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Verizon Landline Repair Service no longer exists
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have had a bad phone line for over 3 months, and Verizon isn't doing a thing to help me. Due to the storms last year, the power line got wrapped around the telephone cable down the street. Something else must have happened, because I was left with an annoying hum on the line that the VZ technician says is unrelated. Two different technicians couldn't clear the hum, and then a "splicer" was sent out. He claimed to fix the problem, but in fact he didn't do a thing in the 45 minutes he was on the street. The next morning he returned, and agreed there was a hum on the line. He gave me his supervisor's phone number.

I called the supervisor's number several times in one week in late November and received no return call. Then I got another supervisor's number and he came out, heard the hum, and said multiple things needed to be done: he put in a request to cut a large tree off the main cable down the street (been sitting on it over two years), he put in a request for the power company to get their (ground) wire off the cable, and he put in a request for the cable company to get their cable away from the phone cable. He also stated neither of these was the problem in his opinion - that there must be a bonding (grounding) problem along the way, and he would have to test them at various points.

Today, nothing has evidently been done. People I call are saying "you'll have to call back, we have a bad line." No, *I* have a bad line. Then two weeks ago the line started going open during calls, with an extremely loud hum replacing voice (on both ends). This would last for 30 minutes at a time - callers get a busy signal, and I get the very loud hum if I pick up the phone. Two of these were while I was speaking with my attorney who gets $200/hr.

A week ago, I went out at 3am and set scaffolding up to get the power line detangled from the phone cable, because the power company never came. They are now 2 feet apart. Today I am preparing to cut the (very) large tree off the phone line. The hum is still there, and last week my phone was busy to callers several times when nobody was on the phone. I don't have the expertise or equipment to check the bonding, which everyone agrees is the real problem and should be something VZ splicers can do. And remember the supervisor told me he was going to get started on that in late November. I've looked, and in fact there are only a handful of bonds along the 1/4 mile of my street. The supervisor has not replied to two calls I placed in the past two weeks to get an update from him (and update him on the more serious problem). If I log a new problem report at the 800#, the supervisor previously told me he will simply delete it from the system because they know it needs more than a technician to fix it. So there is nobody to call at this point, and my phone line is totally unreliable.

I started to write a complaint here, then found a VZ Commuunity Forum where it *looks* like reps actually assist people posting problems. I spent over half an hour attempting to register and login, without success. It is just as bad as the phone menu system at VZ, and actually appears to have been set up by the same offshore people - evidenced by broken English on a few web pages.

The entire Verizon system is now set up to push landline customers directly into the gutter of society. Fios will not be coming to my area ever, is what I hear now, but VZ also won't be selling the landline infrastructure in my area to Frontier, etc. So we're stuck together like doodoo on a stick, forever and always.

I've often stated VZ service is great when it works, but when it doesn't for 3 months AND nobody cares, it makes you wonder if the misery will ever end.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/05/2012:
Excellent review. Will possibly withholding payment get their attention? No service - No pay.

BTW, the added picture detracts from the quality of your complaint. JMO.
trmn8r on 02/05/2012:
Thanks - I've updated the picture to a more friendly statement. You may recall I autopay only two things - my two utility bills. doh. I really don't like the idea of withholding payment - if we could work out our differences amicably I would prefer it.

When you call VZ, they give you some sort of FCC number or something to file a complaint with a government agency, as I recall.

I was able to finally register on the VZ forum, where VZ reps hang out. I will update if I get a reply.
tnchuck100 on 02/05/2012:
Much better. There is really no excuse for not providing the service you are paying for. 48 hours - TOPS - to repair the line. Any longer is customer neglect.
Nohandle on 02/05/2012:
I've had problems in the past on my landline with static if the weather was bad, usually heavy rain. Once everything dried up my telephone worked just fine. We have above ground lines as well in my area. I don't believe it was ever isolated as to the exact problem at my home. I finally decided to join the tier group with Comcast. I didn't want to put all eggs into one basket but out of desperation, and a special price, I made the change.

When one's out they are all out but fortunately it's only happened a time or two for short periods and I still have my junky little cell phone for emergencies. That, or I can trot over to the neighbors and use their telephone. I just love all the new technology.
Venice09 on 02/05/2012:
If I remember correctly, you were dreading the day Verizon no longer supported its landlines, and now that day is here. I don't have any advice other than to withhold payment, as chuck suggested. Let me know if you start cutting down trees and untangling lines on your own so I can send you a cake with a file in it. ;)

By the way, I never want to go without a landline. I know a lot of people use cell phones exclusively now, but I wouldn't want to rely on that alone.

This really is a good review. It's easy to understand even for someone like myself who knows little about the subject matter. I used to be waiting patiently for Verizon to come to town, but not so much anymore.
trmn8r on 02/07/2012:
UPDATE - After spending 1.5 hours figuring out how to use the VZ Community Forum and writing my complaint twice (second time on request), the Socal Media Escalation Specialist tells me that their form database is down and there is no ETA when it will be fixed. Absolutely unbelievable! And the automated system called my phone TWICE today NOT to help me, but to tell me my userid and password changed yesterday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They want you to chase your tail until you give up.
Vin on 01/18/2013:
I'm a spliced and Verizon has us off the weekend because there is no budget for overtime. There are still plenty of people out there with no dial tone since sandy came. Verizon doesn't care
Former Vz Tech (ret) on 03/05/2013:
You have a 'ground hum' period............. A competent tech should be able to isolate it and fix it. Generally, the louder the hum the closer it is to you (maybe in the house). Several things could cause it but usually one side of the line is 'grounding out' to an earth ground. Good luck finding a qualified tech. Most of them are older and have retired leaving snot nosed kids that are not well trained.
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Battery Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
LIHUE, HAWAII -- I have heard the "they don't make batteries for that phone anymore" line one too many times from Verizon. This time when my cell phone battery got weak, I went to the Verizon store and heard it again. So, after I got the newer version of the same phone I had, I took the battery out of it and compared it to the battery in my old phone...The battery they said is no longer made. It was the exact same battery with the same number.

I asked why they didn't know that. They said they checked and that - in their system - the batteries for the two phones have different "stock" numbers and that is why they thought the battery was no longer made. We switched the batteries back and forth between the two phones and there exact matches and worked just fine.

So, if Verizon tells you the battery for your phone is no longer stocked, ask to see a battery for the newer version of your phone. It just may be the one they say they don't stock.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 02/06/2013:
Good info, thanks
Suzy on 02/06/2013:
I have run into this problem before with Verizon, most recently just last week with both my son's and my phone. My son's phone is not even out of contract yet but they told him the phone was discontinued so they couldn't get a battery any longer. My phone is about 3 years old and out of contract, so no battery available for mine either. Their only solutions was a $30 portable phone charger, which is bulky and inconvenient to keep hooked up to the phone or to upgrade phones. Well there is nothing wrong with either phone they work just fine, the only problem is the battery. Why would I buy new phones and new contracts when there is nothing wrong with the ones we have.

We are not a family that feels the need to have the newest and greatest thing out in technology as soon as it comes out We don't do smart phones with data charges as we don't live our lives over our phones. So I accepted the portable phone charger for the time being for my son's phone as his is used more, but I declined any upgrades and will seek actual batteries elsewhere. Another of the sales reps ideas was to get the insurance on the phones, then when they stopped working make a claim pay the deductible and get another phone. Let's see, about $60 a year for the insurance, $50 for the deductible, then get sent a used or refurbished phone. Umm no, could just buy a new one for not much more than that. Those $30 upgrade fees per phone every time you get a new one get my goat too, so I have no incentive to upgrade any earlier than I have too.

I do have to admit though that Verizon has good service, and I've had very few problems with their customer service when I've needed it, the only reason I continue to stay with them, for now at least.
Vinnie on 03/09/2013:
Or go to a battery place such as Batteries Plus or Interstate Batteries. They will have the right battery and their database is not geared to sell new phones.
Meri on 03/09/2013:
I'm not clear what phone is being talked about. Is it a particular phone or all of them? My beef with Verizon is their data cost and how they measure data. I was sold a hot spot box and found out later that my phone had that feature and I wasn't told. I had a broadband insert for years and never used more than 5,000 megabits. After I got the hot spot I was suddenly using 40,000. I was on my computer the same amount of time as always. I was ripped off.
JPCIII on 03/09/2013:
Going through the same thing Sprint...
GenuineNerd on 03/10/2013:
Perhaps Radio Shack or online sites may have the battery you need. Cell phone companies pull this "battery is no longer made" scam in order to sell you a new phone. As long as you know the phone's make and model number, and/or the the battery's number, you should easily find a replacement. I believe Walmart and Best Buy sell cellphone batteries as well.
Pieter Klein on 03/12/2013:
I always look for the part number on the dead battery and take it to Home Depot, Lowe's or Radio Shack and find what I need. Verizon isn't in the business of making batteries so they are buying them from a battery manufacturer so you can find them in well stocked retail stores. I also search for information and suggestions on for specialty batteries such as Industrial rechargeable AA, C and Ds for hew tech flashlights or Radio Controlled devices.
C on 06/09/2013:
I had this problem twice. Go to a place like Batteries Plus. Upon your first few charges it may say the phone does not support this device- cut the phone off to let it charge. I've been with Verizon for 3 years and have only had 2 phones.
Tom W on 10/13/2013:
I've had my LG phone from Verizon for around 6 or 7 years. Thank you Batteries .
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Mistakes Upon Mistakes
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I changed over to Verizon when I moved back in April of 2011 as I hated the service that Comcast provided. For much of my time with Verizon, I was very happy with the service provided and little to no issues with them. This all changed starting in August of 2012.

One fine day in August, my DVR Box would randomly turn itself off and restart. I contacted Verizon about the issue and they informed me that it appears that the DVR Box had to be replaced as hard drive died. They would send me out a new DVR Box, free of charge (this is what I would expect). I received the new box and sent back the old back.

Unfortunately, with the new DVR Box, all of my DVR information was lost. Verizon said that there was nothing that they could do in transferring the information to the new box. This is an annoyance, but having to only deal with it once so far with them, wasn't too bad.

The first NFL weekend of the year rolled around and I go to turn on the NFL Redzone Network about 30 minutes prior to kick off, which is the main reason why I have the sports package. The channel says that it's not available as I'm not subscribed. I contacted Verizon and they said that they sent out an email in August saying that people may not be getting it without signing up for it. I checked my email and didn't get that, so I asked to be re-subscribed to it. They did so and said it would be back up and running in 15 minutes.

After about 20 minutes, I still have the error message and call Verizon again. At this point, the early games are starting and I'm not happy. Eventually, I get a hold of Verizon and they said that all Verizon users are having a problem with NFL Redzone and that they are working on it. I asked about the email and subscription thing, and they said that they had no idea what I was talking about. I asked if I would be getting some type of credit due to the error, to which they said that a credit would be issued, of some sort. The NFL Redzone channel was down for a majority of the early games, making it almost useless for the first week of the NFL season.

Fast forward to October 31st. My DVR Box starts to randomly turn off again. I contact Verizon to let them know and they have me do a couple of things with the box to see if they can solve the problem. Eventually, they state that they have found the issue and have fixed the problem and that my box won't have any more issues. I made sure that they pointed out that they found the issue and fixed it so that it wasn't just something they couldn't find and were telling me there's nothing wrong.

A few hours later, the box randomly turned off again. Once again, I had to contact Verizon. When I did, they went through a couple of tests again and concluded that I needed a new box as the hard drive was done. I was quite angry since this was a new box and was just told that they fixed the issue a couple of hours ago.

They said that it's very rare for a hard drive to do this, but will replace it, free of charge. I explained that this was the second hard drive to have this issue in the past few months and wasn't going to be happy if I had to keep losing all of my DVR info and sending in for new boxes every couple of months. I was assured that the next box wouldn't have that happen.

I then decided to ask about my credit from the NFL Redzone issue. She was aware of the issue, but said that she wasn't aware of a credit, so she transferred me to an account specialist.

When I was talking with the specialist, they needed my account number. I do paperless billing, so I attempted to pull up my bill online. The Verizon website said I was logged in, but wouldn't allow me to pull up my bill, saying that I wasn't logged in (I know, I didn't understand that). So I would attempt to log in again, but it said I couldn't because I was already logged in.

I explained this problem to Verizon and they said that if they gave me the last amount paid to Verizon, they could very my account. So I pull up my credit card statement and tell them the last amount paid to Verizon (paid via auto-pay). They said that the number was incorrect. So I went to the prior month and they said that was incorrect as well. I went to the prior month and again they said that none of those numbers match with amounts they are showing that I paid.

By this point I was furious and couldn't deal with them anymore. So I decided to just end the conversation and come back to it the next time I had to contact Verizon.

Last night, I was looking at my credit card statement and noticed that my Verizon charge was $17 higher than normal. I went to my Verizon bill and saw that I was being charged for 2 DVR Boxes, so I contacted Verizon.

Verizon informed me that I had 2 DVR Boxes, so that's why I was being charged. I explained to them about the issue back on Oct. 31st and how they sent a replacement box. They did see that and then said that they only charge an account for a second box if the bad box isn't returned within 30 days. I asked what day they got the box back, knowing that I returned it well within 30 days. They said that they got the back back on November 21st, which is less than 30 days.

They said that this must have been a Verizon mistake and they will issue me a credit on my next statement. I then decided to ask about the NFL Redzone credit, to see the status of that. I was informed that Verizon decided not to issue a credit. I inquired as to why they decided not to rely this information onto its customers, but they didn't answer that, saying that they were sorry, but the channel was only out for a few hours.

I really hope Verizon gets their act back together as I really don't want to change providers, but it's getting close to the point where the lesser of the two evils might be Comcast.
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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 12/06/2012:
I left Comcast for FIOS, to save a few bucks. It totally wasn't worth it. I am in the process of leaving Verizon and going back to Comcast.

Verizon has decided they really don't want to be in the FIOS business, and they have stopped any further expansion. I expect to see any day now, that they have spun off and sold FIOS. In the meantime, I think they much care who is happy, and who is not. It won't be their problem.
SteveWiginowski on 12/07/2012:
I just got an email from Verizon saying that I am getting a credit on my next invoice, for $5.06. I'm not sure why it's not for the full amount, but will wait for the following invoice to see if that's when the rest will be credited to my account.

If it's not at that point, it may be the time to change providers.
ok4now on 12/07/2012:
I also left Comcast for FIOS and never looked back. I'm a triple play customer and in the past three years I have had zero problems.

Compare the internet speed between Comcast and FIOS Quantum, there is no contest. Quantum smokes Comcast big time. I upgraded to this and the speed is truly awesome.

FYI: Want to get the best picture and sound quality from that new HD Flat Screen? You won't get it from Comcast. Here's why. Both Verizon and Comcast advertise a fiber optic cable which is the best. Comcast lies. It's only fiber optic to the pole then a copper wire to your home. This degrades the picture quality and saves them money. FIOS is true fiber optic direct to your home and you're not sharing the bandwidth with your neighbors. Understand the difference and what you're paying for.
Joe on 12/07/2012:
Hey, If you had a bad experience with that brand you might just as well Blacklist it
simply go to and get heard to impact accordingly
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Verizon Customer Abuse: A Complaint and Cautionary Tale
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Verizon Customer Abuse: A Complaint and Cautionary Tale
by DJ Arnoldo

I was a Verizon (VZ) customer from 1996 through 2011 (15 years!), and I paid every VZ bill in full immediately as I received it. Although there’s never much to like about the phone company, when things went wrong VZ always made things right one way or another. About a year or two ago, I noticed a significant decline in VZ customer service generally. In September 2011 my service bundle fee went up by $15 without warning, and I called VZ several times to try to get back the rate I had. Failing in that, on September 17, 2011, I called to disconnect my phone service, but keep my Internet service. Little did I know that would start a four month nightmare. After dozens of phone calls and dozens of wasted hours on the phone trying to resolve the same problems over and over, problems that never should have occurred in the first place, I ended my VZ services completely. But that did not end my VZ nightmare...

The Internet consumer complaint boards (see below) are full of complaints by thousands of customers ranting about the horrific abuses they suffered across all VZ businesses. My experience is echoed again and again in nearly every post, so I won’t recount my personal VZ nightmare in detail here. The question is, why does a company with $110B in annual revenue and 200,000 employees treat customers so poorly? I will attempt to answer this by sharing what I learned about VZ during countless infuriating encounters.

-- VZ accounting systems are a mess, with multiple account numbers for one customer. Despite the much touted “OneBill” and “My Verizon”, VZ systems do not communicate with one other. Neither is the “My Verizon” ( website connected to VZ’s phone, Internet, and wireless billing and payment systems. Repeatedly I made payments online but would not get credit even though I could see my payment and confirmation number on the website. I kept getting billed for the same amount, and when I called, the conversation typically went like this: “I made that payment two weeks ago, here is the confirmation number”. “I’m sorry, I don’t see that payment.” “I can see it on, why can't you?” “We have a different system.” “That’s not my problem, how are you going to fix this so I get credit for my payments?” “Click.” Back I went into the phone queue.

-- VZ phone answerers (they provide no “service” or “support”) are generally poorly trained, apathetic, and hostile; some even lack basic phone skills like getting your ten digit account number right within three tries. And every now and then you will get a real thug (see below).

-- When you call VZ, the phone answerers either don’t bother to write detailed case notes, or can’t see case notes of others. Therefore calling VZ means transferring around two, three, or four times, telling your story from the beginning each time.

-- Hang-ups are the preferred way VZ phone answerers resolve problems; a question they cannot answer, or a customer who says the wrong thing the wrong way, will get hung up on and sent back into the queue.

-- The VZ billing and payments department is only open until 6 PM weekdays, and never on weekends. I frequently had to waste valuable time at work trying to resolve problems that never should have occurred. They hang up the phone at exactly 6 PM, even if you had been working with them for 30 minutes to resolve a problem. On several occasions I had to speak to three phone answerers before finally getting transferred to a payments specialist who could solve my problem. After spending 15 minutes with her, and making some progress, the phone went dead -- at exactly 6 PM. The next day I had to start all over with a new crop of idiots. If you try to call the payments department directly, you either wind up with a phone answerer, and then spend 15 minutes on hold, or payments doesn’t pick up the phone at all.

-- VZ supervisors and managers never answer their direct line with customers, do not return phone calls, and never do what they promised they would do. Asking to “speak with a supervisor” is a complete waste of time and will not get you satisfaction any quicker than battling VZ’s legions of idiot phone answerers.

-- VZ doesn’t feel obligated to provide service at the price they agree to on the phone, and they will change the amount you owe on a whim. On several occasions, after I paid a bill in full and had a zero balance due on the website, I would get another bill with a new balance due because “the price went up”. Funny how the price went up twice in the three months I had my VZ Internet.

-- VZ uses an undecipherable hodgepodge of charges and “adjustments” to make it impossible for you to understand your bill and how your balance was corrected, and they can recalculate or reverse these adjustments retroactively at any time. This is their preferred method of charging you again for a period for which you already made payment, or reneging on a concession made by a VZ "supervisor" on the phone.

-- If you call and select the phone menu “Disconnect” option for a VZ service, you will get transferred around in the phone menu ether until you invariably arrive at a dead line or the recording “No one is available to take your call, please try again later ... click”.

-- If you tell the phone answerer you want to disconnect your service, they will transfer you to a thug who will try to lie and intimidate and strong-arm you into keeping the service. If that fails, he will attempt to pry information from you like your cell phone number or what other services you have before he dumps you back into the phone queue.

-- Etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward to December 19, 2011. After three months of calling VZ two or three times a week, I finally managed to clear or pay off the last of the billing problems and have the last of my VZ services disconnected. Just when I thought my VZ problems were finally over, during the week of January 6, 2012 I received three more VZ bills, one each with a balance due of $15.50 (which I had paid months earlier and had straightened out several times), zero, and a credit balance of $7.50. I had to call back another three times to get this resolved. Finally, I begged the VZ idiot in billing, “Look, keep the $7.50, just zero everything out, close all the accounts that used to be in my name, and leave me the f--- alone!” We’ll see if it worked; I may yet get another bill from that horrible company, if not in reality, then in my worst nightmare.

By the way, on December 16, 2011, I called Cox and inquired about High Speed Internet. Young, polite, and well trained, the Cox customer service guy explained the service tiers and promotions. He told me which package was most popular, and which would be the best deal for me. He told me about equipment options and pricing, and gave me deals on the installation and wireless router. And the cable guy would be there tomorrow between 1 and 3 PM to hook everything up. Wow, I thought, I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure enough, the Cox cable guy showed up when he was supposed to: “We’re going to have your high speed Internet up and running before I leave today.” About 45 minutes later, everything was set up and working as advertised. For the same price that Verizon tried to extort from me, I now had fifteen times the speed (46 Mbps vs. 3 Mbps). confirmed that I now had an A- quality connection with Cox, compared to the D- quality third-world connection I had with Verizon. And my first Cox bill? Exactly what the guy said it would be. And only one account number. Verizon – it feels so good when it stops.

Read thousands of other Verizon customer abuse horror stories on the consumer websites below. On the home page search for ‘Verizon’. If that doesn’t work, Google ‘Verizon’ and the site name (e. g., “Verizon complaintsboard”). The number of Verizon complaints posted is shown for the most popular websites. (2,210) (1,267)
Verizon. (663) (450) (hundreds) (hundreds) (links to many VZ complaint websites, lawsuits, and articles) (17 for ‘Verizon Communications Headquarters’ in NY) (small but excellent new site)
complaintwire. org
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User Replies:
idontthinkso on 01/22/2012:
This is even worse than my personal Verizon service nightmare.. Where they turned my BUSINESS phone off, due to their own accounting error.

The individual drones are told to care and placate as much as possible, they CONSTANTLY apologize and cater to you when you call. It got to the point that I started getting offended the instant someone apologized to me, because it happened 15-20 times a call.

The simple fact is, the company outgrew it's support structure and kept going. Verizon is a great and worthwhile company... until you have a problem.
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Verizon: KMart of the ISPs
Posted on
RICHMOND, VA -- I work from home a few days a week. I have sloooow DSL (internet only service) because I'm cheap and they say patience is a virtue.

All my bills are paid by credit card or the bank online; all statements are online too. I did a "D-OH!" and lost a card, followed by another one and didn't change my credit card billing to the new card with Verizon. I will admit that I don't check off every charge on my credit cards, and when I get notices of missed payments I fix it immediately. Kind of more like exception processing.

I didn't get any notices of missed payments from Verizon by e-mail or USPS (I checked everywhere including spam/trash), but I did get the rate increase notice and other USPS mail about my account, so their info about me is correct. They suspended my service one night before I had to work from home (and rightly so), so I called. The guy who answered was really nice but had to transfer me to billing. 20+ minutes later and I have a less than stellar conversation with a difficult-to-understand ice queen at the call center in India on a connection going apparently to Mars. While my blood pressure rose, she answered my questions with paragraphs of text read from a book. She did confirm they send e-mail to both and my alternate e-mail and USPS notices of missed payments in one of those.

While on hold I figured out my account information (which I stored online, heh) and was able to get logged in to a page which would let me pay the balance - yay, immediate problem solved! Except the form which allowed me to pick "American Express" would not let me put in more than 3 CVCC characters, and AMEX has 4, so it wouldn't go through. No worries, I just used VISA, waited a few hours and was back online.

I wanted them to know about my experience, and calling Level 1 support isn't the way to go - I'll just go to the website and send my comments. Oops, a broken link in the support center and nowhere to send comments - they don't really want to hear about their customer's experience.

I thought the @VerizonSupport folks on Twitter with their willing, helpful attitudes and cool "link your Twitter account to Verizon and report your problem so we can help you" form would listen, but after taking the info they never contacted me.

Checking out the upgrade offers one evening on gave "page not found" and multiple other errors; the sales rep at 800-567-6789 said there was no way to report the errors and they probably already knew about them. She also said they only send a suspension notice by e-mail, not late payment notices, and expressed frustration for being in a call center that couldn't really help with reporting problems.

No one can update my contact phone number, not even me on my account. Everyone I've talked to has tried.

Got the bill - they charged me twice for the three month payment. I called billing in India and the professional and courteous agent told me the first charge didn't show due to a billing error, so they billed me again and would credit back the difference. After giving his supervisor a good review, I was transferred back to him to hear his colleagues in the background clapping for his good job - pretty cool.

Got the suspension notice in the mail a week after the suspension.

Lessons learned: don't post a review to if you make a mistake as a customer (not changing the billing credit card was my crime), and be patient with Verizon reps - they can't help it that their company gives them and customers poor tools for customer service.


EDITED this (my first) review for readability and subsequent issues.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:

Here are the full details.

I realize this could have been avoided had I changed my payment method to the new AMEX when the card changed. My beef is with customer communications at Verizon, a communications company, and it is valid.

When I signed up, they quoted me one rate then charged another. Getting anyone to help was a hassle.

The service was fine with few outages for the three+ years I had it without any billing problems, but I pay a lot for pretty slow speed.
I have received USPS mail from them in the past and we verified it on the phone when I called for help.

The billing rep said they would definitely send billing notices of missed payments to both my Verizon e-mail (which I don't use) and the secondary e-mail I had set up, my gmail account. Before I posted my review, I checked the Verizon and gmail inbox, spam and trash folders - no notices. No mail at all in Verizon BUT a rate increase notice was recently sent to gmail, so it turns out they are able to send me e-mail.

The first rep I spoke with was very friendly but couldn't help; after holding for 20+ minutes, the billing rep was cold, answered questions with paragraph text she was reading off a script and I had to ask her to repeat herself multiple times due to line conditions and her thick accent (I don't have a problem with other cultures, so that wasn't the issue).

I use my internet to work from home. I wasn't just unable to see the latest baby dancing video on youtube; having my service cut off was a problem.

Try to send Verizon a written notice from their website and have someone read it. You won't be able to do that unless it's reporting child porn. It appears they only want you to call if you have a problem. Broken links and forms that don't work are further examples of poor customer service.

PS Just because you're anonymous on the internets doesn't mean you *have* to be impolite.
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
I am not being impolite. YOU left out most of that info in your review. I went on what you supplied.

Now you state that you did not know that your credit card was not being don't look at your statements?
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
UPDATE: Twitter is actually useful! Verizon is responding to the issue there.

LadyScot - I glance at them to see if there's anything out of the ordinary. It's more of an "exception processing" method.

I did get a USPS notice yesterday. Could be USPS delay, could be Verizon. Regardless, when my other autopay accounts had problems I received an e-mail notifying me and corrected the situation immediately. Verizon was the exception.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
Jules, a charge not showing up would be out of the ordinary for me. If I know I have 3 $50 payments being charged to my card monthly, and only see 2, I am going to figure that someone isn't being paid and check into it. I am not going to say "I didn't get a bill or email or notice".
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
I hear ya, but it's not like that for me, and my financial practices are not the problem here - I've already taken responsibility for not changing the billing credit card. The issue is Verizon's lack of communication leading to poor customer service.
madconsumer on 12/20/2009:
did you notice your card did not have charges applied?
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
so the key to a good relationship with Verizon is to never have to call or write them...I'm getting the point.
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
So no matter that you dropped the ball, you still insist on blaming Verizon because an email got lost in email limbo?
Anonymous on 12/22/2009:
Blaming them for suspending my service after three non-payments? No.
Blaming them for not sending or delivering notices they said they would? Yes. Note that the "limbo" of which you speak is theirs.
For having terrible billing phone customer service? Yes.
For not allowing me to pay by AMEX online despite offering that? Yes.
For not letting me contact a real person online so they can be aware of these issues? Yes.

Speaking of dropping the ball - they did that on Twitter, although those guys get an A+ for a willing and positive attitude. Verizon's company rating @ my3cents is 1.5/4 in 1229 votes (80% gave them 1 star, 10% gave them 4 stars), so I'm not the only one who thinks this way. A recent Comcast commercial (yeah yeah I know, it's a *rival commercial*) featured an unhappy Verizon FiOS customer from my town. Verizon just doesn't get it.

I've contacted AT&T Wireless customer service a bunch and they are above and beyond awesome. They picked me up from Cingular and I've only extended my contract once several years ago with a phone from them, so I'm free to move if I want. I don't see myself going anywhere but there's no harm in looking and as a result of this experience I would never consider Verizon.
Anonymous on 12/22/2009:
Somewhere a connection with your email and theirs is not happening. You insist they are not sending the notices. You do not know that. It could be something as simple as a typo in your email address. Have you thought to verify the spelling to make sure they have it correct?

I can't believe that something that can be so innocent a mistake is always a conspiracy with customers.

I believe Pepper is the one who said "When a customer makes a mistake, it is a small mistake and forgivable, but when a company makes a mistake, it is unacceptable", or something to that effect.

Very true. The company is always the bad guy no matter what happens or the customer's part in it, the company is ALWAYS at fault.
Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
I don't know how many times I can say this - 1. it's not just the e-mail and 2. it's THEIR E-MAIL SYSTEM. There were NO E-MAILS IN MY VERIZON E-MAIL - anywhere, and I RECENTLY RECEIVED A RATE CHANGE E-MAIL FROM THEM, so no typo in my alternate e-mail. It's definitely not a conspiracy - just bad customer service.

I think it was Truman who said "the buck stops here," and there's the old adage "the customer is always right." A company that lives by these is a good one.

You must work for Verizon.
Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
"You must work for Verizon."

Sigh. Of course I do.
Ytropious on 12/23/2009:
Someones doesn't have to work for a company to disagree with you. Is it that hard for someone to understand that? Does it make them feel better thinking that there must be some sort of motive for someone to disagree with them?
PepperElf on 12/23/2009:
O we all work for Verizon now!
last week - or was it 2 weeks ago - some crazy chick accused me of working for winn-dixie. never been in one but she decided I worked for them because I disagreed with her.

I'd list all the placed we get accused of working for but it's a long list.

bout the only places I DON'T get accused of working for are ... places I've actually worked...
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Piss Poor Service And Deception To A Loyal Customer
Posted by on
MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to bring to your notice the unacceptable, extremely frustrating and appalling business practices in dealing with the Verizon customer service team. I manage a busy and successful medical practice and one of the keys to our success is that patients have access to my cell phone at all times and some of them are senior citizens with acute medical needs and having a cell phone that works is a necessity and not an option. We manage more than 6000 active patients. All my staff that work for me and have cell phones with At&T, Sprint, T Mobile etc have excellent cell phone reception in the office.

1. I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for more than 5 years (from 2004) and have not called customer service even once in that time prior to January 20th 2009 because I had no complaints about my service

2. I was so happy with their service and have included my wife and children on my account from 2005

3. On January 20th 2009 we moved to our new office and my cell phone service was nonexistent inside and outside our building

4. I went to the Verizon store on Del-Monte Ave. and waited for more than 1 hour and complained about the lack of cell phone service in my new location at 100 Wilson Rd Ste 110, Monterey, CA 93940.

5. The store Manager said that Monterey was on an all digital network and I was using an old LG phone and recommended that I upgrade my phone model as that was the problem.

6. I paid $ 300 and upgraded to a Verizon Storm on the Managers recommendation, because he was confident that this would solve my problem. At that time I also upgraded my phone service to include internet.

7. Unfortunately to my disappointment my service did not improve either inside my office or outside the building.

8. I made an additional visit to the Verizon Store in Del Monte Ave and complained about the lack of cell phone reception and customer service immediately blamed the type of building and recommended that I buy a Network Extender SCS-26UC4 for $ 200 which they assured me would solve the problem.

9. I installed the Network extender and installed it and to my disappointment it would only work 1 day in the week.

10. I called the 1800number customer service for the Network extender and explained to them my concerns and they immediately blamed my office computer network as the problem even though the customer service representative had no logical explanation for his theory

11. I spent $ 450 for a Network Specialist to check my firewall and network and everything was working fine. Finally when I communicated to the Network extender team of the results they felt y Network Extender and

12. I finally figured out that the Network Extenders sensor is very direction specific and will need to be mounted on a specific window to work, and not on any window as the instructions recommends. I spoke more than 25 to ****** (Ph:713-219-7117) and his team, who assured me that a team was scheduled to visit my area at the end of January 2009 to verify signal strength. I never did hear from ******* or his team.

13. To cut a long story short I have called your customer service every day ( more than 50 times) to address the issue of no cell phone connectivity or speak to a supervisor (******) all I got was lies and pushback’s saying they will investigate or have opened a trouble ticket etc. and they will call me in 24 hours etc. Nothing has happened and not on supervisor has ever called back.

14. I requested a refund of all my cell phones and accessories for me and my family which they flatly refused saying it was past the 30 day cutoff.

15. Finally a customer service supervisor called me Latasha (Ph: 916-589-4077) to tell me there was marginal signal in my area.

I have been played by Verizon and its customer service staff by up selling equipment and services and not providing any value for defective nonexistent service. I have wasted more than 50 hours of my time and more than $1000 to work with Verizon to fix the problem.

Verizon customer service were deceitful and were only interested in delaying my problem past 30 days so I would be stuck with the cell phone hardware and monthly fees. My frustration with Verizon was getting worse with the lies and deception of your supervisors and I let them know how I felt, constructive criticism and it was not personal but a reflection of their pathetic corporate culture.
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User Replies:
DD on 08/05/2013:
Ditto that. Constant dropped calls with the sErViCe....trouble ticket run around.....Today rep tried to up sell me a $600 phone with $300 off....also claiming the Motorola droid is $500.00 phone. Stay away from " I can't hear you at Verizon" get a Samsung galaxy and go with boost....Verizon has lowered the bar to pathetic
Lucy on 08/26/2013:
Ditto- 25 years with Verizon....Iphone drops calls and my voice breaks up...I can hear the other party, but 3 techs called it "reception" even though I can hear fine and I can send and receive messages...I have 18 1/2 hrs logged trying to resolve this ...5 reps promised to call back and none did even during a family crisis!! A stroke at 2 am (my daughter couldn't hear me say I'd leave immediately) everyone is "really sorry" and" know it must be frustrating" but NO FOLLOW THROUGH!!!,..I'm looking into Boost!
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Be Careful When Switching Cable Company's
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Rating: 1/51
WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- This letter will detail the problem I am having with Verizon over the billing on returned equipment after I had cancelled my contract with them in the beginning of August 2012.

I cancelled my contract with Verizon and switched to optimum online because of pricing. The service was to be disconnected on August 6, 2012. On August 10, my bill showed that the service was still intact. On August 21, 2012 at 3:30pm I called Verizon and spoke to Lxx. He told me the service was not cancelled and he would cancel it back to August 6th.

I also spoke with a supervisor Mrs. xxxxx who told me that it would take up to 2 weeks to get the return boxes for the equipment to come with the return labels. She told me to return the two boxes, two remotes but to keep the modem in case I wanted to come back to Verizon, they would not have to send someone out to re-hook me up. I was given a reference number.

I received the boxes on August 27, and packed all equipment, 2 boxes, 2 remotes and 1 modem and brought to the UPS store located in the valley shopping center in Wayne. I have a picture of the box on the counter of the store and the label.

I received the October bill and it showed an amount due of $588.50. I call on October 18, 2012 at 5:30pm and spoke to xxxxxxxx. She said they showed that some of the equipment was checked in, but not all. She said to give it more time.

I received the November bill and it showed an amount due of $588.50. I called on November 14 at 3:25 pm and spoke to xxxxxxxx. Mr x told me the amount showed it was reversed on October 1, 2012 and should be clear in a couple of days.

I called back on November 20, 2012 at 4:30 and spoke to Kxxx. He told me he would put a dispute on the account. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Mr. N. He told me that the items showed that they were returned on September 4, 2012 and he would issue a trouble ticket.

I received the December bill which showed an amount due of $588.50. I called on December 20, 2012 at 8:25 am. I spoke with RS. She also told me she showed that the equipment showed that it was returned and she had no explanation as to why the account would not clear. She gave me her supervisor’s name of KA and a phone number 1-800-244-4770. She assured me like everyone else that this would be taken care of. She issued a new ticket # 29???70. She told me that a credit was going to be issued for the full amount and the account would be zero balance.

Well yesterday, I received a letter from a collection agency the CBE group. Regarding VERIZON. CS number 01-01???8967. For the amount of $38.50 which is on the October bill for taxes, governmental surcharges and Fees. I CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT AND SENT BACK MY EQUIPMENT IN AUGUST 2012.

Buy the way, when speaking with anyone at Verizon, I tell them I have a trouble ticket number and they all tell me, “we can’t use that number or look up anything with it."

I took a picture of the return label and the box on the counter at the UPS store. I should have taken a picture of all of the equipment labels in the box. Although I don’t think it will matter.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/08/2013:
My compliments on being very diligent of keeping a good set of notes. You've documented everything which helps in showing how regimented you were at returning the equipment and canceling the service.
trmn8r on 01/08/2013:
Verizon's customer service is exemplified by this letter, unfortunately.
grr on 01/29/2013:
My brother had problems with his remote,sô he called direct.Direct sent THREE RECEIVERS TO HIM,NO REMOTE. So he called them,,they said,send them back.(3Tuners).While at Paapacknship,he got a tip from the clerk that A LOT of directs customers pigeons)
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Verizon Placed Ad In Superpages Without My Permission And Harassed Me For Money
Posted by on
DWF AIRPORT, TEXAS -- Here is documentation I took to record my experience with Verizon. The main thing to note is that Lisa, who works for Verizon collections, used profanity while harassing me. This is illegal, a fact that I found out much later. Though what can a small guy do? Verizon Sucks.

P.O. BOX 619009

Ad was placed in Verizon phone book without my consent.

A Verizon representative, Zak Hobbs, called to inquire whether I would be interested in buying an Ad in Verizon Yellow Pages Phone Book. I agreed to listen to his offer. He mentions he could produce a proof for the ad for me to consider. He said that the ad would not go in the phone book without my approval, but in order to get the ball rolling, he needed a third party confirmation. Again, he said this was just to get designing the proof started but that it would not be printed without my permission. He said I would receive proof and then I could give the yes or no answer. I never received proof.

A friend and business owner, R. Blackburn, recommended that I should call back and ensure they did not put my ad in the phone book. He mentioned he had similar problems with a sales representative from a phone book. I called Zak Hobbs (972-719-3649) who ensured it would not be put in.

Received call from solicitors who said my ad was in the yellow pages. Called Zak Hobbs 3rd week in October after finding out ad was in yellow pages. Zak gave me the number of his manager Charles Boreno (972-719-3630). Called Charles and left message for him to call me back

4th week October, Left another message on Charles voice mail

5th week October, called Verizon billing, 1800-445-9050 x4575. Talked to Connie who said I would need to talk to Charles. She said she e-mailed Nov 2nd him a message to call me.

1st week November 5th called Charles and left voice mail.

2nd week November 11th, called Verizon billing, 1800-445-9050 x4575. Talked to Connie. Requested her to send another e-mail since Charles had not contact me yet.
Called 2nd week in November (11/18/04). Called 1-866-451-9905 talked to Lisa W. at collections. Told me that District Sales Manager was sent an e-mail. Offered me Zak’s representative supervisor. Told her I already had it, I had called him but no answer. Also explained how I was deceived regarding the ad. Mention the info in ad was wrong. She said I could talk to customer service for an adjustment.

12/06/04 Called and talk to customer service. Informed them that the information in the ad was incorrect, and a brief history of my problem with their sales representative. She said that they will look over ad and give me a call back.
Received VM from Vergil from Verizon. Called him back at 1-800-445-9050 ext 4590. He listened to my complaint and mentioned if I choose to use Verizon, I would deal with Zak again. I informed him I had decided a few months ago not to use Verizon.

12/22/04, Called Verizon billing at 1-800-445-9050. no answer 4575. Talked to Connie.

12/28/04. Called Charles Boreno (972-719-3630). Was out of office. Called Melinda at 800-336-3407, extension 3964 – left message on voice mail regarding questions to my account

12/29/04 Kathy Bond called me back (Melinda gave her my info). I mention the info in the ad was mostly incorrect and would like to see if I could have the billing cancelled. She said I should talk to customer service to about the incorrect listing. Informed her customer service told me to get into contact with George Boreno.
Called Verizon billing at 1-800-445-9050. Susie Watkins answered the phone. I informed her information was incorrect in the ad. She mentioned a ticket had already been opened. Transferred me to Virgil (1-800-445-9050 ext 4590) who had closed my ticket. Was cut off. Tried calling again a few times but was not able to get through.
Lisa, from Verizon Collection Departmen, treated me with contempt and threatened to take me to court. Without provocation, she said to me “f#@& you”.

Submitted complaint to BBB online
2/17/05 Received call from Jan (Verizon customer service: 972-518-2700 or 800-445-9050 ext 4559) inquiring about complaint sent to BBB. I explained the basis for complaint.

Abbreviated version for the BBB:

Ad was placed in Verizon phone book without my consent.

A Verizon representative, Zak Hobbs, called to inquire whether I would be interested in buying an Ad in Verizon Yellow Pages Phone Book. I agreed to listen to his offer. He mention he could produce an ad proof for me to consider at no cost and that the ad would not go in the phone book without my approval, but in order to get the ball rolling to design the ad proof, he needed a third party confirmation. He understood that much of the info in the ad would change such as price structure, phone#, etc. Again, he said this was just to get designing the proof started but that it would not be printed without my permission. He said I would receive proof and then I could give the yes or no answer. Never received proof.

A good friend and business owner, Richard Blackburn, recommended that I should call back and ensure they did not put my ad in the phone book anyway. He mention he had similar problems with a sales representative from a phone book co. I called Zak Hobbs who ensured it would not be put in.

3rd week in Oct: Received call from solicitors who said my ad was in the Verizon yellow pages. Called Zak Hobbs who gave me the number of his manager, Charles Boreno. Called Charles and left message for him to call me back. No call back

4th week in Oct - Left another message on Charles voice mail. No call back.

5th week in Oct - Called Verizon billing. Talked to Connie who said I would need to talk to Charles. She said she e-mail him a message to call me on Nov 2nd. No call back.

The message I left on Charles Boreno's phone were tactful and friendly. This phone calling went on until Jan 2005, when I finally received a call from the Verizon Collection Department. The Rep, Lisa, treated me with contempt and threatened to take me to court. She told me to “f*#$ you”. I was astonished by such animosity.

I have a more detailed account of what happened. My financial credit is strong. This is the first instance in my life I had to write to an agency such as the BBB.


Fours years after all of this, Verizon Sucks tried to collect money. I consulted with my lawyer who said since 4 years had passed they could not legally collect. What was owed did not matter; it was a small amount. What did matter was the principle. How could one pay for something he did not authorize. Verizon is an unethical company that abuses people, bullying them out of their money. Sad. Sad. Verizon Sucks!

Final Note:
After all these bad experiences, I created a website ot fight da powah! It's verizonsucksass. com
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/25/2009:
Write a letter of dispute to the collections agency in certified mail.

File a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission as well, as you are not obligated to pay for a service that you have not contracted for and the original collection agency violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also I suggest that you check your credit, if they damaged it you may be entitled to compensation for defamation of credit.
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Internet (Unlimited Broadband 5GB)
Posted by on
MONTICELLO, GEORGIA -- This being my first computer bought the PC card from Verizon after telling the Verizon sales representative I wanted the best plan available. As it turns out they hyped this plan up as being the best thing since sliced bread, emphasizing "unlimited, unlimited" pointing out everything but a cap on usage.

Please if one Verizon person comes on and says "you should have read your paperwork" this is the truth the sales receipt plainly states at the top type of plan "unlimited" usage "undefined" last time I checked unlimited meant no cap only when it goes down it says Broadband5GB. This being my first computer was foolish enough to believe that Verizon was a truthful honest company and their sales reps are their to help the customer get the best plan based on his or her needs and was their to make the customer happy, but no that old fashioned treating your customer honestly and fairly is not allowed by Verizon. They employ liars and basically steal money and will offer rudeness over the phone, untold waiting on a supervisor I'm convinced is sitting by smiling while listening to your complaints.

I bought the card for 59.99 a month this was arond Christmas 08, I also purchased some software to download at a well established electronic chain. while downloading it would go into error and the PC usage came on saying I shouldn't be charged for this software time. I thought this was strange " how can you be charged usage for an unlimited plan impossible" well I tried downloading this about a half dozen times over my trial period I noticed when it errored the PC card usage number would spike it went from 3GB to 9.14.

I never received a bill( the 30 day trial is a crock, I purchased Dec 23rd first bill due Feb. 1st. I went to store and paid cash (they don't accept anyone's check) balance due exactly what my first estimated bill was supposed to be 122.00.

Mid January I'm still under the impression I'm dealing with an up and up company so I buy an " unlimited cell phone plan" for 99.00 a month that was the greatest plan and would save me money, paid cash everything is fine, and I had mentioned the time it happened but again reminded Verizon about not getting a bill. "We'll get it straightened out don't worry" I was told.

March 8th I remembered they had not sent me a bill for cell and PC. Verizon has an interesting way of billing you instead of doing it the old fashioned way of mail, they just wait for you to pay on your own, and the only notice you get is a disconnected cell phone. I called Verizon and was put through to a representative She wanted to know was I going to pay balance in full I said yes thinking my first bill would be about 280.00 and they would drop the disconnection fee. She put me on hold and I was sent to a "red flag" that was a bad check department and my file was located their. I said you made a mistake but I have only paid in cash and I don't write bad checks". transferred back to Verizon who took my banking info for check by phone system, we went over numbers twice to make sure it was right. I got ahead of myself before she gave me the balance 911.12 for 1 month. I seldom talk on the phone how can this be "unlimited" she said I had 700.00 in internet usage going over 5GB. I argued that I had unlimited usage but anyway I paid half the bill in protest.

I told her about the error on the PC card while downloading, a tech came on and said nothing they can do and actually I had occurred 900.00 and they knocked some off. I can't tell you how thankful I was to have someone cut my phone off for no reason, spend now about an hour and a half on the phone and to not charge me for something I didn't use.

Phone reconnected, next day I call back and thought I could get someone with reason to clear this up but to my good luck I got a rude, nasty obnoxious representative who accused me of streaming music, I said no but since you know what I'm doing you will see the card errored, again she was awful. Next day phone was disconnected and internet shut off I called Verizon and they transferred me to the"red flag girl" she agreed we talk a lot but we don't know why, back to Verizon and they said they had trouble with my bank and for me to call my bank and have them send written statement verifying my account. They said I had given them an account that was closed. I'm angry because everything they do or say is a===== lie. I call my bank they look into it and tell me that Verizon had never attempted to make a transaction.

I call Verizon, angry but was told I shouldn't be angry because they shut my phone and internet for no valid reason charged me a mortgage payment for 1 month internet for service I didn't use and spend almost two days on the phone, and yes destroying my credit how thoughtful of Verizon and then I'm paying (under protest) they don't want to let me do that either. They did draft out of my account but instead of one draft they slit it 127.00 for one and 377.12 for another so the bank could charge me an extra 6.50 again how thoughtful of Verizon not to mention 20.00 worth of ringtones I never ordered and about 45.00 in disconnection fees and 611.00 of internet usage on an "unlimited" plan and will not send a bill. It seems you must scream loudly to get one and then itemized internet usage I asked for was this PAST DUE 611.00 again thanks for your trouble Verizon. I packed your card and phone up you will be receiving it very soon as you know because I don't hide my agenda I'm telling you then and now you can take your card and phone and shove it where..... all 2000 complaints would love to put it.

Verizon my friend. I hope there is a class action lawsuit and your forced to pay back with interest and ever store during this time should have a sign that states the truth "we're Verizon we hate you we're here to mislead you and steal your money cause so far the government let's us and we wish we could destroy you're credit some more. Verizon listen up I'm GOING TO DO WHAT EVER WITHIN LEGAL MEANS TO SINK YOU INTO BANKRUPTCY, IF THEY CLOSED THE DOOR ON YOU YESTERDAY IT WOULD BE TO LATE, and the owner and shareholders do you have any morales at all. Maybe rename it Lucifer's wireless seems to fit.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/23/2009:
Contact your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. You paid for an unlimited plan and you have a receipt to prove it. The "over-usage" charges are fraud.

Close your bank account and open a new one to prevent them from stealing more of your money.
Le Goat on 07/05/2011:
I agree. I was told that I wouldn't be able to use enough to go over the usage on my internet plan. What a LIE. We have to unplug all the time. I take classes online and end up having to drive to the library because I don't have enough internet usage left at home. VERY expensive to go over. And no, they won't let you out of that contract even if you signed after being given false information.
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Seriously Silly Reason to Lose Long-Time Customer
Posted by on
BURKE, VIRGINIA -- I have been a Verizon customer for many years. I have Verizon wireless, phone service, and FIOs.

But I really feel like I have to consider other options due to the trouble and I had last week trying to get someone at Verizon to listen to me or address my request honestly or respectfully.

The problem, simply and clearly stated:

I do not send text messages of more that 160 characters or with graphics or formatting.

However, every time I send a plain text message, even the messages "Test," “Call me” or “?.” Verizon calls me back with this message:

Messages sent to non-VZW customers with graphics/tones/formatting/and/or160+characters are sent as plain text with only the first 160 characters.”

Each time I tell Verizon this, I am told “it’s impossible to turn off the alert that you receive when a message exceeds 160 characters.

”Great, I say. Simply fix it so that I only get it when I do send a message of more that 160 characters and I will be a happy Verizon customer again.”

Instead, Verizon has apparently cancelled my texting plan in retaliation.

Here is a sample of the maddening nonsense I got from Verizon while trying to get a simple glitch addressed.

ME: “I want to stop receiving this alert. It doesn’t make any sense because I receive it even though I don’t send message of more than 160 characters or with tones, graphics or any of that stuff. Every time I send a text I get an immediate call back from Verizon with information that doesn't apply to my text."

VZW: “That’s an automatic alert you receive each time you send a text message of more than 160 characters. It’s impossible to stop it.

ME: “Okay, I’m going to repeat this slowly: I receive this message every time I send a text message even if it’s just one character.”

VZW: “It’s impossible to turn off the alert that you receive when a message exceeds 160 characters.”

ME: “Okay, back up and listen to me. I’ll say it slowly again, for the third time, and I want you to listen carefully, okay? I receive this message every time I send a text message even if it’s just four characters.”

VZW: “No, you don’t.”

ME: “I don’t”

VZW: “No, you don’t.”

ME: “So, what. I’m imagining it? I’m lying?”

VZW: “I did’t say that, Mr. Gauldin.

ME: “So what are you saying?”

VZW: “Mr. Gauldin, it’s impossible to turn off the alert.”

ME: “Well, just turn it off when I don’t send a message that exceeds 160 characters or includes tones, graphics or formatting. That’s all I want.

VZW: “Mr. Gauldin, it’s impossible to turn off that alert.”

ME: “For every text message I send.”

VZW: “Yes, Mr. Gauldin. As I’ve explained.”

ME: “I don't think you've explained anything. So every Verizon customer in the world gets that message every time they send a text message whether it’s more that 160 characters or not? Is that what you're saying"

VZW: “Yes, Mr. Gauldin.”

ME: “Okay, I want you to back up and tell me in plain language that every Verizon customer in the world gets that message every time they send a text message whether it’s more than 160 characters or not.”

VZW: “Mr. Gauldin, it’s impossible to turn off that alert.”

ME: “Well, one, I don’t believe you. Two, if that’s the case maybe I should switch to AT&T or something.”

VZW: “Mr. Gauldin, you’re welcome to switch your service to AT&T, but every major phone carrier will send you that same message.”

ME: “Really? Well, I have a friend, Jessica, sitting here with me who has AT&T service. Let’s have her send a text message and see if she gets that message. Okay?”

“Jessica, we did you send me a message?”

JKR: “Yes.”

ME: “And did you get a message like this?”

JKR: “No.”

ME: “Have you ever gotten a message like this on your AT&T service?”

JKR: “No.”

ME: “Okay. I have a friend just send a text message on her AT&T phone and she did not get a message, so you’ve told me something that’s not true, haven’t you?”

VZW: “No, Mr. Gauldin. Every major phone carrier will send you that same message.”

ME: “But we just did a test that shows that’s not true.”

VZW: “No, Mr. Gauldin.”

ME: “No we didn’t do a test?”

VZW: “No, you didn’t.”

ME: “So are you not calling me a liar again?”

VZW: “No I’m not. I’m trying to explain to you that it’s impossible to turn off the alert that you receive when a message exceeds 160 characters.

ME: “Okay, I want you to listen to me carefully because I’m going to say this for the fifth time. Are you listening?

VZW: “Yes, Mr. Gauldin.”

ME: “I do not send text messages of more than 160 characters but I receive the alert anyway.”

VZW: “Mr. Gauldin, I’ve already told you several times that it’s impossible to turn off the alert that you receive when a message exceeds 160 characters.”

ME: “Did you understand what I just told you?”

VZW: “Yes, Mr. Gauldin.”

ME: “Okay, I’ve concluded that you either don't understand, aren't listening, don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re trying to make me so angry that you can put me down on your records as a crank and blow off my request so your supervisor won't know what kind of job you do with customers.”

VZW: “If you’d like to talk to a supervisor I can transfer your call.”

ME: “Will that person listen to me?”

VZW: “I’m putting you on hold.”

I then had virtually the same conversation with the next person who came on the line. It may have even been the same guy posing as someone different.

The last person I talked to said his boss wasn’t available and would call me. She eventually did leave me a voice mail message.

Guess what it said? Yep.

“We are unable to turn off the alert that you receive when a message exceeds 160 characters.”

Next I received an email telling me my texting plan had been cancelled! At my request!

I’m still trying to figure out a way to get past the way I’ve been treated recently and keep being a Verizon customer, but I begin to think Verizon would rather not have the few hundred dollars a month I'm paying them now.

And I wonder if it's wise to do business with a company with such poor customer service training, personnel and practices. I've worked in public affairs and customer service myself for 30 years and this seems to be a pretty badly-run operation and a seriously silly reason to lose a long-time customer.

Mike Gauldin
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Ben There on 02/09/2009:
Don't you know it is not nice to throw call center employees off their scripts? They are not paid to think logically, just read what someone else has written. This happens at so many companies...

I find that employees at local stores tend to understand issues more than call centers and offer better customer service because they can't hang up on you when you are standing in front of them.
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
If you have the text service restored you might be able to stop those alerts. Go to, enter your 10-digit mobile number and password then click Login.
memoryx57 on 02/09/2009:
Alley, I don't think you read the post correctly. According to Verizon you will ONLY get the message IF you send a text that has more than 160 characters etc.. He WAS NOT sending any with more than 160 char's but was getting the message anyway. I think he was dealing with an idiot that either can't or won't listen. It was a simple request. Him having to repeat it was Verizon's fault, not his. He was simply trying to get them to understand..
Ben There on 02/09/2009:
Here is a recorded call that someone else had with Verizon where two agents did not understand the difference between a fraction of a cent vs. a fraction of a dollar...
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
SNL needs to do a skit on this review. Flippin' awesome! And I mean that with the utmost respect to you Fogey (and I hope you get your issue resolved too!).
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
Ben, that link didn't work for me but I found the video. Thanks! Funnay and sad at the same time. I think you may have left the "s" off of the end of the link...
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
Ben There and TNS...LMFAO (with an almost p leakage).

Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
Man, Verizon must hire some real moroons! This reminds me of a comedy email that made the rounds a couple of years back that was a customer and a support tech discussing a problem with a computer. It was almost as funny as this.
DumdHead on 02/09/2009:
Depending on what type of phone you have when you send it you are sending a set size text. For many phones this will be 160 spaces. If you delete a few of them or reset your phone it will solve this problem. Also this is an automated system. The call center will log a problem with an IT when a problem occurs. Unless you annoythem in which case they will leave it. Attitude gets you nothing.
mgilbo01 on 02/22/2009:
Cancel their crap. And when you do make sure you get a confirmation number, an email stating it, or an extension where you can call the rep back. Verizon will screw you too when you try to cancel. When you cancel with Verizon they will tell you your all set but next month you'll receive a full bill with NO record of cancellation. This is being done all over the country so be careful.
les on 06/25/2009:
Verizon only Care's about you before you are a customer of theirs once you sing that contract you are no longer a priority to them!!!!! Get a different phone service!!!!!
Anonymous on 03/10/2010:
I found the video here I had nothing BUT problems with Verizon. I agonized for 2 long years with them and hated every minute of it. The day after my contract was up I went with Cingular and canceled my services with Verizon and they sent me a bill for the early termination fee. I called them and told them to stick it and please, please, please take me to court for the money. I begged the guy to do it and he calmly said, "We will take this off your bill" I told him that I didn't care what he did, I wasn't paying it. I got a bill for $0 and that my contract was terminated. I wouldn't use them if they were the ONLY cell phone service available. On the other hand, my sister, brother and several friends have them and they said they NEVER have had a problem. I thought their coverage was crappy too. I have had US Cellular and Cingular and AT&T and never had a problem with any of them. Go figure.
kathy on 07/07/2014:
I signed up at the store on Washington st in Indianapolis, in .with Sara and let me tell you it was hell from the first day was lied too and deceived from the get go. I might as well had a contract with the DEVIL HIM SELF. Well I switched back too ATT so fast .Thank god for ATT they are the best. Verizon is just hell.they will tell you one thing and do another. And the customer service is the worst. Ever. Class action suit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Yaw on 12/09/2014:
For Being One Of The Worlds Lagest Cell Phone Provider Or Company. It Rank's The Very Worst Customer Service, I've Ever Had The Displeasure Of Even Dealing With In My Whole Life. We Just Recently Closed Our Account After "6" replaced "Droid RAzon" Cell Phones In "One Term Year" Contract and Poor Giving Credit Towards Service Not Received Durning This Time Period As Well. Then On Top Of Everything Else To Add Big Insult To Poor Service. My Last Or Closeing Bill Was Sent To Us And Verizion Wireless Also Sent Our Account To A Collection Agency Called "Convergent" And The Bill Is Not Considered Late Or In Collection Untill After 12/15/14 According To Verizion Wireless and Fair Billing Pratices By The State Of Calif and State Attorney General and "FCC", Ect. You Can and Will Get The Closeing Account Ballace Due Your Company. But You Had Better Reverse Or Remove Us From Any and All Collection Agency's Or Bureals. Fourth With...! Or I'll Be Happy To Report You To The State Attorney General and Local and State "BBB" Calif and New York As Well. Your Company Sure Went Out Of It's Way To "SCREW" This Consumer Or Customer With Out Lifting A Clue.! You'll Get Your $211.94 and Social Media With Get A Peace Of My Thoughts Or Feelings Or Mind. To Let The World Know , Just How Bad You Are and Truly Don't Care...!
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