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Very Dissatisfied Customer
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Rating: 1/51

HOLIDAY, KENTUCKY -- I have no way of contacting Verizon FiOS directly, so hopefully someone monitoring these boards will see this. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company in general. The technician that was supposed to come to my home and install my internet never showed up for the original appointment. This tech claims he was here, but I was home alone all day. I did not hear a doorbell ring, a door knock, and my dog did not bark. I had to wait until the next available appointment.

Once the tech came and finally installed my internet, he failed to put a battery in the box in the garage. I spoke with a customer service agent over the phone. He told me I did not need a battery in the box, that it was specifically for if you had a home phone but he would happily walk me through silencing the extremely annoying beep that the box gives off every ten minutes telling me the battery needs to be replaced.

I also spoke with the same tech about my router which kept dropping my wireless signal (after only a day of being installed). He was happy to work his little magic on his end and reset my router. OK, great. The next day, I woke up to beeping again. I again went through the routine to silence the alarm, and sure enough, about 12 hours later, had to do it again. I have been pressing a button or listening to a loud beep every 10 minutes for the last three weeks. Well, a few days ago, my fiance and I had had enough.

I called Verizon again. They said that what the previous agent had told me was false and there should always be a backup battery in the box. Why would the technician that came to install my service not put one in? Why would he not look at the box and see the battery light or hear the beep before he left? I asked them to please send me a battery and that I would install it myself, or send someone out to me to install it since they did not do it correctly the first time.

They LAUGHED AT ME and told me they were NOT going to dispatch someone to come out to my home just because I didn't have a battery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So I asked if they could send me one and they said sure but it would be something like $30. So wait, now I have to PAY for a replacement battery because there was none there to begin with, AND the technician was too busy talking on his phone to pay attention???

I had them transfer me to billing where I finally convinced the woman that there was in fact no battery in the box to begin with and she said she would waive the fee. OK, fine. I got back on the line with the same agent again, and ordered the battery. I also explained that whatever magic the first agent I spoke to tried to do on my router was not working as it was still dropping the signal. He said no problem, he would send me a new router.

A few days later, the router arrived in the mail with an invoice that also listed the battery. I figured since the battery was not included in the package with the router that may be it was coming in a different box. I waited four days. No battery.

Called Verizon AGAIN. Spoke with a new agent in billing. Asked where the battery was. They said it was delivered. Well obviously not, or I wouldn't have had to call again. I asked if they could ship another one. She then proceeded to argue with me for a good 10 to 15 minutes and WOULD NOT waive the battery charge again. I finally hung up on her because her lack of professionalism and bad attitude got the best of me.

Today, I logged onto my Verizon account. SURPRISE! I have a notification saying my bill is going to be coming out of my bank account automatically- TOMORROW. Wait, what?? I never enrolled in auto pay, and I have yet to receive a bill period, paperless or otherwise. I managed to un-enroll myself from auto pay and paperless billing. But now I can not stop the automatic payment that I was NOT NOTIFIED about. My bill is due on the 12th of Feb. Why on Earth is my bill coming out tomorrow? AND without my permission?

I hope someone who monitors these boards will read this and think about the company they work for. Verizon charges an arm and a leg for their services. That would be fine if I was getting the customer service and internet service that they so highly speak of.

Misinformed, Misled, and then Backstabbed.
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We began our Verizon service in May after signing a 6 month lease at our apartment. Our customer representative told us if we moved we could just transfer service at no cost. Just call and it would be moved. So we agreed to a two year commitment: $99.99 for Basic TV Bundle, with internet (15/5) and phone. Perks included free DVR Box for 12 mo, a "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer," and a $200 gift card. We were told by our local representative that the channel NESN National was included with this package.

Come to find out, it wasn't. It is only included in the Ultimate Package which costs $40 more per month. After hours of speaking with customer service representative (about 7 hours over the course of 3 days) a supervisor in retention named ** said it was ridiculous for us to pay $40 extra for just one channel so she said she would give us 2 recurring Valued Customer $20/12 mo credits to offset the price difference. She also said this would expire after a year but to call back and we could renew it for year two and she would be sure to note this in our account.

We also chose to add HBO to our account for the current promo price of $9.99. Our monthly bill is typically $117 after the credits. The second $20 dollar credit was never made recurring so we literally called every month to have our bill adjusted. The employees said they saw the note in our account, made the adjustment and all claimed they would manually adjust this moving forward, though no one ever did.

When time to move came, we called and asked for a transfer of service. However, we were then informed that moving is the equivalent of terminating our contract, that we would have to renegotiate our package and that any discounts or credits would not transfer. We were offered the new "great deal" for the ultimate package for $159.99 a month. The HBO offer was no longer available but they could give us a premium channel bundle for $15 bringing out new total to $175/month for the first year.

This new Bundle was priced at $119. However, unlike our current package equipment was not free for the first year. But the employee kept saying he was beating our current price because the Ultimate package we were receiving was priced at $139, but that didn't take into account our $40 dollar credit we had on the original account.

So because we were moving, we could no longer keep our current service, which is the most absurd policy I have ever heard, and furthermore our only option would be to pay $40 more per month. They said that our bad customer service issues were linked to our first account, but because this was a new account they could not transfer the Value Customer credit because of the new great deal we were receiving.

We were then told we never should have received the credits we had been receiving because it was against company policy for those to be given out and that if our account were ever to be audited, there would be problems. The supervisor for retention then told me my choices were to cancel with Verizon completely or pay for the new package price. That he could not honor the prices I had been paying.

So even though if we move, we keep the same account number, and don't need to pay a termination fee, we have somehow broken the terms of our current contract and are forced into new pricing and are expected to act as if all of our terrible experiences were only with our past account and not with the terrible policies and the different story we got from every employee every time we called.

Oh yeah and that (and I quote) "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer" that is printed on an invoice directly from Verizon? We are now told we have to pay a $5.99/mo rental fee for that. I told them I had in writing on a bill this statement and that it would hold up in any court. The supervisor then told me that Verizon has a great legal team who would have made sure that whatever was printed on my invoice was only applicable at our current address.

Yup. Great customer service. They messed up. Finally fixed it, and then in one swift kick to the groin decided take back their shred of decency and then, hey, force us into a new bundle and charge more money. Great customer service is ensuring that customers remain loyal, are treated with respect, and are shown value. Apparently Verizon's only concern is money, and how much they can rob you on these hidden technicalities.

Verizon - TV/Internet/Phone service
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Rating: 1/51

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- We have switched our TV/Internet/Phone service to Verizon 4/15/2013, since we did not like the service so we switched back to Optimum on 5/2/2013. On that day we have returned all Verizon equipment back to their store nearby. The clerk told us they are only responsible for equipment, we have to call Verizon to cancel the service. So we did as told!

A few days later, I received a full bill so I called the customer services to explain to them I have switched to another company, and is waiting for my final bill. They told me the bill was generated automatically, there is no way they can do it sooner. I just have to wait for the next billing cycle to see the adjustment. About two weeks later, I received another bill - next month bill so I called again. They told me I have to wait for the next billing cycle. There is nothing they can do until the credit was credit back to my account. Sounds reasonable-you have to give people time to resolve the problem, so I wait again.

Then I received an e-mail about my account and bill. At this time I feel a little uncomfortable for owing people money so I called again. This time I got a gentleman, he was very nice. He told me the bill will be adjusted soon, and I don't even have to call again, they will send the corrected bill to me within a week to 10 days. He told me because I had cancelled my account within 30 days I will not be billed for early termination fees. I thank him and thinking about the bill will be coming soon. I don't have to worry about I still owe Verizon money.

Well, my waiting has come to a big surprise today. I have received not only the full bill, but plus an early termination fees. Of course I called again, and this time the customer service lady had a totally different tune. She told me she looked at my account, my phone was canceled on 5/24 (?) so the early termination fees will not be waived. What amazed me is every time I called they always ask for my permission to look at my account, and from the conversation I have with different reps. I was wondering if they are looking at the same account?

Some representative would tell me they see my account had been canceled on 5/2/13; some told me I don't have to worry about early termination fees as I have follow their instruction to cancel within 30 days. But, today must be my unlucky day as I have encountered a representative who I was not able to communicate at all. She kept telling me what she wanted to say instead of listening to my problem and resolve the problem for me.

I told her that many companies have phone recording system, it shouldn't be hard to find the phone conversations I had with other reps. But, she just wouldn't listen to me. Her attitude makes me wonder if a big company like Verizon has to trick their customer and make money this way? It's really a simple issue for every party, why Verizon has to make it so complicated? I really believe only customers are happy you will have a good business. I know I will never do business with Verizon ever again.

They Never Fail to Provide the Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have had an ongoing battle with Verizon for the last month on my account. I recently moved and I was unable to transfer my TV and Internet to my new location, because it was out of Verizon's service range. They told me they would charge me a $170 early termination fee for this unless I signed up for some sort of Verizon service at the new address. I said "Fine, I'll sign up for phone." I placed an order to cancel TV and Internet and set up phone for my account online.

The online prompts indicated that a Verizon tech would be calling me with more details. I waited several days and received no phone call. I called Verizon several times within the next week and each time was told "I can't see any details on your account except that there is trouble with setting up the phone service." Each person I talked to stated to me, "My computer says try again later, so maybe you should call us back."

I moved. So naturally I turned in my TV and Internet equipment to the Verizon store, because I did not want to continue to pay for the equipment if I couldn't even use the service at my new address. From that moment forward, each time I called Verizon, nobody I talked to could locate my account. It was as if I was completely purged from their system.

However, they could guarantee I would receive a final bill (Of course they can still ask for their money even though they can't tell me anything about my account). Not to mention my Verizon email was cancelled automatically with no warning and no chance to direct important messages to a new email address. Verizon told me that they could not reinstate my Verizon email, regardless of whether I signed up for phone or not.

I finally complained on Verizon's Facebook Page and received a response literally within 1 minute. I can't believe it took posting on social media for them to care about my concerns. They had a tech call me the next day and set up phone service.

I just received my final bill from the old account and it's no wonder that I was charged the $170 termination fee. I called Verizon and spoke to a department that told me their automated answering service had sent me to the wrong line. She asked which state I was in and put me on hold to transfer me. 10 minutes later a woman answered, asked which state I was in, and informed me that I had been transferred to the wrong department.

She placed me on hold. 5 minutes later a man spoke to me and I felt as if we were getting somewhere when he agreed that I should not have been charged $170. He told me he would place a "hold" on the fee and that I would need to speak to the billing department to finalize this credit. He transferred me. 5 minutes later I spoke to another man and had to yet again explain my situation.

After going through the details with him he informed me that he was not the right department and I would need to speak to someone else in order to resolve the issue. He placed me on a hold and a minute later told me that his "call manager" was not working and I would need to hang up, dial again, and choose option 4 and option 2.

I hung up, called again, and the "wonderful" automated answering service would not allow me to choose option 4 and option 2. When I finally got the answering service to transfer to a real person to help me, I reached a message that stated "The offices are now closed. Please call back during normal business hours." Unbelievable. I will never do service with Verizon again. And I will never refer their services to anyone.

Process Matters
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Rating: 2/51

FREDERICK, MD -- My story... I have had a Verizon bundled package for years. For convenience I signed up for auto-pay and to be environmentally friendly I signed up for paperless billing. Since I make international calls, I enrolled in one of the Verizon World Plans with a flat monthly billing with unlimited calls. Everything was fine and dandy for many months. So far, so good.

One day, when I was checking my bank account, I was shocked to find a Verizon charge for almost $870 as opposed to the $200 (approximately) that I usually pay for the bundle (home phone, internet and DirecTV). Upon further investigation, I found that Verizon changed my international package without my knowledge. Every dispute has two sides. To be fair, I want to present a totally balanced view.

Instead of sending me separate correspondence about the changes in its international calling plans, Verizon included the information on the last page of my bill as fine print. In the bill Verizon indicated that it would be changing plans beginning the following month. I didn't read the small print as I wasn't expecting an announcement about plan changes in my bill. Plus, paperless billing, auto pay and years of no billing hassles made me too complacent.

My dealings with Verizon customer service were the most troublesome part of the story... Dropped calls, unusual wait times, getting the runaround, being transferred again and again, rude customer service reps, I can't tell you how much time and energy I spent on the frustrating experience in wanting to let Verizon know of my displeasure about the change in my international calling plan.

I called Verizon not to get a total refund of the extra charges, but to let them know of my feelings of bait and switch and of my upset at not informing me of the change in a separate email and letting me choose one of the new plans instead of automatically choosing a plan for me. I also hoped for a partial refund or credit of the over $500 I paid for additional voice services.

Every story is a morality tale. Here are my lessons. Read every bill from beginning to end, even the small print. Check your plans regularly. Verizon changes its plans at its whims and has a poor way of notifying its customers. Credit card payment for autopay is better than payment linked to your checking account if you need to dispute your billing. Verizon customer service SUCKS!

My message to Verizon: customer service matters. Process is important. Procedural justice (fairness of the process) is as important as distributive justice (fairness of the outcome). Thank you for listening. I wish all of you only pleasant experiences with companies and lots of patience with customer service.

No Service in Mexico
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO/MEXICO, CALIFORNIA -- I did finally speak to ** but that's not the whole story. As he said I have had service with them since ‘99 and have always had reception here in Mexico (** cross St. Avenida de Las Lomas). The problem is that I'm not able to make, receive calls, or even access my voice mail with a land line. I get a busy signal and so does every one else that tries to call me. When I'm at the above address, the call just cuts off.

So I'm basically stranded within a 3 block radius from this address. Again a very populated area with the second busiest intersection in Tijuana within 3 blocks. Now I explained to him that I also have a Telcel number here in Mexico and I have no problems using at this address and never had a problem. It's **. If you dialled both the US cell and the Mexican cell only the Mexican cell will work if I'm at the above address.

The funny thing that I have informed them that I have been able (on about 6 different occasions) to make maximum of 3 calls when I first arrive at the above address, mostly just two calls but right after the 2nd or 3rd call everything dies. No making call, no receiving calls, and no access to voice mail even if the call is coming from the US. The call just disconnects or people get a busy signal.

Like ** said he offered me to do their work for them by having me contact Telcel my self to file a network trouble ticket. So I said “so you want me to do the work for you?”, and he replied that all he was offering was information (phone number for Telcel) for me to fix the problem with Telcel which to me is the same thing.

I'm sure Verizon does not care that I recently lost my job. Since I had no fault for the loss of employment maybe I can give them my old boss' number and they can try to collect their payment from him since communication has been affected with my income source, though no fault of my own, and I have done all I could from my side so maybe they should deal with my old boss for their monthly payment, because it sounds to me like they want me to fix this problem for them.

If I fix theirs maybe they can fix mine. I pay my phone bill on time and have done so for the past 11 years. I have nothing to do with Telcel. Verizon is the one that contracted with them. They need to fix this problem themselves. I think it's only fair, but since I'm not a giant corporation with all kinds of lawyers and money to burn, who out there could care what ** thinks?

** may consider this case closed but I don't. I have been missing calls from potential employers again because my voice mail does not work when I'm in Mexico at the above address and I have to leave this area in order to be able to make a call. So where do I go from here? If anyone else has this problem I would like to hear about it, maybe something can be done. Please contact me **.

Verizon Is Doing the Typical Scam of Putting Ridiculous Charges on Customer's Bills and Giving Them Such a Run Around When They Ca
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA PAULA, CALIFORNIA -- My father had a stroke December of 2011. I called Verizon to cancel his residential line and keep Internet only so that we could continue to pay his bills online. I was told that I could only put it on vacation hold for only 9.99. The next month we have a bill for $150 which was even higher than his original bill!

I call again...mind you it takes 20 minutes of holding to talk to a representative (must have a lot of complaints!), this time I'm told that "their notes say" that I called to ask for a customer elite package and to have my father's number unlisted (extra charge) which was total BS! There were also other charges that I have no idea what they meant.

Once I got through to the rep... After talking in circles, she said she was going to fix it for me but couldn't do it until the am because she had a "computer glitch". Lo and behold the next month the charges remained. I call again...wait for 20 - 30 minutes...talked to another rep and she tells me that she will simply reverse the charges for me and give me Internet only. So now we are in May of 2012. You guessed it... the charges aren't gone and Verizon is threatening cancellation!

Once again I have just gotten off the phone with yet another representative after spending 45 minutes with the run around... until she finally agreed to "put a request in to credit" these ridiculous charges. Have I told you all yet that my father's phone has not worked since my original call to them yet they continue to bill him for it!?!? We shall see what happens next month.

Basically to anyone reading this... Verizon is doing the typical scam of putting ridiculous charges on customer's bills and giving them such a run around when they call to fix it that they think we will just give up and pay the charges. Well Verizon sorry but we are on to you. When I can physically get to my dad's house (I live far away from him) we will be leaving Verizon due to their poor customer service and unethical billing practices. I once held Verizon in high regard that has completely changed now! Later Verizon!

I Do Not Think Anyone At Verizon Listens, Tells The Truth Or Has A Brain
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Rating: 1/51

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- We switched to Verizon about 4 years ago, I should have known they had issues when it took them several months to figure out we had a bundle; and it took them 3 days to install and screw up our yard, our bills and our service. We got separate bills for the longest time and no bundle discount. Every time I called (monthly) because every month we were overcharged; not sure how but every six months or so they tied us to a new stinkier contract!

I bill 38.00 per hour, I spent more time trying to get my service and bill straight then I did on some clients! It always just made matters worse! We moved recently and downsized family and home; we had 2 HD and 2 non HD boxes, FiOS super-speed Internet and phone (should have been 190.00 Mo) I received bills for every amount above that. I actually only had 5 correct bills in 2.5 yrs; upon moving I requested no HD, mid range Internet and basic phone; we only had one HD capable TV, didn't need wireless and took off unpublished at 3.50 Mo.

I was promised $123. Per month, my first bill was 285.00! The install guy came, hooked the two HD boxes to two TV's one of which was not HD compatible, he hooked one reg box to a TV, took a black box (later found out I owned the black ones), left the old router and left a worthless bus card with phone numbers we could reach! As everyone well knows that has Verizon you are advanced billed, guess what you are advanced billed again if you change.

I never asked for any movie channels ever and after every long drawn out phone call - get a credit and bill me again! My second bill that should have been 123 was 5 pages long and after doing the debits and credits I was still charged for HBO and Cinemax, billed for HD boxes at a higher rate than when we had HD and they added Disney!

My husband and I are in our 50's and 60's we really don't watch Disney much! We then get a bill for equipment not returned, called again, we get a shipment by UPS of little transmitters; guy comes out hooks them up says he won't take any equip with him because it will "get lost". My husband drives 45 min's 2 weeks ago to turn in equip; we now have sucky TV, stinky Internet which is higher than the supposedly great FiOS, and we are now being billed for the two stinky boxes, 2 HD boxes and 2 basics (we own 3 TVs one HD but we don't care - never saw a difference).

I have been blown off by rude customer service reps. I have been made to believe we finally have it straight - and been lied to so many times I can't count! When do I get to back charge for the hours and frustration caused by them? When do I get the bill I was promised 2 or 3 weeks before we even moved? When will Verizon figure out that 2 people are entering the same billing info and no one knows what the home actually contains?

Also, don't splice a "yes" into “do you want to renew your contract?" I know that the reason they ask if they can access your account is to get you to say yes to something. Then when you fight the renewed contract, the part where your conversation may be recorded comes into play and you hear your "yes". If I live long enough to get past that contract Verizon will no longer be in any of my numerous family member's homes.

My daughters just bought homes and went with three different companies to avoid Verizon as they (professional people with numerous degrees) have tried to help us correct this and threw their hands up! It's impossible, my husband wanted to go face to face with a rep, can't happen in VA, there are no customer service locations in VA that you can discuss your account face to face with a human being! I hate Verizon.

Please Avoid Verizon

ALLENTOWN, PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- When you see VERIZON'S RED logo, the first two associations that should come to mind are red-faced ANGER and red DEBT. This past year, my family has experienced a significant amount of both thanks to Verizon. Following my father's passing, my mother decided to “bundle” our family's services through Verizon in order to minimize costs. Specifically, we purchased the DirecTV/Land Line/Internet bundle along with a 1400 minute “Friends and Family” wireless plan.

Currently a comparable “Triple Play” bundle advertises for $59.99 per month and 1400 minutes “Friends and Family” plan advertises for $89.99. This bundle includes basic local landline, DirecTV, and high-speed internet. When we purchased our bundle and wireless plan, we expected to pay around $150 per month for these services (perhaps even up to $175 per month when taxes were added).

Well after a year with Verizon, we have paid a staggering average of $458 PER MONTH! Note that's over 3 TIMES the advertised amount. In one year, we paid Verizon $5,496.17 for services that were advertised to cost around $1,800 for the year! Is this not insane?! $458 per month for 3 basic cell phone lines (only 1 of which recently was upgraded to internet), basic DirecTV (NOT FiOS), basic internet (NOT FiOS), and minimal landline services! Let me repeat, $5,496.17 in ONE YEAR!

Note that most of these fees are attributed to Verizon's deceptive practices. In fact, Verizon's numerous deceptions are so intricately interrelated. I am at a loss for where to begin. Let's start with the most recent bill we are contesting- November of 2011. In November we were billed an outrageous sum of $636.05. The purported reason for this excessive bill was that our family went over our allotted 1400 minutes at a whopping cost of over $.45 per minute.

The total number of minutes our family used that month: 1279. But wait, 1279 is under 1400 right? Well according to Verizon, our plan was limited at 700 minutes not 1400. Why had our plan changed from the original 1400 to 700?! The answer is further revealing of Verizon.

Earlier in the year we had received yet another outrageous bill (do you see a pattern developing?). The bill was invalid, but Verizon would not refund any of the mistaken fees. (Note: We have automatic bill pay, and unfortunately by the time we recognize these invalid charges and errors, Verizon has already withdrawn the money from our bank account. Subsequently, they are extremely reluctant to refund any of the charges.)

As a consolation though, they did offer a way to reduce future bills- they recommended decreasing our “friends and family” minutes from 1400 to 700. This, my mother was told, would save her $20 per month. Now I love my mom to death, but she can be a tad gullible and easily persuaded by salespeople. The salesperson (and my mother) failed to note our family frequently goes over 700 minutes per month! So the next month an apparent $20 savings became hundreds of dollars in overage charges!

Feeling duped, my mom went into the local Verizon store to request our plan be increased back up to 1400 minutes. The salesperson offered her apologies and stated that our plan was adjusted accordingly back up to 1400 minutes. Well several months later this adjustment never occurred. And despite the fact that Verizon has record of my mom's visit, they are only offering to refund half of the overage charges.

Please, avoid Verizon at all cost. Do not use automatic bill pay because once they have your money, they will probably not refund excessive charges. If for some reason you're still tempted to purchase Verizon's bundle, consider the quality of services you'll be receiving:

Television- Admittedly we do not have FiOS, we have DirecTV. DirecTV is extremely limited in local channel selection (not even their premium packages offer an adequate selection of local channels). For example, I'm a big sports fan and miss out on most of the local professional sports teams' games. And I've never been able to catch local high school or minor league sports teams which are regularly broadcasted through local cable. Oh, and prepare to have a rather large diameter hole drilled through the side of your house upon DirecTV installation (i.e. a hole big enough to see the lawn outside- and no, we were not told of this prior to the installation).

Internet- At the moment I'm typing this (~8pm on 1/11/12) our internet connection has been out for over 24 hours and counting. No there was no inclement weather, accident, or obvious explanation. My neighbor (who does not have Verizon services) has internet connection. I was told by Verizon this outage is due to regular updating. (Fortunately I can use my neighbors more reliable internet service). But when our internet is working, it typically clocks in around 0.78Mbps download and 0.69 Mbps upload. Generally this is acceptable for casual internet browsing, but it is substantially less than the 1.2-3.0 Mbps advertised by Verizon.

Phone- Well a landline's a landline I suppose. We have bare minimum (no caller ID for example) and it seems sufficient. In conclusion, unless you want to pay nearly $500 a month for a poor television selection, unreliable internet, and the most basic cellular services (i.e. no smartphone), my family and I recommend avoiding Verizon. If you don't believe me, check out their Better Business Bureau rating (F). Let Verizon's RED logo be a forewarning- you're in for a lot of RED-FACED ANGER and RED DEBT with Verizon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me **.

Told so many different things by different customer reps
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CHEYENNE, WYOMING -- Just a warning that this may be a bit long, but I have been dealing with Verizon for the last 6 months on these issues. First of all, when we first set up our account we bought an original droid and a devour. Within a week my droid started acting up, so I went to Wal-Mart and replaced it with no problem. The second droid had issues as well and went in and replaced it with a blackberry storm, didn't like the way the keys clicked and exchanged it for a Devour which messed up on me, and then was talked back into the droid.

See how many phones I went through within my 30 days with Wal-Mart with no problem? Why can't Verizon do this? Also, my partner had to exchange her Devour twice during that time as well with no problem. I got my last droid before my 30 days expired with Wal-Mart, shortly after that it started freezing like the others had done and resetting itself. I was fed up with the problems that I kept having. I am disabled and my partner has seizures.

I need our phones to work. Period. I called Verizon and they sent me a pre-certified droid telling me that it goes through 100 point inspection. I told them that I am sick of the phone and want another. They tell me that I have to either pay full price for another phone, or the best option is to add a line and get a dummy phone. That I can give or sell the droid to someone else.

My son wanted the droid so I sold it to him. Within a week it wouldn't even turn on and come to find out that it didn't have the insurance on it since we did the exchange, so he's stuck with a dead phone and no way to get a new one unless he pays full price. This all aggravated me because it's not like he has 560.00 to pay for a new phone. The other thing to is why would I want a pre-certified phone that someone else has sent in broken when I purchased maybe a month ago a brand new phone?

I added the line and ordered the Droid Eris. At the time I did do a lot of research on the phone and it seems to be pretty good on the reviews. I figured that I would just put up with the glitches it was having and wait for an update. It started getting worse and freezing up all the time. I then did some research and found that it was being end of life and that there wouldn't be anymore updates to fix the software.

Worried and angry I started calling, chatting, and visiting my store about the phone. Each time I was told something different by a different customer representative. I even had a Tech person tell me that since it was discontinued that they wouldn't be coming out with the software fixes, but they would be glad to send me out a pre-certified phone. I told him "why would I want another Eris when it's going to have the same issues?" The only thing he would say is that I had a point, but that they could sell me a different pre-certified phone for 190.00.

I had been told this by many reps because I didn't want to yet again add another line. I was never told that they could trade it up to the next droid in line like I had been told and stated. Why pay full price when it's cheaper at the time to add another line and brings the customer to wanting to do so since they are on a tight budget? So now I am locked into a two year contract with two dummy (old) phones that I didn't need in the first place. One has a data plan on it and I don't even use it so I am paying 20.00 for that line when it just sits in the drawer.

One customer representative I chatted with told me that I should be able to get the droid that is replacing the Eris with no trouble since I am in my year warranty and have full insurance on my phone. He gives me the customer service number and I am bouncing on cloud nine at the thought that my issue with this phone may be resolved. I call in and get my bubble bursted and a lot of "I am sorry that you are having issues with your phone, yadda yadda."

My nerves are fried and I get up at 7:30pm, get dressed and go to the store and tell them what has been going on. They tell me that there are eleven people ahead of me and to come back tomorrow. That yes I should be entitled to a new different phone at no charge. I come back the next day. Talk to a different representative and they tell me that I can buy a pre-certified for this price and show me the list of pre-certified phones. I am like OK maybe this will be OK, but it didn't set well with me and I am going to have to wait till the first of the month before I can pay for it.

The other thing I find out is that I am two weeks away from being able to bill my account for the phone. I plead with them and come out telling them personal information of the disability I have and the seizures that my partner has, they won't bend at all. I leave the store and angry I come back home and start the process on the phone and on chat fighting with Verizon to get them to work with me. Mind you during this time I did a total factory reset on my Eris which made it worse. They won't and I am left up to doing the only other thing I can. Get online through Wal-Mart and find a free phone.

Mind you during this my partner's phone totally froze up and wouldn't even get past the boot screen. They sent her a pre-certified phone. She gets it and there is no sound to even activate the phone. They send her another and thank god so far it is working, but we are just waiting for it to have issues like the other ones she has had. Then we will be at square one with getting her a re-furbished phone as she loves her Devour. How many times does it take to get Verizon to send a new phone or a different phone to compensate the customer for so many issues?

I find the BB Curve 9330 has come out and is available for free. I do research on it and order it. I get it and set it all up. I am happy and thrilled to have a phone that is working and that I know I will receive texts, mail and what not unlike my Eris was doing. The second day my partner and I take a little trip to Fort Collins Colorado. The phone is sitting in a little slot in the car and not in sunlight. We get to Ft Collins and I grab my phone and notice that it is really hot. The screen is on and it's locked up.

As we are walking around the mall I take out the back and the battery to let it cool down. It does before long and starts working. Not even five minutes later it starts freezing up, the trackball won't move or click at all or at times on certain things. I deal with this threw out the day. Then that night it white screened and brought up the small menu. I jumped in my car and took it to Verizon as it then had an error 502 when I walked in the door.

I wait patiently and a gal comes over that was watching the door and asks me what is going on. I show her the phone and start telling her the issues. She says "so you left it in the car?" I said no I did not leave it in the car and explain to her once again all over what happened. Then the representative that can actually deal with my phone comes over and I have to tell him all over what is going on with my phone.

He pulls the battery and while waiting for it to boot up tells me "we have to sell all of our BB 2's before we even get this phone. You would have to get a pre-certified phone with us or pay full price, or you need to deal with Wal-Mart." I am thinking "you have to be kidding me!" It's a phone that was stated online that Verizon was releasing it on the 16th (by the way the guy was amazed that I knew the release date as well as my Eris eol, sorry peeps but this girl does her homework.) OK so he puts the battery back in and after it reloads plays around with it for a couple of mins.

I tell them that it usually freezes up in about 5 mins. It's working fine and closing time so he tells me to contact Wal-Mart, watch it for a couple of days, hands me his card, and shoves me out the door. I didn't even get to the car before it had another error screen. I was angry and hurt because I felt yet again not important.

The next day I sat down and went online to do some troubleshooting on my blackberry. I have fixed it to where it doesn't freeze as often, but just a couple of minutes ago all I had opened was FB and the internet and had to do a soft reset on it. I am waiting for this Friday to be able to contact Wal-Mart and exchange the phone for a Droid 2 which I am hoping will not have as many issues.

I do understand that these phones will have glitches here and there because more or less you have a little computer, and it just has to be dealt with until they get their OS and phones all set at the same place. I have to wait as it will be the first of the month where I get paid to be able to purchase it. Why didn't Verizon even take the time to have a tech look at it or was he a tech? I don't know.

I have now written Verizon two e-mails. The first one I told them to cancel my contract and I didn't want to owe anything. They never replied to it. I then got really angry and sent them another also letting them know that I was contacting the BBB. I got a response with the prices of what it would be for each line to cancel, but that they didn't receive the first e-mail? They need to change that to where you can send an e-mail to them and get a copy into your email that they have received it. Both times I got the "thank you" screen "someone will contact you within 24 hours."

So I know the first one was sent. I explained to the representative in a bit of detail of what I have written above telling her that Verizon has bad customer service and that they need to do something to make it right. That I want the two extra lines deleted off my account because I never should have had to do this when having a new phone, or when they knew that a phone was going to be eol'ed and there wasn't going to be software updates.

At first I wanted them to cancel both lines, credit me the 60 for the first extra line that I had to get, as well as let me buy a droid 2 for 100 from them (Wal-Mart is selling them for 100.) I have gone down to just having the two extra lines canceled and am waiting to hear back from them. I think it's the least they could do for all the trouble that I have gone through.

I researched AT&T because they are buying out our Alltel here. They said that for a discount if you're not happy with your phone after their time period that you can buy a different phone, and that they don't send out refurbished phones. Why can't Verizon do this for their customers?? We pay a lot of money for our phones and service. I am stuck with Verizon till about summer of 2012, after that I will be going with a different company that will treat me better.

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