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Next Day Air = 5 Day UPS Ship (If You Are Lucky)
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was trying to ship a package from Orlando, FL to Boca Raton, FL which is just a 1 day ship, but to be sure that it actually did arrive in one day (ship Wed. arrive Thurs.), I paid extra for 1 day Air delivery. Well it is a good thing that it was just important paperwork and not a heart for a transplant because then I would have been really screwed. When I called on Thursday to find my package the tracking stated that there was a mistake in the sorting and "corrective action" has been taken. Fine, mistakes happen I will get a refund, fine.

Meanwhile Friday, I call again and it has yet another of this "corrective action" has been taken. Let me ask, how many times do you have to make a mistake before you actually do your job and ship your package? Apparently the package is STILL in Orlando, that is 2 days later, and the envelope hasn't even moved from where it was dropped off. At this point, I MAY get this package by Monday or Tuesday if I'm lucky. Funny part is I am going to Orlando on Saturday, but I can't just pick up my package because apparently it has already been rerouted - maybe. They should pay me to do their job, I would have gotten my package faster.

The person I spoke with was fine on the phone, the problem is not with the customer service all of the time, it is their system of shipping that is wrong. I don't know what they need to do but they should work on their "Logistics" so that they can make their customer service reps' lives' easier. Thank you UPS for doing absolutely nothing and taking my money. I appreciate it.

COMPLAINT UPS - Next Day Air (What A Joke)
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- One of my vendors shipped out time-sensitive material to me yesterday (Thursday) via UPS Next Day Air Saver for today delivery (Friday). I absolutely need the package for the weekend. I basically stayed home all day waiting for the package to arrive. When the time reached 6 PM, I started to worry so I called the UPS customer service center and they told me not to worry, as the package WILL be delivered today.

They said with Next Day Air Saver, the driver has until 11:59 PM to deliver the package. Being the worrier that I am, when the package did not arrive by 8 PM, I called customer once again and was given the assurance that it will arrive today and was asked to be patient.

I called pretty much once every hour after 8 PM and was repeatedly told the same story. It wasn't until 11 PM when I noticed the online tracking system changed to status to reschedule for Monday delivery. I called UPS immediately requesting the package to be available for pick up tomorrow (Saturday) and was told that it has been locked up in the trailer for Monday delivery. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and the guy was not only rude, but useless.

What's worse was that I called the local UPS facilities after I hung up the phone with the 1-800 helpless desk and was told by a nice young man that almost all of their drivers return to the facilities by 9 PM. Had I called them before 10 PM, they could have made arrangements for me to pick up the package. I mentioned to him that I was told by the 1800 CSR that the driver will make one attempt until 11:59; he started to laugh.

I am so disappointed in UPS right now that I don't even know what to say. If you do not make an attempt to deliver an overnight package, at least have the decency to either re-deliver or make the package available for Saturday pickup.

I had to pay extra money for my vendor to expedite the order in order to receive the product for the weekend. This is cost beyond the shipping cost which I will never recover. I know myself alone will not impact UPS's business, but I will definitely let everyone I know about my experience and will recommend FedEx or DHL for now on. What can Brown do for me? They screwed me!

UPS Lost My Package and Will Do Nothing About It
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- A package containing sensitive personal financial documents that was sent in a UPS "Next Day Air" envelope arrived at the destination opened and empty, putting all of my financials, and identity, at risk. UPS investigated and basically shrugged and said they were not responsible. I used to think that putting such a parcel in the hands of UPS was a secure transaction.

I have since hired a company, $400 per year, to protect my ID. I feel that UPS should at the least pay for this service for some time (10 years?) since their ineptitude required that I start paying for this service. I have since heard from many people that Fedex is the way to go when sending important stuff as UPS is routinely inept. I guess this is a lesson learned.

Ups Lost My Vintage Bike Parts
By -

I have been working on a Vintage bike for a year. I tracked the parts down over an 8 month period. I polished all the parts and sent them to be plated in Oregon. The plater shipped my parts back to me via UPS Next Day Air. UPS LOST my parts. I have been on the phone with them since Friday the 12th begging them to find my very rare parts. It is Monday the 15th and they still have not been able to find them.

"Tightest ship in the shipping business?" I think not. They not only lost my parts but they don't seem to give a rip about finding them. UPS shame on you for your poor management of MY property. How can they just lose a package? They can never repay me the lost time, effort, or true vintage value of these parts. I will use FedEx from now on so help me God!

Forever Wait for Next Day Delivery
By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- I ordered my birth certificate to be delivered the next day. I was very impressed that UPS called me at 8:03 am to tell me they would be delivering it that day. I waited until 5:30 to receive it! I do not understand why I would have to wait all day for such slow delivery.

Shipment - Next Day Air Delivery
By -

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- I wanted to ship a package overnight and got that done through UPS. The package was supposed to reach by next day morning, but did not. The most annoying part was UPS did not know where the package was. They were not able to track it. The system looks like really unstable and unreliable. I recommend not to use UPS for any kind of service especially for sending important documents.

UPS Provides Unreliable Service on Their "Guaranteed" Delivery Services!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I brought a UPS Next Day Air envelope containing important, time-sensitive documents into a UPS Store facility in New York, New York on Monday, December 31st for shipment to JPMorgan Chase Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. I was assured by the person who accepted the envelope that it would arrive on Wednesday, January 2nd.

After checking the tracking for this envelope earlier this morning, I was shocked to discover that the delivery of this envelope has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 3rd! Pardon my French, but what the ** is going on with UPS? The documents contained in the envelope are TIME SENSITIVE and must arrive today (Wednesday, January 2nd)!

I was hesitant to use UPS for the shipment of these documents, but since the receiver supplied me with a pre-paid UPS Next Day Air envelope, and I figured that since UPS had an extra day to deliver my envelope (due to the New Year's Day holiday on Tuesday), they couldn't possibly ** this delivery up. How wrong I was!

Since you can't keep your promises of "next day delivery", I will never again use UPS for any of my parcel or document shipping needs. In other words, you have lost me as a customer! In fact, I will no longer patronize businesses who use UPS as their shipping carrier!

It's a sad commentary when the United States Postal Service provides better and more reliable service than United Parcel Service! No wonder UPS uses the color brown. The color of ** is fitting for a company which provides the ** service in the shipping industry! UPS can kiss my (my business) goodbye forever!

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