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Verizon Rapes You.
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Rating: 1/51

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- This was the most overpriced, slowest internet service I have ever had, bar none. We live on Willoughby Spit in Norfolk, Virginia and there is only Verizon DSL or Cox Cable service available in this area. We chose Verizon for service and since the service, DSL, was quite sucking at best averaging 2-3megs uploads and .7-.8 downloads. Lol. Really? And get this for a mere 85.00 a month.

Simply outrageous for such suck ass service. You call technical support, I wish you luck with that, it is generally located in India and most are clueless following a flowchart with lack of any true technical training. It's quite evident. Since I have canceled them and went with a great antenna, which gets free TV and I'm currently stuck with having to switch to Cox Cable... paying less than Verizon at 50 meg speeds.

Verizon does nothing but ** rape you with their DSL service. You have a choice. Simply refuse and disconnect. Until... I am waiting for the one company these old school providers fear. Google. Can't wait until Google rolls into town, 1000 megs up/down. At a far cheaper price. Serves these aged blood sucking leeches like Verizon right. Your days are pretty much over. Too funny.

Verizon DSL Is Overpriced and Under Whelming
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Rating: 2/51

BONHAM, TEXAS -- Verizon DSL has recently hiked their prices 10% and halved their speed. Connection speeds drop to a few bytes per second regularly at peak hours. That was not a typo, I said BYTES! You get a lost connection every other week or two that requires you to turn off the modem for three hours. Ridiculous. You might as well go dial up. It's almost the same peak speed, and MUCH more reliable, and a hell of a lot cheaper.

Spam Blocker Does Not Work
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Rating: 3/51

NEW JERSEY -- My Verizon email Inbox Has been jammed with SPAM for several weeks. I have contacted Verizon several times. Either they do not care or they are unable to fix this. For an international corporation they are useless.

Nonexistent Service
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Rating: 1/51

We have had difficulties with our internet for more than a year (we live in a large city so one would think we would have good service simply b/c of the density of population). First Verizon gave us a new modem--that didn't really solve the problem but we dealt with it. Then last week, we noticed that our internet was so slow we couldn't download etc.

This week we have spent hours on the phone with Verizon. Hours. They have refused to answer our questions and seem totally clueless about how to resolve this (TOTALLY CLUELESS!); they have repeatedly promised to call us back (never happens). The only thing they did do was push a change in our long distance service on us (we didn't care about our phone line and that was not what we were calling about). We do get callbacks, however, which are automated and which say things like "we are canceling your order." WTF?

Today they told us a tech would come between 8 and 12. We are at home waiting. Suddenly we get one of their usual automated calls "we are canceling your order." When we tried to call Verizon to ask where the tech is and why our order is being canceled, we get customer service reps who just says "we are very sorry." Apparently, the customer service representative has no idea what is happening, can't resolve the problem, can't answer our questions and can't call the tech to figure out where he is and whether he will, indeed, come to our house between 8 and 12 as they promised (they claim they don't have a number for himreally?! Give me a break!).

Over the last week, we have been repeatedly lied to by clueless customer reps. When we ask to speak to a supervisor, the tech support people cut us off (this has happened three times which makes me think it is a tactic they use--not an accident). We can't speak to anyone who can answer our questions. We just have people saying "we are very sorry." And the final kicker… we have been paying for internet service for two years which we have not received (they admit that we have been paying for a very high-speed service which we have not been receiving). So on top of everything else, they are thieves. Flat out.

I wish this were a unique story but when I spoke to a neighbor yesterday, he told us that it took 4 visits from a Verizon tech (and two missed visits--when Verizon claimed they were sending someone out and they did not do so) before Verizon finally resolved their problem. I cannot believe any company with a track record like that can stay in business but apparently they are too big to fail (how much do they get in govt subsidies? and yes, they have moved their tech support out of the US to India--gotta love these idiots).

Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We tried to get internet service through Verizon because we were going to bundle with our new Verizon landline. Well after 8 weeks of trying to deal with this lousy company they said we don't exist on the map so no internet. Meanwhile my neighbors beside me, and across the road from me have it. But we don't exist for internet. Meanwhile while this was going on they installed a landline phone at our home... but we don't exist. What a laugh (not really).

Everyone I spoke to gave me to another person who didn't know anything about anything. Meanwhile they sent us the internet equipment but we don't exist! So when we finally got told we can't give you internet because we don't exist, they said they would send a return label so we could send their lousy crap back that we didn't need. Well that took 3 months to get and many phone calls from us to ask where the label is. They said, "Don't worry we will hold the bill till we get the equipment back." Well I personally took the equipment to ups. They delivered it and lo and behold Verizon sent my bill to a collections agency.

Much to my surprise (not) I was on the phone with ups. They tracked and found that Verizon received the equipment someone signed for it and now it was a dispute. The collections agency called Verizon and 2 days later Verizon called me to say, "Oops, we got it. It was our mistake." Well their mistakes cause people such grief. The company is way too big to care about the people that make their paychecks. Shame on you Verizon you don't deserve the business of hard working people!

Also I know for a fact that they have big expensive parties for their employees reward them for coming to work when there are super bowl games with expensive gifts. They are wasting their customers money. Let me also say most of Verizon's employees are smart mouths. They speak very rudely when you aren't going along with what they tell you. Go AT&T! Now that's a good company. VERIZON... YOU SUCK!

Misrepresentation of 14 Day Free Internet Trial
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Rating: 1/51

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- Phone representative with Verizon's partner business, CenturyLink, said internet service with Verizon was a 14 day free trial period. The representative said after that the monthly service fee was 50.00 dollars for the service. She said it was free for a 14 day trial period. The representative never said anything about data usage, plus, she said after 14 days, if we called to cancel and turned in the equipment to a local store, we would not owe anything.

After about 10 days we received an email saying we had data overage. I called Verizon immediately to find out what this was about, and they said we owed over 300.00 dollars already. I canceled the service. We received a bill for over 500.00 for service data usage, and early termination fee. Since CenturyLink is selling Verizon Internet services, Verizon is still responsible for their partner's misrepresentation, but they refuse to stop billing us. This is fraudulent business practices, and we are filing with the North Carolina Attorney General's office.

Poor Service, Terrible Customer Service, Highly Discourage
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Rating: 1/51

WEST BOLYSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I highly discourage anyone from using Verizon Internet. We have had continual issues with our service over the past few years and spent countless hours on the phone with technical support often with the same issue occurring days later. On two occasions we had to have a technician come to our home to service the line. They ask that you be home for an entire day, with no regard for people working, as they tell you they will arrive between 8 am and 5 pm. To top it off they frequently allege having no record of our previous calls and have no respect for the customer.

Today they accused me of lying about a credit to my account that was promised last Wednesday when I spoke to technical support. They actually claimed my line was working despite the fact that a new modem was sent to us on Thursday.

Verizon worst DSL phone internet & support in zip 02301 BOSTON MA
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- (FOR DSL ONLY) Had this service as long as I can take it '18 months' the very worst possible service and nightmare company you could imagine in the service area zip code 02301 MA BOSTON. If you live in this area do not get Verizon anything their service, phone and internet DSL is the very worst. They have been to my location over 20 times in the last 4 months and the problem is always outside their support is the worst I ever experienced in my life. I just can put up with it any longer it's not worth health issues over this company.

It's too bad our local government only offers basic internet and phone to only a few companies, this is the reason why so many have problems because we are stuck with either paying high prices for cable or satellite or have to suffer because there is not enough service companies to make the few get their act together to correct the problems that exists in these problem areas. No matter I had enough 'so be warned' sat as far away from Verizon DSL & phone as you possibly can. You have been warned in advance.

Good luck finding a good affordable internet and phone service in this area zip code 02301. If you live in this zip code area you should start complaining to your local town governing body to make them get you better service in this area.

My Complaints About Verizon

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have been a customer since I moved to New York City in 1972, and I have never felt so horrible about your company, your policies, and your customer service. If I could afford to, I would switch in a New York minute, but unfortunately all the alternatives are more expensive than what I've got with you: DSL and a Basic Budget line. In the last year, I have had numerous problems with my phone service. Over Christmas, I had no service. I missed many calls before I realized the problem: people getting cut off after one ring or a fraction of a ring. The problem was fixed.

Lately I've had extraordinarily slow DSL service. I reported the problem about two weeks into it—during your employees' strike. On August 29, a repair man called, didn't seem to know where the correct box was, asked me, and I told him "I didn't know." A little while later, he called again and said he would have to cut off my service, the problem was with the central office, and everything would be restored within two hours. When I asked if he'd call me back to verify when my service was restored and that everything was working, he complained that it was too hard to stand in an alley way (where the box was), and he couldn't, and he was sure the fix would work.

Nobody ever called me back that day, but service was restored. The next day, I received a call from Verizon checking my service. I said it was restored. However later in the day, I discovered the problem with the DSL slowness remained. To make a long story short, I have spent hours on the phone with your representatives. I was given an appointment for Sept. 7, then offered an earlier one, and when I tried to accept it—another half hour on the phone resulting in nothing—I was unable to. I was told I'd be called back and never was.

Concurrent with all this, I received a bill with a new charge for a “change in long distance service.” Last month an online customer service person removed a new charge for long distance service at my request as a “courtesy.” I never asked for long distance service. In fact, when I lost my job and downsized to Basic Budget, I specifically requested an incoming-call-only plan and was told you didn't have one. (I make all outgoing called via MagicJack.)

This month I received a bill with a charge for $2.75 to remove the service that you decided to charge me for that I had never asked for. When I called to complain and try to have that charge removed, an unhelpful customer service person, who verged on belligerence, told me that according to your records, I had been informed about long distance service when I signed up. Since I specifically had requested NOT to have it, I'm quite sure that this is incorrect.

In fact, when I changed to Basic Budget, I interrupted the Verizon representative and said I did NOT want any outgoing service. Your representative told me "that's not what your records show" and “We will not/cannot remove the charge.” The End.

I am beyond disgusted with this kind of nickel and diming to charge fees for services that are either not provided or not required. The fact that all this has escalated about a charge of $2.75 is almost funny. As I researched alternatives to Verizon, I heard from friends on Facebook that “they all suck!” Why don't you try to be better than the pack? How about trying to be polite, fair, and stopping this ridiculousness the alienates your customers? How about trying to help people who are literally counting nickels and dimes to survive? How about having some kind of awareness of the environment you are operating in?

Other complaints during my history of Verizon service: Once I was not sent an e-bill, then I was charged a fee for not paying it and told that I was responsible for paying bills whether I received them or not. The penalty was removed as a “courtesy.” I subsequently opted for paper bills. I have recently (January 2012) been told that I've automatically been switched to e-bills, because I pay online. I hope I actually receive them. Although I no longer trust Verizon to ever follow through, so if I don't, I'll check.

For years I've had intermittent problems with static or electronic noise on the line. Technicians have not been able to fix it. But the noise will disappear for stretches of time. The last time I complained after months of it, I was told there was no problem on the outside line and I'd have to pay for a technician to come to my home. I knew the problem was not my line when it miraculously disappeared, again, in January 2012.

Recently (it's now 1/15/12) I spent about two hours on the phone with techs in India after my Internet service disappeared, although the DSL line on my new modem was lit. The first time it went down, following the tech's directions restored it, but he kept me on the phone to try to get me to download web service which would be useless if I cannot get on the Internet. I finally said thanks, but we've solved the problem. I was paying for this call on my cell phone.

About an hour later the Internet service disappeared again. I spent another hour on my cell to India. The tech couldn't fix it, said a supervisor would call me back in 24 hours. Later that afternoon, Internet was restored, and shortly after that, I received a robot call from Verizon telling me there was an outage in my area that both Indian techs had assured me was not the case. I wasted hours trying to fix an unfixable problem and getting the runaround.

A couple of days after my Internet service was restored, I got a call from a Verizon survey taker to find out how I felt about the service and the company. When I responded “unreliable, uninterested in helping customers, only interested in making money any which way they can,” and gave them a score of zero for how likely I'd be to recommend them to others, I was asked if I'd be open to someone calling me to investigate my feelings more. “Yes,” I answered. … So far, no call.

Verizon DSL: Lack of Customer Service and Knowledge
By -

Around May 19th I began having problems with my Verizon DSL internet service. It was going out frequently, and I would only have a connection for brief times during the day. I tried to call their 1800 number for tech support only to begin a journey with no visible end in sight.

I attempted to call I think, about 6 times during that first week. Only I could never get a representative on the phone. I fought for HOURS trying to navigate through the insanity that is their automated service. Pushing buttons and being placed on hold, and the ever dreaded DISCONNECTED!!! At one point, the service actually asked me to verify my bank account number so it could send me a check...????

My Husband managed to get through at one point and speak with a representative who went through the whole, "shut it off, wait a few min, turn it back on, reboot, reload" then told him to download some application and hung up on him. Only we couldn't download anything because we had no service. I spent another week fiddling around, shutting off and turning on and unplugging and reconnecting and reloading and booting and reloading and so forth. Periodically trying to get a hold of a representative to no avail.

After the second week with no improvement in service, I finally got a representative on the phone. I immediately asked for a supervisor. I was placed on hold 3 times and eventually told "no supervisor was available" and that they would transfer me to 'escalation.' I finally get ** on the phone in escalation and tell him the situation and that I needed a tech to come to the house. I can hear him typing away and he assures me he can help, no problem. Oh, wait. "Sorry, I can't help you. This is the wrong department."

I think I may have had a small heart attack at that moment. He transfers me BACK to where I had been previously to someone who did not speak English, who kept telling me to "calm down and have a cup of coffee" and insisting we go through the whole shut down restart unplug non sense again. Finally, I said "NO!"

I'm not touching anything. I've been doing all this for 2 weeks. I need a tech to come to the house. He refused to send one. This went back and forth and again I asked for a supervisor. AGAIN I had to explain the situation, and asked for a tech. The supervisor told me it was too late to get one there. (By this time it was 7:30 pm) I informed him that wasn't my fault since I had already been on the phone for 3 hours with them and if they would have sent me a tech 3 hours ago like I had asked time wouldn't be an issue. He continued to refuse. Saying they would send one out on Tuesday. (It was Friday.)

I gave him a simple choice. Send me one now, or my next call was to the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say, when I hung up, I got in touch with the BBB. Then, they called me back. (How stupid) I AGAIN explained the situation and my ultimatum. They again refused to send me a tech any earlier than Tuesday. And when I hung up I contacted the Attorney General. No one ever showed up or called on Tuesday.

It took about 2 more weeks for anyone to get back to me after I filed the complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General. By this time I was out of state. My Grandmother had gone for Bypass surgery and I was taking care of her. I got a call from -someone, I don't recall who at this point-who told me a tech would be out the next day. I gave them my husband's number, (I believe it was a female) who was home. They called him and set up a time. The next day came and went. No one showed up no one called.

The following day, someone called to see if the internet was working. (** in Executive Appeals) I told them the tech never showed up. ** tells me they are going to credit my account for 60 days. And another Tech (** the Tech guy) calls and we get him set up for another day. Eventually, ** the Tech guy gets to the house. I believe the date to be June 17th. A month now since the issues started. A month that I have been being charged for services that I don't have.

So, ** the Tech guy comes over and tinkers around with this and that and the other thing, and tells my husband all fixed. He says if we have any problems in the future to just save his number and call him back. Well, I get home on the 20th and guess what? Not fixed. Not fixed, and not working. I call ** the tech guy back. ** says there really isn't anything he can do on his end so he'll call his dispatcher and get someone else to come out. (OK) He calls me back about an hour or so later and says someone will be out the following day.

Next day, no one calls, no one shows up. So I call ** back and tell him what's going on. And somewhere this other ** from some higher Verizon Office gets involved and I call him back too. (But he never returns my calls) THE FOLLOWING DAY ** calls me. We get it set up for a tech to come out on the 27th.

Unfortunately, I got mandated at work the night before. (I'm a nurse), got home fell asleep and slept right through the 3 calls from Verizon to verify the Tech guy. (My bad!) When I got up I called ** back immediately and explained the situation. He rescheduled the apt for the upcoming Monday. (This was a Friday) OK, fine, no problem. it was my fault.

Monday rolls around. My phone rings at like 8:05 in the morning, I'm pretty sure I was changing my toddler's poopy diaper at the time and didn't make it to the phone in time. I checked the voice mail when it came through and sure enough it was Verizon calling about the apt and to call back the generic 800 number. Like Hell I'm calling that number back! That is how this whole mess started in the first place! So, I figured, OK. Well they called me three times on Friday, I'm sure they will call back. It's only 8 am. Nope. No call back. No one showed up.

THE NEXT DAY I call ** back, leave him a message! OH! I Almost forgot! ** In EXECUTIVE APPEALS HAS A MALFUNCTIONING VOICEMAIL!!!!!! This was the REAL Kicker! His voicemail only works about 1/2 the time. So whenever I call him, usually, I have to call him 2 or 3 times before I can leave him a message since his voicemail is broken. I TOLD him, twice that it was not functioning properly. It is STILL broken. (a month now, doesn't bode well for me, if they can't even fix the executive's voicemail!) So, the broken voicemail was enough to send me right over the edge!

It always takes him a day or so to call me back (If he calls me back at all, ** the Important Verizon guy from IDK what department never returns my calls, so I don't call him anymore.) Eventually ** calls and tells me that they fixed my internet from outside. They slowed down my speed and did this this and this (I never saw anyone out there, but OK) And now it should be working. This is around July 1st. Nope. July 2nd the internet is out.

That same day, I get a email from the BBB saying that Verizon has submitted something to them. I go in and look. Entertaining. I was good and annoyed now. It read as follows: According to company records, Verizon has reduced the DSL speed provisionally to 1.5M. The line is currently testing good, and it is stable. Verizon Tech support is monitoring this line. There is no need of a tech to be dispatched due to the circuit already testing good. The customer has already missed two dispatches. The customer has a direct contact number if any future troubles.

Nowhere in there does it mention the 62 tech guys that WERE SUPPOSED to come out and never called or showed up. How convenient. Direct number? To who? ** the tech guy? The guy who couldn't help me and told me someone would be out the next day and never called or showed Up?

So, Of course, I didn't except that. Sent my rebuttal. It's a Saturday, but I leave a voicemail for ** anyway (I had to call him twice before It would work.) Tuesday, he calls me back and sets up for a Tech guy to come out on Wed. ** called me at some point too, and leaves me a voicemail. I try to call him back, get his voicemail....I'm still waiting for him to call me back. I think he is the one who is dealing with the BBB because I got a response back that day saying he had tried to reach me that morning, and AGAIN I responded that I CALLED him back and was still awaiting his return call.. hours later....

Anyway, ** the Tech guy came on Wed the 6th. A MONTH AND A HALF (7 weeks) since all this trouble began. He spent about a half an hour outside at the pole. He said it was a MESS up there and he did a TON of stuff... and would still do MORE if this didn't fix the problem. I have had an internet connection with no breaks in service since then. However, I logged on to view my bill, and my Credit. No Credit. In fact, now my bill is overdue and there are late fees.

Got a call from ** at Executive Claims about two weeks ago on a Saturday.. (Not **) I jokingly said at one point, "Boy they are working you hard on a weekend." He responded, "No ma'am we work 7 days a week." Oh really? Why doesn't ** ever return my calls on the weekends? And why doesn't ** EVER call me back. Interesting. So, anyway, he asked how the DSL was working. And I told him I didn't want to jinx anything, but at the moment I had no complaints.

I did tell him that while ** credited me the 60 days of service a month ago, it still has yet to reflect on my bill and now I am being charged late fees. He said he'll have ** call me on Monday or Tuesday.... Well, **, thanks for calling, and all the nothing you just did for me!!!! I can't even tell you off the top of my head how long this has all been dragging on now. Over 2 months. I'll have to look at a calendar.

I waited around for another week and a half before anyone called to address my bill. It was ** again. It went to my voicemail and I didn't call him back because he never returns my calls. I'll just wait for the response from the BBB. He claims that my account HAS been credited, but it won't reflect until my July and August bills. Tell me? What sense does that make? My problems were the months of May and June! Those are the bills I haven't paid. And now they have the nerve to charge me a late fee. I don't care if I have to open ANOTHER complaint with The BBB I will be refunded that late fee!

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