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No records of your phone calls...
Posted by Loretod on 02/26/2006
I recently switched wireless providers. I knew that there would be early termination fees and wanted to avoid them. So, I stopped by my local Verizon store and asked them when my contract will end. They informed me that my contract will be over on 1/18/06. I also called them in December to confirm the date that my contract will terminate and again I was told 1/18/06.

In February 06 I switched providers and you guessed it, I got a bill from Verizon charging me a $175 early termination fee. I called right away and explained what happened. The customer service agent was very friendly and agreed to refund me all but $7 of the fee. But then... I received a bill with the fee still on it.

I called to again explain the situation and was told that my termination date was actually 3/18/06. Then they told me that they have no record of me contacting Verizon to find out my termination date. So, I guess if it's not in their records it never happened.

I learned 3 things from this experience:

1. Make sure you have the representative write a note during each contact and have it read back to you.

2. Keep your own logs of dates and conversations.

3. Verizon has 2 separate dates. One is you actual termination date and the other is a date when you are eligible for an upgrade. Make sure you are given the date you ask for.

Hope this helps someone...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-27:
I had no idea there were two different dates like that! I use verizon and I appreciate your posting this information
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-27:
Interesting. I wonder if they could re-activate the account long enough for you to pay the charges for February and March. Since you only terminated two months early, maybe they will let you pay for the two months of service as opposed to the $175.00 fee. It's worth asking them.
Posted by Kodatech on 2006-12-01:
I doubt they will do anything for you. They are in the business to make money, just like all other companies. However, unlike other companies, I have also been lied to by verizon with no record of it happening. Mistakes happen in all aspects of business, how those mistakes are handled is what separates the good companies from the bad ones.
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Posted by Unhappy999 on 05/24/2007
BRIDGETON, NEW JERSEY -- Last month, I noticed on my Verizon phone bill, I was being charged $1 a month for the Sensible Minute Plan (in-state toll calls) and $2 Shortfall charge for long distance service. Preivously, both of these were free plans. I can afford the extra 3 dollars a month but I do not like having to pay for services that I do not use.

Today, I called Verizon to complaint about these charges since I rarely make toll calls (only about 5 calls per year to make vacation reservations). I asked if I could get service without a plan that has a fee or no plan. Since I do not make very many toll calls, I would not mind paying extra money per minute when I used the service. She said she could give me a plan where I paid one price for unlimited service. I said to her, well that would cost me more than I am paying now, right to which she replied yes. I said why would I want to do that since I am NOT using the regional/long distance service now? That would not make any sense since I am trying to get my bill lowered not increase it. She then said, in a negative tone (like I was wasting her time), Is there anything else I can do for you today? I replied, No, I will start shopping around for phone service.

If she had just said I am sorry but you have to have plans and you currently have the cheapest plans available, that would be one thing, but to try to get someone to spend more money when they plainly stated they are trying to lower their bill did not make any sense to me.

This is just another example of a big company trying to squeeze more money out of the working people. Consumers need to be on their guard at all times and not fall victim to large companies trying to sell them products and services that they do not need.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-24:
Good to see someone is reading their phone bill and not letting the phone company rip them off. $3 a month is $36 a year which would feed a family of four at Denny's.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-25:
Not to mention that regardless of companies trying to squeeze more $...don't these customer service reps have COMMON SENSE? I truly start shaking just thinking of my son or daughter growing up to be ignorant and brainless like some people I encounter. WHO teaches these people how to think and rationalize?
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-05-31:
Multiply that $36 by millions of customers and you could feed an army.
Posted by Krot on 2007-07-13:
Verizon charged $1.99 per month for sensible minutes for my fax line without my permission and now they won't credit me for the months that they charged me for nothing. I have told them that I won't pay it.
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Worse than poor customer service
Posted by Drifter on 10/28/2005
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I called the local office to pay our phone bill of 28.75. The reason I was calling and not mailing or paying on line, is we had a cramming charge on it. After 42 minutes with hold and passing to supervisor to supervisor with the third party company that placed the charged on our bill for another third party company, they finally agreed to credit us the 7.55, but it would take 1 or 2 billing cycles to show up.

I called Verizon to talk with a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP to pay our bill (not due yet for 2 weeks) to make sure the credit issue would be documented and payment disbursements would be handled correctly so we wouldn't get a hit on our credit report for being late pay on the 7.55 cramming charge. Here is what happened:

22 minutes on hold on one phone number, never spoke with anyone

12 minutes on hold with another number, neverspoke with anyone

17 minutes on hold after calling the repair dept and be transfered to any department, never speaking with anyone again.

51 minutes of hold time at this point!

Called the 0 operater, explained the situation, very rude. What do you want me to do about it. Called 1411, I asked for the phone number for the President of Verizon. What city and State? Your companies president in what ever city and state that may be. Got transfered, What city and state? The customer must provide the city and state. I replied, the nearest corp. office to Houston. Got hung up on.

Called the 0 operater again. Went thru the whole thing, she was very rude and instructed me to buy a speaker phone and stay on hold.

Called 1411, finally got thru to supervisor, went trhu the hole thing again and tried to get the president of Verizon phone number to file a complaint, got hung up on again.

Called 1411 back, finally got transfered to a go between for consumer complaints. She was good and did handle the problem.

Total time was 72 minutes and plenty of frustration of dealing with verizon.

We are moving soon, Verizon WILL NOT be our next wire or wireless carrier.
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Posted by Ponie on 2005-10-29:
It's not surprising to me that someone in Customer or Billing Service would not know the name or location of the president of a company as large as Verizon. Got to Answers.com, type in 'Verizon officers' and you'll get a detailed list, along with biographies, of all 19 officers/directors of Verizon. Then you can write to one of them about your $7+ dispute.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-30:
Good post Ponie!
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Verizon wants SSN and drivers license number to buy a phone online.even from established customers
Posted by BigDaveW on 08/18/2007
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am an established customer at Verizon. Have been for 10 years. Never been late paying my monthly bill. I use Verizon Broadband FIOS for my home phone, computer, and television. Plus, I have four cell phones with Verizon. My bill runs about $400 per month.

I have established a security password with Verizon to use online and over the phone to avoid others using my Verizon account. Verizon has my ssn on file plus my phone numbers and address.

Now, Verizon has sub-contracted a third party to run their Verizon Wireless online service. And if you wish to make a simple purchase for twenty bucks online, as I did when I wanted to add a phone to my account, they ignore your present account and treat you like a bum.

I can provide a credit card with security codes either American Express or Visa. But they insist you provide them with your social security number and either your driver's license number or passport number. That is too much information to provide online. They have my account information. I have been a steady Verizon customer at the same address for ten years but the third party they have hired want all this information. For what. I have perfect credit ratings and enjoy a six figure retirement income.

I refused to provide the information and used their telephone sales to order the phone.

We have been victims of identity theft and do not want to provide this much information over the internet.

The Verizon online sales people whom I chatted with could not spell simple words. They spelled patience as 'patients'. I will not give these idiots my personal information.

A letter has been sent to Verizon's customer service in Bedminster, NJ.
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Posted by BigDaveW on 2007-08-19:
Good. How about leaving your social security no and drivers license no here. Lets see how brave you are hot shot. If you are not careful with your identity, it will be stolen. There are thousands looking for fools. Don't be one.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-19:
BigDaveW, there is a difference in revealing that information on here, a publicly accessed website, then providing the same information on a secure company website.

In case you don't know the difference, when you plug it into the corporate website only the computer sees it, if you plug it in here, EVERYONE can see it *gasp*.
Posted by BigDaveW on 2007-08-20:
Trumania.. Thanks. For making my point. If I were to have given my ssn and driver's license number to a third party contractor working for Verizon Wireless, the workers who are NOT Verizon Wireless employees but some strange, minimum wage workers would have my information. In one case I read about in PCWorld magazine, the contracted, outside company hired by a company like Verizon was actually a prison and the inmates were doing the online work. So, if you do not know who you are actually giving your info to online, don't.
Posted by Longbeach on 2007-08-21:
Trumania...apples and oranges.
Posted by higgtree on 2007-08-21:
Just go to a store... Stop being lazy lol...
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-22:
BigDaveW then go to the store and do it like higgtree says.

Although, I can guarantee you that there are shady store employees who do evil things as well. There are plenty of stores of restaurant employees swiping customers credit card numbers and turning around and selling them. Just live in fear.

And if you actually read my post, I said, "when you plug it into the corporate website only the computer sees it". Not any prison inmates. And even if they were prison inmates there are precautions taken to avoid any type of fraud, IE the computers and not "COPY" and "PASTE" they can not export data of any kind, IE no USB ports for USB Keys, no CD ROMS, no DISC drives.

Or, you could also research the company that is running the online system then call them asking if they employ prison workers or whatever *roll eyes*.
Posted by Eugene D on 2014-01-05:
This is still an issue. Today my FIL on my existing acct, tried to upgrade his phone via 3rd party. He had me feed them my address, SSN, driver license, lisense expiry, DOB, basically more than enough to open a new mortgage under my name. This is info they need for new acct to run credit check, but why all this for verification of existing acct. Just my acct password is enough. maybe ssn OR dob OR lic#. why all of these? that's only needed for new accounts. guess what. that info can grow legs. dishonest employees, or someone picking up improperly discarded piece of paper, etc. it's not info they need for established customers.
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Very Bad Service From Verizon Wireless
Posted by Florme1 on 03/09/2004
ILLINOIS -- I have been with Verizon wireless for about 3 years and it has been going down hill since! Last night my husband I called customer service to complain about dropped calls and that the phones do not ring you don't get voice mails for at least 2 days after a person has left a message. I spoke to 2 customer reps and 1 supervisor and all 3 were down right rude! All they could say was WE CAN UP GRADE YOUR PHONE, I told the woman we did that 4 times and just upgraded 1 month ago and its still bad. I run my own business and its embarrassing when you have to call a customer back 2 or more times because calls were dropped. I want to brake my contract but I am not willing to pay 175.00 for each phone, for what I pay a month on dropped calls and really rude service (give me a brake!) This is the worst service I have ever received. If I ran my business like that I would be living in a box under a highway!!!

I wonder what the president of Verizon wireless would say if he new how his customers were being treated, but I am sure he don't care but he should it's his company. All I know is that when I am on the phone, I am sick and tired of saying CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!
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Posted by teri_lynn on 2004-06-04:
I think if you are unhappy with it, you could always do what my fiance and I did when we wanted out. They were going to charge us close to four hundred dollars if we terminated, so that day we found it out, we went to T-Mobile, and got a new account there. We stopped paying our Verizon bill, and stopped using out phones. After three months, they sent us a notice saying we were terminated. We did have to pay a collection agency what we owed for the last two months(550.45 for two months is a rip off), but they didn't charge us a termination fee.
Posted by st on 2004-08-29:
I am having similar problems. If they are not corrected I am going to terminate and switch to another provider. I don't intend to pay the $175. If a collection agency contacts me or tries to collect I will tell them I dispute the charge. Verizon will have to obtain a judgment for the collection agency to collect. If they take me to court I will appear and present my side of the story. I am aware that I may have a negative entry on my credit rating. I will deal with that if it occurs to include filing a lawsuit against Verizon if it is warranted.
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Horrible cancellation customer service
Posted by Julyjunk on 01/14/2012
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Cancelled Verizon Fios Service: Requested Oct 23. My phone was turned off, email account blocked. I wanted to drop off the Fios equipment to the Verizon office. I was told no, I must mail them back. I was told I would receive return shipping boxes in the mail for the boxes/remotes/cables/modem. The boxes did not come. Called again, they had no record of me cancelling service. I received a monthly bill for service. I paid the bill to avoid credit issues. I repeated the above, waited for the boxes. They did not come. I called again. No record, same thing again. I finally got the boxes on Dec 10, packed up the equipment and dropped them off at the US post office on Dec 12. Got a call from Verizon saying they have not received the boxes and I would be getting a bill. I confirmed with US Postal that the Verizon "Agent" picked up the boxes on Dec 27. I got a bill for over $1200 from Verizon on Jan 13 for the un-returned equipment. Thank goodness I have my receipts, I took pics of all the equipment packed in the open boxes as well as wrote down all the serial numbers, but I bet they will say something like: "the equipment was not in the boxes or they were damaged or they didn't get them". Verizon is plain and simple - CRIMINAL!!!! My credit rating is now in jeopardy if I do not fork out the $1200. Horrible service, horrible record-keeping and horrible business ethics. I will never go with Verizon again for anything. Skip Verizon totally!
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Posted by momsey on 2012-01-14:
Once you provide them with all your proof, the bill will be reversed. You just got the bill yesterday, your credit rating is not in jeopardy as long as you follow up and get it straightened out.

Comcast did the same thing to me when I cancelled them.
Posted by julyjunk on 2012-01-14:
Shame we have to defend ourselves! Thanks for your support momsey, the stress of it all is not worth it.
Posted by griffin21 on 2012-01-14:
My Verizon FIOS return box was actually for UPS. I was paranoid about the exact situation that you fell into, so I too took pictures of the packaging process. The guy at the UPS store did not care at all for the box, took the items out and did his own thing. He must have known what he was doing though. Good luck in straightening out your situation.
Posted by julyjunk on 2012-01-21:
Spoke to Verizon. 1 hour and 39 minutes, 9 different people, got disconnected twice. The first 8 said, nope, you owe. The last person said, oh yeah, we received all your equipment, all is good, it is documented, you will get a revised bill. Now, how could 8 people not see that, and one did. But, he did not say the bill was zero, however said he would note not to send to collections. So, the charges still apply. Verizon is criminal. We will see. Filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office Monday.
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Verizon Will Ruin Your Credit And Customer Service Is Horrific!
Posted by Nero49 on 09/03/2010


The customer service reps lie to you to get you off the phone. And have you call another Verizon dept with even crappier people who just add to your frustration. I have been a Verizon customer since they started in Maryland. NEVER paying LATE. EVER. Except when I cancelled the landline. They never sent me a final bill until I received a collection notice. I paid it right away and called Verizon to ensure it did not get on my credit. They said it would not. LIED. It did get on the credit report and dropped my credit score 100 points. For an F-ING $60 paid 2 months late. I called Verizon to have it removed from credit report. First off the ignorant, rude representative named Inez said “ I doubt they’ll take it off the report once it’s on there” in a foul attitude.

I explained about the credit score, how I was an ontime paying customer forever, the past 20 years. I was calling for my husband and I had to give her the exact amount of the last payment to verify security. I was unable to at the time. After all that she said she could not help me anyway I had to call collections and have the security information with me when I called. I called collections 5 minutes later when I found the amount. The next Rep in collections Cecilia was even more foul then Inez.

She said “The customer service representative just told you we could not talk to you about this account”. This is what she wrote on my account, that she told me they could not discuss my husband’s account. Inez LIED AGAIN. I kept trying to tell her this was not what Inez told me, that she told me to have the information when calling collections. But Cecelia kept stressing the conversation by cutting me off and kept repeating Mam, Mam. Pointless. I ended up just hanging up on her in frustration. She could care less that the previous person flat out lied to me. God only know what she wrote in my transaction with her. That’s another thing, you don’t know what comments they are putting on your account.

They lie about the conversation on your account.
To get anywhere with this I had to call the credit reporting agency and they filed a dispute. Gladly this representative was polite, correct and informative. The Better Business Bureau will get this report next. This is horrible and so frustrating. These customer service people just take so much joy in slamming the door in your face. Right off the beginning, both were just abrupt, rude and abrasive. They are like Comcast used to be when they were a monopoly. Well Verizon is not a monopoly and I am shopping for a new internet service provider. The problem is that my $30 DSL line a month will not put a dent in their pocket. They will not miss me and they will continue to sabotage their customers because I am just a grain of sand to them. This will happen to you to !!!
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-09-03:
Credit reporting is very cut and dry. You paid sixty days late, and that's what they reported. They don't have much latitude in changing that. What you can do is contact the reporting agencies, and have them note the entry that it was caused when you did not receive a bill. That one item alone would not cause a 100 point drop, so check for other inaccuracies.
Posted by tim on 2012-01-27:
it happened to me
Posted by AK on 2012-05-03:
I have similiar experience. Reps I spoke to, they are one worst than the other. They have union behind them. Cecillia is a piece of work, she talk down to you and blame you their billing problem. I complaint with BBB. 2 weeks kater someone from Verizon called. She was more professional. My credit report was update accordingly.
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Internet (Unlimited Broadband 5GB)
Posted by Warlock29 on 04/23/2009
MONTICELLO, GEORGIA -- This being my first computer bought the PC card from Verizon after telling the Verizon sales representative I wanted the best plan available. As it turns out they hyped this plan up as being the best thing since sliced bread, emphasizing "unlimited, unlimited" pointing out everything but a cap on usage.

Please if one Verizon person comes on and says "you should have read your paperwork" this is the truth the sales receipt plainly states at the top type of plan "unlimited" usage "undefined" last time I checked unlimited meant no cap only when it goes down it says Broadband5GB. This being my first computer was foolish enough to believe that Verizon was a truthful honest company and their sales reps are their to help the customer get the best plan based on his or her needs and was their to make the customer happy, but no that old fashioned treating your customer honestly and fairly is not allowed by Verizon. They employ liars and basically steal money and will offer rudeness over the phone, untold waiting on a supervisor I'm convinced is sitting by smiling while listening to your complaints.

I bought the card for 59.99 a month this was arond Christmas 08, I also purchased some software to download at a well established electronic chain. while downloading it would go into error and the PC usage came on saying I shouldn't be charged for this software time. I thought this was strange " how can you be charged usage for an unlimited plan impossible" well I tried downloading this about a half dozen times over my trial period I noticed when it errored the PC card usage number would spike it went from 3GB to 9.14.

I never received a bill( the 30 day trial is a crock, I purchased Dec 23rd first bill due Feb. 1st. I went to store and paid cash (they don't accept anyone's check) balance due exactly what my first estimated bill was supposed to be 122.00.

Mid January I'm still under the impression I'm dealing with an up and up company so I buy an " unlimited cell phone plan" for 99.00 a month that was the greatest plan and would save me money, paid cash everything is fine, and I had mentioned the time it happened but again reminded Verizon about not getting a bill. "We'll get it straightened out don't worry" I was told.

March 8th I remembered they had not sent me a bill for cell and PC. Verizon has an interesting way of billing you instead of doing it the old fashioned way of mail, they just wait for you to pay on your own, and the only notice you get is a disconnected cell phone. I called Verizon and was put through to a representative She wanted to know was I going to pay balance in full I said yes thinking my first bill would be about 280.00 and they would drop the disconnection fee. She put me on hold and I was sent to a "red flag" that was a bad check department and my file was located their. I said you made a mistake but I have only paid in cash and I don't write bad checks". transferred back to Verizon who took my banking info for check by phone system, we went over numbers twice to make sure it was right. I got ahead of myself before she gave me the balance 911.12 for 1 month. I seldom talk on the phone how can this be "unlimited" she said I had 700.00 in internet usage going over 5GB. I argued that I had unlimited usage but anyway I paid half the bill in protest.

I told her about the error on the PC card while downloading, a tech came on and said nothing they can do and actually I had occurred 900.00 and they knocked some off. I can't tell you how thankful I was to have someone cut my phone off for no reason, spend now about an hour and a half on the phone and to not charge me for something I didn't use.

Phone reconnected, next day I call back and thought I could get someone with reason to clear this up but to my good luck I got a rude, nasty obnoxious representative who accused me of streaming music, I said no but since you know what I'm doing you will see the card errored, again she was awful. Next day phone was disconnected and internet shut off I called Verizon and they transferred me to the"red flag girl" she agreed we talk a lot but we don't know why, back to Verizon and they said they had trouble with my bank and for me to call my bank and have them send written statement verifying my account. They said I had given them an account that was closed. I'm angry because everything they do or say is a===== lie. I call my bank they look into it and tell me that Verizon had never attempted to make a transaction.

I call Verizon, angry but was told I shouldn't be angry because they shut my phone and internet for no valid reason charged me a mortgage payment for 1 month internet for service I didn't use and spend almost two days on the phone, and yes destroying my credit how thoughtful of Verizon and then I'm paying (under protest) they don't want to let me do that either. They did draft out of my account but instead of one draft they slit it 127.00 for one and 377.12 for another so the bank could charge me an extra 6.50 again how thoughtful of Verizon not to mention 20.00 worth of ringtones I never ordered and about 45.00 in disconnection fees and 611.00 of internet usage on an "unlimited" plan and will not send a bill. It seems you must scream loudly to get one and then itemized internet usage I asked for was this PAST DUE 611.00 again thanks for your trouble Verizon. I packed your card and phone up you will be receiving it very soon as you know because I don't hide my agenda I'm telling you then and now you can take your card and phone and shove it where..... all 2000 complaints would love to put it.

Verizon my friend. I hope their is a class action lawsuit and your forced to pay back with interest and ever store during this time should have a sign that states the truth "we're Verizon we hate you we're here to mislead you and steal your money cause so far the government let's us and we wish we could destroy you're credit some more. Verizon listen up I'm GOING TO DO WHAT EVER WITHIN LEGAL MEANS TO SINK YOU INTO BANKRUPTCY, IF THEY CLOSED THE DOOR ON YOU YESTERDAY IT WOULD BE TO LATE, and the owner and shareholders do you have any morales at all. Maybe rename it Lucifer's wireless seems to fit.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-23:
Contact your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. You paid for an unlimited plan and you have a receipt to prove it. The "over-usage" charges are fraud.

Close your bank account and open a new one to prevent them from stealing more of your money.
Posted by Le Goat on 2011-07-05:
I agree. I was told that I wouldn't be able to use enough to go over the usage on my internet plan. What a LIE. We have to unplug all the time. I take classes online and end up having to drive to the library because I don't have enough internet usage left at home. VERY expensive to go over. And no, they won't let you out of that contract even if you signed after being given false information.
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"Perpetual" contracts
Posted by Scruedtoo on 03/07/2006
And thank you, I find comfort in knowing I am not alone in this. It helps so much to know there is a place I can be heard and understood. I never thought I would become one of those complaining, vendetta types, but THIS MEANS WAR!!!! Also, see my other posting "Hurricane Francis" for my other Verizon horror story. Thanks.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-03-07:
I hate phone contracts. I think they are pretty much all the same in that respect though.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-07:
Just because a contract expires, does not mean it has ended. Always call and get a cancellation number and for it to confirmed via mail.
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Paying for Nothing.....RIPOFF!!!
Posted by MsDebiUSA1 on 01/11/2006
PRINCETON, ILLINOIS -- What is happening to this world?? Customer service is history, its ALL only about the MONEY!! These companies don't care about the customer they know you can't go to another company. This is pathetic!!
I live in an 80+ yr old house that actually had a dial telephone when I moved in some 5+ yrs ago. The owner of the house has paid Verizon for "inside wire maintenance" for MANY YEARS and never had service call.
To put in a newer telephone I had to redo some of the wiring. I am having a difficult time with a decent internet connection and we get noise in our line so I recently called Verizon for service and requested all new wiring be put in since there has never been maintenance on this house phone wiring plus to maybe have another jack installed since I have to run a 59' cord to hook up my computer since this also takes away from the signal.
About 10 minutes before the repairman was scheduled to come (I've waited ALL day since they can't give you a time) I get a phonecall from the repairman and said that "he can't do this sort of work that it would be a different kind of work order and that it would cost me". Excuse me but what is this "Inside wiring maintenance" we pay for??? Oh let me guess, someone forgot to tell us to read the fine print and were merely GIVING Verizon $3.85 a month for NOTHING!!!! I know this has been paid for at least 25 years, again with NO service calls, so we have paid Verizon approximately over $1,100.00 for NOTHING!!! Wow, GREAT CUSTOMER CARE!!! And "they never stop working for you", it should be, "They Never Stop Gouging You"!!!
And I wont even discuss that because we live in the country, Verizon refuses to upgrade our phone lines so we can have DSL like normal human beings!!! Will somebody please bring in some new phone companies so we have a choice???? Companies that truly CARE about their customers!!
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-11:
I had a commercial customer who had crosstalk on his lines and Bell South couldn't trace down the problem so they rewired his whole office in shielded cable and did it under the maintenance plan. But it was the phone techs idea. Of course around here anyway a commercial customer can get another phone companies service.
Read about it on the internet I bet you could rewire it yourself. It's really pretty easy.
As for DSL in the country, I don't think that will happen soon. You have to be like within 10,000 feet of the loop at a main switching station. You might get cable internet though. It travels farther.
Posted by KenPC on 2006-01-12:
The word maintenance implies keeping the existing wiring working, not re-wiring and adding new jacks. For you to say that you paid $1,100 and got nothing is like complaining that you have paid for life insurance all these years, and got ripped off because you didn't die.
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