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Horrible- I Wish Someone Would Put Them Out of Business.
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Rating: 1/51

EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK -- My first mistake was putting my credit card on my account for automatic payments. Shortly afterwards I sent back my router to them. I had the tracking receipt showing they signed for it, received it etc. Wouldn't you know that on the next bill they charged me over $600 for it because they said I never sent it back! I called and told them they did receive it, VZ signed for it.

I was told "well too bad, we can't find it!" HUH? So I said "so if someone stole it on your end I am being charged for it- even though I have proof you received it?" The answer to me was "YES it's your problem" - "I asked how can that be?" The response was "We are Vz and we can do whatever we want." It took 5 months and an exorbitant number of phone calls to fix this situation.

In addition, don't ever deal with them on a phone swap. I sent back an iPhone 4s and they sent me a 4. Sent that back to get the correct phone and what do you know- they were now billing me for the phone. They said "Well we know we sent you one, and you sent one back but the system still is looking for another one." It took months to finally get someone with a brain over there to realize that they were looking for an active phone on my account that had nothing to do with the swap.

The customer service reps are nasty as can be. Billing, technical help - all of them. I switched my home and wireless service to other providers- and there is absolutely NOOO problem with the services. VZ is not faster and other carriers work just as well if not better.

Thanks for Selling Us Off Verizon!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a long-term loyal paying customer and the biggest supporter of all of the Verizon services. Business, residential and wireless, my family subscribes to it all! Through the years I raved to family and friends about Verizon and converted many from Bright House to FIOS.

Well, apparently my contract and their business commitment to service my family was less important than the "falling margins" they reported. Verizon sold off our FIOS account to Frontier, notified me days before they flipped the switch and transferred none of my relevant data to the new provider. Due to this, we have had 3 weeks of horrible FIOS service with constant network outages, 95% unreliable DVR performance and no access to premium channels, all of which is paid in full on our end.

Due to Verizon's complete disregard of customers, their lack of concern with our contract and the horrible overall ethics, I have cancelled ALL other business and wireless related services forever! Additionally, I plan to use the same mouth that gained Verizon customers and accounts in the past to now let everyone know what a money hungry disloyal company Verizon is! My goal is to continually contribute to Verizon's future "falling margins"!

Bait And Switch Service
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Rating: 1/51

WEST CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY -- After many years of my TV package containing Hallmark channels 739 and 740, today Verizon elected to turn off my access to 739. First, they connect me to India, who thoughtlessly tried to convince me that I never had 739. However, DVR recordings of 739 prove otherwise (so much for eliminating American workers & outsourcing). Second, they tell me they have the right to change my service, without notification, at any time they choose. So, while 739 was part of my purchased package, it is now part of the next upgrade package, which will cost more.

How does Public Service Commission, FCC and Government allow such deceit, bait & switch, to be perpetuated on the American population by an obviously monopolizing company? How are they given the right to collect fees for such deceptive service? I spent 2 hours trying to clear up this mess, without success, with supposedly "apologetic" Verizon workers who ultimately state "they can't do anything about it"... What a waste of employment!

Legally blind, senior citizen, I have been once again scammed by Verizon, the "legal" thief! We need to uprise against this crooked, foreign company! Our internet service & computer service, also bait & switch, cell phone also changes without notification. Criminal theft of services!

Verizon Rip Off - FiOS
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Rating: 2/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- The truth of the matter is: they do both suck. But in a different way. I was a Comcast customer for 10 years and we often had internet outages. So I switched to FiOS Internet the moment they became available. That was 3 years ago. I reconfigured the router to make it a bridge and ordered Dish for my TV - that was cheaper than to have TV service with Verizon. Two month ago I was contacted by Verizon customer service because they wanted to upgrade my 10/2 to 50/25 for $10 more. So I said OK.

A week ago I decided to try their TV bundle, I figured it would be less expensive than the Internet and Dish plus I could watch the content on my phone and tablet. Also I ordered multi-room DVR. So it all came and I installed everything. Now: you can use multi-room DVR only in one room. You need to get a set-top box attached to your second TV in order to watch recorded shows and live TV. Second: you can watch the content on your tablet and phone only in house, not anywhere where you have wi-fi or 3G/4G internet. It is easy to overcome by installing Remote Access Server on your PC and VPN-ing to it from anywhere, though, but still.

Third, after I connected my DVR, it kicked off the internet. I power cycled their main box, their modem and my router - did not help. Made a call. Technician was kind of not friendly and he said the problem is on my end, not theirs. After I called second time - the second tech was better and all he needed to do was releasing my IP address from their DHCP server. After that I got the Internet back but my DVR would not show guide and there was no on-demand available. It appears that TV box HAS to be connected to the Internet through Verizon router, not through mine. There are workarounds, but I did not feel like doing it.

Fourth, I bought Samsung Smart blue ray to use instead of set-top box with my second TV, as it was advertised by Verizon. Well, the app was available only on older models and when it came - HD movies were not bearable to watch due to freezing and lagging. SD movies were OK. I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and this has never been an issue. All of them were working just fine on that Samsung player.

So, since when I ordered the service I was told that I have 30 days trial period, I returned the DVR and called to revert to my old plan. Guess what? Not happening. They don't have that plan and I cannot be put to it. And the representative was extremely rude at some point saying that it does not matter what I want, what matter is what Verizon wants. Well, I called to another representative and she was helpful and we could get it down in price, but still $20 more than it was before I tried triple play. I am switching to Comcast.

Very Dissatisfied Customer
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Rating: 1/51

HOLIDAY, KENTUCKY -- I have no way of contacting Verizon FiOS directly, so hopefully someone monitoring these boards will see this. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company in general. The technician that was supposed to come to my home and install my internet never showed up for the original appointment. This tech claims he was here, but I was home alone all day. I did not hear a doorbell ring, a door knock, and my dog did not bark. I had to wait until the next available appointment.

Once the tech came and finally installed my internet, he failed to put a battery in the box in the garage. I spoke with a customer service agent over the phone. He told me I did not need a battery in the box, that it was specifically for if you had a home phone but he would happily walk me through silencing the extremely annoying beep that the box gives off every ten minutes telling me the battery needs to be replaced.

I also spoke with the same tech about my router which kept dropping my wireless signal (after only a day of being installed). He was happy to work his little magic on his end and reset my router. OK, great. The next day, I woke up to beeping again. I again went through the routine to silence the alarm, and sure enough, about 12 hours later, had to do it again. I have been pressing a button or listening to a loud beep every 10 minutes for the last three weeks. Well, a few days ago, my fiance and I had had enough.

I called Verizon again. They said that what the previous agent had told me was false and there should always be a backup battery in the box. Why would the technician that came to install my service not put one in? Why would he not look at the box and see the battery light or hear the beep before he left? I asked them to please send me a battery and that I would install it myself, or send someone out to me to install it since they did not do it correctly the first time.

They LAUGHED AT ME and told me they were NOT going to dispatch someone to come out to my home just because I didn't have a battery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So I asked if they could send me one and they said sure but it would be something like $30. So wait, now I have to PAY for a replacement battery because there was none there to begin with, AND the technician was too busy talking on his phone to pay attention???

I had them transfer me to billing where I finally convinced the woman that there was in fact no battery in the box to begin with and she said she would waive the fee. OK, fine. I got back on the line with the same agent again, and ordered the battery. I also explained that whatever magic the first agent I spoke to tried to do on my router was not working as it was still dropping the signal. He said no problem, he would send me a new router.

A few days later, the router arrived in the mail with an invoice that also listed the battery. I figured since the battery was not included in the package with the router that may be it was coming in a different box. I waited four days. No battery.

Called Verizon AGAIN. Spoke with a new agent in billing. Asked where the battery was. They said it was delivered. Well obviously not, or I wouldn't have had to call again. I asked if they could ship another one. She then proceeded to argue with me for a good 10 to 15 minutes and WOULD NOT waive the battery charge again. I finally hung up on her because her lack of professionalism and bad attitude got the best of me.

Today, I logged onto my Verizon account. SURPRISE! I have a notification saying my bill is going to be coming out of my bank account automatically- TOMORROW. Wait, what?? I never enrolled in auto pay, and I have yet to receive a bill period, paperless or otherwise. I managed to un-enroll myself from auto pay and paperless billing. But now I can not stop the automatic payment that I was NOT NOTIFIED about. My bill is due on the 12th of Feb. Why on Earth is my bill coming out tomorrow? AND without my permission?

I hope someone who monitors these boards will read this and think about the company they work for. Verizon charges an arm and a leg for their services. That would be fine if I was getting the customer service and internet service that they so highly speak of.

They Never Fail to Provide the Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have had an ongoing battle with Verizon for the last month on my account. I recently moved and I was unable to transfer my TV and Internet to my new location, because it was out of Verizon's service range. They told me they would charge me a $170 early termination fee for this unless I signed up for some sort of Verizon service at the new address. I said "Fine, I'll sign up for phone." I placed an order to cancel TV and Internet and set up phone for my account online.

The online prompts indicated that a Verizon tech would be calling me with more details. I waited several days and received no phone call. I called Verizon several times within the next week and each time was told "I can't see any details on your account except that there is trouble with setting up the phone service." Each person I talked to stated to me, "My computer says try again later, so maybe you should call us back."

I moved. So naturally I turned in my TV and Internet equipment to the Verizon store, because I did not want to continue to pay for the equipment if I couldn't even use the service at my new address. From that moment forward, each time I called Verizon, nobody I talked to could locate my account. It was as if I was completely purged from their system.

However, they could guarantee I would receive a final bill (Of course they can still ask for their money even though they can't tell me anything about my account). Not to mention my Verizon email was cancelled automatically with no warning and no chance to direct important messages to a new email address. Verizon told me that they could not reinstate my Verizon email, regardless of whether I signed up for phone or not.

I finally complained on Verizon's Facebook Page and received a response literally within 1 minute. I can't believe it took posting on social media for them to care about my concerns. They had a tech call me the next day and set up phone service.

I just received my final bill from the old account and it's no wonder that I was charged the $170 termination fee. I called Verizon and spoke to a department that told me their automated answering service had sent me to the wrong line. She asked which state I was in and put me on hold to transfer me. 10 minutes later a woman answered, asked which state I was in, and informed me that I had been transferred to the wrong department.

She placed me on hold. 5 minutes later a man spoke to me and I felt as if we were getting somewhere when he agreed that I should not have been charged $170. He told me he would place a "hold" on the fee and that I would need to speak to the billing department to finalize this credit. He transferred me. 5 minutes later I spoke to another man and had to yet again explain my situation.

After going through the details with him he informed me that he was not the right department and I would need to speak to someone else in order to resolve the issue. He placed me on a hold and a minute later told me that his "call manager" was not working and I would need to hang up, dial again, and choose option 4 and option 2.

I hung up, called again, and the "wonderful" automated answering service would not allow me to choose option 4 and option 2. When I finally got the answering service to transfer to a real person to help me, I reached a message that stated "The offices are now closed. Please call back during normal business hours." Unbelievable. I will never do service with Verizon again. And I will never refer their services to anyone.

Beware of Verizon Fios's Internet Security Suite!!
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The TV and phone service for Verizon Fios are pretty good if you ask me and its Internet service does connect at lightning speed, assuming that your computer is healthy, as I eventually learned. For the past 2 years I've had the Verizon Fios, I was faithfully keeping its Internet Security Suite, powered by McAfee.

I figured that for just a few bucks extra per month, I was doing the right thing by investing in a virus protection program which everyone should have. But little did I realize that it's nothing more than an ineffective virus program for which Verizon gets the lowest bid, resulting in a cheap quality program that isn't even worth including on your monthly Verizon bill for $5.99 each time.

Every time I would run that program, it would supposedly scan my computer and tell me that I had no viruses. For two years, it would come back with a clean bill of health for my computer and so I thought I was free of viruses, right? But then just recently, I was suddenly unable to connect to the Internet for several days.

After going back and forth with some of these service reps who either didn't have the nicest manner or who I honestly couldn't understand at all due to broken English, they were all saying that my Internet connections were fine and that the problem was with my computer. I was very skeptical about that assessment for a while but then I was willing to consider that possibility given that 3 reps were all saying the same thing.

I have had the same computer for 6 years and I have no reason to replace it until it stops working at some point. And being that the computer has otherwise been working fine, I broke down and called a local technician to come to my house to look at the problem. I was shocked to learn that in spite of these clean bills of health coming back from Verizon's McAfee Internet Security Suite, I indeed had 3 bugs, several viruses that I never knew existed!

All this technician did was download a free virus program which detected them all and got rid of them and once the viruses were cleared out, I was able to connect to the Internet and now I am connecting at lighting speed. Before that, I would be able to connect at a slower pace. I was never fussy about that because I'm really not in a rush when I go on the computer at home, particularly at night.. lol

So immediately after that technician left, I called Verizon Fios and had the Internet Security Suite cancelled so I won't have to keep paying for it and I uninstalled the whole thing from my computer. Amazingly, this representative who I spoke to didn't even question or argue with me about it and didn't try to sell me any additional services. He just cancelled it immediately upon my request, which definitely worked for me. lol

I honestly never knew about any free virus programs because they're not advertised but they do exist and I will list the ones I now use, which you are welcome to try:, immediately detected some additional infected files even just within a couple of days after the local technician was done. The programs don't run on their own schedule but I just run them when I want and they update themselves with the latest virus definitions, so that definitely works for me.

Verizon really should do away with having its own virus protection program. It seems like nothing more than a cheap excuse to make more profits, especially given that its reps are not computer technicians. Another word of advice I would like to offer: Definitely don't be afraid to go through the phone book and contact a local technician if you're having computer issues. It's a wise investment and can definitely save money that you would otherwise spend on a Staples or Best Buy technician and it definitely saves several hundred dollars that you might otherwise spend on a new system.

Terrible Process
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Rating: 1/51

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- First, I have several complaints to make with my experience dealing with Verizon. I've had both Cox and Comcast for the longest times. Although I've experienced some issues with the connections failing from time to time, I have no major complaints. I contacted Verizon in an attempt to connect FiOS services. They indicated there was a hold on my property, and to contact their verification center. Well this was pretty confusing to me considering I've never had Verizon services before. I find out my previous tenant, which I ended up evicting, never paid her final bill.

First, Verizon asked me to submit proof of ownership and specifically requested the deed, mortgage statement, and taxes, which I refused. Now why would anyone need to provide any of those details if the ownership of a property is public record??? I had to be transferred until someone with common sense indicated all I needed to provide was a driver's license and the rental contract with that tenant. I did as requested. Verizon indicated the names did not match.

Then I find out the tenant's son, who did not live in the house and is NOT on the contract, somehow connected Verizon FiOS to my house. Not too sure how that happened? I went through many hours of hassle and headaches trying to connect Verizon service in my name. I've never had this much trouble connecting any services in my life!

Worst Experience Ever for Internet Service
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I ordered Verizon as part of a bundle with DIRECTV. I installed Verizon and it did not work. I called Tech support and they said it was due to a wiring issue that should have been fixed before I received my equipment. I was promised a credit for my trouble. I never received the credit. I called after the tech was supposed to have fixed the wiring. I was told they needed access in my house to finish connecting my service.

I scheduled an appointment, left work and waited. No tech showed up and no one called. I even received a text reminding me of my appointment. Called back and was told I had the wrong date. I said "BS, you sent me a text confirming the date and time of the appointment." I scheduled another one, and guess what, they did not show up again.

Finally the 3rd appointment the tech showed up. I was able to use the Internet. The next day, they internet was done. I have not had 24 hours of Internet service in 2 months of service. I have called and called, 3 techs have been to my house, and no service. Bye, bye!! Back to Time Warner for internet! At least I know they work!

Verizon Technician Crashed My Computer While Activating the New Installed Internet
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Rating: 1/51

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- We decided to shift to Verizon after several inquiries about their service and a new service for Internet and TV was set. A team of two technicians arrived and while trying to install the two services one of the technicians used my laptop and tried to activate the Internet, but when he was waiting to get response after filling a form he restart my laptop to check the status of the Internet. The computer never restarted.

The technician talked on the phone and said he is going to do another duty close by and come back to activate the Internet. He left his name and his cell phone but he didn't come back again. I called him and left him a message. But he never responded. I suspected of something going wrong, I contacted customer service and opened a ticket until another technician came next day and saw my laptop still was in coma and never started again. He felt very sorry and promised will fix my laptop. Although he troubleshoot the Internet connection but the damage to my computer was not recovered.

Later based on their promising to fix my computer asked me to diagnose and give them an estimate. That I did but they directed me to other people as supervisor and their insurance and finally I paid $70 for diagnosing and the report of the damage and faxed to their insurance. I received a letter from their insurance that they denied to pay the damage because the diagnose doesn't prove that the technician caused this damage. The main reason we moved to Verizon to save money, now we bigger loss was the result. They have sent two bills since then and I want somebody help us.

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