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Dirty Pool
By -

I recently received an update? to my printer which suddenly caused a continuous stream of HP commercials to display on my printers LCD screen. I called tech service to find out how to remove that unwanted program. A tech representative with nearly unrecognizable English (Indian) allowed as how I'd been infected with mal ware, but since my printer was out of warranty, for money they would remove it. I said, You're going to charge me to remove an unwanted program which you installed? To which he replied, "perhaps Dell put it in there!"

He claimed that I just didn't understand the problem! Then he transferred me to a supervisor, whose English was no better, who gave me the same pitch for a credit card number to get the program removed, which would also get me some program to protect me from such invasions for the next year. At this point I told him to stuff it and am trying to figure out how to reach someone who can solve this problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?? **

This Is The Single Worst Product My Company Has Ever Encountered
By -

LOS ANGELES -- We purchased this printer through the Apple Store and are also lodging a complaint with them. There are a wide variety of reasons we will never purchase an HP product again: HP's copiers are designed to attract you with their low price and than make you reliant on purchasing enormous quantities of toner. They depend on ill informed consumers to sell the product line.

Most of our equipment are personality free - easy to use - Apple being the best. This printer stops without warning, makes an extraordinary spectrum of strange and unpleasant sounds, jams, pieces break. Most of the clients and colleagues we've mentioned this to have made statements that HP Customer Service is designed to create such a negative experience that you just don't call back. There - done - said it, HP you are out of here.

"Black cartridge only" uses color ink!!!
By -

MARIETTA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I can't believe it, but it's just been confirmed by an online chat support technician... When you set your printer preferences to print in black only, and pick "Black print cartridge only", you still use color ink. Silly me, I was trying to save my color ink for things that needed it... like color printouts!! I set my default to fast draft, two pages per sheet, and black cartridge only to save resources for jobs that really need it. Now, when I really need it, I'm out of color ink, and can't print at all!!! Not even on "black only".

HP refuses to honor warranty, then lies, then sends a defective replacement printer
By -

ALABAMA -- I purchased an HP all-in-one Photosmart C6180 printer in October of 2006. At the time, I had difficulties connecting it to my laptop wirelessly. It was able to print, but not scan. I spent many long hours on the phone with tech support, and finally they told me the problem was with my computer's registry. I ceased to worry about it, because I knew my computer was old and was planning to get a new one anyway.

In September of 2007, I purchased an HP Pavilion laptop. I specifically looked for an HP model because I thought (foolishly) that it would easily connect to the printer and I could avoid my previous troubles. After taking off all the software that comes pre-installed, I attempted to connect to the printer. Again I had the same trouble that it would scan and not print. This time, I knew the problem was with the printer as the laptop was brand new.

I called tech support and told them I either wanted my printer fixed or replaced. They attempted to fix the problems for me. I spent two weeks calling them back trying to get the printer fixed. I was told again and again that a 'case manager' or an 'engineering team member' would give me a call the next day. I never received these calls and was forced to go back to the bottom of the phone tree again. During this ordeal and the many botched attempts at repair, my printer stopped connecting to the computer at all, making the problem worse than before. I was told that the problems I was having were a known issue with this model of printer (Photosmart C6180).

I finally fixed the problem all on my own (no thanks the hp tech support). The computer and the printer worked wonderfully for about two days and then quit for no reason at all. I again called hp tech support, this time to ask for a replacement. The man I spoke to was actually the most knowledgeable and helpful person I had spoken to throughout this whole mess, and he fixed the problem, explained to me what was going wrong, and showed me how to fix it if it ever happens again. I was very pleased to *finally* have a working printer, and was relieved to have found someone at the hp tech support who actually knew what he was talking about.

Little did I know, that was the last day of my warranty. Less than 24 hours later, the printer stops connecting to the computer (again) and the fix I was shown did nothing to resolve the problem. I call hp tech support back, this time convinced that the printer was beyond all hope of repair and asked for a new one. At this time, I was informed that my warranty had expired, and the hp rep tried to sell me a warranty extension or a $35 tech support session. He had some nerve trying to sell me stuff when I had called to complain...

When (two days later) I was finally able to connect to a person with the authority to give me a replacement printer. He refused to do this, instead offering me three options: 1) try to fix it myself using the hp website (which I had tried many times before while on hold for tech support) 2) purchase a tech support session for $35 or 3) purchase a refurbished 'upgrade' of the exact same model of printer (yes, the one with 'known issues') for more than I paid for the printer brand-new last year.

He told me I couldn't get a replacement because my warranty had expired, even though I explained to him that I first called hp with the problem two weeks ago and that I can trace these problems back to when I first purchased the printer. He agreed to put me through to his supervisor. His supervisor, unfortunately, didn't pick up the phone and I was routed to a generic voicemail box where I left as many details as I could.

That's where we are right now. I intend to continue updating this report (and sending the updates to HP) as things progress. The moral of the story: Don't buy a Photosmart C6180. In fact, just don't buy from HP at all, unless you are a tech guru and can fix it when there are problems. In which case, please contact me so maybe you can fix my printer!

UPDATE: Got a call from a case manager. I called HP last night at about 7:00 pm and left messages explaining how I had filed a ripoff report, and encouraging them to come read it. At about 1:30 pm today, I received a call from **, a case manager with HP. she was *very* polite and helpful. She apologized for the inconvenience, listened to my complaint, and set me up with a replacement printer, to arrive on Thursday. Yay for ripoff report! I will continue posting updates until this is all resolved, but it looks like HP is going to resolve this without too much fuss.

UPDATE: Printer received, still having problems. I received the 'new' printer last week, and unfortunately was not able to set it up over the weekend. I have spent the past three days trying to get it set up. It hooked up to my Vista computer fairly painlessly, but there were major connection problems when trying to hook it up to my XP computer. I finally got it to print, but I still can't scan from my XP computer.

And I don't really know if it can print, because I keep getting an error message saying that there's no paper in the tray when there are a good 30 sheets in there. And, the instructions that came with the printer say that I should use special cartridges the first time printing because the ink is supposed to mix with something in the ink heads during the first print. Which is all well and good except that they didn't send me any special ink cartridges. So now I'm trying to get these special cartridges so that I can find out if my 'new' printer will actually print correctly.

Problem number two is that while I wasn't sure if I even needed these special cartridges, I went ahead and installed my own cartridges. I put in a brand-new light blue cartridge, but the printer is showing that the cartridge is empty. Blah. I'll deal with this problem once the special cartridges come in.

And problem number three, the biggest problem of all, in my opinion, is that although Dawn assured me I would be getting a new printer, this printer has a sticker on the bottom that clearly says 'refurbished.' Now, ordinarily at this point I wouldn't care but since this printer has almost as many problems as the last one I'm a little miffed. I mean, the least they could have done is take the sticker off so that I wouldn't catch on to their lies. Come on, hp, if you're going to lie, do it right!

UPDATE: Now they tell me that I don't need these special new cartridges after all and that everything should be fine. But it still says my light blue is empty (regardless of the fact that it prints in light blue just fine) and it still is, after all, a refurb. But I think I'm going to just cut my losses if everything works well. My advice? If you are having troubles with hp just skip all the repair nonsense and get your money back right away. And then run away as fast as you can. :D Good luck and maybe one day we can sue them!

Customer Support So Patronizing It Was Nauseating!!
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRING, COLORADO -- After purchasing 3 HP Printers within 3 years, and the last two having the same design default where the black cartridge quits printing, the company would not work with me at all because I had not called tech first. I had purchased a two year extended warranty for nothing. When you hear "I am so sorry you are having this problem", but they don't want to help, HOW SORRY ARE THEY? Not so great customer service.

Tired of messing with this printer...
By -

"I concluded they don't make enough money on their printers, so they have to prod and poke consumers into buying their proprietary ink, in order for it to work the way it's supposed to." "I'm tired of trying to get the wireless connection to keep working, I have strictly gone to full time USB connection." "I'll not be buying an HP printer next time around, and I'll probably avoid anything else using a similar "get the money after the sale" approaches."

HP didn't honor warranty on printer
By -

I purchased an HP Photosmart printer for limited home use and just under one year to the date I started having many problems with it. After trying to solve the multiple problems myself by following the printer's notices and then through HP's online help I finally gave up and called HP. Because I spent a few weeks trying to fix the printer myself and thus called 2.5 weeks after the one year warranty expired they refused to honor the warranty. I will not buy another HP product again.

By -

After sending back one bad printer they send a refurbished one that does not work at all. Cannot Scan or fax. Tech Support Is rude in Canada and Stupid in India. I spent 12 hours troubleshooting with morons. What A waste of Time. DO NOT BUY. They also rip you off when you send in the printer cartridges as they are supposed to replace. I sent in 16. They only will send out 5.

Seemingly Excessive Printer Preparation
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I have had an HP C6380 printer for a few months. It works fine in most ways, with one possible complaint. It undergoes frequent printer preparation cycles. For instance, when I use it to copy pages from a spiral notebook, it goes through a printer preparation cycle lasting about 30 seconds about every other page. I spend at least half my time waiting for the printer to complete preparation cycles. Much of the speed of the printer is lost because of the frequency of these cycles.

Tech Support Really Sucks
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Save yourself some aggravation and don't buy their printers. Their newest stuff is "smart webprinting" which installs itself on your browser and then you will enjoy blue screens on your computer. The really bothersome thing about this is they KNOW that this app has created problems but they never tell you. Once you are "infected" it is like a virus and makes your computer unstable and you will never be able to use IE again lucky for me I have and use Firefox otherwise I could not be writing this review, nor use my computer at all.

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