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Bogus Roaming Charges and Termination Fee
By -

DEMOREST, GEORGIA -- My wife and I had Verizon cellular service for several years with no problem. Looking back I'm now sure that that was only because we had never had a reason to call them. We would upgrade our phones regularly and of course that would extend or renew our contract. We had no problem with that. We were told that if we changed our plan while under contract our contract would be renewed but when our contract expired we could change the plan without re-entering the contract unless we wanted to upgrade our phones. I was injured in an accident and to save money, I told my wife to cancel my phone and drop the minutes plan on hers.

She called Verizon to confirm that we were not under contract at the time before dropping my phone and changing her plan. The next month our bill (for one phone) was over double what it had been being for two phones. They said it was because of roaming. My wife hadn't been anywhere that she didn't use the phone for the several years we'd been with Verizon so this made no sense to us. After talking to about a dozen people or so, one of them finally messed up and told us what had happened, "oh, when they changed your minutes plan, they moved you to Tennessee service, which made you roam in Georgia".

The lady said she would take care of that and my wife promptly told her to cancel the phone service as well. You can guess what happened next. They charged us an early termination fee. We called to dispute it but what good does that do? Every time we've ever renewed a contract we have received a notice which had to be signed and returned. So we asked for this paperwork. Of course they didn't have it. They have since turned us over to collection agencies. Each agency will call constantly for a while then when we get them to explain why we owe the charges and ask for proof they usually stop calling and another agency will call later on.

Each agency is calling for a different reason though. One was because of outstanding roaming fees, another was a contract started in 2005, another was a contract started in 2002. I've asked them to take me to court. A lawyer told me that I have a great case because I have ALL paperwork ever received including their letters that contradict each other, but it will really do nothing and cost a lot. He said to just hope that they sue me and then file a counter-claim. I have spoken to many customer service reps and several supervisors. The supervisors usually have a gangster mentality that really quite funny, and their workers are not much better.

They are full of empty threats and do not have the intelligence to debate their own positions with any kind of conviction. I'll never, never, never do business with Verizon or any company that they acquire or that acquires them. What they do is no less than theft IMO and many people actually pay their fraudulent charges. That is why they keep doing it. STOP PAYING WHAT YOU DON'T OWE! Don't let them prosper from their bully tactics. Thank you.

Verizon Steals Your Money
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been a Verizon cell phone customer for ten years. Last year I went in to get a new cell phone, and was told it came with a "free month of V Cast." I said I didn't need it, but they said "it's free" and comes with the phone. I have automatic payments deducted from my bank account, and assumed that the extra bit of money was for roaming time or extra minutes used. I occasionally go over the calls I've made, but it never occurred to me that Verizon would charge me for something I didn't want and hadn't signed up for.

When I went in this year to upgrade my calling plan, I was told I have been signed up for V Cast since last year. I asked how that happened, since I didn't sign up for it. The man shrugged it off and said, "Oh it just happened." I told him I didn't want it. When they printed out the new bill for me to sign (and initial in six different places), I looked, and sure enough, they had added it to my bill - after I stated I didn't want it. I asked them to take it off. They said, "We can't take it off, you need to sign this one, and then we'll issue a refund slip that you can sign." I signed the one they had printed out, and wrote on it "I do not want V CAST."

They issued another slip saying they had taken it off. However, they hadn't taken it off. I looked online, and there was my "new" calling plan, with V Cast on it again. I called them on the phone, and they said, "Well you signed it didn't you?" The customer service rep went into LEGAL MODE and told me I signed the receipt and it had V Cast on it. She said, "Don't you look at your receipts?"

After I raised a big stink and got the supervisor on the phone, they said they couldn't refund all the months I've been charged for it, because "it's been too long." If I had noticed it last year and called, they could have cancelled it, they said. After half an hour of haggling with Verizon on the phone, they finally agreed to refund several months of the V Cast, but not the entire year. I said I wanted to speak to another supervisor. The first supervisor told me that if I did that, then they wouldn't refund "any" of it if I continued to complain about the partial refund.

I didn't realize that I have to carefully scrutinize everything from Verizon to make sure they aren't charging me for things I don't want and didn't sign up for. I never signed up for V Cast, and they told me it was a promotion that was free for the one month. They didn't tell me I would have to make plans to cancel it so that I wouldn't have to pay for it after that. And the second time around, they put it on my bill, after I had told them I didn't want it. They issued a slip saying it wouldn't be on my account, but then there it was on my account again. In other words, they tricked me - twice.

Verizon can't be trusted. The V Cast promotion is a con. I wonder what measures other people have taken to get reimbursed and to let others know what Verizon is doing? Is there any further recourse? Has anyone else had the same problem? Can anyone recommend whom to send a letter to about it?

Verizon Rip off $25 refer a friend
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Hi Everyone. On(1-24-06) I called Verizon to see how their "Refer a Friend" works and then the lady said "oh when you go to the Verizon Wireless store just tell the sales rep and then that you refer your friend and then you will sign a form and then you will get $25 service credit and then your friend will have FREE activation". I said OK and then I hang up. So 1-25-06 I went to Verizon Wireless store and then I said to the sales person "I am refer my friend to Verizon because you have good service", etc. and then I said "he will get FREE activation too right" and he said "let me see what I can do" and I said OK.

Then after my friend sign to Verizon Wireless he said "I am sorry he cannot have FREE activation because it is very high for FREE activation". I said to him WHAT? He said "yes we cannot waive the activation fee" and I said "I called your Verizon customer service and they said my friend can get FREE activation" and he said "no I cannot waive it". I said then "will I get my $25 service credit" and he said yes. Well let's see will I get my $25 service credit or not. My friend join a Family Plan and when I called Customer Service I said my friend will get a Family plan and will they waive the FREE activation and the lady said yes they will waive it.

Then I spoke to the manager and he said no also. WHAT A RIP OFF. I am so pissed now my friend does not have FREE activation whatsoever and I referred him. Verizon reps are MONKEYS and they are untrained and they do not have accurate information what so ever. I will update if I get the $25 service credit or not.

Update: For 2 months I haven't received my $25 credit on my phone bill. I called ** Verizon and they said "oh you have to ask the person who helped you when you refer your friend" and she say "did you fill out a form" and I said no because the person told me that I didn't have to fill out a form. Then I had to call back the Verizon store and then he said "oh you have to see that person" and so I went to see that person and that person said "oh no you can't get the $25 credit because you did not fill out a form". So I said to the person "you told me not fill it out". I said "yes I asked you do I have to fill a form and you said no".

So now I am so pissed that I can't have my $25 credit refer a friend. Instead of Verizon refer a friend they should be rename to REFER A ** and get NOTHING BACK. I HATE THE COMPANY and the people work there are all MORONS. I am sooo pissed now. I do not know why people Verizon so much and what so ** good about it. I am sorry I had to put curses but I am too mad now. The thing is Verizon doesn't want to give their what they call "Refer a friend" $25. If they go out of business I will be sooo happy. They shouldn't be business or stay in business for what they are doing to their customers. THEY ARE BIG RIP OFF WHATSOEVER.

Poor Service, Dropped Calls, No Calls, No Signal
By -

GRANITE CITY, ILLINOIS -- I am tied to Verizon on a two year contract, I am one year into it. When we first got the phones, with the exception of a dropped call here and there, it was doable (not great, but doable). Three months in, we were dropping probably 80% of our calls. Now we drop about 95% of our calls, and that doesn't count the calls that never come through at all, just a voicemail three hours after the call. I have tried without success to get a log of the dropped calls (because I would just dearly LOVE to take it to the attorney general).

Just this morning I was told they do not have that kind of data. They have enough data to tell us we are "within the allowable dropped call rate", and enough data to tell me that my wife's phone drops more calls than mine. They told me all this during the first go around with them. This time this is what they tell me: "We are unable to provide a log of each of the dropped calls. We do have the ability to provide the call details; however, the details will not indicate which of the calls were dropped. I apologize for this inconvenience."

They gave us new phones three months into the contract, insisting it was the phones, not their fabulous service, new phones, no different. For a while, I gave up and shut up. Then the other night my thirteen year old son was stranded and needed a ride and couldn't get a hold of us. He walked home three miles in the dark by himself. Two hours after he made it home, we had three voice mails roll in from him. If he hadn't left three voice mails we would have never been aware he called at all, because he actually tried six to eight times. The phones never even rang.

I can't even get a signal outside in the middle of the street. And if I do manage to get some signal, the calls drop. Since they cannot honor their own contract I told them they should terminate it. Not only will they not terminate the contract, they want 350.00 in termination fees if I terminate it (175.00 x 2 phones).

I'm back to another complaint to the BBB and now I added a complaint to the FCC. We are not talking a dropped call here and there. If I make ten calls, I will drop nine of them. I have started complaining again because their lack of service impacted my son's safety, but I am still getting NOTHING but a big song and dance routine. This is a quote from this morning's email: "I have reviewed your area and found that there are several towers that should provide adequate service. Additionally, there are no known issues in the area." This is the exact same response I got the first time around too.

This time, the first C.S rep told me the dropped calls are on my monthly statement (which they are not) and for 6.00 per statement she would be happy to reprint them. The second lady told me she was "sorry I was misinformed" by the first lady, and the above quote is from the THIRD C.S rep I've emailed within the last two days. This one tells me: "I understand that you have contacted us several times regarding the issues you are experiencing. However, in order for us to better assist you, I strongly recommend that you contact us in order to file a Trouble Ticket as Cynthia explained in the previous e-mail."

WHY? It didn't resolve anything the first several times regarding the issues I am experiencing. What a joke Verizon Wireless is, except I'm not laughing. My child had a problem and couldn't contact me because of this company's non service. NOW I'm upset.

Overbilled & Needs to Be Hold Accountable
By -

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Six months ago a Verizon salesman pulled me off the floor of BJ's Wholesale. Being a loyal Cingular customer for years, I was not very interested, but my subscription was coming to an end & was willing to listen...only if it lowered my cellphone bill. The following was offered: By being a small business owner & purchasing 5 cellphones w/ activation, I would receive a special 6% discount for being a BJ's Wholesale business member. This intrigued me.

I did not need 5 lines, but we did the math with the salesman. If the total bill was approximately $149.95. I would receive a discount of $9.00 per month. I was only interested in 4 phones, but the salesman said with my discount, my 5th phone would be only 99 cents a month. The discount sold me & I said the worst thing I could ever say to a Verizon dealer, "Let's make a deal!"

That is where the horror began. Six hours into applying for the phone service, I still did not have a service. The salesman called Verizon HQ & was advised that I had to produce a business card to show that I own a business. I not only produced the card, but my business membership with BJ's, my EI#, my SS#, my business license. One Verizon salesman knew my business & that I was in business for at least 10 years & BJ's vouched for me. It was still not good enough. I should have walked away right there, but I just did not know what I was getting into since this was my 1st experience with Verizon.

After hours of waiting & a full day wasted, they finally approved me. I left with a flushed face, high blood pressure, stress I never experienced & my phones. My first bill was over $400! I immediately called Verizon & called & called...until finally rectified the overcharges except my 6% discount, which by the way Verizon has never heard of.

I went back to the dealer. they told me to call Verizon Help. I called Verizon Help. They told me to talk to my dealer & so on. After explaining my story from the beginning more than a dozen times I finally got Verizon Help to credit my account. This was almost 3 months in & they were not willing to retro the credit for the prior overcharges. After a long discussion they finally did.

Here is the kicker. My 6% discount at this time was being acknowledged (finally), but for only the primary line. They reduced my discount to $4.80 per month. I also had to go back to the dealer & fill out more paperwork to get it. This without a sincere apology from the dealer for not doing his job right the first time. Verizon Help was also going to give me a $75 credit for all of the trouble & time wasted to rectify this. I thought at this time that these people care about their customers. JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR LIES!

It is now December 23, 2006 & I am still not receiving the lousy $4.80 per month discount. In one conversation with Verizon they said, "What's the big deal? It is only $4.80!" I replied, "Exactly. What is the big deal? Just give me my discount as documented in my contract."

In the six months of fighting for this I have had several Verizon Help reps tell me they will look into this & get me my credit & call me back. I am still waiting for the call & the credit. If there is a class action suit out there, I have a signed contract stating this discount & the flagrant lies & red tape documented. This is a good case to add to your suit. Any help or questions please email me at **. Thank you.

The Worst Customer Service - I Have Been on Hold for 33 Minutes
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We have only two choices in our area for telephone and internet. Verizon and Brighthouse. They are both terrible. But, with Verizon it is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone to get help. There is nothing I like about this company.

Switching tel. # to another phone
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Rating: 1/51

38 WESTCHESTER AVE., BRONX, NY, NEW YORK -- I went to the Westchester Sq. Wireless store to ask about changing a # to another phone. Well I could not have gotten a nastier & more arrogant woman there. The other 2 men seemed to be very nice but unfortunately I didn't get them to help me. She proceeded to tell me that she was very smart and thorough & never makes a mistake. I got news for her everyone makes a mistake sooner or later. I don't remember her name but she was a Spanish woman. Thank you for reading.

Verizon Wireless Contract Rip Off
By -

92203, CALIFORNIA -- I have found that contacting the PUC instead of trying to reason with Verizon saves a lot of grief and speeds up the resolution. I wish everyone would contact the PUC with their Verizon problems so that they are publicly documented. The PUC would then recognize that Verizon has a nationwide problem that needs to be corrected.

My Story: Verizon put my mother-in-law on an extended contract without her knowledge when she inquired about the charges on her account. As far as I can tell they put her on unlimited nights and weekends which I think she already had. If she did not have the unlimited nights and weekends the change would not have benefited her because she had 400 minutes to use each month and rarely went over 100 and never 200. The phone stopped working and they wanted to charge her for the battery.

After I researched her needs, I found out that she could get another phone from another provider for less than Verizon'€™s battery charge without a contract and save money each month on her usage. Verizon told me that she would have to pay an early cancellation penalty of $179 if she cancelled. I filed a PUC complaint and continued to make payments. After Verizon received notification of the complaint they agreed to close the account without penalty and refund all money paid on the account since my attempt to cancel the account (total of $255.19).

One month ago they put $192.76 back into her bank account and she has a $62.43 credit balance on her account. I called today to try to get the refund and come to the realization that I will have to file another complaint to get it resolved. The account is closed and has a $62.43 credit balance. You would think that Verizon would refund it without any questions.

Beware Alltel Customers Now Owned by Verizon-Bad Experiences
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I normally have a bill of about $114 each month when Alltel still owned the company. I just received a bill for $2300+, and while in their office another ladies who's over $900. Alltel customers were told by Verizon they would honor the Alltel contract plans which were far better than Verizon who lacks the $7/month talk free after 7pm plan and requires a higher priced packages for their friends & family package as compared to Alltel's my circle.

Well after a great deal of confusion and discussion I got them to correct the error which they say was related to their systems inability to sort out the Alltel plan with a Verizon replacement phone for the now defunct Alltel lg scoop phone that was not working properly; we had purchased full price. Well though they fixed that billing issue they still billed me the full $124 tax from the $2300 mistake stating I would have to pay it. Then wait until the next month to get a credit for it. I told them I would not pay for their company's mistake.

To aggravate matters, the new Verizon phone will not get out here at the house when all the old Alltel phones have 4-5 bars now for about 8 years. They would not give me a phone stating it was a problem with towers in the Southport NC area, and one Verizon employee told me it could take 6 months to fix. But another when I asked to cancel service says he doubted it took that long, that I would have to pay an early cancellation fee for $200/line. *The Verizon employee stated also the free after 7pm packages Alltel buyout customers are still getting could probably end in about a year.*

So if your wireless Alltel phones are switched out with Verizon, as they wear out or you upgrade you could lose the sweet cheaper perks you once had with Alltel. I am still being charged for a line that is dead and to a company that has me really poed. While at the US cellular store many poed Alltel buyout customers were in there looking into switching out. Shame Alltel didn't buy Verizon out as I had few to any problems over many years of good service with Alltel.

Verizon Stole, Will Not Put Back Money, Fraudsters, Id Theft, Will Not Help, Don't Care - Left Me 2 & Children Anguished
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Rating: 1/51

FALSOM, CALIFORNIA -- I cannot believe I come across this site. I too hate Verizon wireless and think personally that they are mega rich billionaires' conglomerates, huge big bullies that will step on anyone they can. With all the huge amount of money they got, why they picking on us? I may end up having severe medical issues due to their billing practices. How so very rude and uncaring they are. Accused me of getting phone online and have it sent here to my home like in May or April and we just moved here in August so nope, sorry fellas, not this time. They get by with it over and over. I have read literally thousands of bad stuff and sites on Verizon.

At this point I will join, absolutely. I have already reported them to so many different organizations and agencies, even nationally, every website and protector I can, each I find and come across even the federal government ones. I am single mom and 2 kids and we live off a tiny, mere 643.00 a month. I swear to you and I supposedly opened a bogus Verizon account. Here where we live don't get any reception from anyone at all and there is not even a home phone as no company as we live in the boonies!!!

With 643.00 to pay bills and get by, raising 2 kids alone, sorry but damn, are you stupid Verizon? Why or how logical are you. With that little income I sure going to go out and buy a damn 500 buck iPhone and oh yea don't forget the 160 a month service and all the Apple iPhone things I supposed to have added.

Please!!! I have told them how bad our lives are right now, without a dime at all and my kids and I about to be homeless and without a dime, no food and even hungry. For weeks I have begged them and cried literally and still they accuse me of opening account. No, I don't think so and meantime I am anguished as I have mental illness and super worried about our futures. My poor 2 kids did not and was not able to get not even one solitary pencil to return to school. I hate Verizon!!!

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