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My Complaints About Verizon
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have been a customer since I moved to New York City in 1972, and I have never felt so horrible about your company, your policies, and your customer service. If I could afford to, I would switch in a New York minute, but unfortunately all the alternatives are more expensive than what I've got with you: DSL and a Basic Budget line. In the last year, I have had numerous problems with my phone service. Over Christmas, I had no service. I missed many calls before I realized the problem: people getting cut off after one ring or a fraction of a ring. The problem was fixed.

Lately I've had extraordinarily slow DSL service. I reported the problem about two weeks into it—during your employees' strike. On August 29, a repair man called, didn't seem to know where the correct box was, asked me, and I told him "I didn't know." A little while later, he called again and said he would have to cut off my service, the problem was with the central office, and everything would be restored within two hours. When I asked if he'd call me back to verify when my service was restored and that everything was working, he complained that it was too hard to stand in an alley way (where the box was), and he couldn't, and he was sure the fix would work.

Nobody ever called me back that day, but service was restored. The next day, I received a call from Verizon checking my service. I said it was restored. However later in the day, I discovered the problem with the DSL slowness remained. To make a long story short, I have spent hours on the phone with your representatives. I was given an appointment for Sept. 7, then offered an earlier one, and when I tried to accept it—another half hour on the phone resulting in nothing—I was unable to. I was told I'd be called back and never was.

Concurrent with all this, I received a bill with a new charge for a “change in long distance service.” Last month an online customer service person removed a new charge for long distance service at my request as a “courtesy.” I never asked for long distance service. In fact, when I lost my job and downsized to Basic Budget, I specifically requested an incoming-call-only plan and was told you didn't have one. (I make all outgoing called via MagicJack.)

This month I received a bill with a charge for $2.75 to remove the service that you decided to charge me for that I had never asked for. When I called to complain and try to have that charge removed, an unhelpful customer service person, who verged on belligerence, told me that according to your records, I had been informed about long distance service when I signed up. Since I specifically had requested NOT to have it, I'm quite sure that this is incorrect.

In fact, when I changed to Basic Budget, I interrupted the Verizon representative and said I did NOT want any outgoing service. Your representative told me "that's not what your records show" and “We will not/cannot remove the charge.” The End.

I am beyond disgusted with this kind of nickel and diming to charge fees for services that are either not provided or not required. The fact that all this has escalated about a charge of $2.75 is almost funny. As I researched alternatives to Verizon, I heard from friends on Facebook that “they all suck!” Why don't you try to be better than the pack? How about trying to be polite, fair, and stopping this ridiculousness the alienates your customers? How about trying to help people who are literally counting nickels and dimes to survive? How about having some kind of awareness of the environment you are operating in?

Other complaints during my history of Verizon service: Once I was not sent an e-bill, then I was charged a fee for not paying it and told that I was responsible for paying bills whether I received them or not. The penalty was removed as a “courtesy.” I subsequently opted for paper bills. I have recently (January 2012) been told that I've automatically been switched to e-bills, because I pay online. I hope I actually receive them. Although I no longer trust Verizon to ever follow through, so if I don't, I'll check.

For years I've had intermittent problems with static or electronic noise on the line. Technicians have not been able to fix it. But the noise will disappear for stretches of time. The last time I complained after months of it, I was told there was no problem on the outside line and I'd have to pay for a technician to come to my home. I knew the problem was not my line when it miraculously disappeared, again, in January 2012.

Recently (it's now 1/15/12) I spent about two hours on the phone with techs in India after my Internet service disappeared, although the DSL line on my new modem was lit. The first time it went down, following the tech's directions restored it, but he kept me on the phone to try to get me to download web service which would be useless if I cannot get on the Internet. I finally said thanks, but we've solved the problem. I was paying for this call on my cell phone.

About an hour later the Internet service disappeared again. I spent another hour on my cell to India. The tech couldn't fix it, said a supervisor would call me back in 24 hours. Later that afternoon, Internet was restored, and shortly after that, I received a robot call from Verizon telling me there was an outage in my area that both Indian techs had assured me was not the case. I wasted hours trying to fix an unfixable problem and getting the runaround.

A couple of days after my Internet service was restored, I got a call from a Verizon survey taker to find out how I felt about the service and the company. When I responded “unreliable, uninterested in helping customers, only interested in making money any which way they can,” and gave them a score of zero for how likely I'd be to recommend them to others, I was asked if I'd be open to someone calling me to investigate my feelings more. “Yes,” I answered. … So far, no call.

Can't Get Their Act Together
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Rating: 1/51

MASHPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- My Verizon Horror Story: We have long had DSL internet service through a local ISP. They used Verizon's lines and provided us with a modem with “Verizon” on the side, so when we were told they were discontinuing service in our area and we would have to find another provider, the logical choice was Verizon - after all, their lines and equipment were already in place and it seemed like it would be a simple matter to switch the account.

So on Friday morning, September 28, we called and ordered service. We had had land line phone service with Verizon since 1982, and agreed to a bundled plan with phone and internet. An installation date of October 2 between 1 and 5 was arranged. On October 2, 5:00 came and went. No sign of any service, any technician, or anything else.

So the first of several phone calls was made. “Hello, we were supposed to be getting internet service this afternoon, but nothing's on and no one has contacted us.” First we were told that it was a self-install package, which we never got. Got transferred to the sales department which looked up the account and said no, actually we weren't supposed to get a self-install package.

Over the next few people we were transferred to, some said a technician would come out and do something outside the house. Some said it would be done entirely on their end and we didn't need to do anything. We ended up with someone from the tech department who went through testing the modem to see if it was working (“Did you plug the cable into the wall jack?” was heard for the first of many times over the next week on that call.). The tech determined that the modem was working and that the internet service should be on, and advised us to wait until midnight because sometimes it took a while.

Wednesday - no service. This is when the fun starts. We start calling every day to find out what's happening. We're passed around to numerous different people and get put on hold enough. The hold music was awful and I sincerely wish I never had to hear it again, but I don't think I'll be that lucky. No one has an answer, but the surely the next person we talk to will be able to help. Over and over and over again. It gets escalated to someone who says our former provider needs to port a number over to them and they can't install service until that happens. Call the old provider, they don't know what Verizon is talking about and say there's no number they own that they can port over, but they'll email and say we're switching.

This is also the first time we get the “I'll call back later to check if everything is working” line. No call back. We call them, going through the same explanation of what our problem is again. “If your phone is working the internet should be working too.” No, it's not. “Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack?“ “I don't understand. It should be working.”

Friday they stop answering the number we had been calling. It just rings and rings. Monday I dig up another number and try that. Start over with the explanation, go through the same routine. “If your phone is working the internet should be working too.” No, it's not. “Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack? “ “I don't understand. It should be working.” This time they decide they need to cancel the order and rewrite it. But they can't. “I'm going to work on this offline and I'll call you back.” Sit around the house for eight hours waiting for a call back that never comes.

Finally we call back, spend half an hour explaining the problem (“Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack? If your phone is working I don't understand why the internet isn't working. They should have come on at the same time.” Sorry, no one was offering DSL services in 1982 when we got that phone line. Another fruitless call, talking to one person, then another, then another, none of whom can figure out what's going on.

From here on, it's the “back office” that needs to fix something. We hear that over and over. “I have to have the back office work on this. I'll call you back as soon as I can.” No call back, of course. Next day - “I have to have the back office work on this. They should be able to fix it tomorrow.I'll call to make sure everything is working.” No call back. Next day - “I have to have the back office work on this and they're not there now. I'll call you back.” No call back.

It has now been a few hours short of two weeks since we initiated what should have been a simple order. Still no resolution or even a hint that a resolution might be at hand. At least on this last call no one asked if a cable was plugged into the wall jack. Be thankful for small favors, I guess. I got off the phone about half an hour ago, with another promise that someone would call back. Probably as empty as all the others.

Total time spent - roughly six hours on the phone, maybe 16 hours hanging around the house afraid to do anything else waiting for a call back. I have no idea how long this will go on. I'm starting to think they're just playing with me, jerking me around and laughing when I get off the phone about how they got me to believe another empty promise to fix things and call back. Each person I talk to seems polite, but every single one is absolutely, utterly unable to do anything even remotely useful or get us any closer to actually having internet service in the house, so maybe this is all just a sick game for them.

So, for anyone wondering which kind of internet service to go with, be advised that if you decide to go with Verizon you'll probably be without service for several weeks while they flail around trying to get their act together. Posted from the library parking lot, the nearest place to get internet.

Horrible Service All Around
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Rating: 1/51

ASHLEY, PA -- This is the second time I've attempted to get Verizon DSL. The first time was in my apartment. I cancelled after the first few times the tech didn't show up to install like he was supposed to. Dealing with customer service was horrible. Every time I called I got someone who could barely speak English. When I moved into my new house I didn't have many options for internet. Against my best judgment, I decided to try Verizon again. The installation process went better this time, with the tech actually showing up on the day he was scheduled to show.

Once the internet was connected, the connection was EXTREMELY slow. I'm talking old school dial up slow. I couldn't stream, and any pages that I tried to open on my phone took about 5 minutes to load. At this point, I decided to call customer service to see why it was so slow. Again, it's someone who speaks barely intelligible English. She has me download an app to test my connection speed. The speed registered at below 1 mbps. The representative tells me that's what the speed is supposed to be at with that package. I tell her I can't even stream Netflix. She says that you need at least 3 mbps to stream.

Then she proceeds to check to see if any package upgrades are available. Turns out, there are none available in my area. Mind you, I don't live in the middle of nowhere. I live about 10 minutes away from a small city. At this point, I tell her numerous times that I want to cancel my plan. She keeps insisting on having me speak to a Verizon wireless representative because she knows they have options available to me. I should've just hung up but I let her transfer me. The representative she transferred me to was clueless as to why she even transferred me. The only option he could offer me was a capped wireless data plan at about $150 per month. No thanks!

I still need to cancel my plan so I try to call customer service the following day. I'm told that there is a high volume of calls and the wait time is over an hour. Gee, I wonder why so many people are trying to call customer service. I wait a good half hour and hang up. I repeat this process twice before I finally get a representative on the line. I tell them I want to cancel my plan. They cancel it. I ask if there will be a charge since there is a 30 day money back guarantee. The representative says there won't be as long as I return my modem/router combo.

A few days later I get the return label in the mail. I box up the router and bring it to my local UPS store. I watch them scan the label and they give me the receipt. I eventually throw this out (my own stupidity) because it's weeks later and I figure everything is kosher, right? Wrong. I just received a bill last night. For 175.62! What can this possibly be for?

The bill isn't broken down where I can actually tell what the previous balance of 229.81 is for. I can't even imagine why I would have a previous balance of over $200 after cancelling my service after a week. The most I should be paying is the installation fee which was about $90 when I ordered the services. I'm currently on hold with the estimated wait time being over an hour. I'm so tired of wasting my time with these people. I will never be a Verizon customer again, internet or otherwise.

Another in the long line
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Rating: 1/51

For 8 yrs. now we have had Verizon DSL with no voice service. Packet 8 provided our voice line and Verizon was the "dry loop" DSL. On April 18th I spoke to a CS Rep at Verizon and told them we would be moving as of May 14th. Since our move and the change to the account was after the cut-off date of May 6 we would need to have a voice line along with the DSL to have Verizon service.

The Rep said they could "port" my number over and give me local and long distance voice service and keep our DSL. A win/win situation. I told them okay. After all info was given I was to do a 3rd Party Verification. Okay no problem. Or so I thought.

On Monday the 23 of April I was contacted to do ANOTHER 3rd Party Verification as they could not find the one on the 18th??? So I did another. Called in on April 27 and was told the number was now at Verizon and everything was on track for the installation on May 4th... but I needed to do ANOTHER 3rd Party Verification. Seems they could not find the 1st or 2nd one so I said fine... whatever.

So Friday May 4th gets here and 12 noon comes and goes and no Verizon Tech. I called and they said he was running late, but would call me. Not 5 minutes later he called and said he could not put in the service as there was some problems with the phone number. So I called the main number again and the Rep told me the "ported" number was put on the data line and they would have to assign me a NEW number for my phone. I asked what kind of an idiot (ID 10 T error) puts a voice number on a data line when it was coming over as a voice number.

She said she did not know, but I needed to cancel my Packet 8 for them to do anything with the number now that they had it in their possession. I had my other half use his cell to call Packet 8 and cancel our account. I then asked to speak her supervisor and was put on hold for 22 minutes using up most of my cell minutes. I got a fellow in Memphis (her supervisor) and he said "No the number was not on the voice line as she had said it was... it was not even there (VERIZON) at all."

AND because it was a VOIP number, Verizon could not get it from Packet 8. Well the original Rep that placed the beginning order knew it was a VOIP number and if there was a problem with it being a VOIP number you would think they would have said something. So I told him the last Rep said I had to cancel my Packet 8 subscription now that Verizon had the number so they (Verizon) could try to move it from DATA to voice. He said "Oh no, if you cancel it we will never be able to get the number." Thankfully my other half had more minutes than I and called Packet 8 back and asked them to reinstate our number and account.

"NO PROBLEM... and while we are at it let's give you a FREE month of VOIP SERVICE and A NEW high speed adapter too." And Packet 8 Rep stated that at NO time did they ever receive a request from Verizon to "PORT" the number. So I told the VERIZON REP to just cancel my existing order for voice service, leave the DSL and just do a local voice line even knowing I would have a bill that would be about $20.00 more a month that I what was paying for just DSL. He said he would let me think it over, but would cancel the existing order, but would also have a representative call me at my insistence in 15 minutes. FINE.

I waited to hear from the Rep and after 45 minutes checked my emails and there was one from Verizon... thanking me for my "DOUBLE BUNDLE" Voice and Internet order. The email was timed about 10 minutes after I spoke to the last REP while waiting for the next REP to call me. I called back in and spoke to a very sweet young girl "**" who said she would try to help straighten this mess out and she would call me on MONDAY.

Well by mid morning I had not heard from anyone so I called and got ** in Tampa, who was more than happy to look at what the problem was, but I would have to do ANOTHER 3rd Party Verification to get the voice line as none of the previous VERIFICATIONS were showing up. Then as she got into the account she found at the existing order was blocked. AND she could not put any service on our new lot even if she wanted to, as the address was now blocked from any service.

She stated she had never even seen something like this before and had no idea who had the authority to block an account, except that it more than likely came down from the executive level. She would try to find out what was going on and call me back with any information she could find. Still waiting...4 hrs. later. CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS is looking like a good idea right about now as it looks like we will not have any service once they move our house off this lot but I just hate to do a dirty deal to Packet 8 as they have been above board and most accommodating in this whole thing.

Heavy Sigh!!!
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Rating: 2/51

HEMET, CALIFORNIA -- I was a customer of Verizon from early 2007 until April 2012 in Hemet, CA. I had phone and DSL. The phone was just outrageously expensive but was still a cheaper alternative than a cell phone at the time. I had nothing but trouble from both the phone and the DSL. Especially with the DSL which would constantly go down. I mean constantly, every few minutes. Every time I'd call, they'd test and say it was OK. It went so far that I had to contact corporate in NY. They sent me to a special department to handle really bad customer service issues and they were awesome and the problem was fixed.

I then lost my job and had to drop the phone and downgrade the DSL. Even with the downgrade, it cost me $10 more for the DSL because I dropped the bundle. I still saved around $30 a month but the lower speed was horrendous. It took forever to download even the smallest things and every time I'd launch a site, I'd have to refresh several times until finally, it would connect.

And it still would go down periodically, too. Way more often than it should (I should mention that during the whole dealing with corporate deal, one of the techs that came out told me that there were dead shorts in all the boxes in the park where I lived and that Verizon was not too interested in fixing any of them because they were pushing Fios). I had to pay for the privilege of this horrible service for another year and a half while I looked for work, mostly because I needed the DSL for job searches and I had already tried the local cable company's internet with even worse results.

I never found a job and I was forced to sell out and move in with family. I canceled my DSL service effective 4/2/12. I stopped the 3/28 payment because it didn't make sense to have to make two payments so close to each other. I decided I would just wait for and pay the final bill. But I still haven't rec'd the final bill. And when I call to inform them that they don't have my new address so they can send me the final bill, they tell me they can't change it because the account's been closed. What?? I can't give them an address to send the final bill to? Really, what?

Today I finally got someone who said that since I was signed up to receive my bills online, the address thing shouldn't be an issue. I should be able to still go online and find out what the final charges are but not until 5/2, a full month past the effective cancellation date. The problem there is after a certain amount of time, the online access is canceled, too.

So, they won't take an address to send the final bill to me. And I have to remember to go online and find out what the charges are before they cancel my access. But in the meantime, I'm considered past due. But not past due for what I actually owe. I'm past due for 2 full months as of the 21st even tho they won't tell me what I owe until 5/2. But here's the good news. As long as I remember to go find out the final charges and pay them within two weeks, they won't send me to collections. Yay!

Horrible and deteriorating landline and DSL service in my area
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Rating: 2/51

UNION, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a landline customer forever, signed up for cheapest $15/mo 1Mb DSL in August 2011. I've had problems with landline before, mostly very bad static and I could faintly hear my neighbors (we both use corded phones). Static happened on and off, at times for longer than a month. Before I learned from Verizon static was due to stress on faulty wires outside I had to waste hours on the phone doing automated line tests and troubleshooting.

I checked internal phones and wiring and could not find any problems internally. Still hesitated but asked Verizon to send a repair tech. Turned out problem was with the wiring outside. Still get static on the line occasionally. No interference with neighbors.

When first signed up for DSL my speed was around 800Kb. Due to static on the line I could not get 1Mb as advertised and customer service told me anything over 500Kb is acceptable speed and within the range. Line/wires can't handle faster speed. Also DSL disconnected randomly. My new modem was replaced with the same model but disconnect issue was not resolved.

CS never offered to inspect the line out on the street until one day CS person told me I'm paying for 1Mb and no reason why I should get less, sent out a tech, again problem was due to faulty external cable. That was taken care of but within a few days DSL disconnected randomly, but only for a few minutes at a time. Lately I've been getting static again and more frequent and longer disconnects. Extremely annoying.

Does Verizon offers better quality service in larger bandwidth plans and tries to get customers who don't necessarily need more bandwidth to sign up for more expensive plans? This is only a temp setup for me. Will dump Verizon DSL and landline as soon as I move out of this area.

Nonexistent Service
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Rating: 1/51

We have had difficulties with our internet for more than a year (we live in a large city so one would think we would have good service simply b/c of the density of population). First Verizon gave us a new modem--that didn't really solve the problem but we dealt with it. Then last week, we noticed that our internet was so slow we couldn't download etc.

This week we have spent hours on the phone with Verizon. Hours. They have refused to answer our questions and seem totally clueless about how to resolve this (TOTALLY CLUELESS!); they have repeatedly promised to call us back (never happens). The only thing they did do was push a change in our long distance service on us (we didn't care about our phone line and that was not what we were calling about). We do get callbacks, however, which are automated and which say things like "we are canceling your order." WTF?

Today they told us a tech would come between 8 and 12. We are at home waiting. Suddenly we get one of their usual automated calls "we are canceling your order." When we tried to call Verizon to ask where the tech is and why our order is being canceled, we get customer service reps who just says "we are very sorry." Apparently, the customer service representative has no idea what is happening, can't resolve the problem, can't answer our questions and can't call the tech to figure out where he is and whether he will, indeed, come to our house between 8 and 12 as they promised (they claim they don't have a number for himreally?! Give me a break!).

Over the last week, we have been repeatedly lied to by clueless customer reps. When we ask to speak to a supervisor, the tech support people cut us off (this has happened three times which makes me think it is a tactic they use--not an accident). We can't speak to anyone who can answer our questions. We just have people saying "we are very sorry." And the final kicker… we have been paying for internet service for two years which we have not received (they admit that we have been paying for a very high-speed service which we have not been receiving). So on top of everything else, they are thieves. Flat out.

I wish this were a unique story but when I spoke to a neighbor yesterday, he told us that it took 4 visits from a Verizon tech (and two missed visits--when Verizon claimed they were sending someone out and they did not do so) before Verizon finally resolved their problem. I cannot believe any company with a track record like that can stay in business but apparently they are too big to fail (how much do they get in govt subsidies? and yes, they have moved their tech support out of the US to India--gotta love these idiots).

Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We tried to get internet service through Verizon because we were going to bundle with our new Verizon landline. Well after 8 weeks of trying to deal with this lousy company they said we don't exist on the map so no internet. Meanwhile my neighbors beside me, and across the road from me have it. But we don't exist for internet. Meanwhile while this was going on they installed a landline phone at our home... but we don't exist. What a laugh (not really).

Everyone I spoke to gave me to another person who didn't know anything about anything. Meanwhile they sent us the internet equipment but we don't exist! So when we finally got told we can't give you internet because we don't exist, they said they would send a return label so we could send their lousy crap back that we didn't need. Well that took 3 months to get and many phone calls from us to ask where the label is. They said, "Don't worry we will hold the bill till we get the equipment back." Well I personally took the equipment to ups. They delivered it and lo and behold Verizon sent my bill to a collections agency.

Much to my surprise (not) I was on the phone with ups. They tracked and found that Verizon received the equipment someone signed for it and now it was a dispute. The collections agency called Verizon and 2 days later Verizon called me to say, "Oops, we got it. It was our mistake." Well their mistakes cause people such grief. The company is way too big to care about the people that make their paychecks. Shame on you Verizon you don't deserve the business of hard working people!

Also I know for a fact that they have big expensive parties for their employees reward them for coming to work when there are super bowl games with expensive gifts. They are wasting their customers money. Let me also say most of Verizon's employees are smart mouths. They speak very rudely when you aren't going along with what they tell you. Go AT&T! Now that's a good company. VERIZON... YOU SUCK!

Installation is not included.
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Rating: 1/51

WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I did my research in finding a cheap option to get my credit card machine at the shop up and running. A phone line is surprisingly expensive, but DSL seemed like a good deal. And I could watch Netflix at work while not using the machine. Verizon offered the best deal for it. They didn't ask for a contract and installation was included. $39.99 a month get me a slow service, but plenty enough for a credit card machine, and half the price of full-on wireless internet.

Someone comes into the shop, plugs in the router/modem combo, and leaves. I use the password and everything on the side of the modem to get online and it asks me for my Verizon email address and password. In the end, I'm on hold for two hours. That not an exaggeration, I put it on speaker phone after five minutes and it took two hours for that terrible hold music to stop. After that wait, they had to transfer me to two other departments before I told them just to send a person to my shop or I would cancel everything. They argued, I got angry, they sent someone out and I was online a few days later.

The worst part is the first bill. $358. Installation was $150, and they sold me the modem/router for another $150. The remaining $58 was the rest of that month and all of next month for internet, no complaint there. Even the $150 for the modem/router wasn't horrible, though it a fee that they just don't feel like telling their customers about, apparently. But the included installation is $150.

I called support, waited an hour and a half on hold, got transferred between departments a few times, and then I was told they would review the recordings of my previous calls and see if I was not in fact informed and call me back. Two weeks later, no call back. I call them and they tell me to wait. On hold for two hours, and I hung up. They shut off the service and bill collectors call me every morning, but no one will discuss why I am being charged for installation that was included. Won't say a word about it. The customer service email seems to be replied to using a bot that just says the same block of text over and over again.

Anyone who makes a reasonably priced alternative to the companies out today with better customer service would run the market in no time. All of the options are awful. T-mobile is the only company I've worked with that has been fair and straightforward, but they'll get bought eventually and warped.

Verizon: The Most Lame Company in the United States
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Rating: 1/51

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA -- My experience with Verizon began around March of 2012. I decided to leave my AT&T Wireless Internet because I'm close to the end of the service of their microwave towers and had very slow up and download from my home. Other than that, AT&T has been very good!

So, after I ended my AT&T wireless internet, I found that the only service for DSL in my area was Verizon. I ordered my service and immediately began to receive congratulatory emails from Verizon. I was promised that my equipment, a modem and connectors, would arrive in two weeks.

I continued to receive all kinds of emails and calls from Verizon with instructions on how to deploy my new equipment and, again, congratulating me for my selection of Verizon. The downside of all of this was that the equipment never came. But, after all the congratulations and instructions, bills began to arrive. I was not about to begin to pay for something that probably was hooked up as far as line access, but for which I had received no equipment to access.

I then called Verizon and told them that I wanted to cancel my order because I had no equipment but only bills, emails and calls. They apologized and "cancelled" my order. I then ordered MyBlueDish internet service - very good by the way!

From Verizon, bills kept coming. I've now engaged in ten phone calls to Verizon to try to solve the problem. Every time I call the person with whom I speak assures me that I am correct and that the bill will be cancelled. But the bills keep coming. And, now they've turned my account over to a collection agency.

I'm guessing that the reason that Version stays in business is that it's "too big to fail," and that they have political connections. They are the worst company with which I have ever dealt. I would and will encourage everyone and anyone I know to stay away from Verizon!

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