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AAA Homeowners Insurance denial of hail damage to the roof
By -

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- We were hit with a hailstorm in our neighborhood in April of 2010. All our neighbors that claimed damage, including my next door neighbors, in every direction of our home received new roofs or are approved by their insurance company due to hail damage. AAA came out to our home and told us our roof was spared by this storm. We contacted 2 roofing companies and both of the roofers said, "AAA needs to pay for a new roof. You have hail damage on the roof including vents and gutters!"

We pay them homeowners every year to insure our home, and the first time our home is damaged they come out here and tell us they will not pay for it. AAA is blatantly and fraudulently denying my claim for hail damage to my roof in spite of overwhelming evidence of such damage. AAA admits I sustained hail damage to the thick metal vents on my roof. They have even offered few hundred dollars for "repairs due to hail damage." However, according to AAA, the hail was very selective. While it damaged my vents, it did not damage my shingles.

I have submitted to AAA an estimate from a reputable roofing company in this area which estimates assert that the damage to my roof was caused by hail, but AAA denied my claim. AAA clearly under priced everybody in the market when I switched from Farmers Insurance, but people often miss the point that they are very difficult to deal with when the need arises. To anyone considering AAA homeowners insurance. Let the buyer beware.

Membership Required
By -

MICHIGAN -- After over 10 years with AAA, we are leaving. This year, I decided not to renew our membership as money was tight and we only used tow service once in 10 years (never used trip advisor). We received notice of cancellation of our home owners insurance followed by cancellation of our auto insurance because we did not renew our membership. When we called AAA, they stated that we must have membership to obtain insurance (which I will check with our Attorney Gen. for legality) and they didn't care if we went somewhere else. Lose over $3000 in premiums over $50 membership? Poor business to me. Maybe they can join GM in their bankruptcy.

My Homeowners policy just increased 30+%
By -

Last week I received my declaration for my policy for 2010 and noticed it went up roughly 32% from last year. WTH??? So I called AAA and got a scripted read to me about a new rating tier being used. After asking what the changes are and why my insurance has drastically went up, I couldn't and still have not gotten an adequate answer. Ughhhh I can't believe this. I have EXCELLENT credit, no claims, etc. Shouldn't I be getting the best rate possible? Time to go where I will not be penalized for a company making changes to screw their customers.

Horrible Homeowners Insurance
By -

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN -- I have had AAA for over 5 years, never made a claim and in December of 2007 a pipe must have broken under our house creating a water and mold mess. We called AAA and they sent a plumber to our home. The plumber they sent informed us he only does work for insurance companies and throughout the conversation with the plumber his wife told us he can hardly see and they were until 3:00 a.m. drinking vanilla rum.

The plumber then said that nothing would be covered because he said the water was all ground water and not from the huge broken pipe! And by the way will not be covered. We got a second opinion from a plumber that was not drunk and he said it was absolutely the pipe that caused the damage. ** from AAA refused to talk the plumber we had got the second opinion from and was horribly rude. Now we are stuck with water under our house and no help! Way to go AAA!

AAA will take your money and not return it. Beware
By -

We had AAA for 10 years on our home and autos. During that time they kept screwing around with our estimated mileage so they could charge more. They were quite unhelpful during an accident, acted VERY arrogant and argumentative when we called customer service, and when we finally cancelled our policies they hemmed and hawed about the refund of our monies paid. We ultimately got ripped off by these arrogant weasels. Don't be a sucker they are wolves in weasels clothing!!!

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