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Beware Verizon Customer Service
Posted by Tomatoes on 11/30/2004
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I'm so frustrated. I've just been called a liar by Verizon customer service. After paying thousands of dollars over many years for Verizon service, they are losing me as a customer forever (and hopefully you too) by inflicting an unfair $175 termination fee on me.

A year and a half ago, I changed my service plan and the promotion locked me into an additional year of service -- HOWEVER THE ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE DIDN'T TELL ME THAT THE EXTENDED CONTRACT OBLIGATION WAS PART OF THE PROMOTION.

When I discover this last year, I called many, many times to resolve the situation. When the series of calls was concluded, the representative confirmed with me that I was under no additional contract obligation.

Imagine my shock today when I was told I was still under that contract extension (a year later). Apparently, the issue had not been resolved in their records -- only over the phone to me.

The manager I spoke to (who said she was Keisha at (800) 922-0204 x1136) relied on these same incomplete records. "We sent you a letter in May," she said, "telling you of the contract obligation and you didn't respond with a complaint until August. It's not our problem if you were out of the country -- we aren't responsible for your personal life."

Keisha, I just want you to be responsible for the your own agents -- the one that didn't tell me of the contract extension in April 2003 AND the one who told me it was all cleared up after many phone calls in Sept 2003! Also, since when has sending someone a letter made them obligated to you. I never agreed to a contract extension!!

At this point, I'm gladly paying the $175 termination fee. I've spent what must be hours on the phone with customer service agents, navigating the annoying, endless number menus, and on hold. I don't ever want to deal with Verizon again.

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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-12-01:
While they should have told you about the extension, it's a well-known rule that when you change your plan ALL cell phone companies will extend your contract. Keep that in mind when you go to a new provider, they'll most likely have the same rules. At least Verizon doesn't extend your contract when you need to buy a new phone because your old one died or was lost like Nextel does!
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Verizon Wireless Contract Rip Off
Posted by Verizon Victim on 11/29/2007
92203, CALIFORNIA -- I have found that contacting the PUC instead of trying to reason with Verizon saves a lot of grief and speeds up the resolution. I wish everyone would contact the PUC with their Verizon problems so that they are publicly documented. The PUC would then recognize that Verizon has a nation wide problem that needs to be corrected.

My Story: Verizon put my mother in law on an extended contract without her knowledge when she inquired about the charges on her account. As far as I can tell they put her on unlimited nights and weekends which I think she already had. If she did not have the unlimited nights and weekends the change would not have benefited her because she had 400 minutes to use each month and rarely went over 100 and never 200. The phone stopped working and they wanted to charge her for the battery. After I researched her needs, I found out that she could get another phone from another provider for less than Verizon’s battery charge without a contract and save money each month on her usage. Verizon told me that she would have to pay an early cancellation penalty of $179 if she cancelled. I filed a PUC complaint and continued to make payments. After Verizon received notification of the complaint they agreed to close the account without penalty and refund all money paid on the account since my attempt to cancel the account (total of $255.19). One month ago they put $192.76 back into her bank account and she has a $62.43 credit balance on her account. I called today to try and get the refund and come to the realization that I will have to file another complaint to get it resolved. The account is closed and has a $62.43 credit balance. You would think that Verizon would refund it without any questions.
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Posted by voiceoff on 2007-11-29:
What is the PUC, and how can they be contacted? Address? Phone? WOW I am impressed you got results. HOPE.
Posted by redsonja84 on 2007-11-30:
Public Utilities Commission. Look in your local phone book. I'm sure it's online somewhere as well. It's supposed to police the utility companies.
Posted by MacysNorth on 2008-01-21:
For six months I've waited for December to come when my contract would be over. Ever since my bill started showing $100 and I couldn't get an understandable reason for I've been counting the months of getting away from Verizon. This scheme of entrapment should be made illegal. My phone bill goes up so I ask to get it lowered but then my contact is extended because of the change in the plan. Then it happens all over again. As long as you keep making your customers need to change their plan you take advantage and extend the contract. I was never told my contact was going to extend the last time I had to change my plan. In fact I made sure it wasn't by telling the Verizon associate it better not, and she did it anyway. Now I'm stuck with them until August 2008. 1/21/2007
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Verizon Wireless - they never work for you
Posted by Lzhou5 on 10/19/2003
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Each time when you call Verizonwireless, it welcomes you by the logo "We never stop working for you". However, this is a shameless lie. In fact, it is very willing to apologize to you but will never solve any issues you were trapped in. Here is my story.

I was charmed by Verizon Wireless' advertisement of their coverage area when I was to travel coast-to-coast this summer, and bought a national plan. The trouble was started from the first day I own it and never stopped and get solved through their customer service. I was a loyal customer at the beginning but now I am thinking of getting rid of it even with the cost of more than $200 penalty.

A. "free phone" with extrodinary high tax
I was supposed to be given two "FREE" phones however the shop charged me more than $40 of
taxes under the claim that the tax was counted by the retail value of the phones, which they labelled about $250 each. However, next day I found that the original price of this kind of phones was only
about $60 each. The tax must have been swallowed by the unfaith dealer.

B. Battery life as low as 30% announced and was certified "normal"
The manual book of the cell phones said that the battery could last 200 hours stand-by and could talk up to 240 minutes. However, the second day I found that the battery was exhausted and I actually talked no more than 20 minutes. I returned to the store and asked for an replacement but they just told me that this was normal because the theoretical maximum last time was measured
under a Verizon tower! And the actual battery life was typically 40% or less because most of the areas was only 2-3 stars. Why can't they just tell the average life time of batteries? Who would only use
cell phones under a wireless tower?

C. Charger only charge under your supervise
Then the very next week we noticed that the charger was hard to get a trustful contact with the cell phone and I asked for replacement. They replaced it but the problem remained.

But those were only the start of the troubles.

D. Dead spots in urban Atlanta and they don't care
We then moved to the other coast. And to be our astonishment, in Great Atlanta, the cell phone could not receive strong enough signal in my apartment community! Verizonwireless' customer service just told me that my area should have been well covered by a Verizon tower 3 miles away and refused to do any in-situ evolution. Thus my dream of using cell phone as home phone was broken and I had to swallow the cost of more than $30 a month for another home phone line, in a "well covered" area!

E. The plan design is used as excuse of refusing improve service under unusual situation
Then the real trouble comes. Since the main purpose of the cellphone was for keeping contact with my wife, we purchased a "family shared plan". And we had never need more than 400 peak minutes for calling others. However, since the cellphone did not work in the Atlanta apartment, I have to call the
home phone for talking with my wife, which was always done through cell phones priorly, and got charged air time. This input nearly 300 minutes of extra peak air time penalty into the family plan, and greatly limited the availability of the cellphone for talking with friends in other states. I tried to negotiate with Verizonwireless about including my home phone number into the free-to-call list, even with a fee. However, they coldly refused by "cannot create a unique plan for you"! Even, as a computer software specialist, I am very clear how easy can this be, just add my home phone number into their cell phone number data base. The only thing they'd like to do was to tease me into a more expensive plan.

F. Cheating dealer is not cared by the company and they just like to make money through the cheated customers
For the same reason, we for the first time called over 400 minutes peak time while we was made in believe that our limit was 400 minute EACH LINE, which I double checked with the California dealer before we bought
the plan. I was told a lie. This cost me $40 and Verizonwireless refused any option of reducing my cost, no matter taking the excuse or temporarily treat me as a 500 minute customer for the particular month or
rollover the extra minutes into the next month. The very second day I noticed an advertisement saying that minutes rollover plan was now an option offer by another cellphone service provider.

G. "Easy move" made me uneasy and costed me $16 in the dark
Mean time, I called their "Easy move" department for getting my phones local numbers. They did it in a couple of minutes. I thought it was a great job however I was totally wrong. I got my money stolen again. In the next billing circle I realized the bill was separated into "California part" and "Georgia part". And
my California last month statement was missing and nobody told me how was my 1-month-in-advance payment was used. Then I called Verizonwireless again and they just coldly told me that they had no way to combine my Georgia billing circle with the California one, and I had no option but apply by myself to their California branch for a refund! I did this and after nearly three month (!) and get a $18 check from
their Califronia branch. How curious! My California billing circle started from the 4th, and the "easy moving" happened on the 19th. I only used half of the California month and 70% of my pre-payment was gone.
Where was my another $14? Without a California last statement, I can only guess that they also cut my free air time in the middle of the month and charged the extra! What a trick of making money! Be sure
to use their "Easy move" at the last day of your origin!

H. Hardwire repair is not available for most dealers
And the troubles kept going. The plug of the ear set I bought with the phones broke in the jack without and reason. And none of the retail stores we visited in the last month had a way to extract it. One of our phones was disabled in vehicle plus a $20 loss of the ear set. No warrant since we cannot go back to the retail store we bought the phones.

I. Rapid dial steals your air time and over hear your activity
Over all of these one-time troubles, I often got suspicious nonsense voice mails in my box and suspicious call-out minutes on my bill. The Verizonwireless customer service got no idea about what was happening until I occasionally noticed that it automatically assign a fast-dial code for every saved numbers. And those code got activated if the phone got compressed in my pocket or bag. How stupid! I disabled all fast-dial
and stopped the dirty trick. Thanks to myself but not useless Verizonwireless' no-oriented customer service specialists.

The very yesterday I heard from my colleague that he got a national plan from another provider with 4 times more peak minutes and all others the same, with $10 more than my plan. It seems that the time is coming for me to get rid of Verizonwireless and let them enjoy the 3 months stop-contract fee.

I am going to say good-bye to erizonwireless and hope the trash company goes to hell sooner or later.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-19:
I was offered a job with this company, now I'm glad I turned it down!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-20:
Not to sound like I'm defending Verizon, but there are number untruths or just misunderstandings of wireless service in your post:

I work in the wireless industry so this may clear things up for you a little as far as why carriers do things the way they do.

A: "free phone"
As we all know, nothing in this world is free, (so why expect a "free phone" from a wireless service provider), In the case of Verzion like many other carriers the phs. are actually manufactered by third parties (I.e. Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola etc.), and that carrier charges the provider a certain amount for each ph. of course at a discounted rate because the carrier is purchasing in bulk, but the industry average has been quoted anywhere between 200.00 and 400.00 (and you can only expect that number to rise for some time with the introduction of camera phones and other technological advances) This extrodinary price, then brings us to the contracts, the only way a wireless provider stands a chance of recouping the billions of dollars spent on getting new customers is by placing you under contract for one of 2 reasons: 1.) To recoup the cost spent on equipment. (With the previous cost quote, you should be able to understand why it would get costly to let everyone just "skip out" with a new phone. or 2.) With more aggressive carriers to simply increase profits (i.e. carriers who require a new contract with any changes to your account)

B. Battery life as low as 30%
Do you honstley believe this is Verzion's fault? Unless the phone was manufactered by Verizon themselves (which is highly doubted) can you be upset at them because you recieved a lemon? Many phones do have manufacter's warranties, but those issues should be handled with the manufactuer directly (and this is just speaking in reference to personal experience). Now the location of a phone in relation to a tower can be improved or diminished (and I am pleased that you are aware of this) But a common misconseption is "I can see the tower from here" I have been in this industy for 8 years now, and I cannot tell a Verizon tower from a Cingular tower or any other tower for that matter. Contrary to popular belief towers do not have markings like Fighter planes.

C. Charger issue
Again is this a Verizon issue or the manufacturer of your phone?

D. Dead spots
No wireless carrier can gurantee service any where, no I get your drift about being in Atlanta, but consider this, if you were in the wilderness with a number of high trees, you would more than like have little or no service, so why expect anthing different from tall buldings, the height of the phones surrondings can greatly effect the signal picked up by a wireless phone, (simply put if it worked every where it would no longer be wireless, but instead it would be a home ph. with a long cord on it)

E. The plan
As far as the wireless plan, yes more info could have been provided to you, but surprisingly enough service providers DO NOT like customer going over their minutes. A good representative (either store or customer service) will tell you it is cheaper to have more minutes than you are going to use. When a customer goes over the mins. that same customer tends to look poorly on the provider as if it is the provider's fault and not theirs often times resulting in a termination of their service. As with the free number (your home phone) if companies allowed this to happen don't you think everyone would do it, and leaving less chances to make money for the wireless carrier. And who would make up that cost, other consumers, America has been here for 200 years, if any one is going to make pay for something it is the people that go to work everyday. We seen it with the taxes and the so called tax brackets, and now with wireless service it will never end.

F. Cheating dealer
This indirect agent idea is running rampant in the wireless industry, nothing can explain this more than greed. The wireless industry is booming, and everyone wants a cut. So in comes the middle man selling every carriers service, and the carriers really having nothing to say or that they really can do to stop it. On the reverse side without indirect agents many smaller carriers would never has survived as long as they have.

H. Hardware
Once again is this the service providers issue or the manufacturer? Depending on the type of ph. you have you may be able to find a technician that will service your phone. Particularly, Nokia.....By far Nokia has been the most afluent in being able to provide convenient repair locations. But of course you may not have had a Nokia phone or accessory. I also must give a distant second place to Motorola, and finally ericsson. (of course these are the 3 largest phone manufacturers in the United States at the time)

I. Rapid dial
Is this the service providers fault that the manufactuer placed speed dial software in your phone for convenience, and the phone was accidently in your pocket. and dialed a number? I think not, you would come off better blaming the manufacturer for placing speed dial as an available feature. I'm sure the provider didn't say make sure you keep your phone in your pocket, so we can rack up some charges from you. Now true they could have issued some type of courtesy adjustment. But then again it is not their error. in fact 99% of the phones available on today's market allow you to use the keypad lock feature. to avoid inadvertently dialed calls, so is this Verizon's fault because your manual was not read.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash you, but customers are not always right, and sometimes with a little reasoning you can see both sides of the story, True wireless service providers do have issues, but remember this is a fairly young industry, less than 15 yrs. ago "Bag phones" were in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-22:
Welcome to the club
You have a right to complaint about Verizon Wireless this is the way they do business.
You want action on your complaint here. I suggest that you file a complaint with you State Attorney General. Verizon will have to file a report with the Attorney General as to how Verizon Wireless handled your complaint.
You should also get your message out to more readers by posting on other websites like my3cents.
www.planetfeedback.com and www.newnetwork.org.
The more people that are involved in issues like yours. The quicker the Attorney Generals will take action against these companies that deal in deception and faults advertisements.
Together we become a mighty powerful
Good Luck
Posted by youngwolff on 2005-11-26:
Regarding charging the tax for the "free" phone on the high retail price: I had this problem, also. I understand that they must charge sales tax on the full retail price, but we paid over $60 in sales tax on two phones, because the "full retail price" was listed as $369.99 per phone (as if they ever sell even one phone at that price!). What really got me was when, the day after this, we see two separate ads from the local newspaper for the same phone--listing the "regular retail price" as $249.99 in one, and $149.99 in the other! One ad offered an immediate discount of $100 plus a $100 mail-in rebate; the other just offered the $100 mail-in rebage (pus a free Bluetooth headset). In both, the final price to the consumer was $49.99.

I looked online at Verizon's website, and they advertise that phone's "regular price" as $149.99. The ONLY place I could find a retail price of $369.99 was in the very fine print on the display card in the store.

When I asekd three sales people in the store about it, I got varying answers from "that's the sale price" (I pointed out that "regular retail price" does not mean "sale" to anyone on the planet); to "that's after the rebates" (I walked them through the math from $249.99 retail, less $200 mail-in, less $100 store discount - $49.99--so no, it was NOT after the rebates).

Eventually they just basically that the "regular retail price" is whatever the marketing department decides to advertise it as, but no matter what, you will pay the sales tax on the "full retail price" of $369.99. I pointed out that this is intellectually dishonest, whether it's legal or not. The consumer has a very hard time finding out what this phone will REALLY cost them.

Again, I have no gripe paying the taxes I owe, and I recognize that they must follow state law on charging sales tax. But their advertising is deceptive, inconsistent, and misleading.
Posted by Nick J on 2007-02-27:
I sypmpathize with you wholeheartedly. I too am Atlanta GA resident who has had to go head to toe with this ROTTEN company. I almost had a stroke in one of thier stores they had me so mad.
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closing an account due to death
Posted by Pjay on 08/20/2005
HOUSTON -- I just recieved my cell phone bill $733.49 from Verizon Wireless. I knew it would be high as the cell was my link to everyone. My husband had a heart attack on the 27th of July and passed away July 30 2005. He was in New Braunfels Hospital Tx I live in Houston I figured my bill would be $400- $500 easy. In Feb of this year I went to verizon and added him to my cell account, after he passed I called verizon Aug 7? told them he had passed away and I would not need to keep that other phone. Why pay the extra $20.00 a month for the next two years. When I got my bill I was billed 195.00 for early termination. I can not get out of the contract until February 2007 and they had the gaul to tell me I should lend this extra phone to someone and let them help me with the bill until 2007 when the contract is up. I have decided I have no other options then to stay with them for the next two years because if I cancel my phone now it will cost me another 200.00 and at my age I need a cell phone to keep in touch with my family,especially at this time. It's insane, I was shocked but they said that was what the contract says. Like someone would look into that when they are purchasing the agreement. Just makes me sick, they would take advantage of someone it's not like they weren't already getting a 500.00 phone bill. And I didn't have a problem with that at all. I have always paid on time, and even told people what a great company it was. My opinion has changed completely and I will leave Verizon ASAP. I would advice anyone who is now concidering a contract with Verizon to re think it. I even told the girl I would send a copy of the death certificate, as proof. Her reply is you signed the contract. Thanks Verizon your sympathy it was appreciated I will make sure all my friends know how much you value your customers. CAN YOU HEAR ME? Pjay

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-20:
First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. You have my sympathy.
That is most disturbing how Verizon has handled the situation. Were you able to speak with anyone of more authority than this heartless creaton? There has to be something that can be done. It is only a telephone contract. Surely someone can override it. Please pursue this if you can and keep us posted. I was considering changing to Verizon at the end of my company contract which is in Nov. I wish you all the best.
Posted by 123anonabc on 2005-08-22:
You may have a way out of your Verison contract.
I posted this last week. I hope this works for

See: http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=10673

loop hole to get out of contract in next 60 days - Wireless service contract
Posted By: 123anonabc on 8/17/2005 (NM)

If you want to get out of your Verizon contract, you can get out in the next 60 days for free!!!

My Aug. bill contained a 'Notice of Introduction of Administrative Charge" and a bunch of text saying what the charge would be for.

This struck me as odd since I had a contract and couldn't understand how they could just decide to change it. There was a 'For more information' phone number. That was joke. A recording read back to me exactly what I had read on the bill. OK, call customer service. After twenty minutes, lots of time on hold, a refusal to send me a copy of my 'Customer Agreement' the agent found the fine print.


That means anyone who want to cancel in the next 60 days can do so 'without any early termination fee'.

My question is this. Is Verizon going to waive termination fees to anyone who cancels in the next 60 days? My guess is only if you point this out!!!!

Good luck.
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Huge bill for sharing minutes!
Posted by Phem45 on 03/13/2006
I had been a customer with Verizon since 1995 and up until then I had no complaints. My son and I shared 400 "anytime" minutes and up until August of last year our bill was only about 80.00 a month. Imagine my surprise when I got a bill in August and it was over 230.00 dollars! I called Verizon and found out that when you share minutes there is a primary number and a secondary number and the primary number gets the minutes and if they are all gone then the secondary number gets charged for any minutes used over that! Every time I called to find out the primary number it would jump between his phone number and mine. I paid the July and August
bill and imagine to my surprise my September bill was again over 200.00. I called again and tried to no avail to figure out what this bill consisted of. Of course they treated my like a fungus and said you went over blah, blah, blah. I then tried to change the contract where I would not have a phone but he would. That didn't work either because they wanted 175.00
to drop this line. I then called and tried to set up a payment plan to pay off the current bill. When I called again the bill had mysteriously changed from over 200.00 to over 400.00. I called AGAIN and tried to get an explanation but no luck again. I sent them money as I had it to pay down on the bill and never used the phones again (We use Virgin Mobile and love it) got another bill and it is now 875.00 dollars! I called again and they charged me a termination fee of 375.00 and turned me over to a collection agency without notifying me. I am tired of fighting them and gave in and paid an amount of 963.00! I know from July to August I paid them about 600.00 but they can't tell me where it went. I am so frustrated and I called them one last time and let them know what I felt about there business practices. This is a lesson learned and that is why we all have cell phones now where we control the cost.
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Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-03-13:
Something is very fishy about your statements. If you paid by check or credit card, you should have noticed the $$ deducted from your account, and that would be PROOF that you paid them. And if you foolishly paid cash, I would think that after the first time of them losing your money you'd be smart enough to get a receipt. Why not tell us the real story?
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-03-14:
Yep, something doesn't add up. I mean, it;s our responsibility to track our minutes. If you go over then of course they bill you...no surprise. So sfter the one mth...why wouldn't you and your son pay EXTRA attention to your minutes. Plus, like the other poster said...if you make payments, there is a trail unless you used cash.
Posted by dr84 on 2006-05-02:
There are thousands of us who have been screwed over by Verizon. I say we get a lawyer to do something about this.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-10:
I'm just glad I have a prepay phone. I dont' trust those contracts!
Posted by dylan72986 on 2008-12-09:
Hey, I'm sorry to hear about the huge Verizon charges and I'm hoping I can help. I've saved over $230 per year off my Verizon Wireless plan by working through a website called www.fixmycellbill.com (by a company called Validas). With unusually large cell bills like yours, I would seriously check out this service which is free to consult. Additionally, my savings are not an exception given that the average customer saves $487 annually through Validas. In fact, I was so impressed with these results that I took a job with the company.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it actually works. Validas analyzes your online cell bill for free and calculates how much money you could be saving. It turns out that eight of ten wireless customers are paying more than they need to for their plans. Validas fixes these discrepancies by tailoring a customer's plan to fit their specific needs. If you choose, Validas provides your personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed, for five bucks, to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill, this obviously provides a very cost effective solution.

Validas is rapidly gaining a reputation as the preeminent advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a feature about the company on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at http://www.cnbc.com/id/22782456/. Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should consider Validas. It’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

Take care and good luck in reducing your cell bill.

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Verizon and CITI Cell Phone Rebate Scam
Posted by Greywolf on 02/11/2009
SOLANA BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Verizon is working with CITI in an unethical, possibly fraudulent scheme to keep consumers from claiming their rebates. I did everything necessary to get my $50 rebate and instead of a check from Verizon I got a credit/debit card from CITI Visa. At the bottom of the form that came with the card it says go online to claim your paper check. That is a lie. There are no paper checks and no way to get a check online.

I called Verizon and spoke to four different people before I finally got a rude supervisor who said, "I don't care what you were told, we don't send out checks. You need to use the card."
By the way, none of these people work for Verizon. Their rebate process has been outsourced.

I wrote a letter to the Westen Region CEO and also filed a small claims court action against them. Two weeks later I got a call from a Verizon employee who handles complaints that go to their executives. She said she spoke to the rebate people and they assured her I could get a check. Then she transferred me to the "rebate department." Well, the rebate department is actually a telephone boiler room for CITI and the man who handled the call said that getting a check for a rebate is "not an option."

This operation needs an Attorney General review.
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Posted by TesoroFino on 2010-12-07:
Thank you for this post. I was just ripped off by them and it's not the $50 that bothers me; it's just the billion-dollar scam they're getting away with. And in these hard economic times, $50 could mean a hell of a lot to most families. How dare we allow these mega companies to continue to rob the consumer.
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Beware Alltel Customers Now Owned By Verizon-Bad Experiences
Posted by Stephend on 08/22/2009
FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I normally have a bill of about$114 each month when Alltel still owned the company. I just received a bill for $2300+ and while in there office another ladies whose over $900. Alltel customers were told by Verizon they would honor the Alltel contract plans which were far better than Verizons whose lacks the $7/month talk free after 7pm plan and requires a higher priced packages for their Friends & Family package as compared to Alltels My Circle. Well after a great deal of confusion and discussion I got them to correct the error which they say was related to their systems inability to sort out the Alltel Plan with a Verizon replacement phone for the now defunct Alltel LG scoop phone that was not working properly we had purchased full price. Well though they fixed that billing issue they still BILLED me the FULL $124 tax fron the $2300 mistake stating I would have to pay it. Then wait until the next month to get a credit for it. I told them I would not pay for their companies mistake.

To Aggravate matters the new Verizon phone will not get out here at the house when all the old Alltel phones have 4-5 bars now for about 8 years. They would not give me a phone stating it was a problem with towers in the Southport NC area and one Verizon employee told me it could take 6 months to fix but another when I asked to cancel service says he doubted it took that long that I would have to pay an early cancellation fee for $200/line.*The Verizon employee stated also the Free after 7pm Packages Alltel buyout customers are still getting could probabily end in about a year.*

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-23:
If the Verizon service isnt up to par in your area, they should do the right thing and let you out of your contract. I've generally had good customer service with Verizon, but as with all companies when they start getting too big the customer service suffers. I hope things work out for you.
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Verizon Rebate Is A Scam
Posted by Grandude on 12/30/2008
WATERFORD, MICHIGAN -- I signed up for a two year contract with Verizon because they offered a $50 rebate and a new cell phone.

After I carefully mailed in the form and package coupon (per instruction) I waited several weeks for the rebate. When the plastic card finally arrived I tried to cash it at my bank and they refused. So I took it back to the Verizon store (Wireless Toyz" where I purchased the cell phone. They also refused to accept the "rebate card" and rudely asked what I was going to do with the money? Like it is any of their business.

This is a major scam as I didn't agree to a "card" for a rebate. I expected cash or a check that I could cash.

I hope a lawyer will initiate a class action suit. I would be first in line.

I'm so done with Verizon and Wireless Toyz.

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Posted by cvdancer82 on 2008-12-31:
Sorry for your experience, I recently received my rebate and had no problems using it at any number of stores (subway and a nail salon mostly). Your bank may not be an accepted member to receive cash back, www.verizonwireless.com/rebates is the website to use to track your rebate and to find out how you can get money back or a check sent instead. When I purchased my phone, the gentleman informed me that they were using prepaid cards instead of checks anymore, and frankly I prefer that to a check.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-12-31:
Posted by Starlord on 2008-12-31:
Almost all rebates are scams. I have sent for many so-called mail-in rebates, and have collected only on one set. When we signed up for Comcast, they had a special, offereing $250 in mail-in rebates. We followed all the rules and sent the paperwork in. We got three checks totalling $250. The only rebates we have ever received.
Posted by Crown Jules on 2008-12-31:
I don't think it's just Verizon that does their rebates that way. Years ago when I got a phone from AT&T (Cingular at that time) I got a rebate in the form of a debit card loaded with my rebate amount. The card had a Visa logo so I just swiped it at the register until I had used it up. I preferred it that way, too. It saved me a trip to the bank.
Posted by rush2112 on 2009-01-01:
I got my rebate about 2 weeks after i mailed it out
and again 26 months ago with another phone same thing.i have good luck with Verizon wireless
Posted by TesoroFino on 2010-12-07:
I did not have good luck. It did not have the $50 rebate that it claims to have. I could not use it. Your post was very helpful in reassuring me that it is a scam and it should be stopped. If anyone hears of a suit regarding these rebate cards from Verizon being a scam, please contact me @ TesoroFino@gmail.com
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Verizon Is Regret
Posted by Arshad817 on 12/25/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- We are with Verizon for about 6 months now after US Cellular has moved out of Illinois.
One of our cell phone stopped working, I went to local store for help, they can’t and the worst is VERIZON DON’T GIVE LOANER PHONES, and VERIZON will male you replacement phone and you will be lucky if you get replacement within a week.
I talked to customer services representative (I have her name and ID #) and asked for replacement and I understood, that my phone will reach me in 5 days by regular mail or I can expedite it by paying $7, and for sure I opted and agreed to pay $7, two days after received an email that I will receive my phone in next 5 days. I got upset and called customer service again, of course got connected to new person and after describing the whole situation, she said “VERIZON DON’T EXPEDITE LOANER PHONES” I couldn’t figure out who was lying, and she kept asking me “is there anything else I could do to help me”.

If you are with Verizon and something happen to your phone, you are in mess; you will be out of phone for whole week if you are lucky. And if it is your work phone just imagine like mine, I started looking for other options already. Verizon is Regret.
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Incompetence and Fraud
Posted by Svbgemsgranite on 08/07/2013
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have been a Verizon customer about 10 years, my payment was automatic debit from my account. Six months ago some idiot in their accounts department screwed up and they disconnected my service, and charged me all types of fees, I gave them a new credit card for automatic deduction, to my surprise I just got a letter from them threatening to cancel my service for non payment, so I went online and saw they had my acc info but failed to debit my now past due bill.

Is it just gross incompetence or just a bunch of jerks working there.
I am going to make sure all the members of my family and friends find another company.

To every one out there, get away from these people.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-08:
Your current issue may simply be the account information didn't get to them quickly enough for this cycle. Just a suggestion. It takes several days to cue a new recurring automatic debit request, if I recall correctly.

It doesn't sound like you have called yet about this latest snafu. Hopefully it can be quickly remedied.
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