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False Advertising and RIP OFF Mobile Battery Replacement
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MID ATLANTIC, NEW JERSEY -- BUNCH OF CROOKS! FALSE ADVERTISING. Absolutely appalled at the lack of service and relentless up-selling I just received. My car battery died on Thursday, and I knew I needed a new one. My insurance is wonderful and provides free jumps, towing, lockout service, etc… all the things that come in a basic AAA membership service, which is why I don’t need a membership w/AAA. I was planning on calling my insurance for a free jump, then driving my car to a local auto shop for a battery replacement. My dad suggested I look into a mobile battery replacement service, and after a quick online search, AAA mobile battery replacement was the first I found, claiming $135 for non members. Seems good enough, slightly more expensive than my auto shop, but way more convenient… so I called yesterday to see if I could set up an appointment for today, explained I’m not a member and did not want to become one, etc.

The representative with whom I spoke told me to call back today and they would be happy to dispatch someone to my location today. Called today (on hold forever), to be told the service is only for members, at which point I explained to the representative that the person with whom I spoke yesterday said it’s not a problem if I’m not a member. Today’s representative said that yesterday’s representative must have been mistaken, but “If you purchase a membership with me I’d be happy to set up a battery replacement.” ARE YOU KIDDING? I told her, “I’m literally LOOKING at the AAA website which clearly states on more than one page that the cost is $135 for non-members, and $110 for members. I want the $135 price, since I’m not paying $72 for the privilege of a battery replacement when my insurance covers all of the other supposed roadside benefits that AAA offers!” She again told me I am mistaken, so I said, “Perhaps you can transfer me to someone else.” She said, “Please hold and I’ll try to get a supervisor.” (on hold again for forever) She comes back saying that they can get a mobile battery replacement sent to me, but that it would cost way more than $135, maybe even over $200, and wouldn’t I like to sign up for a membership for a discount on the battery service and she would even take $10 off the yearly membership cost! I once again reiterated that my (non-thief) insurance company has all the roadside perks of AA (sans battery replacement) for free.

This conversations dragged on entirely too long. So apparently now someone is supposed to come to my house in the next 90 minutes but are first supposed to call me to confirm a price since AAA was unable to do it since I wasn’t a member. At this point, I am so fed up that I am quite close to scrapping it and getting a jump and driving to my local auto shop, but I’m interested to hear what this “non member cost” now will be. I AM SO FRUSTRATED at the poor service given to me as a non-member – honestly, should you be trying to get customers??? With how poorly I was just treated without yet giving you my money, I’d hate to see how you treat those poor souls who have already committed to a year of your nonsense! Not to mention the ridiculous false advertising ALL OVER YOUR WEBSITE. For a company that supposedly prides itself on its longstanding, fabulous reputation, you should be ashamed. I am proud to say I never have been, nor ever will be, a member of your elite club.

UPDATE - -Service has been cancelled due to it costing a MINIMUM OF $190!!!!! MINIMUM!!! They could POSSIBLY charge me more upon arrival!!! Why even both posting a price on your site???
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 01/06/2014:
I'm looking at their website now (Mid-Atlantic region) and I can't even get a quote without submitting my member information. What I've seen seems to corroborate what the AAA representatives told you.

With that said after inputting my membership info I was able to get a quote similar to the screenshot that you posted. The kicker though, is that I couldn't get any price quote at all until I entered my AAA membership info. I even tried going in through a direct link from google.

Were you able to get a quote without putting in any membership info?

If so, then it would seem to be a case of false advertising.
allan on 02/07/2014:
When I was an AAA member in Maryland, I left my lights on, called AAA and a battery truck arrived in ten minutes, it takes over an hour for a tow, but the driver refused to jump , said need new battery. Called AAA and they sent another, he checked battery, and charging system, and jumped.

AAA refused to apologize or admit they did anything wrong.
Mitch on 02/08/2014:
I belong to AAA and I have the Gold plus or something like that, anyway my advise to anyone dealing with AAA is to record everything as they do.Remember to take names write them down and date everything and time too. My whole family belongs to AAA, but this is the last year for all of us. We are done and tired too of dealing with liars....They told me after I was in an accident and called a service I knew and I told him I had AAA, he said nope don't deal with them anymore, they left a bad taste in his mouth he said. so I called the second and only one left in town, told him I had AAA he said you pay me and you collect from them, he has trouble getting his money? so out of 2 and only 2 wrecker services in town, I paid, it took AAA about 3 weeks before I got a check. So what really takes place here is they play on peoples money as long as they can, without paying right away.I would not recommend AAA to a friend.
Midge2914 on 02/09/2014:
I have had AAA for years and honestly don't know why. Maybe it is for the feeling of being "safe if anything happens", but to tell you the truth, the two times I have called in the last few years for help, the time I was made to wait until a truck showed up was unacceptable. The first time when I asked the operator at AAA how long before someone got to me, she said at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and the second time was almost the same if not longer. Both times a family member got to me before the truck did, and that was after waiting the 1-1/2 hour time that I was quoted, so by the time family showed up it was going on a wait of 2 hours. Both times I told the operator I was alone, it was getting dark, and I was about 50 miles from home. That made no difference. Are there better companies? If so, please list them -- I would love to change. I keep it because one long tow could cost what I pay per year in member rates and I can't change a flat tire. The service, both from the operators who answer the phones and the tow trucks who are sent out is unacceptable. They are rude, the phone lines are always busy, the times until the truck gets to you is always changing and getting longer and longer, and across the board, this company needs to be revamped and overhauled from the ground up, because right now it is the company who needs a "hot shot", and not a member's car.
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Quick Service For My Family
Posted by on
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband called me from work saying he left a light on in his car and his battery was dead. He had jumper cables, but they were cheap ones (I have the nice ones in my car) and he thought they weren't working because of that. We live 30 miles from his office and he wanted me to come jump him. The lot next to his workplace locks 3 hours after closing, and he would've had to call a special guard to let him out if we didn't get him out of there in about an hour and 15 minutes. I left our house, but soon realized there was a sporting event downtown and the ride was going to take me at least an hour or more. Little to no chance I'd get there before they shut down the parking lot for the night.

I called AAA, figuring I'd have to pay extra to have him taken care of if I wasn't there, but the representative told me they'd give me a 1-time courtesy call for my husband (and that I should 'really sign him up too'). They got to him within 20 minutes and determined he couldn't get jumped because his battery was completely dead. They even gave him the AAA member pricing on a new one ($110). Not cheap, but he was fixed up within 30 minutes, and to save me the hassle of going to get him was well worth the extra cost.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the service we got. We were definitely expecting denials for service and extra charges, but only got people willing to help in a jiffy on behalf of my membership. We don't often have to use our AAA membership, but knowing it's there if (and when!) something unexpected happens is great peace of mind.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/22/2011:
I love AAA. I have roadside assistance with them on top of my car insurance (that I have with a different company). I really like that I can use AAA for a friend or family member. That was nice of them to let your husband get the battery using their pricing. They have great customer service.
trmn8r on 11/22/2011:
This is a really positive experience, and I'm glad you took the time to write a letter.

I would not have expected AAA to do this, since you and your card were not there. I always had good service with AAA. Great review!
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AAA Battery Service Did Reverse Polarity Damage Car CPU
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- On 9/1/2013 I drove to Flagstaff, AZ to visit my son that goes to NAU. I drove to his work at the Courtyard Marriott and talk to my son. When I went to leave I started the car and went to back up, and the car stopped. Tried to start again, and would not start. I call AAA roadside assistance and they sent out a AAA Flagstaff Battery, because I have a AAA battery. The serviceman Felix want to jump car to get out of drive. Asked for me to open hood, advised battery in trunk. Said has connections under hood also, so he hook battery cables to connections under hood. When he told me to start the car, my door locks when up & down and my dash board start flashing and making sounds/alarms when it started, but when I put in drive it stopped again. He then hooked battery charger to battery itself in trunk. Did test said alternator was bad. So had towed to Seven Day Auto to get alternator replace. They inform me before work started that I had a engine light on, and key not on, and should not be there. They replaced the alternator and advised me that my computer to car was damaged and that they suspected that when car was jump he had cables wrong and did a reversed polarity on my battery that damaged the CPU on my car. Put in new alternator, but could not get any reading on CPU. I could drive the car, but there was no reading on transmissions or anything else, would drive in 2nd gear, but no speedometer, air, etc. I drove back to Phoenix and put in complaint with AAA complaint ref#1327 2006 Chevy Cobalt, had a Tiffany [snip]working with me, would not give me a rental because Battery company sub contracted and was denying they were at fault. Had AAA recommend Kelly Clark East to take car to for an cost for repairs on car, they recommended Courtesy Chevrolet, because dealership would have to reprogram CPU. I took to Courtesy on 9/7/2013 they verified computer damaged, and also agreed that there had been a reversed polarity done on battery. Have submitted all paper work, Seven Day Auto & Courtesy Chevrolet have submitted their paper work to AAA. I had to get a rental car on 9/7/2013 and returned it on 9/14/2013 because could not afford it. On 9/12/13 was told I would be contacted by 9/13/2013 with answer. Have had no response, called on 9/16/2013 and was told Damen [snip] was in charge of it now, have left multiple messages and have no response still since 9/12/2013. This is causing a lot of stress on me, I have anxiety problems and also afraid of losing my Job, because I have no transportation and medical issues causing me to miss work.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 09/18/2013:
Take the whole bunch of them to small claims court. Let a judge decide who screwed up and is at fault. They will probably settle up before a court date as they know they are at fault. Suing AAA is just icing on the cake to let them know you're done screwing around with the problem. Deep pockets and fault will get you paid back.
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False Advertisement Online
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- According to an email I received and online, AAA is supposed to send someone out to check and/or replace your battery if needed. I have requested twice online. Both times I told them where I lived, zip etc. They asked about the vehicle. and stated that it would be $120.00 to replace the battery and that someone would be here in 75 minutes. Both times somebody came out, both times the gentlemen told me "We don't do that". Okay, I'm confused and still have a vehicle that won't start. I just spoke with AAA and asked if they just sent the wrong people or what. The agent said no that the information was wrong online that they do not do the service in smaller towns. They sure don't mind taking small town money. Besides Carrollton is NOT a small town. This is the first time that I have tried to use my AAA and I'm very disappointed.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 11/28/2012:
I have been an AAA member several times, but never used the battery service. I assume that if you are a member, and maybe even if you aren't, you just pay $120 and they deliver the battery and install it.

What surprises me is that evidently a service person came out, and then told you "we don't do that". When you made the service call, did you tell them that you wanted to buy a battery? Seems like they should know without coming out if they do it or not. I'm a bit confused also.

You say they "don't mind taking your money". If you mean for regular membership, note that battery service is a separate animal.
Anonymous on 11/28/2012:
AAA sends out a contracted provider. AAA its-self doesn't come out. It's a third party provided contracted through AAA to provide a service. There might be small print somewhere that says that particular service isn't available in all area's.
no tellin on 12/01/2012:
I am a AAA battery tech AAA would like to believe that all shops do battery service but that aint true they want us to do them 7am to 7 pm . its almost impossible to make them happy but we do our best to help all AAA members the best we can
Nancy Todd on 01/05/2013:
AAA looks for reasons not to replace under warranty battery. Their replacement battery (under warranty) is fraud. They cause you nothing but stress. The AAA guys that come say one thing and then AAA won't honor their replacement. I will never buy from them again.
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Do Not Buy Batteries From AAA!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- When my battery died 2 years ago I purchased a new battery from the AAA service person who came to my aid. When my mechanic noticed how quickly the terminals were corroding, he commented on how poor the AAA batteries were and that it was unfortunate that they had gone into the business of selling batteries!!

Today my battery (which comes with a 3 year replacement guanantee) stopped working. The AAA service person arrived and charged my battery to make it start and then used a machine which was supposed to do a diagnostic on what what wrong. It printed out a paper with the report, which said my battery was fine and there could be (possibly) something going on with my alternator. I immediately drove to my mechanic, who pointed out that this diagnostic report didn't have any read-out for the amperage - which is a critical piece of information. So he did this and told me that the battery was bad. He also ran a second test to identify which cell wasn't functioning.

AAA's policy is only to accept a computer generated physical diagnostic report, so they suggested I go to Toyota, where I would have to pay $100 to get this report. Only then would they honor the warranty. My mechanic replaced my battery AT COST.
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User Replies:
Robert Wilson on 04/30/2012:
I bought a battery from AUTOZONE which was defective. The clerk that worked there did the same chedk (possibly with the same type machine, and found it "good". I took it to WALMART, where they checked it under load. I went back to AUTOZONE they replaced it. Keep up the fight!
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Bad battery service and bad road call service (battery under warranty)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- My battery is bad. car won"t start in am after sitting overnite. total 3 calls in last 2 months to AAA cinti. 2 of those calls tday, feb12 2012. my warranty is up about 3/12/12, and won"t honor warranty. there were no systems defaults on system analysis printed copy at 2nd call and no analysis or nothing on 1st call. on but on both calls, the battery was 8.1 and 8.3. they had no problem taking the 120.00 for battery. finally, ebony and her supervisor decided to send out another call to put new battery in my car. as I wait for the hour, a call representative called me and said, I wasn"t getting new battery and supervisor of those other 2 guys willi call me. I called back to speak to ebony, and I was told she was gone, and then my conversation after holds were rushed, condenscending to me, etc.. She said air inflation on my cars heard on left front back was attached to battery that on front right of car. when I asked her what it looked like, she got offended and nasty. ALL LIES!... I installed GM batteries on my job in past. my car is 1993 bonneville and is still running. I have had other bad experience with bad information from AAA drivers, and I just let it go. I was told my warrentee is null and void. the car only didn:t start after it sat allnite in single digits. the cold crank wasn"t enough enough. my car is all power. the battery AAA replaced in 2009 had more cold cranking and lasted for about 6 yrs. disrespect and the stress I endured being a patient of cong. heart failure and breathing and coughing after this ordeal is terribly wrong. through the many years off and on with AAA, I had never had terrible interactions and service with AAA until now. What has happened?
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 02/13/2012:
I couldn't follow your complaint exactly, but basically it sounds like their test did not confirm your battery is defective.

Perhaps you didn't drive far enough to recharge it, or there is a problem with the charging system or a leak to ground when the car is off. Any one of these could result in having to call a second time in one day, even though the battery isn't bad. Just a guess...
tnchuck100 on 02/13/2012:
"She said air inflation on my cars heard on left front back was attached to battery that on front right of car."

Can anyone decipher this statement? I am usually not that dense but this one has me stymied.
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Battery Warranty a HOAX
Posted by on
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I called AAA yesterday, December 29, 2011, for roadside assistance. Since the engine would not crank, I assumed it was the battery and told the customer service representative that I had purchased the battery from AAA in September 2010. They dispatched a Rescue Ranger to my house equipped with a replacement battery.

The service technician jumped started the car and began to run the diagnostics on the battery and charging system. While the diagnostics were being run, the technician complained about the difficulty in replacing the battery in my 2005 Monte Carlo. It would require removing two braces and maneuvering the old battery out of a tight compartment.

The diagnostics showed my charging system and alternator were at peak performance. The diagnostics did indicate a weak or what he called a “suspect” cell. He asked if I had a charger. I told him no. He then suggested that I take it somewhere to have it charged, but considering it was getting late in the evening that was not a good option. The warranty department would not replace the battery as I was told they would when I bought the battery just 14 months earlier. When the battery was purchased from AAA roadside, I was told the warranty was full replacement within the first 12 months and pro-rated over the next 3 years. I paid over $126 for the battery that failed within 14 months and the warranty department has the audacity to tell me to take and get it charged and if it failed a second time, then they would replace it.

The weather in Louisville, Kentucky is expected to change dramatically over the next 5 days. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a battery with a weak or “suspect” cell is not pulling the full cold cranking amps stated by the manufacturer. Instead, AAA would rather me or my wife get stuck in the cold waiting for the battery to drain and not start the car. This will no doubt happen when AAA is flooded with roadside assistance calls during the next cold wave.

I have been a member of AAA since 1976 and have had good experiences. The attitude of the service technician and their unwillingness to stand behind their warranty are the reasons that I will be canceling my family Gold membership and looking for other options.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/30/2011:
I am guessing that what happened here is that the techinician was not convinced your battery is bad.

Let's say your battery has a deficient charge for whatever reason - light was left on, very low current discharge to ground somewhere. When the diagnostics are done on the discharged battery, a cell may show as "suspect" but not necessarily bad.

Perhaps what the technician was thinking is that once the battery is fully charged, the "suspect" cell may perform adequately. Batteries can "come back".

I think this is a plausible explanation based on your description.
CowboyFan on 12/30/2011:
That certainly seems right, trmn8r. Also, a suspect or weak cell may still be putting out 90% of its full capacity or whatever percentage "suspect" means. Usually, a long, slow charge will be even better to fully revitalize the battery, as compared to the quick charge that the tow driver can give your battery. Battery charges are cheap. I have one, and while I rarely use it, it has been helpful when needed.
old newfie on 12/31/2011:
I'm in the auto business and I can tell you a battery needs to be fully-charged to test it properly. Charging a battery can take 6-8 hours so there is no way he could wait around for you to charge it. I know its a pain but you can buy a automatic charger at any automotive store for around $30.00. It could help you here and also get you out of a jam in the future/
Jane on 08/12/2012:
AAA does not in fact stand by their battery warranty. The purchase of the battery and warranty should have nothing to do with whether you have continued AAA membership. If you are no longer a AAA member and the battery goes, they will not honor the warranty. Regardless of whether you were a member at the time of purchase. The battery lasts approximately 14 months. It's not worth the headache!
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Beware AAA Batteries!
Posted by on
MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- Have been a faithful AAA member since 1974. Recently, needed a jump start due to weak battery. Tech told me battery needed to be replaced. So rather than going to Lexus for one of their 7-year warranty batteries, I believed the technician from Scenic Towing who stated he could replace the battery right now with a new AAA battery (2 year warranty).

This was in Oct 2010. Well in Mar 2011, I again had problems with the (new?) AAA battery. Again got a jump start, drove down the street 1/2 mile and battery went DEAD. Called AAA again to tow me to Lexus, where I got a "good" battery. Lexus checked it out and found the battery dead.
Went to Scenic Towing for a refund. I was told by the manager that only AAA batteries could be used, they would not refund money ($120) and stated I broke the contract because their battery was removed.

I tried to complain to AAA, and they said I had signed the contract and refused to call me back further. This is a real RIP-OFF. My instincts told me that AAA is no longer to be trusted. I will be cancelling insurance also.
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User Replies:
getoverit on 03/29/2011:
It's hard for me to see exactly what the complaint is. Evidently, there was a "contract" that had stipuations about how a replacement would be handled in the event that the battery failed. The battery did fail and the OP bought a battery from a Lexus dealer, expecting a refund from the people who sold the failed battery.

My understanding is that battery warranties are usually pro-rated. So, I would not have expected a full refund after five months on a two year warranty. I would think they would have offerred to replace the battery, at a reduced price based on the unused portion of the warranty.

But we don't really know the terms of that agreement, or even who the OP entered the agreement with (Scenic Towing? AAA?). I don't think a car battery warranty normally allows the customer to go out and buy whatever they want and then get a full refund.

trmn8r on 03/29/2011:
From what I can see on the AAA website, if you buy your battery from the AAA service center (Scenic Towing), you get a 3 year FREE REPLACEMENT, and then 6-year prorated replacement.

I would agree that what you tried to do it outside the contract as I understand it. You didn't have an AAA service center do the replacement. You tried to take your bill and get a refund for a non-AAA installed battery. That isn't what the contract called for.
old newfie on 03/30/2011:
Most all warranties cover replacement of the product. I don't know of any company that will let you use their product for 6 months and then give you a full refund so you can buy it somewhere else. Warranty states that it will give you a free replacement not a refund. Sorry but that's how most all warranties work, even on the Lexus battery..
Kurizumaru on 03/30/2011:
did your battery fail while your car was running? For some reason this sounds like an Alternator problem. We had a car that we thought it was the battery and (despite being a relatively new battery) were told to replace it. However, that didn't solve the problem. We got the car checked out by a friend who's a mechanic and he said that our Alternator was going bad. Just a thought.

On the subject of AAA did you read the contract when you signed it? Unfortunately, it sounds as though you did break contract by having someone outside of the company do the replacement.
MRM on 03/30/2011:
Please check for the corrosion on the battery cable. Every time I start the car, I would have to jumpstart it. Then when I finally cleaned the battery cable, the car starts up every time.
Sarah Rhapsodos on 04/07/2011:
I don't get it, you're saying that AAA batteries are a ripoff because you broke the contract? How does that make any sense?
Solumina on 04/15/2011:
About 2 years ago the same thing happened to me but I called AAA when my new-ish battery died and they replaced it without any problems. Of course they aren't going to pay for you to get something from someone else, that is how warranties work (not to mention that it was extremely clear and easy to understand in the paperwork).
PepperElf on 04/29/2011:
It sounds like the OP kept doing the same thing...

OP gets a product under warranty with Company A. Product has issues.
However instead of going back to A for repairs he goes to Company B who does work.
THEN the OP goes to Company A for $ claiming warranty... but since Company B did the work on it, the warranty is null and void.

When you want one company to perform warranty work you need to take it to THAT company, or to someone they authorize, especially if you want them to give you $ back.
tom on 10/11/2013:
Been a AAA gold member for 15 years plus and hardly used their services. Now found battery warranty is worthless. B ought a new one from their truck which lasted only 22 months and died but AAA would not back it up although clearly says 36 month warranty. Had a different situation also and they could not tow so had to call a local guy. When you need them, they have become the same as so much of the rest of corporate America ... quite sad and disturbing.
james on 02/15/2014:
There are a lot of mistruths in this thread.

First AAA batteries are made by DECA who makes, Harley Davidson, John Deere etc. They are very good batteries and always test many more CCA than rated.

Second they warranty is 6 years 3 free replacement 3 pro rated which is a very good industry warranty.

3rd if you "abuse" your car battery ie. drain it which is referred to as cycling it won't hold a charge and that doesn't matter what brand it is. If you leave on lights, leave doors open etc.. That is a human malfunction NOT a manufacturer issue.

4th the prices of AAA batteries are very competitive .

Last but not least AAA uses subcontractors for a lot of their coverage so please do not rate AAA by the service of a bad experience. I garuntyee if you called to make a complaint it was taken and if there is a bad tow company out there AAA will stop using them if people complain.
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Roadside Service Ripoff
Posted by on
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- Copy of letter to AAA south.

AAA Service Center MAR. 19,2008

St Petersburg, Fl. re: AAA card Number429084077489200-4-BA

AAA Service with a smile!

On Monday, March 10, at 3:30PM the AAA service person from Sam's Towing Company at 2525- 17th Street, Sarasota, jump started my car, a 2006 Toyota Avalon still under guarantee, and told me the battery had a bad cell and would not take a charge. he also said if I turned car off it would not start again, but he could install a new battery for $124. I decided to go to dealer since car was under guarantee but asked him for his name and business card. He offered neither and said I could just call AAA to get a new battery. This technician also told me not to turn off the ignition, put fear into my mind that the car might quit and wouldn't start again.

After 2 hours at the Toyota dealer, their tests indicated no problem with the battery or charging system. (I have their print- out from GETTEL Toyota at 6423 l4th St. west, Bradenton, Fl 34207 stating the battery and charging system checked out perfectly with no defects at al ) The car was a one- owner 2006 Avalon, with 23,000 mi. on it.

I and/or my deceased husband have been a AAA member for 25 yrs. Because I am a widow I rely on my membership for security and help--NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY SOME LOW LIFE OPPORTUNIST.

I think the stress this technician caused me is more than enough for AAA to investigate this incident, and remove them from your accredited list of service providers. Too bad they can't put the lowlife in jail!

when I telephoned AAA l-800-222-4357, my Amherst, NY home club, "Gwen" answered the call. I gave her my membership no. and said my battery was dead and the car would not start. she asked for my location and I told her I was in a parking lot at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates at 2750 Bahia Vista St., Suite l00, Sarasota, Florida 34239, phone no. 941-951-2663.

she said she would call Sarasota w/location and asked for my phone no. where I can be reached. I gave her my cell no. 7l6-913-6960.

Then a call came into my cell about 5 min. later saying a service truck would arrive within 40 min. to an hr. ten min. later another call to me and voice said truck would be there to jump battery in 25 min. and to have my AAA card available.

ON TUESDAY, MARCH 11th--approx. ll a.m.,
I telephoned the Amherst, N.Y. home club offices at 7l6-633-8363 and filed a complaint with Supervisor Cherie. She said she would follow up my complaint with correspondence to Sarasota office in Florida and would send me a copy of faxes and or letters. She also said she would take the service call off of my AAA card calls.

I then called the Sarasota AAA Auto club South on Bee Ridge Rd., @941-929-2299 and said I wanted to file a complaint. They transferred me to Christine, Dispatch-call-taker, who after hearing about the dead battery, bad cell test and new battery sale, forwarded my call to the complaint dept. mgr., Pat, at ext. 3479. Pat assured me she would either call me or I was to call her next week, Mon. through Thurs. 8am to 6pm to follow up on what AAA is doing about this attempted RIPOFF.

On Wed. Mar.19th I talked with [snip] in the St Petersburg, Fl office who had already contacted the station owner who had a lame excuse saying that the tester was “not working properly” and the instrument only read “error”. ( If that was true why didn’t he tell me that rather than trying to rip me off for a new battery?) Paula also reported this to her supervisor who said he had been on the phone earlier in the day ( one week and a day after the attempted ripoff ) with the owner of the service station who said the machine would not print out anything but it did read “error

Please let me know if AAA is doing anything about my complaint.

Sincerely yours,

Gloria Elmer
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Anonymous on 03/25/2008:
Remove your cell number and any other personal info. This is not a good place to post it. Most people know not to buy tires and batteries etc from a towing company, unless they have a service center.
JustLady on 03/25/2008:
You should remove your personal information from this post for your safety.
MRM on 03/25/2008:
This is one of the reason identity theft is on the rise.
Slimjim on 03/25/2008:
I'm curious is to why the battery went dead to start with and did the employee of Sam's ask questions to determine such. If not, it's more indication he was just looking to sell a new one as opposed to an honest mistake.
jktshff1 on 03/25/2008:
Seems as if AAA did follow up with the owner of the towing service. It's possible there was a malfunction of their equipment. You may be jumping to the wrong conclusion or maybe not. I wouldn't hold it against AAA
Anonymous on 03/25/2008:
One thing I don't understand is what actually was wrong with your car if it wasn't the battery. If it wasn't the battery, is there a loose wire or what? If the dealership didn't give you a reason for the car not starting, I would definitely look into that so it doesn't happen again.

I have had AAA for many, many years and have lived in several different states during that time. So far, I have never had any problems with the towing companies for the couple of times I have used their services. Their services have been great thus far, including all the free maps and travel books we have gotten over the years. These alone are worth the membership fee.
Anonymous on 03/25/2008:
The OP's cell phone number is still in the post. I cannot believe that people that use the internet are not smart enough to figure out that you NEVER post personal information on the web for potentially MILLIONS of people to see. AAA is good at following up and I believe that they take complaints seriously.
AAA BATTERY GUY on 05/01/2008:
If this lady would tell the whole truth the dynamics of the story would change. She indeed called AAA for battery service, but WHY did the battery go dead. She was in the doctors office for a short time. A good battery would last more than 1 hr. Sure Toyota told her the battery was good. They didn't want to warranty it. No one sold her anything!!!. They told her what the car needed. I was her right to have the car fixed ANYWHERE. Just a bitter woman with nothing better to do than COMPLAIN!!!!
cargirl on 08/09/2009:
Actually, I find this person's complaint very interesting because this past week my close family member had a similar experience after she purchased a car battery from AAA. After the battery purchase her car went dead 3 days is a row in the garage at her work. The car is now in the shop-the battery is being replaced. The whole thing has been a real hassle.
cargirl on 08/09/2009:
The fact that the lady left her cell phone number in the post is really not the issue here.
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AAA Battery Replacement
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- AAA battery sucks. AAA replaced with a new battery on 1/9/2014 and then series of problems started. Daily when I park the car and take in the next morning the battery is dead. Called multiple times for inspecting the battery and always they were specifying there is some issue with Car which is draining the battery overnight. I had to take to several service centers and spent more bucks for diagnosis but keep ending there was no issue with Car. Finally took to an auto electric shop. They diagnosed and concluded it was the battery issue. After that as well AAA came, ran some test on the battery and said battery is good. My auto electric service person explained what was the issue but the AAA person came said they battery can't be replaced. To prove the theory of diagnosis done by auto electric shop they gave a temporary battery. Next day there wasn't an issue with car and Car started as usual. Then called AAA and explained what I did. AAA said first of all the battery installed by them shouldn't be removed and that voids the warranty. Warranty is always for the battery and not for the installation. I kept explaining them but AAA wasn't able to listen to me and said they can't do anything with this.
I will never opt battery service from AAA. It is a waste of time and money. Warranty is just a piece of information on paper and they just try to find fault to see how they shouldn't replace the battery.
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johnny greene on 06/28/2014:
Lancaster California. I had trouble with my triple A battery yesterday in my wheelchair van ,, im paraplegic so I cant do any of my own serviceing anymore,, they came right out and gave me a new replacement battery right a way. i wouldnt want to be with out my triple A. road service ever ! and nbsp
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