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Target's Lousy Return Policy
Posted by Randpacfan on 03/27/2012

Target's return policy doesn't allow a consumer to return an electronic item for any other reason unless it's defective. So in other words if you open the box and try it and don't like it for any reason, sound, picture quality, product functions, etc. your out of luck. I don't know of any other retailer that has such a poor return policy. I spoke with Nate at Target's customer service department and he verified this is a corporate policy. He said he'd pass along my concern but truthfully didn't seem all that caring about my views on their return policy. In fact he was short and I basically felt I had wasted my time and his. His lack of customer service and no care attitude was disturbing. I suppose my only option is to shop at other competitors that are more consumer friendly. Target USED TO BE one of my favorite stores.
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Posted by Skye on 2012-03-27:
What other stores allow the return of electronics, unless defective?

Just asking because it would be helpful to others.

Posted by MDSasquatch on 2012-03-27:
Costco does
Posted by Skye on 2012-03-27:
Good to know MD, thanks!
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-03-27:
very helpful review!!
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-27:
What were you trying to return?

According to Target's return policy, "The following items are non returnable if opened and may only be exchangeable: music, movies, video games and software."
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-03-27:
Best Buy allows returns of electronics. I returned TWO laptops a month or so ago after trying them each for a dew days.

no one batted an eye.

That said, I still love my Target store1
Posted by andbran on 2012-03-28:
i returned a tv last year. no problems. did you have a unexpired reciept? that would be the only reason you could not return an electronic item. and i also still love my target.
Posted by randpacfan on 2012-03-28:
In response to user andbran, Target used to allow the return of of TVs, etc. but they have changed their policy. According to Customer Service supervisor, Nate they do not allow returns that have been used even if you have a receipt and its within the 90 day return window. In order to obtain a refund the item has to be new and unused. The only exception is if the item is defective. Nate went on to state that customers cannot try a TV and just return because they don't like it. this was also confirmed by the manager of the North Visalia Ca. Target. Nate further stated that a customer should do research on a product before buying it. This seems ridiculous because I've read reviews on items that are all over the place. Why buy this type of item at Target when other retailers, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, etc. have a much better return policy. I want buyers just to beware of this unusual non-industry standard return policy.
Posted by I love my son on 2012-03-28:
this is targets return policy from website..I bought a tv last month from target used it for 2weeks and decided we didn't like it..returned it with no problem.

return policy
back to top
Most items must be returned within 90 days and must be in new and unused condition. If returning your Target.com purchase through the mail it must also contain all original packaging and accessories. Some items have a modified return policy noted on the receipt and in the "Item details, shipping" tab for your item. The following items must be returned within 45 days: Computer Hardware (Netbooks, eReaders, Tablets), Cameras and Camcorders. GiftCards, prepaid cell phones, prepaid cards (including music, game and phone cards), or other items that carry financial may have varying return polices, check your receipt, the item details or shipping page to verify the return policy. The following items are non returnable if opened and may only be exchangeable: music, movies, video games and software. Photo ID may be required for in-store returns. All bundled items must be returned with all components for a refund. Some items cannot be returned if opened. See the full Returns & Refunds Policy as some additional restrictions may apply.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-28:
That's what I read on Target's website, too.

I think Nate was being less than truthful.
Posted by andbran on 2012-03-29:
i would definitely contact corporate about nate.
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-14:
I would not buy an electronic item that someone had opened and used, and I doubt anyone else would want to.
Posted by CC562_NWK on 2012-12-04:
I believe that Target return policy sucks!!!! I purchased a 50'inche TV on Black Thursday had to wait in line til Midnight. I lost the receipt but purchased the TV with Target Red Card which they were able to look up. When we open the TV and set up it work fine and look great so we threw away the box but 3 days from the purchased it just stop working not turning on at all. We take it back and they did not want to return the money back because of the box. Really?? How long are you suppose to hold on to a box. The worse 3 hours of my life... They send a group of different target reps. to come talk to us when we ask to speak to the manager from the beginning she wouldn't come up until we were threw a fit. Come on Target your going to send Loss prevention security to come speak to us and tell us our options. Really? When the Manager Yasmine finally came up she was the rudest one of all accusing my husband and I of cursing at the staff and when asked in front of her staff they said no... I understand Target has policy but just don't understand how Target could not accommodate their clients and provide them with excellent customer service give them a different 50inche TV instead they want to make them purchase a new one and pay the difference or give you store credit and still owe them money..... I left my family and invested my time at Target to get a good deal which I did until it broke down and all I want is a TV for the same price. Is that too much to ask for??
Posted by notinagreement on 2013-02-03:
My chidren received a PS3 for Christmas. It was purchased on Dec. 18t from Target. It was opened and set up on the 25th. We noticed it was extremetly loud, unlike the PS2 they had played with earlier. Loud enough to make it hard to hear the game. Then it would just shut off because it got too hot. I took the receipt and the whole PS3 to Target hoping they would just exchange it for a new one and thus allow my kids to enjoy their present. Although the recipt was still within the sixty day period, the electronics was not within the thirty day return period. The clerks were very understanding, but unable to override the policy on the date. I disagree with that on the grounds that first, it wasnt opened or used for the first week after purchase, and second, we left town for another five days or so during the alloted time of return. A call to Playstation resulted in them saying they could not override the store policy of Target, but could send me a box to mail the defective unit in for repair. That process could take up to a three week turnaround they said. This whold process is extremely frustrating to me, as I would have preferred Target right the error by exchanging the unit at their store so the children would not be penalized. They could then send the defective unit to Playstation themselves and let Playstation handle it. I would have been a much happier customer.
Posted by Jamie on 2013-02-05:
Just tried to return an Ipod to Target...was relying on the 90 days return poilcy and never noticed the now much shorter 30day policy on "some" electronics including the Ipod Nano. Item purchsed in December with an unnoticed Jan 24 return by date on the front, tried to return it today, Feb 5 and even though only a week and half later we're out of luck. Went through 3 levels of people at the target customer service number and at the end was told tahnks for your imput but can't help you.
Posted by Unaware on 2013-08-27:
I bought a $60 coffee maker, tried it one time, and did not like it. The clerk just flatly said that I can not return, even though, I cleaned it really good, put every thing back like what it was.
Posted by dissapointed consumer on 2013-09-14:
last week i bought a blu-ray player and i simply did not like how slow it was. i had the receipt and everything that was included in the box. they told me that i can only exchange when it comes to an open electronic. i was quite furious 1. everything that was included was still there 2. i had it for only a week which most places would gladly accept for a return. the worker told me if i would like to pick another electronic of my choice. i said no cause i dont need anything. i asked her can i get any other form of it return then she offered it in the form of gift card. i accepted but i did not leave a happy customer.
Posted by Cindy on 2014-01-10:
just had the same problem today. I was trying to return the Beats i purchased in november 2013 and saying that the product was not satisfactory. I decided to exchange (I was so upset that I wasn't really aware of why I would do that) and the person at the guest service actually unwrapped the new exchanged Beats. I said I wanted to sell it again, but she said she had to do it so now I'm pretty much left with the opened and "not new" Beats. That sucks, it really does. I checked on the web and it says nothing about opened electronics, and I just thought that it is sly, cunning, whatever you want to name it. I think it's nothing more than the store's strategy to get you open the electronic devices from the wrappings so they can make profit out of it. Oh, plus, the person who unwrapped my Beats actually confirmed that. She said, "because we're gonna lose money if you return opened items, we can't sell them again." I'm going there again tomorrow to make some complaints
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Very Dissatisfied with Extended Warranty
Posted by Rtrusty on 07/30/2010
I received an 16gigabyte ipod Touch for Christmas in December of 2007. As a bonus I also received the 3 year replacement plan. When it was purchased the sales associate assured my partner that it would cover almost any type of damage even water. He even stated that I could drop it in the toilet and it would be repaired or replaced.

Well fast forward to June 2010. I still have the ipod, I use it every day. Recently I realized that I was unable to connect to wi-fi and the the power button would rarely work. Remembering that I had the extended plan I tore my house apart looking for it.

I finally locate the paperwork and register the item on their website. I attempt to enter a ticket and I had issues. I call their customer care department and file a claim. The customer care experience was great on the front end. I receive my UPS label and ship the item.

A week later I am notified by email that my repair claim has been denied. The claim has been denied by Assurion because pictures taken of the unit showed corrosion on the PCB and would not tell my anything else. I have checked the water damage indicator in the headphone jack and it is still white, white means it has not been submerged in water.

I contact Assurion and I am told that the corrosion was due to water damage and would not be covered. Now let me tell you, I treat this thing like it's my baby. Sure has a few scars from being dropped but it has never been touched by water. I stated this to the representative and was told it could have entered through the headphone jack. I do not believe this is possible because the headphone jack is on the bottom and the wifi and power button are on the top.

So after going back and forth I ask for proof of the damage. I request that he e-mails me the pictures that were e-mailed to them. He seemed surprised and didn't really know what to say. He then states that they are for internal use and he cannot send them. Due to the fact that they cannot provide proof I believe they are lying. If I pay $40 for a warranty and the claim is denied due to damage I would like proof.

Needless to say I will not be shopping at Target anymore. I have 3 Targets within a five mile radius of me and have been a faithful customer for almost 10 years, I even worked there as a teenager. I will now go out of my way to avoid Target. I am aware that they are not Assurion, but I cannot support a company that is selling people a false sense of security.

In my opinion the least that they can do is refund me the cost of the extended plan. We were sold the warranty after being assured that water damage was covered and it was not.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-31:
I like your description of warranties.. a false sense of security. I hope you don't mind if I borrow that phrase in the future.

Do you actually have the written warranty in your possession? What does it say, if anything, about water damage? The sales associate might have given you the wrong information. If you do have the document, read it over to see what your options are.

Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-31:
You can check the water damage indicator, it is located in the bottom of the headphone jack, you will need a penlight and probably a magnifying glass. The indicator should be white, if it has changed color it was exposed to moisture. Shine the light down into the headphone jack to view it.
Posted by rtrusty on 2010-07-31:
@venice You can use the description all you want. :) Unfortunately I do not have the original brochure, only the receipt. I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find it.

@leet I'm going to check the moisture sensor, thanks for the info!
Posted by rtrusty on 2010-07-31:
@leet So I checked the sensor and it is still white. I'm going to call tomorrow and complain. Thank you so much!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-31:
Wow, this is great information. I can't wait to hear what they say. Please let us know.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-31:
I would like to find out what this brochure says, if you can locate it. You have to understand that one can say they were told anything and everything when they want something covered. To make sure there is no miscommunication between either party, these contracts are put in writing. Most extended warranties, unless otherwise stated in writing, will only extend the manufacturer's warranty.

I would love to know what is stated when you call them as well. Best of luck.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2010-11-08:
What you were told at retail was entirely incorrect - as usual - anything goes when trying to sell these plans. If you had a "3 year service plan," you actually had years 2 and 3 covered for electrical and electronic failure. Of course it would make TOO MUCH sense for a portable electronic item to be covered for physical and liquid damage. Well, they are not. This is intentional and meant to deceive the consumer. The plan provider's goal is to pay as few claims as possible.
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Check Policy
Posted by MamaO on 07/29/2010
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I went to Target at Fry Rd. and I-10 to purchase a 32' TV for my husband today. I am a longtime customer (have spent thousands of dollars at this store in the past 15 yrs) and have a Target credit card also. To pay for this purchase I wanted to put half on my Target card and write a check for the remainder. This was not a problem however, I have recently (Jan '10) gone back to work and now have my own checking account for extras and wrote the remainder of the balance on MY account opposed to my household account, $300. My check was rejected. I have over $1,000 in that account. I was given the check back and told I could call the 800 number on the back. I did. I was told my check was rejected because I had never written a check to target from this account before. WHAT??? Why does that matter? I was told to go and write a few checks for $10 or $12 and come back in a few weeks and try again to buy the TV! I have never in my life heard of such a policy. I will NOT be shopping at ANY Target store in the future.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
Do you have a debit card to coincide with your checking account? That would have worked.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
No I do not. Not for that account. Why should I have to use a debit card and not a check?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Most stores use a service like Checkfree, etc. to verify checks--those companies do not represent just Target, but all companies that subscribe to their service. I don't really think that Target is to blame in this circumstance.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
Well, one reason is that you would have been able to use the card even if it was the first time. It is also easier to carry than checks and much easier to use at the checkout. I guess it's a matter of personal preference, but I couldn't live without my bank card.

I honestly don't know what Target's check policy is. I don't think they have a check cashing card like the supermarkets so I don't how else you would register your account with them. I guess the amount was too large for a first time use. You might have tried going over to customer service and showing them your ID and Target credit card. I don't know if that would have made a difference, but it might have been worth trying. Telling you to write a check and come back another time does seem silly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Actually, they do have a "debit" card, usable only at Target, that is directly linked to your checking account (in addition to the Target credit card). I agree with you, Venice, that it may seem "suspicious" for lack of a better term, that a first time use of a check for such an amount was rejected. I worked in retail for over 12 years, and I know that the majority of bounced checks occur with newly-opened account. And again, this is not really Target's decision in as much as the company that they pay to verify checks (check verification is done on history of check-cashing, not on available bounces of accounts; it is my understanding that those companies have no access to any balance information.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-29:
I agree with what others have already suggested and posted. This is just a larger national chain with certain check cashing criteria for protecting themselves against someone opening up a rather new account, cashing a bunch of larger checks and then walking away. Understanding this, it may have helped if you had been willing to use an ATM and simply pay in cash.

Best of luck.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
Alex, do you think customer would have made an exception if the OP showed ID and her Target credit card? I guess it might depend on the individual store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Good question (When I worked at Target I was just a temp, and I didn't work the registers). My experience in other retail, though, is that an exception would not have been made.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
Venice09, If you read my complaint you will see that I used my Target card for a portion of the balance so the cashier had my card. I DID go to Customer Service to call the 800 number and ask about this policy and they DID have my ID because it was required when I first presented the check. I do not use a debit card becasue my card numbers have been used fraudulently in the past and I have had to close accounts because of them. It is never a good idea to use a Bank card as a 'debit card' it is much safer to use it as 'credit'. Regardless, I do not have one for that checking account. The policy still makes no sense to me, what's to stop me from going into a Target and using my normal account that I have used a thousand times and writing a hot check? It doesn't just happen on "New" accounts......
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
Well, I can understand why there might be no exceptions, but in this case the OP is an existing customer with a Target credit card whose previous transactions can be verified. It seems a shame that Target not only lost the sale but a customer too.

MamaO, considering Alex's explanation, I wouldn't let this stop you from shopping at Target in the future. Sometimes rules just can't be broken and are even for our own good.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
@Helpful, I DO NOT have a debit card for that account as stated previously
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
Venice09, I have used this checking account at Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's, and many more large name retail stores with no problem at all. My first purchase with this account was a laptop computer at Best Buy for over $300. They took my check just fine. Target has lost me, I drove across the street to Walmart and bought the very same TV with the very same checking account with no problem.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
I use my bank card as credit, but I don't think it's safer. Anyone can use it without a pin number and oftentimes without a signature. Using it as debit is more restrictive.

I just thought if you had talked to someone in person at customer service, they might have been willing to make an exception. Since you've been a victim of fraud, you probably understand why they are cautious. I'm sure they don't enjoy losing a sale or a customer, so I have to assume this policy is in place for a good reason.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-29:
@MamaO - as another poster indicated, it sounds as if they ran your check through "checkfree" or "telecheck" or a similar service. The information they provide is not only your check information but your identifiers such as DL number, address etc. These companies maintain a database of returned checks and a single ding can cause refusal - it does not have to be related to the checking account you now have.

Be aware these companies also are notorious for incorrect information. If you have not already done so I recommend calling the number they provided for more information.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-29:
It's probably not related to Telecheck or any of those outfits. Many retailers have software in place that will not allow a check over a certain amount to be written from an account which has never been used before. While it is an amazing annoyance, you can imagine why those procedures had to be put in place.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-29:
Target did NOTHING wrong. They have a policy in place for a reason. The OP was told the policy and did not like it. Many places have a limit as to how much your check can be until they get a history on that check account. I know Price Chopper and Stop and Shop do it. Like Target told the OP, write a few small checks there and if they clear without a problem your amount goes up with them as to how much you can write your check for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Whether Target did something wrong is debatable but what is not debatable is the OP ended up purchasing the same thing at walmart. Another Target policy that lost them yet another customer.

As I always say, Savvy consumers avoid Target. You should too!

Great review.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-29:
Who rejected it? Target or your bank? Sounds to me like your bank rejected it. So how is this Target's fault?
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-29:
Actually, using a card as a credit rather than debit isn't really much safer.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-29:
Stew, the reason Walmart allowed such a big purchase is the OP stated that she has already written checks on this account at Walmart, therefore Walmart already has a history in their system with this account.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-29:
I think I agree with both Chevy and Yoke on this one. There seems to be check policies in place for a reason. Just because a person doesn't like said policy doesn't make the retailer wrong. Some retailers are just willing to take certain risks that another retailer may not. Personally, I don't know that buying a flat screen from either Target or Walmart is very wise.

Best of luck MamaO.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Yoke, It doesn't matter. Target lost yet another customer to walmart. As a customer do I care about Target's silly rationales? No, of course not. I the customer will seek out those who can serve my needs which in this case was walmart at the expense of target.

Funny, walmart and target opened their first stores in the same year yet walmart is five times bigger than target. Go figure.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-29:
stew, about 15 years ago something similar happened to us at walmart, we were writing a check and walmart would not accept it because of the amount (i think it was about $150, we were told our limit as a new customer was $50). That was the beginning of our hate towards walmart. We were able to go down the street to Target and had no problem buying the exact same items and then some and because we already had a check history with Target had no problem with the check. Because we did not have check history with Walmart they would not take it. Same with Price Chopper and at the check out it states their policy regarding that. It is not as if Target is the only one doing it.

I know in my area Walmarts have been closing and the ones open are ghost towns. Target always has a full parking lot and every cashier open.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-29:
Stew, are you really suggesting that Wal Mart is a consumer's dream while Target is a consumer's nightmare? Come on now.

Comparing their sizes doesn't really mean anything. Not all companies have the same business model or aspirations.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Yoke, Outstanding! Walmart's check cashing policy didn't suit your needs so you took your business to someone who could. As it should be. Now I assume you found no fault with walmart's check cashing policy since you said of Target's policy , 'Target did NOTHING wrong. They have a policy in place for a reason.'. Although in the end much like the OP you were deeply offended by WM's policy so much so that you stated, "That was the beginning of our hate towards walmart". Bottom line you and the OP share a lot of common ground on this one, correct?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
momsey, My step-daughter bought some diapers from Target but didn't keep the receipt. The diapers had never been opened. She tried to exchange them at Target for the next size bigger but since she had no receipt they told her 'No'. I took the same box of diapers to Walmart. I told the CSR the diapers were bought at Target but Target wouldn't take them back because of no receipt and that all I wanted to do was exchange them for the next larger size. The CSR said no problem go get the diapers you want. I did..she verified they were the same price and then that was it.

So yeah I think Walmart is head and shoulders above Target when it comes to customer service.
Posted by yoke on 2010-07-29:
stew, we brought our business to target, but we did go to walmart after that for awhile. It was alot of things to brought it to where we do not go to walmart anymore. I never complained about walmarts check policy, but the OP made it sound as if it is only on Target and that is a false statement. She was able to use her check at walmart due to a past history with her new account. Had she had a past history with Target on that account she would not have had a problem, they even told her that.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2010-07-29:
I don't get why people are so quick to defend policies. Customer service is not about policies; it's about people.

Second, it doesn't matter if the rejected check was caused by a third party company. That company was hired by Target to help Target conduct business. So, if there is a problem created by that 3rd party for a Target transaction, it's still Target that needs to address this, not wash their hands of it.

I understand that some customers are just unreasonable. But that doesn't give companies the right to treat their customers like money dispensing drones, claiming that they beleive in customer service.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
Thanks for the input all. To clarify, this process had NOTHING to do with my BANK(leet60 & momsey-not one 'ding' ever on my accounts)I have to agree with Yoke Quote "It doesn't matter. Target lost yet another customer to walmart. As a customer do I care about Target's silly rationales? No, of course not. I the customer will seek out those who can serve my needs which in this case was walmart at the expense of target."

In my words: I was not happy with Target's policy so I went elsewhere which as a consumer is my right. With today's economic struggles I find it hard to believe that these companies make it so difficult to do business with them.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
Amen ChuBaca-well said!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-29:
It's suspicious because it's your first time, and it's a large transaction. If it wasn't you using your check and someone else was, wouldn't you like such a thing to pop up as suspicious activity? Don't take it personally, I'm not calling you a freaking criminal or anything.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Still doesn't matter though because the OP's needs were met by walmart. Probably because walmart has better check processing technology which basically turns a check into a debit card transaction. I don't think Target does the same but I haven't been in a target in a long time because of their consumer unfriendly ways and now because of their antiquated technology.
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-29:
Sorry Stew, that Quote was from you. Please fogive me, I'm new at this.
Posted by shootingstar1284 on 2010-07-29:
Target uses a 3rd party to verify checks. There are various reasons why a check could be denied (and the cashier will never know why-- you have to call the toll free number that prints on the check). You may not have a check history with the store. Typically if the first check you write is over $100, and there's no check history with the store, it will be rejected. This is for your benefit and Target's. It prevents someone from trying to pass a fraudulent check on your account at a store you've never historically shopped at (at least with a check). It protects the store for obvious reasons, by the people who do try and pass bad checks. Other reasons include having an outstanding check at the store, meaning you could have written a check for $40 the night before, but because it hasn't technically cleared yet, you can't write another for $300. The third, and most obvious, is if you've written bad checks before at the store.

While I agree that people may find the policy "silly" and are certainly within their right to shop elsewhere, I don't really see a problem with the actual customer service. Unless the cashier was rude in denying your check, if they explained that it wasn't accepted and referred you to the 800 number, IMO, they did their job.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-29:
It seems like my first comment was dismissed. I was trying to say that even if Target wanted to push through the OPs transaction, they simply can't. If the check verification service doesn't let it through, all Target can really do at the store level is apologize and offer to hold the items, which is what we do at my store. We feel bad, but in all honesty we can't lift the hold at the store level, there's physically no way to push it through.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-29:
Good explanation, shootingstar.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
I dont even know why checks are still around. I hardly write any checks anymore. I pay all my bills online, and use either cash or my debit card at stores. Big retailers are very careful when it comes to check, especially in this day and age. I can print off fake checks on my computer and print them out and try to use them at a store. If they just accepted everyones checks, they would lose TONS of money from theft. I think checks are eventually going to become obsolete. Get with the program! Get a debit card, or a credit card for big purchases!
Posted by MamaO on 2010-07-30:
Checks are necessary to pay repairmen, school activities etc...
Debit cards make fraud very easy and do not come with the protection you would otherwise get from using a check or credit card. You should always when given the option, use your check card as 'credit'. The transaction goes through a more secured line and the purchase will be protected under the Credit card companies liability laws, not so for debit purchases
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Target / NEW Corp Extended Warranty Complaint
Posted by TXAggie on 01/28/2010
TV immediately prior to packing
TV immediately prior to packing
In 2008, purchased a floor model 37" LCD HDTV for a great price at Target. Since it was a floor model, I bought the 2 year extended warranty (serviced by NEW Corp, Inc.).

After 18 months, started a nagging problem: the power button would flash for 3-4 minutes, then the TV would eventually power on. I reported the issue and filed a claim.

Soon after, I received packing materials to mail the TV to a service center. They consisted of a box, clear plastic bag, and 4 foam pieces - one for each corner of the LCD panel. Seemed flimsy to me, but figured they handle a lot of these claims. So I packed it up and took pictures of the TV, serial numbers, packing materials, etc just in case I never saw the TV again. Sent via Fedex to Lifetime Service Center in Williamsville, NY.

App. 10 days later, got the TV back via UPS on 1/18. The invoice said that the power supply was repaired, but there was a DENT in the screen - RETURN UNREPAIRED. I powered the TV up, and it is completely ruined, will not display a picture. I immediately reported it the night of 1/18 to NEW Corp. The young lady told me to contact the service center.

Morning of 1/19 I contacted the service center - they told me that they did not find any physical damage on the packaging, so they could not claim with Fedex. The assumption is that I sent the TV in with a dented screen, which I absolutely had not done. Why did they fix the power supply if there was an obvious dent in the screen?? Did they inspect the item when it arrived? Where was the packaging? How do I know it was in good shape - I'm just supposed to take their word? Did they damage my TV in their shop? The service center stonewalled me - was told to contact NEW Corp again.

I have talked to no fewer than 6 people at NEW Corp, each one assuring me that they would make it right, telling me that I would get a call back from a supervisor within 48 hours. NOT ONCE have I received a call back within the promised time frame. Finally I did speak to a supervisor who told me the same thing the service center did - since they can't claim with Fedex, then I'm out of luck. I escalated to a manager, who asked me to email the pictures (I did). He promised to call me back by Tuesday, 1/26. It is now 1/28 and guess what? No call back. I just left him another voice mail.

I have escalated this with Target Guest Services. They acted like they would do something but that was 1 week ago, and I have not received a call back.

I am FED UP. Not only am I out the price of the extended warranty, but my TV is completely ruined. I am a reasonable and conscientious person. I would never send a piece of electronics that I had physically damaged and file a claim on it.

My next steps are to continue hectoring Target and NEW Corp, file with the BBB, and contact a local TV station consumer advocate to try to force their hand. In the meantime, I am warning everyone not to purchase an extended warranty, and I no longer shop at Target.

I know someone calling themselves "supersue" defends NEW Corp on this site frequently, saying that they are a great company. Maybe she will help make this right, because right now they are really low in my book. No one cares about my problem at Target or NEW, or that I am out several hundred dollars due to the negligence of their service center.

NOTE: I know that Target and NEW do not service the electronics. However they took my money, so they are responsible. There are way too many parties and counter-parties pointing fingers at each other, and I just want it resolved.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2010-01-28:
So what do they think? You took the picture and then kicked the screen in before packing it? Seems to me you did everything absolutely right. I hope they make it right.
Posted by andbran on 2010-01-28:
i would never buy floor models of electronics. with people messing with them every day something is bound to go wrong. i hope everything goes ok soon.
Posted by TXAggie on 2010-01-28:
andbran - I got a great deal on the TV, no question. And it worked fine for 14-15 months. I would have been much better off just paying $75 to fix it locally - then I would still have a TV.
Posted by TXAggie on 2010-01-28:
skelly39 - exactly! I could only post 1 picture with this review, but I have several others showing that the screen was still fine after I packed it in the box.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-28:
I was under the impression that target didn't use outside warranty companies like NEW but I guess I was wrong. I don't really understand how a tv screen gets "dented" though, unless it's like a finger being pushed into it or something.
Posted by TXAggie on 2010-01-28:
Ytropious - LCD is just a plastic matte screen. The dent could be caused by bumping the panel into something or dropping a tool on it. Really anything. The screen won't shatter because it is plastic. But now it is ruined - looks like a starburst of color coming out from the dent when you turn it on.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-28:
I've seen torn screens and ones that have a very deep "v" shaped "dent" I guess, but never an actual round dent. Is that what it looks like? You can always upload your photos to photobucket and link them here, and I mean pictures of the dent.
Posted by TXAggie on 2010-01-28:
It is a line - probably 4 inches long, down the middle of the screen. I guess "indented groove" is a better term. I am simply using the term that the service center put on the invoice. No matter. It might as well be cut / shattered / melted / crumpled because it won't display a picture.
Posted by TXAggie on 2010-01-29:
Just left another message for Keith at NEW... the guy who swore up and down that he would call me back *no later* than Tuesday of this week. Wellllllll, it is now Friday, and I'm hearing nothing but crickets. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.
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Target Receipt not enough for a return
Posted by Heather of Smyrna on 09/29/2009
I purchased 3 books from Target. I decided I did not want to keep the books and took them back to the store with the receipt. Unfortunately, the receipt's fading ink made it difficult for the clerk to scan the receipt as a couple of the transaction numbers and a couple of bars were missing; however the address of the store, date of purchase, expiration date of the receipt, items and item numbers, total and payment method were all clearly seen on the receipt. Since the clerk could not scan it in, I was not given a refund.

Now, as a customer, I feel I have met all the requirements of Targets Return policy: Items in new condition and original receipt that shows the purchase was made within 90 days. I specifically stated this to the clerk, store manager, and at least 4 people on the phone at customer relations (including a supervisor). They all said the same thing,"Unfortunately, if she can not scan the receipt, we can not give you a refund. Even if all the information can be read."

If having a "scannable" receipt is part of the return process, Target may want to 1) put that clearly in their Return Policy and 2) Use a more durable ink for their receipts. It's not the first time I've had a faded receipt, but it will be the last time because I will NEVER shop at Target again.

By the way, this receipt did not get wet or damaged in any way. It remained in my wallet until I attempted the return. Target receipts are the only ones that fade in my wallet. I have Walmart receipts that are over a year old and still look new. Shame on Target!
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-29:
Wow this is a bizarre one. I haven't personally had a receipt fade over 3 months though, maybe you should take better care of your receipts. Pop them in a safe place and I guarantee they'll stay scannable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
A receipt can fade in the heat. I've left receipts in my car during the summer here in AZ and the print has faded off completely.
Posted by andbran on 2009-09-29:
if you paid with debit,credit, or check they can do reciept lookup
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-30:
The reason we meed a scannable receipt....well never mind. We just do.
Posted by Heather of Smyrna on 2009-09-30:
I took very good care of the receipt. It remained in my wallet with my other receipts (which remain unfaded, but they were from other retailers). And, please explain why the receipt (that can be clearly read, by the human eye with all the info necessary to prove I purchased the books from the store and the receipt was not expired) is only valid if it can be scanned? If that is part of the policy, it should be clearly stated. Otherwise, they are being fraudulent in their responsibility to give the customer a refund based on their own policy. Regardless of how I paid, I should get a refund if I have a receipt for my items. That is their policy and they should honor it or change it to reflect their exceptions.
Posted by msnanny on 2009-09-30:
I have to side with the OP on this one. Shame on Target.
Posted by Heather of Smyrna on 2009-09-30:
I took very good care of the receipt. It remained in my wallet with my other receipts (which remain unfaded, but they were from other retailers). And, please explain why the receipt (that can be clearly read, by the human eye with all the info necessary to prove I purchased the books from the store and the receipt was not expired) is only valid if it can be scanned? If that is part of the policy, it should be clearly stated. Otherwise, they are being fraudulent in their responsibility to give the customer a refund based on their own policy. Regardless of how I paid, I should get a refund if I have a receipt for my items. That is their policy and they should honor it or change it to reflect their exceptions.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-09-30:
Heather, nobody's arguing with you. Target should have a district office somewhere in your area; I would escalate this complaint, they are being ridiculous.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-09-30:
How is it the posters fault that the ink on the receipt faded? She followed the policy to the letter. Yet another shining example of Target's inconsistent following of their own store policies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-30:
If I had been the OP, they would have had to bring in police to have me removed. She is totally entitled to her refund, and I hope she escalates the issue.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-30:
I smell a conspiracy on Target's part. lol

Maybe we'll start seeing more complaints like this in the future to confirm it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-30:
This isn't new I've read many similar complaints about Target and Best Buy receipts fading. If I remember right the ink, paper and method of printing guarantees the receipts will fade rather quickly. I don't know if that's legend or not but I did read it on the internet so doesn't it have to be true?

Great comments Ken and Principissa.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-09-30:
Best Buy receipts do fade, very badly. I always make a photocopy asap.
Posted by andbran on 2009-09-30:
if she paid with debit credit or check she ahould have them use that feature.
Posted by TGT101 on 2009-09-30:
Stew I've had Target receipts that are over 2 years old that I can still read. You just can't have them in your wallet or in heat because they are printed on thermal paper, which as it's name suggests is sensitive to heat. There is no ink used.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2009-09-30:
I think the lesson in all this is that Target is evil and doesn't care about customer retention. Don't shop there in the interest of customer service and for the good of all humanity.
Posted by TBoy08 on 2009-12-23:
Most stores print receipts on thermal paper. Print fades with heat and keeping a receipt in your wallet is not a very good idea. Unfortuantly if the receipt ID or the VCD number can't be determined the receipt becomes useless. If the receipt is not expired and you paid with a check, debit/credit card, or giftcard then the receipt can be retrieved using those numbers.

The store is required to keep a copy of all the transactions it processes and they could possibly get you a reprint of the receipt. You would have to visit the original store to request a reprint. Unfortunately the VCD number is only printed on the original receipt and is absolutely required for the receipt to be validated.

Since the computer system is so strictly designed and certain sequences have to be followed in order for it to process a refund, team members, and even managers, don't have the ability to override it's capabilities.

Target does have a no receipt return policy as well. If you have a valid state issued ID you can obtain the lowest selling price credited to a gift card. There is a $75 limit in a 365 day period. You can do as many no receipt returns as you would like as long as the total of all the merchandise returned doesn't exceed that $75 limit.

As a team member who has worked in guest service I can sympathize with you. Hopefully you got or can get something worked out.
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Temporary Pharmacist Raised my Ire
Posted by on 02/05/2009
NORRIDGE -- With all the problems I've had with Target, their pharmacy had always been the exception to the rule. There were minor problems like their credit/debit card machine screwing up or catching the pharmacist at lunch when picking up a prescription.

But what happened this time could have endangered my health. I won't go into the exact medication here (not anti-psychotics:) but it was something I had to take everyday.

The bottle showed that I had an automatic refill, so I figured I could just pick up the new prescription when I needed it. I normally don't wait until the last second, but on this occasion I had to.

Well, when I got there a temporary pharmacist was on duty. She said my prescription couldn't be filled because it was more than 6 months after the last one was filled. I was like, "Yeah, but I get a lot of pills at once to save money. Now I'm being penalized?" In a very gruff tone she said, "Nothing I can do." I asked for just one pill to hold me over. This is something they ALWAYS did in the past if I needed it. She bluntly refused to give me the one pill. I explained that I could get very sick if I missed a dosage, but she still wouldn't budge. Finally after I started yelling one of the assistants told her to give me that pill. My blood pressure was through the roof by then.

The regular staff apologized the next time I was in there, but couldn't promise this wouldn't happen again.

I only continue to use Target pharmacy because they are the only ones convenient to where I live and shop with good prices. Next time though, I'll pay the higher prices at Walgreens.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Glad that you didn't "blow a gasket" Bob and I hope that you learned from this experience. Seriously, they can't just hand over a pill to hold you over until you get a new 'script' can they? I can just picture you banging on the counter and stomping like a 3 year old demanding your pill! Too funny!
Glad that it worked out for you. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
If it's a controlled substance they're not supposed to, but always have for me anyway. This wasn't a controlled substance so it definitely was a total Eff up by the temporary pharmicist.

Unfortunately in the real world you can't always kill more flies with honey.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Zz, you starting to get the "full" picture here yet?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Bob, isn't it, "you can catch more BEES with honey than you can with venom?"
You have a misunderstanding with a temporary tech and now you want to fire them and pay higher prices not mention going out of your way to get your meds? Take a CHILL PILL, dude.
Perhaps a few "anger management classes" would help.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
You two are obviously my worst detractors here with Old Fart not far behind.

If you two would actually read what was said on the review you might then realize you're not making yourselves look good right now.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-05:
Pay no mind to ZZ...he sees lions and bears in the trees in downtown Denver.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
I look just great, DB agree's.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
I beg to differ, my new found friend. I gave you a (VH) on this review. What does it take to make you happy?
If you're not taking aim at some corporation, trying to get poor Pedro killed, you are accusing someone of flaming you which is hardly the case.
Lighten up, man.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
It was a LION in SE DENVER, DB!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Careful or DB will have one of her dreams about you Zz.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-05:
I've had quite a few of them already, Super...the last one was about two nights ago.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-05:
ZZ...don't raise your typing at ME!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Supes: Better DB than PEDRO!
Posted by Davenport on 2009-02-05:
I'm very sorry that happened. (I don't think they read the review)
Posted by winter3 on 2009-02-05:
Some prescriptions expire in 6 months. Anyone care to guess which ones? Prescriptions for controlled substances do. Coincidence? Maybe. Most pharmacies also print the # of refills left AND the date to which they are valid right on the label. An automatic refill doesn't mean the prescription can be refilled indefinitely. If there are no refills left or the prescription has expired (1 year for most scripts, 6 months for controlled substances) the doctor must be contacted for a new prescription. Perhaps you could take responsibility for your own health and actually read the label on your bottle. Oh, I forgot, that is too much too ask of a 3 year old.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Why would I comment about it AND vote it HELPFUL, Devan?
Did you read it or are you here to start trouble?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
LOL @ sleepyrock. Okay I'll excuse your little memory lapse. Your post right after Superbowls was complimentary from front to finish. I musta misread it. :-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
W3, gets my (B)est (A)nswer vote!
Posted by winter3 on 2009-02-05:
I'm honored zzrokk :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Sleepyrock? I kinda like that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Figured winter would be friends with the clan. "3 year old?"

Wow, that's original. I'll check the rest of what you said with my pharmicist. They told me before it WASN'T controlled. Sounds like the substitute made another mistake when she said 6 months. Thanks for correcting her. But try to find some better joke books. Your material stinks.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
W3, my dear Mother runs into these problems with her 'scripts' fromtime to time and it is always the PAIN MEDS.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
Robert, are we suffering from a persecution complex now?
Again, lighten up.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-02-05:
I saw a movie awhile ago where a guy lived in the store for 2 or 3 years before getting caught. I'm wondering if Target has the same problem now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-05:
State and Federal laws states that prescriptions for controlled (scheduled) drugs (narcotic pain meds, anti-anxiety, some anti-psychotic, etc) are valid for six months only. In addition, some controlled drugs cannot be refilled at all, not even once without the doctor writing a new prescription. Non-controlled prescriptions are valid for one year. The pharmacist would have been violating both state and federal laws if she had refilled the prescription.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
zzzonked, you're taking me too seriously. I'm having fun going back and forth here. Flaming blog boards are nothing new to me. Winterpee will improve his smack if he can find a good chisel to chop away at all the debris over his encrusted banana.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
John, they told me it wasn't a controlled substance, according to both the substitute and the regular pharmicist. So I need to find out if they screwed up when they told me six months, or if six months is strictly a target policy. Also she was asked to just give me one pill after I was told of this policy. Their pharmacy is closed now. So, I'll get back with you later on this.

Meanwhile, I have one last Target review to do. In all the fun and excitement here I just realized I never did a review on my own fall which turned me against Target last year. Of course I expect the usual flame job from the regulars probably telling me I should have worn slip proof shoes or something, but I want this one to end up on Google somewhere.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-06:
Bob, good post, VH. Just show's being a "regular" can help. Glad ya got it worked out. Dang, I just remembered, I only got one arthritis pill left!
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
What did the pharmasist do that was wrong, follow the law? On the bottle it will say how many refills and by what date they have to be filled by. How is it Targets fault if you can't do that?
Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-06:
"If it's a controlled substance they're not supposed to, but always have for me anyway."... This just sounds like you were used to special treatment and got mad when you had to follow the real rules.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Great review Bob. It's an absolute pleasure to vote this contribution 'Very Helpful'.

As a consumer I do expect to be treated special. I choose the businesses I do business with they don't choose me. They can't force me to shop at their establishment so they better darn well court me if they want my money. That used to be common business sense. What has happened?
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
crabman, by being treated special you mean be given a drug when you should not be. On the streets they have a name for that!
Honestly, I am not defending Target, but what Target did for bob was illegal. They are not supposed to give you any drug without a valid prescription.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Yoke -- I don't know the legality of it but many pharmacies loan their customers pills on established prescriptions that are in limbo waiting for the new script from the doctor. I know for a fact Walgreens and CVS does it. Perhaps somebody who knows can fill us in on the legality of such a practice.
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
crabman, bob was not waiting on a new script from the doc, he was having a temper tantrum in Target because they refused to refill an outdated prescription. He does not state that he was waiting for the doctor to send the new prescription into Target. For all the pharmasist knew the doctor did not want him to have the drug anymore. Maybe bob should have called the doctors office from Target and asked them to refill it, doctors offices do it all the time. Why berate the person at Target for something out of their control.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
yoke -- They gave him a pill, right? His persistence paid off, correct? Obviously Target wouldn't have acquiesced unless there was some merit to Bob's request... I mean this is Target the company infamous for sticking to policy no matter what so ERGO I can deduce that Bob was totally in the 'right' on this one.
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
crabman, yes they gave him the drug to shut him up. I'm sure he was making a scene. I don't agree that Target should have given him the pill. I'm sure he will now file a complaint that Target gave him a pill without a prescription. I think many are missing the point, the point that he went into Target with an outdated prescription and expected to get the drugs anyway. Any normal person would have said to the pharmasist, I will call my doctor and have it faxed over. Not insist that they give one pill to hold them over. At what point does the consumer take responsibility for their actions?
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-06:
I can't resist joining the chorus ... Bob, Pedro or whoever you are, laws governing the dispensation of drugs are written in stone..

Was the prescription for a pain killer due to your fall at Target..?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-06:
Yoke, you missed the part "The bottle showed that I had an automatic refill". The "regular" employees handled it well.
They knew him and took care of him. That is why I deal with my local businesses.
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
jkt, I did not miss the point. It had an automatic refill that had EXPIRED in Targets system. I think many missed the part where it was more than 6 months after the last one was filled, that is a safeguard many pharmacies do. Why did bob not call his doctor while in Target to have it renewed? If it is a drug that the doctor wanted him on he would have done it. Nowhere in the OP's complaint does he state that he got another script from the doctor, only that he got his 1 pill that he needed to keep him going for the day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
BA, Winter3.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
old_fart -- If that's true then it is Target who was wrong and not Bob. All in the world Bob did was to make a request... It was Target who took the action which by your assertion broke a law written in stone.

I'm glad y'all are starting to assign some blame to Target. It does my heart well. Good job Old_Fart... You just earned a 'Helpful Advice' vote.
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
crabman, since we weren't there and we are only hearing bobs side about needing his 1 pill I'm sure Target did it to get him out of there before he caused more of a scene. I don't agree with what Target did giving him his 1 pill to hold him off, but Target did what they had to do. How much does one pill cost anyway? Did bob ever get to the doctor to get the script refilled?
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-06:
My name, Pedro Garcia.... I 'don need no stinkin' drug dealer... I jus' axe my fren' Bob field to go to Target an' hassle that druggest guy... they gave my fren Bob, ( or was it Fred fields) the dope I needed even if it was only one stinkin' pill..

Thank youse Bobby...!

Your fren' Pedro...
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-06:
I can really see both sides. Interesting.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-02-06:
"Finally after I started yelling one of the assistants told her to give me that pill. My blood pressure was through the roof by then."

so by yelling, they gave in to you. nice manners ......

edit: one more thought, what if the ONE pill they gave him caused his death? who would be at fault?
Posted by bargod on 2009-02-06:
I think we have all learned a valuable lesson here. Simply all can be accomplished by yelling and making a scene.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
My Pharmacy gave me a few Celebrex knowing my Doctor was going to renew the prescription as always. The Pharmacist knows the Doctor and knows he is always slow so he felt little risk. Sure enough just like a slow clock the Doctor came thru with my new refill but about a week late. It all worked out. I will point out that I was very nice, no yelling and making a scene to the Pharmacist when making the request which is why they went along with the plan. Getting upset would have netted me nothing I'm sure.

Pharmacist are just people too doing their jobs trying not to bend the rules while at the same time working with their patients the best they can.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Ok naysayers, I just got the official word from the Pharmicist on duty at the Norridge Target. My pill was NOT a controlled substance, therefore the temporary pharmicist EFFED up when telling me it was more than 6 months. I had an AUTOMATIC refill on the bottle. Therefore the prescription should have been filled. Now even if there was a 6 month deal, that temporary pharmicist was being a real witch for not allowing me 1 pill at first even after I told her I could get sick if I didn't get it. Target was TOTALLY in the wrong on this one and I did what I had to in order to get the pill I needed.

Any questions? Ö¿Ö
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
bob, how did the pharmasist goof up when she said it was over 6 months since you filled it last, it would have come up in the computer that way. I'm glad you got your fix and hopefully you called your doctor to get another presciption so you can bring it to another pharmacy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Stuporbowl: Sometimes being nice works, sometimes a little fire is needed. And, some people read better than others.

If you would have read my post, you would see that I was polite at first. Yelling in this case was my only option.

Yoke: You're entitled to a year to fill a prescription if it's not a controlled substance. Since it was less than a year and I had an automatic refill......

I said this already....read before you speak.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
That's enough, Bob. I don't appreciate you disrespecting long standing members. Now KNOCK IT OFF!
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
Yelling is never an option when the employee is only doing their job.
Posted by bargod on 2009-02-06:
I love your little pet names for everyone there, Robert Badeightysband. It shows your level of respect and maturety and it's probably why some people here have trouble sideing with you on this one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Crabman/Bargod: Doesn't respect work both ways? I was just using a little smack on the folks that haven't shown me respect. This is a two way street...no?
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-06:
bob, what you were not comprehending is that after 6 months of not filling a drug that is to be used every day is suspious and the pharmasist had a right to question it.
I was just at CVS filling a prescription and I asked the pharmasist about what you had done at Target and that is what I was told. For all the pharmasist knows you had several other ones at other pharmacies and the doctor did not want to refill it for you. Do you understand that they were only trying to protect your health?
Posted by bargod on 2009-02-06:
Your right it is a two way street, just try not to drive down the middle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Bob the rules are crystal clear -- "Please respect the author and other members when posting your message". There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Look, I know what you mean. Around these parts I'm the site pinata and there's always a line of people waiting for the stick. That's cool. BUT I never sink to their level. I respond calmly with well reasoned and logical points. Lead by example I always say.
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-06:
LMAO Crabs.....!!

You certainly are my idol....yup yup, sho 'nuff..!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Crabs, what a bunch of hooey!!! Just the other day you alluded to knowing my MOTHER in the Biblical sense! Now how low is that? Lucky for you I am the the level headed easy going ANGER MANAGEMENT grad type of chap that knew that you were yanking my chain but as always, I took the high road and ignored your juvenile quip.

*as always, addy agrees*
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
zzrokk -- Indeed you are correct. I shouldn't kiss and tell. My bad.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
*trying my darndest not to laugh*
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-06:
"that temporary pharmicist was being a real witch..."
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
DB: They'll need several wheelbarrels to cart out all my body hair if you do that to me. I'm a caveman. But you're one of my favorites here and deserve your 5 star rating, so consider that remark retracted.

Crabman: Point well taken. But, I think you should also be reprimanding those who aggressively insult posters here on a continuous basis, not just those of us who reciprocate.
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-06:
Crabman is in no position to "reprimand' anyone... he'll tell you that himself. , at least I hope he would...
he's just a regular "good ole boy" like the rest of us eh Crabs...?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-06:
Don't hold your breath, OF.
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-06:
Marps... I would turn blue and die, No?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-08:
Bob...do you have a hairy belly button too?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-02-08:
Well Alley...you know the Basher has to know these very important things about people!
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Target Return / Exchange Policy
Posted by Retail Meltdown on 03/26/2008
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I had a aggravating experience when trying to return a maternity outfit that a relative had given to my wife. My wife had already tried to exchange the item for a different size and was told that there was nothing they could do because she did not have a receipt. I was floored when she told me the story and thought that the store was taking advantage of an emotional, pregnant woman! I told her that I would take care of it and to no avail had the same experience. The item was clearly marked with Target tags and even registered in the scanner before the customer-no service rep realized I didn't have a receipt. There is no way that I would ask my aunt to give us a receipt for the item...that would be rude; however, now we are stuck with an item my wife can't ware. I guess we will donate it to a local charity.

The fact is that there are plenty of retailers that do not treat there customers this way and now we will spend more of our money at those retailers. We are now ex-Target customers...Life is to short to deal with these types of headaches. By the way there were at least 12 other people in the customer service line who were turned away unsatisfied! Target it is your policies that are driving your customers away.

You have lost track of what drew people to your stores in the first place.
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Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-26:
I'm a bit puzzled with this one.
It's easier to make two attempts to exchange the clothing than to simply tell your aunt that it's the wrong size and ask if she still has the receipt?
How is that rude?
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-03-26:
Asking for the receipt for a size issue is not rude. I'm sure your aunt wouldn't mind, she obviously wants your wife to have something that she can wear!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
I love Target. I have always received great service from Target and I've never had a problem returning an item. Hmmm, maybe it is because I had the receipt and did not wait more than 90 days to make my return. Just a thought!
Posted by Retail Meltdown on 2008-03-26:
I think you're missing the point. First off my aunt lives across the country and asking her to find the receipt would probably be fruitless secondly, there are at least 5 national retail stores that I know of that would simple ask my wife to pick out the item she would like to have instead and exchange the two without question. If you are willing to deal with the degradation of customer service, by all means go ahead and continue to shop there. I'm not going to spend my money there and I would not recommend Target with so many other options available!
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-03-26:
Many of the big box stores are now under that same thinking for returns. It's because they were scammed so many times. Asking for a gift receipt isn't rude if the item doesn't fit.

Posted by Retail Meltdown on 2008-03-26:
Please explain the scam? Just so I can better understand Target's policies.
Let me give you an example of good customer service from another large retailer. Last spring I bought a small inflatable pool for my kids at Academy Sports. Right at the 90 day period, it sprang a leak; however, it was still under warranty by the manufacturer. I knew I didn't have the receipt but I went into the store to see what my options would be and the customer service representative took the time to look up all of the transactions that I had made in the month I bought the pool. She found my transaction but was unable to give me a copy of it to send in to the manufacturer. I was then referred to their regional office where one of their vice presidents not only wrote me a letter confirming the transaction but also contacted the manufacturer to help facilitate the warranty claim. After having a wonderful customer service experience like that, you can't tell me that Target can't exchange one of their brand items for a different one that fits! The item to be exchanged was in excellent shape with all of the tags and everything. It is obvious that Target has people responding to complaints on this sight. You might be better served revamping your policies. Remember that each person that complains on this site tells all of their friends plus all of the my3cent readers start to add up. By the way my pregnant wife was going register for a baby shower the same time she exchanged the maternity outfit. Not any more!
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-26:
There's no degradation of customer service here.
Target treats it's customers just fine. Unfortunately, so many customers seem to ignore return/exchange requirements or think that posted policies should not apply to their 'special' circumstance.

Target does things it's own way and you don't like it. Great. Exercise your right to shop elsewhere and don't forget to ask about the return policy at the store you choose before you spend any money.
Posted by Retail Meltdown on 2008-03-26:
How can you say there is no degradation in customer service when there are so many other stores out there that will allow you to exchange items that are clearly theirs and have the same products on the shelves? I have decided to take my business elsewhere and again recommend others do the same...places that have better customer service and policies! Just say NO TO TARGET!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
It's great that you found another retailer that was able to help you. But, the fact remains that a policy is a policy. If Target chooses not to bend the rules for you, good for them! You can tell by all of the posts on My3Cents is that Target is consistent. There are those the love Target and those that hate it. I like the fact that Target follows their own policy and that they do not pick and choose who it applies to. You dont like the policy, like heaven17 just said, you can exercise your right to shop elsewhere.
Posted by Retail Meltdown on 2008-03-26:
Yup! Do you need a maternity outfit? I'll send it to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
What bothers me here is that the review could not have been written by the same person now posting under that same name.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
Retail, if you can find another retailer that reaturns items without a receipt then cut off the Target tags and bring it to the other retailer. They should have no problem returning the item. That is what customer service is, isn't it? Returning items for customers that have no proof it was purchased there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
This item was purchased at Target. The man simply wanted to exchange the same item for another size. I realize that it's Target's policy to not do this, but I also STRONGLY AGREE with the poster that this is a RIDICULOUS policy. I know many of you are happy with this policy, because you personally have never ran into any problems. However, many people, along with myelf and this poster, do not agree with this non-customer service oriented policy. This is a true case of where it would have made good business sense to allow an exchange, but Target has absolutely made it impossible for their representatives to make such a common sense decision, and keep a good customer. Fine - you guys like a store that doesn't show appreciation for your dollars by giving a little customer service - go ahead keep shopping there, keep giving them you hard earned money, keep feeding the beast. Retail, welcome to the group consumers who expect MORE from their retailers and have banned Target in hopes that they will lose enough money to eventually wake up and appreciate their customers.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
Just because the tags say Target does not mean it was bought at Target. It could have been bought at a 2nd hand store or yard sale (not saying this is the case for the OP). I buy plenty of clothes for my daughter at Once Upon a Child some are brand new with Target tags still on them. Does that mean I get to go to Target and get my money back if she does not like them? I buy her Abercrombie shirts there, can I return them back to the store to get a refund? Some on here will say yes that it is good customer service to do so, but I disagree. That to me is fraud and that is why Target and many other stores make you have a receipt for returns.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Yes, Yoke, because like you, Target believes everyone is a crook. This doesn't take a genius to understand. Clothing has seasons, they change with each season. If the item is still a current line and the customer simply wants to exchange it for another size - it's a one-for-one exchange and no money is lost. Again, the balance sheet concept here. There is no financial loss to Target in this cirumstance - NONE!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
cherpep -- You make perfect sense to me. Comment after comment you continue to deliver the 'goods'. Good job!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-27:
I mostly don't get into these type of discusions, but, here gos...

I, too, think Targets Policys are wrong.

I do understand that they are policy and that they are posted all over the store.

I also understand that it seems very simple: No recept = No return.

BUT, I still don't like the Target policy. When you make a policy that is that ridged, you hurt not only the 'bad' people, but the 'good' people just as much.

I think (and I know that it is just my oppenion) that Target needs to relax there rules just a bit.

I 'this' case, the item in question was in new condition, still had the tags from a Target store, and the OP only wished an exchange for size, not a refund or store credit. Target would not have lost out in this case.

But it did loose a customer and future business from this customer and maybe others now.

I don't know what the answer for Target should be on a new Policy, but it's clear that a new one is needed to retain the 'good' customers AND make it so that Target doesn't fall prey to the 'bad' customers.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
Cherpep, I don't believe everyone is a crock, but if you don't have a receipt then to bad. Target makes it quite clear when you purchase something there what you need to return the item. They even give you a gift receipt to make your life easier.
I will give you this one that Target would not have lost in this case, if it is the exact item that needed to be exchanged.
Posted by thensider on 2008-03-27:
How is target supposed to know who is a crook and who isnt? The same rules have to apply to everyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Why do they have to make any assumption in this case, thensider? Yes, the rules do apply to everyone. That's what we are arguing. This is a perfect example of why the rules need to change. No assumption needs to be made here, because there is no loss to the store at all. I believe Target needs to examine their rules so that situations like this can be handled without breaking the rules.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-03-27:

There are a few scams that people were pulling. The main one being that a person would walk into the store, grab an item and bring it to customer service for a refund with no receipt.

Another one is returning items to Target that weren't purchased there. Target has no way of knowing what was bought from them and what was bought from someone else with out a receipt. For all Target know is whatever item could have been bought "new" at a garage sale.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Even still, Gothic. If they did allow the exchange, they received an item, tags on, and exchanged it for the same article of clothing - same style, different size. One in, one out. What does Target lose here? In this example?
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-03-27:

That goes back to the first example. What proof does the customer have the that item was even purchased? If someone walked to the back of the store, grabbed a sweater from the rack and the brought it up front for an "exchange" with no receipt. Target says, "Ok" then they'd be out the cost of the sweater. Sure to Target $20 is nothing, but $20 x how many people try this on a daily basis is a heck of a lot of money.

IF they weren't losing money on scams like this, then their policy wouldn't be so strict.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Smurf -- But come on now... We could come up with scenarios all day long. Okay, so I purchase a sweater and take it home. Come back to the store with my receipt then do as you say -- Grab a sweater from the rack and take it to the front for a refund. I have merchandise and receipt in hand ergo Target would gladly refund me the money. I don't see the point to these examples... The fact is Target hates their customers and from what I hear the CEO doesn't love Jesus.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Gothic, my point is that in the case you described, Target is already out the $20 if someone stole it. It's not the exchange that loses them money - that's already gone. By providing a little customer service, they have the potential of keeping a good customer who didn't steal.
Posted by bargod on 2008-03-27:
I'm with Cherpep on this. It's a one for one exchange. Target loses nothing except a customer.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
cherpep, in this case yes Target is out nothing. But in the case where they get the money back or gift card Target is out double if the item was stolen. Without a receipt Target does not know if it was stolen or not and because of so many dishonest people in this world Target ops to the side of it may have been stolen. Target is making it across the board for every employee not to bend the rules. Honestly, I like that and that is why I shop at Targte rather than Wal-mart. You never know from day to day if Wal-Mart will return something, even with a receipt. It depends who is working.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
yoke - HUH? Target is by no means out double the amount. Your statement makes no sense at all.
Posted by Retail Meltdown on 2008-03-27:
New Sheriff,
I'm not sure why you would think that I am multiple people? You wrote "What bothers me here is that the review could not have been written by the same person now posting under that same name" What does that mean?
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
cherpep, I goofed, sorry. It is not twice, but they are still out money. Target does not make out on the deal. If the item is stolen then Target is actually giving them money to get their product back. Yup, I'm sure Target wants them for customers!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Excuse me if I don't want to shop at a place that automatically assumes I'm out to cheat them. "Innocent until proven guilty" is the American way... but obviously Target thinks the opposite... I refuse to shop at a place that spits on the American way of life.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Let's make this clear - I have never once said that Target should give a customer $$ for an item returned without a receipt. The money lost is from the stealing, not the EXCHANGING.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
I'm with cherpep. Rules are made, but then common sense must kick in. Here is an example that I think could be similar. A security guard is new to a job. His or her boss tells them "Nobody gets through here without their I.D." The boss lays downs strict rules without allowing for some common-sense, necessary exceptions. Then situations pop up where if the security guard used a little common sense, they'd realize that they have to ignore what they were told in this case.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Retail, I was just laughing at the fact that your review has some serious grammar problems, then the comments since then are not only very well written, but you used words like "facilitate" lol I guess you were so angry when you posted, that steam was coming from your ears and you just didn't proofread.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-27:
Exchanging merchandise could just as easily be theft.
Someone walks into a store, grabs something off the rack, takes it up to Customer Service and says, "I'd like to exchange this for something else, but I don't have my receipt."
Employee: "Oh, no problem! Just find what you want and bring it back here."
Crook grabs something, the exchange is made and they very easily walk out with something that they didn't have to pay for.

Whether you want to believe it or not, EVERY store treats people as if they're criminals and not just during an exchange or return. Checking bags at the front, security cameras everywhere, counting items at the dressing rooms...

So far no one has given a good arguement as to why Target's policies are a bad idea. The majority of what I've read so far seem to equate good customer service with giving the customer what they want no matter what. Just make them happy. Posted policies are just vague guidelines. Exceptions can and should be made!

You'd be singing a different tune if it was your business at stake. I've seen first hand the staggering number of crooks and con artists who frequent retail on a daily basis, and it's just going to get worse.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
How does not exchanging an item stop a thief from grabbing something off the shelf? If the store refuses to exchange it, the thief still walks out with something they did not buy. It's the thievery that needs to stop.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-27:
But the thievery will NEVER stop. That's my point. And the only way to ensure (or halfway ensure) that a business doesn't get ripped off is to set policies and hold everyone - repeat EVERYONE - to that same standard.
How do you decide that one exchange is legit while the next one is a scam? How do you make that decision to make an exception for one and not the other?
Common sense isn't universal, let me tell ya.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
If Target had exchanged this outfit for this woman, would that make you not shop at Target any longer? Certainly not. However, not exchanging it turned that customer and potentially more away from their store. That's a sacrifice Target is willing to make. They have sacrificed loyal customers like myself, Retail Meltdown, and many others. They have kept customers like yourself, who would have still remained a customer if they had performed the exchange.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-27:
And again, how do you know this (or any other) exchange is on the level? Then you'd be retaining a criminal who will return again and again pulling the same scam.
That's why policy should be in place for all to have to follow.

Over and done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Again - not exchanging the item is not going to stop the thievery. It will still happen again and again, whether or not the item is exchanged. In the long run, all they have done is turn away good customers. The thieves are still there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
heaven17 -- You're getting thoroughly dominated. Perhaps you should rethink your position.
Posted by yoke on 2008-03-27:
Customer service reps have NO idea if the item is stolen when it is returned without a receipt. Even this OP has no idea if the outfit was stolen. He is assuming his aunt did the right thing and bought it, but he has no idea if that is what happenend. Target has made it so easy to return products. It is very customer friendly. The only ones who complain are the ones who have not gotten it their way at Target. I respect you for that, that is why I refuse to shop at Wal-MArt. The return policy is unpredictable. It depends on who is on as to whether or not you get to return something. Wal-Mart is more interested in harassing you as you leave the store then making the customer happy.
Posted by bargod on 2008-03-27:
Lets agree to disagree.Group hug everyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-27:
Polices are in place to protect the retailer but managers should be in place to help the customer while meeting company standards. It's not an easy job, but I love being a manager and being able to help the customer. However, I must admit that I do get tired of consumers taking advantage of the "customer is always right" and then I have to answer to my loss prevention manager why I did this return for this customer. (My loss prevention manageer can fire me for things like that if I am unable to provid a satisfactory explanation.) However, small items big box companies should take the hit for them; it's easier just give the hastling customer their ten dollars and send them on their way. The polices are also there to protect employees. It seems target may be losing good customers, but they are cutting losses through stopping thieves. A good company would hire managers to find a balance between loss prevention and customer service and sounds like Target has yet to find that balance. In this society, that could be near impossible.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-03-27:
Stew, you make me nervous with the domination talk...I feel so dirty.

And bargod, you got your group hug! There's no animosity here. Disagreements out the wazoo...to be sure. But no animosity!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-03-28:
I stopped into Goodwill yesterday and found a shirt still with the Target tags still attached, it wasn't brand new. I have never had trouble with Target and there return policies, but then I keep all of my receipts. I don't go there much but I do know there return policies, mostly cause of this site and these letters. Also, how is it rude to ask for a receipt because of a wrong size? I'd think that your Aunt would rather see your wife in something she could wear rather than having wasted her money, and possibly on a complete stranger.
Posted by letsmakeadeal on 2008-04-20:
so did the "customer no-service rep" earn that title because she was doing her job?
Posted by Picaros on 2008-05-06:
Yes that is true that Target does not loose money at the moment, but they do not do an exchange for different colors or sizes without a receipt for inventory reasons. Target has to have a receipt to bring that item back into the system. If every person that came in without a receipt just to exchange an item, the inventory would be so off that it would say that they had this many items and none of these items so they would be ordering a lot of the incorrect items which would then go to 90% clearance, which in the long run results in loosing money for Target. Every item that is different INCLUDING size and color has a different number. That is why a receipt is needed for all returns, exchanges and store credits!!
Posted by hello dolly on 2008-05-06:
On another level let's say Target local manager does step away from the stated and adhered to policy and does an exchange for a different size. What if they don't have the same item any longer should they then allow store credit? There is a policy for more than just theft - possible litigation. The policy allows for no discrimination it applies to EVERYONE all of the tme.AND the reason poeple started shopping at Target was pricing - somethng they can keep down when they don't have to pay additional poeple to handle their products multiple times.
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Unfair Return Policy
Posted by I hate Target! on 02/20/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Please note that even if you have a receipt and can show you paid full price for an item, if the item is considered "seasonal or holiday" and is currently marked down, Target will only refund you the marked down price. Target does not care if your receipt shows you paid $20, if the item is holiday or seasonal and is marked down, Target will only give you the current marked down price. I find this amazing. So, if I return something I purchased on sale and then go to the store to return it and it is now full price, shouldn't Target now refund the full price? And in case anyone is wondering, the policy applies even within their 90 day return window.

What is scary about this policy is the fact that any item in the store can technically be considered seasonal (short sleeve shirts anyone?) and/or holiday. Well, mostly anything can be considered seasonal, maybe not holiday.

I am disappointed in this policy and consider it to be a rip off. I have been shopping at Target for 12 years and I spend on average $100 to $250/week there buying household items, clothing, toys, groceries, etc. Well, I am done. I will be going to WalMart and I hate that store, but they have better prices. If I am going to be subject to a lousy return policy, I may as well go shop at a cheaper store and save myself some money.

Bye-Bye Target! It was nice knowing you through the years. You went from being a wonderful, customer service oriented business to a mammoth business that no longer cares about the very people who have made you what you are.
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Posted by trumania on 2008-02-20:
This is untrue. If you have a receipt you will recieve a full refund if the item is new and unused or defective. If you do NOT have a receipt and the item is under $20 dollars you will recieve a credit for whatever the current price is.

So if you bought it last week for 19.99 and this week they went clearance for 4.99 and you don't have a reciept, you'll get a credit for 4.99.

There's no additional information about your specific situation so I vote, "Not Helpful" to your complaint.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-02-20:
trumania, I think you are out of line inferring the OP is a liar. His review is entirely plausible. It may well be it was this particular store. (VH)
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-02-20:
I'm very sorry to disagre with you trumania, but the Target that is near us does the same thing.

I bought a nice holiday sweater (10.99) for Yule and my husband also bought me one as a gift.

When I went to return the one that I had bought after the Holidays (still withing 30 days of purchase and I had the reciept) they would only give me 5.99 for it because it was 'now' marked down.

Not a very fair policy, I think.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-20:
I am not accusing you of lying, but I was always under the impression with Target that if you had the receipt, gift or original that you get the full refund of the amount paid for the item you are returning, no matter what it was. I know Target's policy is strict, but if you had your receipt than you should have gotten a full refund, not the sale price. I would call corporate and talk to them to find out why you weren't given a full refund. However if you did not have a receipt, they will give you the current price of the item you are returning under 20.00. Which means that if that was the case than yes, all you will get back for that item is the current sale price, not the full amount you paid.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-20:
Was it a gift receipt? I could see that with a gift receipt that it might be plausible that they did that. With a regular receipt that is horrible!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-20:
Again Alleys it would behoove you to read the reviews before commenting. Your comment has no relevance to the review posted. Here's a C&P I googled up about Targets return policy..

"If an item is "seasonal" or clearance item, even with a receipt and inside the 90 day limit, if it is returned, it will be credited at the NEW or Lowest sale price"

The OP is accurate. Good review.
Posted by thensider on 2008-02-20:
wow, i had no idea, i will have to be careful of that in the future. I must say, i think that this is the first time i ahve ever agreed with a complaint against targets return policy...
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-20:
It's another way for Target to keep money. That makes no sense. The whole reason for bringing in the receipt is to prove that 1. you bought it there 2. to prove the amount you paid. I'd be royally peeved at that too. (VH)
Posted by thensider on 2008-02-20:
"If an item is "seasonal" or clearance item, even with a receipt and inside the 90 day limit, if it is returned, it will be credited at the NEW or Lowest sale price"
----that is not what it says on targets website. The website does not speicify whether or not this policy applies to returns WITH reciept....
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-02-20:
It would be interesting to know specifically what the reviewer tried to return . . . .
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-20:

Target Stores Return Policy

We will issue a full refund for most items returned within 90 days in new condition, with the original receipt, packaging and accessories. A form of personal identification may be required.

Also, please note:

* Music, movies, video games, software and collectibles must be returned unopened.
* Camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD, computers, portable electronics, framed art, gas-powered scooters and hot tubs purchased from Target.com are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
* Holiday and Seasonal merchandise on clearance at the time of the return will be refunded at the current clearance price.
* Any purchase made by check may be refunded as a merchandise voucher.
* Refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect value of free gift or discount.
* Other restrictions may apply.

All other returns or exchanges - including those without a receipt - will be offered manufacturers' warranty and repair assistance at 1-800-303-0308.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-20:
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-20:
Target Stores Return Policy

We will issue a full refund for most items returned within 90 days in new condition, with the original receipt, packaging and accessories. A form of personal identification may be required.

Also, please note:

Music, movies, video games, software and collectibles must be returned unopened.
Camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD, computers, portable electronics, framed art, gas-powered scooters and hot tubs purchased from Target.com are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Holiday and Seasonal merchandise on clearance at the time of the return will be refunded at the current clearance price.
Any purchase made by check may be refunded as a merchandise voucher.
Refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect value of free gift or discount.
Other restrictions may apply.

All other returns or exchanges - including those without a receipt - will be offered manufacturers' warranty and repair assistance at 1-800-303-0308.

This is the return policy for returns with receipts.
Posted by bargod on 2008-02-20:
Is that legal? sounds like theft to me.
Posted by sunshine619 on 2008-02-20:
That is really crappy! Any store I know you get the lowest price if you dont have the receipt, if you do have it as the OP stated (alley) you should get what you paid back regardless.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-20:
If you have a receipt that is well within the documented return policy then you should get full price back for the refund period. No matter if it's store credit or a credit back to a charge card or cash. If you have a valid receipt showing you paid full price then you should get full price back. This is one part of Target's policy I disagree with. If you don't have the receipt then yes, the current price of the item is fine. But for those who follow the rules that isn't fair.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-02-20:
Since the poster hasn't come back to specify the item(s) being returned, I think this is just a form of letting off steam. I usually shop Target only when there's an item shown in the w/e flyer that I'm interested in. Spend too much $$ if I just go in to browse. :) That being said, I've been aware of this return policy for ages. Nothing new there. Short sleeved shirts seasona/holiday? They sure are if the print happens to be Christmas trees or snow men. Otherwise, it's clothing--period.

Wish the poster would come back to let us know what s/he tried to return. Maybe a Halloween costume?
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-20:
I agree Ponie.
Posted by tillythewall on 2008-02-20:
This is completely untrue, at ALL Targets (considering the Target policies are the same at every store). If you have a dated receipt within the past 90 days, then you will receive a full refund. I've had people buy 40$ stuff over the summer and try to return it in December and they could only get the last selling price on the item because their receipt is expired and they have to do it as a no receipt return. IF you go to a store and you have a dated receipt and they don't give you a full refund, then you need to call corporate.
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-20:
I would like to direct anyone who is questioning what I wrote to go onto the Target website and READ their return policy and read the following which I cut and pasted exactly as it is written on the website.

"Also, please note:

Music, movies, videogames, software and collectibles purchased on Target.com must be returned unopened.
Camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD, computers, portable electronics, framed art, gas-powered scooters and hot tubs purchased from Target.com are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Returns on TVs 40 inches or larger cannot be accepted without original packaging.
GiftCards, e-GiftCards, pre-paid music, game and phone cards cannot be returned.
Holiday and seasonal merchandise on clearance at the time of return will be refunded at the clearance price.
Refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect value of free gift or discount.
Other restrictions may apply."

It is plan as day that what I told you is what happened. Target takes the stance that if the item is currently on clearance they will not refund you the full price you paid and it does not matter if you have a receipt or not. Target specifically states:

"Holiday and seasonal merchandise on clearance at the time of return will be refunded at the clearance price."

It seems to be up to the discretion of the individual store as I went to another Target which is 5 miles from the one that I had the problem with and they returned the item for the price I paid for it. I asked about the return policy and that store said that as long as I have my receipt, they refund the full price I paid for it. It seems even the employees don't quite understand the return policy.

At this point, I am still upset about the incident and I wrote to corporate inquiring as to why the return policy is not applied the same way at each store and asking for further clarification. I haven't received a response which is surprising as most companies respond within a day or two. I will e mail them again if I don't get a response and I will ask that they call me. I am that disgusted by the issue.

I have NEVER had a problem with Target in the 12 years I have shopped there. I have never had an issue with any returns, ever. I always hold onto my receipts and/or I use the credit card receipt look up which is actually the easiest way to handle it. Target shopping has actually been a stress reliever for me. I always loved to shop there and I always,always defended their slightly higher prices when my mother asked why I wouldn't go shop at WalMart to buy the same items for $1 or more cheaper. I always told her that I would rather spend a little extra and have an enjoyable shopping experience. Too bad, big corporate decided that customer service is not a priority and they don't want to play fair. Well, there are other options and instead of buying seaonal/holiday stuff there, I will be going to Kohls where I can return anything I purchase at any time and get the full price I paid for it as long as I have a receipt. If I don't have a receipt then they give you the current selling price, which is extremely fair.

My gripe, is that when you return an item and have the receipt, you should receive the price you paid for the item. A company should not be able to say that because it is now on sale/clearance you can only have the current selling price for the item, unless you don't have a receipt. If you do NOT have a receipt then I fully agree with refunding the current selling price of the item.

One more thing, why would anyone even make this up and post it here? I saw a couple of people basically said I was lying. Why would you even think that someone would like about this? If you had gone onto their website and read the return policy you would have seen I was not lying.

I bet that if I went back to my Target with the same item and tried to return it with a different customer service rep, I would likely be able to return it at the price I paid for it. The frustrating thing about this is that I know the manager could have returned the item for what I paid for as I had my receipt. She decided that it is now time to enforce the rule on the return of holiday/seasonal clearance items. Interesting that it isn't enforced the same way at each store.
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-21:
No, it was not a Halloween costume! It was a pair of boxers for my husband. The boxers happened to have lips on them and because of that they told me they were a holiday item. When I disputed this, they said I should have known it was a holiday item for Valentine's day because it had lips! What? In any event, someone posted that I was letting off steam. You bet I was, but I also wanted to post this to inform others. And to the person that said this is not a new policy, well, I guess you are right, but this was the first time I actually encountered it and I have shopped Target for 12 years. And to anyone questioning if I had a receipt, I had a receipt. Didn't I say that in my original post? The receipt showed I paid full price for the item, but Target will only refund the clearance price b/c the item was considered Holiday/seasonal. I didn't come here to be questioned further by people who didn't read my full post. I came here to inform people of an unfair policy because I am certain most people would be livid if this happened to them.

To the few people who said what I posted was untrue, go to the website and read what it says regarding Holiday/seasonal clearance items. I posted it here in another note for you to read it.

Thensider, I agree the policy doesn't speficically say whether it applies to items with a receipt or not, but apparently the store I shop in decided that it applies whether or not you have a receipt.

And to clarify for everyone, b/c I guess I didn't specifically state it in my post (though it was implied by the way I wrote it), but I DID have a receipt and I had purchased the boxers in mid January which is clearly within the 90 day store return window.

I am waiting to hear from corporate. I will post it here if I get a response from them.

I am still wondering why anyone would think a person would lie about this.
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-21:
I want to say one more thing. I see that many of you are frequent posters on this site and have much to say about people who complain about Targets return policy. I agree that their return policy is typically fair and I agree you should have a receipt to return an item and if you don't, then too bad. What I don't agree with is not refunding the full price the customer paid for an item because it is currently on sale. That is a rip off! I have to look into this practice further and take my complaint further as a company should refund what the customer paid for the item. And no, the item was not a Halloween costume as someone stated it must have been. Wow! Some people... And to those of you who did read the entire complaint and did research the policy, Thank you!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-21:
I've seen those exact boxers in other stores, and they were NOT seasonal items. So if I buy a pair of socks or a pair of panties that have a heart on them, they are considered seasonal? My question is were they purchased off of a rack in the men's underwear department and are they selling them still? Or did you buy them from the seasonal aisle? If they are still selling them at regular price in the men's department then they are NOT seasonal and you are entitled to a full refund.
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-21:
I purchased them off a men's rack, not off a seasonal rack. The rationale from the manager and the employee was that I SHOULD have known they were seasonal because of the lips on the boxers. I hope everyone gets why I was upset about this and why I think this was an unfair policy. I do agree with the rest of their return policies, but I do not agree with this particular one. I believe the boxers were on clearance when I went to return them, but I paid full price for them and I had a receipt. I should have received a full refund.

Target corporate has not responded to my inquiry about this policy and why one store wouldn't return them for full price, but the other did.

In one way a good thing did come out of this, it opened my eyes to this big corporation and some of their unfair practices. This policy is anti-consumer and is about their bottomline only. This policy has nothing to do with customer service or satisfaction. Can't wait to start saving at WalMart. I am very adamant about no longer shopping at Target unless absolutely necessary and it is likely never going to be absolutely necessary!
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-22:
Wow! I wrote up a complaint on this website and I have just been reading about other complaints and I must say I will never shop at Target again. They have become rude and some of their policies are horrible.
Posted by I hate Target! on 2008-02-22:
Well, I wanted to give everyone an update on this issue. I finally called the customer service number because I did not receive a response to my e mail. The rep I spoke with was very, very nice to me. She said that I was right and it sounds like a training issue with the store I went to. Target will be contacting the store in question and will offer additional training to them in customer service and returns. I pointed out the ambiguous statement on their website about the return of clearance and holliday merchandise and she told me she will forward that concern on and see if they can fix it.

I am not confident that this will be done, but we will see. I plan to keep track of it. I also plan to go back to that Target to purchase a holiday item and return it after the holiday just so I can see if Target corporate does in fact contact their store and address the issue with them.

So, some of my faith was restored in Target, but I am not so sure I will be returning to shop at that store except to buy one holiday item and return it after the holiday with my receipt dated within 90 days.
Posted by Missthang112122 on 2008-05-28:
Target has these policies in place to protect themselves from dishonest people. If you keep your receipt then you wont have the problems you all are talking about. If you owned a retail company you would have the same policies
Posted by ICare on 2012-11-05:
Beware Holiday Shoppers! Target has implemented a new phase of their return policy. You will not be allowed to return any Seasonal or Holiday items after that specific holiday. For example, I went after Halloween (Nov. 1st) to pick up some clearance Halloween items at (50%) off. On Nov. 3, I go back in an attempt to return 2 items. I was told that I could not b/c all Halloween items had to be returned before Oct. 31. I politely told them that I had gotten them after Halloween at the clearance price. I was told that there was a sign that had been posted,at 4 feet intervals, in the Halloween isles informing customers of this new policy. I responded by tell them that I did not notice these posting when I was shopping on Nov. 1st. I was told that the signs had been removed and that I should had seen it when I was there prior to Halloween. I told them that unfortunately, I had not gone to the Halloween section prior to Halloween. I was not able to return the items.
Now, if there had been something or someone telling me of this policy, I definitely would not have even bothered to purchase any of the stuff that I got on Nov. 1st. !!!!!
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Target's no return policy
Posted by Dk73 on 12/26/2007
FLORIDA -- My daughter received scooter purchases from Target for Christmas. The scooter was defective we went to exchange the scooter and were told without the receipt we could not exchange it, or get store credit. I am now stuck with a defective scooter and an upset 5 year old. Target's no return policy is undoubtedly the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of. I have contacted every news service in my area and I think everybody needs to know not to shop at Target and stop supporting a cooperation that does not have great customer service. If folks stop shopping at Target stores it will hurt their investors eventually and they will be forced out of business or forced to change. There were other folks in line to return or exchange items with the same problem. I for one will not shop at Target any more. Wal-mart has a great return policy and I plan to shop there instead.
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Posted by Skye on 2007-12-26:
My head hurts.

dk73, you may want to read this:

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-26:
Target's return policy is posted at every checkstand and at the customer service desk. It should be no surprise. It is of course your choice to shop somewhere else.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-12-26:
What is wrong with people?? What part of no receipt, no refund or exchange do you not understand? Alley has the right idea, get the receipt from whoever it was who gave her the scooter. Target has had this policy since when, Washington was at Valley Forge? This is not something that Target sneaked into place in the last 24 hours, you know. Of course, you believe that no receipt, no adjustment does not apply to you, that is for the 'little people.' Well, Leona, it applies to you too.
Posted by MRM on 2007-12-27:
Starlord, its as if people were just born yesterday.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-27:
What they all said.
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-12-27:
Target is more than accomodating with gift receipts.
Posted by Tc1073 on 2007-12-27:
Wait until you return something to Walmart with no receipt, its my impression that almost every retailer is going to a no receipt no return or exchange enforcement of the policy. I don't see how its Targets fault that YOU don't have a receipt or gift receipt.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-27:
I believe Target is very clear on their return policies. No receipt, no return, no exception. What makes you so special that they should allow you an exchange without a receipt? Why can't you call the gift giver, explain that the scooter was defective, and politely ask for a receipt so that you can exchange it for one that works properly? I told everyone who sent the kids gifts this year to include a gift receipt, and they were more than happy to oblige.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-12-27:
It might seem unfair that they won't allow you an exchange, but I can't believe that so few people actually offer the gift receipts that Target produces so easily for them at the time of purchase.
Including a gift receipt with the gift itself is not tacky.
Asking if the gift-giver still has the receipt is not tacky, especially if the item is defective.
We really need to get over this weird stigma associated with giving gifts.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-12-27:
I agree Heaven. I gave a gift to my cousin for Christmas and when I wrapped it, I included a gift receipt. She looked at me like I had 8 heads (or it could have been the neon blue hair...) I explained that I thought she would like it, but if she didn't she could take it back and exchange it with no hassle and I wouldn't be offended. Luckily, she liked what I got.
Posted by Crown Jules on 2007-12-27:
What I am constantly amazed by are the people who just assume that they can make a return without a receipt. I have never in my life presumed that I could return an item to a store without providing some kind of proof that it was purchased there in the first place. If a store decides to allow a return without a receipt, that's great, but I would never assume that is the case or expect them to do so.

I didn't obtain gift receipts for any of the things I gave to my family this year but I kept my original receipts and would happily hand them over if asked. I'm not offended if somebody wants to return something because I want them to be happy with their presents. Luckily for me, too, everybody liked what I had chosen.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2007-12-27:
I for one am glad that people are voicing their dissatisfaction with Target. The people are speaking. I don't know why you people are so fiercly loyal to a faceless corporation that rudely enforces customer un-friendly policies, instead of your fellow consumers.
Posted by yoke on 2007-12-27:
What amazes me are the people who think it is tacky to ask for a receipt. In this day and age everyone knows that you need a receipt to return an item and should automatically give the receipts. The only ones that are tacky are the ones who don't want the gift, but would rather have the money.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-27:
In my family, the gift givers that are up in their years have problems with getting gift receipts, and they don't keep their original receipts. This has been a problem with defective items. Now, when they ask for gift ideas for my kids, I suggest gift cards and tell them their favorite stores. After my kids make their purchases, I take a picture and send it to them via email so that they can see what their gift actually purchased. This has been a big hit!
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-12-27:
cherpep, I love to shop and find the perfect thing for those I buy for (and I'm told I'm very good at it), but you have a great idea. You really can't miss with a gift card. It's always the right size!
Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-27:
heaven17, the right size only if there's enough zeroes after the first digit. :)
Posted by DreyNikHaze on 2007-12-27:
Are you serious? An upset 5 year old? Wow! You have to have a receipt to return things. How does Target know whether or not you stole the item? The receipt shows the store that it was purchased. Stop blaming target. It's not their fault. Anywhere you go now you HAVE TO HAVE A RECEIPT.
Posted by Arrina123 on 2007-12-27:
First off there are these things called gift receipts that work wonders for that type of problem. Second off its not targets fault that the gift giver didn't give you it. Third off go to walmart they have more defective things and thats the only reason why walmart doesn't care and lets you have your way!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-12-27:
Can't you just go and buy another scooter and use the receipt to return the defective one?
Posted by leopard on 2008-01-13:
I just don't understand why so many people out there think that they are soooo special that all businesses have to bend over backwards for them. target's (nor any other store's) return policies are not "un-friendly" or bad customer service, its just that people have gotten smarter, and are now scamming the stores, which drives prices up. these stores are "for profit" businesses, and are just trying to protect their assets. If they let everyone have their way and just let people take them for a ride, pretty soon, you would see common items such as paper towels, household items, ect costing $30,$50 or more. its for YOUR own good and protection that they DO have strict return policies to keep shortage to a minimum, and that, folks, is VERY consumer friendly!!!
Posted by VR78 on 2008-02-27:
I would have done my own exchange left the broken one and got a new one. If not do what redhead said did it on a wireless keyboard & mouse connect was bad.
Posted by TBoy08 on 2008-02-27:
Why do people think they dont need a receipt. I work in a similar field and am so sick of people not having their receipts. ITS PROOF OF PURCHASE! ugh.
Posted by x64 on 2009-11-13:
Here's 3 ideas for you:

1. As CrazyRedHead said, buy a new scooter and use the new receipt to return the defective scooter. They don't track serial numbers on scooters.

2. Contact the manufacturer.

3. Contact the person that *has* the receipt.

I can't blame the OP *entirely* for being upset because she's not the one that bought it; thus she's not the one that chose to shop at the store with the tight policy -- however, it's common sense that you'd need the receipt.
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WHAT? You can only return 2 items a year?
Posted by Texmommie on 05/17/2006
I went to Target to return 4 outfits my daughter received as gifts for her birthday yesterday. These 4 outfits all have tags on them. I figured I could exchange them for different toddler outfits....WRONG....without a receipt, you can only return 2 items a year a Target! Even though these outfits have tags on them and are full priced items still hanging on the racks. I said what am I suppose to do with the other 2 outfits...she told me that I could either use someone else's ID to return them, ask the person for the reciept or give them to another 2 old I knew as a gift. So nice...if I want two different outfits I have to solicit the person who gave them to her, who I barely know (and hey, this might be the cool thing to do in France, but not in the States)....or screw someone else out of their 2 chances to return something with out a reciept or re-gift it!

As much money as I spend there...which they could easily see through my credit card since this is how they track my purchases...I'm not shopping there again. I can easily appreciate having a policy that weeds out the folks that are doing tacky things...but this is a complete and TOTAL joke!!!!
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Posted by tgtman on 2006-05-17:
First off, Target Corporation is not run in France, nor does it have any stores in France. This is a rumor that has many people in America deceived. Secondly, Target's policy stated behind the service desk is "A receipt is required for ALL returns and exchanges" (and yes, ALL is capitalized). In the event of a gift, Target allows 2 no-receipt exchanges per year. This is reasonable, yet not too lenient to allow for scam artists to get their way. Gift receipts print automatically at each register; my squabble would be with your gift-giver for not giving these to you. Clothes are so hard to buy for someone else... they should have given you a gift receipt!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-17:
Tgtman's comments make me happy I found this site. I learned about Target's gift receipt policy. Thanks! I regularly shop at a local Target Super-Store. Unlike Wal-Mart or Sam's, Target doesn't look like a third world open-air market. Had experience with Target in Mich, Texas, Illinois, Iowa...all great. Target employees don't look, or act, like their slack-jawed competitors at Wally World.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-05-17:
DISAGREE! When someone brings back clothing that is still on the actual racks, with tags, and wants to exchange...Target should zip it and service the customer. Sometimes people get busy with way impt things that worrying about gift receipts in life, receipts get lost/misplaced. In this computer age we shouldn't always have to walk around with a silly white receipt when the products are in good shape, clearly came from that store and the customer is asking for a reasonable request.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-17:
Rhonda-A suggestion. We keep all receipts in one envelope (unless it's a large purchase and then it is stapled inside the owner's manual). When we come home from shopping, all receipts go in the envelope. Spending ten minutes digging for a receipt to return an item is, for us, better use of time that trying to convince a retailer to take back an item outside of their return policy. Saves on stress too. All best.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-17:
This is not meant for the original poster, but Target probably does this due to the creeps who shoplift.
Posted by tgtman on 2006-05-17:
[QUOTE:rhondam718732: "In this computer age we shouldn't always have to walk around with a silly white receipt..."] You couldn't be more correct! That is why Target offers receipt-lookup on their computerized receipt system -- just present the original credit card, debit card, gift card, or check from same acct. and the computer will find the purchase within 90 days! This works for those of us who have "more impt things than holding onto a silly white piece of paper!"
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-18:
I just added tgtman to my trust list. He gave me new info that will be useful when I do more biz with Target. Thanks tgtman!!!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-05-18:
Just a question, why, as you state, is someone you barely know buying your 2 year old daughter 4 outfits? That is just strange. Usually my kids get presents from people we know LOL>
Posted by you r stupid on 2006-05-18:
I'm so tired of people getting mad because they can't return something without a receipt. How many options would you like them to offer you they have gift receipts they offer receipt look up what would you like for them to review there video tapes to when the product was bought.
Posted by tgtman on 2006-05-18:
Doc J: Glad you see what Target is doing to ensure that proof of purchase can be easily obtained. With automatic gift receipts and receipt lookup, it amazes me how many people still have no receipt and then complain because they don't agree with the stores no-receipt return policy.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-18:
'I can easily appreciate having a policy that weeds out the folks that are doing tacky things...' Yet earlier you say 'If I want two different outfits I have to solicit the person who gave them to her, who I barely know...' Wow! Talk about being tacky. Did you stand in a parking lot and 'solicit' attendees to a birthday party hoping for a windfall of gifts? I know everyone who is at my daughter's birthday parties. Here's how you can become 'untacky:' Donate any duplicates to a charity. There are many needy toddlers who can make use of these products. Not that I'm accusing you of this, but how is Target supposed to know you didn't just lift these items during a previous trip? I think their policy for returns without a receipt is extremely generous.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-18:
tgtman-Had only a few "belly-aches" with Target...no more than one would expect with random chance events. Long story, but in TX, I had a Target member of management think outside the box to go beyond "company policy" because he literally put himself in my place. It was a $20 item. That day, I bought $300 worth of Target merchandise...and wrote to MN to praise the management. Yours is an outstanding company! I cut up my Sam's card that day too.
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
spiderman2 - It is a new mom and child in our daycare. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
yoke - I'm sure this is why yoke. I totally agree! As someone already referenced...if they can view my last 90 day purchases I have no reason to do anything sleazy or tacky...they'd see that around $100 a week at their store would justify that I'm a good customer!
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
Ponie - I'm amazed at how many ppl think it is odd that I've received a gift from someone I barely know. I think your comment is tacky....NO I'm not in the business of soliciting gifts! A new mother and child in our day care brought the gift up there as apparently she saw it was my daughter's b-day on the b-day board.

Geesh! How many ppl here are rude without knowing all of a story?
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
Doc J - Trust me, there are tons of Targets here that creep me out and I won't go into. That is the nature of any retail stores in regard to the customers they have in a specified area of town.
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
My biggest outrage in posting this is how so many posters think I'm ridiculous for wanting to exchange for different outfits and how vicious the posters are! Holy cow! What the heck ever happened to the customer is right? Especially when I've done nothing underhanded, sleezy or remotely horrible and spend an outrageous amount of money there? I think what target needs to do is inform their customers of this apparently new policy by adding it to their receipt! There is no reason why I should not be able to return these outfits for different ones unless it is otherwise noted (which no where on the receipt does it state this 2 strike you are out rule), but instead I just won't shop at Target. That simple. Thanks for all your comments...they were quite enlightening as to public views...in fact...now I'm wondering if you guys all aren't from Target...rofl!
Posted by tgtman on 2006-05-22:
Texmommie - there is something that is already on the receipt ... A receipt is required for ALL returns and exchanges ... Must I repeat?
Posted by tgtman on 2006-05-22:
Also, you are confused as to how receipt look-up works. By swiping your credit card, debit card, check, or gift card DOES NOT bring up a huge list of your purchases. Basically, we scan/swipe the method of tender (credit/debit/gift card or check) and then scan the item(s). It is either a yay or a nay according to the computer. Nowhere on the screen does it tell us dates of transactions, how many times you've been in, or how much total money you've spent at Target.
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-22:
tgtman - isn't there something at target you need to be doing right now? it would be the general public's luck that you are customer service! rofl
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-23:
Tgtman-Ya can lead 'em to water...
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-23:
Doc J - And drink from the same contaminates...geez...no thanks doc! :)
Posted by URWrong! on 2006-05-25:
Texmommie- Please do stay out of Target because I don't want to deal with you. You are wrong! The policy CLEARLY states that a receipt dated within 90 days is required for all returns and exchanges. Target allows 2 no receipt returns/exchanges for the occasional gift or losing of a receipt. Why are you an exception to the policy that everyone else has to follow?
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-05-30:
According to the Target "policy" I may be wrong, but in the eyes of consumers...the "policy" is ridiculous. And in the event you haven't caught on...the consumers are who help you get that little paycheck! ") No problem on the staying out of Target...you just have to wonder how many others are doing exactly what I'm doing and eventually the loyal Target extremeists won't have anyone who comes in and helps pay for your check! Who knows...maybe you'll luck out and get a job at Wal-Mart! :) lol
Posted by Merican Woman on 2006-06-04:
Target always puts the dumbest people on the Customer Service line. I purched 2 TV's from different stores, returned one, then got a price adjustment o the other from a Target in VA. When I decided to upgrade and return the tv that had never been opened, I found out that when she did the price adjustment she returned the tv, charged it again, then voided that charge, hence I got a FREE tv. I tried calling coorporate (50 times) thinking I should be getting my money back for a tv I was trying to return, HECK they wouldn't even let me give them the tv back! I mean I hadn't paid for it. So thanks Target for the 20" combo, and another credit on the price adjustment!
Posted by URWrong! on 2006-06-05:
I'm not an idiot. I do realize that my job depends indirectly on customers, but in no way does that give you the right to treat employees like crap or slip through policies. I shop at Target too, and I have to follow the same policy. It's the same policy for everyone and I commend them for being fair.

And to the person who called ALL people in customer service at Target dumb, that's a pretty broad and ignorant claim. So you are going to group thousands of people into one group because of one experience? That's a pretty extreme case of stereotyping.
Posted by mahena4717 on 2006-06-08:
target is so retarded.... the receipt look up isn't fool proof and i have become a victim of the 2 items per year with out a receipt...i have one return left should what i am about to explain ever happens to me again....
i bought a pair of shoes with my credit card...they were too big so i went to return the shoes for a smaller size....i thought i didn't have the receipt so i gave my credit card...the lady said i did not use this card to buy the shoes....luckily i DID have the receipt and i was able to use it to exchange the shoes....and prove that i had indeed used that card to buy the shoes
well those shoes were too small and i had to return them.... and i had used the same card as before...but alas the lady at this other target also said i did not use the card that i said i had used and i had to do a return with out a receipt....so my question is what is sooooo great about receipt lookup when there is the high chance it doesn't work? does someone want to explain that to me?
Posted by Texmommie on 2006-06-08:
URWrong, no one called you an idiot.

Baily, yes, you got me! Wow! Someone figured me out. I'm a toddler on my mommy's computer. LOL So are you going to tell me that I'm a miser because I want to return something for my daughter? Get a grip! It is for my daughter, not even for me! There is nothing wrong with wanting to return it, get her something that she can wear that she does not already have. Yeah, my temper is just outta control isn't it? What a fruitcake! Get a hobby!
Posted by tgtman on 2006-06-10:
Mahena - Receipt Lookup works for up to 90 days, but does not work on same-day returns/exchanges because the transaction information does not get entered until the close of business that night. Therefore, it should work the following day. Also, if the registers are offline during the time you are at the store, it wouldn't work because we have no connection to Target's database. (Basically, the computers aren't even recording sales if they are offline). Otherwise, it is 100% accurate; usually it's the guest that is confused about which card it was put on. I've had people SWEAR up and down they put it on such-and-such card; they look further for their receipt, and guess what... IT WAS CASH!!!
Posted by Justusryan on 2006-06-10:
Isn't it great we live in a country where the most we have to complain about is only being able to do two no reciept returns in a year?
Posted by mahena4717 on 2006-06-22:
tgtman- while it is true that i do have 4 bank cards that are the same color plus a credit card that is of the same color....i am educated enough to know the difference between which card i used...cuz there is only one that i use.... unless of course it is my taget card....
it is just one more annoyance in a life full of annoyances so what are you going to do....
Posted by swampnutria on 2006-06-26:
I agree with you Texsmommie. It seems that all these people work at Target. You can't expect for all people to include gift receipts. Yes, it would be nice but obviously they have not been to many children's birthday parties. Duplicates are received all the time. I just became aware of this policy today and what a load of crap. We have returned one item without a receipt in the past 6 months and and now I need to bring in another ID to return additional items. I like shopping at Target but these type of policies can make someone think twice about frequenting their store.
Posted by URWrong! on 2006-06-27:
No one called me an idiot? Then, what's with this comment posted by Merican Woman, "Target always puts the dumbest people on the Customer Service line." Yeah, I do work at Target, and no, I'm not dumb. Target automatically issues gift receipts when one item on the receipt is over $10, and can issue gift receipts when asked. Even if you forget to get a gift receipt or lose one, just bring in the original to Guest Service and they can print you a new one. Why is this Target's fault that whoever gave you the gift did not give you a gift receipt? Your anger should lie with the person that neglected to give you a gift receipt.
Posted by misstina on 2006-06-30:
Dude. You could have easily just taken those items off the rack and said you wanted to return them. Target allowing you to return two items per year without a receipt is two times too many. They're actually being generous.

Your comment about consumers paying me is correct. But just because YOU decide to stop shopping at Target doesn't mean that there aren't other customers out there who will stop shopping at Target. CONSIDERATE customers are the people who pay me. Not you.

And no, the customer is hardly ever right. It sickens me that there are people like you living in this country. What is extremely disgusting is that you feel as though Target should kiss your butt just because you have been "good" before. Recently, a lady stole a dvd from my store. This same lady would spend at least $100 a week at my store. The policy is clearly stated on the receipt. If you don't like it, tough. Don't shop there anymore. In fact, I'll be happy if you don't. I hate dealing with customers like you. I hope your children grow up to be more considerate than you are.

And if you want to read about stories that we (meaning people who work in retail) have to deal with, go to customerssuck.com. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two.
Posted by MADCAT on 2006-07-03:
All this poor lady wanted from Tgt was and exchange of outfits for her daughter. You Tgt people are still giving her a hard time. It is all about Target rules and Target employees and Target Cooperate yada yada. We have all been educated enough to stay out of Target and away from SOME overbearing, brainwashed people who work there. PS I AM SURE THERE ARE SOME GOOD PEOPLE WORKING AT TARGET........THAT ARE NOT BRAINWASHED.
Posted by misstina on 2006-07-03:
MADCAT-At the store I work at, 95% of the people working are good people. It's people like you who make us angry. If you don't like the Target policy, don't shop there. There are plenty of Target-lovers who don't have a problem with the policy and will continue to shop there.
Posted by MADCAT on 2006-07-04:
Sounds like you need an anger management class. You sound alittle overbearing. Why do you take it so personally? You work for a COMPANY. I could not care less about the stupid policy. I will shop where I please.
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