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AAA 'No Hassle' Auto Buying Service a rip-off
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- After buying a new Toyota Prius with the AAA's 'no hassle, no haggling' pre-negotiated price, I found out two days later the dealer was $1356 more than the other two in town for the exact same car (with Pkg#6). I am really shocked that AAA won't make this Member dealership honor their agreement. The regional AAA program rep, Jay, refused to do anything about it, as did the dealer, since it was a completed sale. Jay even has copies of the ads and emails I sent him from the other local AAA Dealers, so I was able to fully back my point, but he doesn't seem to care.

Everyone I talked to at Steven's Creek Toyota in San Jose basically was lying through their teeth when I went back in to speak to them after I found out they ripped me off. After being referred thereby AAA's website and purchasing the car (with a fancier trim package than what I was originally looking for, so I didn't have an exact out-the-door quote on hand) at what I was told was their AAA price, the floor manager later said they did NOT have ANY written agreement with AAA (which is not true if they are in AAA's program!) and he told me that the AAA price was whatever the general manager wanted it to be that day.

They said I should be happy that I did not pay full List price and left it at that. They refused to show me the AAA agreement during the sale and after when I returned, saying they could not find it (** has never sent me a copy either, despite repeated requests). The dealer also refused to price match, after their in-house AAA rep had emailed me that they do price match. Between the AAA program and a promise to price-match, I felt confident buying the car there without shopping around, but boy was I wrong to trust AAA!

The dealer's excuse for his high price is that they actually only wanted to give me $3500 for my trade-in, not the $5000 we agreed upon (for a vehicle worth $7k wholesale at the time, $9k retail, per KBB), and that justified the higher sales price. They also said their own *cost* on the Prius was higher than what the two other dealers in town were *selling* them for. This is a bunch of hogwash, since they also bragged that they are one of the highest-volume Toyota dealers in California, and I know high-volume Dealers get better discounts from the manufacturer.

The floor manager showed me a scribbled piece of paper with their 'cost', but they had tacked on hundreds of dollars worth of advertising fees, sales commissions, prep fees, and other misc. fees; the floor manager didn't even know what some of the fees were! I assume the other dealers (Capitol and Sunnyvale Toyota) have the same costs, and they manage to sell the same car for $1356 less. I wonder if AAA ** fell for the line of crap that they were handing out. These fees didn't include any closing costs, either, which were additional and added later.

Per the AAA Buyer's program website, trade-in value is not supposed to alter the price of the new car. I would never traded a $7000-$8000 car in for only $3500, especially since the having the older car saves my teenage son a lot of money on auto insurance. $5000 was the amount agreed upon.

I do not know if I should be more mad at the slimy dealer or at the AAA Buying Program regional manager ** for not backing up the customers using the AAA buying program when a dealer does not honor the terms of it. I tried speaking with the dealership myself, but found that they couldn't care less about customer service once the car is off the lot, and all promises go by the wayside. I was hoping for either a refund of the $1356+tax, so as to honor the AAA and the original sales agreement(s), or at least booting the Steven's Creek dealer out of the AAA program because they refused to honor it.

Very Upsetting Experience
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SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- On 2/14/2013 I placed a service call with AAA after my car broke down. I was told that a tow truck will be there in about 30 min. 2 hrs later a tow truck finally pulled up. The driver exited his truck, eyed my car and without even acknowledging me began taking pictures of my car. He continued to ignore me when I inquired to the reason he was taking photos.

After taking the photos he proceeded to climb into the cabin and started his engine. I knocked on his door to inquire what is going on. The driver continued to ignore me. I then walked to the front of the truck, took a photo of his license plate ** and the company logo (GarGoyle Industries LLC located in Woodbridge N. J. 8008543797). At that point he finally came out and acknowledged me for the first time.

He informed me that because that my car has commercial plates AAA will not cover the tow. He then proceeded to drive off and would not wait until I called AAA to sort this mess out. When I was in touch with AAA I was transferred to a supervisor who then informed me that "new policy" dictated that they will not cover vehicles with commercial plates. I was disgusted by my experience and how they left me stranded in a time of need due to a policy change that I as a customer was never informed of.

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have booked 2 trips through AAA Travel and have had problems on both occasions. This first trip was 12/11 to Costa Rica. We booked the trip months in advance and worked personally with an agent. We were specific about our seat assignment requests & when we tried to confirm our trip we discovered the agent had failed to book our seats as requested.

I thought I would take matters into my own hands & purchased airline tickets through AAA website in March for a trip in July. I selected my seat assignments & received confirmation from AAA Travel. I received a flight change notice by email 4/16/12 & again my seat assignments were listed. I had a question about luggage & went online to research with the airlines only to discover my seats were "UNASSIGNED". I immediately called AAA travel agents and received a run around with blame being placed on the airline.

I felt if there was a problem with my seat selection then I should have been informed of the change by AAA as they had all my contact information. AAA Travel indicated that I would have been given a seat a check in, then why would I have bothered with the months of pre planning. I selected those seats specifically to be near other family members traveling as well as a way to accommodate tall travelers. What seat selections would I have been offered at the ticket counter?? I do not consider this service I consider this misrepresentation.

AAA Travel communicated with me on two occasions and on each occasion confirmed my prior seat selections. Had I not checked myself, I would have been left out in the cold. I will never use AAA Travel service again & I recommend no one else trust this company. As a result I have had to pay up-charges to try to get near the seats previously chosen months ago.

AAA Errors
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was insured by AAA a few years ago-however after my accident and the way AAA handled it-I'd never use them again nor refer anyone to them ever. I was hit by a vehicle while parked in my car, which totaled my car. The officer at the scene deemed it was not my fault-and the other driver admitted it was their fault at the scene of the accident.

I am grateful to be alive-but I have suffered. When I reported the accident-AAA had no out of pocket expenses, I had volunteered and chosen GAP insurance which paid for my totaled car-my medical insurance paid for all my medical bills. I had the car 6 months before the accident. AAA denied my insurance claim... and it didn't help that they also gave my personal information in error to some address 50 miles from my home-that I never received-even now two years later-I've never received my own information from AAA. There's more...

California has a proposition 213-which was enforced for many years now-which means no person shall receive or derive pain and suffering if they do not have insurance-and I believe in this proposition. However, you can claim estimated economical losses. This was an insult to my injuries that AAA got out of insuring me.

AAA confused me with another AAA member-with the same first name, middle initial, and last name as mine-who drove at one time the same make and model car that I had but different year on my AAA policy and at the same time both of us had children born the same year and month on our policies as well. We also lived in the same city/town in California. Errors like this are rare if ever happen-however it happened to me and AAA mixed me up with this AAA member and said it was my fault. It was my fault to use AAA as my insurance company.

I had purchased a car two years ago and put it on AAA policy-I went down to my local AAA branch office where I did business-close to my home. The Sales Agent who helped me that day was new and filling in for the day-my regular sales agent had left the company. The Sales Agent wrote up my info on the computer then wrote down the policy number on a piece of paper for me and said I would receive my new insurance cards for my car and declaration page in a week or so-I had recently traded my car for my new car and I threw out my old insurance cards. I waited for my insurance cards and declaration page-it never came.

I kept calling AAA using my name and the policy number the sales agent originally gave me-on the phone AAA didn't ask for anything else except for my policy number and I was told either they were sent or they were sorry and would be sending them again. Each time I called AAA-I used the policy number that the sales agent originally gave me. I was on a work assignment in Europe and New York City the middle part of the year in question 3 months before the accident happened-so I was at the mercy of AAA's experts.

Two years later AAA gave the state insurance office who wrote to me and told me my insurance cards and declaration page had been sent to a wrong address to a town 50 miles away from my town-I never lived at this address. I have proof I never lived at this residence. I never received my insurance cards for my new car or my declaration page for that car. AAA had sent my personal information to an address I never lived at-and this area is not a very good part of Los Angeles - unfortunately this is a heartbreaking part of town-there are many drug dealers and it is a dangerous area where my insurance cards and declaration page that AAA sent to this address.

I reported the accident the day after the accident to AAA and the sales agent asked me if I reported the accident yet, when I said no, not yet, then he said he would report the accident to the DMV-which he said was called an SR1. I was never told at this time I was not insured. I have this in writing by AAA that I called the day after my accident.

When AAA reported my accident-they reported it on the other AAA member with the same name as mine which 2 years later came back to haunt me when I renewed my license with the DMV - they kept insisting I wasn't me-which I was, but I had to give them more proof-I did straighten everything out with the DMV. It was a horrific ordeal.

18 months later and after my serious surgery when I needed my declaration page-AAA sent me the other person with the same name as mine- and all their information-I have all the documentation in writing from AAA-who kept mixing us up. I saw that the same policy number was on this declaration page-but my car wasn't. I never knew there was a problem with AAA until 2 years later-when I needed my declaration page for my car.

At this time I saw there was a mix up-I received the other person's cars and(3) different addresses on the declaration pages and all their private information in faxes. I kept receiving faxes with different addresses with the same policy number I had with my name on them, but not my car. I have record of all of this. In toll I received 12 faxes from AAA for another person at three addresses without my car on them-and none of these addresses were mine.

I called AAA and explained that my car wasn't on the faxes they kept sending me-that is when a sales agent asked for my Social Security #-AAA doesn't usually ask for Social Security #'s this sales agent told me. I was then told I had 2 other policy numbers-under my name and I was told it was AAA 'error' (which I have in writing) and that they would underwrite me a new policy - I was told this by the sales agent I was working with at that time.

The next day I got a call from the same sales agent and she told me that AAA was very upset with her and that she might lose her job and this wasn't the first time that she was worried about losing her job, she told me that AAA wanted to fire her because she wouldn't try to sell home owners insurance after talking to each client (she said it has since made AAA customer's unhappy so AAA stopped this), they put her on probation for 6 months for not trying to upsell home insurance while talking to new and or old customers called for their auto insurance. I felt badly for this sales agent but, why was she telling me all this and not helping me?

Again, she said-that she shouldn't have told me that they were going to underwrite a new policy-this sales agent told me to speak to her Supervisor - I called him and he was not very nice... I told him he didn't have to be so gruff towards me - he became accusing of me - telling me it wasn't AAA's fault - that it was mine - he told me AAA was the best and that other insurance companies pale in comparison-but I didn't know what was yet to come nor what this Supervisor meant at the time.

The Supervisor did state that all the problems were coming from his team-and I didn't know what that meant at the time. This Supervisors team was sending me all the faxes and telling me that it was AAA's error -needless to say he wasn't happy. This Supervisor told me that I actually had 2 other policy numbers...and that he would get to the bottom of it-because he is a Virgo and Virgo's are perfectionists he said - I felt I was in a very poor position with an Astrologist not a AAA Supervisor Specialist. He said he would call me the next day, he never did.

I called him 2 days later and he said that yes, AAA mixed me up with someone else and that I had policies out under other names (which I didn't of course) and that my policy was cancelled-when I asked him to send me that information-he didn't-and to top it all off the Supervisor said it was my fault. It started to get worse...

I was very concerned and asked for the President of AAA #-this Supervisor would NOT give me the President's # - I could tell he was fibbing when he said he already contacted the President and that he would get back to me - he said that there was nothing I could do anyway-because it was my fault-even though it was AAA's error. I needed to find out what was going on.

I called the President of AAA (AAA has a few Presidents depending where you are) his assistant never heard of me - so the Supervisor who was a perfectionist wasn't honest with me. The President's assistant was very nice, considerate and treated me with respect and dignity she turned me onto an analyst - she was more than frustrated with the whole matter and I felt she didn't want to deal with it or me... she admitted it was AAA's error and would get back to me - she did 2 weeks later.

She wrote me a long letter that was full of lame excuses and more fibs-she said that AAA cashed my premium check but that because it wasn't enough to pay the premium so what did they do? They put it towards earned credit and later I was told by the state insurance that AAA put the $ towards owed credit points - I think this is a stipulation in AAA policy that if something goes wrong and it will sometimes they can put your money in their bank account and call it something special - just because they can and that is what they did...

In that same letter in communication AAA said that they sent me U.S. mail that my policy indeed was cancelled. Remember they sent my declaration page and insurance cards to the wrong address in the first place 50 miles away from my town so I never received anything from them-ever. This analyst states I did call AAA offices many times but in that documentation they use the word 'assume' a lot. Someone else had my insurance cards and declaration page... so someone out there has my personal information-because AAA gave it to them in the U.S. mail - which is documented.

To this day I never received my insurance cards or declaration page. I then wrote to the state insurance in California. I was really trying to get some answers-and they said they needed to side with AAA-but kept the case open in case I could convince them I was right and AAA wasn't-what a bunch of nonsense.

I always think, when things go wrong, something is behind the motive of wrong-so this is my 3 cents: I figure if word got out that there was a AAA problem or an identity switcharoo - AAA would have their hands full of people claiming that they too had problems perhaps via the same problems as I had - especially in a state where Proposition 213 is in effect-and so many folks are driving without insurance in Los Angeles, California - however, I didn't drive without insurance, and it's not because I am better than anyone else or smarter, it is because I like to do the right thing and follow the laws of the state.

I did document everything from AAA and all the different theories they told me. I am suffering from AAA's negligences - and my personal information was given to who knows who? I trusted AAA experts-and they didn't have a handle on any of this and or my situation. It was up to me to figure out what they did wrong-and I didn't have access to my file-and AAA wasn't going to give it to me. AAA offered no solice - in fact they blamed me for all of their error's in writing-stating their error was my fault to the state insurance. I have all documents, faxes, and in each communication things differ.

Early on AAA said that they would not speak to me if I involved a lawyer-because they felt we could straighten this out-so I didn't go the lawyer route... I thought I could work it out with AAA-and if I did bring in a lawyer early on, I'd never have the inside information I have now-to help others. What they did to me is wrong, I know it, now you know it - and this is what they don't want to get out-but I am going to get the word out in all the media mediums; radio, television, internet, print, posters, blogs, everywhere I can-so that people can be aware.

For over 2 years I tried to work it out with AAA-then I wrote to the state insurance office who in fact did help me by turning my documents over to the agency who they thought would help me-the state claims commission states that in their communication with the AAA that they made a mistake but that it was my fault because I couldn't remember my address, now that is new - I found out more mistakes that had been made that were recently disclosed after 2 years.

I've never driven without insurance-at the time of my accident I was insured by two medical insurances...and I had another car insurance for my two other vehicles-and since I had AAA I didn't put my car on it before the accident on the policy because my policy was in effect and the premium was paid... Many people were affected by this-the other person with the same name as my own and her sibling - myself and my sibling that was on the policy. My sibling also had their personal information given to another address. And my information that was sent to the wrong address 50 miles away from my own town.

I feel from the get go - AAA had me mixed up. I am not an isolated incidence - I am sure as I read here there are many mistakes AAA made... I have all the documentation to back me up which makes a difference. When I tell people what had happened to me - or I show them what had happened they said they are mad at AAA and won't use them because of what transpired with me and how they tried to blame me for their error and how they put me in a position that my personal information, my siblings personal information is at risk.

More than the fact that I will never receive pain and suffering-having my personal information at risk causes me much grief. I think we should trust our insurance companies... and yes, I realize that errors happen however, this was huge negligence and error on AAA's part that hurt me personally. I am a Journalist and I don't like to sue anyone. Since I am in the Media and I have everything to back me up - I want to help others-I've become an expert in AAA errors and what they won't do to help those who have been loyal to them.

I plan to take this situation on-and bring what happened to me to the Media in every faucet of the media -because money doesn't sate principle... I believe that by writing about what happened to me might help and educate others so that it may prevent it from happening to them. If you use AAA insurance may God help you if you are ever in an identity mix up as I was in their system-which cost me $.

This has been an act of identity fraud and a cover up-and I realize now how it can happen and it has happened to me. It has been suggested that I will now have to take steps in changing my name and Social Security # as well as my sibling will need to do-which will hurt me in business... Thanks, this is my 3 cents.

Most Unprofessional Insurance Company
By -

On the evening of March 28, 2011, I was heading home and was sideswiped by a woman who was holding a large pink phone in her left hand and was so engulfed in her telephone conversation that she neither signaled nor paid attention to my truck or the horn of it and changed lanes into it. After she hit my truck she made two other phone calls and never even acknowledged that she had hit my vehicle, asked if I was okay or even got out of her SUV. My SUV has scrub marks along the passenger side, the mirror is damaged and there is a crack in the windshield that has been getting wider as time goes along.

AAA-Texas is her insurance company. The very first time I spoke to the adjuster, she was exceedingly unprofessional and even hung up the telephone in my face. Knowing that to be a sign of impending trouble, I contacted a “supervisor” in Diamond Bar, California who told me that another adjuster would be handling the claim. There was a field adjuster sent out two times to look at the damage done my truck.

Upon his second trip I found out that the original adjuster who hung up in my face was still handling the claim. I took my truck to the body shop who has handled problems like this for over 10 years for me. That body shop produced a repair estimate of $1520.39. After weeks went by, I called to find out what was the delay. As it turned out, the adjuster had sent a draft for $1001.19 to an old post office box that I had not had in years. They made it out to the company that I owned when I first purchased the SUV but had been defunct for years now.

Nobody at AAA-Texas had bothered to call and tell me anything. I was not provided an itemization of the damages that the adjuster had come up with. After months of trying to talk to these people and even drafting a letter to the Texas Department of Insurance, I finally received a copy of their damage itemization. They had shaved off hours of body work and left the windshield damage off altogether! One guy who is supposedly a claims manager is telling the Department of Insurance that the windshield is pre-existing damage but there is no mention of it in the field adjuster's report.

The fact of the matter is that I had a prior accident some months earlier with a woman who ran a stop sign. She had insurance but no driver's license. Because of that, the insurance would not pay. I had the vehicle fixed at my expense and repainted. It had no body damage of any kind prior to being hit by AAA-Texas' insured. When I tried to contact the claims manager to get an email address for a person in claims administration, he too hung up the phone in my face. I promptly relayed that information to the Department of Insurance. He denies having done it.

Even though the accident happened in late March, here we are in September and I haven't gotten the problem alleviated and I am still getting nothing but lies and deceitful practices and information from AAA -Texas. It seems that AAA - Texas is just another insurance company who is very interested in collecting premiums but does everything that it can to avoid paying for the damages and liabilities that they responsible for. Their commercials should be banned from TV because the service that they provide is the absolute worst! My advice to any person looking to insure a car is to choose another company!

Beware Of AAA Illinois!
By -

On 6/22/11 I purchased two Visa Travel Debit cards (LOW WITHDRAWAL FEES AND NO INTEREST) from an Illinois AAA branch. During the time of purchase I specifically mentioned that I was traveling to Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, and Finland. I also specifically told a female employee from whom I purchased travel insurance that I was traveling to Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, and Finland. During the time of purchase no mention was made that the travel debit card does not work in Montenegro.

After the purchase I was given the debit card contract and a little card “slot” that has important phone numbers related to the debit card. After review neither one of these makes any mention of the card not working in Montenegro. Considering this, I had no idea that the card would not be functional in Montenegro. One would imagine that a business selling a product would be informed about the details of the product they are selling and this information then conveyed to the individual purchasing the product.

Upon entering Montenegro on 6/25/11 (having no idea that the card would not work) I attempted to use the debit card. Following several attempts it became apparent that the card would not work. As any reasonable traveler I brought with a spare Visa credit card. I had no intent of using this card however considering the circumstances I had no choice. Of course with using a credit card an interest rate is applied to all withdrawals. Despite the much larger withdrawal fee and the interest I had absolutely no choice but to use this credit card during my stay in Montenegro.

After one week in Montenegro the charges that were applied to my “back-up” Visa credit card amounted to $431.56. I spoke with a AAA employee (from the branch where I purchased the card) on 6/27/11. I explained to the employee that upon purchase of the cards I clearly stated where I was traveling. He was unable to provide me with an answer on why I was not told that the card would not work in Montenegro. This individual did however reassure me that “he wants me to be happy” and that “I should enjoy my vacation”. Following my conversation I had the impression that the AAA would offer some assistance upon my return.

Upon my return I again called the AAA branch in question on 7/18/11 and spoke with the same employee that I spoke with on 6/27/11. Despite our conversation where he stated that he wants me to “be happy” and that “I should enjoy my vacation” he was very quick to tell me that his branch was in no way responsible. He stated, “when we sell these cards it is impossible for us to know where the cards will work and where they will not work". I re-read the information that I was given related to the debit cards after I purchased the cards. Within the contract there is nothing mentioned about a branch not being liable since “it is impossible to know where a card will work or not”.

After this conversation I visited ** to see if this is true. After a minute of searching I came upon a page that clearly states that the card cannot be used in Montenegro. I found this information despite the employee telling me that “it is impossible to know where the card works and where it does not work”. Considering the above I have serious problems with the following:

  1. The AAA branch in question sold me a travel debit card without making any mention that the card would not work in Montenegro. Is it not their responsibility to be properly informed about where the card can work and where it does not work? Do they really sell these cards to the public "having no idea where they will work and where they won't work"?

  2. As a loyal AAA customer who comes from a family of loyal AAA customers I expected more help from AAA branch. It is obvious that when I spoke with this employee on 6/27/11 he had no intention of wanting me "to be happy". He was simply interested in getting me off the phone.

Considering that it is posted on ** that these cards do not work in Montenegro it would be unreasonable for me to ask all of the fees that accrued to my credit card due to interest and transaction fees. However, the mistake made by AAA branch in Addison cost me I deserve more than an apology. I am sure that the AAA branch in question will be more careful when they sell these cards... Of course at my expense.

How AAA Bait and Switch Works
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- Here's how AAA's bait and switch works on their homeowner's insurance. You call an agent to get a quote. They ask you a bunch of information about your home. Even though you tell the agent every detail, the agent knows which items jack up the premium and leaves those out when they enter your info into their quote system. They tell you the price can change in underwriting. You get a good quote, and you decide to change and go with them. They send an inspector to check your house. The agent calls you and says the inspector says everything is fine, and the final quote is such and such. It might be $10 or so higher or lower.

You pay AAA your good, now slightly revised quote, thinking their underwriting has signed off and cancel your old insurance. Two weeks later you get a letter from their underwriters saying that, based on the information you already originally gave the agent but which they never entered, your premium is $100-$150 higher and to talk to your agent if you have a question.

You call the agent and the agent all of sudden don't know nothing. You talk to their supervisor. The supervisor says, "sorry, there's nothing you can do, they have 60 days to change your premium." They offer to knock $20 or so off the extra $150 to calm you down and buy your business. You've already changed, you realize you've been conned, but it costs you more to try to change again. Bag another sucker for AAA home insurance.

Ruined my car
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Years ago I owned a Corvair and when the clutch cable broke I called AAA to tow it to a service station for repair. Please note that this was a standard shift car and without a working clutch it remained "in gear". This means that the drive train is always engaged. The proper way to tow would be with a tow truck to lift the wheels off the ground for towing. The company that AAA called sent two men over with a pickup truck. Since the car was stuck in gear, they pushed it to jump start the car and drove it through town to the garage. Needless to say there were stop lights and they would have had to yank the gearshift out of gear to stop.

After I had my garage replace the clutch cable I got in to drive the car only to find that the car made a horrible clanking noise and couldn't be driven. It was found that there were broken teeth on the gears in the transmission which were broken when the gear shift forced the car out of gear while it was moving according to the repair shop mechanic. I called AAA and was told that even though they hired the towing company, they could do nothing about it and I would need to deal with the towing company direct. Even though it was obvious how the transmission got damaged, they refused responsibility and would do nothing.

It cost me over $400 to repair the transmission which was working perfectly prior to the towing or lack thereof. I have been approached by AAA many many times since then to purchase their membership and I then told them the story to which their response was "oh, we're sorry about that". Since they refused to take responsibility for the contractor that they hired, the very least they could have done was to refund my years membership or offer an extra year which they did not do.

Each time they try to recruit me I tell them that I would NEVER use them or trust them again and to stop annoying me with their sales people. I still get constantly mailed and called to join. The bottom line is that they hired the towing company that ruined the transmission and expected me to deal directly with them to which I had no leverage since I didn't hire them. AAA would not even come to my defense.

There is no customer relations address or telephone number to contact AAA so consequently no person in authority to complain to that can correct anything like this happening again. If you are dissatisfied with their service, who do you complain to? Evidently, once they get you hooked into their service they no longer care.

By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Rip-off Artists/AAA Associates at this location: **. The One Honest Associate in the bunch: The Actual Mechanic who serviced my vehicle. The Problem: Had my car towed for the first time to the AAA Car Center to change two parts on my vehicle. My vehicle was in their possession for 5 days, and ** constantly called and coerced me to buy an alternator and new battery to repair my vehicle. After these two parts were replaced, I was told that my vehicle was repaired and was "good to go".

However, when I arrived to pick up the vehicle, it would not run. When I confronted **, he attempted to find out why my vehicle would not run. He then comes out of the garage, shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't know what the problem is and we do not fix older model vehicles to driveability." I asked him why wasn't I told this before I came to pick up the vehicle and before parts were replaced on my vehicle. I then asked to speak to the mechanic who actually worked on my vehicle.

The mechanic explained to me that he replaced the parts but could see that my vehicle still was not completed fixed to driveability. He stated that he mentioned this to **, the front desk associate, that my vehicle 'still ran roughly', but she did not convey that message to me. They chose to let me come to pick up my vehicle, take my $500.00 first, and then let me find out for myself that the vehicle still would not run.

They should have been honest and told me over the phone that my vehicle still would not run. I ended up having to have it TOWED from the AAA Car Care center to an Auto Repair that actually knew how to REPAIR a vehicle. I WAS CLEARLY DECEIVED, ROBBED AND RIPOFF BY THESE CRAFTY MONEY GRUBBERS.

Bad Experience - Tried Two Times
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Rating: 1/51

CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY -- I had terrible experience with AAA. First time when my car's tire got flat I called them and was told that the driver will be there in an hour. He didn't come until 2.5 hours of waiting. Luckily I was in the parking lot of my office. He finally arrived and did his job. Second experience was worst. There was an accident on a major highway and somehow the broken glass from that car got stuck in my car's tire eventually leading to a punctured tire. My car was sitting in the fast lane on a major highway with all the rush hour traffic coming in. I call AAA and told them to send someone quickly as I'm stuck in the fast lane of a highway.

They told me someone would be there in 20 mins. 40 minutes passed no one came. Finally a police officer came with a tow truck and moved me to the shoulder. The tow truck guy also changed my tire. The AAA guy never arrived. I was there for an hour and no one from the AAA company showed up. I called them again and told them that no one came and I no longer need them. Instead of being apologetic the representative told me that she cancelled my request so I don't get charged!

Unbelievable...charge for what??? I have been paying them all those years to help me when I need and they want to charge me extra? I would never ever trust AAA again. It is the worst insurance to have if you have an auto emergency.

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