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Always Have a Problem
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I used to have zero problems in the past ordering my contacts from the website, although the last few years it seems to be getting worse. First of all, they don't keep your prescription on file, which is dumb to me. Even when I click "reorder contacts" I have to put in my prescription and then submit my physical prescription again. I understand that contact prescriptions need to be updated yearly, but when I'm buying contacts multiple times a year and refilling the same prescription, it's a little frustrating. Especially this time around, when I accidentally put in the wrong prescription, which I didn't realize at the time.

I ordered my contacts on 11/30, and was NEVER contacted by anyone that my prescription had been entered incorrectly. They literally just let my order sit there for 2 full weeks before I called trying to find where my contacts were. Turns out they had contacted my doctor and they had been informed that my prescription was incorrect.

Why in the world wouldn't they then just contact me afterwards and confirm the change? Or better yet, just change it and send me my contacts? Thank goodness the customer service representative I talked to was helpful. She sent me an email requesting my prescription and said that they would overnight my contacts. I've been in glasses for events this holiday season I'd rather be in contacts for. I think I might try ordering contacts from somewhere else this next time around. I'm tired of playing this game with Target Optical.

TV Power Cord
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Rating: 1/51

TURLOCK, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Vizio LCD 42" TV in February 2013 and specifically asked the clerk (whose name was **) if the cord and everything was in the plastic bag where the manual and remote was. He told me "yes". Well we got it home (in Merced) where I live and put it in the bedroom and left it in the plastic they had wrapped it in until March 29th. DirecTV came out this day to hook it up for us. Well I naturally thought the power cord was in the bag because the clerk had said it was so I didn't think to look when we got the TV home in Merced. Well DirecTV proceeded to tell us when they were hooking it up that there was no power cord, but they could hook everything else up.

So I drove back to Turlock Target with the receipt and spoke to the same clerk that had sold us the TV and explained to him that there was no cord in the bag, well he looked at the receipt and said "well this was way back in Feb." I proceeded to tell him that the TV had not been hooked up till now because we were waiting for a tech to come hook up for us. Well he said he didn't think he had a cord for our TV, so I pointed to another Vizio 42 inch TV I seen in the box and asked him why couldn't he take the one out of that box, he said he couldn't do that because all the cords were different.

So he walked over to the computer area to look at the universal laptop cords and so I asked him if I was going to have to pay for it and he told me yes. I was livid I told him that I wasn't purchasing something I had already paid for. Well they didn't have any cords naturally so he said that he thought maybe Radio Shack had the cord I needed, and I again told him that I wasn't rebuying a cord I had already paid for, that he didn't know what to tell me.

That if I could go home and take a picture of the opening of the cord that was plugged into the TV that he might be able to find one that there was about six different cords and I told him how could that be for the same brand TV, and why couldn't he look it up on the computer then. He said he couldn't. I said, "you mean to tell me that I have to drive back all the way to Merced and then drive back?!" He said he didn't know what else to tell me. I was not happy.

I was very upset and told him thanks for nothing. He even called the dept. manager and he was not a help either. They pretty much made me feel like 'well you bought it already so we're done with you.' They didn't take responsibility for their actions and didn't seem to care. So I had to keep my fingers crossed when they came across a cord they thought might fit from a picture I took. The customer service was very aggravating and I will never buy another electronic anything in that store again. The clerk even asked me if the tech for DirecTV had an extra cord and I flipped, and told him maybe if the tech sold TVs.

Racial Profiling
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Rating: 1/51

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- My wife shops in this store and has for over 2 years now, although I don't know why, with how she has been treated. She is Latina and every time she goes into the store there is at least one employee who seems to look her over, like she is thinking about stealing something. When she first brought it to my attention, I thought she was being somewhat sensitive. However about a year ago, I came into the store unbeknownst to my wife and I watched one of the Asset Protection people, a rather tall large women follow her around the store. The AP passed white shoppers, but seem to linger at other Hispanic customers in the store.

I was so appalled at the behavior I asked to speak to the manager. A woman came over and I explained I had just watched the AP follow my wife and others, but saw no suspicious behavior on their part, but for the mere fact they were Hispanic. I explained I watched a young white man dressed in an oversized coat hanging out in the electronics section and witnessed him pocket something, but the AP was too focused on the Hispanics in the store to even notice.

She said she would address the concern with the AP although I never saw her call the AP over. My wife continued shopping and after a time, that the AP did not appear to be working there anymore, but was replaced by another younger man.

In the last several months, my wife has gone on in different occasions and has been followed into the restroom by employees. The last of which was the fitting room attendant who entered the stall next to her, but never used the toilet. Upon finishing her business and washing her hands, the Target attendant came out. My wife asked her why she was following her, but the employee said she was not, and walked out of the restroom. Evidently she didn't bother to read the sign that states "Employees are required to wash their hands before returning to work."

Disturbed by this incident I tried to make a complaint by calling the guest services phone number only to be referred to another number, which only allowed me to leave a voice mail. I received an canned response of "I'm making your concerns available to the regional and district offices to ensure that Target team member training sufficiently addresses the issues you raised."

Shopping again yesterday, my wife felt as though she was being followed by the AP again. She texted me distraught, so I told her take his picture. The AP passed, she called him by the name on his tag, **. He didn't like this at all. He told her it was illegal for her to take his photo. She told him that she took it to report him for following her. He then told her that she was going to have to leave the store. She asked why, she hadn't done anything wrong.

She then called me to report what was going on. I could hear him ask who she was calling. "My husband". She told me she took the picture as I had suggested because she was tired of being profiled and followed, to which the AP says "You want I call the cops?" She asked for what reason, she didn't do anything wrong. He again asked if she wanted to call the cops. I guess he was trying to intimidate her by doing so, but she told him "go ahead! Don't worry I'll call the cops."

I told her I was already on my way to pick her up and just to meet me outside. She came outside but the AP was nowhere to be found. He obviously didn't call the cops or they had more important things to do, like fighting real crime.

I called guest services again asking to speak to a district manager, was told by corporate guest services that district managers don't take calls from customers, oh really? I've worked in retail and it's been my experience that part of their job duties are to take care of customer issues. I was told to expect a phone call from the AP "team leader" in the next 72 hours.

I received a call from a woman who then began to tell me that the employees including the AP at the store are afraid of my wife, because she has "accosted" them on the sales floor and in the bathroom. My wife is a petite woman all of 5'3" and these people are afraid of her? I said my wife confronted employees who have followed her, and it's a result of the employees continued behavior. The woman said that my wife followed the employees into the bathroom to confront them and that my wife's view of the events are distorted.

I said this has been going on over 2 years, I had witnessed the woman AP last year follow her and other Hispanics and even made a complaint to the manager. She said that they had no such woman there, but then later said she had only been there 6 months but her knowledge of the situation is that my wife has been causing the problems. I guess the problem is she is Hispanic. This "team leader" said she had the backing of the corporate office to inform us that if my wife engages with any of the employees again, that she will be "trespassed" from the store. Great Customer Service!

Deceptive and Fraudulent Sales - Corporate Doesn't Care
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I am writing to inform you about the deceptive business practices which Target employees are practicing to sell extended warranties to customers. Unfortunately I was a victim of their unscrupulous practices. Let me begin by saying that I am a single mother, raising 3 children on my own. My eldest son has Autism. I was looking to purchase an Ipad for him to help with his communication and social skills. Other than price, my main concern when purchasing an Ipad was a replacement plan. Since my son would be using this on a daily basis, it would need to be replaced quickly if something should happen to it, so as not to upset his routine.

On June 1, 2011, I had taken my son to the neurologist in Pensacola, FL and we had spoken about the benefits of Ipads with Autistic individuals, and I decided that it really would be a benefit for my son. After the doctor's appointment, I took my children to the Target that was located right down the road from the medical office. The sales associate in electronics was a young man and he seemed very pleasant and eager to help me with my purchase. I told him the reason I wanted an Ipad, what I was looking for, and asked him specifically about warranties and replacement plans.

The employee told me that for an additional fee, Target offered their replacement plan on electronics, and if something should happen to the Ipad I would call the 800 number, and then they would send me a package to return the Ipad to them, upon receipt of the Ipad they would mail me a gift card for the original amount I paid for the item and I could return to a Target store and purchase a new Ipad (I told him that I knew Best Buy had a replacement plan available where I could take a broken Ipad in and exchange it for a new one.).

I asked to see the plan, and he handed me a small packet for a 2 yr replacement plan. I opened up the packet, and read indeed that it did say 'replacement'. When the salesperson rang up my purchase, the first time he tried to scan the plan, it wouldn't take it. He tried it a couple of times and then called for assistance. Another associate came over, and told him that the plans were based on value of the product, so there was a separate card for tablets, laptops, etc. and got him the 'correct' one. This time it scanned in fine.

I was a little concerned that the price of the plan was $119.99 in addition to the $699.99 I had paid for the item itself, but the associate assured me that if anything happened it really was a good investment and I could send the broken item back, get a gift card and buy a brand new Ipad. Besides, if I was going to be investing in this for my son, I really need the assurance of quick replacement if something should happen. I paid for my purchase, put the receipt and service plan in the Ipad box and was anxious to get my son started on his Ipad.

Unfortunately last month the Ipad screen was broken. I was upset that my son's Ipad was broken but very glad that I had purchased the replacement plan at the time. So, on December 28, 2012 I went online to the internet address listed on the plan packet and filled out all of the information about the damage to send the broken Ipad back and expedite the product return and replacement. A little while later I received an email from Warranty Logistics stating that they would send me labels and packaging to ship the item back and then it would be another 4-5 days for typical repairs but they would call me if it would be longer.

I immediately called the company and told them that this was not what the employee had sold me. I definitely asked if it was a replacement plan and the Target employee assured me it was, I even checked the packet before purchasing (not remembering that he actually had to ‘switch' to the 'correct' replacement plan to scan it). The service representative at Warranty Logistics told me that they do not offer ANY replacement plans on the Ipads.

I was informed that they would repair it, they didn't know how long it would take and that was all that they would do. My problem is I NEVER would have purchased a repair plan! I do not want it repaired. I want it replaced, which is what I thought I was buying before the employee pulled the 'bait and switch' sales tactic.

I was FURIOUS, and I still am. This is NOT what I was told I was purchasing. Target employees are intentionally deceiving customers and essentially stealing from them; they are taking money and offering a product which does not exist and are substituting a repair plan for a replacement plan at a ridiculous cost. I NEVER would have purchased this item from Target. I would most certainly have purchased the Ipad and replacement plan from Best Buy (located nearly across the street) if the sales person has not deceived me!

I have made several calls to my local Target Store, to the Warranty Center and to Target Customer Service 800#. My son is very upset about his Ipad being broken and I am getting no help from anyone at Target who is willing to do the honorable thing and provide honest service.

Just this morning I have called three local Target stores and spoke to sales associates in the Electronics Department to inquire about purchasing an Ipad and a replacement plan. Two of the three associates I spoke with offered me the $119.99 Replacement plan and told me that if something happened, you just call the 800#, return the item and they send you a gift card.

I am documenting the associated names, times I called and store locations. Target employees are offering this plan which according to the Warranty Logistics does not exist, and are selling an inferior service plan under false pretenses to unsuspecting consumers! Something needs to be done about this.

I just finished speaking with **, The Supervisor of Target Guest Services in the Minneapolis headquarters who informed me that apparently there is a lack of training with their employees. However, he has no intention of doing anything to correct my situation. He does not feel Target has any obligation to correct the deception of their employees. Buyer Beware because Target does not train their associates and they can say what they want and do what they want and as long as Target has your money, too bad for you!

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I received a gift card for a qualifying purchase on Thanksgiving night of this year. The sales clerk that gave me the card couldn't tell me how much it was for. I called the # on the back of the card and was told it was worth $40. I went to redeem it a few weeks later and was told by the checkout clerk that it had a $0 balance. They gave me the # to their customer service call center. I called and checked online. Online I was shown only that the card had been redeemed at full value, I had not used it and no one else had access to it.

When I called the first time I got someone who spoke poorly broken English and was no help at all, couldn't grasp what I was trying to tell him. I called back and got a different person, after checking with her supervisor, she said it should have $40 on it and to go back to the store and tell them (1 hour on the phone with between the 2 calls).

I went back a 2nd time and spoke with a manager. She was very polite and looked at a detailed receipt from that day. She said that there was not a qualifying purchase that would have given me this card. I explained my phone call and she told me that there was nothing they could do in store. I called customer service back because the person I had spoken to before said that if there was a problem to call them back and they would speak with the manager.

I called back and got a different person naturally and explained the situation and gave them the name of the first person I had spoken with. I once again told them my situation and asked to speak with their supervisor. After being put on hold for 20 minutes, I was once again told that I should receive a $40 gift card for my purchase.

I handed the phone to a different manager so they could explain it to them (The previous manager was supposedly not available.). She got on the phone and was very nasty with the phone rep., told her they had nothing in store, that they had explained this to me, she didn't know why she was talking to them to begin with and hung up, handed me my phone back and told me there was nothing they could do. I was given a business card and told I could call that # for a complaint dept.

I go home and call the #, and it was the exact recorded menu that I had been through for the customer service dept. A full circle run around with a lot of time invested, one side telling me no I was not going to get my $40 card and the other telling me that I was entitled to it. Needless to say, I am very upset! I hope you can help me with this situation.

Fraudulent Advertising, Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANA -- I ordered a product online on April 20-12 which showed "in Stock" at the Target online store. With this order I was promised a receipt date of April 25-27. With this commitment from Target I didn't request any improved/express delivery date. I could still complete work that I had contracted with my customer if this receipt was accurate, little did I know it was totally not so!

I called Target online service on April 26 after tracking my order to see that it had not yet shipped as promised per the original confirmation. Also after checking the same product online as if newly purchasing this item to see that Target inventory indicated “in stock” still. My first call to customer service resulted in being hung up on by the representative. This occurred after discussion related to my not understanding why my purchase had not shipped yet when Target systems still indicated “in stock”.

Nor was there any effort to express my order, to the contrary, I was informed that I would have to wait up to two weeks before I could receive my order. At this time, I requested to speak with the supervisor several times, requested refund to my card and cancellation of my order several times without resolve of any kind, and then hung up on by your rep. The second call again on April 27-12 to CS, I spoke again with another representative. I was informed product was in stock and would be shipped out April-28-12 and I would receive no later than Tuesday, May 1-12.

However, on Saturday April 28th, instead of receiving in my email that my product had shipped as promised by the representative from the second phone call, I received notice that I would have to wait until May 11-12. Even though when looking online as if a new purchase, your system indicated that the item was “in stock” and I could receive it as soon as “5-1-12” with express delivery option.

For the past four days I have gone back online as if I were going to place an order and your systems indicate that the product continues to be “in stock” and I can receive it as soon as the next day. This is ridiculous!!! Target online is baiting the customer by indicating falsely that this product is in stock when it actually is not, in order to gain orders for product that they falsely claim to have in stock. Further, Target online fails to uphold their commitment date to ship the product for committed customer receipt date. Also, at the same time refuses to resolve the issue through refund.

Target online systems are deceiving and fraudulent. Target deceives the buyer by stating that they have product in stock in order to obtain my hard earned dollar when they don't have the item in stock at all! Then your systems make return of the credit hold on my credit card impossible to obtain. Your systems fail in every way to provide any pertinent complaint as you severely limit any type of complaint from entering your system electronically.

Then the customer service reps, if you can contact one who isn't rude, or can understand the spoken English language, is then totally unable to assist in any way to possibly resolve the issue respectfully. Your systems refuse to extend a refund because the order is already in their system, nor will your system honor its own product and receipt commitment to your customer.

In summary, I find these practices and service appalling at best. The information given me from the online systems to the direct conversations with your telephone customer service reps is not justified, false informing, fraudulent and bait and switch as per the date promised. I demand either full refund of the hold on my credit card for the funds toward this product so I can shop elsewhere, or express shipment with receipt by 5-1-12.

Also a written apology for this awful customer service and dishonest treatment as well as the corrective and preventive actions taken so other current and future customers do not have to be deceived in the same way would be appreciated.

Would Not Sell Sale Items and Made You Feel Like a Criminal
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Rating: 1/51

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I went to SuperTarget on highway 18 wanting to buy 9 Xbox 360 games and 3 Wii games. So after waiting 20 min for someone to help me I got 6 of the games I wanted, then the questions started, "are you a reseller?" "No" I said, "my mom and grandma want 8 games for their grandchildren for Easter presents and I want the other 4" (yes I am a gamer). He then said something rude like that's what Christmas is for not Easter.

I then asked if he could please get me few more games and he got them. On the way to the register he said I am going to have to call my manager about these games (waiting another 5 min). ** the manager then shows up and then he starts questioning me, "are these for resale?" "No" I said, "these are Easter gifts." ** then replies "I am only going to let you buy 1 of each title." "OK, but then I need to find another game that I do not really want because its buy 2 get 1 free."

"Oh, is that why you're buying this many games?" ** says. "Yes" I said, "it's a good sale and they make great gifts better than candy." "I am only going to let you buy 3 titles," he said. "3 only," I said, "I at least need 8 for gifts for my mother and grandmother" (who were standing right there beside me). "No" ** said, "I will not let you purchase any more than 3." I then said "there is no limit on the ad can I purchase 6." "No, which 3 do you want (not in a nice tone)?" I said "none," and I walked out leaving the games and a basket full of items that my mother had in front of the store.

I spoke to the customer service lady in front of the store she tried to get an explanation but the best answer I got from her was ** said no. She was at least nice she said she could not do anything that ** is manager right now that the store manager ** will not be here till Monday. They were so disrespectful no one should shop in that store. I felt I was doing something wrong like I was stealing from them. I have never had a store not want my money before.

1 hour wasted and I will never go back to the super Target on Hwy 18 again. BTW I drove 6 more miles to the other Target on Palmdale and had no problem getting all the items I wanted, the little old lady in the Electronics Department (did not catch her name) that helped me was so nice. She even asked me if I wanted more games after I had 12.

It's their loss I spent over $700 in another store. I can't wait for the super Walmart. I will never go to this Super Target again. I have always loved Target but the treatment I got was uncalled for, all I wanted was to buy their sale items.

UPDATED! Online Order Disaster & Still Unresolved 3 Months Later
By -

Oct 9, 2011 I went through to shop Target online. I found the item I wanted and gave all the information required and paid with my non-Target Visa. I received the order confirmation and it stated that an email would arrive with the shipping and payment confirmation. The original notice stated that item was estimated to be delivered by 10-12-11. No other email messages came after the first so I stayed home 10-12 to take delivery of item which I paid "expedited/express" shipping (extra fee) for. The 12th came and no delivery. Went online to track item only to see "NOT SHIPPED YET" which really upset me.

I proceeded to the contact page to inquire and I was met with a myriad of email message errors and an inability to submit. I called customer service and waited at least 25-30 minutes to be helped. I got nowhere with that call and decided to go ahead and CANCEL the purchase instead. The representative stated he had made a memo on cancellation request but that I should call 'during the regular business hours' to request again. Again I tried to use site's email form to explain that I hadn't received item, etc. I called and the CSR couldn't 'find' order # in her computer system.

Now about 10-15-11 I went onto a competitor's site and purchased the item there. I received the item by 10-19! I had to go out of town and had to wait to try Target again to get a resolution. I came home to discover an email message dated 11/07/11 letting me know the item I'd ordered on 10-09-11 had shipped!

I called during business hours on 11/08 & I asked for a supervisor, and got one who gave me a reference # and his name and stated he noted the cancellation on my file but went on to say that there was no way he could intercept the shipping process as it was already in transit. I was told I could REJECT the delivery and the item would be sent back to the store AND ASSURED ME I WOULD RECEIVE 100% REFUND for item + s&h.

I followed those steps he gave and rejected the UPS delivery on 11-13. I tracked item at UPS and saw that item was shipped back to sender on 11-14. I wrote email to Target OUTSIDE of the website and inquired about refund. NO RESPONSE. I called again, 11-16 asking when I could expect reimbursement. I was told that the item hadn't been received but that once it had been processed I could expect refund in 7-14 business days.

It is entering holiday time at this point. After 11-23 it was nearly impossible by phone and impossible for a certainty on website. I tried 12/09/11 to use site's email link/form. Error message was to 'enter VALID questions & comments' and no matter how I reworked the syntax and arranged the inquiry's semantics I was unable to submit the inquiry. The pressure to get through on phone only grew worse and I gave up, deciding I'd try AFTER the Christmas holiday.

I am writing this on 01-15-12. I have not been refunded my $251.47 and have gotten no reply to previous email. I have NEVER been so infuriated or completely abandoned by a business or entity such as this in my life. I was laid off on 12/01 and have no income short of the bank balance on this Visa debit card. The card I used to pay for this nightmare and has not been refunded. I need help. I need my due and I cannot get anywhere.

I will never go into or shop through another Target-owned entity in the future. I will indeed spread the word and write to anybody who'll listen, talk aloud to anybody who may be able to help, and advise my peers to stop shopping at Target as well. This will eventually hurt them one day, even if it's one person at a time.

Resolution Update 01/28/2012:

I called Target on 01-27-2012 in a final attempt to get the refund issue resolved. The first representative I spoke with was unable to determine if the returned item was received and she gave me another Reference # for my case. She then transferred my call to a different CSR; my hopes had begun to fade again in getting any help AGAIN. The next CSR, after a lengthy explanation from myself about the entire timeline and ensuing ordeal to resolve the problem, WAS ABLE TO ACTUALLY FIND all needed information, acknowledge receipt of returned purchase, AND RESOLVE my problem! I started crying I was so relieved! She apologized and admitted I should NOT have had to go through all that trouble and effort to get this problem fixed. She guaranteed that all money would be refunded AND is sending me a $20.00 gift card for the store. Later that same day, I received e-mails confirming I would be receiving both the refund to my Visa and a Target gift card within the next 7-14 days. Hallelujah! I told that CSR I had all but given up hope, sure I would be forced to go to a higher 'power', or die trying to get this fixed. I could not thank her enough for her ability to hear me through and find the info needed to fix the problem. I felt she was sincere in her apologies and felt she restored my faith in the company to some extent. I do wonder, though, if the store would have noticed or found the unrefunded purchase return on its own at some point. Also, will it see eventually, the problem its online contact link has? I do hope so.

Worst Experience
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Rating: 1/51

Be prepared to have item sent to you that malfunction then they disappear from their online inventory. I bought the Air3 Travel system and the stroller vibrates. The only option they gave me for a return is in the form of gift card that processes 1-3 business days after return. The whole system must be returned so my infant will be without a car seat for 1-3 business days - how stupid. They could not offer a replacement or an exchange on an extremely important item. What a waste of $300.

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