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Beware of Verizon Fios's Internet Security Suite!!
Posted by Questioning on 09/29/2011
The TV and phone service for Verizon Fios are pretty good if you ask me and its Internet service does connect at lightning speed, assuming that your computer is healthy, as I eventually learned. For the past 2 years I've had the Verizon Fios, I was faithfully keeping its Internet Security Suite, powered by McAfee. I figured that for just a few bucks extra per month, I was doing the right thing by investing in a virus protection program which everyone should have. But little did I realize that it's nothing more than an ineffective virus program for which Verizon gets the lowest bid, resulting in a cheap quality program that isn't even worth including on your monthly Verizon bill for $5.99 each time.

Every time I would run that program, it would supposedly scan my computer and tell me that I had no viruses. For two years, it would come back with a clean bill of health for my computer and so I thought I was free of viruses, right?

But then just recently, I was suddenly unable to connect to the Internet for several days. After going back and forth with some of these service reps who either didn't have the nicest manner or who I honestly couldn't understand at all due to broken English, they were all saying that my Internet connections were fine and that the problem was with my computer. I was very skeptical about that assessment for a while but then I was willing to consider that possibility given that 3 reps were all saying the same thing.

I have had the same computer for 6 years and I have no reason to replace it until it stops working at some point. And being that the computer has otherwise been working fine, I broke down and called a local technician to come to my house to look at the problem. I was shocked to learn that in spite of these clean bills of health coming back from Verizon's McAfee Internet Security Suite, I indeed had 3 bugs, several viruses that I never knew existed! All this technician did was download a free virus program which detected them all and got rid of them and once the viruses were cleared out, I was able to connect to the Internet and now I am connecting at lighting speed. Before that, I would be able to connect at a slower pace. I was never fussy about that because I'm really not in a rush when I go on the computer at home, particularly at night. lol

So immediately after that technician left, I called Verizon Fios and had the Internet Security Suite cancelled so I won't have to keep paying for it and I uninstalled the whole thing from my computer. Amazingly, this representative who I spoke to didn't even question or argue with me about it and didn't try to sell me any additional services. He just cancelled it immediately upon my request, which definitely worked for me. lol

I honestly never knew about any free virus programs because they're not advertised but they do exist and I will list the ones I now use, which you are welcome to try:

Malwarebytes.com immediately detected some additional infected files even just within a couple of days after the local technician was done. The programs don't run on their own schedule but I just run them when I want and they update themselves with the latest virus definitions, so that definitely works for me.

Verizon really should do away with having its own virus protection program. It seems like nothing more than a cheap excuse to make more profits, especially given that its reps are not computer technicians.

Another word of advice I would like to offer: Definitely don't be afraid to go through the phone book and contact a local technician if you're having computer issues. It's a wise investment and can definitely save money that you would otherwise spend on a Staples or Best Buy technician and it definitely saves several hundred dollars that you might otherwise spend on a new system.

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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-09-30:
AVG is another excellent free anti-virus program. It does have an automated schedule too.

I'm glad you found something that works for you!
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Verizon Rip Off - FiOS
Posted by Bsmasters1962 on 09/06/2013
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- The truth of the matter is: they do both suck. But in a different way. I was a Comcast customer for 10 years and we often had internet outages. So I switched to FiOS Internet the moment they became available. That was 3 years ago. I reconfigured the router to make it a bridge and ordered Dish for my TV - that was cheaper than to have TV service with Verizon. Two month ago I was contacted by Verizon customer service because they wanted to upgrade my 10/2 to 50/25 for $10 more. So I said OK.

A week ago I decided to try their TV bundle, I figured it would be less expensive than the Internet and Dish plus I could watch the content on my phone and tablet. Also I ordered multi-room DVR. So it all came and I installed everything. Now: you can use multi-room DVR only in one room. You need to get a set-top box attached to your second TV in order to watch recorded shows and live TV. Second: you can watch the content on your tablet and phone only in house, not anywhere where you have wi-fi or 3G/4G internet. It is easy to overcome by installing Remote Access Server on your PC and VPN-ing to it from anywhere, though, but still. Third, after I connected my DVR, it kicked off the internet. I power cycled their main box, their modem and my router - did not help. Made a call. Technician was kind of not friendly and he said the problem is on my end, not theirs. After I called second time - the second tech was better and all he needed to do was releasing my IP address from their DHCP server. After that I got the Internet back but my DVR would not show guide and there was no on-demand available. It appears that TV box HAS to be connected to the Internet through Verizon router, not through mine. There are workarounds, but I did not feel like doing it. Forth, I bought Samsung Smart blue ray to use instead of set-top box with my second TV, as it was advertised by Verizon. Well, the app was available only on older models and when it came - HD movies were not bearable to watch due to freezing and lagging. SD movies were OK. I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and this has never been an issue. All of them were working just fine on that Samsung player.

So, since when I ordered the service I was told that I have 30 days trial period, I returned the DVR and called to revert to my old plan. Guess what? Not happening. They don't have that plan and I cannot be put to it. And the representative was extremely rude at some point saying that it does not matter what I want, what matter is what Verizon wants. Well, I called to another representative and she was helpful and we could get it down in price, but still $20 more than it was before I tried triple play. I am switching to Comcast.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-07:
You said Comcast has frequent internet outages. Good luck.
Posted by cajunandmex on 2013-09-08:
Good luck with Comcast-I dropped them because just a hint of a storm and I would lose my service-their router went out and they tried to charge me$40 for a new one!! Have had FIOS for 3 years and no problems!! Very happy with fios
Posted by Carlotta tutor on 2013-09-09:
Verizon has been a great service for me!!!
HOWEVER!!!! Stick with the experts!!!! Comcast is riddled with dis-Satisfaction...As are the normal cable channels...NO!!! I am NOT a salesman, however, go with DirectTV. I joined in 1990? We lived in the country and did not have cable. I saw this ad and brought it in as a gift for my husband. I have never looked back. Might I add that I have two accounts with them as I live in a motorcoach all winter, and in a cabin in the summer.
Never, once, not so much as ONE time have I had a problem that has not been solved. Sometimes I have to go to the supervisor to authorize something, but never
Have they let me down!!! I have never had cable, nor do I want it...If you want clarity, reception, except during bad thunderstorms, service, and, when you get used to it, ease of use...You want DirectTV...Also, no matter how awful it is, because of the hundreds of channels...You can set up your favorite channels in what they call Custom 1 and Custom 2. Then you have all of these music and movie on demand channels...Not to mention sports tickets that for, in your interest line, and for a fee,
Will give you the choice of every game in the country in that area. All local and regional channels are part of the program, plus several non local ones...

If you want good service, and satisfaction...Go there.

A happy 23 year subscriber...Carlotta Tutor
Posted by 8lackie on 2013-09-16:
It seems regardless of the provider you use in the U.S. the service is lackluster. Not only that but, compared to South Korea, Estonia and Sweden our internet is slow. How is that possible? Such an embarrassment that we are unable to keep up.
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Verizon Fios TV Promo A Ripoff
Posted by TuckerFamilyBiz on 04/09/2008
BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Verizon Fios bundle package in Oregon promises free 19 inch HDTV flat screen OR a gift card for $200.00 to Best Buy to sign a bundle package contract with Verizon for 2 years costing consumers approximately $5000.00 in service fees and taxes over that 24 month period!. They lied to customers in Oregon and promised this promotion and now are telling us customers that the State of Oregon is ineligible for this promotion and we will not receive the TV or gift card we were promised when we signed up for their bundle package.. This is the biggest RIPOFF ever- they do not return calls from their “Elite Team” handling the Fios promos and complaints- they are rude and dishonest. We asked that they terminate the Fios contract free of any early termination fees which is $199.00 and they refused.

Verizon totally scammed Oregonians-among the State of Washington and possibly other consumers in other States over this free TV promo!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-09:
The consumerists suggests

"If you're a Verizon customer who is running into problems getting your TV, we suggest you contact your state's Attorney General and submit a formal complaint. If enough consumers complain, the AG's office may get involved and Verizon will have to "take it seriously.""
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-10:
There are hundreds of complaints in many forums about this. It's got to be the most screwed up promotion ever run. People are told the letter is mailed out 2-3 weeks after install but it arrives maybe a month later. Then it takes 6-8 weeks (hopefully) for the TV to arrive. Even though the promotion stated a Sharp LCD many are reporting getting a Magnavox instead. One complainer wrote that the TV was delivered to an old address and the residents there said they never received it. Verizon refuses to make good because the TV was delivered and signed for.
Posted by Alain on 2008-04-24:
God, I've been reading these reviews and even had some neighbors warn me about Verizon. This is one REALLY lousy corporation!
Posted by valmetic on 2008-05-14:
I am a New Jersey customer who signed up for the Triple Verizon Fios bundle and as many others qualified for the 19" Sharp HDTV. I signed up mid-February and after many long wait times and phone conversations with Verizon's Promotion and Billing Department I have gotten no where. I also filled a complaint with the BBB which also did not get me any further along.
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Verizon Sucks!
Posted by Cindys1 on 01/28/2008
COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I signed up with Verizon Fios 12/09/07. It's nothing but trouble. My computer is much slower, the TV shuts off while I'm watching, too many channels not working, & ridiculously confusing. I also signed up for Unlimited local & long distance calls. I did not want International call with Verizon but they automatically took over & charge me for it without consenting me. I used Startec for International call. 13 cents/min to the Philippines, Verizon charged me $5 dollars/minute states I was charge that rate because I did not signed up to the International plan. Then they insisted that I should pay $471.49 for freaking international call. I refused to pay it, why should I pay for something I did not order. I try calling today I was on the phone for the 10th person who cannot help me, I started calling 9:00 am it's now 3pm I am still on hold forever. It is stupid!

Please consumers do not used Verizon because its a rip off, bad service, worst customer service. I tried to cancel all my services @ Verizon today & I'm still on hold I used all day today to solve this matter. I'm sick of Verizon, I hope they all go to Hell. I will take them to court.

Tom & Cynthia

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-28:
Sounds like you have a legit gripe. Try going over the CSR's heads direct to corporate and see if you can get someone to help you. Good luck.
Posted by eras on 2008-09-13:
I have a similar problem. I want to sue Verizon.
Can anybody help me?
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Poor Service
Posted by Avaunt on 01/14/2008
ODENTON, MARYLAND -- I ordered fiber upgrade services from Verizon for my TV, Internet and phone. A home install date was set for 1/6/08. I waited that day for the install crew and no one arrived. I was not notified of a change in service date. Over the next week I talked to numerous technical support personnel at Verizon. No one could provide me with any information on my order or the reasons for its postponement. Further, two operators lied saying they would follow up with information with a call back. They never called back.

Yesterday, I received an email from Verizon with no subject line or message text or informational content, but the address was from their service department. Today, 1/14/08, I received an automated phone message from Verizon stating that I was to have an installation date of 1/6/08. That date has passed. I then visited the Verizon website and looked up my order status. It stated that my order was 'on schedule' and was to have an install date of 1/6/08 for TV and Internet and 1/31/08 for the phone service.

I have been delayed in receiving my service now for over a week with the prospect of having it further delayed two weeks. No one has contacted my in any way to coordinate this install. The fiber line crew, which did lay the fiber one week prior to the home installation date of 1/6/08 has pulled up my yard and left exposed and torn wires in bundles near my home. This is unsightly, a tripping hazard and needs to be buried or removed immediately.

I am completely overwhelmed with this terrible and chronic bad treatment. I have been a Verizon customer now for several years on my non-fiber phone and Internet and would expect to be treated well when I upgrade services with my current service provider.

Please let these facts be known and acted upon to make Verizon accountable for poor coordination, insensitivity when dealing with customers and shoddy and hazardous installing of their infrastructure.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-14:
What's happened to you is par for the course at Verizon. It happens to almost everybody getting FIOS service. Their main problem is over scheduling. But they never notify customers that the install has either been canceled or rescheduled. You need to call them during morning hours and raise some hell. But be polite about it. After they finally do the install call back and request compensation for your wasted time. Ask for a supervisor.
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Verizon Billing Fraud
Posted by Michael11 on 09/24/2010
I have seen so many reviews of the Verizon billing issues, and they are all the same as mine. To keep it short, I cancelled service and sent back their equipment and of course they keep billing me. Four months later they are threatening to cancel my service - the same service I cancelled 4 months ago.

Of course I have called and gone through their impossible auto phone screening system, no less than 6 well documented and recorded times. In each and every call I am told gee you are correct I will need to have my supervisor approve and call you back tomorrow to verify. Not ever once in the 4 months was I ever called back. In one instance I demanded a supervisor on the phone now - so I was transferred to a disconnected number-sure glad I had that on tape. One time told them I was recording the call, and was told the call could not continue as long as I was recording - I asked why since they were recording the call anyway and was hung on. In any event right now I am receiving collection robo calls from them - 4 in one day.

My interest now is in forming a class action lawsuit against them. I couldn't care less about making any money on it - let the attorneys take it all, I just want some justice, and to make sure their practices become public knowledge so we can put this organization out of business before millions more learn of the frustrations in dealing with this disgusting organization.

Mike Schaeffer
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Verizon Way of Cheating with hidden fee - Customer Service and online Web
Posted by Nice1 on 01/17/2010
We are routing you to a chat representative. Thank you for contacting Verizon. Your average wait time is 1 seconds.

You are now chatting with 'Daylon'

Daylon: Hello. Thank you for visiting our Verizon chat service. How can I help you set up your new service and save with a Verizon bundle?

Nice: Hi I am new to verrizon and interested in FiOS. Is it month to month plan costs $54.99

Nice: Hope no hidden plan

Daylon: I will be happy to help you with that.

Daylon: That's right if you order Internet services alone.

Nice: Your we site says monthly charge 54.99

Daylon: That's right.

Daylon: FiOS 15/5 MBPS costs you $54.99 per month.

Nice: If it is no hidden yearly plan or anything like that

Nice: I can sign up now

Nice: For month-to-month plan $55 is OK

Daylon: Yes.

Nice: Since month-to month, I can cancell at any time right?

Daylon: There are no hidden fees + taxes.

Daylon: That's right.

Nice: Some phone companies will do a hidden charge without telling it as a yearly plan

Daylon: You will get the options to select the equipments and the packages as you move ahead on the website after selecting your preferred bundle. Also you will have the opportunity to see all costs associated with your selection on the “Review Order” page before finalizing your order.

Daylon: We do not have any hidden fees except taxes.

Nice: and charges termination fee if it cancelled before one year or 6 months. and those company will not say that you are signing for year lease

Nice: What is the tax for 54.99

Nice: give me correct figure of 54.99 on a month-to-month rate and no contract

Daylon: As the taxes are determined by the government authorities, we do not have information on that; however, taxes will be similar to what you pay for your current communication needs.

Nice: Now I pay 0 taxes from Time Warner just $35 flat rate

Nice: so you r also 0 tax

Nice: ?

Nice: I need only internet

Nice: no other service

Daylon: There will be taxes for FiOS Internet and it will be around $15.

Nice: I see

Nice: so 55+15= approx.$70 per month and no contract???

Daylon: That's right if you are ordering Internet services alone now.

Nice: I donot want anything else from you

Nice: just the internet and I am a new customer

Nice: So $70 per month for FiOS and no contract is correct

Daylon: You can get Internet services alone for now.

Nice: I donot have any of your phones and I dop not need them

Nice: meant phone line.

Daylon: There is 1 year contract now for ordering FiOS Internet online now.

Nice: So for you have been telling month-to-month contract and it is not clearly mentioned in your web site.

Nice: Now R you saying there is a one year contract

Nice: Please give right answers.

Daylon: Yes, all our offers, prices, promotions have changed for now for new year.

Nice: I request you to save this conversation and will send it to your company Head quaters for customer service improvement

Daylon: I have confirmed with my supervisor and there is 1 year contract with FiOS service.

Nice: Initially I have been asking several times about is it month-to-month or NOT

Daylon: This is sales department as we are specialized in setting up new accounts for new customers and help them while they navigate through the online order process.

Daylon: First there was no contract but now it is there for `1 year.

Daylon: I apologize for the inconvenience that I said there is no contract but there is 1 year contract.

Nice: Neither you or your company web site is not clear on this. I can see how hidden fees you will be charging. Thank GOD! I did not start the service with you.

Daylon: There are no hidden fees as Verizon believes in transparent business.

Nice: By the way, Time Warner charges me just $35 flat rate and no hidden contract charges like you do and $0 tax on it.

Nice: If you know math. Please do the math, where the customers will go.

Daylon: Verizon FiOS is the latest in fiber-optic technology. It delivers laser-generated pulses of light, riding on hair thin strands of glass fiber, all the way to your front door. When FiOS meets your computer, you can get broadband Internet at blazing-fast speed.

Nice: You never told me right answer for my question. I did not ask anything about FiOS. I know better than you.

Nice: I just asked if there is any hidden fees.

Daylon: I know math. FiOS is the best service that offers great promotions, it is more reliable to use and has broken all it's competitors in the market. All customers like to go for cheaper service but think about the technology as well.

Daylon: There are no hidden fees.

Nice: After wasting my time and your company chating time, now some how you accept there is a hidden fee.

Daylon: Taxes will only imply additionally.

Daylon: The benefits you receive with Verizon FiOS High Speed Internet Service is one of the fastest download and upload speeds available on the market today.

Nice: I will stay with Time Warner I will post this chating on the internent and will send it to your corporate head quarters.

Nice: Thank you and bye.

Daylon: Thanks.

Nice: I will send you the link as soon as I post now.

Daylon: At this point of time, the offers, prices, promotions have changed so we did not have much information that's the reason by mistake I told there was no contract.

Nice: Whatever you say go ahead and type. Its going to be published.

Daylon: Not a problem.

Daylon: Do you have any more questions for me today?

Daylon: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

Nice: One sec

Daylon: What questions you may have before you select the services ?

Daylon: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

Nice: One Sec. Please
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
I would have closed the chat on you. The dude made an error and corrected it and you just kept on about it. And you pay tax on your services honey. You pay state tax, local tax, FCC charges...
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
I am with the poster here. Month to month or yearly is IMPORTANT and it was not a mistake it happens all the time. They say one thing and give you another. At least at the end here the saleman admitted it would be yearly.
And why do they not say what the tax is anyway since it is a large portion of the bill , ~ 30%.
He may be a good person but he was poory trained.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
Voice, because the local tax and state tax and FCC charges differ from month to month. They don't know what your taxes are going to be. My landline and DSL bill runs me anywhere from $41-47 each month. Nothing else added.

The CSR it seems was confused. I also thought the OP was trying to get info on cell phone internet. Then after the month to month yada yada conversation and the CSR correcting himself on the contract, the OP pops out with LANDLINE. Then wants to hammer the CSR as if he was intentionally lieing.

People make errors. Heck, I can tell a customer one thing and tomorrow it will be different at Wally because the policies change and plans and specials change. Even misunderstandings occur.

The guy repeatedly told the OP he made a mistake. Funny how when OP's make mistakes it is acceptable, but when a business or employee does, they are scammers and dishonest liars.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
I said it was lack of proper training and they should know that backwards and forwards they do it day in day out all day.
I had a cablevision situation where I was told the package was NOT a promo after asking 100 times if it was to continue after the year. Well sure enough it was a promo and I was told "it was advertised as a promo." Well I did not see that ad and took what I was told. THEY GET COMMISSION FOR SALES so they say what you want and too late after the order! It's all recorded but yea try and have them play back something where they are wrong and you are right!
I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but salespeople are trained to sell so beware. Some can/do lie sometimes. How can they not know their product?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
"I said it was lack of proper training and they should know that backwards and forwards they do it day in day out all day."

Yea. OK. I bet you can tell me how many cell phone plans your carrier has at this moment. And tomorrow you can tell me how many new ones have been added and taken away.

"Its all recorded but yea try and have them play back something where they are wrong and you are right!"

You are given the contract to sign. If you sign up online, you are able to view it before electronically signing it. So if you don't make sure before signing that is on you.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
What they do not know by heart they would have a book or list to check and find out.
Cablevision was no new contract it was a change .
Posted by NanS123 on 2010-01-17:
All the the carriers have a terms of sale page, it would outline all the fees and taxes etc. It would be illegal for any carrier to hide them and would be a against FCC regulations which are very strict. These reps have a LOT to look at and the information can change, literally from one minute to the next. Any sort of memorization is out of the question and they are, after all, only human.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-17:
yeah but people don't want humans
they want robots that have everything memorized

only thing they fail to realize is that when the robots take over
it's not going to be a pretty day
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
I don't necessarily like the way the OP chatted with the rep, but since we cannot hear the 'tone' that was intended, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe the rep made an honest mistake which he corrected but could have been costly to the OP had he not caught it.

I looked on the Verizon website. It is not clear. The bundled services require a two year agreement but the monthly single service of FiOS internet only does not say there is a one year agreement involved. I looked for the language on the site and I couldn't find it. Lets face it, people make mistakes. I would have gone to the chat not to ask them to tell me if there was an agreement required but to direct me to a link where the terms and conditions of receiving the service are located. That way I could print and save them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
Hold that thought! I found it. The language for the one year contract is in the header rather than in the description of services as it is for the bundled services. It's obvious from the way I posted it here that the language is there, but on the site itself, it doesn't stand out so much. Consistency on the website as to where the information is located would be a good thing. Maybe a suggestion that Verizon could act upon.

(1-year agreement) FiOS Internet only
Verizon home phone customers FiOS Internet only
Without Verizon home phone

Download up to 15 Mbps/
Upload up to 5 Mbps
FREE wireless router
$49.99/month $54.99/month Includes
Verizon Freedom Essentials
FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps
FiOS TV Prime HD
See Bundle details $89.99/month
pricing includes
$20/mo. off for 1 year!$109.99/mo. for mos. 13-24.
2-yr agreement required.

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My FIOS Conversion…Attempted.
Posted by Blee456 on 02/26/2008
NATIONAL PARK, NEW JERSEY -- It started about 18 months ago. While visiting my wife’s relatives, I was introduced to FIOS. I had read about it online; I had seen a few ads; but this was my first live experience, and I was excited. I should start out by letting you know, I am a computer geek. I know about upload speeds, and data throughput, and currently have more computers running in my home than I have televisions (at a ratio of 3 to 1). So the idea that I could literally quadruple my speed on the internet had me excited. I was not disappointed. I got a couple of programs running that would tax the download speeds. It was quick. I went to a couple of speed tests sites. The numbers were huge. My uncle-in-law knew what was what and was happy with the service as a whole. He didn’t have the television or phone service because it did not exist yet, and he mentioned offhand that the installation had been problematic, but we didn’t get into it. I was too busy playing.

So after my evening of play, I called Verizon. Sadly, FIOS was not available in my area. I could not be provided with a date of arrival, but I could put my name on a list, and I did so. And I waited. Then, one day at lunch, one of the people I work with mentioned she was getting the new Verizon TV service. I knew she lived near me, and I got excited. That night, I started going through my junk mail, which I collected and usually just recycled, and found it. I had received, some time in the past few weeks, an invitation to sign up for FIOS. I called the number and after a rundown of the packages, and a discussion with my wife, I gave them the OK. Come give me the speed.

I should also let you know that I have had cable for years, and have never had any problems. I have not had outages longer than a few minutes since the 80’s. I have found their customer service to be acceptable, and in a few cases, downright…good. My best friend currently works as an installer and technician for my provider, and really likes his job. I have no complaints about my cable. Last year, I even went to the big package. Television (with the DVR), phone and internet. No problems, no issues. I like my cable. FIOS just has the speed, and I want the speed.

We arranged for the installation to be on a Wednesday. I work on Wednesday’s, as does my wife, and the installation window was smack in the middle of both of our workdays. I requested and received the day off, and waited for the day to come. Coincidentally, I had the day before the install off and at around 11am the phone rang. Caller ID identified it as Verizon and I expected a courtesy confirmation call about the install. This was not the case. The rep gave me the news that my installation would not be occurring the next day because of some problems with my order. I inquired what the problems were and he told me that they had been unable to verify my credit and were having some trouble getting my phone number from my current provider. I asked what we could do to rectify the problems and get the install rescheduled. This request sparked a 4 hour long ordeal of navigating Verizon’s labyrinthine customer support lines. I started by telling the rep who had called that I would relinquish my old phone number and just take a new one. I would repeat this to every rep I spoke to at Verizon. He told me he had to transfer me to someone that did not work for Verizon to verify my credit, and then I would have to call back to get the install rescheduled. I asked for a number to call and he told me I would have to call the “e-center” as they were the ones who could handle my problem.

I was transferred to the non-Verizon credit people and after about 20 minutes was informed that my credit was approved and I would not have to put down a deposit. I asked why I had not gone through this process when I call and the credit guy indicated that he did not work for Verizon and could not answer my questions. I finished with him and called the “e-center” number. It was busy. I dialed again, figuring I must have dialed wrong. This was an international company and they couldn’t have a busy support line. I was all ready to press 1 or say yes and… busy. This went on for about 20 minutes. I tried waiting a couple minutes. I tried redialing furiously and… busy. Finally, I called the original number I called for the install and started the long order of trying to get the install set back up. After starting each conversation with an explanation of my situation, starting with the line, “I understand that this is not your fault but…” This was more to keep me from yelling at some poor guy sitting in a cube in a far away place that didn’t want to do me harm than excusing their company's treatment of me. On 4 different occasions I was put on hold so that they could “look into the matter” only to be picked up by a different rep and greeted with “Thanks for calling Verizon, how can I help you.” Unable to determine who had been helping me, I had to start the process over again. Finally, after explaining over an over, and finally finding what sounded to me like someone who cared, I got the news I had been looking for. She had been able to resolve my issues, and the install was a go ahead for the next day. I thanked her repeatedly and the call ended.

The next day, I got up early. On a normal day of not going to work, I can sleep in till noon without thinking about it. My window was 8am to 12pm, and I could easily miss the whole thing. I started doing things to get ready. I cleaned up the basement, where they would be installing some of the equipment. I copied down all the series in my DVR so that I could reprogram the new one. And I waited. Noon came and went and no one showed. I called Verizon to try to determine what the deal was. I discovered, after only 7 transfers, that my order was still in order limbo because they were not able to get my phone number from my current provider. I calmly informed the rep that I had told no less that 10 people the day before that I would relinquish that number and just wanted the install. She told me, in a moment of shocking honesty, that I was not going to happen today. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that one would call me back. I accepted that, as I had no other choice. Thirty minutes later I got the phone call. The supervisor, who told me that he was technical support and not sales or install, told me that he would be able to get an override for me to get the install set up for 2 weeks from my original date. I demanded, and received an install date on a Saturday, so that I would not have to take another day off. The next day I found an e-mail in my inbox confirming the date we had agreed upon.

So I waited. I still wanted the speed.

The day before the scheduled install, I called. I wanted to make sure everything was a go. I spoke with one rep and he confirmed for me that they would be there the next day. I was excited. I even got a voicemail confirming the install a few hours later.

They didn’t show. I have yet to mention that the window I was given for my special, emergency Saturday install was 8 am until 5pm. They didn’t show.

Around 3:30pm I got concerned. I called and was informed that there was an issue with my request, and Verizon was not able to get my phone number from my current provider. Having had enough, I cancelled the order. The rep said he could not cancel the order, but would note that in my record.

I still want the speed, but it is not going to happen. If this ordeal is at all representative of the customer support I can expect, it’s not worth it. I was trying to give them money. I was trying to establish a relationship that I could see going on for years. I was abandoning a company that had treated me well since my youth for what they had to offer. It’s not worth it.

I called back a couple days later to confirm the cancellation, and while doing so I was offered some additional incentives to try the service. For a moment I wavered, and agreed, if they could schedule the installation for a day that was convenient for me. I was put on hold, and when the representative came back, she stated that it would take a few days because they were having trouble getting my phone number from my current provider. I calmly explained that I had informed no less that 15 representatives at Verizon that I would relinquish that number, and that I would not be interested in the service after all.

Thanks anyway Verizon, and you can keep your free TV.

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Horrible Customer Service and Ridiculous Bills
Posted by Shortbus901 on 02/06/2008
VALRICO, FLORIDA -- Words cannot even begin to describe how appallingly bad Verizon Customer Support is. I suppose I should give a background story first. Back in Nov. we ordered Fios TV and Internet (no need for phone) from Verizon's door-to-door salesperson. The rate he quoted was $69.99 / month which was close to what we were paying Brighthouse for internet only so I said why not. Installation went smoothly and the service was great. About a month later however, we received our first bill. Anyone who has never seen one could never fully comprehend how much of a mess these things are. Even Fios customer service reps seem baffled when I tell them I have three different account numbers. On top of that you have a mind-boggling array of discounts, fees, installation fees, partial month fees and of course the ever present taxes & fees.

This bill led to my first call to "customer service" as the amounts were off by $10. This particular call took a little over 3 hours most of which was spent on hold as the very polite computer voice lady I have to talk to (what ever happened to just pushing 1 or 2?) sent me first to Verizon DSL service, then to an IT tech support line (???) and finally to a never ending hold which I finally gave up on. The next day I tried again and finally reached someone who credited my account the $10 and said all future bills would reflect the correct rate.

As the 30 day deadline for cancellation came and went I continued to enjoy the service, then came the next bill which was off by $5. Enter round two of the customer service nightmare. This round only lasted about 45 minutes before I encountered the first person who was actually somewhat helpful, she said there was no way to correct the $5 discrepancy so she went ahead and credited me the total amount the $5 would add up to each month for the rest of the contract ($60). That was fine and I figured great, I won't have to worry about that anymore. I also upgraded to an HD DVR at this time which has now led to round three, AKA trying to get them to stop billing me for the old SD DVR which was returned to them.

I think by now I should be on a first name basis with the computer voice lady, she probably thinks I'm a jerk though because I keep screaming "AGENT" in her ear when I get frustrated ("Agent" is the computer voice lady equivalent of pressing "0"). The calls do seem to be getting shorter though, this one only took about 30 minutes however I don't think I got anything resolved. The agent I spoke to said quote: "we have a little box thing I put the claim into and someone else handles it". I have a feeling I'll be back for round 4 next month as she couldn't tell me how or if I would be getting a credit for the $12.99 DVR fee. It took two calls before I found out it was a one year contract I agreed to instead of two (this was a happy moment). Rest assured at the end of that one year I'll be back to either no cable or Brighthouse. The Fios service itself is ok but the customer service is abysmal.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-06:
Did you not read the fine print? How could you not even know what kind of contract you purchased? And $10 is not worth 3 hours of my time particulary when I did not read the fine print. "Tax, title, liscence, and fees extra"
Posted by BvF7734 on 2008-02-07:
Some contracts are not marketed by salespeople as contracts. Yes the OP should have read the fine print, honestly though who does? I haven't... But I also am the one the procures services for my household so i know what I am getting. Those fees are expected and I am sure that she took that into account instead of going OMG!! It is only supposed to be $69.99 and no more hur!! Give people who complain a break as a majority they are honest gripes about a company.
Posted by Shortbus901 on 2008-03-06:
The fine print said one year, the salesman said two. I was fine with either (obviously before I knew what I know now). While I agree that $10 is not worth three hours of time $120 or $240 ($10 x 12 or 24 months) certainly is. As to the TTT extra, that's a given but if I'm promised a rate of $69 and I'm charged $79 I'm going to complain. BTW I'm three calls and an e-mail deep in month two of the $12.99 DVR debacle. I'm about ready to pay the cancellation fee and be done with it.
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Verizon Customer Service is awful... Don't switch
Posted by Howie4782 on 01/03/2013
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- I switched to Verizon Fios from Comcast in the spring of 2012. The internet was only fast if you had a direct connection but the wirless was awful unless sitting right next to the modem. On top of that when I canceled in the fall of 2012 they said I owed no money and would get a refund. This was a lie because their customer service representative did not know what she was talking about. in early 2013 I got a bill saying I owed more funds. I called to figure out what it was about I was originally told that it wsa equipment charges that neede removed from the account but that department could not do it. I got transferred ... After 2 hours 50 minutes and beig transferred to 5 numbers and speaking to 2 supervisors and being on hold forever I found out that the charge was correct and that the customer service representative from 3 months ago was incorrect. I would have to now pay this out of pocket. What a rip off... It should not have taken that log to get an accurate answer...I advise going to Verizon Fios unless you want the run around and sneak charges.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-03:
As far as the wireless or Wi-Fi connection, this doesn't have anything to do with their service, but with your role or receiving device.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-01-03:
I agree. Compared to Comcast service, FIOS is pretty bad. I plan on going back as soon as my contract is up.
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