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Verizon Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- Been having multiple problems with defective Verizon HTC device. It has been replaced three different times since Nov. 2012. Last replacement was 4/2013 and in July 2013 (last month) the same exact problem has happened again with the same device. This is the third time this has happened with this particular phone.
8/17/2013: Called customer service about the problems yet again. Was told by customer service at 3:00 p.m. on 8/17 that I was eligible for an upgrade. Rather than deal with a fourth defective replacement device from Verizon, I opted to upgrade.

8/17: 6 p.m. - At the store, was told that I was not eligible to upgrade until 1/2014 and was told that this was a "computer error" due to an email that was sent to Verizon customers in April 2013 and that my account had been missed. Called corporate while at the store, spoke to a manager (Sophia) who told me there was nothing more she could do. An error is an error and that for $300.00 she would override the upgrade and would send me a Samsung 4 if I paid the $300.00.

After I told her that this was not an option for me, she told me that there was no comparable phone to mine that Verizon was selling that she could offer me and then said she would send me a free flip phone. A flip phone? I have a smart phone and Verizon offered me a flip phone.

Told them that I did not want a flip phone and then customer service decided that they would offer me a "great" option. I could add a line for $9.99/ month and then get new phone number. So, with that option, I am now paying an extra $9.99/month and getting a new phone number. I don't want a new phone number! I want a decent replacement!

Spent 3 hours, 21 minutes and 22 seconds arguing with them and GOT NO resolution, other than the flip phone option. Have been with Verizon since they bought out Alltel and they have been a thorn in my ass ever since. Happy to say that I broke my contract with them today. Happy to pay the buyout fee instead of being stuck with them jerks any longer!

Customer Service SUCKS
By -

Verizon charged me somewhat of a "down deposit" on changing out my phone of $216.49. I was told by the first representative that as soon as they received my back, I would receive my "down deposit" back into my checking account. I called on a Wednesday, 2 days after they received my phone back and was told I should receive my money by the next day, if not to call back. Well I didn't and called back Thursday. I was told the same thing. So I called back Friday. You can imagine what I was told, the same thing!

So I called again the following day Saturday. Same response. This time I gave them my direct checking account information. I was told it would be in there by the following Tuesday at the latest. Well it wasn't. So I called the next day which was a Wednesday and this is why I'm writing this. I was told that they "checked" off on my money to be returned to me and they would send the Check out asap and it would take 2-3 weeks to get to me. I Specifically told them I wanted it directly back in my account.

For some reason, they overlooked it, or didn't care and did it the way THEY wanted. Not only did they send it out in a check, but they sent it to the WRONG address. The address is not Only NOT in the same city I live in, but not even the same STATE!! After I told them my address Numerous times!!! So by the time that I receive my money back it will be 3-6 weeks AFTER the day I was Supposed to get it. And NOT 1 of the customer service representatives I spoke to offered ANY time of compensation for THEIR mess up. Everyone of them acted like it was out of their hands and NOTHING could be done except me take it on and then go on.

Lied to
By -

Just because a sucker signs up doesn't mean you should take advantage. I needed a new cell plan because the company I was with was discontinuing the plan I was on and I needed modifications. I bought a Verizon plan in good faith believing the salesman at his word. I was told originally that the tax would be about $15.00 - $20.00 per month total for the plan. It is 3 times that.

I chose a phone that was advertised as no data plan required, my wife saw the ad, the salesman told me no plan was required. Imagine my dismay when I received a bill for the maximum data plan they had. I called and was told I needed to have a data plan with that phone. I was flat out told that the phone I had needed a data plan even though the company had told me and advertised that phone did not need a plan.

At that time I was still within the time frame that I could have changed phones to a non data phone but did not. My mistake. The woman who helped me change the plan to the cheapest one told me it would cost total $15.00 a month. It didn't. It cost $15.00 per phone for a total cost of $45.00 per month.

I filed a complaint with BBB and received a phone call from a representative. I missed the first call, he left a message stating he would like to work a phone trade with me. I called him back and he did not answer. I left a message letting him know I called. He returned the call the next day and left a message saying he could not do anything for me and I was stuck.

I believe Verizon to be dishonest in their business dealings. They cheated and lied to me until I was out of the return policy time. They have done everything possible to make sure I was sucked dishonestly into a bad situation. As soon as I am able I will be leaving Verizon. I only hope that the AT&T T-mobile buyout will take much of their business.

I will do everything I can to let people know how I was treated and discourage them from joining Verizon. I was with T-mobile and was delighted with them. My changing needs simply necessitated a change. Meantime, here I am stuck with a stupid plan from a dishonest company. If you are considering Verizon, run away very fast.

By -

I have been with Verizon for about nine years, and was always fairly satisfied with the service even though I have always thought their prices too high. I went over my minutes one month, and was talked into upgrading, which I did. I was given some bonus minutes which seemed to work well. Maybe I just wasn't listening well, but I did not realize that these minutes were only temporary, and I went over quite a bit when they were removed.

When I called, I was told that I could upgrade and would be forgiven the overage. Well, after I upgraded, I was told that I had not responded quickly enough or properly, so I was only given a small credit. At this point I was falling further and further behind. I tried to pay a little extra each month, but could never catch up (Checking on the minutes used is a farce, and info never correct). Last month I was told I could pay $100 by a certain date and then another amount at the beginning of the month. I always pay online but my net was down, so I paid the $100 at the store in the machine and did not take the receipt.

At the beginning of the month I made another payment. Lo and behold, my phone was shut off. I have been to the store, talked to reps, emailed, and have gotten no satisfaction. The last communication I got said I would not get credit for the payment because I could not prove I had made it. When I told them I wanted to cancel they started telling me they would have to talk to me on the phone not the computer (I like to get things in writing). They finally said I could pay the whole bill off and then get a one time $60 credit, and when the contract was up I could downgrade. I feel I have been manipulated and taken advantage of.

My plan calls for unlimited minutes and unlimited texting and after all the "extra" charges are added each month I wind up with a $170 bill. That is crazy! My cancellation fee is $175, plus the huge bill I still owe. I do not know if they have a payment plan if I cancel or if I can expect the phone police at my door!? I think I can get two prepaid phones with unlimited services for about $90 a month? I could pay for this and make a payment to Verizon and still eventually come out ahead. I am hoping other companies will start offering cheaper services and put a hurting on Verizon. Please do careful research before using Verizon.

Worst Phone Service in the History of Cell Phones
By -

This is a review approved by over 100 residents of a community called "Mount Vintage Plantation" (used to be a vineyard) in a hilly area of South Carolina. MV Plantation's post office address is North Augusta, SC but its physical location is nearer to Edgefield, SC. For some years, Alltel was the only company with a tower in the area. Verizon bought out Alltel, but didn't buy Alltel's tower. Verizon leased the tower for a few months, but now has lost the lease. Our service went from great with Alltel, to horrible with Verizon.

You can be sitting still, NOT MOVING, with 5 bars showing on your cell phone. Suddenly, without a move on your part, your cell phone will drop your call, and insist, "Leaving service area" as it drops your call (AGAIN!). In a few minutes, your Verizon phone may, or may not, decide to let you have service again. Dropped calls, within at least a 10 mile radius of Mount Vintage, are common, indeed, mandatory. It WILL happen.

If you're lucky, maybe a text message will go through. Verizon offered to sell us EACH a $200+ piece of equipment to "make a mini-tower in your house." That is fine, but MV is 40000 acres. Many of us hike, or ride horses, or golf on MV property. As of this time, we effectively have ZERO cell phone coverage. I plan to cancel my Verizon plan; after all, they can take money from me, but can't provide me with service. Might as well have a phone you like, since I won't' have phone service, anyway.

For now, if you have an Alltel phone, and if you DO NOT upgrade the software to Verizon or go to a Verizon plan, you have SOME service. However, anyone who is dumb enough to do as I did, and upgrade the software to Verizon, you're toast. No phone service. Guaranteed dropped calls, frequently and persistently. I am strongly considering ATT. OK, so they aren't known for great service either, but I could get an iPhone. However, I have to say that their telephone customer service has been terrific; very nice, attempted to be very helpful.

Verizon Customer Service?
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Verizon had a slam dunk. I needed to change from my corporate phone and I had learned that AT&T did not work in my apartment complex through experience. I went to the local Verizon store to buy a service plan and a phone. I made a few critical mistakes. I went initially on a Tuesday with a basic need for info. After a few minutes, I left with (a) their catalog; (b) the info that none of their Droid demo phones were working; and (c) the business card of the person who provided this information.

I came back on Saturday needing to complete a transaction. I handed the business card to a different associate and learned that (a) the original associate would be in later, and (b) until then, no one could help me because associates work on commission. After pondering the situation for a while, I determined my intent to go to plan B (Best Buy or other) at which point a sales associate was willing to consider my request. My key need, beside a functioning phone with e-mail access, was transfer of my contact lists from my Blackberry. "No problem", I was assured.

A few hundred dollars later, I possessed a new phone and plan provided with grudging assistance. 45 minutes later I learned that they could not actually transfer my contacts because the new phone was too new and Verizon did not have compatible software. This discovery process was somewhat uncomfortable because I have neuropathy and the Verizon store does not have chairs. Both painful and debilitating as well as non-functional.
There were a number of offers posted around the store that were not honored (2 phones for 1, a bundle including Bluetooth). Naturally, I went to Verizon's website to post a comment/question to their customer service.

Unfortunately, selecting the option to send them an e-mail results in a non-responsive browser. I will be harassing Verizon to get them to honor their promises and solve their technical problems with Motorola. In the meantime, my lessons learned are (a) do not rely on Verizon's sales associates to be professional; (b) do not rely on Verizon and their providers to be compatible, and (c) do not expect Verizon to be accessible. Next time - 3rd party seller and consider other options. Since I am within Verizon's 30-day return window (for $35 fee), this may be my choice.

Verizon - Worst Customer Service
By -

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA -- Do not make the mistake of thinking Verizon will give you a new phone if the original phone has a flaw. I bought my phone and used it for a short time. It developed static in the transmission to the extent that people at the other end of the call asked me to call them back, the reception was so bad. Verizon provided me with a "reconditioned, like new" phone. It had the same problem and I sent it back. I was given another "reconditioned, like new" phone. It had the same problem so I took it to the sales manager of the Laguna Niguel, CA store.

After too long, he told me "if you try one more "reconditioned, like new phone" I promise that if it still doesn't work, I will give you a new phone". He said that in the presence of a salesperson. I received my third "reconditioned, like new" phone and it had the same problem. I returned to the Sales Manager who told me that he really didn't mean he would give me a "new" phone - he would give me another "refurbished, like new" phone of a different type. He was replaced in the discussions by his associate, another manager. That person continued the same story - even when we confirmed the offer of a "new" phone with the salesperson.

Thus after 4 failed phones, we still could not get a new phone, only a "reconditioned, like new" phone after being given the double talk that it was NEW TO US! As an aside, when we sent our useless phone back for the third time, the FedEx store clerk said "oh, you must be another Verizon customer. We have many of these returns every day." So, I have the same junk phone. A disgust for Verizon and its staff and a contract I can't get out of - even with the problems I've had. Don't use Verizon! T-Mobile and Metro PCS are better, cheaper alternatives!

Sales Rep Lied
By -

My husband and I went to get my phone line switched to a separate account from my mom and dad's shortly after we got married. After several assurances that removing my phone line from my parent's plan wouldn't effect their plan, the people who handled our account reduced the minutes my parents had on their account. Further, we got the minimal number of text messages for each month because we don't text often, but we did want some coverage and were told that the plan would cover 250 text messages shared between our phone.

Three months later, we got a phone call about urgent information regarding our account because 57 text messages had been sent from my phone and my phone had no texting plan. We had been told the texting plan was shared between our phones. Further, our bills have been $40/month higher than we were quoted in the store every month.

The first month we could understand because there are always a lot of extra charges the first month, but it has been $40 over every month. We were told we would be under a one year contract. And when we called to find out why our bills were so high, we asked how long we still had on our contract because we intend to change phone companies as soon as possible because of all of this.

Our contract is set up as a two year contract, even though we were told it was only a one year contract. Further, they haven't been sending us monthly paper bills even though we requested it. We just found out it was because they mixed our addresses and had our P. O. box listed as our physical address. A week into our plan, they messed up the security settings on my phone and I spent four hours talking to people trying to get them to fix my phone so I could make outgoing calls. Overall, we have had a horrible experience with Verizon.

Verizon & Droid Phone, Poor Service, Misleading Salesman - Beware: A 3 Day Return Required to Avoid $35 Activation Fee
By -

I received a bill from Verizon of $63.58 for 10 days of use (7 calls, less than 100 minutes use). When I returned the phone, I did get a full refund. Although the manager was technically correct in her wording, was demeaning in attitude and behavior, and putting as many obstacles in my way as she could possibly do. Definitely hostile.

I had bought the Motorola Droid cell phone from Verizon on 12/15/09. Was concerned that the coverage will work at my home office location (but there was no 3G at my location, & only 1 to 2 bars signal strength for minimum service). Salesman had showed me on a map that the Verizon coverage was good, saying that since Verizon always uses three cell sites for access, the reception is always very good (not true). He said there would be no charges if returned within 30 days, except for a few dollars for the time the service is actually used.

I found right away that there was no 3G coverage at my location (High speed), but I spent a few days testing it out, and trying to get it to work for me. Due to heavy traffic before Christmas, I waited until 12/26/09 to return the phone.

I called billing on 1/7/10 when I got the bill for $63.58, and found the charges include a $35 activation fee, which salesman had said would be waived (but it turns out the fine print said 3 days: oops, ALWAYS read the contract!) and a partial payment of the $39.99 monthly fee. I had the phone only ten days [$39.99/3=$13.34 + $35 is only $48.34, add some gov fees and it might be $53? but not the $63.58 they billed].

I asked the supervisor to remove the charges, since all this use was only for testing the service. She declined, saying it was legal. I told her: "You can justify your behavior any way you want. But you're a crook. Have a nice day" and hung up. I do not recommend Verizon wireless or the Droid phone, which turned out to be more lengthy or difficult for most things than the iPhone (which has a rolling ONE year backward search limit in calendar!), which I was REALLY hoping to replace with the Droid. So, I'm hoping my $63.58 lesson will not be for nothing if others take heed.

Verizon Has Terrible Service and Phones
By -

I got a new phone by signing a 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless. The phone broke after 3 weeks due a mechanical defect. I brought it to the store in Milpitas (McCarthy Ranch). A salesgirl looked at it and she even said "this must have been dropped really hard to have such a problem". I told her I did not drop it and she said she had never seen any problem like that before. I told her you had never seen it before does not mean it would never happen.

They should train their people better. They gave me a terrible phone, they did not apologize, yet instead they blamed you for breaking the phone. When I became very displeased, she finally asked someone and agreed to give me a replacement phone.

I was busy and did not send the broken phone back right away. My next bill showed an equipment charge. I went ahead paying for it. Then right after that I sent the bad phone back using the pre-paid stamp they provided me. Two three months have passed and I have never seen a credit appear on my bill. I called and they said they did not receive the phone??? They required me to look for the tracking number so they can track to see where the phone is. They said if the tracking number is not provided to them, they will not give me a credit.

I asked the supervisor (her name is **) if she can track it for me. She said "you can call FedEx and provide them your name and address". They have never tried to help their customers. They want their customers to do all the work. If you don't do it, you will never get your money back. Her voice and attitude are terrible. I told her I would put her name on the internet and she defied me to put her name on the internet. What kind of customer service is that. How can such a person become a customer service supervisor?

The replacement phone I got already has problem with the screen. Often times the screen is lost, which means you cannot see anything on the screen when you open the lid. It is just blank. It happens a lot of times, if I reset the phone by turning it off, when I turn it on, the screen may or may not work. After the two year contract is over, I will never buy their service. They provide poor service for high price plus they won't allow you to carry the minutes over to the next period.

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