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AAA NON-Road Service
Posted by on
I AUOT CLUB, DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- I bought roadside assistance for emergency situations, but when my daughter had one, AAA not only never showed up, but argued about whose fault it was that they didn't get the correct phone number, even though it was in their pone and they repeated it back to my daughter (in other words, they had the #). Customer service was SO horrible, no one followed up although they promised to. I canceled my auto insurance with them due to this. That was our first experience with them and I didn't want to get in a situation with my auto policy where the same kind of customer service might take place. When I canceled the auto policy another customer service representative PROMISED to look into the matter and follow-up on it, but did that happen? NOOOOOooooooo.

AAA just brushes you off and ignores any problems. I won't be renewing the roadside "service" either.
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trmn8r on 01/16/2011:
I've never heard of anyone having difficulty using roadside assistance. I have myself, a couple of times, without incident.

If there was a communication problem, did your daughter call them back when she didn't get a call? As I recall they provide a toll free number.
momsey on 01/16/2011:
Wow, that's incredible. Why didn't they show up? I understand they said they didn't have your daughter's phone number, but a missing phone number doesn't stop a tow truck from coming.

I've had AAA for nearly 20 years and they have saved me many times. I'm really surprised to hear this.
dave_feu on 01/17/2011:
I have used AAA many times without a hitch. Here in Germantown, MD they use private tow companies under contract. They have always treated me with timely pickups and respect.
Original Paulie D on 06/08/2014:
As of 2014-April, AAA no longer offers a REFUND if a member decides to cancel their membership and is expecting a prorated refund.
Most new vehicles today come with a Roadside Assistance plan. Leverage that with one’s auto insurance coverage and these facts offer more reason to abandon AAA altogether.

Another thing to consider, if you are planning to purchase a AAA membership: ONLY BUY ONE even if you have a spouse. If / when your spouse has an issue, you drive to meet them (as any good spouse would normally do regardless) and use YOUR membership to receive service.
Remember: AAA is tied to the CARDHOLDER and NOT the particular vehicle. Hence, the cardholder is entitled to service in ANYONE’S vehicle .. even if riding in a friend’s car.
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AAA to the rescue!
Posted by on
All those times I have alerted other unsuspecting drivers that their tires are going flat and no one on the road gave me the heads up today. By the time I realized something was wrong, the tire was literally ripped apart.
I pulled off the main road, called AAA and prepared for a long wait. They gave me a 90 minute window for their arrival. Within 20 minutes, however, the AAA guy pulled up, put the spare on my car, and sent me on my way.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/06/2010:
Nice response time!
Venice09 on 07/06/2010:
You must have really appreciated the quick service, especially if it's as hot by you as it is here.
Flexanimous Fellow on 07/07/2010:
The one and only time I had to call AAA was to jump my car after the battery died, and I couldn't have asked for better response time if I had called 911 for an ambulance. The AAA guy showed up in less than 3 minutes and had me back up and running within 5. So far I love their services!
PepperElf on 07/07/2010:
oh I've always had good service myself. and I've utilized t hem... 3 or 4 times over the course of the past 10 years.

in VA they helped me with I'd say... 2 or 3 flat tires. not all at once, but separate incidents, and a towing assistance.

the one here is different though. on top of the regular service they offered to call my family for me in case I was in a rough area. then they called me back to check up on how things went. =)
Alain on 07/07/2010:
I've also had really good service from AAA here in Pittsburgh.
jking90 on 07/16/2010:
that's happened to me a few times and they always, without fail, come to the rescue much sooner than they say (or you expect)
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AAA Never Showed
Posted by on
I've been a AAA member for around 12 years, my current card says 5 but I had another membership before that for about 7 years that I let lapse, then renewed a few months later. I've only had to use them a couple of times, I guess I was lucky because when I did need them recently, they weren't there. Which makes me wonder what I've been sending them my yearly premiums for.

On Sunday I went to leave my house, only to discover the battery in my vehicle was dead (the interior lights had been left on). I went inside to call AAA to request someone come and give me a jump start. While sitting on the phone listening to elevator music, they had a message that a request for service could be put in online, so I logged onto the AAA website and entered a request for roadside assistance. Received a confirmation email a little before 2:00 stating it would take 60 minutes for help to arrive. At 3:30 nobody had arrived, so I went back online to see if there was a way to check on the status of a service request, however, their website wouldn't accept my login and password. At 4:00 I called AAA. After 30 minutes on hold in the "q", the phone started ringing then an automated voice said something like "the party you are trying to reach is not available at this time, your call will now be disconnected". After it told me this a couple of times, the call was dropped. I tried calling the help number again, after about 20 minutes of elevator music I hung up and tried calling the number you use if you are out of state. At this point I just wanted to get a hold of a human being to find out if and when the tow truck would be coming. After about 20 minutes on hold with that number, I finally gave up. At 6:00, a little over 4 hours after I had put in the help request, and 3 hours after they said the tow truck would arrive, I was able to find a neighbor who could come over and give me a jump start.

Nobody from AAA ever did show up, or call me. I guess I should just be happy I wasn't stranded by the side of the freeway somewhere, or I'd still be there.

Both my home and auto insurance are due for renewal in the next month, I will be visiting other insurance companies to see what they can offer me. I will also be looking for another roadside assistance option. It's crazy to pay AAA for a service if they aren't going to provide it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/10/2010:
"It's crazy to pay AAA for a service if they aren't going to provide it."

I agree.
saj80 on 05/10/2010:
For what you pay in your annual fee to AAA, invest in a mid-price battery charger.
Anonymous on 05/10/2010:
Great advice, saj80. I did that when my Honda kept dying.

Starlord on 05/10/2010:
Actually, AAA does not have a fleet of tow trucks or service technicians. They contract with local service stations to provide services in an area. When I was 19, I worked at a Standard station in Indianapolis that was a AAA station. We would get a call from AAA for a service call in our area and we would go to help the party. I don't know the financial end of it, but I was often given a call to take the service truck to aid someone. Sounds to me like the local station dropped the
ball, but AAA is ultimately responsible.
jktshff1 on 05/10/2010:
Were you calling the emergency number on your card? I recently had a brake failure and AAA was there in 25 minutes to tow me. I have had to wait an hour or so when they were busy, but all of these types services have peaks and valleys.
On a side note, I like to be prepared. At home in my "emergency bug out bag" is a rechargeable portable (12"x12") battery charger and/or jump pack similar to this one...... Duralast/450 Amps jump starter pack with charging/battery status.
Kadi on 05/10/2010:
I was calling the emergency number on the card. After 3 failed attempts to get through to that number (1 was when their system hung up on me, the other two I hung up after 15-20 minutes) I tried the "for service when you are out of state" number. Which I was also unable to get through on.
I have a portable battery charger, but it was poorly designed, has 2 lights on the front that turn on with a push button (very handy if you need a light, but the on/off should be redesigned). One of them had been knocked into and turned on, so the unit was dead. I plugged it in to charge it up, but remembered it takes overnight to get to full charge, which is when I called AAA. It's now charged and ready to use, but I still expect AAA to provide the service I'm paying for. I don't know who dropped the ball, but if I'd actually be able to get ahold of AAA after putting in the online request for service, I might have been able to find that out. Not much point in paying for assistance if they don't respond to your request, or you can't get ahold of them.
jsherm2 on 05/24/2010:
Has anyone here used the My911 phone app? I read about it and it looks interesting, with things like automatic collision response, but I would love to hear more if someone has had any experience with it.
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AAA Roadside Assistance Is USELESS
Posted by on
My wife bought a AAA membership while we were living in Texas. We are now in Illinois. Last night her car broke down. Since the dealer was closed, we decided to wait until this early this morning to call AAA for a tow. Since I am self-employed and my wife works full time, we decided that I would call AAA this morning and manage the situation while she was at work.

AAA REFUSED TO SEND OUT A TOW TRUCK BECAUSE MY WIFE COULDN'T BE HERE TO MEET THE DRVER. Despite the fact that it's HER car, and even after my wife called and spoke to them personally, they wouldn't send a tow because she's not here in person.

After speaking with 5 DIFFERENT incompetent fools at AAA, it turns out that if we were in Texas they would send the tow without her being here in person, but since the car is in Illinois, different rules apply. Even though our membership is in Texas (we just recently moved).

So my wife has to take a day off to be here to meet the tow driver tomorrow, and meanwhile her car is sitting on the side of the road in a sketchy location for two days. And we can't afford to call a private tow, so we're pretty much on the hook, having wasted $450 over the past 6 years on AAA membership for nothing.

Essentially, we've been paying for nothing for the past 6 years, and the one time we really need their help, AAA IS AN EPIC FAIL. Huge waste of money. And their so-called "customer service" reps are barely literate and not helpful at all -- all they do is transfer you from one idiot to another and nothing gets resolved. Avoid AAA -- save your money.

She has had membership for 6 years at $75 a year and never used the service.
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User Replies:
JR in Orlando on 10/08/2009:
I love AAA. The rules as I understand is that the person has to be there to a) give the tow driver the keys, b) provide identification and c) sign paperwork. How can you expect them to take liability for a car, based on what someone says over the telephone. She could be a thief.

YOU decided not to call that night. YOU decided to try to do it the next day while she was at work. Now you complain. She does not have to take off work tomorrow. Simply go back out there to the car after work today and call them tonight.
Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
I have to say that I have been a member of AAA for many years and have always understood that if I am the member, I must be present at the time they come out. In order for you receive service, you must be a member. I suggest that you be added as a secondary member. That way, this situation will not arise again. Also, if you are somewhere and the car breaks down (and your wife is at work), you will be able to get the problem fixed without calling her. It's not that much more and that is the way AAA has always operated. The secondary membership is cheaper than a tow.
TheMightyBoosh on 10/08/2009:
Those incompetent fools!
moneybags on 10/08/2009:
Why aren't you a member, too? And transfer the membership to your new location. Who exactly is the incompetent fool?
beanbagbritches on 10/08/2009:
Both my husband & I are members on our AAA account. I have never had a problem with AAA & this is probably the reason.
Flexanimous Fellow on 10/08/2009:
They're not going to service a car when the person who actually has the AAA membership isn't there to sign paperwork. Doing so would set them up for loads of legal issues. I think you need a reminder what century we're living in.
redmx3racer on 10/08/2009:
Agreed JR. They can tow the car to the dealer after hours-most places have an after hours key drop box-I'd just call the dealer ahead of time today and let them know the car and keys will be there in the morning.
Eloise on 10/08/2009:
Why are you angry at AAA for following the rules? Don't you think a company should follow the rules and regulations that are set forth in their membership booklet? Also,why didn't you have your wife meet them at her car after work?
Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
I can't believe some people. They have how many 'incompetent fools' tell them the exact same thing? How many times do you have to hear it to understand it? READ the AGREEMENT. Your wife is the member.

Why don't I just call and pretend to be your wife and have them pick up that gorgeous Dodge Charger from your house and bring it to mine? (being smart)
Eloise on 10/08/2009:
Lady, could I have that one, the Van's brakes don't sound great?
Anonymous on 10/09/2009:
Lol El...My dream car is a Charger!
PepperElf on 10/09/2009:
My dream car is... well is actually not always reliable
if by some chance it actually gets you want to go, there's the risk that it'll get you there too early or too late.

but even so, my dream car is still the good old car-of-tardis ;)
Eloise on 10/09/2009:
My dream car is a Range Rover.
beanbagbritches on 10/11/2009:
My dream car is a Yugo!
Keith A. on 10/19/2010:
I am the operations manager for a towing company in Oregon and we are also a AAA contract station.

I've been in the industry since 1996 and with this company since 1998.

This case is pretty "cut and dried". AAA policy is that the member must be present for several reasons....many of which have already been detailed in other comments.

HOWEVER, the towing company who is responding CAN opt to provide service unattended. But that is purely at the discretion of the towing company, not AAA.

If you had wanted to have the vehicle towed unattended, AAA would have contacted the towing company in the contracted area and asked them if they would be willing. MANY towing companies won't tow unattended anymore due to liability issues (again already stated).

But, some towing companies, including ours....will still do unattended tows once we are sure that we aren't getting involved in a domestic dispute or theft.

So the fault is not with AAA.

With our company, we like to believe we are still in a "small" town and will go out of our way to provide service even if it sometimes puts us in jeapordy for potential liability issues. So far, so good. We haven't been bitten by our "small town" attitude. But as one poster already said, "remember what century you are living in" and I know that someday soon we'll have to change our policy.

But again, it is NOT the fault of AAA. They have very good rules based on what it takes to run a national automobile association.
scott on 09/04/2012:
We just got screwed by AAA today. We've had them for 23 years and they have towed our trucks numerous times. Today we called to get our truck pulled and they say its not even covered for the last year even though we've been paying. Suck bags. We are never going to use them again. 4K a year down the drain
joyce on 06/25/2013:
a friend of mine just called me and told me his car broke down on highway and he had no money for tow ,he called his son who has AAA towing and since they had the same name he took advantage of the towing no questions asked. would like comments on this
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AAA means Awful, Arrogant, Asinine, Customer Service
Posted by on
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- We had a blow out on our brand new camper, and called AAA immediately, thinking we would be saved.
The customer service agent was cold and non-empathetic from her first word. She asked my location.
ME: "I am on Interstate 35 near St. Paul MN. We were heading south and took the Hugo Centerville exit. We are now on top of that exit."
SHE: "What is the number of the exit?"
ME: "I have no idea, we are past the sign."
SHE: "I need to know the number of that exit."
ME: "I have no way of finding out that information."
SHE: "We cannot send help without knowing where you are."
ME: "We are on the Centerville/Hugo exit on Interstate 35."
SHE: "But I need to know the exit number."
ME: "But I don't know that information."
SHE: Silent....dead silence.
ME: "Well, I suppose I will have to walk down and find the number, if that's the only way."
SHE: Silent.
ME: While walking and panting, "You know, this seems dangerous, walking down a ramp. Besides, it is raining and I am old, fat and arthritic. It might take awhile."
SHE: "Let me put you on hold while you are finding that information."
ME: walk, pant, walk, pant. Find the sign
ME: Try to tell her I have the information now, but I am still on hold.
SHE: Three minutes later. "I have looked on my system and found that information."
We then discussed the type of policy I have, and it seems I forgot to call and include the brand new camper.
I realize that they cannot pay for services that are not covered by my policy. But a truly customer focused company would have found a way to be helpful to a seven year customer without previous claims.
Perhaps she could have found a way to say YES instead of NO.... Yes, as a customer courtesy I will call a service station for you, but we cannot pay for your tire change.
Perhaps she could have "looked on her system" instead of filing her nails and found the information in the first place. The most important part of good customer service is attitude, followed by knowledge. Hers was bad in both departments.
Perhaps AAA has too many customers and they just don't need my $100 a year. I am cancelling my membership today.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/28/2009:
This might seem like an odd question, but who's your cell phone carrier? I have Verizon, and they offer a roadside assistance option that you can receive. You pay for it monthly, it's really cheap. If you're having that bad of an experience with AAA, there's always *that* option if your cell phone carrier provides that service.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
I have roadside assistance through my car insurance. It would have been nice if AAA called a tow company or service repair company for you even though it wouldn't be covered under your policy. That would have required them to provide "customer service" though.
jktshff1 on 09/28/2009:
+10 MS, couldn't have put it better.
karleebarlee on 09/28/2009:
I've never had a problem with AAA. They always give me like a 60 minute estimate for assistance and they're always there in under 20 minutes. Maybe it's just the service in your area, or it could just be that one girl. don't blast them after just one bad experience.
MRM on 09/28/2009:
I don't think that AAA was cold-hearted as you claim to be. They were trying to locate you but you but don't have the information right a way. Id say give them another chance.
skelly39 on 09/28/2009:
They could have easily looked up the exit number. In fact, she did, after making this fat, old, arthritic OP walk down the ramp. He gave her the exact info. She could have saved him a bunch of time by asking the biggest question first-which vehicle is it? I'm siding with the poster on this.
JR in Orlando on 09/28/2009:
Its not the clerk's fault you are old, fat and arthritic. It is not unreasonable request to ask for some assistance in locating where you are. You also made the mistake of not calling and getting your camper covered. Did you apologize to the clerk for wasting her time when you had no coverage? I thought not. Why does this always run one way.

Be careful with insurance provided roadside assistance. I read an article which said some insurance companies use calls for assistance to raise your rates, e.g. people who don't take care of the cars, are higher risks.
skelly39 on 09/28/2009:
Why should he apologize to the clerk that is getting paid with the money he sends in every year? It's a simple question: what vehicle is it? She wasted her own time. And do you always use the exit number when giving directions? I don't. And if anyone needs it, it takes two seconds to look up-at your desk on a computer, not on a highway offramp.
twixypeps on 02/17/2010:
"Be careful with insurance provided roadside assistance. I read an article which said some insurance companies use calls for assistance to raise your rates, e.g. people who don't take care of the cars, are higher risks. " I have heard that some companies do count these claims against you. Go with a company that does not. Mine doesn't!
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Don't Call Them If There's An Emergency
Posted by on
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I dropped my husband yesterday to San Francisco Intl airport on his way to our native land. I was with my 2 babies, one four year old and a one year old.

Next morning we had to bring my mother in law to her doctors appointment. We stayed on the parking lot to eat our lunch.

My 4 yr. Old told me we have to go to the bathroom. So, I let my 4 yr. Old get out of the van and then I got to my 1 yr. Old.

As I was about to get my bag (with everything on it including my wallet, cellphone and the key to the van)on the driver seat, carrying my baby, as I turned around, he accidentally slammed the door shut...

The worst thing is, before that I pressed the lock button on the driver side because I was confident that I would get my bag first before I slam it shut...Which is by the way a bad routine and I admit it.

But my baby decided to help me shut it.
In other words, we are locked out.

So my instinct was to call AAA so they can help me unlock it since it is part of their road side assistance. I went to the nearest clinic and pleaded to help me find AAA number.

I was giving out my name, some details and she asked for my number I said, I can't because it was in my bag and it was also locked in.

Then I said my husband is the member but I was also insured on their company.

She said, I can't help you. Unless you let your husband call me so I could send someone immediately... So calmly I said, well that would be impossible because I just dropped him off the airport yesterday.

She said, I'm sorry but that's the way it is.
If you want I can send in a locksmith but you have to pay for them.


I said are you looking at our policy?
She said yes, you are insured and you are the principal driver of that van but your husband is the only listed member so unless he calls us, we cannot help you.

I said, it means, even if we are in a remote area and we were in an accident, and you know that I am insured in your company just because my husband is the only listed member you are not going to help us?

She said, yes, I can't help you. I'm so sorry mam' but that's the policy..You and your f^kin policy!

I was heartbroken... My babies are crying out of frustration and I can't even get help when I need it!

I hate this company and their policies!

By the way, my sister in law called AAA again, she gave my name for an inquiry about our policy and was told that I was never in the policy and wasn't insured.. How come? When we had receipts that we were paying them for 2 years already!

As soon as my husband comes back we are going to change our insurance company and you will surely hear a lot from us in the Better Business Bureau.

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 04/29/2009:
my cell phone has roadside services.

did you call the police to open the locked door?
NofriendofAX on 04/29/2009:
If all else fails call the police. Maybe when your husband gets home you should have him add you as a listed member.. Just a thought.
BokiBean on 04/29/2009:
Most police departments have ceased opening locked doors for stranded drivers. Too many calls that took them off the job.
Anonymous on 04/29/2009:
What Boki said. My local police department will only come out for locked doors if somebody is trapped inside for whatever reason.
trp2hevn on 04/29/2009:
"Then I said my husband is the member but I was also insured on their company." Is there a difference with the insurance (like liabililty/collision) versus the Roadside Assistance? I know you can buy AAA Roadside Assistance without having AAA Insurance, but does buying AAA Insurance automatically include Roadside Assistance? I don't have either, so I'm not sure. Wondering if that could be the confusion????
flaringsh#t on 04/29/2009:
Thanks for all your comments. I just realized that I shouldve read the policy first before calling them. As they said ignorance is not an excuse.

And yes, road side assistance is different from just being insured. My husband said the AAA people told him that he doesn't need to list me as a member to avoid extra fee if we only need road side assistace since he could call it out for me if ever I needed one. That was one thing I didn't know about.

What I did was I called up my sister in law to help us get the extra key from our house but it cost her an hour away from her work, which sucks but she cannot complain coz its my mother in laws (their mother) doc appt. anyway. It was just so unfortunate that my husband wasn't here when it happened. But we will definitely look for a different insurance when my husband goes back here.
Thanks y'all!
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AAA Compromises Member Safety
Posted by on
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Got back from a business trip last night around 12:15am. Got to the parking garage and found that my car wouldn't start.

Called AAA at 1am. They promised me a tow within 45 minutes and a call 5 minutes before the driver got there.

1:40am--No truck, no call. I'm by myself in a dark airport in the middle of the night.

1:49am--After being on hold for 9 minutes, I am reprimanded for calling before the 45 minute window expired. Then they say that a truck is not actually on the way and it will be an hour or more before it arrives. They tell me to leave my key in the car and go home, and the driver will pick it up.

2:20--My husband picks me up.

2:40--Dispatcher calls and says I have to go back to the airport because Massport, who manages the parking garage, won't release my car. We go back.

2:50--Dispatcher calls back and says never mind, it's taken care of. We turn around again.

3:30--AAA supervisor calls and says that Massport will not release my car without me being there.

3:35--I talk to Massport and they confirm this.

3:45--I talk to AAA supervisor again and agree to meet a tow truck at the garage at 5am. They promise me it will be there.

4am--I hit the road in my husband's car, exhausted.

4:50am--Dispatcher calls and says they're just sending the truck.

4:55am--I scrape the side of my husband's car on the parking garage and cause a lot of damage. Having been up for almost 24 hours, I blame it on lack of sleep and this stressful situation.

5:09am--Watching the sun come up. I call the AAA supervisor line and am told that it will be 20 minutes because the driver got stuck in traffic. Ummm....there was no traffic. I lose my cool and tell them this is unacceptable.

5:30am--I call the supervisor line to see where the truck is. They say I will get a call back within 5 minutes.

5:35am--No call.

5:40am--No call.

5:45am--Truck shows up with no info on the fact that I don't have my card, or where the car is being towed.

5:50am--Watching the car go on the truck. AAA supervisor calls and apologizes. Which doesn't do me much good as I have no sleep, 2 cars that need repairing, and a complete loss of faith in AAA's ability and motivation to provide even mediocre service. I was promised a call from member relations which, shockingly, still has not come. She promises to pay for my tolls and the repair to my husband's car, and that I will get a call confirming the car has been dropped off at the right place. That call never comes.

Summary: My safety was compromised, there was a gross amount of miscommunication and misinformation provided by AAA, and multiple promises were made and broken.

I am angry, disappointed, and planning to tell everyone I can about this egregious incident unless AAA rectifies this by paying for the damage to my husband's car and offers me a HUGE apology for having to wait 6 hours for a simple tow.

Look for this review on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else I can think of. AAA provides a crucial service that can't be counted on.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
I doubt AAA will pay for damage to your husband's car.

Stranded@Logan on 04/24/2009:
They offered to pay for the damage to my husband's car. I didn't request it. So I do expect them to pay for it.
Anonymous on 04/24/2009:
Odd that they offered to pay for the damage to your husband's car. vet, very odd, as they cannot possibly be the cause of said damage.

Second, the same exact thing happened to me maybe a month ago. When I called AAA from the airport garage, the first thing they said was " thank you for calling AAA, ARE YOU IN A SAFE PLACE?" I explained that I was in an unmanned airport garage and they said my call would get priority treatment and gave me directions on staying inside the car with the doors locked. They were there in 15 minutes.

Sorry you had such an odd and unusual experience with AAA>
Principissa on 04/24/2009:
No offense at all intended, but I hope you have that statement in writing or recorded. Because they can always blame the peon that told you and refuse to pay it. If I were you, I'd call back and demand they send you something in writing stating they are going to pay for the damage to your husbands car. I don't trust anything unless I can see it in writing.
jgraziani on 04/24/2009:
Hi, I work with AAA's national office in Florida. Our national office Member Relations team has been made aware of this situation and is looking into it now.
jgraziani on 04/27/2009:
I was so glad to hear on Twitter this morning that you worked out this issue with AAA. Hope all is well now. (Full disclosure for ur readers: I work for AAA and I am @AAAnews on Twitter).
jktshff1 on 04/27/2009:
jgraziani....ya got a link it was taken care of for proof?
Till the op comes back and says so, it's still open.
DebtorBasher on 04/27/2009:
Why does people waste their money on AAA? They're the worst and the slowest to respond. I have towing included with my StateFarm insurance and I can use ANY tow company I want and within 3-5 days of sending StateFarm the tow receipt, I have the reimburstment in my hands. In fact, I just had my Dad's car towed to the garage this morning...the tow company just charges the tow to the garage and the garage puts it on our repair bill. Insurance will take care of it.
Ponie on 04/27/2009:
I haven't been with AAA for quite some time because I feel the cost outweighs benefits received. However, a couple of months ago when I had to have my car towed from our complex parking lot at about 10am, my experience was the same as raven2002's. The first thing my insurance company asked was: 'Are you in a safe place?' I truly doubt AAA will pay for damages to your husband's car. Although I agree it's disgusting that for the price charged by AAA their service is so poor.
jktshff1 on 04/27/2009:
DB, traveling like I do, 60k plus a year, you need something. I have used them several times with no complaints.
I have been with AAA for over 30 years. Since they "sub-contract" the towing, there are always issues.
Response time can vary, depending upon the contractor, weather, etc.
If I didn't stay on the road I probably wouldn't have it.
One tow from the boondocks will make several years payments, and I don't have to worry about having a credit card or cash to pay some towing service to come get me.
Ponie on 04/27/2009:
Very good point, jktshff1. Hadn't thought about that. It reminded me of the time several years ago when I was still with AAA. Went on a short trip up to the boonies of the Thumb of MI. Had a new car--still learning the ins and outs of it--locked the keys in the car. A call to AAA brought help in about 35 minutes. Good to think about both sides.
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AAA Could Care Less And I Can Prove It!
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I would like to personally thank Ingrid from Arizona AAA for helping to see the true AAA.

Late night 11/13/2008 South Phoenix (a lovely area to be stranded for those of you unfamiliar). My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of contacting AAA for help in a dire situation. Unfortunately we had reached our 4 call limit. We pleaded for help and they let us know that they would charge $65; they would not waive the fee. I asked the kind and compassionate Ingrid if AAA could help us out, making sure that I noted the 10 years of faithful patronage to AAA. She simply said that she would not waive the fee.

I inquired would not or could not. She simply stated that she would not. This lets me know that A) It was within her power to do so. And B) that our 10 years did not deem us worthy of a onetime $65 fee waive. I simply stated that AAA couldn't care less about their customers (this statement I believe is strongly supported by all the contact I had with customer service). When Ingrid stated to the contrary, I simply said this was her opportunity to prove that I was wrong. Again she would not offer any other options. I then stated that, her refusal to waive a single fee after 10 years was proof that AAA did not care. She snapped at me "You want me to send someone out or not!?!".

I asked for a manager, I was denied. I asked for a manager callback, I was denied. I asked for an employee ID or Pin number again (Surprisingly this time as it is federal law that if they have a badge or ID number that they provide it if requested, I know I've been in customer service for a long time and have been in fact read the statute by a very savvy customer). So there I stood with a pocket full of cash, as they refuse to take credit cards, at midnight in a hotel parking lot in South Phoenix. So please be aware that there are many other options other than AAA and you are only important to them until the letter of the policy has been met, after that you are on your own, if we were on some back country road without $65 in cash. Tough darts.

We canceled our AAA, as did my girlfriends mother (17 years with AAA), my mother (25 years), My brother (3 years), and I even carried my crusade to work and forced my buddy to quit (8 years). The all gave the reason as Ingrid in Arizona. That is 63 years worth of patronage, all for a $65 fee. I hope you will dump AAA as well. Poor customer service should never be rewarded. I hope to cost them at least 1000 years worth of patronage.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
You reached your call limit for your plan level. AAA did nothing wrong. They were willing to send someone out but at the additional cost you agreed to when you took the plan.

If they start making exceptions for you, where do they stop.

If your car is that unreliable perhaps you should upgrade to a different plan.
madconsumer on 11/14/2008:
so what was the reason you were stranded? as well, what was the reason you had called them the 4 previous times?

I do not think the whole story is being given here.

if you are in a dangerous or dire situtation, call 911.
jktshff1 on 11/14/2008:
I would also like to know the interval for the 4 previous times.
I have had AAA roadside for 30yrs and they have always responded. Takes some time to get there sometimes, but they have always come through.
jenjenn on 11/14/2008:
I am going to cancel my coverage today! (NOT!) Your post is ridiculous. They did nothing wrong. Man up and pay the $65. It IS YOUR responsibility!!!
moneybags on 11/14/2008:
I'm with all of the above posters. AAA did nothing wrong. You knew the terms of the contract. And a cheap motel in a bad part of town? Shows a lot of respect and concern for the well-being of your girlfriend! Shame on you!!
Hugh_Jorgen on 11/14/2008:
Another case of "I didn't mind the rules until they tried to apply them to me!"
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
Sorry, but your sense of entitlement is astounding.
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
You tried to badger and intimidate a rep to violate policy and drop a fee for you, and then became angry and vengeful when the request for special treatment was denied. AAA is going to miss you as much as you miss them.
dan gordon on 11/14/2008:
its always been a better 'deal' to have towing added to your auto policy vs add a separate co. such as AAA. That way you can call who you wish and get reimbursed. Much easier than dealing with a 3rd party.
cherpep on 11/14/2008:
Dan - if you add it to you autopolicy, then every time you get reimbursed, it counts as an insurance claim. In the long run, that could be more expensive.
bill on 11/14/2008:
"I even carried my crusade to work and forced my buddy to quit" You forced your buddy to quuit? Everything about your post says you are a bully who thinks that rules apply to everyone else but you.
Starlord on 11/14/2008:
I have to agree with everyone else. Your sense of entitlement is astounding. I have met too many people like you. You remind me of the guy who while travelling 80 in a 45, ran a red light. When I stopped him, I got an earful about having to make my quota and why wasn't I arresting criminals instead of harassing innocent citizens. You might be that guy, as I was a deputy sheriff in Pinal County, just to the south of Phoenix. I told him they had told me I could write as many tickets as I wished, and that he had committed a criminal act, and that people who committed criminal acts, were, by definition, criminals. I dutifully wrote the particulars on the back of the citation for the judge, who had some rather harsh words for this person. I do so hope it was you.
Slimjim on 11/14/2008:
"dutifully wrote the particulars on the back of the citation for the judge, who had some rather harsh words for this person. I do so hope it was you." LMAO good! What chump gets caught going 80 in a 45 and then argues with the police about getting a ticket.
I have to say to poster, on your fifth incident in under a year. That's a lot of claims and you know very well you darn well got your annual membership dues back in spades already. If you were so uneasy about the hood you were in, perhaps getting off your horse and paying the $65 would have been a prudent move.
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
Yes. Exactly what Starlord and Slimjim said.

Poster, I'd like to hear what your 'dire' vehicle situation was that night.
Ghost of former member on 11/16/2008:
Okay, and why do you feel that you're special & the rules should not apply to you? You have a limit of 4 calls. You reached that limit. End of story!

Accept it & move on with your life. There are more important things to worry about.
PepperElf on 11/19/2008:
Entitle much?

Oh woe is me... they won't bend policy for me! I'm entitled to it! They're horrible!

*rolls eyes*
DebtorBasher on 11/19/2008:
You were in the parking lot of a hotel. It would have been better to use that cash and just rent a room for the night and try to get some other kind of help in the morning.

Drop AAA and get StateFarm insurance with roadside help. I've had them for a number of years with never a problem. They've always re-embursted me for my towing charges, with a check within five days of me sending them a copy of the towing bill. I have my car and rental insurance with them.

Anyone I ever knew who had AAA all had long waits for towing...with Statefarm, you can use any tow company you want...and with roadside service you can get help with just about anything...
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AAA Stinks!
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CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Yesterday my mother came out of the Hair salon only to find out she left her lights on and her battery was dead. We have AAA, and we have the gold membership or something. Well she called them and they told us it would be 30min. 30min later we called them to see if someone was coming and the lady told us it had only been 20min, and it had been 30min. Another 30min later she called again and they told her that they had a few priority services that they needed to take care of first and that someone would be there in 30min.

So we had been in the car an hour and it is wicked cold out and we can't turn on the heat because battery is dead. Finally she calls again 30min later and they tried to tell us that AAA only has one vehicle throughout all of Cambridge and Somerville that's BS, because we know people who work in the auto shop business and they know that AAA has more than one. The lady proceeds to tell us another 30min and then says the guy had to do a long distance tow. He could have jumped us first then did his long distance tow.

Then another 30min go by and they tell us someone is on route and that could take 15min. The guy calls and says he will be there. An hour went by and it is now 8pm and we were STILL WAITING FOR AAA!!!!! My mom called again and they called back and she was pissed. They finally got someone out there and it took them less than a minute to jump our car, when they could have had someone in the first 30min like they said they would then this wouldn't have been a problem. After the guy jumped us he sped off so fast so that we couldn't get his license plate number. He probably did that so he wouldn't get in trouble.

She has the gold member service and someone is supposed to come faster when you have that service, WELL THEY DON'T!!!!! AAA is a BIG SCAM!!!!! Do not get them they suck and don't help you. Their customer service people are nice but they shouldn't tell you 30min if you are going to wind up waiting 3 HOURS!!!!!

This is the SECOND time We have had a problem with them. The first time they sent someone all the way from RI to MA just to push a small button to turn off the alarm in the car.


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User Replies:
jenjenn on 02/15/2008:
Ummm...he probably sped off because he had other calls to attend to. DUH! You LIVE in the's Winter!
jktshff1 on 02/15/2008:
jj is right, he was probably in a hurry to the other folk's that have been waiting.
I have been with AAA over 30yrs and never had a problem. Yes, I've had to wait a couple of hours, but that's life. Sometimes their shops get busy when the weather is bad, because people don't service their cars like they should.
GothicSmurf on 02/15/2008:
I called AAA last week and they were there in less than 20 minutes.
dan gordon on 02/15/2008:
check with you auto insurance and see if you can get towing on your car policy. Its usually only a few dollars a month. Those plans let you call anyone you want and get reimbursed. Much easier.
FoggyOne on 02/15/2008:
I pay a minimal about on my car insurance for road side assistance and I can call any towing company - not one that only AAA uses. Then I am reimbursed by my insurance. Fortunately, I have a car that the lights go off when you turn the key off. Also, in the winter you might wait a long time for any tow truck to show up.

"This is the SECOND time We have had a problem with them. The first time they sent someone all the way from RI to MA just to push a small button to turn off the alarm in the car. " You mean you don't know how to shut off your own alarm?
Flute726 on 02/15/2008:
I wouldn't have waited as long as you did for the AAA guy. Wasn't anyone else around that could have given you a jump? You said your mom had come from a hair salon. Why didn't you ask anyone there?
bargod on 02/15/2008:
Always keep jumper cables in your trunk.Then when this happens you just have to find a friendly passerby to help you out.
Nohandle on 02/15/2008:
Sorry your mom had this problem when she was expecting and had paid for better service. This is after the fact, of course, but as others have stated roadside assistance can be added to your auto insurance for a nominal fee and/or keep jumper cables in the trunk of your car. I've had a set in my trunk for years and gratefully I've never needed them but can't begin to recall the times I've loaned them to someone else.
GothicSmurf on 02/15/2008:
Alright since this is coming up here is how it roadside on insurance works, it is usually a REIMBURSEMENT:

1. Call your insurance agent and verify that it is indeed on your policy.

2. Call the local tow company and have them assist you. Your insurance agent may or may not have places to call, but most of the time they do not. You will have to find a place on your own.

3. PAY the tow company and make sure you get a receipt. KEEP THAT RECEIPT.

4. Take said receipt into your insurance agent and hand it over. (They need it for their records.) If you'd like, most agencies will make a copy for your records. But you will need the ORIGINAL to turn into the insurance company.

5. Depending on the company/ agency they can either cut you a check there or it might take up to 10 BUSINESS days.

6. Usually it is good for ONE tow per instance. Meaning if you have it towed to ABC Body shop, you don't like their prices the insurance company will not reimburse you to have it towed to EFG Body Shop.

7. Usually there is a mileage limit on it. I believe most top off at 75-100 miles MAX, but you'll need to check with your specific policy.

8. Usually it states in the policy that they will cover to the nearest and/or reasonable repair shop and labor up to an hour if a tire change or gas is needed.

9. They DO NOT cover the cost of parts or gas. If your tire blows, you'll need to pay for the cost of the tire, but insurance will cover labor.

Of course these are all general and each policy is a little different, so check with yours, but from what I recall this is how a good majority of Roadside assistance via your insurance works.
RedSox1982 on 02/15/2008:
I understand it is winter, but it was freezing and there was no one around to help us out. The lady kept trying to tell us to go inside and wait in the KFC but they don't allow you to stay in there unless you buy something or are eating there. Bottom line is they shouldn't have told us 30min if it was going to take 3 hours. They gave us the run around and they have done this before. Living is a city they have more than one truck that work the greater Boston area, so by them saying they only had one that was BS. This is still no excuse for AAA to take this long. I have had other people who have had the same problem with them.

Thanks for the comments though.
RedSox1982 on 02/15/2008:
Another thing is my mother doesn't make much money and she tries to do what she can for her car, and we know people who work in the auto shop business and even they told us AAA shouldn't have taken that long.
Anonymous on 02/17/2009:
The last post is a clear example of 'it takes one to know one'
Anonymous on 02/17/2009:
I'm sure there's a bit missing in the OP. My guess is that, after being abused and accused on the phone, AAA simply kept moving this call to the end of the line, hoping someone else would deal with it or the motorist would solve their own problem. Word to the wise, when you really NEED a service, it pays to be almost obsequious to the person you call for help.
RedSox1982 on 02/17/2009:
FYI for those who didn't know. Word to the wise to the person above me the people on the phone AAA customer service was extremely rude about it when we called them the first time asking them where the tow truck was. That was after we had waited an hour. We live in the city and it shouldn't have taken AAA that long. We were freezing cold. We were extremely nice to the customer service people even when they were rude to us back. The only time we got rude with them was when we called the final time and they said 30min lady and that's when my mother got upset and she had to the right too because we had waited 3hrs in the cold.

To the comment about the alarm in the car the car she has is an old car so we didn't know there was a special button, and we did not have the car alarm key fob to turn it off.

I am not the only one who has had problems with AAA I know a few people who said when they called AAA they never even showed up.
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Stuck for Hours Without Any AAA Emergency Service Assistance
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Rating: 1/51
VERNON, NEW JERSEY -- I returned to my car after a morning of skiing to find that the rear driver-side tire was flat. I called AAA at 1:25 pm. I was told that the window for service (4 hours) was til 5:25 pm. At 2:30, I called and received the message that there were 4 service calls before me and 5:30 was still the service window. I called again at 3:30 and received the message that there were still 4 service calls before me and 5:30 was still my service window. It was about 15 degrees at 1:25 pm and that was the high for the day !!! At that point, I walked back to the Mountain Creek Resort seeking help. They put air in the affected tire (i.e. which had a nail in it) and called a local service station (I mile away) to let them know I was coming quickly. The tire was repaired and I drove home at 5:00 pm NO THANKS TO AAA. Oh, AAA called me at 5:45 pm to let me know that there would be an additional DELAY !!! Really ??? AAA should spend less money on promotional materials and more on paying the tow truck companies. Maybe then they would actually show up !!!
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 01/26/2014:
If this happened last week when the winter/snow storm came through, then I would certainly expect that there would be delays. Even under the best of circumstances, AAA will usually take 1-2 hours to get to you. 4 hours during snowy/icy conditions would be about what I would expect.

On a side note, it's not that difficult to change a tire provided you have a spare on hand. I've changed a tire on the side of the road in the snow before. It's unpleasant for sure, but it's only a 20 minute job if you have even an inkling of mechanical aptitude.
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