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Verizon Wireless Lies Lies Lies
Posted by Jenny623 on 03/19/2005
DOVER, OHIO -- For once I wish Verizon Wireless would say what they mean, and mean what they say. I purchased America's Choice calling plan, because even though my calls were all in state, they would incur toll charges with a regular phone. I had to get a 2 year contract to do so. Fine, no problem. It's worth it to save toll charges. Well my plan was 3 times more expensive than a regular phone. Every month it was a different story. I found out, because I live on the border of a tower, I was actually using two different towers, one was Verizon's, the other was Alltel. That caused Verizon to charge me roaming charges. So if I went from my living room to my kitchen, I might roam. If I went my kitchen to my bathroom, I might roam. Roaming was not included. Roaming meant I could incur extra $200-$300 month depending on where I walked with my cell phone in my own house. Huh? No matter how much I cried, no matter how much I tried to reason with Verizon, it ended up with me staying put in one spot in my house where I wouldn't roam away from their tower. I couldn't get out of the contract, I couldn't do anything. One month I got a bill for $478.00. That did it. I'm paying it off and I want nothing to do with Verizon. I finally moved to an area where I don't have to worry about roaming.
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Posted by olroy on 2005-03-19:
Verizon Wireless! The way to great advertisements is to overcharge, and ignore any problems you might have. I had a Verizon phone for four years. I carried that phone with me to Houston, where my wife was undergoing cancer treatment. Since I was to be there for a while, I decided it would be nice to have a local number. I was told it was easy enough to do. I was a little busy, and paid online. Good old Verizon took the money changed my account number, and had me paying the second charge. Not only that, but they now claim I had a year contract, which they cannot produce. I sent faxes on three different occasions, and I am now turned over to a collection agency that manages to call at least once a day. Thanks Verizon!


Posted by jrtz11 on 2005-03-19:
All telephone companies lie. They are strictly dollar driven and could care less about service. Most,if not all, would love to get rid of their hard wire division so they could continue to reap astronomical profits from their real money maker............the cellular division.
Posted by mauimole on 2005-03-19:
I had a similar problem when my daughter went away to school. Verizon was great-they said if she ended up roaming, they would make adjustments and let us out of the contract if necessary. The customer service was excellent. If you don't receive satisfaction from the person you're talking to, move on to the next. There may be a few jerks at Verizon but for the most part, I have been totally satisfied.
Posted by Drako on 2006-07-17:
CDMA Carriers (Verizon, Sprint PCS, Alltel, etc.) Require simultaneous connection to 3 towers before you can even make...much less receive phone calls. This means that if you have even one connection to someone else's tower, you can easily slip into and out of roaming...many times not even noticing it until the bill arrives. That can happen without moving and within calls.

On the terms of VZW and Alltel, not going to happen much with VZW's newer phones, or newer PRL..due to the loss of the roaming agreements, like the one with Sprint PCS. Just means a bit less coverage, and maybe longer connect times or lower call quality.
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-12:
I had a good laugh at this one. Sorry, I do not mean at your expense, but with you. This roaming is causing unnecessary stress to everyone and to date is still not resolved.
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Battery Scam
Posted by MARKDEAN16 on 02/05/2013
LIHUE, HAWAII -- I have heard the "they don't make batteries for that phone anymore" line one too many times from Verizon. This time when my cell phone battery got weak, I went to the Verizon store and heard it again. So, after I got the newer version of the same phone I had, I took the battery out of it and compared it to the battery in my old phone...The battery they said is no longer made. It was the exact same battery with the same number.

I asked why they didn't know that. They said they checked and that - in their system - the batteries for the two phones have different "stock" numbers and that is why they thought the battery was no longer made. We switched the batteries back and forth between the two phones and there exact matches and worked just fine.

So, if verizon tells you the battery for your phone is no longer stocked, ask to see a battery for the newer version of your phone. It just may be the one they say they don't stock.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-02-06:
Good info, thanks
Posted by Suzy on 2013-02-06:
I have ran into this problem before with Verizon, most recently just last week with both my son's and my phone. My son's phone is not even out of contract yet but they told him the phone was discontinued so they couldn't get a battery any longer. My phone is about 3 years old and out of contract, so no battery available for mine either. Their only solutions was a $30 portable phone charger, which is bulky and inconvenient to keep hooked up to the phone or to upgrade phones. Well there is nothing wrong with either phone they work just fine, the only problem is the battery. Why would I buy new phones and new contracts when there is nothing wrong with the ones we have.

We are not a family that feels the need to have the newest and greatest thing out in technology as soon as it comes out We don't do smart phones with data charges as we don't live our lives over our phones. So I accepted the portable phone charger for the time being for my son's phone as his is used more, but I declined any upgrades and will seek actual batteries elsewhere. Another of the sales reps ideas was to get the insurance on the phones, then when they stopped working make a claim pay the deductible and get another phone. Let's see, about $60 a year for the insurance, $50 for the deductible, then get sent a used or refurbished phone. Umm no, could just buy a new one for not much more than that. Those $30 upgrade fees per phone every time you get a new one get my goat too, so I have no incentive to upgrade any earlier than I have too.

I do have to admit though that Verizon has good service, and I've had very few problems with their customer service when I've needed it, the only reason I continue to stay with them, for now at least.
Posted by Vinnie on 2013-03-09:
Or go to a battery place such as Batteries Plus or Interstate Batteries. They will have the right battery and their database is not geared to sell new phones.
Posted by Meri on 2013-03-09:
I'm not clear what phone is being talked about. Is it a particular phone or all of them? My beef with Verizon is their data cost and how they measure data. I was sold a hot spot box and found out later that my phone had that feature and I wasn't told. I had a broadband insert for years and never used more than 5,000 megabits. After I got the hot spot I was suddenly using 40,000. I was on my computer the same amount of time as always. I was ripped off.
Posted by JPCIII on 2013-03-09:
Going thru the same thing Sprint...
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-03-10:
Perhaps Radio Shack or online sites may have the battery you need. Cell phone companies pull this "battery is no longer made" scam in order to sell you a new phone. As long as you know the phone's make and model number, and/or the the battery's number, you should easily find a replacement. I believe Walmart and Best Buy sell cellphone batteries as well.
Posted by Pieter Klein on 2013-03-12:
I always look for the part number on the dead battery and take it to Home Depot, Lowe's or Radio Shack and find what I need. Verizon isn't in the business of making batteries so they are buying them from a battery manufacturer so you can find them in well stocked retail stores. I also search for information and suggestions on Amazon.com for specialty batteries such as Industrial rechargeable AA, C and Ds for hew tech flashlights or Radio Controlled devices.
Posted by C on 2013-06-09:
I had this problem twice. Go to a place like Batteries Plus. Upon your first few charges it may say the phone does not support this device- cut the phone off to let it charge. I've been with Verizon for 3 years and have only had 2 phones.
Posted by Tom W on 2013-10-13:
I've had my LG phone from Verizon for around 6 or 7 years. Thank you Batteries .
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Piss Poor Service And Deception To A Loyal Customer
Posted by Jmasi07 on 05/21/2009
MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to bring to your notice the unacceptable, extremely frustrating and appalling business practices in dealing with the Verizon customer service team. I manage a busy and successful medical practice and one of the keys to our success is that patients have access to my cell phone at all times and some of them are senior citizens with acute medical needs and having a cell phone that works is a necessity and not an option. We manage more than 6000 active patients. All my staff that work for me and have cell phones with At&T, Sprint, T Mobile etc have excellent cell phone reception in the office.

1. I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for more than 5 years (from 2004) and have not called customer service even once in that time prior to January 20th 2009 because I had no complaints about my service

2. I was so happy with their service and have included my wife and children on my account from 2005

3. On January 20th 2009 we moved to our new office and my cell phone service was nonexistent inside and outside our building

4. I went to the Verizon store on Del-Monte Ave. and waited for more than 1 hour and complained about the lack of cell phone service in my new location at 100 Wilson Rd Ste 110, Monterey, CA 93940.

5. The store Manager said that Monterey was on an all digital network and I was using an old LG phone and recommended that I upgrade my phone model as that was the problem.

6. I paid $ 300 and upgraded to a Verizon Storm on the Managers recommendation, because he was confident that this would solve my problem. At that time I also upgraded my phone service to include internet.

7. Unfortunately to my disappointment my service did not improve either inside my office or outside the building.

8. I made an additional visit to the Verizon Store in Del Monte Ave and complained about the lack of cell phone reception and customer service immediately blamed the type of building and recommended that I buy a Network Extender SCS-26UC4 for $ 200 which they assured me would solve the problem.

9. I installed the Network extender and installed it and to my disappointment it would only work 1 day in the week.

10. I called the 1800number customer service for the Network extender and explained to them my concerns and they immediately blamed my office computer network as the problem even though the customer service representative had no logical explanation for his theory

11. I spent $ 450 for a Network Specialist to check my firewall and network and everything was working fine. Finally when I communicated to the Network extender team of the results they felt y Network Extender and

12. I finally figured out that the Network Extenders sensor is very direction specific and will need to be mounted on a specific window to work, and not on any window as the instructions recommends. I spoke more than 25 to ****** (Ph:713-219-7117) and his team, who assured me that a team was scheduled to visit my area at the end of January 2009 to verify signal strength. I never did hear from ******* or his team.

13. To cut a long story short I have called your customer service every day ( more than 50 times) to address the issue of no cell phone connectivity or speak to a supervisor (******) all I got was lies and pushback’s saying they will investigate or have opened a trouble ticket etc. and they will call me in 24 hours etc. Nothing has happened and not on supervisor has ever called back.

14. I requested a refund of all my cell phones and accessories for me and my family which they flatly refused saying it was past the 30 day cutoff.

15. Finally a customer service supervisor called me Latasha (Ph: 916-589-4077) to tell me there was marginal signal in my area.

I have been played by Verizon and its customer service staff by up selling equipment and services and not providing any value for defective nonexistent service. I have wasted more than 50 hours of my time and more than $1000 to work with Verizon to fix the problem.

Verizon customer service were deceitful and were only interested in delaying my problem past 30 days so I would be stuck with the cell phone hardware and monthly fees. My frustration with Verizon was getting worse with the lies and deception of your supervisors and I let them know how I felt, constructive criticism and it was not personal but a reflection of their pathetic corporate culture.
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Posted by DD on 2013-08-05:
Ditto that. Constant dropped calls with the sErViCe....trouble ticket run around.....Today rep tried to up sell me a $600 phone with $300 off....also claiming the Motorola droid is $500.00 phone. Stay away from " I can't hear you at Verizon" get a Samsung galaxy and go with boost....Verizon has lowered the bar to pathetic
Posted by Lucy on 2013-08-26:
Ditto- 25 years with Verizon....Iphone drops calls and my voice breaks up...I can hear the other party, but 3 techs called it "reception" even though I can hear fine and I can send and recieve messages...I have 18 1/2 hrs logged trying to resolve this ...5 reps promised to call back and none did even during a family crisis!! A stroke at 2 am (my daughter couldn't hear me say I'd leave immediately) everyone is "really sorry" and" know it must be frustrating" but NO FOLLOW THROUGH!!!,..I'm looking into Boost!
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Gift Phone that was not a gift
Posted by Whyme on 08/24/2004
About 5 years ago my mother had a phone installed using my name and social. I did not give this info to her, nor did I authorize her to connect the phone line. She owed a phone bill in her name for $500, so she simply took info she had from my youth and used it. Well, while she use this phone she connected in my name, she paid off the one that was in her name and did not make even one monthly payment on the one in my name. I did not discover this until I received a collections notice for $800. I contacted Verizon and was told that since it was mother,they would not change the name on the account because they said they had no proof that it wasnt a gift phone. Verizon and the collection agency told me that I would have to charge her with fraud and sue her. My mother and I are not close but I thought that was a little extreme so I made arrangements with them and paid the bill. My mother reimbursed me for the $800. How long do I have to wait the have this debt removed from my credit report? Is it legal for Verizon to connect lines without proof of id?
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-08-24:
7 Years. Your mistake lied in paying the collection agency.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-08-24:
Well, im sorry to hear that your mother has done this to you but I just don't understand how it was possible? When I applied for phone service I was asked to provide Id and verification of residence..Did they not need this info from your mother..it sounds like alot has been left out here and Yes it will take 7 years to fall off of your report...
Posted by whyme on 2004-08-25:
I was told by Verizon that id was not required when she applied for the line since she had all the information she needed. The transaction took place by telephone and she gave them my information. Plus, they allowed her 8 months of service and long distance fees without even a monthly payment. When I discovered this it had been more than 2 years since the line was activated. I was told that I could take action against my mother but that, until the courts judgement was delivered to Verizon, I was responsible for the charges.
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-08-25:
Its too bad you paid the debt..they can use that to show that you admit the debt was your own ...and I agree it does seem a little extreme to press charges against your own mother...have you tried contacting credit bureau to dispute charges? I hope all the best for you in this
Posted by whyme on 2004-08-28:
Aember, thank you for your kind words
Posted by Brashi on 2004-08-30:
hmmm l am sorry this happened to you but l think you are really blaming the wrong party!! l cannot see how your mother pulled a stunt like that and yet you appear to be so upset with Verizon?? lol. l have been with Verizon for going on 8yearz .... they're awsum!! l think you and your mum have some serious TRUST issuez... and how sneaky to have to resort to her daughterz info and credit ....
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-08-30:
Good Grief do you not have a spell check? and it sounds to me like you work for verizon Brashi sounds like you used this oppertunity to plug your company and obviously Verizon is not so peachy keen considering all the crap that has been posted ...get a clue ...and have a nice day
Posted by whyme on 2004-08-31:
Brashi, my problem with Verizon is that they connected the line without my authorization. I am sorry if you do not feel this is a valid response to a company charging $800 for a service you didnt recieve and didnt "gift". I, however, take it very personally when I am taken advantage of. My mother found that out first hand.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-10-25:
That is so sad for you. One of my in-laws had a family member do the same thing to her. It is identity theft. I don't blame you for not sueing your mom. Glad to hear she paid you, too bad your credit has to suffer. Good Luck
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Verizon Wireless Lies and is deceptive
Posted by on 12/01/2001
18360, PENNSYLVANIA -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

1) I signed up with verizon wireless on 10/01/01.
The sales one told me along as i stay in my calling area (blue on verizons local map plan i would not receive any extra charges on my bill -like Roaming charges ,since i do work in N.J i was carefull about asking all the right questions to the verizon representive saleman.
When i received my first bill on 11/10/01 i seen on the bill there was a $33.40 extra charge for B.S ...
I called Verizon and they said i had till monday to cancel the contract with then with out the $175 early cancellation fee.
So on Sat i called and canceled.
Then monday morning i received a call from verizon for me to ship back the phone that i payed for, this was not free for signing up with them..
I payed about $75 for the phone and $30 actavation free to start up the service.
So i'm out about $100 so far because they are faudulent in there business practices.
They have a lot of nerve i think and it's my opion they can do any thing they choose with us out there.

There Should be a Law so they can't be deceptive and lie to us and get away with it.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

make it so they can't do it to me or any one else.

As there tv ad Says

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-02:
I purchased a cell phone that had a $75.00 rebate through AAA with Verizon Wireless service. I sent in the rebate information. I distinctly remember mailing it. However, between changing jobs and refurnishing my home, I have seriously misplaced the documents. At any rate, both AAA and Verizon deny every having a $75.00 rebate program, of course, Verizon denies ever receiving my rebate. Once the contract is up, I'm moving on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-05:
We had a nightmare of an experience with Verizon Wireless. I had purchased 2 cell phones & service. I was told by the rep that the phone was buy 1 and get 1 free - I was then billed for both phones and was told the rep never told me that. I had requested both phones be on 1 bill - that took over a year. We were stuck with 2 year contracts! Even though I wrote 2 separate checks, mailed in separate envelopes with the account numbers written on them, both checks were posted to 1 account, giving me a credit on 1 account and being slammed with a fee to restart service on the other phone since my payment had not been received. One phone has had continual problems with the battery, flipping back and forth from digital to analog without even moving the phone, and beeping every time it changes - sometimes as much as 15 times in an hour. It took a year of phone calls to the rep, and several visits to the local store to get the battery replaced at no charge - this included several correspondences to the corporate offices - where no action was taken. I finally got a couple of small credits to compensate me, but the one phone still beeps and I was told there was nothing wrong with it - it's just where I am - "surrounded by too much metal". I have told them how unhappy I am with them and that I will not continue my service when the contract expires. There was only 1 person that actually said they were sorry to hear I had so many problems with the company. I continue to be plagued with the beeps, dropped calls, and terrible reception. The saddest thing is they are rated the best by Consumer Reports. ---- I had better cellular service 10 years ago!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-04:
I would like to see people get busy writting letters to the United States Attorney General and to their State Attorney Generals in order to force Verizon Wireless to make clear in simple layman terms all charges for services including the extra charge of $175.00 early termination fees per phone or numbers. That is now found on page five of Over View statement which is stated not part of the contract. To many people have been deceived into signing for more than what they orginially believe they were getting.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-07:
Verizon Wireless hidden extra charges for second phone or number of $175.00. Not in contract but on page five of the Customers Overview. Beware of the extra charge!!!!!!
Posted by jonico on 2004-05-29:
I am a Verizon Wireless customer and it states right in your contract about the early termination charge. You need to read what you are signing.
Posted by Mztwinkle on 2004-07-28:
As much as I think Verizon is deceptive about many of their policies. I have to agree with Jonico about the early termination, I was with verizon for 5 years and every contract I signed had the early termination fee on it.
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-03-19:
Verizon should spend some its huge advertizing budget on educating its customer service reps, its store salesmen, and the consumer.
Posted by batgirl3832 on 2011-08-10:
7-6-2011 I ordered an Iphone from Verizon Wireless (VW). It was the last day they were offering their unlimited data plan for $29.99. I wanted the peace of mind not to worry about data usage even though I was leaving on vacation the next morning. I was assigned phone number: 540-656-7206.
7-25 when I returned from my trip I turned on my phone. 7-26 I thought it might be easier for people to contact me if I switched the 7206 number with another number on our account: 3832. I called (VW) to ask if this would affect my data plan, and if not, get assistance changing numbers. The lady on the line assured me it would not affect my data plan and she switched the phone numbers.
By happenstance I found out the next day they switched me to a 2GB plan when they switched my phone numbers. Verizon Wireless gave me erroneous information that enabled them to change my data plan without my knowledge that it was happening.
I have called them several times to try to rectify the situation. I want the unlimited data plan I ordered 7-6-11. It’s the only reason I ordered a phone.
As of yet they have denied my requests. They say they are sorry for the mishap, but there is nothing they can do.
It seems as if Verizon Wireless customer service representatives have license to misinform/lie to their customers without recourse.
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Lousy Customer Service Contact
Posted by Duck on 01/25/2006
MIDDLETOWN, MARYLAND -- For over a year I have been stewing about how difficult it is to contact a "real" person at Verizon when in need of help with my account. The service is so bad, that given a choice for local telephone service, I would gladly change. Verizon should use Opec Long Distance as an example for being a nice company that is easy to communicate with.

That being said, Verizon sent out an offer that I couldn't refuse a couple weeks ago...Unlimited local and long distance service, with voice mail, for #$39.95 per month. The only trouble is that when 1-800-951-0746 is dialed, the Verizon voice says that due to high demand, I should call again.

Well, I've called at least 20 times over the past week at all different times of day and evening and I keep getting the same message. There is certainly some bad thinking at Verizon management when not only do they not provide enough workers to handle routine business calls, but they don't provide enough workers to handle applications for a newly advertised consumer service.

Let's hear a big "boo" for Verizon management!

George Leiby
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Posted by KateM on 2006-01-25:
You boo hoo them yet still want their service. Why should they bother trying to be better when people like you are clammering to join them when they suck? Think about it...
Posted by tander on 2006-01-25:
But then people read on here about bad customer service, and it is bad not being able to talk to a live person, so then Verizon will lose customers because of that, so Boo! to Verizon!
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Early Termination Fee
Posted by Vsandifo on 12/17/2005
I ended my service at the end of my contract (after 4 years with Verizon) because I was unhappy with the customer service during the final year. When I called to end it, I specifically asked if I was doing everything right so I didn't get the early termination fee (in case I was one day early, or something tricky like that). I was due a credit and declined to pay my final balance with a credit card (I never pay with my credit card over the phone). The service rep. said they would report to the credit reporting agency! I said, "for not paying with my credit card right now?". I said I would be very happy to pay my bill in full when I received the final statement.

Two months later (after September 13th), I got a call from a collection agency trying to collect $288.00 (my final bill was $113.00). I said I would of course pay but I needed a statement. He had no information & said to call Verizon directly. He also told me that this non-payment WAS REPORTED TO ALL CREDIT BUREAUS.

I immediately called Verizon customer service. It took HOURS on the phone, first to get to the right person (you have to explain EVERYTHING to EVERYONE you get on the phone, then get put on hold to wait for yet ANOTHER rep, over & over & over), finally John, from the Wilmington Call Center, told me I had a $175.00 early termination fee because I terminated early. I explained the details (I did NOT terminate early) and he said I needed the original contract from Verizon to prove it because his computer said otherwise. Luckily, I found a Verizon form letter stating my one year contract ended on September 13, 2005. I had to hang up the phone in order to fax it to them. Tracy (supervisor) was supposed to call me back either way -- if this was acceptable or if she found something else disproving my claim. She did not call. I faxed the letter a second time and left another message for her to PLEASE call me. She finally called 5 hours later to leave a message that they NEVER received the fax! (I have the "receipts" from the fax machine showing they went through OK.)

I KNEW when I cancelled that the representative was going to cause trouble. I believe she changed the terms of my contract on VERIZON's computer records. I have the form letter from Verizon outlining the terms of the contract. I'm glad I have that! I faxed it a third time and they have not yet responded.

KEEP ALL paperwork from Verizon for longer than you think you will need it.

Better yet, use another wireless company, if possible. Verizon does have good phone service but if anything goes wrong (if you lose your phone, etc), this is NOT the company you want to have to deal with.
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Posted by miketech on 2005-12-18:
Yep sounds like a mobile phone company to me. Sorry to say if you are looking for greener grass your gonna just get more of the same. They are all the same kinda like the big banks.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-18:
If you decide to switch, I can't comment on Sprint & Nextel, but I CAN tell you to stay away from Cingular. That is, unless you like dealing with dropped calls & getting billed for calls not made.
Posted by Scruedtoo on 2006-03-07:
I had the same experience too, only worse. They charged me for 4 lines at 175.00 each for "early termination" when in fact I terminated my contract 3 days after it had expired. I have made uncountable calls since October, 05' with no success. I'm now the victim of constant harrassing calls from bill collectors. I'm trying to research how to resolve this issue. Please see my posting, "Perpetual contracts". You can Email me if you'd like at Rlsmajestic@cs.com. I feel perhaps there is power in numbers. Just know that you are not alone!
Posted by Mitch62 on 2010-07-01:
Send them a certified letter, Return Receipt. Notify them, under the provisions of the Fair Debt Practices Collection Act (FDPCA), to cease contacting you. Next, make demand of them to prove that their claim for the Early Termination Fee is valid. Demand copies of contracts and any voice recordings to prove that your contract had not expired. Give them 30 calendar days to prove this. If they do not meet the deadline, sue them in Small Claims Court. Ask for recovery under FDPCA, the amounts they are claiming you owe, as damages. You can actually seek up to $1,000. If they fail to respond or don't show, get a judgement against them. If they then fail to satisfy the judgement, contact an attorney to have the judgement satisfied. Small Claims Court is a great place to go after these debt collectors.
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Verizon Long Distance Short Fall Charge
Posted by PIP on 09/29/2006
FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- On the bill I just received from Verizon I am being charged $2.00 for a "Short Fall Charge" It seems I did not have any long Distance Charges so they charge me $2.00 for a "Short Fall Charge" because I didn't make any long distance calls. I e-mailed them and told them that if I went to Kroger's and didn't buy any milk they would not charge me a short fall charge for not buying any milk. I really think this is a ripoff.

Don B. Pippin
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Posted by glc on 2006-09-29:
Great analogy, Don!
Posted by Motov276 on 2006-09-30:
SO, wait a minute. They charged you $2.00 for something that you didn't even use? That's rediculous. I loved your analogy too! Why in the world would a telephone company charge you a service fee for a service that you didn't even use? Doesn't make sense to me.
Posted by HaroldSays on 2006-09-30:
I checked and the "Short Fall" charge in written in their policy. It is as Verizon states, "A shortfall charge, equal to the difference between the minimum monthly spending level and the actual amount spent, will apply to customers who do not reach their minimum spending level." It is C R A P I know, however, they can get away with it.
Posted by sergheibr on 2006-10-03:
maybe you should choose another provider for your long distance services...
Posted by aylayla on 2006-10-31:
I noticed this on my bill starting Sep 06, through the Verizon website I inquired about this. See part of their reply below. I called to cancel my long distance since I can't recall when I last used it since I use my Cingular cell phone for those calls. A one time $2.75 cancellation fee will be charged. At least I'm no longer paying for something I won't use.

"Notice of Price Increase:
Effective 9/1/06, the Verizon Long Distance
Value Plan will have a monthly minimum usage
requirement of $2 per month. Your domestic 1+
and international long distance calls, calling
card calls, operator assisted, away from home,
collect calls, personal toll free calls and
associated plan fees all contribute towards the
minimum usage.
Federal taxes, state taxes, credits, Universal
Service Fees, and other surcharges and taxes
do not contribute to the minimum usage fee."
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-04:
There should be a tutorial on these unexpected charges.
Posted by stopthejerks on 2007-08-10:
I noticed the $2.00 shortfall charge on my Verizon bill. (In addition, the feds and my local jurisdiction took their cut in universal service and surcharge taxes totaling another 38 cents.) Like other bloggers on this site I called Verizon and questioned the charge. Life a thief in the night, they apparently changed my basic service contract to allow this fee. (Who has time to read those small print notices that come with your bill every month? I save all of mine. So I'm going to further investigate when and this little grab happened.)

Anyway, the Clarksburg, West Virginia Customer Service Service Center (CSSC) told me there are two long-distance "services" on my line. One is "free" for regional long distance and the other is for long distance outside of my region. Verizon said they would cancel the second long distance service for a one-time fee of over $5.00. How nice of them.

I wonder two things regarding this game Verizon is playing. First, what other phone companies can I switch to in the DC metropolitan area. Two, what were the legalities involved in slipping this charge in on Verizon subscribers. Does anyone have answers to these questions?
Posted by bacon on 2007-11-06:
I'm not sure how long they've been charging me this absurd fee (shortfall) but, I just noticed the $4.00 fee on last month's bill (Oct.07). I felt the same way as the other posting, that this was totally unwarranted and almost ridiculous. I called Verizon only to be told the same "scripted" answer..that I will continue to be charged this fee for "NOT" using my long distance service. I gave the Verizon rep the same analagy....."So, if I drive by the gas station and "don't" stop for gas...I'll have to pay the "shortfall" fee to the gas station for not stopping for gas???" She did not appreciate my humor. I'm glad I live in a large city...and have other options for home phone service. The local cable company offers their own home phone service....I will definitely be switching from Verizon and dropping them like I should have done a long time ago. (This is not the first negative run in I've had with that company and their employees) Steve T. Long Beach, CA
Posted by Dcrane on 2008-01-07:
Shortfall Charge! What a deplorable scam! Didn't they just get busted for an old pre frivilous charge and now this! I am charged up to $4.00 for NOT making long distance calls. That's $48.00 per year on the BIG picture. If the hubby wasn't functioning in the dark ages (recently got him to stop bringing the check book to the grocery store) I would shut down the home phone and rely on the cell.
In response, Verizon offered to change my plan which would increase their bottom line of course. The alternative is to remove long distance access all together. I'll call my AG's office.
Posted by Dcrane on 2008-01-11:
To avoid the charge cancel your long distance service and use your cell for those calls. You can still call 888 and 800 from home as well as receive long distance calls but don't allow Verizon to feed off of you any further!
Posted by PIP on 2008-01-11:
Well, Friends, Since I started this mess about our "friend", Verizon, I made a decision to go with Comcast for all of my TV, Computer and Telephone. My total per monthly payment is less. Also, MY LONG DISTANCE SERVICE IS FREE!!! How do you like them apples, Verizon?
Thanks to everyone that had a part in this. It was a lot of fun.
God Bless You All,
Don B. Pippin

Posted by myangel6 on 2008-01-27:
I don't even have long distance through Verizon. I have local service only and still I see on my bill that they have charged me $4.00 plus taxes to not use their service. I have switched to Comcast. They are coming next weekend. Don't you know Verizon has sent us overnight mail and also a long recording on the answering machine about what they will do to keep us as customers: 14.95 a month for service, 200 dollar gift card, etc. How about if you had just been fair with the charges in the first place. I have the $28.95 package for basic service and my bill was still 51 dollars with no long distance calls. Done with that!
Posted by PIP on 2008-01-28:
Hi Gang,
It looks like Verizon is still at it. You would think after all of the bad publicity they would get the message. Oh well, Comcast needs the business.
May God Bless,
Don B. Pippin
Posted by Pax on 2009-03-20:
I'm a little late to the party, I know ... but I just found this discussion tonight, after noticing a $3.49 "shortfall charge" on my own bill from Verizon. This, *despite* already paying them $6.50 for their "TalkTime 30" long-distance plan. It turns out that Verizon wants everyone in my state (Massachusetts) to pay at least - get this - TEN DOLLARS on long distance, every month.

So, guess what? Come Monday, we'll be looking at changing over to Comcast not only for our telephone service ... but also our Internet service. Sure, we'll be paying maybe $10 more per month ... but we'll get more service AND more honesty for our money, anyway.

In the end, Verizon just wanted an extra $3.49/month ... and if they'd been honest and just raised their package pricing by that much, that at least would have been HONEST (if somewhat overpriced). Instead, I feel what they have done is a bait-and-switch: _advertise_ one price, _charge_ another.

So instead of getting their extra three and a half dollars, they will LOSE over fifty dollars a month: we're taking our business elsewhere.
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Verizon's Customer Service
Posted by Clinis on 01/03/2006
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I purchased phones in January 2005. At that time we thought we were getting a good deal for what we needed. The customer service received at that time was excellent.

The problem with the phones were immediate.
My husband and I had the same identical problem. While talking on the phone, the phone would cut off. This is very aggravating and annoying.
We made several contacts by phone and in person with Verizon to resolve the problem. It was not until November 2006 that Verizon replaced the LG 3200 with new LG 3200 phones. However, the problem with both phones continued.

I did not want to go through this problem in 2006. My husband and I went to the Green Hills location again, and went through all the problems we were experiencing with the phones. I informed Sharon that it was suggested when I contacted the 1-800-921-0204 that it was probably the phone. I had done all that they had ask of us to do and the phone was still cutting off.

Then Sharon pull out two white boxes and each contained a phone (LG 3300) without backs. She begin asking employees if they had phones that would fit the back for one of the LG 3300 and no one did. She continued looking and finally found what she needed and gave us the phones. We were shocked because both phones were scratched up.

I explain to her that we were dissatisfied with the service and wanted new phones. She became angry with me raising her voice and told me that she was doing me a favor. I explain to her that I was a customer, who has not raised my voice and only wanted the service that I was paying each month. I further stated to Sharon that we had stood by our end of the bargain but feel that Verizon had not stood up to there end of the deal.

I requested to see a supervisor or manager and after explaining the problem he gave us new LG 3300 to replace the LG 3200. However, we forgot to bring the charger for the phone. The charger that was given to us at the time was an old charger and did not work with the LG3300. Sharon explain that once we brought in the old chargers that she would replace them with new chargers.

My husband returned to the store and waited patiently in line. After Sharon finished servicing the person in front of my husband, she got up from the desk and said "I'm going to lunch and left him standing in line."

My husband got in the next line and waited patiently.

I wish that the service that we received when we initially applied for phones were the same when we had problems with the phone. We were very nice and never raised our voice. Sharon became angry because we did not settle for the old pieced up phones that she wanted to give us.

We will not renew our contract.

Dissatisfied Nashville, TN Customer
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loop hole to get out of contract in next 60 days
Posted by 123anonabc on 08/17/2005
NEW MEXICO -- If you want to get out of your Verizon contract, you can get out in the next 60 days for free!!!

My Aug. bill contained a 'Notice of Introduction of Administrative Charge" and a bunch of text saying what the charge would be for. This struck me as odd since I had a contract and couldn't understand how they could just decide to change it. There was a 'For more information' phone number. That was joke. A recording read back to me exactly what I had read on the bill. OK, call customer service. After twenty minutes, lots of time on hold, a refusal to send me a copy of my 'Customer Agreement' the agent found the fine print.


That means anyone who want to cancel in the next 60 days can do so 'without any early termination fee'.

My question is this. Is Verizon going to waive termination fees to anyone who cancels in the next 60 days? My guess is only if you point this out!!!!

Good luck.
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Posted by Consumer_Protector on 2006-01-09:
Yeah, and Verizon sponsors animal abuse by sponsoring rodeos...ick

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