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Verizon DSL customer support is terrible
Posted by Saxon16 on 06/21/2004
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Verizon DSL customer support is absolutely the worst customer support organization I have ever encountered. I have managed large technology groups and worked with technology for many years and they are, really by far, the worst.

I could write pages covering the endless, frustrating encounters in trying to solve problems - which has, IN EVERY CASE, been a result of Verizon equipment failures or misconfigurations. these included port failures at their local switching office (took 4 days and about 7 people to finally find a person that did not tell me it must be my problem - even though ALL EVIDENCE pointed to it being their problem). And, I was able to get the right tech support person from their Accounting/Billing support and she was nto supposed to tell me the number (it was actually a support group for other ISPs that obtain bandwidth and Internet connectivity through Verizon).

They have also had router misconfiguration problems in their network which again took days for me to find the right person - this time in their California high-level tech support center (866-281-5763 - requires a password which changes every month to get in as they are now being swamped as everyone tries to get around the absolutely worthless first-level support).

If you can reach smart, tech savvy people (and there are some in Verizon) then you can usually get things accomplished. However, the living hell a customer has to go through to find these people is not worth the effort and takes many days if ever. The first reponse from their customer support is 1) unplug your modem, 2) restart your computer, 3) if that does nto work then it must be your problem and that is all we can do.
If you ask to escalate or talk to someone else - they ask you who you want to talk to.... but will not forward you to anyone that is more knowledgeable or a higher-level support organization.

THEY HAVE NO DESIRE TO HELP and their high-level tech support knows how terrible the first-level support is.

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Posted by flashman on 2006-08-03:
I ordered Verizon DSL service at both my home and office locations last year and both times had incredible difficulty installing it. The installation CD goes into great detail about how to plug an RJ-45 plug into a jack, but omits the unpleasant stuff like what settings to use and how to get it to work with a wireless router.

Flash forward a year -- I moved and asked them to switch my service to a new location. Worked fine right from the start -- for two weeks. Then they yanked it for no reason that they were willing to tell me. When the new service ready date came -- nothing. They sent me a brand new modem -- nothing. Hours waiting on hold listening to the inane instructions about unplugging things (and being lied to -- every support person had a different story and "I can't imagine why [the last support person] would have told you that"). They offered me a temporary dialup, which I could never get to work.

Finally Verizon sends a service guy -- a union electrician -- to my house (leave work 4 hours early to wait for him) and he's really nice and after 5 minutes testing the line tells me it's fine. He then calls Verizon to work on the problem further -- and get this, he has to call the same 800 number I do and wait exactly as long! The DSL operation is a 3rd party shop with the Verizon nameplate, but as far as they are concerned the real Verizon -- the telco -- is just another jerk customer. He is at my house another 2 hours and cannot get a lead on the problem. However, he gets them to create a new userid for me -- and that one doesn't work either.

Days go by. I get some nice guy who offers to call me back every day until the problem is fixed -- he actually does that once. The next person tells me to call back -- I ask "can't you call ME back using the callback number you always ask for at the beginning of the call?" "No -- we don't have access to an outside line." "But you're the PHONE COMPANY!"

Not to mention that when you tell them you use a Mac, even though it's a modem issue, they say they know nothing about Macs and have to send you to the Mac desk, which always has a half hour wait. The Mac desk tells you to open up Safari, while the PC desk tells you to open up IE. If you tell them you use Netscape or Firefox they get flustered. One rep told me he couldn't guarantee my being able to configure the modem if I didn't use the browser they wanted me to. When I told him I could send the browser to and get a perfectly usable config screen he seemed shocked. I start telling them I'm using WinXP.

I call again and service rep no. 9 tells me that the new userid -- the one created to diagnose the DSL line -- is not tied to my DSL account at all but to that damn dialup account. Great. More days go by, and I finally call during the day to cancel the dialup account. Having done that, Billing transfers me to tech support (got through right away -- how did they do that?). Since I'm at work, I can bring up my Verizon DSL account and look at the trouble tickets. Service rep No. 11 or so tells me there is an open trouble ticket for my problem. I tell him I can't see it on my screen. He says, oh, this ticket pertains to the userid you just cancelled -- remember, that's the DIALUP account. No wonder they can't fix it -- it's not even in the system as a DSL ticket. He promises to set up a new ticket -- but 2 hours later, it's not there.

I promise my next call to VZ will be to cancel my service.
Posted by nelou on 2012-01-20:
Verizon support is the worst ever! My dsl internet has been down most of the time for the 1st 2 weeks in january 2012. I have been on the phone with them so many times I lost count. They still have not fixed it so I switched providers. In addition I dropped my lan line seriice also. Never going back
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Atrocious Customer Service!
Posted by Virginia Verizon User on 09/10/2007
FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- This is the WORST customer service EVER!

I called the tech support people over the weekend, not too bad. They told me to call billing on Monday.

I have just finished my second long and inefficient call to Verizon "billing" office as requested (in India, as it turns out). First one was 19 minutes long before the call was dropped and everything we had done was totally lost. No call back.

The second call just ended after 32 minutes of frustrating inefficiency and difficulty in simple communication. It took until the 20th minute or so before they could locate my account for a "DSL dry-loop" connection. (Dry loop means is it DSL internet only, without the simultaneous Verizon land-line telephone service.) After the 31st minute, I was told by Muqtadir that the "billing" department could not help me at all, and I would have to call "technical support." De ja vu. Wow. These guys need to get their act together.

The computer voice-activated processing that occurred at the front of each of those two calls, and took about 5 to 8 minutes to navigate, is horrible also. I still don't have anyone who is even starting to deal with my problem. Very frustrating.

In short, Verizon seems to know how to collect my monthly $$$, but not how to service their accounts.

Two thumbs down. Way down.

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Posted by MRM on 2007-09-10:
Unless the poster repsonds, we will never know.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
nor care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
There is no longer customer service, period. Not just with Verizon, but every business. And yes, it seems that a majority of customer service is in India. I voted your review as 'very helpful'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
My guess is Verizon will not care, either.
Posted by trumania on 2007-09-10:
The purpose of those IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems is to route you to the correct department. I used to have people complain about them and how they hate having to listen and press buttons and then they would ask me to do something. I'd flat out tell them, oh... well I can't help you with that, that's another department, however, next time you use the IVR just press 2 and you'll get the correct department, let me go ahead and transfer you.

They would get all pissed off that I couldn't help them with their accounts but they were at fault for not listening to the prompts. I use those IVR's with my bank and other services and I don't have any problem with them, but then again... I do have some patience. I also don't call when I'm pressed for time.
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DSL - Customer Service
Posted by Bozo on 02/22/2006
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Horrendous.! Stay away from this company! Especially the DSL. Even the phone billing is bad. Options of paying bill are all screwed up. Never received a bill for at least 3 months. DSL service kept being put off w/o any reason, no live person, (this happened at 2 locations, service being delayed for weeks!!). Tried canceling order, rep was very rude, he never cancelled it. A complete an utter fiasco. I was very patient and understanding with them, I communicated often, professionally, told them what I needed and how they could help, told them I understood if they were going thru a temporary transition, but the horrendous service continued. I was never given the full attention that all my numerous ,valid complaints deserved. If you want broadband/hi speed internet, do not go to Verizon DSL!! If you do, you have to switch to Verizon phone, and have to switch to MSN provider. After all that inconvenience comes the waterfall of problems.

I just picked up roadrunner. It was so fast, convenient, easy, the reps are so nice and helpful. Best thing I ever did was to go Roadrunner with Time Warner.
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Posted by tander on 2006-02-22:
Sounds like Roadrunner is try to get business!
Posted by rdb on 2006-03-04:
I have the same kind of problems.
Verizon turned off my DSL Internet service without any warning. After several days of complaints (with several calls each day to Verizon Help Desk), they admitted that this was a programed interruption because the did not have a special "equipment" and they mentioned that the service will be restored on 02/21.
Again we have to call daily to help desks, but didn't give us an answer, Even the supervisors did not return the calls.
We have been without service for more than two weeks. They don't have the right to interrupt the service without any warning. I use the service for my job, my wife for its university studies and my children for school. We have had serious problems for this interruption.
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File a Complaint with Better Business Bureau
Posted by Gsparks986 on 07/09/2012
HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA -- I hope this helps some of you having trouble with Verizon. I have been going back and forth with them for five months over a bill that I did not owe that they had turned over to a collection agency. Every time I called I would get a new person who had not idea of what had transpired and who always treated me as a new problem. I could get nowhere with Verizon!

So, I filed an complain with the Better Business Bureau, national office. They subsequently turned it over to the local office in Richmond. About two weeks after my filing, I had a complaint resolution person calling me to address the problem. Another week and Verizon zeroed out my account and sent me an apology.

FILE A COMPLAINT WITH BBB. It's the only way to deal with Verizon!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-09:
See? The BBB does help sometimes. You just never know. In some cases it is useless, in others it gets results. A good default is to file a complaint - and cross your fingers.
Posted by grubbmcc on 2013-07-24:
In my experience, the BBB is the only way to get results from Verizon. Unless some hapless tech accidentally lets you see the direct cell phone number of his boss's boss.... THAT got real fast results!
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DSL Fiasco
Posted by Don Quixote theTenth on 01/31/2006
MIDDLETOWN, MARYLAND -- Here's another Middletown Md. example:

When Verizon published their $14.99 monthly lure for DSL, I bit..a real mouthful. After a rough start and phone calls to their tech line, connections only worked "intermittently" (their term I learned much later) but I kept on with another phone call to Tech Service averaging about once a week. Verizon sent a replacement modem. That worked for a while. After three months of this, I'd had enough and stopped DSL altogether.
I received a voice-mail on my answering machine from (...mumbled...) in an unidentified office saying that I should never have been connected to begin with, as my address was some 22,000 feet from their nearest relay point, while 18,00 was the max acceptable for DSL. "That's just the way it is..." was his summary. Can't argue with physics.
After a few more calls, was finally told that charges for the equipment and their monthly fees would be "credited", but not all of the monthly charges because at least I'd had "intermittent" service.
Today was told that yes, credit had been issued but that I wouldn't see it on my bill for another two months or so.
So, two points:
A. Why did it take three months and some fifteen of my phone calls for Verizon to determine that I was too far away?
B. In this age of instant everything via the computer, why wait that length of time to receive a refund or credit?

"That's just the way it is"... sums up Verizon's attitude.

Charlie Griffith
Middletown, Md.
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Posted by tander on 2006-01-31:
I've noticed when you try to receive money back electronically it always takes longer than paying for something and having it deducted from your account!
Posted by crewboy on 2006-01-31:
I would demand that they give you a refund for the entire length of time that they serviced your home. They are correct when they say that DSL service only works properly up to a certain distance between you and them. If they didn't make sure you were able to receive DSL in your home, they made the error and you should not have to pay. You signed up for a broadband connection, meaning that you wanted to always be connected not intermittently. Their service did not function as promised, therefore you should be entitled to a refund. If they refuse to offer you a full refund, I would gather up your evidence and head to the small claims court in your town.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-01:
We had similar DSL issues at my parents house. Service kept going on and off all day every day. Spent days on the phone with tech support. I finally fixed the problem by running a direct phone line from the outside phone box straight to the DSL modem. I put a splitter in the box and one line was for the DSL, the other I put the phone filter on and it went to the rest of the phones. Worked like a charm after that, and much faster too!
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Verizon High-Speed Internet
Posted by Osterbar on 01/25/2011
I have had reliable DSL service at my home office for many years, provided by a small, local internet service provider through lines maintained by Verizon. Last week, however, I made the grave error of signing up for a Verizon high-speed DSL and voice package. The process was a disaster from start to finish, and is emblematic of the problems with a large, bloated corporation with no apparent centralization of responsibility.

First: Verizon seized control of the phone line from my old ISP fully two days before they were scheduled to do so, leaving me with no internet service at all. I rely on the internet as a freelance journalist, and my children use it for homework.

Second: When they hooked up the DSL service (at the Central Office) they connected it to a second (fax) line that I had asked Verizon, at the same time that I ordered the DSL, to disconnect. I could not get internet service from this line.

Third: When they hooked the DSL up to the correct phone line, they switched the wire pairs at the Central Office, meaning that I still had no DSL service. This took more than a week to fix.

Additionally, I never spoke to the same customer service agent twice, spent more than 5 hours on hold, and on four separate occasions the automated response system gave me telephone "help" numbers that were either disconnected or, as a stern automated voice told me, that I was "not authorized to use."

I finally called my old ISP and asked them to please regain control of the line, but it still took Verizon four days to get it right. Despite my insistence that nothing at my house had changed, they had to send a technician out to test the line, which showed that - as I had told them all along - the problem was with their Central Office switching.

Several times, the customer service people tried to sell me on Verizon fiber-optic service (FIOS), but as I pointed out to them, we don't have or want cable or satellite TV, and how can I trust Verizon FiOS service when their DSL service and installation services are so abysmally poor?

In fairness, Verizon offered me a $25 credit for my inconvenience, which just happens to be the cost of reconnecting to my old ISP. It's not nearly enough to compensate for my time or agita, but I accepted it.

In the United States we have been making the transition from a manufacturing to a service economy, but if Verizon's services in my case are in any way representative of this new economy, I tremble for our country.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-25:
This is a sad state of affairs, but typical. I wonder if one day will decide their image matters, and improve their customer service. I own stock in this company, and it has done well, but it is at great expense to their customers. Very sad. Good luck.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-25:
trm, as a stockholder, you have a right, no an obligation, to complain about the customer service.
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DSL speed and customer service
Posted by Centiljan on 06/25/2006
BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- We have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years and enjoyed good DSL service when Verizon was still in partnership with ISU for internet service.

However, when ISU went out of the ISP business and we were forced to disconnect and reinstall DSL with Verizon only, we began to experience low speeds and intermittent dropped connections on our DSL service.

Verizon customer service is difficult to get to and frustrating. Our initial call was closed without resolution and we had to repeat the same troubleshooting steps on a second call. I spent more time with Verizon technicians than anyone else that day. Even though their own speed tests showed abysmal speeds with the computer connected directly to the modem, their final step (and not one that will resolve the issue) was to have us contact Microsoft support to have our PCs analyzed. This we refused to do. We have virus protection installed and drives scanned regularly, and browser cache files deleted. We understand general computer health and performance. I work from home on call and am unable to download a small Word document on this degraded network. Although Verizon's web page has the customer perform a trace route (which in our case shows an unacceptable time routing packets on Verizon's network), Verizon's technicians expressed no interest in this information. We're definitely seeking other broadband alternatives. Network performance and customer service from Verizon DSL is simply unacceptable.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-06-25:
When it rains here we can't get on the internet with Verizon DSL.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-25:
ISU is as close to "Normal" as most ISU alumni will ever get.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-25:
Are you using the right (compliant) cables, that is not a phone cable for your ethernet cable and so forth, hmmmm?
Cables are important same for cable connections, saw onst where a TV cable was being used for cable internet connection, guess what, wrong cable. Then again it could be malconfigured network connections, etcetera. Good luck
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-26:
It may very well be Verison. Could be the modem or something near it. DSL can get messed up with hairdryers, flouresent light, speakers, might help to make sure nothing is around the modem. A bad phone can mess it up too as well as a line without a speaker. Then again it maybe Verison. Just a few things to check if you haven't already. DSL is very fragile. I gotta have cable it's not perfect but most of the time it's pretty close.
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Poor customer service
Posted by Node on 01/15/2006
NEW JERSEY -- Mid December of 2005 I decided to subscribe to Verizon DSL on one of my phone lines. After my initial call I realized that they may have misunderstood which line I wanted the service installed on. I called back and as suspected, they were about to install it on the incorrect line. Initially the Verizon rep thought that they would have to cancel the order and enter a new order for the correct line which would mean my shipping the equipment back when it arrived. She spoke with a supervisor and connected me with her. She was very nice and said that she could simply change the number on the order. Great. The start date given to me orally was the 9th of January. When the equipment arrived, the date was the 10th. On the 7th I received a call notifying me that the service was ready. I did the install and during the "setting up account" I could not connect. I called their tech support and was told that the service was not complete and that the date they had was the 16th. Upon further investigation I found out that the initial incorrect order had not been canceled and that it was activated on the wrong line. I did (I think) get that service canceled and am still waiting for the service on the correct line. On the 10th of Jan the line that I want the DSL service on went dead. I called repair and was told that the line tests OK. I explained to the repair rep that their was no dial tone at the NID. She scheduled a repair appointment for the 12th. No one showed and the line was still dead. I called them back and was told that the line tests OK. I again explained that there is no dial tone at the NID. She apologized and assured me that a supervisor would call first thing the next day and that someone would come out. No one showed. When I called back I was told that the repair visit was scheduled for the 16th. When I complained to the supervisor he told me that someone would be out on the 14th. No show. Another call and I was told that the tech could not gain access. The NID is outside! It was raining! Another call to a supervisor and after many apologies I was told that a tech would be here on the 15th. I again explained that despite their test, the line is dead on my end. No show again today and when I called I was told that the problem is resolved as the line tests OK. When I seemed rather irate I was simply put on hold. The next possible repair date is the 18th. I think not. At this point I not only do not have DSL service but no service on that line at all. I will cancel the DSL service and seek another provider for my entire service
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Customer Service from Hell
Posted by Terjoal on 08/07/2005
HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- My DSL service through AOL was interrupted. AOL did a diagnostic check and reported my DSL line was not receiving any signals and that AOL would send a repair work order to Verizon. After a few days of not having DSL, I called AOL back and th e techie told me he would contact Verizon again. This time he gave me a work order number. After another few days I decided to call Verizon myself. Ater being on hold for almost 1/2 hour, a customer service rep came on the line and asked me the number I was calling about. I gave him my name, phone number then he asked for my address-which I gave also. The rep then tells me that I must have given him the wrong phone number because the phone number that I gave him was listed under another name and address. I gave him my name, phone number and address again, and the rep tells me that this number is listed at another address and under a different name. Then he has the audacity to aske me "Who is paying your bill bacause this bill is listed under another name?" I then told him that the bill comes to my house and under my name. I gave him the same information for the third time, and he still maintained that this was not correct. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor came on the line, she asked me for the same information again. I gave her all my information and she said "No wonder, he had the wrong area code. I explained to the supervisor that my DSL line was down and that AOL had contacted Verizon and I wanted to check on my work order. She connected me to repair service and I was told rather rudely that this was an AOL problem. The repair service person said he would connect me to AOL. He did, he connected me to AOL in Toronto, Canada.
Meanwhile I received an e-mail from AOL informing me that they would no longer offer DSL and were referring all customers to Verizon and that AOL customers would get a special deal if they applied for DSL via a link. I ordered DSL through AOL's link with Verizon and received an order confirmation. After a week, I called Verizon and inquired when I would receive my modem and my connection. I gave the customer rep my confirmation number and was told "There is no order under your name but that she would gladly take my order for DSL but that the special deal would no apply because I was ordering through Verizon. At this stage of the game, I just wanted my DSL. I received my modem within a few days, but no service. I called Verizon and was transferred from billing to repair to production and then to the DSL department and no one could figure out why my order was pending. I mentioned that my DSL line had been down, so they transferred my back to repair. This ended up being a four hour ordeal since every department has that aggravating voice message. Repair told me they would check out the problem. Within a few days I received a letter from Verizon thanking me for ordering home line repair at a cost of $3.45 a month. I called the billing department and was kept of hold for another 1/2 hour when someone finally told me that this was a mistake and they would take this amount of my bill. I expained to the person in billing what the problem was and she transferred me back to line repair. Another 1/2 hour wait and the repair person told me that AOL had never released my line back to Verizon and they could not, and would not check my line until the line was release. I called AOL and explained to the customer service person that AOL had not released my line to Verizon. AOL gave me a release number and informed me that my line had been released two weeks prior. Called Verizon again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained to the supervisor the problems that I had with Verizon and she suggested that since there was a problem with the line situation, I should consider changing my phone number. I decided after not having DSL for three weeks, that this may be the best course to take. Within a few days, I received a DSL start up date from Verizon. The start up date came and went and still no DSL. I called the DSL folks again and was told me order was pending, but no one seems to know why my order is pending. As it is, if I wait another week to cancel the service, Verizon will bill me $99. for the modem that I cannot use.
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Posted by avenger on 2005-08-31:
verizon csr's are all in house while their tech support is outsourced. tech support usually knows what to do but unfortunately their hands are tied due to the suits at Verizon setting policy. the best thing one can do is to NEVER become involved with verizon in ANY capacity. My personal complaint with them is for cell phone service or lack thereof but I know about their DSL, how it works (which, if the Verizon genius's would leave it alone MIGHT be pretty good) and now the new verizon/yahoo fiasco. Just remember...people with college degrees and certification thought of these methods, technology, and policies for people who mostly treat their computers like some kind of interractive T.V. and just wanna shop on ebay.

moronic indeed (verizon corporate, that is)

a special note for you. AOL? if you only knew what a bad choice that was to begin with.
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DSL Installation Failures
Posted by Stray_ray on 02/13/2006
ALPENA, MICHIGAN -- I ordered Business DSL for a business friend. They checked the number for DSL compatibility and everything was OK. Our local phone provider is Verizon, but we use UTMI for billing and they said UTMI was not a problem. When I called to follow up after 3 weeks I discovered the first order somehow was lost. They expedited the order and we received the installation kit. When I tried to install it would not work. Technical support informed me that I had a roll over number and that would not work (same one they tested). We asked to change the number to one in the office that was used for only a FAX. They said OK and it would be done in 7 days. After 7 days tried to install again and it failed. Another hour with technical support and they found the installation order had been dropped with no reason. After apologies they said I could install after another 7 days. Another 7 days later I attempted to install again. Same result as the last time, only this time the support said because we were using UTMI that was the problem. Called back next day because they had said the first time that UTMI had no effect on the DSL. This technician said that was not the reason, but could not find any notes on why the install failed. I was transferred to sales and after the usual apologies they said I could do the install in 7 days. GUESS WHAT? Checked the Verizon web site to see the status and they say it has been delayed, and no explanation. I am writing this out of frustration because you can not complain to a higher authority at Verizon. If you order Verizon DSL be careful, because you may be waiting a long time.

I do not even have a mail address to complain to so I let this forum provide a possible list in the hope that ever who gets this will forward this to someone at Verizon who cares.
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