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Auto Insurance Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- I was never charged the way AAA did. I was in a rush to change my insurance as I moved to CA and was traveling out of country. I go in person to the AAA office and sign up. The Asian agent did not explain what he was charging me for. I thought I was paying for two months. But I was charged the first month and apparently some form of advance payment for the last month. I was unable to move to another insurer due to this hassle and decided to keep it for a year.

After a year of rip off I was clearly informed of my last payment and informed of my last month that was already paid off. A month and half after my policy expired I get another bill for $50 change and was told that it is "Earned Premium". I gave them a call reference ID that they say they do not have anymore. This is very unprofessional and seems like a bad business practice. I appreciate any feedback so I can pursue this legally. Thank you. Please stay away from AAA.

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Rating: 1/51

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I have been a customer with AAA for 40 years. Just in recent years, I have started having issues with AAA and having major problems for months getting my bills. Also, as a side note, when I was mailing my checks to St. Louis, it would take weeks for them to process my payment. I would even get calls that my insurance was up for cancellation and that same day it was already processed through my bank. It was apparent on several occasions my check was sitting on someone's desk for weeks before processing. Because of the trouble I was having, I had my policy transferred to the Southaven, Mississippi office so I could deal with someone in person.

As a side note, I also have my homeowner's policy with AAA as well. There have been issues with receiving the bills for this policy as well. In June, I didn't receive a bill. I went to the local office, paid the monthly premium and was told by the agent at the office that it probably will take a few weeks to get on track getting the bills because of the transfer. In July, still no bill. I went to local office once again and paid the monthly premium. In August, still no bill.

For additional information, on August 25, 2016 at around 1:00 p.m. I had a minor fender bender which the police officer at the scene did not issue fault but The Hartford Insurance Company (insurance provider for the other party) assessed fault at 50%. The Hartford paid me for the damage to my vehicle. I did not file a claim with AAA as the damage was so minor, I fixed it myself for less than $200 and 15 minutes of my time. On August 26, I went to the local office to pay the monthly premium as in the last few months and was told my policy had been cancelled at 12:01 a.m. August 25.

The office computer (which I have a copy of the screen information) shows the “due date” as August 25. I debated the point that if the due date is August 25, I could not be cancelled on the due date until 12:01 a.m. on August 26. To no avail, I was told, after spending over 2 hours in the office that a new policy would have to be written. At this time, I told the local AAA representative of the minor accident. Because of this rewrite, my premium doubled and was told this was because of the “1 day” lapse. Local representative stated that after the first 6 months of the “new” policy my premium should go back down to what it was with the “old” policy.

I signed up for automatic draft with the first premium paid in the office of $385.75 on that day and the electronic draft did not come through my account until August 30, 2016. On August 29, I tried to contact Jim McGrath, President of AAA and was basically told I couldn't speak with him but could talk to Steve Schone, the Vice-President of the Company. Mr. Schone told me he would research the issue and contact me. On September 1, I called Mr. Schone as he had not called me back and he stated that their “computer program” said they bills were mailed each month. I was just not receiving them and assured me it was not AAA's fault.

However, this seems really strange as all my other bills come to my home address and all are paid on time. On August 30, 2016, I called local AAA representative to cancel my automatic draft as I was extremely upset that my premium was doubled and would be looking into obtaining insurance elsewhere and was in hopes of obtaining the new insurance prior to the next billing date of September 26, 2016.

When I returned from vacation on September 12, oddly I had 9 pieces of mail from AAA. A recap of what was received: Renewal Questionnaire for Verified Mileage Discount; Confirmation of cancellation due to non-payment of premium; Collection Notice; Payment Notice; Declarations and Policy showing AMENDMENT at top of page (showing total premium $2024.00); Letter, Declarations and Policy showing NEW at top of page (showing total premium $2304.00).

Auto Policy Change stating the “policy change” had reduced my premium by $280 for the remainder of the policy period date; Payment Notice stating current balance was $1,639.25 and the next electronic funds transfer would be 9/26/16 for $291.53 date; and Policy Change notification, including payment notice.

On September 15, I received another “collection notice” from AAA saying I owed $84 on the cancelled policy. On September 16, I called local AAA office and asked what this was about. Rep stated this was the “earned premium pro-rated from the previous month to time policy was actually cancelled.” We also talked about the $280 “credit” and she stated once underwriting got the actual information that for some reason they reduced it (reason unknown). We also talked about the next premium(s) and local representative stated that NO payment was due for September.

The next payment would be due October 9, 2016 for $379.00 and from November through the end of the six (6) month period would be $426.00 per month. At that time, I told local agent to add my fiancée to the policy as both of our names are on the loans for the 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2011 Nissan Altima. Rep stated that by adding my fiancée and raising the deductibles to $500 the premium would now be $1680 with monthly payments for 5 months of $336.

On September 23, I received 4 pieces of mail from AAA: Auto Policy Change stating my policy had increased by $200 for the remainder of the policy period (Total premium now $2,250.00). (Remember above, on September 16, I was told the premium would be $1680. This is a far cry from just a $200 increase); Payment Notice stating this policy has been cancelled.

Collection Notice in the amount of $324.25 stating the amount is for the premium due for coverage provided (stating this policy has been cancelled – remember earlier I stated I paid $385.75 on August 26 and was told NO payment would be due until October 9); and Letter of Cancellation of Auto Policy effective 10/25/16 at 12:01 a.m. because I was “not eligible for auto insurance” with AAA due to non-payment of earned premium ($84) and not receiving an estimate of damages for the 2015 Dodge Ram to confirm that the deductible exceeds the existing damage to the vehicle.

On September 26, I spoke with local AAA representative regarding the notices I received over the weekend. She told me she would talk to her underwriter and return my call. Upon returning my call, she stated that with the $84 being paid that she would have to get a copy of the estimate ($1120.18) and increase the deductible to $1,000 or more (depending on what underwriting says) to cover the estimated damages. Local AAA representative stated from the pictures she could see no damage.
  On September 30, 2016, I spoke with local AAA and stated that we wanted to raise our deductible to $1,000 on each of our vehicles as we are having so many issues with AAA and in an effort to lower our outrageous premium. I was told that the billing department/underwriting department says we cannot change our deductible until our current monthly premium is paid (which is due – supposedly – on October 9, 2016). Local representative also stated that she would call her home office and tell them we wanted it changed BEFORE we made our next payment.

On Monday, October 3, 2016, I called local AAA representative to check the status and she stated that once again she was told that the current premium would have to be paid before they increase our deductible. She also stated the billing department told her we owe $324.25 as “collection” of earned insurance premium and that our policy cancelled on September 19, 2016, which we received no notice of cancellation (AGAIN) other than the notice stating that our insurance would be cancelled on October 25, 2016 due to being “ineligible” for coverage.

The billing department also stated to local AAA representative that our total insurance premium (including the “earned premium in collection”) is $409.56 which is due immediately to “bring us current” which the premium due date is supposedly October 9, 2016. The billing department representative further stated that once this amount is paid, we would owe NO monthly premium until January 2017. (We are on a “5 pay” instalment plan wherein we pay 5 months then 1 month no payment until the semi-annual renewal the next month).

The billing representative also told local AAA representative that there would be no way to tell us what our premium would be for at least a couple of weeks (not even a rough figure) until all payments and credits have been applied and “considered.” Local representative then called me back to state that upon calling her underwriter that our policy will not be up for cancellation until October 25, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. (which we received notice of “ineligibility” for insurance coverage which stated cancellation would not occur until October 25).

The underwriter also stated to local AAA representative that they “have to give us 30 days cancellation notice in order for us to procure another insurance policy.” This is directly opposite of what was told to us on August 26 and the cancellation of our automobile insurance on August 25, 2016 when we were cancelled with NO notice of cancellation.

I have spoke to local AAA reps up to the VP (they would not let me talk to the President) and each one had a lame excuse and of course, nothing that has happened is their fault - it is all ours. I am spreading my issue with every social media outlet, complaint website, BBB, State Insurance Commissioner and even the Federal Insurance Regulatory Department. Don't use AAA - it is nothing with problems.

'Customers Come First' is no longer true!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- The management style of AAA seems to be changing from one that generated old style loyalty to one that is opportunistic and unfriendly. I have been a loyal member of the company for a very long time and have an extremely clean driving record. I also have been using my car less and less in recent years, relying on BART more, so my car often gets less than 10,000 miles a year. I do not drink or have unhealthy habits and have often been criticized for being a little too cautious on the road, never being among the first to arrive at a destination. In short, I am the kind of client an auto insurance company would love to have. Pay up, but stay out of trouble.

But I made a mistake recently when my schedule was overwhelmingly busy; I missed the due date for a payment and my account became delinquent for over thirty days. A first in over seventeen years of being with the company with a completely clean driving record! No tickets, no violations to my name... I was a little embarrassed to call AAA when I discovered my mistake upon finally being able to cope with the pile of mail that had accumulated in that hectic schedule, but also ready to pay all that I owed and correct the situation.

Since I had been with them for so long and I am a very safe driver, as embarrassed as I was to have dropped the ball, I thought they would help me fix the situation. They jumped at the occasion to reduce my benefits and offered me a policy with higher deductibles and much higher fees. I indicated I was hoping to put payments on auto pay to avoid a similar mistake in the future and apologized for my lack of organization during a stressful and busy time, but to no avail. I almost felt the manager I was connected to was mocking me for having given them an opportunity to get more money out of me.

The result: I am getting quotes from other companies and comparing them. I feel a little like a fish out of water because I have been a member of that company for close to 20 years. If I had not had this opportunity to test their approach when I made a mistake, I would have continued with them thinking all was fine. Now I am reconsidering.

To be fair to them, they did take care of me in fixing rare, minor things in the past, such as fixing the bumper and the taillights after one inexperienced driver hit my car in the parking lot of a supermarket and was ready to flee until the security agent on duty stopped him. Still he had no insurance and AAA did not create a fuss and fixed it. (It was obviously no fault of mine. I was not even in my car, but was met with the security officer and the other driver when I walked to my car with my young child.

They did honor the agreement and provided me with a rental during the repair. They also sent to our home a service person to repair a little crack on the windshield from a rock flown from a truck on the freeway. And the repair person they sent was very pleasant. The problem seems to be in their recent management style. I used to think of them as being a good company in the old style, professional, experienced, trustworthy, friendly to their clients. They seem to have moved in the direction of the bankers on Wall Street and gotten a little too pompous and opportunistic. I am hearing that from more and more people.

Maybe, as it happened with many good companies of one time, they are under a different cloud. Not do I only feel disgruntled about the way I was treated, I am also worried about where that attitude will take them because we do have some investments with them. That kind of greed never pays off, as we all saw in the example of where the greed on Wall Street took the global economy. Maybe they consider recruiting better managers.

Insurance Companies Suck
By -

People, the title says it all (well, almost all). It does not matter very much which company you choose. They are all going to play hard-ball because that is what they do. Anyone who works for an insurance company & is honest will tell you the same. The cards are stacked against us, even for those of us who do NOT love in a no-fault state. They have decided for us whether we will be considered responsible in every situation conceivable to man. Usually they will fault all of us, so they should really call it ALL-FAULT.

Regarding AAA specifically, I had insurance with them for a number of years. One incident in '94 (I was not at fault), was when the AAA Rep actually told me he felt sorry for the guy making the (ahem, false) claim against me because he, himself had experienced how expensive insurance is for young men (the reason for his ratty car?). What did that have to do with the important issue, that AAA had no responsibility to pay out his claim? The claimant's car was 7 years old, had dents & scratches all over the car & bumper, but AAA insisted on inspecting my vehicle to make sure that my bumper showed no damage in the area where the guy claimed my bumper hit his bumper. He just wanted a new bumper at my expense!

Then there was the accident in '95, where a car cut off another car in front of me, & AAA declared the person in front of me, and ME, at fault, instead of the person who caused the accident by driving recklessly. It looks like a setup, in hind sight, because I didn't like the way that car was driving & I slowed down considerably to avoid him. So he picked on the car in front of me, but I got caught in it. I would have had plenty of room to stop in time if it hadn't happened at the bottom of the freeway on-ramp, which was downhill, and if it had not been raining. My brakes locked up at the last minute & I found myself drifting into the back of the 2nd car.

In '98 AAA refused to replace the bumper on my pristine, dentless & scratchless car with an OEM part; instead, they used a cheap part & the body shop could not get it to align properly. No amount of complaining could convince them to fix the PROBLEM (OEM! OEM! OEM!). Hopefully they can't get away with that nowadays, I think the laws changed shortly afterward.

This was an accident that was caused by the guy behind me, so HIS insurance was supposed to pay for it anyway! If his company did refuse, AAA should have paid the difference to keep me happy. I ended up selling that beautiful car & shaving $500 off the sale price because of that stupid bumper! It was the last straw, I switched to another company & never looked back.

Too much difference between their Quote and Actual purchase..AAA Agents gave all incorrect info
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I got a quote online a month back which was for around $1000. When I went to AAA office (as they don't sell it online), they said its $1800, since my current insurance has less coverage. They asked me to increase my current insurance coverage and then go for AAA so that it will be around $1200. I went to my current insurance and increased my coverage, and then waited for 15-20 days for it to get reflected on AAA. I again got a quote online. I gave all correct info including my DL number, SSN and violation details (I had traffic ticket), and it gave me a quote of $800 a year.

When I called AAA to purchase it, they said online quote is normally not correct as it doesn't pull my credit report, and said I have to pay $1400. When I asked them, if there is so much of difference between Online Quote and actual cost (almost 100%), why should anyone get a quote online from AAA. The lady said she doesn't have any answer and rudely disconnected the phone. Then I went to AAA office, where they said, they do not know why the online quote is so low, and I need to pay the quote amount that I got from them a month back in AAA office (which was $1100).

When I told them that I gave all the info correctly while getting the quote online, including my 1 traffic ticket, and asked them to check if I entered anything incorrectly, she called 2 -3 AAA call center agents and finally told me that they do not know why the quote was $800, but they can't sell me that. I had no idea what to do, as I spent so much of my time with these guys. I came home and got a quote online from Progressive and bought that online which was much cheaper, easier and fast. But decided never to refer anybody to AAA (at least in this state). Bad thing was, I already referred 3-4 of my colleagues.

Cancellation Without Notice
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- On November 25, 2013, I realized I haven't received our auto billing statement for December, so I check online. According to our account online, we do not have anything outstanding balance. So, I called the AAA main phone number, the staff told me that our auto policy had been cancelled. I was shock because we didn't receive any notice of cancellation.

I placed a call to my agent named Nicolas and left a voice message. Then I called his manager, Ms. **, and she told me that the company had implemented a new policy effective 9/15 even though our agreement was witnessed on 9/11. She apologized and said a notice was sent out on October 31. I told her we never received the notice. All we received around that time was the billing statement for November. She said our policy was cancelled effective Nov 16 but if you check our records, the cancellation date is Nov 10.

Basically we have been without auto insurance for approximately 2 weeks! Based on our history, we never have a lapse of insurance. Because of AAA error, we now have to pay a higher premium with any standard insurance company due to the lapse of insurance due to no fault of our own. My agent Nicolas called me back. He didn't know about our cancellation on our auto policy either. He doesn't have anything in his system that states our policy was cancelled.

We had to get auto insurance immediately with another insurance company for a 6 month policy.We refuse to drive without insurance. Our premium is $60 more per month due to the lapse insurance. I would like for AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance to refund our money due to the policy cancellation and to pay for the amount we are being charged for having lapse insurance due to no fault of our own.

Worst Car Insurance Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- AAA MidAtlantic offered me the best price for insuring myself and my new 16 year old driver and 2 cars. 3 months joining AAA my car was stolen from my train station parking lot. AAA was nonresponsive to my phone calls for 3 days (including making it impossible for me to rent a car although I purchased rental coverage). I took a day off from work to make all of the phone calls, but no one ever responded to the more than 11 calls I placed to try to contact my "adjustor." The person who eventually picked up the phone said, "Would you stop calling me??" in a very rude voice.

After I called a manager in another state, my adjustor finally called me the next day at work, spoke to me rudely, and was unable to instruct me on how to proceed other than telling me wait 30 days to see if my car was found. Never having had a car stolen before, I don't know if this is typical, but this woman basically told me "tough," and got off the phone. With no assistance from the insurance company, the city police notified me several weeks later that my car had been found and towed to a distant lot.

The insurance woman told me that if I didn't retrieve my car within 24 hrs (thus requiring another day off from work), I would be liable for both the towing and impound lot storage costs incurred because someone stole my car. Car was retrieved with relatively minor damage. A detective was then sent to my home where he grilled me for several hours because.. well, I don't know why. I had to travel for a while, and when I returned, I had received two checks, cut on different days, for the same amount of money and dedicated to the same repairs.

I also learned that while I was away the same detective tried to talk to some of my neighbors--they told me he was a bully and that they had nothing to say to him because they had no idea why he was even wasting their time--and costing AAA money! Worst service in my 40 years of driving--you get what you pay for in car insurance, just like anything else.

Home and Auto Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- We have been AAA customers for 20 plus years for home and auto insurance needs. We had been dealing with an assigned agent, who had been with us for at least five years of this policy time. He would look after any changes, updates, annual reviews, etc. Then all of a sudden, we would call and we were informed that our agent was not available and would we like to leave a message or go into his voicemail. Messages were left and never returned. This took place over a year and half time period.

Then out of the blue about a year ago, we received a phone call from AAA. It was our new AAA agent, calling to introduce herself and go over our policies, since they had been in limbo for a year and a half. WHAT A SHOCK! She did the review, and discovered we were under insured, and suggested an umbrella policy should be part of the coverage.

One week ago, we called because, again, there was no policy review and no sign of our AAA agent. We took our policies to another insurance company and had a review done. It turned out there were errors in our policies that would cost us financially had there been an accident. There were also errors that cost us financially over, at least the last year, unknown to us, until the review by another insurance company. Again, when we tried to get a hold of our insurance agent, and we were told that she was no longer with AAA and we did not have a new assigned agent.

We had to make the corrections on our policy with the call center and the corrections that were made, would arrive in the mail to us in a couple of days. Well, the corrections were sent out to us and there were still errors not corrected, that should have been corrected. So, our questions to AAA are: is this the way they treat all of their clients? If so, are these new cost cutting measures? If so, then maybe we should be shopping for a new agent that will provide at least the very basic service of a once a year review. After all, AAA claims they value the relationships they build with their clients. Well, we are not feeling the love in this relationship.

AAA Cannot get AutoPay done right. over bill
By -

MICHIGAN -- I was previously setup as a auto-pay, auto deduct every month for auto insurance. Problem started in Feb when I cancelled my card due to a fraudulent Amazon charge. I forgot to update my auto info so when AAA went to process payment, it was declined. Then my Auto Insurance turned into a 4 month billing cycle. So March 6th, I paid the increased monthly rate of 341 in order to keep my insurance. I faxed in my paperwork to renew auto-pay and put me in the 6 month plan.

3 weeks went by and I went to my local AAA office to confirm all was well with the paperwork. They were unable to locate paperwork, in fact, in order to keep ins going I would pay once again 341 so they could reprocess paperwork, the 1st set of documents were lost. They screw up. I get to told it's the timing of system, nothing we can do. AAA is the cheapest my area right now so I bit the bullet and paid the 341. Resubmitted paperwork again at the office this time. I was told that it should no more than 20 days to process. Because I paid so much in advance, the next 3 billing cycles will be around 110.00.

Surprise, I checked my account to today... another 341. This created 4 bounce check fees. I called and they told me they processed the auto-pay paper work AFTER the billing cycle. I complained that it took AAA 35 days to process the paperwork when I was told no more than 20 days. So because of the delayed paperwork, I was billed outright again as opposed to 3 broken down payments. Because they took their time, I was forced once again to pay more money than I was told. Nothing I can do... she said. Once again, their negligence caused me to pay more money out of pocket for the month and now 110 in bounced check fees.

"Sorry sir, it's all automated", nothing I can do. "But at least your insurance is caught up and no more payments are needed for 2 months." They have a screwed up billing system. If it's all automated, why does it take 20 days to process paperwork. In my case, 35 days. Out of principle, I'm switching to State Farm and paying 20 more a month. Plus I confirmed if I need to update my card on file, they can do it on the spot. No faxing or submitting to corp office to make this happen. Stay AWAY!!!

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