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HP customer service is non-existent
Posted by Jx1wright on 10/27/2003
Okay, here's the deal folks.

Don't count on HP customer service for anything. They will not honor a coupon on a purchase that has already been made, and they will not cancel an order for any reason. You HAVE to refuse the order at the door.

Now tell me, if you walk into CompUSA, BestBuy, Circuit City, WalMart, insert name here ___________, will they not honor a coupon as long as you have proof of reciept and the coupon has not expired?

Not HP. The customer service at HP is non-existent.

I worked for Dell laptop support for a couple of years. They have a subdivision called "save the sale".

Basically, if you were a distraught customer who threatened to refuse your business, you got forwarded onto these people who would literally bend over backwards to "save your sale". I know of many times when they practically gave away machines, because Michael Dell knows what word of mouth means.

HP does not know this. I have called customer service three times;

1. I called them the SAME day of sale, only a couple of hours after placing the order online to upgrade the processor. "No can do", they tell me. You have to refuse the laptop at delivery and then place another order. I must admit, I was guffawed.

2. I read these forums and discovered the 10% off coupon. I promptly called HP Customer service, and even after asking for a supervisor was denied the ability to use the coupon, even though the coupon has not expired. It's HP policy.

3. After coming home this day, I talked to my wife about the lack of customer service, and she thought I should call them again. I did. I called and again was refused by the first level of support. I asked for a supervisor. I explained to him that I have many years of experience in HP printers, and how I know they are the best out there, and that if the customer service is this bad, I will no longer be recommending their product, not to mention losing my sale. His reply??? "It's HP Policy".

Well then, he just costed HP thousands of dollars in my recommendations. Customer service is the name of the game. HP doesn't offer it. Apparently they have not heard the phrase "The customer is always right".

I will be returning this laptop when it arrives, and I will NEVER buy any product they sell again, unless I hear that they have learned to respect the one who matters the most... the customer.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-10:
i love my hp and i have found the service department to be very friendly and helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-12:
Non existing customer service, I couldnt agree more! Of all companies I picked HP as my first PC. That was my first mistake. The first system burned up in less than a month so I recieved a second computer. Now on #2, it worked for a couple of weeks and I encountered problems which turned it to my computer not working at all. So after sending it back they decided to give it back to me 7 WEEKS later and didnt even touch it. SO I sent it back. AGAIN!. Got it back and still nothing. So being fed up I wanted a refund, but couldnt get it in full because Ive owned it for a couple of months and they were going to take a percentage of the cost even though I didnt even get to use it. So now Im on #3 (in 4 months!) I take the new one out of box and it already had a virus in it. So I my self had to fix it right off the bat. Do you think I heard from HP about it? Well heck no. What ever happend to CUSTOMER FIRST?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-15:
In July 2003 my hard drive went out (under warranty). It was replaced and on 10/13/03 I placed a call that that hard drive began clicking loudly and quit working. I called the service number and after several hours was told that a new hard drive was authorized to be shipped out. On 11/13/03 I again called customer service because I still had not received the hard drive. After 3 hrs on the phone I was informed that the hard drive would be shipped that afternoon, but the tech could not give me the CSO number at that time but would e-mail it to me. I was instructed if I didn't hear anything to call back & give this case number: Ref # 7305165428 and the person who answered would be able to give me the CSO number. I called back on 11/14/03, was transferred numerous times and after 2 hrs on the phone I was told they were working on my case and I was transferred to another gentlemen in India who was supposed to be able to give me the CSO number. He told me his system was sluggish and that he would call me back on the morning of 11/15/03 by 10:00 am EST. It is now 2:00 pm EST and I have NOT received a call back. I am very disgusted with the way this whole thing was handled. The situation still is not resolved. I have to say that HP's customer service is the worse I have ever seen. I will truely think hard before I purchase another HP/Compaq product, if this is the type of customer service I have to look forward to. I never had this much trouble when it was just Compaq alone!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-05:
Totally agree, I have had zero help and so much aggravation from HP. I am now heading for my fourth printer in less than a year. The replacements aren't delivered when promised, one replacement came broken, you NEVER speak to the smae person twice and no one seems to know you called before. For a big company they have no respect at all for present customers. They should invest less in publicity in getting new customers and a bit more in training staff to be friendly, helpful adn actually show them how to treat customers like human beings. HP UK - less than ok.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-09:
I had very poor service from customer support, but persued the issue and I did eventually get a complete apology and good service, and felt that the company had made up for bad staff.
Posted by judith285 on 2004-02-12:
You can't be serious.
Dell USE to be a great product. Not anymore. Ever since they switched all thier Tech support to India it has failing grades.
If HP wants to keep thier good name they better pay attention and keep thier Tech support right here in the US. How can anyone get the help they need from a person who cannot understand the English language?
Posted by Rjwhitt on 2004-02-23:
I will not even go into detail on my nightmare with HP's so called "Customer Support". If anyone can tell me how to get a problem fixed I would be very happy. All I can say is good bye to an old friend. I have had nothing but Hp's for my home and business. Now I will buy only Dell.
Posted by Snoopysv on 2004-07-08:
I have recently puchased a hp pavilion zx5180 notebook and returned the same day after spending 1 hour on the phone with a "customer service person" because my computer would not turn on, then 5 days later the new computers keyboard started falling apart while typing a paper. I spent another 2 hours on the phone with customer service trying to solve the problem in the end they said i had to pay to send it away to have the keyboard replaced. At that point that is when i said screw it and returned the notebook and now im getting a dell b/c at least their products generally work.
Posted by ferd on 2004-07-21:
I would like to reply to your posting. Yes, dealing with any company's customer service will generate different experiences for all. However, I would like to point out that you may have missed some crucial information when you first ordered your hardware or software. When we order from HP, one of the points that the sales rep makes is to let you know that once an order is complete, you must refuse it at the door to return it/cancel it. Were you not paying attention? It was quite clear when I was listening, on several occasions - it was repeated to me several times during each order process. I would also like to return to my first point, that not everyone has the same experience. Here is a suggestion for future dealings with any company - 1. listen and write down information, you are spending money here! 2. be sure to get names and employee id numbers/codes - if an employee is not capable of doing his or her job, any company would like to know. 3. Just as you have obviously had a rough time with HP, I and others have had a wonderful time with their customer service. I could tell you absolute nightmares about the Dells, Gateways, and other brands I currently own in addition to my HPs. I think that when you post a complaint, it would be most appropriate to give us facts and leave the vitriolic statements out, please. I happen to have been very pleased with HP's customer service - they have solved my Dell and Gateway problems when those other companies have not -- even though they have no obligation or reason to help me with Dell, Gateway, other company problems. Please - keep your perspective and remember to take your notes, ask for clarification, and pay attention to what a sales rep is saying before you spend so much money.
Posted by onlyhonda on 2004-10-20:
I totally agree regarding the LACK of Customer Support by HP. I have never been more frustrated in my life. I have spent the last 10 days being told repeatedly that someone will return my phone call. After hours upon hours on the telephone explaining my problem to each person, I have no more of an answer than when I started. I have written emails and even got a return email that someone will get right on the issue. This is my second A630N HP Pavilion in 5 weeks. Hard drive needs replacing. The only good thing in the situation is that I have not loaded any programs or files on this computer yet. At this point, all I can say is "BUYER BEWARE" on any HP purchases!!! The warranty policy in the booklet that comes with your purchase is NOT honored and the telephone support is only good if they can walk you through the problem over the telephone. If it requires actual repair or parts, good luck!!!
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Buying from HP and being treated like idiots
Posted by LetdownbyHP on 08/09/2007
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- HP CASE # 734-148-7504
HP Quality ID # 6300 830 396

I purchased an HP Pavillion DV2415 laptop in the middle of July 2007. It crashed on the first day. On the 3rd day it crashed 9 times and each successive boot resulted in the blue screen of death. I contacted HP troubleshooting via online chat. After the 3rd online chat was told I would receive a recovery disk that would resolve the issue. Based on this 3rd conversation, which seemed reassuring, I purchased an HP extended 12 cell battery so that I could work during a series of day trips to Boston. I put it in and charged it. When I was satisfied that it worked and would hold the charge, I went to remove it so I could replace it with the battery which had originally come with it. But it was NOT possible to remove it. The latch had jammed and there was no way it could be removed. Again, I contacted HP online support. The first person I spoke to had the gall to suggest I broke the latch. Two hours later, online with a second support representative, he did not hesitate to tell me that 12 cell and original batteries are exactly the same dimensions and are designed to be easily removable. Further, it sounded like the latch had simply jammed, so I could send it in for repair. I asked him how long it would take and he immediately said I would get it back by overnight Fedex. Fedex indicates that HP received the laptop on July 23. 3 days later I received an email stating that instead of getting my laptop on the 23rd, I would now receive my laptop back no later than July 31st.

This time I phone the HP 800 number and was told by someone in Canada that they were facing some kind of unquantifiable backlog of work which might explain the delay. In response to my repeated questions about whether my laptop had been seen by a technician at all, she continued to avoid the question and kept telling I had nothing to worry about and that I would see my laptop on the 31st. On August 1st, I still had not gotten my laptop back. I made numerous phone calls, spoke to someone in India. Vaguely polite but completely unhelpful. Spoke to someone in Canada. Was matter of factly unresponsive to my direct questions, and robotically replied that someone would call me within 4-24 hours to answer my questions and to make sure I get my laptop back. After several more phone calls I was again talking with yet another representative at some call center in India who assured me he had logged the details of my call and apologized for the person in Canada for having refused to give me the case number she had apparently been obliged to assign to my case. He would then in a few minutes transfer me to someone in the "right" department, as he put it, one who would be able to deal with my case. The voice who came on the line minutes later was singularly rude but consistent in telling me that the case manager is unavailable at this time and only the case manager could tell me what the problem was and when I would get my laptop back. On the morning of the second, I had to buy a ticket for a trip out of the country to deal with an unexpected family issue.

While I was out, an email had come in to tell me that I was to now expect the laptop on the 7th Aug. I did not get a phone call from a case manager. Hours later, an agent from HP phoned to let me know that I should expect to get my laptop around Aug.7. I phoned the HP 800 number once again and asked to speak to a case manager. The person (Canadian accent) told me I would be transferred to a case manager. Sixteen minutes and loop looping music later, a recorded voice said thank for supporting HP and the line went dead. I went online and found out suddenly, I was just one of thousands of HP customers who have been treated with such disrespect. See class action lawsuits in 2005, 2006, customer service complaints throughout 2004-present 2007.

I had purchased a laptop and saw it for less than 4 days. It was defective and I sent it in with HP's reassurance I would get it back overnight. I invested more money in HP with the extended battery based on this reassurance. I had no reason to worry they said. Someone would call me in 4-24 hours, THEY SAID. The overnight turned into July 31st. I ask what the problem was in Canada, India, Canada, India and get zero response in the US.

On the evening of Aug.1 I call HP and tell them to send me back my laptop today since they cannot tell me one single reason for the delay, and I must go out of the country with my new laptop in hand. I am told no one except the Case Manager can help me with that. But a case manager is still not available because all of them have gone home for the day. No one is interested in helping --- Shouldn't I have gotten the hint by now???? I am faced with an unexpected but urgent situation that requires me to go overseas and there is no one who will do anything to help me?

On Aug. 2, Jeremy, a case manager called me to ask me if I am certain that I would like my laptop to be sent back unrepaired. SAY WHAT? You have had my laptop since the July 23. I was assured I would get it back overnight. Then I get an email from you saying I would get it back on the 31st. On Aug.1 I phone to ask what happened. All day, your agents around the world insist they don't have any idea but I was not to worry, that I would see my laptop very soon, that someone would call. I then get an email saying I would get my laptop on Aug.7. I phone again and your agents around the world cannot transfer me to anyone who can actually help. Due to a family matter I now have to leave. I ask for my laptop to be sent back urgently. You now call and tell me IT'S UNREPAIRED???? Furthermore, you think it might be a part on order and it takes time for it to get there. I ask you what exactly is the part in question and your answer is Ï DON'T KNOW. THE TECHNICIAN DID NOT SPECIFY". I tell you that I have owned 7 laptops, never had any serious problems with any of them until this one. And you PATRONIZE ME by telling me that it doesn't make a difference what part it is. While you condescend to your customer because it is your right to do so, you violate the customer rights by withholding information requested pertinent to the customer's property which you have promised to repair and promptly send back. You insist that you cannot do anything to expedite the UNKNOWN/ UNNAMEABLE /MYSTERIOUS part in question, but you insist that the you expect the part to arrive on Aug.7 and it will be sent out overnight to me. YOU PROMISED ME BEFORE HANGING UP YOU WOULD CALL ME TO LET ME KNOW THAT PROGRESS WAS MADE. IT IS AUG.9 TODAY!!! I STILL HAVE NO LAPTOP!!! YOU HAVE COST ME MORE THAN MY EXPENSES; I HAVE DELAYED MY DEPARTURE WITH NO NEW DEPARTURE DATE IN SIGHT AND YOU HAVE NOT CALLED ME TO TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY LAPTOP!!!!! It is a new and defective computer. REPAIR IT OR REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY AND SEND IT TO ME TODAY! HP, Do You Get The Hint??

I want the all HP customers to know I share their grief. If you are thinking of buying HP consider this experience is not an isolated case but is a clear example of HP's ongoing quest to get wealthier while you suffer and agonize over your purchase--- AT YOUR EXPENSE. Obviously, THEY STILL DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE ANY CONSUMER RIGHTS.

Between these so-called representatives in India, Canada, and the one blip of the one in the US, the common phrase is "THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING SUPPORT AT HP". Yeah? Giving your customers the run around on a global scale, when they invest their hard-earned dollars in your company, you get richer, you continue to reap the benefits, in spite of blatant disrespect for your customers, now would it be surprising to us if you were simply laughing as you read this????
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Posted by trumania on 2007-08-09:
Why is everyone who complains "completely surprised" whenever they see complaints of a company online? You cannot satisfy everyone and there are delays to certain work orders unfortunately, there are complaints against every company.

So, I would recommend not reading those complaints or you won't have anyone to shop.

Sorry this happened to you hopefully you get your computer back.
Posted by geather-c on 2007-08-11:
My son is on his 4th H.P laptop in the last 9 months,thank GOD my wife works at Sam's club and the extended warranty is around $29.95 for two more years(but he has not had one to last more than 3 months thus far) and not one of the problems was his fault,no virus,malware,worms,trojans ect.one even had the screws fall out of the hard drive,the others just locked up.I guess he has not had the pleasure of dealing with corp yet! OH! do the speak english or is it HINDU?
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-11:
geather-c, the one that had the screws fall out of the harddrive, was it the casing the hard drive is in? Meaning could you screw it back in and continue or did you use that as an excuse to get a new computer?

What do you mean the other computers just locked up? They just freeze or what? Could be a software issue, or does your son use a surge protector to keep the computer safe from electrical spikes that can happen in your home outlets? There are TONS of reasons computers go bad, just because your computer goes bad does not mean it was the fault of HP.
Posted by vincem on 2007-08-12:
I had similar experience with HP. My laptop was returned three times and never repaired. HP waited out the warranty period and then declared that it was out of warranty! HP is clearly no longer a reputable company. It will be interesting to see how long they can operate this way before the customers wake up and refuse to purchase any additional HP equipment.
Posted by gglover on 2007-08-16:
HP support isnt always bad. My compaq v2000 died last year . I was about a month away from the end of my one year warranty. They fixed it within a week and a half and I am still using it.
Posted by tudor1 on 2007-08-31:
I am sorry that you have had such a difficult time with your HP. I am fortunate to say that I have owned 4 HP laptops and was never sorry with any of them. I never once had anything go wrong with any of them. I wouldn't think of ever buying a different brand. Actually I did buy another brand once and I was worry I did. It just wasn't up to my expectations and I wound up giving it away to a friend and buying another HP. However, because I never had a problem meant that I never had to use their customer service. I think in general outsourcing is a problem with lots of company's customer service. I have been down that road with other companies and I know how frustrating it is. A person halfway around the world working for a company that is the customer service for other companies as well. It often doesn't matter if they are being the service representative for a computer or a toaster. They just have certain guideline to follow and really are not able to think for themselves because they are so far removed from the company and the problem. The consumer always suffers. I think that is the problem you faced more than the reliability of the product that you bought. Every company produces a lemon once in a while. Sounds like you got more than your share with your purchase. I personally think you should just demand a new laptop. That is if you can get to someone who can make the authorization.
Posted by YaThink? on 2007-10-28:
It's not about the quality of the PC... ALL PCS have some percentage of defect. It's about HP customer support when your turn comes to have a defective PC and it is a defect that will cost HP too much to repair, or they don't have parts in stock, or they lose the computer (as has happened to me and others), THEN they will turn you over to a "Quality Case Manager" (sic)... these are USA people who are rude and could care less about your problem (they have already written you off as a future customer) and whose only job is to take you out of the normal service loop (so you don't tie up analysts). They will not answer or return your calls until it suits their purposes... no need to keep you informed while you do without your PC... no matter that HP is in violation of the turnaround terms of the contract they sold you. The sad part is that they get away with it.
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HP repair deleted all my data!
Posted by GaryDave on 06/20/2004
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently bought an HP Pavilion laptop. After several months the AC power jack on the laptop body became unusable. A nice gentlemen at HP Customer support (turned out he was in India) spent 20 minutes with me on the phone, talking me through packing the notebook with the battery removed, and explained all the HP policies regarding warranty service.

The good news: the repair was lightning fast and free.

The bad news: HP repair service reformatted my hard drive. WHAT????????

I was FURIOUS. I felt like someone checking into the hospital with a sprained ankle and ending up having a kidney accidentally removed. Why in the world would HP destroy - without warning me in advance - all my digital photos, downloaded music, customized settings, word processor documents, emails, in the course of fixing a broken power jack?

A phone call to HP customer service proved totally unsatisfactory. I was told that HP policy is to automatically reformat the hard drives of all units sent in for repair, and that informing the consumer of that fact is part of the phone support "script". I was also told that HP encourages consumers to remove the hard drive, like the battery, before shipping their notebook.

Well I was NEVER told that my hard drive was about to be wiped clean. I was NEVER advised on how to remove it before shipping (as I was with the battery). In all my years working with computers, I have never lost a hard drive, until now. And for no earthly reason, other than a ridiculous one-size-fits-all repair policy that has surely claimed plenty more victims.

At any rate, the person who I spoke with in customer service, Marcella, told me that my complaint was reasonable and I would hear back from a supervisor within 24 hours.

I am still waiting, two days later, to hear back.

1) Apologize for taking such a drastic and irreversable action without informing me in advance.

2) Review and change HP policy regarding repairs. If there really is some justification for reformatting the hard drive of every computer that comes in (no matter what the problem), then HP should REQUIRE consumers to remove their laptop hard drives before shipping. Customer service people should clearly state and repeat the fact that all data will be lost should the hard drive arrive at HP. And most importantly, HP should specifically ask for permission to do this before agreeing to accept the item for repair.

3) In other words the script should contain this dialog: "Do you understand that once we take in your equipment, if your hard drive is still in the machine, we may delete all your data?" "I have recorded your answer as 'Yes'. Is this correct?"

4) I would really appreciated some compensation for the lost data, lost hours of work, and lost time spent on this issue. I still need to spend hours more to restore the computer to the condition it was in before this disaster. What is my time worth? I would be happy to accept compensation in the form of HP product. That would indicate some acknowledgement of HP's fault in not informing me in advance of their intent to clean out my hard drive.

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Posted by mynonsense on 2004-07-09:
Surprise !!! ........................................................thats whats on your computer when they get done. That's poor customer satisfaction , who would be expecting that! That would be one bad virus!
Posted by Barthburger on 2004-07-10:
the only way a repair tech can tell 100% that the computer is in fact working at factory specs is too..??? I used to work in tech support for several years for Sony. It always astounded me how a loss of personal data that was so crucial and important was not backed up. And its the fault of the repair person or tech support person that it happened. It never occures to people that when your computer goes into service they are checking the entire unit for issues. What happens if you send it in for a problem with the sound and they determine the harddrive is working but does not pass a linear test. Do they not replace the drive? Of corse not becuase then if the harddrive crashes and the cust finds out it didnt pass a test then they are going to jump up and down."why didnt you replace it while you had it now I have to send it in again!" well in that case there's all your data too. And again viruses are rampant today. You dont have to download squat to get them just simply be connected to your internet provider. You don't even need to have a browser open. So who's fault is it then? Back up your data.
Posted by Valethe on 2004-11-10:
You know something gary that is sad. I read your post and all I could do is shake my head. All you seem to be looking for is free things. I mean come on, every person with any sence knows that you should always backup any and all data before letting ANYONE work on your computer. There is always a chance of loseing data. And by the way, you will not get free stuff for what you lost, as it is even in your warrenty papers saying that personal data is not HPs responsability.
Posted by Hain on 2005-07-07:
One of the standard repair steps HP service centers use in *any* repair is a reformat of the drive. It's to ensure that follow-up diagnostics they run to show that the repair worked run clean.

Most support techs should and will inform you of this prior to setting up the repair. But there is no guarantee or responsibility for lost data or any forgotten media (CDs, added internal components, etc) included when the machine is sent for service.

In essence, cut your losses & suck it up. The recommendation is to back up anything you don't want to lose.
Posted by Beauty and the Beast on 2008-02-16:
I COMPLETELY relate to what you have said. Here I am in the same situation that you were in 4 years ago. I sent my laptop in for some minor cosmetic damage b/c it was covered under the warranty. I even enclosed a note with what specifically needed to be done. Weeks later I get the computer back only to see that the damage is still there and ALL of my data has been lost!!! Turns out they replaced my perfectly fine hard drive!!

I did not back up my data b/c I was not warned to do so. Nor did I even think that this would be necessary to do when I was only sending my laptop in for minor repair.

As expected I called and complained only to get person after person that I could not communicate with!! Eventually I was transferred to a case manager who took my laptop in for repair again to fix what should have been fixed originally. She pretty much told me "OPPS... yeah I am not sure why you were not told to back up all of your data. That is standard procedure." So here I am weeks later, waiting to get back my laptop to see what further damage HP has done. Lucky me, HP is experiencing a backlog. So who knows how long it will take!

I will never purchase another HP computer. They have caused me more problems that I originally had. The customer service is horrible.. and I am an extremely dissatisfied customer!
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Why do I Hate HP Customer Service. Let Me Count the Ways.
Posted by Micheleteasdale on 02/17/2013
Why do I hate HP customer service. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.

This has been on my bucket list for so long. I finally decided, today, that I cannot take it anymore. I am going to share this with everyone because I know you all have similar stories and are equally frustrated, but do not have the time to do anything about it. I am going to speak on the behalf of everyone who hates the service we are getting in America, the beautiful.

The worst part of all is that most companies in America are outsourcing everything. Some of these customer service representatives can make you go from one to ten in a nanosecond. Their thinking is very concrete. Many do not have a good grasp of the English language. I believe they rely on flowcharts. If you say, “No,” they look to see what it says in the corresponding box and repeat it verbatim. They should start answering the phone, “How may I be of absolutely no assistance to you today?”

Two years ago, I sent my Special Edition HP laptop to be serviced. I really loved that computer. The hinge was coming apart, which I realize was my fault because I sometimes picked it up by the cover. I had just a few days left on my three year warranty. I got the computer back and it was working well, but five days later it completely crashed. I ended up buying a new HP laptop, which is not nearly as nice. Just recently, I sent the new one to be serviced. I made a joke to my sister that in five days, it would crash. Low and behold, that is exactly what happened. It is telling me to use my recovery disc. I just find this to be too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

I remember buying a three year home contract when I bought this computer. When I called for service, the representative said I did not have a contract. I read off the product number from my invoice. The service representative said that it was not a valid number. I kept calling to see if I could get a representative who could help me. They kept saying, “No, you do not have a service contract.” How about the customer is always right. How about saying they are going to check into it and get back to you. I eventually found the paperwork for the service contract. I had to register my service agreement. This must be one of their latest tricks to make money. I did not read my receipt because I was too busy and that is what they are counting on. By the time you make your first service call, you cannot remember if you bought the extended service contract or not.

Once I registered my service contract, they admitted I had a service contract. If I had not found that paperwork, I would be dead in the water. That is exactly what happened to my husband’s computer. I bought a service contract via phone and had no way of proving it when he needed technical support. I wonder how much profit they make on this little scam.

I am so sick and tired of these people repeating everything you say by using the alphabet. “A” as in apple, “B” as in boy. A call that would ordinarily take five minutes can take over an hour. I heard that they enjoy torturing us and laugh about it in the bullpen.

When I called about renewing my service agreement for my last computer, the service representative gave me a price, but I realized it did not include hardware. I said, “I did not want to pay for their HOTLINE service only.” She said, “Sorry, ma’am, you are not listening to me.” I said, “No, I get it. You want me to buy your lousy service without hardware support for the same price as I was paying for telephone and hardware support.” Honestly, I would rather break my computer over my head than talk to them. I started to realize that I was doing everything I could to avoid having to call them. My son refuses to call them. My husband does not even bother to get the service contract extended because he also refuses to talk to them. I decided from now on, I am going to use their chat line. In this way, I do not have to go through the alphabet multiple times. I wonder how many other people feel this way.

Once a customer service representative gave me instructions on how to fix my computer. I said, “Won’t this delete my programs and files?” He assured me it would not, but it would take a while. He asked me to call back when it was done. I called back and the next customer service representative said that I had deleted all my files and that there was nothing he could do about it. He said, “I am sorry.” You are not the only one who is sorry, buster!

My son’s computer was in warranty. I was told to send it to the HP Service Center. I would call to ask the status. They would say that they did have the part. After a month went by, I called to state that their service contract indicates that the computer would be sent back within 10 working days. One representative said, “Well, do you want us to send you back your computer without the part.” That was obviously not from the flowchart, just plain stupidity. It took me three months before this was resolved in a satisfactory manner and more aggravation than I have ever known. I could go on and on, but I know you have your own annoying stories.

So many Americans cannot get employment and would do a great job at this if given the opportunity. They would even be happy to accept the same salary at this point. I would be willing to pay more for the option.

I remember watching a skit on Saturday Night Live with Gilda Ratner. She was all tied up. She managed to call 911. The recording said something like this: “Touch “1” if you are being burglarized, “2” if there is a gun pointed to your head and “3” if you are getting raped.” That is about the size of customer service in America. I feel sorry for the elderly who need to make a phone call. These phone trees are getting more and more expansive. It is really bad when they cannot recognize a simple “Yes” or “No.”

Oh, by the way, HP will no longer give you a hardware contract for a laptop after three years because it was built to only last only three years. I have had to buy a new laptop every three years. Dell is no better. I hear the same complaints from my sister.
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Posted by saj80 on 2013-02-18:
Very good review, and seemingly very accurate. When manufacturing jobs were starting to be outsourced to overseas factories, the American working class was assured that this was a good move, and that the USA would become a world-class service economy. However, once the manufacturing jobs disappeared, it didn't take long for the service jobs to follow. I have now changed my mind regarding your review: not good, great!
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-18:
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-18:
"Once I registered my service contract, they admitted I had a service contract."

This makes sense, because prior to registering it you didn't technically have one. As you state, you didn't read your receipt to learn what you had to do.
Posted by micheleteasdale on 2013-02-19:
I would think that HP would have a record that I bought a 3-year service contract on that serial # without having to register it.
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Bad Laptop and Customer Service
Posted by Mjake24 on 05/04/2006
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I'm not sure what to rip apart first the laptop or the customer service.

I guess I'll start with the laptop. The laptop is used for personal use and for a laptop it doesn't get moved around much, so there isn't a lot of wear and tear on the unit.

I have owned the pavillion zx5180us less than 2 years and already have replace 2 hard drives, a motherboard, ac pack and the battery. That doesn't include the number of times that the laptop just shut down by itself, locked up or given me the blue screen of death. All these problems started approximately 3 months after purchasing the laptop. If I wanted a laptop that was unreliable I would have bought a used one, I assumed that buying a brand new one I wouldn't face these issue so early in it's life. That's what you get for ASSUMING your getting a quality product from HP. BOY DID I GUESS WRONG!!!! I will no longer purchase an HP product nor will I recommend HP to anyone either. Talking with the techs at my company HP is no longer in their vocabulary either. Very unreliable is all I hear. I wish I would have talked to them before I through $1700 bucks down the drain.

Now for customer service. Every review I read is right about their support. That is if you can understand them. I was hung up on twice by them in less than an hour by two different case workers, both times after asking for their supervisor. Mind I never raised my voice at them. One case worker even had the nerve to tell me that a laptop should be move around that much. OK why would I buy a laptop if I didn't want to use it from the couch or deck. I understand banging a laptop can ruin a hard drive but please moving it from a desk to couch.

I was always taught that the customer comes first, but in HP's case money and sales comes first to them. Product Quality and Reliability is no where to be found. Obviously their reputation is going down the tubes by all the negative press that can be found on the internet.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-05:
Was it made in Mexico or Texico?
Posted by Yamaha Momma on 2006-07-14:
I agree with mjake24 about the HP ZE5570US laptop. I purchased my laptop in Jan 2004 and have had many of the same problems. However, my extended warranty is with Staples. It is a true lemon, and I am still trying. Staples extended warranty--now get this--the PC must be repaired three times for the same problem before they will replace the PC, but it cannot be an extension of the "same problem!" I have contacted the BBB.
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HP Case Manager line is a scam
Posted by Cl_responses on 02/04/2008
BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been having a tough time with the case managers. They never call back even though they promise to call literally in a couple of minutes. It's always us calling them back and even then it has been almost impossible to get to the case manager assigned to our case. 99% of the times some other case manager picks up, tries to reach out to the primary case manager , doesn't get a response, comes back to us and tell us that they can take a message and do absolutely do nothing beyond that. The case cannot be transferred to any manager other than the one we were assigned to in the beginning. Worst even, we can't even get to talk to higher authorities for escalations . This is the first time I've heard that we do not have any options for escalations. usually there's always a manager that we can talk to, with their e-mail address made available to us but not in this case. We're pretty much stuck with the case manager we are assigned to!!

Our problem is with a laptop we bought in Dec 2007 from HP's website. That laptop died within 10 days of it's purchase so we called HP technical support for assistance. In the meantime we also asked for instructions on returning the laptop for a refund . Technical support asked us to try out various things, none of which were helpful in repairing the laptop and finally directs us to contact HP Shopping for a refund.

When we call HP Shopping we are told that it's beyond 21 days of purchasing the laptop so a refund is not possible and we are asked to contact a case manager . It's been a nightmare since then! the case manager never calls back. We kept calling all the time to ask for updates and even on those rare occasions when we do get connected , we only got curt responses. All in all , this has been a sordid affair! In fact this is not the only forum where customers are complaining about HP's abysmal service . I just googled up for "HP Case Manager" and couldn't find even a single post which is satisfied with case manager service. Looking at the way the case managers are never available, it just appears that they are experts at being evasive!!

I'm just wondering if we actually should consider a class action law suit here . May be , just may be we have a strong case if we approached this issue collectively!
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Posted by thewallaby on 2008-02-23:
well. after working for hp for 1 year, i remember cases like this one. getting a hold of a case manager is extremely difficult. and i'm not joking. worse thing is that they are rude as hell, never call back the customer and give false expectations. i just got used to it.
Posted by Seriously Appalled on 2008-03-20:
I could not agree more. My experience with the case managers has been identical. I wrote a letter to the Chairman of HP and actually had a response from a case manager. They had been told to follow up with me and see what was going on. After I went through my long story (again), this case manager said "Oh, I see you already have a case manager, and they are doing everything they can. There is nothing I can do to help." I was stunned! I asked what the point was of calling me if they weren't going to help me at all...this case manager said the only way to "escalate" is to write back to the CEO's office and say you are dissatisfied with your case manager and want to be assigned a new one. Then Corporate will supposedly review your case and determine if a new case manager is warranted. I imagine this is another stall tactic. It is utterly and completely ridiculous. All the case managers say that Mark Hurd (Chairman, CEO, etc.) put this case management process in place and we're all at their mercy (case managers). I truly can't believe he would think this was a good idea....class action sounds fine here, count me in.
Posted by someonewhoknows on 2008-04-10:
just to let you know that the fact that yes case managers are very hard to get ahold of and that is because each of the HP case managers have well over 200 cases each and they get handled when they can and for you to think that you should be treated special is crap and you must get the eff over yourself
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Appalling Product Quality And After Sales Service
Posted by Robinlee on 05/25/2012

I am writing from Singapore to you as I am totally disappointed with your product quality and especially the after sales service in Singapore. I purchased a HP Envy Beat edition notebook last year and started using only in June 2011. Within about half a year, the notebook failed twice. The 2nd time was in Jan 2012, the motherboard failed. As it was the 2nd time, I am quite sure there's some kind of fault with the notebook and demanded for a one to one exchange since at that time its still under warranty and expiring on Feb 2012. My request was rejected and the engineer by the name Tan, assured us that after changing to a brand new motherboard, it should be fine and and assured us that we can look up for him if encounter any problem within a year.

We therefore took his word for it hesitantly. Never did we expected the notebook to fail again within 4-5 months, in May 2012. And it was the motherboard again! We expected that HP Singapore will be more responsible to change it for us free. We made a complaint and one of the case manager, by the named of Umar [snip] who simply pissed us off. (By the way, the engineer Tan, we were told that he was no longer with the company and what he told us, was not recorded by HP.)

We then wrote in to HP USA, and not surprisingly, it bounced back to HP Singapore and another representative by the name of Provin, contacted us. It's a long story to go into detail what had went thru with the conversation with these 2 representative of HP Singapore. The main points that I wish to highlight is the insensitivity towards customer's feelings from the service staffs. Based on the number of times that the notebook was brought down to the service center within a short period of times, it enough evidence to show that it is a faulty one. And I don't think our request is so unreasonable.

In fact, end of the day, we had compromised to paying 50% of the charges but requested to have a free extension of the motherboard that we gonna pay to 6 months instead of 4 months that HP Singapore had offered. However, again, we are rejected. Worst, we received an email by another party by the name of Chua [snip] from HP Singapore, that we are given 14 days to accept the quotation, otherwise we will be charged even though we intend not to service it. We have never encountered a notebook that breakdown so frequently within a short period in the past and you guys couldn't even able to assured us of your product quality by simply complied with a 6 months warranty, Is this to show that your product quality is so poor to this extend??When asked about the caused of the failure, yours guys told me "Don't Know!" "Its Electronics!"

It's simply appalling to heard such words from a global branded company! Then my question is why should consumers choose HP than other brands? Why should consumers like me choose HP Envy Beat Edition rather than other HP lower range notebook?? Your Case Managers repeated mentioned they tried their best to "help" me by giving the discount which pissed me off. I am not seeking for your "Help!". It is not the matter of money but principle. Even with the 50% discount, my wife and I don't feel good accepting it as we felt cheated. I am totally disappointed with HP, the trust in your product and not to say the horrible after sales service. And to highlight to you, both case managers spoke English with different accent, which I believe are foreigners, which I had a hard time figuring out what they trying to say most of the times. First it came the unsatisfactory service, then now came the threat that I had to made up my mind within 14 days whether to accept such offer. I wrote in to US, and bounced back to Singapore. I really don't know what the hell is going on with you people.

My notebook is still hanging at the service center Singapore and it seemed I have no choice to accept the bullish offer. I think you can forget about your company's philosophy under "Customer Loyalty" which is to "TO provide the highest quality of equipments and Service".To savage the last piece of trust from me and other consumers, I hope that there's a certain reply especially from the CEO because this letter suppose to direct to you. Hope you won't disappoint again. The reference number of my case number in HP Singapore is Case ID: 4640030990.
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Posted by robridingbike on 2012-05-25:
In 2007 my son wanted a laptop. Took him to best buy and he picked out an hp. Also bought their warranty. Thank goodness I did!!! That computer was at their store over 3 times getting worked on. The last time he told them Its the motherboard!!! He passed away while the laptop was in best buy s possession
Posted by robridingbike on 2012-05-25:
I brought it home and put it back in the original box. Scared to touch it!!
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Hands-down the worst laptop experience ever
Posted by Luis L. on 07/10/2009
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Ok - I thought writing to the company about the problems with my HP dv7-1020us was enough, but after what I discovered tonight, I'm going to get my issues with HP out there:

Where do I begin...? Well, first, there was the wireless card failure while I was oversees and in the middle of an online master's degree course. I had to borrow laptops from friends to get my assignments turned in because there was no hardline network available. Then, the battery on this dud stopped taking a charge, tethering me to a wall outlet for any sort of use. Most recently, the computer stopped booting altogether and would blue screen before it even got into windows. Virus? Corrupt OS? Nope - yet another hardware problem: this time it was bad RAM. What was HP's cure for this bad RAM? They replace it AND wipe the hard drive clean. Anyone who's built their own PC knows that there is absolutely no reason to wipe a hard drive to replace a stick of RAM, and yet there was not a single software issue listed in the repair summary that would warrant deleting all of my files. Yeah, I backed up my files regularly, but couldn't do so before sending it to them because the thing wouldn't boot!

Then came the kicker: last night, after getting the laptop back from HP and seeing that it had been reset to the original factory installation, I decided that there was no way I was going through all of the trouble (spending hours once again gutting this machine of all the trialware/crapware that was put back on it) to get this set up again given its complete unreliability. So, I start to go over it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything now works so that I can get it on eBay and be done with it. During this check-up, yet another problem becomes apparent on a machine fresh from the repair center: the Blu Ray drive now no longer reads Blu Ray discs! Once again, I am on the phone with HP tech support for 2 hours trying every software fix out there to no avail. They are mailing out a replacement drive as of today and refused to expedite the shipping despite sending a previously functioning Blu Ray drive back to me broken. These issues are totally unbelievable for a computer less than a year old.

Steer way, WAY clear of HP laptops if you value your time, data, and money. Expect nothing but headaches and don't expect HP to stand behind their product when it fails.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-11:
There is some really handy freeware out there called PC Decrapifier that will quickly and easily get all the junk off a new machine.

One question though, when you sell this on eBay, are you going to reveal all these issues to the buyer? If not, wouldn't that pretty much put you on the same level as HP?
Posted by MRM on 2009-07-11:
When I buy a brand new laptop, the first thing I do after I unbox a new laptop is format the harddrive and re-install Windows using my customized disc.
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Small Claims Court to the rescue in getting HP to honor warranty
Posted by Sue them on 11/09/2007
The internet contains many complaints about Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) failure to deliver promised warranty service. My unfortunate experience with HP included the following:

(1) My HP/Compaq laptop failed a few months after purchase. (2) Countless hours on the phone with tech support were a waste of time. (3) Three returns of the laptop to HP factory repair stations did not fix the problem: (4) After the third “repair,” HP claimed that the 1 year warranty period was over and thus HP was no longer liable to fix the machine (despite the fact that the original problem months before had never been fixed). (5) Letters to the President, Chairman of the Board, and Executive Customer Relations were never answered.

Finally I decided to file claim against HP in the Small Claims Court of my local town. The cost of the filing was $40, including the cost of serving notice to HP. Once HP received notice of the hearing date, they contacted me and agreed to repay my full purchase price of the laptop plus the $40 filing fee. A few weeks later I received the promised check and the matter was closed.
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Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-11-10:
Voted very helpful.. The system can work!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-10:
What charge did you file and how did HP receive the court summons?
Posted by madconsumer on 2007-11-10:
although i am no fan of the 'sue everyone' idea, in this case, it forced hp to perform their work. it is sad to think it has to come to this to get warranty work performed. guess no one wants to stand behind their products any more.

great job, i voted vh too.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-10:
Good for you! It really stinks that it had to go this far, but hopefully more people who have legitimate issues like yourself will follow suit. Maybe then these companies will start standing behind their products.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-10:
If you have the info available, posting the model number of your computer and the nature of the problem might be helpful to other folks in the same situation.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-11-10:
Do you have a warranty with this new computer? What happens if it fails you in a month or two, and did they send you a new one or a refurbed one?
Posted by dfields on 2007-11-10:
My question is this. Did you have to return the laptop since HP reimbursed you? If so, how was that handled? Did you have to return before receiving reimbursement?

I like the info you posted, however, I would like to get the WHOLE story. Thanks!!
Posted by alashraq on 2007-11-21:
More power to you. I have similar issue with compusa and plan to sue them in small claim court too. However, compusa closed all their locations in GA except for one location that is over 200 miles away. Does anybody know if I can still sue them in the county where I live and where their store used to be?
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Horrible- Charge $60 for Customer Support!
Posted by Hurstadelle on 08/15/2013
WILLISTON, NORTH DAKOTA -- I talked to two companies before I called HP support. My iTunes account on my HP Envy was not recognizing my iPod touch device. After almost two hours spent with customer support involving Apple and Norton I was asked to call HP Support. They told me the support I needed would have a service charge of $59.00 !!! No help just a sorry. I will never buy HP again! I'm returning this new computer and getting something better! Don't buy HP! They're a ripoff!!!
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Posted by d on 2013-08-15:
Was your HP out of warranty? if so then there is a charge!
Posted by CU on 2013-08-15:
Why would you expect HP to diagnose an issue between your Apple device and your Apple software?
As it happens, I had the same issue (on a non-HP) desktop, and all you have to do is google the problem and you will get a boatloads of hits on how to resolve this problem.
HP is actually above average for support. If you don't believe it, try Dell.
Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-15:
Your Envy is running 64-bit. Update the BIOS and it ought to work again.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-15:
The warranty that comes with the computer is hardware limited warranty, it doesn't cover software troubleshooting, hence the charge. Virtually all manufacture's warranties for computers are similar to this.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-15:
If you need their technical expertise, it costs money. I'm wondering why Apple would send you to HP.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-15:
To say it again: if out of warranty, HP is going to charge you. Period.

Some useful info: whenever you run into a problem, do a web search using variations in how you describe what the problem is. I am no computer guru, but I have always been able to locate the problem via a search and from there see what others did and/or possible cures and solutions. You can do these yourself. Always back up, of course. The best way to back up before you start messing with things is to create a restore point. Using system restore has saved me many times. If you don't know about system restore, look it up and use it.
Posted by Dell on 2013-08-17:
I didn't need to pay for any 'software' advice from Norton or Apple. I just bought the computer and the iPod and replaced the iPod just in case it was a manufacturers defect. So iTunes is NOT compatible with HP or the new windows or something. Yes I did google it. I Youtubed it. I'm not a dumbass with computers but I can't figure out how to get the HP to allow iTunes to work properly. I've reconfigured all the settings I could find on the HP to try to allow the iTunes to recognize my iPod, but it won't. I'm not paying 60 dollars for something that I know is a simple answer. Apple is ten times better with helping. HP is the worst. I didn't have to pay 60 dollars for Apples software help. It was free with the device I bought.
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