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Verizon Has The Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
LOCKPORT, NEW YORK -- On 7 Aug 08, I cancelled my Verizon DSL service for multiple reasons, the primary one was that I had problems with the line and their customer service was lousy. The following week I migrated my home phone number to a cell phone service, and disconnected my Verizon home phone. On 21 Aug 08, I received an automated call from Verizon, at my work (against my specific request that they not use that number), telling me there was some problem with the disconnect and to call a specific number. I called the number, spent 10 endless minutes in voicemail hell, and then was connected to a customer service agent. This agent spent another 5 minutes quizzing me regarding my account (asking for the same information I had just been prompted to punch into the voicemail system for apparently no reason), and then told me I had reached the wrong office and would need to call another number. I refused and asked to speak to a supervisor. After several more minutes arguing with the service agent, she finally agreed to connect me to a supervisor. After another 10 minutes on hold a Miss NAME REMOVED got on the line. After re-explaining my issues to her (apparently my 10 minutes on hold was not used to communicate anything to her, and the notes taken by the 1st agent were not available to her), she agreed to contact the DSL Billing department. She contacted them and had an extended conversation with a Mr. NAME REMOVED of DSL Billing. I was on hold for another 15 to 20 minutes. At the end, they were unable to resolve my issue that day and requested that I allow them to call me back the next day. Mr. NAME REMOVED committed to calling me at 1:00 PM the following day with a resolution. I agreed, and asked Miss NAME REMOVED for a call back number for her in case Mr. NAME REMOVED failed to call me back. This entire process took an hour.

On 22 Aug 08, Mr. NAME REMOVED failed to call me back. At 3:45 I called the number given to me by Miss NAME REMOVED – 890-1550. This number placed me back into a call center (She intentionally and knowingly deceived me by giving me a number she knew I would not be able to reach her on). There I was told by several employees that it was against company policy to connect me to a supervisor. I called several times, because I kept being disconnected. The employees were unbelievably rude and argumentative. In particular a Miss NAME REMOVED was extremely rude (and given the typically poor treatment received from customer service agents at Verizon, for me to single her out is a particular honor to her skill at pissing off the customer.) Finally, I called the 1-800 number from the phone book, and after another frustrating 15 minutes, was connected to a Miss NAME REMOVED at CSSC.

She took some information from me and put me on hold. I was mysteriously placed back in voicemail, had to go through the entire process again, and then was connected to a Mr. NAME REMOVED at DSL Billing. Mr. NAME REMOVED did not have any previous information collected at great length from the previous agents, and needed the entire story again before he would assist me. He then connected me to a supervisor – Miss NAME REMOVED – Online Billing – reference number – 203068396. Miss NAME REMOVED could not explain to me how I ended up in Online Billing when I had requested DSL Billing by voicemail.

She did not know, and could not contact Mr. NAME REMOVED, Miss NAME REMOVED, or Miss NAME REMOVED. She was able to resolve the cancellation issue, but was unable to offer me the second month rebate promised to me on a previous service call that I had not received. When I asked her if she did not feel the 2 hours I had spent on the phone trying to resolve Verizon’s error was sufficient aggravation to warrant a rebate as an apology, she told me she was not authorized, and there was nothing further she could do. She was completely unconcerned that I was upset. I asked her if there was another level the call could be escalated to. The answer was no. Apparently there is no one in the company above minimum wage who is willing to speak with the customers directly.

It is clear when calling Verizon that their service agents have a standard playbook of problems and resolutions that they are unable or unwilling to deviate from. If your specific problem is not covered in the playbook they send you on an endless round of other numbers in the company. No information from previous phone calls is ever available to the latest agent reached, and the whole process must be done again. There is no accountability for the service the agents provide because they cannot be identified. They’ll give you their name, but without fail the next agent you reach does not know who they are, or where they work, and the new agent does not feel obligated in the least to address any wrong information or misdirection caused by the previous agent. If you push hard enough, the typical response is a disconnect. I can only surmise that this is a policy designed to discourage customer complaints.

If your problem is in the playbook, they have one standard, poorly fitting, solution for all customers. It is made clear that the solution is a take it or leave it option. There is absolutely no escalation process. The agents make it quite clear that if you are still dissatisfied, that’s just too bad.

I really cannot articulate loudly and clearly enough what a poor, rude, and thoroughly aggravating and dissatisfying experience Verizon Customer Service is. Their service is poorly operated, overpriced, and comes with the worst service outside and Airline that you are ever likely to encounter.

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Promises...Promises! VERIZON never delivers!
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GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- On October 21, 2005 I ordered DSL and some changes to phones that were in my home office that would be moving to my NEW OFFICE. Here’s what I did:

I asked that my phone ***-***-9066 be moved to the above noted address by Oct. 31, 2005. I also asked that my other phone, ***-***-7077, in my home (formerly used for data/fax) become my new home phone and I purchased Verizon long distance services. I called your DSL sales office and asked if the phone number ***-***-9066 that would be located at the above address would have DSL services. I was told YES! So I ordered the DSL line and signed my NEW LEASE for my NEW OFFICE on October 31, 2005.

I like to state here and now, I asked if I needed another phone number and I was told, NO, I didn’t need another phone number for DSL.

Here’s what happened:

On October 31, 2005 I did get my phone in the new office, but I had NO SERVICE AT ALL in my home. Three days later I finally got service (***-***-7077) in my home, but I didn’t have any Long Distance Service. I finally got long distance service 15 days later. I was forced to use my Cell Phone for any long distance calling. This was enough to make me crazy already, but believe me this is only the beginning of this SAGA.

I received a call on November 1, 2005 that my DSL would be “Service Ready” on November 14, 2005. While I wasn’t thrilled,….okay at least I’d have it by mid November. So I had to work from home and not in my new office. On November 14, 2005 I got an email telling me my DSL would now be “Service Ready” on November 30, 2005.

So I made the FRIST of 37 phone calls between November 14th and November 30th. I was told each time that my service was proceeding as planned and they were sorry for the delay. On November 22nd I called to verify again that everything was going to proceed properly this time. Someone in the Tech division told me that he thought my DSL line was going to be canceled. I couldn’t believe it. I asked WHY! They transferred me to the Sales Department that once again assured me that my DSL service was NOT CANCELED and would be installed on November 30th by 6PM.

On November 30th I was in my office waiting all day for this service to be activated. You see Verizon had been kind enough to ship me the MODEM on November 10th. So I had my tech people there ready to set up all the PCs and network our office. I was actually on the phone with Verizon several times that day with witnesses asking if they were in fact going to get my service up. At 6 PM, I still didn’t have any service. I called Verizon again. In fact I spoke to 6 people that evening for a period of 2 hours. I finally was told that I needed to CANCEL the order for my DSL service so they could start all over. I spoke with someone in Texas that assured me that if I did this they could expedite the order. So the order was canceled and I was told that it would take a few hours for it to get through the entire system. The person from Texas called me the next morning (a first) and stated that the cancellation had gone through the system. I asked if he knew whether I needed a different phone number or would 301-417-9066 still be okay. He said that he would call me later in the day and let me know. I NEVER GOT THAT CALL.

I did, however, get a call from the Business Office and I was told that I would NOT BE GETTING DSL since the Gaithersburg Central Office did not have any space available for more DSL service. He even told me that this service had been closed since October 2005. I was then told that MAYBE I could get DSL service by mid January.

Well that was the LAST STRAW….!

I was lied to 37 times. No one cared at all that I opened a new business office and needed this service. In fact I SIGNED MY LEASE BASED ON GETTING DSL SERVICE. You see my business is the Internet. I design web sites and I own an Internet Marketing company, Shopping Portals, Inc.

Now here’s what isn’t funny. I pay $300 a month for my sublet space in an office that another company also moved into at the same time I did. Both of our businesses rely on the Internet. But at least the other company could work there, I COULDN’T. So I had to “Call Forward” all my calls back to my home office so that I could work from home. Are you getting the PICTURE YET!

Now I am paying for an office I can’t work in at all and I have your bill for a phone in my office that I can’t use at all. I could have left my phone in my home. It would have cost me MUCH LESS, too.

In fact you OWE ME for the rent I have paid for an office that I haven’t been able to utilize. Not to mention all the new furniture and PCs, printers and other office equipment I purchased to be used in my new office. Here’s a list of expenses:

Rent $600 + $300 deposit = $ 900.00
New PCs & printer = 2500.00
Furnishings = $ 800.00
Construction to build out office = $ 400.00

I’m sure this list looks like PEANUTS to them, but it isn’t peanuts to me. I work hard to make a living and this expense would never have been made had I been told that I could not get DSL service in my office in October 2005. I wouldn’t have signed the lease and gone to all this expense.

Verizon has NO BUSINESS doing business in the state of Maryland. They do not provide the services they are chartered to provide. But the worst of it all is the lying!

Verizon owns all the LINES. I think this stinks! I have competition which makes me do my job better than the rest. They have no competition so THEY DON'T GIVE A DAM!

For the record, since I have told lots of people and businesses about the unbelievable treatment I have received from Verizon, you wouldn’t believe how many of them volunteered their sad stories of your lousy service, too.
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Hours wasted on Verizon DSL problem -- do they even care?
Posted by on
Do employees at Verizon have 12 hours to sit around the house waiting for a technician who may or may not show up?

Starting from the beginning, when we moved into the apartment, Verizon DSL was the only option for internet service. So they have a captive audience, why try to satisfy them. In addition, we were required to purchase and pay for unwanted Land Line service, not as part of a money-saving bundle, but because we were told that it was technologically necessary. Does anyone know if that is true, or were we just lied to?

DSL service was basically acceptable, with the usual outages and spotty quality, but no major problems. Until last Thursday morning, 6/10/10, when the land-line phone rang. Apparently a technician was working on something and testing the lines. Since that time, our Verizon DSL service has been out and we can hear other people’s conversations on the Verizon land-line.

We called Verizon that morning and went through the hour-long process or being put on hold, transferred, asked to unplug and reboot the modem, etc. Eventually we were told what we already knew, that the problem was on Verizon’s end and we were assured a technician would be out. We waited. And waited. And waited. At 4 PM, we received a text message that a technician had been dispatched. We waited. And waited. And waited.

At 8:30 PM we called, and were told that the problem was at the Central Office, and that no technician was being sent. Umm, couldn’t they have told us that rather than make us wait around?

Meanwhile, we made a new friend, Vijay in India. Apparently Verizon is unable to pay a technician in the U.S. to come solve the problem, but is more than happy to pay Vijay in India to call us every few hours to let us know he cares that our service is down. While it’s always nice to have overseas phone-buddies, we’d really rather just have the service back.

Vijay assured us again that the service would be restored within 24 hours, and that we should call him if it wasn’t.

So when the service was not restored by Friday night, we called Vijay in India. Vijay very politely read us the script that says how sorry he is, but that the appropriate department in the U.S. is closed for the weekend. I’ve never heard of this service model -- since we continue to be billed over the weekend, can’t they schedule technicians over the weekend? But Vijay in India cares and would like to follow up with us the following week. Except that he’s on holiday Monday and Tuesday. But if it’s not fixed by Wednesday, we should call him. It’s good to know Vijay in India cares that much, even if our local service operation doesn’t.

Sunday night, we decided to call again to make sure a technician would be out in the morning. Sadly, caring Vijay was out, but one of his colleagues cheerfully walked us through the same script. Eventually, the realization dawned that a technician needed to fix the problem. So we were told that a technician would be out Monday. And we were then told that we must remain available and ready to immediately answer the door for the technician during the service “window” of 8 AM to 8 PM. How thoughtful of Verizon to let us know that they will not be sending a technician out at 3 AM, although we would actually be home at that time. This is the same thing they said Thursday, and never showed up or let us know.

One wonders why a Technology and Communications company can’t schedule its technicians better, including proving service on the weekends, and can’t even inform customers when the technician visit has been cancelled. Clearly, Verizon just doesn’t care.

Fortunately we’re moving in a few months. One of the first questions to ask about a new neighborhood will be “Who provides internet service here – are there choices other than Verizon?”

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User Replies:
Alain on 2010-06-14:
Verizon Corporate Office NY general telephone number 212-395-1000. Don't know if it'll do any good to call, but it's worth a shot, maybe.
jeffpa3791 on 2010-06-15:
Thanks Alain. After having spent all those hours on hold or waiting for the Verizon technician, we really didn't feel like dealing with this anymore. My gf called Comcast who we already buy cable from. They now provide high-speed internet to our building and will be out to hook us up between 9 and 11 AM tomorrow. (Their window is only 2 hours -- why can't Verizon do this?)

My GF's daughter is out in Brooklyn, their DSL has been out for a month and they've been getting the same runaround. Maybe they can switch too.
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Letter to the CEO
Posted by on
Let me tell you a little story, Mr. Seidenberg.

My Verizon business DSL line was disconnected for lack of payment

This happened because, contrary to the billing address I gave the representative who took my order, my bills were sent to the office where the DSL line was installed. This office happened to be in a federal building in Florida. My company has a suite there were we have four people working. This is a temporary facility that has no mailing address. The folks in the mailroom had never heard of my company because our jobsite was the Federal Courthouse across the street from our field office. They sat on the bills or threw them away. There was no reason to be concerned because we assumed the bills were being correctly sent to an address in Tennessee where our AP department resides.

It took 3 weeks to get us back online

I called Verizon and got the usual treatment:

· A search for an appropriate phone number that turned out to be incorrect

· A bunch of automated messages that had no relationship to my needs

· A series of confounded requests to speak to a representative

· A representative that put me on perpetual hold so I could start again

· Finally a representative that would listen to me but only fed me the line that Verizon was sorry for the apparent mix up but they couldn’t reconnect my service until the check showed in the system as being cleared.

It was three weeks until that was resolved. I had to call to get the service turned back up again even though the checks had cleared.

We needed to move offices

Literally 2 weeks later, my project manager tells me there is now space to move into the building across the street where the project is underway. I dread having to call Verizon to get this in the works but I do so and am pleasantly surprised to get a woman who actually seems to want to help me. I explain how I want to move the service across the street. She is pleasant but it takes 3 days to get the new location “provisioned” because there is a discrepancy with suite numbers in Verizon’s records regarding the Federal Courthouse. She however was able to get an email into my inbox saying this new order was in place. Another email said I would be seeing a Verizon technician on March 5th which is a Friday. The email said that I could call a number to change that date if it was inconvenient. It was. We have no employees there on Fridays.

I called to change the install date

I called the first time and explained that the technician couldn’t do the install on Friday because no one would be there. They rescheduled it for the 8th. It was in the notes in the Verizon database. The 8th was my day.

The next day I get another email, not a bit unlike the first email. It said to expect the technician on the 5th.

I called back to reschedule. Again. The representative assured me that the 8th was in the notes and that I was all set for that day.

I get a call from a technician on the 5th wondering why I am not onsite

Really. I know it’s hard to believe, but the word never got to the guy performing the work. He called me and was confused by the fact that he was supposed to be there on the 8th. He even called me back to verify he needed to be there between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on the 8th. I told him that was correct. The 8th was my day.

On the 8th, the technician never showed

When I called Verizon (again going through the usual phone gyrations trying to get to the right department and getting put on hold, disconnected, calling back, yada, yada) I was told that my install date is set for the 11th.

Thursday the 11th I am out of town

I pleaded with the representative that a technician needed to be there today to get this accomplished this week. She assured me that “Provisioning” told her the 11th is the soonest date for install and that a technician couldn’t possibly be out today. In all the annoyingly redundant emails I got from yet another automated Verizon service, not one told me the 11th was the real date I would get my service installed. Two or three of the emails warned me that I would be charged $199.00 if I didn’t show. None of the emails consoled me into believing I would get a credit if the technician failed to show.

I wish I could say this was an anomaly but I can’t

Every experience I have ever had with Verizon has been an unpleasant one. Even the ones where the install occurred on the scheduled day. I will make sure that I exhaust all possible opportunities to get an Internet connection at the many field sites I setup each year from another source before I call Verizon again. You have no grasp on customer service. You have designed your customer-facing systems to insulate your employees from the customer. You have gotten too big and arrogant to care about anything or anyone. With regard to my own finances, I made it my personal quest to never spend another one of my dimes on your company and am glad to say I have kept that promise since 2004 when I dumped my home phone service.

Mr. Seidenberg, I would be ashamed to have my name associated with this company. I can only pray that you will actually see this post and recognize that your company needs to change its ways. I assume, though, like all your customer-facing systems at Verizon, this email address is just another frustrating facade to true customer service.
Resolution Update 03/21/2010:
I am marking this as resolved because I was called the day after I sent the email by a representative from Verizon that wanted to bend over backward to make the situation right for me. I told him my main concerns were for the lack of cutomer=friendly systems to get and disseminate information and he gave me the company line in response. My install was done to my satisfaction, even though erroneous emails and automated phone messages continued to come to me. I only had to call the rep to get them straightened out. This should have confirmed to the rep that my concerns were valid and that their company needed to work on serving the customer. They may never get it right, but my situation was taken care of.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2010-03-08:
I hope you keep us updated on his response.
localgod on 2010-03-09:
Very well relayed and worded!!! I can only hope the letter is read and heeded!
worleyca on 2010-03-09:
Thanks The Judge and localgod. I really doubt I'll get a response. I am pursuing an alternative Internet connection through Brighthouse now.
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I will never use Verizon EVER again
Posted by on
I do NOT want to take any time out of my life to do this, but what has happened with Verizon is so ludicrious I have to get it off my chest or I will feel insane. I'll try to be brief about the multitude of mishaps:

1) I was offered 3 free months, my bills were over 200 due to not well explained "pro-rating" (on which I DID NOT GET A REFUND ONCE THE INTERNET WAS CANCELLED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (SEE BELOW)) and other misc. charges

2) I called to find out why the bill was so high, it was not well explained, I agreed to pay the last high bill and was told I'd drop to $70 a month (outrageous) and I'd be at 0 balance

3) went to the website a few weeks later, tried to log in, requested the PIN which never arrives, I see another charge for 225. I call, I ask why I have another 200 charge, am transferred all over, I ask to have my phone line reduced to the minimum amount (which was done properly) and start reasearching net zero and cox. I'm finally told that the horribly done website is out of date and that is an old bill I am looking at, that my account is at 0 balance. I am reassured that the only change to my account is the phone line reduction.

4) note on website: it would not accept an Amex or a Visa gift card, will not allow credits in your account if you try to pay early, and shows out of date info is confusing and asks for a pin which never gets texted

5) a week later I get an email stating my internet has been disonnected (without my permission). I call. I am told a) I must not have paid my bill (apparently their computers are out of date too). that I must reconnect and incur more connection fees and a 12 month contract (my lease will expire before then). I ask for a manager. I am transferred back to the MAIN MENU. I wait, confused, it sends me to the technical dept. I ask for the manager three times, he continues to talk. He gives me a phone number to the CA Verizon. I am transferred properly. I am told that I must re-connect for a new 12 months. I will supposedly only incur a 19 dollar connection fee. I ask if the 175 dollar fee is being applied, he does NOT KNOW.

this is what I KNOW.

I'm now on a Verizon contract which lasts longer than my apt. lease which does not make me happy. IF VERIZON charges me the 175 disconnect fee, I am suing them in small claims court no matter what it costs me.

In my opinion it is unethical to place ANY FEES AT ALL ON MY ACCOUNT for their mess up and their disconnecting my service without reason, without notifying me, and without my requesting it.

IN MY OPINION a good company would have actually offered me something free to recompense for the trouble and mess up.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-12-28:
Sounds like a disaster. Obviously they're lying to you about their website as no company would allow an obsolete website to operate. I agree it sucks to have a contract that will outlive your lease. Good luck.
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Verizon Customer Service Is No Service At All
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- Gee whiz--where to start? The only good thing I have to say about my experience with Verizon is that, once I had their cell phone service, it worked fine. But heaven forbid if you have any issues where you have to deal with an actual person or have a problem solved.

They started out by assigning a second cell phone number to my family plan that is a long distance number. You'd think a phone company could fix this, but apparently not. They said they had no way of knowing it was a long distance number. Well, I knew by looking it up in a phone book where it was listed "Annapolis" which is long distance from Baltimore.

Then, when finally assigning a new number, they gave me a number that still had all kinds of subscriptions attached to it--so I was getting charged for daily astrology texts and similar subscription services to which I did not subscribe. They told me it was up to these subscribers to decide if they would credit these charges. I actually had to block all texts to my phone so I wouldn't get charged for them.

I recently moved but just one floor down, so my physical address had not changed. For some reason that no one at Verizon was able to explain, I was without DSL service for a week while they checked to see if I could get it in my house. Remember, I was in the same house. I was given complimentary dial-up (princes that they are) and was given a local number to connect to but advised to be sure it was a local number as Verizon would not be responsible for long distance calls. Um, Verizon, you're a bloody telephone company. If you don't know if it's long distance, how the heck should I? You gave me the number!

So, of course, I was moving my phone service, as well. They day it was supposed to have changed came and went and I ended up with no service in either location--this was after calling Verizon three times to make sure they were still on target and being told three different times of day that they had to complete the order. Conveniently, the "customer resolution" center was closed by that time.

The next day, after being routed all over their call centers and finally getting through to someone who understood me and who I could understand, I was told the order had been completed and that it must be an internal issue. They set an appointment for me 7 days later. Seven days Verizon expected me to be without phone service. Not to mention to taking a day off from work. I contacted a friend who told how to tell if Verizon actually had done what they were supposed to do, so I went home at lunch time to be greeted by the Verizon guy up on the pole yelling down at me asking me the questions that should have been answered on his work order. So, not surprisingly, Verizon had not done what they were supposed to have done or said they did.

My latest, ongoing issue is that, for some reason that Verizon can't explain, I cannot connect from my home phone to my second cell phone number. I get an error message and must go through the operator to be connected. I can't wait to see THOSE charges. I may see them, but I will not be paying them.

When you to discuss charges, all they do is try to sell you things you don't want or need.

In the meantime, I am impatiently waiting for my cell phone contract to expire with them to end my long, painful association with Verizon.

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Installation is not included.
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Rating: 1/51
WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I did my research in finding a cheap option to get my credit card machine at the shop up and running. A phone line is surprisingly expensive, but DSL seemed like a good deal. And I could watch Netflix at work while not using the machine.
Verizon offered the best deal for it. They didn't ask for a contract and installation was included. $39.99 a month get me a slow service, but plenty enough for a credit card machine, and half the price of full-on wireless internet.
Someone comes into the shop, plugs in the router/modem combo, and leaves. I use the password and everything on the side of the modem to get online and it asks me for my Verizon email address and password. In the end, I'm on hold for two hours. That not an exaggeration, I put it on speaker phone after five minutes and it took two hours for that terrible hold music to stop. After that wait, they had to transfer me to two other departments before I told them just to send a person to my shop or I would cancel everything. They argued, I got angry, they sent someone out and I was online a few days later.

The worst part is the first bill. $358. Installation was $150, and they sold me the modem/router for another $150. The remaining $58 was the rest of that month and all of next month for internet, no complaint there. Even the $150 for the modem/router wasn't horrible, though it a fee that they just don't feel like telling their customers about, apparently.

But the included installation is $150. I called support, waited an hour and a half on hold, got transferred between departments a few times, and then I was told they would review the recordings of my previous calls and see if I was not in fact informed and call me back. Two weeks later, no call back, I call them and they tell me to wait. On hold for two hours, and I hung up. They shut off the service and bill collectors call me every morning, but no one will discuss why I am being charged for installation that was included. Won't say a word about it. The customer service email seems to be replied to using a bot that just says the same block of text over and over again.

Anyone who makes a reasonably priced alternative to the companies out today with better customer service would run the market in no time. All of the options are awful. Tmobile is the only company I've worked with that has been fair and straight forward, but they'll get bought eventually and warped.
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File a Complaint with Better Business Bureau
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Rating: 1/51
HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA -- I hope this helps some of you having trouble with Verizon. I have been going back and forth with them for five months over a bill that I did not owe that they had turned over to a collection agency. Every time I called I would get a new person who had not idea of what had transpired and who always treated me as a new problem. I could get nowhere with Verizon!

So, I filed an complain with the Better Business Bureau, national office. They subsequently turned it over to the local office in Richmond. About two weeks after my filing, I had a complaint resolution person calling me to address the problem. Another week and Verizon zeroed out my account and sent me an apology.

FILE A COMPLAINT WITH BBB. It's the only way to deal with Verizon!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2012-07-09:
See? The BBB does help sometimes. You just never know. In some cases it is useless, in others it gets results. A good default is to file a complaint - and cross your fingers.
grubbmcc on 2013-07-24:
In my experience, the BBB is the only way to get results from Verizon. Unless some hapless tech accidentally lets you see the direct cell phone number of his boss's boss.... THAT got real fast results!
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Never Do Business With Verizon
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LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA -- On May 16 I attempted to order Verizon DSL service through their website. This was only because I was moving into their exclusive DSL service area. The online order was completed with the help of a Verizon CSR from a chat window that opened automatically. With no confirmation email received after three days, I called to find they could not trace my order using the confirmation number they provided when the order was completed. A second order was placed on May 23. They shipped the modem promptly, and advised me that my "Service Active Date" would be June 3. That date came and went, and my service had not been activated. I contacted their tech support and learned that indeed, the service had not been activated. Their engineers had determined that a box of some kind would have to be mounted on an exterior wall of my house and a cable run in to a device from which I could connect my computer to their service. This installation was scheduled for June 10, although I had been given no prior notice of a date or time for their arrival. I also was told that my new "Service Ready Date" was JULY 22. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? They were expecting me to wait TWO MONTHS for service activation. On Monday, June 6, I received by mail a confirmation of the activation date of July 22. A service technician also arrived Monday to install the box on the house. I refused the service and called Verizon to cancel my order. It took somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to navigate 6 phone menus and finally reach the person I needed to talk to. I must say on their behalf, once I made it clear that I had no interest in doing business with Verizon ever again, the CSR was polite and arranged for my returning the modem at no cost to myself. She DID, however, as a gesture to Win my favor, offer to activate my DSL service THAT VERY SAME DAY if I would stay with Verizon. You can only imagine my response to that offer. In the meantime, I had contacted Clear/Sprint wireless internet over the weekend. They overnighted a modem to me and my internet service was up and running Tuesday, June 7. The process went as smoothly as one could hope. I will never do business with Verizon for anything ever again.
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Jim on 2011-06-08:
I agree! I just went through a similar situation when I "upgraded" to high speed internet. haha. I have had nothing but problems which they still have not resolved. There were at least 25-30 calls/chats with tech support, including a live tech that came to my house.

This by far has been the worst experience and I would recommend that if you already have DSL with Verizon, DON'T UPGRADE! You're best bet is to look at a different provider because they will take care of a new customer much better.
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Worst business customer service ever
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I ordered my service on May 24th and hooked the modem up on May 30th. The sales person said that the installation would be easy and that if I had any problems, Verizon could easily be reached at 1800Verizon. From May 30th until today (June 7th), I have spent a total of 10 hours on the phone with Verizon and had to call in 5 times and replaced the modem twice because they can't figure out what's wrong. Two out of the five times I've called, the tech continually asked the same questions that they just asked and one was very rude on top of it. Every time I call, they have me spend about an hour running the same tests that the tech before them did even though they said they record everything in the "account notes". In addition to the 10 hours, I have spent about 2-3 hours on hold because Verizon tech support doesn't have a direct number, they send you through an automated trouble shooting/call routing system where if you press one wrong button, you are taken to another department besides tech support (like billing) where you have to spend another half an hour (at least) on hold. The first time I called 1800Verizon (the number given to me by the sales rep) I was transferred a grand total of 5 times, each with an extended hold time. Each time I told the person that I needed Verizon business DSL. I really hope a company comes a long and takes a lot of business from Verizon, I know now that they have horrible customer service for business customers, if I had a choice, I would never use Verizon, it's that bad. Honestly, I have a lot of communications that rely on the Verizon line into the business (surveillance and alarm monitoring) and it's easy to say "people shouldn't be treated this way", but when did a big company with 0 customer service skills ever understand that?
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