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HP motherboard issues
Posted by KTMCowboy on 11/07/2010
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- In September of 09, I purchased a HP 6130Y desktop, with all the accessories. Everything worked fine, until the middle of June. That's 9 months after purchase. I started getting random lines through the screen, and having freeze ups. I brought the tower back to Best buy, and they told me nothing was wrong with it. Obviously, it didn't happen when they where looking at it. I had restored the computer to factory settings, but as I started downloading everything I had backed up back into the computer, it started up again, randomly. This was in August. By the middle of September, it stopped working all together. I was so disgusted, I let it sit for a few weeks. I then brought it back to Best Buy to be looked at, and they informed me the warranty had just ran out. The store sent it out to a service center. The Tech from the service center called me and told me that the motherboard had burnt out, and that this is an ongoing problem with this motherboard. He recommended for me to just buy another computer, because it was not worth getting this one fixed, because I would just have the same problem again. Obviously, HP is aware of this, but chooses to screw customers around rather than to make good on a lemon they sold to the public! I saved this voicemail on my phone. I'd like to get to play it back on National TV or someplace where a lot of people can here it! I called every number for HP I could get, but they have no intention of making good on a piece of crap product! The best they would do was to offer me a 20% discount on a repair that according to the tech, wouldn't last anyway! Gee, thanks for being such good sport! One thing is for sure. I will NEVER purchase an HP product again, and I will do my best to make sure NO ONE that I know ever Doe's so again!
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-07:
The technician was correct that the cost with labor/parts to replace the motherboard is prohibitive in comparison to purchasing a new PC.
PC prices are at a reasonable level and will likely be dropping as holiday season approaches. The average cost of labor/parts for a motherboard replacement is $400-$700.
Posted by KTMCowboy on 2010-11-08:
The point is that all the Gateways and Dells that my family has owned, never had a problem. If a major component fries, the parent company should fix it in good faith for customer relations. The computer cost 680.00. They want 700.00 for a new mother board! I have to believe with the Technology today, this was purposely designed to last just longer than the warranty. How much doe's the motherboard cost HP ? 25, 50.00 dollars. I have a business. If I did my work like this, I wouldn't have any customers. If HP don't make good on this, they lost more than one for life!
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HP Rebate Problems
Posted by Arkie on 01/02/2008
I've sent the same information to HP twice for a purchase made in August 2007 yet their website says that the rebate can't be processed. After considerable time, I finally located a phone number of the rebate center only to get a message that I must call back later. The computer/monitor bundle had two rebates. The one from Office Depot came with no problems but HP simply wants to wear the customer down by asking for info already sent.

I'm not stupid, I sent exactly what they asked for. What a scam. I use to think a lot of HP not now.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-02:
Tiger Direct, OnRebate and many other retailers have been sued and lost over the rebate scandals of the last few years. It's called "breakage", HP by wearing you down will end up keeping the money. Last year it was estimated that 40% of all rebate claims were never paid out.

The best advice the attorneys offered that sued OnReabte was for consumers to spend an extra few dollars for a receipt when sending in your rebate request. Then to start calling and emailing after 6-8 weeks. HP will now try to ignore you until after the expiration date of the rebate, make sure they don't get away with it. Good post and info. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-02:
Very good info Superbowl... As always buddy you're all over these computer related issues. I might add for myself I chose to boycott all products with a mail in rebate for the very reasons stated by my good friend superbowl. Good review. (VH).
Posted by pequaboy on 2008-03-05:
I purchased a Compaq Presario back in 2006 and sent all the needed info for my rebate. The address to send it to was somewhere in Cali (don't remember). I got all the info I originally sent back about 7 months later from an addy 10 miles from where I live. A note with the info read they needed more information I already gave them everything I had so I just resent the same info to the Mesa address. 3 weeks later I got another letter from them telling me all of my info was in order, but the rebate had expired 3 months prior to their receipt of my 2nd letter. I blew it off and chalked it up as a learning experience. The rebate value was only $75 and not worth my time chasing it down. However now before I purchase anything (with a rebate), I talk to the manager about creating a store rebate, I explain my rebate history and find roughly 75% of them will credit my purchase and collect the rebate themselves.
This works with small stores like Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. NOT with Mega stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, The Wiz, etc.
Posted by Mr. L on 2008-08-19:
The same thing happened to me:
HP and their "rebate" is a big scam. I bought an HP Computer at Staple and Staples offered me in addition to the Computer a free HP D 1455 Inkjet. Well "free" - they told me that I first have to buy it and then would get a Mail-In-Rebate. I followed all the instructions absolutely precisely as they were printed. Guess what - I never got the mail-in- rebate. In addition to that I also never received the $50 mail-in-rebate for the computer. HP sent me 2 letters, telling me that I did not had the right serial numbers and that the other rebate has already been expired. LIARS. Check the Internet - are all the other people which complaint stupid too or what. Stay away from HP. This company has no ethic and no pride!!!
Posted by the great poopa on 2011-06-28:
HP's rebate scam is the reason I won't be buying any more of their crap.
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HP Customer Satisfaction
Posted by Bandb on 01/12/2010
Last month, I bought a new HP Pavilion desktop. It was defective at the outset, periodically shutting down and re-booting unexpectedly. After numerous contacts with tech support, only recourse was to return to HP for bench repair. It was returned 10 days later. Upon unpacking, something was noisily rattling around inside the case. When hooked up, the unit would not operate. Opening the case, it turned out that the fan unit was totally detached, and there seemed to be a number of unconnected wires. It was clear that the unit had been shipped this way -- the problem could not have been due to transit damage. Called tech support, explained problem, and was assured that I would hear back later that afternoon. That did not happened. Called again in the evening. Only recourse is to go through the whole return-repair routine again. Whither quality controls and customer satisfaction? How much outrage does HP expect us to tolerate?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
"Opening the case, it turned out that the fan unit was totally detached, and there seemed to be a number of unconnected wires. It was clear that the unit had been shipped this way -- the problem could not have been due to transit damage."

I beg to differ. This problem can and does happen pretty regularly. Excessive movement can make things jar loose. You got to realize, this item is being shuffled around the factory, boxed, shuffled to a truck, transited, shifted to a shipper, then on to a store or to your house, where it is then moved to a storage area or your desk.

If you know where the things plug in, just do so. If not, call the help line, or google it and get it fixed. I have bought several computers in the past, say 20 odd years, and have had to reattach cables a handful of times.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-13:
I would have taken it back to the store immediately and asked for an exchange. You don't have to keep defective merchandise as long as its within the return time frame. There is no excuse for the thing being in pieces or you having to be unhappy with it as long as you have a receipt.
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A Letter to HP
Posted by Cndavis on 04/06/2005
CALIFORNIA -- This is a letter I sent to the CEO:

Dear Mr. Hurd,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I bought a Hewlett Packard computer about two years ago and have had numerous problems with both the computer and the technical support. My purpose for this letter is to detail my experiences so that you, as CEO, can understand some of the problems your customers may be facing.

I bought my computer in April 2003. I bought an hp pavilion 774e at Best Buy with several upgrades including 1 GB of RAM and a 160 GB hard drive. I also purchased a three-year extended warranty. The serial number of my computer is MX.....1 in case you would like to review my history with your technical support.

At the time of purchase, I told the salesperson that I was interested in doing video editing. Not Spielberg mind you, but home which I would make and burn onto a DVD. A few months after purchasing my computer, I experienced my first major crash and had to reformat my main hard drive. I decided that my video editing program was not stable (I was using Pinnacle Studio 8 which is known for being pretty buggy). Therefore, I purchased an expensive but very stable professional video editor – Sony Vegas 4.0.

When the computer worked, I was happy with the results. The speed of the computer was good and I was able to create movies and burn DVDs. Unfortunately, I could feel the speed and accuracy begin to decrease quickly until it crashed once again. Every three or four months I would have a major crash. In all, I have had to reformat my hard drive at least eight times in the past two years. On these occasions, I called technical support for help. While they helped me reformat my hard drive, they could not (or would not?) fix the basic problem with the computer. I have asked numerous times to have my computer checked out. I have spoken to “Level 2” managers and was told that since everything seemed to now be fine on my newly reformatted computer there was nothing more that they could do. One manager told me that reformatting the hard drive every few months was probably a good idea.

Last summer, one manager suggested that the power supply which came with the computer might be insufficient. Therefore, at my own expense, I replaced the 200W power supply with a 350W one. HP has also replaced the hard drive and the monitor. Unfortunately, my computer just crashed again two weeks ago. I spoke to a manager who suggested that I purchase a new computer from HP. He also suggested that I purchase some spyware software from him. I explained to him that this computer is rarely online and has Norton Antivirus, Norton Firewall, and a couple of spyware programs already, but he told me that spyware was most likely the problem and that I should buy the $30 program.

I am now considering selling this computer and purchasing one from a different manufacturer. I cannot continue to use a computer which is not dependable and which crashes on a regular basis. I do not know what else to do. I bought this computer with the hopes of doing video editing and instead I have spent much of my time reformatting my hard drive. The technical support is barely adequate and pretty frustrating. The language and cultural barriers of your personnel in India only add to this frustration.

Thank you for reading my letter. I hope my comments can help HP improve their customer support and improve its name in the future.


Cindy Davis


Follow up April 8, 2005

After I sent the above letter, someone in their case management department called me. He informed me that this is most likely a software issue, but there is no way of knowing which software might be causing the problem.

While it was kind of him to call and talk to me about my computer, this information doesn't really help. I am using pretty mainstream software. I use Microsoft Office, Sony Vegas (for video editing), Adobe Photoshop Elements, Epson software for their printer, and Symantec Norton Anti-virus and Firewall. Oh yeah, I have recently begun using Firefox for my web browser.

I guess I'm feeling that we're playing "Pass the Buck" and I'm the one who has to pay. Am I being unreasonable in expecting a computer to operate without jamming up every few months? Is there a list of recommended software somewhere that I missed?

Anyway, the case manager has offered to have my computer looked at although he doubts that they will find anything since the recovery did take hold. I'll let you know what happens although I'm pretty much ready to dump it and buy a Mac.
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Posted by MsMortgage on 2005-04-07:
I know the feeling, purchased a Dell Laptop which cost a fortune and crashed after 3 years when the warranty expired. Just purchased another Dell and hope this one lasts longer!!! Try Dell, the tech support is great and they also sell refurbished products, which you wouldn’t know the difference. Good Luck
Posted by Hain on 2005-07-07:
I worked in HP's Quality Case management department for almost two years. The issue sounds very much like the system is simply not powerful enough to handle the editing you're looking for. This would very much fall on the shoulders of the retailer, who should be savvy enough about the systems they sell to determine whether a system is suited to the potential customer's needs. However the dollar ruling most everything in the industry these days, systems are pushed on unsuspecting consumers all too regularly.

Uninstall the editing package(s) and conduct business as usual with the system for a trial period (14 days or more). Monitor the performance and behavior of the system.
Posted by disgruntled on 2005-10-13:
I worked for HP for 34 years (now retired) and will agree that HP should at least replace the hard drive in your machine. HP continues to boast about it's PC's quality, especially for photo and movie editing. Continue to write to the CEO of the company until they replace your PC with one that will accomplish the task that you bought it for. Don't give up and in the future write only of your frustrations dealing with HP, not all the details of your PC's problems; They are more concerned about unhappy customers than broken computers. Good Luck.
Posted by tweetsue on 2005-11-23:
I have experienced the same pass the buck, situation..they reformatted my hard drive and sent the laptop back to me. Since then all my peripherals (which are all HP) no longer work without downloading all these different patches. I did not have to have these patches before they did me the favor of servicing my laptop. Also, there are several webistes I used to go to that now I cannt download the software and run it on my laptop. I have spent a weeks worth of hours on the phones with tech support and level 2 representatives. They had the nerve to tell me that they cannot be responsible for my software problems.....I didn't have these problems till I sent my laptop to them,,,now they are refusing to correct a problem they created. If you bought a extended warranty from the store you purchased the computer at they will give you much better service and they will admit when they need to throw in the towel and replace the computer (normally after 3 times of trying to fix the same problem with no success, or when you are having a slew of problems) I was promised a replacement of my laptop after it had been serviced three times for the same thing and they lied to me about it at HP.
Posted by disgruntled on 2006-05-03:
Media software for photo's and movies cause numerous problems with PC's in general. If after reformatting a hard drive and re-installing the operating system returns the PC to a usable state then the problems are 95% software related. Please go to www.pcpitstop.com every month to run a free test of your PC. One thing that is a must after doing a weeks worth of photo editing is to defrag your hard drive; it's free too. You do need to purchase a "Registry" fixer such as "Registry Mechanic" and run it once per week. These steps should help your frustrations; we all go through it one time or another.
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Hp Junk
Posted by Upset buyer on 09/03/2009
Bought an HP desktop 14 months only and it crashed. Called HP for help about 5 times, spent several hours on the phone and got nowhere. My computer is still down. They do not want to repair my computer, rather they want to go over the same steps I have tried 5 times already. They also will not upgrade my warranty, but wants me to pay out of pocket to repair my computer and then I still do not have a repair warranty. This is such nonsense. It is all in their favor, but they want us the consumer to buy their product. Please do not purchase and HP products. I am sorry I did, but I have learned my lesson.

I will have to take my computer to a shop. Just as the warranty expires, it broke, imagine that. HP is just like a lemon/car.
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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-09-03:
The warranty expired, period. And if they extended it for you, they'd have to do it for everyone else also. I'm not saying it's right or that your computer should be broken after less than two years, but that's the breaks.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-03:
sometimes computers break

take it in to a shop.
Posted by disgruntled on 2009-09-03:
Thanks for your review. You and I have experienced Service At It's Worse... HP Customer Service Help Desk. The fact is that many others have experianced the exact same frustrations in dealing with HP. Please let CEO Mark Hurd (google HP CEO for web page) know how HP can improve. I suggest that you don't give any repair details but only your frustration at their service plicies and the lack of knowledge and ability to fix anything. I'm sitting her looking at my two month old $1200 Pavilion Elite that doesn't work and after talking with 13 different HP techs, supervisors & case managers not one issue has been resolved. You are welcome to email me as I am a 34 year retiree of Hewlett Packard and willing to help at all possible. Regards
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
And taking it to the shop will cost you just as much as HPs service does. Computers do not last forever. Nor do they crash for no reason. After 14 months, I would say you either have a virus that crashed it, or your hard drive went bad. It happens. Ever owned a car?
Posted by Terry West on 2013-12-18:
I have an older z400 that has been a pain from first month of useI have a pavilion that offers the same problems. Hard drive crashes with complex fixes. I will NEVER buy another HP.
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Absolute Crap!!!!!
Posted by on 01/18/2012
Got the crap in August. Never worked. But, on the bright side, I learned a pretty good imitation of Hindi from the "technicians" they foisted on me.

Eric Lamont in sunny San Clemente
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New HP Desktop Has 3 Hard Disk Failures Within 3 Months
Posted by Mspiraino99 on 11/06/2011
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- On 1/14/2011, I purchased a new HP desktop computer. On 1/31, Intel announced a problem that could cause a degradation over time and make the hard drive unavailable to the system. On 2/2, I raised this concern with HP. HP did not seem aware of the issue and said that unless I had an actual hard drive failure, nothing could be done.

On 8/1, my system reported a degraded RAID array and one of the RAID hard drives was inaccessible. HP replaced the motherboard and hard drive. The same RAID degradation and drive problem recurred on 10/8. I again contacted tech support, but got nowhere and requested that my issue be escalated to a customer support supervisor.

The supervisor claimed that the problem is not related to the Intel recall and that there is no other remedy they can provide. I asked him how I could ever trust this machine, and he responded that every computer is subject to hard disk failure at some point, so until that happens you can't say whether the machine is reliable or not. After lengthy and frustrating telephone discussions with this supervisor, I sent the machine back again and they once more replaced the hard drive.

I received the repaired machine on 11/4, and it immediately showed the same problem--a degraded RAID array with one disk inaccessible. I contacted the supervisor that day and requested a refund. He refused any solution other than to once more replace the hard drive.

The warranty on this machine states that HP may "repair or replace any component or hardware product that manifests a defect." How many times do they expect customers to go through this repair/failure cycle?
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Posted by bcd on 2011-11-06:
RAID utilizes more than one hard drive. If the same hard drive has been replaced multiple times it is possible that another hard drive is the culprit.
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-11-06:
It's a shame HP won't step up to the plate, but not unexpeced from HP. Now, with Meg at the helm expect things to get even worse. She ruined eBay and will now take HP down a few notches.

The World only makes two types of hard drives:

"Ones that are going to go bad, and ones that have gone bad"
Posted by Beverly on 2012-05-25:
my HP Elite had a Hard Drive error and support told me to install a new one. I am reading that people are having multiple hard drive failures. I am selling mine, no more HP computers they are going out of business laying off 30K employees.
Posted by Mike on 2013-11-23:
had some problems similar to this here is my walkthrough
Failed to start: hard Drive Disc Error Failed to start.
Failed fix attempts
Continue Shutdown Refresh
Apparent broken log file > Log File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt

Risky option Reset Pc memory: however if there is a broken boot up file this will screw everything up

Starting to troubleshoot
First Remove all devices except for monitors keyboard and mouse

More failed tries
System restore
System recovery
Start up settings restart
all found in advanced option
URL for detailed troubleshooting
https://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c03513214 and lc=en and cc=uk and dlc=en
or call tech support at: 800-474-6836

To reset system through HP turn off using power button
then turn back on and repetitively press f11
or repetitively press f2.
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Beware of Hewlett Packard
Posted by DebraOK on 04/08/2011
I bought a HP Pavillion P6653 from Walmart in 1/12/11. After a month and half my computer crashed. I have repeatedly called, gone through 4 factory resets, and many hours of time spent talking to their support. I was told a case manager would call me about my problem within 48 hours. They did not call. They want you to do their troubleshooting for them. I refused to take the case off my tower because it should be done by a qualified technician. I am not qualified and may actually damage something else within the computer.

As many times as I have called, it is not unreasonable to expect a replacement or my money back.
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Posted by getoverit on 2011-04-09:
Whether it is reasonable for you to expect a replacement or refund is hard to say because lots of computer problems, even those that cause a machine to crash, are not hardware-related. The issue could be caused by software that was installed or downloaded to the machine since it left the HP factory. A virus or just some ad-ware that got on there could be the culprit.

That said, I've had occasion to deal with HP Tech Support myself. They're very disorganized, never seem to really offer any useful information, and I'm not at all surprised that you were promised that someone would call and they never did.
Posted by 2inform on 2011-04-09:
When HP told me they would call me, they did. Once the issue was diagnosed, they sent me a new hard drive with instructions how to remove the bad hard drive and insert the new one. They also required a credit card number because I was clearly informed if I did not return the bad hard drive in the provided return package by a certain date, I would be charged xxx number of dollars. I followed the instructions, have a computer that works now, and no additional charges appeared on my credit card.
Posted by princess87 on 2011-04-09:
i would call back in..the case may have not been setup for someone to call....
Posted by LisaN65 on 2011-10-19:
I was supposed to get a call on Monday - it's now Wednesday. I was now told another 48 hours.
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2 desktops - HP Pavilion p6115y - smoking from CPU and computer is dead!
Posted by Hpsuckspass on 03/24/2011
I want to warn anybody against buying anything from HP period!!! Any HP computer, desktop, laptop, Netbook, printer etc. Do not expect HP customer support to resolve your issues, even if you have 2 of the exact same HP computer desktops catch on fire! I and several of my clients have had numerous problems with HP computers. I recently had fire issues with 2 desktops, both model HP Pavilion p6115y, both caught on fire with flames and smoke coming out of the back of the CPU. HP Customer support is really horrible!!! They have given me the runaround and have not been honest about a fire hazard with this desktop model that I bought 2 of (HP Pavilion p6115y). HP is one of the biggest outsourcer in this country, they have outsourced almost all their customer support!!! They have shipped their production along with their support out of the United States, taking away manufacturing and customer support jobs from American workers who certainly need jobs and are certainly smart enough to work on an assembly line or answer support questions. HP makes super cheap products with cheap parts and labor and cheap non-English speaking customer support. Unless your problem escalates, then they give you an English speaking support person, who pardon the pun, tries to "put out the fire". But they aren't really trying to solve your problem. When I first called HP support and got 3 different Indian "English speaking" customer reps, I had to spell out every single word I said, it was so tiring!!! i.e. you know like "Desktop", D is for Dumb, E is for easy, S is for Stupid, K is for Kite, T is for Tom, O is for Okeedokee, P is for Pain. You can't just say the word, I had to do this stupid waste of time spelling out the word for everything I said, so be prepared to waste a lot of time if you have to call HP Support!!! Here's the post I left on HP Support "support" forum:
"I bought 2 HP desktop/monitor combos on 09/07/09 from Bestbuy.com -HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y and a monitor. The Desktop in my office starting smoking and caught on fire about 1 week before my warranty ran out, at the end of August 2010. I called HP support, spent over one hour on the phone, being sent to 3 different people, (all 3 were men with Indian accents who couldn't understand half of what I was saying - must have been my Boston accent). One thing common in all 3 of the HP support men I talked to, they were all very concerned that the computer was smoking with flames out the back. I was assured by all 3 of the HP reps that I would be sent a new computer! Well that "HP line" changed on Monday when an English speaking woman representative called to tell me that would not receive a new computer and that I had to send my computer to HP where they would fix it. She did not seem alarmed at all (maybe since it wasn't a computer catching on fire in her house!) I shipped it to HP and they supposedly fixed it. Yes, it doesn't smoke and burn anymore but the fan runs really fast and makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason several times a day!! I have been a computer consultant for over 30 years and fix all my own as well as client's computers. It's obvious that the CPU gets too hot and the fan is working overtime to cool down the CPU. So it was really not fixed by HP! In fact it is making that noise now as I am writing this! HP just fixed it just enough to please themselves and my computer became out of warranty right after it was fixed last summer. I NEVER leave my computer on when I go to bed or leave the house after it caught on fire last summer and HP supposedly fixed it. When I had the first one fixed, I raised my very serious concern that this problem would also happen to the other exact same model that was in my son's house. And I said that I was worried that that same model desktop may also have a "fire/smoking CPU" problem. I was basically told by the HP customer service representative that there was no basis for that theory "of it being a problem with a particular model" and they WOULD NOT replace the other computer of the same model. I was told that I was "worrying too much" by the HP representative I told my son to be careful and turn off his desktop when not in use since mine caught on fire. Luckily my son and his wife were home when this exact same thing happened to the HP Pavilion p6115y in their study, the one I bought at the same time as the one that caught on fire in my house. Last week the other HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y computer started smoking and caught on fire, they smelled it and were able to shut it down before the flames were able to spread from inside the computer. Well wouldn't you know it, this computer is out of warranty!!!!! SO I'm stuck with a dead HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y that could have burned down my son's apartment. And this is after I raised a VERY STRONG CONCERN that this exact computer (HP-Pavilion Desktop p6115y) would indeed catch on fire. Too bad the HP representative blew me off!!!!!! Has anyone else had this problem with HP Support and an HP computer that caught on fire??
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-24:
I wouldn't rely on the manufacturer to solve this issue. In regard to the desktop, I highly recommend purchasing one of the small, hand held, mini-vacs and clearing the PC of dust accumulation on a regular basis, opening the case as well to do so every month or so.

You might also want to look into purchasing a higher capacity cooling fan, off the shelf PC's generally have the cheapest available and don't cool well. Installing this fan is very simple and in general requires 2-4 screws be removed and a single wire connected. These are generally available for less than $20.00 and can signifigantly improve the airflow in your PC.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-03-24:
leet probably has a couple of good ideas about keeping the dust cleaned out and etting a better fan.

That's what the world of pre-packaged PCs has come to. They're assembled with crummy little fans, crummy little cases, and so much crapware that it takes longer to get rid off all the junk than it does to build your own machine.

HP does it, Dell does it - I'd be interested in knowing of any company that doesn't.

You said you're a computer cosultant, so I'm sure you could easily assemble your own machine. People who can't would do well to find soneome who can build them a machine. You'll save money on the components and end up with a machine that's easier to work on and upgrade. And you can customize it to your needs.

Posted by ok4now on 2011-03-24:
Slow down, that is way too much information. We get the point that H.P. sucks. I learned the hard way with their ink hog crappy printers. I also made a similar mistake buying a computer from Dell. I'll spare you the details but I will never buy another product from them.

When I was searching for a new computer I found a fabulous company located in Auburn, WA called Puget Computers. Yeah I never heard of them either. They are a small diamond in the rough company that puts the big names to shame. They offer custom built computers from scratch, fast build times in under a week and free lifetime tech support. Bought a computer from them 3 years ago and have had zero problems. Check out their website pugentsystems.com. Even if you have no intention to buy from them their website offers a ton of useful information worth reading.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-03-25:
ok4now: That can be a good option. I think there are some of those smaller companies all around the country.
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Service? Not so much...
Posted by Aenflex on 01/14/2011
I customized mine. 8GB ram, quad-core processor, 2GB Radeon HD5570 GPU, Blu-ray/lightscirbe optical, 23' Widescreen HD monitor, upgraded sound card. 1.5TB hard disk.
I paid.
When I asked about PSU, the saleswoman told me that 'their system would self-adjust and add whatever PSU was necessary'. When I got my order conf. -I saw they installed a 300 watt PSU. Why? What?
AMD's website calls for 400 watt min PSU running that very card. Nevermind eveything else sucking power. I contacted HP just one or two days after placing my order, and a few times before and atfer it shipped. My questions were not addressed; I was patronized and treated like an ignoramus who could not possibly know a thing or two. 'Your power supply will be fine', they said, over and over and over. All I wanted was to send it back and have them put a PSU in there that supports all the upgrades that I paid for. I wanted someone to agree and affirm that something indeed was wrong with only having a 300 watt PSU installed in a machine like that. After being referred and transferred, I am advised my only choice(s) are to return it and get a refund. Return it and get store credit, of course still needing to pay for the PSU upgrade. Or be stuck with it. If I replace the PSU myself, I void the warranty. It's not the machine I have a problem with, it's the service. The saleswoman who sold me the machine was the only HP representative who answered my questions - and that was just because she wanted to make the sale, they didn't have my money yet.
That's why I will never buy an HP ANYTHING again. The pc and peripherals are good. I got a 200$ discount. But once I gave them my credit card number, I became a number. My qiestions were re-directed and ignored. The only native-English-speaker I encountered during the whle process was the saleswoman. I don't care who it is or where the person on the end of of the chat/phone is from. A human is a human. But I do want and expect clear communnication, acceptance of responsibility and direct, concise answers. Specially since between the box and the monitor I've spent over 1500 for an HP pc.

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