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Won't Honor Their Sales Agreement
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- I purchased some items online from Best Buy during Black Friday. On Dec 7 they canceled my purchase. After spending 93 minutes on the phone with them they said the package was damaged at their warehouse and they wouldn't deliver it to me. I am okay with that, who wants damaged products? But they also would not send me replacements (they are still available) at the Black Friday prices. Terrible results. Bait and switch or deceptive sales practices, either way who wants to do business with these people? They should honor their agreement to sell me what they said they would for the price they agreed upon.

Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ST.PETE, FLORIDA -- I just recently bought a new Windows 8 touch screen from you all up in Wisconsin. They told me I would have no problem returning my old Windows XP once I got down in Florida as long as it was by the April 19th. I just got back from your store 565 in St.Pete, FL and they would not take my working computer with XP on it. There was a burn mark from a friend on the keyboard and the guy said it was damaged and that he could not take it. The computer works fine and keyboard and all the keys work fine.

Customer service at store 565 has been horrible at best. Back in December I bought a Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 4G LTE for my brother-in-law and the speaker was not working properly so we took it back and customer service. Told us to take it to the phone area for the return so we waited another 45 min for the phone guys to tell us to take it to customer service.

I have shopped at Best Buy for years now but recently with your service I am considering alternate places to shop like TigerDirect right around the corner from me. My question for you all is why should I keep shopping at Best Buy when I can get better customer service elsewhere?

You would of thought they would of tried and contact me to help resolve the problem but its been over 2 weeks and nothing. Have to say it but I will never shop at this Best Buy again!!!

Where Oh Where Is the $50 Email Rebate?
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Rating: 2/51

ONLINE/HARRIMAN PICK UP, NEW YORK -- The week after Thanksgiving I bought the iPad Air for my husband as a Christmas gift. Best Buy had a good deal because they were giving a $50 store credit when you bought it. It was full price, but with the $50 off, it was worth getting. It never said when the email would come with the $50 credit. I bought it online, but the gray had to be picked up at the store. After Christmas I called the store about the rebate and they were very nice. However, they didn't know anything about how the $50 would come. They said to call the online dept.

I called online and they didn't know and they said to talk to the customer service online so I did. They also didn't know and told me to call the store. One representative I spoke to said maybe a rebate would come after Jan. 15th because that's when you have up to to return electronics from Christmas and sometimes the rebates don't come until then, but they weren't sure. I also emailed Best Buy to ask them about the $50. I got a response saying to call the online help. I responded to the email that I had called online and store to no avail. I haven't heard back.

I wanted to buy a case for the iPad with the $50. Now I'm at a standstill and feel it isn't fair that I had to track down the $50 that should have been sent to me. All of the reps were very kind. That still doesn't make it fair, though. I still don't know when and if the $50 will come.

Parts Ordered to Arrive After the Repair Appointment Date
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Rating: 1/51

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- Geek Squad couldn't care less about the repair needed on your purchase. 16-month-old 55" flat screen blew something. We called in the appointment, they ordered parts. We went to track the parts and found out that Geek Squad ordered them to be delivered around, hence they would arrive after the set appointment. Excuse me? Customer Service was, for the most part, rude and hung up on me.

I finally was able to speak to one CS person who was cooperative and seemed to be assisting. The Best Buy Store would not assist with the issue, they were more or less the attitude of "whatever". I will not purchase from Best Buy again. All Best Buy and Geek Squad care about is taking your money, that is it. They couldn't care less about customer service or product.

Treated Like Garbage
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Rating: 1/51

FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- I had an issue with an employee and was told to speak with Martin the GM. He was not in that day so I had to wait. Turned out I had another issue, this time a Geek Squad repair wasn't actually repaired. I spent an hour talking in circles with Sean the assistant manager and finally landed on a compromise. I then asked if Martin was in, I was told he was on a call but would be out in 20 mins. 45 minutes later Sean went in and spent 5 minutes telling my story. Martin came out and told me I interrupted his call and should not have waited for him. He does not have time to deal with customers.

I tried to explain, he cut me off and said he would not hear the story again. He trusts his assistant manager and that's that. I was directed to 800 Best Buy. This was the most disrespectful experience I have ever had with a retailer. Best Buy in Florence, KY is consistently a horrible place to shop. My advice to everyone is avoid the headache and shop online. Also I suspect most if not all positive reviews are fake and done by employees.

Return of Defected Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I bought a iPod from Best Buy. I didn't open it for a few months. I finally did open it and downloaded my songs and used it twice. On the third time to use it, it would not work. I took it back to the Best Buy in Lake Worth and the Customer Service person told me to go get another one. Then when I got back to customer service she pushed the iPod back at me and told me to take out the earphones since I didn't bring mine. I thought that was a little odd, but OK... Then she called the manager because it was past the 15 day return policy.

The iPod was used twice. I had a receipt and it no longer worked, that's 75.00 a use. I cannot believe with as much items I purchase through Best Buy that they simply could not exchange this item. And the Customer Service at that store is horrible.

Customer service Site to Store
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Rating: 1/51

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- The site to store delivery does not work at this location. The confirmation email notified me that my order was available for pick-up. Upon arriving at the store, my order was not available or locatable. The manager supposed went on the floor to look for my item. After 30 minutes of standing and waiting, he never returned and my patience ran out. I cancelled my order but before leaving the store, I decided to check the floor myself. It took me 30 more minutes, but I was able to locate the last copy of the item I wanted. Don't waste your time with site to store at this location.

Was Told To Get The Hell Out Of My Store By Salesman
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Rating: 1/51

VICTORIA, TEXAS -- Work with one salesman for 2 1/2 hours. Was making a $5300.00 purchase. Manager was called over to see if they would move one TV from one room to another. Total cost we were trying to negotiate was $200.00. After 1 hours of him making calls I finally told him to just friggin forget it I would move the damn TV. He told the sales person who I had been working with to clear the screen and then told me to get the hell out of HIS store. I told him to go get **. Talked with store manager and she apologized. Told her this was the 2nd time sales had ruded me out of the store. Went next door and bought the exact same thing in 30 minutes for $500.00 less.

I will never ever step foot in another Best Buy. This was all done right in front of my girlfriend. When talking with store manager I had her call the first salesman over and asked him in front of her "if this happened to you what would you do?" He told his manager that he would not be standing here right now and would never come back to this store. I will continue to pass this story on to all my friends. Whatever happened to customer service?? If I did that at my job I would get fired. Best Buy doesn't seem to really care. I will continue to bash Best Buy until I get a written apology from them and proof this employee was fired.

Best Buy = Biggest Disappointment Epic FAIL
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- First, I would like to state that I have always loved Best Buy. When I was a kid for me going to Best Buy was like going to Toys R Us for other kids, and when going there I always felt like a kid on Christmas morning. This love has been going on since Best Buy was opened close to 15+ years ago. I love how they are set up, their selection, the aesthetics of the displays and just about everything in regards to the store.

Unfortunately, that was until my unfortunate experience yesterday. I purchased a VSS4000 StartSmart remote start unit for my 2012 Mazdaspeed 3. I wanted the 3000, but the Geek Squad installers told me that only the 4000 would work with my car, OK $100 more. Installation was supposed to be included in the price, but they tacked on another $130 for the install, plus parts, so my $300 unit with installation ended up costing me $590. Wow, but OK, I thought it was worth it, it was a Christmas present from my girlfriend to me, and I figured just get it and be done with it.

I set an appointment and was told they would need the car for 5.5 hours. Darn, but ok, take all day just do it right, right? Not so. I had to take an hour off work to drop off the car, had to arrange for transportation back to work, and then arrange for transportation from work to get the car. No problem, all day I was so happy I was finally going to get my remote start to keep me warm in the winter.

I dropped the car off at 10 AM, and told them I would be back at 7.30 PM. I get a call a little after 4, everything is going great, and they need my info so that I can set up the service plan from Viper to be able to send a signal to the car. I set up the plan and paid $113 for 3 years of service. At 6.40 PM I get a call stating "sorry, no can do, we had the car apart, we're on the phone with tech support for 3 hours and it just won'€™t work." So, after all day of being happy and impatient to get my Christmas present installed, you can imagine my disappointment.

Best Buy was good enough not to haggle over a refund, but that does not include the $113 I spent for the service plan from Viper. I still have to waste my time trying to get that refunded. Also, the $600 I paid at Best Buy was refunded to my debit card, so the funds will be on hold for whom knows how many days. Of course, I asked to speak to a manager regarding the problem, hoping that for my trouble and their incompetence I would be compensated with at the very least a small gift card for $25 saying sorry, at the best a $100 gift card.

The manager came, and already had a look on his face like he was eating dirt. I explained my problem to him, and the entire time he was not only anti-sympathetic, but he was actually a jerk about the whole thing. I explained to him what happened, and he told me, "well we did all we could." I asked him, "why was I sold something that would not work in my car, made to waste my time, take time off work, have someone waste time taking me to the place, have my car taken apart, have to now fight with Viper for a service plan refund, all for nothing?"

The manager actually smirked at me and said, "€œWhat do you want me to do? It's not our fault/problem." I asked what went wrong, why did this happen, and how can we make it work. His reply, "€œI don't know"€. Even a mediocre manager would 1) sympathize with my problem, 2) try to resolve it or provide steps to get the problem resolved, 3) minimally compensate me for their ineptitude and failure to understand the product. I never thought I would say this, but Best Buy = Epic Failure in product knowledge, management and customer experience.

Won't even meet Manufacturer's Warranty, let alone fulfill PSP
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- 6/5/2010: I am writing in regard to unpleasant customer service experiences had at store 232 on East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The whole issue revolves around the replacement of an Apple IPOD, covered under the Performance Service Plan for CPU & Wireless products.

Obviously, my white IPOD was broken. It was brought to the store on 5/17/2010. Upon inspection of my clearly broken IPOD, I was told by management staff to go pick a new replacement IPOD in store. I did as instructed and returned to the customer service area where I was met by yet another manager who informed me that no, they would not swap it out, and no I wouldn'€™t get it fixed today. In fact, they would send it to their Service center so that it could be repaired. I agreed and the item was sent out. We'll call this lovely lady **.

About two days later I received a call that my item had arrived at the store. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the box said "Refreshed by Best Buy" and noted the item color was black. I understand that the replacement items, per the service plan, are allowed to be refurbished.

The problem at this point was that I had a white Apple IPOD, and now I have a black one. I compared the experience to buying a black car, and getting a green one as a replacement. If I wanted a green car, I would have bought a green car in the first place. So ** who is apparently the only management staff EVER at Best Buy, reluctantly sent the IPOD back to the Service Center to be replaced with a white unit.

This time the IPOD was sent directly to my home. I opened this package, as I assumed that the Service Agreement had been fulfilled. After I'd opened the black box my "€œnewly" refurbished IPOD was contained in, I noted that the "IPOD" had no Apple logos to be found. Now my $350 dollar "IPOD" is a generic MP3 player. I'm sure you can understand that in buying an Apple product, you are paying big money for that brand name.

So, I called store 232 and asked to speak with **. She had just walked in and apparently was headed to a meeting. So I left my name and phone number for her to give me a callback. This was at 10AM. By 4PM, I'd still not received a call from ** or anyone from the store. So, I called back assuming that her meeting was over, only to find that ** was on lunch. Awesome. So I waited around for her call, which came at around 5:30PM.

** informed me that not only had the service plan had been fulfilled, but that she would no longer speak to me about his particular matter. In fact, she would only speak with my father, whose name the service plan is in. Apparently, ** forgot that Service Plans are transferable, so I had my father sign it over to me.

I found this pretty hilarious, as I've been dealing with her for the last 3 weeks and suddenly I'm no longer the customer. For all she knew, I used daddy's card to purchase my IPOD & I AM THE CUSTOMER. The way she treated me over the phone was absolutely inexcusable and if this is a reflection of Best Buy's customer service standards, then I will be glad to get this issue resolved and never return to Best Buy again.

Then, I went in store to give Best Buy store 232 one last chance to make this situation right. I waited for about 15 minutes at the customer service area for ** to stroll over. Immediately, she has a bad attitude. I brought Apple's Warranty with me to show her the contents, as she apparently was not familiar.

The PSP states "The Plan is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer's warranty but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, this Plan continues to provide the manufacturer's benefits as well as certain additional benefits."

At this point, I haven't seen the PSP even meeting the manufacturer's coverage, let alone "adding certain additional benefits". Apple's warranty states that the "Warranty applies only for the hardware product manufactured by or for Apple that can be identified by the 'Apple' trademark, trade name, or logo annexed next to it" ( this warranty information can be found on Apple'€™s website.).

All ** could say was that "the service plan had been fulfilled" and that according to her & the GM, there was nothing left to talk about. I literally had to say "Are you going to let me explain why I am here?" I have always kept my cool and kept my mouth shut and even let her be rude to me, but at this point I have had enough.

Firstly, a manager should never escalate the situation by being rude. In all my recollection, I have never had another staff member at Best Buy treat me poorly. ** is the exception to the rule. Not only would she not help me, but she refused to direct me to someone who could.

When I asked for the name of the district manager, she told me to call 1-888-BEST-BUY. I did, and was informed that they didn't have that information. As a member of Best Buy's management team, it is her job to uphold the highest customer service, and I would assume to achieve some customer satisfaction. She has done neither.

Later, I was in contact with a "Corporate supervisor" who I reached through the ever so helpful 1-800-BEST-BUY. ** who assigned me a case number ** seemed willing to help, but was unable to make the individual store "take a loss" by replacing or refunding my purchase. He got in contact with the store manager, who was told to call me that day. Of course, he didn't. So I called corporate back, and was met by yet another corporate supervisor. This person ever so politely told me that I should "write the CEO or get a lawyer." Thanks again Best Buy for yet another example of your extremely effective customer service. I also filed a complaint with the BBB, case number **.

Who do I need to contact to get good customer service? Fry's? Office Max? Office Depot? Wal-Mart? HH Greg? Staples? Target? There are countless retailers who would gladly take my business and treat me well. I would like to be contacted by someone who has the capability to take care of this issue in a professional manner.

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