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Do NOT Buy a Kenmore!
By -

Two years ago, when we began our mostly DIY kitchen remodel, we bought a Kenmore Dishwasher and a Kenmore Range, spending about $1,000 total. We do not have a lot of money, so this was a huge expense for us. First, right after the one-year warranty passed, our range began malfunctioning in a disturbing and dangerous way. The burner would heat to blazing hot, no matter what temperature it was set at, and would refuse to turn off when we turned it off.

I spent several days fighting with Kenmore on the phone, and they finally sent someone to fix the malfunctioning burner. Not long after, the other burners started doing the same thing. Not long after, I saw that some Kenmore flat-top ranges had been recalled for doing *exactly what mine was doing*.

I called Kenmore to tell them that mine was obviously a lemon and should be recalled, and that the recall says that doing what my range was doing constitutes "a fire and a burn hazard to consumers." The guy basically said, "sorry too bad" and was very cocky and told me that if mine specifically wasn't part of the recall, they would do nothing, regardless of if I "feel" it's a fire and burn hazard. I couldn't believe his attitude.

Second, the dishwasher. A few months ago, it stopped cleaning the top rack and stopped getting the soap out of the dispenser. It was diagnosed as needing a new pump, which costs almost as much as buying a new dishwasher, at less than two years old. Now Sears wants $200 to fix it.

Hmmm, do I give this company $200 more of my money and reward them for making crappy appliances that crap out right after their year warranty is up? Or do I put my defective Kenmore on the curb and buy a dishwasher from a real company? We just now finished our remodel and the "new" appliances we bought, after just barely two years, have both crapped out and are worse than the old ones we got rid of. Learn from my mistake - DO NOT BUY A KENMORE!!!

Kenmore Elite Series Products Are Junk
By -

My wife and I purchased all new Kenmore elite kitchen appliances two years ago. Since day one we have had nothing but trouble with the appliances. This includes refrigerator, range top, range vent, microwave, and dishwasher. the dishwasher was the first thing to go bad. from the second it was plugged in, it did not work. it appeared Sears had sold us a demo dishwasher as a new one. The motherboard was defective and it was delivered with the power cord attached. The problem with this is the fact new ones do not come with a power cord, and are intended to be hard wired. When confronted, they quickly replaced it.

After being replaced, it wasn't long before, you guessed it, this one broke down and again I was running the gauntlet with Sears to get it repaired. Not long after this the refrigerator stopped functioning properly. Luckily, it was under warranty and I did not have to pay the 800.00 dollar bill. Soon after this, the main heating element in the oven simply burned into two pieces. It was like pulling teeth to get this fixed.

After extensive calling, Sears came around to getting it fixed. Again, this was under warranty. It doesn't stop here. Now my appliances are out of warranty and everything is falling apart. The oven door hinge has fallen off and the oven is displaying an F10 code. The company will do nothing to help and this problem will require a 2-4 hundred dollar fix. It gets better, the range vent is electronic and submerges and emerges from behind the range once turned on. When one pushes the button to turn it on, it comes on and goes up and down continuously, and not working at all of course.

In case you are wondering or considering buying Kenmore elite products, consider this. My wife and I are older, we do not have children at home, are seldom home to use the appliances and are particular about caring for our belongings. To cap this situation off, Kenmore corporation as well as Sears will do nothing to help in this, and couldn't care less. Beware, Kenmore is junk and is the worst of the worst in appliances. Sears is the distributor, who seems to accept and emulate Kenmore's shyster like business practice.

Master Protection Plan - Shipment of Defective Parts, Inability to Repair Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA -- My husband and I have a Master Protection Plan for all of our Sears appliances since 1983. Recently we decided to request service for some of the appliances that we were having problems with. The A & E repairman arrived in Nov 2013 and did not fix any of the problems nor did he attempt to fix the problems. He stated that I should fix my appliances. His name was **. I told him that we were having problems with the buttons on the washer and dryer i.e. would remain depressed or stuck. He stated that I should clean it with alcohol. Then I told him that the same thing happened on the refrigerator and he stated that I should use alcohol. So I tried the alcohol.

So the refrigerator started dispensing water and would not stop so my kitchen floor was flooded. I called back so another repairman arrived a week later. Let's say his name was **. ** was unsuccessful in repairing the refrigerator and unbeknownst to my husband and I, ** closed the service log and stated that it was repaired. ** stated that the part was not the correct color and that he would check on it.

He also gave my husband his personal number to call him because he ordered a part that he thought would fix the water problem. So when the part arrived, ** did not answer his phone nor did he return messages left on his voice mail. Finally we called Sears and scheduled another service. We explained to Sears that the part that was ordered - was the wrong part according to **.

So Sears ordered a new part. Another technician came named **. ** arrived without a part. ** has no idea of the service history. So his supervisor asked him to leave our residence. Then ** came out and referred to this part as "cosmetic." After talking with Sears my husband and I were instructed to pay something for this part and we may be reimbursed for this "cosmetic" part. We never wanted a part for cosmetic purposes. I just wanted the repair to stop the defective water leak and ice dispenser leakage.

My husband and I have missed a total of 4 days of work to try to resolve this issue. And to date there is no repair. So what do we do:
1. Continue to call Sears for hours on end
2. Slip and fall and receive a fracture or worse
3. Continue on the same path.
4. Pray that Sears will maintain their end of the service agreement

Fridge, Washer, Stove & Service COMPLAINTS
By -

FLORIDA -- We have a house full of Kenmore products. NEVER will I purchase them again. All have been a problem. I've was a devoted fan for many years. I have a side by side Kenmore fridge, 6 years old. Model #10656532400 series. After only 2-1/2 years the ice maker module broke. Three times I've replaced the same part, all since 2007. Cost is $200+ each time and that's with my husband installing. Water filter has tripled in price since I purchased. Water taste is still poor even though we used to replace 3x per year. We stopped using both the ice maker & dispenser. Installed a used ice maker in the garage freezer that works great. And not a Kenmore either.

Also have a Electric range, glass cooktop model #790.9621.2408. This is only 3.5 years old. Cooktop shattered when it was just 2 years old. It was due to a defect so the tech said. Luckily under warranty at the time, but it still cost me $75 to have them install a new one. Cost to replace the cooktop is over $400. Just last week, the right back burner stopped working. $87 later and no warranty. The bottom of the oven door rusted after only 1.5 years. And that is in a climate controlled house. The left side back burner vent gets so hot it has permanently darkened the paint. Scrubbing only removes the paint.

And now the timer went on my washer, model #100.24732300. Washer is 6 years old. Cost for that part is $113.90 and $15.99 for shipping that will still take a week to get. Cost to ship a part that small is about $5.00. I also just bought a cast aluminum patio set in October 2010. 2 of the swivel chairs have already broken.

I called and emailed Sears three times to return the item. Nobody would help me with the return, all said they would have a manager contact me. Which never happened. BE WARNED, stay away from Sears! I was a Gold Card Member, until I cut it up and returned it to Sears with a letter explaining why. I've never been contacted about my complaints.

Burned a 4th Time by Sears
By -

When will I learn that Sears products are just not what they used to be? After purchasing a gas range, refrigerator, stackable washer and dryer and a dishwasher from them, nothing but headaches from all. Poor customer service regarding timely repair/replacement of the aforementioned appliances. A dangerous, faulty oven door handle that nearly killed my toddler when the entire thing flew apart upon opening the door and the glass slid out onto my child… They had the nerve to nickel and dime me for their death trap of an oven after I repeatedly contacted them telling them the bolts holding the door together were TOO SHORT!!!

The repairman that eventually came admitted the product was dangerous, defective, etc. and didn't bill me even though Sears argued with me and tried to force me to pay it before they would set up the service call. Now the dishwasher... purchased in 2008 no problems. Suddenly the cycles are haywire and it won't come off of heated dry. I dread making a service call to Sears. Product is no longer under warranty and I refused to waste my $$ on the Master Protection Plan since they have run me around nearly every time I've actually needed service on a product.

So so sad that this company seems to have forgotten how to maintain good customer service with its loyal customers. Impossible to talk to a manager or higher-up over the phone until the problem escalates to a screaming match. Rude service on phone, lengthy wait times for service, often with no-shows. My refrigerator was a no-show delivery, then they dropped it off of the truck and banged it all up, hence causing me another 5 days without one. Get it together Sears, I'm not drinking your kool-aid anymore.

Sears Service
By -

ALTOONA, PA -- I cannot believe how Sears service has deteriorated in the last four years. There service used to be excellent, but not anymore. I purchased a refrigerator in 2008 and after 1 year and three months, all three of my slide out shelves cracked in the same spot, not the glass but the plastic holding the glass.

Sears said they would be glad to send me additional shelves at $64.83 each plus shipping. They don't seem to care that there has to be a factory flaw in design, as all of my shelves would not have cracked in the very same place. If this message saves even one person from making the mistake from buying anything from Sears anymore then I feel BETTER. GO TO SAM'S CLUB OR A STORE THAT JUST SELLS NAME BRAND APPLIANCES BUT NOT KENMORE.

Kenmore Made by Amana for Sears
By -

This fridge is only 2.5 years old, it started freezing my eggs and vegetables earlier this year. The repairman says the baffles that regulate cool air flow from freezer to fridge are fully open and that they should be partially closed and fluctuate to regulate temperature in the unit. This is a cost to me to repair as it is no longer under the 1 year warranty.

However it seems to me that this is a defect and not one regular use could have made, just because the defect doesn't show its ugly head for a slightly longer period somehow it's not their defect to repair. I disagree the repair will cost just under 30% of the purchase price. Shame on Amana, Kenmore and Sears. As long as it lasts past the short warranty, but they know it's their defect they should at least replace the part for free… Don't purchase Sears, Kenmore, or Amana fridges.

Kenmore Stove Defective
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- As noticed on M3C, some Kenmore stoves have a dangerous defect in their manufacture. I purchased a Kenmore stove in late 2006. In 2009 the oven door handle came off during use. While attempting to remove baked food from the oven when the temp. was set at F450o, the door handle popped off allowing the door to slam back up with a strong force. It nearly caused a serious injury.

After the oven cooled off, I was able to examine the door and found that the screw securing the handle took only about two turns to tighten. Because of this bad design, there is no warning such as you would get with a loose handle. Additionally, the two handle screws seem to hold all the door components (exterior, interior, insulation, retainer frame and large glass window) together.

Sears's service, Sears salesman and store manager all said that they would only repair "as a service call" and that there would be a service fee. Excuses: Out of warranty, a long-term service contract was not purchased, this problem common after 2 1/2 years of use. They would not accept the "Mfg. defect" reason for my request of a mfg. repair on this product. So there you are. Me, I will no longer purchase Sears products.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

THORNTON, COLORADO -- We purchased a Kenmore elite water heater from Sears 3 years ago. Everything was until it stopped working. It turned out that the Sears installer had installed it with a small leak in the supply line connection, which dripped into the heater and rusted out the tank. Kenmore charged us $75 to send someone out. He said "talk to the store", they said "call the national service line", they transferred us to another service line, they sent us to the "Water Heater Hotline". They told us there was nothing they would do. We just bought a new GE water heater from Home Depot. I understand now why Sears is going to go bankrupt.

Non-Functioning Water & Ice Dispenser
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Rating: 1/51

BOWIE, MARYLAND -- We bought a Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator in July 2011. In March of 2012 the problem started. The water and ice dispenser stopped working. It works for a few days or weeks and stops. I usually find water on my kitchen floor as an indicator. Sears Repair has been to our home 8 times as of today. The tech spent 3 hours at my house last week, still not fixed.

They know that there is an electrical shortage, but they can't find it. It is not working now, they have ordered another part. Sears has REFUSED to replace the refrigerator, they just will continue to "fix" it. We do have warranty protection. I'm so tired of this. When you pay this much for a product you expect it to last longer. I will not buy another product from Sears.

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