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Worst Vehicle and Customer Service From Dealer and Nissan Head Office
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE/ ON -- I purchased a brand new Nissan Rogue back in 2015 because before that I purchased a new 2006 Nissan Murano and we loved the vehicle for its comfort, looks and reliability. This Rogue is a totally different story. The vehicle was pretty good until it reached 42,000KM where I would get a loud squeak noise from the front end every time I hit a bump on the road. I brought it in and they advised both front struts needed to be replaced due to a faulty bearing that sits on the top of the strut (Nissan has a bulletin out for this issue). Both struts from top to bottom were replaced as one piece which resolved the issue.

Now just before I hit my comprehensive (60,000KM) warranty this issue came back. I took it back and they sprayed lubricant on all moving joints in the front end. I commented that this is just a temporary solution and not a fix. I took the vehicle home and the noise was still there. I emailed Nissan head office detailing the repair and no resolution. I took the vehicle back and they determined the stabilizer bushings required replacing. I waited weeks for the parts to come while calling Luis the service adviser for an update on the ETA which he never knew and would never return my calls.

Fed up I called my sales representative Eddie who managed to get the parts in the next day. Once again I took it back and have the bushings replaced which did nothing. And again I took my vehicle back and they advised the strut bearing failed once again (must be a DESIGN FLAW for the second struts to fail just after 17500KM). They supposedly replaced both struts again as a different adviser advised and the work order stated. Noise is still present and the supposedly newly installed struts had rust on them. I don't believe the struts were replaced, but I suspect they just tried shooting a bunch of lubricant on the bearing.

All this time I have been emailing and updating Nissan Canada - Nov. 13 case# **, Nov. 26 case# **, Dec. 13 case# ** and still to this day I haven't heard from them. The dealer can't fix their products and Nissan head office feels they don't need to investigate and find a resolution. I will NEVER deal with Alta Nissan (Woodbridge, ON Canada) or buy another Nissan product, they just aren't built like they used to be and there is no customer support. NEVER BUY NISSAN, buy from a quality company that prides their workmanship and values their customers.

Dislike Crooked People
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Rating: 1/51

COUNCIL B LUFFS, IOWA -- I think that if you run into a crooked dealership or shop it should be taken by the feds of some kind or another. I'm looking for a car to get me back and forth to a new job and I found a pickup and they told me 1500 with about 50 dollars down. So I said, "Great." It's a 1999 S10 Chevy 4 wheel drive new paint. They get me inside and say 14900 and I say that it's not worth more than $4000 even if it had a few dents under the new paint.

They said that I'm deeming. So I take the print out of the pickup which has the VIN number on it and it reads out 7 owner, many fender benders and it was only a 2 wheel drive. Anyway I think that it's a stolen pickup. And I see a lot of car lots like that. And so you really have to be on your toes when you're out there looking for a used or even a new car...

Poor Customer Service and Repair
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HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY -- My 2004 Nissan Titan truck had only 21,360 miles when it lost power suddenly and would not start when I was traveling on the highway. This happened on Sept. 3, 2009. On that date, I had my vehicle towed to the nearest Nissan dealership located at 45 Route 17 South in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. The mechanic diagnosed the problem and I was given a quote immediately of almost $700 and told that the part that needed to be replaced would be ordered since they did not have it in the shop.

I called the dealership's service dept. On a daily basis to find out the status of the repair only to be told that the part had already been ordered and they were waiting for it to ship from the manufacturer.

By the end of the third week, 9/17/09, I was extremely annoyed after having spoken to numerous Nissan representatives, both at the dealership as well as the corporate offices. As of 9/17/09, the Regional Specialist of Consumer Affairs had informed me that the order was "being coordinated" and that I could anticipate my vehicle would not be ready until the beginning of October. It was obvious to me that I was not going to get an honest answer from any of the Nissan representatives.

On 9/22/09, I called Nissan's Regional Specialist of Consumer Affairs for the final time to inform them that I would take legal action against them for failing to provide accurate or even an honest update regarding the repair for my truck. As of this date, Nissan was unable to provide any tracking number or any type of confirmation that the part for my truck was ordered, en route, etc.

On 9/24/09, 3 weeks after my truck was towed to the Nissan Hasbrouck Heights dealership, my truck was finally repaired. The repair amounted to $644.83 which included $184.83 for the elusive part that seemed to be shipped from Japan since it took 3 weeks to obtain the "Intelligent Power Distribution Module/Controller Unit" (FP# 284B7-ZC00A) and labor of $460. The Nissan Service Advisor at the Hasbrouck Heights, NJ dealership informed me that when the part arrived on 9/24/09 the mechanic wasted no time getting my truck repaired first.

In this Nissan Service Advisor's 27 years of experience working for Nissan the 3 week delay "makes no difference to them [Nissan] if you threaten to take legal action since most people don't understand that because that all of Nissan's parts come from different manufacturers, the manufacturer would have to accept the billback for a defective part and the manufacturer is in no rush to accept responsibility for payment of a defective part they manufacture... when a customer has the vehicle under warranty, the customer does not need to pay anything... but obviously the manucturer has to incur the cost to replace the defective part they manufactured."

I was never reimbursed for rental car costs nor did Nissan ever offer to loan a vehicle during the 3 week waiting period despite my daily phone calls. Despite the fact my warranty had expired long since I purchased my truck in 2004 and I was paying in full for the part. Nissan and/or their manufacturer took their sweet time to ship the part so that my truck could be repaired. I no longer consider Nissan to be a reputable company nor would I ever recommend their vehicles to anyone after this experience.

My replaced part's warranty is for 12 months or 12,000 miles. After this experience, I am not going to consider another Nissan vehicle in the future. To make matters worse, when I finally arrived at my home and I was checking the truck, I noticed that a $100 pair of sunglasses I had in the truck were stolen along with 2 of my police shields. Poor customer relations, lousy communication, and dishonest employees. Nissan should reconsider their business practices if they wish to keep their reputation positive.

Rip Off And No Loyalty To Customers
By -

I went in for service on my 1999 Nissan Altima on Friday May 29, 2009 and got an oil change, wheel alignment and a new tire. Some of the other things listed on the repair order would have been done at a later date. The cost for services was $315.23. On June 2, 2009 I noticed my battery light and brake light were on. My car was also making a funny noise. Since I had just been in the service department on Friday I decided to return to check out the problem.

When I arrived I spoke to ** and asked him if he charged to check my battery out. He said yes $149.95. I asked “if it is the battery, can I use the $149.95 towards a new battery”, which he quoted me as $169.95. He said yes I would just have to pay the $20.00 difference. I also asked “if there is nothing wrong do I have to pay?” He said, “No I wouldn't charge if there isn't anything wrong.” After I heard this I decided to have them check out the problem. ** called me back after about 20 minutes of waiting and said it was the alternator and some type of belt and it would cost $800.00. I told him I didn't have $800.00. I was under the impression that it was the battery.

He still wanted to charge me $149.95 for services not rendered and when I asked can I purchase just a battery and I would carry it in my car he said he would not offset the price of the battery for $149.95 diagnostic test. So basically I am out of $149.75. I asked to speak to the manager because the service manager was out. I was then referred to the general manager, who did not seem at all interested in my issue and in fact told me to tell ** to call him instead of getting up from his office and going to speak to ** himself. He never resolved anything. I called the Hillside police and since this was a civil issue they could not do anything. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated.

I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. This was my first time at the Hillside dealership. I normally service my car at the Bloomfield service department but because I am now a resident of Hillside, I had expected the same quality of service from the Hillside service station. I trusted my mechanic would guide me in the right direction and clarify information before taking my money. My car is now 10 years old and I know that in about two years I will certainly need to buy a new car. My next purchase would have been the Nissan Murano which I have been window shopping for the past two years.

Because of the disregard for a long lasting customer I WILL NOT consider a Nissan in my lifetime. The service that I receive after a purchase is more important than the initial purchase of the vehicle. Most customers tend to stay in the same brand especially if they have never had any trouble with the cars or service they have previously purchased or received.

I am young and I can almost certainly guarantee that I will be purchasing about 5 or more new vehicles in my life span. Acura MDX or the Honda Accord or CRV looks like a better choice especially since they stand by their customers, service and their product. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.

Glendale Nissan Service Center - Nearly Fraudulent
By -

LOS ANGELES -- I went to Nissan Glendale In California today with two goals, to have my car fixed for several issues and to purchase a Versa from Glendale Nissan, where I had purchased my New 2003 Nissan Murano in cash. The experience I had at this dealership has led me to a radical reassessment both goals. When arriving at 8 am this morning, I spoke with, let's call him **. I explained to him that I had limited time and that I would be near the dealership until 10:30 am, at which time I would call to find out what the status of the car was. I also mentioned that I would need to rent a car by 11 am in order to keep other commitments and appointments.

I then mentioned that there was a rattle I had in my car, for which I had come in twice before. The last time I was told that this model of Nissan had an inherent issue with rattling. But the rattle had gotten worse and worse, so I brought it in this third time and I said that I would not want to pay for a problem that had not been addressed properly the first two times I came in. I also reported that the sunroof was not working and that there was creaking in the car when it was turned on and when the gas was applied.

I was shuttled to a nearby shopping center where I made time until 10:30, at which time I called. ** did not pick up, his answering mailbox did. I called a second time at 11, he did not answer. He called back at 11:20 with not as much as an apology. My schedule was shot. “I was in a meeting” was his answer. “What happened to my request to know the status of my car by 10:30 am?” His answer was that he did not know anything yet. That is not the answer why he could not pick up his phone, honor my clear request to at least get a progress report by 10:30 am. This was completely ignored. He could not have cared less about my request or schedule.

Meanwhile I called for shuttle service at 10:30 am, they said it would be 20 minutes. At 11:00 am I started walking back to the dealership. 11:30 now and I walked into the dealership. **, still completely unapologetic and defiant said that the rattle was caused by Front Axles and loose struts, which he quoted over two thousand dollars for repairs. He guaranteed that this would fix the problem. I asked, again, how is it that now this is the new diagnoses and expense when the previous two times they pointed to other causes and charged me for those.

Now the rattle never fully went away, it only got better for a small amount of each time and then progressively worse. Now I don't claim to know what struts and or axles are but he was very clear that these would fix it. He also stated that it was my ‘opinion' that this rattle was the same as before. So you heard the rattle? I asked, the car was taken out? He said that, no it had not! At this point I asked for the manager, which ** was very much against but I insisted. I was shown to, let's call him **, who proceeded to in his words handle ‘two egos butting heads'. He said he would be acting as the ‘mediator'. I resented this representation of the situation.

** was arrogant, completely unprofessional and completely dismissive of my time restriction needs. This was not about egos, this is not an equaniminous relationship. He works in a service industry, his role is inherent in the title. I, at no time was being unreasonable, I simply had asked for consideration. He did not provide service, period. The Manager, annoyed at my questioning of their mode of operations, at one point said, “we are the experts, you have to trust us,” I said that as “experts” they are held to a higher standard and if they are experts where is the expert assessment?

This ** quoted fixes for a problem that was not even assessed by taking the vehicle out and then defiantly questioning whether it was the same rattle as the two times before. Mr. ** then explained that he was there to work things out, like when a marriage needs an outside voice. I asked him to quit making comparisons to a meeting of equals. He needs to tell his employees to provide the least modicum of service and not blame the customer for misconduct.

I could go on about **'s questioning the two previous times I had come in for the same rattle. I then described the location, the service rep, his name and the fact that he had a moustache which he no longer had. This was the man that had helped me. ** was silent. He realized that I had very clear and obvious knowledge memory of my prior visits. He could not dispute this any longer. He then found the paperwork I had alluded to. No apology for the insinuation of dishonesty. But when you are dishonest all the time, you must assume everyone else is too.

Thus he completely divorced himself from the situation, taking no responsibility for neither his demeanor nor his lack of professionalism - by quoting without justification. Mr. ** finally copped to the fact that this **x has a “macho attitude.” This, however, did not address the quote for a problem that had not even been determined to exist. I asked that a mechanic drive the car with me in it. ** came out and we drove the car. He promptly heard the rattle and determined that it was a simple matter of stretching out a break cable. He did the work in 15 minutes or so.

Meanwhile I got a quote for other problems the car was determined to have, including **x's initial accounting of the struts and axle needing thousands of dollars worth of work. I questioned that if the problem was simply stretching of a cable and the noise is not there anymore why is it that I purportedly still need this other work? He had no logical answer for that. The quote **x gave me was in a separate blank piece of paper and amounted to $3,900 and change for everything, including the work that had originally been attested to the rattle problem.

He said that the sunroof was from a weak motor and for $806 dollars that would be replaced. I explained that the motor is working but that the mechanism is faulty, could it be sensors? He explained that had to do with electronics, I asked what that had to do with the motor and so then why have to change the motor? – He had no logical answer. I asked for him to copy the quote.

Upon receiving the official Nissan estimate, the quotes for the work were a total of a little over $1,000, not $3,900. Since this was the official Nissan estimate, magically the quote became “reasonable”. I showed Mr. ** this and his answer was, “then yeah, I guess we'll honor the quotes on the estimate”. I said, “how do you reconcile what was quoted to me in a separate piece of paper versus this official quote?” He said he didn't know, but offered no desire or interest to investigate.

Very clever that **x quoted this incredibly inflated price in a blank piece of paper and then redacted by nearly 4 times less in the official quote. That ** was not alarmed by this in the least is incredibly telling. I find it unconscionable that representatives of Nissan, and one of the largest dealerships of your product would have the audacity to act in this manner. One thing is the nasty, defiant, completely inconsiderate and juvenile behavior of **x, but the other is his inflating prices by nearly 4 times in one piece of paper for now questionably necessary work and then quoting completely other prices on the official Nissan document.

The kicker is the Service Director's **'s dismissal of this discrepancy, obviously pointing to the fact that this is a common practice. And since at this point it is my word against **'s, I have a distinct feeling that nothing will be done. What kind of a dealership is this? If you do not take action, what kind of a company are you? From this defiant behavior not only did you lose this scandalous original quote of $3,900 for questionably necessary work, but you have lost the sale of a Versa for the first of my sons reaching driving age.

Who knows how many more cars you have now kept from selling given the future needs of my three other children and my desire to WARN all of my friends about this kind of fraudulent behavior? The brashness and easy dismissal of all of these facts brought up to the two men named herein makes me wonder how many people they have quoted ridiculous prices to and gotten away with it, how many have been recommended work that was not necessary? I will make an educated guess that these two men have their salaries based on how much work they bill per month.

This is not about hiking up prices, this is not just gouging. This is fraud. You have lost a customer for life, with me, my family and my children's. Horrified by this behavior.

CT Nissan Dealers
By -

HARTFORD AND MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I own a 2007 Nissan Versa. I don't want to complain about the car but I have serious questions about Nissan Dealer Service Departments. In February I noticed a tail light had burnt out. I read my manual to find out what replacement bulb to buy. No answer. The clerk at Autozone helped me & even came out to look at the setup since I could not find info in the manual or on the net. He said I would need a special tool to remove the whole assembly.

I went to DeComier Nissan in Manchester who told me it would take over an hour to replace the bulb and the per hour cost was $86! I thanked him & left. I called Bolton Collision & I was told to come out. I would have gladly pay them $100 just on principle. It took them 10 minutes & did not charge me. These were NOT Nissan trained mechanics.

Today I decided to go to Harte Nissan in Hartford where I purchased the car. I have free lifetime oil changes there. The service department was very nice. The clerk had me sit at a desk while he checked something. I turned around after a couple minutes & he had my hood opened & had some kind of machine hooked up to my engine that printed out a little receipt. As he approached me I said, what's the bad news? He said nothing was wrong, just that I had over 45K miles on my car.

Then he looked over my records & said I hadn't had an oil change for a long time, and that I hadn't even had a 30K mile check up. I smiled & said I knew, I just wanted an oil change. Then he said there was a recall - I should have that taken care of today. I explained I knew that would take over an hour & I couldn't commit to that this afternoon, I would come back later or drop my car off some evening & leave it for the day. Then he told me an oil change would take over an hour. Stunned, I said I'd come back later for the oil change.

He started shaking his head and mournfully told me how he didn't want me to ruin my car, how he could get me a really, really good deal. I said thanks but no thanks. He mentioned he was salaried and would not benefit if I had the work done. (why did he even go there?) Then he told me he could drop me some place since I didn't have much time. I still said no thanks. Then he said the test (remember-nothing was wrong?) showed my battery was bad-very bad. At this point I stood up. Then he said you don't have a warranty. I assured him I'd known my warranty had expired some time ago.

His final threat? Since I wasn't getting an oil change & maintenance I would void the warranty on my power train. I went to Economy Oil Change in Manchester & got an oil change in 10 minutes. I wished it had taken longer since they have free snacks & drinks. If I can find non-Nissan trained mechanics to quickly work on my car, why would I go to a dealer? This is the third new Nissan I have bought since 2001 and it will be my last.

Also, when I found out about the free lifetime oil changes I was elated. I soon realized that it gave Nissan an opportunity to have me come to the dealership four times a year to try to sell me other services or even a new car. Genius!

Poor Quality Not Honored
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Rating: 2/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I purchased a one-owner Infiniti FX35 with about 60,000 miles and the dashboard started developing bubbles which in time have got progressively worse. I called the Infinity dealership shortly after the purchase and questioned them about the problem. Since I had found online that many had the same issue I didn't expect much. I was told by both the dealership and Nissan/Infiniti corp. that there was nothing being done about the issue. The problem is now so bad that the first thing anyone says when getting into my car is "What happened to your dash?"

When I googled recently about the cost to repair the dash I noticed that there is now an extension to the warranty that will repair the dash. Called (Jan. 2013) and yes it was extended, but no, my extension had expired (May 2012). I would think it would have been good customer service, and not at all hard to do, for the dealership to notify all their "loyal" customers affected by the issue. When I questioned the dealership and corporate I got conflicting responses from "since it is not a recall there was no notification made," to "there was a letter sent out which may have been sent to the original owner."

Both seemed more concerned with my service information and how often I brought my car into the dealership for maintenance. I had work done to the car a few months after purchasing the car about $800 in repairs, and was told additional work was needed (about another $400). That turned out not to be necessary. Also when they called about the work being done, I mentioned that there was a rattle under the car that sounds like something was loose if they could check that out. I was told it was an additional $75 to check that.

That rubbed me the wrong way since I just paid $20,000 for the car and within a few months it is in the dealership needing about $1,000 repairs. I also brought it in again recently because it seemed nobody else was able to replace the battery. I did get general oil changers, brakes and general maintenance elsewhere. That seems to be an issue with them. Anyway, I asked that since I questioned that problem twice before any extension was issued and then was never notified once an extension was issued, where I was at fault for not being aware that an extension time. I was told I did nothing wrong but there is nothing that would be done for me.

It seems like the Nissan/Infiniti took ownership with the dashboard problem, but not too proactive in putting the word out and seems like if there are still problems the issue would still be a result of poor workmanship or inadequate materials. Read the posts, this is very widespread! I am a loyal customer and would like to be treated the same in return.

Didn't Receive Notification That My Account Was Handed To 3rd Party Collector.
By -

I am very disappointed by the non-action of Nissan. I co-signed a loan and the payments were being made by the primary account holder. The primary account holder made a payment every month, some on time and some late that I am aware of. I rarely received a call from Nissan demanding payment since the primary account holder was making payments. In the month of September 2009 I made two payments totaling over 600 dollars. The account at that point was up to date. The primary account holder was going to make the final two payments to the account to pay it off early.

Let's just say the remaining amount of the loan is under 600 dollars. Nissan did not contact me by telephone or by letter nor did they contact the primary account holder who I co-signed with that they are sending our account to a collection agency for the remaining amount. So I get a call at my work demanding payment for the remaining amount from the collection agency. I told them on the phone that I don't have the money and that I cleaned out my savings to make the last payments 2 weeks ago. They did not care, they demanded the last amount.

I told them on the phone that I don't know who they are and why they are calling me. They told me that Nissan handed our account to them and I told them why because the account is current and that Nissan never notified me of this action on our account. They told us that we must have broken some type of agreement with Nissan. I didn't understand so I ended up calling Nissan. I couldn't get any logical reason why they didn't tell us by letter or phone call that they are no longer handling our loan.

So basically my complaint about Nissan is the non-action of not receiving any kind of correspondence that our loan was handed over to another company I never heard of. I was shocked by the call I received and I just don't blindly trust somebody I have never worked with directly. I did not give that new company any money and I will not until I receive something in writing from them. I am disappointed in Nissan for not advising me about the actions they took with my account. For this I will never purchase a car from them again, even with cash.

The primary account holder on our loan was paid every month and I even made some payments to the account. So, I will never do business with the company again. There is no point for me to as I am just very disappointed. It feels pretty crappy being caught off guard with zero warning. Customer Service is very important these days, especially with the current state of the economy.

A pregnant woman is ripped off and ROBBED!
By -

TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- Everything started when I received a recall letter that said that a model and a year of my car has a defective filling tube that can start leaking or even cause this car to blow up. It said I should go to any dealership to get it fixed for free. Went to this dealership on route 46, Totowa, NJ for service. They fixed it, I took the car home and barely made it to my street - the car broke and wouldn't start. My father is an expert mechanic, he checked the battery and also checked if there was a spark. Everything was normal. Then he poured some gas directly into the engine and the car started. So, he said that fuel just wasn't getting to the engine because of what they did while "fixing" my car.

I paid to have it towed back to them. It surely took them several days to start working on it, and when they called me back to inform me of the problem they said that there is just NO SPARK! Anyway, I needed the car ASAP so, I decided to go ahead and just fix it. They charged me over $700. When I went to pick up the car I found some of my things missing! They STOLE several things like anti-radar & $300 worth of tools from the trunk which is very important for every driver to have. I called the police and the officer said that for the past 15 yrs., this has been happening pretty often at this particular dealership.

I am pregnant (in my 9th month), on maternity leave and I'm due any week now! Obviously money is a big deal to me. I do not have a baby crib or even a bassinet. Now, because of this big expense I just had I won't have a bed for my little one, I cannot afford it! I get an impression that they do it on purpose to make money. So, if you get a recall letter DO NOT GO TO DEALERSHIP! They will find a way to fool you and make money off of you. They will make any small problem a big one! People BEWARE!

Scam Artists!
By -

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- On 3/14/09 I visited Nissan of Garden City in order to purchase a car. I met with a sales person named **. After taking my application, he informed me that he would get me approved for a 2007 black Nissan Murano at a cost of $14000. As part of the agreement he agreed to pay the remainder of my existing car note for my 2000 Toyota Sienna at $6298.00, which was a huge incentive. He said it would take 10-14 days to be approved because this was a "special arrangement".

On 3/26/09 I called ** to explain that I needed to continue to make payments on my Toyota Sienna. He apologized for the inconvenience and said that he would make 2 payments totaling $1006 with "voucher money" from the dealership. He asked for my bank account number so he could transfer the voucher money into my account, allowing me to pay my current car note. I later found out that this transfer was deducted from my down-payment, in violation of our agreement.

On 4/2/09, I told ** that I refused to wait any longer and that I wanted a refund. He reassured me that I could pick up the new car on Thursday, 4/9/09. However, on 4/9/09 when I called ** to arrange for pickup of the new car, he stalled. I did not hear from ** at all that day, although I tried contacting him repeatedly. The next morning I finally spoke to him and requested a refund again; he then transferred all but $50 back into my account. I later called Nissan of Garden City to make a formal complaint and get the $50 refunded. However, I was told that no one was available and that the sales manager would return my call. I have not received any call to date, nor have I received the $50 I am owed.

I would like my refund of $50, as well as to lodge a formal complaint regarding the business practices of the sales staff at Nissan of Garden City. I am also concerned about the exposure of my personal and confidential financial information unnecessarily and would like some recourse taken as to the security of my information.

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