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Not Able to Find a Tow Truck When Needed
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Going from Naples to pick up an airplane in Miami on the evening of August 24 my car got a flat tire, call AAA and they told me to wait 30 to 45 minutes, two hours later they call me back to tell me that they was very sorry but there were no tow truck available in all South East Florida to take care of my car, I decided to go to my parking place riding on the flat tire (close to midnight) because my flight was on 6:00 am. I'd begin a complaint with AAA reclaiming the expenses needed to replace the tire and the rim I'd destroy it trying to get to my parking place in Miami.

After three months of giving me the runaround and no answering phones, finally I'd received a letter saying that they are not responsible for the damage caused to my truck and I am not receiving any compensation because they utilize third party trucks and are not responsible when things go wrong.

My question is, AAA is a company who supposedly is nationwide available to tow your vehicle when needed, if they are not responsible for not having tow trucks available, why do I have to pay $124 a year for having a service they can't provide? The cost of replacing rim and tire of my pickup truck was $224.00.

AAA - Completely Worthless
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I'm leaving for a road trip. My car is in great shape but I figured I'd pony up for AAA for peace of mind. I do all my own service work but AAA has a monopoly on tow trucks across the US - better safe than sorry. Called to find out that new member services are closed until Monday and that even if I signed up today the service doesn't go into effect for a week! AND I have to have the crap plan for 90 days before I can buy a service package that might actually help me if I had a problem on a trip farther away than the grocery store. What the hell do I need AAA for then? Their monopoly on roadside assistance and exclusionary business practice should be illegal.

Great Service
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Traveling through Denver in August on a Sunday afternoon on a family trip out west, had a tire failure (blow out on 3 wk old set of tires with less than 500 miles on them, and no they were not cheap set, major U.S. brand and top of their line!). Lucky for us we had just pulled off interstate and slowed to under 30 mph when right front tire blew. Called AAA and before we could move enough luggage to get to spare their guy showed up and took over, very professional and friendly. On our way in minutes!

He also told us where our make of tire dealers where and would be open on a Sunday afternoon. What great service, and tire dealer had what we needed and just as good service. Only lost a couple of hours and easily made night's destination. What a great AAA experience. Don't leave home without it! (Got refund on tire to boot.)

AAA Charged $480 On Towing
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Rating: 3/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I was involved in car trouble on May 28 2013. I called AAA for the towing service. It was after 6 pm; the auto body shop was closed so the towing company took my car to their yard and delivered the next morning to the Auto shop which was approx. 15 miles (together distance from the accident scene to the towing overnight then to the Body shop). The towing company charged $480 to my Auto Insurance. I called AAA to try to verify why the fee has to come out of my pocket (which would be paid by my insurance). Don't they understand that there's bills to be paid?

I'm not here to back talk AAA in any way, but sometimes enough is enough, and the services can be shady at times. So I cancelled them and moved to another emergency roadside service that not only provides 24/7 assistance, but it's free (Free towing, tire replacement, battery, locksmith, just to name some of many), and I'm also saving money on car maintenance for just $20/month. So now I'm saving money, and I'm covered as well as my friends and family (they can still reap the benefits as long as I'm with them). That's basically my overall experience.

AAA Painfully Slow Service - Stranded for 4 Hours at Night
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had the misfortune of needing to use AAA service for the first time, despite being a customer on and off for many years. It was an eye opener. I placed a call at 9:50 pm Thursday night, and was promised to have a tow truck there within 25 minutes to help me with a blown tire after hitting some road debris on a busy street in a nice area of North Houston.

An hour later, a guy shows up in a small car with some limited tools that couldn't get the job done. He and I let AAA know that I needed a tow truck. I got a call back saying help will be there in 15 minutes. An hour and a half later, the tow truck showed up. The driver told me he was late because he had to go to a call on the other side of Houston first, even though he was close to me. That was at 1 am. Seriously, for what we pay, AAA has too few drivers on call to where I had to wait in the middle of the night, in America's 4th largest city.

AAA Compromises Member Safety
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Got back from a business trip last night around 12:15am. Got to the parking garage and found that my car wouldn't start. Called AAA at 1am. They promised me a tow within 45 minutes and a call 5 minutes before the driver got there. 1:40am--No truck, no call. I'm by myself in a dark airport in the middle of the night. 1:49am--After being on hold for 9 minutes, I am reprimanded for calling before the 45 minute window expired. Then they say that a truck is not actually on the way and it will be an hour or more before it arrives. They tell me to leave my key in the car and go home, and the driver will pick it up.

2:20--My husband picks me up. 2:40--Dispatcher calls and says I have to go back to the airport because Massport, who manages the parking garage, won't release my car. We go back. 2:50--Dispatcher calls back and says "never mind, it's taken care of." We turn around again. 3:30--AAA supervisor calls and says that Massport will not release my car without me being there. 3:35--I talk to Massport and they confirm this. 3:45--I talk to AAA supervisor again and agree to meet a tow truck at the garage at 5am. They promise me it will be there.

4am--I hit the road in my husband's car, exhausted. 4:50am--Dispatcher calls and says they're just sending the truck. 4:55am--I scrape the side of my husband's car on the parking garage and cause a lot of damage. Having been up for almost 24 hours, I blame it on lack of sleep and this stressful situation.

5:09am--Watching the sun come up. I call the AAA supervisor line and am told that it will be 20 minutes because the driver got stuck in traffic. Ummm....there was no traffic. I lose my cool and tell them this is unacceptable. 5:30am--I call the supervisor line to see where the truck is. They say I will get a call back within 5 minutes. 5:35am--No call. 5:40am--No call. 5:45am--Truck shows up with no info on the fact that I don't have my card, or where the car is being towed.

5:50am--Watching the car go on the truck. AAA supervisor calls and apologizes. Which doesn't do me much good as I have no sleep, 2 cars that need repairing, and a complete loss of faith in AAA's ability and motivation to provide even mediocre service. I was promised a call from member relations which, shockingly, still has not come. She promises to pay for my tolls and the repair to my husband's car, and that I will get a call confirming the car has been dropped off at the right place. That call never comes.

Summary: My safety was compromised, there was a gross amount of miscommunication and misinformation provided by AAA, and multiple promises were made and broken. I am angry, disappointed, and planning to tell everyone I can about this egregious incident unless AAA rectifies this by paying for the damage to my husband's car and offers me a HUGE apology for having to wait 6 hours for a simple tow. Look for this review on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else I can think of. AAA provides a crucial service that can't be counted on.

By -

First of all I called to inquire about getting a premier road side assistance card and ** was quite rude when I explained that I tried to get a membership online and it would not allow me to, instead it told me to call AAA directly. She told me it would be $113.00 for the membership and I explained that online, it stated it would be $102.00 and she stated that was an online only promotion and I could not get it. I explained that it was not my fault I could not get online membership so she waived the fee down to $99.00 because I opted to do automatic renewal.

I inquired about the free spouse with the temporary membership I received in the mail and she stated that is only with the basic membership. She asked for my credit card information which I gave freely, however after she received my credit card information, she proceeded to tell me that there was a 7 day grace period for road side assistance so I told her never mind I did not want it and she promptly hung up on me.

Today when I checked my bank account balance, I saw that they stole $99.00 from my account. After more than 6 hours on the phone trying to get my money back, I was told that it would take 3-5 business days to give me a refund. I spoke ** initially and she said that because ** was in the insurance side, she couldn't help me and that I would have to speak with **. This was clearly their fault, yet they made me feel like I did something wrong.

Upon speaking with **, she was not able to help me stating that basically it's my problem that you stole my money and there was no way of refunding me immediately because of the bank. (Which according to my bank is total **). I then obtained the national office number for AAA and got yet the run around again. I spoke with ** and she stated someone would call me right back. After 4 hours and no call back, I called and was referred to ** voice mail. I left a message for him to call back. In the meantime, ** called back and stated there was absolutely nothing that could be done. It didn't matter that I was about to go out of town!

Finally ** called me back and stated that I had 2 options: 1. Wait until Monday for my refund (which I shouldn't have to because you stole) 2. Take membership and he would waive the 7 day grace period and put notes on my account to reflect that. I agreed to this. He stated someone would email me a temporary card which was done! With the expiration date of the card being 10/29/11.

I wish you had told me this card was valid for only 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like the address for your accounts payable so I may submit a bill for my wasted time. I am still undecided whether or not I will follow through with the police and state attorney general's office. Oh and by the way, there is nowhere on your website that shows there is a 7 day grace period that I saw.

Don't Call Them If There's An Emergency
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FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I dropped my husband yesterday to San Francisco Intl airport on his way to our native land. I was with my 2 babies, one four year old and a one year old. Next morning we had to bring my mother in law to her doctors appointment. We stayed on the parking lot to eat our lunch. My 4 yr. Old told me we have to go to the bathroom. So, I let my 4 yr. Old get out of the van and then I got to my 1 yr. Old.

As I was about to get my bag (with everything on it including my wallet, cellphone and the key to the van) on the driver seat, carrying my baby, as I turned around, he accidentally slammed the door shut. The worst thing is, before that I pressed the lock button on the driver side because I was confident that I would get my bag first before I slam it shut... which is by the way a bad routine and I admit it. But my baby decided to help me shut it. In other words, we are locked out.

So my instinct was to call AAA so they can help me unlock it since it is part of their road side assistance. I went to the nearest clinic and pleaded to help me find AAA number. I was giving out my name, some details and she asked for my number I said, "I can't because it was in my bag and it was also locked in." Then I said "my husband is the member but I was also insured on their company." She said, "I can't help you. Unless you let your husband call me so I could send someone immediately." So calmly I said, "well that would be impossible because I just dropped him off the airport yesterday." She said, "I'm sorry but that's the way it is. If you want I can send in a locksmith but you have to pay for them." **!

I said "are you looking at our policy?" She said "yes, you are insured and you are the principal driver of that van but your husband is the only listed member so unless he calls us, we cannot help you." I said, "it means, even if we are in a remote area and we were in an accident, and you know that I am insured in your company just because my husband is the only listed member you are not going to help us?" She said, "yes, I can't help you. I'm so sorry mam but that's the policy." You and your ** policy!

I was heartbroken. My babies are crying out of frustration and I can't even get help when I need it! I hate this company and their policies! By the way, my sister in law called AAA again, she gave my name for an inquiry about our policy and was told that I was never in the policy and wasn't insured. How come? When we had receipts that we were paying them for 2 years already! As soon as my husband comes back we are going to change our insurance company and you will surely hear a lot from us in the Better Business Bureau.

Watch Out For The Road Side Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On the way to work I broke down, my brother called AAA Roadside service at 6:30PM from his home to give the location where I was, I then called at 7:00PM to confirm and was told it would be one hour maybe one hour and a half for a fleet truck.

I then get a call from Jeannette AAA that there is a truck in the area and they would assist me in 30 minutes after waiting 1 1/2 hours for a tow. No truck came but as I stood in a very bad area of town now at 9:30PM I happen to notice a AAA fleet truck going pass me hauling another car, then I see another AAA Fleet truck and it is not towing anything, so I called AAA and was told that those trucks were probably not AAA Trucks and told the rep. that it was odd because it said AAA.Com on the side of the fleet trucks.

While talking to her, a man starts banging on my car window, he rode up on his bike, was very scary, and I am yelling at him to leave me alone while the AAA rep is on the phone with me, then another man drives up yelling at me from his truck saying "I drive around all night looking for stranded people and I have a chain and can tow your car." DUH! I have a sports car and a chain will not do nor would I consider being killed. I am terrified and the AAA rep could have cared less, and told me I would have to wait!

I then get a call from a male AAA rep telling me that there was a tow truck 4 miles from me that was doing a jump to a car, odd because 2 hours before I had just drove down the same route and never saw anyone sitting along the road, how did this person get ahead of me in line for HELP! I was told the tow truck had been helping another person for 21 minutes and would be right down to help me.

Sooooo, I wait and I wait and I wait. Then I get another call from AAA telling me it will be another 20 minutes, as it turned out, it took three hours to get the tow truck to me, and another 30 minutes to load up the car and this driver came from a totally different direction and was not 4 miles away from me, this driver told me that there was no excuse for me having to wait three hours for a tow truck, those were his own words.

It was HOT, no bottled water, in a bad area of town, and I had to sit in a locked car for three hours, worked up a migraine headache due to the heat, started vomiting because the heat was so terrible, my clothes were solid WET! During those three hours I had eight men walking by my car, driving by, or on a bike harassing me and it was frightening and AAA did not care.

The day before I called AAA to get a jump start and the man took one hour and a half, I again had to sit in the car for the whole time as it was pouring down rain, yet a safe place and I did not feel threatened, but the driver told me that I had just left something on and ran my battery down that it could not be the fault. In the car, I went to get the battery checked out and they told me it was fine, later being told it was the fault to the car and the man who came the day before told me incorrect information or I would have placed my car in the shop yesterday.

I called my brother in law whom lives in Michigan and he told me that AAA was horrible and if you called for a tow you might have to wait 2-3 hours and he said to go with a company called General Electric that AARP listed it in their monthly magazine and he had been using them for a long time and they have to get help to you within 30 minutes then they call you back to make sure you are safe and happy with the service, AAA did not call me back. My brother in law also told me it was less money with the company he was with.

Also the man driving the tow truck ran not ONE but TWO red lights and I mean they were RED! The lights turned yellow, then turned red and still continued to drive, the 15 mile drive was nerve wracking and horrified me, when I got home I started vomiting all over again of the experience I had waiting and waiting then the ride in the tow truck... GOODBYE TO AAA.

Hung up on me twice over two hour response time!
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was driving my 1949 Hudson home from a meet yesterday June 4, 2006, when I experienced engine problems. We think it was a piston; my mechanic (The wonderful Richard Pridemore and his lovely wife Linda) was leading the convoy of three Hudsons, my sister being the third car in her 49 super six. When it blew all three pulled over. I had my six year old granddaughter with me. It was a few minutes before 7pm. Jackie keeps a log in her car and writes down everything her Hudson sees. At 7pm I called AAA. The dispatcher asked me four times what kind of car I was driving, she said so they could ID me on the road. The she insisted that I give her a city that I was located in, I told her that I was about half way between Lexington and Winston Salem, NC. She insisted that I was in a city, I explained over and over and over that I was between two cities. I explained over and over that three Hudsons sitting on the side of a major interstate highway would a unique site to any wrecker driver and would not be hard to ID. After explaining everything the fourth time, I was disconnected. I had someone watch my granddaughter and I walked down the interstate a few hundred yards to a sign facing the opposite direction and found an exit number, before calling back. I called again, went through the same story AGAIN, was ask AGAIN three time what kind of car I was driving. Then was told that they would be calling Wayne's towing. They said he would be calling me in just a few minutes. I waited over an hour, then called back. At this point, I was told they were still trying to find someone. Winston Salem, fifteen minutes away, has an estimated population of over 441607, so it is not a little hick town out in the hills somewhere. To make a long story short we were on the side of the road until ten after nine, and now in the pitch dark, before the wrecker arrived. That was two hours after my first call for service, although the first call must not have been keyed in because when I said that later I was told the first call was not until 7:20. It took ABC Towing & Recovery 10 minutes to get to me. He was very nice and professional young man. As a matter of fact, his grandfather was from Detroit and he even knew what a Hudson was. I looked at the dispatch sheet when I got in his wrecker and saw the time of the call written down, he had received the call at 9 p.m. The moral of this story is ….AAA service is a thing of the past! The fourth time I called them, the dispatcher told someone I was screaming (this was and hour and a half after the initial call) and she was not talking to me, I told her I was not screaming I was talking over interstate traffic, she said again "She is screaming at me and I am not putting up with this!" and hung up on me. I looked at the three other adults and we were shocked. I called back again and put Richard on the phone, feeling like they might respond to a man. They also told him they were trying to dispatch the call. They had told me they had it dispatched but later said the wrecker had a problem and could not come. I finally found later from someone else the problem with Wayne's Wrecker Service was that he did not carry enough insurance to carry an antique car. AAA did not tell me that. They just lied to me three times and said the wrecker was in route. They have rested on their laurels about as long as possible. A giant of a company has now hit rock bottom. May they rest in peace, I for one will be moving on.

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