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2 desktops - HP Pavilion p6115y - smoking from CPU and computer is dead!
By -

I want to warn anybody against buying anything from HP period!!! Any HP computer, desktop, laptop, Netbook, printer etc. Do not expect HP customer support to resolve your issues, even if you have 2 of the exact same HP computer desktops catch on fire! I and several of my clients have had numerous problems with HP computers. I recently had fire issues with 2 desktops, both model HP Pavilion p6115y, both caught on fire with flames and smoke coming out of the back of the CPU. HP Customer support is really horrible!!! They have given me the runaround and have not been honest about a fire hazard with this desktop model that I bought 2 of (HP Pavilion p6115y).

HP is one of the biggest outsourcer in this country, they have outsourced almost all their customer support!!! They have shipped their production along with their support out of the United States, taking away manufacturing and customer support jobs from American workers who certainly need jobs and are certainly smart enough to work on an assembly line or answer support questions. HP makes super cheap products with cheap parts and labor and cheap non-English speaking customer support. Unless your problem escalates, then they give you an English speaking support person, who pardon the pun, tries to "put out the fire". But they aren't really trying to solve your problem.

When I first called HP support and got 3 different Indian "English speaking" customer reps, I had to spell out every single word I said, it was so tiring!!! i.e. you know like "Desktop", D is for Dumb, E is for easy, S is for Stupid, K is for Kite, T is for Tom, O is for Okeedokee, P is for Pain. You can't just say the word, I had to do this stupid waste of time spelling out the word for everything I said, so be prepared to waste a lot of time if you have to call HP Support!!!

Here's the post I left on HP Support "support" forum: ** "I bought 2 HP desktop/monitor combos on 09/07/09 from -HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y and a monitor. The Desktop in my office starting smoking and caught on fire about 1 week before my warranty ran out, at the end of August 2010. I called HP support, spent over one hour on the phone, being sent to 3 different people, (all 3 were men with Indian accents who couldn't understand half of what I was saying - must have been my Boston accent).

One thing common in all 3 of the HP support men I talked to, they were all very concerned that the computer was smoking with flames out the back. I was assured by all 3 of the HP reps that I would be sent a new computer! Well that "HP line" changed on Monday when an English speaking woman representative called to tell me that would not receive a new computer and that I had to send my computer to HP where they would fix it.

She did not seem alarmed at all (maybe since it wasn't a computer catching on fire in her house!) I shipped it to HP and they supposedly fixed it. Yes, it doesn't smoke and burn anymore but the fan runs really fast and makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason several times a day!! I have been a computer consultant for over 30 years and fix all my own as well as client's computers.

It's obvious that the CPU gets too hot and the fan is working overtime to cool down the CPU. So it was really not fixed by HP! In fact it is making that noise now as I am writing this! HP just fixed it just enough to please themselves and my computer became out of warranty right after it was fixed last summer. I NEVER leave my computer on when I go to bed or leave the house after it caught on fire last summer and HP supposedly fixed it.

When I had the first one fixed, I raised my very serious concern that this problem would also happen to the other exact same model that was in my son's house. And I said that I was worried that that same model desktop may also have a "fire/smoking CPU" problem. I was basically told by the HP customer service representative that there was no basis for that theory "of it being a problem with a particular model" and they WOULD NOT replace the other computer of the same model. I was told that I was "worrying too much" by the HP representative I told my son to be careful and turn off his desktop when not in use since mine caught on fire.

Luckily my son and his wife were home when this exact same thing happened to the HP Pavilion p6115y in their study, the one I bought at the same time as the one that caught on fire in my house. Last week the other HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y computer started smoking and caught on fire, they smelled it and were able to shut it down before the flames were able to spread from inside the computer. Well wouldn't you know it, this computer is out of warranty!!!!!

SO I'm stuck with a dead HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y that could have burned down my son's apartment. And this is after I raised a VERY STRONG CONCERN that this exact computer (HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y) would indeed catch on fire. Too bad the HP representative blew me off!!! Has anyone else had this problem with HP Support and an HP computer that caught on fire??

BAD customer service
By -

I used to love the customer service that HP had but as stated by several others here, those days are gone. I bought my computer mid March. I tried to burn the recovery discs to no avail. I called several times and each time they have you on there at least an hour and you get no resolution. I emailed. They responded with me having to do several things which I already had done but luckily it was quickly resolved in only 3 emails and they sent me a set of restore discs... but I still can't burn.

Well I was on the phone a total of SIX hours with 4 different people last night and today. The first was 30 min and he said he would have to call me back and never did. I called a lady but didn't have the info she needed so she called me back way past the 1/2 hour she said she would call me but hey, she did. It took 1 1/2 hours because I had to keep trying to burn discs, give access to my computer so they could try, etc. She said it was a driver but since she called me she would have to have me call back because she couldn't transfer me. I was concerned about this but she said it was OK.

I called back and had to go through the whole diagnostic thing, walk through everything again. I was told he needed some sort of error code and the first lady didn't get it and he can't transfer unless he gets it. Well 1/2 hour into it and trying to burn yet more discs I did get quite rude and he asked me to "put in only one more" for the sixth time... I said NO give me a supervisor... it took 1/2 hour to even get a supervisor but the super talked, sounded, etc JUST LIKE the guy I just was talking to! Yet again I had to do 20 million things. Then he says "do a system restore then try to burn the discs again and if it doesn't work I promise I will send you a new driver".

He tells me he will call back in 1/2 hour... UMMMM that was HOURS ago. I call back yet again and the lady wants me to go out and buy more discs but a different kind. I said "are you kidding? I have wasted about $40 since I got this thing because all you people do is have me keep trying." Well, she refused to do anything until I bought a different kind.

Hung up, called back and got a "level 2" person. Well, they said they were typing everything up but 1/2 hour later... I am still sitting there without anyone even saying anything? I spent 1/2 hour yesterday, and over 3 hours today trying to get someone to replace my DRIVER that a computer guy came in and said was bad and they need to replace because I have a WARRANTY still! NEVER EVER EVER will I buy HP again. I am thinking about getting this one repaired by my computer guy then selling it just because I don't want HP in my house! I did email Mark Hurd twice while I was waiting on hold. But from what it sounds like... no one ever gets a response from him either.

Bad Customer Service on new HP Pavilion
By -

On May 30, 2009 my 79 yr. old mother bought an HP Pavilion Computer from Best Buy for $529.98. She paid for it with her Visa card. In early November 2009 the computer suddenly would not turn on. I then went to her house to see if I could help. I first called Best Buy and they informed me that since it was still under HP's warranty I should call them.

I called HP Technical Support and they walked me through some steps to determine what was wrong with the computer. One of the steps had me opening the computer to check on the power supply. They determined that the computer had a faulty power supply and since it was under warranty they were paying for us to ship it back to their service center to have it replaced.

On November 19, 2009 Paul H -the Customer Relationship Manager with HP called my mother and also sent her an email stating that they couldn't honor the warranty because they "are not allowed to work on or repair units with insects, pests and/or insect droppings inside the computer. We are returning the computer to you un-repaired. Please do not attempt to return the unit for repair as this will not be covered under warranty and we cannot repair it." This was an absolute lie because I had to go into the computer to diagnose the problem before it was shipped and there was no evidence at all of any type of pest infestation.

And even if there were, I certainly would have removed them before shipping it back. Not only that but my mother keeps her house spotless and completely pest free. When asked what type of pests they claimed that they wouldn't tell us. In other words they didn't have to prove it... just their word against ours. I immediately called the next day to try to contest this situation and escalate the complaint. I was told at that time that they still had the computer and would escalate the issue. That was another lie because unbeknownst to me it had already been returned to my mother's house. So I then went to her house to unpack the computer.

Not only was there no evidence of pest infestation when I opened it but lo and behold there was a "HP Refusal of HP Bench Repair Service" document that stated the reason it was returned was due to "possible blood spilled". There was no mention of pests at all! So there was more proof of their lie. We couldn't figure out what they meant by "possible blood spilled" so we looked the computer over with a fine toothed comb and the only thing we could find that they MIGHT have been referring to was a very faint pink spot on the back of the computer-something virtually impossible to see(there was nothing on the inside).

I can assure you that neither me nor my mother bled on the computer so this was a far fetched attempt to not have to honor their warranty. But even if that faint spot had been blood that had nothing to do with the power supply on the inside. Why didn't they at least ship us a new power supply if they couldn't replace it themselves? This whole episode smacks of outright fraud. Then it only got worse as we took it back to Best Buy to pay to get it fixed. They told us that they couldn't repair it even if we paid because HP had voided the warranty. I had to raise a ruckus to get them to repair it and they made me sign a waiver but we finally got it repaired.

However, we should not have had to spend a penny to get this problem fixed but we paid a total of $102.98 because my mother needed her computer back. HP has no proof of their false claims but the honest consumer was left holding the bag. This was a much bigger hassle than it needed to be and the only thing we did wrong was stupidly buying an HP computer thinking that they were a reputable company. We were wrong. The service ticket number that HP refers to for this issue is: **.

Bad Customer Service!
By -

NEW JERSEY -- OK, I was in the market for a new computer, so I jumped online, and searched for a computer that was to my liking, and I found the Pavilion A6110E. So, I called HP and spoke to one of their customer service reps on 7/13/07 to purchase one. I was so excited, when on 7/21/08 the computer came. Hooked it up, and started to use it. No more than 2 weeks into using it, things started to happen, the "Nvidia" graphic card would "has stopped working and has started again" then the monitor would go blank, and come back up again. It would freeze on me, and also, reboot for no reason whatsoever. FUN!

So, I called HP - they went through there tests - and they couldn't find anything out - the one person I spoke to told me that I should delete the whole entire computer and start new, perhaps something that was inside it was just a glitch and to erase the hard drive. I did that -a number of times - nothing worked so back on the phone to HP. We decided that on 8/13 (that was how many times I had to call HP) they were going to give me a replacement computer since it seemed something was wrong with it (um, hello?) so packed it up, and it went back to HP - and I received the "replacement" on 8/15/07.

So the replacement,guess what happened!?! it started to act up again like the other computer. I was so tired of having to call HP that I decided to leave it alone. But it got worse, on 7/11/08 I tried to type a word document, and I kid you not, the computer when word opened locked for 10 mins. I had to wait 10 minutes for the stupid machine to let me type in word. When switching from users (my parents have an account on it) it took such a long time to switch over.

Also, shutting down the computer - I was lucky if the thing actually turned itself off - I had to stand there and watch it cause it was very unreliable. It was also rebooting by itself, and the Nvidia card error was happening again. Checked it out - I was still under warranty, so I called HP to try to get my money back for this stupid machine.

I spoke to one of the customer reps once again, and went through all of their hardware tests - oddly enough, the computer passed all of them! Then, he decided to give me to his manager. The manager wanted me to sent the computer in and have it repaired. I told him I just wanted my money back, not one replaced or repaired since the same thing may happen again. He said they wouldn't give me the money, since I was out of their 30 day return policy rule - if they did give me anything it would have been $18.00!!!!!

I told them that that machine would be the last HP product that I purchase, that their customer service stinks, and I hung up on them. I packed up the computer, and put it in storage -THANK GOD I still had my Gateway Profile hanging around, hooked that machine up, and so far I'm happy. No error messages, no reboots - and it lets me type in word with no problem. I will never purchase a computer from HP ever again for how I was treated. Thanks for reading this!

Repair Nightmare on New HP Desktop PC
By -

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA -- I purchased this new Media Center PC at BestBuy on 10/22/07, and it took 2 weeks to get all my software & hardware working with Vista. When we tried to set up the onscreen TV (internal) tuner through the Media Center software, it failed. Having used an external TV tuner on my older Dell, we didn't think it would be a problem getting it to work. Wrong!

The Media Center was indeed able to recognize our Satellite set-top box so we could get picture and sound, but the last step in the set-up process gave an error: IR Cable Not Recognized. (Note that without being able to set up the TV feature in the Media Center, there is no way to get onscreen TV.) After countless calls to HP for assistance with this issue, NOT ONE service rep knew ANYTHING AT ALL about setting up the internal TV tuner. Moreover, there were apparently no instructions available to them to understand the problem or the solution and at least 2 of the reps didn't know what “IR” meant!

The HP Elite manual we received with the HP was not even up to date. It showed a diagram of an EXTERNAL TV tuner box with cables, but no reference was made to the now INTERNAL infrared sensor. We wasted HOURS on the phone, ran through dozens of exercises with positioning the cables, one rep even took over control of our PC to try to simulate the problem, and yet another had us take the PC casing off to check for broken wires, etc., all to no avail. We received nothing but promises that the problem would be fixed with the part they would eventually ship.

The "part" was always the same--a new remote control! We now have 3 remote controls, all of which work, but that was NEVER the problem! We asked for new cables each time because everything worked but the cables. The cable “part” was apparently never in the order system, according to the last rep we talked to, meaning they couldn't order it (which is, I suppose, why they kept sending a new remote control!).

After feverishly making other arrangements to borrow an old, slow Dell PC—then the time-consuming part of setting it up with all our accounting and work-related software knowing we'd be without the new PC for at least a week, we finally agreed to ship our new HP to the factory on 11/23 for diagnosis & repair. We were told several times it would be 4-7 days before we would get it back. I received an automated email on 11/29 stating the expected return would be 12/5.

A few days after the PC was received by HP, a manager from the Tech Repair center called. He had our PC in front of him and we again walked through the entire TV tuner set-up problem with him. That's the last we've heard until I checked on 12/5 on the website for repair order status. We had NOT RECEIVED ANY emails or calls informing us of any additional problems, so we postponed commitments and made arrangements to be here all day for the delivery of our HP on December 5th. After checking the website, I found that the update revealed a new delivery date of December 17th! Since we were not informed of this, we AGAIN had to make additional arrangements for a loaner PC!

We have spent countless wasted hours on the phone with tech support reps who know absolutely nothing! They refuse to let you speak to a supervisor and keep you waiting on the phone constantly. We were finally able to get transferred to the Repair Unit on Dec. 13th, where a Tech Repair Specialist (who refused to let me speak to his manager) told me the PC was all fixed - that it was a software problem - and that it would be shipped out that afternoon via FedEx.

I felt somewhat at ease and asked him to email me a FedEx tracking number, which he agreed to do. The next morning when no email was received, I looked at the status order website and found our PC was now changed to a delivery on 12/24! No one EVER called to give us this information! They arbitrarily change the shipping dates and don't have the guts to call you!

I have written lengthy letters of complaint to all the Executive team members, and not one of them has even acknowledged my letters. I've also faxed them--with no result. I was able to get in touch with a Customer Relations manager yesterday, and after waiting forever on the phone, he transferred me to a case manager who told me they were waiting on a "part" and there was nothing they could do.

No one has offered to replace the faulty PC and they refuse to compensate their customers for all the downtime with no PC and aggravation of wasted calls due to their faulty equipment and unskilled personnel. It is the worst company to deal with--all you get is apologies for the inconvenience but no action. The executive staff consider customers the lower end of the food chain and shrug their shoulders at any complaints.

BestBuy refuses to take the machine back because it's over their 14-day return policy. We have been without a workable PC for going on 2 months now, and it's just our bad luck we chose HP. We recommend that if you're looking for a good PC and good customer support, DON'T BUY HP!!!!

New computer came with very old O/S
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On May 20th, 2005 I spent almost $1,000 on a new HP Media Center m7060n computer. From the first night I had it home I found a multitude of problems. I could not update Media Center software with Rollup 2, the Microsoft download page told me I did not have a Media Center computer. I did not have administrator access so could not download software like RealPlayer or do many other things.

The computer kept rebooting itself and each time reset the screen resolution far too high so I had to manually reset it each time. The optical drive would almost always get jammed against the door flap when I'd close it. After two service trips to Best buy and lots of money for diagnostics and other services (the first time the computer was not fixed) I got HP customer service involved and they authorized a new optical drive and motherboard. However that did not fix some of the problems.

The primary complaint I have with this computer, after spending almost a year and a half trying to figure out why it wouldn't download Rollup 2 or Media Player 11, among other upgrades on the Microsoft download site, is that I just discovered it has Media Center 2002 software. That was the first version and pretty bad O/S software. Media Center 2004 fixed many problems and was much better. Media Center 2005, released in October of 2004, was even better.

Why would a new computer in a sealed box purchased half-way through 2005, some 7 months AFTER Media Center 2005 was released to OEM manufacturers, contain the old O/S? The Best Buy salesperson who helped me decide which computer to buy (it was either the Sony Vaio or the HP Media Center) told me how greatly improved the new Media Center software was and sold me on this computer for that reason.

He didn't know that the new computer had Media Center 2002 in it but Best Buy set up the computer and could have found that out. When I brought it back complaining that I could not update Media Center with Rollup 2 they should have figured out why. When I contacted Hewlett-Packard customer service and explained the problem they should have known.

I can't believe that HP would sell as new a computer with obsolete O/S software. This software cannot be upgraded. One has to buy a new computer to get Media Center 2005. I can't afford to do that, I sold my beloved Fender guitar and amp to get the money to buy this computer. Based on my experience with Hewlett-Packard selling as new Media Center computers with old O/S software long after the first update to Media Center 2004 became available in late 2003 and over 7 months after Media Center 5 was released, I would never buy another HP computer nor could I ever recommend anyone else buy one.

Selling a "new" computer with old O/S software which cannot be upgraded, thus making the computer obsolete before it even gets home, since the O/S cannot be updated to the 2005 version, is unethical and shows a complete lack of concern for HP's customers. If anyone else has experienced this issue please post about it. If this is their general practice perhaps a class action lawsuit can be initiated at some point in the future.

HP motherboard issues
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- In September of 09, I purchased a HP 6130Y desktop, with all the accessories. Everything worked fine, until the middle of June. That's 9 months after purchase. I started getting random lines through the screen, and having freeze ups. I brought the tower back to Best buy, and they told me nothing was wrong with it. Obviously, it didn't happen when they wear looking at it. I had restored the computer to factory settings, but as I started downloading everything I had backed up back into the computer, it started up again, randomly. This was in August.

By the middle of September, it stopped working all together. I was so disgusted, I let it sit for a few weeks. I then brought it back to Best Buy to be looked at, and they informed me the warranty had just ran out. The store sent it out to a service center. The Tech from the service center called me and told me that the motherboard had burnt out, and that this is an ongoing problem with this motherboard. He recommended for me to just buy another computer, because it was not worth getting this one fixed, because I would just have the same problem again.

Obviously, HP is aware of this, but chooses to screw customers around rather than to make good on a lemon they sold to the public! I saved this voicemail on my phone. I'd like to get to play it back on National TV or someplace where a lot of people can here it! I called every number for HP I could get, but they have no intention of making good on a piece of crap product! The best they would do was to offer me a 20% discount on a repair that according to the tech, wouldn't last anyway! Gee, thanks for being such good sport! One thing is for sure. I will NEVER purchase an HP product again, and I will do my best to make sure NO ONE that I know ever Doe's so again!

Service? Not so much...
By -

I customized mine. 8GB ram, quad-core processor, 2GB Radeon HD5570 GPU, Blu-ray/lightscirbe optical, 23' Widescreen HD monitor, upgraded sound card. 1.5TB hard disk. I paid. When I asked about PSU, the saleswoman told me that 'their system would self-adjust and add whatever PSU was necessary'. When I got my order conf. - I saw they installed a 300 watt PSU. Why? What?

AMD's website calls for 400 watt min PSU running that very card. Nevermind eveything else sucking power. I contacted HP just one or two days after placing my order, and a few times before and after it shipped. My questions were not addressed; I was patronized and treated like an ignoramus who could not possibly know a thing or two. 'Your power supply will be fine', they said, over and over and over. All I wanted was to send it back and have them put a PSU in there that supports all the upgrades that I paid for. I wanted someone to agree and affirm that something indeed was wrong with only having a 300 watt PSU installed in a machine like that.

After being referred and transferred, I am advised my only choice(s) are to return it and get a refund. Return it and get store credit, of course still needing to pay for the PSU upgrade. Or be stuck with it. If I replace the PSU myself, I void the warranty. It's not the machine I have a problem with, it's the service. The saleswoman who sold me the machine was the only HP representative who answered my questions - and that was just because she wanted to make the sale, they didn't have my money yet.

That's why I will never buy an HP ANYTHING again. The pc and peripherals are good. I got a 200$ discount. But once I gave them my credit card number, I became a number. My questions were re-directed and ignored. The only native-English-speaker I encountered during the whole process was the saleswoman. I don't care who it is or where the person on the end of of the chat/phone is from. A human is a human. But I do want and expect clear communication, acceptance of responsibility and direct, concise answers. Specially since between the box and the monitor I've spent over 1500 for an HP pc.

Bad Desktop PC product quality and customer service
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- My HP Pavilion S3620F Slimline Desktop PC system crashed just 23 months after purchase. Online complaint forums show this type of crash is common - No video input. The system has a documented reoccurring defective part and should have been recalled but HP does not seem to be concerned about bad product quality.

Computer problem - Computer monitor would remain blank after turning on computer and system would appear to not boot up. Lights come ‘on' on the computer (main power button, green light within computer body) but monitor remains blank after initial monitor run through. Monitor, keyboard and mouse work with another computer. Boot up disks made when the computer was purchased do not help fix the problem as monitor remains blank.

100's of users on both the HP support forum and online complaint forums describe the same problem with the Slimline Desktop PC series, and most say it is probably a faulty motherboard. My system is less than two years old and this lack of reliability make it a lemon. Several support forums imply a recall that expends the warranty for 12 months but I can not find any information about this. I called HP Total Care support phone on 9/28/2010, but was just told it would cost me $99 for any phone support (call reference # **). The phone personal would not tell me if the warranty has been extended because of a recall as suggested on complaint forums and an HP support forum.

A new computer is a major consumer purchase, and the consumer should expect a reliable system free of defects that lasts for more than two years. In this case HP has made a low quality, unreliable computer system and then they do not support those computers for a reasonable amount of time relative to the purchase price when they are defective and parts fail.

Customer Service Failure
By -

In August of 2009 I purchased a desktop computer from Hewlett Packard and have been subjected to nothing but grief since. The computer shortly began to seize up along with spectacular psychedelic displays and shut downs of other varieties. After about 50 to 100 hours on the phone with their "technical support" people (from Delhi, Hydrabad, The Philippines, and Mexico City), many of whom had me try all kinds of tests, even to taking the thing apart to try something else, they finally agreed to send it back to the factory.

The factory found the graphics card and mother board to be defective, replaced them and sent the unit back. Within a few days the same problems appeared again. Another 50 to 100 hours on the phone and the unit was returned to the factory again, This time they found that the graphics card was again defective as was the hard drive, They replaced them and sent the unit back again,

Within a couple of days the same problems reappeared. More time on the phone but this time I was referred to a "Case Manager". I asked them why they didn't just replace the unit as it had to have cost them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars working on a severely defective unit, not to mention my upwards of 200 hours on the phone and personal loss of service. Their response was that that was policy and when I asked to speak to a manager, I was told sorry, but that was as high as I was allowed to go! And it is as, try as I might I couldn't get any higher.

Still no resolution, but the unit was sent back to the factory for the third time just the other day. Do I expect satisfaction? You bet I don't, at least not from this company. And to make the cheese more binding, I got an earful from the Fed Ex driver as he picked up the unit. He stated he'd never buy a HP computer. He recognized the box to HP immediately, pointed out two of my neighbors that had been sending their units back as well, and said he sees HP return shipping boxes coming into the Fed Ex distribution center all the time. Would I buy an HP again? No way! I probably wouldn't get the chance anyway because they'll probably be out of business soon at this rate!

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