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Bundle Service Deceptive
By -

I have had my phone, internet, and satellite service bundled in my home since August. My promotional service is supposed to end in 12 I should have a month or two left, especially since my twelve months didn't start until after a few bills and many angry phone calls. Apparently not. Let's start from the beginning. I saw one of those ads for 79.99 or 89.99 for bundled service, I honestly forget which because after taxes and such the bill was supposed to be around $100. Okay, fine.

The first angry phone call came when my husband took a day off work to meet the Direct TV guy. Verizon set the appointment on some day between, like, 8 am-noon. This appointment was set at the time I ordered the bundle. They never showed. I was informed by Verizon after button-pushing and being transferred a few times that "I requested" the appointment be canceled, and that the original appointment "I" had set was for 2 am on a Sunday.

How was that even possible for the customer service representative to set up in the first place? Also, my name was spelled wrong, so she changed it in the computer. I set another appointment through DirecTV themselves. They showed up on time.

The second angry phone call came when I was promised internet service on September 1st. They had not sent my modem. I asked where my modem was, and after being transferred around for a while, was told by some guy from India that they could not send my modem until my "line was fixed" and would have service on the 5th. I wondered how I could gain access to the service with the "fixed line" without a modem, rendering my promised service on the 1st (now 5th) completely useless.

He honestly didn't understand why I was upset about having the internet floating around my house on the 5th with no modem. I gained access to the internet on the 9th. He told me that he'd change my name so it'd be spelled right from now on.

The first bill came prorated (first 2 months on the same bill), so was (since it was wrong, too) over double what I expected. I was smart enough to divide it by two and figure out what was wrong before I called. After calling that insipid customer service line and being transferred around for a while, (and telling them they had my name spelled wrong) I was informed that "I" never requested the bundled service so my account was not set up that way. They would fix that now, along with my misspelled name. I'd also forgotten to claim a discount off the DirecTV service. I called them directly. Their portion of the bill was correct the next month.

The next Verizon bill was still wrong. More entering my account number, saying yes and no, pressing one through five, and getting transferred for a while. I was informed that "I" had changed my service so that it was no longer bundled and could not receive the discount. "I" sure seem to be calling Verizon a lot in my spare time to volunteer for a higher bill.

After much angry yelling, somebody eventually found a $25 discount to stick on my bill to shut me up for 12 months. This made my bill close to $95, which is what it should be, but I don't think I ever got the elusive bundle package that doesn't seem to exist. Also I told every person I talked to that my name was still spelled wrong. It's June now. My name is still spelled wrong. My bill is back up to $130 for no apparent reason. I'm actually almost willing to shell out just so I don't have to deal with their customer service.

In case you're wondering, the phone service itself is fine, I only lost TV service once when the dish had about a foot of snow on it, and the internet is a tad slow for my tastes once in a while. Even still, this company is not worth the trouble. I might keep DirecTV, but you can bet I'm never signing up for a Verizon product again.

The Lies They Tell
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Rating: 1/51

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I was a Verizon customer for two years. I had a two-year contract which was set to expire in June 2012 and was sent an email by the company to renew. I checked out their offer and it was only $5 more than what I had been paying originally. Being fairly lazy and not wishing to deal with switching services, I accepted the offer and signed up again online. Big mistake! Turns out the price I was quoted -- $94.99 plus taxes and fees -- was not what I was charged. I expected a first-month bill of about $130, but instead received a bill for $156.

I called customer service and this is where my troubles really began. Two reps outright lied to me, insisting that the price I had agreed to was $115 plus taxes and fees (adding up to about $137 a month). When I pointed out that it made no sense for me to accept a $22 increase for a service that was exactly the same, the reps had no answer for me. I even gave them my order number, which they claimed they had no record of. One representative even covertly accused me of lying. And both of them refused to accept a forward or fax of the email confirmation that I had received from Verizon when I signed up again.

I called back the next day and spoke to two reps who really did sound like they wanted to help. While speaking to one of them, he magically found the email I was referring to -- confirmation number and all! For a brief moment, I thought, perhaps, the situation could be resolved and laziness could prevail. But, alas, it was not to be. The representative proceeded to inform me that the quote for 94.99 was made to me while a $20 discount currently existed on my account, and that when the discount expired ten days after the offer was given to me, the price jumped $20.

Funny thing is -- I was never told about this disappearing discount, nor was I told that the offer of 94.99 was contingent on this ephemeral discount. Had I known the price of 94.99 was valid for only ten days, I would never have signed back up. I'm lazy, but I'm not stupid. What irks me even more is that there wasn't even an asterisk next to the quoted price. Nothing to indicate that the price could even change.

This was a classic bait-and-switch: promise one thing, get people to sign a contract, and then switch the terms in such a way that people without a cadre of lawyers can do nothing about it. I'm angry at Verizon because of the persistent lies they told me and the way I was treated by their reps who were doing the bidding of the Evil Empire they work for. I honestly have no idea how this company stays in business. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I intend to file a complaint with the State Attorney General. Thank God for cable.

Process Matters
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Rating: 2/51

FREDERICK, MD -- My story... I have had a Verizon bundled package for years. For convenience I signed up for auto-pay and to be environmentally friendly I signed up for paperless billing. Since I make international calls, I enrolled in one of the Verizon World Plans with a flat monthly billing with unlimited calls. Everything was fine and dandy for many months. So far, so good.

One day, when I was checking my bank account, I was shocked to find a Verizon charge for almost $870 as opposed to the $200 (approximately) that I usually pay for the bundle (home phone, internet and DirecTV). Upon further investigation, I found that Verizon changed my international package without my knowledge. Every dispute has two sides. To be fair, I want to present a totally balanced view.

Instead of sending me separate correspondence about the changes in its international calling plans, Verizon included the information on the last page of my bill as fine print. In the bill Verizon indicated that it would be changing plans beginning the following month. I didn't read the small print as I wasn't expecting an announcement about plan changes in my bill. Plus, paperless billing, auto pay and years of no billing hassles made me too complacent.

My dealings with Verizon customer service were the most troublesome part of the story... Dropped calls, unusual wait times, getting the runaround, being transferred again and again, rude customer service reps, I can't tell you how much time and energy I spent on the frustrating experience in wanting to let Verizon know of my displeasure about the change in my international calling plan.

I called Verizon not to get a total refund of the extra charges, but to let them know of my feelings of bait and switch and of my upset at not informing me of the change in a separate email and letting me choose one of the new plans instead of automatically choosing a plan for me. I also hoped for a partial refund or credit of the over $500 I paid for additional voice services.

Every story is a morality tale. Here are my lessons. Read every bill from beginning to end, even the small print. Check your plans regularly. Verizon changes its plans at its whims and has a poor way of notifying its customers. Credit card payment for autopay is better than payment linked to your checking account if you need to dispute your billing. Verizon customer service SUCKS!

My message to Verizon: customer service matters. Process is important. Procedural justice (fairness of the process) is as important as distributive justice (fairness of the outcome). Thank you for listening. I wish all of you only pleasant experiences with companies and lots of patience with customer service.

Don't Be Overcharged by Verizon
By -

Warning: "Senior citizens and potential Verizon customers - don't be overcharged". About eight months ago I contacted Verizon about a promotional flier advertising a Triple Freedom Bundle (phone, internet, and DirecTV) for $79.99 a month. I contacted Verizon and was assured the flier was correct and there was not any additional charges. I ordered the package plus two extra receivers ($10.00 extra).

I received my first bill dated 4/19/09 for $225.76(12pages). Since then, I have contacted Verizon over 20 times on the telephone and wrote four letters(three to the Chairman and CEO). By writing to the CEO I finally received a response. I'll have to say, the Verizon supervisors were well-schooled in the complaint department. They had an answer for every question I had except one -€“ why was I not informed about the extra charges before I accepted the Freedom Bundle?

I know the answer, if I were aware of the extra charges beforehand, I would not have accepted Verizon's services. I finally got approximately $100.00 removed from my bill after spending hours on the phone complaining.

I have contacted three agencies about this matter. Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission - their response, they only deal with phone service, not the internet or DirecTV. They told me to contact the Attorney General'€™s office. I contacted the Pennsylvania Attorney General'€™s office almost six months ago. I received a letter from the Attorney General around 12/20/09 and I responded the next day -€“ I said, I want them to pursue this complaint.
I also complained to a Pennsylvania Congressman about four months ago, with no response. His staff has not returned any of my calls.

Does anyone feel Verizon has overcharged them? Please let me know. This is the first time I have used the internet to ask for help. If you have any ideas of what I can do, please tell me. Thank you for listening to me. As an individual senior citizen, I do not think any government agency will stand up to Verizon. I still feel Verizon business tactics are unethical and unscrupulous. I'm tired of big business taking advantage of us, are you?

Thinking of Switching to FiOS, Think Twice
By -

If you're thinking about switching to FiOS, I have to ask you one question - why? First off, they may run fiber optic out on the pole, but once it gets to your house, it's still coaxial cable. I can't imagine how that is an improvement over coaxial cable all the way. But let's pretend that's not the case. Verizon's customer service is without a doubt the worst I've ever encounter in any industry in my entire life. I am not exaggerating. It's the worst.

All I did was try to sign up for service. I stopped at a kiosk so I would always be assured of dealing with the same person. I also wanted to keep my phone numbers. He signed me up then told me I couldn't bring my numbers. I said thanks, but no thanks. Later he called me on my cell phone to tell me he could do it.

5 trips to the kiosk and 8 phone calls from the central customer service center later, after I had given up any hope of keeping my numbers, the installer showed up with the wrong equipment. He also told me I could bring my numbers and the whole process started over. I could go into far more detail, but what would my novel be about. It was crazy. As I told people my story, no one who had dealt with Verizon was very surprised. I think the surprising thing is that Verizon is still in business. It doesn't seem possible to give customer service that bad to that many people and maintain a customer base.

Even the installer who came out but never installed anything agreed it was tough to get anything done there as no computer systems talk to other department computer systems. Then we laughed at the irony that they are a communications company and he put me on the phone with customer service and left. In the last twelve years I've had DISH Network (very good customer service), DirecTV (mediocre customer service), Optimum Online (pretty good customer service) and tried to switch to FiOS and I'm very glad they couldn't do it.

Beware of Verizon Bundles
By -

I've been a Verizon land line customer. When FiOS came to town I was really excited. I called and ordered FiOS TV and upgrade to FiOS internet. Anyway, that lasted almost a year with no real problems. Then in Dec. I signed up for their wireless family plan. I had two phones unlimited and two with shared minutes. I didn't have the web on the phones, all had unlimited texting. Anyway, along comes February when I get this huge bill for $600 on top of my regular charge, and that was only for the wireless.

I called them and asked what was going on and they said the two phones went over their minutes. They offered to make them unlimited retroactively, I accepted and made a payment of $600. Then she said, you should probably bundle it to save I did. I also turned off my landline to try to lessen the burden. Next thing you know I can't get into my account online for TV and internet. I could only see wireless.

When March rolled around, I got my wireless bill of $1100 even though I had paid $600 at then end of Feb. I called them and they were all full of sorry's and told me they would rebate my bill. I paid another $600. In April my bill was normal, finally! Then I get my FiOS bill in the mail and they wanted $1171 to keep my TV and internet from being suspended. I called them, they said call Wireless. After an unbelievable amount of time on the phone the representative tells me, once again, they're sorry and will rebate me the money but I won't see it right away (this is a trick they play). I paid the $1171 and kept the service.

Now it's June, I paid $700 in the first week. I get a FiOS bill for $1900 give or take and they want $1600 by June 28 to keep my services. I call again and explain I'm getting a rebate from Wireless. After hours on hold and being shuffled around FiOS reps, one calls Wireless with me on hold. She gets back on and says they will rebate you but only $341. WHAT?

Today it's Sept. I now owe FiOS $1875 to keep my services and that doesn't include new charges of $160 and $429 for my wireless. I now can see my FiOS bill online and it shows my cell, however I can still see my cell bill separate and both places ask me to bundle them???

Oh yeah, Verizon Wireless put me in collections for $641. And if any of you are wondering, none of the wireless charges are for using the web. After going over all my bills I found Wireless NEVER even made the two phones unlimited until April. AND they NEVER gave me a rebate. All I can say is, see ya, Verizon. You win! I give up. I can't take anymore. Beware of Verizon.

Worst Company / Overcharges
By -

Absolutely the worst service. I have lost my job temporarily and I decided that instead paying RCN $145 per month (which included all premium channel, 3 mbps internet and phone) I will take that irresistible offer Verizon has been sending me in my mailbox. Great, I thought I will pay $99 for all three services (I downgraded to basic cable - but at least I would be saving almost $45) a month.

Little did I know that not only I would get less than half of channels I was receiving before but also 1 MBPS internet speed (if you don't know what that means - I will tell you. It means same as what you used to get using dial up). OK but at least I thought I am saving money. BUT WAIT! My bill is more than before, total bill amount $160!!!

Spent hours on the phone trying to figure out why something that was initially $99 became $160. I still don't know why, bottom line contract is for one year so I am out of luck. If I could give anyone an opinion I'd say this: not even to my worst enemy would I recommend Verizon!

Verizon Bundle Deals
By -

We quit phone service with Verizon July 4th, called and cancelled DirecTV portion on the 14th because they said I had to do it separate. Their bundle billing department took 140.00 out of my bank account without authorization on August 5, have been fighting to try to get it back plus they had already told me I was overpaid with DirecTV. Come to find out DirecTV sent 110 dollars back to Verizon after I cancelled, they applied it to a next month bill that I should not have been billed for from them and kept it then still took out 140 and are now trying to take another 110.

I never signed up for auto pay, but did use my debit card for one-time pay when paying each bill. Now they are trying to tell me I owe 85 dollars more to them...what a screwed up billing system. This will take forever to get straight now...

Deceptive Ads, Uncoordinated Mess
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- Completely uncoordinated company. Porting my phone number took 3 weeks and resulted in loss in business. Prior provider Starpower was not contacted by Verizon during these 3 weeks. It took many calls (hours) to customer service and giving my authorization a few times to have my number back. Technician who eventually came (the customer service representative last contacted told me it had to be a problem inside my house) said that it should have been resolved long ago by a simple phone call.

Pricing: My bill is much higher than the ads in press and mail and higher than the print out by salesperson to estimate what it would be. It does not reflect discounts advertised and promised yet later by representatives to "compensate" me. Employee at billing and his supervisor basically said that I just had to pay my bill.

Complain of Verizon Customer Service
By -

HILLSBOROUGH, NEW JERSEY -- I order Verizon Bundle (TV, Internet, Phone) for 99.99 with rebate of laptop. The TV and phone connect in next few days but internet is intentionally about one month later. After many times of calling to complain about internet, customer service modified my initial order and later (after 2 months of service), I figured out the new order dropped my give-away laptop.

I feel Verizon is cheating on customers to not provide all services at the same time and all reps always want to sign you with new order to get their credit of sales. Every time you called to complain the service, you expect to spend 2-3 hours. They switch you many different reps and nobody could explain their bill. Yes, they have technology to make the noise on voice transmission when I was on hold waiting for the reps come over for help when I was on the phone too long (3 hours) with customer service. I am thinking to cut service and do business with another company even I have to pay the fine. Lesson: You need to ask in writing the service you ordered to save your time.

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