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How AAA Bait and Switch Works
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- Here's how AAA's bait and switch works on their homeowner's insurance. You call an agent to get a quote. They ask you a bunch of information about your home. Even though you tell the agent every detail, the agent knows which items jack up the premium and leaves those out when they enter your info into their quote system. They tell you the price can change in underwriting. You get a good quote, and you decide to change and go with them. They send an inspector to check your house. The agent calls you and says the inspector says everything is fine, and the final quote is such and such. It might be $10 or so higher or lower.

You pay AAA your good, now slightly revised quote, thinking their underwriting has signed off and cancel your old insurance. Two weeks later you get a letter from their underwriters saying that, based on the information you already originally gave the agent but which they never entered, your premium is $100-$150 higher and to talk to your agent if you have a question.

You call the agent and the agent all of sudden don't know nothing. You talk to their supervisor. The supervisor says, "sorry, there's nothing you can do, they have 60 days to change your premium." They offer to knock $20 or so off the extra $150 to calm you down and buy your business. You've already changed, you realize you've been conned, but it costs you more to try to change again. Bag another sucker for AAA home insurance.

Pay Finance Charge on Auto Premium...Wth?
By -

In my almost 30 years of driving and having continued auto insurance coverage, I was at AAA branch office doing DMW stuff and the representative sat me down to talk auto insurance. Well, just know they MISrepresent what their policy is ALL about. If you don't pay IN FULL, you incur finance charges like a loan. Had the representative told me this important information, it would be one thing but that was NEVER mentioned.

I have a very high credit score for good reason and naturally when I called to question this the call center employee said the representative clearly noted my account that he covered me on this bogus plan they have. BS. I am angry, and going to be insulted a 2nd time by AAA as they now will charge me to cancel my policy early. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

Misleading or Confusing Promotion
By -

We received a promo membership offer in Arizona for $34 annually, and the brochures touted fabulous benefits including "Unlimited Distance Towing back to preferred service facility." When I called for a towing to my preferred facility I was told that only 5 miles were covered, and I would be liable for the other 6 miles - a very short distance. When asked why, with unlimited towing, I was told by the towing service working for AAA that I had the promo membership and that only covered 5 miles, but I could right now upgrade to full membership.

Since I was in need of the car, I opted for paying the 6 extra miles, but took the matter up with the AAA office and their misleading promo materials. All I could get was a "thank you for the information" and the offer of a $10 "Gift Certificate." Even after phone conversation there was no conciliation - they were right, they had told me about the extra 6 miles, and if I wanted a full membership, I'd have to pay $92. I remember when AAA was a classy business without such misleading bait & switch tactics. Beware of promo offers, that's my advice.

Take Your Money and Run.
By -

I've been a member of AAA for 10 years and seldom used them. I had occasion to use them recently and was charged at the scene of the breakdown before they would help. When I complained about this I was told I had used up my benefits. I have a gold card with AAA and I'm entitled to 4 service calls. Why then did they charge me $45 to change a flat on my third call? I've tried numerous time to get reimbursed but they have not responded. I will not be renewing my membership but will got with another auto club who offers better service for a better price. Bye, bye AAA!

AAA Membership
By -

AAA Roadside Assistance club has been happily accepting my money for the past ten years without a service call requested. My summer vacation became an unbelievable nightmare. First my transmission line blew about 45 minutes from home, to which I was towed to my house for repairs. Having lost a day of vacation I set out again. Camping 6 hours from home, my truck key was lost/stolen and once again I needed AAA to get a dealer (an hour away) to make a replacement key.

Finally on my way home and still (5 1/2 hours away) my alternator went and needed a ride to get a replacement, which I installed myself on the side of the road. I was grateful to have had AAA during this extraordinary period of bad luck.

Then it got even worse there. While I still had another service call on my current membership, if needed, (allowed four per year), I was informed by AAA that they would not renew my current membership plan. I never asked to have that string of bad luck nor did I ever ask nor expect refunds for the years I did not need a service call. AAA is eager to cash your check but just as eager to drop you should you need their services. Since that time I have found another automobile club with better benefits and for less money. They have now earned my future business - bye bye AAA.

AAA is pointless
By -

PHX, ARIZONA -- Let me start by saying I worked for GM roadside assistance for 2 years and dealt with AAA daily and my boyfriend actually worked for AAA at one time they used to be good but who knows what's the problem now. Same issue as most people even though you are a member they refuse to help. I was stuck in NM in my RV and tried to get help, but I got hung up on 2 times while I was put on hold how convenient for them!!

So when my boyfriend called he just flat out asked for the manager and of course, they patch him through to some douchebag who is not even the manager. So about an hour was wasted just trying to get a hold of someone, we said screw it and called a tow truck driver and paid out of our own pocket. AAA is useless. Do not use this service. The service sucks now!!

Homeowner's Insurance Ripoff
By -

I had a really bad experience with homeowner's insurance through AAA Auto. I had full coverage on my home and property, including my swimming pool. When I bought the policy over the phone, they assured me that the pool was also covered. I said I was willing to pay extra for this coverage. Again they assured me that it was covered. In 2001 the pool "hydraulic-ed". I filed a claim with AAA. After two years of jerking me around they denied the claim. NOT one penny paid out to cover the loss!

So please learn from my TOTAL LOSS and DO NOT spend your hard-earned money on this ripoff insurance from this dishonest company. Pay the reputable companies for specific insurance and stay away from the B.S. artists like AAA.

AAA Emergency Road Service
By -

I have AAA Plus and used up my 4 towing in 1 year. I knew I would have to pay an additional $30 for a road service call. I needed a tow about 30 miles to my home. The $30 is just for the service call and it does not include the towing which is $3 a mile additional. It would have cost me a total of $120 to tow my car. Their people are unreliable in the time--when they say 1 hour it is usually 2-3 hours. I wanted to speak to a supervisor and the operator would not put the call through. I will tell everyone I know about their terrible service that I know and go with a better company. A company that I can pay monthly and not yearly as with AAA ERS.

AAA-Holiday Automotive Service
By -

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My car was towed into Holiday Automotive Service in Anderson, SC for service. While the car was in their care, it was damaged, smashed windshield. The owner was very sarcastic about it and said it wasn't his fault and he wasn't going to fix it despite it being INSIDE HIS GARAGE AND ON HIS PROPERTY! He told me, it was an ACT OF GOD that caused this. He was very disrespectful and gave the impression that he just didn't give a damn about anything as long as he got his money. Long story short, my insurance company had to pay for it.

I come from a generation where a business transition isn't considered closed until the customer is happy. I also understand that there are people out there who look for ways to take advantage of business' but still, this was totally unreasonable. I called AAA and gave them a piece of my mind. This business IS THE PREFERRED AAA CERTIFIED REPAIR in Anderson SC. If your car breaks down in Anderson, don't take it to them. My car is a collectible car and parts are hard to come by.

Company Response 11/14/2008:

This Vehicle sat outside our shop for SEVERAL weeks waiting to be picked up by the customer. This customer was called numerous times to come pick the vehicle up. This winshield was not "smashed", it had recieved a heat crack while sitting in the summer sun.In SC there is NO deductable for auto glass claime and we suggested to call his insurance co. to get it replaced free of charge. This cost the customer nothing and would have cost us to replace the windshield. this vehicle was parked in an open parking lot. If your windshield is heat cracked in the Mall lot, do you try to get the Mall to pay? I think not. our customers are our # 1 priority, and we stand behind our work and our liability. ~~~~Dave Edwards , Owner

AAA 'No Hassle' Auto Buying Service a rip-off
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- After buying a new Toyota Prius with the AAA's 'no hassle, no haggling' pre-negotiated price, I found out two days later the dealer was $1356 more than the other two in town for the exact same car (with Pkg#6). I am really shocked that AAA won't make this Member dealership honor their agreement. The regional AAA program rep, Jay, refused to do anything about it, as did the dealer, since it was a completed sale. Jay even has copies of the ads and emails I sent him from the other local AAA Dealers, so I was able to fully back my point, but he doesn't seem to care.

Everyone I talked to at Steven's Creek Toyota in San Jose basically was lying through their teeth when I went back in to speak to them after I found out they ripped me off. After being referred thereby AAA's website and purchasing the car (with a fancier trim package than what I was originally looking for, so I didn't have an exact out-the-door quote on hand) at what I was told was their AAA price, the floor manager later said they did NOT have ANY written agreement with AAA (which is not true if they are in AAA's program!) and he told me that the AAA price was whatever the general manager wanted it to be that day.

They said I should be happy that I did not pay full List price and left it at that. They refused to show me the AAA agreement during the sale and after when I returned, saying they could not find it (** has never sent me a copy either, despite repeated requests). The dealer also refused to price match, after their in-house AAA rep had emailed me that they do price match. Between the AAA program and a promise to price-match, I felt confident buying the car there without shopping around, but boy was I wrong to trust AAA!

The dealer's excuse for his high price is that they actually only wanted to give me $3500 for my trade-in, not the $5000 we agreed upon (for a vehicle worth $7k wholesale at the time, $9k retail, per KBB), and that justified the higher sales price. They also said their own *cost* on the Prius was higher than what the two other dealers in town were *selling* them for. This is a bunch of hogwash, since they also bragged that they are one of the highest-volume Toyota dealers in California, and I know high-volume Dealers get better discounts from the manufacturer.

The floor manager showed me a scribbled piece of paper with their 'cost', but they had tacked on hundreds of dollars worth of advertising fees, sales commissions, prep fees, and other misc. fees; the floor manager didn't even know what some of the fees were! I assume the other dealers (Capitol and Sunnyvale Toyota) have the same costs, and they manage to sell the same car for $1356 less. I wonder if AAA ** fell for the line of crap that they were handing out. These fees didn't include any closing costs, either, which were additional and added later.

Per the AAA Buyer's program website, trade-in value is not supposed to alter the price of the new car. I would never traded a $7000-$8000 car in for only $3500, especially since the having the older car saves my teenage son a lot of money on auto insurance. $5000 was the amount agreed upon.

I do not know if I should be more mad at the slimy dealer or at the AAA Buying Program regional manager ** for not backing up the customers using the AAA buying program when a dealer does not honor the terms of it. I tried speaking with the dealership myself, but found that they couldn't care less about customer service once the car is off the lot, and all promises go by the wayside. I was hoping for either a refund of the $1356+tax, so as to honor the AAA and the original sales agreement(s), or at least booting the Steven's Creek dealer out of the AAA program because they refused to honor it.

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