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Can't Get Their Act Together
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Rating: 1/51

MASHPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- My Verizon Horror Story: We have long had DSL internet service through a local ISP. They used Verizon's lines and provided us with a modem with “Verizon” on the side, so when we were told they were discontinuing service in our area and we would have to find another provider, the logical choice was Verizon - after all, their lines and equipment were already in place and it seemed like it would be a simple matter to switch the account.

So on Friday morning, September 28, we called and ordered service. We had had land line phone service with Verizon since 1982, and agreed to a bundled plan with phone and internet. An installation date of October 2 between 1 and 5 was arranged. On October 2, 5:00 came and went. No sign of any service, any technician, or anything else.

So the first of several phone calls was made. “Hello, we were supposed to be getting internet service this afternoon, but nothing's on and no one has contacted us.” First we were told that it was a self-install package, which we never got. Got transferred to the sales department which looked up the account and said no, actually we weren't supposed to get a self-install package.

Over the next few people we were transferred to, some said a technician would come out and do something outside the house. Some said it would be done entirely on their end and we didn't need to do anything. We ended up with someone from the tech department who went through testing the modem to see if it was working (“Did you plug the cable into the wall jack?” was heard for the first of many times over the next week on that call.). The tech determined that the modem was working and that the internet service should be on, and advised us to wait until midnight because sometimes it took a while.

Wednesday - no service. This is when the fun starts. We start calling every day to find out what's happening. We're passed around to numerous different people and get put on hold enough. The hold music was awful and I sincerely wish I never had to hear it again, but I don't think I'll be that lucky. No one has an answer, but the surely the next person we talk to will be able to help. Over and over and over again. It gets escalated to someone who says our former provider needs to port a number over to them and they can't install service until that happens. Call the old provider, they don't know what Verizon is talking about and say there's no number they own that they can port over, but they'll email and say we're switching.

This is also the first time we get the “I'll call back later to check if everything is working” line. No call back. We call them, going through the same explanation of what our problem is again. “If your phone is working the internet should be working too.” No, it's not. “Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack?“ “I don't understand. It should be working.”

Friday they stop answering the number we had been calling. It just rings and rings. Monday I dig up another number and try that. Start over with the explanation, go through the same routine. “If your phone is working the internet should be working too.” No, it's not. “Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack? “ “I don't understand. It should be working.” This time they decide they need to cancel the order and rewrite it. But they can't. “I'm going to work on this offline and I'll call you back.” Sit around the house for eight hours waiting for a call back that never comes.

Finally we call back, spend half an hour explaining the problem (“Do you have a cable plugged into the wall jack? If your phone is working I don't understand why the internet isn't working. They should have come on at the same time.” Sorry, no one was offering DSL services in 1982 when we got that phone line. Another fruitless call, talking to one person, then another, then another, none of whom can figure out what's going on.

From here on, it's the “back office” that needs to fix something. We hear that over and over. “I have to have the back office work on this. I'll call you back as soon as I can.” No call back, of course. Next day - “I have to have the back office work on this. They should be able to fix it tomorrow.I'll call to make sure everything is working.” No call back. Next day - “I have to have the back office work on this and they're not there now. I'll call you back.” No call back.

It has now been a few hours short of two weeks since we initiated what should have been a simple order. Still no resolution or even a hint that a resolution might be at hand. At least on this last call no one asked if a cable was plugged into the wall jack. Be thankful for small favors, I guess. I got off the phone about half an hour ago, with another promise that someone would call back. Probably as empty as all the others.

Total time spent - roughly six hours on the phone, maybe 16 hours hanging around the house afraid to do anything else waiting for a call back. I have no idea how long this will go on. I'm starting to think they're just playing with me, jerking me around and laughing when I get off the phone about how they got me to believe another empty promise to fix things and call back. Each person I talk to seems polite, but every single one is absolutely, utterly unable to do anything even remotely useful or get us any closer to actually having internet service in the house, so maybe this is all just a sick game for them.

So, for anyone wondering which kind of internet service to go with, be advised that if you decide to go with Verizon you'll probably be without service for several weeks while they flail around trying to get their act together. Posted from the library parking lot, the nearest place to get internet.

Horrible Service All Around
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Rating: 1/51

ASHLEY, PA -- This is the second time I've attempted to get Verizon DSL. The first time was in my apartment. I cancelled after the first few times the tech didn't show up to install like he was supposed to. Dealing with customer service was horrible. Every time I called I got someone who could barely speak English. When I moved into my new house I didn't have many options for internet. Against my best judgment, I decided to try Verizon again. The installation process went better this time, with the tech actually showing up on the day he was scheduled to show.

Once the internet was connected, the connection was EXTREMELY slow. I'm talking old school dial up slow. I couldn't stream, and any pages that I tried to open on my phone took about 5 minutes to load. At this point, I decided to call customer service to see why it was so slow. Again, it's someone who speaks barely intelligible English. She has me download an app to test my connection speed. The speed registered at below 1 mbps. The representative tells me that's what the speed is supposed to be at with that package. I tell her I can't even stream Netflix. She says that you need at least 3 mbps to stream.

Then she proceeds to check to see if any package upgrades are available. Turns out, there are none available in my area. Mind you, I don't live in the middle of nowhere. I live about 10 minutes away from a small city. At this point, I tell her numerous times that I want to cancel my plan. She keeps insisting on having me speak to a Verizon wireless representative because she knows they have options available to me. I should've just hung up but I let her transfer me. The representative she transferred me to was clueless as to why she even transferred me. The only option he could offer me was a capped wireless data plan at about $150 per month. No thanks!

I still need to cancel my plan so I try to call customer service the following day. I'm told that there is a high volume of calls and the wait time is over an hour. Gee, I wonder why so many people are trying to call customer service. I wait a good half hour and hang up. I repeat this process twice before I finally get a representative on the line. I tell them I want to cancel my plan. They cancel it. I ask if there will be a charge since there is a 30 day money back guarantee. The representative says there won't be as long as I return my modem/router combo.

A few days later I get the return label in the mail. I box up the router and bring it to my local UPS store. I watch them scan the label and they give me the receipt. I eventually throw this out (my own stupidity) because it's weeks later and I figure everything is kosher, right? Wrong. I just received a bill last night. For 175.62! What can this possibly be for?

The bill isn't broken down where I can actually tell what the previous balance of 229.81 is for. I can't even imagine why I would have a previous balance of over $200 after cancelling my service after a week. The most I should be paying is the installation fee which was about $90 when I ordered the services. I'm currently on hold with the estimated wait time being over an hour. I'm so tired of wasting my time with these people. I will never be a Verizon customer again, internet or otherwise.

Horrible Verizon DSL Service
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Got Verizon DSL installed Nov 27 2017, service was slow and did not work on my second floor. I was unable to use any of my wireless devices with the enhanced services. I spent countless hours chatting online and made several phone calls with no resolution. I disconnected within two weeks since I worked remotely and needed a reliable service. Their customer service representative kept telling me I had a good connection? My advice spend a little extra and go with Xfinity which is what I did! Please do not throw your money away since I ended up having to pay $176 for nothing!!

Terrible Customer Service!!!
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Rating: 1/51

JERSEY CITY, TENNESSEE -- I signed up for Verizon's so called high speed DSL internet. The sales representative told me over the phone that it is a dedicated line and will give me a great internet speed. This was packaged with DirecTV all for $96 + tax. The technician never arrived on the scheduled date. I setup the wireless router only to find that the speed is less than 1mbps.

I called them up many times but each time got some irrational explanation as to why I am having the problem. Even after a week, they did nothing to fix my issue or offer another alternative. For days I was trying to get in touch with the right people who could help but all in vain. I finally asked them to disconnect and got Comcast the very next day.

Verizon high speed internet sucks big time and their service is abysmal. I did not expect such pathetic customer service. I will never go with Verizon again. They are unapologetic after all this has happened. Did not even care to send me a return label and box for the router. Don't fall into a trap if they offer the DSL high speed internet. It is a scam and total waste of time, energy and money.

Lousy DSL at premium prices
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Rating: 2/51

I have the internet from hell
It is Verizon DSL
Why do I pay when I just get
Their modem with reset, reset

Replacing modems is their game
Like they don't know it's just the same
The SLA their techsignore
Almost 3 meg and not much more

The discount lasted one short year
They won't renew say "nothing here"
No matter how you fuss and fret
4 megabits is all you'll get

The price went up by 35
Within 2 months what a surprise
No senior plan Comcast they ain't
It's not the picture that they paint

The representative says change your landline plan
As thoughI'm calling to Japan
I only call to Florida
2 times a week and not much more

It's not just in my neighborhood
Reviews all say that it's no good
And so I wait for ATT
To bring their service here to me
Cause I'm not living overseas
I live in Washington, DC

Verizon DSL: Lack of Customer Service and Knowledge
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Around May 19th I began having problems with my Verizon DSL internet service. It was going out frequently, and I would only have a connection for brief times during the day. I tried to call their 1800 number for tech support only to begin a journey with no visible end in sight.

I attempted to call I think, about 6 times during that first week. Only I could never get a representative on the phone. I fought for HOURS trying to navigate through the insanity that is their automated service. Pushing buttons and being placed on hold, and the ever dreaded DISCONNECTED!!! At one point, the service actually asked me to verify my bank account number so it could send me a check...????

My Husband managed to get through at one point and speak with a representative who went through the whole, "shut it off, wait a few min, turn it back on, reboot, reload" then told him to download some application and hung up on him. Only we couldn't download anything because we had no service. I spent another week fiddling around, shutting off and turning on and unplugging and reconnecting and reloading and booting and reloading and so forth. Periodically trying to get a hold of a representative to no avail.

After the second week with no improvement in service, I finally got a representative on the phone. I immediately asked for a supervisor. I was placed on hold 3 times and eventually told "no supervisor was available" and that they would transfer me to 'escalation.' I finally get ** on the phone in escalation and tell him the situation and that I needed a tech to come to the house. I can hear him typing away and he assures me he can help, no problem. Oh, wait. "Sorry, I can't help you. This is the wrong department."

I think I may have had a small heart attack at that moment. He transfers me BACK to where I had been previously to someone who did not speak English, who kept telling me to "calm down and have a cup of coffee" and insisting we go through the whole shut down restart unplug non sense again. Finally, I said "NO!"

I'm not touching anything. I've been doing all this for 2 weeks. I need a tech to come to the house. He refused to send one. This went back and forth and again I asked for a supervisor. AGAIN I had to explain the situation, and asked for a tech. The supervisor told me it was too late to get one there. (By this time it was 7:30 pm) I informed him that wasn't my fault since I had already been on the phone for 3 hours with them and if they would have sent me a tech 3 hours ago like I had asked time wouldn't be an issue. He continued to refuse. Saying they would send one out on Tuesday. (It was Friday.)

I gave him a simple choice. Send me one now, or my next call was to the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say, when I hung up, I got in touch with the BBB. Then, they called me back. (How stupid) I AGAIN explained the situation and my ultimatum. They again refused to send me a tech any earlier than Tuesday. And when I hung up I contacted the Attorney General. No one ever showed up or called on Tuesday.

It took about 2 more weeks for anyone to get back to me after I filed the complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General. By this time I was out of state. My Grandmother had gone for Bypass surgery and I was taking care of her. I got a call from -someone, I don't recall who at this point-who told me a tech would be out the next day. I gave them my husband's number, (I believe it was a female) who was home. They called him and set up a time. The next day came and went. No one showed up no one called.

The following day, someone called to see if the internet was working. (** in Executive Appeals) I told them the tech never showed up. ** tells me they are going to credit my account for 60 days. And another Tech (** the Tech guy) calls and we get him set up for another day. Eventually, ** the Tech guy gets to the house. I believe the date to be June 17th. A month now since the issues started. A month that I have been being charged for services that I don't have.

So, ** the Tech guy comes over and tinkers around with this and that and the other thing, and tells my husband all fixed. He says if we have any problems in the future to just save his number and call him back. Well, I get home on the 20th and guess what? Not fixed. Not fixed, and not working. I call ** the tech guy back. ** says there really isn't anything he can do on his end so he'll call his dispatcher and get someone else to come out. (OK) He calls me back about an hour or so later and says someone will be out the following day.

Next day, no one calls, no one shows up. So I call ** back and tell him what's going on. And somewhere this other ** from some higher Verizon Office gets involved and I call him back too. (But he never returns my calls) THE FOLLOWING DAY ** calls me. We get it set up for a tech to come out on the 27th.

Unfortunately, I got mandated at work the night before. (I'm a nurse), got home fell asleep and slept right through the 3 calls from Verizon to verify the Tech guy. (My bad!) When I got up I called ** back immediately and explained the situation. He rescheduled the apt for the upcoming Monday. (This was a Friday) OK, fine, no problem. it was my fault.

Monday rolls around. My phone rings at like 8:05 in the morning, I'm pretty sure I was changing my toddler's poopy diaper at the time and didn't make it to the phone in time. I checked the voice mail when it came through and sure enough it was Verizon calling about the apt and to call back the generic 800 number. Like Hell I'm calling that number back! That is how this whole mess started in the first place! So, I figured, OK. Well they called me three times on Friday, I'm sure they will call back. It's only 8 am. Nope. No call back. No one showed up.

THE NEXT DAY I call ** back, leave him a message! OH! I Almost forgot! ** In EXECUTIVE APPEALS HAS A MALFUNCTIONING VOICEMAIL!!!!!! This was the REAL Kicker! His voicemail only works about 1/2 the time. So whenever I call him, usually, I have to call him 2 or 3 times before I can leave him a message since his voicemail is broken. I TOLD him, twice that it was not functioning properly. It is STILL broken. (a month now, doesn't bode well for me, if they can't even fix the executive's voicemail!) So, the broken voicemail was enough to send me right over the edge!

It always takes him a day or so to call me back (If he calls me back at all, ** the Important Verizon guy from IDK what department never returns my calls, so I don't call him anymore.) Eventually ** calls and tells me that they fixed my internet from outside. They slowed down my speed and did this this and this (I never saw anyone out there, but OK) And now it should be working. This is around July 1st. Nope. July 2nd the internet is out.

That same day, I get a email from the BBB saying that Verizon has submitted something to them. I go in and look. Entertaining. I was good and annoyed now. It read as follows: According to company records, Verizon has reduced the DSL speed provisionally to 1.5M. The line is currently testing good, and it is stable. Verizon Tech support is monitoring this line. There is no need of a tech to be dispatched due to the circuit already testing good. The customer has already missed two dispatches. The customer has a direct contact number if any future troubles.

Nowhere in there does it mention the 62 tech guys that WERE SUPPOSED to come out and never called or showed up. How convenient. Direct number? To who? ** the tech guy? The guy who couldn't help me and told me someone would be out the next day and never called or showed Up?

So, Of course, I didn't except that. Sent my rebuttal. It's a Saturday, but I leave a voicemail for ** anyway (I had to call him twice before It would work.) Tuesday, he calls me back and sets up for a Tech guy to come out on Wed. ** called me at some point too, and leaves me a voicemail. I try to call him back, get his voicemail....I'm still waiting for him to call me back. I think he is the one who is dealing with the BBB because I got a response back that day saying he had tried to reach me that morning, and AGAIN I responded that I CALLED him back and was still awaiting his return call.. hours later....

Anyway, ** the Tech guy came on Wed the 6th. A MONTH AND A HALF (7 weeks) since all this trouble began. He spent about a half an hour outside at the pole. He said it was a MESS up there and he did a TON of stuff... and would still do MORE if this didn't fix the problem. I have had an internet connection with no breaks in service since then. However, I logged on to view my bill, and my Credit. No Credit. In fact, now my bill is overdue and there are late fees.

Got a call from ** at Executive Claims about two weeks ago on a Saturday.. (Not **) I jokingly said at one point, "Boy they are working you hard on a weekend." He responded, "No ma'am we work 7 days a week." Oh really? Why doesn't ** ever return my calls on the weekends? And why doesn't ** EVER call me back. Interesting. So, anyway, he asked how the DSL was working. And I told him I didn't want to jinx anything, but at the moment I had no complaints.

I did tell him that while ** credited me the 60 days of service a month ago, it still has yet to reflect on my bill and now I am being charged late fees. He said he'll have ** call me on Monday or Tuesday.... Well, **, thanks for calling, and all the nothing you just did for me!!!! I can't even tell you off the top of my head how long this has all been dragging on now. Over 2 months. I'll have to look at a calendar.

I waited around for another week and a half before anyone called to address my bill. It was ** again. It went to my voicemail and I didn't call him back because he never returns my calls. I'll just wait for the response from the BBB. He claims that my account HAS been credited, but it won't reflect until my July and August bills. Tell me? What sense does that make? My problems were the months of May and June! Those are the bills I haven't paid. And now they have the nerve to charge me a late fee. I don't care if I have to open ANOTHER complaint with The BBB I will be refunded that late fee!

A Letter to Verizon
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- In order to save money, I decided in July to transfer my account from Cablevision to a DirecTV/Verizon package. A decision that I since regretted. -The Start of Service- I received, as promised, a wireless modem and a CD install disk complete with instructions. I followed the directions and completed the installation successfully. I noticed that my internet was stalling quite severally. The light on the modem, labeled internet was out. This led to the first phone call with the trouble shooting desk. They ran a line diagnosis and sent a signal to the modem. Presto, the light was on and once again I had the internet.

I got off the phone with the help desk and resumed my internet activity. Ten minutes later, the light went out and I again called customer service/help desk. Mind you, this is not an easy task. I am passed from department to department and left on hold for several minutes without a representative coming on the line to check on me. At times I felt I was forgotten and I will waste my time on hold forever. After working a full day and only wanting to relax, this ordeal is quite frustrating.

Again, a representative made me go through the same steps as before, which included notifying how many lights are on the modem, turning it off, unplugging it, plugging it in, restarting the computer. This of course made the 'internet' light appear and the internet working once again. I again resumed my internet activity and again, 10 minutes later, I was unable to proceed to the next page of a website. The light labeled 'internet' was out again. At this time it was late and upset and too tired to deal with someone that only listens to half of the issues. I turned off the modem and went to bed.

The next day, I woke up and I turned on the modem and my computer hoping that I will be able to check my email and to read the news when I got out of the shower. I jumped in the shower and about 45 minutes later, I looked at the modem and the light was on. I was happy and sat at my computer to check my email and read the news. Within 10 minutes, the light was off again.

I made several phone calls to Verizon within several weeks, I was even credited a portion of my bill. I spoke to several customer service representatives, who tried to be helpful and some that are downright rude. I have been hung up on, told that my cord or my computer are the issues. I have gotten so many stories and promises, that I stopped paying attention. Finally, I had a representative inform me that the issue maybe a line problem or a 'hub issue' and schedule someone to come out to have it tested. After making an arrangement for someone to be present at my apartment during the 6-8 hour window, as requested. The outcome; no one ever showed up.

I was told that someone was able to gain entrance to the area where the internet cable was and there was no need for someone to be home. That was a wasted day! I am not convinced that anyone came to check the lines, because nothing changed. At this time, I would use my neighbor's internet or use my phone. Finally, I realized that all I had to do was restart my modem every time the internet went out. Fine, this was my only option. I was sick of calling customer service. I learned to make due without the internet for personal use mostly.

My neighbor's internet connection was rarely reliable because of how far it was from me. I pay for a service from DirecTV for demand movies and T.V. that has never used, I was unable to play video games on my Wii online, I was unable to update my daily podcasts on Itunes and stopped returning most personal emails. Now my mother calls me instead of emailing me. Not good!

Please note, my DirecTV guy (the person who installed my service) stated that I should cancel service with Verizon and go back to Cablevision because of the issues I was having. He said that he experienced the same issues and could not take it anymore. He said he had better luck with a a data plan with his cell phone carrier.

Finally, the best thing ever happened for me and cured my internet issues at last. A tornado went through my backyard. Yes, a tornado in Brooklyn, NY. This led to the wires from the building to be pulled off my building. I was 100% without internet for several days, I believe about 10 days. I had to wait for a technician to come to my building and repair the damage. This was after several phone calls. I was hung up on twice, transferred all over the place and at one point was told I was responsible for the repair costs. Finally, I got someone on the phone who wasn't a complete moron or at least cared enough to give the right info.

I again set up a time, again I had to arrange someone to be available for a 6-8 hour time window, so the Technician would have access to my apartment. I was told it was mandatory because if no one was here, my internet would not be repaired. I knew from before that I had little chance of someone needing someone home. I did not want to risk it, so my brother was home. No one showed up, but when I got home the internet worked!

I no longer had to restart the modem several times an hour, it was still slow, but it was more manageable. The date of the tornado was September 16, 2010, I believe the internet was back up and running around September 27, 2010. I am not 100% sure of these dates, because unfortunately, I did not think I had to take such detail notes when speaking with customer service.

October 24, 2010- I was happy with the service. The internet was working correctly enough (it is slower, but why complain) and I was looking into adding a house line. While online, I realized that I am being charged too much for my bill because someone has failed to bundle my service with DirecTV. We will go over that shortly. I placed an order to upgrade my internet to a higher speed, because with the home line it was the same price. I also ordered a land-line.

November 4, 2010- I no longer had internet. I made several phone calls, I was hung up on. I was told that a technician removed my DSL as per a work order, I was told that there was an outage in my area, I was told that there are no issues on Verizon's end, it was because of the cords inside my house. (Nothing was moved since everything was first installed.) I had to make several calls, complaining, threatening, begging and pleading for these issues to be fixed. I sent an email through Verizon, did the chat option on the internet. I was left on on hold for 20 minutes at a time. Finally, it was confirmed that the technician did remove the DSL.

I am not even sure if that is true, because I was fed so many stories. I was promised a technician visit, which I believe was made but no one knocked on my door, the internet was still out. I was told to leave my box on at all times. I had to make phone calls at work, while on lunch and in the evenings after working a 12 hour day. Finally, I was told that I need special filters, so I ordered filters and waited for them. I installed the filters and the internet still didn't work. I had another appointment which no one showed up for. I was told that I was contacted to confirm this appointment and because I did not respond to this phone call my appointment was canceled.

The only phone call I received from Verizon was a prerecorded message thanking me for choosing Verizon. After several more phone calls and restarting the modem and checking the cords, replacing all the cords, buying new splitters my internet was still not working. Again, I made another appointment. They said it was supposed to be for last Friday. No one showed up AGAIN! I was told that there was no need for an appointment because the issue was again at the HUB, but will be contacted later to make an appointment for someone to take a look at the modem.

November 23, 2010.- I received a phone call stating that a technician was on its way to my apartment. I never made the appointment! The caller had no record of me making this appointment! I told them that no one was home and there was no way for me to leave work for a technician that may or may not show up in the next few hours. Everyone I know was working or unable to go to Brooklyn and wait for a technician. I asked to speak to a manager, the representative placed me on hold for about 10 minutes then they hung up on me. I then called the "€œExecutive office"€ to make a formal complaint.

I spoke with a rude gentleman that was in a call center in the Midwest, despite the fact I called a 212 number and my office is about 3 miles from the Verizon building. He listened to me for a few minutes as I recount my issues and he asked me I would hold. For the next 15 minutes, I was on a silent hold. Please note, it was about 12:30 pm and I am in the middle of my work day. It is the week of a long weekend and I am slammed. Finally, he came back and said he found someone for me. He then transferred me to a Customer Service Representative, he just transferred to the people I was calling to complain about. Not even a manager.

At that moment my boss came into my office for a meeting. Also, the same guy who informed me of the visiting technician called my brother who also informed him that no one will be home. When I came home, there was a tag on my door stating, "Sorry we missed you."€ That tag is probably the most upsetting. Where were they last Friday when they just didn't show up. I am charged $50.00 if I don't show up for a doctor's appointment and I get a late charge if I send out a payment late.

Billing Issues- I signed up with DirecTV and Verizon at the same time. I was supposed to get a my services (both DirecTV and Verizon) at a low price plus a $100.00 gift card from Verizon to be given after 60 days of service. Several calls to the billing department later, I was told I must have been lied to and there is nothing that can be done. My service was never bundled for the July, August and September bill. I didn't realize this until very recently. Now I am supposed to be on the $84.99 plan.

This was Verizon's responsibility to bundle my package as per the most recent Billing Representative I spoke to. On top of that my internet was supposed to be $20 but I was billed $36.00 dollars. Which I was unable to pay because when I went online- it said it was a zero balance and I am never available to call during the day because of my work schedule.

Other People's Issues- Several years, my mother decided to switch from Road Runner to Verizon. She had similar issues. She is again with Roadrunner and vows to never use Verizon high speed ever again. A few years ago, I had a neighbor in my former building that came over begging to have access to my internet because his was down and he had to email something that was due. He told me how many issues he had with the service. I recall it being Verizon. These issues made me remember that.

I told my friend about Verizon's cheap internet. She decided to sign up with Verizon. She is located in the Soho neighborhood in Manhattan and was having many of the same issue as me. She was almost crying over the frustration she was having with the support and the ongoing issues. We have not talked about it lately, because she has been in California for the last 45 days. I am sure you will get an email from her sooner or later. Maybe she will do a write up about her issues. She is P. R. Manager for Tech companies.

How this has affected me- This morning I left the house at 8:30 am. I have to ride a crowded Subway to a my office and ride a crowded elevator to my cramped office. I work non stop until about 8:30. I then climb back on the Subway and head home. I sometimes don't get home until well past 9pm. All I want is to be able to use my computer, download my podcasts, email relatives and follow up with work emails. Instead, I am dealing with Verizon until it is time for me to retire for the evening.

This internet is not just for play, often I am stuck doing last minute weekend and evening projects. My roommate has to work from home two days a week, my brother is studying for his final exams and his wife is unable to call home to her country without being able to plug into the internet. She has not spoken to her relatives via phone for weeks.

Several months ago I had a emergency and an contract needed an additional addendum and needed to be completed right away. Once I completed the contract, I attached it to my email and it would not send. My internet stopped working. I restarted the modem several times to no avail, this is being done as my boss was yelling at me for having such awful internet service. He stated that he needs me to be available and reliable for these kind of situations and I was not convincing him of either because of my internet problems.

I had to knock on my neighbor's doors, to try to gain access to their internet, but none of my neighbor's were home. I had to go outside with my laptop to locate an open and unsecured internet access, just so I can send out that contact. My boss was displeased with how long it took, and using the excuse of "€œVerizon sucks"€ is like saying, "€œMy dog ate my homework."€ My boss also suggested that I cancel my contact with you and find a more reliable service.

Over the last several months, this has been a huge inconvenience for me and my brother and his wife. My brother told me not to go with Verizon, now every time it goes down and I am on the phone with Customer Service, he always says, "I told you so."€ I have wasted hours on these ridiculous issues that could have been taken care of months ago or within one phone call. I have been on the phone with your employees for hours, I have been lied to, ignored and laughed at. I have been so frustrated at times, that I actually cried to a representative because I was just tired. I am still tired. I am tired of being taken advantage of and lied to.

I am a customer of Verizon that has been lost in automated systems and lost internet connections. I have been treated like Verizon is doing me the favor. I pay for a service and I deserve to have that service work. Since the recession, I have made a fraction on what I used to make. Every penny and every minute is important to me because I have less of both. I am the one that is working for twice as hard for half as much.

I am writing this letter in hopes (almost begging for resolution of all these issues.) I want an apology and not a canned response that I am so used to getting from your team. I deserve the same service as everyone else and I deserve to be respected. I entered into a contract with Verizon and I do not feel that Verizon has taken our contractual agreement seriously. I can't believe that this issue has come to this, but I am going to see this through. I want my small consumer voice to be heard and I demand to be acknowledged. I feel that my paying for such service since July is unjust, especially with the time I have put into these issues.

Please note. I will do all that I can do resolve these issues. Please note, this letter will be mailed certified to your office. Sincerely,

Hours wasted on Verizon DSL problem -- do they even care?
By -

Do employees at Verizon have 12 hours to sit around the house waiting for a technician who may or may not show up? Starting from the beginning, when we moved into the apartment, Verizon DSL was the only option for internet service. So they have a captive audience, why try to satisfy them. In addition, we were required to purchase and pay for unwanted Land Line service, not as part of a money-saving bundle, but because we were told that it was technologically necessary. Does anyone know if that is true, or were we just lied to?

DSL service was basically acceptable, with the usual outages and spotty quality, but no major problems. Until last Thursday morning, 6/10/10, when the land-line phone rang. Apparently a technician was working on something and testing the lines. Since that time, our Verizon DSL service has been out and we can hear other people's conversations on the Verizon land-line.

We called Verizon that morning and went through the hour-long process or being put on hold, transferred, asked to unplug and reboot the modem, etc. Eventually we were told what we already knew, that the problem was on Verizon's end and we were assured a technician would be out. We waited. And waited. And waited. At 4 PM, we received a text message that a technician had been dispatched. We waited. And waited. And waited. At 8:30 PM we called, and were told that the problem was at the Central Office, and that no technician was being sent. Umm, couldn't they have told us that rather than make us wait around?

Meanwhile, we made a new friend, ** in India. Apparently Verizon is unable to pay a technician in the U.S. to come solve the problem, but is more than happy to pay ** in India to call us every few hours to let us know he cares that our service is down. While it's always nice to have overseas phone-buddies, we'd really rather just have the service back. ** assured us again that the service would be restored within 24 hours, and that we should call him if it wasn't.

So when the service was not restored by Friday night, we called ** in India. ** very politely read us the script that says how sorry he is, but that the appropriate department in the U.S. is closed for the weekend. I've never heard of this service model -- since we continue to be billed over the weekend, can't they schedule technicians over the weekend? But ** in India cares and would like to follow up with us the following week. Except that he's on holiday Monday and Tuesday. But if it's not fixed by Wednesday, we should call him. It's good to know ** in India cares that much, even if our local service operation doesn't.

Sunday night, we decided to call again to make sure a technician would be out in the morning. Sadly, caring ** was out, but one of his colleagues cheerfully walked us through the same script. Eventually, the realization dawned that a technician needed to fix the problem. So we were told that a technician would be out Monday. And we were then told that we must remain available and ready to immediately answer the door for the technician during the service “window” of 8 AM to 8 PM.

How thoughtful of Verizon to let us know that they will not be sending a technician out at 3 AM, although we would actually be home at that time. This is the same thing they said Thursday, and never showed up or let us know. One wonders why a Technology and Communications company can't schedule its technicians better, including proving service on the weekends, and can't even inform customers when the technician visit has been cancelled. Clearly, Verizon just doesn't care.

Fortunately we're moving in a few months. One of the first questions to ask about a new neighborhood will be “Who provides internet service here – are there choices other than Verizon?”

Letter to the CEO
By -

Let me tell you a little story, Mr. Seidenberg. My Verizon business DSL line was disconnected for lack of payment.
This happened because, contrary to the billing address I gave the representative who took my order, my bills were sent to the office where the DSL line was installed. This office happened to be in a federal building in Florida. My company has a suite there were we have four people working. This is a temporary facility that has no mailing address.

The folks in the mailroom had never heard of my company because our job site was the Federal Courthouse across the street from our field office. They sat on the bills or threw them away. There was no reason to be concerned because we assumed the bills were being correctly sent to an address in Tennessee where our AP department resides.

It took 3 weeks to get us back online. I called Verizon and got the usual treatment: A search for an appropriate phone number that turned out to be incorrect. A bunch of automated messages that had no relationship to my needs. A series of confounded requests to speak to a representative. A representative that put me on perpetual hold so I could start again. Finally a representative that would listen to me but only fed me the line that Verizon was sorry for the apparent mix up but they couldn'€™t reconnect my service until the check showed in the system as being cleared.

It was three weeks until that was resolved. I had to call to get the service turned back up again even though the checks had cleared. We needed to move offices. Literally 2 weeks later, my project manager tells me there is now space to move into the building across the street where the project is underway. I dread having to call Verizon to get this in the works but I do so and am pleasantly surprised to get a woman who actually seems to want to help me. I explain how I want to move the service across the street.

She is pleasant but it takes 3 days to get the new location €œprovisioned€ because there is a discrepancy with suite numbers in Verizon'€™s records regarding the Federal Courthouse. She however was able to get an email into my inbox saying this new order was in place. Another email said I would be seeing a Verizon technician on March 5th which is a Friday. The email said that I could call a number to change that date if it was inconvenient. It was. We have no employees there on Fridays.

I called to change the install date. I called the first time and explained that the technician couldn'€™t do the install on Friday because no one would be there. They rescheduled it for the 8th. It was in the notes in the Verizon database. The 8th was my day. The next day I get another email, not a bit unlike the first email. It said to expect the technician on the 5th. I called back to reschedule. Again. The representative assured me that the 8th was in the notes and that I was all set for that day.

I get a call from a technician on the 5th wondering why I am not on site. Really. I know it's hard to believe, but the word never got to the guy performing the work. He called me and was confused by the fact that he was supposed to be there on the 8th. He even called me back to verify he needed to be there between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on the 8th. I told him that was correct. The 8th was my day. On the 8th, the technician never showed.

When I called Verizon (again going through the usual phone gyrations trying to get to the right department and getting put on hold, disconnected, calling back, yada, yada) I was told that my install date is set for the 11th. Thursday the 11th I am out of town.

I pleaded with the representative that a technician needed to be there today to get this accomplished this week. She assured me that "€œProvisioning"€ told her the 11th is the soonest date for install and that a technician couldn'€™t possibly be out today. In all the annoyingly redundant emails I got from yet another automated Verizon service, not one told me the 11th was the real date I would get my service installed. Two or three of the emails warned me that I would be charged $199.00 if I didn't show. None of the emails consoled me into believing I would get a credit if the technician failed to show.

I wish I could say this was an anomaly but I can'€™t. Every experience I have ever had with Verizon has been an unpleasant one. Even the ones where the install occurred on the scheduled day. I will make sure that I exhaust all possible opportunities to get an Internet connection at the many field sites I setup each year from another source before I call Verizon again. You have no grasp on customer service. You have designed your customer-facing systems to insulate your employees from the customer. You have gotten too big and arrogant to care about anything or anyone.

With regard to my own finances, I made it my personal quest to never spend another one of my dimes on your company and am glad to say I have kept that promise since 2004 when I dumped my home phone service. Mr. Seidenberg, I would be ashamed to have my name associated with this company. I can only pray that you will actually see this post and recognize that your company needs to change its ways. I assume, though, like all your customer-facing systems at Verizon, this email address is just another frustrating facade to true customer service. .

Resolution Update 03/21/2010:

I am marking this as resolved because I was called the day after I sent the email by a representative from Verizon that wanted to bend over backward to make the situation right for me. I told him my main concerns were for the lack of cutomer=friendly systems to get and disseminate information and he gave me the company line in response. My install was done to my satisfaction, even though erroneous emails and automated phone messages continued to come to me. I only had to call the rep to get them straightened out. This should have confirmed to the rep that my concerns were valid and that their company needed to work on serving the customer. They may never get it right, but my situation was taken care of.

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