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They Suck
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- There was a reason we dumped this company a few years ago. I called them just to inquire about cable services. Could not get past a guy who would not stop asking questions about our personal information. All I wanted was to find out about a plan and compare to Comcast. I finally hung up. Boy, does that company suck!

Verizon Sucks
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I called my friend's family many times - Can't get through to them. Verizon Network is no good. I am on the beach in Fort Lauderdale Florida Metropolitan area big city for the most part and had metro PCS for 12 years - switched to Verizon this year. My first two months I want to get out of my contract and go back to Metro. What was I thinking?

Misinformed, Misled, and then Backstabbed.
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We began our Verizon service in May after signing a 6 month lease at our apartment. Our customer representative told us if we moved we could just transfer service at no cost. Just call and it would be moved. So we agreed to a two year commitment: $99.99 for Basic TV Bundle, with internet (15/5) and phone. Perks included free DVR Box for 12 mo, a "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer," and a $200 gift card. We were told by our local representative that the channel NESN National was included with this package.

Come to find out, it wasn't. It is only included in the Ultimate Package which costs $40 more per month. After hours of speaking with customer service representative (about 7 hours over the course of 3 days) a supervisor in retention named ** said it was ridiculous for us to pay $40 extra for just one channel so she said she would give us 2 recurring Valued Customer $20/12 mo credits to offset the price difference. She also said this would expire after a year but to call back and we could renew it for year two and she would be sure to note this in our account.

We also chose to add HBO to our account for the current promo price of $9.99. Our monthly bill is typically $117 after the credits. The second $20 dollar credit was never made recurring so we literally called every month to have our bill adjusted. The employees said they saw the note in our account, made the adjustment and all claimed they would manually adjust this moving forward, though no one ever did.

When time to move came, we called and asked for a transfer of service. However, we were then informed that moving is the equivalent of terminating our contract, that we would have to renegotiate our package and that any discounts or credits would not transfer. We were offered the new "great deal" for the ultimate package for $159.99 a month. The HBO offer was no longer available but they could give us a premium channel bundle for $15 bringing out new total to $175/month for the first year.

This new Bundle was priced at $119. However, unlike our current package equipment was not free for the first year. But the employee kept saying he was beating our current price because the Ultimate package we were receiving was priced at $139, but that didn't take into account our $40 dollar credit we had on the original account.

So because we were moving, we could no longer keep our current service, which is the most absurd policy I have ever heard, and furthermore our only option would be to pay $40 more per month. They said that our bad customer service issues were linked to our first account, but because this was a new account they could not transfer the Value Customer credit because of the new great deal we were receiving.

We were then told we never should have received the credits we had been receiving because it was against company policy for those to be given out and that if our account were ever to be audited, there would be problems. The supervisor for retention then told me my choices were to cancel with Verizon completely or pay for the new package price. That he could not honor the prices I had been paying.

So even though if we move, we keep the same account number, and don't need to pay a termination fee, we have somehow broken the terms of our current contract and are forced into new pricing and are expected to act as if all of our terrible experiences were only with our past account and not with the terrible policies and the different story we got from every employee every time we called.

Oh yeah and that (and I quote) "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer" that is printed on an invoice directly from Verizon? We are now told we have to pay a $5.99/mo rental fee for that. I told them I had in writing on a bill this statement and that it would hold up in any court. The supervisor then told me that Verizon has a great legal team who would have made sure that whatever was printed on my invoice was only applicable at our current address.

Yup. Great customer service. They messed up. Finally fixed it, and then in one swift kick to the groin decided take back their shred of decency and then, hey, force us into a new bundle and charge more money. Great customer service is ensuring that customers remain loyal, are treated with respect, and are shown value. Apparently Verizon's only concern is money, and how much they can rob you on these hidden technicalities.

Verizon - TV/Internet/Phone service
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Rating: 1/51

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- We have switched our TV/Internet/Phone service to Verizon 4/15/2013, since we did not like the service so we switched back to Optimum on 5/2/2013. On that day we have returned all Verizon equipment back to their store nearby. The clerk told us they are only responsible for equipment, we have to call Verizon to cancel the service. So we did as told!

A few days later, I received a full bill so I called the customer services to explain to them I have switched to another company, and is waiting for my final bill. They told me the bill was generated automatically, there is no way they can do it sooner. I just have to wait for the next billing cycle to see the adjustment. About two weeks later, I received another bill - next month bill so I called again. They told me I have to wait for the next billing cycle. There is nothing they can do until the credit was credit back to my account. Sounds reasonable - you have to give people time to resolve the problem, so I wait again.

Then I received an e-mail about my account and bill. At this time I feel a little uncomfortable for owing people money so I called again. This time I got a gentleman, he was very nice. He told me the bill will be adjusted soon, and I don't even have to call again, they will send the corrected bill to me within a week to 10 days. He told me because I had cancelled my account within 30 days I will not be billed for early termination fees. I thank him and thinking about the bill will be coming soon. I don't have to worry about I still owe Verizon money.

Well, my waiting has come to a big surprise today. I have received not only the full bill, but plus an early termination fees. Of course I called again, and this time the customer service lady had a totally different tune. She told me she looked at my account, my phone was canceled on 5/24 (?) so the early termination fees will not be waived. What amazed me is every time I called they always ask for my permission to look at my account, and from the conversation I have with different reps. I was wondering if they are looking at the same account?

Some representative would tell me they see my account had been canceled on 5/2/13; some told me I don't have to worry about early termination fees as I have follow their instruction to cancel within 30 days. But, today must be my unlucky day as I have encountered a representative who I was not able to communicate at all. She kept telling me what she wanted to say instead of listening to my problem and resolve the problem for me.

I told her that many companies have phone recording system, it shouldn't be hard to find the phone conversations I had with other reps. But, she just wouldn't listen to me. Her attitude makes me wonder if a big company like Verizon has to trick their customer and make money this way? It's really a simple issue for every party, why Verizon has to make it so complicated? I really believe only customers are happy you will have a good business. I know I will never do business with Verizon ever again.

Verizon Landline Repair Service No Longer Exists
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Rating: 1/51

I have had a bad phone line for over 3 months, and Verizon isn't doing a thing to help me. Due to the storms last year, the power line got wrapped around the telephone cable down the street. Something else must have happened, because I was left with an annoying hum on the line that the VZ technician says is unrelated. Two different technicians couldn't clear the hum, and then a "splicer" was sent out. He claimed to fix the problem, but in fact he didn't do a thing in the 45 minutes he was on the street. The next morning he returned and agreed there was a hum on the line. He gave me his supervisor's phone number.

I called the supervisor's number several times in one week in late November and received no return call. Then I got another supervisor's number and he came out, heard the hum, and said multiple things needed to be done: he put in a request to cut a large tree off the main cable down the street (been sitting on it over two years), he put in a request for the power company to get their (ground) wire off the cable, and he put in a request for the cable company to get their cable away from the phone cable. He also stated neither of these was the problem in his opinion - that there must be a bonding (grounding) problem along the way, and he would have to test them at various points.

Today, nothing has evidently been done. People I call are saying "you'll have to call back, we have a bad line." No, I have a bad line. Then two weeks ago the line started going open during calls, with an extremely loud hum replacing voice (on both ends). This would last for 30 minutes at a time - callers get a busy signal, and I get the very loud hum if I pick up the phone. Two of these were while I was speaking with my attorney who gets $200/hr.

A week ago, I went out at 3am and set scaffolding up to get the power line detangled from the phone cable, because the power company never came. They are now 2 feet apart. Today I am preparing to cut the (very) large tree off the phone line. The hum is still there, and last week my phone was busy to callers several times when nobody was on the phone. I don't have the expertise or equipment to check the bonding, which everyone agrees is the real problem and should be something VZ splicers can do. And remember the supervisor told me he was going to get started on that in late November. I've looked, and in fact there are only a handful of bonds along the 1/4 mile of my street.

The supervisor has not replied to two calls I placed in the past two weeks to get an update from him (and update him on the more serious problem). If I log a new problem report at the 800#, the supervisor previously told me he will simply delete it from the system because they know it needs more than a technician to fix it. So there is nobody to call at this point, and my phone line is totally unreliable.

I started to write a complaint here, then found a VZ Community Forum where it *looks* like reps actually assist people posting problems. I spent over half an hour attempting to register and login, without success. It is just as bad as the phone menu system at VZ, and actually appears to have been set up by the same offshore people - evidenced by broken English on a few web pages.

The entire Verizon system is now set up to push landline customers directly into the gutter of society. Fios will not be coming to my area ever, is what I hear now, but VZ also won't be selling the landline infrastructure in my area to Frontier, etc. So we're stuck together like doodoo on a stick, forever and always. I've often stated VZ service is great when it works, but when it doesn't for 3 months AND nobody cares it makes you wonder if the misery will ever end.

Verizon: KMart of the ISPs

RICHMOND, VA -- I work from home a few days a week. I have sloooow DSL (internet only service) because I'm cheap and they say patience is a virtue. All my bills are paid by credit card or the bank online; all statements are online too. I did a "D-OH!" and lost a card, followed by another one and didn't change my credit card billing to the new card with Verizon. I will admit that I don't check off every charge on my credit cards, and when I get notices of missed payments I fix it immediately. Kind of more like exception processing.

I didn't get any notices of missed payments from Verizon by e-mail or USPS (I checked everywhere including spam/trash), but I did get the rate increase notice and other USPS mail about my account, so their info about me is correct. They suspended my service one night before I had to work from home (and rightly so), so I called. The guy who answered was really nice but had to transfer me to billing.

20+ minutes later and I have a less than stellar conversation with a difficult-to-understand ice queen at the call center in India on a connection going apparently to Mars. While my blood pressure rose, she answered my questions with paragraphs of text read from a book. She did confirm they send e-mail to both and my alternate e-mail and USPS notices of missed payments in one of those.

While on hold I figured out my account information (which I stored online, heh) and was able to get logged in to a page which would let me pay the balance - yay, immediate problem solved! Except the form which allowed me to pick "American Express" would not let me put in more than 3 CVCC characters, and AMEX has 4, so it wouldn't go through. No worries, I just used VISA, waited a few hours and was back online.

I wanted them to know about my experience, and calling Level 1 support isn't the way to go - I'll just go to the website and send my comments. Oops, a broken link in the support center and nowhere to send comments - they don't really want to hear about their customer's experience.

I thought the @VerizonSupport folks on Twitter with their willing, helpful attitudes and cool "link your Twitter account to Verizon and report your problem so we can help you" form would listen, but after taking the info they never contacted me.

Checking out the upgrade offers one evening on gave "page not found" and multiple other errors; the sales rep at 800-567-6789 said there was no way to report the errors and they probably already knew about them. She also said they only send a suspension notice by e-mail, not late payment notices, and expressed frustration for being in a call center that couldn't really help with reporting problems. No one can update my contact phone number, not even me on my account. Everyone I've talked to has tried.

Got the bill - they charged me twice for the three month payment. I called billing in India and the professional and courteous agent told me the first charge didn't show due to a billing error, so they billed me again and would credit back the difference. After giving his supervisor a good review, I was transferred back to him to hear his colleagues in the background clapping for his good job - pretty cool.

Got the suspension notice in the mail a week after the suspension. Lessons learned: don't post a review to if you make a mistake as a customer (not changing the billing credit card was my crime), and be patient with Verizon reps - they can't help it that their company gives them and customers poor tools for customer service. EDITED this (my first) review for readability and subsequent issues.

Attempt to Up-Sell Turns Into Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I came to the store to have Verizon end the service with the android phone and begin the same phone number and service with the iPhone 4 I had purchased used. I specifically asked if they could transfer the contacts from the android to the iPhone, which they have done for in the past with absolutely no problem. The service agent who greeted me and proceeded to "help" me said I would need to purchase iCloud for an added $2.99 a month in order to have the contacts saved and transferred.

I told him I understood the concept of having a backup for the contacts and that since it was connected to Gmail as well as my own capability to download information on my phone to my MacBook Air laptop I did not want to add even $2.99 to my phone for an application I do not need. His attitude was one of exasperation as he sighed and rolled his eyes with a further explanation why this app was necessary and included saving my pictures should anything happen.

When I was firm about just wanting the phone turned over with contacts to the iPhone, he said I would need to wait for the next available salesperson and immediately I was handed over to a woman who had been standing there the whole time listening to everything and whose attitude was of disinterest of my questions about the contacts being saved.

She was not rude but she was in no way friendly and again tried to sell the iCloud app to me. She proceeded to lead me through the process of typing in the original phone number, soc. sec. identification and then when it came time to see the contacts on the phone, she said to have a technician at the University of Arizona where I work help me to do this. I was amazed! This is the worst customer service I have experienced in years.

I just want to conclude by saying that I went home, YouTubed how to transfer contacts, downloaded a FREE app called Bump and by bumping the android into the iPhone I was able to immediately transfer all my contacts to the iPhone. Verizon might want to find out who was working on Saturday November 16th, 2013 at store #349567 in Tucson AZ on cross streets of Speedway and Campbell at 2pm and have an educational meeting about the effects of poor customer service for Verizon and Apple.

Our family plan is pricey and better service and options are coming out all the time. This whole experience has me looking at my other laptop and phone service options for the upcoming year since my contract ends with Verizon soon.

Verizon Wins for Worst Mobile Provider
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Rating: 1/51

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- I bought a hotspot several months ago to use for internet on my laptop and was assured by the salesperson that when I would run out of megabytes that a screen would automatically pop up and give me the opportunity to charge up my account with credit from my credit card.

Well last month I ran out of bytes and the screen pops up. First it asked for user ID, phone number or e-mail. Next the password. I entered my phone number and it said to enter something else. So I entered my e-mail, then it said to use another option. By now I have only one option to use my ID and then it locked me completely out. To make a long story short, I had to drive 30 miles to get to a service representative to get me back on the internet.

Well I used the service for 3 weeks and I ran out of megabytes and had to charge up account again. The same screen came up and finally got to sign in this time. They give you 2 passwords and 3 ID's... so it is a rubik's cube just to sign in. The page then says that I have no credit card showing in my account. I was fuming mad. I had given them my credit card when I originally bought the unit. Now again I am going through their obstacle course trying to add credit to my account. Again I got nowhere and clicking on every button the page.

They never even give you an option to add a credit card if you want to do that. I could have just re-entered my credit card info but they don't give the option. Such a low life, low mentality, ignorant, uneducated, inconsiderate group of people that seem like they got an education at Ghetto University on 00000000000 Nobrain Trail, Dumbcluck Craphouse. So I had to get in my vehicle and go get some assistance. So I talked to one of their no brain assistants who told me that my credit card info was on their system. But he tries to tell me that I must have been doing something wrong. How could I be doing something wrong when it said that I had no credit card in my account.

So If you want a lot of headaches, I strongly recommend for you to sign up with Verizon Wireless. Their website was constructed by expert ADS (Acquired Deficiency Syndrome) patients or so it seems. You talk about a group of YO Yo's... Big time incompetents.

Should Get a Prize for "Worst Customer Service"
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- I called to get a better price on my Verizon Fios phone, internet, and TV since they have all these great deals for new customers. They offered me nothing so I cut my landline phone service to save money. That whole process took a long time, much of it on hold. Later I received a bill for my "old" account (TV, internet, phone) and a few days later a bill for the new service (minus the phone). The first bill said in capital letters "attention do not pay this bill" on the bill but at the bottom it said the amount due. On the bill for the "new" account, Verizon had changed my name to my maiden name as opposed to my married name.

I called to confirm whether I should pay the first bill or not and to clear up the name issue - went through several customer service reps. including one extremely rude guy who asked me why I changed my name on the account (I didn't - they did) and told me finally that he would change it back. Customer service representative (lady) told me to ignore the first bill and just pay the new bill but also told me to check with billing department (she connected me only for me to get a message that billing was closed).

I called back later because I was unsatisfied with the first call and not sure about the bill or name change. Second lady told me to pay both bills - gave me some convoluted explanation for the bill amounts and discrepancies in billing periods and also said that name change was not done on the system. Called billing the next morning. Billing explained that the phone had been billed separately from the TV/internet and there were different billing cycles on one bill because my account went back more than 2 or 3 years; thus, the inconsistency in billing dates, etc.

Billing said that lots of people complain about this. Hello?? Billing also said name change was not done and I should just leave as is. Very frustrated with the long waits for customer service and getting shuffled from person to person with no real answers. Billing also told me that most of the customer service reps. don't understand the billing process at Verizon, lovely.

Decided later to drop Verizon TV services and just stick with upgraded internet. Getting that accomplished was another customer service nightmare. Hoping to find another internet provider in two years when my contract runs and also planning not to renew my wireless contract with Verizon. The less I have to do with them, the better for my health.

Representative Gave Me False Information When Setting Up My Wireless Service With Verizon Wireless
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Rating: 1/51

WILLIAMSON, WEST VIRGINIA -- When I was getting service with Verizon Wireless (over the phone), I clearly asked him if the plan I was going with was Roll Over Minutes. He clearly told me yes. So I went with the plan knowing I was going on vacation to my son's in August so I would have enough minutes for the week I was gone.

Now today, due to having a problem with my cell phone, I had to call Verizon and get another phone set up, which I already had. I did not purchase the phone from Verizon, it was given to me. So while on the phone with the Verizon representative, I asked how many minutes I had on my phone. I was told that on the 25th of this month I would have 450 minutes. When I questioned where my other minutes were, I was told that I didn't have them because I didn't use all of them, I had used 19 minutes.

I had not planned on using all those minutes that I paid for, I wanted the minutes to build up. So I have paid 145.00 dollars for 19 minutes. Verizon says they can't refund my money to me, that it isn't their fault I didn't use them. But as I said, I didn't intend to use them until I went on vacation... Now, if a representative lies to you and tells you your minutes will roll over and you don't know any better, and you trust what they tell you, then I feel Verizon owes me a refund back for the money I paid to them and got no use out of it. I was on the phone for an hour with Verizon today and nothing got resolved.

So I plan to talk to an attorney about all of this because I am a 62-yr. old widow, and on a set income and I can't afford to pay for something I don't get any use out of it, and I also am going to make printouts of other complaints online that I have read and take to my attorney with me. And oh, by the way, I have a witness that heard the man from Verizon tell me I would have roll over minutes...I had my home phone on speaker as we were getting my service set up. So BEWARE of VERIZON, they will lie to you and cheat you out of your MONEY. Thank you very much...

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