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Verizon: KMart of the ISPs

RICHMOND, VA -- I work from home a few days a week. I have sloooow DSL (internet only service) because I'm cheap and they say patience is a virtue. All my bills are paid by credit card or the bank online; all statements are online too. I did a "D-OH!" and lost a card, followed by another one and didn't change my credit card billing to the new card with Verizon. I will admit that I don't check off every charge on my credit cards, and when I get notices of missed payments I fix it immediately. Kind of more like exception processing.

I didn't get any notices of missed payments from Verizon by e-mail or USPS (I checked everywhere including spam/trash), but I did get the rate increase notice and other USPS mail about my account, so their info about me is correct. They suspended my service one night before I had to work from home (and rightly so), so I called. The guy who answered was really nice but had to transfer me to billing.

20+ minutes later and I have a less than stellar conversation with a difficult-to-understand ice queen at the call center in India on a connection going apparently to Mars. While my blood pressure rose, she answered my questions with paragraphs of text read from a book. She did confirm they send e-mail to both and my alternate e-mail and USPS notices of missed payments in one of those.

While on hold I figured out my account information (which I stored online, heh) and was able to get logged in to a page which would let me pay the balance - yay, immediate problem solved! Except the form which allowed me to pick "American Express" would not let me put in more than 3 CVCC characters, and AMEX has 4, so it wouldn't go through. No worries, I just used VISA, waited a few hours and was back online.

I wanted them to know about my experience, and calling Level 1 support isn't the way to go - I'll just go to the website and send my comments. Oops, a broken link in the support center and nowhere to send comments - they don't really want to hear about their customer's experience.

I thought the @VerizonSupport folks on Twitter with their willing, helpful attitudes and cool "link your Twitter account to Verizon and report your problem so we can help you" form would listen, but after taking the info they never contacted me.

Checking out the upgrade offers one evening on gave "page not found" and multiple other errors; the sales rep at 800-567-6789 said there was no way to report the errors and they probably already knew about them. She also said they only send a suspension notice by e-mail, not late payment notices, and expressed frustration for being in a call center that couldn't really help with reporting problems. No one can update my contact phone number, not even me on my account. Everyone I've talked to has tried.

Got the bill - they charged me twice for the three month payment. I called billing in India and the professional and courteous agent told me the first charge didn't show due to a billing error, so they billed me again and would credit back the difference. After giving his supervisor a good review, I was transferred back to him to hear his colleagues in the background clapping for his good job - pretty cool.

Got the suspension notice in the mail a week after the suspension. Lessons learned: don't post a review to if you make a mistake as a customer (not changing the billing credit card was my crime), and be patient with Verizon reps - they can't help it that their company gives them and customers poor tools for customer service. EDITED this (my first) review for readability and subsequent issues.

Attempt to Up-Sell Turns Into Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I came to the store to have Verizon end the service with the android phone and begin the same phone number and service with the iPhone 4 I had purchased used. I specifically asked if they could transfer the contacts from the android to the iPhone, which they have done for in the past with absolutely no problem. The service agent who greeted me and proceeded to "help" me said I would need to purchase iCloud for an added $2.99 a month in order to have the contacts saved and transferred.

I told him I understood the concept of having a backup for the contacts and that since it was connected to Gmail as well as my own capability to download information on my phone to my MacBook Air laptop I did not want to add even $2.99 to my phone for an application I do not need. His attitude was one of exasperation as he sighed and rolled his eyes with a further explanation why this app was necessary and included saving my pictures should anything happen.

When I was firm about just wanting the phone turned over with contacts to the iPhone, he said I would need to wait for the next available salesperson and immediately I was handed over to a woman who had been standing there the whole time listening to everything and whose attitude was of disinterest of my questions about the contacts being saved.

She was not rude but she was in no way friendly and again tried to sell the iCloud app to me. She proceeded to lead me through the process of typing in the original phone number, soc. sec. identification and then when it came time to see the contacts on the phone, she said to have a technician at the University of Arizona where I work help me to do this. I was amazed! This is the worst customer service I have experienced in years.

I just want to conclude by saying that I went home, YouTubed how to transfer contacts, downloaded a FREE app called Bump and by bumping the android into the iPhone I was able to immediately transfer all my contacts to the iPhone. Verizon might want to find out who was working on Saturday November 16th, 2013 at store #349567 in Tucson AZ on cross streets of Speedway and Campbell at 2pm and have an educational meeting about the effects of poor customer service for Verizon and Apple.

Our family plan is pricey and better service and options are coming out all the time. This whole experience has me looking at my other laptop and phone service options for the upcoming year since my contract ends with Verizon soon.

Piss Poor Service And Deception To A Loyal Customer
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MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to bring to your notice the unacceptable, extremely frustrating and appalling business practices in dealing with the Verizon customer service team. I manage a busy and successful medical practice and one of the keys to our success is that patients have access to my cell phone at all times and some of them are senior citizens with acute medical needs and having a cell phone that works is a necessity and not an option. We manage more than 6000 active patients. All my staff that work for me and have cell phones with AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile etc have excellent cell phone reception in the office.

I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for more than 5 years (from 2004) and have not called customer service even once in that time prior to January 20th 2009 because I had no complaints about my service. I was so happy with their service and have included my wife and children on my account from 2005

On January 20th 2009 we moved to our new office and my cell phone service was nonexistent inside and outside our building. I went to the Verizon store on Del-Monte Ave. and waited for more than 1 hour and complained about the lack of cell phone service in my new location at **.

The store Manager said that Monterey was on an all digital network and I was using an old LG phone and recommended that I upgrade my phone model as that was the problem. I paid $ 300 and upgraded to a Verizon Storm on the Managers recommendation, because he was confident that this would solve my problem. At that time I also upgraded my phone service to include internet.

Unfortunately to my disappointment my service did not improve either inside my office or outside the building. I made an additional visit to the Verizon Store in Del Monte Ave and complained about the lack of cell phone reception and customer service immediately blamed the type of building and recommended that I buy a Network Extender SCS-26UC4 for $ 200 which they assured me would solve the problem.

I installed the Network extender and installed it and to my disappointment it would only work 1 day in the week. I called the 1800 number customer service for the Network extender and explained to them my concerns and they immediately blamed my office computer network as the problem even though the customer service representative had no logical explanation for his theory

I spent $ 450 for a Network Specialist to check my firewall and network and everything was working fine. Finally when I communicated to the Network extender team of the results they felt my Network Extender and I finally figured out that the Network Extenders sensor is very direction specific and will need to be mounted on a specific window to work, and not on any window as the instructions recommends. I spoke more than 25 to ** and his team, who assured me that a team was scheduled to visit my area at the end of January 2009 to verify signal strength. I never did hear from ** or his team.

To cut a long story short I have called your customer service every day (more than 50 times) to address the issue of no cell phone connectivity or speak to a supervisor (**) all I got was lies and pushback's saying they will investigate or have opened a trouble ticket etc. and they will call me in 24 hours etc. Nothing has happened and not on supervisor has ever called back.

I requested a refund of all my cell phones and accessories for me and my family which they flatly refused saying it was past the 30 day cut-off. Finally a customer service supervisor called me ** to tell me there was marginal signal in my area.

Conclusion: I have been played by Verizon and its customer service staff by up selling equipment and services and not providing any value for defective nonexistent service. I have wasted more than 50 hours of my time and more than $1000 to work with Verizon to fix the problem.

Verizon customer service were deceitful and were only interested in delaying my problem past 30 days so I would be stuck with the cell phone hardware and monthly fees. My frustration with Verizon was getting worse with the lies and deception of your supervisors and I let them know how I felt, constructive criticism and it was not personal but a reflection of their pathetic corporate culture.

Unwilling to Negotiate (With Me Anyway)
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Rating: 3/51

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- After years of paying what I felt was an overpriced bill on time and in full… I grew tired of paying a price that was more along the lines of a car payment than a cable-satellite bill. I had an agreement to pay $144 a month (not including extras) and ended up paying in excess of $250 a month every month. I mostly paid in full and on time, but occasionally fell behind but ultimately always paid them. I attempted to negotiate a better, more affordable deal for someone on a fixed income like myself, and was basically told that “If I didn't like it I could hit the road and find another provider.”

I've heard countless stories about people threatening to leave Verizon or employing various other negotiation tactics successfully… but in my case it just seemed even though I was a loyal customer my business was not valued at all. I should also note that my paying the bill on time and in full in the past meant absolutely nothing to them those times I fell behind. Starting with the day the payment was due I was hounded and harassed relentlessly and often threatened with suspension of service.

One time I scheduled a payment for that day for the full amount owed and some of the next months charges and was still shut off until it processed. It seems like they are “nice” to people to get them to sign up and around the time that their agreements are nearly up to get them to resign and then basically treat them like garbage the rest of the time. I have the right mind to not renew again and jump ship when the agreement ends if not before.

Billing Mistakes
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Last month I received my Verizon bill. It indicated that I had a missed payment and also a $7 late charge. I paid the correct amount (minus the missed payment and the $7 late fee) as I had paid the last bill online prior to the due date. On May 26 I received an automated message that my bill was not paid and was late. On May 27 I called Verizon and confirmed with them that all payments had been paid and on time. The representative told me that she corrected their records and said I had a zero balance.

On June 2 I received another call, not automated, from Verizon representative saying that I had a previous balance overdue in the amount of $103.52. I told her that her information was incorrect and she got "snippy" and said I had to talk to billing. After waiting on the phone for over ten minutes, I explained to this representative that I did not owe anything and she agreed that I had a zero balance.

I asked why I had received the phone call that day telling me that I had a substantial balance. Her only answer was that she told the other representative that I did not owe anything. This is not the first foul up I have had to straighten out with this company. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing!

Cancellation Fee for Moving
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Rating: 2/51

NJ, NEW JERSEY -- How about this? Dealing with the selling of my house and moving, Verizon Fios Service adds a cancellation fee to move. They said it is their policy. What happened to the days that they would support you when you moved. They don't have service at the location I am moving to. They said I had a contract. I thought big business would help in these cases. I was fooled. Please don't be fooled. If you plan to move, do not get into any contracts with anyone! This is not the way a big company is supposed to work. I understand if I was going to another company, but moving?

My 3cents Verizon More Like My 500 Dollar Lies
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Where would I begin. The best way it has been described thus far is Verizarape. Lie, cheat, steal to get your money. Rude when and IF they do return a call. How many billions did they just pay out for the towers. Grease up and bend over because as soon as you have a contact that's all you will be doing. In another 6 months they can afford to spend a few more billion of your hard earned money...... I have to laugh when I see a customer representative will try to call to resolve any issues, that would be a first. For both the call and resolving anything.

Verizon Does Nothing for Loyal customers... Except Try to Get More Money Out of them...
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Once again Verizon has shown me that they have no heart and that customer loyalty means nothing to them. For the second time this week, once with Wireless and now with Fios, Verizon has disappointed me and refused to put the customers interest or desire above their own greed. I can't wait to be done with these contracts finally believe that switching carriers will be well with the inconvenience. I'm so sick of their 'no budge' attitude and impersonal policies. We all feel the same and suffer the same abuse of power, yet nothing ever changes.

Verizon Wireless: My iPhone was stolen 2 months after purchase, and Verizon refused to help me replace it at anything but full price. They suggested I sign up for the insurance post dated, to get it covered, they took my money, then refused payment on the insurance!

Verizon Fios: Verizon sent a letter, ads, and email, offering to continue bundle, before price went up at end of contract, so I agreed, signed contract, at which time they informed me that the 'wording' of their offer actually only offered the bundle not to change, but the small print. The catch was that it was actually the bundle that wouldn't change, not the price. They raised the price $50! It was all a ploy and a scam and just a way to keep me from leaving Verizon by thinking nothing would change.

Then when I called 2 minutes later to complain and say I'd made a mistake, that their offer was misleading, they said that I'd signed the contract and was stuck with it. They were very disagreeable and rude and offered no reward for my 15+ years of loyalty.

Very Poor Customer Service/Unknowledgeable People
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- I called Verizon today, because I went online to my Verizon Bill Pay page to pay my son's bill, and did not find my son's account there. My son is a minor, so when I bought him his own line last month for his Birthday, I was told he HAD to be under my account. So, why then, is he getting a separate bill under MY account, that I can't access? I am: 1) unable to pay his bill, because it IS NOT under my account (where I am told it should be), and 2) unable to even create a new account for him, as site is saying "you have an account already" when I input his new number in... I am told.

After three hours on the phone talking to people who had no idea what they were talking about, that the original person who took my order made a mistake! Hmmm, you think?? Now, however, no one can rectify it, so I am left with no solution... Very, very frustrating experience with Verizon "customer care" today... Wonder how they'd feel if I provided bad payment information, then directed them through 11 nonexistent accounts? ;-) Anyway, on with my day!

Horrible Customer "Non-Retention"
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I am getting sick of calling Verizon to sit on hold for 20+ minutes and spend another 10+ explaining the history only to have a "customer retention" representative waste my time. The bottom line is they do not value their customers because they will not extend "discounts" to match offers from their competitors. Why is Verizon taunting what was a perfectly happy customer? They make it hard instead of easy. They are money hungry and that's it.

If any of you Verizon reps who frequent these forums feel up to the challenge and would like to try to resolve this, or if you know a "€œbundle specialist"€ that can fix this, please let me know. I am not an angry customer who will scream at you over the phone; I am a frustrated customer who would like to continue the service but Verizon is not making it very easy.

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