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Customer Support So Patronizing It Was Nauseating!!
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRING, COLORADO -- After purchasing 3 HP Printers within 3 years, and the last two having the same design default where the black cartridge quits printing, the company would not work with me at all because I had not called tech first. I had purchased a two year extended warranty for nothing. When you hear "I am so sorry you are having this problem", but they don't want to help, HOW SORRY ARE THEY? Not so great customer service.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

I had problems with this product out of the box. The software does not work with the product and messed up the software for my other HP printer as well. I wanted it to print CD's which it will not do. I tried the tech support several times to no avail. They will only replace the printer with the same model, which will not solve the problem. I have 2 HP computers, 2 printers and a laptop, and they will not send me a newer model which costs about the same. I have to take the old one which does not work and will just cause the same problem. No more HP products for me.

Poor service
By -

I have no problem with the printing. The "copy menu" on the panel does not exist. A half hour telephone conversation established that it should have been there. Several E-mails of testing and trying established that it was a hardware problem. A phone call with a very heavily accented, fast speaking, swallowed words person offered (I think) a replacement if I would give my credit card number. The reason was "company policy". Not that I do not trust them but I refused. Used Paypal to buy direct from HP on line store. Unable to write a review on their web site. Blocked?

Does HP Understand Customer Service
By -

I have no complaint about the men and women who work at the HP customer service center WHEN YOU CAN GET HOLD OF A PERSON. I will never purchase a HP produce again. YOU can not get hold of anyone in the support department. I have called three time in the last week for the same problem and each time I have been on hold for over one hour. Each time I have had to terminate the phone call due to my lack of time.

Today I called the sales department and the phone was answered within 1 minute. Amazing sales is in the United States and promptly answered and service is out sourced. I tried to ask for help but was told the support
center was very busy due to the flooding overseas. If that be true why are they out sourcing if I can not be supported. If that is true why are they not putting more people on the call service here in the United States. I think its time we as buyer take back our country.

Don't buy a produce produced in another country or a product that is supported by someone in another country. Bad HP. You have just lost another customer. Please come and get my photo smart printer. It is yours. I will purchase another one made in the United States and supported by a team located in the United States.

Dirty Pool
By -

I recently received an update? to my printer which suddenly caused a continuous stream of HP commercials to display on my printers LCD screen. I called tech service to find out how to remove that unwanted program. A tech representative with nearly unrecognizable English (Indian) allowed as how I'd been infected with mal ware, but since my printer was out of warranty, for money they would remove it. I said, You're going to charge me to remove an unwanted program which you installed? To which he replied, "perhaps Dell put it in there!"

He claimed that I just didn't understand the problem! Then he transferred me to a supervisor, whose English was no better, who gave me the same pitch for a credit card number to get the program removed, which would also get me some program to protect me from such invasions for the next year. At this point I told him to stuff it and am trying to figure out how to reach someone who can solve this problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?? **

Dis-satisfied with HP Service and Product Support
By -

MARYSVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Where do I begin? I have tried to give this company the benefit of the doubt, only because I have had many of their products over the years without problems, or issues. During the last 3 years there has been a major change in the culture of the company that has translated into poorer quality control, especially in the customer service, and tech support divisions of the company. I believe it began when the company was undermining their CEO Carly Farrina.

My problems began 3 years ago when I purchased an HP Officejet 7210xi all-in-one. I had to have the unit replaced twice before opting for an upgraded all-in-one, when the technician who helped me address the issues with the 7210xi, suggested that the Photosmart C-6180 was a new efficient, relatively trouble-free unit. So, I ordered a Photosmart C-6180 last year in March of 2007. In June of 2007, there was an issue that could not be corrected through tech support, and they sent a new one. My new issue is with one of the ink cartridges being full and the unit not recognizing that fact, even after trying 2 new cartridges.

After many hours on line with a technical person, it has been determined that the problem is with the hardware. When I indicated that the unit should still be under warranty, because it is less than a year old, I was told that the warranty applied to the original purchase date only; which makes it out of warranty, (by less than one month) and me S.O.L. Now the unit is useless for printing. I am very frustrated with H.P. and discouraged enough with their lack of support and service for their printers that I will not buy any more of their products.

The galling aspect of this whole situation is that when I first started using HP printers, they were recommended by my brother who is a computer whiz, and businessman who had used HP printers for a long time. When he began having problems with his Officejet 7210xi, he said that he thought that HP had begun to deteriorate on several levels within the company, after having trouble getting his printer serviced.

He advised me to change to a Brother all-in-one, (which he did) after I began to have issues with my 7210, but I didn't listen. I bought the Photosmart C-6180. Now I am out almost $300.00, and all I have to show for it is this huge paper weight, and a bad taste in my mouth! **

How Company Abandoned Their Warranty
By -

After purchasing a relatively inexpensive printer I had it fail to operate after I removed a jammed sheet of paper, powers off immediately. I chatted live with a very pleasant representative who gave me a number for local repair. This is where the problems started. The repair shop told me in earnest that they don't even bother to repair these items but send them to Florida, it would be ridiculously expensive. He said that calling HP would most likely get me another printer.

I called and sure enough I could get another printer... at full retail, plus shipping. When I considered this alternative? To having NOTHING, I asked if they would at least provide free overnight... or even 2 day shipping.
NO WAY. So even though I purchased a printer with a warranty, at the companies discretion the warranty was voided and I have 2 new expensive cartridges and no printer. Their concern for the consumer who needs to print a picture does not extend to their responsibility to back their product.

Tired of messing with this printer...
By -

"I concluded they don't make enough money on their printers, so they have to prod and poke consumers into buying their proprietary ink, in order for it to work the way it's supposed to." "I'm tired of trying to get the wireless connection to keep working, I have strictly gone to full time USB connection." "I'll not be buying an HP printer next time around, and I'll probably avoid anything else using a similar "get the money after the sale" approaches."

HP didn't honor warranty on printer
By -

I purchased an HP Photosmart printer for limited home use and just under one year to the date I started having many problems with it. After trying to solve the multiple problems myself by following the printer's notices and then through HP's online help I finally gave up and called HP. Because I spent a few weeks trying to fix the printer myself and thus called 2.5 weeks after the one year warranty expired they refused to honor the warranty. I will not buy another HP product again.

By -

After sending back one bad printer they send a refurbished one that does not work at all. Cannot Scan or fax. Tech Support Is rude in Canada and Stupid in India. I spent 12 hours troubleshooting with morons. What A waste of Time. DO NOT BUY. They also rip you off when you send in the printer cartridges as they are supposed to replace. I sent in 16. They only will send out 5.

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