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Roadside Service Ripoff
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- On Monday, March 10, at 3:30PM the AAA service person from Sam's Towing Company at 2525- 17th Street, Sarasota, jump started my car, a 2006 Toyota Avalon still under guarantee, and told me the battery had a bad cell and would not take a charge. He also said if I turned car off it would not start again, but he could install a new battery for $124. I decided to go to dealer since car was under guarantee but asked him for his name and business card. He offered neither and said I could just call AAA to get a new battery. This technician also told me not to turn off the ignition, put fear into my mind that the car might quit and wouldn't start again.

After 2 hours at the Toyota dealer, their tests indicated no problem with the battery or charging system. (I have their print-out from GETTEL Toyota at 6423 l4th St. west, Bradenton, Fl 34207 stating the battery and charging system checked out perfectly with no defects at all). The car was a one-owner 2006 Avalon, with 23,000 mi. on it.

I and/or my deceased husband have been a AAA member for 25 yrs. Because I am a widow I rely on my membership for security and help--NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY SOME LOW LIFE OPPORTUNIST. I think the stress this technician caused me is more than enough for AAA to investigate this incident, and remove them from your accredited list of service providers. Too bad they can't put the lowlife in jail!

When I telephoned AAA l-800-222-4357, my Amherst, NY home club, ** answered the call. I gave her my membership no. and said my battery was dead and the car would not start. She asked for my location and I told her I was in a parking lot at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates at 2750 Bahia Vista St., Suite l00, Sarasota, Florida 34239, phone no. **. She said she would call Sarasota w/ location and asked for my phone no. where I can be reached. I gave her my cell no. **.

Then a call came into my cell about 5 min. later saying a service truck would arrive within 40 min. to an hour. Ten min. later another call to me and voice said truck would be there to jump battery in 25 min. and to have my AAA card available.

ON TUESDAY, MARCH 11th--approx. 11 a.m., I telephoned the Amherst, N.Y. home club offices at 716-633-8363 and filed a complaint with supervisor **. She said she would follow up my complaint with correspondence to Sarasota office in Florida and would send me a copy of faxes and or letters. She also said she would take the service call off of my AAA card calls.

I then called the Sarasota AAA Auto club South on Bee Ridge Rd., @ 941-929-2299 and said I wanted to file a complaint. They transferred me to **, dispatch-call-taker, who after hearing about the dead battery, bad cell test and new battery sale, forwarded my call to the complaint dept. mgr., **, at ext. **. ** assured me she would either call me or I was to call her next week, Mon. through Thurs. 8am to 6pm to follow up on what AAA is doing about this attempted RIPOFF.

On Wed. Mar.19th I talked with ** in the St Petersburg, Fl office who had already contacted the station owner who had a lame excuse saying that the tester was "not working properly" and the instrument only read "error". (If that was true why didn't he tell me that rather than trying to rip me off for a new battery?) ** also reported this to her supervisor who said he had been on the phone earlier in the day (one week and a day after the attempted ripoff) with the owner of the service station who said the machine would not print out anything but it did read error. Please let me know if AAA is doing anything about my complaint.

Excellent Service and Very Prompt Service Technician From G/J Towing
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS -- The tech for the service call was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was prompt and did the battery replacement after it was determined the battery needed to be replaced. The young man was an asset to the service call. I will not hesitate to call AAA for service again.

Bad battery service and bad road call service (battery under warranty)
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- My battery is bad. Car won"t start in am after sitting overnight. Total 3 calls in last 2 months to AAA cinti. 2 of those calls today, Feb 12 2012. My warranty is up about 3/12/12, and won't honor warranty. There were no systems defaults on system analysis printed copy at 2nd call and no analysis or nothing on 1st call. On but on both calls, the battery was 8.1 and 8.3. They had no problem taking the 120.00 for battery. Finally, ** and her supervisor decided to send out another call to put new battery in my car.

As I wait for the hour, a call representative called me and said, I wasn't getting new battery and supervisor of those other 2 guys will call me. I called back to speak to **, and I was told she was gone, and then my conversation after holds were rushed, condescending to me, etc.. She said air inflation on my cars heard on left front back was attached to battery that on front right of car. When I asked her what it looked like, she got offended and nasty. ALL LIES!

I installed GM batteries on my job in past. my car is 1993 Bonneville and is still running. I have had other bad experience with bad information from AAA drivers, and I just let it go. I was told my warranty is null and void. The car only didn't start after it sat all night in single digits. The cold crank wasn't enough. My car is all power. The battery AAA replaced in 2009 had more cold cranking and lasted for about 6 yrs. Disrespect and the stress I endured being a patient of congenital heart failure and breathing and coughing after this ordeal is terribly wrong. Through the many years off and on with AAA, I had never had terrible interactions and service with AAA until now. What has happened?

Battery Warranty a HOAX
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I called AAA yesterday, December 29, 2011, for roadside assistance. Since the engine would not crank, I assumed it was the battery and told the customer service representative that I had purchased the battery from AAA in September 2010. They dispatched a Rescue Ranger to my house equipped with a replacement battery. The service technician jumped started the car and began to run the diagnostics on the battery and charging system. While the diagnostics were being run, the technician complained about the difficulty in replacing the battery in my 2005 Monte Carlo. It would require removing two braces and maneuvering the old battery out of a tight compartment.

The diagnostics showed my charging system and alternator were at peak performance. The diagnostics did indicate a weak or what he called a “suspect” cell. He asked if I had a charger. I told him no. He then suggested that I take it somewhere to have it charged, but considering it was getting late in the evening that was not a good option. The warranty department would not replace the battery as I was told they would when I bought the battery just 14 months earlier.

When the battery was purchased from AAA roadside, I was told the warranty was full replacement within the first 12 months and pro-rated over the next 3 years. I paid over $126 for the battery that failed within 14 months and the warranty department has the audacity to tell me to take and get it charged and if it failed a second time, then they would replace it.

The weather in Louisville, Kentucky is expected to change dramatically over the next 5 days. It doesn't take a genius to realize that a battery with a weak or “suspect” cell is not pulling the full cold cranking amps stated by the manufacturer. Instead, AAA would rather me or my wife get stuck in the cold waiting for the battery to drain and not start the car. This will no doubt happen when AAA is flooded with roadside assistance calls during the next cold wave.

I have been a member of AAA since 1976 and have had good experiences. The attitude of the service technician and their unwillingness to stand behind their warranty are the reasons that I will be canceling my family Gold membership and looking for other options.

Quick Service For My Family
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband called me from work saying he left a light on in his car and his battery was dead. He had jumper cables, but they were cheap ones (I have the nice ones in my car) and he thought they weren't working because of that. We live 30 miles from his office and he wanted me to come jump him. The lot next to his workplace locks 3 hours after closing, and he would've had to call a special guard to let him out if we didn't get him out of there in about an hour and 15 minutes.

I left our house, but soon realized there was a sporting event downtown and the ride was going to take me at least an hour or more. Little to no chance I'd get there before they shut down the parking lot for the night. I called AAA, figuring I'd have to pay extra to have him taken care of if I wasn't there, but the representative told me they'd give me a 1-time courtesy call for my husband (and that I should 'really sign him up too').

They got to him within 20 minutes and determined he couldn't get jumped because his battery was completely dead. They even gave him the AAA member pricing on a new one ($110). Not cheap, but he was fixed up within 30 minutes, and to save me the hassle of going to get him was well worth the extra cost.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the service we got. We were definitely expecting denials for service and extra charges, but only got people willing to help in a jiffy on behalf of my membership. We don't often have to use our AAA membership, but knowing it's there if (and when!) something unexpected happens is great peace of mind.

False Advertisement Online
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- According to an email I received and online, AAA is supposed to send someone out to check and/or replace your battery if needed. I have requested twice online. Both times I told them where I lived, zip etc. They asked about the vehicle and stated that it would be $120.00 to replace the battery and that someone would be here in 75 minutes. Both times somebody came out, both times the gentlemen told me "We don't do that".

Okay, I'm confused and still have a vehicle that won't start. I just spoke with AAA and asked if they just sent the wrong people or what. The agent said no that the information was wrong online that they do not do the service in smaller towns. They sure don't mind taking small town money. Besides Carrollton is NOT a small town. This is the first time that I have tried to use my AAA and I'm very disappointed.

Do Not Buy Batteries From AAA!!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- When my battery died 2 years ago I purchased a new battery from the AAA service person who came to my aid. When my mechanic noticed how quickly the terminals were corroding, he commented on how poor the AAA batteries were and that it was unfortunate that they had gone into the business of selling batteries!!

Today my battery (which comes with a 3 year replacement guarantee) stopped working. The AAA service person arrived and charged my battery to make it start and then used a machine which was supposed to do a diagnostic on what what wrong. It printed out a paper with the report, which said my battery was fine and there could be (possibly) something going on with my alternator. I immediately drove to my mechanic, who pointed out that this diagnostic report didn't have any read-out for the amperage - which is a critical piece of information. So he did this and told me that the battery was bad. He also ran a second test to identify which cell wasn't functioning.

AAA's policy is only to accept a computer generated physical diagnostic report, so they suggested I go to Toyota, where I would have to pay $100 to get this report. Only then would they honor the warranty. My mechanic replaced my battery AT COST. DO NOT PURCHASE BATTERIES FROM AAA!!!!

Beware AAA Batteries!
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- Have been a faithful AAA member since 1974. Recently, needed a jump start due to weak battery. Tech told me battery needed to be replaced. So rather than going to Lexus for one of their 7-year warranty batteries, I believed the technician from Scenic Towing who stated he could replace the battery right now with a new AAA battery (2 year warranty). This was in Oct 2010.

Well in Mar 2011, I again had problems with the (new?) AAA battery. Again got a jump start, drove down the street 1/2 mile and battery went DEAD. Called AAA again to tow me to Lexus, where I got a "good" battery. Lexus checked it out and found the battery dead. Went to Scenic Towing for a refund. I was told by the manager that only AAA batteries could be used, they would not refund money ($120) and stated I broke the contract because their battery was removed. I tried to complain to AAA, and they said I had signed the contract and refused to call me back further.

This is a real RIP-OFF. My instincts told me that AAA is no longer to be trusted. I will be cancelling insurance also.

AAA Battery Service Convenient, but Batteries are Awful
By -

The AAA Battery Replacement program is very convenient, as they dispatch a service vehicle with a new battery to your location and install it on the spot. The cost is very competitive with an off the shelf battery. Here is the problem: The batteries they provide are awful, just terrible. Simply put, they are the worst performing batteries I've ever had in any car I've ownedand I've been driving for about 30 years now. I've had three of these batteries.

Fooled me once, shame on me. Fooled me a second time, shame on me again. Third time was a warranty coveragethat one is now on the fritz too. The batteries last an average of 2 years. The one that just quit on me today was about a year and a half old. Worst part is that they've now become stingy with warranty replacementclaiming that the spent battery is "good" even though it clearly will not hold a charge. I wish they'd charge a little more and provide top quality batteries instead of the garbage they offer.

Warranty Service
By -

I purchased AAA battery a little over a year ago when I stuck with stalled car paying almost 3 times of regular price. The AAA serviceman had told me that there will be 3 years warranty service regardless if I remain AAA member or not during that period. My car sat in the garage for about 3 weeks and when I need to go for a job interview, car would not start because battery was dead.

I called AAA battery warranty service that was on the battery. I spoke to a lady and she connected me to local West Hills, CA AAA office. The lady refused to send serviceman because I refused to pay for warranty service. I asked her why do I have to pay if the battery is UNDER WARRANTY? She said the warranty service is only for AAA member. What a twist? They charge almost 3 times higher price for the battery and do not provide warranty service to non-member.

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