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Missing Accessory in New Car - Poor After Sales Customer Service
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- We purchased a Nissan Cube 2009 from Kings Nissan in Brooklyn NY on Feb 15, 2010. We had a good experience at the buying process, but not the follow-up on a missing accessory part during detailing. Initially, we were shopping around for a 2010 Cube with certain specifics in mind. We visited Kings Nissan in the end of January and spoke with the salesman. He was pretty nice and seemed quite honest when speaking to us. He followed up with us on the phone consistently for two weeks saying he can beat the other competitions.

We went back on Feb 13, Saturday and sat down for the talk. It went pretty smoothly. He was exceptionally friendly talking with us; he gave his absolute attention to us and really seemed to work for us at the day of sale. He made us felt comfortable when selling the vehicle to us. He ran back and forth between his manager and us to discuss the cost.

I felt he did make an effort to sell us that car. However, when asking about certain details, he'd plead ignorance because he's new to the job. When he pulled out a blank order bill, there were two extra charges in addition to the Destination fee. These were DOC and PREP fee, each cost $299. I understand destination fee is mandatory and know that there may be document or preparation fee, but in other dealers I went to, they are combined and charged around $150, not a total of $600!

They didn't have the first choice of color but has our second choice of color; it was a 2009 S model with Cargo Area Organizer, shag, bungees, and the Ginormous package which includes: Aero kit, custom grille, Chrome front fascia accent, Hood molding accent, 20-color interior accent lighting, Illuminated kick plates, Interior trim appliques, and Cargo area protector.

The salesperson did the detailing, got inspection done, license plate installed, EXCEPT the Interior Trim Appliques which was missing, which costs $210. There were other minor things missing too like one bungee from a pack of eight was missing, and a pop-in piece that covers the screw inside a rear cup holder. I found out about the bungee and cup holder cover later, but on the day of picking up the car, they acknowledged the missing Interior Trim Appliques. They didn't offer to discount these missing accessories from our cost, but promised to order them for us in a week.

This was when the pleasant experience turned sour. We purchased this on Feb 15, now 2 months past, and we have yet to receive that order he promised. He promised week after week that he's working for me, but his work for me produced no result after the car is out of the dealership. Here's the timeline on each Saturday I called after we purchased the car on 2/15.

2/20: He promised to call me back either next day or next week but he'd lost his fervent way of calling us like the way before we bought that car. 2/27: First he said it's not here yet, second week he said his manager claimed they were actually not included for that vehicle, but I said it was listed on the window sticker with its vin number, so he can't refute.

3/6: The next week he said his manager agrees that it's included and would make the order but would take a week. 3/13: Still nothing the week after and he blamed the service department, which by the way I read some terrible reviews about their servicing. 3/20: Then he said he was out sick one week almost with influenza which I learned from his colleague that he was only out on Friday, not the whole week as he said.

3/27: Another week passed and said it's being discontinued! I told them that even if they have to order after-market it would have arrived already. I even provided a website he can order from which would cost cheaper than its original cost, but he said it has to come from its service department which he claims he doesn't know where it's coming from.

4/3: Then he said due to the Easter holiday, the order will be delay again! 4/10: The week after, he said his manager is in the hospital when I request to have my money back for that part. He spoke with the general sales manager who will not claim responsibility for the order made. He asked me to call again next week when his manager is out of hospital. 4/17: His manager is not out yet, and he finally said it out of his hands and I would need to speak with his manager personally if I want my money part for that part.

Just to note, all these conversations were spoken courteously and candidly, without attitudes from the sale-person, even when I made a complaint he said to put it on his name and not his manager's name. He and his manager are either playing good guy/bad guy or his manager really wants him to fail and get a bad review on this sale. But I won't go back to this dealership if I ever want another Nissan again. They lose a potential returning customer on a $210 product they promised but failed to deliver.

Great Car, Rotten Paint Job!
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I very recently leased a new 2009 Nissan Cube. Love the car and the pretty color, scarlet red. However, the paint scratches at the drop of a hat, literally. I have had the car since April 2010 and it is covered in scratches. A leaf on a tree rubbed against it and scratched the paint to the primer. I rubbed some gum off of the paint that had spattered on it from the road and the rub marks stayed in the paint.

I gently buffed the paint with a product - I have to remove the scratches but no luck. I am worried that by the time my lease is up, this car will look like it has been through the wars. The front end of the car is covered with pits from whatever hits it when just driving normally. I contacted Nissan's complaint department, no response. I will actually be taking it to the dealer to complain and see what kind of response I get from them. The dealer had made note of some scratches upon delivery of the vehicle that they said they would fix. Had I known that this would be a precursor of things to come I seriously would not have taken delivery of the car!

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