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Posted by Ajani4 on 08/20/2005
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have a washer and dryer that I purchased from Frigidaire last year. From day one I a have had issues with the dryer not completely drying my clothes. I have called, I have had someone come out and was told that nothing is wrong with the dryer. One night after drying the same
load of clothes six times, I have finally decided that no matter what they, this machine is a piece of garbage. Do you know how
high my electric bill has gone up since I purchased this equipment ? I would like someone to contact me and explain why I am having
these issues. You cannot possibly expect me to believe that it is normal for it to take six cycles to dry an average load of clothes.

I would also like to share with you the experience that I had with their Customer Service department over the last two days. On Tuesday 8/9, I called in to the toll free # and spoke with a young lady by the name of Shaniquia. I explained my situation to her and she trasferred me to someone by the name of Christina. Christina told me to have someone to come over and give me a diagnostic of my machine. She also gave me the names and number of two service agents to contact. I assumed that since this had been an ongoing problem that Frigidaire would pay for this. When I called the agent, I was at that time informed of how much a service call would be and that he would be expecting payment from me at the time of service. On Wednesday, I called your toll free number again and as luck would have it, Shaniquia picked up the phone. Obviously she did not remember me. After explaining the situation to her again, she explained to me that my appliance was no longer under warranty that your company was no longer responsible for service calls. I told her that I understood that, but I would like to speak with someone to express my displeasure in this situation. She then went on to tell me that there was no else that I could speak with. I asked was there a Consumer Affairs department. She said no. I asked was there a corporate office. She said no. I asked was there a supervisor. She said that would be her. I asked if I could speak with her supervisor.
She said that they were not available. I asked if she could put me throught to the person (Christina) who I spoke with on yesterday. She said that she did not know who that was as the number that she transferred me to was not in the same office. My question to her was: if she was able to transfer me to that number, why was she telling me that there was no one else that I could speak with? I told her that I found it extremely hard to believe that a company of this stature would not have anyone else that I could speak to other that on the Customer Service level. This is the same company that in it's greating says "welcome to Frigidaire, the world's largest supplier of home aoppliances". I thanked her for her time and we ended the call. I immediately called back and spoke with Kelly who was of all things A SUPERVISOR that Shaniquia told me did not exist!! I explained to Kelly that I really did not feel like going through this entire explanantin again. That I only wanted another contact number or address that I could call and speak with someone about this situation. Before Ms. Jones put herself in a position to discredit herself like Ms. Shaniquia did, I told her that if she was unable to supply this information to please tell me and I would get it off of the internet or through the Better Business Bureau. She gave me the following address:
Electrlux Major Applainces
Customer Care Center
PO Box 212378
Agusta, Georgia 30917

If this is not the correct address, I will soon find out because as soon as I send this letter, I will start researching your coimpany information.

I havehad this appliance for over a year...and true- my warranty has expired. However, I have had two service agents come out and tell me that there is nothing wrong with the appliance. I have contacted the technical department numerous times and have been given troubleshooting tips in order to make sure that my settings were correct. None of these things have been helpful. I have received several extended warranty offers through the mail, and if I were satidfied with this product, maybe I would have taken advantage of those offers. But why would I purchase an extended warranty when I can't even get my appliance fixed through the original warranty? This appliance has NEVER worked properly. I don't know if Technical Support has a record of my calls, but the two service visits are recorded. I have resorted to finally taking my clothes to the laundrymat to dry. Now guess what?? The washer no longer works. I am so dissappointed in thiscompany and their customer service department. And Shaniquia should go back and be retrained on Customer Service procedures.

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Posted by cubmom04 on 2005-11-22:
I have had the same kind of trouble with Frigidaire's "customer service" department. I recommend going to this website: http://www.repairclinic.com/
They have an 800 number to help you troubleshoot the problem with the appliance, and you can purchase the repair manuals and fix the problem yourself by purchasing replacement parts through their site (a far cheaper option than hiring repairmen). I wish I knew about this company 4 years ago, before I started sinking a lot of money into washing machine repairs.

As for Frigidaire, they flat out do not care about their customers. I will never purchase another Frigidaire product, and I make sure I tell every person I know how awful their products are and to avoid them at all costs.
Posted by LindseyGrace on 2005-12-21:
I have a Frigidaire dishwasher that I have had problems with since day one also. It does not clean and the top rack continually falls off the track. But the worse part of the whole situation is the so called customer service department. I could go on and on here (and I think I will post my own situation also) but I just had to tell you that you are not the only one. The amount of time that you get put on hold is ridiculous. Then when you get to talk to someone, all they do is take notes and tell you they can't do anthing. They can't transfer you. They told me the refund department does not take calls. Give me a break! Then here we all are with appliances that we've paid good money for that have never worked and we're stuck with them. Not to mention having to deal with people that really don't care if you are satisfied with their product. The kicker is when they ask you at the end of your conversation, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" Give me a break. I've turned my issue over to the BBB but I found out that several locations are not memebers of the BBB and the two locations I checked out had unsatisfactory ratings due to unresolved issues. I'm wondering if the only way to get through to these companies is to ask someone in television to get involved.
Posted by Rob8731 on 2006-05-07:
I had the same problem with Customer Service. They are located in New Delhi, INDIA, and work off of a script. There is no way for the agents to make any decisions if your complaint doesn't fit the script. I answered the "on line" survey after speaking (yelling) with customer service and I did get a call from Mr. Carl Fabian in Augusta GA. He promised me reimbursement for my replacement parts. Haven't rec'd anything yet, but I'm still pessimistically awaiting my refund. I still won't purchase another Frigidaire EVER! I'm smart enough to know when I've learned my lesson. WHAT A SHAME!!!Frigidaire used to be a top notch company.
Posted by JetsChris on 2011-02-04:
I feel your pain! Frigidaire/Electrolux is a TERRIBLE company! I have had similar problems and will never again buy one of their products! I am going to attempt to get the word out on the internet to others to NOT invest their hard earned money into Electrolux/Frigidaire products!
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Run Away Fast
Posted by Ilsamae on 10/19/2007
HANCEVILLE, ALABAMA -- In February 2007 we bought a Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator model number FRS6LR5EM6. The end of September, the 27 or 28, it quit freezing/cooling. I called the service center and was told they could get someone to come out and fix this on Oct 3. That was almost a week later but I thought hey I'll get it fixed. They came out and diagnosed the problem as a compressor that was faulty. They see it a lot he said. It will take a week for the part to come in. I had bought a 4. something cubic foot refrigerator to tide us over. Thursday Oct 11 I called the service repair center to see if the part was in and when they could fix the refrigerator.

That part won't be in for 7-14 business days the receptionist informs me. I told her that was 3 weeks without a refrigerator and she said oh well. I called Electrolux and they said we can overnight the part. I said great. They said we will call you back, they never did. Friday Oct 12 I called back and was a little more forceful in my frustrations of not having a refrigerator that worked in the last 2 weeks. call the repair place and tell them to send us a fax stating that it is unrepairable due to the part being on back order and not available until Oct 31.

I called and the receptionist was very rude and told me that she hardly called Oct 17 as the end of the month. I told her what Electrolus told me and they faxed it. Tuesday I called Electrolux and asked if they received the fax and they said they did. I called back Oct 17 and asked about the status of this they told me it was denied because they could overnight the part to me and I would receive it Thursday. I didn't get the part yesterday and the repairman can't come out and fix it until Tuesday Oct 23 almost 1 month since i called to start with.

My husband wants to buy another refrigerator and take the 8 months old one and light it on fire at Electrolux Headquarters in Georgia. I guess I will call in a little bit and ask them what DHL did with my part because it did not come here. I think all the people who have been burned should get together in a class action suit against this company and clean them out so they can't screw other people over.

I will never buy anything from this manufacturer nor will anyone in my family.

Edit for update: The now is now supposed to be here today. I'm not holding by breath. I have also made a customer review at Lowe's and emailed the head of customer service department.

More: DHL called today and asked for a house number because all they hav is the street city sate and zip code. Now I can expect my compressor Monday, and magically their customer service centers are down this afternoon. finally after 2 hours of waiting to them to call me back(they never do), I called and got someone who was droning on and on about how sorry he was. If he was truely being sorry I couldn't tell it from his tone sounded top scripted for me to be believable. I guess I will see the shipping lable for myself when/or if it gets here Monday. A whole freaking month without a working refrigerator. I almost think I should run an ad in the paper and sell it to cut my losses and buy a different brand. I just hate losing that much money.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB, the Attorney General of my state, posted bad reviews on websites, sent an email to the head of customer service and going out Monday is a certified letter going out to the Vice President of Customer Service department.

Edited for update 10/23: After waiting until 4 pm on Monday for DHL to bring the alleged part, we once again called Electrolux to ask how much longer must we wait to get this part. The repairman is supposed to be here Tuesday between 1-5 pm to install this part that I have been repeatedly assured is arriving on Thursday, Friday,Monday and now Tuesday. We were told they don't know what the problem is as DHL has it in Birmingham which is 60 miles away from our town.

The repairman is coming today and I haven't called to cancel the appointment, just in case the part magically appears before the appointment time. We have once again been assured that this part will arrive in the morning. I guess Electrolux will pay for this service call also. This afternoon I am going to buy a new refrigerator and file a suit against them in small claims court for the price of the old one.

I received an email from the head of the customer service department and he said while he was very sorry for the wait and bad customer service from them and the repair place there was basically nothing he could do. Evidently his title hold no power whatsoever except to gain him more money than the average Customer service representative.
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Posted by sunshyne0203 on 2007-12-03:
Posted by ilsamae on 2007-12-04:
I finally called enouh and filed a complaint with the Attorney General of my state and the BBB with their state and they gave me a replacement. It just so happened that Lowe's didn't have that refrigerator in stock so I got a whirlpool this time and a year's warranty it too. I hope you get it straightened out.
Posted by jigsaw on 2008-06-11:
Let me know when youn find an attorney for the class action suit. I have an electrolux dishwasher that has worked three times since May 19, 2008. They have sent the wrong part 2 times and in the infinite wisdom overnighted me a return part label instaed of the part! I'll never buy another electrolux appliance either.
Posted by olddogbeentaught on 2008-09-03:
I want to know about that Class Action lawsuit if started also.
Posted by Michelle on 2014-03-27:
Thank you for this review! Your (horror) story of dealing with "customer service", and believe you me, I'm using that term loosely, is so crazy, it almost doesn't sound true. I can assure everybody out there, IT IS true! Nobody at Frigidaire is willing to do pretty much anything for you, no matter how high the corporate ladder you climb. When they tell you someone will call you back, that is a blatant lie. I'm now in week 2 of waiting for a new part for my 7-month old microwave from the repair company (I was told the part would arrive in 8 days). When I called and complained to Frigidaire about the wait time, their resolution was as follows: "Someone will get back to you within 48 business hours to tell you when the part will be shipped". Yeah, I already got that memo. That's actually worse news than what I got from the repair company! Side note: they never did call me back with that major announcement. I believe the part must be being shipped via donkey, as there is no other believable excuse to explain a 2 week shipping delay in the year 2014. After one of my many complaints, I was told about the HUGE favor they are going to do for me: the installation of the illusive part requires 2 men, and normally I would be responsible for paying for the labor of the second repairman, but they are willing to pay for that. That's the "favor" they are doing for me. They don't listen, don't care, and are obviously reading off a script. I don't know how they sleep at night.
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Frigidaire Appliances Falling Apart
Posted by Cairney21 on 04/19/2012
I purchased my Frigidaire appliances 4 years ago, and didn't install them in the home for another 6 months. I purchased a kitchen package that included the frig, over/range, B/I microwave, and dishwasher. As of today I know have all 4 piece broken.. The the try for the outside ice maker broken off just months after purchase, and the shelves in the freezer side don't actually fit and sometimes the slip and the rack falls and so does all the items on it. The Dishwasher was next the "control box/ panel" went out 18 months after purchase, the part and labor would of ran about 200 dollars, I said no thanks and to this day I have to reset the circuit every time I need to run it. The handle on the microwave just cracked off and to replace it 100 dollars and now the over went out. Worked yesterday and now nothing. I have not every been so disappointed in a product let alone a brand. This was my first appliance purchase ever and I was putting these items in to my first home. I thought these items would of lasted at least 10 years. I know the appliances in my moms home have lasted for years. I again can not express how much these items suck. I will never purchase the Frigidaire brand or any other brand associated to them.

Please take my advice and DONT purchase this brand!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-19:
Outstanding review. Thanks for the warning. Sounds like a real pile of junk.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-04-20:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Frigidaire. When you purchased the kitchen package consisting of 4 appliances I'm sure you trusted the brand name. Sadly this is meaningless today. Most appliances are so poorly made that it's really a crap shoot of what to buy. If you read the reviews on this site the most problematic are Kenmore and Whirlpool. They simply don't make them like they used to, the quality is gone.

Unfortunately your only defense (and I hate saying this) is to buy the extended warranty. The labor and parts are horrendously expensive. The most common failure seems to be the electronic circuit/idiot board. This part alone can easily cost $300 or more. Then add the service call and installation for another $150 or more. OUCH!! The only thing I can suggest is to work with your dealer to get this resolved.

Posted by Slimjim on 2012-04-20:
They say Frigidaire has come back from decades of poor quality products, but I still would look elsewhere as well just the same.
Posted by david on 2012-04-26:
I bought a refrigerator, upright freezer and a range from Frigidaire 2 years ago when i bulit my new home after hurricane Rita, Coontrol panel went out in my freezer,(their best) with in 6 months, lost all my food, Refrigerator thermostat has ben replaced twice plus the ise make once and it runs a lot. Now the electric range, none of the thermostats are near close to each other for the burners, takes long time to heat the ove, and top gets so hot that you can not touch touch it. Whirlpool washer no better! Samsung microwave literly blew up in my face. Now the 2 so far that has gave me no prblems is my Maytag high end dishjwasher and my Maytag over the range microwave, also high end.
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defective electric range
Posted by Sekhmet on 06/10/2005
QUEENSBURY, NEW YORK -- in August of 2002 I purchased a Frigidaire model FES367ASD glass top, drop in electric range, with the control panel on the front. It cost $884.89.
On May 11th 2005 a pot on the stove boiled over sparks and black smoke began issueing from the front of the stove near the control panel.
I'm a senior living alone and could have had a serious fire. Luckily, my children were over for dinner that night. They pulled the stove out and unplugged it. Over the course of several days I spoke to the salespeople at the store where I purchased the stove and had the authorized service technicians come out and have a look at it. Both parties said that the fire "should not have happened" From this I surmised that the stove must have been defective in some way to allow the water to get into the wiring thereby starting the fire.Meanwhile I was given a repair estimate of over $500.00. I spoke to a person at Electrolux on the phone. He told me that if the service technician who looked at the stove certified that the stove was defective that Electrolux would give me a new stove. I called the repair service and told them this. They said that they would have to talk to the company and would get back to me. Over a week went by with no word. Finally the service technician called me and informed me that Electrolux would not give me a new stove but would give me a 30% rebate of the purchase price [about $265.00] towards a new stove. It seems to me that they would'nt do this unless they knew that the stove was indeed defective. I'm on a fixed income. I can't afford a new stove, even with their paltry rebate. Neither can I afford to have it repaired. And even if I did have it repaired what's to say this won't happen again, perhaps with much more serious consequences. So I guess we are supposed to figure in to the budget the expense of replacing a major appliance every two or three years. What an outrage that the American consumer has to sit back and take this. By the way Electrolux corporation makers of Frigidaire also make Gibson and White Westinghouse appliances among others. So before you buy, research,research,research.

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No Response
Posted by G.sutton99 on 02/20/2014
TORONTO -- I recently purchased a gas range from Lowes. When it was first hooked up the one burner wouldn't light.A week later two more wouldn't light.Contacted Lowes and they are great. Going to replace it. Emailed Frigidaire and told them the problems, no response! A week later we called them. They were rude and didn't care!Told to deal with service dept. Will not ever buy their junk again and told them that!
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Posted by Chris Polk on 2014-03-06:
Hello G.sutton99,

On behalf of Frigidaire, please except our humble apologizes on your recent frustrating experience.
We never wish such inconveniences upon our consumers and want to research this more. If you will, kindly contact our partners at Canada.Assistance(at)Electrolux.com with your full name, model #/serial #, and complete contact information. We look forward to better assisting you and restoring your confidence in our brand very soon.

Best regards,

Online Outreach Representative
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Flimsy Shelves in Refrigerator
Posted by Mako.blaisus on 02/13/2014
The bottom shelf broke within two months of buying the unit so the crisper drawers stopped slidding. In the last four years every shelf in the freezer and refrigerator have bent and broken under normal use, a couple gallons of milk and a bag of apples type of weight.
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Posted by Angie_regis on 01/20/2014
KEMAH, TEXAS -- Last night I was standing in my kitchen making dinner preparations. My back was to the Frigidaire side by side refrigerator model FFHS2622MB3. I heard a strange sound and said out loud what is that noise? Then I smelled a burning smell like an electrical fire. I thought someone was outside doing something associated with the noise and smell. The refrigerator is by the back door and when I reached to open the back door I saw smoke boiling out the back of the refrigerator! I called for help, unplugged the appliance, and put the fire out by blowing on it. My husband then saw water dripping on electrical components in the back of the refrigerator. The water line is not connected since my cabinets were recently replaced and the refrigerator is new I have not had time to drill the holes to run the water lines. When I called Frigidaire they told me the product was manufactured Jan. 15, 2013, today is Jan. 20, 2014 and the product is no longer under warranty so they did nothing. I am just thankful that I was standing next to the appliance when it caught fire and not sound asleep with a house full of people! No help from Frigidaire!

I had a technician come to my home. He found a faulty relay capacitor and replaced it. The technician said this model was originally built with this obsolete relay capacitor (Frigidaire was aware of this) and after many problems started building the units with the updated version of this relay. I spoke to Frigidaire concerning this matter and all they had to say was sorry for the inconvenience. They re-checked their records and found no evidence of the faulty obsolete relay capacitor. This is seriously dangerous and I would warn anyone who owns one of these units to make certain they have the correct relay installed in their refrigerator!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2014-01-22:
Seems more like an installation problem than a manufacturer's.
Posted by Chris Polk on 2014-01-23:
Hello angie_regis,

We certainly apologize for the concerns you have recently experienced with your refrigerator appliance. We never wish such inconveniences upon our consumers and want to research this more. Please contact us at SocialCare@Frigidaire.com with your name in the subject line and all contact/product information in your email body. Also include the service company’s name that is repairing your refrigerator so we may contact them to ensure we review all of your information.

We look forward to better assisting you and restoring your confidence in our brand very soon.

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
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A Very Disappointing Manufacturer Lacking in Quality and Dependability
Posted by Stittumg on 01/14/2014
FLORRISANT, MISSOURI -- I shan't be long. Probably I should just reserve my comment and contain it to myself, but a revelation couldn't be read or known. I have had a major and consistent problem with the oven in my residence. In December of 2012 the oven was installed and within month had to be repaired, as the result of a faulty thermostat. Several months later, the problem surfaces again. This time an additional part was connected to the oven (note this part was never with the oven initially). Long story shorten, the repairman has been to my residence four (4) times for the same problem. My first encounter with a Frigidaire representative telephonic enlighten me to the fact that the serviceman sent by the company from which the oven came wasn't an authorized repairman. Strange, I purchased the oven from a company (middle man) and not from Frigidaire. I incurred cost for the repair the third time. This last and fourth time brought the same problem. (note the problem, when you want to self clean the oven or attempt to bake or broil, the thermostat malfunctions). I learned of a 'service flash kit' being issued on this particular oven. So my questions were. Should this range be recalled or are faulty parts being manufactured? Giving into consideration, the company only guarantees the oven for one (1) year has caused me to really consider any additional purchases of products by the manufacturer. I initiated a second telephonic audience with a Frigidaire representative Some 'hopefulness' was generated from that audience. The representative was very apologetic. I had a thought, maybe she felt my concerns. Now parts were order and to be shipped and I would be made whole. The parts never materialized at my door, and at this writing still haven't. A contact with the oven's seller revealed a redirection to the manufacturer, as the parts come from them (note, the repair company also indicated this too). Now when contacted the manufacturer redirects to the repair company. Sounds like the run around. Now with authorization and control numbers, I learn of a backlog for my particular parts, further those parts won't be available or shipped until January 30, 2014. So here I am. Can't prepare any form of a Christmas or New Year's dinner nor can my family and immediate relatives celebrate Kawnzaa which we have for the past twenty years. Be it as it may, I spent over a thousand dollars in catering to ensure that our family tradition would happen. There are only so many limited meals one can prepare without the utilization of an oven if you're not into simplicity. One mainly, you can't bake nor broil. From December 18, 2013 through January 31, 2014 will be forty-four (44) days with limited practices with my oven. I can't understand how and why I have to wait for parts from a multi million dollar company. Could it be me acknowledging lodging a complaint with the BBB and FTC (Federal Trade Commission)? Maybe, maybe not. Secondly are parts manufactured in the USA or are my necessities the result of outsourcing. In closing, I thought you needed to hear from a quite storm.

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Posted by XpressUrself on 2014-01-16:
Have you called and asked for a supervisor?
Posted by Chris Polk on 2014-01-23:
Hello stittumg,

We certainly apologize for the concerns you have recently experienced with your cooking appliance. We never wish such inconveniences upon our consumers and want to research this more. Please contact us at SocialCare@Frigidaire.com with your name in the subject line and all contact/product information in your email body. Also include the service company’s name that is repairing your oven so we may contact them to ensure we review all of your information.

We look forward to better assisting you and restoring your confidence in our brand very soon.

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Posted by stittumg on 2014-01-26:
So once again, I'm suppose to contact Frigidaire and give an associate all of the pertinent information regarding my oven and who's repairing it. This is my point. Why should I have to do your job? My name is within your computer system. Your company generated an authorization number. I don't need anymore apologies. I need a company to do their job and stop cause for further complaints. Just as and when you research your computer system. You will learn my name, the problems, how many times I've called, what supervisor I encountered and learn that nothing has been resolved in the fast approaching forty-four day period without the use of my oven. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW TO DO YOUR JOB OR WHEN TO DO YOU JOB! Until such time, this company's report card can only deserve the F(ailure)
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Frigidaire Refrigerator
Posted by THADEOUSMCKOY on 12/26/2013
We purchased a Frigidaire, refrigerator in 11- 2009. Recently the freezer temp does not fall below 25 degrees.This happened days before Christmas and we lost hundred of dollars in meats, frozen foods etc.As a consumer I am very dissatisfied and frustrated. The fridge is 4 years old, my last one lasted over 25 years. We paid $600 for the fridge, its junk, the compressor failed. I had gotten 2 quotes from qualified techs.I am spreading the word to consumer products and all my fellow employees, friends, family, etc not to purchase Frigidaire products. I may even set up a blog and network everyone.We are so fed up and frustrated and now we are forced to purchase another fridge and certainly not Frigidaire on one paycheck, my wife is laid off.
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Posted by Chris Polk on 2014-01-03:

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Frigidaire, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can do to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to SocialCare@Frigidaire.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Best regards,

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
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Design Flaw Repairs Cost More Than Original Purchase Price
Posted by Ragtimegal60 on 11/30/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- In 2008, I purchased a brand new Frigidaire Side by side refrigerator model # FRS3R4EW4. Since then I have had to hire a repair technician 3 times at the cost of $249.00 each time. I have had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food, mop up water and try to restore damages to my hardwood floors. For what I've lost, I could have purchased another new refrigerator.

There is a design flaw with part # AP3837323. This is the start-run relay, aka "compressor kick starter". Looking at several websites, you will see that this is the first and foremost complaint about this refirgerator series. Please don't waste your time trying to call the customer service 800 number. What a joke! They only try to sell you something and record your phone number to sell to telemarketer lists. They also don't speak English and know nothing about appliances or repair issues. Also, be prepared to wait on the phone a long, long time as you hear, "Your call is important to us" repeated many times. This product is sold under several popular appliance names such as, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and a few more.

Also before you buy a frig, make sure it's manufactured in the USA. These are mass produced in Mexico. If you buy one, be prepared to listen to a huge array of vibrating, rattling and obnoxious sounds coming from the back of the frig. Also it would be prudent to buy at least 3 $60.00 relay parts as you will soon need to replace them. PLEASE DON"T BUY THIS PRODUCT!
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