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AAA Battery Service Convenient, but Batteries are Awful
By -

The AAA Battery Replacement program is very convenient, as they dispatch a service vehicle with a new battery to your location and install it on the spot. The cost is very competitive with an off the shelf battery. Here is the problem: The batteries they provide are awful, just terrible. Simply put, they are the worst performing batteries I've ever had in any car I've ownedand I've been driving for about 30 years now. I've had three of these batteries.

Fooled me once, shame on me. Fooled me a second time, shame on me again. Third time was a warranty coveragethat one is now on the fritz too. The batteries last an average of 2 years. The one that just quit on me today was about a year and a half old. Worst part is that they've now become stingy with warranty replacementclaiming that the spent battery is "good" even though it clearly will not hold a charge. I wish they'd charge a little more and provide top quality batteries instead of the garbage they offer.

Roadside Service Ripoff
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- On Monday, March 10, at 3:30PM the AAA service person from Sam's Towing Company at 2525- 17th Street, Sarasota, jump started my car, a 2006 Toyota Avalon still under guarantee, and told me the battery had a bad cell and would not take a charge. He also said if I turned car off it would not start again, but he could install a new battery for $124. I decided to go to dealer since car was under guarantee but asked him for his name and business card. He offered neither and said I could just call AAA to get a new battery. This technician also told me not to turn off the ignition, put fear into my mind that the car might quit and wouldn't start again.

After 2 hours at the Toyota dealer, their tests indicated no problem with the battery or charging system. (I have their print-out from GETTEL Toyota at 6423 l4th St. west, Bradenton, Fl 34207 stating the battery and charging system checked out perfectly with no defects at all). The car was a one-owner 2006 Avalon, with 23,000 mi. on it.

I and/or my deceased husband have been a AAA member for 25 yrs. Because I am a widow I rely on my membership for security and help--NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY SOME LOW LIFE OPPORTUNIST. I think the stress this technician caused me is more than enough for AAA to investigate this incident, and remove them from your accredited list of service providers. Too bad they can't put the lowlife in jail!

When I telephoned AAA l-800-222-4357, my Amherst, NY home club, ** answered the call. I gave her my membership no. and said my battery was dead and the car would not start. She asked for my location and I told her I was in a parking lot at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates at 2750 Bahia Vista St., Suite l00, Sarasota, Florida 34239, phone no. **. She said she would call Sarasota w/ location and asked for my phone no. where I can be reached. I gave her my cell no. **.

Then a call came into my cell about 5 min. later saying a service truck would arrive within 40 min. to an hour. Ten min. later another call to me and voice said truck would be there to jump battery in 25 min. and to have my AAA card available.

ON TUESDAY, MARCH 11th--approx. 11 a.m., I telephoned the Amherst, N.Y. home club offices at 716-633-8363 and filed a complaint with supervisor **. She said she would follow up my complaint with correspondence to Sarasota office in Florida and would send me a copy of faxes and or letters. She also said she would take the service call off of my AAA card calls.

I then called the Sarasota AAA Auto club South on Bee Ridge Rd., @ 941-929-2299 and said I wanted to file a complaint. They transferred me to **, dispatch-call-taker, who after hearing about the dead battery, bad cell test and new battery sale, forwarded my call to the complaint dept. mgr., **, at ext. **. ** assured me she would either call me or I was to call her next week, Mon. through Thurs. 8am to 6pm to follow up on what AAA is doing about this attempted RIPOFF.

On Wed. Mar.19th I talked with ** in the St Petersburg, Fl office who had already contacted the station owner who had a lame excuse saying that the tester was "not working properly" and the instrument only read "error". (If that was true why didn't he tell me that rather than trying to rip me off for a new battery?) ** also reported this to her supervisor who said he had been on the phone earlier in the day (one week and a day after the attempted ripoff) with the owner of the service station who said the machine would not print out anything but it did read error. Please let me know if AAA is doing anything about my complaint.

Warranty Service
By -

I purchased AAA battery a little over a year ago when I stuck with stalled car paying almost 3 times of regular price. The AAA serviceman had told me that there will be 3 years warranty service regardless if I remain AAA member or not during that period. My car sat in the garage for about 3 weeks and when I need to go for a job interview, car would not start because battery was dead.

I called AAA battery warranty service that was on the battery. I spoke to a lady and she connected me to local West Hills, CA AAA office. The lady refused to send serviceman because I refused to pay for warranty service. I asked her why do I have to pay if the battery is UNDER WARRANTY? She said the warranty service is only for AAA member. What a twist? They charge almost 3 times higher price for the battery and do not provide warranty service to non-member.

Do Not Buy Battery From AAA
By -

I am shocked by the attitude, the arrogance and the failure of the leadership to take responsibility for their defective batteries. AAA supplied me with a new battery a year ago warranted for 3 years. As these are low quality, the car would not start and they send me an agent who started the car and lectured me about the maintenance of the battery. The same day the car will not start and another honest guy came and informed me that we cannot replace the battery as the AAA might refuse to pay for it. He asked me to take the car to Honda to examine if there is other problems. Third time it would not start but this time I took it to Honda who did a service for the car and a certificate that the battery is defective.

I called the AAA and the guy came and indicated in the first instance that this type of batteries should not be used by Honda Hybrid but he phoned his boss and came to the conclusion that they cannot replace the battery. The AAA should not have gone in business with questionable credibility to its customers. Also they should review their policies that resulted in such big failure, that I doubt it could happen in small battery shop!!!!

AAA car battery scam
By -

SANTA ANA -- The warranty on these batteries is a scam. My car died and AAA towed the car to my auto shop. The battery was completely dead with acid leaking out of it. The only way my mechanic could get it into the garage was to put in a battery temporarily. But because he took out the piece of crap from AAA, the warranty was "voided" conveniently. Turns out, by the way, the lousy battery likely caused the alternator to go bad. So I'm out $550 total.

Thanks, AAA -- I won't be renewing my membership for years to come. But you won't have to payout the $25 it probably cost you to supply those batteries made from old dog food cans. Smart business!

AAA battery dissatisfaction
By -

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- I obtained a battery from AAA in late 2008. The battery installation was $124.49. Now at the beginning of 2010 I am having problems with this battery and it is not the first time. This time after 2 days of not driving my car it did not start. It only started after a cable boost from my neighbor. I called the place that installed the battery and they told me I could come in to get a replacement. Then I get there and find out that the driver was out and they had to do a diagnostic test first to show that the battery was bad. I was told the driver would return in about one-half hour.

When I returned about one-hour later the driver was still unavailable and they said they would come to my residence when they could. The battery tested good but there NO problems with the drain test, the starter test or the charging system test. When I raised heck with AAA I was told that another person would come out and do a second test. Well it has been at least double the time it usually takes them to arrive and I am still waiting. I suspect this battery is borderline. I will probably go some place else. Why throw good time and money after bad?

Very Pleased
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I was very pleased with the AAA service today. The young man, **, was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient!

Triple AAA gives AAA service and battery delivery and decent prices!
By -

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- My battery died outside of a Ralphs Supermarket in North Hollywood. Triple AAA was there in 5 minutes and had me up and running. The Triple AAA guy told me that if I get home and my battery doesn't restart in the morning then to call him and he will deliver a Triple AAA battery. Sure enough, my car didn't start again, and so I called the guy. He was there on time and installed my new battery for a total of $108 dollars. Not a bad price, especially for a home delivery. I am very happy with the service from Triple AAA.

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