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Why do I Hate HP Customer Service. Let Me Count the Ways.
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Why do I hate HP customer service. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. This has been on my bucket list for so long. I finally decided, today, that I cannot take it anymore. I am going to share this with everyone because I know you all have similar stories and are equally frustrated, but do not have the time to do anything about it. I am going to speak on the behalf of everyone who hates the service we are getting in America, the beautiful.

The worst part of all is that most companies in America are outsourcing everything. Some of these customer service representatives can make you go from one to ten in a nanosecond. Their thinking is very concrete. Many do not have a good grasp of the English language. I believe they rely on flowcharts. If you say, “No,” they look to see what it says in the corresponding box and repeat it verbatim. They should start answering the phone, “How may I be of absolutely no assistance to you today?”

Two years ago, I sent my Special Edition HP laptop to be serviced. I really loved that computer. The hinge was coming apart, which I realize was my fault because I sometimes picked it up by the cover. I had just a few days left on my three year warranty. I got the computer back and it was working well, but five days later it completely crashed. I ended up buying a new HP laptop, which is not nearly as nice. Just recently, I sent the new one to be serviced. I made a joke to my sister that in five days, it would crash. Low and behold, that is exactly what happened. It is telling me to use my recovery disc. I just find this to be too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

I remember buying a three year home contract when I bought this computer. When I called for service, the representative said I did not have a contract. I read off the product number from my invoice. The service representative said that it was not a valid number. I kept calling to see if I could get a representative who could help me. They kept saying, “No, you do not have a service contract.” How about the customer is always right. How about saying they are going to check into it and get back to you.

I eventually found the paperwork for the service contract. I had to register my service agreement. This must be one of their latest tricks to make money. I did not read my receipt because I was too busy and that is what they are counting on. By the time you make your first service call, you cannot remember if you bought the extended service contract or not.

Once I registered my service contract, they admitted I had a service contract. If I had not found that paperwork, I would be dead in the water. That is exactly what happened to my husband's computer. I bought a service contract via phone and had no way of proving it when he needed technical support. I wonder how much profit they make on this little scam.

I am so sick and tired of these people repeating everything you say by using the alphabet. “A” as in apple, “B” as in boy. A call that would ordinarily take five minutes can take over an hour. I heard that they enjoy torturing us and laugh about it in the bullpen.

When I called about renewing my service agreement for my last computer, the service representative gave me a price, but I realized it did not include hardware. I said, “I did not want to pay for their HOTLINE service only.” She said, “Sorry, ma'am, you are not listening to me.” I said, “No, I get it. You want me to buy your lousy service without hardware support for the same price as I was paying for telephone and hardware support.”

Honestly, I would rather break my computer over my head than talk to them. I started to realize that I was doing everything I could to avoid having to call them. My son refuses to call them. My husband does not even bother to get the service contract extended because he also refuses to talk to them. I decided from now on, I am going to use their chat line. In this way, I do not have to go through the alphabet multiple times. I wonder how many other people feel this way.

Once a customer service representative gave me instructions on how to fix my computer. I said, “Won't this delete my programs and files?” He assured me it would not, but it would take a while. He asked me to call back when it was done. I called back and the next customer service representative said that I had deleted all my files and that there was nothing he could do about it. He said, “I am sorry.” You are not the only one who is sorry, buster!

My son's computer was in warranty. I was told to send it to the HP Service Center. I would call to ask the status. They would say that they did have the part. After a month went by, I called to state that their service contract indicates that the computer would be sent back within 10 working days.

One representative said, “Well, do you want us to send you back your computer without the part.” That was obviously not from the flowchart, just plain stupidity. It took me three months before this was resolved in a satisfactory manner and more aggravation than I have ever known. I could go on and on, but I know you have your own annoying stories. So many Americans cannot get employment and would do a great job at this if given the opportunity. They would even be happy to accept the same salary at this point. I would be willing to pay more for the option.

I remember watching a skit on Saturday Night Live with Gilda Ratner. She was all tied up. She managed to call 911. The recording said something like this: “Touch “1” if you are being burglarized, “2” if there is a gun pointed to your head and “3” if you are getting raped.” That is about the size of customer service in America. I feel sorry for the elderly who need to make a phone call. These phone trees are getting more and more expansive. It is really bad when they cannot recognize a simple “Yes” or “No.”

Oh, by the way, HP will no longer give you a hardware contract for a laptop after three years because it was built to only last only three years. I have had to buy a new laptop every three years. Dell is no better. I hear the same complaints from my sister.

Buying from HP and being treated like idiots
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- HP CASE # **. HP Quality ID # **. I purchased an HP Pavilion DV2415 laptop in the middle of July 2007. It crashed on the first day. On the 3rd day it crashed 9 times and each successive boot resulted in the blue screen of death. I contacted HP troubleshooting via online chat. After the 3rd online chat was told I would receive a recovery disk that would resolve the issue. Based on this 3rd conversation, which seemed reassuring, I purchased an HP extended 12 cell battery so that I could work during a series of day trips to Boston. I put it in and charged it.

When I was satisfied that it worked and would hold the charge, I went to remove it so I could replace it with the battery which had originally come with it. But it was NOT possible to remove it. The latch had jammed and there was no way it could be removed. Again, I contacted HP online support. The first person I spoke to had the gall to suggest I broke the latch. Two hours later, online with a second support representative, he did not hesitate to tell me that 12 cell and original batteries are exactly the same dimensions and are designed to be easily removable.

Further, it sounded like the latch had simply jammed, so I could send it in for repair. I asked him how long it would take and he immediately said I would get it back by overnight Fedex. Fedex indicates that HP received the laptop on July 23. 3 days later I received an email stating that instead of getting my laptop on the 23rd, I would now receive my laptop back no later than July 31st.

This time I phone the HP 800 number and was told by someone in Canada that they were facing some kind of unquantifiable backlog of work which might explain the delay. In response to my repeated questions about whether my laptop had been seen by a technician at all, she continued to avoid the question and kept telling I had nothing to worry about and that I would see my laptop on the 31st. On August 1st, I still had not gotten my laptop back. I made numerous phone calls, spoke to someone in India. Vaguely polite but completely unhelpful.

Spoke to someone in Canada. Was matter of factly unresponsive to my direct questions, and robotically replied that someone would call me within 4-24 hours to answer my questions and to make sure I get my laptop back. After several more phone calls I was again talking with yet another representative at some call center in India who assured me he had logged the details of my call and apologized for the person in Canada for having refused to give me the case number she had apparently been obliged to assign to my case.

He would then in a few minutes transfer me to someone in the "right" department, as he put it, one who would be able to deal with my case. The voice who came on the line minutes later was singularly rude but consistent in telling me that the case manager is unavailable at this time and only the case manager could tell me what the problem was and when I would get my laptop back. On the morning of the second, I had to buy a ticket for a trip out of the country to deal with an unexpected family issue.

While I was out, an email had come in to tell me that I was to now expect the laptop on the 7th Aug. I did not get a phone call from a case manager. Hours later, an agent from HP phoned to let me know that I should expect to get my laptop around Aug.7. I phoned the HP 800 number once again and asked to speak to a case manager. The person (Canadian accent) told me I would be transferred to a case manager.

Sixteen minutes and loop looping music later, a recorded voice said thank for supporting HP and the line went dead. I went online and found out suddenly, I was just one of thousands of HP customers who have been treated with such disrespect. See class action lawsuits in 2005, 2006, customer service complaints throughout 2004-present 2007.

I had purchased a laptop and saw it for less than 4 days. It was defective and I sent it in with HP's reassurance I would get it back overnight. I invested more money in HP with the extended battery based on this reassurance. I had no reason to worry they said. Someone would call me in 4-24 hours, THEY SAID. The overnight turned into July 31st. I ask what the problem was in Canada, India, Canada, India and get zero response in the US.

On the evening of Aug.1 I call HP and tell them to send me back my laptop today since they cannot tell me one single reason for the delay, and I must go out of the country with my new laptop in hand. I am told no one except the Case Manager can help me with that. But a case manager is still not available because all of them have gone home for the day. No one is interested in helping Shouldn't I have gotten the hint by now???? I am faced with an unexpected but urgent situation that requires me to go overseas and there is no one who will do anything to help me?

On Aug. 2, Jeremy, a case manager called me to ask me if I am certain that I would like my laptop to be sent back unrepaired. SAY WHAT? You have had my laptop since the July 23. I was assured I would get it back overnight. Then I get an email from you saying I would get it back on the 31st. On Aug.1 I phone to ask what happened. All day, your agents around the world insist they don't have any idea but I was not to worry, that I would see my laptop very soon, that someone would call. I then get an email saying I would get my laptop on Aug.7. I phone again and your agents around the world cannot transfer me to anyone who can actually help.

Due to a family matter I now have to leave. I ask for my laptop to be sent back urgently. You now call and tell me IT'S UNREPAIRED???? Furthermore, you think it might be a part on order and it takes time for it to get there. I ask you what exactly is the part in question and your answer is "I DON'T KNOW. THE TECHNICIAN DID NOT SPECIFY". I tell you that I have owned 7 laptops, never had any serious problems with any of them until this one. And you PATRONIZE ME by telling me that it doesn't make a difference what part it is.

While you condescend to your customer because it is your right to do so, you violate the customer rights by withholding information requested pertinent to the customer's property which you have promised to repair and promptly send back. You insist that you cannot do anything to expedite the UNKNOWN / UNNAMEABLE / MYSTERIOUS part in question, but you insist that the you expect the part to arrive on Aug.7 and it will be sent out overnight to me. YOU PROMISED ME BEFORE HANGING UP YOU WOULD CALL ME TO LET ME KNOW THAT PROGRESS WAS MADE.

It is Aug. 9 today! I still have no laptop! You have cost me more than my expenses; I have delayed my departure with no new department date in sight and you have not called me to tell me what is happening with my laptop! It is a new and defective computer. Repair it or replace it immediately and send it to me today! HP, do you get the hint?

I want the all HP customers to know I share their grief. If you are thinking of buying HP consider this experience is not an isolated case but is a clear example of HP's ongoing quest to get wealthier while you suffer and agonize over your purchase AT YOUR EXPENSE. Obviously, THEY STILL DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE ANY CONSUMER RIGHTS.

Between these so-called representatives in India, Canada, and the one blip of the one in the US, the common phrase is "THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING SUPPORT AT HP". Yeah? Giving your customers the run around on a global scale, when they invest their hard-earned dollars in your company, you get richer, you continue to reap the benefits, in spite of blatant disrespect for your customers, now would it be surprising to us if you were simply laughing as you read this????

HP Top-of-the-line Laptop HDX Premium Series - Worthless Warranty - HP HDX Premium Laptop
By -

I have the same problem as Lakehouse Bob. I bought a premium HDX Series laptop. I am two days short of my warranty and called to report that 6 or so of the keys, the E, D, C, N, M and the space bar key are all smudging to the point where they will shortly be unreadable. In addition the ink from the keys is smudged on a few other keys.

I'm told it is outside the warranty for the keyboard. She kept using "normal wear and tear" as she talked. I kept pointing out that smudged and unreadable keys are not normal on a laptop. I've purchased 4 HP/Compaq computers since this one this year and won't purchase any others as they clearly don't stand behind their product. I don't even want to go near the horrendous operating system that came with this laptop they also have also refused to do anything about.

I've had Dell computers in the past where a technician was sent from Buffalo to Rochester to repair a keyboard that had bad keys and some friends who have a Dell laptop with a defective battery had a tech come to their house and replace three different parts for no charge. I had read and heard that HP was a better company than Dell or Sony to deal with. While they were certainly polite, they offered no remedy for what is clearly a defective product. She only said if I bought a new keyboard it would cost "hundreds of dollars."

I then mailed in pictures of the laptop to HP customer care. ** wrote back and said they would take care of the computer keyboard. I was on the phone with the Escalation department at the time who proceeded to waste 45-60 minutes of my time and told me "it's not under warranty but if you will send the laptop in a well packaged box we will repair it, but know that this is not under warranty..."

I hung up on the dude. Dell would have come to my house and made the repair. This is my business laptop, can't be mailed and I asked when I bought to the computer if the price included in home service and was told it did. Amazing what these big corporations will say to make a sale. Here is what Lakehouse Bob said. I haven't gotten to the "escalation people" yet, but they are supposed to call me next week. LakeHouse Bob-see the whole review on this site:

I bought an HP HDX Premuim laptop 6 months ago. A couple months back I noticed that a few of the keys had the ink smudging. These are metallic keys with the key etched in. Only 8 keys are affected. Other frequently used keys are just like from the factory. I called HP and they said even though it's under Warranty, this constituted 'worn' keys and it would be $374 to get it fixed, including requiring me to send the whole laptop back to HP.

Appalling Product Quality And After Sales Service
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Rating: 1/51

SINGAPORE -- TO HP CEO: I am writing from Singapore to you as I am totally disappointed with your product quality and especially the after sales service in Singapore. I purchased a HP Envy Beat edition notebook last year and started using only in June 2011. Within about half a year, the notebook failed twice. The 2nd time was in Jan 2012, the motherboard failed.

As it was the 2nd time, I am quite sure there's some kind of fault with the notebook and demanded for a one to one exchange since at that time its still under warranty and expiring on Feb 2012. My request was rejected and the engineer by the name **, assured us that after changing to a brand new motherboard, it should be fine and assured us that we can look up for him if encounter any problem within a year.

We therefore took his word for it hesitantly. Never did we expected the notebook to fail again within 4-5 months, in May 2012. And it was the motherboard again! We expected that HP Singapore will be more responsible to change it for us free. We made a complaint and one of the case manager, by the named of ** who simply pissed us off. (By the way, the engineer **, we were told that he was no longer with the company and what he told us, was not recorded by HP.)

We then wrote in to HP USA, and not surprisingly, it bounced back to HP Singapore and another representative by the name of **, contacted us. It's a long story to go into detail what had gone through with the conversation with these 2 representative of HP Singapore. The main points that I wish to highlight is the insensitivity towards customer's feelings from the service staffs. Based on the number of times that the notebook was brought down to the service center within a short period of times, it enough evidence to show that it is a faulty one. And I don't think our request is so unreasonable.

In fact, end of the day, we had compromised to paying 50% of the charges but requested to have a free extension of the motherboard that we going to pay to 6 months instead of 4 months that HP Singapore had offered. However, again, we are rejected. Worst, we received an email by another party by the name of ** from HP Singapore, that we are given 14 days to accept the quotation, otherwise we will be charged even though we intend not to service it.

We have never encountered a notebook that breakdown so frequently within a short period in the past and you guys couldn't even able to assured us of your product quality by simply complied with a 6 months warranty, Is this to show that your product quality is so poor to this extend??When asked about the caused of the failure, yours guys told me "Don't Know!" "Its Electronics!"

It's simply appalling to heard such words from a global branded company! Then my question is why should consumers choose HP than other brands? Why should consumers like me choose HP Envy Beat Edition rather than other HP lower range notebook?? Your Case Managers repeated mentioned they tried their best to "help" me by giving the discount which pissed me off. I am not seeking for your "Help!". It is not the matter of money but principle.

Even with the 50% discount, my wife and I don't feel good accepting it as we felt cheated. I am totally disappointed with HP, the trust in your product and not to say the horrible after sales service. And to highlight to you, both case managers spoke English with different accent, which I believe are foreigners, which I had a hard time figuring out what they trying to say most of the times. First it came the unsatisfactory service, then now came the threat that I had to made up my mind within 14 days whether to accept such offer. I wrote in to US, and bounced back to Singapore. I really don't know what the hell is going on with you people.

My notebook is still hanging at the service center Singapore and it seemed I have no choice to accept the bullish offer. I think you can forget about your company's philosophy under "Customer Loyalty" which is to "TO provide the highest quality of equipment and Service".To savage the last piece of trust from me and other consumers, I hope that there's a certain reply especially from the CEO because this letter supposed to direct to you. Hope you won't disappoint again. The reference number of my case number in HP Singapore is Case ID: **.

No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased an HP notebook, three years ago, for a $1000.00, was having problems with it within six months. A year after I purchased it, the keyboard went out, I dealt with the horrible, none compassionate, frustrating customer service for months, finally paid $175.00 to get it fixed, well that was nine months ago and now the keyboard is out again.

I have spent several hours, emailing, phoning to be told the computer is old, no more part available and when I became frustrated, they hung up on me. Poor customer service. I have never dealt with a company that didn't care about their customers or products. The one positive side to it, Best Buy, where I purchased it was all to happy to assist with the first problem and still to this day, have the best customer service I have had. Signed a very unhappy HP consumer!

Complaint regarding HP laptop

UAE -- Dear sir or madam: I am writing this to complain about the poor support services by HP. The following is the content of the email I have sent several times to different departments. There has been no convincing reply /solution to the issue yet. I want you to help me and tell me what to do about it.

“I do not know how many emails I have sent to Hp support in South Africa, and to the customer service in Dubai International Airport since they have already been 50! I am tired of explaining the problem to everyone because nothing is not happening about that! It has been 4 months I am involving with this issue. I bought 2 HP laptops which obviously is not going to happen again throughout my entire life and my friends' too! The units did not work properly from the very first week I purchased them from Dubai International Airport.

Here, in South Africa, the technicians told me they are neither able to repair them, nor to provide us with new ones, so I sent them back to Dubai to replace them with new units, but what they did was to repair them. Please keep in mind that I am not going to use new laptops which have been repaired and have replaced main parts any longer! I am feeling sick about your poor support services for HP.

At the time of purchasing, the salesman told me it has global repair/exchange warranty, but it seems it has been a big lie! I do not stand this anymore. I already was not able to do my job since I had bought it for work. Unless you do not provide me with 2 new units immediately, I am going to act publicly about it and also claim for these 4 months I could not do my job. This is my last warning to you, and I hope you will do something about it before too long.

My Ordeal With HP Returning Wrong PC
By -

I appreciated reading several of the posts here while going though my "ordeal" with HP. If you want some detail on my case, I've provided it at the end. It is clear that HP needs to improve the processing of situations where they have failed to perform to contract. The "Quality Case Manager" who is expected to resolve these issues apparently is not given the authority to do so. The customer is told by the Quality Case Manager that they "represent Corporate" and there is no course of appeal. My case manager seemed uncaring about the impact on my business and, based on what I've read on "complaint" forums, this is the norm.

Also, my case manager did a poor job of returning my calls and keeping me informed. In my case, the Case Manager sent the first email to the Repair Center inquiring about the status of the case on October 22, but was unable to get any response from the Repair Center until Nov 8. Obviously, she did not have the authority to require a response by the Repair Center. Once the Repair Center spent a little time researching the missing PC, they quickly determined the status... but I was given no status for 17 days.

Based on my experience, and that of others who have posted to complaint forums, HP should: Give Quality Case Managers authority to demand response to problem status inquiries. Require Quality Case Managers to care about customer satisfaction by teaching them customer interaction skills, having customers rate their performance by survey, and removing case managers who perform poorly on the surveys.

Clearly these people have a tough job and are always dealing with customers who are already dissatisfied, but they could still display empathy with customers, return customer calls promptly, and explain up front the process that will be followed and that there will be some kind of compensation for late turnaround of the PC repair.

Advice: Set your expectations; a) the Case Manager is able to do little (although they won't admit it), b) expect a long spell without your PC and develop a workaround. Call the Case Manager at least every other day. Write out the voicemail you will leave (they are very unlikely to answer) and then email it to the CEO email address. I received email responses from some of these so I believe that they do get viewed by someone other than the Case Manager (not the CEO, of course).

Open an online case and update it regularly. This keeps the techs involved and while they have little authority, they at least ARE concerned about customer satisfaction and how your troubles might impact their performance review, and they will get back to you and try to help. Post the original case number and the “quality case” number to the new case your open. I was interested to see a post today that indicated someone had success with a small claims court case. I wondered about that, but the service contract indicates all proceedings must occur in California, so I dismissed the possibility. Hmmm.

Example of my voice mails (and emails to CEO): “Good morning, Heather... this is **, case # ** and it's Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 11:30AM. I received someone else's PC two weeks ago October 22, from the repair center instead of mine. I'm reporting in again to help you manage what is apparently a situation that your Company is unable to handle.

It's now been 11 business days since you told me that I would receive a call from the service center with status and instructions. I still have not received their call... I still have received absolutely no information on where my PC is, when I will get it returned, or why HP seemingly does not care that I have someone else's PC and provides no information on returning it.

In your last voicemail, Thursday November 1, you said you were continuing to try to reach the repair center and would let me know status as soon as you talked with them. Since you have not called back in 2 business days, I assume you were unable to reach them. So, in 11 business days, you have been unable to get anyone at the repair center to talk to you? Does HP give you any authority at all?

Anyway, it has now been 16 business days since HP received my PC, 13 business days beyond the 3 business-day turnaround specified in HP's Care Pack. And, it has been 18 business days that my business has been impacted by not having the PC. As always, if you have time, I would appreciate a call with status of my case. You can call me at either **, or my cell at **.”

Summary log: October 11, 2007 - Laptop failed under extended warranty; went through normal 6-hour on-phone process to eliminate software suspicions (including wiping the harddrive and reinstalling the OS) and get HP to send the box in which to send the laptop to Repair Center in CA. October 16 – Laptop received by HP Repair Center.

October 22 – I receive the WRONG laptop... completely different model (no battery, no power supply) and I notify HP. After several hours on phone, dropped call transfers, etc., I am told a “Quality Case Manager” will phone me within 24 hours.

October 23 – I receive voicemail message from Quality Case Manager (Heather) who cannot provide status but that I will receive a phone call with status from the Repair Center in 24-48 hours. I phone back and leave voicemail for her requesting call. October 24 – Receive call from Case Manager... tell her I still have not received a call from Repair Center, and doesn't she want me to send back the PC I have that some other poor customer is looking for? Get a gruff response telling me to just wait for the Repair Center to call.

October 25 through October 31 – Call Heather every other day and leave voice mail saying have not received call from Repair Center. Email text of each call to the “CEO” email address. November 1 – Receive voicemail from Heather... she is trying to phone Repair Center... November 2-6 – Continue to leave voicemails and email text to CEO.

November 7 - Receive call from Heather... she has finally been able to talk to Repair Center and they are investigating. She asks for serial number etc of PC I received. Receive second call from Heather saying they have located PC and will be calling me. I inquire about what HP will do to compensate for the fact that the extended warranty 3-day turnaround contractual agreement has been violated.

She said she will extend the warranty by 9 months or give me $x cash... I choose the extension. November 8 – RECEIVE CALL FROM REPAIR CENTER – My PC is in the mail and also mailing label to return (wrong) PC I received. November 10 – Receive my PC... 3 hours to configure and reload all apps.

Poor Service, Horrible Communication
By -

MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY -- This is it! I've had it! I'm here to tarnish the reputation of a company that employs over 140,000 people in 178 countries for the personal hell they have put me through, but let me begin at the beginning... I use my laptop for a variety of things... work, hobbies (like music composing, writing, and my game programming), Gaming, and for basic Internet use (email, web surfing, etc...). Needless to say, my computer plays a very large part of my life, so when my Gateway laptop was starting to show its age, I decided it was time to get a new laptop.

I did not have a bad experience with Gateway. The laptop lasted about 4 years and its battery had to be replaced once, but that was the worst thing that happened. At the end of its life, it had a malfunctioning Optical drive, one bad USB port, and a battery that can't hold a charge. It also overheated and shut off while playing games frequently.

I did not make the decision on a new laptop lightly. I compared laptops from IBM, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, and Gateway. I compared them on price and on available specs. Over all of these companies, HP came out on top as far as amount of technology for the price. I finally settled on an HP Pavilion dv8000t. This machine was perfect combine good graphics technology with a good amount of RAM and a large enough hard drive. It could even support 2 hard drives! And the full sized keyboard with a separate number pad was also a great benefit. In all, I loved this computer.

I bought it in May of 2006 shortly after Memorial Day, I ordered it over the phone with the rep from HP, who was really great, and I received it about a week later. Shortly after that I developed lines on the screen. You know those long vertical lines that go from the top of the screen to the bottom. They spread like a cancer and so I was forced to send in the computer to have it replaced. No big problem there, they replaced it within 3-5 days and the newer model worked fine. Fast forward 14 months...

August 18, 2007 - while playing my MMORPG (as I do most evenings), the whole system suddenly freezes and then the screen becomes overlaid with green static. Imagine the "snow" you see on a TV screen but green. Now imagine seeing your normal windows desktop behind it. Now my computer won't boot into windows normally, it just locks up.

I boot it into Safe mode and It comes up after about 10 minutes saying that the video drive is malfunctioning.... oh and I still have the snow. As a computer programmer and technician, I'm fairly sure that what happened was that due to overheating, either the GPU (graphics processing unit) or VRAM (Video RAM) was damaged. As all these components are on the motherboard so a motherboard replacement is what is required. So... I do what any self-respecting PC owner does in such a situation, I called HP support. I have some problems with understanding the support reps thick accent, but I eventually get the service order written up.

August 19, 2007 - the empty box arrives and the computer is sent without the AC adapter of Battery as per their instructions. August 27, 2007 - I get an email. OK, so I immediately call tech support to get an answer as to why the computer is being delayed a month! All they said is that the part is back ordered and that is the expected delivery date. So I let time pass by. I'm using my Aunt's older Laptop to play my MMORPG so I can still play, and my game programming group has been very understanding of my situation. I also can do basic web surfing on my Wii. All in all, I've been able to get by, but I still miss my laptop

September 14, 2007 - I called tech support asking for an update on my laptop. I figured since it was only 2 business days before the expected delivery date (9/18), they would be able to tell me whether my part was in. All the person on the phone would tell me is that the computer should arrive by that date. OK.

September 17, 2007 @ 5pm - The order status still says the laptop has not shipped, so I access the online chat feature. All the rep would say is that it should arrive tomorrow. September 18, 2007 - I call and they say that they are putting priority status on my order and I should receive an email from someone in the repair center. It never comes. September 19, 2007 - I start a chat and they say that they are putting priority status on my order and I should receive an email from someone in the repair center. It never comes. September 20, 2007 - I start another chat.

So basically here I am 1 month and 3 days since I sent in my notebook and they're telling be that not only is the part still back ordered, but not even a clue as to when it will be in. I know all the ranting in the world is not going to make a part suddenly appear, but they knew full well on 9/14 that the part was still on backorder. Why didn't anyone tell me then? Why hasn't my Order status screen been updated? Thanks for listening to my rant.

Warranty/Customer (dis)Service - Pavilion Laptops
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Note this is a long saga with multiple issues involved. A briefer conclusion is at the bottom. I bought a Hewlett Packard HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop from Costco. When I first had it it functioned well. I was able to easily do a home landscaping/architecture program and surf the internet quickly. At the bottom of the screen however there was a small irregularity to the screen about a millimeter in size. One day I left it upside down on by couch so it wouldn'€™t overheat and when I went to work on it the next day there was a black spot in the LCD screen near the irregularity.

I tried calling Costco but they were closed. I tried squeezing in some of the liquid crystal from the screen into the black spot, and a crack or two radiated out from the irregularity, and then there was very little of the screen that worked anymore. About a ½ cm by 2cm at the top was all you could see. Desperately trying to get a back-up of my program onto another computer, I tried to attach it to another computer and TV screen but I couldn't get it to output to a screen that way either. I think you needed to be able to get into the Control screen to do this, and I couldn't see much of anything so there was no way to do this.

Next day I called Costco Service Number and they quickly got a three way call going with HP/ Hewlett Packard. I described the screen issue to the HP representative and was told that the screen would be replaced free of charge. I also told him that I was worried that I hadn'€™t been able to get anything off my hard drive and that I had some important work on it. He told me that because all they had to do was replace the screen, Nothing would happen to the hard drive.

A box was sent to me the next day to send to them. My computer was supposed to get back to me in 4-5 days according to the HP rep. After a week and a half the computer still hadn't come and I had to go on a trip without it. When I returned it was now 2 weeks, and hadn'™t come back, so I tried to find out what was going on. They had sent me an email that said that I had to approve a 751$ repair fee for the screen. Even though they had my computer and my phone number they hadn't called me to inform me of this.

I called them back and explained that I had already been told that the screen would be repaired for free. I was told that I would need to discuss this with a Customer Service Representative Case Manager. After 2 days I received a message with the number to call to talk to the case manager, **. When I called she told me that because it was a screen it wasn't covered by their warranty. I explained that they had already told me it would be free which was why I sent it to HP instead of returned it to Costco in the first place. She told me that I had been misinformed.

I was told that I could either pay for the repair or have it shipped back to me. Since this was nearly the same price as the original computer I wasn'™t going to pay that much to repair it. She told me that I shouldn'€™t have left it upside down and that this wasn't HP'€™s problem. By this time I only had 1-2 days left within the 90 return policy at Costco so I asked if the computer could be sent to me to arrive in time for me to try to return it there.

She said that it's return could not be expedited. And that she expected it would return after that time period. I asked if she could call Costco and explain the delay in my returning it. She told me they probably didn'™t accept returned computers with broken screens. I asked her to call anyway and told her the store'™s location where I had bought it. She called them, spoke to the manager, and told me that I should speak to the manager when I tried to return it, but that she suspected they didn'€™t accept returns on broken computers. I asked if HP could do anything about getting the program I needed off my computer and was told that they were not responsible for doing that.

She told me that if I didn't repair it the screen would become more black with time, so that I should expect it to look worse when it came back to me. She asked if there was anything else she could do to help me. I told her that given what she had already told me that there didn'™t seem to be. While I waited for my 1st computer to return, I was told by a friend that the hard drives are easy to take out of the computers. I decided that I would buy the same computer again so that I could switch the hard drives.

I had thrown away the information on the computer screen repair and ** phone number so while I was at Costco ready to buy my new laptop I called them up to make sure I got the same model number. My prior model number had been DV 2213 CL. Costco now had a DV 2313 CL instead of the prior model. I explained my whole prior computer's issue and how I needed to switch the hard drives over to get my program off the computer.

The HP rep, **, I talked to told me that my old hard drive was incompatible with the new 2313 model. After having to put me on hold to talk to various people he told me that the only computer he could say would be compatible was the model DV 2410, for 850$ (and an additional 350$ for extended warranty and then more for tax ). I asked for them to ship it quickly free of charge because of the prior issues and was told I would have to pay an expensive additional shipping fee so I had it shipped standard.

When it finally arrived I went to switch the hard drives and found that the computer that had just returned from HP no longer had the two screws that hold the hard drive in place. Also there was a notification that HP had performed a Complimentary 22 point inspection of my computer, but I didn'€™t know what that meant. I switched the hard drives but the new computer wouldn't start properly. I called 1(800) HPINVENT to explain the new hard drive issues.

At this point in time I wanted to get the program off my old computer; use the old computer to work connected to my TV (since my conversation with Cathy had left me under the impression that it was likely a waste of time to go back to Costco to return the computer so I tried to find some other use for it); I wanted my two screws back.

I explained the prior problem and why I needed to do this. The HP rep/repair specialist ** was super nice and helpful, but explained that this wasn'€™t something that HP had to help me with. He said that because I had been told it would work by the sales person he would help me out. We spent an hour on the phone trying everything to make it work. He diagnosed the models as incompatible. He talked about something that might be able to be done to get the program off my old hard drive and make the hard drives both work on the new computer. He told me that he would discuss this with his manager and call me back in 30 minutes, and that the manager would call me back in a day or two.

He didn'™t call me back. I didn't hear from a manager in 2 days. On the 3rd or 4th day I called, concerned because I needed to know if there was a way to make these work so I could get my program off, or what I was supposed to do. I was told that I had to wait for the case manager to call me. I asked if there was a number, or email address, I could call to speak to the case manager, or if they could email me the information, because I was going on a trip where I wouldn't be able to answer my phone. I was told I had to wait for the call from the case manager.

I did receive a review your case manager™ type of form (I think by email) and HP gave me 10% off another HP product. I noted she had been very "€œprofessional"€ but not actually helped me. I called HP and they let me apply this credit to the computer I had just bought. The trip came, I returned. No messages had been received. It had been 14 days.

Additionally, A new problem had developed with my new laptop. I was getting "€œunexpected shut downs" on my new computer that started after I tried to use my iPOD Video for some movies. And on my HP pavilion I couldn'™t download photos to my iPod either. My main problems remained making the old computer work without the screen/ getting the program off the old computer, getting the screws back, and getting one of these computers in for a refund.

I called 1(800) HPINVENT again and explained this issue to a rep **. She told me she would transfer me to her manager, but I was disconnected instead. I went through the same thing again to get a hold of and explain the issue with Rep **, and asked him if there was a number I could call directly so that I didn'€™t have to go through the whole introductory HP answering machine to talk to a manager or to him if I was disconnected/ had issues. I asked him what the direct phone number would be. He told me that if I was disconnected I could call 1(800)474-6836. (AKA 1(800)474-6836.)

When I got a hold of his manager/case manager Susan she was very nice. But told me that there was nothing she could do because another case manager was already assigned to my complaint. I asked her if there was a way to get another case manager since the current one hadn'€™t called me in 2 weeks and because of that I didn'™t actually want to deal with whoever it was; I wanted someone who would actually call me.

I was told there was not a way to change the case manager, and that I should give her a chance to help me. I was told that if I still wanted to complain I could email corporate from the hp.com website. She told me the case manager's name was ** and her phone number was 1(877)917-4380 x94 x1. At the time I didn'€™t even recognize that this was the same case manager as before.

In the meanwhile it had occurred to me that I might never be able to get a hold of someone at HP who could help me make these things work together, but I could check on the internet how to change over the actual LCD screen in order to try to get the information off my old computer and then the hard drives might not need to match to do what I wanted. The LCD screens on eBay were about 250$. After an easy 10-minute install process I had a new LCD screen in my old computer.

But it wouldn'€™t turn on. It stayed black, even though it worked in another computer. I wondered if HP had somehow turned off my computer's ever being able to use any screen when they had it. Eventually after all these phone calls I was able to speak to **. It was now about 27 days after my Costco return policy had run out. I explained what had been going on.

1.)She told me the fact that the hard drives weren'€™t compatible wasn'™t HP'™s problem because I was supposed to have called her back with any problems I had. She said that the two models I had were completely different so even if the hard drives were the same shape they wouldn't work together. When I expressed frustration about having been told that they would work she told me, "well you were misinformed".€ She told me that it was my fault that things hadn'™t worked because I had called the 1800HPINVENT phone number instead of her.

I told her that I had been under the impression that she was supposed to be in charge of just the computer screen repair issue. She told me that any problems I had with the prior computer should have been brought to her attention. Since they weren'€™t it was my fault. She said I had never mentioned any desire to get things off my hard drive when talking to her about the screen problems and that I was supposed to have taken the computer back to Costco as soon as I got it. She noted that she "had gone out of her way"€ to get a hold of **€ at Costco and explain everything to her, and how ** had been receptive to helping me.

I told her I still needed to get information off my hard drive and that I had found out that my computer now no longer worked even when an unbroken LCD was placed in it. She told me this was my fault because I hadn'€™t repaired it soon enough and the LCD screen fluid would have leaked into the whole computer by now "corrupting" the system. By now it could include the hard drive too.

She told me that the program on my hard drive had probably been erased when they did their diagnostic testing anyway. I told her I had specifically asked about that and been told that nothing would happen to the hard drive prior to sending it to them. She told me I had been "€œmisinformed".

I was told once again that it is not HP's responsibility to take care of people's files. I asked her why I wouldn'™t have been told about the LCD screen corrupting the whole computer previously when she had told me about the screen getting blacker. I asked why they wouldn'€™t have given me the option to disconnect the screen to have saved the computer from further damage. She sounded flustered and told me I was supposed to take it back to Costco so it didn't matter.

I told her that two hold the-hard-drive-down screws were missing from when they had my computer and that I would like 2 replacements shipped to me. She said "No we'€™re not doing that"€. I asked this a different way and got the same response. (HP wouldn'€™t even send me back 2 tiny screws they forgot to put back in my computer!)

Based on what ** was telling me there was only a slim chance that my program/project was on my computer, less alone able to be transferred to a working computer. I asked if she would call Costco back and explain why the delay was so long. She said that she couldn't. That I was too far past my return policy date and that I wouldn'€™t be able to return it at this point. I asked why she couldn'€™t call them anyway and at least explain what had been going on. She said "I can'™t"€. I noted that it didn't actually seem impossible to pick up the phone and talk to someone at Costco. Finally she said "œI don't feel like it"€. She noted that she had already gone out of her way for me the first time.

I let her know that I would like to return the new computer then. She told me that I wasn't able to do that because it had been more than 21 days since I purchased it. When asked why they wouldn'™t extend it since I was waiting to know if the situation could actually be corrected so that things would work for me, and
when I asked why it was my fault for it taking so long for her to actually call me back/ so long for me to actually be able to get a hold of someone.

She noted that this whole situation was my fault because I had called 1800HPINVENT when I was having problems. She told me she had given me her phone number when I had the problem with the screen so that I needed to call her back with problems. I noted that I was under the impression that she was only in charge of the decision about the screen repair refund. With a hostile voice she responded to the effect "€œIt doesn'™t matter what you thought, you had to call me."

I asked if I could speak to her supervisor at some point and she told me that she was "the end of the line"€ that there was no one I could complain to, that all complaints would go back to her. She pretty much yelled at me over the phone. It occurred to me that I had already sent in my feedback on her "€œprofessionality". This seemed shortsighted suddenly.

We looked into when the computer had arrived at my house and I had actually only had it for 19 or 20 days as it turned out so she said that I actually could return it and gave me the phone number to call. I called the 1(800)892-6608 opt 4 phone number (and yes they tried to get me to buy another HP computer), but they told me that I was past the return policy date and couldn't return it. I explained I had just reviewed this with my case manager and they checked with their manager and said I couldn'™t return it.

I called ** back and she said that if that was their policy then that was their policy. She noted it wasn't her department it was up to them. I had to ask her to call them and talk to them for me to get it straightened out. She talked to someone and within a minute or two someone from the return department was apologizing for my having been informed that I couldn't return it when I still had time to do so. Finally someone took my information about my return. And then tried to sell me another HP computer. I returned the second computer.

I went to Costco, crying, because ** had convinced me it was a futile effort. I asked for **€. I was told that they didn't have anyone named ** at that store in Vancouver Washington, but that there was a **€ down in Portland, Oregon Store which was the next closest store. I explained half of what I had been through, they cut me off and gave me a full refund. (And a paper towel with which to dry my tears.) I returned the first computer.

I tried to contact HP corporate like Case Manager ** had told me I could do. So that they would get some feedback to make it so that their customers weren't treated like this. But I couldn't find a place to actually get a hold of anyone in "corporate"€. I called HPINVENT to ask them to walk me through how to do that. They told me they weren'™t trained to offer support in that regard. I asked to speak to one of their managers and after being on hold a little more was told that their manager wasn't there currently and told me I could call back.

I did a google search to see if I could get more information about who her supervisor was or what options I had and found another complaint against her on my3cents.com. In that complaint it noted her acting pretty similarly, and that when the person had submitted a complaint through the website it had gone right to her and she had called him back and yelled at him for complaining about her. I tried contacting someone in their PR department by email. But I haven'€™t heard back from them. I noted I was concerned that she might be severely depressed, suicidal, or unstable in some way, that they may want to at least let her manager know problems are going on.

MY CONCLUSIONS: I had multiple problems with HP. I bought their computer because it was cheap and had all sorts of nifty features. It wasn't worth it. I had both hard ware and soft ware problems. But most of all I had a bad customer support experience. I was very lucky to be able to return the two computers at all. And am happy to be rid of them. Some of the people at HP were very nice, about 1/2 of them were difficult to understand because of foreign accents (mostly from India), ** was the best/most helpful, by far. I hope he does well in his life.

HPs customer service should get a new name. Or perhaps ** just needs a new job. On the phone she seems like a very angry unhappy uncompassionate person. She admits at times that doesn't want to help customers and that there is no recourse to take about this fact. You can't trust anything they tell you on the phone. Misinformation is rampant.

There is no good feedback system regarding their case managers. There are actually multiple systems in place to make it so you can'€™t give feedback about case managers, such as notices on the Public Relations site that only media members can call them. If you get a case manager who is unhelpful you are out of luck. Mine, **, wouldn't even send me back my two small screws, let alone help me with bigger issues.

It would probably have cost them about 100$ and 10 minutes of time to fix my 900$ computer, instead I talked to their staff for hours, eventually returned everything to them, told my friends about my hassle, and helped get some people to buy computers other than HP. I never got the program I had worked on for about 40 hours off my first computer, but I'€™m sure I spent that much time trying to work with HP to fix the problem.

If you have to go through some of the same things I have, I recommend that you look upon the whole frustrating process as an opportunity to practice being a more patient or calm person in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, Costco treated me like a human being. I'm very appreciative to them. If they had treated me like HP did, I would no longer be going to that store.

Seven Months to get a rebate
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AKRON, OHIO -- My 20+ week journey to get a $130 rebate. I ordered a Compaq laptop computer in the first week of January, 2006. I received the printer and laptop about five days apart; the computer arrived last, Jan. 24, 2006. I gathered and filled out the original paperwork, including the originals of all barcodes, etc. I made copies of everything.

I sent the package the second week of February and never received an email to confirm they had the rebate, as the salesperson said they would, or the rebate checks, one for $50, the other for $80. I checked the HPshopping.com rebate system. They had no record of my rebate. I was told 8-10 weeks for a rebate, so it was about week 11 before I made the first phone call to HP. The first time I called, the recording said they were experiencing technical difficulties. I called the number again a few moments later and got a rep. This would have been the near the end of May.

During this first phone call, I was told she had no record of me buying a computer and printer from them. I told them I had purchased the computer on line directly from HPshopping.com with the help of a live representative. She said she had no access to that information because they are “just the rebate center.” She transferred me to another department and this rep told me they did have my purchase information, but I had not given them an email.

I told her that, within a week of buying the computer, I changed servers and both emailed and called Hpshopping.com to give them this change. I needed them to put my new address in their system for me to access my account on HPshopping.com. At that point, they told me that my rebate must have been “lost.” One side note here: I have been monthly receiving coupons in the mail and advertisements through my email address since purchasing the computer. Someone, somewhere, had information that I bought a computer, and that I had given them my correct contact addresses, but apparently not the rebate center.

During this first phone call, I was transferred back to the rebate center. She told me to resubmit the rebate and gave me the address as Compaq/HP, PO Box 42954, Mesa, AZ 85274 and told me to address it as a Resubmit Rebate. The next day, as I was addressing the envelope, I wanted to ask on which line to write the Resubmit Rebate title. I didn't want to make any mistakes to delay the rebate further. I called the number again and was given this exact same address.

I mailed the rebate again at the end of the week, May 31, but this time, I sent it certified mail with a return receipt. It cost me $5.12 to do this. I kept checking the online rebate system on HP's website; they had no record of my rebate. I checked the USPS site to track my mail.

According the USPS tracking site, they attempted to deliver my mail June 3, but the address was “Wrong” and an attempt was being made to “Forward it.” A bit astounded, I called HP again and explained the situation. This time, a very perplexed rep said, “Why would they give you THAT address? We changed that weeks ago.” I explained to her that I had not only been given the address on a Sunday, but on that Monday as well. Two reps, different days, same address. She was at a loss to explain it, other than “It's recently been changed. You'll have to submit the rebate again.”

At this point, I lost control. I apologized to this poor rep and said, “I am not going to personally attack you as a human, but I am really angry at the company you work for. First, you lose my rebate. Then, you have no record of my purchase, then I'm told the wrong address, twice. Now you are telling me I have to submit it a third time?” I then asked her, if I bought the computer DIRECTLY from them, why I wasn't given these rebates at the time of purchase. My credit card went through. They were paid.

The delivery of the computer was something I had to sign for and they would have record of: Why wasn't I given my $130 RIGHT THEN as a credit towards the purchase? I apologized to her, she apologized to me. Then I told her, “I'm off all summer, I've got 76 days to call and mess with this, so I'm not going away. I hope the person you are recording this call for is listening to this."

Earlier that day, I had googled “HP/Compaq and rebate and complaint” on line and there are thousands of complaints against them; mostly about rebates. I told her this. She suggested, then, I wait for the second rebate to be forwarded from the address I was given to the address it needed to arrive at. I asked her how long it would take. She said, “About two weeks.” I said, “I got a package sent from Paris, France to Ohio in less time than that.”

I watched the USPS tracking site and my envelope was delivered to Young America, MN, 55558-7004 on June 8. I called again Monday June 12, 2006. This time, the rep asked me for my case number and I told her I had never been given one. I gave her my information and she went from nice to trite in about four seconds. I said, “I've called before.” She said, “We log all the calls.” I told her the whole story again, including the part about the last rep suggesting I wait for the mail to be forwarded. Again, I was told, “We have no record of you sending a rebate.”

This time, I said, “Really. The United States Post Office says that someone there signed for my rebate package and I'm getting a little slip back with his or her name on it any day now.” She insisted they have nothing and that I resubmit the rebate again and rattled an address off to me. I recognized the zip. I said, “55558. That's the zip my paperwork was delivered to. She explained the process, made excuses, and told me things I have heard before. Finally, I said, “When, from this point, can I expect my money?” She again said, “I can't guarantee you anything because I show nothing in my system. I really do suggest you resubmit.”

I said, “What's the address again, please?” In an exasperated tone, she said, “I just gave it to you.” I replied, “I really didn't think I was going to need it, so I didn't write it down. If I submit it again, it's the third time.” She gave me yet a different address: **, HP Award Center, offer # **, PO Box 7004, Young America, MN, 55558-7004. I asked her what would happen from here if I resubmitted and she said in a snotty tone, “Well, you have until October to get your rebate. You have time.”

At that point, I made up my mind to report them to the Better Business Bureau whether I got my money or not. One side note: My offer numbers are **. Where did they get the **? When I put this offer number into HPshopping's rebate search engine, there is none found.

June 19th, 2006: 6:20PM (by this time, I'm keep a careful log of when, where, and who), I called the same number I have been calling. It was experiencing difficulties and I was told to call again later. I called them right back. A menu was given, a rep answered, I was asked for a case number, I told them I've never been given one, and he redirected my call right back to the same menu I got when first called. Another rep answered and again took all my information. ** was very nice. He said to call back in a week because there was no rebate information for me in their system. Okay then. Now it has been 18 weeks.

June 26th, 2006, 2:00PM Called the rebate line. It was busy. I was on hold for about five minutes, a rep answered and took my information. I was again put back to the same menu I got before. Another rep answered, **, who took my information and told me two checks, one for $50, the other for $80 had been processed just that day. I asked when they would be sent. She said, “Ten days.” I thanked her very much.

Meanwhile, for the first time since February, I went on line to the HP rebate center and they have record of my rebates sitting there. Note to self and to all other rebate senders: Go certified mail. Proof is a beautiful thing. The fact that the Post Office is a branch of the Federal Government is even better.

July 7, 2006, two checks from HP arrived in the mail; my rebates, finally. It only took almost seven months, sending it twice, many phone calls, many times being transferred around, and paying for certified mail. I will NEVER buy an HP/Compaq computer again unless the rebate is instantly given to me.

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