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You Call This Coffee?
By -

CONNECTICUT -- Staff is confused and ill trained. Every time I order a simple decaf and bagel they always have to ask what I ordered at the pick up area. Coffee is weak - we need a Peet's Coffee on the east coast. Tried to get a dark roast version but it only comes as iced coffee, not hot.

They are usually out of a selection of bagels and muffins by 10 A.M. No extra sugar or cream to adjust the coffee the way I really want it. No knives to split the baked goods. Tables are bolted to the floor so you end up sitting on top of another occupied table if it's crowded. Not enough chairs. Loud beeping sound from the coffee maker every 30 seconds - very annoying. It's the same at other locations I've been to.

Service And Food
By -

I went to your location in Avon Lake @ the end of route 83, in that I had vendors in from out of town and wanted to get them a decent breakfast. Not only were the sandwiches still frozen as well as the hash browns, but there were a lot of coffee grounds in the coffee cup - quite embarrassing.

I had requested butter on the bagels and didn't even get that. As a manager of a company, I will tell you that this is a horrible way to run a company. The gentleman that checked me out, a) forgot the hashbrowns and then I had to remind him that I bought coffee. I will have to say that it looks wonderful on the commercials but paying for a watery cub full of grounds was not very cool.

Why are you out of coffee?
By -

DUNKIRK, NEW YORK -- For the 6th time is as many months, our local DD franchise is out of regular ground coffee. The attendant said,"the truck is coming tomorrow", on the 9th of April. I returned the next 2 days to find no coffee. It's a coffee store!!! If you continuously run out of a specific commodity, why wouldn't you increase your next order to compensate for the greater demand in your area? I was not a business major in college, but even I can figure out how to solve this problem.

The local franchise in Dunkirk NY could be a huge money-maker with the exception of one issue - poor management. Start paying attention to your local franchises or my business and many others will go to the local Tim Horton's.

Hazelnut Coffee
By -

I purchased a 1 lb. bag of hazelnut coffee and when I got home to brew some, it did not smell like hazelnut and when brewed, it did not taste like hazelnut. I called the store where I purchased it and they said to bring it in with my receipt and they would take care of it. This was a small DD in a Stop&Shop in Hartford, CT.

When I explained the situation to the manager of this DD she opened the bag and had no reaction. I expected her to say, "this smells like hazelnut" but she only said, "can you hand me another bag". She opened it and it too smelled nothing like Hazelnut. I was offered my money back so I took it. I am disappointed as I have always been a big fan of Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Drive thru
By -

PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND -- On Aug 29th I drove up to the drive through at the Dunkin Donuts on broadway street in pawtucket, ri. When I pulled up the employee did her opening and I told her I needed a minute. I figured out what I wanted in about 5-10 seconds and turned around to my daughter who is a toddler to ask her what she wanted, which was about 20-45 seconds.

The employee spoke through the intercom and said, "hello, are you ready yet?" I responded, "no, not yet, one moment please." So then she said, "you need to hurry up," I was speechless so I said, "what, we need a minute" then she responded, "well then you need to pull up because were being timed and we don't have time to wait". I was furious, I told her "no, absolutely not" and sat there for a moment before I drove off.

I am def going to contact corporate because I've worked at a coffee shop and did drive through and we could never mistreat our customers. I was appalled at the service and the unprofessionalism of the employees there. It doesn't matter what field your in, if the customer is what runs your business, then you treat them with some level of respect.

Rude Employees and Manager
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently went into a DD in Boston, and frequent this location while taking my sister in for her chemo treatment. I went into this location on many occasions and always seem to have awful service, the employees there don't seem to care about the customers, let's just say they will get to you when they get to you.

Well this day I went in and asked for 2 coffees and a ham and cheese flatbread, and a donut for my niece. I then noticed they had a sale on the pound of coffee's (2 for 11.99), so I wanted to also get that, I then was going to pay with a credit card and this completely messed up the coworker who needless to say was not American... I usually do not have a problem with people and their languages? But this was bad... Then the boss came over and realized she rang my order up wrong and was charging my CC $28.67?? WHAT!

He then was very rude to me as well and now I realize I could go on forever about this place but moral to the story I would never go back, oh and he also told me it would take all day for him to take this stuff off my CC so I could pay cash instead of re-ringing my stuff again and running my card? So instead he ended up leaving the charge on my card and paying me the difference in cash, which he also did not understand that why should I pay extra finance charge for her mistake... crazy crazy place. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!

Flavored Coffee
By -

NORTHFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I read some opinions on this site about the flavored coffee having sugar in it. A few people felt that it had sugar syrup in it to make the flavor. They felt that the sugar syrup was sugar. One person said that he felt sorry for someone that has diabetes. Other people said that is not true, that the sugar syrup doesn't have sugar in it. Well I'm a diabetic and I liked the hazelnut and cinnamon mixed together. I drank this combination for about six months if not longer. My sugar was under control until I started drinking flavored coffees. Now my doctor wants to put me on insulin. I stopped drinking the flavored coffee and went back to just plain decaf.

I noticed a difference in my blood sugar when I take it. It is a lot lower. I feel it was the flavored coffee that was raising my sugar level. I will have another test on my blood sugar. If my blood level is way down then that only means that there is sugar in the sugar syrup they use and I will have documented proof of it, my health.

1/2 hour for 2 wrong coffees
By -

ASPEN HILL, MARYLAND -- This morning it took me about half of an hour to obtain two cups of coffee, which is thoroughly unacceptable. At 5:54 A.M on July 7 2005, I drove up to the TOGO's/Dunkin' Donuts store at 13810 Connecticut Avenue in Aspen Hill Maryland, and found one vehicle at the window in the drive-through lane.

Outside of the entrance on the parking lot side, there was a gentleman employee with a headset on, motioning to a bus driver to park in the parking lot to come inside. There were no other passengers on that bus, just the driver. I waited until the employee with the headset was inside and through the speaker he said that he would be with me in a minute.

Meanwhile, the early morning rush hour was beginning to get underway. Six of the seven vehicles which had driven in behind me pulled out of the line to go through the Connecticut Avenue exit. Each potential customer was quickly replaced with another. By this time, the gentleman driving ahead of me had also left. I drove forward to the window to take his place in line. I had thought the long wait was due to a staffing issue, but now I saw that there were three people behind the counter.

When I pulled up to the window, one female employee told the other that customer in front of me had left. “Don't worry about it,” replied the second female employee. “It happens all the time.” This nonchalant attitude struck me as quite unethical. When I was handed the wrong order, I repeated the correction politely. I had ordered two large coffees, not one. The employee rolled her eyes and I patiently waited eight and a half more minutes for one additional coffee.

By now there were no less than nine vehicles behind me in line, with eight more additional drivers who decided not even to wait – but to look at the length of the unmoving line and continued to drive through the parking lot. (One had the audacity to blare his horn at me as if I had been holding up the line. I was humiliated to take blame from a stranger for the lack of professionalism on the part of Dunkin' Donuts employees.) I personally counted a loss of twenty-four customers in approximately half of an hour.

I was able to finish getting my order by 6:29 A.M.; neither coffee was as I requested it, but I hadn't the time to get the coffees I ordered about half an hour ago. Needless to say, I am quite livid about this experience. This is ultimately a milestone of a marked decline in the quality of service of this venue, which I had thought was one of the better Dunkin' Donuts. Although this morning was by no means and anomaly, this was the worst experience I have had to-date.

I look forward to hearing how you plan to address this disheartening issue. As a loyal customer, I expect that this will be addressed quickly and will not happen again with the proper training and guidance of effective management.

Occasional Leaking Coffee Cups
By -

Overall the coffee and service is good, but more frequently than I would expect, the coffee cup just starts leaking as if the heat just creates a hole in the bottom of the cup. This usually creates quite a mess of coffee going everywhere. In this day of conservation I tend to think the quality of the cups Dunkin Donuts is using is deteriorating.
This happens to me at more than one location in Southern Mass. So I would think that it is happening to other people also. Thank you for the opportunity to express my complaint.

Dunkin Donuts - Charging Tax on Coffee Beans in NJ REPLY
By -

ROCHELLE PARK, NEW JERSEY -- It is illegal to charge tax on coffee beans. If a franchisee advertises one price and tries to sell for a higher price, then justifies the higher price by saying that they are charging tax, it would seem to me that this goes beyond just a slap on the wrist. I think the IRS would be interested to know that this is going on with some of the franchisees. Wouldn't that also be considered breaking the franchise rules? Dunkin Donuts is getting quite a bad reputation in my area for poor customer service.

By telling me "We will be happy to make the franchisee of this location aware of your concerns regarding their pricing.", just to appease me tells me that you may not condone such behavior but you certainly aren't going to do anything about it. I get the feeling that nobody seems to care what the franchisees do or don't do.

In your reply to me you said "At Dunkin' Donuts we value our customers and are committed to making your visits to our stores a pleasant experience." If that is really true then I feel my wife and I are owed an apology and the right to make purchases from this store for the advertised price without any self imposed tax. Most of all we could do without the condescending attitude which we experienced that day. This is how you can live up to your mission statement instead of just making empty promises.

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