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Rip Off Artists!
Posted by KBNJ on 12/10/2004
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- On Nov. 30th I was checking my account online and my APR had suddenly gone up from 0% to 26.99%. I called to ask why since I was guaranteed zero percent for one year and I had never missed or made a late payment. I was told that they had found something negative on my credit report. I've been with them for ten months and now all of a sudden they've "found something negative?"

So, I've sent them 3 faxes and one mailing of my credit report showing them I have nothing negative. I've called about twice everyday to see if we could get this resolved. They said it is handled in another department called CB updates and I can't be transferred there. They can't even tell me if they've received my faxes! One supervisor even told me to calm down and not to transfer my balances.

Meanwhile, in the last two weeks they've charged me a $400.00 finance charge which has put me over my limit and now I am expecting an over the limit charge. I've looked into filing a small claim but I'm sure in my contract there is an arbitration clause and a clause that says I must litigate in a NY court.

I wonder what it would take to get a class action together. They seem to have more complaints than any other company.

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Posted by javanut on 2004-12-14:
Count me in on any class action suit! I'd like to see Experian get hit with a massive class action suit as well for their EXTREMELY POOR data collection! They have my credit report, which should be FLAWLESS, reporting all sorts of errors because they've included my ex of 8 years in my report, and yet even with his delinquencies and late payments, his own report is FINE!! Chase closed my 2 flawless 18 years old credit card accounts arbitrarily because of Experian's report, yet Trans Union and Equifax showed a flawless report on me at the same time! If anyone has a Chase account, check your Experian report for $8. and get them to fix all of their mistakes, and make sure you make them send the corrected reports to all other credit accounts of any kind!
Posted by Sharpe on 2004-12-21:
Exactly the same thing happened to me. I cashed a convenience check, interest was 0% for a few months as I paid on time, then with no warning, wham! 26.99% I called and they said that the terms of the agreement said they could do this. Look at the agreement: "Any promotional rate ... may change to your Non-Preferred APR if any minimum payment on any loan or account of yours with us or your other creditors was not made by the payment due date." I did have a late payment on another credit card, but a few days late payment DOES NOT SHOW UP ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT. Only the 30, 60, 90 day late. This explains why your credit report is clean and also makes me wonder if Chase isn't exchanging information with other credit card companies, in other words, they are not only getting their information from the credit reporting agencies, but from "other sources". I feel bad for you if your cannot pay off the loan. I canceled my card and paid the loan in full. BAD CREDIT RISK!! ME!!! Bologna! I paid them back the money they "lent" me and their thieving blood money. Please let me know what you find out. I am interested in how they find out about the "small things" that happen at other credit card companies.
Posted by KLW on 2004-12-28:
Chase has done the same thing to me twice in as many years. See http://personal.ecu.edu/wuenschk/RipOff.htm for details.
Posted by ntpayne on 2005-01-21:
Same story here...I've been a customer for 6 years, suddenly my interest rate jumped to 29.% with out cause. I have never been late on any payment. Not only that when I called to complain they wouldn't tell me why I was told to call back and talk to a credit analysis. I closed the account and called back. Well guess what...this time I was told that by closing the account I had accepted their terms and they would not discuss the matter with me. Now What????
Posted by Lbaker1947 on 2005-04-20:
During the last month our AOL VISA card was absorbed by Chase Manhattan.
In our next statement our Finance Charge for purchases increased from 10.49% to 14.74% with no notice or explanation.
We contacted the representative by phone and explained that we had a CardMember Agreement with the company that stated our Finance Charge for purchases was based upon the Prime Rate plus 4.24%. As of March 20 the prime rate was 5.75% which would require Chase /AOL to charge us 9.99%.
The representative stated the increase was due to an increase in our Revolving Accounts as shown in our Credit Report. A review of our CardMember Agreement did not list this as an option in determining Finance Charges. A review of our current Credit Report and one dated a year ago shows less than 1% increase/decrease in the ratio between Income and Revolving Accounts.
The representative again stated it was due to the change but there was no change . No comment no flexibility. Because of this unauthorized change our cost per month is $120 more.
Looking for members of a Class Action Law Suit – Lbaker1947@aol.com

Posted by ucimikey on 2005-05-05:
CHASE CREDIT CARDS IN MY OPINION is a total RIP-OFF!! My interest went up to 26 percent!!
Posted by r_2016 on 2006-01-07:

Yes CHASE sucks they just upped my interest rate from 9.74 to 29.99. I am getting rid of them and strongly recommend that everyone does not use there Chase card.
Posted by lwquinn on 2006-02-14:
We got the same little surprise from Chase. We were not late with them or anyone else. They merely reviewed our credit and decided that we were overextended and that was their justification for raising our rate by 200%. Burn your chase card.
Posted by Tashia on 2006-07-06:
File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! You have the power to change their wrong doings! Do a google search like, "file complaint with the Better Business Bureau".
Posted by msbee on 2007-10-12:
I've had the same problem with chase I have been a card holder for over 16 years and have never missed a payment. They take them out automatically. when all the merger went on they did the same thing to me and raised my interest rate from 0% to 29.99 I called numerous times with a different excuse every time. I've spoken to manager higher ups and have also written letters to no avail they do not even respond they are worse than loan sharks and should be stopped/. I'm looking to join any class action suit it is costing me over 6000.00 a year in interest. due to the bait and switch game.
Posted by teews07 on 2008-09-28:
I found you because I'm trying to find a way to get some info on consumer rights for credit card companies. I see the name here but I wont say who it is , not sure if I can.
This month The company hit me with 2 over limits, first one I had charged something, then realized I had just sent my payment.Because I had been close to my limit lately I was uneasy & checked. I took the merchandise back next day,credited my account the day after the purchase.3 days later my payment was in. I saw an over limit fee & called. The agent said it was for July. I told him, yes I did make a mistake but it was only $3.00 and I made another payment to rectify that ASAP. He agreed & said he could see how quickly I'd gotten the return in etc. & agreed to remove it. So I didn't think about ALL they did before & didn't worry...Then because I went online to check my account since I had to change my personal info,I saw the o/l fee on & thought it hadn't been removed.She said we sent a letter,(but I still wasn't aware this was a totally different fee.)I still haven't received a letter either.It wasn't until I saw the 2nd one that said July on it that I realized this was the fee they did take off,the other was new.I am not sure yet why its there.I had decided to write a letter to them so I called again to get the address. I went online to check my info as they told me to do since there was another problem, is when I saw that one.(makes 2 within a couple days)Now of course the July fee makes me over my limit of $1.00, & being the ending cycle which will add another $9.99-$15.00. $1.00 over because of the other fee!Now they can put another over limit fee for the $1.00(anytime during the cycle that an over limit occurs which will make 3) and the finance charges that go on tomorrow!My account cycle ends the 28th each month.They refuse to change due date etc. Also they gave me a delinquent credit report for the o/l fees they caused me to be behind(not over, but I paid almost my entire credit amount in fees last year. Yet they gave me a bad rep on my report! I reminded them also that I had called, and online chose my option to not allow any purchases over the limit! I told them that I'd been keeping the account down for awhile plus I send large payments(usually always) and never just pay the minimum payment due!My APR is 29.99, plus they charge finance charges on the $40.00 advance last year that only gets higher every month! I tried to pay it as a different transaction according to how the rules read,besides the monthly payment last month,but they refused saying I must pay the whole account total. This all started over a year ago, when they hit me without/l fee for the finance charge & the $1.25 charge & another $10.00 for doing the advance as I said, after they had me talk first to a finance counselor who authorized it. I was ok for awhile til a scam transaction. I disputed that & ended up getting three o/l fees for the disputed transaction.They had agreed with the company,putting the charge & o/l fee on without me knowing, ... Long story short, I got 3 fees and finally they removed the disputed trans. but never the charges.Then a company that charged my card without permission,I even disputed it got a new credit card that they did on their own, I thought someone used my card having no idea what happened.I did find out who did that, but they were in error besides illegally doing that and credited my account.I still got o/l fees for that, won the dispute, again the fees weren't removed. Every time I dispute a bad transaction I end up paying more..So far 3 disputes cost me far more, 1 even triple in fees,even though I was right&won the disputes!I also sent proof of my dispute to them on the one they sided with the company.No fees were ever removed(3 total for that one).The same day I called about the one I thought hadn't been removed was the day before I called & asked for the address to write a letter. That night is when I saw the 1 they took off for July back on!So again I got penalized.
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Cancel Your Chase Credit Cards!!!!!!!
Posted by Dcross on 02/02/2006
MESQUITE, TEXAS -- We have had a Chase credit card for many years and really haven't had many problems, until this last year. We have two cards with balances ranging between $16,000 and $20,000. We have always paid our payments early and much more than the minimum payment. We have never been late on any payment to Chase for either card. In December 2005, Chase decided to raise our interest rates based on the Credit Score for Diane, of which had dropped to 596, Donnie's was still around 680. Now why would Chase do this based on out payment history with them? Chase just didn't raise our interest rates. They more than doubled them. One card went from 9.12% to 20.24% and the other card went from 11.65% to 29.99%. Our interest payment alone for both cards is now over $600 per month. You would think that this would be illegal. Our balances are too large to just transfer to another card. We tried talking to Chase about this and they keep telling us that they have the right to raise their rates. Chase said that they sent us a letter stating this back in October 2005. Of which we never received. So, we are the process of refinancing our home just to get rid of Chase for good. CHASE HAS NO CUSTOMER LOYALTY AT ALL.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND anyone trying to get a Chase credit card and would advise current Chase cardholders to start the process of eliminating their Chase credit cards before it's too late.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-02:
After you refinance and get rid of this debt, get rid of the damn credit cards! $20K between two cards?
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-02-02:
It was Bank One that decided to raise your rates when they bought Chase. There is no doubt in my mind they are scorch and burning the Chase name by jacking rates for any excuse to dramatically increase revenue. Bank One card holders are safe because they are not going to harm there own brand image.
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-02:
They do it because they can. It's so wrong. It's not illegal because credit card companies and companies in general have bought and paid for congress. Just wait because over the next 2 or 3 years credit card companies are suppose to double your minimum payment. STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS. Pawn shops don't charge that much interest and penelties.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-02:
I agree 110%!...Just make sure if you refiance, that your mortage doesn't end up in Chase's hands!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-02:
Bank One didn't buy Chase...they merged and all Bank One banks will be renamed to Chase...
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-02-03:
Really? The whole thing make no sense to me then. This is killing Chase's name reputation. Why wouldn't they scorch the Bank One branding then?
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-02-03:
I agree with what everyone's telling you above. Credit card companies are crooks. Pay them off, then stay away!
Posted by jesterkaren on 2006-02-03:
I agree that Chase is not a company concerned with customer service, however, last fall credit card companies were required by law to increase minimum payments. This is due to the fact that they previously charged very small minimums which made it nearly impossible to pay off the balance. The court ruling was for the good of the consumer. Unfortunately, the credit card companies did not gradually increase payments, but instead did it at once, which really hurt customers with high balances. I hope that you can get an offer in the mail with a lower interest rate and transfer the balances (but watch out for transfer fees!) Or, get some credit counseling to consolidate your debt and pay it off ASAP!!! (Oh, and DONT USE THE CARDS ANYMORE!!!) That is the only way to get out of that hole. Good luck!
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Chase raises rate to 29.9% out of the blue
Posted by Toothdoc on 01/03/2006
I recently received a credit card statement and the APR shot up to 29.9%. I have had this same card and seen it change hands for first usa to bankone to chase. CHASE is where the problems began. They claimed they sent me a letter, must of got lost in the mail or thrown away as junk mail. NO WAY. I am a doctor who has a very savvy accountant. I don't think CHASE was banking on that when they raised my rate! They probably thought it would go unnoticed for months with autopay.

Anyway after 45 minutes on the phone and speaking to 5 different people I got no where and canceled the account. This is the bottom of the banking industry and they think just because there are millions of people out there to fraud that word will not get out. Well I hope this one does and destroys this rip off company!!
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-01-04:
I feel your pain Doc! I cancelled my MBNA and Chase card after they raised their rates. Told them all to shove their plastic up their rectum. Course I hope they don't come to you to have it removed. LOL!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-04:
I know quite a few Chase employees...and I would never deal with them...in fact, their own employees feel the same way...I get alot of inside info from them, that I can not post on here...the only advice I can give is to distance yourself as far away from Chase as you can get.
Posted by hayzon on 2006-01-06:
There were plenty of complaints that too many people were taking too long to payoff their credit card debt. The banking industry stated that with the increase interest rate more of your payments would go to the principal to payoff the debt quicker, but your payment will double. The banking industry hired lobbyists to lobby your congressperson to put laws in affect that they be allowed to increase the interest rate. The banking industries were allowed to increase this rate with the new laws that were put into place by your congressperson. But here is the kicker to this scenario. First they were allowed to change the bankruptcy laws to make harder for people to file bankruptcy. Then they were allow to increase the credit card rates so that if you file bankruptcy they will challenge you in court for the repayment of the debt. They knew that if they increase the interest rate that this would place a hardship on many of their customers and many people may file for bankruptcy because of the higher payments. But with the new bankruptcy laws it is not so easy any more to get yourself a clean start.
Posted by got screwed by chase on 2006-01-13:
Citi Bank has increased my percentage rate and amount due as well - if you have an account with them, I strongly urge you to check them out - I was lucky enough to transfer my Chase balance to another card and cancelled my account - I have nothing but sorrow for those who cannot pay off these theives and close their account - if I've learned anything from this ordeal, it's that you have to look through your bills and read all of the fine print - I never thought I would be penalized for paying my bills on time and never going over the credit limit! Anyone know how the class action lawsuit is going against Chase?
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Chase Bank Employees Even Hate Chase - Chase Branch Manager Can be Your Ally or Worst Enemy-Chase Employees Share Your Insight.
Posted by Discoverhater on 04/19/2006
NATIONWIDE -- The branch managers turnover rapidly at my Chase branch. It seems they last about 3 months and they are gone. I have developed a personal relationship with several ex-managers because you never know when you might need them to help you, especially with the "NSF" issues so many posters seem to encounter with this bank.

You would be amazed to know how many employees and branch managers hate Chase because of how Chase conducts business and exploits their customers. Many of the Chase employees will not maintain personal accounts with Chase because they see what Chase does to their customers and how Chase treats them. Chase micro-manages their branch managers and require them to work 6 days a week. They are also required to work a 50 to 60 hour week with 55 hours being the average so no wonder they leave.

The branch manager is your best friend in most cases. They will happily reverse your "junk fees" better know as bank fees and NSF fees, as they call them, because they have a real ethical problem with how Chase robs their accountholders. The branch managers reverse fees out of spite and rebellion against Chase. You will get a branch manager occassionally who is anal and will not budge on fees or reverse them so the only choice you have is to move your account to another branch or close the account(s) with Chase. You can go to another Chase branch and explain to the branch manager what you encountered and if the manager has ethics, he/she will reverse your fee(s) and ask you to move your accounts to his branch and let him take care of you. On the other hand, you may get another anal manager who will tell you that he can't do anything for you so go try another branch until you find a manager who wants to help you. You can also test your manager's credibility and ethics by intentionally overdrafting the account with one item and then go to the bank once you get the overdraft notice and see what they do for you. You can have only $10 in your account. Go buy $10.02 worth of gas with your debit/credit card because they will only authorize $1. Your account will now be overdrawn when the charge posts tonight or the next night. Wait till the charge posts and then resume normal activity with your checking account. Once you get the overdraft notice, go to the branch and start with the consumer banker employees first and see how they react to your situation. If you do not get anywhere with them, then ask to see the branch manager and see how the branch manager reacts. Act like you are a regular consumer and tell the manager you made an honest mistake and you had less money in your account then you thought and the pump did not stop in time and ask him "Shouldn't the pump have stopped at $10 and not approved anymore". Further ask the manager "Do you really think it is fair to assess me $33 because of a .02 cent overdraft" and see what he says. If the manager reverses your fee then praise him and thank him for doing it and tell him that he is a man of honor and finally tell him how you have just performed a mystery shop and how you intentionally overdrafted your account so you could see how Chase would handle the NSF fee and treat me as a customer. In the event he will not reverse the fee, then tell him how you have performed a mystery shop and intentionally overdrew the account so you could see how Chase treats their customers and it is obvious to you that Chase does not value or care about their customers so you will take your business elsewhere. Chase's marketing slogan is "The right relationship is everything". Make them stand behind it as it appears from internet wide posts that the only "right relationship" to Chase is a relationship where Chase can rob and exploit you.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-19:
Dhater wrote: "You can also test your manager's credibility and ethics by intentionally overdrafting the account with one item and then go to the bank once you get the overdraft notice and see how they do for you."
LOL! How about I put a hot poker in my eye and see if it burns me. Oh yeah and then how about I rob a bank to test our legal system. Get real and please tell me you are kidding.

Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-19:
amaniR:lol, good one. Better watch out, you will be turned into a cc conspirator just like me and JayD are.
Posted by Discoverhater on 2006-04-19:
amaniR - Have you ever heard of "Mystery Shopper's"? Believe it or not, this is what they actually do because the bank want to make sure the branch managers are not being "too liberal with the customers and refunding money that will reduce their billion down profit bottom line." It's called micro-management of the bank employees and managers and exploitation of the consumer. Their is actually a large bank in the Dallas, TX area that has employed this tactic as I know someone who actually performed a mystery shop for this bank but because the bank does not want their employees to know they do this I cannot disclose the bank name.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-04-19:
Although I agree with what you've posted about the way Chase operates...I've heard the same from some of their employees...I have to disagree with the "mystery shopper" idea. Purposely overdrafting a checking account is against the law...it's the same as purposely writing bad checks...Mystery shoppers are hired by the company itself (a mystery shopper for Chase would be hired by Chase to see how their employees are with the customers), You are not a mystery shopper hired by Chase, so, you wouldn't pull much weight with that one, in the end, you are just an unhappy customer.
Posted by Discoverhater on 2006-04-19:
DebtorBasher - I agree with you. My mystery shop idea was only a real life idea that we can use to test the real "integrity" of a national bank giant like Chase. Banks in general will tell you anything to get your money and they will outright lie to you to close a deal. Once they get you in their "shark jaws" then you are trapped because you took the bait. This is what the big banks want because now they can suck your money out of you.

How else can we really trust what a bank tells us and/or represents to us verbally or in writing since they intentionally misrepresent their products and use bait and switch tactics to steal your money. Do you have any better ideas on how we can really see how our specific bank branch will handle issues with your accounts. You can go to 5 differant Chase branches and get 5 differant answers, depending on how loyal the employees are to Chase and/or their customers. I am open to ideas and only tried to offer a suggestion to people so they can really put their banks to the integrity test since you can't believe anything they tell you or disclose to you in writing because they "can amend and/or change the terms anytime they want" and they do this in their favor once they have you trapped.

P.S. - Do you really think a bank is going to turn you in and have your arrested for fraud because you overdrew your account? NO WAY. They make too much money from NSF fee's and banks would shoot themselves in the foot if they did this. The Banks pay the NSF items to collect fees and they manipulate the sort order so the highest items are paid first and the lowest items therefore generate the most NSF fees for the banks.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-20:
Dhater said: "Do you really think a bank is going to turn you in and have your arrested for fraud because you overdrew your account? "
It is illegal to intentionally spend more than is your account my friend. Maybe you won't go to jail for "Mystery Check Kiting" but why would you even consider (much less advise anyone else) to do such a boneheaded thing?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-04-20:
I was also told by an employer, that if someone calls in to do a payment over the phone, and it is for a large sum of money (to pay off a credit card balance, or whatever), they are told to have the customers make the payment with two or three smaller amounts of checks, than one check for a larger sum of money. Why? Because they charge a check fee for each check done over the phone...and...if the checks are post dated and the customer has to cancel the payment for any reason (funds not available), Chase will tell the customer they have to put a stop payment on the check through their bank...costing again, a fee for each check cancelled which will discourage them from canceling in the future. (If you try to cancel BEFORE the check date, Chase can cancel it right out from their computer and it wouldn't cost anything).
Posted by leonkitty on 2007-04-28:
As someone who has worked in credit cards I can share w/ you it is not the bank, but the gas station, that is requesting only the 1.00 auth. If you know you only have 10.00 in your account why spend more? As to the .02 cent overdraft, if it really is a "once in a blue moon" mistake any branch manager will probably reverse the charge. What's missing is how many times have you overdrafted etc in the past.
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Rate Increase
Posted by Suzyq2 on 02/25/2006
I was with Bank one for quite awhile with no problems, then Chase took over. I thought nothing of Chase taking over until I opened my statement this month and got the shock of my life. My rate of 7.99% jumped to 29.99%. I have not had any late payments so I was quite unhappy with this turn of events. I called to see what the reason was and was told that my credit report for the past 48 mo. was the culprit. The past 4 yrs? When questioned further about this the cs rep told me that I would have to look at my credit report myself and even though I have not defaulted yet they were raising my rate to default level in case I did in the future. Needless to say I will be transferring to another low rate card to pay it off and goodbye to Chase. NEVER AGAIN! I hope that Chase goes bye-bye with all their bad credit practices. Everyone wake up and change from Chase, with no customers who can they terrorize then?
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-25:
Another notch in Chase's "Rip off our good customers" belt.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-26:
I've never had a problem with Chase. In fact, I'm saving money by using them because I pay my billing completely each month.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-26:
It's just a matter of time, Ponie.
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-27:
<---- Waiting for Ponie's complaint on Chase in a few months.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-27:
You guys are nasty! :)
Posted by InTheMiddle on 2006-02-28:
Same Exact thing happened to me... they claim they mailed me a letter telling me that... but I don't think I received it...

Same story as other people here, they claimed periodic review, and that I got placed in a new category, too much risk, (i'm in my early 30s... i've NEVER had a late payment on any card EVER, I always pay MORE than the minimum, and i DO let them make money) ... not the best plan on my part, but they should love me... instead they decided to screw me over... so I will be paying that account off ASAP...

oh yea... i have a car loan from them too... never a late payment...

i told them i'd never use them again for anything...including car loans... if they didn't put my rate back... they refused...

my lifelong boycott (or beat them at their own game) of chase has started !!!
Posted by tawanda on 2006-03-07:
I, too, have had the Chase "experience". :(

I have also been told that JP Morgan Chase (niw that they have merged back together) is one of the financiers of our National debt!
While I would welcome Chase getting put in their place for their predatory business practices, I don't know that our government will ever attempt to regulate them. Chase is pulling their strings, too... :(
Posted by debra12862 on 2006-03-17:
Chase told me they raised the rate because of information on my credit report. I am curious though, did you check to see if any actual inquiry has been made to your credit report by Chase? Nothing showed up on my credit report by them since last June, when they actually raised my credit limit - and now I'm being penalized for using it?!?!?!??!
I'd like to know how many were told their credit reports were checked and how many actually show Chase as inquiring to the credit bureaus??????
Posted by dc1 on 2006-04-27:
My wife has just recently (today) gone through this exact issue. Apparently, Chase claims that they sent a letter stating the new interest changes (from 7.99% to 29.9%) and reasons behind the change. Of course we never received and made the call today. We were informed that a credit inquiry showed that she received a substantial credit increase "too quickly" on another card. The card in question was one of two and the only card with a balance. Her interest rate on the second card has not changed for some reason.

Needless to say, we have cancelled the one card, and are looking at cancelling her second and my two. I think its time for a class action lawsuit!
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Lie's lie's and more lies!!!
Posted by Heart&soul on 01/17/2006

I have some credit card debt just like everyone, and bills of course. One credit card is only 2.9 for the life of the loan, not bad, the rest are all 0% for the life or for 1 to 2 yrs. But I do have some balance on a couple small bills from xmas and medical that I wanted to consolidate to one card. Why not just put all on one and be done with it. Great idea right????... I did almost miss one payment last month on one bill and lets not even go there if this does happen with a introductory rate credit card if you miss one day,,, the fees,, your credit report.. WOW, your screwed.

Well Chase has the introductory rate of 0% for 15 months a couple weeks back online. So I went and pulled up my credit report and it was a go, should not be a problem seeing I already have one card with chase with a small balance on it, and my credit score is over 750, so I applied, I have been doing great the last couple yrs in getting these cards.

About 5 days later I get a phone call from Chase at work, wanting to verify some balances I wanted to transfer, some info was missing and she need to clear it up. I ask her at this time if I did get the 15month for 0% and she confirm that I did. I ask her for some kind of confirmation (I cant count how many times they have lied to me, so I always ask this) number, she could not give me one, of course, so I ask her name (real, I doubt it) she gave it to me with no problem, then I ask her for her phone number that I could reach her, no go on that one, she said it has been log into the system and anyone here can bring this up, so just call that same number and we will be at your service!!! YEH. So I'm thinking its not a problem.

Well 1 week later I pull up my other chase card online for other interest and see my new balance for my new intro card on the internet but there is no other info except the amount of the card and the balance transferred that are being made.

I see only one was done, its with my capital one card, the one for 2.9% for the life of the loan. But they charged me $30 fee for doing this, after telling me they would not do this for the intro rate. Of course they lied. So I call up and she gets it removed, I ask when the rest of the balance transfers would happen, she said there was a problem with the others and to use the checks when I get them to pay these loans on my own time, she states the into rate is a go and the card and checks should be there any day. I get home that day and its in my mail box. YES.. Great day.. So I thought. I start reading the fine print. It says intro rate for 3 billings cycles on 0%.. WHAT, 3 months. I call up.. They tell me they don't even see any intro rate for me anywhere, and I'm at 22.3% YEH BABY!!! I freak out, get there manager on the phone, and he tells me this is not true but I have until April on the 0% but still not for 15months.. I wanted to kill!!! I ask him what happened to the 15month intro for 0%.. He ask me when did I see this, because they don't show ever offering this to anyone.. Yeh.. I'm looking online at the same time to find it, no go of course....

So I tried to cancel and tell him why would I transfer a 2.9% balance to over 22%, this is crazy, but the check was already processed to capital one. So we get on a conference call with capital one and neither side can do anything to help me from paying over 22%, no stop payment, NOTHING.. I find this crazy that a billion dollar company cant do stop payment on a check.

I call back one hr later. get another manager on the phone.. LOL, he does not even see the 0% until April the previous manager told me, anywhere!!! He shows NO intro rate for me anywhere. NONE. He says I have to make out the checks first to maybe get the rate, and the other balance to Capital One has not been paid say its not there yet. Hes not sure, he has no clue! But I might get my 0% next week.. Yeh ok.. That’s a first, you always know what you have before hand, Of course he does not even show of me even talking to the previous manager about 1 hr ago. What was his name he ask.. LOL, does it matter I say.. I will be contacting corporate on this matter, and the BBB.

Funny but I hear this from so many people that credit card companies lie to them all the time. Just last week as a matter of fact. I wish congress would put a stop to this buy making them,,, just like MSN and other companies, log our conversation and give you some kind of confirmation number this toke place.. This is crazy that credit card companies can lie and get away with it.

Now I'm stuck with 22% rate when I did have 0% and 2.9% before all this mess. Thanks Chase for making my life a pain.

Thanks for reading
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-16:
I try to tell people to keep clear of Chase...first of all, has anyone who deals with Chase ever notice, that Chase NEVER OFFERS a confirmation number? Why? Because there is none to offer...that's right. Only if the reps are asked for one, the rep will MAKE ONE UP...but it means nothing, if you called back an hour later with your confirmation number, I guarentee you that the rep will not be able to bring up your information with it. Or, if you call back 10 minutes from the time they give it to you and tell them you wanted to verify that you have the correct confirmation number, they wouldn't be able to tell you anything...test it out the next time, when they give you a confirmation number, call them back to verify it and give them a different number, they will just tell you that it is right because they have no number on record. ( a very few reps might document the number they made up...but it's highly unlikely). Also, you have to be careful using the checks from a credit card to pay your other cards. Unless it is a check specifically for "balance transfers", it will end up being a cash advance and you will be paying mega bucks back on it.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-17:
Don't waste time reading what I wrote read debtorbasher's above post again. Good stuff.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-17:
What debtor said pretty much sums it up. As far as "the rest are all 0% for the life or for 1 to 2 yrs.", I doubt that's accurate would be putting it mildly. Why on earth then would you transfer those to, by your own report, a less advantageous deal?
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Chase is Ripping Off Their Customers
Posted by Chris721 on 03/15/2009
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- If you check your Chase account daily as I do, and you sometimes run into a negative balance as I do....then I am sure you have experienced this same thievery from Chase Bank. When you use your Chase debit card, oftentimes, the funds are immediately posted and debited from your account. Although they are debited from your account in a "pending" status, the amount in question is still debited from your available balance. If you have one debit that hits before you are able to make your deposit, then you get charged an insufficient funds fee. I agree with that. It was my fault and I should be charged the fee. BUT...what Chase does is...they change the pecking order of previous debits that were already deducted from your available balance. Once they change the order, then they can charge you not ONE, but two, three or four insufficient funds fees. I have called Chase customer service on more than one occasion because of this. I have actually had customer service supervisors agree with me and credit the additional charges back to my account. I have gone to my Branch and complained about this and have had customer service reps at my branch agree with me that it is wrong that Chase does this. Well, it happened again. I was charged 2 insufficient funds fees when I deserved only one. I called 800-935-9935 and spoke to a representative who could not help me. I asked for a supervisor and spoke to [snip] who refused to help me.

Her excuse on behalf of Chase was that charges had already been reversed for me in the past 12 months so she could not do it again. I did not realize there was a limit on how many times I can be screwed by my bank and have my bank correct the problem. I informed Ms. [snip] that this was nothing more than thievery by Chase Bank and that they take advantage of customers who clearly do not have enough money to begin with. Ms. [snip] explained that when the debit is deducted form my account it is "pending" until the merchant requests the funds. Well, if it is "pending" then why is it deducted from my available balance. As far as I am concerned, my funds were debited when my balance had enough funds to cover it. Changing the pecking order of those debits to rack up more charges for the bank and to suck more money out of me is robbery.

Whether it is Chase Bank or some mugger on the street, I was just ripped off. There has been another large bank that lost a class action lawsuit against them for this same exact practice and I am going to find out about that because I think it is time Chase paid up for getting away with ripping off their customers for so long.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-15:
Whenever you purchase something at a store with a credit or debit card, at the time of sale the store is normally just getting an approval code from your bank stating that they will set aside from your account the amount requested. At this point, the store just has a promise of the funds, but does not actually have your money. This does not happen until the store "batches" or closes its credit card payments, which is normally done once a day when the store closes... At this point, Visa and Mastercard actually transfer the funds from your bank into the stores bank.

Lets say you have $100, and you go into store A and spend $10. You then go into store B and spend $20, and then store C and spend $99. Lets say store C is the first to close at 5pm, so its gets your $99 first leaving just $1 in your account. Store B closes at 6pm, taking the last dollar from your account leaving you with -$19 plus an NSF charge. Store A then closes at 9pm, bringing your account to -$29 and causes you to get a second NSF charge.

I know it seems like you should only have one NSF charge for the $99 purchase at store C, but since they transfered the money first through no fault of the bank, that left your two earlier purchases to create 2 NSF fees.

I guess what I am trying to say is the banking and credit world does not work around when you put your debit card down on the counter, but when the store takes the money.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-15:
Yes, they are ripping you off. The sad part is you agreed to it. If you read your customer account agreement you will most likely find a statement that essentially says they can post your transactions in any order they want to. You are correct in that they do reorder them to produce the maximum amount of fees possible. It is a stinking, rotten game they play. But it is legal. For now.

Changing banks will not help. Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and all the big banks do it.

Close your account and find a credit union. Most process transactions in the order they receive them.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-15:
Tnchuck, what will credit unions do with checks? Lets say I write 10 valid checks on Monday that are within the means of my account, yet I write 1 check on Wednesday that wipes out my account. Lets say the check from Wednesday is cashed on Thursday, which leaves me with a negative balance before the other 10 checks are cashed on Friday. Same things as what happened to the OP, but mine was done with paper and not electronically. Would the credit union waive my 11 NSFs from checks because of when the first 10 were written instead of cashed?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-15:
My point was most credit unions do not reorder transactions to produce the maximum fees possible. I did not indicate you would avoid all NSF fees with a credit union. It was not an issue of waiving fees. If the money is not in the account when the transaction hits whether is be electronic or paper it will produce an overdraft fee. Key point here is the are NOT reordered.

Just a side note: My credit union does not assess an overdraft fee if the overdraft is less than $5.00.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-15:
Ben There, your example would produce 11 overdraft fees. If the customer has had the account for an appreciable amount of time and this was the first offense a credit would likely waive some or all of the fees. Most credit unions do not have the gimme, gimme, gimme mentality.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-15:
So we are assuming that this could not be something as simple as the OP's second charge was batched first?
Posted by Chris721 on 2009-03-15:
Apparantly it is illegal because one of the big banks was recently found liable in a class action lawsuit for the same practice and their customers were awarded restitution. How that was divided up, I do not know. I had recently read about this maybe a month or so ago and do not want to say which bank because I am not 100% certain which bank it was. I would assume the bank is appealing the decision otherwise all banks would reconsider continuing this practice but, that is my opinion.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-15:
Why did you make the second charge if you knew the money was not in the account?
Posted by yoke on 2009-03-15:
I can not understand why people get all upset when banks charge NSF when they have already admitted they knew they did not have the money in the bank. It should not matter in which order checks/debits/credits are presented. You should always have the funds in your account to cover your debits/checks.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-03-15:
Keep better track of your finances so you won't run into a 'negative balance.' Some people simply don't know how to use debit cards without running up overdrafts. Maybe you should stick to cash. If you don't have the cash, you can't spend more than you have. I will not allow any bank to get these fees from me. If I know I don't have it, I don't buy it.
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
STOP charging things on your Debit/credit card when you darn well know that the money isn't there!!!

Problem solved..!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
If you make a debit above and beyond the money available before you make a deposit, then any overdraft/NSF fees are your own fault. No one is trying to rip you off.
Posted by Chris721 on 2009-03-15:
In my complaint, I had said that I deserved the one charge. That was entirely my fault. It was a bill payment that normally hits my account on the same day I make a deposit. It hit a day early. That is noone's fault but my own. I am not blaming the bank or anyone else for that. My complaint is about the bank changing the order of the debits after they had already been deducted from my available balance so that amounts that had previously posted and debited were changed so that the bank could rack up additional fees rather than the 1 fee that I accept responsibility for. I made the mistake of playing it a little too close and I deserve to be charged $35.00 but that doesn't mean I deserve to be ripped off either.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-15:
Cris, this is not directed at you, but at all the people with this type of complaint.
If the money ain't gonna be there, no matter in what order they take it out.....YOU AIN"T GOT THE MONEY!!!! How hard is that to understand? The days of kiting checks is over.
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-15:
AMEN Jktshff !!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-03-15:
Some of you people are absolutely pitiful!

You are correct, if you have no overdraft the order does not make a difference. It's not one or maybe even two NSF fees that is the issue. It's the reordering of transactions to increase the number of fees. In many of these complaints it's usually one mistaken debit that cause the overdraft. But one overdraft should not be parlayed into 4, 5, or 6 by reordering. But the banks are reordering the transactions so they may charge multiple overdrafts when the sole purpose is to screw their customer.

I am really disappointed that so many of you cannot understand how the banks are being unnecessarily greedy. Trying to convey this to some of you is like trying to push butter up a wildcat's butt with a red hot poker. It simply cannot be done.

---The End---
Posted by Chris721 on 2009-03-15:
tnchuck...Thank you. You understand what my complaint is. I knew what I wa trying to explain and could not understand why people were not reading the actual complaint.
I just signed on to this site today and I think it is great. It is very informative and there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here. I have always been the type to walk away quietly and just chalk things up to bad experiences. I am sick of doing that. My money is just as important to me as anyone else's is to them. I am tired of paying for bad service, bad food, bad treatment. I am tired of vague fine print that isn't clearly defined until you want to cancel a service. Even if I cannot find resolution, this is an excellent site just to vent and learn what to look out for in the future.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-15:
tnchuck, I take exception to being called pitiful.
I am really disappointed that you can't understand the concept, if you ain't got the money don't spend it.
If you can't keep a checkbook, use cash.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-03-16:
Guess I must be pitiful, too, jktshff1. I have a really, really bad habit. If I look at my check register and see I only have $25 left, I don't go to the ATM and withdraw $60. Or I don't write a check for $80 and hope my deposit hits before the check clears. No matter how much that check register shows if I want to use my debit card--I'm out of luck! When I got them, I promptly cut them up. I know these are bad habits, but I've managed to survive for a while without piling up bank fees.
Posted by yoke on 2009-03-16:
Ponie, I must be pitiful also. I don't spend more than what is in the accout. Like you if I only had $25 in my account I would not spend $25.01 and expect the bank not to charge me. Even my 16 year old knows that. He has had his account almost a year and has yet to get a NSF.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-16:
I stopped reading at, "If you check your Chase account daily as I do, and you sometimes run into a negative balance as I do...." I talked to one of the tellers at my bank a few days ago. I asked how often people complain about NSF charges and then cannot provide a copy of their register. "At least 3-4 times a day. We have customers who have not made a register entry in 2-3 months, and their angry because of the NSF charge." The bankers have become scum, but it's just stupid to set yourself up to be cheated.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-16:
These practices of Chase, BoA and others are abusive. The sole intent is to extract as many fees as possible from their customers. Customers who can least afford it. Holy mole when did the customer become a 'mark'? Business didn't used to be like this. I'm not affected by OD fees and the probability of me getting an OD fee is pretty close to zero. I'd like think it's because I am a superior smart guy with an exceptional accounting talent. But that crap ain't true. I don't face OD fees because I was very fortunate at birth and in my life have been blessed beyond what I deserve. So, why I should care if Chase abuses people living from pay day to pay.. Ya know that's not me. I guess I care because I'm wise enough to know that if this abuse is allowed to continue then I will be next. The abuser doesn't stop until forced to stop. I want it to stop before it's me having to write one of these complaints.

Good review!
Posted by kcoff47 on 2009-03-31:
The same thing has happened to me with overdraft charges -- twice! I only opened a Chase account because when I went into a Chase Bank to cash a check from Chase Bank, they convinced me to open a checking account with the $100 I received in the mail. But, it has been the biggest mistake of my life! I have gone broke from their overdraft fees. I was even charged overdraft fees on the $100 they gave me -- apparently the deposit wasn't valid until eight days after the deposit.

The first time I experienced Chase's policy of paying the largest charge first and then the smaller charges was around the holidays. I had paid a number of bills online and their charges were pending on my Chase account. Then, a few days later, a large transaction came through that I had forgot to cancel. But, I wasn't too concerned because I knew there were not enough funds and it would be returned, I'd be charged an overdraft fee and then I could clear up the mistake. To my horror, Chase paid the large transaction -- even though it was the last transaction to take place -- and then all of the bills I had paid received overdraft charges or were returned. I couldn't believe it! And, this happened at Christmas. I was wiped out! I spent many hours on the phone trying to explain to them what had happened, and they explained their policy of clearing the largest amount because it may be a rent or mortgage payment or something of importance. I tried to explain that I was wiped out because of this mistake. They reversed a few of the fees, but by then, my account was so messed up I didn't know what had been paid, what had been returned, what had been returned twice -- there were all kinds of fees being taken from my account. I struggled to get my account in balance. And, then...it happened again. I had made a payment of about $300, it was the last payment I had made in a series of bill payments, it caused me to be overdrawn, but instead of that bill being returned for NSF, it was paid, and again all of the smaller charges that had taken place a few days before were charged overdraft fees or returned. I called and pleaded my case, but they were only able to reverse a few fees. I accused them of doing this on purpose to make money from their consumer and they denied it.

Right now, I am in the process of switching banks. I can't afford to be a Chase customer -- I'm going broke!
Posted by goodgreif on 2009-04-30:
I definitely agree with those who say if you don't have the money, don't spend it. However, I have been thru Chase Bank's scheme of the constant NSF fee game they play. I will admit that there was a time or two that I deserved the NSF charge, but just recently, there was an unauthorized debit for $99 which I disputed yet Chase STILL charged me a NSF fee AND a returned item fee...what the hell!!! I was speechless! I couldn't believe that Chase would charge me for something that wasn't even my fault. And I am not happy with the fact that they constantly pay for your transactions knowing that you don't have the money. For instance, if I have $20 in my account and there is a debit for $20.50...return it, don't pay for it so I can be hit with a NSF charge. Give me a break.
Posted by coolrain on 2009-08-18:
Wells Fargo reorders as well. It seems criminal to me. As the original poster stated, it's fair and understandable to be penalized for NSF transactions, but reordering prior transactions to maximize penalties should not be legal. It may very well be in the agreement, however, if all banks are doing it then you really have no choice but to accept it. That said, I think I will check into a Credit Union as some of you have mentioned they may not practice this blatant thievery. The worst part of it is, many people do not even realize it's happening to them. Once the bank finishes their reordering, it is not evident when viewing your statement that this ever occurred.
Posted by cyrus x on 2009-11-11:
hello,i just had this problem today but with M & T bant. i made 3 separate small purchases with my card. the last purchase took my over by 25 cents. i had made these purchase the same day. when i came home i checked my account because i knew i was close. all the charges were there but no fees charged. i thought since it was only 25 cents then maybe they didn't charge a fee.these purchases were made November 5th, they register on my account November 6th and on November 9th, i got hit with an OD fee for the last purchase and the 1st two purchases were ''pending''. on November 10th the other two pending orders went thru and i get hit with two more insufficient fees. so 3 OD fees for going over by 25 cent all because the rearranged the order the money is actually taken out. why wasn't the lat order that took me over not pending as well i don't know. this is obviously a rip off. how can you get hit with fees for because of orders pending and when those orders go through you get hit with fees for them too? how is this ethical practice?
Posted by cmon son on 2010-01-06:
Wanna know what happen to me? I had $11.75 left in my account for almost 2 weeks. I bought a pack of cigarettes from the store for $10.00. 2 days later I checked my account and had -$32. 27. I check my transactions and they charged me an atm fee for $2.00 on something from weeks before.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
Cmon, probably because the bank that owned the ATM had not yet sent in the charge. What did your checkbook show as the balance?
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-06:
Ok I will add my few cents here. When it is a debit card many believe they will not allow you to spend what you do not have. It is not a credit card. It is like a withdrawal and if it is not in there it should be denied. We do not want loans for a day with a big huge fee for them as this is what that amounts to.
Next, when they do give you back a refund for an error on their part, it is done via a "courtesy refund." And I agree why is there a limit to how many times they must correct their own error? So that happened to me. I deposited a check one day from another account in that same bank so it should have cleared within a day the most. Well it didn't for several days so there was an insufficeint funds charge ( when there was enough funds deposited and per law should have cleared timely) . Then, because I relied on that to be in the bank account, my returned payment was now late and fees were assessed for that and that went on my payment record as late. Well I did have them investigate and yes it did show I was accurate and they reversed their fees but the lateness stayed per my payment having to be put through again. So, guess what? Next error they made they said I used up my "courtesy reversals." I said it was not a courtesy but a clear bank error but she has it listed as a courtesy. Click.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
Voiceoff, if banks declined those attempted debits, ya'll would be here moaning about how dare they blah blah. You say they should deny it. Why do they need to? Banks are not your babysitter holding your hand telling you not to overspend. If you are old enough to have a debit card, then you should be old enough to manage your money without some bank having to go Nah Ah Ah...you don't have enough.

I will tell you what my husband told me when I tried to get my daughter to bring me her checkbook and statements so I could manage her money for her: "Andrea, she is a grown damn woman. Let her pay a few fees and she will learn to be more responsible."

He was correct. She paid a few, and learned to keep track of her money.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-06:
Lady yes I know that is their stance but by definition until you know otherwise you consider it as if you are withdrawing from an account and a teller would NEVER give you what you do not have. The rules should be the same or at leasttold to every debit card holder. It would eliminate errors and charges and that is why it is not done cause those are moneymaking charges. I have in fact NEVER had an overdraft by using my own debit card. But my teen daughter had a situation where the bank erroneously made a deposit into her account rather than another account and this was her first card ever so she used that money which she had checked to see first if it was available. So three months later they realized their error and without warning reversed that deposit and charged her with 4 od charges. She had spent less than $30 and had $180 of charges as I recall. And they said if she did not pay they would put into collection. Where is common sense? They claim how could she not realize a deposit was made that was not hers. Well the teller actually wrote my daughter's name onto that deposit slip! So she thought her dad made it for her, which he does periodically, and that is on record.
Point is they won't accept any responsibility for this.
Common sense says if they trapped her by their own mistake she should not be punished for that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
Voice, if I had a deposit suddenly show up in my account, I would dang sure find out where it came from. This is a lesson learned for your child.

As for debit transactions being allowed, do you understand at all how banking transfers work? You have $100, you swipe your card for $99 for gas, but the gas station only authorizes $1, so your bank does not know you spent $99 until the charge comes in from the gas station, so while you still show $99 in your account, you go and spend $40 more. THEN the bank gets the charge from the gas station, and WHAM! In the hole. Now the bank does not know what you spent until the charge comes in. But YOU did.

Therefore YOU are responsible, NOT them. I just do not understand WHY this is so hard for people. My daughter learned that when she does not keep track of her spending by writing down her charges in the checkbook, and following the checkbook and NOT the balance online, that she is giving away her money. She now understands that if the checkbook says $10, and the online bank says $100, she does NOT have $100.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-06:
The gas station authorizes $1 when the gas was $100? You lost me there because I did not know that was a practice - to not authorize the full amount. Is this just something you came up with or how it really works?
I explined that he dad periodically transfers money into her account, and it was there 3 months before they suddenly without warning reversed it. Is noit the bank to blame ? Come on. They will ruin a kid's credit rating who is innocent of everything but catching someone else's mistakes!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
Voice, depending on the gas station, hell even some restaurants, they authorize anywhere form $1-500 to make sure the card is valid. I did not make this up. It depends on location. When the actual ticket comes in for payment, then the auth drops off and the charge is applied. BP does $1. Shell is $75.

Places started doing authorizations due to the high number of theft and credit card fraud.

LEARN how your account works.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
Lady is not making it up. There's a Chevron I frequent. If I didn't write down in my check register that I just spend $20 bucks at that gas station, I'd be up a poo creek without a paddle if I just solely relied on what it told me online. Online, it tells me I only spent $1 dollar there, instead of $20. When the charge actually posts, it posts how I spent it $20 bucks.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-01-06:
Bearkat, the Exxon/Mobil I go to does the same thing. Only I usually end up getting closer to $50 worth of gas. Gas must be cheap where you live. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-06:
$50?? Good grief! Well, I have a small car. Full tank actually costs me around $25 or so depending on how depleted my tank is. Go go Austin, TX. :-)
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-10:
Chase just lowered my credit limit from 15k to 1k on a card I have had for 2 yrs with no late or delinquencies ( I have 1 lateness five years ago on one card and that is in error). Will my lowered credit available affect my score as well as my ability to get funds ? Can I fight it?
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-01-10:
When I use my Visa check card, I often do the transactions as "credit" rather than "PIN"; if I do it as "PIN", my bank (US Bank) charges a 25 cent fee. If I do it as "credit", there is no fee. I also log in everything I spend on the check card (usually groceries or gasoline) in my checkbook, so there are no "surprises". When I buy gasoline, I limit myself to stations that only put a $1 hold on the account...I typically use Speedway, Circle K, or GetGo, because they only put a $1 hold. If I'm at an unfamiliar station, I use a credit card instead of the check card, since some stations put as much as a $75 hold on the checking account, even if I buy only $25 worth of gasoline. But the key is, to prevent overdrafts, log everything in the checkbook, and know how much a hold is put on your account when you buy gasoline.
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Harassing Calls from Chase Bank
Posted by Lampania on 02/15/2006
PHILLIPSBURG, NEW JERSEY -- I went over my limit on my Chase credit card by $20.00, due to a late fees and was going through a hardship and didn't notice missing my due date caused me to go over limit with late fees. I only have a max on my card of $1600, not a huge amount. For 1 year, I wrote email letters, I wrote hard copy letters, I phoned them, I even spoke with their financial adviser to try and set up a payment plan that I could afford. However, I didn't feel I owed them a thousand dollars in overlimit fee since their late fees is what put me over my limit in the first place plus I missed one payment. I got no satisfaction from them. We are ONE year later and every day of the week, including weekends I receive collection calls from them appearing on my caller i.d. as calls from British Columbia 604-495-2468. The calls come in as late at 9:00 p.m. Sometimes they leave a message.

What can I do to stop this harassment. I have recorded the calls and on an average I get 7 calls a day, seven days a week. I am willing to set up payment plan affordable to me for ONLY the money I actually spent, not one year of overlimit fees which was caused by them, not me. They will not cooperate and until I see that the money I owe them is exactly what I spent, I will wait for a letter stating that from them.

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Posted by tander on 2006-02-15:
Credit Cards are good for adding late fees, putting you over your limit then adding more fees, the longer you put off paying them though, the worse it's going to get.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-16:
All credit card companies charge late fees, and many many times it will cause an overlimit fee...that's the way they make their money, but that is also the agreement you sign when you accept the credit card...doesn't mean it's right, but it is in the agreement. As for getting calls as late as 9pm...that is legal. They can call you from 8am to 9pm...any time before or after would be illegal.
Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-02-16:
This is what you should do. You call them and get with someone who can help you to come up with an affordable payment plan. Forget trying to get rid of the late fees and over the limit fees, this is your roadblock right now and if you don't drop it (at least for the time being) they are only going to accrue more and more over time. Once you get some kind of payment plan worked out, write a cease and desist letter to the collections department stating that a payment plan has been set up and you will no longer tolerate harrassing phone calls. Mail this letter certified, return receipt. Once you are making a good faith effort to pay back the loan, the harrassment should halt.

After you've paid back the loan for a while, call them back and attempt to get them to work with you about taking some of the late fees and over the limit charges off. This may do you no good but it is worth a try.

Good luck!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-16:
WHAT?!??!? A C&D to an original creditor??? First off - we don't know if the calls are from Chase's collection dept or a 3rd party CA. The laws protecting the consumer differ based on which institution is calling. If it's a 3rd party CA, there's no such thing as a good faith payment. (pause for laughter here, Basher) There's two scenarios that may apply here - Scn A. If it's the 3rd party CA - 1. call chase and see if they'll work with you - you're going to be paying the fees and all accrued interest no matter what so get used to the idea. 2.IF Chase rehabs the account then make sure you honor the aggreement. Scn B. If it's Chase calling from BC or where ever, then a C&D is not needed (actually...I would HIGHLY advise against it - HIGHLY) - just skip to step two of scenario A...which was to work out an agreement with them. Candypickles...you have to specify under what circumstances your advice should be taken or you're going to cause this person to experience major reprocussions both financially, and possibly litigiously. Ugh.
Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-02-16:
Well, perhaps times have changed but that is EXACTLY what I did when I had an issue similar to this about 10 years ago. I had the ORIGINAL creditor calling me at all hours, harrassing me but unwilling to work with me. I finally called them (instead of trying to work with the people who kept calling me, who had no desire to work with me, they simply wanted to threaten) and worked with someone, was able to come up with a satisfactory pay-off plan, and was able to write a C&D letter to the ORIGINAL CREDITOR'S Collections Department and they did, in fact, Cease and Desist. Now, again, that was 10 years ago and times certainly have changed, but it worked for me once. I suppose it doesn't hurt to write such a letter, it may be ignored but I can't imagine writing and sending it can do any more damage than simply not trying to work through this thing.

The only thing that is happening now is that charges are continuing to accrue. I'm thinking instead of focusing on that particular aspect and not paying the bill until that aspect is resolved is quite counterproductive. This is, of course, MHO.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-02-16:
C&D's are usually only effective for 3rd party collectors. You can also consider paying the account back through a debt management plan. They will stop adding the fees while still giving you a 2% monthly payment amount. Interest is still charged, but at a reduced rate. I don't believe they can do anything about the already accrued fees though. Credit counseling agencies set DMP's up. Shop a few though, as the tend to vary quite a bit in service fees and quality.
Posted by crewboy on 2006-03-01:
Yes, call a credit counseling service and let them help you deal with this. I dealt with one myself years ago. You'd be amazed at how often they will stop late fees, lower interest rates, and even accept small payments that you can afford if you sign up for credit counseling assistance.

Do it now before it gets worse and you end up owing so much money that it severly damages your credit and you have to face the prospect of wage garnishment or filing bankruptcy.
Posted by kfran on 2006-05-11:
i would like to say that chase helped me get in a great program that they offered to get back on track and update my credit in 3 months after making payment arragements maybe i was offered this deal because i answred my phone to speak to them you charge you pay point blank pay and stop complaining no one complain when they charge the card for hundreds of dollars of clothes that now you may have out grown .chase is a bank a bussiness not a famliy member you owe you pay current accounts aren't called only past due ones there are some people who are professional debtors those are the complainers.pay!!!!!!! what you owe
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Posted by Hoi polloi on 08/29/2007
HOWELL, MICHIGAN -- I have been with Chase for 24 years. However, over the past year, I am very tempted to leave. The bank was always very good about reversing overdraft fees if I was not at fault for the overdraft. Now, if it isn't specifically a bank error, they will not even listen to me, much less consider reversing the fee. More recently, I had an interesting experience. When an unexpected debit showed up as "pending", I immediately (that morning) made a cash deposit to cover before an overdraft situation occurred.

However, I found the next day that Chase didn't post my cash deposit until the next business day, allowing the debit to hard post, and them to assess an overdraft fee. I don't see how this is legal.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-29:
You don't seem to grasp the concept that when you SEE a transaction as pending, you are already overdrawn. If the bank has the transaction pending it means it has hit the bank, and just hasn't updated your account yet, but it nonetheless arrived at the bank before your deposit.
Further, from your comments it is apparent that you rely on online balances to balance your account. I am sure I am not the first to tell you that this just doesn't work. You allude to a history of overdrafts. At what point do you become responsible for handling your accounts like an adult?
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-08-29:
Who was at fault for you drawing out more than you have?
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-08-29:
what is an unexpected debit? If you swiped the card, typed in your number, wrote it on a bill whatever, it is an expected debit and should be kept track of.
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-29:
This is the problem with debit cards without using a check register (or some similar instrument). The whole idea of a bank account is using only the money that is already in thereand no more by keeping records of what you spent and where. Now so many people don't bother to keep any records of charges/withdrawls, and expect the bank to "understand" and forgive fees when they forget charges.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-29:
If you want to complain about Chase Manhattan Bank, send a written letter via certified return receipt to: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Consumer Affairs Department, 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450, Houston, Texas, 77010-9050, Tel: 800-613-6743. Also, send a written complaint to your State Attorney Generals Office, Attn: Consumer Affairs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-29:
Ya know I try my best to be an advocate for all review posters. I realize my3cents would be quite a drag if people didn't take the time to post a review and I'm thankful to all those who post a review... I really am so hoi polloi thanks for posting this and I voted it 'Very Helpful'... BUT

Good god your problem isn't Chase, my friend, your problem is that you live from payday to payday. Okay, obviously you have a computer and the internet.... now slap yourself for each of the following that you answer yes to.

1. Do you have cable TV?
2. Do you have large screen LCD/Plasma TV?
3. Do you have car payments?
4. Do you owe on a credit card?
5. Do you refuse to work a second job till such time you no longer live from payday to payday?

I don't mean to get all JayD on your ass but OD fees are the symptom not the disease. Thanks oi polloi for taking the time to post this very remarkable review! (And I think to myself what a wonderful world)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
well said Stew, and might I add one more thought.. No matter how much you make or don't make, if you keep track of your transactions - ALL of them - in a register, that you balance every day, and only refer to your online statement as a reference - you shouldn't experience OD fees. It really is that simple.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-08-30:
I went to deposit CASH in my account around 330pm on a Friday afternoon, they said it would be posted the following Monday. But if someone walked in with a check I gave them after 330pm Friday they would deduct it from my account immediately. So if I put $100 into my account BEFORE I wrote the check I could still have a NSF situation. Banks are the ones living in the 1940's because they can screw the consumer just a little bit more that way. I mean, CASH is $$$$ - no hold, why not have it show up in my account immediately?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
Tim, the reason is that the banks have to have a point where they cut off the transactions for a given day, so that they can begin the nightly update process (which takes a LONG time to run). So even though you deposit cash late Friday afternoon, the actual account update isn't going to happen until Monday night. It isn't a hold, it's a work flow issue. If you look at your receipt for that $100, it will either have Monday's date on it, or it will say something like 'effective next business day'. In effect, you didn't deposit before you wrote the check.

In a situation where someone may present a check to a teller, generally speaking they are able to see that you have a cash deposit pending, and will honor your check. This is purely a courtesy, they are not bound to do so. A check that comes in through the Fed will not be handled by a human, and no one will see a pending deposit, and you get burned.

Last note: you will always do better in this regard at a credit union.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
STEW: just for fun , i took your slap test. I have a T.V., slap. Plasma no less, slap. No car payments, slap. Do not owe credit cards - paid in full, slap. Do not live payday to payday, slap. Eat healthy, slap. Have cats, slap. Have a dog, slap. Oh no, i can't stop slapping myself, slap. Help me Mr. Wizard !, slap...I voted your comment as 'very helpful',slap...lol...lol...lol
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-08-30:
What is an "unexpected debit"? You either authorized a deduction from your account in one form or another or you didn't. And I just don't understand why people don't realize that banks are perfectly within their legal right to charge an overdraft fee if at any nano-second in time you have authorized more money to be deducted from your account that you have on deposit? With computers running our lives, the days of spending money and then running to the ATM to cover the debit after the fact are over.

I have two words for you and everyone else complaining about overdraft fees - - CHECK REGISTER.
Posted by noh8rz on 2007-09-03:
Tim, thats not true if you deposit cash its made available to you right away unless you deposit it in an atm.
Posted by Charles Parker on 2007-11-01:
Yesterday, I too realized I made a mistake and needed to make a deposit. I went to the ATM and as soon as it was sucking it in I realized the teller windows were open and my deposit was not about to count for that business day.
Oh well, there goes 105 dollars for three items. I called the bank to ask how much the fees were, and what was going to be assessed, she told me the wrong amount so this morning I am still 5 dollars short. I understand about this being my fault but Chase in my opinion KNOWS the system and could easily fix things like this, by number one assessing the fees or at least showing them as probable in some way. Basically what I am saying is its a machine that tallies and figures this, therefore it follows hard rules. The code is outdated. And yeah, I think in today's age we should be able to rely on online balances - the banks do.
One more thing, I was given a line of credit, at that time the bank employee set up my back up funding source to the line of credit. I did not authorize that, I have a savings account with money in it. I remember the day I went home and looked online and noticed I had 3 accounts that I could view, one of them being the line of credit.
3 or 4 months later I was out of town and on a vacation for the weekend. I wanted something that I knew I didnt have the money for in my checking account. Knowing I had money in savings that would automatically transfer (for a fee! even though they never mentioned that when OD protection is set up) I spent 300.00 dollars.
When I got back to check my account I noticed that the money was in my account but it didnt come from my savings account. Interestingly enough my line of credit was removed from my online list of accounts that I could view.
I had to call the bank and get them to give me access to my new account online again, which btw including the automatic transfer fee of 15 dollars brought my actual effective interest rate to like 43% interest or something.
I don't recall the numbers exactly but it was insane.
there are so many things wrong with Chase its amazing.
I need to rant about one more thing.
I make a deposit roughly in the amount of 2k every two weeks from a company I do work for. I have done this for years. I have a business account, a home mortgage, a business savings, and now the line of credit.
As a "security measure" they have placed a hold on my deposit and mailed me a letter stating they would reverse any OD that this might cause. Well, since we started paying bills out of what was at the time of deposit a done deal, like always we sure enough had a few overdrafts a week later. I figured a phone call could straighten it out but no, I had to go down to the local branch. So I did, where I was greeted by a teller who like most of you guys on here gave me a speech about managing my money and that I needed to go to the branch that put a hold on it.
I asked for a manager, who within seconds and without a fuss clicked a few buttons and said "sorry about that" reversed all the charges including the fees and meanwhile the teller is glaring as though shes still in the right.
A polite conversation with the branch manager told me more.
Local checks clear that night, there was absolutely NO VALID reason for the hold, after reviewing my account he said its a glitch in the system.
The worst part is that since the bank has no way of knowing what fees are incurred because of a "random" hold there is no way to reverse them unless the customer comes in and asks for the charges to be reversed.
It wouldn't be so bad but unfortunately I have had random security holds placed on my deposits (afterwards not during the transaction, meaning no mention on the deposit slip from the teller.) more than once, in fact in the last 2 years I have had approx 6 random holds in both my business and my personal accounts. Every time they reverse the charges, but only after going to a manager. Who at this time all know me.
The last time the manager told me that if the total charges were over 200 she wouldn't be able to do anything. Keep in mind that several branch managers and phone calls to as high up in Chase as I could get by phone - NOT ONE employee could say why my account was targeted and all agreed that there was no valid reason and the charges should in every case be reversed. WHY WHY WHY!!! no-one knew. I am still with them. Its just too much trouble to move all of my accounts and the next bank will probably have a new set of crazy issues that I will have to learn about the hard way.
If you've read this far THANKYOU
Posted by LucyMing on 2007-11-18:
Actually the bank I use to have in college in pittsburgh would disregard the overdraft fee as long as you paid for it withen 24hrs; the amount you over draft from the bank. I believe it was national city? Also; your blatent insults and judge of character show a lack maturity on your end.
Posted by ygl on 2008-01-22:
I have been having bad experiences over all. Let's say that I don't keep full records of all of my transactions, fine.. I'll take responsibility over fees assessed for overdrawing at times BUT when it comes to withholding funds, it's becoming rediculous. I mean, my husband has an additional account at a different financial institution, we both made identical deposits at both banks on the same day. He was able to immediately use his funds, me on the other hand, am STILL waiting. I'm so incredibly frustrated with their policies and fees and so forth, that I AM CONVINCED now, that I will definitely be closing out my account with them. I made my deposit Friday afternoon and here we are, early Wednesday morning and I have yet to see the funds become available. The fees they charge are just outragious and the entire system is just NOT set up to benefit the client in any way whatsoever. I AM DONE WITH CHASE BANK.
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Chase Raise Our interest rate to 29.99%
Posted by Lockabyami on 02/09/2006
Chase credit card raised our interest rate to 29.99% right after they more than doubled our monthly payment. We called and requested for them to lower our rate, They raised our rate more!! Has anyone thought how this is affecting the Middle Class? We tried to offset the new min payment change by paying more only to get kicked in the gut by the increased interest rate.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-02-10:
Yes I have though about it alot. They raised my rate to 30 percent on 2 cards. Because I was late on a payment to another credit card company during hard times. Not late on the Chase card but another. They said they raised my rate because missing a payment put me in a high default rate. So I told them if that's what you want and I defaulted on the loan. So far I just get a call a day sometimes 3 from collectors. It's been a year and a half now. It's the only way I could think of to fight the power. 30% that's loan shark rates. They took me in at 1.9%. Wanna talk about bait and switch.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-10:
Do your best to get rid of all your credit cards. None of them are in business for the benefit of the consumer. You are going to see more and more of these stories where one CC issuer raises rates because of something on your credit report unrelated to them.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2006-02-10:
I'm aware of this practice by Chase, through this site. They did not raise my interest rate, but I feel its unethical so I transferred my balance, closed the account, and told them why.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-10:
I differ with your comment, Hugh. The CC companies DO benefit me. In most cases, I've chosen the 12th of the month as my cutoff date. I can charge something on the 13th of the month and don't have to pay for it until almost a month later. I pay my accounts off each month, thus I have the use of their money for quite a while. Of course, I watch how much I spend each month to be sure I have enough $$$ to pay them. If I feel it would be close, I don't buy it.
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-10:
You go Ponie! I love to see people beat them fairly at their own game.
Posted by rlynn on 2006-02-11:
Until A Big Spotlight is put on Chase they will continue to gouge consumers!
My APR went from 12.99% to 29.99% I received notification only after the fact, although I most certainly noticed the change on my statement!
I have contacted them four times and have received 4 different replies, none of which actually answer the question.
They also say that account reviews are "random" and that there is No Process to get an account reviewed. If you've ever worked in a business then you can appreciate that this statement makes no sense! It only sounds like some BS that is told to consumers.
Do what you have to do to put this to a stop for yourself and your family.
Complaints to the BBB Should be investigated!!! There's no point in the BBB if they don't do their job!
You should also write your senators and state attorney general as well as the OCC. I have, and I will be continuing to knock on these doors until there is action.
This is unethical gouging on Chase's part. Let's all watch for their earning report to come out and then we'll see.
Also, you can see what they are doing to Katrina victims and Military personnel at:
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-11:
Wow that Inner City article really does sum them up, Rlynn. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted by darlene on 2006-02-23:
The best way I know how to stick it to the credit card companies is to take their money on the 0% interest rate, put it in a CD for the alloted time and pay them off the month before your rate goes up. Use their money to make money.
Posted by debra12862 on 2006-03-17:
If your account is not closed yet, call them back and tell them you want them to lower your rate. Of course, they will tell you NO. Tell them you cannot make the payments and ask who you need to talk to about that. They will transfer you to some sort of internal credit counseling help. Tell them the same thing... ask them if you can apply for a hardship loan. I applied and got my $11,000 balance reduced to 6.9%; closed the account, but it will be paid of in 5 years.
DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. They are liars and thieves.
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