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Communications and Customer Service Issues
Posted by on
SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- I was at this (Best Buy) Saratoga Springs, NY on Jan. 23, 2011. Overall experience was okay. Was given the option to update my address and spent about 4 min. doing so with the cashier. Next visit Jan. 27, 2011 the WORST experience ever with Best Buy. Was looking for an item and a sales person ask us promptly if we needed help but had no knowledge about anything in the area. I had a RZ CERT so I went to the customer kiosk. Surprise, Surprise it would not print. So pulled the RZ CERT on my phone and was going to have the cashier type in the string of numbers. Came to the cashier and found out my address was not update from the last visit and the cashier said she couldn't type in the numbers because she was the only cashier. (BTW there was one other person behind us, a BEST BUY employee with a soda) She then refused and sent us over to Customer Service. After waiting about 8 min. in line the Customer Service lady said she could not do this. You can only imagine how much I loved the fact that you don't give a flip about my time. The lady said because of privacy issues she could not pull our information up. We ask her to, please, type in the numbers and knew it would work. After all of that I went back to the cashier to inform her you can type in the numbers from a RZ CERT. Not to be mean but to help with knowledge, Oh no, she would not have it. "I am the only cashier so I can't do that, she can print out the RZ CERT" So basically its not that she couldn't she WOULDN'T. This store has no training in Customer Service and I am absolutely appalled by the fact you don't care about my time and money so why should I give you my money. I expect an apology for this outrageous behaviour.
Dissatisfied customer

Was working on 01/27/2011 at 1320. (ALL THREE)
-The person(female) working as the ONLY Cashier had some serious attitude issues. It was that she couldn't help us it was that she wouldn't.
-The person(female) working as the ONLY Customer Service was unsure of things she could take care of but did tried.
The person(female)(has 10yr old grand child)over by external Hard Drives tried to help but was unsure so asked but the answer she gave; you didn't carry it so we spent 10 minutes for something she recommend but didn't have.
OVERALL you have some serious Communications and Customer Service Issues!!!!
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Lies / False Promises - Best Buy Can’t Deliver a Simple Preorder
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Rating: 1/51
RESTON, VIRGINIA -- My Story of Trying to Get my Batman: Arkham Origins Pre-Order

Firstly, let me state that I fully understand that mistakes happen. The imperfect human condition means that no person, company, or system will ever operate without at least a few hiccups. However, it seems to me that Best Buy’s atrocious handling of the shipping issues that have impacted the delivery of pre-orders for the PC version of the new Batman: Arkham Origins game goes far beyond the “unexpected error” realm and into the arena of utter incompetence in business operations. Here is my short story of trying to procure my pre-order:

1) I pre-ordered a copy of the PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins several weeks prior to the game’s release. My order was processed on and I requested store pickup at the company’s Reston, VA location (Store #297).

2) I received an email confirmation one day prior to the game’s release date indicating that my order would be ready for store pickup the following day. At this point, also indicated that my order had arrived at the store and instructed me to pick up my order as soon as possible.

3) The following day (October 25th) I drove to Best Buy Store #297 to pick up my order as instructed. I did not go to the store until later in the day – around 7:00PM. When I arrived at the store and provided the clerk with my order information and confirmation email, I was given nothing more than a puzzled look. Store staff proceeded to ignore my presence for about 30 minutes whilst various employees looked through their computer systems, paper records, and physical store shelves. I was given no information regarding what was going on and was simply forced to wait until someone returned to speak with me. I ultimately got the impression that the store staff was simply waiting for me to become frustrated and leave as they eventually gave up on trying to locate my item and went about completing other tasks and helping other customers. I eventually had to re-approach the employee to whom I had initially spoken upon entering the store to inquire why no one had returned with my order. He simply stated that my order could not be found and no one had any idea where it might be located. Ultimately, the best that the store could muster was to take down my phone number on a sticky note – they indicated that they would call me if my order showed up on a truck the following week. For the record, I have not heard anything back from Store #297 to this day.

4) After returning home from the store and reviewing my confirmation email, I became concerned about my ability to pick up the game from the store if it arrived the following week. I was scheduled to be out of town on business during the next week (i.e. this past week) and as such I would not be available to retrieve the item from the store. This worried me as my confirmation email indicated that my order would be cancelled and forfeited if I did not pick it up within 8 days after it had arrived at the store. Given that Best Buy’s systems were indicating that my order was ready for pickup, I could foresee problems looming in the near future and thus reached out to Best Buy via their customer service phone line.

5) After explaining my situation to a very disinterested-sounding phone representative and having little success in terms of getting him to understand my problem, I asked to speak with a supervisor. After waiting on hold for a protracted period, I was eventually able to speak with a customer service supervisor on the phone. After explaining my situation to the supervisor, she ultimately indicated that all she could do was to “suspend” my order in her system. She indicated that “suspending” the order would prevent it from being automatically cancelled by the system and thus would assure that my order would be held at Store #297 until I returned to town and was able to visit the store. Additionally, she noted that I would need to call back prior to picking up my order as it would need to be “unsuspended” by a phone agent before the staff at Store #297 could release my order to me. I agreed that this arrangement sounded fine and the supervisor further indicated that she would immediately send me a $30.00 gift card due to the trouble with my order. I thanked the supervisor and, after reconfirming that my order would not be cancelled (I adamantly wanted to ensure that I received the pre-order bonuses to which I was entitled), ended my phone conversation.

6) I then proceeded to wait throughout the week to see if I received a phone call from Store #297 indicating that my order was ready for pickup. As I previously indicated, no call ever came from anyone on Best Buy’s end. During this time, I ignored repeated automated emails from indicating that my order was awaiting pickup and in danger of cancellation. Researching the issue online, I ultimately discovered a post on this forum (from “Matt-BBY”) indicating that store pickup pre-orders for the PC version of this game would not arrive in-store until “around November 2nd”. Given this information, I decided to simply wait until I received confirmation that my order is ready for pickup.

7) I returned home this weekend and have since continued to wait for a communication from Best Buy to confirm when I would be able to retrieve my order from the store. I have received no such information to date via any channel. Rather, even after going to great lengths earlier in the week to assure that my order would not be auto-cancelled by Best Buy’s terrible order systems, I received an email from this evening indicating that my order has been cancelled and is no longer available. It is simple astounding to me – my much-awaited and paid-for pre-order has been lost, supposedly due to my lack of timeliness in picking up my order, even before the store actually received the product that I was seeking.

8) Just to add insult to injury, I have also not received the $30.00 gift card that I was promised as compensation for my troubles. A simply incredible display of stupidity, carelessness, and disregard!

Overall, I want to make it clear that my primary complaint against Best Buy is not the shipping delay that impacted their stores’ ability to fill pre-orders, but rather the company’s complete inability to effectively respond to and remediate the issue. It is just ridiculous to think that the company’s order fulfillment systems are so broken that they cannot manually suppress automated emails with incorrect information, update order statuses on customers’ accounts, or prevent orders from being automatically cancelled when the product is not yet even available for pickup! Perhaps even worse, why is it that Best Buy’s store, phone, and web support personnel are not able to get on the same page in terms of being aware of the situation and providing the customer with a consistent picture of how the problem will be solved?

My question for the BBY forum moderators is this: why should I (or anyone for that matter) ever attempt to order anything from or one of the firm’s brick-and-mortar locations again?

Update #1:

Why is it that Best Buy’s order fulfillment systems have now automatically cancelled Arkham Origins PC pre-orders? Is no one at Best Buy competent enough to override the automatic 8-day store pickup window given the shipping issue and the fact that the orders are still not ready for pickup? THIS IS INSANE! Despite the fact that I received an email earlier this week confirming that my order would remain valid until picked up at the store (i.e. when it eventually arrives), my order was cancelled this weekend due to “non-pickup”. HOW CAN I PICK UP MY ORDER IF THE STORE DOES NOT HAVE IT? I visited the store earlier today and was told that they know nothing of the problem and that there is nothing that they can do. They tried to sell me a copy off of the shelf, but this is completely unsatisfactory and I pre-ordered the game and insist upon receiving the product that I was promised (including all pre-order bonus materials – case, codes, etc.).

Update #2:

A further even more infuriating update. I just spoke with a supervisor from 1-888-BEST-BUY. He informed me that at this point there is nothing that Best Buy can do – my order has been cancelled and I will NEVER receive all of the bonus materials that I was promised. He went as far to quote the terms and conditions that Best Buy reserves the right to cancel orders at any time and for any reason. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS? Even worse, I was told that because the steelbook case is in the mail being shipped directly to me, this “partial order” was still valid and I will be charged $50.00 for the case alone! WHAT?!?!? I NEVER AGREED TO PAY $50.00 FOR A CASE! All that he could offer me was to place a new order for the regular version of the game and discount the price to offset the cost of the steelbook alone. This is completely contrary to what I was told in the store today by the MoD (he assured me that I would not be charged for the cancelled order even though I would still receive the case via USPS). The phone supervisor simply shrugged this off and informed me that, “Best Buy stores have no idea how our online services operate.” COMPLETE INSANITY! Is this company so siloed at the corporate level that they cannot even handle a simple pre-order shipping error? Ultimately, what Best Buy has done is cheated me out of the product that I ordered, charged me $50.00 for a product that was explicitly listed as free on their website, gone against their written word that their shipping woes would not affect the delivery of my product, and finally committed bait and switch in sending me the regular version of the game with no discount to speak of contrary to my confirmed order. This is the absolute last time I ever do business with Best Buy and everyone that I know will hear this story!
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User Replies:
Shawn on 11/04/2013:
Unfortunately that is par for the course with I remember a year or two ago when they cancelled a bunch of people's orders right before Christmas--saying they couldn't fulfill them after all. You should probably stick with Amazon instead. I can count on one hand the number of times they have messed up one of my orders, and that's after years of doing business with them.
FoDaddy19 on 11/04/2013:
A well written and descriptive review that doesn't skimp on the relveant details. Well done.

BBY gets a lot of critcism, some of it warranted, some of it not. In this case they dropped the ball big time. And your complaints are absolutely justified. If they can't produce another copy of what you ordered, then I think that it would reasonable to refund your money and give you an off-the shelf copy of the game for your troubles.
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Poor Service Turns in to Theft of Cellular Phone
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- On the morning of July 4th my 8 year old son and I went to Best Buy Mobile at the Oceanside Shopping Mall. We were there to purchase two pre-paid cell phones (one for him and one for his brother). The Assistant Store Manager (Brittney) was helpful, but seemed very uninformed as she struggled through every step of helping us. Our concern was finding a phone that would work for calls and text and limited internet as they would always have access to WiFi.

After about 45 minutes she convinced us that Boost Mobile was the best option for us. We selected two phones (Samsung Galaxy and a Kyocera Aqua). We were told that the Samsung would get us a $50 Best Buy gift card and that it would cost $55 to activate each phone and get one months service.

After another 45 minutes to get them activated we left with two phones that we had tested in the store.

Upon getting home my sons realize that the phones are getting no service at all. Not a single bar and calls cannot be completed and texts are failing to be sent. I do some research, find that Boost Mobile is using Sprint cell towers, and I had previously known that we were in a Sprint Dead Zone. In order to use Sprint in my area (Vista, CA) you need to have what is called an AirRade that Sprint will sell you and charge $10 per month to basically use you at home internet to get a cell signal.

I called Boost, I called Best Buy and neither could really help because this IS listed as a covered area for Boost.

After two days I attempted to use the $50 Best Buy gift card that I had been given and was told it had never been activated (there was no mention of it on the receipt either). Called Best Buy again and they confirmed the card had never been activated. I was so frustrated at this point that I wanted to return both phones. Unfortunately, my youngest son had decided that he would just use the Kyocera as a game, so we kept that one.

On July 12th I returned the Samsung to the Oceanside Best Buy. I had been told by Boost that I could get a refund for the phone as well as the $55 that had been paid to activate the phones and that the people at Best Buy would deactivate the phone and handle that.
When I arrived at Best Buy I was told that I could ONLY get a refund for the phone and the extended warranty, but not the activation. I was told I would have to go back to the store that sold me the phone to do that... I asked that he be sure to de-activate the phone and he said he would do that.

I called over to that store and the Assistant Manager who had sold me the phones was NOT in, but I was told that they COULD NOT issue refunds for the activation anyway.
On the evening of July 12th at 9:28pm I decided to call the phone number to see that it had been deactivated and to my surprise someone answered the phone. When I asked who it was using the phone, the person hung up. It sounded suspiciously like the person who had issued the refund to me, who also said he was a Boost Mobile customer...
On the morning of July 13th at 10:05am I called the Best Buy Store in Oceanside and spoke to an assistant manager named Bryan. I explained the situation, he said he would look in to it and get back to me later that day.

Between July 13th and July 19th I made two more calls to the phone number and both were again answered. One by a woman and one by a man.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a long time and loyal customer of Best Buy. I have spent no less than $5000 per year at Best Buy for the last 5 years or so. My wife spends as much as $10000 per month at Best Buy for business related items. She spends so much that she has a personal sales representative from Best Buy who delivers her orders to her IT department. I have never previously had a bad experience with Best Buy.

On July 19th I called Best Buy corporate and spoke to a woman named Julie and a "case number" was issued. She said during the call that she would put me on hold and contact the store manager to see what could be done to trace the phone. She returned and said that she would need more time and that she would call me back TODAY in the morning. So far no call... BUT, the phone is no longer active.

I would really like Best Buy to explain why I should be held responsible for the $55 activation and service fee on a phone that was purchased under the advice of an Assistant Store Manager. Further I would like to have explained to me how a phone that I returned was still being used a week after I had returned it. Seems to me a cut and dry case o internal theft or misappropriation by one of the Best Buy employees. They are using the service that I have been told could not be refunded.

UPDATE: July 20th. I received a call from Julie at corporate today (on a Saturday) and she stated that Patrick (the assistant manager at the Oceanside store where the phone had been returned) had found the phone in the correct bin and properly sealed. He also stated that he had reviewed the video and found the person who had answered the phone and that they were being "counseled". This does not explain the fact that the phone was again answered two days later, and again on the fifth day after being returned.
I find it interesting that the phone was NOT deactivated yesterday when I called corporate, but today it is... Still no offer to issue a refund (or even a store credit) for the $55 for the activation.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/20/2013:
I wonder if Julie from corporate realized today is Saturday. I wouldn't expect corporate to work on the weekend.
my2002svt on 07/20/2013:
Actually about 40 minutes after making this post she called (on a Saturday).
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Stay clear of Best Buy
Posted by on
FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I bought two Samsung phones through Best Buy in Feb. 2010. Our phones would not hold a charge more than ½ day so I called Folsom Best Buy on 12/10/10 and asked them if I could order some batteries for our cell phones they told me I would have to come to the store to initiate the order.
So on 12/13/10 we went to order the Samsung batteries at the Folsom Best Buy on Iron Point Way. We were in the store over two hours because the clerk tried to order them on the Geek squad computer(help desk) which they found they couldn’t do. The computer in the cell phone area and where the Geek Squad are not compatible. So then they took me back to the cell phone area and called Best Buy customer service. I don’t think the clerk that was helping me was from that dept because it did not seem like he knew what he was doing but he was trying. After two hours in the store we were ready to leave. The clerk told me they were ordered and I should receive them within 7-14 working days at this time I received no paperwork but just glad the order was done and we could leave.
1/4/2011 around 2pm we went to Best Buy in Folsom to inquire about what the status of our batteries for our Samsung cell phones that we ordered over two weeks ago(12/13/10). Brittany helped as best she could. My complaint is not with her but with you. What good is it to have insurance when something goes wrong if what is wrong is not available to the consumer? Meaning we ordered two batteries for these phones like I said two weeks ago( at that time it took over two hours for the Best Buy clerk to get through to customer service and get the order right) and now we were told today that there is no ETA on this either because Best Buy does not have them in stock nor do they manufacture them so they have to be ordered and Best Buy is waiting on the order to come in? My order #’s are= 7829776 & 7830227 this is what the clerk gave me on 12/13/10 as reference #’s.
Brittany said that it is unusual for batteries to go bad? Does it matter what part of this phone goes bad? If I need batteries they should be at my disposal or tell me what the heck good is it to have your insurance we could have bought the batteries for as much as I have invested into this insurance this year! Now I have always bought products from you and have been quite satisfied till now. In fact we were thinking of buying a television but I have my doubts that I would want to buy one through you when I cant‘t even get a couple of simple batteries to keep my phone charged more than a day! You tell me what I should do? Then again you tell me what you would do? I thought this would be such a simple request that has turned into a nightmare of waiting, complaining and frustration.
We pay $6.99 per phone for insurance that is $13.98 a month for what you tell me? No telling how much longer we have to wait to get these. I am so dissatisfied it is unbelievable. Why can’t I just get the battery from the store when I go in? Why do they have to be sent to me? This is such bad customer service?
I called 1-888 237 8289 today and talked to James a representative for Best Buy after explaining my problem to him he told me that it doesn’t look like the order was completed that is why I have not received the batteries I requested? I asked James how that could be when I had the order #s of 7829776 & 7830227 these were given to me the SECOND time I had gone to Folsom Best Buy and asked them what had happened to my battery order? I asked to speak to a Sup I was given Greg I told him I was so tired of explaining this dilemma. What I needed is a resolution to this request. He told me that he sees that there are quite a few people who have dropped the ball and he said he would get me the batteries I needed plus a $20 gift certificate. Greg told me I should receive the batteries by Jan 24th. At this time Greg did not ask for any S/N on these phones he just reviewed what had been done for me which was basically nothing. He apologized and ordered them.
1/20/11 We received only 1 battery from UPS today at about 2:30pm that is why called Best Buy customer service and I got on Marie on the phone at 3:10pm asking her where my other battery was?
I tried to tell Marie how upset I was about all the mishaps that had happened and all the time I had invested in this and Marie told me, “lets move forward and not sit in the past!” I told her you have to learn from the past before you can move on otherwise we are going to make the same mistakes and I am sick of the mistakes being made! She told me she had to call parts and I told her I would hold she said Gabino ordered these phones and I told her no I got them and pay for the insurance. She asked if he was there and I said yes. She asked if we could get the s/n off the phone. I asked her where it could be found. We finally found it behind the battery and was to hard to read. We finally gave her the s/n and she said she would call us back. Marie finally called back and told us in a rude manner “ You gave me the wrong number.” I told her let me look at it again. I told her that give us a minute we will get the magnifying glass to read the numbers better. She said ,”that is your problem you are giving people the wrong s/n#s.” I told her wait a minute Marie my husband is 72 years old and I am 62 years old and our eyes are not the same as they used to be. That was mighty rude. We had made a mistake one of the numbers was actually a letter but the s/n is so small. . Anyway there was no excuse for her to be so rude she will be where we are some day and I hope no one treats her like she treated us. I also told her that if we would have known she was going to ask for that we could have had it ready but Greg never asked for the s/n. She then said she would call me back when she got the battery ordered.
1/20 Marie calls back 4:45pm just called back and told me that she has ordered the battery and it should arrive within 7-14 working days. She told me she could give me a $25 gift certificate and I told her now way I want $40 and the $20 that Greg promised me also. She said then she is through with my call.. I told her ,”No you are not through with my call till you follow through and make sure I receive my battery and the gift certificates then you are through.” I also told her that my anger and disappointment is not directly at you as though it might seem that way but there have been so many people that have dropped the ball Including your co worker Greg. I told him I needed two batteries for the two phones and he ordered 1 battery . I had told him I pay 13.99 a month for two phones and I needed two batteries (1 for each phone what part of that did he not understand?). Marie told me whose to say that you didn’t get two batteries? I told her I resent that comment. I hope you aren’t trying to insinuate that I am being dishonest? I told her I have a slip that shows only 1 battery was ordered? You cannot hold me responsible for everyone’s inefficiency. I am not satisfied with the insurance or the customer service I have received. I respect efficiency and effective service I have received neither. I told Marie I could have gone down into Sacramento to Batteries Plus and bought the batteries I needed right away instead of waiting and still waiting on a service that was supposed to be reliable and dependable. Well that is what they told me when I signed up??? I have spent $167.76 this year on insurance for these phones and all I wanted was a couple of Samsung batteries? What is your take on all of this!!!! What would you do if you were me?
2/3/2011 (4:05 pm)= Called Best Buy contact was Matthew I gave him my case # and order#. I asked him to look at the notes and help me out. He said he had no access to the parts dept so he was going to have to turn me over to them. Matthew after looking at the notes he apologized to me and said that the bad customer service that I received might have been due to the seasonal help they hire during that time. Matthew did give me confirmation order #’s for the new battery is: 82627859 and the order # for the return is: #82627944. He was very cordial and was sorry he couldn’t have done more to help me. Now that is good customer service compared to what I have experienced so far.
I have been turned over to Jeremy in the Geek Squad I gave him the information he asked for and he told me that my order had been cancelled because it was sent in as a duplicate order. So no one contacted me I would have never known what happened! I told him I wanted a refund for the insurance I have been paying on for over a year. He told me I understand your frustration and I would be upset to. He told me he was going to talk to Corporate Office and let them know what is happening so please hold for a few minutes. I told him my husband is 72 years old and has diabetes and high blood pressure I use these phones all the time it is imperative that I have these working. He said he would relay my concerns and put me on hold.
Dennis from Corporate office is on the phone now I told him what I wanted and he told me he couldn’t do any of what I asked. So why did he waste my time? He told me he was going to turn me over to Customer Care?
It is now 5:10pm and I have been disconnected “please hang up and dial the toll free # again.”
5:15pm I call back and get a hold of Candice in Geek Squad and she tries to put me over to Monthly billing which is closed and she said that is probably why I was disconnected….. Well thank you for that great exceptional customer service where your call counts.
She told me to call back tomorrow!!!
2/4/11: Called back 12:10pm Rep did not give me a name she forwarded me to the Mobile Unit while music played for 10 min.
12:30pm Elise said she cannot help me and forwarded me to her supervisor and then I am disconnected.
12:31pm Call back Cust Rep no name I told her I had been disconnected and would like to talk to Elise she told me she did not know anyone by that name but forwarded me to Corporate Office
12:45pm Ben said I will more than happy to cancel your plan but I cannot give you a refund. He said I am awfully sorry for what has taken place here but I do not have the power to issue a refund. I said I have waited this long to someone like yourself to get a resolution to this matter. And all I get is an apology I have had those since this all started and you know they don’t mean much to me anymore what a want is a resolution to this problem. Every time I call they tell me that I am going to receive exceptional customer service that is a guarantee. I told Ben I need to talk to someone above you.
1:00pm I have been turned over to Mary (Customer Relations) tells me there is nothing she can do for me. No refund.
I guess I am writing this is so no one like me is tricked into getting their fabulous cell phone insurance... buyer beware. It is not all what it is cracked up to be. Don't be a fool like I was..... stay clear if it is to good to be true it usually is.

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User Replies:
ncoclub on 04/20/2011:
I never, I repeat, NEVER buy insurance on any product for just these reasons. Almost always, a separate company handles the insurance so you are no longer dealing with same company. As it is a separate company the people you bought the insurance from have NO CONTROL over any problems you might have.
getoverit on 04/20/2011:
I agree, noclub. Some company gets your money up front. And, if there is a problem, thy can take their own sweet time about dealing with it, or give you whatever song-and-dance suits them.

And while I do buy stuff at Best Buy from time-to-time, I don't put any faith in their customer service organization. That have good prices and good selection but that's about as far as it goes.
MRM on 04/20/2011:
Right on point, Getoverit, I only go to Best Buy for their good price and selection. I would never buy anything extra such as warranties and insurance.
MRM on 04/20/2011:
As with the batteries, you may have a lot of programs running in the background which can drain the battery faster, and your screen brightness is set high.
Anonymous on 04/20/2011:
I am sorry you are having such a nightmare experience with your new phones. I would love to know which phones you have. 1/2 day doesn't seem unreasonable at all if you have a smartphone. Did they hold a longer charge when you bought them then reduce to 1/2 day or has it been 1/2 day all along?

Secondly, who is your service through? Verizon? Sprint? AT&T?

MRM is correct - you frequently have programs running in the background (like GPS and location programs) on your cell phone which contribute to the battery draining quickly. Once you turn them off you will find the charge much more reasonable.

If you tell us your phone model and your carrier, you can probably get more specific information.

I have also never found them to be helpful at Best Buy.
MRM on 04/20/2011:
If you have an Android phone, I would recommend to download Advanced Task Killer to kill the programs running in the background and it'll definitely increase battery hours.

I would also like to note that if you're in a building or an area where you cannot receive phone signal, that'll also drain your battery faster.
clutzycook on 04/20/2011:
Thanks MRM! I'm getting my first smartphone today at T-mobile so that little bit of advice will come in handy :)
MRM on 04/20/2011:
Anytime Anytime!
MRM on 04/20/2011:
Heres another tip: if you cannot connect to internet via phone network, put your phone in flight mode for few seconds instead of restarting the phone.
Ytropious on 04/20/2011:
Could be batteries? You can easily pick up phone replacement parts on eBay, and batteries are 2 seconds to change. I replaced my own LCD screen after a drunken encounter broke it. I'm very proud of that.
MRM on 04/20/2011:
Bravo Ytrop!!! Did you look on YouTube on how to change the LCD? C'mon tell the truth!
Ytropious on 04/20/2011:
Sure did! Found a video of someone taking it apart and mimicked it myself. In the process of changing the LCD I mangled another ribbon wire inside and had to order one of those as well. I didn't need the video by the second time taking it apart, I was already an expert. Unfortunately my dog ate the volume button because it fell on the floor but I just use my finger nail when I need to turn the ringer off.
MRM on 04/20/2011:
Your secret is safe with me!
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The store that will sell you a phone but never answer their own!
Posted by on
Over the last 2 months, I have purchased 25 laptops from Best Buy store 237 (Viscount Drive - El Paso, Texas). I have needed on occasion to call them and verify availability. On every single occasion, I have encountered a wait time of an HOUR or more. Not once have I had a question answered from them. I use Skype as I am in Mexico (208 miles south of El Paso). It costs me 3 cents per minute. After waiting an hour, I get peeved and click to be transferred to another store. When they finally pick up (15-25 minutes later), they tell me the status of the product in their store and 2 out of 3 times, they can't tell me the status of store 237. I'm more than annoyed with them. Ever notice how they have a bazillion laptops listed on their website BUT over 70% of them aren't available online or at the store? I miss Circuit City!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Best buys customer service sucks. And I agree its BS when you see that laptop you like it's suddenly unavailable to get online.

But then again, this time of year is pretty busy so they must be really backed up with the free shipping they are offering on everything.
FoDaddy19 on 12/23/2011:
I worked at BBY as a Geek Squad agent for a couple years. And yes, not answering the phone is a very common complaint with BBY. Here's what usually happens; at least at the store I worked out of. The answering of the phone is the responsibility of the customer service desk. Usually there are two people working the desk, their responsibilities other than answering the phone is to process and inspect returns, handle the website-to-store online orders, and handle issues that arise with customers in the store.
It's not uncommon for the phone to go unanswered if there are people lined up at the customer service desk. At my store the policy was that the people who are actually in the store take precedence over those who were calling the store. Consequently there were times where the phone would ring 20,30, or 50 times before someone at customer service would be able to answer it. It’s just that a lot of the time the customer service desk is understaffed.
trmn8r on 12/23/2011:
Very helpful complaint.
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
Why didn't you call a Best Buy in Mexico?
trmn8r on 12/23/2011:
The OP said that the computers were purchased at the store in El Paso. Why that is the case when the OP is 208 miles away, I don't know.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
I'm Curious why the op would purchase 25 laptops.
Mario The Great on 12/23/2011:
LOL - OK, there is a Best Buy in Mexico. ONE Best Buy in Mexico City. I live 208 miles south of El Paso. This store is the closest store to where I live. So, I have to go from Chihuahua, Chihuahua to El Paso, cross the border (usually a 2 hour wait) and then drive to the store on Viscount to pick up my computers. You guys have NO idea of how Mexico works. Computers here are priced about 200 dollars more than they are in the U.S. (on average). There is no competition for a lot of things. Want coffee? You can pick from NESCAFE or CAFE COMBATE and ummmm so other no name brand. That's it. I go to Safeway and save an average of 200 dollars on all of my groceries per month there. :)
trmn8r on 12/23/2011:
I have an idea how Mexico works now...
Mario The Great on 12/23/2011:
Hi Wally - Laptops here cost between 7 and 10,000 pesos for one with 3gb RAM, 250GB HD and 15.6 screen. Given that - the exchange rate is currently around 14 - That's 500+ bucks for a laptop that I can buy there for $249 - $349. :) If I could only get a hold of 10 or more at a time. That would be nice!
Mario The Great on 12/23/2011:
Here's another wonderful example of the competition. My cellphone in the U.S. costs me around 90 a month - unlimited minutes, text, internet, etc.

Here - Telcel (owned by TelMex - owned by the richest guy in the world - Carlos Slim) charges $40 dollars a month for 150 minutes LOCALLY - 20 cents a minute for calls to other cell phones - 2 DOLLARS a minute if you are in EL PASO and RECEIVE a call and hey, I get 10 (TEN) free TEXTS a month. Cool, eh? No wonder he's got 55 billion.
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
There are several BB's in Mexico. One of my Mexi-Cali cousins is a manager of the one in Jalisco. The point is you were grousing about paying 3cents a minute to call BB's in the states when you could pay less for calling one in Mexico to answer your question. My abuelita lives in Mexico City in a house that still has dirt floors, and I have spent much time there as well as being a frequent visitor to the border towns and thus have a very good idea of how Mexico works. If I'm not drinking abuela's cafe de olla I go to Starbuck's.
Mario The Great on 12/23/2011:
HOLY CRAP!!! When did they open up the other ones? I hadn't checked for 7 months!!! Hmmm, none here. Oh and the calls would cost about 13 cents a minute to call to another city. Not worth it. I'll keep going to El Paso and saving 200 bucks.
JayByJay on 12/24/2011:
How much do you spend in gas to get to El Paso?
Mario The Great on 12/24/2011:
About 80 bucks - that's why I don't just got for one computer. I try to pick up 6 or more plus anyone that'll sell an iphone for cheap. :)
Mario The Great on 12/24/2011:
Hey My3cents users - why is it when I go to reward an user for their helpful advice - it lets me click on very helpful or a little helpful but doesn't go away when I click submit - Am I missing something or am I a Taco short of a Mexican platter?
Anonymous on 12/24/2011:
Mario, I can't vote comments helpful on my reviews either. Site glitch
HonestForSure on 12/24/2011:
Many Walmarts are no better at getting to certain depts. As already posted, "Customer Service" is busy enough with returns and other issues from the customers in the store.
Plus, if BBY gets any inkling of anyone wishing to purchase mass quantities of loss leaders, red flags are raised all over the store and mgt. wants nothing to do with this. Most retailers have policies against selling to resellers, whether they are an Ebay site or local consumer electronics "mom and pop" stores, whether in Mexico or anywhere else.
Cwazychicken on 12/26/2011:
During the holidays, a lot of things tend to go out of stock online or aren't available. It stinks. Yea I would think someone buying 25 computers in a 2 month period at the same store, would be a warning to Best Buy that you may be reselling them and perhaps they decide to say its not available because they don't want to sell that many to one person? Not sure though but to me, 25 computers is a lot for one person...but maybe u use them, I have no idea but good luck getting the service you need.
Mario The Great on 12/26/2011:
Ughhhhh....another pickup problem and 1 hour 13 minutes on hold....You got to love them....
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Best Buy = Biggest Disappointment Epic FAIL
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- First, I would like to state that I have always loved Best Buy. When I was a kid for me going to Best Buy was like going to Toys R Us for other kids, and when going there I always felt like a kid on Christmas morning. This love has been going on since Best Buy was opened close to 15+ years ago. I love how they are set up, their selection, the aesthetics of the displays and just about everything in regards to the store.

Unfortunately, that was until my unfortunately experience yesterday. I purchased a VSS4000 startsmart remote start unit for my 2012 Mazdaspeed 3. I wanted the 3000, but the Geek Squad installers told me that only the 4000 would work with my car, OK $100 more. Installation was supposed to be included in the price, but they tacked on another $130 for the install, plus parts, so my $300 unit with installation ended up costing me $590. Wow, but OK, I thought it was worth it, it was a Christmas present from my girlfriend to me, and I figured just get it and be done with it. I set an appointment and was told they would need the car for 5.5 hours. Darn, but ok… take all day just do it right, right? Not so. I had to take an hour off work to drop off the car, had to arrange for transportation back to work, and then arrange for transportation from work to get the car. No problem, all day I was so happy I was finally going to get my remote start to keep me warm in the winter. I dropped the car off at 10 AM, and told them I would be back at 7.30 PM. I get a call a little after 4, everything is going great, and they need my info so that I can set up the service plan from Viper to be able to send a signal to the car. I set up the plan and paid $113 for 3 years of service. At 6.40 PM I get a call stating sorry, no can do, we had the car apart, were on the phone with tech support for 3 hours and it just won’t work. So, after all day of being happy and impatient to get my Christmas present installed, you can imagine my disappointment.

Best Buy was good enough not to haggle over a refund, but that does not include the $113 I spent for the service plan from Viper. I still have to waste my time trying to get that refunded. Also, the $600 I paid at Best Buy was refunded to my debit card, so the funds will be on hold for whom knows how many days. Of course, I asked to speak to a manager regarding the problem, hoping that for my trouble and their incompetence I would be compensated with at the very least a small gift card for $25 saying sorry, at the best a $100 gift card. The manager came, and already had a look on his face like he was eating dirt. I explained my problem to him, and the entire time he was not only anti-sympathetic, but he was actually a jerk about the whole thing. I explained to him what happened, and he told me, well we did all we could. I asked him, why was I sold something that would not work in my car, made to waste my time, take time off work, have someone waste time taking me to the place, have my car taken apart, have to now fight with Viper for a service plan refund, all for nothing? The manager actually smirked at me and said, “What do you want me to do. Its not our fault/problem.” I asked what went wrong, why did this happen, and how can we make it work. His reply, “I don’t know”. Even a mediocre manager would 1) sympathize with my problem 2) try to resolve it, or provide steps to get the problem resolved 3) minimally compensate me for their ineptitude and failure to understand the product.

I never thought I would say this, but Best Buy = Epic Failure in product knowledge, management and customer experience.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/29/2012:
One wonders what the root cause of the problem was. It sounds like even the manufacturer didn't know, unless that was BB tech support that was on the phone.

Without knowing more information, it isn't clear BB did anything wrong. They lost these hours in labor, you lost most of a day. Lose, lose, but is it BB's at fault, the manufacturer, both, neither?
At Your Service on 12/30/2012:
Got to second trmn8r again.
ok4now on 12/30/2012:
Your first mistake was taking your car to BB and letting the incompetent Gunk Squad even touch it. Having said that the Mgr added insult to injury by disrespecting you and offering horrible customer service. I refuse to shop at this store anymore.
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Won't even meet Manufacturer's Warranty, let alone fulfill PSP
Posted by on
I am writing in regard to unpleasant customer service experiences had at store 232 on East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The whole issue revolves around the replacement of an Apple IPOD, covered under the Performance Service Plan for CPU & Wireless products.

Obviously, my white IPOD was broken. It was brought to the store on 5/17/2010. Upon inspection of my clearly broken IPOD, I was told by management staff to go pick a new replacement IPOD in store. I did as instructed and returned to the customer service area where I was met by yet another manager who informed me that no, they would not swap it out, and no I wouldn’t get it fixed today. In fact, they would send it to their Service center so that it could be repaired. I agreed and the item was sent out. We'll call this lovely lady "Jill"

About two days later I received a call that my item had arrived at the store. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the box said “Refreshed by Best Buy” and noted the item color was black. I understand that the replacement items, per the service plan, are allowed to be refurbished. The problem at this point was that I had a white Apple IPOD, and now I have a black one. I compared the experience to buying a black car, and getting a green one as a replacement. If I wanted a green car, I would have bought a green car in the first place. So Jill, who is apparently the only management staff EVER at Best Buy, reluctantly sent the IPOD back to the Service Center to be replaced with a white unit.
This time the IPOD was sent directly to my home. I opened this package, as I assumed that the Service Agreement had been fulfilled. After I’d opened the black box my “newly” refurbished IPOD was contained in, I noted that the “IPOD” had no Apple logos to be found. Now my $350 dollar “IPOD” is a generic MP3 player. I’m sure you can understand that in buying an Apple product, you are paying big money for that brand name.
So, I called store 232 and asked to speak with Jill. She had just walked in and apparently was headed to a meeting. So I left my name and phone number for her to give me a call back. This was at 10AM. By 4PM, I’d still not received a call from "Jill" or anyone from the store. So, I called back assuming that her meeting was over, only to find that Jill was on lunch. Awesome. So I waited around for her call, which came at around 5:30PM.
Jill informed me that not only had the service plan had been fulfilled, but that she would no longer speak to me about his particular matter. In fact, she would only speak with my father, who’s name the service plan is in. Apparently, "Jill" forgot that Service Plans are transferable, so I had my father sign it over to me. I found this pretty hilarious, as I’ve been dealing with her for the last 3 week and suddenly I’m no longer the customer. For all she knew, I used daddy’s card to purchase my IPOD & I AM THE CUSTOMER. The way she treated me over the phone was absolutely inexcusable and if this is a reflection of Best Buy’s customer service standards, then I will be glad to get this issue resolved and never return to Best Buy again.
Then, I went in store to give Best Buy store 232 one last chance to make this situation right. I waited for about 15 minutes at the customer service area for "Jill" to stroll over. Immediately, she has a bad attitude. I brought Apple’s Warranty with me to show her the contents, as she apparently was not familiar. The PSP states “The Plan is inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty, but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty. After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, this Plan continues to provide the manufacturer’s benefits as well as certain additional benefits..” At this point, I haven’t seen the PSP even meeting the manufacturer’s coverage, let alone “adding certain additional benefits.” Apple’s warranty states that the ”Warranty applies only for the hardware product manufactured by or for Apple that can be identified by the “Apple” trademark, tradename, or logo annexed next to it” ( this warranty information can be found on Apple’s website.)
All Jill could say was that “the service plan had been fulfilled” and that according to her & the GM, there was nothing left to talk about. I literally had to say “Are you going to let me explain why I am here?” I have always kept my cool and kept my mouth shut and even let her be rude to me, but at this point I have had enough.

Firstly, a manager should never escalate the situation by being rude. In all my recollection, I have never had another staff member at Best Buy treat me poorly. "Jill" is the exception to the rule. Not only would she not help me, but she refused to direct me to someone who could. When I asked for the name of the district manager, she told me to call 1-888-BEST-BUY. I did, and was informed that they didn’t have that information. As a member of Best Buy’s management team, it is her job to uphold the highest customer service, and I would assume to achieve some customer satisfaction. She has done neither.
Later, I was in contact with a “Corporate supervisor” who I reached through the ever so helpful 1-800-BEST-BUY. Donner, who assigned me a case number, (73276484) seemed willing to help, but was unable to make the individual store “take a loss” by replacing or refunding my purchase. He got in contact with the store manager, who was told to call me that day. Of course, he didn’t. So I called corporate back, and was met by yet another corporate supervisor. This person ever so politely told me that I should “write the CEO or get a lawyer.” Thanks AGAIN Best Buy for yet another example of your extremely effective customer service.
I also filed a complaint with the BBB, case number 57178072.

Who do I need to contact to get good customer service? Fry’s? Office Max? Office Depot? Wal-Mart? HH Greg? Staples? Target? There are countless retailers who would gladly take my business AND treat me well.
I would like to be contacted by someone who has the capability to take care of this issue in a professional manner.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/11/2010:
Extended warranties might be covered by your state's insurance commissioner - it might be worth a call to their office to see if they can bring some pressure to bear on Best Buy.
MDSasquatch on 06/11/2010:
I found this on the Consumerist:

If you have an issue with Best Buy that you've tried and tried and tried and tried to resolve using normal customer service methods, to no avail, try pinging this guy on their executive resolution team:

Mr. Terry Westerman
Senior Representative
Executive Resolution Team
Best Buy Customer Care
MDSasquatch on 06/11/2010:
Be sure to let us know how it works out for you
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Best Buy Will Not Honor Their Policies Or Otherwise
Posted by on
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an eMachines M5312 laptop on 10/2003 with Best Buy’s basic extended warranty. I purchased this at the Almaden Expressway store in San Jose, California. Since the purchase, the laptop continues to overheat and simply shuts down. I do not feel that this is a Windows issue, because normally, before sending the unit in, I’ve formatted the hard drive with a new installation of software (eMachines support has every time, recommended reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything from their install disks for shut downs). The laptop has now been in for repair five times now to Best Buy.

Best Buy is denying replacement of the laptop. It is also my opinion that the Best Buy Repair Center in Camarillo, California is lying about what they’ve done for repairs. There have been a series of so called repairs from 11/2004 to about 2/2005.

Before having the damaged unit repaired, the Repair DEPT clerk explained to me that with my extended warranty, the unit had to be sent out, and that it would take several weeks, and that the unit had to be in for repair three times before being granted a replacement. Not happy with this, I spoke with the store manager and told him I wanted a refund for the extended warranty that I felt was useless. He refused of course, so I gave in and agreed to have the unit sent out for repair.

First Time (late 2004). The laptop came returned back to me in worse condition. The first time I turned in the laptop for repair was late 2004. The repair report claimed that they replaced the motherboard. As I had tested the unit at the store, the laptop would shut down immediately after power up.

Second Time. Best Buy shipped the unit back to the repair center in Camarillo. A few days later, I got a call from the customer rep in Camarillo. She was actually cordial and said she would expedite the “overheating” repair and have the unit shipped back to my home address. I also told her that the rubber feet had fallen off of the laptop. I had assured her that I wouldn’t intentionally rip the things off the bottom, so she agreed to have it done.

Several days later, I received the repaired unit. The unit worked for a whole day, then started to shut down once – during doing some work, but powered the unit up again. It was okay for a while. Also, the repair people only installed 2 of the 3 feet missing.

I called the girl back in Camarillo to send me the other rubber foot. She agreed to ship it out to me. It was sent out UPS Red or Blue but UPS would simply not drop off the package on the doorstep, because the package required a signature. They tried to drop off the package several times, during business hours. Eventually, package was shipped back to Camarillo, and I never received the additional rubber foot. I contacted her again, and she agreed to ship it out without requiring a signature this time. I never received any package, I have since left her 1 or 2 voicemail messages, and she has not contacted me since. I kept her name and the Camarillo telephone number on my cellphone, just in case I am ever asked of her name.

Third Time. Several weeks after the Second Time repair, the unit started to overheat again. I turned the unit in to the store. It was probably again, shipped out to Camarillo. It was shipped back to me, with this time on the report, “Cleaned CPU Fan.” Also, one of the rubber feet they installed from the Second Time was missing. After a few days, the laptop failed again, overheating, and this time all the way to failure so that I could no longer power up the unit so I could back up the data on the hard drive.

Fourth Time. Turned in the unit once again. I wanted a new laptop. The Geek Squad guy at the Best Buy counter in San Jose said that repair center in Camarillo had to determine the machine not repairable before granting me another laptop. The clerk also entered that the rubber feet were missing. I finally received the unit back. This time, the report said that some heat sink had been replaced and the CPU Fan was cleaned. Once again, this did not work. Several weeks later, the unit started to shut down. The repair center did attach rubber feet this time but with a weak glue job. The feet were falling off, right out of the box.

Fifth Time. Tuned the unit in to Best Buy San Jose yet another time. This time, I attached a note with details on room temperature, the fact that it has been turned in several times and that this unit should be considered for granting a replacement. This time I left the hard drive in the laptop, with a recorded TV program file on it to prove the laptop was failing just buy playing video files, ETC. This time they shipped the unit back their written report. “Replaced CPU.” I turned the machine on, I thought it ran a little slower, but it ran again for a few weeks this time before yes, overheating once again. Please see other details below.

Best Buy’s Repair Center disrespectful this time. When I shipped the machine out for the fifth time, I sent this thing out with all rubber feet attached. Also on the Fifth Time report, the documentation said that the rubber feet were missing. There was no attempt, nor was there any hardware in the shipping box for me to at least reattach anything myself. Privacy Issue – As I had thought that I removed all of my contacts in Outlook, it seems that the repair people made a point to display my archive branches in Outlook, to prove a point that some of my deleted info are still intact.

3/17/2005. On the plane, on a business trip to San Diego, the laptop shut down about 1 minute after viewing a PDF document.

3/27/2005. The laptop shuts down more often, and can no longer keep it powered up after just being in idle for a few minutes.

At this point, I am sending last attempts at contact Best Buy Corporate for assistance, and I am looking for options to take legal action against Best Buy. I also have all documentation of the Best Buy repairs on hand.

To anyone making a purchase at Best Buy, I recommended buying nothing more than mere accessories at their store. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make sure that those accessories are operational BEFORE you make your way to the cashier counter. Otherwise, beware.

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User Replies:
pat24foley on 04/18/2005:
Don't buy at Best Buy! We purchased an eMachines T3882 and 3 days later we tried to return it for a replacement - because the computer was defective. Best Buy staff were rude, and told us there'd be a 15% restocking charge. Their receipt says 14 day return policy - and they gave all kinds of excuses for not accepting the return. They are very unethical, and we will never shop there again.
Saru on 08/07/2006:
I hope you've read my complaint about GeekSquad. File a public complaint, that's what I am doing right now!
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Could Not Return Wrong Product That Sales Associate Told Me to Buy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- Buyer Beware; Best Buy has no integrity and I feel like I was taken advantage of and discriminated against because of my age.

On the night of December 11, 2014, with the referral, recommendation and assurance of the sales associate in the electronics department at Best Buy # 203 in Austin, Texas, I purchased an Easy CD & Burning kit. I’m a senior citizen and my eyesight is not the best, so I depend on honorable and knowable sales people to give me trustworthy and accurate information. And at my age, every purchase is vital.

I must say I have never been misadvised by any other business sales staff or associates before. I have made purchases at Best Buy before, so I thought it was a company I could trust and depend upon for good honest customer service. Instead I was mislead and tricked into purchasing a product that did not meet my needs or perform the needed function that the sales associate said it could provide me that I needed. I told the sales people I needed a product that had capabilities to RIP a DVD. I was assured by more than one sales person even when I tried to take it back, that this product could RIP DVDs.

When I got home and tried to use the product It could not RIP DVDs, instead it only had capabilities to RIP CDs.

The very next day I tried to take the product back but a different sales associate that day (Josh) would not take it back, I and a friend of mine tried to explain that the only reason I bought this product is because the sales person referred it and assured me that this was what I needed and it could RIP a DVD. If not for the information the sales person gave me I would not have purchased this product. It would have been more appropriate for him to tell me he did not know anything about the RIP process, then I would not have purchased this product. My friend wrote the names of all associate that were involved, but she lost the list of names.

I have come to the conclusion that there are two possibilities to this incident, either the sales people at Best Buy purposely mislead me to get a sale of $32.46 from me and take advantage of me and discriminate against me because of my age and other factors or the sales associates were not qualified or knowable about the department they were working or products to refer and give customers honest and trustworthy advise.
My friend and I left very upset because the associate would not take any responsibility for mistakenly or purposely selling me something I could not use.

But after we left Best Buy, we went to Fry’s and the sales associates found the product I needed. And they also said since they referred the product to me, if it was not what I needed to just bring it back and they would gladly try to find something else or give me a refund with no problem.

I tried the product Fry’s referred for me to buy and it works well. Thank you Fry’s, not only do your sales associates know their products, they know about good customer care and business integrity. And for that reason I will not be shopping at Best Buy again. And I would advise anyone planning to go to Best Buy not to trust the sales associates.
And this does prove it is at the company’s discretion weather to honor a return or not, policy has nothing to do with it. Best Buy has no integrity and I feel like I was taken advantage of and discriminated against because of my age.
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Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Seen, Please Close Your Doors.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Customer satisfaction

What is it and where has it gone, oh that's right it went online. As a die hard techie I am finding myself spending money on gadgets more than I should, but where do I shop?

I don't mind paying a little more just to receive excellent customer service, lately its Amazon and Google Play that has given me the best service. When I have a question, they listen and answer and some times check up on you after the conversation. That is service!

Recently I decided to give my old favorite store another chance (mainly because they were the only ones selling my item). So I happily went into the Best Buy store here in Austin Texas and asked someone for assistance. I already knew what I wanted and knew everything about the device, so I only needed information regarding next shipment and availability. Never did I expect what was coming.

I asked the LP (guys in yellow by the front) to check the system for me, he was nice and checked it and even gave me the direct line to the podium and when to call back, customer service at its finest.

So I called back when instructed too, only to have some angry person pick up and argue with me that he did not give me the number. So naturally the most important thing here is to get to the bottom of who gave me the number and info. I was like what ever, he may have been under the influence, I will let it slide. So I decided to avoid another uncomfortable call and go into the store.

I tried to find a salesperson (not hard to find as they all have blue shirts), but it seems that they were all busy running in a circle or something as they could not help me. I asked the LP guy to find me a salesperson to help me out, he said "no problem just wait over there, and I'll have someone here shortly". He did not ask what I wanted or anything, but in his defense he was in a interesting conversation with his friend and did not want to be bothered.

10 minutes later someone arrives, and I ask him to see if there are any items in the back, and if I can get a better view of the item on display. He had to leave to find out, as I stood there no one asked me if I needed help as they passed by and trust me I looked like I needed help. Already disappointed by the service, I continued to wait. Finally he returns with a NO and NO, we can't do that and we don't know when more will be here and walks off.

I did not leave very happy, instead they wasted over an hour of my day. So another day I vowed to ONLY call and not show up at the store as I didn't leave very happy last time. I called and was on hold for about 20 minutes before the phone was transferred to someone who just ended the call with out saying a word. As a techie I was thinking their phone system has a glitch, but I called again and again and same result. Maybe they wanted to leave early, who knows but I would never return to the store unless its un avoidable.

Then one night I found they had it online (for a brief 15 minutes), so I purchased it and upgraded for expedited shipping. Needless to say I still haven't received the device....2nd day air, I don't think so. My Amazon order that was placed the following day has already arrived....I wonder where I'm going to purchase my gadgets from next, here is a hint it will never be Best Buy.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 12/09/2014:
I used to work at BBY about 8 years ago, I don't know if their policies have changed since I've worked there but a couple things kinda struck me as odd here.

Why would you go the LP stand at the front of the store (I'm assuming that's where it was) if you wanted customer service? The LP guy isn't going to have a huge amount of product knowledge (compared to the typical blue shirt, I know that's not saying much), his job is security not helping customers with product questions. If you needed someone to help you, conventional wisdom says you head to the Customer Service/Returns desk. I'm sort of surprised that the LP guy didn't point you in that direction.

Keep in mind that this the busiest time of year for most retail stores, and if your BBY is anything like the ones around where I live, they keep staffing down to minimum if they can help it. So I can see where you would have trouble getting someone to help you.

As for calling them and being put on hold for 20 minutes. This goes back to what I mentioned earlier about minimum staffing. The people who are actually in the building take priority over people on the phone. It's not a rare occurrence by any means, I remember hearing the customer service phone ring incessantly during my BBY stint, but they only had two people at the customer service counter, and the line was 12 people deep, so the phone was answered only if there were no people in line at the customer service desk. You'll find that most retail stores will have a similar policy.

Stores don't always know what's coming on the next truck (which typically comes in Wednesdays). At least the people on the sales floor have no idea. When I was at BBY the inventory system showed how many of a given product were in stock on the floor at a given store and how many of a give product were in the back. You could also check inventory for other stores as well. But it didn't tell you what or how much of a given product was in route. It also wasn't real time, and only updated itself every ten minutes or so.

Finally "Next Day" means that your order will only be in transit for one business day. It can take up to 24 hours for an order to be processed and shipped. Also weekends don't count as business days. So in theory you could order something Thursday, not have it ship until Friday, and you not get the item until Monday. And that would still count as "Next Day". It's annoying, I've it happen to me both with Newegg and Amazon.

Anyway, I hope this clears some things up.

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