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You better hope you never get hit by a AAA customer! Horrible service!!
Posted by Chillym on 11/10/2009
As a former AAA customer my family was very saddenned by our recent dealings with them. My mother was driving my husband and I to the store when a AAA insured hopped a curb and swiped our sideview mirror, cracking the casing. We have him on voice recording attempting to take us to his mechanic to fix so that his insurance would not go up, as well as photos of the man's sideview mirror with a large black scrape across it where he hit us. He even admitted to the CHP that it was his fault. We filed a claim with AAA and heard nothing for a week, we contacted them and were advised the claim number changed because the culprit was denying everything. AAA came to our home and evaluated the damage. We offered the photos as well as the voice recordings and they declined to take them. We called a week later and were advised we were approved to have our mirror fixed and now 1.5 weeks after that we have been advised the culprits vehicle was "not damaged" so they are now declining us. He hit a weaker part of our mirror with a solid part of his mirror. The pictures they refused from us clearly show on his vehicle where he hit us. What is the point of taking pictures at the scene of an accident if they aren't even looked at? AAA is a Joke and my family will NEVER return to them again. I don't understand how they can have such good ratings when their service is absolutely absurd. I guess they keep their rates down by denying legitimate claims for their customers. Sounds like a giant scam to me.

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Horrible Claims Experience
Posted by GSRDEREK on 04/04/2007
SACRAMENTO -- I recently finalized a claim with AAA starting back on dec 26, 2006. Now this was a third party claim i was involved in an accident with one of there insured who was 100% fault for the accident. From the first call i made, nobody ever returned one of my calls. I had to just get lucky and catch one of them answering there phone. From the start i was told to not expect them to accept any sort of liability and they took 2 weeks to try any way possible to find me at any sort of fault. I had to file complaints with the department of insurance. I was then assigned to the total loss department and had no luck. they wanted to pay me 2000 for my car which blue booked at 8400. be aware of there sneaky ways they go about things. I learned allot about the way they evaluate cars. CCC. which has major lawsuits pending because of the unfair way they deal with claims. always ending in the lowest possible payout for the insured. I will make it short but I've had the worst time dealing with AAA. I took my claim to small claims court and boy did they make an ass out of themselves in front of the judge. I got 3500 from AAA and the judge said that any money they have payed out has no relevance nor is it useful for the matter at hand. I won my court case and was awarded 5000 more. My advice if you have to deal with AAA. get as many checks from them as possible, dont sign anything, do allot of investigating of your own and know your rights. they are thieves, thieves, thieves!!!!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-04-05:
It's good to hear someone was successful in getting what is due.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-05:
Think AAA is bad? Get mixed up with Mercury some time. You can be sitting still and get hit by one of their insured, they will fight accepting liability until a judge orders them to pay up.
Posted by Sail27 on 2007-04-05:
*Anytime* an insurance company has tried to give me grief - be it auto, boat, or home - I firmly stand ground and let them know up front that I will not allow any 'games' to go on, and if they fall out of line just once it's an immediate call to the Insurance Commissioner and the local news station. Insurance companies bank on numbers - that a certain percentage of folks will be passive and just accept what they are told.

It kinda stuns them when on a call you tell them:

"Well, according to coverage D, page 12, paragraph 3 section 2, the policy states (blah blah blah). Furthermore, according to Washington State Code RCW XXX.YYY.ZZZ your responsibility under this condition is yadda yadda yadda..."

Right then & there the message is given that you are not one to be messed with. It's amazing the results you get. Just remember - fight for what is yours and NEVER settle for less than what you deserve.
Posted by GSRDEREK on 2007-04-05:
yes sail27 is so correct. they have nothing to say when you present legal facts to them. if you let them handle the case you will get the outcome they want to give you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-05:
Ok I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who feels screwed for having AAA car insurance. I had a claim against a second party carrying Viking Insurance. (By the way, never buck heads with Viking Insurance.) I had an accident and it was the other persons fault. Through the ut-most slickest the way I was handled, I was wrongfully deamed as "At Fault". Anyway, The guy in his car hit my car. He came at me on a right angle taking out my front end on my right side. I get hit and I'm not at fault and I still stand by that. Getting back to being Screwed by AAA. They "WROTE" my car off the road as a complete wreck! It would cost too much to fix the damages. For years I carry insurance and I find it was truely not worth it With AAA. I had to fight Viking and threaten going to the news on TV. I got an offer from them to buy my car for 800.00 to settle the problem. Like Hell I'm not gonna let that happen. My car would have been repaired and sold for alot more in thier hands. So any way NO THANKS to AAA writing me off. I ended up going to a wrecking yard buying the parts for repair to my car. I also sent back east to another wrecking yard for parts that they had and charged 600% for old parts. Then I had to pay for red tape paper work and inspections to get my car back on the road. Even had to reinstate my car through the DMV. All this happened a long time ago but now I'm learning to be wiser thanks to information comming from other's help. By the way if anyone out there comes accross this story and recognizes themselve as the person involved in hitting me..."THANKS FOR NOTHING Anal Rententive!"
Posted by zilchy on 2007-05-19:
Yeah, my car (with over $10000 in modifications under the hood) was appraised by AAA (after I sent them all my receipts) at $2458. I'm thinkin' no. So I can relate to your experience with them. Oh, and the representative that I spoke with insisted that I not get a lawyer, and then became very hostile after I DID get a lawyer. In addition to their tendency to interrupt me while speaking to them. I guess all the representatives are trained to be asshats. *shrug* Now that I've read the summary of your issues, I can conclude that I shouldn't expect resolution until about 3 years from now...
Posted by Ritesh on 2008-05-02:
Hi Guys!!
I am in double trouble with AAA.

First: Let me make the long story short. I rear-ended someone. yes!! my fault but the mechanic at the body shop found that it was because of the brake master cylinder. I repaired my brakes in January have receipts too. Now AAA is saying its your fault and my argument is that yes it is my fault but since this is a mechanical failure, so I shouln;t be getting any insurance points...Again AAA its your fault and you will receive a points..Not sure what to do.

Second: My car is totalled. Its a 2000 camry with 122K miles. I would say it was maintained, not sure what they are going to offer me.

Please advice how to proceed with this one.
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Car claim
Posted by Angelina75 on 11/11/2010
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have an open claim with AAA Chicago and had to leave 5 messages and file a compliant with AAA and the Better Business Bureau before I even heard back. When I spoke with the handler, he was very unhelpful and didn't even seem to understand anything related to insurance I have contacted customer service many times and they are extremely rude and unhelpful. I can't wait to switch my coverage to a company that will teat me right. Never, ever use AAA ins.
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Medical Claim Denial
Posted by Tobey_strong on 12/19/2013
EMERYVILLE CA, CALIFORNIA -- I was a passenger in a motor vehicle rear ended on August 29, 2013 by a AAA insured motorist. We have submitted our claim for 5 visits to a Chiropractor (back tenderness and pain) which is seemingly moderate to request that they pay for our bills due to their motorist negligence. It has now been some 16 months later and AAA refuses to settle and do the right thing. I am at wits end and I do not understand how a business can except consumer money (insured's) and to offer coverage in these instances and refuse to pay. I would say the request for compensation is quite low and yet we are still receiving bills from the Chiropractor requesting payment and we are not the responsible party. We have legal representation who now advises that he will never be able to recover since he is unable to locate the driver now to server him with court documentation. How can this be???? This is so unfair this isn't a no fault accident we were rear ended and have witnesses and such.

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BEWARE...AAA Does Not Work in Your favor...
Posted by Jenngraham69 on 06/04/2013
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I had an extremely bad accident one evening. Although the police ruled my fault, I was not at fault and was pursing a lawyer to fight the ticket. I notified AAA of this and asked them to not pursue any claims until I could get in touch with my lawyer to figure things out. I contacted my lawyer the next day and within 14 hours of the accident, AAA had already settled the claim on the other person's behalf without ever notifying me of what was going on. In addition, the person stated in the police report that there were no injuries and $1500 was paid out for injuries.

I needless to say, dropped AAA as my insurance as they never acted on my behalf. AAA paid out so much $$$ in claims that hardly anyone wanted to cover me and the insurance I finally found that would is charging me ~$300 a month for insurance. AAA then tried to collect for the month of the accident and the following month even though I cancelled ins with them. Needless to say they will be filed on my bankruptcy.
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Posted by Louise on 2013-07-10:
Seems you should be writing bad reviews about your police department. They worked your accident.
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FRAUD Witness by AAA & their client
Posted by on 06/22/2012
SUISUN CITY, CALIFORNIA -- So hear this if you hit someone and your insurance is AAA hephep hooray cause they will back you up even if you are making witnesses up... well you know who you are and please don't be the victim cause you have to wait 40 days for an answer which will turn up that the perp got 2 witnesses who will testify that you hit the perp. Now how stupid can this be.

* If an accident occurs and you hit someone the impact will be like so explain to me that how your investigation turned up resulting a hit like -----> and + the person that hit you suppose to make a right turn and then they merge in your lane hitting you..... how can you be wrong!!! "ONLY IN AMERICA CAN THIS BE OK" LOL... I hope that one day you realize that not all people are stupid....!
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Posted by danie1442 on 2012-06-22:
Was there a police report? Even if someone just taps me, I will call the police, take pictures and start video tapping things as they play out. This way, when you're talking to the person who hit you, they are on the video stating what happened and when you or the person talk to the police it is recorded as well.

Laws that speak on videoing people without their consent is different in each state. I suggest pulling out your phone and say I'm recording this. Once, I didn't even take pictures, I just recorded it. The frames from the video can be used as photos if needed.

If the person says don't record me then don't. However, if you record the conversation, it can't be used in a criminal court but some civil courts will admit it. It all depends on your state laws. Plus, in a situation like the one you explained, your insurance company will thank you.
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Watch out for AAA claims Dept
Posted by Khowitt on 03/26/2012
????????????, COLORADO -- In December 2011 I had my upstairs water valve on my shower start leaking when I was on vacation. When I got home I walked into a mess. I had had a water loss 4 years before when my refrigerators water line broke and thought I knew the routine. Was I ever wrong. When I called to report it the adjuster who took the claim was hurried. They told me when the water
medigation company comes to my house I had to pay them 2500.00 my deductible. I thought wow, before any work starts. I did it because from experience I knew the whole thing would be over that. In a week an adjuster showed up by themselves. Last time a contractor came. Besides the adjuster not being professional, in speech and dress, they did not know what the hell they were doing. The bid they wrote was for 2600.00 plus some change. I thought my god they can not put my house back together for this. Then to add insult to injury the person who wrote it was not even the person I had to deal with. I had to deal with a lsady in Colorado who was very very rude and argumentive, So I called the contractor who worked on my home 4 years ago who they sent out. He re wrote the bid and it was over 10,000.00. I then went and got another estimate that was 12500.00. I asked the guy from 4 years ago what was going on and he told me they were not using their contractors anymore and in fact since September he had only been on 2 claims for them. Now the job is complete and I now wait for the depreiation from these guys. Today I called the insurance commission and they told me they should have paid me witthin thirty days after it was done...it is against the law not to. It has been almost 60 days.
I insure my 55 rental through all state and State Farm. Let me tell you, these guys still have their contractors come with them and if you have a signed contract they do not depreciate. Hail to State Farm and All State and AAA you have gone down the toilet. If you have AAA, re evaluate and change if you want descent service in a time of need.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-27:
Good review. AAA will probably cancel your insurance now. Be sure to post your outcome on this problem.
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AAA Cancels Your Policy If You Have A Claim
Posted by Mrgoodsound22 on 12/13/2011
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Let me 1st start by saying that we have had very good service with AAA, their agents are great and have been happy thus far.

The issue is that AAA cancels your policy if you have had a claim with them. We just had our home owner's insurance cancelled by them. We have had the policy for 6 years and had a couple of claims for water damage which were not our fault.

They simply told us that we have had too many claims and that they are cancelling the policy. It doesn't even matter that the issues were not our fault.


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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-13:
That's a good question, I suppose. This sounds awefully familiar, and I don't believe it is unique to AAA.

The advice I have seen is to pay for the smaller things that happen yourself, and wait for the larger ones to file a claim. If you had two incidents of water damage, both may have been on the more expensive side. Having two or more claims in a handful of years is evidently a flag to insurance companies.

Good review.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-12-13:
Good review. Fault has nothing to do with most home owner cancellations. The problem with water damage claims is that it indicates the house may be in a high risk area that insurance companies no long want to cover because of hurricanes, etc.
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Terrible Service
Posted by Alwayznferever on 02/09/2010
WYOMING, MICHIGAN -- I totaled my car out in mid December of 09.... I requested to buy the car back from the company considering the fact that my boyfriend could fix the car... the total loss department assured me that it was not a good route to take. If I decided to do that I would have to get an inspection of the car to put it back on the road. I am letting you all know now that is not true.. as long as you own the car or pay the car off you can fix it and insure it without doing anything further... well after being lied to about that I called and asked if they would pay the towing and storage since it had already taken several weeks for me to get the information that I needed to make a decision. The total loss department told me they would reimburst it... I paid 580 dollars to get my car back... now I am waiting on a title and the payment and just a week ago they sent the check to the bank for the payoff... this has been 2 months of fighting with total loss... The lady I spoke to in the total loss department was rude to say the least... I was lied to several times... And to top it all off I am 2 months into this and it still isn't resolved... I would like to take a legal action against just the total loss department... But where would I get... the company is too big for just one person to change it... if you have had similar troubles email me... yppyyngyng84@yahoo.com It is not the time that it took that makes me so mad, just the impoliteness and the lying to me that I have a problem with.... As far as AAA insurance goes the customer service in the branches is excellent... everything else that I have had to deal with has been excellent... but when it comes to the total loss department it is terrible... more than terrible... it is one of the most unpleasurable things I have ever had to deal with... As if it wasn't bad enough I have a wrecked car now I have to deal with people who are rude and don't make themselves clear, and also just don't take care of the problems in a timely manner... why am I not able to receive a check that was approved three weeks ago for a reimbustment... and then I call and suddenly it was sent out within the last couple days... yeah I believe that... it isn't in my mailbox... and I am certain it will be here in about 3 business days... I am certain it was mailed as of today at about 11 am when I called... If it was mailed at all...
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Posted by goduke on 2010-02-09:
With many businesses, reimbursement checks take 4 to 6 weeks. You have to be set up as a vendor in their a/p system and then a check has to be cut through the normal business cycle. Relax a bit. You got them to agree to pay to have a car you bought brought to you. Many folks would have said "you want it, come get it."
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-09:
A lot of cars will be totalled out if the frame gets bent, as it devalues the car drastically even after repair (or so I've been told).
Posted by davodrums on 2012-09-21:
My daughter had an accident that wrecked the rear quarter panel and bent the door on her beautiful Camry. She was told by AAA, they would eval the car with "they're own" Bluebook unavailable to the public and it didn't matter what the Kelley Bluebook says, they don't use that. If the cost of repair is 60% or more from their value, they will total it which after deductible would leave us with very little money to go buy a car. We replaced the quarter panel from a salvage yard, shopped around for cheaper body work/Paint. The car looks and runs great. Certainly a better situation than if had we let AAA total it and then raise our rates.
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Customer for 26 years
Posted by Chaney2 on 10/14/2009
After 26 years of being a good customer, insuring all my cars, houses, i am looking for a new insurance company that would treat me with respect and dignity.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-10-14:
so ... good review.
Posted by BEJ on 2009-10-14:
What happened?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-14:
and, based on your "complaint" there is no reason to agree with you. I have had AAA for over 35 yrs, with complete satisfaction.
Your post is like...USELESS...with no information as to what happened...NH
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-14:
Jkt, I was piggy backed onto my Dad's AAA account. So when I got my first card it had me as a member for 20 years already on the "member since" line. I was barely 16.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-14:
yea, super, but I do have to add, it's the auto and towing service I've had. They have got my rear out of a crack several times and done a good job of it.
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