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Verizon Rip Off - FiOS
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Rating: 2/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- The truth of the matter is: they do both suck. But in a different way. I was a Comcast customer for 10 years and we often had internet outages. So I switched to FiOS Internet the moment they became available. That was 3 years ago. I reconfigured the router to make it a bridge and ordered Dish for my TV - that was cheaper than to have TV service with Verizon. Two month ago I was contacted by Verizon customer service because they wanted to upgrade my 10/2 to 50/25 for $10 more. So I said OK.

A week ago I decided to try their TV bundle, I figured it would be less expensive than the Internet and Dish plus I could watch the content on my phone and tablet. Also I ordered multi-room DVR. So it all came and I installed everything. Now: you can use multi-room DVR only in one room. You need to get a set-top box attached to your second TV in order to watch recorded shows and live TV. Second: you can watch the content on your tablet and phone only in house, not anywhere where you have wi-fi or 3G/4G internet. It is easy to overcome by installing Remote Access Server on your PC and VPN-ing to it from anywhere, though, but still.

Third, after I connected my DVR, it kicked off the internet. I power cycled their main box, their modem and my router - did not help. Made a call. Technician was kind of not friendly and he said the problem is on my end, not theirs. After I called second time - the second tech was better and all he needed to do was releasing my IP address from their DHCP server. After that I got the Internet back but my DVR would not show guide and there was no on-demand available. It appears that TV box HAS to be connected to the Internet through Verizon router, not through mine. There are workarounds, but I did not feel like doing it.

Fourth, I bought Samsung Smart blue ray to use instead of set-top box with my second TV, as it was advertised by Verizon. Well, the app was available only on older models and when it came - HD movies were not bearable to watch due to freezing and lagging. SD movies were OK. I have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and this has never been an issue. All of them were working just fine on that Samsung player.

So, since when I ordered the service I was told that I have 30 days trial period, I returned the DVR and called to revert to my old plan. Guess what? Not happening. They don't have that plan and I cannot be put to it. And the representative was extremely rude at some point saying that it does not matter what I want, what matter is what Verizon wants. Well, I called to another representative and she was helpful and we could get it down in price, but still $20 more than it was before I tried triple play. I am switching to Comcast.

Verizon Way of Cheating with hidden fee - Customer Service and online Web
By -


This review is actually a chat which won't be moderated for now. Thanks.


We are routing you to a chat representative. Thank you for contacting Verizon. Your average wait time is 1 seconds.

You are now chatting with 'Daylon'

Daylon: Hello. Thank you for visiting our Verizon chat service. How can I help you set up your new service and save with a Verizon bundle?

Nice: Hi I am new to verrizon and interested in FiOS. Is it month to month plan costs $54.99

Nice: Hope no hidden plan

Daylon: I will be happy to help you with that.

Daylon: That's right if you order Internet services alone.

Nice: Your we site says monthly charge 54.99

Daylon: That's right.

Daylon: FiOS 15/5 MBPS costs you $54.99 per month.

Nice: If it is no hidden yearly plan or anything like that

Nice: I can sign up now

Nice: For month-to-month plan $55 is OK

Daylon: Yes.

Nice: Since month-to month, I can cancel at any time right?

Daylon: There are no hidden fees + taxes.

Daylon: That's right.

Nice: Some phone companies will do a hidden charge without telling it as a yearly plan

Daylon: You will get the options to select the equipments and the packages as you move ahead on the website after selecting your preferred bundle. Also you will have the opportunity to see all costs associated with your selection on the "Review Order" page before finalizing your order.

Daylon: We do not have any hidden fees except taxes.

Nice: and charges termination fee if it cancelled before one year or 6 months. and those company will not say that you are signing for year lease

Nice: What is the tax for 54.99

Nice: give me correct figure of 54.99 on a month-to-month rate and no contract

Daylon: As the taxes are determined by the government authorities, we do not have information on that; however, taxes will be similar to what you pay for your current communication needs.

Nice: Now I pay 0 taxes from Time Warner just $35 flat rate

Nice: so you r also 0 tax

Nice: ?

Nice: I need only internet

Nice: no other service

Daylon: There will be taxes for FiOS Internet and it will be around $15.

Nice: I see

Nice: so 55+15= approx.$70 per month and no contract???

Daylon: That's right if you are ordering Internet services alone now.

Nice: I donot want anything else from you

Nice: just the internet and I am a new customer

Nice: So $70 per month for FiOS and no contract is correct

Daylon: You can get Internet services alone for now.

Nice: I donot have any of your phones and I dop not need them

Nice: meant phone line.

Daylon: There is 1 year contract now for ordering FiOS Internet online now.

Nice: So for you have been telling month-to-month contract and it is not clearly mentioned in your web site.

Nice: Now R you saying there is a one year contract

Nice: Please give right answers.

Daylon: Yes, all our offers, prices, promotions have changed for now for new year.

Nice: I request you to save this conversation and will send it to your company Head quaters for customer service improvement

Daylon: I have confirmed with my supervisor and there is 1 year contract with FiOS service.

Nice: Initially I have been asking several times about is it month-to-month or NOT

Daylon: This is sales department as we are specialized in setting up new accounts for new customers and help them while they navigate through the online order process.

Daylon: First there was no contract but now it is there for `1 year.

Daylon: I apologize for the inconvenience that I said there is no contract but there is 1 year contract.

Nice: Neither you or your company web site is not clear on this. I can see how hidden fees you will be charging. Thank GOD! I did not start the service with you.

Daylon: There are no hidden fees as Verizon believes in transparent business.

Nice: By the way, Time Warner charges me just $35 flat rate and no hidden contract charges like you do and $0 tax on it.

Nice: If you know math. Please do the math, where the customers will go.

Daylon: Verizon FiOS is the latest in fiber-optic technology. It delivers laser-generated pulses of light, riding on hair thin strands of glass fiber, all the way to your front door. When FiOS meets your computer, you can get broadband Internet at blazing-fast speed.

Nice: You never told me right answer for my question. I did not ask anything about FiOS. I know better than you.

Nice: I just asked if there is any hidden fees.

Daylon: I know math. FiOS is the best service that offers great promotions, it is more reliable to use and has broken all its competitors in the market. All customers like to go for cheaper service but think about the technology as well.

Daylon: There are no hidden fees.

Nice: After wasting my time and your company chating time, now somehow you accept there is a hidden fee.

Daylon: Taxes will only imply additionally.

Daylon: The benefits you receive with Verizon FiOS High Speed Internet Service is one of the fastest download and upload speeds available on the market today.

Nice: I will stay with Time Warner I will post this chating on the internent and will send it to your corporate headquarters.

Nice: Thank you and bye.

Daylon: Thanks.

Nice: I will send you the link as soon as I post now.

Daylon: At this point of time, the offers, prices, promotions have changed so we did not have much information that's the reason by mistake I told there was no contract.

Nice: Whatever you say go ahead and type. Its going to be published.

Daylon: Not a problem.

Daylon: Do you have any more questions for me today?

Daylon: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

Nice: One sec

Daylon: What questions you may have before you select the services ?

Daylon: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

Nice: One Sec. Please

Worst Customer Service EVER !!!
By -

First let me start by saying that Fios is the best for your HD T. V. As far as the customer service goes, they are really bad. I had my Fios installed my a technician who told me my Television wasn't a HD television so the premium HD channels I got were not going to work on my T. V. (I have a 55 plasma Vizio 1080p) So when he left, I figured it out my self.

By the way, it took three weeks for the installation. After 8 months (I got the $99 package, Internet, Fios and phone, good deal) I was told my service would be disconnected because they forgot to charge me my Internet service. I was paying almost $150 a month I always pay my bills on time, but the customer service lady told me they forgot to charge me so I either I had to pay the $600 dollars now, or it will be disconnected.

I ask to speak to a manager, she was worst. Told me why didn't I check my bill and see why I wasn't getting charge for the Internet service. I told her I figured since I signed up for the package, and I was paying almost $150 a month. I figured that was everything. She said no, $20 each for the DVR HD box and so on, that I should check my bills and is my fault. I will say yes, it is my fault for trusting a company to do there job and bill you for there services. I usually pay online and that's the end of that. Well, I paid everything, but they still disconnected my service. Called back 3 days later and asked them why? They told me I haven't paid them yet.

Which I proved to her I did. So now I have to wait 3 weeks for another technician come to my house and restore my services. Also they will charge double if you order movies with them, they did that to me 4 times. So I called them complaining about it, the lady I spoke to was nice. Told me because they messed up and I have Internet services with them, they will give me for free Verizon Security (I think you pay $5.00 a month for it).

She said give me your email address and I will send you the link. 3 days later passed I called back and was called a liar, that no one had the authorization to give me Verizon Security for free. (which I was offered, don't even cared about to be honest.) But what type of company calls a customer a liar??

Beware of Verizon Fios's Internet Security Suite!!
By -

The TV and phone service for Verizon Fios are pretty good if you ask me and its Internet service does connect at lightning speed, assuming that your computer is healthy, as I eventually learned. For the past 2 years I've had the Verizon Fios, I was faithfully keeping its Internet Security Suite, powered by McAfee.

I figured that for just a few bucks extra per month, I was doing the right thing by investing in a virus protection program which everyone should have. But little did I realize that it's nothing more than an ineffective virus program for which Verizon gets the lowest bid, resulting in a cheap quality program that isn't even worth including on your monthly Verizon bill for $5.99 each time.

Every time I would run that program, it would supposedly scan my computer and tell me that I had no viruses. For two years, it would come back with a clean bill of health for my computer and so I thought I was free of viruses, right? But then just recently, I was suddenly unable to connect to the Internet for several days.

After going back and forth with some of these service reps who either didn't have the nicest manner or who I honestly couldn't understand at all due to broken English, they were all saying that my Internet connections were fine and that the problem was with my computer. I was very skeptical about that assessment for a while but then I was willing to consider that possibility given that 3 reps were all saying the same thing.

I have had the same computer for 6 years and I have no reason to replace it until it stops working at some point. And being that the computer has otherwise been working fine, I broke down and called a local technician to come to my house to look at the problem. I was shocked to learn that in spite of these clean bills of health coming back from Verizon's McAfee Internet Security Suite, I indeed had 3 bugs, several viruses that I never knew existed!

All this technician did was download a free virus program which detected them all and got rid of them and once the viruses were cleared out, I was able to connect to the Internet and now I am connecting at lighting speed. Before that, I would be able to connect at a slower pace. I was never fussy about that because I'm really not in a rush when I go on the computer at home, particularly at night.. lol

So immediately after that technician left, I called Verizon Fios and had the Internet Security Suite cancelled so I won't have to keep paying for it and I uninstalled the whole thing from my computer. Amazingly, this representative who I spoke to didn't even question or argue with me about it and didn't try to sell me any additional services. He just cancelled it immediately upon my request, which definitely worked for me. lol

I honestly never knew about any free virus programs because they're not advertised but they do exist and I will list the ones I now use, which you are welcome to try: immediately detected some additional infected files even just within a couple of days after the local technician was done. The programs don't run on their own schedule but I just run them when I want and they update themselves with the latest virus definitions, so that definitely works for me.

Verizon really should do away with having its own virus protection program. It seems like nothing more than a cheap excuse to make more profits, especially given that its reps are not computer technicians. Another word of advice I would like to offer: Definitely don't be afraid to go through the phone book and contact a local technician if you're having computer issues. It's a wise investment and can definitely save money that you would otherwise spend on a Staples or Best Buy technician and it definitely saves several hundred dollars that you might otherwise spend on a new system.

Poor FIOS installation and customer service
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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MARYLAND -- Verizon installed FiOS in my house two days after I moved in. The technician tried to drilled a hole from outside into the basement. In the first attempt, he drilled into my newly refinished hardwood floor in the kitchen leaving a long and deep drill mark. His second attempt cut through a wire to the master bedroom and master bath. The technician gave me his supervisor's phone number and said Verizon has money and they would fix it.

While checking his work in the end, I asked him to caulk the two holes on the outside wall. He's willing to caulk the first one. But when I mentioned the second one, he said, "Woman!" What is that?! Isn't it common sense to fill holes on the wall so that water will not come into the house? VZ needs to train their technicians better.

I called the manager and he came to take photo right away and promised to send a handyman to fix the problems. Four days later, a contracting handyman came and he couldn't fix the electrical problem. After applying the stain on the hardwood floor, he realized that the damage is too deep to cover it up. He said the only way to fix it is to resand and refinish the floor. I wasn't happy about it, so called the customer service and was transferred to different departments. Tried contact them online, but was instructed to call the same 800 number. Tired of trying and filed a complaint on BBB website and asked for reimbursement.

A couple days later, a lady with Private Caller caller ID from some customer relationship called and said someone would contact me by the end of the week. No one else from VZ called that week. The following week, BBB forwarded a message from VZ saying that the customer is satisfied with their response. What a joke! I immediately denied it. The same routine went on several times and I learned that I just need to play with them. They tried their best to frustrate me so that I'd give up. But I wouldn't. About two months later, they finally gave me another 800 number to their reimbursement department.

It turned out it's a contracting company handling all kinds of reimbursement. After setting up my case, the representative told me that she would need to review my case and contact me later. A month later, she sent me a letter stating that she hadn't heard from me for a long time and wondered whether I want to close the case. Another same old crap. I contacted her immediately and called her every other day.

Two weeks later, I got my check. The whole thing took place for 3 1/2 months. I read many complaints here and I know how frustrating it could be to deal with VZ. However, please hang in there and play the game with them. I did what I had to do and tried not to get angry. Now I think it's really a joke.

Absolute Dysfunctional Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Moved to CA and needed TV, Internet and home phone service. I responded to an ad by Verizon. Learned that Fios TV didn't serve my area and was told that for TV they were lining up people in my area with Direct TV along with Verizon's phone and Internet. I bit the deal, was given a phone number they said would be mine, was given the day and time that both Verizon and Direct TV would show up to connect my service. They didn't show!

I spent five hours on my Verizon cell phone which has limited minutes! I was put on hold numerous times. Lost contact. Call back. Transferred from one contact person to another. None being able to make any sense to the whole scenario. I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind! At one point Direct TV said they didn't come because the phone number that Verizon gave me was unreachable or fraudulent. Hmmm?????

Eventually Verizon made a three way phone conversation between myself, Direct TV and Verizon. Got it somewhat straightened out with Direct TV. They came out and connected my TV. However Verizon didn't show for another three or four days. The guy that came out was not an official Verizon person but was sent by Verizon. He was around for about an hour or two... couldn't figure out how to put a phone line into my mobile home as concrete would need to be torn up to do so.

Besides that, my mobile home does not have a phone jack and would need one put in to make the connection. Soooo... here we go again trying to get Verizon to do something was another day spent on the phone like before, seemed like every representative had the same spiel.

I was beginning to feel like they were all lying to me. I wanted to cancel my order with Verizon (never signed any papers with them). They said, "Oh we will have another person out to do the work. I waited more days. Another person came out to see about making connections. He spent three hours around the neighborhood, under the house, etc. trying to get a signal from the main Verizon port to my area, but never was able to get one. I decided right then and there that I was finished with Verizon.

After more time on the cell phone I was able to get a couple of cancellation numbers to my order. I kept getting messages on the phone, mail, and cell phone, that I was connected blah, blah, blah... and again I'm calling trying to make sure that my order indeed had been cancelled. One person, and there were many, told me they had the a cancellation number for my internet, but not my phone. So there we go again... this kind of conversation has now happened three times.

Furthermore, yesterday, I get a bill charging me for phone service, and the internet that I never had in the first place. I wonder if someone has my name and address and the strange phone number that was given me in the beginning by Verizon and using it thus I get the bill????? Is that possible????? I'm so furious with Verizon that I can't even sleep! Interesting.

I find out last week that some friends of mine in Huntington Beach having been given this deceptive raw treatment by Verizon and charging them for things that never existed. Hmmmm!!!!????? Don't use Verizon! Someone from Verizon mentioned on the phone to my friends that Verizon has gotten way out of their league and greedy by taking on internet, phone line, and TV service! I believe it!!!! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Verizon (Fios) Is Using Bogus Account #s To Bill Customers For Service Not Provided
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Any chance of a class action suit for Verizon (fios), [not wireless]? This is what happened to me. But there are countless stories just like mine on the internet. I lost all Verizon fios services (internet, tv, and landline phone) on 4/16/2011 for almost a month! ** And continually called from my cell phone and tried to get it restored, and finally gave up after they scheduled a tech visit €”and confirmed it in the am but never showed up, - this after they insisted that I take off from work to be in the home all day for this visit!

After I repeatedly called to see where they were, I was informed that they cancelled the tech visit- with no prior notice to me- on the same day- the same day of the scheduled visit, the same day they confirmed it, the same day I sat home all day- missing work- a full days wages! So, I cancelled my fios account and they have been billing me ever since for service in April, may and June of 2011! (At first, their bills had my original account number, and after I was given a confirmation number for the cancellation and the credits, I was finally sent a bill that said "do not pay, credit balance, refund check to follow."

Since Verizon billing is always billed in advance, I thought that they had finally corrected my account, however, the next set of bills had a different account number and a read "balance due $167.57", But this makes no sense- I never had service during any of the time period that they are billing me for and what is this account number?? They never provided any of these services to me in April (the weeks they billed me for), may and June!

In fact, I even sent them their own Verizon documentation to prove that they are incorrect/that I am correct. (Their own confirmation #s / their own confirmation emails that were sent to my blackberry/even my Cablevision bill showing an installation date and service dates: proving that I didn't even have Verizon equipment or wiring anymore in my home. You cannot have 2 providers at the same time! Verizon equipment/wiring must be removed prior to Cablevision installation. This is per both companies equipment rules! Still, they have continued to bill me, even harassing*** me- retaining 3 collection agencies to harass/bully me daily via phone threats to my cell/home phone/threatening letters.

I have even contacted the CEO of Verizon, Lowell Mcadam, but he assigns "others"€ to look into this, and they continue to say I owe "€œ$167.57". Despite the very obvious fact that I have sent them their own "€œverizon"€ docs to prove otherwise. This is now insane. They also use 2 account numbers (I only had one account, and they misspell my name, they have used the wrong address and called me ** and that is not my name.

How do I know that this is even my bill?? I have pointed all of this out, but they are now ignoring me, except for the harassment***, and I am concerned about my credit rating now. I have tried the Better Business Bureau but when they finally responded (after 8 months of ignoring her, they said I still owe this bogus bill of "€œ$167.57"). ***If you read the legal definition of extortion:

The use, or the express or implicit threat of the use, of violence or other criminal means to cause harm to person, reputation, or property as a means to obtain property from someone else with his consent. Use 18 this is exactly what Verizon / and the 3 collection agencies they hired to help them harass and threaten me to cause harm to my reputation by trying to obtain my money. They call me daily on my cell/and my home phone. They send me threatening letters.

(These are the 3 collection agencies: North Shore, EOS/CCA, CBE Group: and they are complicit in this attempt to extort money from me as well. **And never got service back after that day.Cancelled my entire account after that day. Details are below they billed me, bill dated 4/25 (due 5/20), "œfuture"€ charges (they charge in advance) -
"€œtriple play"€ package charges: voice: apr 25-may 24 (but I didn't have this service!) Tv: April 19- may 19 (but I didn't have this service!) Internet: April 25-may 25 (but I didn't have this service!) This bill was for $244.04.

They billed me for "€œpast due" charges, but those charges were for the dates that had lost service. I called, and I refused to pay, and I was assured that I would be credited that amount (by Ms. ** and others - this is in their notes and has been verified by Ms. ** - this credit/credit adjustment/correction/cancellation was not done correctly by verizon - not my problem!

(They only credited me for loss of service for 2 days- April 19-20: another Verizon error!) I received another bill: dated 5/7, for services for "services May 9- May 24" this bill has some "œadjustments" but shows that I owe "$167.57". This is just ignorant... I never had this service; I never should have been billed.

A nightmare, but an anticipated nightmare
By -

As the title implies my experience with Verizon was ungodly awful, but not one I wasn't expecting. Verizon has earned a street cred of having bad service, but until this point I hadn't really dealt with them personally so all I had to go on was hearsay. I can now say that most of those stories are not only true, but probably are the shortened versions.

Simply put, I wanted FiOs internet installed in my new apartment. OK, so I call up their service line and go through the mandatory automated prompts. That's to be expected and compared to a lot of similar scenarios I've dealt with, relatively painless. Got a service rep, gave them all my info, set up an appointment to have my service installed, great!

So the date to get my service installed comes around and I've taken the day off work to be there. I wait... and wait. The far side of the four hour window I was given rolls around and no one has shown up, so I call Verizon to figure out what's up. Get a different service representative She tries repeatedly to pull up my account. I give her the account number the last representative gave me, my street address, email, phone number, so on and so on and NOTHING brings it up. It's as if it didn't exist. Her solution? Creating a NEW account and setting up another date.

I'm a little frustrated at this point, but the representative insists that I won't have to worry about getting charged twice for a service I wasn't receiving at that point. In the process of setting up this new account I discover that I was either lied to by the previous representative or he somehow grossly miscommunicated with me, because I was led to believe that of the two package options for FiOs that were available only the more expensive of the two offered free WiFi. This second representative told me otherwise and I was able to go with the cheaper plan.

If it ended there I wouldn't be typing here. It goes on. Day before the next installation day I get a call from Verizon just confirming that they are going to be there the following day at such and such time and to please be there and OH! by the way you'll need verbal consent given by your landlord for us to install. Perfectly logical request were it not presented to me on the Friday afternoon before they were coming to install.

The landlord's offices, like most similar offices, close on the weekends and I, like a good many other working class Americans, was in work when I got the message. Good thing I had a lunch break to call my landlord. He contacts Verizon and gives them my address... and once again they have no record of me. The landlord calls me back and I give him my account number.

He gives it to them and they FINALLY are able to find my account... that they listed under the wrong address. See, I live on a street that has a direction tied to it. ie. West Broad Street, South Boulevard, etc. This kind of mistake would have been understandable were it not for the fact that I DISTINCTLY remember the second representative asking me if it was the letter S or the whole word SOUTH in the name of the street. They had me listed on the NORTH address.

All right. That gets resolved. Tech guy calls the following morning and says he's at my door. I go out and no one. Naturally I assume Verizon has once again failed to communicate with the rest of their staff so I call the guy right back and sure enough he's on the north side of the street. He drives to the right address and tries to set up service for three hours, but he can't because the authorization was given for the north address, not the south one.

Since it was a Saturday, naturally no one was available for him to get help resolving the issue. Oddly enough, the tech is the only one I'm not furious with, because he was getting screwed over as much as I was and he did his job the best he could with limited to no help from his superiors.

He reschedules for Monday when everyone gets back in the office. He gets here and the installation process takes less than ten minutes. Great. I have working internet now, but I'm more than a little mad about the delays and all the mess ups on their end so I want to go register a complaint. Ha! The phone lines redirect me from one department to another never really settling on someone who's actually able to help me, the Verizon website claims that, for whatever reason, I can't email them or use their Livechat function both of which are offered on their contact page. Please note that this isn't a software or a user issue.

Literally, after trying the email button it asked for my area code, then disabled the email link and said "email not available." The Livechat merely said that all their techs were busy at the moment so they couldn't even put me in a queue or anything. I'm used to waiting for hours, on a few rare occasions, DAYS to hearing back from online support, but never have I been flat out told that no, you just can't use it.

I work in the customer service industry, so I get all the obnoxious, unreasonable customers all the time. It makes me a lot more tolerant when dealing with others in the field, because I know it gets rough after a while, but this level of utter incompetence makes my blood boil. I'm going to continue to try to search for a way to file a complaint, because at the very least I want my installation fee waived after that many screw ups of such magnitude. Take home message: don't expect to leave happy when dealing with Verizon customer service.

My FIOS Conversion…Attempted.
By -

NATIONAL PARK, NEW JERSEY -- It started about 18 months ago. While visiting my wife's relatives, I was introduced to FIOS. I had read about it online; I had seen a few ads; but this was my first live experience, and I was excited. I should start out by letting you know, I am a computer geek. I know about upload speeds, and data throughput, and currently have more computers running in my home than I have televisions (at a ratio of 3 to 1).

So the idea that I could literally quadruple my speed on the internet had me excited. I was not disappointed. I got a couple of programs running that would tax the download speeds. It was quick. I went to a couple of speed tests sites. The numbers were huge. My uncle-in-law knew what was what and was happy with the service as a whole. He didn't have the television or phone service because it did not exist yet, and he mentioned offhand that the installation had been problematic, but we didn't get into it. I was too busy playing.

So after my evening of play, I called Verizon. Sadly, FIOS was not available in my area. I could not be provided with a date of arrival, but I could put my name on a list, and I did so. And I waited. Then, one day at lunch, one of the people I work with mentioned she was getting the new Verizon TV service. I knew she lived near me, and I got excited.

That night, I started going through my junk mail, which I collected and usually just recycled, and found it. I had received, some time in the past few weeks, an invitation to sign up for FIOS. I called the number and after a rundown of the packages, and a discussion with my wife, I gave them the OK. Come give me the speed.

I should also let you know that I have had cable for years, and have never had any problems. I have not had outages longer than a few minutes since the 80's. I have found their customer service to be acceptable, and in a few cases, downright… good. My best friend currently works as an installer and technician for my provider, and really likes his job. I have no complaints about my cable. Last year, I even went to the big package. Television (with the DVR), phone and internet. No problems, no issues. I like my cable. FIOS just has the speed, and I want the speed.

We arranged for the installation to be on a Wednesday. I work on Wednesday's, as does my wife, and the installation window was smack in the middle of both of our workdays. I requested and received the day off, and waited for the day to come. Coincidentally, I had the day before the install off and at around 11am the phone rang. Caller ID identified it as Verizon and I expected a courtesy confirmation call about the install. This was not the case.

The rep gave me the news that my installation would not be occurring the next day because of some problems with my order. I inquired what the problems were and he told me that they had been unable to verify my credit and were having some trouble getting my phone number from my current provider. I asked what we could do to rectify the problems and get the install rescheduled.

This request sparked a 4 hour long ordeal of navigating Verizon's labyrinthine customer support lines. I started by telling the rep who had called that I would relinquish my old phone number and just take a new one. I would repeat this to every rep I spoke to at Verizon. He told me he had to transfer me to someone that did not work for Verizon to verify my credit, and then I would have to call back to get the install rescheduled. I asked for a number to call and he told me I would have to call the “e-center” as they were the ones who could handle my problem.

I was transferred to the non-Verizon credit people and after about 20 minutes was informed that my credit was approved and I would not have to put down a deposit. I asked why I had not gone through this process when I call and the credit guy indicated that he did not work for Verizon and could not answer my questions.

I finished with him and called the “e-center” number. It was busy. I dialed again, figuring I must have dialed wrong. This was an international company and they couldn't have a busy support line. I was all ready to press 1 or say yes and… busy. This went on for about 20 minutes. I tried waiting a couple minutes. I tried redialing furiously and… busy.

Finally, I called the original number I called for the install and started the long order of trying to get the install set back up. After starting each conversation with an explanation of my situation, starting with the line, “I understand that this is not your fault but…” This was more to keep me from yelling at some poor guy sitting in a cube in a far away place that didn't want to do me harm than excusing their company's treatment of me.

On 4 different occasions I was put on hold so that they could “look into the matter” only to be picked up by a different rep and greeted with “Thanks for calling Verizon, how can I help you.” Unable to determine who had been helping me, I had to start the process over again. Finally, after explaining over an over, and finally finding what sounded to me like someone who cared, I got the news I had been looking for. She had been able to resolve my issues, and the install was a go ahead for the next day. I thanked her repeatedly and the call ended.

The next day, I got up early. On a normal day of not going to work, I can sleep in till noon without thinking about it. My window was 8am to 12pm, and I could easily miss the whole thing. I started doing things to get ready. I cleaned up the basement, where they would be installing some of the equipment. I copied down all the series in my DVR so that I could reprogram the new one. And I waited. Noon came and went and no one showed. I called Verizon to try to determine what the deal was.

I discovered, after only 7 transfers, that my order was still in order limbo because they were not able to get my phone number from my current provider. I calmly informed the rep that I had told no less that 10 people the day before that I would relinquish that number and just wanted the install. She told me, in a moment of shocking honesty, that I was not going to happen today. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that one would call me back. I accepted that, as I had no other choice.

Thirty minutes later I got the phone call. The supervisor, who told me that he was technical support and not sales or install, told me that he would be able to get an override for me to get the install set up for 2 weeks from my original date. I demanded, and received an install date on a Saturday, so that I would not have to take another day off. The next day I found an e-mail in my inbox confirming the date we had agreed upon. So I waited. I still wanted the speed.

The day before the scheduled install, I called. I wanted to make sure everything was a go. I spoke with one rep and he confirmed for me that they would be there the next day. I was excited. I even got a voicemail confirming the install a few hours later. They didn't show. I have yet to mention that the window I was given for my special, emergency Saturday install was 8 am until 5pm. They didn't show.

Around 3:30pm I got concerned. I called and was informed that there was an issue with my request, and Verizon was not able to get my phone number from my current provider. Having had enough, I cancelled the order. The rep said he could not cancel the order, but would note that in my record. I still want the speed, but it is not going to happen. If this ordeal is at all representative of the customer support I can expect, it's not worth it. I was trying to give them money. I was trying to establish a relationship that I could see going on for years. I was abandoning a company that had treated me well since my youth for what they had to offer. It's not worth it.

I called back a couple days later to confirm the cancellation, and while doing so I was offered some additional incentives to try the service. For a moment I wavered, and agreed, if they could schedule the installation for a day that was convenient for me. I was put on hold, and when the representative came back, she stated that it would take a few days because they were having trouble getting my phone number from my current provider. I calmly explained that I had informed no less that 15 representatives at Verizon that I would relinquish that number, and that I would not be interested in the service after all. Thanks anyway Verizon, and you can keep your free TV.

Verizon Fios, Lies & Property Damage
By -

I signed up for Verizon Fios online 9/19/10. I ordered the triple play bundle, Internet, Digital Voice, and HD Prime TV for $89.99 w/ 24 months of price protection (no contract). When I signed up, it gave me the option of having a "Vanity Phone Number" for a one time fee of $4.99. I found a cool number in my new area with consecutive digits, lets say 856-555-1234. It said the number was available and now reserved for my order. I also choose to make this number not listed, not published for an extra $3.50 per month. I got an order confirmation stating all of this and printed it out.

Install rolled around on 9/28/10. First thing I noticed, they gave me the wrong phone number. I immediately informed the tech of the problem. He called the business office, and then retention right there from my home. Neither party could do anything about this and suggested I call back 24 hours after the install, as the number would be available then. Hmmm...

Meanwhile the tech is finishing up and just so happens to be on personal call (how professional huh?). He is not paying attention and knocks my carved stone turtle that I bought in St. Martin off my speaker. It falls the ground and breaks. He says to someone on the phone, "see what you made me do I just broke the customer's stuff". I get apologies up and down but he continues to do a sloppy job before finally leaving.

As instructed, the next day I call in about the vanity number and my now damaged property. I get a very nice gentleman on the line who assures me that everything will be taken care of. He promised to personally follow up on this and make sure I get the number I was promised, and compensation for the damaged property. No one calls me back.

The next evening I call back again. They tell me my damage claim has been closed out and they have to put in a new one. I am then transferred to Fiber Solutions. I get an apathetic woman on the line who said that looking up my order number up is going to be really hard for her, among other things. I told her "well, I wouldn't want to inconvenience you" and hung up.

I immediately call back and follow the prompts to disconnect services. I get Mr. ** on the line. He starts making excuses that phone numbers aren't guaranteed, but he would have to call me back tomorrow. I tell him if I don't get what I was promised they need to remedy this. He is seriously taken aback and says "you mean you want a discount?" I told him I have the print out stating what I was supposed to get, and if they can't do that they need to make it right.

Meanwhile I start to notice an upswing of telemarketing calls for security services, newspapers, you name it. Clearly I wasn't given a non listed, non published number. On top of everything they sold me out too! Mr. ** calls me back. He says there is no way they can get my phone number. He offers me a $10 discount. I told him about my new problem, and he confirms that my number is indeed PUBLISHED!!!

I explained to him that I didn't get anything that I signed up for and what he's offering is a slap in the face at this point. He claims he cannot view my original confirmation so I faxed that right over to him. I told him to show that to a supervisor and have someone call me by 10/5. He says they will call me Monday. One BBB complaint later and waiting for more call backs.

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