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Dead Battery
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a AAA battery less than 2 yrs ago after being told by a AAA roadside service representative that if I purchase a "AAA BATTERY" I would no longer have to worry about having a dead battery and if anything went wrong with the battery, AAA would replace it, no questions asked. Well, I paid over $120.00 and thought I was getting a good deal, until...on March 2, 2016, I went to pick up my car a day after being released from the ER (legally blind), I found out my battery was dead.

I called AAA for help, they sent a battery tech who was able to jump start my car and told me I would have to get it charged somewhere, and that was it! I explained to him that I was promised it would be replaced free if there was ever a problem, "and you're telling me that I need to look for a place that will charge it?" They told me they rarely replace batteries and their tester hardly ever shows the battery as being dead or bad. I am now realizing that their testers are rigged to avoid replacing their batteries that are under warranty and fail within the 36 month period, when it should be replaced for free!

This scam I will be reported to Consumer Affairs and the BBB. I now realize after 4 calls to AAA in 5 days (1 call I waited over 1 hour and they never showed up Or called), and after keeping the car running for an hour as the AAA rep suggested, trying to recharge the battery on my own, I am still without my car and instead left with a battery that will not charge enough to start my car. All they can tell me is they will send someone out again to check my battery...(with their fixed tester?). No thanks.

Scammed by AAA
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Rating: 1/51

LARGO, FLORIDA -- On May 26, 2014, I purchased a battery from AAA after calling for roadside assistance to jump-start my wife's Mercedes 2010 S550. The battery worked fine until this past Monday, Nov 23, 2015. Call AAA and an hour and a half later, an employee came to our house. He jump-started the vehicle and tested the battery which he claimed passed with a .73A.

Car was driven about ten miles with one stop and back home. Two hours later battery was dead. Called several times and dispatchers and supervisors said there was something wrong with the as the battery passed. About 6 pm on the 23rd, another employee came out and jump started the car. He instructed me to drive car for 15 to 20 minutes and if the car started the next morning, to bring it in to their repair/battery facility. On Tues, Nov 24th, the car started and I brought it in to the AAA station.

I spoke with the owner and he explained that his hands were tied because AAA provides the testers which are set to pass batteries that should be replaced. He also told me that although most batteries fail within the warranty period, AAA Michigan warned him that he has to keep his replacement rate below 11% or he'll lose his franchise. It is noted on AAA battery test strip that "The Average Battery Life in this Region is 23-26 Months." Why would AAA provide a full replacement warranty for 36 month if they know the average battery won't last that long? It is because there is an intent to deny 90% of the claims.

After being denied the replacement battery, the car was brought to our Mercedes-certified mechanic. The battery was tested properly and it failed the load test for that car. The battery had to be replaced. Also noteworthy is that although the AAA battery was the proper size, it was a lead acid battery, but not an AGM battery used by Mercedes Benz.

It is unbelievable that AAA hasn't had a class action suit brought against for this false and deceptive practice. All you have to do is read the negative reviews to know AAA is scamming the public. What about the Attorney Generals office? If enough letters are written, perhaps that office will take action.

AAA Battery Service - Useless Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- This is the first negative review I have ever had to write, and hate to do it. But this is deserved. I have been a AAA member for decades, and have a gold membership card with my daughter as co-member. My daughter, who is a college student purchased a new battery from AAA Battery Service because she was stranded and needed a new battery. The batteries came with a 6-year warranty, and a three-year free replacement so she thought it was a good deal. Only one problem, they don't honor the free replacement.

After two years the battery would not hold a charge. I jump started the battery with my car and drove it into my garage to do a brake job. I checked that the alternator was charging the battery correctly and it was putting out 14.25 volts. I had the battery on a charger all morning. It would not hold a charge for more than two hours. There was nothing drawing current from the battery but for about 50 to 70 milliamps when I checked. Totally normal.

I called AAA Roadside Assistance and told them I had a bad battery that my daughter purchased from AAA Battery Service two years ago. I told them it needed to be replaced because it would not hold a charge. They said they would send someone with a replacement battery. Thirty minutes later a tow truck shows up and wants to jump start the car. They totally botched the call. The nice tow truck operator called their HQ to have a battery delivered and said they would be over in 20 minutes. Four hours later and still nobody had shown up. I called again and finally 30 minutes later someone came by and "tested" the battery.

Even though the battery had been charging all day, he said I needed to charge the battery. Hmmm... You think maybe it's bad? He said to drive it for about 30 to 60 minutes to let it charge. Then to take it to an "official" free charging location to have the battery charged before they would even consider replacing it for free. Really? Ludicrous!

Fine, I needed to road test the car after replacing all the brakes anyway. Drove for an hour on the highway and parked the car. Next day, dead again. I shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops to get a "free" replacement battery for a junk battery. I have never had a battery last only two years in my life.

The next day I took the car to Autozone. They even tested it and the alternator and clearly stated it was a bad battery. I bought a new battery and it has been fine for two weeks. Guess what? No more battery problems! I'm cancelling my membership at the end of this year. Auto Club of Southern California.

Inferior Battery Life Replacement and Financial Charges Associated With a Two Year Battery Replacement Program
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- I have been a longtime loyal AAA member. I replaced my 2007 SAAB battery which died in 2011 with a battery provided by AAA. It died in 2013 and then again in 2015. I called AAA and spoke to the call center. The call center said I would get a new battery and it would not cost me. I said I wanted to get a better battery for my car so my complaint was filed with customer service. I was promised a call back by Thursday or Friday which was about 2-3 days later so I waited and borrowed a friend's car.

By Friday evening customer service had still not called me back so I called back to the service center to see if I could speak to anyone. I was told that they would call me. Now, I had been without my car for a few days so I had a new battery installed by AAA under reservation of rights that I would request a refund and a new battery of my choice. Again I was assured that was the best option since AAA customer service had not called.

Finally, customer service called and would not replace the battery with a credit so I could buy a new battery. I am dissatisfied with AAA. I am looking for other folks who have been involved with AAA battery replacement program within the last 5 years and feel that their battery replacement service and AAA consumer service was not satisfactory.

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Rating: 1/51

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- AAA Member for decades. Ecstatic about their new battery truck that comes to your house and replaces your car battery for about the same price as a Sears DieHard, which I've also used for decades. Battery dies within one year. AAA tech comes to house, tells me there's something wrong with my car. Dealer charges $90 for diagnostics to tell me the battery is dead as a doornail. AAA goes to dealer to replace battery. Car runs fine. When this battery dies - I'm going back to DieHard at Sears. I hope it's not this year, but I bet it will be. I love AAA - will not buy their batteries again. Absolute crap. I don't buy crap.

AAA Battery Replacement Consumer Reviews
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Rating: 2/51

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- 1/21/2016. Bad idea to purchase AAA battery, because not AAA. Read the warranty:

  • Club Assist has no affiliation to AAA!
  • Free replacement inside warranty period, BUT you have to pay (more $) for removal and reinstallation, (what- a service call, guy, truck, tools, labor?).
  • you must take car to authorized service provider for test/replace! (tow?)
  • Removing battery voids warranty (makes no sense as it has a serial #).
  • New battery is guaranteed only for the remainder from the original purchase date! (w/ only 5 months left?)

I am 2 1/2 years into my 36 month battery for $110, now dead, and they need more money, I may put AAA through the hassle of coming out etc., but am sure to be headed to car parts store to put in a real battery and avoid any grief or time wasted, or good money after bad, as documented here by others.

Second AAA Battery in Two Months
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Rating: 1/51

SEAL BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- October, my car wouldn't start. I called AAA (I have been a happy member for 31 years). They tested the battery and alternator, even gave me the print out. I got a new battery from them on the spot and on my way in 20 minutes. December, my car wouldn't start, called AAA. I showed them the paperwork that my battery was only 2 months old. They jumped it, it started and he said all was well. I asked them to run the test and it came back replace battery. The driver looked shocked, he had one in his truck, lucky, not really.

My battery light is on again and my auto repair guy said this morning the battery needs to be replaced. I am not happy. I agree with all the other reviews, DO NOT BUY A BATTERY FROM AAA! I will not be buying an AAA battery again and I have two friends that had the same issue.

Cancelled AAA After 22 Years! Battery Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- I have had AAA Plus for 22 years for 4 family members. In May of 2011 I had a AAA battery installed in one of my cars. In May of 2013, it failed and AAA came out and replaced it. I was so impressed that I have had AAA batteries installed in my daughter's car and our RV since then. On 11/22/15, the same battery needed to be jumped by AAA at the grocery store.

My wife drove the car home and on 11/25/15 it was dead in our garage (3 days later). I called for service and they told me over the phone that it was under warranty. The AAA driver arrived, jumped the battery and run tests, the charging system showed no problems. The driver then told me that the battery was too low to be tested, so while he got it running he said that it needed to be driven to a AAA approved auto repair facility to be charged for 8 hours and then tested. What!

The charging system was fine as my receipt says, I can't take the time right now (while the car is running) to drive it to a AAA repair ship. I removed the battery myself, drove it to Pep Boys, they tested it, it was bad, bought a new battery installed it. Called AAA and asked for a supervisor. I asked Aldo if the battery policy has changed, he said no, policy was followed.

Now I feel real foolish with AAA batteries in my two other cars. Called AAA and canceled service. After reviewing so many complaint sites for AAA and being so surprised, I didn't know of so many of these battery issues concerning AAA.

False Advertising and RIP OFF Mobile Battery Replacement
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Rating: 1/51

MID ATLANTIC, NEW JERSEY -- BUNCH OF CROOKS! FALSE ADVERTISING. Absolutely appalled at the lack of service and relentless up-selling I just received. My car battery died on Thursday, and I knew I needed a new one. My insurance is wonderful and provides free jumps, towing, lockout service, etc. All the things that come in a basic AAA membership service, which is why I don't need a membership w/AAA. I was planning on calling my insurance for a free jump, then driving my car to a local auto shop for a battery replacement.

My dad suggested I look into a mobile battery replacement service, and after a quick online search, AAA mobile battery replacement was the first I found, claiming $135 for non members. Seems good enough, slightly more expensive than my auto shop, but way more convenient.. so I called yesterday to see if I could set up an appointment for today, explained I'm not a member and did not want to become one, etc. The representative with whom I spoke told me to call back today and they would be happy to dispatch someone to my location today.

Called today (on hold forever), to be told the service is only for members, at which point I explained to the representative that the person with whom I spoke yesterday said it's not a problem if I'm not a member. Today's representative said that yesterday's representative must have been mistaken, but “If you purchase a membership with me I'd be happy to set up a battery replacement.” ARE YOU KIDDING?

I told her, “I'm literally LOOKING at the AAA website which clearly states on more than one page that the cost is $135 for non-members, and $110 for members. I want the $135 price, since I'm not paying $72 for the privilege of a battery replacement when my insurance covers all of the other supposed roadside benefits that AAA offers!” She again told me I am mistaken, so I said, “Perhaps you can transfer me to someone else.” She said, “Please hold and I'll try to get a supervisor.” (on hold again for forever)

She comes back saying that they can get a mobile battery replacement sent to me, but that it would cost way more than $135, maybe even over $200, and wouldn't I like to sign up for a membership for a discount on the battery service and she would even take $10 off the yearly membership cost!

I once again reiterated that my (non-thief) insurance company has all the roadside perks of AA (sans battery replacement) for free. This conversations dragged on entirely too long. So apparently now someone is supposed to come to my house in the next 90 minutes but are first supposed to call me to confirm a price since AAA was unable to do it since I wasn't a member.

At this point, I am so fed up that I am quite close to scrapping it and getting a jump and driving to my local auto shop, but I'm interested to hear what this “non member cost” now will be. I AM SO FRUSTRATED at the poor service given to me as a non-member – honestly, should you be trying to get customers??? With how poorly I was just treated without yet giving you my money, I'd hate to see how you treat those poor souls who have already committed to a year of your nonsense!

Not to mention the ridiculous false advertising ALL OVER YOUR WEBSITE. For a company that supposedly prides itself on its longstanding, fabulous reputation, you should be ashamed. I am proud to say I never have been, nor ever will be, a member of your elite club. UPDATE -- Service has been cancelled due to it costing a MINIMUM OF $190!!!!! MINIMUM!!! They could POSSIBLY charge me more upon arrival!!! Why even both posting a price on your site???

Roadside Service Ripoff
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SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- On Monday, March 10, at 3:30PM the AAA service person from Sam's Towing Company at 2525- 17th Street, Sarasota, jump started my car, a 2006 Toyota Avalon still under guarantee, and told me the battery had a bad cell and would not take a charge. He also said if I turned car off it would not start again, but he could install a new battery for $124. I decided to go to dealer since car was under guarantee but asked him for his name and business card. He offered neither and said I could just call AAA to get a new battery. This technician also told me not to turn off the ignition, put fear into my mind that the car might quit and wouldn't start again.

After 2 hours at the Toyota dealer, their tests indicated no problem with the battery or charging system. (I have their print-out from GETTEL Toyota at 6423 l4th St. west, Bradenton, Fl 34207 stating the battery and charging system checked out perfectly with no defects at all). The car was a one-owner 2006 Avalon, with 23,000 mi. on it.

I and/or my deceased husband have been a AAA member for 25 yrs. Because I am a widow I rely on my membership for security and help--NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY SOME LOW LIFE OPPORTUNIST. I think the stress this technician caused me is more than enough for AAA to investigate this incident, and remove them from your accredited list of service providers. Too bad they can't put the lowlife in jail!

When I telephoned AAA l-800-222-4357, my Amherst, NY home club, ** answered the call. I gave her my membership no. and said my battery was dead and the car would not start. She asked for my location and I told her I was in a parking lot at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates at 2750 Bahia Vista St., Suite l00, Sarasota, Florida 34239, phone no. **. She said she would call Sarasota w/ location and asked for my phone no. where I can be reached. I gave her my cell no. **.

Then a call came into my cell about 5 min. later saying a service truck would arrive within 40 min. to an hour. Ten min. later another call to me and voice said truck would be there to jump battery in 25 min. and to have my AAA card available.

ON TUESDAY, MARCH 11th--approx. 11 a.m., I telephoned the Amherst, N.Y. home club offices at 716-633-8363 and filed a complaint with supervisor **. She said she would follow up my complaint with correspondence to Sarasota office in Florida and would send me a copy of faxes and or letters. She also said she would take the service call off of my AAA card calls.

I then called the Sarasota AAA Auto club South on Bee Ridge Rd., @ 941-929-2299 and said I wanted to file a complaint. They transferred me to **, dispatch-call-taker, who after hearing about the dead battery, bad cell test and new battery sale, forwarded my call to the complaint dept. mgr., **, at ext. **. ** assured me she would either call me or I was to call her next week, Mon. through Thurs. 8am to 6pm to follow up on what AAA is doing about this attempted RIPOFF.

On Wed. Mar.19th I talked with ** in the St Petersburg, Fl office who had already contacted the station owner who had a lame excuse saying that the tester was "not working properly" and the instrument only read "error". (If that was true why didn't he tell me that rather than trying to rip me off for a new battery?) ** also reported this to her supervisor who said he had been on the phone earlier in the day (one week and a day after the attempted ripoff) with the owner of the service station who said the machine would not print out anything but it did read error. Please let me know if AAA is doing anything about my complaint.

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