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HP 8250 Printer refilled ink cartridge issue
Posted by on
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- HP 8250, never again HP -

I have been buying HP instrumentation products since the late 1960's and came to respect the high quality and design excellence of their products. I purchased an HP 8250 printer fewer than two years ago and am now throwing it, the last HP product that I'll ever buy, away.

The final straw was when, in an attempt to not get ripped off by the cost of HP ink cartridges, I installed re-filled HP cartridges and the printer advised me that it could no longer determine the quantity of ink remaining. Every time I switch the printer on it repaeats the message whch requires me to push two buttons to rid the machine of the message and to allow it to print. To make things even more difficult for their customers who choose not to buy new HP cartridges, there is an interesting bug in the code that has the printer hang up in this 'message mode' toggling back and forth between screens on the two screen message - the only way to get out of this loop is to open and close the top cover. Now, every time I turn the printer on I have two or more extra buttons to depress and two more reasons to never buy an HP product again!

The first few months the printer worked well with the exception of the paper trasy assembly which is a design from hell - difficult to load, impossible to remove to celar a paper tray jam and suitable only for letter size or legal size paper. Doesn't work well with envelopes or any of the label stock smaller than 8 1/2 x 11. After about three months, the paper feed began to fail, printer advising that it was out of paper when it was not. This problem occurred on anyewhere from 50% to 75% of print commands.

These problems were enough to turn me off HP products but the absolute kicker was, as I have indicated above, the Company's solution to trying to force customers to use their ink and their ink only.
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Anonymous on 09/24/2007:
It does require a little work but the codes can be defeated. I have found a few pages online with instructions. However I have never been satisfied with refilled HP cartridges. The third-party inks tend to be inferior.
Sparticus on 09/24/2007:
It is unfortunate that many of these printer companies are trying to thwart the whole "ink refilling" business by putting blocks in their programs... They should embrace it... where there is a will there is a way... Maybe if they didn't charge $40 for a new ink cartridge that only costs them $2 to make... we would buy theirs instead of just refilling...
ThinLazyAmerican on 09/24/2007:
Buy a laser printer. Problems solved!

Best money I ever spent on a printer.

I owned 2 HP inkjets and 2 Epson inkjets.

For the price of a complete Inkjet refill, I purchased a new Konica / Minolta Laser printer.

I don't even think about ink anymore!

HP printers are crap, but the computers are o.k. in my book!
Anonymous on 09/24/2007:
I like the recycling aspects involved with the refills. We really don't need more plastic in the landfill. Even though they are small, just imagine how many are thrown out every day. I was at the post office one day and they had postage paid envelopes to put your used-up cartridges in. I know someone is making a profit off of this free product, but it makes me feel better to know someone is reusing them. I know that Office Depot and others also take these refills, but I don't frequent them often enough so the mail-in works well for me.

Thanks TLA for the suggestion on the laser printers. That is a great idea.
ThinLazyAmerican on 09/24/2007:
You are seriously misled if you think recycling those cartridges makes any difference.

The mail-in envelopes add to the overall cost of the cartridges and I'm not talking about your cost.

Stop buying inkjets.

Use less paper.
Anonymous on 09/25/2007:
TLZ--I will look into a laser printer as I said because I am interested in conserving in every way I can, but I still feel recycling anything plastic is better than throwing it into a landfill. Paper breaks down--plastic doesn't. There are still a huge amount of inkjet printers out there. Can you imagine the landfill if everyone just threw them out? Yikes!
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Customer Support So Patronizing It Was Nauseating!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLORADO SPRING, COLORADO -- After purchasing 3 HP Printers within 3 years, and the last two having the same design default where the black cartridge quits printing, the company would not work with me at all because I had not called tech first. I had purchased a two year extended warranty for nothing. When you hear "I am so sorry you are having this problem", but they don't want to help, HOW SORRY ARE THEY?

Not so great customer service.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
I had problems with this product out of the box. The software does not work with the product and messed up the software for my other HP printer as well. I wanted it to print CD's which it will not do. I tried the tech support several times to no avail. They will only replace the printer with the same model, which will not solve the problem. I have 2 HP computers, 2 printers and a laptop, and they will not send me a newer model which costs about the same. I have to take the old one which does not work and will just cause the same problem. No more HP products for me.
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Anonymous on 02/18/2010:
Did you read the instructions? Have you gone online to try to find out what is going wrong? Most problems you can fix by yourself for free by simply seeking the answer.
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Poor service
Posted by on
I have no problem with the printing. The "copy menu" on the panel does not exist. A half hour telephone conversation established that it should have been there. Several E-mails of testing and trying established that it was a hardware problem. A phone call with a very heavily accented, fast speaking, swallowed words person offered (I think) a replacement if I would give my credit card number. The reason was "company policy". Not that I do not trust them but I refused. Used Paypal to buy direct from HP on line store. Unable to write a review on their web site. Blocked?
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Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
The credit card is in case you do not return the defective unit. You can't keep both.
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Does HP Understand Customer Service
Posted by on
I have no complaint about the men and women who work at the HP customer service center WHEN YOU CAN GET HOLD OF A PERSON.

I will never purchase a HP produce again. YOU can not get hold of anyone in the support department.
I have called three time in the last week for the same problem
and each time I have been on hold for over one hour. Each time I have had to terminate the phone call due to my lack of time.

Today I called the sales department and the phone was answered within 1 minute. Amazing sales is in the United States and promptly answered and service is out sourced. I tried to ask for help but was told the support
center was very busy due to the flooding overseas.
If that be true why are they out sourcing if I can not be supported.
If that is true why are they not putting more people on the call service here in the United States. I think its time we as buyer
take back our country. Don't buy a produce produced in another country or a product that is supported by someone in another country.
Bad HP. You have just lost another customer. Please come and get my photo smart printer. It is yours.
I will purchase another one made in the United States and supported by a team located in the United States.
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Dirty Pool
Posted by on
I recently received an update? to my printer which suddenly caused a continuous stream of HP commercials to display on my printers LCD screen.

I called tech service to find out how to remove that unwanted program. A tech representative with nearly unrecognizable English (Indian) allowed as how I'd been infected with mal ware, but since my printer was out of warranty, for money they would remove it. I said, You're going to charge me to remove an unwanted program which you installed? To which he replied, "perhaps Dell put it in there!" He claimed that I just didn't understand the problem! Then he transferred me to a supervisor, whose English was no better, who gave me the same pitch for a credit card number to get the program removed, which would also get me some program to protect me from such invasions for the next year.

At this point I told him to stuff it and am trying to figure out how to reach someone who can solve this problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem??

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
I think you do have some malware. I use dozens of HP printers, which are constantly updated, and we haven't seen anything even remotely close to this.
MRM on 06/29/2009:
Malwares in printers... its a dirty game.
Soaring Consumer on 06/29/2009:
What virus protection are you using and what file did you download, and from where?
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This Is The Single Worst Product My Company Has Ever Encountered
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES -- We purchased this printer through the Apple Store and are also lodging a complaint with them. There are a wide variety of reasons we will never purchase an HP product again:

1. HP's copiers are designed to attract you with their low price and than make you reliant on purchasing enormous quantities of toner. They depend on ill informed consumers to sell the product line.

2. Most of our equipment are personality free - easy to use - Apple being the best. This printer stops without warning, makes an extraordinary spectrum of strange and unpleasant sounds, jams, pieces break.

3. Most of the clients and colleagues we've mentioned this to have made statements that HP Customer Service is designed to create such a negative experience that you just don't call back.

There - done - said it, HP you are out of here.

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Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
All printers come with starter ink cartridges. Now if you really want to complain about junk printers buy a Lexmark.
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
Why would you buy a low cost printer designed for personal use for a business? These are not high output printers, and were never designed nor priced to be.
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
I used (and continue to use) HP-1200s (low-end B&W entry unit) for home and business. One is virtually ancient and works flawlessly. Just my experience with HP and my HO.
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How Company Abandoned Their Warranty
Posted by on
After purchasing a relatively inexpensive printer I had it fail to operate after I removed a jammed sheet of paper, powers off immediately.
I chatted live with a very pleasant representative who gave me a number for local repair. This is where the problems started.
The repair shop told me in earnest that they don't even bother to repair these items but send them to Florida, it would be ridiculously expensive. he said that calling HP would most likely get me another printer.
I called and sure enough I could get another printer...at full retail, plus shipping. When I considered this ?alternative? to having NOTHING, I asked if they would at least provide free overnight...or even 2 day shipping.
NO WAY. So even though I purchased a printer with a warranty, at the companies discretion the warranty was voided and I have 2 new expensive cartridges and no printer.
Their concern for the consumer who needs to print a picture does not extend to their responsibility to back their product.
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User Replies:
CobraCat77 on 04/05/2006:
Sounds a bit like my story. Bought a $1300 Presario and a $300 3-year, extended coverage warranty. When I called them concerning my laptops failure, they said I had no warranty and I had to prove it. Well, after faxing my warranty receipt 3 times, I had to speak with a senior exec who finally recognized I had paid for it. Screw HP.
viperpa33s on 04/05/2006:
Basic printers are relatively cheap these days. The ink is where they get you. I never get a warranty for a printer cause it costs more to fix than the printer itself. Would also be to much of a hassle just for a cheap printer. If you only had it a couple of days, you could have went back to the store and exchanged it for a new one.
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Tired of messing with this printer...
Posted by on
"I concluded they don't make enough money on their printers, so they have to prod and poke consumers into buying their proprietary ink, in order for it to work the way it's supposed to."

"I'm tired of trying to get the wireless connection to keep working, I have strictly gone to full time USB connection."

"I'll not be buying an HP printer next time around, and I'll probably avoid anything else using a similar "get the money after the sale" approaches."
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HP didn't honor warranty on printer
Posted by on
I purchased an HP Photosmart printer for limited home use and just under one year to the date I started having many problems with it. After trying to solve the multiple problems myself by following the printer's notices and then through HP's online help I finally gave up and called HP. Because I spent a few weeks trying to fix the printer myself and thus called 2.5 weeks after the one year warranty expired they refused to honor the warranty. I will not buy another HP product again.
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Anonymous on 01/25/2010:
They didn't honor the warranty because there WAS no warranty. You said yourself you called them 2.5 weeks AFTER the warranty expired. You should have called before it expired. This should be a complaint against yourself, not HP.
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