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Phone Number For Corporate Office
Posted by Dotty123 on 02/07/2005
FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Finally, a corporate phone number for Best Buy you can use this number for any complaints. The corporate office is located in Minnesota. 612-291-6111. Do not use the 1-888-bestbuy phone number it is no help for complaints and it takes you to a gazillion prompts before you get a live person.

UPDATE 10/6/2013: These numbers are more recent:

(612) 343-4335
(508) 771-5170
(866) 933-5552
(763) 754-5366
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Posted by profpan on 2005-02-15:
Thank you for finding this. It allowed me to reach someone other than the folks at the 888 corporate number. Much appreciated.
Posted by Elaine payne on 2013-07-26:
Lied too.again
Posted by Elaine payne on 2013-07-26:
July 10 bought new fridge,one week later delivered,bad ice maker,mgr said was going to replace it on July 24 ,no show, no call,called store,excuses again why it was not delivered,July 25 try again,no show,no call,tried again today,no show yet,we are senior citizens,we are sad at the way we are being lied to.we paid for the fridge,we are out 1166.39 and still no replacement,please help us,706-573-4601 thank you
Posted by Elaine payne on 2013-07-26:
Posted by Elaine payne on 2013-07-26:
Very upset at treatment 706-573-4601
Posted by Terry on 2013-08-03:
The 612 number is no longer in service.
Posted by BonnieC on 2013-08-06:
Horrible 15 day limit for returns. This is the only store I purchase from that you have only 15 days to return something to get your cash back. You only get a store credit. Well...store credit doesn't help me when I don't need anything from best buy!!! 30 days should be the max time not 15. Last time I purchase from best buy!
Posted by Gino on 2013-08-11:
Thank you for finding the number, I had an outrageous experience at the one in St. Petersburg, FL.
Posted by Anna on 2013-09-07:
I tried to return a product for in store credit, but was completely unsuccessful. The item was purchased as a birthday gift from someone in another country. The guy at the return desk did not even ask what I intended to do with the product. Instead, he just credited it back to the credit card. I told him that I had wanted to receive a gift card/in store credit. He said there was nothing he could do. He took the item and said that he could do nothing for me. He gave me the 888 number. I called them and they said they could not do anything about the situation. I was so upset. I walked away with nothing. I think that is terrible customer service. They were very rude through the entire experience. I do not plan on ever going back to Best Buy!!!! They need to think seriously about how they treat their customers.
Posted by Sara on 2013-09-25:
BEST BUY DISCRIMINATES!!!!!My son has a slight learning disability, but does well in school (3.0) , is an Eagle Scout, and has learned an incredible work ethic to overcome his disability. He has held a part time job for 3 years while attending High School. He applied for a job at Best Buy and was interviewed 4 times. The first 3 interviews went very well, with every manager giving him positive feedback and bringing him back for another interview. When he got to the last interview, the store manager was incredibly cold. Told him that she didn't want to hire him unless she could hire him for a "seasonal" position only "so that she could try him out and fire him if it didn't work".
He didn't let that stop him from pursuing a job- and called back two days later. He was sent for a drug test, and over the course of several more weeks, called the store to inquire about his status. They lied, saying the position had been filled, and then finally, that they "never got the results of his drug test". So, my son drove to the lab and picked up his results to deliver to Best Buy. Today, they called him and told him they were not intending to hire him and that he needs to "stop calling and asking about the job". He is heartbroken (though I don't know why he would possibly consider working for such an unprofessional group of people). His repeated phone calls to inquire about his hiring status was because he was genuinely interested in the job. Further, why did they continue to string him along when they really had no intention of offering him the job? I am horrified that an organization like Best Buy would allow such dishonesty , unprofessional and hiring practices which are DISCRIMANATORY!!!]
Posted by STEVEN on 2013-09-25:
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Best Buy (scammers) Adds Disclaimer To Secret Website.
Posted by on 09/28/2007
In response to being sued and humiliated on the internet over their "secret website," reader MK says Best Buy has added a disclaimer that warns customers that the in-store kiosk doesn't display the same prices as the public website.
For those of you new to this issue, Best Buy was caught using a duplicate website to fool customers who tried to compare internet prices with in-store prices.

Customers who asked why the price was higher in the store were often told that "the sale must have ended" in the time it took them to drive to the store. They were then told to "check the website" to see for themselves, then were shown an identical-looking website that displayed different "in-store" prices.

We think Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said it best back in May (right after he sued Best Buy):

Best Buy Kiosk Web Prices Differ From Actual Website Prices"Best Buy gave consumers the worst deal - a bait-and-switch-plus scheme luring consumers into stores with promised online discounts, only to charge higher in-store prices," Blumenthal said.

"The company commonly kept two sets of prices - one on its Internet site and an often higher set on its in-store, look-alike, available on kiosks. The in-store site was an Internet look-alike, commonly with higher prices, which were charged to consumers. Best Buy broke its promise to give the best price - an Internet version of bait-and-switch - a technological bait-and-switch-plus.

"Best Buy used in-store kiosks to conceal lower online prices and renege on its price match guarantee. Consumers seeking bargains were led to believe that lower online prices had expired or never existed. Best Buy treated its customers like suckers, not patrons to be prized."

We hope this disclaimer puts a stop to that sort of behavior.

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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
Before this practice was stopped, I wonder if anyone used their mobile phone to hook up to the real internet in the store and find that there was a contradiction. This is pretty blatant and super-duper (legal term) illegal. I'm going to follow up on this story and see if there's a resolution in the works. Sounds like a great candidate for class-action. CHA-CHING!
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-28:
Bait and switch all the way, but I would bet Best Buy didn't do it for that reasoning. To be competitive online, you have to tend to price with barely any margins. Brick and mortar stores need to have more in a sale for overhead. Having merchandise lower online than in your store becomes a problem real quick. This was their way of trying to pull it off. It's deceptive and frankly a stupid move for a chain the size of BB to assume, with all those internally aware of the tactic, this wouldn't blow up in their faces.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-28:
I was @ Circuit City today, pricing LCDs (Sony Bravia XBR4) and the sales associate was very anxious to answer my questions and show me pricing on the internet. He informed me that any "bargains" that I found on the internet were likely refurbished or grey merchandise and they would not price match that. I'm not sure if that's true, so I asked my neighbor who was formerly in the electronics biz. He told me that tale was likely very true and that if I buy off the internet, I could be in for a lot of trouble to save a few hundred. Every brick & mortar store I've been to says they'll price-match the other, so I guess I'll have to go with whomever will give me the better deal on accessories and or extended warranty if I elect to purchase it.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2007-09-28:
Still chasing those ambulances, Maddy?
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-09-28:
Pretty amazing that a national chain store would engage in such activity just to make a few extra dollars. What's next, pulling hoods over their heads and armed robbing the customers in the parking lot?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-28:
Thanks for the comments, everyone got "helpful advice" votes.
Posted by LeeSee on 2007-09-28:
I'm glad someone busted them on this. Pretty scummy behavior.
Posted by Greenmon on 2007-10-12:
Not Surprised about Retail Stores, how could they misjudge intelligent consumers ! Heads will fly.
Now watch out for Funeral Homes, they try and catch yahs when your down and sad with grief.I have a great Bait and almost switch story that i had to rectify for my family-JUST SCREAM ,(not Literally),BAIT AND SWITCH ! And i want to see the manager or have this situation resolved immediately otherwise i am calling the state DA and local DA in regards to this NOW ! Boy , did that get there attention and results too ! they quickly knocked off 7-8 Thousand Dollars off, i was proud of myself, i counldn't swear at them ,because my young son was with me at the time, and i mentioned that to them, HAHAHA now its funny but at the time ,you could see the steam foaming outtta my ears, My SIster thanked me for beating them up calmly but effectively ! GOOD LUCK HUNTING
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Bad Experience
Posted by Birdy101 on 10/06/2009
This is simply a copy of the letter I sent to Best Buy. What a hassle they have put me through over a television.
I'm sure this complaint will not be addressed, but I'm sending it anyway. I will start by saying I WILL NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUY AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!! We purchased a Dynex TV online with a gift card we had been given. Three months after receiving the TV it messed up. We called BEST BUY ONLINE and were told that we could take the TV back to the BEST BUY store in Lexington and exchange or get or money back (200 mile round trip).... We took the TV back and BEST BUY refused to take the TV unless we paid for repairs up front and we might get the money back if they deem we didn't damage the TV (still under a full 1 year warranty I might add). So after a 200 mile trip for nothing we brought the TV back, called again and were bounced between DYNEX and BEST BUY for over an hour, both saying it was the others responsibility (something that would never happen if we'd just purchased the TV from Walmart...my mistake). Finally, BEST BUY said yes they had to honor the warranty and would send a repair man. We set up a date, that was CONFIRMED, but he never showed up...That was the first missed day of work. I called back and set up yet another date, even tried to call the repair man myself with no answer. The second date came, guess what, NO REPAIR MAN!!! Second day of missed work...I called yet again..very upset by this time and finally got a repair man out that following Monday. He said the TV was not repairable and BEST BUY would be calling so I could return it. They called this afternoon and gave us a return number, said we could either mail the TV back and they would send us a new one AT OUR EXPENSE FOR A TV UNDER WARRENTY or we could take the receipt and the TV to BEST BUY in Lexington and they would either exchange it for the same or a different TV. Guess what...another trip to Lexington, we went to BEST BUY like we were told to do and you know what they don't honor BEST BUY ONLINE Merchandise and would not give me a gift card, my money back, or even exchange the TV even though they had two in stock, rather they gave me a receipt with the amount I should receive back from BBO, kept the TV, and sent me back home to call and have a gift card MAILED TO ME...even though we were told by the lady who called it would not be a problem...I called back BBO and were told at first they would not send me a new gift card that I would just have to find the old one I had..that they didn't mail gift cards for any reason...WHAT THE HELL!!! Well then all of sudden the problem cleared up and said "Oh yes, we can send you a new card."

So now if you can add...that's two days missed work @ over $200 A DAY, had to use both my personal days--I now have NONE left, 2 wasted trips to Lexington 100-120 miles (200-240 round trip), 2 hours travel time each way, each trip (8 wasted hours), numerous phone calls (at least 2 hours or more of my time wasted), three days total waiting at home on the repair guy (2 of which I missed work), weeks of waiting for a call about why the repair man didn't come or how the TV will get fixed, a gift card I have to wait another week on, taking the last $500 bucks I had to make an investment in a TV that was a piece of crap, having no television but having to pay a $150 cable bill, etc.



I have since decided to give the gift card to a friend...he's willing to deal with the hassles Best Buy puts its customers through.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-06:
"something that would never happen if we'd just purchased the TV from Walmart...my mistake"...actually Walmart would probably give you the runaround too, just saying. When you get your gift card I would sell it on ebay, you'll get pretty close to face value on it, then turn around and use the money on a different TV at a different store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-06:
Why would BB Online tell you to take something to the store that was now under the manufacturer warranty?
Posted by bcd on 2009-10-06:
Did the repairman actually say the TV couldn’t be fixed? Exactly what did he say? If he said the TV couldn’t be fixed, then he is either incompetent or not qualified.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-06:
I have heard that Walmart is really good about taking stuff back and honoring warranties. It sounds like the OP did everything he was asked to do and got nothing in return. Not good BB, and I'm not surprised.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-07:
This is not the poster's fault, but is the result of where she lives. What may appear to be cheapest at the beginning, may in the long run be more expensive. When I order on-line I try to think through all the possibilities. A television is heavy and costly to ship. That's why I hesitate to buy such things on-line in case there is a problem. My experience has been for heavy or bulky items, it is better to buy local.
Posted by birdy101 on 2009-10-07:
As for the warranty, when we first began having problems with TV is was still under BB return policy, that's the first time they told us to take it to Lexington and exchange it, but then said we had to pay for repair, which we could not afford. Next, we contact Dynex...I guess that wasn't clear. So..it was actually under their return policy and Dynex cleared that up with them and BB assumed the responsibility. Dynex, however, was very helpful on the phone and talked to BB themselves, called me back, and called again to confirm BB had addressed the issue, but since we didn't have to deal with them on the warranty issue itself I'm not sure how their customer service is as far as honoring their warranty.

Actually what the repair man said was that the television needed a new program board (or something along those lines) and the piece was nearly $800 and the TV only cost $450, he turned it into BB and they stated it was “not repairable due to the cost". This is what I meant by saying the TV could not be repaired. Apparently, since this posting I have been told, this board is no longer manufactured and can only be shipped from overseas, thus the high cost. The repair man said he had sent in 3 other repairs for the same exact TV in the last 3 months or so.
Posted by JGram on 2009-10-15:
First off, you purchased a Dynex TV online... first mistake. Then you took it to the store and you hadnt purchased a warrenty on the television. People do not understand if you do not purchase a geeksquad black tie protection plan then the store does not have anything to do with the product. you must go through the maker of the television. also things that are sold on bestbuy.com are not easily taken into the store, they dont have access to anything from the online purchases.
Posted by Terri Vickers on 2013-09-15:
Even purchasing the so called extended warranty is a joke! We purchased it and was told it just extends the manufacture warranty and it don't cover anything.
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Best Buy Will Not Honor Their Policies Or Otherwise
Posted by CORvin on 03/27/2005
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an eMachines M5312 laptop on 10/2003 with Best Buy’s basic extended warranty. I purchased this at the Almaden Expressway store in San Jose, California. Since the purchase, the laptop continues to overheat and simply shuts down. I do not feel that this is a Windows issue, because normally, before sending the unit in, I’ve formatted the hard drive with a new installation of software (eMachines support has every time, recommended reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything from their install disks for shut downs). The laptop has now been in for repair five times now to Best Buy.

Best Buy is denying replacement of the laptop. It is also my opinion that the Best Buy Repair Center in Camarillo, California is lying about what they’ve done for repairs. There have been a series of so called repairs from 11/2004 to about 2/2005.

Before having the damaged unit repaired, the Repair DEPT clerk explained to me that with my extended warranty, the unit had to be sent out, and that it would take several weeks, and that the unit had to be in for repair three times before being granted a replacement. Not happy with this, I spoke with the store manager and told him I wanted a refund for the extended warranty that I felt was useless. He refused of course, so I gave in and agreed to have the unit sent out for repair.

First Time (late 2004). The laptop came returned back to me in worse condition. The first time I turned in the laptop for repair was late 2004. The repair report claimed that they replaced the motherboard. As I had tested the unit at the store, the laptop would shut down immediately after power up.

Second Time. Best Buy shipped the unit back to the repair center in Camarillo. A few days later, I got a call from the customer rep in Camarillo. She was actually cordial and said she would expedite the “overheating” repair and have the unit shipped back to my home address. I also told her that the rubber feet had fallen off of the laptop. I had assured her that I wouldn’t intentionally rip the things off the bottom, so she agreed to have it done.

Several days later, I received the repaired unit. The unit worked for a whole day, then started to shut down once – during doing some work, but powered the unit up again. It was okay for awhile. Also, the repair people only installed 2 of the 3 feet missing.

I called the girl back in Camarillo to send me the other rubber foot. She agreed to ship it out to me. It was sent out UPS Red or Blue but UPS would simply not drop off the package on the doorstep, because the package required a signature. They tried to drop off the package several times, during business hours. Eventually, package was shipped back to Camarillo, and I never received the additional rubber foot. I contacted her again, and she agreed to ship it out without requiring a signature this time. I never received any package, I have since left her 1 or 2 voicemail messages, and she has not contacted me since. I kept her name and the Camarillo telephone number on my cellphone, just in case I am ever asked of her name.

Third Time. Several weeks after the Second Time repair, the unit started to overheat again. I turned the unit in to the store. It was probably again, shipped out to Camarillo. It was shipped back to me, with this time on the report, “Cleaned CPU Fan.” Also, one of the rubber feet they installed from the Second Time was missing. After a few days, the laptop failed again, overheating, and this time all the way to failure so that I could no longer power up the unit so I could back up the data on the hard drive.

Fourth Time. Turned in the unit once again. I wanted a new laptop. The Geek Squad guy at the Best Buy counter in San Jose said that repair center in Camarillo had to determine the machine not repairable before granting me another laptop. The clerk also entered that the rubber feet were missing. I finally received the unit back. This time, the report said that some heat sink had been replaced and the CPU Fan was cleaned. Once again, this did not work. Several weeks later, the unit started to shut down. The repair center did attach rubber feet this time but with a weak glue job. The feet were falling off, right out of the box.

Fifth Time. Tuned the unit in to Best Buy San Jose yet another time. This time, I attached a note with details on room temperature, the fact that it has been turned in several times and that this unit should be considered for granting a replacement. This time I left the hard drive in the laptop, with a recorded TV program file on it to prove the laptop was failing just buy playing video files, ETC. This time they shipped the unit back their written report. “Replaced CPU.” I turned the machine on, I thought it ran a little slower, but it ran again for a few weeks this time before yes, overheating once again. Please see other details below.

Best Buy’s Repair Center disrespectful this time. When I shipped the machine out for the fifth time, I sent this thing out with all rubber feet attached. Also on the Fifth Time report, the documentation said that the rubber feet were missing. There was no attempt, nor was there any hardware in the shipping box for me to at least reattach anything myself. Privacy Issue – As I had thought that I removed all of my contacts in Outlook, it seems that the repair people made a point to display my archive branches in Outlook, to prove a point that some of my deleted info are still in tact.

3/17/2005. On the plane, on a business trip to San Diego, the laptop shut down about 1 minute after viewing a PDF document.

3/27/2005. The laptop shuts down more often, and can no longer keep it powered up after just being in idle for a few minutes.

At this point, I am sending last attempts at contact Best Buy Corporate for assistance, and I am looking for options to take legal action against Best Buy. I also have all documentation of the Best Buy repairs on hand.

To anyone making a purchase at Best Buy, I recommended buying nothing more than mere accessories at their store. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make sure that those accessories are operational BEFORE you make your way to the cashier counter. Otherwise, beware.

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Posted by pat24foley on 2005-04-18:
Don't buy at Best Buy! We purchased an emachines T3882 and 3 days later we tried to return it for a replacement - because the computer was defective. Best Buy staff were rude, and told us there'd be a 15% restocking charge. Their receipt says 14 day return policy - and they gave all kinds of excuses for not accepting the return. They are very unethical, and we will never shop there again.
Posted by Saru on 2006-08-07:
I hope you've read my complaint about GeekSquad. File a public complaint, that's what I am doing right now!
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Warranty Misrepresentations, Negligent Repair, Unresponsive Executives
Posted by Kriss on 05/30/2008
WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased my laptop in May of 2007 from Best Buy. Around April 20, 2008, I took the laptop in for repair. I had purchased the warranty with my laptop and the sales person represented that if anything happened to it that it would be fixed in the store or I would be given a new one.

When I took the laptop in for repair in April, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that they do not fix anything in the store and it is all shipped off to a service center. Since I am in law school and need my laptop, I had no choice but to let them ship it off. A week later I received a call from the service center saying that the repair was not under manufacturer's warranty and it would cost $543 to fix it.

I was very upset because I knew I had the warranty for anything outside of a manufacturer's repair. Well it turns out that the employee who shipped off my laptop neglected to indicate that I had such a plan. I spent hours calling around until finally someone told me the laptop would have to be shipped back to the store and then shipped back off to the service center. I again had no choice but to assent to this, however, that person actually never called the service center to tell them to take any action and the next day I received the same phone message regarding it not being under the warranty.

Finally I spoke to a manager at the Best Buy store who actually got the process started. 2 weeks after this incident, I called to check on the status of the repair and was told that parts needed to be ordered and it should be ready this week. I called on 5/21 and was told that the parts were just ordered the day before and it still wasn't ready. The rep then called me back to tell me that the laptop was in the store. I assume he did not even look the first time.

I drove 25 minutes to pick up the laptop and the computer turns on with no display. So the service center had sent it back unrepaired. I spoke to the manager who spoke to the service manager and they were unwilling to give me a new laptop. They told me it would have to be shipped back out to the service center.

I called on 5/22 to the main Best Buy customer service line and was told by a Dana Willie who is an Executive Resolution Specialist that he would contact the service center and issue an exchange if they determined it was unrepairable. Dana did not call me and actually did not bother to even follow up with me until Friday, May 30 after my numerous faxed and emailed complaints to Corporate Headquarters, the Better Business Bureau, the West Hartford store location, Federal Trade Commission, West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and state Department of Consumer Protection.

Friday, May 23, I called to make sure that the laptop was actually sent out for repair. According to the tracking number provided to me by the employee it was not been shipped out and only the billing information had been received though a Best Buy store employee and Consumer Relations representative tried to convince me otherwise. I spoke to 4 people on Friday, May 23 from consumer relations to Best Buy employees in the store and no one has been willing to assist me and continued to transfer me to the voicemail of Dana Willie who continued not to respond until Friday, May 30 as indicated above.

The laptop did not arrive at the Geek Squad Service Center until Tuesday, May 27 and though it was “repaired” (which I have yet to determine because it is still in transit from the Service Center) on May 28, it was shipped out via UPS Ground shipping and will not arrive at the store until Monday, June 2.

Best Buy in response to my Better Business Bureau complaint and various other letters and complaints has offered me an insulting compensation of a $50 gift card. This does not even begin to address the issues associated with this transaction. It is a shame that Best Buy continues a cycle of negligence, disregard for customer needs and fraud. Throughout this transaction Best Buy has failed to perform or take quick action when they represented that they would. We will see if the laptop is actually repaired on Monday, June 2. But even if the laptop functions, this will not be the end of this issue. Best Buy needs to be held accountable for their poor customer service, consumer relations and employee training on a state and national level.

Additionally, I would comment that in speaking with Executive Resolution Specialist Dana Willie, he could not account for the reason why the service center would send back a laptop unrepaired in the first place and only stated back to me that I "raised some good points." I believe that it is his job to address those points and not to concede to them and do nothing in response. The response from Corporate is only a reflection of the lack of consumer relations and customer service skills possessed by the Best Buy employees and it is a shame that a Corporate giant believes they can solve a problem by giving someone a $50 gift card. I have told Best Buy and Dana not to send me the card and that I will never shop at Best Buy again after this experience. I advise all consumers to do the same and if you are having an issue with Best Buy, do not let them frustrate you into giving up. Continue to pursue the issue because this is obviously a systematic problem with Best Buy and Geek Squad.

If this helps one consumer, I am happy.
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Best Buy Return Policy
Posted by Illadelphia on 04/01/2006
FAIRLESS HILLS PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Im sorry to say that Best Buy, a company i considered an excellent place to get affordable quality electronics, will no longer be getting my business.

I have read some interesting reviews about disgruntled customers and their frustrations relating to returns over the 30 day limit.
So I would like to share my experience also.

I had recieved a car stereo head unit as a gift valued at $100, and unfortunately it wasnt able be installed because my car was totalled in an accident before i had the install done. Obviously time has passed since I had to wait to find a new car. Fortunately, my new car was a great upgrade over my first car and I figured i would go to the store, return the head unit, and do a MAJOR upgrade to accommidate the newer better car.

I was absolutely shocked when i found out that they refused to return my un opened head unit, which was about ten days past the 30 day return period. I did not want any cash, nor store credit as a gift card...i merely just wanted to apply the cost of the returned 100 dollar head unit towards the newer purchase. After spending about an hour putting together a top of the line system with a car audio rep totaling ~$600 dollars, I walked up to customer service to do the exhange.

Not only were the customer service reps extremely rude about my complaint, but after asking to speak to a manager, a person saying he was an acting memeber of management did not even look me in the eye, and brashly shunned me away saying, policy is policy and returned to helping other customers. And that was that. Stuck with a 100 dollar head unit. And they lost a 600$ sale. Now is this STRONG unwillingness to try to keep a loyal customer satisfied who is willing to spend hundreds of dollars more on a majorly higher priced purchse a great managerial decision? I think not.

Furthermore, when i have a question or complaint about a policy at a store, I politely ask for reasons why their policys are the way they are. I dont want to hear "its because its company policy". I AM SO SICK OF HEARING THAT AS AN ANSWER!!! It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I consider it a lame response and completely dodging the question. What Id rather hear is WHY it is company policy, you know, the actual REASONS they implement this policy. I figured the resons why is that a person using the item over 30 days significantly depreciates the value of the item and therefore they will lose a small portion of the already high profit margins they get on their products. I also figured it was because new products come out all the time, and for a company to take back an item past thirty days is a risk because they would have to sell the item as a discount price since there are newer models being introduced into the markey. In my case, the model head unit i had was clearly still on the shelves and it was completly unopened. It could have easily been returned to the shelves and sold again.

So in conclusion here is what Best Buy accomplished with my situation. The refused to take back a $100 unopened perfect 100% percent condition head unit, in order to stick to their "policy". What they turned down in result of that was a significantly larger sale ($600 more) because of their unwillingness to try to make some exceptions to keep customers satisfied.

When i read fellow customers issues with their return policy, I was appalled to see so many negative responses, such as "policy is policy" and "the loss of you as a customer is nothing to best buy" and they will continue to dominate the electronic superstore chain.

Fortunately i was smart enough to take a few economics courses in college, and business management also, even though i work as a music teacher for a living. What i learned is that "the customer is always right" is a dead on concept, and the dollar vote of the customer will always decide the fate of coperations such as best buy and etc.. no matter how large they are. Ive read many people on here say that "you are not the powerful consumer tyou think you are and best buy will suffer no effects from your dissatisfation". I couldnt disagree more, because the dollar vote is always the deciding factor in business. What best buy did by turning me down, rudely and far from customer service the right way, was lose a customer forever. It doesnt seem like much, but my dollar votes will now go to other outlets, increasing the profits of their competitors, and every person I run into looking to buying at best buy, i will deter and lead them to other businesses. Word of mouth has extreme power in business. I am a piano teacher and word of mouth is my number one method of gaining new clients. I treat them all with respect and they are happy to pay for my services even when there is a time where they may be dissatisfied with something.

I used to work at wal mart when i was paying my dues working through high school. There was a very good manager in my store, and i can remember countless times where a frustrated customer returning a product that technically couldnt be returned, be treated fairily, and with some compromise would ultimately leave the store satisfied.

Best Buy lost me as a customer, and I will speak negatively about them from here on. Its a shame I was a big supporter of the company, and i even own a bit of their stock. Ill be selling that away now of course.

And lastly, I feel for all of you who have been through these similar situations. Truely do your part in your dollar vote and dont listen to the idiots who bash you for being ingnorant to company policies! When more and more people band together, things can change.

Good riddance to best buy.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-01:
I'll be buying a refrigerator in the next fews days and I already ruled out Best Buy because of some things I've heard. Your post re-inforces my feelings. And, like you, I was a big fan of Best Buy for awhile.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-01:
One of the reasons why a store has a 30 day policy is because manufacturers add and discontinue products constantly. If your item was discontinued then it would be hard for the store to sell it at a reasonable price. Clothes is a good example and so is electronics. Also stores drop and add items to the inventory. If Best Buy no longer sold an item anymore, it would be hard to add that one single item they no longer sold. You would not believe how hard it would be just for Best Buy to sell that one item. Not only would Inventory dept. get involved but also Sales Audit. You should of returned it within 30 days or sell the item on Ebay. Don't blame the manager, blame Best Buy corporate office. A manager can only disregard a policy to a degree. You can't expect to buy something and then return it 6 months later. I work for a clothing retailer and we have the same policy.
Posted by miketech on 2006-04-01:
I never got on the Best Buy band wagon. It's always been a creepy store to me. I read an article on retailing a few years ago that certainly has come to pass. It was basically that customers are no longer loyal so the best bet is to spend more money in advertising and less on customer service. If you make one mad you can advertise and get 10 more and eventually even the mad one will come back if your ads are good enough. At first I thought it was hogwash but it seems to be coming to pass with so many of the large companies.
Posted by miketech on 2006-04-01:
Oh and you can't really blame the manager because at many of those big stores the "manager" is more like a head cashier and really doesn't run anything more than scheduling. All the real "management" is done at the corporate level. So to talk to what you are considering a "manager" you would probably have to talk to the someone you can never get to talk to.
Posted by illadelphia on 2006-04-01:
this was part of my original post, im not sure if you read.

"I figured the resons why is that a person using the item over 30 days significantly depreciates the value of the item and therefore they will lose a small portion of the already high profit margins they get on their products. I also figured it was because new products come out all the time, and for a company to take back an item past thirty days is a risk because they would have to sell the item as a discount price since there are newer models being introduced into the markey. In my case, the model head unit i had was clearly still on the shelves and it was completly unopened. It could have easily been returned to the shelves and sold again. "

the issue is, the product IS still on the shelves, and is STILL being sold at the same price.
Posted by tgtman on 2006-04-01:
If you truly took so many economics courses, why are you still naive enough to think that your sole purchase of $600 will affect this company? Just your 'dollar votes' are not enough to persuade a company to do certain things. Imagine Best Buy, a multi-billion dollar company, is the size of a large 12-foot swimming pool. You would equate to the size of one grain of salt; with or without your patronage, Best Buy won't notice the difference. Dollar Votes come from the market in all, not just from some dissatisfied consumers! I hope you didn't sleep through all of your classes.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-01:
illadelphia: I read your post but was explaining to you why they do it from a person like myself who works in retail and has been for 10 years. Store policy is made at the corporate level, you can't blame the manager. I agree, if the store still sells the item, they can easily sell it under normal circumstances. Like I said, you can easily sell it on Ebay. Since you did receive it as a gift, you can sell it with some depreciation. Good Luck
Posted by illadelphia on 2006-04-02:
hey target man,
you must be a wonderful asset to the Target company, so politely explaining how naive people are, and how they slept through their economics classes.

yes i am a grain of salt in the best buy swimming pool. but so is the first gentleman on this post who is taking his business elsewhere to buy a refrigerator, and perhaps so are the people that he tells, and i tell, and whoever else may be out there.

maybe jackie robinson was a grain of salt in the gigantic baseball swimming pool.

maybe rosa parks was also a grain of salt on a school bus full of "higher class" people.

while this may not EXACTLY coorelate to consumer activism, it shows that there are and were people out there who good changes happen no matter how small their presence was in the world.
maybe the reason why we have an infinite amount of competition in the market is because people were willing to stand up and show they can do things the right way so they open their own business.

of course i know my 600 dollar purchase is nothing to best buy...and i know that im far from being able to bring down best buy.

but think what you are saying before you call someone naive which i consider somewhat rude, think about why the US got to be where it is today in business, free enterprise, free competition, and free to speak out against things we believe are unjust...were you sleeping in history class all of this time?

Posted by CjCinColorado on 2006-04-02:
Oh come on...Best Buy has ALWAYS been a bad store!
Anyone with common sense knows not to shop there.
People here in Colorado have known not to shop there for more than 3 years. Where have you been ?
Posted by Ponie on 2006-04-13:
I stumbled upon this complaint by accident. I was checking on responses posted by a certain individual, and I know it's way late to make my 'addition,' but will do so any way. When Best Buy was in its infancy about a hundred years ago :), I swore to never, ever frequent the store. Don't know if any of you remember the situation at an Indianapolis store where a cashier was fired because he left his post to chase after a shoplifter who had about $3,000 of electronic merchandise he was making off with. The 'kid' got the thief, the merchandise was retrieved, but the store fired him. I 'talked' up the case to anyone who would listen--and the members of this forum know I can talk. So what's happened to Best Buy? They've grown by leaps and bounds. So much for 'word of mouth!' Second, your demand to know WHY it's 'company policy.' I own a small business. There are certain rules and restrictions my reps must adhere to, such as discounts, returns, etc. If a client questions these rulings and won't accept 'it's company policy' and wants to talk to me, I have an answer for them: Because I say so, and it's NONE of your blasted business WHY! I don't need clients such as these. I got along without your $$ before and I can do it now! I have my reasons, but as far as I'm concerned, you are NOT entitled to an explanation from me. Take it or leave it. If you leave it, I'm probably better off without having to deal with a trouble maker such as you.
Posted by certified1 on 2006-10-16:
a top of the line system for 600 bucks huh? what is it dual? i damn head unit in my car cost 1500. and yeah you were over the 30 day limit so we can't return ur exchange sorry but POlICY IS POLICY
Posted by certified1 on 2006-10-16:
a top of the line system for 600 bucks huh? what is it dual? my damn head unit in my car cost 1500. and yeah you were over the 30 day limit so we can't return ur exchange sorry but POlICY IS POLICY
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Be aware of Gift Card Scams
Posted by Perodwil on 03/10/2004
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I received a $200 Gift Card for X-mas from a family memebr. I went to the store to purchase an X-box and after waiting in line for over 45 minutes they informed me the card had a zero balance. I had the receipt and they determined that the receipt didn't match the card. I was irate so I called the corporate office. They verified that the Gift Card that my releative purchased did not match the reciept. They verifed that the card matching the receipt had already been redeemed by a store employee. Apparaently Employees at the Grand Rapids MI store were switching the cards when a person attempted to purchase Gift cards for high dollar value. This employee purchased over 10 Playstation II games at the employee discount rate, on my realatives money. Corporate issued me a new gift card but I have yet to receive it after 6 weeks. I'm contacting the BBB and if I can file a class action lawsuit I will. if anyone is interested e-mail me at perodwil@msu.edu.

The only good thing out of all of this is there were several employes involved and they all got fired. After I use my gift card, I'll never spend another cent at BB ever again.

When purchasing gift cards at Worst Buy, pay close attention to the card that you hand to the cashier. If they try to switch them on you, alert the manager immediately.
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Posted by parker on 2004-03-10:
haha. thats funny.
Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-04-02:
thats a clever scam i must say..
Posted by fizzle on 2005-12-01:
I don't see why the actions of a person would have anything to do with Best Buy as a whole. I work for Best Buy, and this "gift card scam" is the reason why most of our holiday help don't last through the holidays. The second someone even attempts to do this they are fired. Despite how hard we may try to prevent it, there is no way to stop one person's actions. Any employee ever caught doing this is automatically gone, unfortunately we don't have a better punishment than that. =(
Posted by flossie116 on 2006-02-11:
That's really a horrible thing for someone to do. I work at a Best Buy as well-- and I can't imagine anyone (at least at our store) doing anything like that. I'm really sorry for the horrible experience you had and completely understand your reasoning in not wanting to go back.
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False Price Matching Advertising
Posted by CEC on 03/31/2006
I'm sure that I speak for many when I complain about Best Buy's so-called "Price Matching". It seems that what their policy says and what they do are 2 very different things. More to the point, once you get to the store, the story always changes.

Here is the text form their online explanation of price-matching:
The Best Buy Price Guarantee does not apply to competitors' free offers, limited quantity items, open-box, clearance or closeout products, mail-in incentives, financing or bundle offers. In California, the policy does not apply to mobile phones. The policy does not apply to typographical errors or a competitor's price that results from a price match.

What is considered a local retail competitor?
A retail store located in the same market area as your local Best Buy store.


…NO! It doesn’t, yet that’s the BS they spewed when I brought in an ad from Target.com (who we all know IS a local retailer!) the other day for the new King Kong movie on Target.com for $19.99. Best Buy wanted $22.99 – yes only 3 dollars more, but when you’re on a very tight budget yet still want to entertain your kids, every dollar counts.

So, I presented the ad from Target.com and figured they’d match the price with no problem… WRONG!
The nasty so-called ‘Manager’ got on his high-horse and in a raised voice started the ‘we won’t match anything online it’s not an ad from a ‘local retail store’ mumbo-jumbo.

But wait – it gets even better!… They had a circular from Target in one of the registers and showed it to me… yet still wouldn’t match the price! Granted the Target ad had it for 20.99 instead of 19.99, but still, it was 2 dollars less… so I said “Okay, so there’s the ad right in front of you, may please I have it for 20.99 then?”…

“NO! YOU have to bring in the ad yourself…!”

Being calm about it, I gave him the rationale I presented in points A and B to no avail, but he wouldn’t budge… Over a lousy stinking 2 dollars which is a molecule in an ocean for a big company like Best Buy… So I left in a huff, and let the other customers nearby see I was angry on purpose… I later on Bought it at J&R Musicworld for 20.99 (who by the way, actually wanted 22.99 as well, but MATCHED THEIR WEB PRICE!).

Honestly, would I die if I paid 22.99? Of course not! But it’s the principal… and it’s a principal that really would in the long run benefit the store as well… Think about the scenario I present below:

If you owned a store, and someone found a lower price on Amazon, Overstock, (or Target.com as I did, who just opened a so-called ‘Local retail store’ not far from the Best Buy store in Staten Island) would you rather:

A) Sacrifice a few dollars, make the sale and still make a decent return on what's an already marked-up item and keep a happy customer who'll keep coming back in the future... or,

B) Totally lose the entire amount of what would have been a guaranteed sale, frustrate a would-be loyal customer and likely lose many future other sales to that customer had you made a relatively small sacrifice and showed just a little good customer service.

The no-brainer correct answer is A, but Best Buy foolishly chose B, and so has lost a once VERY loyal customer to Circuit City (who to be fair, pulls similar crap, but at least typically charges less for DVDs) and anyone else, as long as they're not Best Buy. I'm not a business genius, but you don’t have to be one to figure out they're gonna lose millions if they don't start realizing their biggest competition is not the so-called 'Local retailer', but it's the internet. As long as they refuse to match internet ads they’re only hurting themselves by being petty over a lousy 2 dollars…



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Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-03-31:
Seems like another example of how horrendous Best Buy is. I refuse to shop there.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-03-31:
The manager was just being a hard nose. One way for a store to lose customers. Go to CompUSA, they will match any competitor's price online, even Newegg.
Posted by illadelphia on 2006-04-02:
amen to that.

Posted by CEC on 2006-04-14:
Posted by BlueStorm on 2006-05-31:
I see a problem with the issue you have with Best Buy. You say that they rip you off due to the fact that they won't honor a price you printed from a website, but you think they should anyway. Although it technically doesn't say that it excludes online prices, there's a good reason why they don't: sites such as Half.com have people who can outsell retailers by 70% or more. If they honored something from the web, don't you think a lot of people would be trying to match prices from discount sites like Half.com and Amazon Marketplace? The only way that they MAY price match a product online is if it's from their company's own website. It should clearly state that they won't match online prices even if they think it's implied in their wording, but you have to think why they won't take your online price. It could be easy for anyone with image editing software to create a lower price on their own, or like I said, print a price from a place like eBay.

I do have a question: rather than printing the price from Target.com, why not just bring in the newsprint ad that had the price?
Posted by commonsense on 2007-07-05:
As a former Best Buy employee at a Best Buy in IL I'm shocked that they wouldn't match the online price. We would regularly and even other competitor online prices. You should definite be upset and it said that I see all these complaints about Best Buy on here.
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Full Cost Of Replacing Your Car Stereo With A "Satellite-Ready" Stereo
Posted by Sparticus on 09/02/2008
I wanted to share my recent experience shopping for a new car stereo at Best Buy.

First let me say that I am a Sirius satellite radio subscriber, and have been so for a few years now. My only complaint about the service has to do with my satellite receiver. It is not built-in to my car, and hence I have to run it through an FM transmitter to my built-in car stereo. This loses some of the sound quality, so I get static and feedback occasionally.

To solve this problem I went to Best Buy to check out their selection of satellite-ready car stereos. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large selection of stereos ranging from $100 to $300 that all came "satellite ready".

Figuring installation was going to be the biggest x-factor in the cost, I inquired how much it would run me to get one of these stereos installed in my 1999 4-Runner. The Best Buy associate was very helpful and advised it would cost about $110 to install, which included the dash-kit to fit my existing car dash. Not bad, that would bring the total cost to $210 if I went with the more affordable stereos.

I decided to pull the trigger and buy one. As I was showing the associate which model I wanted, it occurred to me to ask one more question. "How does the satellite antenna work?". Knowing that my existing satellite radio has its own antenna, I figured these "satellite-ready" radios had one as well.

They don't. That is an extra component called the "satellite-brain" that costs another $140. No where on the satellite-ready stereo description/label does it tell you about this. Nor did the sales associate mention it as I was about to purchase one of these stereos. If I hadn't asked, I would have gotten a satellite-not-so-ready stereo installed. Instead, I opted to pass since this would push my total cost up around $350... and it was starting to not be worth it.

Just wanted to share this in case any folks out there were thinking of buying a "satellite-ready" stereo for themselves, or as a gift for someone. They are not quite satellite-ready...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Sparticus, this is really good info. I too have the car kit version and have considered getting a new stereo that is satellite ready, I will definitely know which questions to ask now before making a purchase.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Best Buy doesn't offer a 'satellite-brain'. A least not on their web pages. But I looked at the description of their in-house installation. What they do is install an FM modulator to the existing radio antenna in order for the satellite portion to work. BTW I noticed that BB is offering a sale on satellite radio installations.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-09-02:
Good info. In my last vehicle, I had to use an "external" antenna and never had any problems with static from my Sirus. The vehicle I have now, is "sirus ready" and I have no problems with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
jkt, I have an external antenna too (it just sticks to the roof of my car) and I still experience static, any idea why that is?
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-02:
Justcuz, I would guess it depends a lot on your area. Around me, I get interference from a number of radio stations that are close to the same frequency as the FM transmitter. As I drive around, it gets better or worse, an I sometimes have to keep changing frequencies to keep the static to a minimum.

PassingBy - Is a FM modulator the same thing as a FM transmitter? If so, that is not the solution I want... since it is already what I have... Thanks for researching that. If I went with their installation, I may have ended up with the exact same solution I have now! =)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-09-02:
Mine stuck to the roof also. It may be some interference from something else electrical in the car. I ran my antenna from the radio across the dashboard (hidden in the cracks) and up the drivers side windshield to the back of the car. Not really hidden, but out of the way.
It may also be the channel you have chosen to route the sirus through. If it is close or on a channel in use by commercial radio, that could cause static. Try receiving through another channel, they give you some choices.
Posted by chemman on 2008-09-02:
All of you that have older satellite radios (more than a year or so old), you can go to:


and enter your ESN/SID number and the FCC number off of the back of the radio and get one of the choices below: (Choice 4 allows you to get free direct wiring of the unit into your FM antenna, your radio does not need an aux in line by professional installers, this is due to the older radios no longer meeting the FCC standards for emission strength) I chose option 4 and had my kit and certificate for free install at my local car radio place within three days.

Solution 1 - Direct Wired Audio Connection: If your vehicle radio has a “LINE IN” or “AUX IN” jack, you can use a stereo cable to connect directly to your SIRIUS radio. This solution is the easiest to install and provides the best audio performance. Many newer vehicles provide the required audio input jack. It will normally be found on or near the front faceplate of your vehicle’s radio.
Solution 2 - Cassette Tape Adapter: If your vehicle has a cassette tape player, you can use a cassette adapter that allows you to play your SIRIUS radio through the cassette portion of your vehicle radio. The adapter slips into your vehicle radio as easily as a cassette tape and provides better performance than a wireless connection.
Solution 3 - FM Extender Cable Kit: An FM extender cable will provide a special transmitter antenna that allows you to obtain the best audio performance through your vehicle’s FM radio. This solution is easy to self-install, but does require that an easy-to-hide wire be run in your vehicle so the transmitter antenna can be placed in close proximity to your vehicle’s radio antenna. Using this FM Extender Cable Kit, you will continue to use your SIRIUS radio exactly the same way as you do currently.
Solution 4 - FM Direct Adapter with Professional Installation: An FM Direct Adapter provides a wired connection between your SIRIUS radio and your vehicle’s radio. You will continue to listen to your SIRIUS radio through the FM tuner of your car radio, but the FM Direct Adapter eliminates the outside static and interference you sometimes experience when using a wireless FM connection. This solution usually requires professional installation. We will provide a certificate redeemable for installation at an installation center in your area.

Posted by chemman on 2008-09-02:
the direct wired connection into the antenna will do away with your interfernce issues from the fm transmitter. You are technically still using the FM antenna to receive the signal, but it is hard wired into it. Not to mention it's free from Sirius.
Posted by MRM on 2008-09-02:
Thats good to know, "Chemman."
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-02:
Wow... thanks Chemman... I'm going to check that link out right now!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Good stuff Spart. Our last new car was Satellite/cell etc wired, all we had to do was start the services. I miss the Satellite radio in my older Ford and was thinking about taking the leap. I'm glad I read this first, now I need to do some more homework.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Cheman, do you know if this applies to XM too? I have XM, but now that the companies have merged, I'm thinking it should??
Posted by chemman on 2008-09-02:
justcuz-I don't know if it applies to XM, but you could try it and see if they allow it. I think it's based off of the ESN/SID number so if it doesn't recognize yours, it just won't allow you to continue. I ordered the direct install and the tape adapter because I had an old radio lying around that didn't have service activated, but it still let me get an extra tape adapter for my mp3 player.
Posted by chemman on 2008-09-02:
superbowl-if you are thinking of getting a non-installed satellite unit, I would highly recommend the Stilleto 2 for Sirius. I've had mine for about two months now and I love it. It's the size of a cell phone, has programmable recording like tivo, has 100 hours of built in storage for music (you can save songs to the hard drive by pushing a heart button, it doesn't cost anything extra it's included in the cost of sirius service) plus add up to a 8GB micro SD to store you own MP3's. It also comes with a set of headphones with a built in antenna so you can use it outside when mowing, etc or you can use your wifi connection when it is in the house (out of view of satellites). There is a nice car dock for it that can be professionally installed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-02:
Chemman, yes I am thinking hard on it and I thank you for the tip.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-05:
Just an update. I followed Cheman's advice and ordered my free Fm direct adapter from Sirius. I already got it in the mail today and it came with a free installation gift card. I have an appointment for Wednesday to get it installed. I am very excited to get my static problem fixed. And for free!
Posted by chemman on 2008-09-07:
Glad I could help out Sparticus! I received an email from Sirius with the info, I'm not sure why they sent them out but just thought I'd pass it along.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-09-15:
Well I got my FM Direct Adapter installed earlier this week. After registering for an installation through the site provided by Sirius, I was contacted by a representative who scheduled my installation appointment for me.

When I arrived at the install place, they already had all my information and they got me setup in about 30 minutes! The installer also did some extra work for free and hid a lot of my other wires I was using for my power cord, etc to the Sirius radio.

Very happy customer!
Posted by risingxsunx on 2008-09-26:
I would imagine the sales associate you spoke to about getting a "satellite radio ready" radio took it for granted that you didn't know what is generally thought of as common knowledge within the carfi circle; any head unit that is listed as "ready" for something means that it has the tuner controls built into the unit; but still needs the device or tuner. So Ipod ready, bluetooth ready, and satellite ready all apply to this rule of thumb.

You still have a few options though that will save you some money:

Option 1: Keep your factory stereo. You have a wireless fm transmitter now, but they make a wired fm modulator that costs 30.99 at BBY; the install is I believe 79.99, and you may need antenna adapters for your car (you didn't list make and model).

Option 2: Get an aftermarket deck that has an aux input, and keep your existing satellite tuner. Buy a 4 dollar stereo male-male mini jack cable. Plug and play.

Option 3: Get an aftermarket radio with satellite tuner controls, get tuner, install, completely hidden and clean setup. Obviously the most expensive, but the cleanest option. Expect to spend 100+ on the radio, then another 100+ on the satellite tuner, then 130+ for parts and labor.

As you've probably guessed by now, I work for BBY and in this particular department. Hope this helps you out mate.
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Shoddy, Lying and Rude Treatment
Posted by Daccord on 06/11/2006
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- On June 4, 2006, we purchased a $2,635 Samsung LCD T.V. at store # 0146 (Sterling, VA).
Tom and Zachary were the two sales clerks that "helped" us. Here are the following reasons that I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again:

- The terminals were down causing Tom/Zach to not be able to locate inventory in the warehouse

- We waited for an hour and half in the store while they made phone calls to other stores to locate merchandise

- They mentioned that they had found a Samsung LCD T.V. in Annapolis, MD - an hour and half away and would have it shipped

- Upon ringing us up, it took 20 minutes since the system was down and a manual entry of our credit card needed to ensue.

- A week later, upon my calling, I found out that the order had never been placed and there was no record of our purchasing a T.V.

- When I went to the store for a refund, the manager, Paula, disappeared for 15 minutes with my receipt.

- When I found her in another section of the store, I asked if there would be any problem with the return. Her response was, "I just needed to get approval. A little patience on your part is required."


I will absolutely never again set foot in another Best Buy. After wasting two hours because of broken systems, lying clerks, failure to even place a simple order and being treated rudely by the manager, I have no reason to shop there.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-11:
Don't you just love the big box stores? When I was a kid, my Dad went down to the local appliance store and bought a new color TV ($600). The store delivered the TV and put up the antenna. The next day, the owner of the store called to make sure the set was working properly. He called a month later to make "sure" Dad was still happy with the TV. For years, whenever we drove through town, we'd see the owner wave cheerfully at his customers from his door. Yeah, and Best Buy "cares" about customers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-11:
Shop around after all http://www.bestbuysux.org .
C e r t a i n l y you can find a better vendor don't be such a pococurante!
Posted by the_gk_man on 2006-06-12:
It's a shame you're never going there again because (a) the terminals being down didn't really have anything to do with tom/zach or best buy as a whole being rude to you; (b) the credit card had to be manually done due to previously stated problem; and (c) since everything was done manually and they had to confirm your purchase in the first place, as you provided nothing from your bank or credit card company showing the two-thousand dollar charge, the manager had to verify everything for you.

A darn tootin' shame.

I shed a tear for you. Nay, two.

While Best Buy may be a company worth people's wrath, yours this time is unwarranted. What happened to you was simply a comedy of errors. My sincerest regrets to you for having such a horrible experience, but don't blame Best Buy because you have no patience (as exhibited by your complaint at waiting 20 minutes for a manual credit card transaction, for one).
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-12:
Absolutely you should be mad! I'm sick of hearing that stores aren't responsible for rude clerks/managers, faulty equipment and pure stupidity. You paid $2,600+ and got NADA - that's a problem and Best Buy caused it. And then to have no record? What about figuring out that if sales were entered manually they might need to be checked once the service is back up and running...how useless does a store manager have to be to not think of that? And...I'd like to know if qk_man wants to give me $2,600 for a week for no reason???
Posted by holycrap on 2006-07-25:
welcome to the club.
Posted by thatsmoney on 2006-08-24:
I have to agree with the Q guy. The systems being down had nothing to do with the sales personnel. Seems to me they were going out of their way to track down the TV for you rather than saying sorry, we don't have it. However, the forgetting to ring up the TV is obviously a training issue but I don't feel this is a reason to NEVER shop at Best Buy again. I think people take this Best Buy bashing a little far. Maybe try going to a different Best Buy or try making large purchases somewhere else. However I seem to believe their isn't one retailer out there with a perfect customer service history. I worked in customer service and you'd be appalled at how customers belittle workers because they think the customer's always right. I guess it goes both ways.
Posted by AnonymousConsumer on 2006-10-12:
You should send a complaint to Mike Romano, the district manager for northern VA. (michael.romano@bestbuy.com)
Female customers should report mistreatment to David Williams (david.williams@bestbuy.com). His job is to ensure female customers are treated well as this is apparently an ongoing problem at Best Buy.
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