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Worst Service Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANTA CLARITA BOUQUET CYN OFFICE, CALIFORNIA -- The bouquet Canyon Verizon branch in Valencia/Santa Clarita has the worst, rudest employees I have ever encountered in any retail setting.

First if you let them know in no uncertain terms that no, you do not want to switch out of your 'no contract leave anytime pay as you go' plan into a two year contract -- they recoil as if you literally have become a leper and have a horribly contagious disease.

You need some extra help? Maybe a tiny price match discount?

No problem -- sign up for the two year contract and they are soooo nice.

You refuse to switch to a contract?

Tough sh*t, pal -- no discounts, a bare minimum of hostile treatment and a "why are you wasting my time" look comes over their face.

Avoid this Verizon branch.

The guy who said he was the manager [snip] was the absolute rudest employee of them all.

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Alain on 01/13/2013:
I had Verizon around 6 years ago. I called to get a land line fixed. It took a long time to get through their phone tree, wait for an uncaring human and then be told they couldn't schedule a technician for at least a week. I got rid of Verizon and switched to a different provider. I haven't had a problem since and wouldn't consider Verizon ever again. Thanks for your review!
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Poor Verizon Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I recently started a new 2 yrs contract with Verizon. On my 2nd bill I was 4 days late paying the bill. I was charged a late payment fees. I called Verizon to ask to reverse the charge since we are new customers and are not aware of the penalty. To my surprise, they did not want to do it. I am so disappointed with the customer service they have. If I have a choice. So much so that I think if I have a choice, I'll definitely bring my business elsewhere. Too bad I am stuck with a 2yrs contract for now. If only I had known of such lousy customer service.
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trmn8r on 04/17/2012:
I am no fan of Verizon's customer service, however in this case I don't feel they did anything wrong. My impression is if you don't pay a cell phone bill, the company usually shuts the service off immediately.

If you flip this around to the company's point of view, they may wonder that if a new customer is late on only their second bill, this may bode poorly for the future of the relationship. They deal with millions of customers.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I immediately noticed problems with my reception on my phone. I discussed this with the agents at their Oleander Drive Verizon location. They acknowledged there is a problem with the phone. It drops calls and breaks up during conversations. They told me the problem was going to be fixed by Samsung and a software update would be coming out soon. They would not give me an estimate time of repair. I called the 800 number and spoke with an agent. They did not know there was a problem with the phone. I Googled it and found indeed there is a problem. I went back to the store. They told me they couldn't exchange it because I had passed the 14 day deadline for return/exchange. I told them they should have not sold the product as they continue to do, if they know there is a reception problem. I asked to speak to a manager. They told me they would allow an exchange for a phone of their choice. Previously, I waited for contract renewal time so I could pick the best newly released phone. Now they are telling me I have lost that option. Something is wrong with a company of this size or any size treating customers like this when they are being honest and upholding their contract obligations. I feel as if I have been tricked
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Indifferent Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- A few weeks ago I dropped my cell phone and it broke. My service is with Verizon and has been for several years. We have four users on the plan. My phone was very simple, nothing fancy because I am not a hugh cell phone user, mostly for needing to contact family or friend if I am not at home. We are currently on a month to month basis and do not want to renew for a two year period because they no longer offer the plan we had.

I went to Wall-Mart and purchased a phone for $85.00 that was a pay as you go Verizon. I took it to a Verizon store and asked that they activate it to my number. Guess what!! they would not do that. I could purchase a phone at at their store or their pre-owed web-site. Well, unless you sign up for a new two year contract, the price on the pre-owned is ridiculous. I could also use the pay as you go for six months and then they would activate it on my account. If you will do it after six months, why not to begin with and I am sure after six months they probably have some kind of ridiculous fee.

I called their customer service 800 number and got someone that sounded as if they were reading from a script. At first I could hear him well and then for some reason the sound was lost and I had to strain to hear every word. When I told him this, he asked if I was holding the phone to my ear. Customer Service, I think not and there is not a corporate address or corporate phone number to go to a higher level.
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Verizon-Worst Customer Service Dept & Billing Practices
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCHERERVILLE, INDIANA -- I have been harassed by Verizon every month for a few years on my payment
history. I would like to hear from someone if they are experiencing the
same from Verizon. Plus let me add that with each customer service rep
you will hear a different explanation, which scares the heck out me that
a company in the US can get away with poor representation from within.
First I receive emails, text messages that my account is past due and
with the threat of disconnection. Now mind you I have never carry a past
due amount more than 30 days and since I do not pay on the due date I
am charge a late fee which is my right but why am I am receiving the
disconnection notices whereas I will be charged the 15.00 to reconnect.
With each phone call I hear a different reason that never makes sense to me
since I have been in the accounting field for the past 30 years. AM I NUTS....
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/24/2012:
In a word, yes. You admit your payments are always late. It is not a "right" to be late.
clutzycook on 02/24/2012:
Frequent late payments? Small wonder they're sending you disconnect notices.
terribridget on 02/24/2012:
In response to the two comments - pleeeease.....
it is my right if I choose to pay within the
the the 30 days billing cycle - MY guess is
that you two work for sorry...
old fart on 02/24/2012:
I don't work for Verizon and I never make LATE payments...
Anonymous on 02/24/2012:
terribridget, have you asked Verizon if they can change the bill due date to better accommodate when you can pay?

More and more companies are doing this for customers because it's a win for both parties
SteveWiginowski on 02/24/2012:
Verizon disconnects a phone line if they go too far past due. You said that it's your right to pay late if you want to, just like it's their right to disconnect if they aren't receiving payment in a timely manner.

You then get charged a fee for them to reconnect service for you and a late fee since you decide to pay late. If you really dislike the late fees and getting disconnected (as well as hate paying the reconnection fee), I advise you to pay your bill in a more timely manner.

Now, it's still your choice if you want to or not, but be aware that they may continue to charge you a late fee if you pay late and may disconnect your service if it's much later. Remember that getting the service disconnected may result in a reconnection fee.

I do not work for Verizon, but I do deal with Verizon for the company I work for and they even disconnect service sometimes if we don't pay in a timely manner. You can request fees to be waived, which they will do from time to time, but not every time.
FoDaddy19 on 02/24/2012:
I fail to see how you can fault Verizon for telling you that you're late on your payment and informing you of the possibility of being disconnected when by your own admission are in fact chronically late on your payment. This would apply to virtually any business that you owe money to, not just Verizon.

As a solution to your dilemma , I offer the following advice; try paying your bill on time. I'll bet by doing so, the disconnection notices will magically stop.

Sorry, but I really don't see this as a helpful review at all. As this is definitely not a case of bad customer service or unfair billing practices.
trmn8r on 02/24/2012:
Telecom companies are proactive in pursuing overdue payments. That in a nutshell is the cause of your annoyance with being pestered.

It is your right to pay late, but I don't believe you will find many companies that will be happy about a customer who pays late on a regular basis. If you think about credit card companies, they will take drastic measures in such a case.
Cwazychicken on 02/24/2012:
Some companies accompany me with my disability check. They know I don't get paid til the 3rd of the month so they will give me a little time. I normally never go a week late on payments but things can happen and once or twice I have had to because my check was delayed. But Verizon I know does not work with people. You have to pay them when you owe them. I will never get Verizon again because to me, they really don't have anything else that another company doesn't have. Perhaps maybe you would be better off using a prepaid phone like straight talk or Virgin Mobile, so when you do get paid, you can just pay it when you can? That's what I use! No contract, no hassles.
Slimjim on 02/24/2012:
It's your right to pay late same as its your right not to pay at all. Sure you can do it under the Constitution, but not under their legal contract as you are breaching the terms you agreed to regarding the making of timely payments.
Churro on 02/24/2012:
Perhaps a prepaid phone would cause less heartache.
terribridget on 02/24/2012:
Again the point is that Verizon is behaving like
hoods. Again my monthly bill is well under
200.00 and again my account is paid in full prior
to the next due date, (which Verizon for some reason feel compelled to include in the past due amt, now why is that when it is not. Please
if someone can explain that billing practice, I
would love to hear it... the point is the
threat of disconnection is not within the terms
of agreement and if it is could you please direct
me to that clause that CLEARLY states a time frame
of disconnection - and believe me when my contract ends there so does my business with Verizon. Also let me state that I have been a
Verizon customer since the beginning of time and
in the last decade I have found nothing but inconsistencies and rudeness from their customer
service to their tech support. As far as I am
concern Verizon is a piss poor operation.

JISCal2 on 02/24/2012:
I'm with Churro. Go prepaid and then Verizon won't hassle you. There are many prepaid phones and plans available. You won't be tied to Verizon any longer.
Mrs. V on 02/24/2012:
OP, if you are having trouble meeting your payment date BUT can make the payment later in the month, try calling the phone company and asking them to move your due date to a time more convenient to you. Most companys will be happy to do so for you.
Suzy on 02/25/2012:
OP, you seem to misunderstand the way this business works, if you are as much as one day late with some of these companies they can disconnect your service, most will give you a certain amount of time, but not all. When you do not pay by due date, YOU are in breach of contract, and they can and certainly may take steps to discontinue service. If they do so, of course disconnect and reconnect fees will probably be applied. Not all companies give 30 days past due date for paying. When I was with Alltel I was only given 10 days past due date and yes it would be disconnected on that 11th day, so I knew not to be later than that. I had my own issues with inconvenient pay date with them and they would not move it so I could avoid being late from time to time. But I knew when it had to be paid to keep service and acted accordingly, so it was never shut off. Verizon, once I was switched over to them from Alltel, has been much easier to work with. No frequent texts or calls about payment being late, same consistent pay date every month, which I didn't have with Alltel, and while I haven't had to test it, they seem to give far longer than the 10 days. Also if you are paying after your billing date, yes you will have past due charges as well as the new bill on your bill. If you will notice however, just because they have added both bills on your statement, it does not mean they require both when you get it. You pay the past due immediately but the new one will still go by your payment due date, which is not the same as your billing date. It does sound like since you have so many issues paying on time and understanding the way Verizon's payment system works that you would be better off with prepaid when your contract is up with Verizon.
i had a dream about firefly on 02/25/2012:
" have never carry a past due amount more than 30 days"

Having *any* past due can put your account in bad standing, especially if it's recurring. I don't know of any rules that say they cannot ask you to pay if you're under 30 days late.
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Rip Off Company
Posted by on
My contract was up. Went into the Verizon Store at Northridge Shopping Mall. Bought a Cosmos Touch and the phone shuts down and the battery discharges completely.

Tried to get them to take it back, but it was 21 days new and not the required 14 days. So they wanted to send this faulty phone back and I said no. They also told me that it would cost me $175.00 to cancel the contract.. This company Verizon are a bunch of thieves and if everyone gets together and complains, hopefully people won't buy from them anymore.
Distrustful Tactics, Good Luck to you Verizon. If my phone shuts down again, I am going to file a LAWSUIT. I don' want another crappy phone. Thank you.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/12/2011:
I assume there is some warranty on this phone, and a repair or replacement program. You agreed to that when you bought the phone, as well as the contract.

The phone is made by LG. Seems to me they would be responsible for the quality of what they are making.
MDSasquatch on 06/12/2011:
My son wore out a Verizon phone in 6 months; went to the store and they transferred all his data to a replacement, no questions asked.

I think we are missing something here.
danamb on 06/22/2011:
Verizon big rip off you sure got that right!!!!
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Posted by on
I have been with Verizon for about nine years, and was always fairly satisfied with the service, even though I have always thought their prices too high. I went over my minutes one month, and was talked into upgrading, which I did. I was given some bonus minutes which seemed to work well. Maybe I just wasn't listening well, but I did not realize that these minutes were only temperory, and I went over quite a bit when they were removed. When I called, I was told that I could upgrade and would be forgiven the overage. Well, after I upgraded, I was told that I had not responded quckly enough or properly, so I was only given a small credit. At this point I was falling further and further behind. I tried to pay a little extra each month, but could never catch up. (Checking on the minutes used is a farce, and info never correct). Last month I was told I could pay $100 by a certain date and then another amount at the beginning of the month. I always pay online but my net was down, so I paid the $100 at the store in the machine and did not take the receipte. At the beginning of the month I made another payment. Lo and behold, my phone was shut off. I have been to the store, talked to reps, emailed, and have gotten no satisfaction. The last communication I got said I would not get credit for the payment because I could not prove I had made it. When I told them I wanted to cancel they started telling me they would have to talk to me on the phone not the computer. (I like to get things in writing). They finally said I could pay the whole bill off and then get a one time $60 credit and when the contract was up I could downgrade. I feel I have been manipulated and taken advantqge of. My plan calls for unlimited minutes and unlimited texting and after all the "extra" charges are added each month I wind up with a $170 bill. That is crazy! My cancellation fee is $175, plus the huge bill I still owe. I do not know if they have a payment plan if I cancel or if I can expect the phone police at my door!? I think I can get two prepaid phones with unlimited services for about $90 a month? I could pay for this and make a payment to Verizon and still eventually come out ahead. I am hoping other companies will start offering cheaper services and put a hurting on Verizon

Please do careful research before using Verizon.
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Worst phone service in the history of cell phones
Posted by on
This is a review approved by over 100 residents of a community called "Mount Vintage Plantation" (used to be a vineyard) in a hilly area of South Carolina. MV Plantation's post office address is North Augusta, Sc but it's physical location is nearer to Edgefield, SC.
For some years, Alltell was the only company with a tower in the area. Verizon bought out Alltel, but didn't buy Alltel's tower. Verizon leased the tower for a few months, but now has lost the lease. Our service went from great with Alltel, to horrible with Verizon. You can be sitting still, NOT MOVING, with 5 bars showing on your cell phone. Suddenly, without a move on your part, your cell phone will drop your call, and insist, "Leaving service area" as it drops your call (AGAIN!). In a few minutes, your Verizon phone may, or may not, decide to let you have service again. Dropped calls, within at least a 10 mile radius of Mount vintage, are common, indeed, mandatory. it WILL happen. if you're lucky, maybe a text message will go through. Verizon offered to sell us EACH a $200+ piece of equipment to "make a mini-tower in your house." That is fine, but MV is 40000 acres, Many of us hike, or ride horses, or golf on MV property. As of this time, we effectively have ZEREO cell phone coverage. I plan to cancel my Verizon plan; after all, they can take money from me, but can't provide me with service. Might as well have a phone you like, since I won't' have phone service, anyway.
For now, if you have an Alltel phone, and if you DO NOT upgrade the software to Verizon or go to a Verizon plan, you have SOME service. However, anyone who is dumb enough to do as I did, and upgrade the softward to Verizon, you're toast. No phone service. guaranteed dropped calls, frequnetly and persistently. I am strongly considering ATT. OK, so they aren't know for great service, either, but I could get an iPhone
However, I have to say that their telephone customer service has been terrific; very nice, attempted to be very helpful.
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User Replies:
Disaster Worker on 05/10/2010:
Any time you are in a mountain range, you'll have problems. I have Verizon and have NEVER had a dropped call in the Dallas area; however, when we go to our land up in the mountains, we know exactly where on the mountain we'll lose service.

I think this is a common problem with all providers....not just Verizon.
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Verizon Customer Service?
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Verizon had a slam dunk. I needed to change from my corporate phone and I had learned that AT&T did not work in my apartment complex through experience. I went to the local Verizon store to buy a service plan and a phone. I made a few critical mistakes. I went initially on a Tuesday with a basic need for info. After a few minutes, I left with (a) their catalog; (b) the info that none of their Droid demo phones were working; and (c) the business card of the person who provided this information. I came back on Saturday needing to complete a transaction. I handed the business card to a different associate and learned that (a) the original associate would be in later and (b) until then, no one could help me because associates work on commission.
After pondering the situation for a while, I determined my intent to go to plan B (Best Buy or other) at which point a sales associate was willing to consider my request. My key need, beside a functioning phone with e-mail access, was transfer of my contact lists from my Blackberry. No problem, I was assured.
A few hundred dollars later, I possessed a new phone and plan provided with grudging assistance. 45 minutes later I learned that they could not actually transfer my contacts because the new phone was too new and Verizon did not have compatible software. This discovery process was somewhat uncomfortable because I have neuropathy and the Verizon store does not have chairs. Both painful and debilitating as well as non-functional.
There were a number of offers posted around the store that were not honored (2 phones for 1, a bundle including Bluetooth) that were not honored. Naturally, I went to Verizon's web site to post a comment/question to their Customer Service. Unfortunately, selecting the option to send them an e-mail results in a non-responsive browser.
I will be harassing Verizon to get them to honor their promises and solve their technical problems with Motorola. In the meantime, my lessons learned are (a) do not rely on Verizon's sales associates to be professional; (b) do not rely on Verizon and their providers to be compatible and (c) do not expect Verizon to be accessible.
Next time - 3rd party seller and consider other options. Since I am within Verizon's 30 day return window (for $35 fee), this may be my choice.

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User Replies:
Alain on 03/28/2010:
Given the initial problems you experienced with Verizon I would have walked out and gone to somebody else.
DjH86 on 07/02/2010:
What you have to be careful with on the buy one get one free is that both phones need to be activated( ex..two new activations, two upgrades, or one of each) They are not going to just give you an extra to have fo whatever reason. The phones are to expensive. Sometimes the buy on get one free can have stipulations for only new activations because that's where they will make more money. As far as contacts, if they don't have their updated equipment someone does. We have our machine updated and are able to transfer contacts, of course sometimes there could be problems. There is something wrong with the cord we need to use, we don't have the cord, or problems with the phone you are trying to transfer from. As for going to a 3rd party, I would suggest it. I work for an indirect agent so we can try to match prices but we are bigger on our customer service. Sometimes are prices are lower. It all varies. I would try to look for indirect agents in your town. Everything is pretty much is the same except we do not carry technicians.
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Verizon - Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA -- Do not make the mistake of thinking Verizon will give you a new phone if the original phone has a flaw. I bought my phone and used it for a short time. It developed static in the transmission to the extent that people at the other end of the call asked me to call them back, the reception was so bad. Verizon provided me with a "reconditioned, like new" phone. It had the same problem and I sent it back. I was given another "reconditioned, like new" phone. It had the same problem so I took it to the sales manager of the Laguna Niguel, CA store. After too long, he told me "if you try one more "reconditioned, like new phone" I promise that if it still doesn't work, I will give you a new phone. He said that in the presence of a salesperson. I received my third "reconditioned, like new" phone and it had the same problem. I returned to the Sales Manager who told me that he really didn't mean he would give me a "new" phone - he would give me another "refurbished, like new" phone of a different type. He was replaced in the discussions by his associate, another manager. That person continued the same story - even when we confirmed the offer of a "new" phone with the salesperson. Thus after 4 failed phones, we still could not get a new phone, only a "reconditioned, like new" phone after being given the double talk that it was NEW TO US! As an aside, when we sent our useless phone back for the third time, the FedEx store clerk said "oh, you must be another Verizon customer. We have many of these returns every day." So, I have the same junk phone, a disgust for Verizon and its staff and a contract I can't get out of - even with the problems I've had. Don't use Verizon! T-Mobile and Metro PCS are better, cheaper alternatives!
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