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Warranty Service
Posted by on
I purchased AAA battery a little over a year ago when I stuck with stalled car paying almost 3 times of regular price. The AAA serviceman had told me that there will be 3 years warranty service regardless if I remain AAA member or not during that period.

My car sat in the garage for about 3 weeks and when I need to go for a job interview, car would not start because battery was dead. I called AAA battery warranty service that was on the battery. I spoke to a lady and she connected me to local West Hills, CA AAA office. The lady refused to send serviceman because I refused to pay for warranty service.

I asked her why do I have to pay if the battery is UNDER WARRANTY?
She said the warranty service is only for AAA member. What a twist? They charge almost 3 times higher price for the battery and do not provide warranty service to non-member.
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trmn8r on 09/01/2011:
The problem may be the following:

A company called Club Assist issues the warranty, and only AAA shops can remove and replace the warranteed battery, according to their terms.

Therefore, if your battery needs replacing, you will at least need to pay for the labor since you are no longer an AAA member.
Anonymous on 09/01/2011:
"The AAA serviceman had told me that there will be 3 years warranty service regardless if I remain AAA member or not during that period. " great review, the warrantly should have been honored!
At Your Service on 09/01/2011:
Did you have this on-site service agreement in writing anywhere?
lolo sec on 07/03/2013:
if you have a AAA battery your warranty will be honored but you must be a AAA member or you will have to pay for the service but not the battery if its under warranty
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AAA Battery Service Convenient, but Batteries are Awful
Posted by on
The AAA Battery Replacement program is very convenient, as they dispatch a service vehicle with a new battery to your location and install it on the spot. The cost is very competitive with an off the shelf battery. Here is the problem: The batteries they provide are awful, just terrible. Simply put, they are the worst performing batteries I've ever had in any car I've owned---and I've been driving for about 30 years now. I've had three of these batteries. Fooled me once, shame on me. Fooled me a second time, shame on me again. Third time was a warranty coverage---that one is now on the fritz too. The batteries last an average of 2 years. The one that just quit on me today was about a year and a half old. Worst part is that they've now become stingy with warranty replacement---claiming that the spent battery is "good" even though it clearly will not hold a charge. I wish they'd charge a little more and provide top quality batteries instead of the garbage they offer.
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aaabattdrvr on 07/01/2010:
I drive a AAA battery service truck and I agree with you. The recent changes Club Assist (AAA's Batt Division) has initiated have caused much grief. I empathize with our members who spend a lot of money on the AAA battery, only to be put through the wringer when the battery needs a warranty test. We MUST use Club Assist Testers, follow ALL Club Assist procedures, enforce ALL their limitations. Do not allow non-AAA technicians to remove your AAA battery, or the warranty will be automatically void. Do not let your vehicle sit unstarted for 4 or more weeks, start it every 7-10 days at least, run it for 10-15 minutes minimum. Warranties are non transferable. KEEP YOUR AAA RECEIPT!!! Also, there is an 888 number on the receipt (on back, bottom)and on the top battery label for Club Assist (their in Florida), so call that number and fill their ears with ALL complaints, concerns, and comments. Don't bother calling the roadside number to complain about the battery quality/warranty policy issues. Lastly, please don't take your frustration out on the's NOT our fault.
Keith A. on 10/15/2010:
We've been providing battery service for AAA since October 2004.

I was a little reluctant to get into this arm of the business as I feared it might hinder our good relations with the various repair shops for whom we also provide towing services.

However, as a AAA contractor, we also needed to remain pro-active in this new product and so we jumped on board.

Initially, the batteries were manufactured by Exide. AAA has always been careful about branding themselves with a product that didn't meet their requirements for reliability and trustworthiness. So when they decided to get into the battery selling business, they felt that Exide would be providing a quality product.

Turns out, after a few years, the extra business generated by AAA was too much for Exide and their quality control took a dump.

For a good year, we had several issues with all Exide batteries with many warranty complaints.

Then in 2009, AAA was able to secure East Penn / Dekka as a provider for batteries and they produce a top quality battery. Do the research on them and I think you'll agree, this has been for the better.

I won't go into all the details about East Penn, but for us, we have seen a significant decrease in battery failures since they made the switch.

Unfortunately for you, it appears you initially purchased one of the Exides and the problems just continued from there.

And now, the issue for you is probably more along the lines of which is better: Ford or Chevy. Both have their loyal following and both have their weaknesses.

For you, and rightfully so after all you've been through, AAA and their batteries are always going to be garbage.

Just like a Ford man who bashes on a Chevy man...or vice versa.

The comments from "aaabattdrvr" are spot on concerning the procedures and limitations of the tech and following all the Club Assist rules.

During that "Exide" period when I knew in my heart that the product quality had slipped....we found ourselves "eating the cost" numerous times just to save our good name, let alone AAA and Club Assist, because it was the right thing to to do.

Many times, Club Assist would not back us up on a decision to warranty out a battery, saying we should have done such-n-such. But our AAA district manager could see through the malarky and more often than not, he would still back us up in our decisions.

A final point of clarification: You've heard me and "aaabattdrvr" mention Club Assist and AAA. For what it's worth, Club Assist is a third party company that basically greased the wheel for AAA to start selling batteries. Club Assist is a worldwide company (I believe originating in Australia) that made it all happen and got AAA to do the co-branding gig.

So Club Assist is who we order the batteries from. They provide the testers and training. AAA just says, "Yeah...this is a good program and we'll put our name on it and promote it."

Bill S on 11/13/2013:
I manage a company that installs AAA batteries. I can assure you that they are top quality now. As the previous poster mentioned, East Penn produces the battery, and it is equivalent to "Gold" level batteries with many different labels. Remember, there are actually only three mainstream battery manufacturers in the country
Gerry on 12/04/2013:
Bill, you say that AAA is top quality now. I just had a AAA battery from Dec 2011 replaced with another AAA battery. Why would a new battery only last 2 years ? Same car that a five yr battery came out of last time. Sounds like AAA is still lagging behind and that is VERY unsettling.
Kris N. on 12/11/2013:
AAA sells either East Penn Batteries or Johnson Control Company (Interstate) and puts their logo on either one. Both are the best US manufacturers, hands down. The batteries are actually swapped out by a mandatory 90 day freshness system, which AAA negotiated as part of their supply contract so they wouldn't sell stale discharged batteries. Club Assist is a company that is essentially a middle man making revenue by being the go between for AAA regional clubs and manufacturers. they make a margin on the sales and distribution network. They also negotiate the testing equipment supply and maintenance contracts for each AAA Club with a company called Midtronics who makes battery testers that give printous for basically every company in the battery business, dealers and all. Since going to Eastpenn and JC, AAAs battery product is on par with Interstate and DieHard, they are all literally the same batteries with each store's different sticker. There are NO differences. Club Assist is the weak link in AAA's battery system. They make their profit based on how few batteries they need to warranty and how many units they sell. They also negotiate the supply terms and have been recently doing things like supplying lower power batteries in shipments on certain models than the better quality power ratings they started the supply with. This is because they save money when buying them from the manufacturer like in any other business. if you buy a cheaper version and sell it for the same money, its more profit. Club Assist also sets strict warranty rules that are NOT consistent with the rest of the car repair industry, and does everything it can at the Club level to deny warranties, which ultimately hurt their bottom line. Club Assist will never admit outloud that they know the tester they supply frequently returns failed results on batteries that are just severely discharged. That would badly effect their sales, because many batteries that AAA gets to are just dead because a door was open. But the tester has a LOT of trouble figuring that out. Over 60% of our tests are "bad" batteries according to the tester, even if the battery is only 1 year old, sometimes less. Also, Club Assist constantly pressures people in shops like ours working for AAA to not warranty batteries in different ways, while always being careful to not ever get caught officially saying anything. But, they leave it on the driver doing the call to try to explain why the tester says a battery is bad or has a bad cell when they show a AAA customer the printout, but try and say that if its a AAA battery, they cannot warranty it because the car doesn't go XXX miles a month, or the light was left on. AAA is truly trying to deliver a great service to those who want it and see value in convenience and round the clock service, but Club Assist is making rules that are giving some AAA guys a bad rap. It's also interesting that many many Club Assist employees in the US are former AAA company employees, like a little sub company built to make a little more profit and also divert legal association in case of an issue. We love AAA and providing their customers with great service and batteries when they need one, but Club Assist makes it very hard to do the work the way we know we want to.
Miles Weekes on 12/12/2013:
I had a starting problem on January4,2013 with the original battery of over 5 years trouble-free service! I called AAA and they told me they could replace it right in my driveway for $130.00!! So I bought it! The 1st cold day(20*) my Van wouldn't start! AAA came out,I had put my charger on it while I waited and it started by the time they arrived! They tested it and said I wasn't driving it enough to keep it charged and if I didn't drive a certain amount of miles a year that it would VOID their warranty! It had sat for about 4-5 days! I put it on the charger and left it! I took it off charge and 3 days later it would not start again! The next tech again said I'm not driving enough to keep it charged! Even though I told him it had been on the charger for days prior!! The next time it happened only days after taking it off the charger again,it didn't start! I had to put it on charger for a full day before I could start it and drove strait to Sears and put in a Diehard Platinum(207.00)!! They said the AAA battery tested BAD! I have not changed my driving habits and have not had a problem,even with temps. in the teens! By the way the AAA battery lasted about 10 months!!! I am out $130.00 and the added stress because they refused to honor their replacement warranty(3year full replacement as they told me on the phone when I agreed to buy it)!! Sears FULL replacement,NO questions asked for 4 years!! Do Not Buy AAA batteries,they are garbage!! I am going to file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau,seeig that I failed to hear from AAA complaint department in 2 weeks!! Thanks for listening!!
AAASTINKS!!! on 01/17/2014:
My car battery "died" 2 weeks ago. AAA gave me one for 120$…and installed it. Yesterday my car did not start. I called AAA, they state it is not my battery and that I have a drain problem and need an auto body shop. I have it towed and it sat at my auto body shop for 24 hrs. My mechanic states it is that battery after running tests on it for hours. I drive it to work after my auto body shop charged it for me. AAA comes out states they will replace my battery. The AA guy comes states it is not my battery! I was stranded after working a 12 hr shift in the cold. I jumped my car enough from a friend after the guy drove off and will deal with it in the morning!!!! I am so mad and disgusted!!!!
former aaa battery service on 01/28/2014:
As a former AAA battery service provider, I would steer clear of anything AAA including the batteries as they are like a cheap product being tagged by AAA for their own profit with the consumer being left out of the equation. Now they are opening repair shops to get upsell you more non quality repairs. What does this non profit do with all this profit? They are pushed to sell...remember all the reports on the big companies selling stuff to you that you do not need.....inferior batteries will also cause your to have to replace your starter and alternator from not holding the proper charge.....see the picture?
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Do Not Buy Battery From AAA
Posted by on
I am shocked by the attitude, the arrogance and the failure of the leadership to take responsibility for their defective batteries. AAA supplied me with a new battery a year ago warranted for 3 years. As these are low quality., the car would not start and they send me an agent who started the car and lectured me about the maintenance of the battery. The same day the car will not start and another honest guy came and informed me that we cannot replace the battery as the AAA might refuse to pay for it. He asked me to take the car to Honda to examine if there is other problems. Third time it would not start but this time I took it to Honda who did a service for the car and a certificate that the battery is defective.

I called the AAA and the guy came and indicated in the first instance that this type of batteries should not be used by Honda Hybrid but he phoned his boss and came to the conclusion that they cannot replace the battery.

The AAA should not have gone in business with questionable credibility to its customers. Also they should review their policies that resulted in such big failure, that I doubt it could happen in small battery shop!!!!

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User Replies:
Liz on 09/20/2012:
I had a similar experience with AAA today. AAA installed one of their batteries in my car, with a 36-month warranty. This was in Feb. My car wouldn't start today, so AAA came: a mechanic first (who tested the battery, and said it was not the starter, or alternator), the tow company under contract with AAA: although the voltage was very low, according to them my battery did not test low enough in voltage to replace. He refused to replace it, chalking it up to driving around for 30 min and it will be OK. He left, I drove the car for close to 45 min, and would not restart. Called AAA again, the technician said the same thing and refused to give me a new battery. He told me to take it to a shop and he drove away. I paid almost $100 for this 36-month battery under warranty less than 9 months ago. All I got from AAA was the runaround, cut off on the phone, rehearsed and redundant arguments, and sarcasm. I am filing a complaint about AAA to the BBB. They get a FFF. Oh, and I had my car checked out the day before for scheduled oil change, and there was nothing wrong...
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AAA car battery scam
Posted by on
SANTA ANA -- The warranty on these batteries is a scam. My car died and AAA towed the car to my auto shop. The battery was completely dead with acid leaking out of it. The only way my mechanic could get it into the garage was to put in a battery temporarily. But because he took out the piece of crap from AAA, the warranty was "voided" conveniently. Turns out, by the way, the lousy battery likely caused the alternator to go bad. So I'm out $550 total. Thanks, AAA -- I won't be renewing my membership for years to come. But you won't have to payout the $25 it probably cost you to supply those batteries made from old dog food cans. Smart business!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/01/2010:
How can a battery make the alternator go bad?
bcd on 05/01/2010:
AAA did their job and got the car to the repair shop. Why didn’t your mechanic push the car into the garage bay? That seems like something a mechanic would do on a regular basis.
Lousy Battery on 08/11/2012:
The battery was dead on 8/8/12, AAA didn't change me a new battery at my home but asked me to a AAA assigned auto shop to do further check and it is free. It end up only $52.80 for a new battery and nothing wrong of my car. Then went back to work and went home. In the evening needed to go to Target to buy cat food, then my car didn't work again just like the battery is totally dead again. AAA came again and did the test on the battery and said the battery was good, it was my car has electrical short. Since my car is 1999 camry, is an old car and I think that made sense to me. The next day, I called AAA to tow my car to my technician. AAA came the guy said the battery didn't really assemble correctly, but he would tow my car to my technician anyway. After my technician using another battery to test my car everything just came out fine. My technician told me this was a 2nd case to him about AAA lousy battery within few months. I will not use AAA battery anymore!!!!
Diaaa Pointed on 06/04/2013:
What a scam! They came to our house, said that they battery was not dead, towed us to our dealership the next day, who determined the battery to be dead and informed us that they had seen similar scenarios with AAA. We took the battery to a AAA service center, the manager tested the battery overnight and said that it was indeed dead, yet, they're still not wanting to pay for a new battery! No more AAA, they need honest competition!!!!
Kelly on 01/17/2014:
1/3/14 my car died. AAA roadside assistance came out to assist me and sold me a new battery. I was on my way with a working car. On 1/15/2013, my car wouldn't start again. I called them out they stated it is not my battery and not my alternator but my car is drawing power from somewhere. They towed my car to my mechanic. He ran a series of tests on it and determined it is the battery and looked at if for over 24 hrs. ( he didn't charge me anything). I called AAA they said they will come out and put a new one in at cost. The battery had enough power to drive it to my work place where I was able to wait for AAA. The AAA came out and said "IT IS NOT THE BATTERY" The customer services reps are degrading and awful. He jumped my car I brought it home. I called AAA to see what they could do the next morning (now 1/17/14 ). After being put through the wringer on the phone with verifying EVERYTHING. She even called my mechanic , called the AAA shop that came out. She then tried to tell me I requested a battery on 1/3/15 and that it was my alternator and not my battery!!! Long story short after she degraded me she sent the Battery manager out to assist me one last time. He noticed it was a bad battery and also THE WRONG BATTERY!
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Poor Customer Service and Workmanship.
Posted by on
These people have the worst customer service that I have seen in years.
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Skye on 01/10/2011:
You know, details would really be helpful. General statements do not tell us anything.

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AAA battery dissatisfaction
Posted by on
FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- I obtained a battery from AAA in late 2008. The battery installation was $124.49. Now at the beginning of 2010 I am having problems with this battery and it is not the first time. This time after 2 days of not driving my car it did not start. It only started after a cable boost from my neighbor. I called the place that installed the battery and they told me I could come in to get a replacement. Then I get there and find out that the driver was out and they had to do a diagnostic test first to show that the battery was bad. I was told the driver would return in about one-half hour. When I returned about one-hour later the driver was still unavailable and they said they would come to my residence when they could. The battery tested good but there NO problems with the drain test, the starter test or the charging system test. When I raised heck with AAA I was told that another person would come out and do a second test. Well it has been at least double the time it usually takes them to arrive and I am still waiting. I suspect this battery is borderline. I will probably go some place else. Why throw good time and money after bad?
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Very Pleased
Posted by on
SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I was very pleased with the AAA service today. The young man, Dustin, was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient!
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Triple AAA gives AAA service and battery delivery and decent prices!
Posted by on
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- My battery died outside of a Ralphs Supermarket in North Hollywood. Triple AAA was there in 5 minutes and had me up and running. The Triple AAA guy told me that if I get home and my battery doesn't restart in the morning then to call him and he will deliver a Triple AAA battery. Sure enough, my car didn't start again, and so I called the guy. He was there on time and installed my new battery for a total of $108 dollars. Not a bad price, especially for a home delivery.

I am very happy with the service from Triple AAA.

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User Replies:
Skye on 08/14/2007:
Nice review. Finally, someone has something positive to say about AAA. Years ago, my car on Long Island, and triple AAA got to my home in less than a half hour, and gave me a jump, and off to work I went.

Should mention, I left the map lights on in the car, and it was my fault my battery was dead.
Sparticus on 08/14/2007:
I've been a happy AAA customer for over 15 years. Always had good rates and no problems when it came to claims on both my car insurance, and the road-side assistance.
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