Purchase Ridiculously Bad
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Rating: 1/51

I spoke with three different customer service representatives, two of which cut me off to track down a package that was shipped on the third of July and was not received by the 12th. Target states they use UPS to deliver an online order. So I entered my street address to ensure a UPS delivery. The online system would not accept my information so I gave them a call. I have had difficulty in the past so explained carefully when I placed the order that the address provided was a street address not a mailing address. She did not seem to appreciate my explanation or concerns, and basically said it will be returned to Target if you don't get it.

So of course I did not get the package. UPS contracts with the USPS to deliver some of their packages. I assume this is a cost saving measure. So instead of delivering to a street address, UPS contracts with the post office to deliver the package. However if your street address is not a mailing address, your package goes to a post office where no one knows you and it sits there until it is returned to the company you purchased from.

The post office will not give you the package if you go in and ask for it if there is no legitimate mailing address on the package, which in my case it is not a mailing address. The postmaster says they get hundreds of packages just like mine that cannot be delivered because they were not sent with a mailing address.

So after talking with three customer service reps once I used UPS tracking and realized it was delivered by the USPS at the request of the sender (Target), I was told the package would be returned to Target and I would receive a refund. I explained, I did not want a refund, I wanted my package. No luck, no help, no nothing but the same unacceptable response over and over again. Love you Target, but will never order online again.

Catch for Returns, PayPal You Get a Gift Card Not Refund
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Rating: 1/51

ACHWORTH, GEORGIA -- I ordered a Coleman Sun Shade at The same day, I tried to cancel it. They were paying the shipping and I thought it would be right to not make them waste their money. Unfortunately I spoke with someone at their offshore desks and his understanding of English was poor. He kept reading from the script they must have and bottom line is he could not cancel it. Unfortunately he also told me that I could just refuse accepting it when it arrived.

It arrived, I went to a Target store to return it. The nice young man at the desk advised me that the computer has indicated this item has to be mailed in. I spoke with the Supervisor who said he would accept it if Customer Service would give authorization. Unfortunately, they did not have the phone number of Customer Service. I used my phone and called. The first person just told me no and told me of company policy. But she could give me a shipping label, and I could send it back free of charge. I was good with this till she said that I would get a gift card and not have my PayPal account refunded. That too is company policy.

Here is where it gets funny, if I bring the item to a store, they can refund me the price charged to PayPal. I told her I am at a store, and she advised "sorry this item cannot be returned to the store, so take your gift card." Do you really think I am shopping there again? She connected me with her Supervisor who also told me the same thing, then he spoke with the store supervisor and just when I thought reason would prevail, the Lack of Customer Service Supervisor disconnected.

Another 45 minutes trying to get back to where we were on the phone, but then I did get to speak with a Supervisor Rachel, who was cut and dry, this is the policy and if you read the fine print you will see they are right. Seriously, we are talking about $100 item. It is in the original packaging unopened. So I will take their free shipping label, send it back and take my gift card. I will gift it to someone as God willing I will never have to shop with them again. I am out $100 plus, but I will spend a great deal of time spreading the word to read the small print before you shop with Target.

I don't need an attorney, I just want to warn anyone else. That $100 to them might be very important. I think that Target just sets up policies to make people get frustrated and accept what they are given. I don't believe in giving in so easily. I will use the pen (electronic or not) to make my case. Please print this.

Advertisement and Customer Service Is Terrible
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, CALIFORNIA -- is horrible. Purchased an egiftcard on their site which didn't work when I sent to the store. I was told at first that the egiftcards could only be used online (not true), then when I was put on the phone with the online customer support I was told the ecard was canceled by the purchaser because it was stolen (not true since I was the purchaser).

Finally got the stupid giftcard to work by signing up for the Target app and for their egiftcard program only to have the app crash every time I try to retrieve the giftcards. The store manager gave me $6 to use towards my purchase since I had to pay for my Mother's day cards out of pocket. That didn't really make up for the 2-3 hours I stood there, pregnant and exhausted.

Had my baby register on Did not have receipts with every gift purchased and was told at the store the items couldn't be returned at the store or online without the original receipt (not true). After HOURS calling their online customer service we found out all that needed to be done was to print out my original registry list. I don't blame the store for this, this is just a horrible lack of communication between the store and the website.

Again, not the store, this is a problem with the website and their customer service. Ordered items on their website. The post office couldn't deliver (I don't know why) and I was told I had to call to get the items retrieved. refused to help and told me to call the USPS 1-800 number. They wouldn't call for me, tell me what I was supposed to tell USPS, or explain how this would help the situation since USPS would release the items to me without's approval.

Emailed multiple times about all of these problem with no help. All they will do is reiterate your problem back to you without any solution. When I told them this didn't help and all they were doing was reiterating what I just told them, they stopped responding to my emails. DON'T USE TARGET.COM!!!

Worst Customer Service, Especially Manager On Duty
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This Target has some of the WORST managers on duty if you have a problem. All they can say is "sorry that's our policy" and if you press them more, they just keep repeating it... I mean come on, I heard you the first three times! You either believe that I am an idiot and do understand (which is VERY insulting) or you are the idiot, and can't come up with a better line - from a MANAGER? Seriously!

My mother had a problem with an item she purchased, and when she tried to exchange it, only after a couple of months, the customer service person offered no explanation other than it was not in the computer and they couldn't do anything! Upon looking for the item in the store, we found THE EXACT SAME ITEM? AND THEN WHEN WE ARRIVED HOME, WE FOUND THE ITEM ONLINE! SO TELL ME, how can it NOT be in the computer??? It was in PLAIN sight!

And the manager on duty, some girl, all she could say was, sorry "it's our policy"... not just once, but three times. And when I told her I understood her the first two times, she then decided to call me RUDE! It's great to know that Target is doing such a profit, they can offend customers and run them off!!! Over a 16.99 bra??? That's great customer service? Hope their cameras took a GOOD picture, because it is the LAST TIME I WILL BE BACK IN TARGET!

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